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Shiun Enshidia
November 30th, 2008, 7:13 AM
Hi Pokecommunity.
I'm Enshidia, yadda yadda yadda
anyways, I'm hoping to break into the league/tournament scene, to become recognized as I feel I'm a very capable player. I did beat the TCG after all...I haven't had much experience and I always have loved the cards...then we come to the snag.
I have very few legal cards.
By legal, I mean D/P cards. As of yet, I have about 1600 cards. I'd be lucky in about 150 of them were it. However, I need some help to make a good deck. However, when making it I want to get one thing to help.

I. Are we allowed to use old energies in modified format? If so, Energies are like a rich person and money, limitless (except for Darkness and Metal, I have one each of those)

II. I don't have any Stormfront. So thats one set you don't have to worry about.

Ok, on with the cards. I've knocked out the darkness and metal cards and cards without the evolution line.
D-Diamond Pearl
M-Mysterious Treasures
S-Secret Wonders
G-Great Encounters
MD-Majestic Dawn
L-Legends Awakened
POP-Promo/Pokemon Organized Play

1x Celebi Lv. 39 M
1x Jumpluff Lv. 42 S
1x Yanmega Lv. 47 L
1x Manaphy Lv. 20 D
1x Rotom Lv. 38 G
1x Cresselia Lv. 43 MD
1x Latias Lv. 45 POP(8)

1x Magmortar Lv. 52 S
1x Politoed Lv. 49 L
1x Quilfish Lv. 31 S
1x Gliscor Lv. 42 L
1x Skiploon Lv. 29 S
1x Cacnea Lv. 12 G
1x Abra Lv. 8 M
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium (TSS)
1x Energy Restore G
1x Moonlight Stadium G
1x Snowpoint Temple L

1x Azumarill Lv. 35 D
1x Regigigas Lv. 48 L
1x Electrode Lv. 42 S
1x Minum Lv. 30 S
1x Wynaut Lv. 6 D

1x Donphan Lv. 48 S
1x Pinsir Lv. 30 S
1x Budew Lv. 6 D
1x Ledian Lv. 39 L
1x Lickitung Lv. 23 MD
1x Castform Lv. 35 L
1x Mantyke Lv. 6 D
1x Floatzel Lv. 32 G
1x Dewgong Lv. 36 M
1x Piloswine Lv. 35 L
1x Energy Search D
1x Rival D
1x Super Scoop Up D
1x Felicity's Drawing G
1x Warp Point MD
1x Buck's Training L
1x Technical Machine TS-2 L

1x Chatot Lv. 27 D
1x Cleffa Lv. 5 D
2x Glameow Lv. 12 D
1x Hoothoot Lv. 7 D
3x Chansey Lv. 31 M
1x Rattata Lv. 10 S
1x Stanler Lv. 28 S
1x Igglybuff Lv. 6 G
1x Whismur Lv. 8 G
1x Aipom Lv. 15 MD
1x Starley Lv. 10 MD
1x Buneary Lv. 10 L
1x Meowth Lv. 13 L
2x Skitty Lv. 14 L
2x Roselia Lv. 31 D
1x Turtwig Lv. 10 D
1x Wurmple Lv. 7 D
1x Exeggcute Lv. 12 M
1x Hoppip Lv. 7 S
1x Sunkern Lv. 10 S
1x Illuminise Lv. 29 G
1x Volbeat Lv. 34 G
1x Burny Sandy Cloak Lv. 12 MD
1x Ledyba Lv. 12 L
1x Pineco Lv. 11 L
1x Yanma Lv. 13 L
1x Piplup Lv. 9 D
1x Marill Lv. 12 D
1x Buizel (with Chesto Berry) Lv. 12 M
1x Remoraid Lv. 15 M
1x Seal Lv. 18 M
1x Corsola Lv. 32 S
1x Shelldar Lv. 10 S
1x Shellos East Sea Lv. 23 S
1x Wooper Lv. 11 S
1x Corphish Lv. 6 L
1x Poliwag Lv. 5 L
1x Poliwhirl Lv. 28 L
1x Swinub Lv. 13 L
1x Meditite Lv. 19 D
2x Oniz Lv. 22 D
1x Geodude Lv. 12 M
1x Larvitar Lv. 18 M
1x Phanpy Lv . 14 S
1x Solrock Lv. 29 G
1x Gligar Lv. 19 L
1x Hitmontop Lv. 25 L
1x Nosepass Lv. 15 L
1x Riolu Lv. 11 L
1x Duskall Lv. 15 D
1x Zubat Lv. 8 M
1x Nidoran Male Lv. 13 S
2x Ralts Lv. 13 S
1x Chingling Lv. 5 MD
1x Exeggcute Lv. 11 L
1x Chimchar Lv. 8 D
1x Cyndaquil Lv. 12 M
1x Vulpix Lv. 16 M
2x Magmar Lv. 26 S
1x Slugmar Lv. 11 G
1x Shinx Lv. 7 D
1x Mareep Lv. 11 S
1x Voltorb Lv. 29 S
1x Shinx Lv. 6 L
5x Energy Search D
2x Potion D
1x Switch

1x Unown B Lv. 12 D
1x Unown I Lv. 16 M
1x Unown J Lv. 12 L
1x Unown Y Lv. 15 L

I may have confused M and S as It took me some time to wrap my head around them.
Thank you if you can help, if not, thats fine, I'm a little understocked, I can admit that.
I'm thinking of putting 20 energies in, so you need to find 40 cards to place. As I've said before, as long as we can use old energy, I'm fine in that regard.
I also have quite a few Potions which I've learnt are legal, as well as Switch and a few other still legal cards...Can't be bothered posting them though.

December 1st, 2008, 1:30 PM
I might try to make a deck with them tonight. :D

Shiun Enshidia
December 2nd, 2008, 3:45 AM
Thanks. Good luck. I'm sorry I don't have more cards.