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November 30th, 2008, 2:48 PM
I am really fond of this game/anime and i didn't see a thread for it
ON the anime i love the voices of the characters and its not a bad show too bad iv'e only watch fragments so please tell me more about the show does it stay true to the game and the manga
ON the Manga:i have every issue of the megaman battle network series except fot the last two and i love the story and art it seems like they rushed it and skipped alot towards the last issues
i have played the following battlenetwork games
megaman3 blue--first game i got and completly loved it my fav. overall the many style changes you could become and the vast net system
megaman4 bluemoon--i loved the whole tournament and doublesoul system and spout man was named aquaman in this version it had less things to do (I believe after the defeat of duo
megaman5 team Protoman--i didn't like this one it was too different for me i never finished the game
Megaman 6 cybeast gregar--This one was good but it ended being to easy to finish and im almost complete with the whole game just need to beat Bass ><

Favorite megaman Battle network character--BASS the hardest and most powerful character with the getability unbeatable and destructive(im glad Dr. Cossack created him ^^

Favorite chip to use:air hoc--its an awsm chip and very powerful it was perfect for my favorite doublesoule METALMAN

give me your opinions on the games/anime and if you have ever played the !st and 2nd battle network games