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Shiun Enshidia
November 29th, 2008, 5:16 AM
Hello PC
I am Shiun. I've been around for a while, wanted to hack, couldn't and now reside in the TCG Forum. I'm a map drawer, there's something about fleshing out a map and giving it a story, a purpose, a path. With that in mind, I set out to draw a simple map...which turned into a 20 A4 page extravaganza.

Now this first map is based of the game called Golden Sun. Its world map is my inspiration...for the first 2 continents. There are several locations with different types of dungeons and 8 towers in the world (these are the lighthouses of Golden Sun). There are also 4 altars, 4 Shrines, many continents, a huge story and a lot more. For now, lets go with the simple map
This is Arijha-Goinowan (based of Angara and Gondowan from GS (which is based of Asia/Europe/Africa, but I make my own continents based of them))
Well...criticise away. I use a very simple style, so tell me how to improve the last few maps (I've got about...7 more to draw)
on an unrelated note, I just hit 100 posts. Whoo for me

Shiun Enshidia
December 2nd, 2008, 5:56 AM
Well, I'm shocked at how many people have seen this map. Lets go on with the next one.
Ok, to explain this map, lets first of all look at Southern Goinowan. It's connected to the first map's Goinowan. It's also one of the last not based of real continents. I remember that I never included a key...anyone asks for one, I'll stick it in.
Masukui is based of Asian Countries, yet all parts of Asia (China, Middle East, India, Japan) will get specialized continents.
Musikal is based of Germany/Poland and is divided into 2 segments, West and East. We see West at the moment, it'll be a while before the East is revealed.
Then one of the most important continents; Gross Britannia. This is the first one with a name based on a real location. However, it's towns are fairly original sounding, its the next map which has huge connections from then onwards.
I hope you enjoy them.