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Wings Don't Cry
December 3rd, 2008, 12:56 AM
This was rather hard to decide

V.Pokemon Red(gb)
I know it's old and they remade it with g3 graphics, but i can't honestly say the remake was as good as the original.I know others would beg to differ since fire red has a lot more to offer, but red was just better and it gave you that feeling to play it again, while fire red made me stop the 1st time through and in red you can actually catch mew without gameshark or an event.

IV.Golden Sun 1/2 (GBA)
They are possibly the gba games i've played through the most. They were just cool, i just absolutely loved them, if u haven't played them before go now and your top 5 list will change.

III.Rachet and Clank(PS2)
Just the 1st one not the others, the others did have a lot more to do but the levels and monsters just weren't as creative. On the first one each world had something unique to it, while on the others they were all kinda the same. They just changed the color and everything else was the same literally.The weapons in the first one were actually really fun is well they weren't just weapons of destruction they were toys that every kid would want.

II.Kingdom Hearts(PS2)/Pokemon Crystal(GBA)
I think people have enough information about Kingdom Hearts to know it's one of the best games of all time. Pokemon Crystal on the other hand was just my favourite pokemon game ever.Yes i have played d/p and r/s/e but honestly d/p was really bad even though they ahd a good plot, the pokemon games i think they were better than was fr/lg. I don't know why i like pokemon crystal the most maybe because i took a long time to save up for it or it had two reigons or maybe it was just the true meaning of pokemon.

I.Final Fantasy VII(PS1)/Final Fantasy X(PS2)
I know deep down all of you were expecting this, ffx was just great evn though it might not be the most exciting but it does suck you in to keep playing for a long time until you lose to Seymour Flux.
I personaly thought the plot and characters were better in ff7 though and they made a movie on it,but i never got around to finishing it since my disc 1 was scratched so im still on disc 1 until i can find a new 1, but if i actually finished it i think this game would just have become my top five on it's own.

December 3rd, 2008, 7:48 AM
My top 5 has to be:

5- Counter Strike Source

The game is amazing to play. My favourite FPS on the computer.

4-Kingdom Hearts Franchise

I have played these game for so many hours. The story is amazing and the way the worlds and characters are linked is ingenious. I can't wait for the new ones.

3- Chrono Trigger (DS)

Just got this and have been addicted to it. Has a good story, Good characters and a nice battle system.

2-Pokemon Ruby

By far my favourite Pokemon game. I loved the pokemon, the story and having maxed the hours I still play it to this day. Best Pokemon game in my opinion.

1- Final Fantasy X

This is by far my favourite game ever. I love everything about it. Great story, interesting characters, a few twists. Good battle system although not the best. Just an all round great game and I can't see anything ever beating it for pure enjoyment.

December 3rd, 2008, 10:23 AM
*sighs* Okay, here's my Top Five (in no particular order):

#1: - Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) - This was the first Zelda game that I played and my favourite one to date. I especially enjoyed the fishing game in it.

#2: - Super Mario World (SNES) - This is one of the few Mario games that I've ever been able to actually complete. It was also a fun game to play with my sister.

#3: - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis) - Again, a game I loved to play with my sis and still do to this day.

#4: - Pokemon Gold/Silver (Game Boy) - Need I say more. It's the best game out of the series, not to mention the longest.

#5: - Super Smash Bros (No particular system, as I like them all) - I think that this is one of the best fighters I've played (except for Soul Calibur 2), not to mention I can re-enact the epic battle between Link and Mario to see who's the best hero.

Harry Blue5
December 3rd, 2008, 11:46 AM
@Kracka-chan: One problem with re-enacting the battle would be that luck comes into the game, even if you disable items and all that and use same level CPUs for the battle. I've done fights like Link vs Mario and get different results every time.

December 4th, 2008, 4:43 AM
@Kracka-chan: One problem with re-enacting the battle would be that luck comes into the game, even if you disable items and all that and use same level CPUs for the battle. I've done fights like Link vs Mario and get different results every time.

I wasn't serious, I was only being epic. After all ,they are both best in their own right.

December 4th, 2008, 8:10 AM
I guess It's kinda hard to pick out 5 of my all time favourite games..
But here I go.

1 - Pokémon Blue - My first ever Pokémon game, and my all time favourite. I remember running downstairs and opening my christmas presents on the christmas of 1998.. And opening my Presents to find out my Mum Had brought me what I had been nagging for.. A GBC and Pokémon Blue [They'd only Just come out that year over here in England]. This game is still fun to play, and throughly enjoyable.

2 - Final Fantasy VII - A game of Legendary Status... An Enthralling Story. The graphics were quite amazing for the time - and if you think about it, the graphics still have a certain charm about them even today. A thoroughly enjoyable game.

3 - Pokémon Crystal - One of my Favourite GBC games. The revamped version of Gold and Silver. A fun, much welcomed edition to the Second Gen of Pokémon, and my favourite out of the three.

4 - Kingdom Hearts - When I saw disney when this game was first released, I was slightly put off. But after reading several reviews, and after having several freinds tell me how great this game was, I went out and brought it. And I was Pleasantly Suprized.

5 - Star Ocean 3: Till The End of Time - A great game, and here in england, Not many people have heard of it. However, it's a great game and I sometimes wish the series was more recognized. The battle system was fluid, and there was always something to do, wether it be inventing items, or sidequests, or getting on with the main story.

December 4th, 2008, 8:40 AM
I'll put up my top 10

10. Age of Empires: I love this game when it comes to killing civilizations with mass armies of Samurai! I own everyone!
9. XIII: This game is one of a kind. Multiplayer on this game is awesome. It's like a cartoon shooting game...but it's not at the same time. It's awesome in multiplayer!
8. WarCraft III: The only disappointment I got out of this game was that the storyline of this game was too similiar to that of Starcraft. I mean VERY similiar.
7. Halo: I don't own this game, or like the storyline of this game. But playing multiplayer on Halo 3 actually sorta kicks butt. Even though I can't even get 5 kills yet
6. Soul Calibur: The games of this series are legendary. I still need to play IV, but after playing II and III the series is a gold legend in fighting games.
5. Super Smash Bros.: No matter what version I play, I get the satisfaction of killing someone anytime I play it. I suck at brawl, but don't care. I don't get the Wii-Remote. Squirtle Rulz!
4. Guitar Hero: No matter what version you play (Except maybe World Tour and Aerosmith) I always get teh same thrill out of rocking out. I love playing Bass Guitar on Co-op Mode, and love playing Metallica's One on GH III. ALso enjoy headbanging to THunderhorse, Raining Blood, Hangar 18, and Welcome to the Jungle. Guitar Hero is an awesome Game. Can't wait for Guitar Hero: Metallica!
3. Pokemon: FireRed: The Pokemon games will never die. I love the originals better, but the GBA FireRed is basically the original with better graphics. It's a time killer, and a seriously good game when it comes to multiplayer. Squirtle Rulz!
2. Star Wars Battlefront II: NO question about this game, it's the best Star Wars game out there. Better than FOrce Unleashed. Why? Because it's a game where anything has a good chance of killing you! You don't have more life than any computer, you are just a soldier, equal to anything else. The Jedi Super Pwer games of Star Wars get a little boring after a while.
1. StarCraft: This is the best RTS game of all time, period. It revolutionised the way RTS games were made! It's storyline is amazing, and multiplayer games are fun! I love playing this game on battle.net or just by myself. It never gets old!

Anticipated Games:
2. Guitar Hero: Metallica: Yes! I can't believe they started out with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith! Come on! Metallica is the one of the few true band that deserves an entire Guitar Hero Game named for them. I can't wait until it comes out!
1. StarCraft II: Of all the game footage I've seen of this game, it looks soooo bad-***! I really want this game sooo bad, It's been forever since they came out with anything for Starcraft.

shadow charizard
December 4th, 2008, 11:17 AM
Lets see my top 5 would be

1-The legend of zelda ocarina of time- I'v played that game so many times. I just love doing the temples.

2- The legend of zelda twilight princess- I enjoy the detail in this game. And its awesome playing the wolf.

3-Super mario 64-This game was soooooooooooo fun.

4- Luigis mansion-I love this game cause it was the first mario game staring luigi, who was my fav charater

5- Super mario sunshine- My fav part in this game was being able to ride yoshi. It also was very fun and enjoyable for me.

And those are my top 5.I'v played each one at lest 3-4 times. Because there just that good :D

Harry Blue5
December 4th, 2008, 11:44 AM
Perhaps I should put my top five, but keep in mind%2

December 4th, 2008, 7:01 PM
5. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2)
This is more of a recent game than my other favourites. When I got this game, I played it for hours a day. The gameplay itself was incredibly fun and addicting, and I still like to play it time to time.
4. Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
I think this was the first RPG I ever played, and also my first legitimate completion, where I did absolutely everything and got the secret KH 2 video.
3. Super Smash Brothers Melee
I always loved this game. Most people I know who have Brawl and Melee say Brawl is better, and I concede that it is a very good game, but I still prefer Melee. More than anything, I like the battle system in Melee more than the system in Brawl. It's more fast-paced or something.
2. Final Fantasy X (PS2)
This was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played, as well as one of my first RPGs. I played through this game 4 different times, and came really close to getting a completion, but the memory card screwed up and I lost my file. Which sucked because I even had Tidus's fully upgraded celestial weapon (which took forever to get because of the chocobo sidequest), as well as most of the others.
1. Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
Yeah, not a very original favourite, but it really has always been my favourite game ever since I played it. The soundtrack (I love Nobuo Uematsu), the gameplay itself. and the hundreds of hours you can spend on this game were all amazing.

December 5th, 2008, 8:32 AM
In no order these are the games I think should be listed among the greats and most influential:

Super Mario (the series)
Pokemon (the handheld series)
Halo (the series)
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Madden (the series)

Honorable mentions to Oblivion and Rock Band.

December 6th, 2008, 1:59 AM
Here's my top 5 favorite games of all time:

5. Super Mario Brothers 3: Best level design of the three, and the best music.

4. Ocarina (sp?) Of Time: Good plot that wasn't degrading in any way, good music, good dungeon and overworld design, impressive boss battles, ingenious traps, and an epic final showdown between your enemy. Truly an impressive game.

3. Paper Mario: Good graphics, good music, good bosses, simple plot, and really good level design. All in all an excellent game.

2. Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Great story complete with a satisfying adventure, good bosses, a variaty of characters to choose from, high replayability, ect.

1. Super Mario Galaxy: Can't really explain why it's my favorite game, but it's reasons are similar to all the above games.

December 6th, 2008, 2:08 AM
Alright, my top five. It's so hard to choose!

1. Pokemon Red
Yes, the original. It was my first real video game, aside from the orginal Super Mario Bro. game on old school nintendo. I loved this game the first moment I got it, and what a challenge it was! I still remember getting stuck in Viridian Forest because I thought the exit was a wall. ^_^

2. Spyro the Dragon
He's a bloody dragon, what more do you need?

3. Zelda Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask
Impossible for me to choose. Just too amazing. The story lines were amazingly well thought out, and I love the ending scenes of each one, though I did like Ocarina time a bit more length wise, however, Majora's Mask was always very spiritual for me.

4. Jak and Daxter
I liked the second one more than the first. Nevre finished the first, and I love his evilness in the second. Not to mention I love it when the main charcter acts like a rebellious teenager. Evil form and rebellious bahavior? Definently sounds like a plan.

5. Super Smash Brother's. (Nintendo 64)
Who doesn't like bashing the superhero's into the ground with another superhero? Irony! Not to mention I love nintendo controllers WAY better than anything else.

December 6th, 2008, 4:06 AM
1. Pokemon Platinum
Even though I still dont have it, Watching People play it on Youtube makes me drool and want the Game even more!

2. O2jam
Guess. I've playing this game since I entered high school and since my Classmates told me about it!! ^^

3. Guitar Hero(3, 4, on Tour)
cool songs. Great Characters and a Good game. Insane Notes that is.. Dragonforce are addicts.

4. Pokemon Crystal, Gold, SIlver
aww..I really wanted these games to be legally remade, Like FIrered and Leaf green...But like Zel's Though.. BEST GAME FOR ME! a lot to say... 16 Badges? kanto? Cool Legendary dog music? Day /Night? It rocks.

5. Advance Wars..
this game really is COOL. go play it! Its About Strategy dudes and dudettes!!
Beat your foes and Save the World!!! ^^

True Reign
December 6th, 2008, 9:44 AM
V. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) = I only play this at my friend's houes and let me tell you. Marth > all. :]

IV. Fallout 3 (PC)= I'm going to include this in my top 5 because from what I've seen from YouTube it's going to be an awesome game. Getting it for Christmas this year.

III. Pokemon Emerald (GBA/DS) = Come on. Everyone has played Pokemon when they were seven or eight and you've got to include in your top 5 favorite games.

II. Counter Strike Source (PC) = The most versatile, FPS game I have ever played before. Surf, zombiemod, deathrun, hosties, gungame, and just regular matches make this game extremely worth wild.

I. Guild Wars (PC) = I've played this game for three years, then someone hacked my account. There were some bad moments and their was some good moments. I made alot of friends through that game, but sadly I won't talk to them every again. I will get GW2 in 2009/2010.

December 6th, 2008, 10:20 AM
1. Pokemon Platinum
2. Pokemon D/P
3. Call of Duty: [email protected]
4. Super Smash Bros Brawl
5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

if I had other faves it would be R6V2 and Pokemon RSE and FR/LG

December 6th, 2008, 10:26 AM

`1. Final Fantasy Tactics PS1
I don't care what you say, the PS1 version was way better, even though the PSP re-make had Luso and Balthier. I love FFT, it's something I can sit down and play for hours, not to mention the plot is amazing, I've beaten it maybe... 10 times give or take, and every time made me cry.

`2. Kingdom Hearts I, II PS2
Who doesn't like button mashers with a cheesy yet amazing plot?

`3. Persona 3 PS2
Best RPG of it's kind in my opinion. Normal Final Fantasy games have nothing on the Shin Megami Tensei series. I've beaten it maybe 3 times now, going for a different personality each time and it rocks, it's never boring, AND YOU CAN CHOOSE THE BGM HOLY WTF YES.

`4. Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA, SuperNOVA 2, Extreme, Extreme 2 PS2
Those four are my favorite in the series. Maybe it's the amount of Japanese songs they carry, or the fact that they're just all around better in my opinion. Either way, it's the only way I keep fit, exercising is not my thing, and I love music on DDR, so yeeah.

`5. Stepmania PC
Yes. Just. Yes. It's a DDR game for the computer, which is completely free, and you can have whatever song you want on it. I only have songs from animes, because the only good SIMfile community I know is Otaku's Dream and they make Stepmania files for openings and endings of good, well known animes. I love it :D

December 6th, 2008, 4:49 PM
1)pokemon battle revolution

2)super paper mario

3)paper mario


5)super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 2.

i would put other pokemon games on there but after you beat them theres not much to do.
at least fire reds elite four raise levels when you fight them again.

December 6th, 2008, 5:47 PM
#5 - Pokemon Blue Version (Game Boy) - The first and best Pokemon game I've ever played. The nostalgia in that game abounds...I can remember picking Bulbasaur as my first starter...It's definitely the reason I'm here :D

#4 - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64) - My favorite game in the Zelda franchise, it had everything I look for in its type of adventure style: Lots of things to collect, unique ways to collect them, and a badass reward for collecting all of them. Personally, I've never beaten the game without collecting the Fierce Diety's Mask (except, of course, by hacking to get infinite arrows), but I'm probably going to try this time around. Sure, it's shorter and less epic than OoT, but Majora's Mask ultimately had more to do in it and had more depth. (Though it can be argued that the point of the game is quite shallow; I am referencing certain aspects of the game like the Anju/Kafei quest. THAT had a lot of depth :])

#3 - Super Mario World (SNES) - The first video game I ever played, SMW gets its place not only for the purpose of dragging me into video games in the first place, but for the fact that it was indeed an awesome game to play. The environments were unique and all around, it was a fun game. (The Special World was fun as well :D)

#2 - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES) - What can be better than SMW but its sequel? Yoshi's Island was basically SMW but everything was better. Sure, it was a bit more childish, but honestly, I found YI to be an immensely fun game to play. It was extremely innovative, and any game where you collect things is a game I will willingly play. :D

#1 - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest - My style of games I like, as seen earlier, are games where you either have to collect or hoard things. This game had my all-time favorite collection arsenal (DK Coins and the minigame coins for the Lost World), had an amazing soundtrack, rich environments, and the ability to float with Dixie's hair. There isn't a thing about this game that I didn't thoroughly enjoy, with the exception of the level Rambi Rumble, which, when I first played it through at the age of 7, seriously frightened me (you're chased by a gigantic wasp in it, and when I went through it, I had recently been badly stung by a hive of bees. ._.)

December 6th, 2008, 5:56 PM
#5: Pokemon Crystal (GBA)- My first pokemon game ever
#4: All final fantasy's (GBA, NDS, PS2) For me they all rank the same and are unique in their own way
#3:Pokemon LeafGrean (GBA) i much prefer the graphics, maps, gameplay, and pokemon as to diamond and pearl.(NDS) (d/p seems so somber, dark, and cyber while lg brings back memories and theres mostly sunshine, and brighter which makes me enjoy the game more.)
#2-1: Shared, Call of duty 2 and Warcraft III (PC)

December 7th, 2008, 5:29 PM
There are two ways I could do this...by how much I enjoyed the game when I first had it or by if I'd like to replay it now and get the same utility outta it...problem with the first is that (because a good game CAN lack replayability value) all of my first video games would be up there :S...so I'll do this by the ones I'd like to still replay.

Honourable Mention~Myst (PC) and Super Mario Sunshine (GC)

5~Ratchet: Deadlocked (PS2)
...Agent Zero is from that game and originally from the Insomniac Community.[/claimtofame]
The story was a little more epic than previous installations; they did a good job building it up, and the episodic, mission-style gameplay did not bug me at all...

4~Megaman Battle Network 2 (GBA)
The battle themes were my absolute favourites (since the final boss one is an arrangement of the normal navi one) of all time. The story was far from flawless, but it was a great link between 1 and 3 (which to me is important)...plus, it was just plain fun.

3~Jeanne d'Arc (PSP)
Wow...for a blah-ish SRPG at face value, this turned into quite a game. After playing, I looked up the details of the story of Joan of Arc (had to go beyond my European History textbook), and, surprisingly, the game had several historical truths. What really immortalised this game for me was the big plot twist over halfway through...since I doubt anybody plans on playing it, I'll say it: you know how Joan of Arc is burnt at the stake by the English? Wel, in the game, she disappears and her best friend poses as her. Yep, her best friend is captured and executed. Saddest VG moment ever...

2~Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (PC)
This is one of the greatest PC games ever; ask any expert. It's a strategy game, but it works for really any age group from second grade to senior citizens. You get 'technologies' which all have well thought-out quotes from famous historical sources (which I later read as documents in history class) and the game writers who were very interested in the universe theie game sat in and the philosophical and scientific pieces to it.

1~The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (GBC)
You won't get a seamles story on the Gameboy Color system; you just won't. But this game, for the time it was released (was the original a '93?), was something else. The puzzles are too easy if you've played OoA/S, but that's because LA was a stepping stone to the Oracle games. And Koholint Island was a VERY likeable place...real though it was not.

...I probably forgot one.

December 7th, 2008, 5:50 PM
Oh And Jet Set Radio Future is somewhere on my list too. How could I forget.

December 7th, 2008, 6:40 PM
I] Kingdom Hearts/KHFM/KHCoM/KHReCoM(Eng/Jap)/KHII/KHIIFM- Well Lets see, the whole series of Kingdom Hearts, I own them all! so far. even the new release Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, I love the Voices, Graphics, Gameplay, and KH been around for me since I was 12.

II] Final Fantasy VII- My first RPG.

III] Pokemon- Good Series

IV]DBZ Legends- My First Dragon Ball Z Game(JPN)

V]Mario- Been around since I can remember.

December 7th, 2008, 7:11 PM
[css-div="width:500px;"]Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
I flippin' love this game. It's customisable to the nth degree and offers an infinite amount of replayability. I love the concepts and the deep "Final Fantasy" blood infused within it. It's much better than its prequel.

World of Warcraft
This game, although seemingly simple, epitomizes the lore and tradition of Blizzard's "Warcraft" series. It offers relief for a variety of interests. Blizzard's quirkiness and innovation keeps the player coming for more.

Trauma Center
This game is a beast -- intense, never letting you rest for a bit after the first few missions. Although a bit surreal, the storyline keeps the player engaged throughout.

Dragon Quest IV
One of the veterans of the RPG genre. It's more fun if you've played Dragon Warrior Monsters before.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
I fell in love with this game back in the day. Oy, that Link![/css-div]

December 7th, 2008, 7:30 PM
#1 Mother 3- Great story, gameplay, and music. Only game to make me cry.
#2 Golden Eye- One of the best console FPS ever
#3 World of Warcraft- One of the greatest MMOs ever, nothing has really seemed to kill it yet...
#4 Pokemon Blue- Mostly nostalgia
#5 Morrowind

December 8th, 2008, 7:49 AM
5. Legend of Zela - Ocarina of Time: An amazing game, full of plot, mystery, intrigue and epic gameplay. I'm not really a fan of RPGs but this is one that truly deserves a spot in my hall of fame.

4. PacMan: Classic. I still play it in my computer from time to time and I hardly ever get bored of it.

3. Pokemon Emerald: It was the first Pokemon game that I had ever played and if it wasn't for it, I'd not even be here right now. I've finished it around ten times and I'm still playing it for the eleventh.

2. Counterstrike: I need not say more.

1. The GTA series: I cannot pick one. Each game is original, fun, awesome in it's own way. People keep telling me that it's overhyped but I can't get enough of it. Spectacular games.

*~Frost Umbreon~*
December 11th, 2008, 1:12 PM
5. Super Mario Bros. - Epic game. 'Nuff said.

4. Pokemon Yellow - One of the original four. I just like it because I'm playing it now. XP

3. Kirby Superstar - I just love it, you're a pink puffball that can eat anything you can. Plus, the games are fun, even though i didn't beat GCO...

2. Super Mario World - One of the best Mario games ever made, even though I prefer the All-Stars version for the Luigi sprites.

1. Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal - All 3 are in first. IMO The best in the series. GSC has most of my favorite Pokemon in it (look at my username :O) They're also better than R/B/Y/G (some of those sprites could be enough to give me nightmares).

December 12th, 2008, 9:10 AM
Halo: Combat Evolved

Gears Of War 2

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

God Of War

Pokemon Silver

December 12th, 2008, 11:17 AM
#1. Psychonauts
I'm a huge Tim Schafer fangirl. But despite that, Psychonauts managed to pass me by for a year or two. Yet, when I finally got my hands on it I was in AWE of the wonder voice work, humor, visual pleasues, story and over all gameplay. Psychonauts is just as psychotic as its name indicates. If only, if ONLY there was a sequel!

#2. Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney/Justice for All/Trials & Tribulations
My favorite part of these games are not the brain teasers, but how it manages to make you go from rolling across the floor in laughter - to weeping loudly in sheer suspense. It's insane. So many great characters, so many ingenius cases... and to think that they all tie together in the end is just, out of this world

#3. Grim Fandango
Another Tim Schafer game, and an excellent one at that. A bit outdated today, like Sam & Max, but remains one of the greatest games in the world. The dialogue is just SO perfect and funny. And how can you go wrong with point-and-click games?

#4. Pop'n Music (ALL)
Not very popular over seas, but they're great cute Beatmania styled games with great fun and bubbly characters that makes you want to get up and dance. Arcade style is definitely best, but PS2 works just as well (even better if you have a lifesized controller)

#5. Metroid Fusion
Do I need to say anything? It was the best Metroid game in my opinion! SA-X scared the heck out of me. Everytime the music would go away, and you'd hear those ominous footsteps approach. THEN PANIC! JUST UTTER PANIC! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, SAMUS! It still makes me hyperventilate to this day

December 12th, 2008, 5:34 PM
Here we go.

V: SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain. (PS2)
> Greatest wrestling game period. Season mode is the most spectacular season mode any wrestling game has ever produced, the fact that forks in the road came so often made it that no story was repeated!!

IV: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. (N64)
> Honestly, I first heard of this game when my friend re-enacted it as a creative writing assignment, since that day, my days of gaming changed. Ocarina of Time is a game that will never leave my Top 10, ever. Link, being the silent hero he is, may be scarred for life after all those horrible sights he has seen, but that won't change the way he has cultivated the Sword Weilding hero people have come to adore.

III: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. (Wii)
> The 3rd game of the Smash franchise is definatley the greatest and most anticpated game I have ever waited for it's release. The gameplay has kept to it's roots since it's debut back on the 64, and thank goodness it swayed away from Melee's competitive play. Nonetheless, it takes the cake as the best Cross-Over fighting game ever made, that will ever be made, plus, it has Sonic, so whats not to hate?

II: Final Fantasy VII. (PSX)
> This game had stood at the top of the podium for a long time, and it seemed to me, that no game would ever come close to producing such a compelling storyline of epic proportions. Not only that, but Cloud Strife, the loveable Spiky-Haired, Gigantic Buster Sword Weildng SOB is just the perfect fit for what seemed to be the perfect game, however, not too long ago, Final Fantasy VII was stripped of it's gold medal, and was given the silver as the gold went to...

I: Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- (PSP)
> Simply put, most emotional game I have ever played in my life, the final moments of Zack Fair's life juts made me Bawl my eyes out, his personality makes an extreme change throughout Crisis Core's indepth story, and it sticks, oh boy does it stick. Not only that, but you learn so much about the orginal FFVII, what the almighty Sephiroth was like beforehand, the orgins of the Buster Blade, and who Cloud Strife truely is.
Crisis Core is the greatest game ever made in my books, and it is all you need for the PSP, for a long, long time.

Awesome. Uber. Amazing.

Arctus Tibal
December 12th, 2008, 5:43 PM
1. WoW
Although the graphics arnt great its addictive and keeps you entertained for ages like a owl staring at the moon
2. Final Fantasy 7
Because its AMAZING, duh?
3 Crisis core
because its got a great story and tells you whats went on before final fantasy 7 :D
LOL I bet you didnt expect that!!! if you dont know what im talking about head over to your local arcade and look at the people running around on the dancing pads, Keeps you fit and makes people stare at you, what else could you want?!
5 Pokemon diamond
Because its fun to own alex :P

Crimson Arcanine
December 12th, 2008, 7:18 PM
My personal top 5 favourite games of all time (and memorable)

5. Dragon Crystal (Sega Master System)
So what if it was first produced 25 years ago, was repetitive, had a lot of errors and overall sucked? It kept me well entertained for the better part of a decade and was the forerunner to my love of Fantasy based games(including Pokemon). No other random dungeon sort of game has ever kept me that interested. I only stopped playing the game 3 years ago when my all my Controllers for my Sega Mega Drive (I had a Master System converter as well) failed.

4. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Both the Mega Drive and the Sega Master System version)
My whole entire family used to sit around the television back in the days of when we had a Master System watching one of family play, that's was how hooked my family and I once were. It eventually changed when we got a Mega Drive later on and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was the game that I used to always come back to play with my friends. When get got bored of Streets Of Rage or Toejam & Earl we used to back and any one of the Sonic series we had for the Mega Drive and we would enjoy it. This very well could of been No. 1 on my list if it wasn't for three events which basically switched me off from post-Mega Drive Sonic games. First was the decline of Sega consoles (I disliked both the Saturn and the Dreamcast), Secondly was a horrid incident when I foolishly lent my Sonic & Knuckles cartridge to somebody I did not know enough about, and it was never returned and last killing blow was many of the character introduced in post-Dreamcast eras, my two true pet hates were the introduction of Shadow and the change of name of Dr. Robotnik to "Eggman". Since then I've watched from the sidelines the games that pop out becoming more and more alien to me and it saddens me. Will I attempt to rekindle of old days by finding it in the newer games....maybe. I'd need a very good reason however. Bur even today, I just wish I could whip out the ol' Mega Drive every now and then and just play those old games....just for the fond memories...

3. Neverwinter Nights
The only game I ever waited two years after buying to play, because of having a crap PC at the time. At first I was disappointed somewhat. It was only after I moved out of home and got my own internet connection could I begin to appreciate just how fun this game could be. Even today I still play it online, not as much as in the past but still it holds a special place in my heart.

2. Pokemon Blue (GB)
You know a game is good when you get grounded for a fortnight for playing it at the wrong time and have your gameboy confiscated only to be caught 2 hours later with same gameboy, playing said gameboy and get another fortnight grounding and having it re-confiscated for another 2 months. Yes this happened to me in the first day of getting Pokemon Blue.
Since then I've avidly followed each generation, getting at least 2 of the 3 games each time. At the height of my Pokemon gaming, I was also writing pokemon fiction, collecting and playing cards and collecting figurines. I might not be as insanely devoted as I was then I was in my late teens but my love of pokemon remains strong and may very well continue so for many years yet.

No. 1 - Civilization 2 (PC)
Its strange to see a game which has not had a massively noticeable life altering effect on me but yet be remembered so fondly and placed at No. 1 but the Civilization series and Alpha Centauri are probably in my opinion the greatest games EVER to be made. They have so much replay value its just not funny. Forget the real-time strategy games, Civilization will always the best, even if I rarely play them these days.

Honourable Mentions

EVE Online - A graphically beautiful game with decent gameplay. Was also my first real MMO.
Advance Wars - Send in more planes! Err...I mean tanks that's it...
Earth Earth series - Very nice set of games. Too bad the expansion for the original and Empire Earth III were rather shoddy work
Lufia - I never really played any of the old Final Fantasy games. This is possibly the closest game to the style I've played.
Total Annihilation - Only game I've ever had 47 nukes launched at me in quick succession (I managed to stop 41 of them). Seriously, its a fun game.
Morrowind - Immersive world and colourful characters, just two of the many things this game has. Also has in my opinion the best designed werewolves as well, graphically.
Diablo II - Repetitive but fun to play with a few friends, been a common LAN party choice for my friends for years
Columns - Fun game, its unusual to see me enjoying this sort of game.
Nethack: Falcons Eye - Roguelikes appeal to me when I'm not just looking at letters on a screen.
Unreal Tournament 2003 - Bloody good fun.
Super Smash Bros. Series - One of the three reasons why I bought a Wii.
Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - A very well made game in my opinion.

Biggest Disappointments

World Of Warcraft - I had so much hype for this...only for it to be dashed. Makes for good eye candy but unfortunately most of its other good points are mired by bad points
Red Alert 3 - Superweapons and very finite resources does NOT work for me.
Sid Meiers Colonization - Fun, but not fun when it bugs your computer and forces you to uninstall the game and a few others as well for no apparent reason.

December 13th, 2008, 8:32 AM
1. Mother 3- The first game to make me cry and feel all warm inside
2.Mother 2- Coolll!
3. Pokemon Pearl- Pretty Fun
4. Pokemon Gold- I still love the pokemon.
5. Kirby in Dreamland- Dont you just love Kirby? <3

December 13th, 2008, 2:30 PM
5. Super Mario Bros. 3 - A timeless classic. It does everything the previous Mario titles do, and builds on them even more. With excellent levels, music, environments, challanges, enemies, and everything else in between, it truely makes for an amazing video game.

4. Pokemon R/B/Y - The pioneers that brought me to this crazy world of Pokemon. The original adventures still hold their appeal even today. Even the numerous glitches the game has make the expierence all the more fun. I mean, how else could we have caught a Mew? =P

3. Pokemon G/S/C - The deepest Pokemon games to date, in my opinion. With the vast array of new Pokemon, the travel between both Johto and Kanto, the hours of sidequests, and everything else in between, these tree remain my absolute favorite Pokemon games.

2. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - My favorite Mario game ever created (or Mario-related game, but same thing). The levels provide a good balance of challange and fun, with excellent artwork thrown in. Add in the replay value with collecting all the Flowers/Stars/Red Coins for every level, and the amazing music and soundtrack that fit the levels so well, and you have yourself a very enjoyable game.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - My all time favorite video game ever created, and I really don't see being unseated anytime soon. There are just so many things it does right; the environments are well-balanced, the music is top-quality, with some really memorable soundtracks (I love listening to the Forest Temple music on rainy days), the storyline is well placed and features a lot of depth... and that's just part of it. With numerous places to explore, mini-games to play, puzzles to solve, dungeons to conquer, and many sidequests to keep the replay value going strong, this game has it all.

Post Office Buddy
December 13th, 2008, 11:31 PM
Well, mine are pretty easy.

1. Guitar Hero two through four (number one sucked with the exception of maybe four songs.) (360)
2. Golden Sun games. (GBA)
3. Pokemon Adv Gen. (GBA)
4. Gauntlett - Dark Legacy (PS2)
5. Ninja Gaiden I&II (Xbox, Xbox 360)

December 14th, 2008, 12:29 AM
#5: Bully: Scholarship Edition (360, Wii)

Penalty Shots. Boy-on-boy kisses, though nasty, as an unusual form of entertainment ("I'm hot. You're hot. Let's make out."). I admit that I have done this to poor Jimmy Hopkins. But at least he's an abusive brat with a fascination with stink bombs and swirlies.

Plus, how often is it a cop gets a wedgie? (Remember to run :P)

Halloween. It's a must do (or see) gaming experience.

Too bad for the "M" rating...

#4: Animal Crossing (Nintendo GameCube)

~NES Classics of Balloon Fight & ExciteBike.
~Mr. Resetti. Not that he's a good thing, but he says funny stuff.
~The Cucumber Song
~breaking your axe on Copper's head ("Aw... My axe broke...")
~cockroach ghosts
~having a pet mosquito that never dies

#3: LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

The utter joy of dead [strike]babies[/b] droids. Pushing Artoo off a cliff. Beating on Threepio just to get him to head-bonk a switch.

And would you Dark Side Ghost Yoda?

#2: Pokemon Crystal Version

Pay Day Jumpluff? Aah! The memories... Guarantee Suicune encounter. Kurt's Poke Balls. And the second Egg gift from the Daycare (Cleffa ftw!).

#1: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

'80's music & 'headlights' on a building. Too bad about the Fire Truck missions...

December 14th, 2008, 1:46 AM
1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
I love this game SO MUCH that I have 3 Copies of it O_o. 2 for PS2 and 1 for PC.
thats why it's number 1.

2. Pokémon Snap
I love this game too. I've finished it soo many times! It's just too fun and original.

3. Pokémon Diamond
My VERY first REAL Pokémon game. It's a part of history for me, and I love it!

4. Mirrors Edge
I was literally stunned when I played this game! It was just so amazing!

5. Super Mario 64
This is one of my favourite N64 games. I love this game so much! It's just amazing.

December 15th, 2008, 5:42 AM
I havent had much experience of good games in recent years, the wii only comes up with a few that last a long time.

Cinco, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time (Has a very deep story)
Quatro, Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (Much more interactive and it was the first one I played in the series)
Tres, Guitar Hero III (Still a brilliant game, outshadowed now though.)
Dos, Pokemon Diamond (The longest lasting game I've played.)
Uno, Guitar Hero World Tour (Pure Brilliance)

Thats my opinion.

Eternal Nightmare
December 15th, 2008, 6:55 AM
Well, here I go. Its in order too

5. Rayman 2: The Great Escape - Great story and a great cast of characters. I would have to say this way the glory days of Rayman untill those annoying rabbids were introduced.

4. Banjo Kazooie - Nothing is more exciting to see a bird and a bear on an adventure to stop a evil witch from becoming beautiful. I found this one better than Banjo Tooie and way better than Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. Great story, decent graphics for the N64 and I just love the way Grunty always speaked in rhymes.

3. Dr. Mario 64 - now this was the best Dr. Mario. the was a decent and fun story and a mulitude of characters to choose from.

2. Super Smash Bros series - Because of how awesome all three are I had to include them. Its a great game to play with friends and its great to see your favorite Nintedo (Konami and Sega for Brawl) beat the crap out of each other.

1. Sonic Adventure 2/Battle - This game was one of the best Sonic games ever made. Great story, great music, great new characters, great stages, what more could a Sonic fan want.

I forgot to mention Legend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time, oh well

December 15th, 2008, 10:30 PM
Here are my top five in order from #5 to #1:

5) Kingdom Hearts II

The storyline is nothing short of amazing, and the battle system is also awesome. I love the integration of some of the Final Fantasy characters. It's definitely a game I'll play through over and over again.

4) Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I've always loved the Smash series, and I've also been very competitive when it comes to this game. I love playing it and I'm not afraid to take on anyone with this game. It's just that good.

3) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

We all know how great this game is, and my view on it is no exception. This is by far my favorite Zelda game of the series, and I wouldn't trade its experience for any other Zelda game.

2) Final Fantasy IX

As much as people underrate this game, it is my favorite of the Final Fantasy series. The storyline is amazing, the love connection between Zidane and Garnet is nothing short of spectacular, and the battle system is one-of-a-kind. If you've never played this game before, I highly encourage you to buy it and try it at least once. You won't be disappointed.

...and finally, my favorite game in the world:

1) Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

This game blew me away from day one! Namco has done wonders with the Tales series, and this game may be their best product yet. Even though it is a sequel to the original Tales of Symphonia, the sequel lives up to its name. The storyline has got to be one of the best storylines that I have ever witnessed. The battle system has always been good with the Tales games, and this one is no different. The best thing about the game...VOICED SKITS! They finally included it in this game. If you haven't had the chance to play any of the Tales games yet, you are DEFINITELY missing out. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves RPGs. You will not be disappointed.

Rogue planet
December 16th, 2008, 8:39 AM
5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl
Wow, this game was great; it was so simple but let you do pretty much anything you wanted to, anyone could be killed and you could shift around with factions doing mercenary work for whoever you wanted. The amount of side quests was staggering and allowed for hours of gameplay. The only thing missing was vehicles but with a mod that's easily fixed. The story was well thought out and the different endings were great.

4. The Hitman series:
#1 was a slight dissapointment gameplay wise, the story intrigued me though so I bought #2 and this was a massive leap from the first one; not perfect but still a half decent game. #3 didn't progress from #2 very much (compared to the jump from 1-2) but included a few neat little things that made the game much more enjoyable. Blood Money was again a huge leap from the 3rd and was a very good game.

3. Command & Conquer (while under Westwood)
Red Alert = great, Tiberian Sun= great, Renegade = not so great but still fun, Red Alert 2 = amazing, Tiberium Wars = not bad, Red Alert 3 = Epic Fail.

Red Alert 2 was my favourite game for years and Tiberian Sun had such a wow factor and was one of the best games back in its day. EA raped Red Alert and have ruined my 3rd favourite game series.

2. Knights of the Old Republic
This just revolutionized the RPG with the new karma system and the Auroura engine was just great and at first I thought it would be boring just telling your character to attack then just watching them do all the action; how wrong I was; There wasn't a moment of dullness after I had left Dantooine, the story was great, the combat system was great, all the NPC dialogue had been voiced and nearly all the party members were great (Mission, Zalbaar, T3 = fail)

1.Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
I looovveeee(d) this game, it was free, there were many mods for variety, there were so many maps and always new ones coming out (as the majority were player made) playing with clan mates was fun and guaranteed it would always be fun; there would be plenty of laughs and there was never a dull moment. It will take a very amazing game to knock this off the top spot. 5 years of good games, so many funny moments and new friends I got out of this game, and all for free. Unfortunatly as its an internet multiplayer game it died as they all eventually do; the clan that used to have 100+ members is now down to about 10, it all went down hill after the clan leader decided he wanted to get a life xD

Honourable mentions:
Company of Heroes
Empire Earth (this very nearly replaced Stalker, I played this game for a few years before it finally became too old and EE 2 was pathetic)
CoD series (which they are now bashing too death, CoD 5 was poor...)
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (This was epic, don't deny it)

Biggest dissapointments:
Red Alert 3 of course, WTF were they thinking? Firing bears out of cannons is seen in a circus not in a war.

Soul Reaver 2, wow they screwed up Soul Reaver didn't they? They threw away the barren wasteland, the zombies, the vampires, the great story and the "OMFG let's kill Kain for attempting to kill me" and threw in some time travelling crap and Kain is suddenly a friend and some rubbish about Raziel killing himself to be absorbed into a sword to bring it into uber power mode to kill a giant squid that was originally your ally?

Sonic series, way to screw up sonic; he went to being the coolest video game character to being a joke when they introduced all these new sucky characters, Big the Cat who has a pet frog (called Froggy of course), some pink hedgehog that wants to rape Sonic and one for the emos, a black and red version of Sonic called Shadow. Now Robotnik is called 'Eggman' and Sonic lives on earth amongst humans and originally came from space or some rubbish like that.

Metal Gear Solid: *sobs* Metal Gear Solid on the PS was incredible, MGS 2 good but not as good; by MGS 3 I'm thinking their starting to ruin it a bit. Now I havn't played MGS4 and I'm scared too, it could kill my love for MGS entirely I would rather just remember it as the jewel that was MGS1 and never play #4.

And recent dissapointments: Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Spore and Stalker Clear Sky.

Most anticipated:
Final Fantasy XIII, thank god their going back to their roots; no crummy MMORPG or introducing Disney characters. This should be the best Final Fantasy since #7. I pray that they pull it off and I will be the happiest gamer ever.

Most overrated: Halo, Kindgom hearts, the Wii and any game on the Wii, Zelda, Mario, GTA, Gears of War and WoW. Dear god, how anybody can like some of those games in that list is beyond me, I won't say speifically which ones but I will say that I like Halo; I just don't love it and I do think it's overrated.

December 16th, 2008, 3:43 PM
(5) Final Fantasy X
Great story, beautiful graphics and animations - I really don't need to say anything else, do I? Aside from the fact that those were the only strong points the game had I still loved it akin to its previous installations. I loved the level up style (sphere grid) and wished the later adaptations would use a similiar feature. Nonetheless I'm waiting for the newest from Square Enix. I'm speaking of Final Fantasy Versus and XIII. I truly recommend just seeing the trailers for the games. I tell you Square Enix has always been the forerunners of animation and CGI.

(4) Halo
Those who are not familiar with this game should know that when this game came out it was considered the revolutionizer of the first person shooters. Surely it wasn't that revolutionary, in my opinion, but it certainly has that little something to it. The story throughout the series totally hooks you. You don't want to stop playing so you could see where the story goes. While for a first person shooter the single player campaign in Halo excells in many aspects, it's the multiplayer where the money lies in. The one thing that hooked me to this game was when I and a group of friends installed this game to our school's computers and spent at least four hours playing the game in the local network every Friday. Those days are long gone, but I still play the multiplayer every now and then.

(3) Pokemon Red
How could I be a pokemon fan if I didn't have a single Pokemon game in my all time top five games. Pokemon Red was the first legal game I ever got. Yes, I admit I played it with an emulator and a rom before I actually got it. I've been a bad, bad boy. The concept of the game was hooking and I think this is really the only series that has really gotten me into it. There's really not much to say. This game and the series as a whole is one of the milestones in my life in some way. I just realized I've been a fan for the series for nearly a decade now!

(2) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
This was the first ever game I got for my brand spanking new Nintendo 64 back in the day when it was a new release. I was always a fan of the Zelda series. I found something about it interesting. Well you kind of have to to maintain interest for the game, eh? The Ocarina of Time has the same kind of effect as Halo did. I wanted to play it because I wanted the story to progress, which, by the way, I found extremely interesting. I loved the puzzle solving element in the game. It wasn't too hard nor too easy. The boss fights implemented a little bit of puzzle solving; you always had to find the weakness of the boss. I personally loved the final boss, Ganon. Every game should learn from that boss that to make the final fight epic you have to have a huge ass boss. The only negative thing I have to say about this game is listen! listen! hey, listen! listen! listen! hey, listen!. It sometimes haunts me in my dreams.

(1) World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
I got on this massively multiplayer online role playing game when I got out of the army and had a lot of free time in my hands. This is a little over a year ago. I fell in love with this game in the first few months. You really get the epic feeling even with the very few months of gaming. The enviroments are incredible, especially in this expansion and the newly released expansion: The Wrath of the Lich King. The only reason the newest expansion is not on this list is because I haven't had the chance to explore the end game content of it at all. So far it seems like a stronger expansion than The Burning Crusade. Though the current pvp sucks sweaty hot elephant balls. I guess you could say World of Warcraft has its own culture. It has set the standard of modern MMORPGs and new releases are often compared to it. Which is a no brainer really considering the 10 million subscriber base the game has at the moment.