View Full Version : World Infinity-1 (SMB level idea)

Giratina ♀
December 15th, 2008, 12:43 PM
'Twas six thirty in the morning. I had been reading Harry Potter last night, and there was one part I could not forget for some reason: the Room of Requirement. I wondered what would happen with some... different items, and this idea was born.

You've finished SMB's last level! Whee! There are no more l- wait, what? A Warp Pipe? Hey, look. There's a warning. "Warning: This level may cause doubts on the possibility of completion. You can beat it."

You land in a long room filled to the brim with... Nintendo props? What? Yeah, it's all here... the Minish Cap, Luigi's hat, Samus' Power Suit... (hey, is that the Red Chain?). You get the picture. There's only one way to go: forward. You set off, and the music that sounds oddly familiar begins to get louder, then softer, then louder, then softer... after a few runarounds of the place, you remember seeing some old jukebox around the point where the music was loudest.

Stomp on the jukebox, the music stops, you complete the level. Oh yeah, the music that's playing?

Why, it's the instrumentals for The Song that Doesn't End, of course.