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November 26th, 2008, 1:34 AM
The Origin
"The Great Uprising", a future geological phenomenon near Tokyo people have developed a power granting them the ability to deconstruct, reshape, and crystalize matter at a molecular level using only thought and willpower. These people have come to be known as "Alter" users. With only 1% of the newborn generations receiving such special power. That was how it was.. now it is about 7% because of the other two Uprisings.
Have you heard the story? The one about Kazuma the Shell Bullet.. and Ryuhou the Master of Zetsuei? It was.. a spectacular tale.. of two individuals who would just never give up, they would keep on fighting for what they believed in! Two souls, with a passion for the same thing, yet a bitter rivarly stood between them, but even stronger than that rivarly was their true friendship. No one knows where they are now.. but ah, that is a story for another time. So, would you like to know their story? Heh Heh.. well then.. who am I to keep you waiting.. Heh Heh..

Both of them.. enemies.. fought and fought, then they realized they were fighting for the same goal. Still though.. they fought. The alone created the second uprising of the Lost Ground, and won our independence. They, put their hearts and soul into stopping the main land.. and killing Kyouji Mujo. They.. did not do it alone, they had the aid of many souls who were lost in battle. Those soldiers.. are revered through out the land.. so remember their names.. follow their examples.. accomplish what you want. The soldiers were: Cougar Straight, Scheris Adjani, and Martin Zigmarl. Each of them.. did great deeds... all for the survival of us. Let me start by telling you about Cougar.

Cougar Straight. A fast paced man, and really laid back. His perception of life, is the faster you do one thing, the more time you have for the others. He, carried out various tasks, such as gaining necessary information, and saving people. His alter is called Radical Good Speed, that allowed him to run fast, so very fast. Please, take a moment of silence for this hasty soldier.

Next, lets go with Scheris. A kind, gentle girl. Light-hearted, and friendly, but very tough. She gave her life to the russeruction of Ryuhou. Her alter was Eternal Devote. An alter.. where everything was equal. In return for its power.. a great toll would be taken on her. Rumor has said, that Scheris Adjani is still alive, everybody is keeping an eye out for her, hoping for the best.

You could say the next one was.. a bad person.. but he wasn't. Martin Zigmarl did lead a bad path at first, but then used his alter...,"Alter Alias" which played with the wind.. to bring out Ryuhou's full strength.

Oh, and their is one more.. he is far more than a soldier.. he was like my brother. His name was Kunihiko Kimishima. He always gave my Kazu-Kun jobs. That lead my Kazu-Kun on dangerous missions, often away from me. Kimishima, died while he was fighting against Holy. He was, Kazu-Kun's best friend and mine to.

Hold, the government of the Lost Ground. A certain division of Hold, was Holy. Holy was comprised of strictly alter users, with only unique, strong powers. Their job was to capture native alters and try to turn them into members, and make them see the world how they did. Their leader was Martin Zigmarl. Holy is now gone, it's remaining few members just relaxing.

Who am I? I am Kanami Yuta. My alter abiltity was to feel the emotions.. or scry them. This was.. only a power of those close to me. It first came to me as a dream. I am hard working individual.. and spend most of my time working at a farm.

The Present
Much has been done towards the restoration of the Lost Ground. The mainland hasn't even helped the least bit. Now, the one city, is a bit bigger and named after a great hero. The city's new name is Kunishima, named after Kunihiko Kimishima. Then, there are some outlying towns, and then farms.. and then land. There is still one untouched space,that is now known as the Plague Grounds, as it contains many gasses and toxins.

Work on the Great Uprising, along with the second and third uprising has been commenced. A big valley made in the center. That valley is known as Kazuhou Valley. It was named after the two great heroes. The Lost Ground, has become beautiful and is no longer known as the Lost Ground, but the Trinity Grounds. Alters.. do pop up from time to time. It also seems that Holy has risen up again, and needed as more and more Native Alters are coming. They have a new way of leading, and that is from an elite group 'S' classed alter users. They are known as the council, and consist of five members. Usually, they split off into different sections and work like that, but when a major decision occurs they call a meeting, also bringing in the 3 divison commanders and two top soldiers.

Plague Grounds, are also said to spawn evil demented creatures. Then, that it can also corrupt the minds of what was once good. No one who has gone in their has come back out sane. Many people with a strong will come out alive.. only at the cost of the sanity. Some, might even still be creeping around our homes, converting and showing the 'truth' to people. Everyone with an alter that goes in the plague grounds has a slight mutation done to their alter. They are known as the Scourge, their lives practically gone.

The place known as Alter Forest, is home to many animals who possess the power of alter. So, they are picked up by Holy, for use in battle and training. Members, are given an animal partner that they fight with. There is, a special group withing Holy it is what has the newest members of Holy, with the greatest destiny laid abound. They are called, The Alpha Squad.

The mainland and Trinity Grounds, have formed a truce and built a huge bridge across, allowing for easy transportation. They, no longer intend on trying to control the Trinity Grounds, so peace has been made. Their is still.. no sign of Kazuma or Ryuhou. People say that the Scourge keeps them hostage, and that the Scourge has horribly powerful alter users, keeping them at bay.

The Alpha Squad, had great fortune ahead of them, all waiting for something divine to happen.

Hello, I am Turion Rhya, and I on behalf of the council and whole of Holy, ask you to join out organization. We want you to reach out to your inner self and feel the power within. We, can help you gain the power, the power you will need to aid us in our future endeavours. Please, if you will fill out this fift- er.. I'll leave it to this one page application, just for you. Fields, marked with an astreisk, are optional, but will greatly help your acceptance. (ME: HINT HINT!) Oh, and we will be taking your photograph for your I.D. if you get accepted. (That is for your description) Also, you get custom uniforms... so tell us what you want.

+=+General Info+=+
Name: (Full Birth Name, no I am no last nammed person. No middles names are fine, but I would like them)
Date of Birth:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:

{}Identity Photograph{}
We Will place a copy of it here, when it is done. (It will be a picture of words..)
Appearance: (How do you look?)
Uniform: (What Do you want your uniform to look like?)

Alter Power: (Please, state you Alter's Basic Form. Then, put it's name. Give a description of it's capabillities)
Strengths: (So, we know what you can, or can't handle)
Weaknesses: (So, we know what you can, or can't handle)
Fears: (So, we know what you can, or can't handle)

Likes: (So, we get to know you better)
Dislikes: (So, we get to know you better)
*Hobbies: (So, we get to know you better)

Family Members: (Names, Relations, and Alter Powers if any)
Alter Animal:
Past: (We Need to know what has scarred you for life.. and what you are capable of facing)

1. Lostt, as Akira Tsubasa

+=+General Info+=+
Name: Akira Mekin Tsubasa
Date of Birth:December 23, 2000
Eye Color:Light blue
Hair Color:Light blue and white, like snow.

{}Identity Photograph{}
We Will place a copy of it here, when it is done. (It will be a picture of words..)
Appearance:A nice build. Akira is not obese nor anorexic. Very fit, and slim. He stands at 5'10". His skin, is as pale as the moon. Snow like hair hangs over his eyes, but does not impair his vision. His eyes, if you see them are a light crystal like blue. On his chest, is a scar that is almost always covered up. Then, he wears lots of jewerly. He has a necklace, with a thin silver chain, and a crystal shard on the end of it. Then he has two silver bengals with sapphires. Then he has three rings. Two of the rings are a silver with a sapphire in it. The third ring is a piece of light blue metal.
Uniform:l His uniform follows the basic design of every Holy members uniform. Then, the color scheme is where it differs. He has two boots, one white and one a light blue. The light blue one is on his right foot, and the white on the left. On his over coat, the right side is colored white and then a white glove comes from that. The left is a light blue, with a light blue glove. His under garments are the standard black, with body armor for protection

Alter Power:
//Absolute Zero\\
An ice alter with icy attacks
Looks like a skeleton. It has the top half of the skeleton, and then a haze underneath. The bone, it is a dark gray, and the haze a black. A strange light blue glow omits from his eye sockets.
\Making small ice bridges, or long ones. The short ones last longer
/A lover not fighter
/Cant stand to hurt the innocent, even if necessary.
[]That he isn't good enough
[]People will not liike him
[]Dieing before finding his true love

Personality:Light-hearted, and out-going. Akira loves to make new friends and meet old ones. He doesn't like to fight, and that is often taken advantage of. He has a motto."I am a lover, not a fighter.. but sometimes my love is so strong that I fight." He tries to stay calm in dangerous situations, as panicking doesn't help. Situations are thought out, before hand. If he is caught in a life threating situation, he acts on instinct and doesn't think things out.
/Cold weather, snow, ice
/Friends, hanging out with them
/Most fruits and vegetables
\Full of them selves people
\Taking orders from people full of themselves
\People that are close dieing
()Ice scultping

Family Members:

Daisuke Tsubasa, no alter, father to Akira.. deceased
Marian Tsubasa, no alter, mother to Akira.. deceased

Alter Animal:A White Tiger. She is named Aya. He alter, covers in protective armor, and allows her to charge energy, shooting it from her mouth
Past:Akira, came from a normal family. There, he was taught to laugh, and love and all of that. He learned to be a hard worker, and that if you want something, then get up and do it. He lost his parents at the age of 10, when they wandered into the plague grounds. Then, he moved and lived alone for a long.. long lonely period of time. That, is when he worked to survive.. and met her. The most beautiful girl that he had ever seen. Her name was Asuka Akane. From that moment, Akira new that he had a love. He cared deeply for her, always wanting to be with her. Then, Asuka moved, and left Akira alone. That devasted him, and he really never had a crush since, but still waits for the day that one will come. He would put his heart and soul into protecting them. Soon, after he found his one and only friend Aya.

November 26th, 2008, 7:56 PM
It's been a long time since I Rped in a forum. Let's see if I still got it.

+=+General Info+=+
Name: Damian Estaban (steve) Alvarado
Age: 42
Date of Birth: June 6th, 1966
Eye Color: A Steal Grey
Hair Color: Black as the night.

{}Identity Photograph{}
We Will place a copy of it here, when it is done. (It will be a picture of words..)
Appearance: Damian is a tall man, roughly 6'2", he has dark well tanned skin that stretches elegantly over his ranch formed muscles. As far as hair goes, he keeps his shoulder length so that it hangs over one eye, an emo stile though it may be, no man in the world can pull it off better. His full lips are what woman call, made for kissing, this of course makes his arms made for love. A handsomer Farm hand can never be found. However, if you were to look beneath the shirt you would find what has lead to the end of many a relationship, the mark of his faith the Black inverted cross that dominates his right arm, for this he has had an answer tattooed onto his hands, on the left he has written, I'm not listening and on the right, sarcasm. And if for some reason that does not display his mood, the five rings on each hand will, fully symmetrical you can find them in this order, one on the index finger(wide and silver), one on the middle finger (large and silver), two on his pinkey(small, one silver one stainless steal), and of course, the ring finger holds the wedding band, on both hands.
Uniform: Black dominates his uniform, his inverted cross can be found in four places, on each shoulder, on his left breast pocket and across his back surrounded by a swarm of crows (the crosses are silver). His Uniform Jacket is long, formal as most say, his pants are basic and his boots reach his knees and have buckles running all the way down the backs. He tops it all off with a hat, which is the equivalent of a Generals hat (http://8000-o-clock.deviantart.com/art/Murdoc-Portrait-103588651) yet it has no emblem on the front.(also black)

Alter Power: Fire Alter; 'The blazing flame that burns the very soul'
Looks like an angel, carved out of black marble it has it's wings wrapped around itself and in it's hands there lies a flame that never dies.
= A ladies man, (his affair record speaks for itself)
= snaps fingers and flames appear around him in the shape of the star of David
= Creative
= can make the flames take on any shape

= is a slave to his religion (Satanism)
= Has no self control

= That the ghosts of his past will never stop haunting him.

Personality: Evil; or so they describe him, in truth Damian is a very kind hearted person, of course only if the person he speaks to is kind to him. He believes fully in, 'do unto others... before they do unto me.' Yet if you manage to see past the icy shell, and make you're way threw the black abyss beyond, way in there you will find a warm place reserved only, for his true friends, as of now that pace is empty.
= D cup boobs
= Winter
= twilight
= reading
= writing poetry/stories

= complete solitude
= Rude human beings
= Milk
= little dogs

*Hobbies: He loves manual activities, writing, poetry, drawing, making things with his hands, yet his favorite above all to make.... is love.

Family Members:
+ Juan Alvarado; Father, deceased (was the embassetor of Mexico)
+ Eliza Alvarado; Wife, Deceased (he blames himself daily for her death)
Alter Animal:
* Malinda (http://fc46.deviantart.com/fs28/f/2008/087/1/e/Sasha_the_Turtle_by_dolphy.jpg), the green sea turtle. She can swim threw anything that's hot, lava is no problem for this turtle, since she can't really walk she floats behind Damian in a bubble of fire.

Past: Born the son of the Mexican Embassitor, Damian grew up knowing many individuals in the Mexican government. At the age of 10 he was sent to Europe to further increase his formal education. Never having known a mother, he spent the time in Europe not only learning his three R's but also learning the ways of love. By age 19 he was not only an expert but saught for by Spanish Nobel-women, This new found talent granted him not just invaluable connections, but a way to climb up the social ladder at a grouling pace. He fought his way to the top where he sat and took on the only religion he found worthy of having him, Satanism.

It was due to this religion that he found the girl that would become his wife, the green eyed, red headed Asian girl named Eliza. She fought him, they clashed often, yet those fights lead to a love that nether could deny. She a devout Christian could not accept his religion, yet he would simply not let it go not matter what she threatened him with. Much to her parents dismay, they married in Paris. At the age of 25 Damian vowed to be hers and hers only.

A year later, the Mexican embassy was attacked, Damian had been there visiting his father when the attack happened, his father, and pregnant wife were killed in the struggle. Damian... had done nothing to keep her from dieing. Absolutely nothing. He had frozen with freight at the sight of armed men, and lost the only woman he had ever loved.

From that day, he vowed to never freeze like that again, He joined the Mexican army. Being a man with nothing to loose they sent him into the worst places, and he always came back, caked in blood and missing his entire platoon (several enemy metals attached to his belt no less). It was in one of these missions that he found Malinda, trapped in an enemies net she had been struggling to escape and not become food. Damian picked her up, and took her from that place. she has never left his side since.

November 26th, 2008, 8:11 PM
JBCBlank:That text color is a bit hard to read. I am not quite sure that you have heard the story of s-CRY-ed, which is fine, but you made some major mistakes. You should read about it on wikipedia or something of the likes, and then try again. Also, you have an alter, and not a magical power, so snapping and the star of david flame.. that equals a big no no. Now, if you meant that in the form of you alter.. then I guess it might be fine.. the personality is a bit short. Rejected. Don't take it personally.

November 27th, 2008, 12:59 PM
freakin awesome. I have this whole series on dvd. You're my hero, Lostt, I hope its interesting enough.

+=+General Info+=+
Name: Taith Ronalda Morgane
Age: 21
Date of Birth: February 4th, 1996
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: A dark Black and Brown mixture

{}Identity Photograph{}
We Will place a copy of it here, when it is done. (It will be a picture of words..)
Appearance: (How do you look?)
Uniform: (What Do you want your uniform to look like?)

Alter Power:
Arsenal - The Gate of Weapons
Arsenal takes the form of 7, 6-sided Dice that Taith always keeps on his person. Mostly in pockets since he can freely control them and have no fear of losing them. The interesting part of these dice is that each dice only has one number on it, numbering up to seven. The way Arsenal operates is, Taith throws six dice into the air, which form a portal. Whichever dice Taith still has in his hand, is thrust through the center of the dice with his hand, and determines what type of weapon Taith pulls from Arsenal's Gate of Blades. Each numbered dice represents an ancient weapon from Arsenal.

1 - Katana of Swift Breeze
2 - Heavy Blade of Righteous Strength
3 - Lance of Flowing Stream
4 - Broad Axe of Despair
5 - Chain Scythe of the Cobra
6 - Gloves of Crushing Force
7 - Scythe of the Reaper

- melee combat
- hunting
- basic conversation
- quick witted

- tends to get attached to comrades
- his alter is based on luck
- long range combat
- doesn't like getting help

- Losing a team mate
- Electricity (weapons conduct electricity)
- letting the team down

Personality: As expected from someone who's strength is based entirely off the luck of the dice, Taith is a guy who can take everything in stride. He knows how to take the good in with the bad and roll with whatever life gives him. His motto in life is that being flexible is the key to prosperity. Anyone who has the ability to adapt to a situation will be the one who comes out on top. And that is exactly what type of person Taith is. He is a kind person who isn't easily angered. His gentle personality belies his malicious fighting spirit though. When Taith and Arsenal are in battle its a totally different feeling from him as he fights to make sure no one else will need to be harmed. When it comes to sticking up for friends and putting his life on the line for them, Taith is stubborn and frustrating, but you've gotta love him.

Likes: card games(poker, solitare), sparring, cool looking clothes
Dislikes: cold hearted people, trash talkers, anyone who stands in his way
*Hobbies: playing Poker (although he's no good), and martial arts

Family Members: Rachel and Cooper Morgane: Both Missing
Alter Animal: A gray Falcon named Farore. Its alter are various hardened feathers around its body that it can disperse through the air and use to create powerful shields and barriers.
Past: Taith's parents were separated from him, like most other lost ground kids, at an early age. Taith only knows faint memories and their names which he found in the ruins of his old house that got destroyed in the wars involving Holy and the alter users. He continued in solitude for a while before being found by holy and joining, finding a place he could call home. He grew quickly attached to other alter users around him and was more than willing to carry out the tasks assigned to him as thanks for taking him in. So when the next mission came up... a hard one involving The Alpha Squad... Taith was one of the first called.

November 27th, 2008, 5:07 PM
Kansas:I know, it is an awesome roleplay.. although, the more I think about the plot.. the worse it seems. I feel like rewriting it, maybe even with your assistance, that is, if you would want to.

November 27th, 2008, 5:27 PM
*sighs* I didn't want to read.. oh well I'll take Damian elsewhere. and no the star of david was not the alter... i just like to poke fun at all religions.

November 28th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Meh, i've not got anything better to do. Oh, just to note, I put my signup like it was taken by a military official rather than done himself.

+=+General Info+=+
Name: Haru Takami
Age: 16
Date of Birth: June 13, 2001
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Onyx

{}Identity Photograph{}
We Will place a copy of it here, when it is done. (It will be a picture of words..)
Appearance: The subject stands at an extremely lanky 6' yet only weighing around 100 lbs, his onyx hair hangs down to his shoulders. [ any attempt to have it cut is met with violent biting and clawing from the subject ] Subject's bangs hang down infront of his eyes as well, but are usually drawn back to allow sight. Subjects eyes are... disturbing to say the least. They seem to be a gold color that is "able to pierce into the depths of your soul." The subject recalls them being described as such. The subject seems to have a habit of eating in large quanteties, but despite this he never seems to weigh more than 100 lbs.
Uniform: Subject's desired uniform is black and the pants baggy, with many pockets along the legs for anything he may need to carry. It has yellow lines along its seams and belts around its thighs and mid-section, showing how thin he actually is. Subject also wishes for uniform to feature a holo-visor with a gold screen and black "Rims" to replace his "old, worn out, piece-of-s**t goggles." Interestingly enough, after being goaded the subject provided a detailed drawing of desired uniform rather than describing it.

Alter Power: Subject described (and demonstrated) Alter ability titled "Artistic Talent."
While using alter abilities, subject undergoes the following changes:
- Subject's face is covered in a black mask with no dicerning features aside from several glowing yellow marks across the face and a pair of what appear to be goggles with glowing yellow lenses.
- Subject's upper body seems to meld with his clothing, turning black as the fabric he wears with glowing yellow lines across his skin. His hands remain the color they normally are, but with blackened fingertips that have an almost fluid gleam, as though "They're made of the ink that creates any masterpiece from now till the end of time."
- A large, paintbrush-like staff appears in the user's hands at will, seemingly from the 'ink' at the subject's fingertips.

Subject's alter ability demonstrates the following abilities:
- Subject seems to be able to create solid objects from ink, such as walls, bridges, and other such things. Subject went so far as to create a fully-operational sidearm that fired explosive 'ink bullets.'
- Subject seems to be able to control created ink at any distance, as ink fired from created sidearm apparently turned into three-inch long needles made of ink, which embedded themselves two-and-a-half inches into solid concrete.
- Subject seems to be able to create a near infinite ammount of ink from fingertips, which seems to be able to be channeled through his weapon and into it's 'brush' end by unkown means.

Strengths: Subject is extremly apt at drawing, writing, and things of such nature, along with the ability to cook extremely well. "Better than any d**n cook at HQ" says partner interviewer.
Weaknesses: Subject seems to be wary of any form of water outside of a drinking glass or meal. User states that he "Dosn't sweat" due to all the exess moisture and sodium from his body being used to create the 'ink' with which he uses. This would suggest however, that the ammount of ink he can create at any given time is truely finite. Subject must, by conclusion, ingest large ammounts of sodium and water on a daily basis, or he would "Shrivel like a three-day-old rasin that's been sitting out all day."
Fears: Subject is apparently afraid of large bodies of water, being caught out in the rain, partner interveiwer jokingly asked if subject "Would melt if caught in the rain," but subject replied "Most Likely." with a dead serious tone and face, indicating the uncertainty of the matter.

Personality: Subject seems to have little to no work ethic, having spent most of his time writing, drawing, eating, or sleeping during the day. Subject seems to be exremely irritable in the mornings, this probably the reason for subject's semi-hostile nature twords interviewers. Subject states that "Any time before ten is time for sleep." And "If that gets interupted, heads will roll... and I don't mean metaphorically either." While subject seems to be extremely hostile upon first appearance, after time the subject seems to warm up to almost anyone, and displays quite a show of hospitality as to make brunch for the interviewer [ myself ] and partner. Subject requested later on that if he would be moving into dorms that a small kitchen with "A fridge large enough to fit a motorcycle into" would be placed into his somehow. Whether this is possible or not is debatable. Although comfortable around interviewers, the subject still showed some signs of hostility on a few subjects such as family, past, and his abilities, the lattermost on which he was re-assured repeatedly that they were completely natural. Subject seems touchy at times, and it is advisable not to mention his upbringing, or the upbringing of others in his presence.

Likes: Subject enjoys the following:
- Sleeping
- Eating
- Writing
- Drawing
- Being Left Alone

Dislikes: Subject dislikes the following:
- "Troublesome People like you and your little army harem."
- Rain
- Getting "Nagged at on a constant basis by troublesome people like you and your little army harem."
- Oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.
- "Did I say Troublesome People like you and your little army harem already? I forget...."

*Hobbies: Subject enjoys the following:
- Drawing [ manga ]
- Writing [ manga ]
- Sleeping
- Eating

Family Members: Subject was raised in an orphanage untill the age of thirteen, when he left on his own terms and began living on his own. All family members are unkown.

Alter Animal: A rare breed of cat [egyptian mau] with gold eyes like the subject's. Cat's supposed alter is the ability to replace it's matter with the gasses in the air in another location, allowing it mild teleportation-like abilities. Cat has yet to demonstrate said abilities. Subject notes "Oh, she can do it. Trust me, she's just not too big on strangers."

Past: Subject was apparently raised from the age of one in an orphanage on where the south side of kunishima is. He was never accepted there because of his sketchy background. Noone is sure if he even has parents or if he just somehow appeared. Rumors spread that his parents were survivors of the plauge grounds, who, in one last act of sanity, deposited their child under a fake alias on the doorsteps of the orphanage. After doing much research it has been determined there was never any famil by the name of "Takami" in the city, or the surrounding lands. After reaching the age of thirteen, the subject found a knack for drawing and began to write comics of his own, first small comics for local papers, then earning a deal with a large producer to write full volumes. Upon his first paycheck he moved out of the orphanage and rented an apartment, later renting, then buying the entire complex.

Even upon enlistment, subject continues to draw volume after volume of his series, entitled "Daydreams," which takes place in a fictional universe where alter abilities do not exist, and atheletes and movie stars are the most well-payed people on the planet. The main character, which bares striking resemblance to the subject, goes about as "A normal kid, who attends a normal school, and goes to a normal job with a normal boss, in a world a bit out of the normal." The 'normal kid' is actually apparently a player in a videogame, as hinted by the occasional 'level up' in meaningless stats such as "skill" and "strength" the "normal school" he attends apparenly appears as more of a prison than a school, and his 'normal job' and 'normal boss' are actually an overly-exxagerated post at a "fast-food" reasturaunt with a tyrant employer who pays him "Minor wage", however only stating that it is several dollars below minimum wage. The comic is already in it's seventeenth volume in its third season, and has a growing fanbase even in our organization.

On another note, the subject seems to be glad to leave his apartment complex, as it helps him forget the 'horrible upbringing' he had as a child, and move on in life.

((gah! advertising! i'm actually starting a manga titled just that, that features just that, so I thought i'd just put that in as a bit of filler fun. hope it's not too weird, i've only seen like... 2 episodes of s-CRY-ed... well.. what do you think?))

November 28th, 2008, 2:51 PM
Hey, me and a friend are rewriting the plot so, when it is done... and stuff... then re arrange your profile accordingly please. Also, I like the way you did it :) So, post it in the the new thread that we will be making.