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Neiko Star
December 7th, 2008, 1:22 PM


Welcome to the world of Pokemon! This universe is filled with many different creatures, each as unique as the other. These beings are capable of special abilities, ranging from spinning silk to causing earthquakes. We humans have, in the past, tried to interact with these creatures, in the hope of taming them. We succeeded, partially. Normally, Pokemon live in the wild and are untamed. However, when a human, known as a Pokemon Trainer, captures them, with a device known today as the Pokeball, they can be trained as valued partners.
Many Trainers have journeyed throughout the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and even Orre.


Here, we are a region different from the others. This region is composed of two large pieces of land, very close to one another, connected with a thin curl of land. We call these three pieces the West, East and Center Cores. The West Core is generally called Drakoh, while the East Core is named Keroh. When put together, including the Center Core, they form the region known as Drakeroh. Of course, Pokemon inhabit this land, and with wild Pokemon, Trainers followed.
Both the West and the East Core have their own Pokemon league, called Dusk and Dawn Towers, located on the Western and Eastern Islands, an hour’s boat riding away from their respective Cores. However, the main and most important league is the one situated on the Center Core’s island. It is known as the Starlight Tower, where the true supreme Pokemon masters of the entire Drakeroh region reside.

The text of the magazine ends here. It seems like the rest has been ripped off. You sigh, closing the book, and gaze outside your window. You are on the ferry, S.S. Victoria, on your way to the Central Island. You look outside again, and you spot another ferry, marked S.S. Julia. You glance to your left, and you see yet another ferry, this one S.S. Diana. You realize that these other ferries are headed towards Eastern and Western Islands. You feel excitement tingling down your spine. You were going to receive your first starter Pokemon at the island.

Suddenly, the ferry lest out a groan and stops. You have arrived.

Additional Info

You’re on one of the three ferries, and you arrive at one of the islands. On each island, there is a Pokemon specialist that will give you your starter. The Central Island specialist is the best, so has the best choices.

Central Island: Professor Ginkgo

Horsea ~ Water Type Starter : TAKEN by Clouddy!

Pichu ~ Electric Type Starter : TAKEN by EagleVision1999

Trapinch ~ Ground Type Starter : TAKEN by dragonqueen0210

Western Island: Professor Holly

Phanpy ~ Ground Type Starter : TAKEN by slls81

Elekid ~ Electric Type Starter : TAKEN by K9S8
NOTE: If you choose Elekid, I will not let you evolve it twice. No Electavire.

Krabby ~ Water Type Starter : TAKEN by The master123

Eastern Island: Professor Maple

Marill ~ Water Type Starter : TAKEN by BlueAngelHikari

Ponyta ~ Fire Type Starter : TAKEN by Pikalover10

Shroomish ~ Grass Type Starter : TAKEN by drunk

Sign-Up Sheet:

Name: (First and last, middle optional)

Gender: (Quite obvious)

Age: (Okay, your character is riding on a ferry alone to some distant island. Twelve MINIMUM)

Personality: (How does your character act? Four lines minimum)

Appearance: (How does your character look like? Four lines minimum, include clothes, accessories optional)

History: (Your character's past, his/her biography, really. Five lines minimum)

Starter: (One of the above, obviously)

December 8th, 2008, 1:19 AM
Sounds interesting, I'll sign up:

Name - Benjamin Charles (likes to go by Ben)

Gender - Male

Age - 13

Personality - Ben is very outgoing and fiercely loyal. While he sometimes finds it hard to make new friends, he will do anything and everything for the friends he does have. He believes this loyalty will translate to his pokemon. He doesn't really care what others think of him and often ignores people that are rude to begin with. He can be very sarcastic with people, which has been known to lead to some unwanted tension; particularly with people that he has just met. Mostly Ben likes to do his own thing, not worrying too much about how he is seen by other people.

Appearance - Ben is fairly tall for his age, at nearly 5 foot 9 inches tall. He is quite skinny and has a slight tan, which gives him an athletic look. Ben has medium length brown hair, although this is rarely seen as it is always under the black and red baseball cap he always wears. Ben usually wears dark jeans which are slightly baggy and a button -up black coat over the top of a red t-shirt. Ben likes to think this style makes him look a few years older than he actually is, hoping this will make it easier for him to acclimatise in a new region. He also carries a black shoulder bag to hold any items he may need for his journey.

History - Ben was born, raised and has spent almost his entire life in Pallet Town in Kanto. He watched year after year, as trainer after trainer left on their pokémon adventure. Ben always wished he was the one leaving, but when he was 10 he was forbidden to leave by his parents. Distraught, Ben thought his chances at a pokémon adventure were over. Now 13, he has decided he is old enough to make his own choices and is leaving home. He may be older than many trainers leaving on their pokémon journey; but he is as excited as anyone. He decided to take the long journey to Drakeroh and make a fresh start there with his new pokémon.

Preferred Starter - Phanpy please

The Instant Classic
December 8th, 2008, 1:34 AM
Name: Tony Steel

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Personality: If you where to ask anyone about Tony they would tell you that he is the god of confidence and he never worries about a thing.
Tony hates being last for anything he always has to be the leader or main character in anything.
His parents and brother tell him to calm down but funny enough it never works he is just like a ball of energy waiting to be unleashed.
Many people wonder where he gets all his energy from.......its a mystery.

Appearance: Tony has always been a bit shorter then his brother despite being twins (His brother is 5f 7 tony is 5f 4)
A tub of hair jell will always be taken with Tony when he goes out yep takes great pride in is hair his normal style would be what he likes to call overgrown jungle in other words he just makes his hair a spikes nest he often gets called mic for this which he hates.
He loves his jackets he collects them in fact and will always be seen wearing one his traveling suit is a black top with matching black trousers with white trainers and of course with one of perhaps 50 jackets lol i said he loves him.
Tony would wear the same thing everyday as long as it makes him look good.

History: As you might of guessed now Tony has a twin brother who share the same fashion sense and personality apart from that his twin doesn't mind being last.
From child hood Tony and his brother always dremt of being champion pokemon trainers but that dream was shattered when his brother left to become a Pokemon ranger.
Tony's dad happens to be a gym leader in a different region and he told Tony to follow his dream of becoming a champion and so Tony decided to travel to Drakeroh to start his journey and he will stop at nothing to make his dream come true........

Starter: Western island: Elekid PLEASE!

December 8th, 2008, 2:58 AM
Name: Yuki Sohma

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Personality: One word explains Yuki - Cheerful. Yuki is very cheerful, but also very serious. She will do anything to get good comments, except cheat. She dislikes cheaters alot. However, she has loads of friends she had to leave to become a trainer, therefore, she will seem spaced out at some times. She adores Azurill, therefore she chose Marill as her starter. She leaves it out it's Pokéball, just in case it gets taken. However, Most of the time she will recall Marill due to guilty feelings of leaving it out.

Appearance: Yuki has dark blue hair which goes to her upper back. She has sea blue eyes and natural long eyelashes. She wears a small Bubble clip on the side of her head. Her skin is fairly pale, and her fingernails are a beautiful length. She wears a Dark Blue singlet top with a picture of Azurill at the bottom, denim short-shorts, one of those waist bags that Haruka/May has, and some thongs. In her bag, she stores - Marill, 5 empty pokeballs, a Pokédex, and a large black cloak to cover herself in cold places. She also has a small Azurill charm on a necklace.

History: Yuki was born in the birthplace of Rustburo city in Hoenn. Her father worked at Devon corp, and her mother was always at home. Yuki was sent to the Trainer's school, where she quickly made friends with the class. Then, one day, a trainer came in with several Pokémon including - Azurill, Swalot, Pikachu, poochyena, and many more. As soon as Yuki saw Azurill, she really wanted one. So, she quickly told her parents that night. However, they told her Azurill was much too childish for her and they would get her a Nosepass or Gulpin instead. So, on her 12th birthday, Yuki ran away and took a ship to Drakeroh.
Starter: Marill!


December 8th, 2008, 6:26 AM
Name: Saphire Blazer
Gender: Male
Age: 12

Appearence: Saphire is shorter then most people, he stands about 4 foot 1 and weighs 85 lbs. He has blonde spiky/messy hair and saphire blue eyes, that appear like flames are in them when he is angrier. Hence the name Saphire Blazer. He wears a white undershirt, cacki shorts, brown running shoes, black fingerless gloves, and a necklace. He has one scar that runs down the back of his back and he is very, very pale. Depending on his mood, Saphire's eyes change colors with them. If he was mad they would turn red and if he were lonely they would turn a light blue color. When Saphire sticks his arms out at the saem length, it is obvious that Saphire has broken his right arm before. Right now, Saphire left arm is in a cast due to falling off a bridge and landing on a rock in a dried up lake and shattered his left arm.

Personality: Saphire is very smart and very mischeveus. Most people stay away from him because they know that it is a very deadly combination to be smart and mischeof. Saphire likes to swim, climb trees, and train with his pokemon. He often walks around in the shadows because it is like he is part of the shadow then. Nobody can see him while he is in the shadows. He can scale up the side of walls and trees as silent as a mouse creeping around the ground. He is very agile and swift and will do anything for his friends and family.

History: Saphire grew up on the Eastern Islands. His mom never did anything with Saphire and it seemed as if she hated him, but she loved him and always would. She died from a heart attack on Saphire's 8 birthday, which made him think that it was his fault his mother passed away. His father was an important business man and brought in enough money for him, Saphire, and his two brothers. Saphire had 2 older brothers, Hank and Joshua. Joshua was also 12 and Hank was 24. Saphire's mom had been 41 when she passed and Saphire's dad is currently 47.

Joshua and Saphire got along pretty good, considering how they were both twins. Spahire didn't have any friends, but his twin Joshua did. Whenever Saphire was around Joshua's friends, they got him and Saphire mixed up. Saphire's dad also owned a ranch were many pokemon would come around and play with him and Joshua. Joshua's best pokemon friend was a Poliwag, while Saphire's best pokemon friend was a Ponyta.One day when Joshua and Saphire came out to play with their friends, Ponyta wasn't there. Their dad told them some assistant to a professor came and took him. Saphire was truely heartbroken. They continued to play with the pokemon that day, but Saphire didn't do much.

Preffered Starter: A Ponyta, male, nicknamed: Flare. If we can have egg moves(don't worry about this if we can't) could I possibly request Flame Wheel? Thank you either way and can't wait till the RP starts!!:):)

December 8th, 2008, 10:59 AM
Hmm...this is interesting, may I sign up?
Sign-Up Sheet:

Name: Kuiin Eithereal

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Personality: Sarcastic, devious and anti-social, Kuiin dislikes the company of others. She prefers to be with pokemon instead and rarely talks to many people. If provoked, Kuiin doesn't get angry easily and likes to work things out straight without too much violence. She'll threaten any whom will hurt her most loyal friends or pokemon though. Her willpower to finish a task started is immesuarable and if you get in her way, she'll be likely she remove you as soon as possible.

Appearance: Tall for her age, Kuiin stands at 1.78m. She always wears the same long, maroon coloured split tailed coat. She also wears tight black 3/4 pants with a maroon edging. She also wears silver flat heeled boots. Often, Kuiin wears a silver shawl over her face and head, covering everything except the right eye. Her is straight and naturally white, her eyes naturally red. Kuiin is of lean build, but her body allows her to be very agile person. She also carries round a pocket watch made of pure silver and engraved with her own special crest (A Hydra entwined in a dragonair)

History: Kuiin was born in Blackthorn city, Johto. Living her life near a gym, as her parents both were trainers there, she grew up with permission to access the dragon cave and watch the dragon pokemon there. Kuiin often passed the time by watching Clair and sometimes lance, train their pokemon. She was aspired to be a dragon trainer and wished to fulfill her goal, therefore, leading her to this region. Her parents did not improve entirely of her actions but after a bit of decision making, they finally decided to let her go, after all, Kuiin couldn't be caged forever.

Starter: Central Island: Trapinch ^ ^

Ah, what do you think now? I was in a rush before, as it was like, at 8:40am and I needed to get over to school.

December 8th, 2008, 2:47 PM
Name: Jane "Cloud" Stevenson (Prefers Cloud and hates the name Jane)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Cloud is an outgoing girl, especially around strangers, because of her lack of staying in one place as a child. She is talkative and happy almost all of the time, except when she is upset, at which point she goes inward and shy, but this isn't often. She is a pretty loving person towards friends and strangers, but she holds grudges forever, partly due to a friend when she was young slighting her in some insignificant way, and it hurt her feelings so much that it affected her ability to trust slightly.

Appearance: Cloud has long dark hair, and quite an average look about her, except for her eyes, which one of which is dark green, and the other dark blue. Normally Cloud wears either ripped old jeans and a long sleeved plain black t-shirt with a dark green t-shirt over the top with a pattern on the front. On formal occasions she wears a dark blue dress with knee high boots and a hat. When its cold, she normally wears the same as for normal, but with a long furry white coat she was given as a birthday present. She always has her trusty backpack and pokegear from Johto, no matter where she is.

History: Born in Johto, Cloud has always moved around, moving house at least once a year, she lived in Goldenrod, then Mahogany, then moving to Kanto living in various small villages before her parents finally decided on the quiet town of Littleroot in Hoenn. Since she was never in one place for very long, she learned to make friends quickly, but never becoming too attached to them, which was never a problem, and now she is going on her first true journey of her own. She had her own Vulpix when she was young, being her first pokemon, but wasn't allowed to take it on the ferry so she left it in the care of her friend in Johto, Bill.

Starter: Horsea please :)

December 8th, 2008, 3:13 PM
May I reserve Krabby?
I'll get to the SU later..

Neiko Star
December 8th, 2008, 3:45 PM
Okay, it seems like nobody bothered looking at the sign-sheet. I stated the exact minimum length each category had to be.

slls81: You're pending. Just add a little more length to your sign-up. Just a little. Like, one or two lines at most. If you do that, I'll accept you.

The master123: Sorry, but I have to say denied. Your sections are not only too short, but not descriptive enough. I can't picture your character in my head. His personality is a bit vague in my opinion. You also use 'Tony' too repetitively. Sorry. Maybe if you fix those things, I might accept you.

BlueAngelHikari: Hm...your personality is a bit wobbly, but overall, your sign-up is decent. You're accepted.

Pikalover10: Well, your appearance is too short for one thing. For another, your history is kinda awkward. It kind of needs more detail. You're pending for now, but bending over to accepted.

dragonqueen0210: Your sign-up is good, so normally I would say accepted. However, all of your sections are too short compared to the minimums I set. So for now, pending. But you really have nothing to worry about, I'll reserve you Trapinch if you lengthen your SU to the right limits.

Clouddy!: Your sign-up is pretty good. It could be better, but definitively good and stable. Accepted.

ArmyGuy0628: Sure, Krabby is reserved for you.

I'm sorry I'm so picky. I feel so guilty. <_<

All questions will be posted on the OOC Thread...if the thread isn't there, it means it hasn't been accepted. If that's the case, I'll try to create another one.

December 8th, 2008, 4:02 PM
Uhmm, may I sign in?
Name:Hannah Morgan



Personality:Hannah is a little bit clumsy with everything, or at least it looks so. But she's also a clever girl with the right ideas at the right time.
Still, she can get scared fast sometimes and also seems too lost in her own thoughts...she's a big dreamer.
She likes adventures but she isn't very sporty...Her biggest talent is running (she's fast) and she likes taking long walks.
However she has an excellent sense of direction when she pays attention to where she's giong (if she doesn't and dreams instead..well then even she gets lost...but that hardly ever happens since she enjoys her environment a lot.)
She's also very close to nature and likes being outside (of course this is why she likes walks so much).
Unlike many others of her age she likes studying and has a large knowledge of Pokemon which she hopes will help her becoming a good trainer. She is a very polite girl and hardly gets angry about something which make her a nice person to deal with although it's probably a little annoying when she dreams away in the middle of a talk.

She doesn't look especially good but she doesn't look that bad as well.
She has light pink hair that's a little curly and reaches her chest.
She weares a ponytail most of the time.
She also weares glasses which suit her well and make her look cute. That's good because without them she'd be lost. Her eyes are light blue and have she has long eyelashes.
She's not really tall (156 cm) and a little skinny. She likes to wear cute clothes just like skirts in pastel colours and flowers on it. This may seem a little childish and is probably due to her dreamy personality. All this makes her seem a little younger than she actually is (once not that long ago, she was thought to be only twelve when she went out to do groceries).

There's nothing really special about her to say. She has parents that lead a little shop in Sunny town, her hometown in which she lived her whole life until now.But for a long time now she whished to become a pokemon master.
However, her parents didn't trust her talent, so she wasn't allowed to go at the age of ten like most of her friends.
Since everyone left back then, she has spent the last years alone (except playing with her little bother who's five years old) in front of the computer or with her nose in a book.
But she was not just wasting time but learned a lot about how to train and fight with pokemon and has a lot of theoretical knowledge which want to be used in real.
One early morning then, she decided that the time has come to start her own journey and she left, when her parents were still sleeping, only leaving a letter behind to inform them about her plans.

Starter: Pichu

drunk ¬_¬
December 8th, 2008, 5:15 PM
can i reserve shroomish?

i'll be done with the SU in a sec

Neiko Star
December 8th, 2008, 5:44 PM
EagleVision1999: Fairly good sign-up, but I'm still hesitating. I'll put you as accepted, but I want you to be careful not to repeat words too much in the RP. For example, in your appearance, it's 'she, she, she, she, she'.

drunk: 'Kay, Shroomish reserved.

drunk ¬_¬
December 8th, 2008, 5:58 PM
Name: Guillermo “Memo” Rebello

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Personality: Memo is for the most part: extremely cocky and arrogant. He believes he is the greatest thing invented since PokéBalls (and that does include PokéDexes). Though he is arrogant and extremely inappropriate when talking to: “the ladyzz”, he can back it up. He is straight-out: strong, smart, and cunning, which led him to some of the best grades throughout his education in the top-notch ‘Trainer Academy’ in Viridian City. Unfortunately for most people, he IS a dude you want as an ally.

Appearance: Despite his eccentrically cocky attitude, Memo is in fact very short for his age group (standing at 5’3”), and did have a hard time coming to terms with his “condition”. Therefore, he always put in amazing effort at working his body out to become ripped, and slim, unlike others in his class who would get huge.

He has thick, black hair, which he keeps buzzed short, and is mostly hairless on his face and upper body. He has large dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, thick lips.

His usual attire consists of a white o black V-neck, unfaded jeans, a thin white belt, and black Sambas. This, of course, is for hot to chilly temperatures. When it gets hot, he also has a black, thick jacket with a furry hoodie, black gloves, and a black beanie as well.

History: Memo comes from a wealthy family in Viridian City. His father is a main organizer, and provider to the Indigo League, as well as: CO-OWNER of the Indigo Plateau! His mom is a normal housewife enjoying the ride, and his uncle is the Gym Leader of Viridian City.

Memo is extremely proud of his father because he is one of the main drivers of Pokémon taming and training as a competitive sport rather than just a recreational activity, and helped finance Gyms in Pallet, and Lavender Towns. (I suppose this won’t be an issue due to the different location).
Memo has always been: pretty much the dude everyone brags about knowing, he has two younger brothers and sister, who are as well-versed in Pokémon as he is, and are more spoiled than a single child of a middle class family. Graduated the ‘Advanced Trainers Academy’ with honors, and bathed with chants of: “prodigy”, Memo now plans to live up to his expectations, and accomplish in the land of Drakeroh, what his father accomplished in Kanto.

Starter: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs034.gif
Shroomish ~ Grass Type Starter, if you would be so kind.

December 8th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Name: Keo Lion

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Personality: Keo is a smug young boy, who believes he is above others. He shows off his intellect by using a high variety of words that can confuse everyone he comes in contact with. With no person on his same IQ level, Keo has found himself alone. Keo also finds himself protecting the less intelligent by using his own intellect. Other than that Keo shows loyality, respect, and discpline towards any one he finds is worthy of his respect. He shows no emotion and so no one has a picture of him with a smile on his face.

Appearance: Keo has tan skin, green eyes, short black hair, and thin eyebrows. When Keo is at home he enjoys wearing a white shirt with torn blue jeans. However, when he goes out to another town or an extended journey, he wears: a white and black stripped shirt, a red jacket with "IQ" on the back in gold writing, balck jeans with gold stripes on the sides, and red sneakers that are good for long runs. When it comes to accessories the only thing he wears is a watch that was given to him by his dead older brother.

History: When Keo was ten, he was forced by his parents to take an IQ test. When the result came back, his parents discovered he had an IQ of 280 and that he was more intellegent than they ever thought. While Keo, denied these claims, when he finally saw the papers he believed them. Excited from the news Keo went to his school and showed his friends his result. When the teacher learned of this she had Keo removed form the school. After being removed from the school, he still tried to hang out with his friends. When he finally caught up with them, they ignored him. Keo tried to get their attention. When they all finally came to a bridge, his friends denied every being his friends. Keo's intellegence had turned them away. Feeling betrayed, Keo put himself away from the world and stayed within his home. When a year finally passed, his parents sent him out into the world on a journey. The journey was to help him come cope and master the abilities his IQ gave him. This period during the journey, was what morphed Keo into a true loner and protector. Keo found that his intellegence gave him the ability to use strategies that would make him a good trainer. However, because he found Pokemon annoying, Keo refused the idea of becoming a trainer. When he finally returned home, his parents gave him things for yet another journey. With that Keo has been sent to Center Core Island.

Starter: Elekid

December 9th, 2008, 2:48 AM
Hey I've edited my post for you. I hope thats enough..

December 9th, 2008, 6:28 AM
I edited my SU....Hope it is good enough now:):)

The Instant Classic
December 9th, 2008, 7:53 AM
Ok i edited my sign up hopefully i did it alright this time......

Neiko Star
December 9th, 2008, 3:30 PM
drunk: That was a good sign-up. Accepted. Just one thing though. Try not to use ':' so much when you RP, 'kay?

Oh no, two people for the same Pokemon...one of you's going to be accepted, and one of you's going to be denied, there's no changing that, so...no hard feelings, okay?

K9S8: I'm sorry, The master123, but...K9S8, you're accepted.

The master123: Sorry, denied. I'm not trying to criticize you or anything, but K9S8's sign-up was better than yours. Sorry again. I hope you won't hold it against me.

Pikalover10: Accepted. ^-^

slls81: And you're accepted too.

All right, I guess this means sign-ups are closed. (I'm really sorry, The master123, maybe next time?)

The Instant Classic
December 10th, 2008, 11:34 AM
Dammit dammit dammit yeah hopefully there will be a next time.....ya get what im saying?

December 10th, 2008, 3:26 PM
Hey, sorry to say this but I'm gonna have to break my reservation.

I have to much stuff on my hands at the moment :\

Neiko Star
December 10th, 2008, 5:36 PM
Sorry to hear that. :(
Well, that makes one free spot. The master123, this might be your chance!

December 10th, 2008, 5:47 PM
Any chance I could try for the Krabby? Or perhaps for Trapinch, if dragonqueen doesn't work on her SU? (I don't want to take it away from her, but... ><')

If not, please let me know~ Thanks.

December 10th, 2008, 11:50 PM
I don't like any of the starters left, can you accept a Wild Card

The Instant Classic
December 11th, 2008, 8:05 AM
Dam it looks like someone already asked but could you consider giving me the spot if you need me to do some more work on me sign up just give the word.

Neiko Star
December 11th, 2008, 5:42 PM
Mmm...sorry Pikataro, I sent The master123 a PM about it first, so...

But both you and Konekodemon can have a wild card. BUT THAT'S IT, NO MORE PEOPLE. THE SIGN-UPS ARE NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED.

December 11th, 2008, 6:32 PM
Wild Card means we choose, right~? But of course, no legendaries, I know ><' And would it be OK if I started on Eastern Island?

Name: Gale Sapphire Hana (usually called Gale Sapphire, or Gale, or Saph, of Cobalt)

Gender: Female~

Age: 14 (but mature for her age)

Personality: In a nutshell, Gale is shy, quiet, a bit stubborn, and very bright. To be more specific, Gale has had lifelong problems being able to socialize with others around her age, though she doesn't seem to have any problems talking to adults. She also likes to read, which usually explains her quiet demeanor. The only time she is ever stubborn is when she is told to do something that collides with something she is currently doing, and she usually ignores the request, or reluctantly accepts it. Being the bright girl she is, Gale makes a marvelous tactician. She is able to not only figure out her opponent's strategies, but also the patterns of Pokemon. However, she usually uses what seems to be a cross between a PDA and a laptop to get her data, so she isn't able to figure out most strategies by herself.

Appearance: 5'6" in height and a D-cup in bust, Gale stands taller than most girls would. She has a slender body, but her weight isn't unreal, but at the same time, she isn't overweight. She has gorgeous sapphire blue eyes and straight, long, silky topaz yellow hair. She also has a ruby red scar going in a rising diagonal (like this: /) shape over her left eye, but people seem to find that to make her more attractive. She wears a plain white t-shirt with sleeves that end roughly at the shoulders. She also wears green camouflage-patterned capris, which end an inch or two above her heels. To top it off, she wears black slip-ons that are school-girl styled, with short white socks to go with it. Occasionally, Gale will wear a white kitty-eared cap, and even more rarely a white kitty tail to go with her cap.

History: As a child, Gale had always been barred up in a prison cell for ages. Well, that was always her metaphor for the orphanage she was forced to stay at. She has no clue if her parents are alive or not, but figured that they probably didn't care about her if they were alive, which would explain why she was at the orphanage in the first place. At last, when she turned 10, Gale broke free of her prison and escaped to places unknown to her. Though she felt like she was pursued by the "caretakers" of the orphanage, Gale used her wits to get away from them, and stay free like a wild Pidgey. At last, in the present, she had come across the magazine about the Drakeroh Region, and wished to check it out. By luck, she received a free ticket for one of the ferries, and her adventure starts.

Starter: Mm, I'd like a female Feebas named Cierra, unless genders are randomized, and if Feebas isn't allowed, then a female Surskit named Silk

If any of this needs to be changed, just let me know :/

The Instant Classic
December 12th, 2008, 1:48 PM
Yo yo yo thank you yo for the yo spot in your yo RP yo yo.

December 12th, 2008, 2:18 PM
if there are still spaces open leave me a comment on my page please ok?
i love rping and id like to join this one too

Neiko Star
December 12th, 2008, 4:07 PM
SorryCyndaquilMorph, but I said that I wasn't accepting any more people. >_>

Pikataro: Re-using a name? Well, in any case, you're accepted. And it'd be better if you had a Surskit. You see, in the Drakeroh region, the Pokemon you see are different. All of the starters are Pokemon that are impossible to find on either islands.

December 13th, 2008, 4:28 AM
ill look for a different one then =)

December 13th, 2008, 5:49 PM
So when will we start the Rp?


December 13th, 2008, 7:21 PM
Hey neiko star, not to be bothersome but am I accepted? I changed and edited my sign up to be longer.

Neiko Star
December 14th, 2008, 6:30 AM
dragonqueen0210: Oops, sorry, I didn't see. You're accepted.

And BlueAngelHikari(Can I call you BAH? Oh wait, that sounds too weird XD), we'll start as soon Konekodemon gets her SU up.

December 19th, 2008, 3:25 PM
if sign ups are closed why did you message me to put in my profile

December 19th, 2008, 3:27 PM
if sign ups are closed why did you message me to put in my profile

But both you and Konekodemon can have a wild card. BUT THAT'S IT, NO MORE PEOPLE. THE SIGN-UPS ARE NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED.You DID see that, right? It was at the bottom of the first page X_X

December 19th, 2008, 3:34 PM
oh, ok I know there's already a Pichu on there but would it be different if I was to ask for a Shiny Pichu

Edit: Guess I could start off with Chikorita and catch a Pichu

Name: Kairi Hill

Gender: ♀

Age: 12

Personality: She is very nice and trusting. Kind to her Pokemon. But she does conplain a lot. Kairi really hates walking a lot. She likes to ride her bike instead. When Kairi loses her temper though, she's like a huricane, so watch out. But she is very fateful to her friends and Pokemon. Kairi loves anything that's cute or beatiful. That is why she loves all cute Pokemon. Her favorite flower is the sun flower, after her favorite Pokemon, which is Pikachu. Even though she's 12 sometimes Kairi can act as if she is 8 instead of 12. She acts like a crybaby most of the time, but she's still a pretty nice person to be around. She can be very stuborn though, when she doesn't get her way.

Appearance: Kairi is of avange height at 5'' 2''. Not too tall or too short. She weights 100 pounds. She has very long brown hair, going stright down her back. She wears a sleetless blue shirt, a red short skirt red and white shoes, and very long blue socks that go up to her ankles. She is very pale white shinned, and has light green eyes. Kairi also has a tan looking brown bag that she carrys around on her shoulder. It is a sag type of style bag. She keeps all her things inside it.

History: Kairi was born, and raised in johto, at New Bark Town, but later on moved to The Drakeroh Region, as New Bark Town was way too noisy for her and her mother. She loved going outside and picking flowers. She has a very beatiful flower garden that her mother sometimes helps her with. She plants all kinds of flowers there, but her favorite kinds of flowers are sun flowers.

Her and her mother sometimes sell the flowers at the flower store. One day Kairi was watching TV, and heard about all children starting out as Pokemon trainers or coordinators, and getting there first pokemon. "Wow! That's what I always wanted to do, become a master coordinator just like my mom." Kairi said getting exsited. But the next day Kairi had woke up late. When she had got to the lab, all the starters were already taken, expect for a little Chikorita.

Kairi got the little Chikorita, and begin her journey together with her, to become a Master Coordinator. She nicknamed the Chikorita, Chiko.

Starter: Wild Card(Chikorita♀)

Other: Pichu, was already taken. That was the one I really wanted. Can Pichu be the first Pokemon I catch please?

oops, I didn't read the info right, but I don't understand anyway, can't I already be living there

Neiko Star
December 20th, 2008, 6:22 AM
konekodemon: Hmmm...your sentences are a bit choppy, and you have a few typos...but accepted. Just be careful when you're RP'ing.

'Kaaaaaaaaay, that means chapter one will be up really soon.

December 21st, 2008, 7:56 PM
Finally. =) I was waiting.


December 22nd, 2008, 12:20 AM
sorry about that, I got so caught up in'A New Professor In Town' that I just forgot about this RPG

I can't wait for this rp to get started

Alter Ego
December 26th, 2008, 6:53 AM
While I'm sure Neiko Star is happy to hear that, double posting is not allowed in this section. Kindly do not do so again. Thy posts shall now be merged.