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December 13th, 2008, 10:38 PM
The spikes came flying up out of the ground, the dirt flying everywhere. Faae just kept jumping and dodging them until she got to her oppenent. Her oppenent was a rather large man, but a good large. Faae jumped in the air and swung her foot around, knocking the man to the ground. She landed, her legs apart, and her fingerpads touching the ground. She concentrated and the same, black spikes popped out of the ground, impaling the man, who died screaming, How in the hell is she using my alter. Faae looked up the crowd was cheering, and she just walked back to her room. She waited until the poor worker was done getting beat and then went in, he was the only one with the key. "Thank you" said Faae, in quiet voice, making it sound more like a question. The man clicked his tounge, slammed the door shut, and left. Faae sat their, her arms around her knees, and her head held low. It was quiet, and she could make out the faint noise from the next room over, that room belonged to the owner. Faae stood up and moved to the wall. She started glowing a rainbow color, and then she melded into the wall, she could hear it a lot better.

"So, how is the experiment going?"


"What is good?"

"Everything is going as planned, we just need a test"

"Well, the alters we have now are useless, except that Faae"

"About Faae, how long do you plan to keep the secret from her?"

"A while, but we aren't really talking about her," the man pressed a button,"Soldiers, present yourselves to me.."

Faae noticed a couple of soldiers come in, three of them. She presumed them to be the captains of the three divisions at the RumbleRena. The normal guards, the alters, and the techies.

"Yes sir" said the three soldiers in unison.

"Rally your forces, go find new alters, and take them in, we want to have a test."

"Yes Sir" The soldiers exited.

"So, um.. sir.. about the-"

"Quiet, we have spy"

"W-what do you mean sir?"

"Someone is spying on us"

"B-but sir"

"No buts, now leave we will discuss this later.."

"Fine.." mumbled the other man, a thin brown haired scientist as he walked out the door.

"Faae, your abilities are amazing, I know you are here, just show yourself.."

Faae came out of the wall into his room. "Yes?"

"I want you to go with the soldiers and help bring in soldiers,that is if you want to.."

"I am, I just, got out of a fight my abillites have their restraints, even if my body does not.."

"Understood, you are excused.."

Faae left, phasing back through the wall. Just in time to, the slave man was coming through with lunch, and her body felt the need for food. She took the tray from him, and moved to the back of her room. She poked some corn with her fork, and then put it in her mouth. She mashed the potatoes with the fork and then scooped them up. With in minutes of starting, Faae was finished eating. Her mind flickered to the alters that were gonna be brought in, what were they like? What were the tests the were gonna undergo?

~~Explain you Getting Captured for One Post, and then the other, fighting an Artificial Alter~~

December 14th, 2008, 7:40 PM
"Yawn." Shiro waltzed through a dark forest, heeded otherwise by dwellers of a nearby town. "But there are menacing monsters that only come out at night!" Shiro had cast it aside. He was stronger then some pitiful wild animal. Besides being bored out of my mind what else do I have to do? Theres nothing to do at home, and walking through this forest isn't curing my boredom very well either. Shiro's mind went blank. He stared ahead of him, just in the distance, a helmet of some sort was showing out of some foilage. I didn't know anyone else liked to take walks in this forest. Shiro quietly melded into some nearby shadows, whilst sneaking up on whatever was behind those bushes. A few men dressed as soilders were talking in muffled whispers to eachother. "That kid strolls through this forest every day at noon, I'm sure of it! If we don't catch him, the boss will be pretty steamed." Shiro courageously walked out of the shadows from behind the soldiers and tapped one on the shoulder. "Looking for me?" One of the men turned around and gasped, he was instantly thrown aside. The other one reached for his pocket, containing what looked like a tazer. "Ah, ah, ah! When your in this forest with me, you have to play nicely!" He grabbed for the "Tazer" and held it in his hand. "Hey, wha-" The fake tazer exploded into knockout gas. Shiro fell to the ground, out cold. The soldier that was thrown aside, got up and rubbed his head. "Poor kid. He didn't even know you were setting up a bomb of knockout gas. He probably thought it was a gun or something."

Cold, so cold. Shiro woke up in a dim cell. Sounds of fighting and cheering could be heard just a few feet from his spot. "Ugh." He managed to stand up on his feet, walked forward a bit, and grasped the closet thing possible, which were the metal bars incasing him in his prison. "H-Hey! You can't do this to me! I demand to know why I'm here!" The sound of chain boots crept closer and closer to his cell. Finally, a man stood in front of him. ``You are here to compete in a, shall we say, `entertainment`. You will be pitted against Alters like you, only more artificial.`` Shiro stepped back a bit. ``Thats...sick!`` The man walked away, the sound of his chain boots growing dimmer. Shiro sat down. Suddenly, he didn`t feel so good.

December 15th, 2008, 11:47 AM
A large group of men, fully armored stood around a bed, weapons drawn and aimed at the person laying there. One of the soldiers lowered his weapon, turning to the one next to him and muttering in low tones.

"We've been standing here for like... three hours... couldn't we have just bagged him by now?" asked the soldier, who's legs were crossed in an attempt to avoid soiling his uniform. Several soldiers were actually doing this, quite a shame when there was an open bathroom door not four feet away.

"No.. the boss wants 'em to be awake when we out 'em... otherwise the drugs dont work right." Said the supposed commanding officer. And so they stood there, watching the teenage boy sleep, guns still raised, four of their ranks still dancing to an unkown tune. If one was there to watch the clock next to the wall on the far side of the room, they'd have seen the slowest progression of time from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

It was now that the boy chose to stir. Now of all times. now when every soldier had agreed the boy would not be waking up soon, and had left to use one of the many bathrooms througout the abandoned apartment complex. Looking around the boy saw nothing out of the ordinary with his room, and proceeded to go down to his kitchen on the first floor to grab a bite to eat.

Making it there he, as usual, didn't see a living soul inside the building, but he was used to this and welcomed it warmly, spending the first few years of your life in an orphanage did that to someone. Entering the kitchen though, he was given probably the biggest shock of his life.

He'd left the oven on. He never left the oven on. As he went to shut it off, he felt a slight prick in his neck, before reaching up and removing the painful object, only to find a dart. That's when his world went blank.


When he woke up, he found himself in a dark cell like place. And the worst thing he could see... there wasn't a fridge.

"Oh come on.. i'm starving!" He whined, not even bothering to comment on the fact that he had just been abducted. He took another look around and noticed that there was, thankfully a sink, with an old aluminum cup hanging from the faucet. He moved to get a drink, but found the sink to be just for display, no water came from it's tap.

"Stupid fangirls... if they're gonna kidnap me repeatedly they could atleast get me something to drink...."


Another group of soldiers crounded into two alleys, communicating through headsets as they waited for their prey.

"Where is she... dosn't she usually take this route to work soon?" Spoke one of the soldiers. His complaintative question was met with murmers of agreement. That is, untill their leader spoke up.

"There she is... group B, after she passes you move in to block her exit, we'll move in at the last minute to get her." The leader said, as he and group A stood wait till she was almost at them, before flooding out into the street and catching the girl in a blockade of sorts.

"What do you want?" She said, startled but quickly in a defensive position. The soldiers all chuckled and drew closer, not noticing the change in her clothing.

"Come quietly and you wont be harmed." Stated the lead officer there. Bad choice of words in her opinion.

"I'll give you quiet..." She said, cupping her hands around her mouth and closing her eyes, willing her vocal chords to take the strain she was about to put on them.

"GO AWAY!" she screamed, visible distortions in the air as the soundwaves collided with the soldiers, and shattered the windows behind her. When she stopped, her clothing shifted back to fabric and she panted, trying to regain her breath as she looked out over the group of fallen soldiers, their headsets smoking due to overloading the microphones. It was then that the knockout grenade held in one of their hands went off, surrounding the teenaged DJ in a cloud of noxious fumes that, while she was breathing hard, instantly dropped her into a state of unmoving sleep.

A third squad, group C moved forwards from further down the street. they were there bolth as backup, and to warn groups A and B that she was coming so they could prepare, but now they were there on cleanup duty. They now saw why it took so many people to bring in these alters... the sheer power.


Noise. Yelling, screaming, cheering, crying. All these sounds could be heard, along with hundreds of footsteps. Sitting up suddenly, she clasped her hands over her ears, forcing her eyes closed tighter in an effort to block out the sounds. Wait.. over her ears? Her eyes snapped open at this. Her headphones were missing. Her sound dampening headphones were missing. Footsteps approached and stopped just infront of the bars to her cell door. Said article was thrown, unceremoniously onto the floor before her.

Gritting her teeth, she lunged for them, pulling them on and sighing contently as the bombardment of sound stopped. Now looking upon the man before her, she couldn't help but shivver at the look of pure malice upon his face.


Bolth prisoners soon learned of what they would be forced to do.. and bolth had the exact same thought running trough their head as they rested on the floor near the back walls of their cell:

"Why dose today suck so badly?"

December 15th, 2008, 1:57 PM
Zeph was so hungry. He had never been this hungry before. He couldn't remember the last time he ate or what food tasted like. Zeph had been starving for about four weeks before today, unable to find any food in the ruins of his old neighborhood. He was on the knifes edge of starvation. Only a few more hours before he died. Then he heard voices. Too weak to do anything he just lay their, eyes open though they might as well have been closed.

"Man, are you sure this is the guy were looking for? He looks like he’s half starved to death," said one guy.

"More like three-fourths starved. Come on lets get him back to the base before he keels over," said the other one.

They picked him up and carried back to the RumbleRena base. An hour later Zeph awoke to the smell of…. Something he didn’t quite recognize in a small room with nothing but a small table, the bed he was in and a door, but as soon as he realized what the smell was, he shot up out of the bed he was in. Food, it was food. He saw a bowl of oatmeal on the table, and immediately began eating. When he was done with it, he saw five more bowls on another table in a corner and ran over and began scarfing down all of them. He felt like something was wrong, but couldn’t put his finger on it or even find enough reason to care. I have FOOD! He thought.Half way through the third bowl though he found reason to care. Behind him the door had opened to admit nearly thirty armed soldiers. As soon as Zeph realized that, he activated his Alter power, spun around and clapped. With the use of his power he not only amplified it but shot it at ten different soldiers. All ten dropped dead from burst vital organs.

“Halt!” yelled someone still in the hall. He pushed through to the front and with all the soldiers still pointing guns at Zeph said “I want you to participate in some kind of…..game, yes that’s it, a game. You will be fighting artificial Alter users. How does that sound? We will of course provide you with food and shelter.”

At first Zeph was doubtful, but was remedied of that as soon as he said Zeph would have food. Food. Finally food for sure. I’ll never starve again. "So all I have to do is fight some factory rejects and I’ll get food?"

“Yes,” said the man.

Zeph thought he might like this arrangement. After all his father all ways used to say that a dead fake is a good fake.