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Rey Lewis 55
November 21st, 2008, 9:16 PM
Hello there everybody, my name is Rey Lewis and I am 18 years old and I am currently living in Baltimore, Maryland. I interests are playing pokemon, creating pokemon books, reading books, and working out. I am around 6'7" and 210 pounds of muscle. I have read the community rules to this forum and I'll see if I can have fun around here talking about pokemon and creating pokemon stories for everybody.

November 21st, 2008, 9:34 PM
Welcome to PC, Rey Lewis!

That's awesome! You're name is actually Rey Lewis and you're a fan of the Ravens...How ironic! =P

Anyway, we're glad to have you here at our wonderful community! We'd all love to see some of your stories...Head over to the Pokemon Fan Fiction (http://http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=20) section and you can get those posted so everyone can enjoy them ^___^

While PC is not the best place for working out, it's a pretty darn good place to relax and meet some new people. There's bound to be a few fun topics for you to post on as well. =P

Drop me a PM/VM if you'd like to chat a bit or have a question or two, and I suppose I'll be seeing you around. Have fun!

November 21st, 2008, 9:40 PM
Well hello there, we can be newbies together!
I've been doing lots of browsing and the topics here are awesome, and everyone is super nice!

November 21st, 2008, 11:24 PM
Hey there, Ray Lewis.
Welcome to PC, the best place to relax and talk about Pokemon without being ashamed.
(What is there to be ashamed of anyways -.-)
Anyways have fun posting and see you around.

November 21st, 2008, 11:58 PM
Hey Hey Rey Rey!
Welcome to PC!
Don't hurt me!

November 22nd, 2008, 12:07 AM
Welcome to PC "Rey Lewis 55" :D check it out the place and while you are onto there please check my Sprite thread too..... its on my sign :D

November 22nd, 2008, 12:57 AM
hi Ray welcome to the PC! Enjoy it here, Im sure lots have that same interest in stories that you have :)