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December 1st, 2008, 8:44 PM

I am returning an Rp that has had a good turn out but has been lost due to the fact that the Rpers always loose time with which to Rp. I want truly dedicated Rpers Please.

Due to some Religious content, Reader digression is advised… I do not wish to be responsible for the loss of faith that I know some of you will suffer. If you want to know just how offensive it might get for you realigiuse types, read the words of my Master [Link] ( “http://moondus.deviantart.com/gallery/#Literature”). Now that you have read and agreed to this silent contract, let us begin with the story.


Legend: “In the beginning, God made man…

The Basis in the faith of many, this story has been passed on threw the generations and has been held as pure truth for thousands of years. However most do not know the true story of why God made man, or what he plans for us in the years to come, it seems that they are all satisfied with the fact that we were made and would rather not know exactly why or when, or how. Perhaps if they did they would not speak of he who is called ‘I am’ with such fondness. As the legends of men dictate, after God made the world, the animals fallowed, and after that man was given life, so that someone could care for the animals as well as the earth. A wonderful story; strange to think of that since we do not care for the animals or the earth now, not now; not in these harsh times of computers and technology.

According to the scriptures of course, after the great sin of Eve an angel was sent down to the garden known as Eden with a single mission, to banish Adam, his wife Eve and cut the legs from the snake of Knowledge. That Angel’s name, was Shekinah. Now Shekinah had been a good hearted angel, God had spoken threw him to Adam many times before, and he had grown fond of this man. Banishing Adam from the realm of eternal happiness and bliss made Shekinah feel as though perhaps being an angel of the lord was no longer worth it. For you see, on earth, everything has a will of it’s own and can choose to be with or against God. However, Shekinah’s love for God prevailed and he returned to heaven where he continued to ponder these thoughts of why, God had been disobeyed before, and that hurt had still not left the creator. Why then would God give these creatures the gift of freewill?

As Shekinah thought this over, many prophets appeared to the people, bringing the word of God to those who did not believe. Even God’s own son was sent down to try and save those who God loved more then the angels who saw him daily. But this story isn’t about things that you already know so much about, this story is about what happened just after Adam and Eve, about what happened to the Angels, and why they might not be worth saving after all.”

As I told you before Shekinah, who had sent Adam and Eve away to begin with, had been pondering without end about why God loved the humans so much more than the angels. Angels had been created first after all and it seemed only right the he first would be the most loved. Why so not the case, Shekinah watched the humans along with his brothers and sisters, learning of how the actually resembled the Creator on so many levels, they also seemed to prefer the second born to the first, and they would place the duty of protecting the youngest upon the oldest. This sent a sting of pain threw Shekinah, as one of the oldest angels he had watched, and participated in the war against Morning-Star, fighting for the Creator along side Michael. They had won, but at what cost? Morning-Star held a grudge against all angels who opposed him, and was constantly attempting to return to he light of heaven. He would stop at nothing to return to the place he had known as home for so long. Even trying to turn God’s own son against him so that hell could have a new prince. Shekinah shook his head, what more would they have to suffer before the Creator decided to destroy them and start anew, would it be possible for them to change? Lucifer had not; not in the slightest, he had simply grown more desperate over the long years.

One day, Shekinah was called to the throne of God along with the other six angels that were made at the same time as he, his brothers. God told them that he would be sending them to earth, that they would have a mission, when asked why he was sending them and not the three Arch angels that sat around him God replied, “It is what you were made for.”

God then told the seven Angels, that they had one mission and one mission only, to infiltrate and defeat the evil and the darkness of Lucifer’s kingdom in order to bring the antichrist to life as well as Christ reborn so that the end of man could begin. In order for this to come about, God would have to give each angel a Human Life, and since the Angel’s were to powerful together, he knew that they had to be raised apart.

And so he sent theses new souls to different parts of the earth to virgin mothers who would raise them so that they could grow to the age of 15, find each other and complete their mission. Little did God predict that the free will that he gifted man with would filter into all of these Angels, as it has to Aziel, from the moment they were conceived they had the option to defy him… if that was there desire.

And that is how your story begins.


Rp Goodies:

Angelic abilities: Each Element Angel has its own brand of Angelic abilities, the greatest of which takes the form of a different colored flame that erupts from the hands and lives in the eyes.
Flight is also an ability that all angels’ share, wings how ever are not.
(The fallowing Elements Allow Wings; Fire, Wind, Darkness, and Light.)

The different Elemental qualities of the Angel’s are quite different from Element to Element of course there is the option of working together, if they decide to work together, they can create Elemental combos.
(example: Wind and water create Ice. You must learn to be creative.)

The different Elements have many abilities most easy to understand, others not so much. (For a complete list of each Element Angel’s Abilities look near the bottom of this post.)

Angelic Weapons:
Each Angel was given a sword created by the hand of he who is called ‘I am’, the Sword however is very hard to summon, being that it remains hidden within your element until you find the way to bring it forth.

Angelic Wear:
The dress Code for the Elemental Angels is non existent; since they were given human form the traditional dress of the Angels was forgotten and replaced with time appropriate clothing. It should be well thought however, that it would be best to wear the color of your Elemental flame somewhere were people can see it.
** Not Power Ranger stile please.

Birth Mark:
Each angel has a birthmark, be it on the back or on the chest. This mark shows not only your element but it also shows your Mortal sin, (not in writing but as a symbol)
example; Fire and Lust could be a Bed on fire.
**]No birth mark is a completely perfect image.

Angelic Helpers:
Each Angel was given a guardian to be there when the time for the End was neigh. It is always different but it is something that you always have with you. It usually takes the form of an inanimate object that has been possessed by a demon, (yes we have Guardian Demons, isn’t it nifty?) They are named for the Sin what we choose.
** They are not the actual Sin, The sin has no body, it is not real. They are simply named after the sin so that we can remember those names.

Angelic Resistance:
The most important thing, each angel has a different direct Enemy each represented and named for a Sacred Virtue, (for a list of the virtues see the under the list of Mortal sins). They appear as humans, most are women and they are very powerful, they are religious individuals who do now wish for the time of man to end, they think that man can still change.
**this means that you will be Rping three entities off the bat.

Angelic Weakness:
The seven Mortal sins have filtered into the Angels the moment they were conceived. Why? Because that is the sin that their mothers gave them. (Nice huh?)
They have had not choice but to live with them. It seems however that each angel has found a Mortal sin and have learned to not only live with it, but embrace it this sin is your greatest weakness, the thing that you do most of all Sins.
(So in other words, we each commit the same Mortal Sin regularly.)
(For a list of the seven Mortal Sins, See under the list of Element Angel Abilities)

Elemental Abilities:
Fire; Nathaniel =Fire will bend to your will. Your angelic flame color is orange.
Wind; Trgiaob =If you learn how to control the wind well then you will discover that with that you can create electricity. Your Angelic Flame color is silver.
Water; Manakel =The healing gift of the water gives you the powers to heal the wounded with a simple drink. Your angelic flame color is transparent. (0.e)
Earth; Orifiel = You speak, the ground listens, you can also listen to the ground. Your angelic flame color is yellow.
Light; Urim = You have a direct connection to Michel and he can come to your aide if you really need him. Your angelic flame color is white.
Darkness; Shekinah = Complete control over darkness gives you the power to control anything around you as long as it is dark, you can also summon Morning-Star to assist you if the need arises.. Your angelic flame color is Blue.
Ether: Metatron = Your powers are the complete control of the fabric of time and space, the down side, for every moment that you change, a moment is taken from the life you have already lived, that means you loose your memories as well as family and friends, use your powers wisely. Your angelic flame color is black.

Mortal Sins:
Gluttony: You enjoy food most of all, it’s what makes you happiest, yet you over do it every time, you get greedy and want all the food for you.
Wrath: You think of nothing but vengeance; all you want is for everyone to pay for everything that they’ve done to you, even if it wasn’t their fault.
Sloth: You’re lazier then the laziest Demon, you would rather that someone else did it besides you, even if it’s something that you enjoy simply because it involves moving. (does not mean you sleep all the time.)
Lust: You are led threw life by your libido and you listen to it always, when you want someone you want them that moment and you “Will” take them, whether they want to or not.
Pride: You’re the best and you know it, and you make sure every one can see your greatness.
Greed: You want more of everything, even the stuff you don’t need, you’ve just got to have it all!
Envy: You hate it when you see someone with something you don’t have, be it an object, a person, or a character that you desire. You long for it more and more until you can’t take it and you’ve got to have it no matter what the cost.

Sacred Virtues:
Temperance; Enemy of Gluttony, she enforces in self control.
Patience; Enemy of Wrath, he will not stop.
Diligence; Enemy of Sloth, he will get it done.
Chastity; Enemy of Lust, she believes that her abstinence will protect her from any evil. (And it does…)
Humility; Enemy of Pride, he helps everyone.
Charity; Enemy of Greed, She just keeps giving.
Kindness; Enemy of Envy, She loves too much and her kindness is impenetrable.

Do you think you are one of the Legendary Angles?
If so, Sign this contract.

WARNING: if you are easily offended, I suggest you do not join. I am not lenient when it comes to my religious views, I will attack every religion.

Name: (First name/Original Angelic name/Last name)
Appearance: (A picture along with a brief description will work just fine.)
Birth Mark: (remember, imperfection is key)
Chosen Element: (From the list above chose what Element you think you can handle.)
Sin: (What is your mortal sin? Remember one per Angel.)
Religion: (Chaotic, Muslim, Shaman, Atheist, Satanic, Buddhist, Scientologist... What ever god you worship make sure we know.)
Birth place: (In what Country, City and Province were you born, remember not to be to close to any of the other Angels. Use your hometown if you want. I’m going to... )
Personality: (Tell me what you’re like, keeping in mind your chosen Mortal sin.)
Favorate song: (this will tell me more about you then you know.)
Rp Sample: (The most important thing of all, it will not only tell me how good you are but it’ll also let me know how you discovered your Powers and your guardian. Creativity counts for 89% of my judgment. If you make me laugh, I might be more inclined to accept you.)

Angels taken;
Water/Gluttony~ Haru Manakel Takami
Earth/Pride ~ Jonathan Orifel Thorb
Darkness/Lust ~ Alandros Shekinah
Ether/Wrath ~ Kai Metatron Crane

Name: Alandros Shekinah Alvarado Ashley
Appearance: Alandros feels the need to look good constantly, he has so many zippers on his cloths that you can not bealive that he can walk. He also loves to wear all kinds of animal skins, the more expensive the better. His hair is the deepest red you have ever seen and his steal grey eyes pierce threw anyone making them crumble to his will.
Birthmark: Alandros has a dark birthmark just on the small of his back, it is shaped like an upsidedown cross dripping what everyone hopes is blood, but knowing Alandros, it must not be.
Chosen Element: Darkness
Sin:Lust (I’m taking it because I think someone else will take it to far.)
Religion: Satanist
Birth place: Tijuana, Baja California Mexico.
Personality: As a Satanist he’s mean and bitter to most of the world. He does how ever have a heart and will show it only to those who have proven themselves to be true friends. His roring libido will always leave him more inclied to help out a girl then a guy however, if the girl turns out to not be interested he will no longer provide her with any of his services.
Rp Sample:
Alandros ran his long fingers threw his dark red hair for the millionth time, he had been standing on this very same street corner waiting for his mother for over two hours now, “I’ll be back in five minutes...” he blew hair out of his eyes, “yeah right.” The golden inverted cross that hung from his neck glittered at any passers by, daring them to get close enough to see what the owner of the cross had to hide. A sudden tingle caught Alandros by surprise, he reached down and unziped the pocket on the back of his knee, producing a gorgiuse LG chocolate that he had bought with his own money, checking the Caller ID he smiled and slid it open, “Bueno?” he piped merrily.

“Alan?” A sweet almost songlike voice erupted from the speaker, “I’ve been trying to call for almost an hour, I was getting worried.”

“De Veras…?[i] Reception is really bad on this side of town.” He glared at a tourists, “[i]Y TU QUE STAS VIENDO!?” the blond tourist backed away and headed in the opocit direction.

“Alan why do you have to be so mean to everybody?” The girl on the other side of the line asked.

“You know better then to ask that Pricila.” He growled and turned his grey eyes on a tiny Asian girl who walked by, “What did you call me for anyway?” he licked his lips to the Asian who, blushed and rushed away letting a piece of paper fall from her hand as she did so, Alan caught it and found it to be her phone number, her name was Cassandra.

“Oh, um... i was wondering....” she paused, “Could you come over tonight?”

Alan thought about it, Pricila was the dark skinned blond at his school; to whome he had proformed many a visit. She was fare of face but dull when it came to anything deeper the physical pleasure. “I think I could.” He smiled, “Does eight sound good to you?”

“Yeah, you know how to get in.” She hung up.

Alan nodded and placed his phone back into his pocket, he looked in the direction his mother had left, “Mom where are you?” he looked at the watch he had attached to his vest. “You said you’d-.” He saw her, “MOM!” he waved at her making quite the fool out of himself.

She saw him and made her way to him through the thick crowd that one always found on the Revolucion, “Alan.” She said when she reached him, “I thought you would have gone home by now....”

“You know I’ll always wait mom.” He said as he took her purse and threw it over his shoulder. He was taller then her by a head and looking down at her only reminded him of how she was all he had in the world and he likewise was all she had. Offering his arm he led her towards the bus that was supposed to take them home. Rain clouds had stared to gather when they found the right street, “Aw man…” Alandros complained running his hands over his brown Swede Jacket. “My jacket’s going to get ruined…”

“I told you not to wear it.” His mother said in an I-told-you-so kind of tone.

Alan silently cursed at the clouds, he had a good ten minutes before they would drop rain, but still, getting off the bus would surly ruin his jacket. “I want to take the long route mom…” he says as the bus Marked ‘Jardin’ pulled before them.

His mother nodded as he helped her into the old blue and white bus, she paid for them both and Alan took the time to find a seat far from any windows. When his mother sat down next to him he smiled and let her wrap her arm around him. He closed his eyes, taking a nap on the bus wasn’t unusual for anyone and he had suffered threw a very annoying day at school. He slept for a good hour, his mother read a book as the bus rumbled threw the streets, Alan only woke up because it had started to rain. Opening steel gray eyes he sneered at his own reflection, a sudden bump in the road forced his forehead to collide with the window, “Are you ok?” his mother asks trying to hide a giggle with her hand.

Alan growled and rubbed the now red spot on his forehead, “Yeah I’m ok...” he spied something out of the corner of his eye and turned to see a shadow, it stood there for a moment but disappeared quickly, he must have hit his head harder than he thought. Alan shook his head and started pulling off his jacket, underneath he had on a black cotton sweater that hugged his muscular arms and chest accenting his red hair and pail complexion. He turned his jacket inside out and put it back on, he smiled at the look his mother gave him, “If I’m going to ruin it I might as well not ruin the part that people can see.” He pointed out tapping his mother’s nose.

She turned back to her book, ignoring him, “What time is it sweetie?” she asked after a few moments.

Alan ran his hands over the hundreds of pockets on his pants; he found what he is looking for in record time. He pulled out an old pocket watch that his mother had told him belonged to his father, “It’s almost six thirty.” He said and put the watch back into the pocket that he had dug it out from. He sighed, his mind running over what he was planning to do that night, if it rained any more he would be forced to call and tell her he could not make it. “What do you want for dinner mom?” he asked so suddenly that he swore his Cell phone vibrated.

She looked up from her book and smiled, her son may have been a Satanist but he was raised right and he knew what he should do. “We haven’t had spaghetti in a while have we?”

Alan smiled, when she wanted something she always dictated it in the form of a question, “No we haven’t.” He answered as he fingered his golden cross.

It took another ten minutes for them to get home, and another 4 minutes worth of walking in the rain, Alan complaining about his jacket the whole way. When his mother had finally closed the front door Alan pealed off his jacket and shook it, “How is it baby?” she asked him as she walked over.

“The back looks fine but the front.....” he shook his head, “I have to buy a new one.”

His mother sighed, “Well you know the rules.”

Alan nodded, “I know...” He had gotten a job at a library downtown, they paid him decently and he quite enjoyed it there, the only thing was that since he got the job his mother had announced that all of his clothes he would have to buy himself. He took the jacket into his room and tossed it onto the bed, it lands spread out just a he wanted it to. He turned on the light and took off his school uniform and tossed it onto his bed, a whisper caught his attention as he pulled on a long sleave black shirt. “Huh?” he looked around his room.

He heard it again but this time he heard, “Alan....” he walked to where he had put his pants, the whisper seemed to come from it. “Alan... let me out...”

Alan ran his hands over all of his pockets and soon found a pocket that seemed to be burning, he opened it and his cell phone fell out, “What the-.” His phone buzzed once then the screan died, Alan picked it up and tried to turn it on, “What’s going-?” He dropped it suddenly as though it had bitten him for a strange charge had gone threw it. It sat on his bed for a moment before it rang; using a song that Alan had never programed it to ring with for anyone. Pickig it up again Alan slid it open and put it to his ear, “H-hello...”

“I knew that would work!” A voice shouted so loud that Alan nearly dropped the phone. “Hey! Don’t drop me!” The cell phone hit the floor with a sickening crack that made Alan wince. “Great now pick me up!”

Alan did as he was bid, “What’s going on here?”

“What do you think?” The phone blinked, “The name is Lust. And you are one of the seven Angels of the Elements.”

“Angel! You’re talking to the wrong guy! I’m a-.”

“Satanist... yeah... we demons know that.... just listen you have a mission and it don’t matter what you belive in you have to do it.”

Alan sighed, then put the phone to his ear, “Alright... let me hear it...”


I thank the Wonderful Subject-222 of Deviantart.com for the drawings she allowed me to use.

December 9th, 2008, 6:56 PM
Yo, I haven't been RPing for over a year, so it'll take me some time to make a sign-up. Can you reserve me a spot for the Light/Envy spot?

December 10th, 2008, 6:49 AM
May i reserve a spot for a slothful fire angle?

December 10th, 2008, 9:29 AM
hey! you can't start this without me!!! If you don't mind sis, i'll use my signup from the last RP. I'm calling gluttony and water early on so nobody steals 'em from me...

Name: Haru Takami

Appearance: Haru stands about 5'9" and has medium cut deep crimson hair (nearing brown) that hangs down over his left eye. He has gold eyes and a scar on his right cheek from a childhood accident. He can often be found wearing a deep blue T-shirt that has a black whirlpool like shape on the back. His pants are made of a waterproof material, but often have holes in the knees from crashing, although he dosn't have a scratch on him, save his cheek. Despite having Gluttony as his sin, and loving to eat, he has a VERY high metabolism. Insanely so even, as he weighs under 100 Lbs. You can also find a small canteen at his waist from time to time, it's purpose is unkown by many as he never drinks from it.

Birth Mark: An almost black spiral-ish mark with a circle at the center on his right shoulder.
Chosen Element: Water
Sin: Gluttony
Religion: Pagan-ish. (believes in multiple gods, but unsure of which ones)
Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

Personality: Haru is an active and easygoing kid, although easily distracted. He strays away from religious conversations as he would usually get dragged into them, only to have kids yell at, and/or kick, him for 'believing in the devil.' Even through all the torment, he has pushed through it with a cheerful expression and a love for food. He loves to cook and dosn't care where he is when he gets hungry, and, as his stomach seems to accept almost everything, you can often find him chewing on random things. He can get a bit distracted, but can be brought back on track if bribed with sweet candies and foods, which are by far his favourites.

Favorite song: Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru / Don't Tell Me - Nikko

Other: Haru likes to carry a back of snacks around because he always loves to eat. He has also lived on the lake Michigan lakefront in southern Michigan since he was 8. He speaks bolth japanese and english fluently, but will slip into japanese occasionally when startled, in pain, or angry. Haru has developed an extraordinary sence of taste, even when his nose is plugged he can taste things to a 'normal' extent. (if your nose was unplugged when you ate something)

Rp Sample: (veiwer disgression is advised due to violence)

Pain. Sheer, almost completely unbearable pain. Pain that would last him weeks to come. Pain caused by bruises so harshly inflicted, that they were already turning purple, only minutes after the assault had started. They covered the young boy's chest, his back, his stomach, his arms and legs, and even his face. Dull yellow eyes looked out from under the deep crimson hair on his head, gazing out twords the large lake. It seemed to call him, comfort him, and so he followed the soothing voice of the lake, the gentle laps the small waves made on the shore, as if they were hands of an enormous entity, softly patting the ground next to it kindly and offering him a seat to rest his weary body.

Akwardly he sat, still in unbearable pain. A rib was broken. Ignoring the pain had become easy though, as he had had these kinds of beatings for as long as he could remember living here in america. a little over a year, considering what day it was.

His birthday. His ninth birthday.

A day that was supposed to be filled with laughter, and joy, but instaid with yelling and fear. Unknowingly, he had closed his eyes in rememberance of the days events. It had started off fine, his parents waking him in the morning with a breakfast in bed of a large stack of waffles loaded with syrup and a tall glass of orange juice, and a tall glass of milk. After that he had gotten up, thanked his parents, and then opened the few presents he had gotten.

After presents he had told his parents he was going to the park. That had been hours ago. When he had gotten there..all he had gotten were cold stares, harsh expressions, and cracked knuckles. Before he knew it he was on the ground, crying out in pain and for mercy. But mercy was foreign to these children of eleven and twelve. Why they hated him he would never know, but a blow to the face with someone's heel had stopped his train of thought in it's tracks.

The young boy snapped back to wakefulness. The waves had risen to his sides while he had been remembering. But it wasn't the water's gentle embrase that had startled him, it was the fact that wherever the water touched, he felt no more pain. Reaching down with a shaking hand, feeling the skin under the reflective surface of the waves, startled as he felt no pain from touching his shin, where he knew had been bruised and cut open only minutes ago. Even more surprising, was that his hand no longer hurt, his skin on his hand and arm sang with praise at the soothing touch of the crystaline liquid.

A thought of how, or why never crossed his mind. The only thing he knew was that the water had somehow healed him. Feeling his legs strong enough to support him, he rose ever so slightly.

What shocked him most now, was that the water rose with him. Staying cocooned around his lower body, protecing it from any more harm as it did it's magic. He lifted his other arm slowly and shakily, and the waves rose to meet his hand, the water slowly creeping up his fingers and along his arm, untill he was engulfed from the neck down.

Without thinking, he plunged face first into the near-freezing water of the lake, floating just above the bottom and turning to look up at the slowly fading light of sunset, the rippling surface distorting the orange-red color of twilight untill he realised he could not see it any more. without realising it, he went to take a breath. But no water filled his lungs. Only pure, oxegen-filled, lake air entered and filled them. His eyes widened at this, and, with newfound strength he put his newly healed body to work, plowing through the clear body of the liquid entity around him.

When he finnally broke the surface of the water, he found himself several feet above it, as though he had been shot out of the substance like a torpedo from a ship. Closing his eyes to avoid seeing the image of the harsh, blue-ish surface of his home rushing twords him, crossing his arms as he did.

But the water never came. Not in the way he intended it atleast. Rather than the bone-shattering impact, and ear-splitting smack of his body hitting the surface below, there was simply a gentle caress. Opening his eyes slowly he looked down at his own reflection. Wondering how this was he uncrossed his arms, only to see that he was floating on a shifting and rolling 'pillow' of water, hovering mere inches above the surface of the lake. Lowering his arms slowly he felt the makeshift platform lower itself back to it's source, before he was kneeling in the shallows.

Standing and looking around him, a smile spread across his young face, lifting his hands infront of him, he pressed them together, his right hand over his left fist, right infront of his chest. Bowing to the water that saved his life he didn't notice that the water seemed to 'bow' back, a single wave lifting infront of him and curling, before uncurling and returning back.

Standing he turned and ran back to his home, where dinner would be waiting with his parents, today had actually turned out better than he would have believed.

In the distance calls from his mother could be heard as she watched her son aproach.

"Takami Haru! What on earth were you doing in that lake?! Get those wet clothes off now or you'll catch cold!"

Takami Haru simply nodded, that same smile still plastered over his face as he walked happily to change his clothes, not noticing that not a single drop of water left him as he made his way through the house.

(dont expect them all to be THIS good. It took me well over a half hour to write up this monstrocety. Also note that I had the 'auto translator' in my brain turned on, so that you could understand his mother.)

EDITZZ: added another favorite song... find it on youtube, it's good!

December 10th, 2008, 9:46 AM
Can I quickly reserve a prideful, earth angel? Working on it now, but minor matters like dinner interrupt. :)

December 10th, 2008, 11:21 AM
SilverTail- Haru Takami. You are accepted. But only because you were so dedicated last time. *smiles* you're right I can't start this without you little bro.. Oh and we really need to start on that Mindscape Rp.

As for the reservations... Normaly I do not take them because I prefure first come first serve but, hey, if you want to you want to. So I'll save the fallowing Angels:

Pride/Earth - for lorddarigarn
Envy/Light - for typeZERO
Sloth/Fire - for lokalikealagaler

That leaves,



Alright let's fill up.


December 11th, 2008, 9:00 AM
Name: Jonathan Orifel Thorb

Appearance: Jonathan, or John as he prefers to be known, is a fairly tall boy and of moderate build, yet with subtly bulging muscles. He has deep, hawk-like brown eyes and long flowing brown hair hanging around halfway down his back, gently flowing down and back in numerous small spikes as if in a gentle breeze. Though he prefers to let his hair hang long, he will tie it back in a ponytail for convenience sake. He has a short, hooked nose, slightly bent down and to the right, and a thin mouth with very little lip, almost always framed into a frown. His rough, pitted skin with a woven mess of small, criss-crossing scars of varying age. He has long, slightly brittle-looking limbs, but these hide surprising strength. His rough, pitted skin with a woven mess of small, criss-crossing scars of varying age. He wears a thick leather coat, reaching down to his ankles and billowing expansively in the wind. Underneath this he wears a tough, hard-wearing leather jacket festooned with tarnished silver buckles and pouches. His hands reside in a pair of thick, fingerless leather gloves, reaching up to his elbow, which reveal long pianist fingers. He wears thick, hard-wearing leather trousers, the ends of which are sown back to form a small cuff, and tough leather thigh-boots designed for hiking in all conditions. From his neck hangs a small amethyst that he found as a child, in a thin silver necklace.

Birth Mark: The image is slightly hazy, buy it roughly looks like two small trees in the background with one, larger tree standing alone in the foreground.
Chosen Element: Earth
Sin: Pride

Religion: Non-religious, believes in the sciences

Birth place: Gloucester, England
Personality: John takes great satisfaction in his achievements above and beyond others, and can’t help but show it. Though he has learnt to not rub it in other people’s noses and generally keep his mouth shut, there’s always that smug little look over the shoulder before he can control himself. He has come to terms with this fact and has generally tried to stop himself doing anything beyond this, but sometimes he just can’t help it. He is astoundingly resilient, both physically and mentally, and will often single-mindedly carry on with a task or challenge until he has completed it beyond all doubt. He is highly intellectual, having set himself to study of many different areas, and while far from the new Albert Einstein he is fairly smart. He enjoys going out into the wild, hiking or climbing trees or abseiling down cliffs, and feels most relaxed and at peace at these moments. He is highly practised at survival skills and various outdoor activities and looks forwards to his annual camping trip. He doesn't know who his father was, as his parents split up when he was born and his mother has always considered it a sore subject. He has a small picture of the two togetherthat he stole from his mother, who never had the heart to take it away.

Favorate song: Naked, Avril Lavigne

Rp Sample: As his hair whipped and twisted in the wind, John rubbed from his eyes several small clods of dirt blown from the cliff top, then reached out. After several seconds of groping, his roving fingers found a handhold in the rock face and quickly sunk into it. Heaving, John pulled himself over the lip of the rock, one handhold at a time, and dragged himself over the edge. A grin spreading across his face, he leaned over the lip and peered down. Several feet below, his friend Tom was struggling to find purchase against the stony cliff and his progress was slow. Seemingly feeling his gaze, Tom glanced up and, even though he was far too down to see him clearly, there was almost no way he could mistake that look on his face. He quickly rolled back over the edge. Breathing heavily after the climb, he reached into one of the numerous pouches on his jacket and withdrew a few small, dry hiking biscuits. It had been a long climb, but it was his 15th and he couldn’t have thought of a better treat. Tom had volunteered to come along –the trip had a free slot for one extra person and he didn’t have to pay- but after John had quickly climbed past him, he unreasonably got annoyed yet again. He pulled his small amethyst necklace from under his jacket and fingered it, then dropped it. It hit the metal buckle of his harness with a dull thunk.
“Oy, watch it buddy!”
John’s forehead curled into a frown. Tom was far too far down to be heard and, anyway, the voice was completely different. It sounded as though it was appearing directly inside his head, bypassing the normal and perfectly adequate medium of the ears. He peered around, trying to spot a figure through the wind. Nothing. But there was, unmistakably, a snide, desparative tch. He frowned again. What the hell was going on?
“Try the necklace, pal.”
He grabbed the necklace almost reflexively. He held it for a second, then raised it in front of his eye and peered into the gem. Either he was going mad, was seriously dehydrated or something very, veeery weird was going on.
“What the hell is this?!?”
“Listen, what the hell this is a little demon that you can think of as Pride, whether you want to or not, and he’s talking you right here, right now.”
“Demon? Now, listen here… I can’t believe this, I’m talking to a fashion statement… listen here, I think you might’ve chanced upon the wrong guy. I don’t believe in any of that…” The voice cut it.
“Right, shut up now. You are one of seven angels – don’t even think about answering back – and for now on, I’m gonna be sticking with you. I don’t give a damn whether you believe in me, but you’re sure as hell gonna listen to me. Got it?”
John just shook his head. This is just insane.
“Pff, whatever. I always wondered what it’d be like to have a pet rock.

December 11th, 2008, 10:06 AM
Could I reserve Ether and Wrath? I know I trailed off the last time, but I am pretty actice these days having kept up with a few RPG's here and else where. I can understand if not though ^_^

December 11th, 2008, 10:22 AM
I hate to do this, but alas I am in another rp that I am afraid will take up most of my free time. So I must give up my spot.:(

New Age Retro Hippie
December 11th, 2008, 4:57 PM
Since lookalikeagaler dropped out, might I take Fire but with Greed instead of Sloth? I've seen this RP around, and it does definetely look fun.

December 17th, 2008, 11:15 AM
Sorry for taking so long to respond, It's really cold around here and the rain has really put me off of Rping. but I've finally pulled out of my rut and gotten my papers in order. Ok now let's get some messeges out for you guys.

lorddarigarn: you are Accepted. thought not the most creative Rp sample I have ever seen for EA, it made me giggle near the end and that is always a plus. You have the Earth/pride Angel.

Ok now for the rest of you.

Callandor: so sorry you could not stay with us, I hope you have good luck in you're other Rp.

New Age Retro Hippie: (LOL) If you want the Angel make a Sheet.

Shadowfaith: I loved you in the last one, and I'll love you in this one.

Now I'm going to drop the Reservations... so... it's a free for all. All angels save for the ones that fallow are up for grabs.

Earth/Pride ~ lorddarigarn
Darkness/Lust ~ JBCBlank
Water/Gluttony~ Silvertail

I shall await the rest. We'll start soon.


December 17th, 2008, 2:31 PM
Name: Kai Crane

Appearance: Kai has dark brown hair and shocking blue eyes that stand in complete contrast with his dark look. His wavy hair is normally combed into a tidy parting with small bangs present at the front to cover a small portion of his milky white skin. He’s extremely tall and lanky and prides himself in the fact that even though he appears rather week he can in fact hold his own in a fight but prefers to use his powers and strategic mind to overcome his opponents and make them uncertain of what his next move will be.

A pair of square frame glasses lay atop his perfectly built nose and his kissable lips are a peachy pink colour. Kai is the picture perfect boyfriend that any parent would want they’re child to have. He normally wears suits given his profession in psychology but when in public is prone to wearing a loose fitting white or black shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. Upon his feat are normally either a pair of black boots or a fashionable pair of black vans. Around his neck he wears a silver pendant shaped in the form of a wolf and upon his left wrist he wears a pristine silver watch which he refuses to take off given any circumstance.

Another trait of his is the loan black leather glove he wears on his right hand.

Birth Mark: Kai’s birth mark resides on the palm of his right hand and coils up his arm. It resembles that of a nine tailed fox, but the resemblance is a little off due to the fact the birthmark is rather misshapen. The fox’s body coils up his arm and the nine tails wined around his fingers. This is normally covered by a black leather glove.

Chosen Element: Ether
Sin: Wrath
Religion: Scientologist
Birth place: New York, US

Personality: Kai is rather stuck up in personality and looks at everyone else as below him, even those higher up the food chain are always deemed as idiots by him and he has no fear in showing it through his sarcastic and uncaring attitude, though he knows when to stop if it means his job. Many times his foul attitude has landed him in trouble with higher ups in the company and Kai isn’t the hottest when it comes to making friends though he is every mothers dream for they’re daughters: Well spoken, well educated and knows a lot about the world and its low life’s. Though one wouldn’t expect it of his uncaring nature, Kai knows how to act polite when need by and will do anything to gain what he wants. He act’s calm in stressful situations and has even been known to make a joke or two in these circumstances, but his annoying grin doesn’t take long to fade when something doesn’t go quite as planned.

Over all, Kai is sarcastic, witty, intelligent and a bit of a snob when he wants to be but don’t let this fool you as Kai has a split personality. What appears to be a clam and well spoken person can in fact be a person’s worst nightmare when Kai feels threatened or wronged. Guaranteed if something is done to this ill balanced character his cool demeanour fades and is replaced by a vengeful spirit bent on making said person’s life a misery. Funnily enough Kai does not turn aggressive in personality, but simply toys with the minds of others until they crack under the pressure. His calm demeanour does not completely fade but he does intend to cause the person harm mentally and being a psychologist knows exactly how to make people’s worst fears a reality.

Though of course…no one knows of this split personality which would explain why he still hold’s his job.

Favourite song: Allegretto - Bond

Rp Sample: Kai walked through the lower regions of New York city on his way back home. He spied his watch out of habit of knowing what the time was and upon realisation that he was walking through the streets way past the safe hours, he quickened his pace. He was in no mood to be mugged or tried to be taken advantage of and besides…he was missing valuable sleep for the trial tomorrow. He was to be present at the trial of a murderer who he would deem insane or not. Needless to say he would either be the prisoners saviour or his worst nightmare. A smile crossed his features…he liked the idea of having so much power over a humans life.

He checked his watch again. ‘1.15’

He should have called a cab, but there was no point now he was nearly half way home and he could spy the building off in the background. None the less his paced quickened further as a shadow moved in the corner of his eye. Again the watch was checked ‘1.16’. It was a habit of his, one he had not been able to shake since the beginning of his career as a psychologist and though he hated the constant checking of his watch, he loved knowing the time.

“Hey you! ‘Pretty Boy’. Oh I’m talking to you!” A hand collided with his shoulder and Kai sighed, turning on his heal to stare at the man calmly. “Yes?” He replied, sounding rather bored. The man let his shoulder go and proceeded to reach a hand into his jacket. Kai’s heart skipped a beat as a gun was pulled from its confines and he had to use all of his will power not to flinch and show weakness.
“Gimmy your money…” The man stated, looking about himself to make sure no one was spying. He looked back at the calm doctor in front of him and gave him a shove. “Move it!”
Kai proceeded to take his wallet from his jacket pocket and handed it over. ‘You just going to give up like that?’ A voice echoed through his head.
“What?” He questioned, shocked by the sudden voice.
“What?” The man answered, thinking the doctor was talking to him. Kai looked with wide eyes back at the man, confused as to why he had answered him.
“Nothing…” He replied.
The man huffed and shrugged it off before opened in the wallet and taking a look inside to make sure he hadn’t been duped. The voice again echoed through Kai’s head. “Attack…Attack…Attack….Attack…”
Again and again the same word played over in his head and Kai’s eyes drooped with the sudden realisation that he was going mad, but the voice was right. Kai quickly took the fact that the man was looking in his wallet to his advantage and he quickly took a jab at the others face. The man recoiled is complete shock, dropping the gun to the floor to cradle his bleeding nose. Kai held out his palm and disappeared.
“Where…where are you, you little punk!” He screamed, holding a pool of blood in front of his face. “I’ll kill you!”
“I’m everywhere and nowhere. If I wanted I could turn back time and kill you before you even had a chance to retaliate.”
“What the F**k are you talking about!”
“I’m talking about the fact that I don’t even need to lift a finger to make you scream and yield to me. In fact…let me show you…”

Without a moments hesitation Kai bent the fabric of time and space, leaving the bleeding man alone in the alley way only to recognise the scene that followed shortly. It was him and Kai doing exactly what they did moments ago, only this time Kai did not hand over his wallet and in fact he removed a small knife from his jacket pocket and the man watched as the knife drove itself deep into his neck and proceeded to cut down, Needless to say there was a lot more blood than what he held in his palm at this moment. “Or maybe I can burn your face with acid or blow your brains out with a gun…what would you prefer?”
The man had no answer and he simply stumbled backwards in an attempt to get away. He stumbled though, falling to the floor with a heavy thud and all that met him was the maniac grin of the doctor staring down at him. “Boo…”
Without another word, the man crawled to his feet in fear and ran away screaming, bloody nose forgotten and fingers gouging at his eyes in an attempt to forget the incident.

The scene evaporated from view and Kai strode over to his forgotten wallet, picking up and examining it for any imperfections. “So…am I going mad?” He questioned to no one in particular.
‘Perhaps…do you believe in angels, Doctor?’ The voice whispered, almost playfully.
Kai brushed his suit jacket off with a delicate wave of his hand and huffed. “After today’s event’s I’m not sure what I believe.” He sighed and removed his glasses, massaging the bridge of his nose with free hand. “I need a cup of coffee…”

December 17th, 2008, 3:01 PM
*watches youtube video of allegreto-bond, faints*
*wakes up 2 hours later*
I'm Ok... that song was just.... awwwsome!

Shadowfaith: you are accepted because I love you're Rping skills and that song made me C()M a little.

Earth/Pride ~ lorddarigarn
Darkness/Lust ~ JBCBlank
Water/Gluttony~ Silvertail
Ether/wrath~ Shadowfaith





December 17th, 2008, 3:26 PM
^o^ Thankies!

Allegretto is one of my favourite songs, I fell in love with it first time I listened to it. Believe me my reaction was similar to yours XP

Anyways, looking foward to this kicking off again, I really enjoyed it last time as it was open for more mature themes which I enjoyed and besides, I'm liking my new character XD

December 21st, 2008, 6:55 PM
I await more angles but I am unsure if they will come, ok I think I'll start this thing, the day when I get my DA account again XD. I got banned. Now um... that means that in .... about.. 2days 20hours 25minutes and 24seconds. The Rp will start.


December 26th, 2008, 2:39 PM


Ch. 1


Two weeks after the Angels first found the identities of their Guardians, a whisper was sent threw the doors of heaven. This whisper, spoke of not just danger to those poor angels, but death to one. As the Whisper feel from heaven, it dropped into the ears of the Guardians who, driven by duty could not speak of it until the prophecy came to pass, until then, all they had to do, is get the angel's to the secret meeting site. The sight, where The son of God himself, was to meet them. A place known as, South Park Colorado.

Alan yawned, he hadn't traveled to the States more then three times in his entire life, and now he was headed to someplace in Colorado that he had long believed to not even be real, and on top of that, it was getting very, very cold. Alan shivered keeping his arms inside of his Mink Fur Coat, the coat smelled good, making it the one that Alan wanted people to meet him in. With a smile he pulled Lust out of his chest pocket, "How you doin'?" Alan whispered trying not to wake the man next to him.

"I'm fine... thanx for asking." The phone answered Via Text.

Alan smiled then asked the question that had been bothering for a good while, "How am I going to recognize them?"

"Trust Me Alan, you will." and Lust turned himself off.

Alan sighed, he hated when Lust did that. He turned to the window and watched the scenery go by, what were they going to be like, where they like him, confused yet confident? or perhaps, "Templers...." he whispered, a hint of hate running threw his voice as his eyes came to rest on the little girl two seats to his left. She wore a traditional catholic school girl outfit, skirt down past her knees and small shoes that gave Alan urges that he had to control due to the fact that she was reading a Bible. Alandros tore his eyes from the girls red hair in order to rummage threw the pack he has brought with him, he had everything he was sure of it. He shrugged his shoulders. His wings really hurt, ever since they had grown out last week he had only used them once, for the rest of the time they had been forced close to his back by his coats. How he longed to open them, he chuckled as he remembered how his mother had reacted when she had seen them. Wings as Black as those of a Raven, healthy wings with a good twenty foot span.

Leaning back Alan ran his fingers over his Bass, although in it's case, it still called to him, how he wanted to play it. Just a little. With a sigh Alan decided that he might as well sleep for the rest of his voyage. The driver had promised to tell him when they arrived. Alan hated that Lust had not let him take a plane, if only the US wasn't so afraid of everyone with a tan, then he would not run the risk of being strip searched. Or having his fur and leather taken away. Or worse, having them take his Bass from him. Nope, Bus was by far much safer. Longer, but safer none the less. Alan wondered if any of the other angels would bring a parent, Alan had left in the middle of the night so that his mother could read the note he left in the morning. He thought it best to not have her with him, he didn't need her fussing over him, she would worry herself sick when he had to go and fight, this way, Ojos que no veen, Corazon que no siente.

Alan noticed a shadow cross over him, he opened his eyes a crack and saw the girl standing in front of him, she stared at him for a while before she screamed, "SINNER!" She started hitting him, at first they didn't hurt but then he noticed that her hands had a strange black aura that began to burn him. "DIE! DIE DEVILS CHILD!" She screamed causing an uproar.

Alan grabbed her hands and instantly let them go, his hands felt as though they were on fire. He could not get away from her, she had him pinned against his seat and he could feel his energy quickly leaving him. Luckily Lust had an idea, using MP3 mode, Lust let out a screech that forced her to cover her ears. "RUN ALAN!" he shouted.

Alan took his advice, the bus had stopped, so Alan grabbed his things and ran from it. Outside he told the Bus driver to leave. At first he hesitated but in the end he did as Alan bid. Alan then fell to his knees near a small bush, "What... what happened?"

"That was a Virtue. Chastity, You're opposite. They are religious people who think they are doing good but are being manipulated by Demons." Lust was silent, "Bad ones."

"Sh- she wants-?"

"To Kill you. Every angel has one, they are the heads of the Leviathan. They will stop at nothing to make sure that the Apocalypse does not happen."

Alan closed his eyes, "Why didn't you tell me before?"

"I didn't think she would show up until the meeting. Do you think you can fly?" Alan nodded, "Good, let's go by wing then."

Alan sighed, pulled off his coat, pulled off his vest, and took to the air.

He landed some 5 hours later, put everything back on and started searching for the others.

((Ok that means that the Rp has started. Now since there are some angels missing I'm going to keep sign up open until they are filled. But as soon as everyone is at the meeting spot I'm going to assign angels to everyone who's already here. Ok? Go on guys!))


December 27th, 2008, 2:16 AM
I'm finally back and ready to RP! *looks over plot* Hmm, this gives me an opportunity to RP a character I've never RP'd before!

Yeah, thanks, Shadowfaith/Lord Darigarn, for placing your birthplaces near my top two birthplace choices... (assuming Massachusetts and Wales are too close)

Warning: The following Angel is not a representation of myself as a person--he's a character, nothing more.

Name: Shin Trgiaob Akibara
Appearance: Shin's appearance makes him look tall, but when he's standing near others, you'll find he's actually not that tall at all--he's only 5'7". Hmm, now what might make that so? It's not the hair--although it's interesting how although it's mostly black, straight, and quite shiny, it has blood-red highlights that are especially visible near the bottom, where it tapers slightly and just barely touches his shoulders. His eyes are a dark slate blue, cold as marble, but that still can't explain the height illusion. Nor can the pale almond-ish tone of his skin. But what probably can explain it is his fairly thin, almst slender figure, and on top of that his style of dress...

Now what would that style of dress be specifically? The first thing anyone notices is his coat--because it looks different from the norm, and almost regal in style, as if meant to be worn by a noble. Not to mention that hanging from the collar is what looks like a miniature cape. The coat itself is maroon in colour, and has a velvety texture and black satin trim. It's long enough to reach just below his knees, and is fastened by two golden buttons located at the waist. The buttons have small black dragons on them, and the coat's pockets are very hard to see, so it looks like Shin's hands just disappear when they're in them. Along with this coat, Shin wears black trousers and a pair of black and red leather shoes. Sometimes he's seen with white gloves as well. And if he takes his coat off, you'll see a black long-sleeved shirt underneath. But what are the chances of him taking it off?

Birthmark: It looks like a little snake circling around his right nipple, and is nearly black.
Element: Wind
Sin: Envy
Religion: Wiccan with an eclectic touch. He believes in the Goddess as well as the God, the two "divine beings" of the world, and treats nature as divine. But he readily accepts ideas (especially other gods for invoking purposes) from any other religion.
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, US.
Personality: On the surface, Shin appears to be a rather friendly and gregarious individual, liking to talk to people and whip up conversations. When he's around other people and doesn't have that much to do, that's precisely what he will do, just for the sake of learning about what other kinds of people are out there in this world. He enjoys learning about other people especially--what their interests are, what their families are like, what they're good at or not so good at, and so on. Those types of questions he asks dominate about 85% of his conversations--they even preside over comments about the weather or politics or the meaning of life. Sure, he may surf the internet or read a book (actually, that's rare, since most books or their information have gone electronic nowadays, and he's not interested in fiction), but his "most useful" source of information is what he hears from other people.

Sure, he sounds friendly, but didn't we mention that Shin spends most conversation time learning about the other person? He avoids talking about himself, and when asked about himself, he lies about it, the most common lies being that he hopes to be an actor someday (when asked about his occupation), and that his mother made his coat for him (when asked where he got it). The reason why he wants to know so much about the other person is that he hopes to find something that he can use against the other person, or to his advantage. For example, if he sees someone holding or wearing something he likes, he'll direct his conversation in order to learn how he can get the item for himself. But he'll never do it in a direct way, like "Where did you get those sunglasses?" He's just too subtle for that. And speaking of wanting, once he develops a desire for something, it never goes away--in fact, it keeps getting stronger and stronger over time. The only way he can stop himself from wanting something, early on, is by reasoning with himself, explaining to himself why he can't have it, why it's pointless. (He does this frequently with articles of clothing that don't look good on him, for example.) In the meantime, he becomes extremely jealous of anyone who has what's on his "desire list".

The above characteristics, coupled with a penchant for breaking the rules, makes for quite a dangerous individual, like a stealthy black cat with sharp claws. Shin will go to extremes to get anything on his desire list, hoewever evil they may be. He'll shoplift a small item from a store. He'll steal someone's wallet while distracting them with a conversation. He'll even murder the boyfriend of a girl he admires or the residents of a nice house--though he hasn't found the right opportunity to do that yet. Although he really enjoys these criminal activities, he does keep them in moderation, so as to avoid getting caught. (Good thing his sin isn't greed!)

And now for... *drum roll* the miscellaneous section! Shin likes to be out in the nighttime and late afternoon, preferring to avoid the unfortunately frequent sunny days of the area he lives in. He also hates hot weather, getting wet while he still has clothes on, the colour pink, the police, Satanists (he thinks they mock his religion), sports, rain, gambling, and greasy foods. But don't pass him off as a miser just yet... he loves music, the colour red, roses, chocolate, revenge, driving (even though he can't legally drive yet), the taste of blood, horror movies, and animals.

Favourite Song: A three way tie between:
"Beast of Blood" by Malice Mizer
"Naturaleza Muerta" by Sarah Brightman
"Black Cat" by Lupin (OOC: Actually, that's my favourite song too, but good luck finding it.) "Under A Violet Moon" by Blackmore's Night

RP Sample:

A low string tone hummed through the darkened room, soon to be followed by a short yet somber flute solo, followed by the equally somber yet beautiful singing voice of a woman. Recognising these sad lyrics, Shin rose from his bed, like a vampire from his coffin. (OOC: I know most vampires do not sleep, especially not in coffins--how uncomfortable--but I'm lacking a better comparison.) Shin had happened to set his alarm to play "Naturaleza Muerta", one of his favourite songs, when he woke up, at 5:30 PM sharp. He was sort of tired, as he had only slept for two hours, but he knew he'd get another six several hours later. Besides, he didn't want to miss the best part of the night. So Shin turned off the alarm CD player that acted as an "alarm", turned on the lamp with the pretty little red shade, prodded his history homework with the knife in his pocket, combed his hair, put on his coat and shoes, opened the Deathnote-poster-covered-door, and left his room, slipping the knife back into his pocket as he did so.

"Good afternoon, Shin," his mother greeted as he walked past the kitchen. "What's the news?"
When she spoke, she was clearly right in the middle of cooking something, judging by the sauce-covered spoon she was holding.

"Well, you know my new friend Johnny?" Shin replied. "Tomorrow's his birthday, and I have yet to give him his present. I'm about to go out and look for one."

"Oh, really? Why didn't you tell me earlier? Okay, how about we eat first, then maybe I'll come with you and help you pick it out--and even help pay for it if you be nice."

Shin frowned. "You don't even know Johnny, so how would you know what to get him?" His reply was rather curt. "Besides, I think better when I'm alone, and you'd think I'm old enough to take care of myself."
He spun on his hell and headed for the front door.

"You're leaving already?" Mum inquired. "But I prepared your favourite dish and it will get cold if you d--"

"That's why there's such a thing as a microwave," Shin sassed, trying to sound like a pedantic college professor as he said it. "And I'm in a rush because I have a history paper due tomorrow, and you wouldn't want me to stay up all night working on it, right?"

Mum decided to say nothing as Shin left the little pistachio-green duplex he called home, and walked up the steep slope he called his street. He walked a little more briskly than usual, because he needed to be someplace soon. No, it was not the store--Japantown was behind him, Chinatown was a place Shin didn't like, and every good shopping place was too far away (and he passed right by the bus stop). Instead, he was heading to a friend's house. Not Johnny's--Johnny didn't even exist, and was actually an imaginary friend created as an excuse to leave the house. Instead he headed to the house of Kenji, someone he knew from school. As Shin saw it, Kenji was a typical smarty pants born to fairly wealthy parents. But, as Shin just heard from him that day, he was going out to dinner--to celebrate his birthday, nonetheless--with his parents at this time. But Shin didn't know when he might be back, meaning he had to hurry while the house was still empty.

Shin arrived at the front door of Kenji's house with a gift card in hand. No, this wan't a present for Kenji--it was empty anyway. Instead, Shin wiggled it right past the lock on the screen door.
"One down..." he muttered as he took something else out of his pocket, "...one to go."
He took out an object and unfolded it... the same knife from before.
Wrong object, Shin thought. I always confuse the two, don't I?

"Hmm, at it again, aren't we, angel?" The whisper came from the knife itself. "History homework, I suppose?"

"More than that, Envy," Shin replied, in a quiet tone of voice, as he proceeded to put the knife back into his pocket. "No offense, but you're too fat to fit in that tiny little lock."

After Shin picked the lock, he opened the door just a crack. He paused for a moment with his palm facing upward, a bit of a breeze blowing above it, sparks starting to form amidst it. Shin then took a peek inside the house, relieved to have not heard any sign of dogs inside. He soon spotted the security alarm on the wall, just inside the door. After a moment, Shin took a deep breath and opened the door a tad bit more, squeezing through the space and closing the door behind him. He took a step forward and--

BEEEEE-- fizzle...

As soon as the alarm sounded, Shin struck it with his hand, killing it with the electric current he just produced. Then he looked around--and immediately headed to Kenji's room. He didn't even bother turning on the light in the average-sized room with a view of an alley, preferring a nice dark ambience for this little antic. There on the bed was Kenji's laptop. It sat open, and... a cute pink blob ran across the starry background on the screen.

Darned Kirby, Shin thought as he moved the cursor around, eliminating the screensaver. As much as I like his games, he's still annoyingly pink.
Shin scowled at the desktop background--Kirby sitting among some flowers and butterflies, and brought up a search engine for the contents of the computer. He typed in "World War I" and hit Search... and within seconds he found a document file.
With that, Shin took something else out of his pocket: a USB flash drive. This he plugged into the laptop, and soon after he proceeded to copy the document over to the drive.
Good, now all I have to do is change the wording a bit and I'll be just fine.

Shin left the laptop exacty where it was when he entered (removing the drive, of course). He would have stolen the laptop had it not been for the annoying anti-theft device Kenji plugged into it--one that allows a company to trace its location in case of theft. He had wanted a laptop ever since he first saw Kenji's--but this was too great a risk. So with disgust he forced his eyes off the laptop. In fact, he shut his eyes tight for a moment. Pretty much everything about Kenji made Shin jealous--there was so much stuff he had that Shin, the son of a less wealthy mother, didn't have. He requested both a laptop and a digital camera--like the one Kenji always carried with him--for his birthday and Christmas two years in a row, but didn't get either. Not to mention he so wished the little plasma television in Kenji's room was in his room. In fact, most of the things in this house made Shin's eyes glimmer with envy. Why'd this snobby Kenji kid have to hog all this stuff without having to even work for it?

Shin almost wanted to rob this whole house--ah, but his sin is envy, not greed. And carrying too many things out of the house would look suspicious once he got out on the street. But as an afterthought, Shin opened Kenji's Game Cube and pocketed the little disc inside of it. Kenji always had all the video games Shin couldn't afford. To make things seem less suspicious, he replaced the game inside with a random game out of a random box, and exited the room--and the house--thereafter. As he exited, he tried his best not to look at anything else in the house, in case he spotted something he liked. For he knew that once he spotted something he liked but didn't have, he would develop a desire for it...

But he was out quickly and it was all for the best, and there was no sign of Kenji or his parents anywhere during the walk back to Shin's house. Shin looked forward to a nice dinner and a night of altering a copied history report. Perhaps life really did have its good moments.

December 29th, 2008, 10:23 AM
“And how do you feel about that” The doctor asked, trying to show interest he just didn’t have. He sat in his plush chair, legs crossed and note book opened wide in his lap for him to take notes. His elegant silver pen was held lightly in his soft, nimble hands and his left hand shifted momentarily to push his silver framed glasses back up his perfectly structured nose.
“It-It makes me feel mad y’know. Like I wanna rip his throat out and feed it to the rest of the maniacs for Sunday lunch!” The patient made a tearing motion with his hand and shoved it forward to mimic the sentence. “It’s just so f***ing annoying, Doc!”
Kai cleared his throat and after taking one last note he set his pen and note pad down on the side table and looked at his patient with bored eyes. “Perhaps we should call it a day.” He suggested, crystal eyes boring into his patients very soul. “We’ll pick up again on Monday.” He raised from his seat and waked to the door, opening it and motioning for the guards to take the maniac back to his cell. However the man did not budge when the guards were called and he growled, grabbing the silver pen from the side desk and leaping forwards towards the ’good’ doctor, yelling. “You said you would f***ing see me until five you lying piece of s**t!”
Kai was too busy motioning the guards into the room to notice the sudden movement and by the time the angry yells were hurled at him, Kai did not have time to block the sharp pen and simply side stepped. He watched as it was driven forward and lodged into his upper arm, a loud yelp escaped the doctors mouth and he was completely unaware of the maniac being thrown to the ground and restrained, all he could see was the blood seeping from the wound the pen had made.

“Doctor!?” He heard one of the guards yell, reaching up to shake him into awareness, however Kai simply knocked the offered hand away and snarled at the restrained in mate. “Get him out of here!” He yelled, grabbing the pen and yanking it from the folds of flesh before pointing the bloodied object at his attacker. “I’ll be down to teach you a lesson in manors later, but for now put him on these.” He rummaged into his pocket and extracted a tub of medication and threw them at one of the guards. “That should render him week for the next few hours.” He adjusted his glasses which had fallen partially off of his face and ran the hand that did not bare the abused arm through his hair to straighten it.
He watched as the in mate was roughly escorted out of the room and immediately closed the door after the group had left. He slithered over to his desk and opened the bottom drawer to extract a bandage and a tube of liquid. He removed his jacket and rolled up the sleeve of his shirt before hastily throwing a good amount of the liquid over the wound and immediately tied the bandage around the inflamed wound. He slumped into his seat and growled. “Ba**ard…”

‘Seems a lot of people are out to get you, Doctor.’ A voice chuckled and Kai lifted his watch.
“A lot of people do not want help it seems.” He grumbled, running a thumb over the watches face and admiring it.
‘That’s not what he thought. He was hoping for another two hours with you, Doctor.’ The voice again, only this time it seemed more amused. ‘Face it Doc, your not very well loved are you. No friends and every girlfriend you’ve had has always thought you an obnoxious bas**rd.’
Kai huffed and lowered his watch again. “My work is my life, I have no need for friends or anything of the like. All I want is to be looked upon and feared.”
‘But no one fears you’ The voice said smugly.
“I thought that where you came in. Your wrath, right? You’re the one that powers me and makes me want to go down to that cell tonight and beat the living day lights into that maniac without feeling any sort of remorse.”
‘Perhaps, or maybe you’ve always wanted this secretly and you just THINK that I’m the one that drives you…Either way, there will be no beating tonight we need to leave as soon as possible.’
“Leave?” Kai’s eyes glanced towards the watch.
'Yes, we have to find the others.’
‘You know, for a doctor, your not the brightest book on the shelf are you? Yes others, the other angels. What you thought you were the only one? Hah hah, spare me doc, your not that high and mighty.’
Kai rose from his seat and packed his belongings into his briefcase, taking a small trip over to the side table to retrieve his notebook. “You are aware that I have patients to see, yes? I can’t possibly leave.”
‘You don’t have a choice. Your gonna have to reschedule or something.’
“I can’t. You don’t understand, these patients will go mad without me. Why the last patient I left waiting hung himself the very same nights with his own clothes and got his cell mate to hold him up off the ground. Why he didn’t just get the cellmate to strangle him, I will never know. But either way, it simply cannot be done.”
‘Whatever you say doc, but now that you know there are others you wont be able to pass it up. I know, I’m apart of you.’
“Yes well, we’ll see.” Kai stated before shuffling into his jacket and picking up his briefcase. He switched the light off and locked the door on his way out. He passed his secretary on the way out, a petite girl with red hair and a fairly nice face and emerald eyes. He had been aware of her crush on him for a few months now, but the girl refused the accept this and still tried her very best to act professional around him. She stopped him on his way out by holding up a plate. “Um, D-doctor Crane.” She stuttered.
Kai rolled his eyes and turned to face her. “Yes Miss Jones?”
“I um…I made this for you - I - I mean I made this for the staff and there was a piece left over and I th-thought you would like it. I heard about what happened and I just thought this would make it a little better.”
Kai leant forward, closer to the woman and relished In the fact that she recoiled a little due to the proximity. He studied the offered cake and straightened. “I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate, Miss Jones. Perhaps Mr Stevens would appreciate it more. Oh and before I forget, I will be absent for the next week or so, could you please refer my patients to other doctors in my absence.” He bowed his head and left without another word. Leaving a red headed woman on the verge of tears behind her desk.

‘That was harsh, even for your standards.’ Wrath stated, on the verge of laughter.
“It’s a school girl crush. She needs to get over it.” Kai stated, looking about himself in order to call a cab.
‘Eheheheh, I see you re-scheduled your appointments. Does that mean-’
“Yes. I just need to pick up some stuff and then we’ll be on our way.” He stated, successfully hailing a cab and hoping in.
“Usual Doc?” The driver asked, turning to address Kai.
“Please.” Kai stated, closing the door after himself.
‘Does everyone in this run down City know you Crane?’
Kai did not reply lest you look as mad as his patients.

December 30th, 2008, 9:18 PM
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