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December 15th, 2008, 8:57 PM
Hello again <3 I welcome you to my newest attempt an rp.. and rp where I shallst be a rp masteh >:O but we won;t be going by the old boring storyline we'll be going to use...an er.. more creative approach~

Pokemon: The Acies Region

Rating- PG-14

Congratulations, you have just got the newest pokemon game, Pokemon: Light and Pokemon: Dark for the nintendo ds. This lovely game features every legendary , customizable characters, and you can catch every pokemon.Thus, making it highly populer amoungst the pokemon community. A new storyline , new characters, new everything! You rush home to play this new game, but as you turn it on you ds begins to glow darkly and the screen turns black and then..You begin to be pulled ino your own ds, by a mystical force and then..Silence.

You wake up to find yourself in a completely black room unsure of what to make out of what just happened. As you rub your head which has now received a throbbing headache you look around the blackroom stand up and begin to look around. The silence is so eery that you begin to feel nervous as you were about to take a step forward the room illuminates and you see the title of the game you just bought before your eyes. You look at the title and begin to head torwards figuring it could lead to some clue to where the heck you are, but as you head torwards the light you are suddenly in a quiet rural town with pidgey flying above your head.

You are stunned and begin to wonder 'was I sucked right into the game' and a bigger question is "HOW?" So thus, since you have played previously you know that you have to get your first question but as you look for the lab you bump into two people, and they are arguing over and over about something in audible, all you know is that one is whering a long white robe with a giant blue L that ran down the front of the coat, the other was a man in a dark black robe that had a red D running down it. You carefully watch them and wonder as their heated dispute grows louder and louder until it becomes a pokemon battle, but something is off about the pokemon they use.

The man in white threw a crobat and clearly in your eyes you could see the white aurua surrounding it and also the strange flower marking that glowed white on its chest. The man in black sends out a mightyena and this mightyena also had an aurua that glowed red and there was a red heart on its chest , they both looked amplified in power, so you decide to leave before they spot you peeking in on their battle. So instead of jumping out and trying to be a hero you leave and go around town asking about the people in uniform and these are the most common answers you receive.

The man in white was surely a member of TEAM LIGHT an evil organization that rivals Team Dark, what their intentions are is unknown it has something to do with Arceus and Creselia, they are often reconized by their clothing which is a robe that extends past the torso and long white pants with black formal shoes. The most common pokemon they use is that of the zubat family.

The man in black is from TEAM DARK an evil organization that rivals Team Light, their intentions are unknown as well, only that it has something to do with Darkrai and Arceus. Their team is often recognized by a dark black robe with a red D on it, the robe extends down pass the torso and black pantsm and they where black tennis shoes. The most common pokemon they use in battle are Mightyena and Poocheyna.

With these answers in mind you knew what you had to do, find your own pokemon, start a journey and become the best, however you must also find the reason you were sucked into your own game as well, and what the aurua's around those pokemon were...As you find the lab and enter you find that the place is a complete mess and pokeballs are scatter amoungst the ground, there are several and thus you don't know which to pick..You are about to grab one when a muffled voice calls out your name..It's Proffeser Angelus! She yells at you to hurry and grab a pokeball, because you weren't alone in the seemingly deserted lab.

Whew! Now that thats overwith on with the sign-up sheet. Oh wait there has to be rules first D:

-1. This is a trainer quest rp thus I will be playing Game Master, do not take that job from me.
-2. I will put up chapters and what you can catch in that area, I am allowing the catching of legendarys but their must be certain requirments to catch one.
-3. At one point in the role-play you wil lbe able to catch a legendary of your choice without requirements, so if your frustrated about the requirements and think you can't get a legendary then do not freet :3
-4. You will be able to catch every pokemon, skio don't be surprised if an empoleon comes up on the catchables list.
-5.Have fun with it, don't think this is meant to be serious. It's not. So just have fun with it
-6. No character control, if its minor thats fine , but no actual character control without that persons CONSENT (and I will verify this as well)
-7. Respect all other players, don't be mean , it's just...well mean Dx
-8. Obey the cookie force >:O
-9. When you are done with your sign-up put my favorite pokemon is: (inser fav pokemon here)
-10. Follow all pokecommunity role-play rules..if you haven't read them..go read them.And you msut follow the 1 paragraph post if you don't you will be kicked out on sight no warning.
-Sign-up Sheets

Age: (12-17)


Personality: (At least a paragraph)

History: ( At least a paragraph)

Appearance: (At least a paragraph)

Rp sample: This is a requirement so I can get a good idea of how you role-play

-If you can please create a trainer card.
Grass Starters
Name:Bulbasaur(taken by Rii)
Gender: Male

Name Oddish(taken by .Sublime)
Personality: Impish

Name: Chikorita(taken by DrAcO ToRpEdO)

Name: Hoppip
Lvl: 5
Personality: Rash

Name: Turtwig

Fire Starters

Name:Charmander(reserved by PikaLover10)

Name:Vulpix(taken by dragonqueen)


Name:Cyndaquil(taken by CyndaquilMorph)

Name:Houndour(Taken by wolfwhisper)


Water Starters
Name:SquirtleT(Taken by Drunk ~_~)


Name: Totodile(Reserved for Callador)


Name:Piplup(taken by Candy Christina)

Electric Starters



Personality: Adament

Name:Shinx-(taken for namora)

Normal-type Starters
Name:Eevee(Taken by Rubii Naruto)






Alrighty then enjoy :D

Zeta Sukuna
December 16th, 2008, 12:15 PM
Can you reserve me the Eevee?

December 16th, 2008, 12:16 PM
Hey, this looks really interesting!

Name: Jen Harper

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Jen is a very independent girl, and preffers to be alone most of the time, although she really wouldn't mind a good friend. She can be very bold, and isn't afraid of stating the blunt truth, even if it get's her into trouble. When she intimidated or sad, she hides it behind a smirk. This can make her look extremely cocky, which she is, so its not that bad.

History: Jen's father died while serving in the army, and shortly after her mother committed suicide. Her mother couldn't stand the grief, though Jen didn't know this until she was 14. It was her Grandmother, the woman who took care of her ever since, that kept it from her until she was ready. Jen's grandmother, however, also died. Ironically enough it was on her seventeenth birthday. The cause of death was old age (she was 87), but Jen was pretty sure the cancer would have gotten to her. Her grandmother smokes a lot, and she even joined in One of her favorite ways to spend time with her Grandmother was smoking hookah together. Because she wasn't 18, she was to be sent to an orphanage. Instead she ran away and lived under a bridge with the other hobo's with her video games and her smokes. Luckily it only lasted three days, because that was when she was transferred into the pokemon world.

Appearance: Jen has brown hairthat's cut into layers that reaches down to only her shoulders. In her left ear is a bar earring and one stud on the lobe. On the right is one stud in her cartilage and two on the lobe. She wears ripped blue jeans and black converse shoes. She also wears a black plain shirt and a black jacket with the hood always up. The hood has a white skull painted on it, so when she wears the hood up it almost looks like her own. She also never takes off an obsidian cross her Grandmother gave her on her seventeenth birthday, right before she died.

Pokemon I would like: Houndour

Rp sample:

Matthew Wyer idily tapped against the car window as the scenery passed by. It was boring, and he was at the end of his patience. Cool gray eyes looked through brown locks as he stared at his father. His father was driving him to Professor Elm's lab, and although he was incredibly excited, his impatience made way for boredom from the long drive.

"Have you thought about which pokemon you're going to choose, sport?" his father asked.

Matthew simply grunted. "I want a real fighter, so Totodile is most likely going to be my choice."

His father looked at him intently through the rear view mirror. "Remember, son," he said kindly, "that you mustn't judge a book by its cover. The same goes for a pokemon. Remember that time you scoffed at that Caterpie for being a common pokemon?"

Matthew winced in remembrance. It had taken two days to get rid of the String Shot in his hair. "I know, I know," he said a bit impatiently. "But you have to admit, there's nothing else like that powerhouse Ferlaligatr," he said with a bit more enthusiasm.

"Already thinking of the many battles you'll be winning?" his father teased.

Matthew blushed in embarrasment. "A little," he admitted, thinking about pounding the living daylights out of a Dragonite with his pokemon before looking back out the window. The small town of New Bark Town had come into view, and now he was nearly in front of the large white laboratory.

Mathew hesitently got out of the car, his face becoming bold as he tried to act confident. His father chuckled and ruffled his hair, clearly able to see past his poor disguise. "Remember what I told you, son," he said, voice becoming slightly stern. A pokemon is a living being, and the first one you ever have will become like your brother and sister. Nothing will ever break that bond, so don't mess this up by choosing what your mind tells you to. Choose with your heart." Stepping back from his son, he gave him an encouraging smile, one that Mattew returned eagerly.

This time with a real brave face, Matthew entere the lab. He was immediately greeted by a lab assistant. "Aw, Matthew Wyer," he asked, holding a clip board with his information and picture." Matthew nodded eagerly. "Well, come with me and recieve your starter. The Professor is a bit busy at the moment."

Excitedly, Matthew followed and was shown to a table with three poke balls on them, each with an elemental symbol. The assistant released them all, resulting in several excited cried from the pokemon.

Matthew's eyes immediately sought out the Totodile's. He took in its small, muscular form and nervous face. The Totodile looked at him almost fearfully before letting out a loud "Dile!" before running behind the assistant's leg in fright, obviously scared of the new persons arrival.

Matthew felt disappointment rise, and it was extremely hard not to show it. With a defeated sigh, he turn to the other two. Cyndaquil was sleeping, so he quickly passed over it. Then his eyes rested on Chikorita's, the one that was claimed to be the weakest starter in the Johto League. It was the one pokemon he hadn't even considered. He had thought that he would just recieve his Totodile and be doen with it, but as he looked into Chikorita's determined black eyes, something sparked between them.

"Rita," it said firmly, spinning its large leaf eagerly. It was obviously ready for a fight, even going all the way to bark angrily at Totodile, making it cower even more. It turned back to him, looking deep into his eyes.

Matthew gulped, his mouth suddenly dry. He had heard of tales pf trainers who say they just knew who their pokemon starter would be by just looking at it. He hadn't understood it then, but now he did. He could see greatness in this pokemon already. Meganium's were known for being gentle and flower pokemon, but by the way Chikorita glared a flower in a vase, he knew that it knew what it's fate was supposed to be, and he knew it would fight it.

This Chikorita was a fighter, and even though it was possibly the worst choice as a starter for this League, Matthew knew he wouldn't have it any other way. This Chikorita would fight for all eternity. He could see it in its eyes, and knew at once it would never be the peaceful, flower hugging pokemon he had read about.

Matthew smirked and leaned down to pet Chikorita's head. "Huh, never judge a book by its cover," he murmered, receiving an amused smile from Chikorita.

Oh yes, they would become the powerhouse battlers he had always dreamed of.

December 16th, 2008, 2:26 PM
@ Rubii Naruto - Reservered

@WolfsWhispers- I've never seen a character who's father was killed in the army. Very creative! -Accepted

December 16th, 2008, 2:33 PM
Wait, do you mean me? Wolfwhispers? Cause that's what I put down. My screen name isn't Wolfrain23. Lol.

December 16th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Could I reserve Ponyta please? ^_^

December 16th, 2008, 2:49 PM
Name: Reina Moore

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Rude, does what she pleases despite what others wish, slightly vain, she likes to dress the part of a great trainer ( wheather she is or not ), loud, and pushy. Though she does have a good heart she has a hard time showing it. She wants to be the best and will not settle for less then that. She has often had a hard time making friends because of her cold demnor, and the same can be said for making pokemon friends. She is also lonely, though she will never admit that fact to anyone.

History: She has always wanted to become a great trainer like her grandfather before her who entered the Pokemon Legue. Unlike him however, she plans to be even greater and is only interested in stron pokemon who can win. Her family tried to give her a Skitty as a pet one year and she pushed it away, saying it would never amount to anything. She lives with her father and mother in a large city, full of tall buildings and skyscrapers. Her mother stays at home while her father works at a large lawfirm. Reina spends most of her time at the library studying pokemon and prepairing to become a trainer. She wants to learn all about pokemon before she actually trains them, and has spent the past three years studying up on types, abalities, and attacks.

Appearance: http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq324/mollyspook/goth2.jpg

Rp sample: Reina tapped her finger on the table in bordom as she listened to her father drone on. "So did you get all of this?" he asked once he had finished. "Whatever..." Reina muttered, and brushed a strand of hair from her eyes. "Excuse me?!" Her father pratically snarlled. "This is your future we are discussing her young lady." Reina stood quickly and slammed her fists on the table. "You mean the future 'You' decided for me!" Her father looked livid at this. "I have no desire what so ever to become an attourny. I told you I wanted to be a pokemon trainer." Reina left the room and slammed the door, causing a picture frame on the wall to crash and break. Nothing and no one would get in her way.

Reina stormed into her room, slamming the door in her father's face, who had followed closely behind. She couldn't do with more nagging. Her father was worse then an old woman.

"Really Reina.... Is this necessary?" her father banged on the door loudly.

Reina placed a pair of headphones over her ears, and began packing a small bag. She'd only take what was necessary, and it all fit into one bookbag.

A few potions, an antidote, four pokeballs, and a bottle of repel.

"Reina Moore! Get out here this minute!" her father screamed through the door.

Finally Reina loosened the floorboard at the base of her bed, underneath a bright rug. There an old tin lay with a picture of a Sunflora on it. She opened that and took out her savings, counting it as she did so.

"Exactely 8,000 poke'." she whispered. "I knew getting that job at the store was a good idea." she smiled and stuffed the money in her pocket.

"And furthermore...." her father stopped his rant as Reina opened the door to gawk at him.

"Don't tell me your still here?" Reina smirked, as she shoved past him.

"Don't you walk away from me young lady!" her father snarled.

Reina flipped him off and walked out the front door.
Pokemon: Can I have Bulbasaur?

My favorite pokemon is Raichu.

December 16th, 2008, 2:51 PM
ಠ_ಠ LOLWUT?! R U A FAG? ಠ_ಠ

/b/ > you

Ok, what the hell is your problem? I'm simply asking a question, and yet you need to undermine me simply because I put 'lol'? Why don't you pause for a second, and take a look at your own writing before you even think about making enemies. If you continue to use such blatant and immature comments with text, I suggest you think about your priorities before it is too late and you find yourself hated by many or even kicked off. In case you haven't read the rules, continuous spam is not tolerated.

December 16th, 2008, 3:18 PM
May I reserve Vulpix Oddish?
I had a change of heart xD

My sign-up will come soon.

December 16th, 2008, 3:21 PM
Eh, you realize you gave Vulpix two genders, right? ^^'

In that case, can I reserve a wild card, Larvitar? And can it be female?

And if too powerful, can I ask for a female Surskit, then? ><'

I'll get my SU later.

December 16th, 2008, 3:23 PM
Eh, you realize you gave Vulpix two genders, right? ^^'

In that case, can I reserve a wild card, Larvitar? And can it be female?

I'll get my SU later.

Haha, that's funny. Vulpix can be a hermaphrodite. ^-^

....What? It can happen.

December 16th, 2008, 3:44 PM
Im already tottaly overloaded with rp,s but i just cant resist joining

Name:Vivi Ornitier

Age: 16


Personality: Vivi is timid and shy but will go great lengths to help his friends in need.
He is usually in a good mood and playful if nothing is going on but if there’s danger- he will run, and run far too.
after being sucked into the game he developed a large care for pokemon and dosnt see them as tools of battle.
To Vivi, His pokemon are his best friends also.
If He is wronged or decieved by people he gets mad and angry.
His number one prioty in life is to value his friends.

History: Vivi lived most of his life with his grandpa in a house in the woods, as he leaft to journey around and broaden his horizon he found out about the gaming and technology of present time.
After playing Pearl he thought he may as well get the next one too. after working several hard hours he had enough money to buy it. then he went home to play it and....you know the rest.
. Vivi doesn’t know anything about his parents and grew up with his grandfather, a very nice and helpful man, all his life, he doesn’t mind not knowing his parents as he is pretty optimistic for the future

Appearance: http://www.ffcompendium.com/art/9-vivi-c.jpg
ill add in some more, Vivi is a normal person apart from the fact that his face is a black ball with 2 shining yellow eyes. He never takes of his pointy hat and waddles more then walking. He is only about 1 and half metres high with his hat. He is normal apart from his face so i hope its ok if I rp as him.

Rp sample: Vivi and his partner pokemon Cyndaquil which had the nickname Feurigel weren’t aware of what had happened at the ranger base.
After the earthquake had occurred they both had run of into the forest straight away concerned about the pokemon, after all they might have been hurt.
After looking around thoroughly they were relieved to find everything ok.
The 2 of them were now picking berries to sooth the ones who were still in uproar.
"Hey Vivi, i found some sitrus berries here" Feurigel called out to Vivi telepathically.
He waddled over to Feurigel and bent down to take a look at them "Good work Feurigel" he said his eyes shining brighter (means he’s smiling) as he started to pet him.
Vivi picked a few of them and brought them to a nervous Farfeth,d and Vapreon who eat them happily.

"Thanks be to god that no pokemon got hurt" Vivi said getting back up fixing his pointy hat.
"I know what you mean, they could have been really badly injured and..."
Feurigel was interrupted by a beeping out of Vivi,s robe pocket.
Vivi took out his stylus and read the message from the ranger base.
"Hmmm hmmm Hastings hmm hmm base" He said quietly as he read the message
"Uh, what now?" Feurigel asked cocking his head to the side.

Vivi pocketed the stylus and said worried "We have to go look for Professor Hastings, and were far behind schedule"
"Oh oh, the leader won’t like that" Feurigel answered
"I know" Vivi replied "C’mon we have to hurry"
Feurigel jumped into one of his large pockets and made sure to have his fire of.
Vivi started running into the more lively parts of the forest where most people walked hoping to find Hastings there

Note this character is actually the black mage of FF9,
He is not in any way a black mage or associated with the game in anyway in this role-play.
He only has the same personality and look that’s all.
if you want me to make a more normal character tell me and i will edit the post kk?

FINNALY, i would like Cyndaquil as a starter, and my favorite pokemon is Wobbuffet

EXTRA EXTRA NOTE: I cant really make good paragraphs with this cause i didnt write it to make good paragraphs, once i start rp,ing ill use short and sweet paragraphs its that kk now?

December 16th, 2008, 4:03 PM
@.Sublime -Reserved

@Rii ~pending~ I would liek you to add more to your personality, history and rp example, and I did go investigating peoples post, I suggest you read the rules about the 1 paragraph post <3~ Do these things and your in.

@Pikataro reserved and oops..my bad typos for the loss Dx

@wolfwhispers- Just o_o;

@CyndaquilMorph - Pending, I know its from FF9 but..Your rp sample isn't in the form I would LIKE it to be in. Make paragraphs and space out your posts. Basically rearrange yor writing style [if you don't know what to look for just go investigate around the rp forum you'll see what I mean] I'll reserve you cyndaquil in the mean time.

@ShadowFaith -Reserved

Zeta Sukuna
December 16th, 2008, 4:14 PM
(ooc: Is it okay if Josh's brother is in this? I don't care what role he is, if he even makes it. If not, then I can edit my history.)

Name: Joshua Collins
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Personality: Josh is a kid who really doesn't think things through, unless he is in battle. He always rushes headfirst into traps, but in battle he is pretty smart about his moves, careful not to make any stupid moves. He likes his family a lot, especially his brother who disappeared after getting the same game he did. Josh has absolutely no friends, as they call him a loser for liking pokemon. Josh is sad about his brother being gone, but is determined to reach his dream... to become a Game developer.

History: Joshua was born on a cold winters night, to a pair of semi-wealthy salespeople, so he got a lot of what he wanted, but his brother, Adam, who was six years older then him always tried to teach Josh about the value of hard work, and other stuff that he should have been taught. But when Josh was six, the company his parents worked for got bought out, and they fired Josh's parents, so they fell quickly. Josh's dad got a job as a cop, and his mom went back to school using the remainder of their money for tuition.

In between college, and police work, Josh and Adam's parents had no time to spend with their kids, so they spent time together. Josh then found an ad for a new pokemon game, so they each bought one... one Gold, and one Silver... and they got hooked, Josh more then Adam, so they got every pokemon game to come out afterwards, if they had the money. Finally, they each got a copy of Pokemon Light, and Pokemon Dark, but when Adam got ready for his own job, he simply disappeared... his uniform was untouched, and there was no sign of exit. Josh thought Adam was just somewhere else in the house and started playing Pokemon Light, but he too got sucked in to the game.

Appearance: Josh is fairly short, at 5' 5" tall, including his hair. 5'4" excluding it. His skin is a light tan, his eyes are a deep brown, almost black, and his ears are a little big. His hair is brown, but he keeps it covered with a hat all of the time. His body is fairly skinny, so his shirts are always a little loose, but he likes it like that. His normal shirt is black with the words. 'If it weren't for videogames, I'd be in bed.' His formal shirt is a tuxedo, but he left it in his world. He wears brown and somewhat-loose pants that go down to his feet, and his shoes are white nikes. He also has a brown backpack on him, to keep all of his school supplies in, but now it is used as the place to stuff everything he finds.

Rp sample (From your RP, Goddess of Happiness)

Andrew blasted a gust of wind, sending Corosa flying into the Beast's Machine, hard. "Grr... that's cute, but you can't win this." Said Corosa as she ran towards the bird anthro. Andrew sent out a gust of wind once more, but Corosa twirled her staff around... fast enough to keep her there, instead of being blown back.

"What the- how is that possible?" Asked Andrew to himself, he tried thinking of a way to attack. "Hmm... Alex is no good, as Corosa is wearing rubber gloves... and I can't attack directly, or else I'm done for." Corosa decided that she had enough, and jumped up before slamming the spear handle into Andrew's head, hurting him a bit, but it wasn't the part that electrocutes people.

"Don't underestimate me... after all, Enel admins used to be some of the worst criminals in history." Said Corosa as she started walking towards Andrew. "I was wanted in both Kanto and Hoenn for kidnapping two very influential people... I used to be a lot stronger then I am now. But years of inactivity made me weak. Now I serve a single man..."

"Really, I bet you are lying." Said Andrew, making Corosa twitch. "Heh, you really aren't that famous of a criminal... you lie about that to scare your opponents, and you kill them in the confusion... I've done that in Viridian City... a lot, but I do know that you are strong, if you can hold your balance in my wind." Corosa frowned before saying.

"Heh, I am indeed lying, but I will still kill you." Said Corosa as she prepared to battle. Andrew narrowed his eyes, to see what she would do. "Now I'll go all out." Corosa rushed in, spear ready to strike. "Electrocution!" And with that, she jumped up, and slammed Andrew with the spike, starting to shock him.

"AAAARRRUUUGHHHHHH!!!!!" Yelled Andrew, as he was being shocked... which hurt a lot more for him, seeing as he was part bird. The scream was then broadcast to where the whole island could hear it... loud and clear.

"Hahahah! Come on Aethereon Beast! Save your friend! Hahahah!" Laughed Corosa into the microphone, sending the message out to the entire island. "Hurry up, or your 'friend' will die!" Corosa lifted the spear... as Andrew had stopped moving.


An unconscious verison of Andrew was lieing there, with Kalius shaking his head. Ignoring all rational thoughts with his slightly drunken manner, he took over the body to fight off Corosa.

"Heh, you are so lucky I can't think straight right now." Said Kalius as his mind 'double' disappeared.

(Corosa's Base)

"You'd better hurry up! Or your friend will die!" Yelled Corosa, but something happened... the sound system blanked out. "What? What's going on? Why has the transmission been cut?"

"Heh, it's because of my own power." Said Kalius as he got up from the floor... the changes have been made, and Corosa was confused.

"What- how?" Started Corosa, but Kalius easily grabbed her head, and slammed it into the wall, causing blood to start dripping down.

"Your woust nightmare has come... I am the most powerful man in the world, and I will kill you." Said Kalius as he raised his hand. "All it takes is one, just one sphere of wind to blow your head clean off... but I will give you a chance... all you have to do is run away. Just run out of this place, before I see you, or you will die," Corosa looked into Kalius' eyes, and instantly felt true fear.

"What kind of game is this? Y- you're a monster!" Yelled Corosa. Kalius started laughing at that statement. "Wh-what's so funny?" Corosa backed up in fear, afraid on what Kalius would do if she pissed him off. Kalius soon stopped laughing and turned to Corosa.

"Monster? I'm not a monster... I'm a GOD!!! Hahahah!" Laughed Kalius as the alcohol wore off. "You have a minute head start before I head out... you'd better run if you want to remain alive." Corosa didn't need to be told twice as she ran as fast as she could. "Hehehehehahahah... HAHAHAH!"

Trainer card... does not look like Josh, but whatever.


December 16th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Haha, it's ok. Its pretty funny, and to give you an even harder time, you forgot to add an 's' at the end of my name under the reserved Houndour. Haha, sorry, but I just can't resist telling you that, especially since you thought my name was Wolfsrain23 or something. ^-^.

Can't wait till this starts! By the way, Pika-Lol, that guy or whatever, do you know what he said on his last post before he was booted?

Candy Christina
December 16th, 2008, 4:21 PM
May I reserve Piplup, please? :)

December 16th, 2008, 4:33 PM
May I reserve Charmander? If not then piplup.

December 16th, 2008, 4:33 PM
May i reserve chikorita untill the end of tomorrow? I g2g soon but ill SU tomorrow.

And yeah too fun to resist :P

December 16th, 2008, 4:40 PM
( I went back up and re-did my post. I made everything longer, espically my rp samply. Whew! I hope it's good now. I tried to add as much more onto her personality as I could..... But how much of a personality can one person have without it being split personality? :P )

December 16th, 2008, 4:47 PM
@Rii. Good, and actually lol I;ve had split personality characters before. They are pretty fun to role-play around with it provides good plot things anyway. Accepted but remeber you don't actually start out in the region..You were sucked in to the new game x3.. Oh well.. Approved. Just make sure to follow the 1 paragraph rule.

@ Candy Christina - Reserved

@ Rubii Naruto - Accepted

@DrAco- Reserved

@ me - Yay evryone loves the role-play.. I needa make sure to put a ooc up then when it starts <3

December 16th, 2008, 4:53 PM
( Also you said to make a trainer card. But I kinda don't know how. I made one before, but I couldn't find the link to post it anywhere. lolz )

December 16th, 2008, 4:58 PM
Oh ok simple and plain paragraphs.
sure i can do that, simple and easy as spaghetti pie.
ill just add in paragraphs by editing my old post is that ok then or do i need to edit more?
ill make a trainer card once we start or im accepted

December 16th, 2008, 5:05 PM
@Rii - No worries I'll do my best to put trainer cards for each role-player. And if you have trouble making a trainer card just go to pokecharms make your trainer card save it to your pictures and upload it to photobucket. But if you can't I'll make one for you.

@CyndaquilMorph - Fix that and your accepted <3

@Everyone - I'll have chapter 1 up as soon as I can. At the moment I have to sort through everyones sign-ups. Once we start I want all other sign-ups put in the ooc-thread

December 16th, 2008, 5:10 PM
Kk rp master lol
I tried to make paragraphs but its kinda hard with a post not desighned for them.
once i start ill make my paragraphs short and sweet ok?
i write stories in my spare time, i know how to use paragraphs

December 16th, 2008, 5:19 PM
Name: Trevor Bramwell

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Trevor can be described as a normal induvidual. Not so hot-boiled that he will snap at anything; yet not to docile to let people walk all over him. He classifies himself as "laid-back"; which, to his definition, is one who generally never cares much about anything.

The other side of his personality shows a peace-loving induvidual. He hates fighting and arguments and will do anything in his power to avoid them.

Speaking of things he hates, Trevor can't stand to see people put down. This irks him to the very core of his being. You could suppose this would make him a very kind-hearted person; which is true.

Trevor was born into your basic American family. You've got the mom that doesn't really care of his existince, the dad that rarely sees him due to the divorce, the sister that won't quit bothering him, and the family pet that seems to be his only real friend in life. Yup, the basic family.

His childhood was anything but fun. His parents divorced when he was 5 and his mother won the custody battle. This sent Trevor into an ongoing state of depression. Reason why, is because he hateshis mom; as she hates him. She blames him for every little mistake that is made; including the divorce. Oh, how Trevor wished day after day that his father had won the battle; for his father actually had a love for his son.

Things started to look up around Trevor's tenth birthday. His father got him a puppy, Siberean Husky to be exact. Trevor will never forget the words his father whispered to him as he brought the dog over.

"Whenever things are looking down for you, son. Just remember, there is always someone who loves you."

Of course, this newfound happiness didn't last for long; because on Trevor's thirteenth birthday, his mother said they were moving to a far away place. She wouldn't tell where, just to make sure Trevor wouldn't inform his father. So they packed their bags and caught their flight; leaving their home, their friends, and the only person who ever really loved Trevor.

Fast forward to the present day. Trevor is sixteen years old and has made many new friends in his new home. He secretly keeps in contact with his father, via email. His mother is still as hateful as ever. And to make matters worse, they have a new family member. A six year old daughter named Isabella; and she lives off annoying Trevor. But of course, Trevor is blamed for starting the rucus that comes when Isabella starts something.

Trevor usually escapes from his living hell by playing his favorite video game series, Pokemon. He recently bought a copy of Pokemon Light, not knowing what he had gotten himself into...

Appearance: Trevor stands at exactly 5' 11". Not an inch taller, nor shorter. His build is somewhat muscular, due to his love for working out. He has shaggy, bleach-blonde hair that looks like it's never combed. His eyes are a gentle azure color with speckles of dark green. He has an eight inch scar down his left arm from a kid who tried to stab him.

His usual attire consits of his favorite khaki jacket with the logo of his favorite brand on it. He also sports a pair of brown pants that sag slightly over his black and white shoes. To complete his outfit, he has his cross necklace; which his father gave him at birth. Engraved on the back of it is: May the Lord guide you to acomplish great things.

Rp sample: From Rawltz & Rawltz Co.

It was a pretty basic day in Dom's life. He had already went through his usual morning routine and was currently enjoying the fresh Kanto air that surrounded him. He was sitting in an off-white wooden chair on the porch of his house. The beautiful melodies that resonated from his guitar mingled with the air.

A familiar faced passed by where Dom was playing. It was a young boy, about 7 years old, and he adored hearing Dom play.

"Hey mister Dom!" The boy shouted out with an ecstatic tone.

"Hello, Robby!" Dom said with a hearty grin covering his face.

"What are you playing today, mister Dom?" Robby said with curiosity filling his eyes.

"Just a little thing I'm working on." Dom replied while playing the chorus to his song.

Robby listened to the smooth tones in awe. He had never heard such amazing music before in his life.

"It's beautiful, mister Dom.." Robby said quietly, making sure his voice wasn't loud enough for him to miss part of the song.

Dom abruptly stopped playing when he saw the postal worker arrive. He got up out of the chair, which let out a terrible creak, and headed down the driveway towards the mailbox.

"Afternoon, Dom!" The postal worker said politely.

"Afternoon!" Dom replied with a wave.

He thumbed through the mail; not really expecting to see anything for him.

"Bills, Bills, Junk Mail. Ooh, Pokemon Magazine!" Dom said cheerily, rolling up the magazine and stuffing it in his back pocket.

"Wait a minute,..What is this?" Dom thought aloud while looking at the mysterious envelope adressed to him.

It was labeled "R&R/TT" and had no return adress. It seemed like your basic mail; White envelope, basic stamps, nothing fancy at all.

Dom curiously opened the letter and read its contents

‘Dear Domonic Santino,
You have been invited to the lab of Professor Hann. She lives in Slateport City, Hoenn. She has recently moved from Johto, and has built a new laboratory in Slateport. But the laboratory isn’t normal. It is located underwater. You will need to report the Oceanic Museum located in East Slateport. There will be no need to pay admission. We will immediately take you to your first destination. You must be there at strictly 7:00 PM. We do not appreciate or tolerate latecomers. Once there, we will all leave for the Laboratory of Professor Hann. There you will receive your first Pokemon, which has been carefully chosen by Hann. Then, Hann and I will explain to you everything that is happening and why. Then, just as quickly as you came, you will leave. You are not to tell anyone about your visit to Professor Hann and you are not to tell anyone about this letter. Leave every one of you Pokemon behind. You will receive your Pokemon once you come to Slateport.


The name was unreadable, sadly. Dom read the letter over a few times to make sure he was reading it right.

"I'm requested to go to Slateport?! That's all the way in another reigon!" Dom said, shocked at the contents of the letter.

"I'll have to get first thing tomorrow! I surely don't wan't to miss out on this opprotunity!" Dom said while running back inside.

He rushed into the kitchen, where the rest of his family was enjoying lunch.

"Mom! Dad! Look at this!" Dom shouted, practically shoving the paper in his parent's faces.

Dom's father grabbed the letter and read it over carefully.

"Well, this is obviouslysomething very important; Dom. Are you sure you're up to it?" His father said in a curious tone.

"Of course! Who knows what will go on there?! It could very well be my big break!" Dom shouted ecstatically.

"Who knows...That's exactly the problem..." Dom's mother said worridly.

"Now, honey, if Dom want's to go then it's his decision." His father interjected. "Now son, DO you want to go?"

Dom breathed a heavy sigh. "...Yes, I do!" He replied. "I'll make sure to keep in touch and everything!"

"Ok son. If that is what you want. I'll order you a ticket to board the S.S. Anne tomorrow. It will take you straight to Slateport." His father said.

"Thank you!" Dom shouted out. "Thank you so much!" It was then that he realized his mother was crying. He slowly walked over and gave her a hug.

"Don't worry mom, I'll be alright" He said reassuringly.

"Oh...I'll miss you so much!" She said with a sob.

"I promise I'll keep in touch." Dom said again as he let go of his mother. He then headed up to his room to pack and wait for nightfall. Also to wait for the start of a new day; and the start of a new chapter unfolding in his life.


My favorite Pokemon is Farfetch'd.

December 16th, 2008, 5:26 PM
@.Sublime- I applaud you. Your sign-up is excellent, your history , appearence everything is epic. So I must say you are.. ACCEPTED

@CyndaquillMorph- If you need to practice writing paragraphs go take a sheet of power and wrie story. Its the perect way to learn how to write in paragraphs, Don't worry every new person to role-plays that I author hve trouble and need adjustment which I'm here to help you with so you can get a better style of role-playing <3, unless they've role-played with long post before, need to get used to my style of requirements.

December 16th, 2008, 5:28 PM
Thanks! 8D
I was kinda worried I didn't have enough Apperance or Personality though. xD

December 16th, 2008, 5:40 PM
sorry for the short post thats following
just want to say heres my trainer card
WOOT vivi like trainer

December 16th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Working on my SU; I may not finish and will say so~

Name: Mizu Seishin Hinan (Mizu for short; name (in order of f/m/l) is literally "Water Spirit Haven")

Age: 14

Gender: Girl

Personality: Mizu is very fragile in terms of resistance to name calling and bullying, and often goes off crying. Very shy and quiet, Mizu keeps to herself and never lets the world in. However, she has studied tactics over a period of time, and has become a great tactician herself, winning most strategy games she played with the fews friends she ever had. Mizu is mostly calm in hectic situations, and often is just found sitting around in a daze. Mizu may also space out, usually thinking about strategies, but is always able to catch any important parts if someone is speaking to her.

History: Mizu's life was harsh. Let's begin at her birth. She was born in the Johto region of Japan, but her parents were foreigners from another country across the world, America. They taught her English, but at the same time, she took up Japanese so she could interact with everyone around her. Eventually, Mizu's mother, whom she had felt some sort of kinship with, died from an explosion in a fire when she was 7.

The distraught Mizu soon started being teased at school, because of her "unique looks" (will be explained in Appearance). They called her "freak", "alien", you name it. At last, Mizu couldn't take it anymore and ran away. She quickly ran into her house while her father was at work and took everything she needed. She then proceeded to leave her father a note telling him that she will be gone. Afterwards, she took off, never to be heard from again.

Eventually, Mizu received a phone call from her father; she had had a cell phone since she was 8; she was 12 now. Her father told her how much he wanted to see her, and because he sounded sad, Mizu decided to return home. When she did, however, she found her dad making out with another woman, one more vile than her mother. In shock, Mizu slammed the door behind her and ran away yet again, wishing to escape this morbid nightmare.

Mizu began working odd jobs around the age of 13 to get enough cash to pay for a bunch of nights in the cheapest and dirtiest of hotels, and eventually got enough not only to stay more nights, but also to buy a Nintendo DS, for her entertainment. Later on, she developed an interest in the Pokemon game series, and soon bought Pokemon Dark. She had heard of its fine qualities, and began playing it when she was sucked in. And our story ends here...

Appearance: Mizu has very pale skin, much like that of a vampires (for those who have read the Twilight series or saw the movie or even the trillion posters around). She is roughly 5'4" in height, somewhat shorter than one of her friends, a girl named Gale (I'll introduce her later), and is of average weight. She has a "D-cup", though her chest just barely qualifies as one. Mizu's hair goes down to about her rear, and is a silky straight very light blue. Her eyes, as she had been teased about, are both a different color. Her left eye is a stunning sapphire blue while her right eye a bright turquoise blue. Mizu usually wears a blue schoolboy outfit, because she never liked wearing skirts. Her outfit is a blue shirt followed by blue capris, and then navy blue slip-on shoes, the only part not included with her uniform. Mizu also may sometimes wear a blue schoolgirl hat (the only schoolgirl item the teachers could get her into), which is shaped like a sailor's hat, and has a yellow ribbon around it.

And finally, Mizu wears a talisman charm necklace around her neck. She has many, so I'll only list a couple:
希望 (Hope)
信頼 (Faith)
運 (Luck)
運命 (Destiny)
保護 (Protect)
健康 (Power)
強さ (Strength)
静穏 (Serenity)

Rp sample: From Mika's "Fragments of Alarayne"

Who are you?

My name is... Gale, watch out!

How do you know my...AIIIII!!!

Gale! No!


Gale, are you OK?

Yes, I'm fine. But how do you...know me? Oh my god, you're spewing blood everywhere!

I'll be fine, honestly. But... I am your...

What! Wait! Are you my brother? My sister? No! Don't leave me! Don't leave. Don't leave...

Silence. Complete and utter silence. At once, the girl, Gale, had stopped tossing and turning in her bed. It was that dreaded nightmare again. The one where she had met up with her lost sibling, but they immediately died saving her. The gender of this supposed sibling was unknown to her, but Gale knew that the sibling was out there in that vast world of Pokemon...

It was about three in the morning when the soothing serenade began playing. Gale awoke with a start; she had always been a light sleeper. She yawned casually, and looked out the window.

"Looks like it'll be another one of these days..." she said with a sigh, quickly laying back down. But with the serenade playing, she couldn't go back to sleep. She actually didn't mind waking up to this type of music. After all, it was better than that death metal music. Fortunately, Gale had found a way to soundproof everything - except any knocking sounds on her door or windows - so no sound would get in, and no sound would get out.

Dressing in her casual wear, Gale knew she had some time until the meeting at five. She laid her uniform symmetrically out on her bed after she had made it, and left the building for her usual trip to the gorgeous lake of Blackthorn. It had been enough years since she had seen such beautiful, pure water. But this water could never beat the water that was in Phenac. Even though it was human-generated, it was much more crystal-clear than the water here. With a sigh, Gale took out three coins, a book of some sort, and a flat drawing board. She flipped the three coins at once, and when they landed, she took note of what side they were on. Two were on Tails, while one was on Heads, so on her drawing board, she drew two dashes next to each other. She repeated the same process, getting all Heads this time. She drew a long dash right above the two dashes she had put down before. Continuing this process, she flipped the coins four more times and got what looked like this:

-- --
-- --
-- --

Looking it up in her convenient "I-Ching" book, Gale took note of what it meant.

"47. K'un - Oppression (Exhaustion)

-- --
----- above Tui The Joyous, Lake
-- --
----- below K'an The Abysmal, Water
-- --

The Judgement

Oppression. Success. Perseverance.
The great man brings about good fortune.
No blame.
When one has something to say,
It is not believed.

The Image

There is no water in the lake:
The image of Exhaustion.
Thus the superior man stakes his life
On following his will.

The Lines

Six at the beginning means:
One sits oppressed under a bare tree
And strays into a gloomy valley.
For three years one sees nothing.

() Nine in the second place means:
One is oppressed while at meat and drink.
The man with the scarlet knee bands is just coming.
It furthers one to offer sacrifice.
To set forth brings misfortune.
No blame.

Six in the third place means:
A man permits himself to be oppressed by stone,
And leans on thorns and thistles.
He enters his house and does not see his wife.

Nine in the fourth place means:
He comes very quietly, oppressed in a golden carriage.
Humiliation, but the end is reached.

() Nine in the fifth place means:
His nose and feet are cut off.
Oppression at the hands of the man with the purple knee bands.
Joy comes softly.
It furthers one to make offerings and libations.

Six at the top means:
He is oppressed by creeping vines.
He moves uncertainly and says, 'Movement brings remorse.'
If one feels remorse over this and makes a start,
Good fortune comes." Gale read softly. Although she did not quite understand all of this easily, she still knew a great deal of what it meant. Ah, Exhaustion. If only this book knew how accurate that was... Erasing her lines from her drawing board, Gale proceeded back to her room. She placed her coins, drawing board, and book away in one of the cabinets, which held all her fortune telling equipment, and changed into her uniform. It was 4:45 now, and Gale knew she couldn't be late. It was surprising she had spent that long down at the lake, but she figured she had gotten lost in figuring out what her fortune was for the day. She hoped that no one would yell at her...

Starter: Larvitar (Shinsei Bara or "Pure Rose"; Bara for short); Lonely Nature (+Atk. -Def.)

Oh, and trainer card:

That is seriously the closest I could find to her looks X_X

December 16th, 2008, 6:23 PM
@ Pikataro - Accepted! and since its a wild card , you can pick its gender and nature.(Since I have no idea how you ideal nature is xD)

Lets get this role-play started then x3

Chapter 1: The most obvious Question "How did we end up here?!" and enter Team dark, the darkness within the world!

Objective: Grab one of the random pokeballs and save Professer Angelus! Maybe she'll reward you in return! But wait rescue her? What does that mean? Oh know! It looks like some team dark grunts are ransacking the place! Hurry grab a pokeball and start the battle!

Dark Grunts Pokemon

Grunt 1-http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa013.png
Name:Weedle(Defeated by Rii)
Lvl: 3

Grunt 2-http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa010.png
Name:Caterpie(beat off by Angelus)

Grunt 3- http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa016.png
Name:Pidgey(Beat off by Angelus)

Grunt 4-http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa007.png
Name:Squirtle-Defeated by Wolfwhispers!

Grunt 5-http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa261.png
Name:Poocheyena(Defeated by Rubii Naruto)

But wait five mroe grunts are coming! What will you do? Dx

Grunt 6-http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa276.png
Name: Tailow(Scared off during the middle of a battle by Angelus)

Grunt 7-http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa161.png
Name:Sentret(Defeated by CyndaquilMorph)

Grunt 8-http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa069.png
Name:Bellsprout(defeated Draco Torpedo)

Grunt 9-http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa173.png
Name:Cleffa(won against CandyChristina, scared off by Angelus)

Grunt 10-http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa396.png
Name:Starly-(Scared off by Angelus)

Hurry beat them all and rescue Professer Angelus, and start your mission to find how the HECK you ended up in your very own pokemon game! Maybe you'll even get your first pokemon!

December 16th, 2008, 6:28 PM
OK~ She'll have a Lonely nature, so...

Just FYI, I'll start tomorrow. But, before I leave, would it be OK if she knew Egg Moves? If two is the maximum, then Dragon Dance and Iron Head. But if only one, then Dragon Dance. If three (I wish ><') Dragon Dance, Iron Head, and Ancientpower. But I'm OK with two or one.

December 16th, 2008, 6:39 PM
( I hope this works, but here's my card..... maybe. lol )

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/33444134@N04/3114960846/" title="Reina's Card by lavaangel23, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3231/3114960846_d761bacd52.jpg" width="246" height="171" alt="Reina's Card" /></a>

December 16th, 2008, 7:38 PM
@ Pikataro - I will allow you two egg moves cause I'm nice <3)

@Rii - I got you your own trainer card and it will appear once the ooc thread gets accepted.

Zeta Sukuna
December 16th, 2008, 8:11 PM
Chapter 1: Waking up in the New World! Battle Vs. Team Dark Grunt Begins!

Joshua's eyes open to an unfamiliar view... he was outside a building. "Uurgh? What's going on? Where am I?" He looked around, seeing weird kinds of trees and not the concrete jungle he had become accustomed to. "What the? This place is weird... but then again, it seems to be more pleasent.

Suddenly a crash was heard in the distance, as well as a scream... someone was being attacked. "What? Oh no! I have to help whoever that is!" Yelled Joshua before getting up and running towards the sound of distress.


A man in a black uniform with a red D on it was smirking as he walked towards the pokeballs. There was a woman tied up on the ground, unable to protect her valuables from this, or the other four men there as well. "Heh, thank you for the nice stuff... you were lucky we were feeling merciful today, or you would have lost more then you did." The grunt started looking around, probably for more stuff, when he saw a red glint.

'Please don't find the pokeballs, please.' Begged the woman, but the grunt moved some papers and saw a lot of pokeballs. 'oh no, they found them.' The grunt picked up one of them and walked over to the woman.

"What is this you b(Whoa)?" Asked the grunt. The woman just stared in shock. "Answer me!" The Grunt then kicked the woman, hard. The woman still didn't answer... the man did indeed know what they were, but he wanted to hear from the woman. Soon enough, the woman finally spoke.

"Okay, okay! They are pokeballs! Please, don't touch them!" Yelled the woman, but the man walked over to the red and white spheres. "Please! Those are for the new trainers!"

"Heh, and we care because...?" Said the man as he grabbed a pokeball. "Anyway, we are supposed to eliminate all possible causes of resistance, and this is a possible cause of resistance. A big one. So we must eliminate it." The woman gasped.

"No, you can't!" Yelled the woman. The man dropped the pokeball and raised his foot, but just before he crushed it, a medium-sized rock smashed into his head.

"AAAHHH!!! What the hell!?" Yelled the man as he grabbed his bleeding head. "Who did that!?" Suddenly another rock hit the floor right next to his foot. The man looked at the person who threw the rocks, and it was Joshua. "Why are you here brat?"

"You are attacking someone innocent, stop this immedately." Said Joshua in a serious tone. The man looked at Joshua and laughed. "What? What's so funny?" The man keeps on laughing, which prompted Joshua to toss another rock, causing the man to fall back once more, allowing Joshua to dash in and grab the pokeball.

"Graaaaahhh! You idiot! Don't you know that we are Team Dark!? We can crush you in an instant!" Yelled the man as he tossed out his Poochyena. "Poochyena, stand by!" Poochyena nodded before staring at Joshua, who gasped in surprise. The woman shouted at him.

"This is no time to be scared! Use that pokeball!" Yelled the woman. Joshua snapped out of his surprised state and tossed out the pokeball, hoping for something powerful. The pokeball hit the floor and opened up to reveal an Eevee.

"An Eevee?...... HAHAHAHahahahah!" Laughed the man. The Poochyena relaxed a bit, after all... Eevee isn't all too powerful in its base state. "Listen kid, you have to do a lot better then that to fight against me."

"Oh, really? Well, I hope you can back up those words, or you'll be going down!" Yelled Joshua as he and the man glared at each other. "Eevee, Tackle!"

(To be continued...)

December 16th, 2008, 8:28 PM
Complete and total darkness surrounded Jen, and yet at the same time she felt as if she were travelling. She could feel and see nothing; it was as if the world had ceased to exist. But how? How could this have happened? She could still think freely, so she was obviously awake. All Jen could remember was turning on her DS to play that new pokemon game... Pokemon Dark or something. She couldn't really remember much of what happened to her to get to this place.

"This sucks," Jen commented aloud, not really thinking any sound would escape her mouth. After all, she couldn't even see or feel herself.

Almost as if her speaking was the key to returning back to the world of color, Jen's vision swam and rainbows of color surrounded her. It spun her body round and round. Just before Jen felt she would get sick, the world reappeared and she was actually flung from wherever she was. Landing with a grunt, Jen scowled as she rubbed her wounded butt. She had landed quite hard.

"What the hell was that?" she snarled, getting up and throwing her hood on, annoyed it had come off. Looking around in annoyance, a small amount of fear began to enter eyes as she gazed about, hazel eyes half lidded in thought. Where was she? "What happened?" she whispered, stalking back and forth in thought with her head bowed.

The last thing that happened was her turning on the game and the feeling of something... sucking? Yes, the feeling of her being pulled, or sucked, toward her DS.

Jen's eyes widened. "I'm in the game," she said in shock. Ok, now she was pretty sure she knew where she was, but now the question was how? Walking back and forth once more in anger, she nearly missed the angry voices in a different room. Walking toward the voices, Jen nearly bumped into the two arguing men as they rushed past in a hurry. They don't make it all the way out of sight, and before Jen knew it, a pokemon battle has started.

Jen's eyes widen in awe as she see's pokemon -real live pokemon!- be released from real pokeballs! But, something seemed to be wrong with them. Looking at the pokemon carefully, Jen noticed that they seemed to have colored hearts tattooed onto them and glowed oddly. Seeing the blood thirsty looks on the pokemon's face, Jen casually walked away, deeming this to not be her problem.

Entering a new room, Jen looked around in disgust at the mess that met her eyes. Papers were everywhere, as well as...

"Pokeballs?" Jen muttered, a sly expression lighting up her face.

"Hey, you!" a female voice shouts, causing Jen to jump. In comes a woman wearing a white robe, and she looks absolutely shaked. "Quick!" she yells. "Don't just stand there, grab a pokeball!"

"I don't think so," a new voice growls. In comes a man wearing a dark uniform. His face is partially hidden in the shadows, meaning he particularly doesn't want Jen to know what he looks like. "Go, Squirtle!" he yells.

Out pops a tiny blue turtle. It faces Jen and the woman with a fierce expression. "Squirtle," it said lowly.

"Take care of these pests," the man says with a deadly growl.

"Back off, douchebag," Jen snarled, fingers curling into fists in anger. Her eyes narrowed at the sight of a pokeball at her foot. Without thinking, she grabbed it and threw it quickly.

A small, black dog with visible bones on its back and head appeared. It lifted its muzzle into the air and howled. "Hound!"

Jen smirked cockily at the man. "Houndour," she cooed, loving the hint of fear appearing on the Squirtle's face, "get rid of this pest."

...To be continued.

December 16th, 2008, 10:37 PM
Do you mind if I sign-up with Vulpix?

Name: Angel Kuiin

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Arrogant, devious and cunning, Angel minds her own business, never sticking her nose into others unless they ask and only if she wants to. She is above average in all of the curriculum areas and has a extremely strong willpower. Unfortunately, Angel can't swim and though she isn't deathly afraid of water, she prefers to stay away from open water.

History: When she was born, Angel was a perfect little angel, spoilt by her parents and boasted about constantly. At the age of three, she had already learned to walk perfectly, entered dance school and was speaking like a five year old. Even though at the time she didn't like the constant attention and the fact that no one in her kindergarten would talk to her because she knew more than them, she never said a word to her parents.

By the time she was half way through primary school, Angel was the best in her class, lonely and frustrated. She tried many times to make some friends but her wealth from her parents and the fact a bodyguard was always near her. Angel coped with it though, because by this time, she had already planned how to be free again.

Angel entered secondary school with a flourish, her pride going to extraodinary heights. She had the mind of a cunning thief and the intelligence of a genius. Bribing some of the teachers and using the school resources, she managed to take a portion of money from her parents' bank account and place it into her own. Writing a note telling her oh-so-dear parents that she was leaving, she gathered her items, detached her bank account from her parents and rented out a hotel somewhere. Whilst shopping, she decided to buy a nintendo DS for her entertainment and as she went to start playing it, she got sucked in and this is where our story starts...

Appearance: (I picked a specific trainer when I was making a trainercard so it would be easier to write the appearance) Tall for her age and highly athletic, Angel is of a lean build, with flowing Lilac hair, crimson red eyes and perfect stature. She wears a 3/4 sleeve dark grey and lilac jacket and dark grey laced skirt that's half way down her thigh. She wears normal chucks as well. Angel also carries round a lilac coloured bag to keep her stuff in.

Rp sample:

~From Hippy's healing destruction.
Tuliae's nose twitched, the scent of another pokemon seemed to be in the area, it was either a houndoom or an umbreon by the looks of it. Or both. "hey you! aren't 'cha gonna do anything! given up hav' ya! hehe..." She flicked her tail, whatever it was, it was going to have to wait till she dealt with this horrendous beast.

Normally, when Tuliae fought, she either did it the easy way and simply put the pokemon to rest or she decided to play with it and torture the soul. The latter was only used if she was really angry or really annoyed. "oh I haven't given up, but what would you gain from killing me?" she questioned. The magmar grinned savagely, "a nice meal is what I would get! now enough talk..." The magmar began to walk across the plain in a slightly circle. She followed it's movements very closely, even though magmar weren't very fast, it wouldn't do to underestimate her opponent. "are you sure you wouldn't like to join the rest of the pokemon leaving?" she asked, stalling for time, why? she wasn't quite sure. The presence of the Umbreon-houndoom was quite unsettling though. "no no no no no, kehehe, why would I leave when my home is here," it cackled, having stopped moving. "but you'll soon leave to visit Arceus!" The magmar unleashed a heat boiling flamethrower straight at her face. Tuliae jumped as high as she could possibly go.

When dealing with a opponent that is likely to weigh a serious amount more than you, it's good to blind their vision, and that's exactly what Tuliae did. She used haze, covering the surrounding area with a cold and misty fog. Being used to cold conditions, she could detect exactly where the shivering lump of fire was. Also, a shape seemed to be hiding behind a rock near where they where fighting. She pushed that to the back of her mind and made her way stealthily towards the magmar.

"I suggest you don't under estimate your elders!" came a thundering voice through the fog and Tuliae was thumped hard and sent flying to hit a boulder. The mist was clearing slowly and she could see that the magmar had scored with perfect accuracy a fire punch embedded straight at her face. She stood up shakily, 'no way was she going to lose so early in her journey' Opening her mouth, she launched a shadow ball right at the magmar, pushing it into a rock. Leaping up, she decided right now that going all out was probably the best solution for this battle. Launching another shadow ball, she leapt onto the highest rock there and launched the most powerful hyper beam she could. "why you little-Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the magmar sentence was cut short as a bright light enveloped it and the magmar was incinerated. A pile of smothered ash was lying on the ground.

Tuliae flopped down onto the rock, panting hard, below her, she could see that the shadow behind the rock had still not moved, but that was what she thought. "you can come out now, I sensed you earlier after all"

Oh yeah, and my favourite pokemon is Ninetales.

-My trainercard

Gumshoe Satyr
December 16th, 2008, 10:52 PM
Can I reserve Shinx? I'll try to have it early tomorrow. (Kind of surprised that it hasn't been taken yet but oh well. My gain XD)

December 17th, 2008, 6:29 AM
Reina's eyes snaped open and she sat up quickly in bed. "Ok, I've played too much pokemon if I'm dreaming things like that." She reached over to her bedside table and switched on the light.

Her Nintendo DS was still plugged in and ready to go.

Her newest game was already in the slot, so all she had to do was switch it on. She was planning to play last night, but her parents had gotten into another argument, so she hadn't really felt like playing then.

Reina glanced at the clock.

"5:00 a.m. Pleanty enough time for a game before school."

She switched on the game and a brillent white light seemed to explode around her. "What the heck!" she yelped.

The next time Reina opened her eyes she was in a small office like place, with papers and such scattered around. It looked like the place had been searched through, for what she didn't know.

"Where the heck am I?! she wondered aloud.

"Please someone help me!" a voice yelled from outside.

Reina at first thought about ignoring the voice, figuring this to be another strange dream. She was still in bed after all. Right?

Suddenly from the garbage bin something moved.

Reina crept over slowly and peered inside.

There was a red and white sphrical shaped object.

"A pokeball?" Reina wondered.

"Please, someone help me!" the voice of the woman called more urgently.

Not really thinking it over much Reina snatched the pokeball from the trash. "If it's a dream I might as well enjoy it." she smirked. "Whoever you are you'd better be something good." she glanced down at the pokeball.

Reina then quickly ran out the door and into a brightly sun lit yard. There were a few goons dressed in dark outfits surrounding a woman. The bore the letter D upon their chest.

A few of the goons were fighting one guy already. One of the goons approached her. The idiot smirked and released a.... Weedle?

"You've got to be kidding me right? Weedle and Caterpie are two of the weakest pokemon out there. Even a novice trainer can beat them with ease." she smirked and twirled arout the pokeball she picked up earlier.

"You've got a big mouth for such a little girl." the goon snapped.

"Why thank you. I'll take that as a complement." Reina then tossed the ball she picked up earlier into the air. "Go, whoever you are.."

The woman who was revealed to be Professor Angelus watched her.

"Bulbasaur!" the plant type yelled in challange upon exiting the pokeball.

"Let's see what kind of challange you can give me then." Reina's smirk widened.

December 17th, 2008, 7:58 AM
(OK, just letting everyone know, I'll put up my post later; but if it's OK *and possible* I'll take on Poochyena, else it'll be Pidgey. But I don't really have many free opportunities at school :/)

December 17th, 2008, 9:13 AM
(OK, just letting everyone know, I'll put up my post later; but if it's OK *and possible* I'll take on Poochyena, else it'll be Pidgey. But I don't really have many free opportunities at school :/)

Poochyena's been taken, as well as Squirtle. Just take a look at the pokemon and see who's free.

December 17th, 2008, 10:06 AM
(I know that, just didn't know if we could battle the same Pokemon~ So the battle will be against Pidgey, but if it's OK, I'd like to add a twist.)

December 17th, 2008, 10:42 AM
@Rubii Naruto -Good to see you had an easy first post this time; You've obtained an Eevee!;Your battling against Grunt number 5(poocheyena guy)
@Wolfwhispers -Excelelnt first post;You've obtained a Houndour; Your battling againsts Grunt Number 4(squirtle guy)
@dragonqueen-Accepted! Once the ooc thread comes up I'll put your info up there, in the eantime you can start posting
@Pikataro - I'll reserve pidgey for you I know how busy school must be
@Rii - Excellent First Post!; You;ve obtained a bulbasaur; Your battling against grunt number 1
@Everyone- Message me on my profile if you need a grunt to battle <3
@namora - Reserved for you <3
edit:Actually you know I'll just put somemore grunts up right now, so everyone has a chance to battle.Seeing as how we've got so many reservations. I'll add about 5 more and if need be I'll put up somemore <3

December 17th, 2008, 11:11 AM
May I reserve a spot for Totodile
never mind. :(

December 17th, 2008, 12:05 PM
OOC: ok Lets a go

Vivi finished working par-time in the toy store today, today he would finally have enough money to get the new game of pokemon dark. The store he worked in sold the game so he would receive the game right there and now and that just in 5 more minutes. While thinking of it, thoughts of the new wonders and enemy’s already flooded his mind making him stack a few boxes in the wrong shelf absent minded. Looking at the clock on the wall he waddled over to the store owner. Now was the big moment where he finally got his prize for all his work.

"U-um" Vivi started quietly getting the owners attention.

"Yes what is it Vivi" looking at him and then at the clock before smiling kindly "Oh I see your last shift is over, I guess you want your reward right?"

Vivi nodded excitedly "Y-yeah I would like that please" he said his eyes shining brightly. (Meaning he's smiling) Now was the big moment, the moment all his hard work had focused on.

"Well wait here my boy and ill just get it for you" He smiled as he went into the storage area of the shop. He came back just 1 minute later with the game still originally packed. He handed it to Vivi before saying "Now go and have fun ok?"

Vivi nodded again and shook the shopkeepers hand in gratitude "Many thanks for your kindness sir" He said happily before sprinting out of the store at high speed towards his grandfather’s hut. As he arrived his grandpa was about to greet him but Vivi just said "Later grandpa Ok? I finally got my game!” Vivi, s Grandpa smiled happy Vivi was happy and continued making dinner.

Once in his room Vivi lay down on his bed before putting in the game cartage enthusiastically. He turned it on and....???. Nothing appeared on screen. "That’s weird I thought I loaded it up" he wondered before trying again.

This time it turned on, Vivi sighed in relief but then noticed something was wrong. The screen only shun bright white and the shine was becoming stronger. "W-what the AAAAH" He called as he felt something pull at him and into the Ds.

He Fell threw what seemed to be everlasting darkness; He clutched his hat to prevent it from flying of before he saw a glint of light far below him. "Phew there’s a light, looks like a fiiieeeeeeeeld OH NO" he called at the end before the glint grew large and Vivi fell into a field in the woods.

Vivi lay there for several minutes before looking up "I-im alive" He said getting back up onto his feet fixing his hat. He looked around puzzled "Where am I, Why am I not hurt?" He asked himself before hearing a scream from behind him making him jump. He looked around and saw a house there.

He was afraid but somebody might be in danger. Not thinking much more about it he went in the doorway to find out what was going on. Just as he stepped into it, a man dressed in black with a red D on his shirt rammed into him making him fall over and drop a huge amount of pokeballs.

"Damn kid, cant you see im trying to escape here" He snarled angrily gathering them back up

"Hey you!" A voice called as Vivi caught a glimpse of a woman tied up on the floor. "Don't just stand there, grab a pokeball!" she added in a pleading voice.

"P-p-pokeballs?" Vivi stuttered before realizing that they were actually real, real lifetime pokeballs. Was this a dream or plain madness? He bent down to grab one of the balls but as soon as he did the grunt got even more angry

"Don't even think about it shortie!" He threatened before releasing a Sentret out onto the field.
Vivi looked at it in fear, for a Sentret it looked like a very...evil one.

Vivi snapped out of staring at the weird pokemon before throwing the pokeball he had picked up. A Fire pokemon called Cyndaquil popped out and got into battle position. Great he had a pokemon and their enemy’s looked ready for a serious battle. Vivi gulped and got ready for his first command.

OOC: stopping here, i dont want to write to much

December 17th, 2008, 12:19 PM
(OK, last time I'll post OOC, OK? XD Well, I guess I'll battle Starly, then? Yeah... ><')

-Recap of Before Going into the Game-

Pocket Monsters Dark. This is it. This time, I'll be sure to do better than ever before! Yes, this time... Wait. What is this? A light? Is it busted? I just got this cobalt DS Lite! The light's getting brighter, I'm being dragged in...

I can't see anything. Where am I? It's so cold. I'm drifting, I'm drifting...

-End Recap-

A whistling chirp sort of thing sounded through the morning sky. At once, Mizu slowly opened her eyes and looked around her. Oh, good heavens, where am I? she asked. She looked at her hands, and realized her DS wasn't there. Somebody could've taken it. Of all the nerve... People from Japan are just like this... She grunted, and slowly got up. Taking the time to look around, Mizu realized it didn't seem to be Johto. But... Why aren't I in the Johto region? She soon began recollecting what had happened last.

"That's right... I turned my game on, and there was a bright light, and then, I found myself in darkness... And that's it..." she muttered. Her outfit rustled with the cool breeze, and Mizu shivered. "So cold... This can't be Japan," she remarked. Suddenly, she noticed a shadow heading her way. It seemed to be in the shape of a bird, but it was larger than the birds in the Johto region of Japan. She looked up, and lo! A Poppo flew past, and left Mizu distraught. A... A... POPPO?! No way, am I in my game??? She stood there for a few seconds, still flabbergasted, and began following it. Suddenly, she stopped. It seemed some ne'er-do-wells with black robes were causing trouble to the place, and Mizu noticed quite a few had some Pokemon with them. So I really am in the world of Pokemon... Still unable to believe it, Mizu suddenly heard a cry for help.

The voice, how it pierced Mizu's ears! Perhaps it was naught but a shriek, but nonetheless, Mizu had to do something. But... These guys are worse than the bullies at Ichimiya Junior High. They could do more than give me blue bruises... She began weeping softly, as she couldn't help but recall what had happened to her before she had run away. The leader of the pack, Ryoga, had beaten her up just because of her eyes. Mizu had lost much self-esteem during her time in that school, and never wanted to remember the horrible events that took place. But, this is my chance to be brave! She tightened her fists into balls and walked over to the seemingly youngest member of the pack.

"H-hey!" she shouted. The person turned around, and he seemed to have calm but violent golden eyes and silvery gray hair. "S-stop that!" Mizu was still shaking, afraid of what was to happen. The boy smiled, then walked up to her.

"So, you think you can beat me, miss?" the boy asked. "Well, I'll let you know something." He leaned toward her ear carefully. Mizu couldn't help but blush. "You can't stop me. Why? It seems you have no Pokemon." The boy retracted from her ear, and Mizu stared at him in shock. It was then that she noticed the Poke Ball lying just inches away from the boy. Using all of her might, she did a side jump (to the boy's surprise) and rolled towards the red-and-white ball. She picked it up successfully, and the boy stood there, astounded.

"I must admit, even if I am one of the younger members of Team Dark, it is quite amazing that you've shown that much skill already," he said, smiling. "But I believe your time is up. Come on out Mukkuru!" The gray-white starling Pokemon came out of the ball the boy had thrown, and Mizu knew she was screwed.

"Um... Um... C-can't give up... M-must fight b-back..." Mizu stuttered, wincing as the Poke Ball she was holding shook with her. She slowly lifted her hand, and threw the ball. "Whoever you are, come on out!" she cried. The ball opened up, and the green dinosaur, recognized as Yogiras, appeared. The creature looked at Mizu, blinking its eyes carefully, and Mizu couldn't help but smile. I have the advantage, she thought, still smiling.

"I'll call you Shinsei Bara, Bara for short," she remarked, and the Yogirasu smiled. It then proceeded to glare at the boy's Mukkuru, and Mizu knew it was ready to fight.

"First off, use Sandstorm!" Mizu shouted. Bara started spinning around rapidly, kicking up the dust around it. At once, the battlefield became a huge sandstorm, and the Mukkuru cried out in pain. "Now, Dragon Dance!" Bara surrounded itself with a red light, and showed off its speed. "Finally, Iron Head!" Bara rammed into Mukkuru with such power that the small bird was knocked back.

"Shimatta!" the boy yelped, reaching out for his Mukkuru. However, the thing still seemed to be liable for battle. "Well, since you've come this far, I'll tell you my name," he smirked. "It's Kin." Mizu couldn't help but give a surprised look; his name meant Gold, which reminded her of the character from "Pocket Monsters Special", one of her all-time favorite manga series.

"Well, this'll be interesting," Mizu sneered back, a somewhat sly smile spreading on her face. The Yogirasu seemed to glare at Mukkuru, who glared back at it.

"Iron Head!"

"Tackle!" The two charged at each other with much power, and both Mizu and Kin watched in suspense...

(The battle will conclude in the next post~ OK, just to get some things straight:

Mizu is still in Japan, so she has the Japanese version (it takes her a while to get these games). Thus, the Pokemon's names are in Japanese, though because she is part of the world, their nicknames can be as long as they want.

And, Pocket Monsters Special is the manga version of the video games. It's much much better than the anime, and Mizu's favorite character is either Yellow or Ruby.)

December 17th, 2008, 1:18 PM
Jen eyed the Squirtle carefully before looking at her own pokemon -hers!- before allowing a smirk to grace her face. "Houndour," she said softly, the faintest hint of venom slipping into her voice as she glared at the dark figure.

"Dour," Houndor barked back softly, baring its fangs at Squirtle. It lowered its head and spread its feet in preparation.

The man finally lost his patience and barked out the first order. "Squirtle, Tackle this nuisance!"

"Meet it head on!" Jen called, allowing excitement to seep into her voice. After all, she was really battling! "Show them who's the strongest!"

Squirtle launched itself into the air, it's head bashing into Houndour's. Houndour clearly recieved damage from that hit from the flinch, but Squirtle looked slightly hurt as well from having its own force fought against.

"Use Smog," Jen commanded. After a moment, Houndour whined and shot Jen a negative look. "Shoot, I forgot Houndour doesn't learn Smog until level nine or something," Jen muttered.

The man laughed at her stupidity. "Foolish girl," he mocked. "Squirtle, use Aqua Jet."

Houndour howled as the rocket of water hit it dead on. Jen blanched, having not realized this Squirtle knew an egg move. "Fight back with Ember!" she all but snarled, determined not to lose to his creep. There was no telling what he would do to her if she lost.

"Dou!" Houndor unleashed a torrent of small embers, hitting Squirtle dead on upon its chest. It just chuckled as it recieved little damage.

"Another Aqua Jet!" the man commanded.

"Dodge it!" Jen all but yelled. Houndor jumped high, just barely missing the water attack. "Another Ember, and hit it on the head!" Doing as commanded, Houndour blasted the fire at Squirtle, hitting it right on the head.

"Sri," Squirtle moaned, rubbing its head.

The man grit his teeth. "Tackle it," he told Squirtle. Squirtle nodded and ran at Houndour.

"Another Ember!" Jen called, hands becoming fists, worried that she might lose this battle. That Aqua Jet must have really hurt, especially since she knew a starter pokemon was usually at level five. Who knew what level this Squirtle was?

"Withdraw!" the man barked immediately, smirking as the Ember attack did no physical damage. He smirked victoriously and shot Jen a sneer. To his surprise, she just smirked right back.

"Now!" she called. "Stick your muzzle in its shell and Ember it right back to hell!"

Houndour barked at the encouragement and ran as quickly as possible toward the Squirtle, mouth already lighting up with its flame.

"Get away from there, Squirtle!" the man called frantically.

"Suir?" Squirtle called in confusion, just about to stick its head out. Just as the tip of its head showed, Houndour shoved it's muzzle in its shell and pushed back. A hard glint lit up Houndour's eyes as it unleashed its Ember attack. "SQUUUUIRT!" Squirtle screamed, shaking wildly in its shell as not only the close flames hurt it, but from the heat from the flame of the Ember draining its natural water sack, making it extremely weak.

"Now power up with Howl," Jen commanded, grinning at the horrified man.

With a loud howl that could rival the devil hounds of hell, Houndour finally lowered its muzzle and grinned toothily.

"Now finish up with another Ember," Jen said, watching in delight as the water type was literally blasted back into a ball of flames.

The man cursed and quickly called back his pokemon, not wanting his pokemon to recieve anymore damage. Throwing one last scornful look at Jen, the man ran off.

Staring at the sight for a few seconds, Jen was surprised to feel a wet nose nudge her hand. She looked down and starred into the wide and hopeful eyes of Houndour. She stared into the black eyes that were filled with so many emotions.

"You're lonely, aren't you?" Jen finally said softly.

"Dou," Houndour said just as softly, nodding slowly.

Jen grinned and glanced at the female professor that was watching them both curiously. "Well, since I'm in this world and need to find out how I got here, I would need a pokemon." Houndour gave a feral grin. Jen smirked back. "Let's kick some ass," she said, petting Houndour as she watched the professor move closer to her, perhaps telling her what must be done or what she could do to help...

Candy Christina
December 17th, 2008, 2:50 PM
Name: Harper Ochiern
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Personality: Harper is an unbelievably shy young teen, but her innocent and sweet qualities somehow attract many people. She often has trouble speaking in public, so she prefers to stay in the background of things, rather than showing herself out in the open. It is unknown why she has such a timid personality, as her parents seem to be “disturbingly” outgoing. She loves to meet new people though despite her lack of self-confidence, but usually won’t be the type of person to go up to people, even her friends, and say hello. She is definitely far from anti-social although she may appear that way to others at first.

Harper comes off as a sweet individual, but she can be quite competitive as well. She has a knack for sporting events, most especially running. This is when Harper’s wild side actually comes out and she is more loud and boisterous. Something about sports gets her going, and when she’s out participating in these activities, she can’t seem to stop. All in all, she has a tendency to be bashful, but eventually opens up to those that approach her first.

History: Harper was birthed and raised in the United States, in a suburb of the large city of Houston, Texas. Her father worked for a very successful business for a few years and recently became the CEO of the industry’s branch. Harper’s mother stayed at the home as a housewife, as her father’s income was more than enough to support her family and then some. One afternoon, when Harper was around the age of three, her mother took her to an art museum for no particular reason. It was then that Harper fell in love with art sculptures. Ever since her youth, Harper has been interested in the arts, including vivid, classical music and detailed paintings by well-known painters such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Art has always been Harper’s “best friend,” and set her apart from most girls her age who were more interested in playing with Barbie dolls or dress-up.

Her parents encouraged Harper’s love of architecture, but were also a bit discouraged at the fact that she never really met any friends because of her obsession. They attempted to get Harper to go out and meet the other little boys and girls in the neighborhood, but Harper resented it. She was more interested in being solitary, and art. On one particular day though, she had been sitting in her home as always, when she noticed a few of the neighborhood kids outside playing soccer. She decided to go outside and one of the children asked her if she wanted to play, in which she just quietly nodded her head. While playing the game, she got a little too into it and accidentally hit a boy in the nose and made him cry. This event caused Harper to go back to being lonesome as she felt deep guilt for the incident.

Most recently, Harper became interested in the Pokemon series, and bought the new game titled “Pokemon Light.” As she progressed in the beginning of the game, something mysterious happened…

Appearance: Harper is a rather tall and slender girl, being 5’8” in height. She is usually seen wearing a pink blouse with black, puffy short sleeves with pink polka dots spotted upon them. She wears dark blue jeans to somewhat complement her top attire, along with black flats that are laced at the top. Her long, light brown hair reaches to her mid-back, although she ties part of the sides of her hair into pigtails with heart-shaped hairclips. She has brown eyes with a hint of hazel, which she inherited from her mother. Harper has a bright smile, which shows her beautifully pearly white teeth. Harper has a somewhat tan-ish complexion, although sometimes she goes tanning because she wishes she were tanner.

RP Sample:

The day started out bright yet fair. She didn’t have any money to buy her own bus ticket to Slateport City, and she knew her mother likely didn’t want her to leave, but refused to admit it. After saying her goodbyes, she started the long tread to Slateport City. The letter specifically said to be at the laboratory at 7:00 PM, which would be next to impossible walking on foot. She started to lose faith in her making it to Slateport now, as it was already almost 9 in the morning, and it would take an hour or so to get just to Oldale Town. As she began to turn back, an idea suddenly sparked in her head.

+ I could use my bicycle! + Syd mused, as she started to make a run back towards her house.

Syd was a pretty fast runner and participated in tons of marathons that were held in Petalburg City. She never won, but she did come close to winning one year when she was around the age of 13. Running wasn’t really a priority for her, just a hobby. Her legs were very muscular and toned because of it though. She finally neared her home, and noticed her mother working alone in the front lawn, trimming the bushes.

“What are you doing back? You need to hurry. Slateport City isn’t exactly minutes away you know.” Jean remarked, almost sounding a bit cynical to Sydney.

“No time, I’ve got to hurry. Slateport City isn’t exactly minutes away you know!” Syd subconsciously responded, quickly grabbing her bike that was still perched on the side of the house. “Bye mom!”

“…goodbye dear…” Jean responded in a saddened tone.


4:00 PM.

The sun was still beaming high above her as she quickly raced towards Slateport City, not once making a stop to take a break, not even to eat, though occasionally she did ride with one hand and drink a bottle of water with the other. She passed Oldale Town a few hours ago, and was halfway to Slateport City now. She was no doubt getting tired but knew that if she stopped now, she wouldn’t be able to start back up again. Her goal was to get there by 6:00 PM, if not earlier. It wouldn’t be too much longer, she reassured herself.

“You can do it, Sydney, you can do it…” She uttered in between strong bouts of panting.

As she continued to move her legs down upon the pedals of the bike, she began to have flashbacks of her older brother, Roman, and his ruthless, hurtful taunting. He had left only a few months before, and it is assumed that he is already near Lavaridge Town, attempting to defeat the gym leader, Flannery as that was where he was last located when she last spoke with him a week or so ago. Roman always doubted Syd’s abilities as a possible future trainer, stating that she wouldn’t be able to handle the “manly outdoors,” like he supposedly would. Sydney vowed to defeat him in battle one day when she acquired Pokemon of her own and was actually tough enough to take him on. She was excited to finally receive her first Pokemon, something she should have done 6 years ago but missed out on the opportunity numerous times before.

“I…I can’t… do it…I can’t go on anymore…” She muttered rather dramatically, and fell off her bike in front of a large arch that read, “Slateport City.”

She laid there for a few minutes until she finally opened her tired looking eyes once more and acknowledged that she had at last made it to Slateport City. It was 5:30 PM now, about a half an hour before her goal of 6:00 PM. After so much pedaling, she definitely deserved some rest and relaxation. Right now though, she had to locate the Oceanic Museum.

“Hm… the Oceanic Museum…in East Slateport. So I must be sort of close by then since I came in from the north end. Maybe I’ll ask this old lady.” Syd suggested to herself as she walked towards an old woman sitting on a bench.

“Ooh, look, a Pelipper! Do you want some bread, Pelipper?” The old lady asked as she looked over to where Sydney stood.

“Uh…I’m not a Pelipper. I just wanted to know where the Oceanic Museum is.” Syd asked with a disturbed look that crossed her face.

“It’s right over there, to our left, Mr. Pelipper. Here’s some bread for you to eat too!” The elderly woman replied while throwing some bread on the ground.

Sydney sighed and just walked over towards the Oceanic Museum with the letter still clenched tightly in her hands.

My favorite Pokemon is hmm...I'm not sure. xD I like a whole bunch, it's hard to choose. :(

December 17th, 2008, 3:37 PM
Ooops sry i took so long ive been busy this week.

Name: Marc

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Starting pokemon: Chikorita


Marc is very timid. Where he comes from not a lot of people play pokemon, and whenever his friends woud play basketball outside, he would sit in a corner playing the latest pokemon game. Marc is always friendly, whenever there is someone new he starts being friends with them, but he soon gets rejected as the other people join the cool kids.

Marc is also very lonely, engrossed in his collectors edition videogames he doesnt really make friends. Sometimes he just sits in his room, but he doesnt mind his lonelyness a lot. All he needs to stay happy is his pokemon game and a jar of cookies. If there are people who want to be his friends they get along real well, and Marc tries to look at the positive side of things, not the negative. If he has nothing in common with the friend he'll hang out nevertheless.

Marc isnt smooth with the girls. Last year at the prom he sat alone in a corner, and after a hour of couples dancing he went back to the locker room to play pokemon. When it comes to girls he just stutters and gets laughed at.


Marc is from a family in Manhattan. He has a younger brother and a sister, but his dad is never home. At home he doesnt talk with his family alot and is locked up in his room most of the time. His bookshelfs are full with the latest pokemon games, and a collectors copy of each ofcourse. The other side of his room is filled up with strategy guides, and magazines.

Marc never had alot of friends. After leaving another boring day of school, he went to the mall. His classmates would be surprised, but they know he comes only for one thing. The new pokemon game. After growing up in the busy citystreets, and being bullied by his classmates hes gotten tougher. Not tough enough to not faint when he read the new pokemon game was coming out. After waking up on the flour 20 minutes later he rushed over to the shops to buy the awesome pokemon light and dark. At home he grabbed four Ds's. He wouldnt want to miss a bit. As he turned on the power zap he was gone.


Marc has blonde hair. He doesnt leave his room without his white jacket, and the sweaters his mom made. Most of the time he wears either jeans or linnen pants. If he doesnt have a sweater he wears a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt. Physically he is pretty fit from running away from bullies, the excersise formed him not muscular, but sleek and agile.
He isnt too appealing, but his mom always told him the girls would later fall for his long eyelashes soft face, and sleek hair.

Rp sample:

From the Uprising:

Sundown had passed by the time Drake reached camp. Nobody had arrived yet, which ment he could have stayed longer.

Drake looked at Sparky "urgh, i guess we didn't have to rush"

"Pich, Pichu" Was Sparky's response. Since there was nothing left to do but waiting, Drake decided to train.

"Come on Sparky, we're going training." Sparky ran over to him in response, and after Drake put down his backpack, he walked over to a seperate clearing.

He grabbed his katana, and started inspecting it closely. There were greek glyphs inscribed in the side, and the shopkeeper told him they meant hope.
The sword was forged a long time ago, but Drake was surprised by the accuracy. The handle fit him perfectly and was easy to maneuver, the guard had a shape, which somehow made the sword more aerodynamic, and the blade was thin, swift, and strong. Now he didn't have to rely on his pokemon that much. He had thought about getting a weapon ever since Isabel beat his ass when he first met her. He realized Sparky still had alot to learn, and meanwhile he had better protect himself.

"Sparky, use thundershock repeatedly!" Sparky unleashed a thundershock which burned a hole in a tree. "Great job Sparky" Drake was happy that Sparky's training was getting along.

"Keep doing that, it should improve your stamina" While Pichu unleashed multiple thundershock's, Drake tested out his sword he grabbed the hilt, which was wrapped in red cloth, and swung the dark black blade.

"Whoosh" The blade cut through the air, and Drake spun around. He swung it far harder than he thought. After slashing some wood, and practicing some moves, Drake started inspecting the sword again. It was super thin, but i hadn't broken. Suddenly he realized why this blade was so strong. It had been forged with pokemon! Now Drake understood the details, a strong fire pokemon must have supplied the heat for the forge.

Drake decided to practice with Sparky. "Come on Sparky, a showdown!" Sparky jumped off the tree he was sitting on, and shot a thundershock at Drake. Sparky purposely kept it a weak one, but Drake made sure to get out of its way. Kicking off from a tree he lunged at Sparky, who easily dodged. Drake had expected this and nudged his blade up, tapping Sparky in his stomache. Sparky fell over and shocked Drake's arm. A wave of pain jolted through his arm, and he countered. After ten minutes of sparring he signaled to Sparky to stop, and together they rested. His arm felt numb, but it seemed none of them recieved any major damage.

"Great job, that last shock almost got me"

"Pichu Pichu" Sparky replied in delight.

Together they walked back to camp and sat there for the rest of the time.

From the space/time war:

Star was bored. Completely and utterly bored. He knew it was better if they didn't get attacked but ..... he just wanted some action. Star looked over the group of pokemon. There were some pretty strong pokemon. He wouldn't want to meet lucario, grovyle and ampharos in battle. The others tough, he wasnt sure about. There was a wobbuffet, what do those type pokemon do? Then there was a pichu sitting on top of wobbuffet, if he cant even walk over there, what about protecting phione? There where three other pokemon, two pikachu, and a mudkip. All first stage pokemon, the shiny pikachu was pretty and all, but what about their battle moves.

"Tskk, what happened to the war? The charizards, Ryphriors, Magnezones, What happened to all the strong pokemon?" Star mumbled it a bit too loud.

"What was that?" One of the pokemon looked at him.

"uh nothing... so how you like the forest? Leafeon said it with alot of excitement. The Pokemon seemed surprised at Leafeons mood change, and joined in.

"Yeah its great." Together they started talking. Meanwhile Leafeon still kept his eyes on the other pokemon, the weavile seemed to twitch alot. Leafeon knew something was wrong with him, but just kept his eyes open.

Suddenly Star jolted to his senses. "Where did the Pichu go?" The other pokemon turned around and he could see something was wrong. He had been watching the outside too much, so he had missed everything else.

Star was getting worried. Strolling away from the group of pokemon he came to a berry tree. He grabbed a lot of them and refilled his supplies in the bag tied to his belly.

When he returned to the group he was thinking deeply, about the forest around them and what it was gonna be like ahead. Was he right to choose this task? To come with Phione? Star just didnt know.

Zeta Sukuna
December 17th, 2008, 4:35 PM
Chapter 2: Disobedient Eevee! The Battle Vs. Team Dark!

Eevee just stood there... not wanting to attack the Poochyena. "What? Eevee, use Tackle!" Yelled Jacob. Eevee just sat down, causing the Team Dark Member to laugh.

"Waaahahahahah! That is the funniest thing I have ever seen! A level five Eevee that disobeys a seventeen year-old male! Wahahaahh!" Laughed the man. Poochyena was just staring, not really caring about the display... he just wanted to tear in to something.

"Come on Eevee, please use Tackle on that Poochyena." Pleaded Jacob, but Eevee just layed down and started to sleep. "Aww, come on!" This action, naturally made the grunt laugh even harder. "Please, just do something! I'll do anything!"

"Eevee?" (T: Anything? Well, if he really means that he'll enter me into a contest...) Said Eevee, not that Jacob could understand the fox. Eevee stood up and ran towards the Poochyena, who just jumped out of the way.

"Wahahah! That was just pathetic!" Laughed the Team Dark grunt. "Poochyena, use Tackle!" Poochyena wagged his tail before quickly ramming into Eevee, knocking her to the ground.

"No, Eevee!" Yelled Jacob, but the Team Dark grunt was already right next to him.

"Heh, here's your reward for helping out that b(Whoa)." Said the Grunt as he punched Jacob to the ground, before kicking him over and over. "Hahahah!" But as he raised his leg once more, Eevee slammed into the grunt, causing him to stumble. "Huh? Hm... Poochyena, use Tackle." Poochyena nodded before trying to slam into Eevee, but the evolution pokemon was able to jump out of the way in time.

"Eevee, use Tackle." Said Jacob as he held his side. Eevee was somehow able to slam in to Poochyena, but not for too much damage. "No... Try again!"

"Poochyena, use Tackle yourself!" Yelled the Grunt knowing that his Poochyena would win in one more blow, but Jacob did something unexpected... he got up, and grabbed a small rock, before throwing it at the Poochyena, distracting it just long enough to get hit by Eevee, sending it back a little bit, but the Poochyena was relatively unharmed.

"Heh, you aren't the only one who can fight, I am a lot better then you think I am, and I will win." Said Jacob., smirking at the grunt, making him a little mad.

"Well, I too am a lot better then I'm putting on. I was holding back before, but now... we will really battle. Poochyena, it's time to fight at a level six rating instead of a Level four." Said the man. Poochyena's eyes glinted as it stood up a little taller, it finally let go of the hold it put over its power and glared at Eevee.

"Oh, no... this is bad." Said Joshua as he looked at his Eevee, who was panting already. "I don't think I can win."

(To be continued... yes, my first two-part fight against no one important.)

December 17th, 2008, 4:42 PM
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Professer Angelus breaths a sigh of relief as she looks on the oncoming trainers that have come to her aid, she looks at the other trainers strangely and then manages to escape her confines and observe the battling trainers strangely. "Wow..Your the new trainers right? Wow, so young and you already have so much talent I'm impressed." Angelus says rubbing her wrists which obviously had markings from where the tape had been wrapped around her hands. Still observing the battles and began to ponder where these trainers came from, but then the Dark Grunts who hadn't been defeated and weren't battling were swearing and cursing.

"Okay you like b(tatat)! Where are the charms?! We've turned this place upside down and there is not a damn charm to be found in the crap lab!" One of the grunts yelled. Angelus ended up being picked up by the collar of her white lab coat and pinned against the wall. Angelus started to laugh in a hysterical laughter.

"Oh, oh this is to funny! You think the charms are HERE?" Angelus llaughed hysterically.

"Word on the street is you know where to find them, and you know how much those charms are needed for our plans." The dark grunt deepened the grip on her lab coat in anger.

"I'm studying the LEGEND I don't have the actual thing!" Angelus laughed hystericallu.

"Damn it!" The grunt yelled throwing her against the bookshelf in anger.

"You'll never be able to get the hand on those charms. 'When the people from a different world come to the Pokemon world the charm of their favor will come to them' No one else can find them. I may be the greatest Professer in all of Acies but I'm surely not great hero." The Professer sat up retorting back still quite in a laughing state.

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December 17th, 2008, 4:49 PM
"Weedle, poison sting!" the Team Dark grunt told his pokemon.

"Wee-dllle!" the poison bug jumped at Bulbasaur, stinger ready to stab.

"Too easy." Reina grinned. "Dodge, and tackle it from behind."

Bulbasaur barely managed to dodge the bug, and threw his weight into Weedle from the back. Weedle shreaked as it was thrown forward.

"Weedle!" the Team Dark idiot gasped.

"Like I said...." Reina pushed some hair from her eyes. "A pokemon a novice can beat. But a trainer even using such a weak pokemon is even more ignorant then a novice."

Weedle struggled to it's feet, and looked menincingly at Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur only glared back in response.

"But you're just starting out right? I don't see any other pokemon with you." the grunt objected.

"I'm hardly the novice." Reina smirked. "But then again, idiots don't understand much do they?"

"Why you... you....."

"Don't strain yourself thinking up a response. Take your time." Reina laughed. "I'll just go take a nap in the meantime."

"Weedle! Forget attacking the plant! Use Poison Sting on the girl!" the grunt roared in anger.

Reina jerked back in surprise.

"Bulba... Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur dived in front of Reina, and took the poison sting in his side.

"Bulbasaur?" Reina looked livid. "Get up and tackle that bug into the atmosphere."

Bulbasaur pulled himself to his feet. Being he was a plant, ment the poison attack didn't do much dammage. He then growled lightly and rushed forward, striking the Weedle so hard it flew back into it's own trainer's face.

"Ow!" the grunt yelped and recalled his pokemon. "I won't forget this you little twerp!" he rushed off, with Reina flipping him the bird at his back.

"Moron...." she sighed.

December 17th, 2008, 5:06 PM
(Etto... I should probably post up titles for the chapters as well...)

Dai 1 Shou, Paato 1 - Torappu! Koto ga Dekiru Mizu-chan ha Ikinokoreru Ka?
Chapter 1, Part 1 - Trapped! Can Mizu-chan Survive?


Dai 1 Shou, Paato 2 - Geemu Oobaa, Kin-kun! Sui Supiritto no Shouri!
Chapter 1, Part 2 - Game Over, Kin-kun! The Water Spirit's Victory!

The battle raged on, Mukkuru against Yogiras. Kin-kun versus Mizu-chan, as Mizu liked to refer each as. Kin-kun, after all, was around her age, maybe a bit older. As Bara hit Mukkuru with yet another Iron Head, followed up by a Bite, Mukkuru continued to Tackle her, but barely harming her.

"So, your eyes..." Kin stated, pointing at Mizu's eyes. Mizu immediately blushed.

"Wh-what about them?" she stuttered. Everyone besides the adults always told her she was a freak because of her eyes.

"Nothing." Kin gave a slight smile, then commanded Mukkuru to Tackle Bara. Finally, Mizu couldn't take it anymore.

"OK! Shinsei Bara-chan! Finish Mukkuru off with Dragon Dance followed up by another Iron Head!" Mizu commanded. Her commands had gotten through, for Bara was shrouded in an even more crimson red light than she currently was, and headed straight for Mukkuru. Before the bird could fly up and dodge (its reflexes for stunningly pathetic for a Mukkuru like itself), Bara hit it head-on, knocking it into Kin. After a few seconds of trying to get up, Mukkuru lost consciousness. Sighing, Kin called back Mukkuru and looked at Mizu.

"It's over. Get lost," Mizu said in a cold voice. It was unlike her to speak this way, but she couldn't stand to have him cause any more trouble than he already had. Kin let out yet another small smile.

"Your eyes are quite unique," he remarked, still smiling. "You're definitely one-of-a-king, Mizu Hime. May we meet again." He walked up to her and began leaning in towards her. Mizu's face went a bright crimson. But, wait! You're only a pixel character, right? You aren't real! You'll never be!!! Mizu thought hastily. As Kin's lips pressed softly against her cheek, Mizu lost her balance and tripped, causing Kin to jump back in surprise.

"Hmm... So that's your reaction..." he muttered. Without another word, he walked away quietly, leaving an even more confused Mizu on the ground. After a few moments, Bara walked over to Mizu to see if she were alright.

"I-I'm fine, Bara-chan..." Mizu muttered. "It's just..." She touched her cheek gently, then let go. "Just who is he?" she asked herself. In the meantime, she looked around, and noticed other trainers either finishing up battles with similar people, or ones just starting their battle. Are they actual people stuck in the game like me? she wondered, still blushing from earlier.

"Well, you're alright, right Bara-chan?" Mizu asked in a concerned tone. The Yogiras nodded, and Mizu sighed, knowing everything would be OK...

December 17th, 2008, 6:17 PM
g(Ok ill battle bellsprout then, unless its taken which i didnt spot, but ill just replace the names and attacks then.)

Complete darkness. "Urgh what happened?" Marc's head pounded and he had a big gash from where he had fallen. Slowly flashbacks came back to his mind. Buying the newest game, getting his ds. Then there was that light, what was that anyway? Marc looked over his surroundings, and then checket out himself. He appeared to be in some kind of forest, did manhattan have forests? He was ok except for his bleeding knee, which he quickly bound with a napkin.

"Woosh" Something jumped passed. Something green with knife-like arms.

"Whoa watch it" Marc got knocked over by it and fell on the ground.

"Scy Scyther!" Wait, did it say scyther? Marc eyed the being carefully. Was this a pokemon?

"Wha, wha ... are you a pokemon?" The scyther started at him, and then jumped into a tree. Marc took out his handy dandy pokemon fieldbook and looked up the information of scyther.

"Yup that was a scyther alright" Marc muttered out loud. Then he spun around and walked through the forest, looking at his surroundings.
<Wow cool, is Proffessor oak gonna pop up and make me say my name, my rivals name, and then i have to do some kind of intro to get my first pokemon?> Marc jumped around in exitement, a real pokemon world, his wish had finally come true.

"Get your hands off me, you filthy pig!" Someone yelled nearby

"Argh stop biting you *beeb*" Someone in black kicked what appeared to be a woman whos hands where tied behind her back.

"Dont you dare touch those pokeballs!" Marc looked to his side, and he could see who she directed the question to. A grunt was bending over a heep of pokeballs, grabbing one himself.

< Wow a pokemon!> Marc ran over, not thinking about the danger and picked up a pokeball.

"Hey what are you doing here!" A grunt pushed him away.

"Oh yeah? Well, I won the national pokemon championship for pokemon topaz!" Marc shouted

"Haha dont make me laugh kid" The grunt didnt bother look around. Marc in his anger threw a pokeball.

"Go........ uhh?" He waited for a pokemon to appear and out of a pokeball came a small green pokemon. "Go chikorita!" The chikorita looked around in surprise and saw who called him.

"Chiko Chika?" The Chikorita seemed to have accepted him already.

"Alright a chikorita, i trained one of those before! Lets see, starter, oh right you have tackle!" The chikorita nodded in reply

"Youre a freaking pokedex kid?" The grunt got frustrated and threw a pokeball"

"Bell, Bellsprout" A leethe bellsprout jumped out.

"Haha you need a leaf stone to evolve it to its final evolution!" Marc laughed at the embarrased grunt,

"Shut it kid!" The grunt called his bellsprout. "Bellsprout pound that chikorita into the ground!" "wow that rhymed"

"What a loser..." Rhyming? this was a pokemon battle. As he said it the bellsprout jumped up and unleashed a mighty pound on chikorita.

"Wait, chiko? Dang, counter with tackle!" Chikorita jumped up and knocked down the bellsprout. "Another one, keep sending them, thats right" Mac kept praising the little chikorita as she tackled the bellsprout.

"Bellsprout, nooo!" The grunt tried to grab his bellsprout.

"Chikorita use growl!" Chikorita growled at the grunt, and he and his pokemon ran away. Chikorita jumped into Marc's arms.

"Yeah we own!" Chikorita gave him a weird expression and Marc got embarrased. "Well, uhh are you lvl six now? or does it work some other way here?"


"Of course" Marc sighed. Suddenly he remembered the woman, he ran over to her and saw there was already a group of people standing there.

"She was yelling after the fleeing grunts, something about charms." Marc walked over to her in hope of an explanation.

Zeta Sukuna
December 17th, 2008, 8:19 PM
Chapter 3: The Full Power of Both Sides! The Battle Ends!

"Hah, your Eevee is pathetic... my Poochyena was battling at the equivelant of a Level four!" Laughed the grunt, as Poochyena started squirming. "Now he wants to really fight! Hah!"

"Crap, how can we beat this foe? I don't have anything that can help me... and now they are playing at full, while we're exhausted." Said Jacob to himself as he tried to think up a good plan to use. 'Wait... maybe physical warfare isn't the best way to do this... Eevee knows Tail Whip, all I have to do is cut its defense... a lot.' "Eevee, use Tail Whip!"

"Vee!" (T: Are you crazy? That thing will murder me!) Yelled Eevee. "Eeveeve!" (T: I won't do it, even if you gave me everything!) Eevee then sat down, and refused to fight.

"Nooo!" Yelled Jacob in response to his pokemon's disobedience. "Please, I need you to battle! I promise to get you anything, and I mean it! Just do Tail Whip on Poochyena!" Eevee considered it, but shook her head.

"This is stupid... kill the Eevee, use Tackle!" Yelled the Grunt who got tired of waiting. Poochyena quickly slammed into Eevee, nearly knocking her out. "Finish it off!"

"Umm.... Rock Throw!" Yelled Jacob before tossing a rock, injuring Poochyena a little. "Eevee, attack now while it is disoriented! Tackle!" Eevee looked over and saw the Poochyena still recovering from the rock, and slammed into it, doing some damage... enough to make it really weak. "Finish off the Poochyena! Tackle attack!" Eevee dashed towards Poochyena, intent to defeat its opponent to avoid a powerful attack like the earlier one.

"Grr... Tackle Attack Poochyena!" Yelled the grunt. Poochyena dashed in towards Eevee to please his master, and to end a pointless struggle. They came closer and closer until they collided.


"Eevee!" Yelled Jacob as Eevee fell to the ground unconscious. "No... I lose." The Team Dark Grunt then laughed.

"You fail... you will always fail! Poochyena, kill the boy! Splatter his blood throughout the laboratory!" Yelled the grunt, but not a moment later, Poochyena fell down, unconscious. "Wh- bu- guh.... NO!!!" the grunt then returned his pokemon before walking over to Eevee, and placing his foot on it. "Grr... you will die Eevee!" But before he could put more pressure on, Jacob slammed his fist into the grunts nose, then kicked him through the door.

"And that's called being a poor sport. You want more!?" Yelled Jacob. The grunt snorted before running away... for now. "Phew... I hope everyone else who came in is doing fine." Jacob then returned his Eevee.

December 17th, 2008, 9:23 PM
Angel often got into troublesome predicaments because of her nature but this time, it was just...unfair. She sat up and dusted herself off, one minute she had been turning on her DS and the next thing she knew, she was sitting in a dusty looking lab. Papers were strewn across the floor and raised voices that were shouting could be heard. What was going on?

"I don't have the charms! I study the legend, I don't have the actual thing!" a voice floated across the room. Angel stood up and suddenly nearly tripped over something on the floor. She picked it up and examined it, it was a spherical shape, half red and half white with a button in the middle; a pokeball to be exact. Angel gaped at, she had a feeling she may have been sucked into the pokemon game. "Oh, dear. This is not going to be good"

Angel peeked into the clearing, many trainers and seemingly an evil corporation or something grunts were battling it out. A woman was leaning against a wall, laughing at the grunts as they grinded their teeth in frustration. One of the grunts spotted her and shouted, "hey look! there's a girl peeking in! get her!" The grunt ran forward and unleashed a pokeball as she ducked back into what looked like a resource room, A taillow and grunt followed her. "get back here you meddling kid, I'll deal with you quick" Angel clenched her teeth, the grunt unleashed his taillow on her. Taking a risk, she threw the pokeball, "go whatever is in there!" she yelled. A vulpix pops out, looking around conspicuously. "pah, you think you can beat me?!" the grunt shouts, "taillow use peck!" The taillow began swooping down towards vulpix. "Vulpix, ember attack now!" vulpix countered.

Angel took a step back uncertainly as the battle continued, taillow unleashing pecks and vulpix breathing embers everywhere. She was even more frightened by the unexpected can of fuel of the side of the desk near where the fight was...

December 18th, 2008, 11:38 AM
OOC: Here's comes.....ME

Vivi was standing in from of the Sentret with the cyndaquil by his side. The other grunt stood there ready to attack. The minutes passed before Vivi asked "What the hell do i do?"

The Grunt burst out laughing and nearly chocked, "BUAHAHAHA, are you telling me you have no idea how to battle, your pathetic kid, I should of know the way you walk around with that black mask"

Vivi,s eyes shun with anger, if there was one thing he couldn’t stand it was people insulting his face "THAT IS MY FACE YA BIG BAFOON" He yelled angrily. The grunt gave him a weird look as Vivi calmed down a bit. "Okay ill give this a try...Uuuum...tackle?" Vivi ordered/asked. The cyndaquil Nodded and lit his fire on his back and charged at the unprepared Sentret knocking it a metre away.

"Hey where did you learn to fight? Try to distract me and then attack me, what a devious plan you little rat!" The grunt flared angrily.

Vivi cocked his head ".......Plan...Oh yes uuuh, that was my plan" Vivi responded trying to strengthen his position. "I think im getting the hang of this, Tackle again Cyndaquil" Vivi said as Cyndaquil charged up another attack.

"Not this time fink rat, Use tackle as well Sentret" The grunt ordered and the Sentret retaliated with a swift dodge of cyndaquil’s attack before hitting him hard from behind.

"Oh God Oh god oh god" Vivi muttered nervously holding his hat and said "Uh...Quick use tackle again". Cyndaquil got up and gave the Sentret a threatening look before charging at it again. Just then Vivi got an idea. Cyndaquil was about to hit Sentret but then Vivi shouted "STOP cyndaquil".

Cyndaquil stopped and looked confused at Vivi. The grunt and his Sentret also gave him confused looks. "What the hell kid, are you insane? This isn’t how you battle, do you even know the word tactic?" The grunt shouted at Vivi.

Vivi, s eyes shun bright and said with a cunning voice "Tactic oh yes I do know that because now your Sentret won't expect a...TACKLE" Vivi called jumping with the last word and Cyndaquil burst into the totally unprepared Sentret for maximum damage. The Sentret wobbled from side to side before falling over, defeated.

"Grrrrr, for this time you had the better tricks but ill be back" He threatened before Re-calling Sentret and running of into the distance.

"Phew, that was certainly something" Vivi said smiling, before turning to the cyndaquil "Thanks for your help little buddy" Vivi said kindly patting its head. The cyndaquil nodded happily. Vivi only then noticed that various other people were around him fending of grunts too. "Oh my" Vivi said grasping his hat again "Allot of fighting"

He looked inside where a few grunts pushed the lady he had seen into a bookshelf. "H-hey leave the lady alone" Vivi called "Cyndaquil, tackle that grunt (B-but dont hurt him to much ok?). Cyndaquil nodded and ran into the Grunt knocking him to the floor. Vivi then ran into the room and jumped calling "Get out and leave the lady alone before I make Cyndaquil attack you with full power". The grunt gave him and the professor a angry glare before getting up and leaving the room.

Vivi looked at the lady and waddled over to her and removed the ties on her. "Are you ok miss? I hope they didn’t hurt you"

Gumshoe Satyr
December 18th, 2008, 3:32 PM
Name: Ashley Kalin

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Ashley is pretty much an upbeat and cheerful person, who enjoys meeting and hanging out with friends and is very loyal. She seems to have little to no fear, except with height in which case she is terrified, which more often than not gets her into trouble. Although she can be clever at times, she mostly acts on impulse and instinct. She hates to be criticized or lose at anything but not to the point of being a sore loser. Being very active, she has little patience for being idle for any period of time when there are better things to do. Also she tends to be a little too naive and trusting.

History: Ashley lived a pretty typical life, but as she got older, she and her parents grew farther and farther apart, finding it hard to understand each other. They complained frequently that she never seemed to have any real ambitions or wanted to accomplish anything, and she always retorted that when she found something she wanted to do, she did it, even if it didn't seem very important to them. Her parents worried that she would grow never making anything out of herself.

On her next birthday, her parents gave her Pokemon Dark, but she was a little surprised by it because although she'd watched the anime and heard all about from her friends, she wasn't much of a video game player. However, to make her parents happy, she went to her room to play it only to be sucked into the game. Kind of an weird way for a game to begin, isn't it?

Appearance: Ashley is about 5'2" and is slightly muscular because of her active nature and tanned from spending a lot of time outside. She has long, blonde hair with bangs that kind of swoop over her forehead, stopping just above her eyes. Her eyes are soft and blue. For clothes, she usually wears a green, short sleeved shirt, light blue jeans, and green sneakers with white markings. In the game, she carries her necessities around in a dark blue backpack.

Rp sample:

"What is that place!?" Iris wondered aloud, as she spotted a large, pink building ahead in the shape of..... well, a Wigglytuff head. "How strange!" She'd been following the scent of a Shinx for miles because she'd sensed that he was in some kind of pain or trouble, which was a kind of gift or curse-depending on her mood- that she had. Sometime ago, the feelings had completely vanished, which could only mean three things: he'd already been rescued, he was unconscious, or that.... he was dead. I do hope that Shinx is alright even if he was just another skin bag.

Truthfully, Iris was a "skin bag" herself, but before about three years ago, she'd been a Haunter, happily living in a cemetery for a good one hundred and twenty years. Now, she was a Vulpix.... and a young one at that, appearing to be about seven. If Shinx is here, maybe he has been rescued. Well, I guess I'd better check this out. Carefully. Not many Pokemon cared very much for or even feared and hated Haunters and other ghost-type Pokemon, and she figured that the same thing went for a Pokemon who used to be a Haunter. Climbing into some bushes, Iris watched the comings and goings of the Wigglytuff building. It didn't take long for her to realize that it would be near impossible for her to even get to the structure without being spotted because Pokemon were constantly entering or existing it. What kinda place is this anyway? I've never seen so much activity!

Stepping out of the bushes into the shade of a large oak tree, she waited for a Pokemon to pass by, knowing that her unusual highlights couldn't be seen there. "Hey, excuse me! Did you see a Shinx go by this way? He coulda been injured or something," she asked a nearby Squirtle, who gave her such a strange look that she feared that her cover was blown. Crud, I bet he saw the highlights! Hope he's one of the few ghost Pokemon lovers!

Shaking his head as if to clear his thoughts, the Squirtle answered, "Uh... Yeah, he was just brought in a little while ago by Volt, Jeremy and some others. He's in the guild," he pointed at the pink building. "but how did you k...." Aggrrhh.... That's where I goofed!

"I-I met them in the woods and just wanted to make sure that got here safely. Thanks for the heads-up, Squirtle. See ya!" Beating a hasty retreat, Iris gave a little sigh of relief when Squirtle seemed to accept her explanation and continued on his way. After she was a safe enough distance away, she turned around to watch the activity around the guild for a little while longer, cocking her head curiously. "A guild, huh? Interesting...."

Hmm... I guess my favorite Pokemon is Umbreon but several come in a close second.


December 18th, 2008, 5:37 PM
@ Rii - You defeated the dark grunt and received 150 poke
@Draco - You defeated the dark grunt and received 150 poke; you have received a chikorita
@-Rubii Naruto - You've defeatetd the dark grunt and received 150 poke
@dragonqueen - You've received a Vulpix!; I don't believe there was a gas can there but whatever o.0 I can work with it
@CyndaquilMorph- You've defeated the Dark Grunt and received 150 poke
@Namora- Aprooved
@Pikataro - Sorry I didn't get to your post gome! You've received a larvitar!; you've defeated dark grunt and received 150 poke

As the last of the dark grunts were being beat off Angelus ran into her desk and grabbed a few things that glittered slightly and hid them in her pocket, and watched the battling once more a very solumn look uponst her face. She then turned her eyes uponst Vivi and Marc who had ome to see if she was alright. "Yes, yes I'm fine. They were actually looking for something but it's no time to discuss it now.."She murmured to the two as she still saw the grunts that had yet to battle anyone. "We'd better be careful, there are still a few of tose atrocious people upstairs.." Angelus whispered solumly and clasping her hand around her pocket.

-Flashback (A few days earlier)-

Angelus was looking around doing a report on the mysterys of pokemon, a elder mysteriously appeared before her desk."Woa how the hell did you get in here old man?!" Angelus cried.

"Professer Angelus, are you not?" The elderly man whispered.

"Yea, thats me." Angelus responded. Looking at him quizzically.

"In three days their will be several trainers who have come to rescue you, please give them these charms." The elder mumbled placing several charms on her desk.Angelus let out a gasp in surprise.

"But, these are-" Angelus was unable to finish her sentence, the man had dissappeared. Angelus grabbed the charms and looked at them in awe. "So many different colors..These are.."

0-0-0-0End Flashback 0-0-0-0-0-

"So what the elder said was true..These are the trainers.." Angelus thought to herself solumnly.

December 18th, 2008, 5:49 PM
"Glad to see your not hurt." Reina mumbled as she walked over with the Bulbasaur. She was sure the Professor had said her name somewhere along the time she had walked over, but she couldn't be certain of it.

"Bulba bulbasar." the grass pokemon smiled as he remembered Professer Angelus. She had always treated the pokemon nicely.

Reina sighed. "I doubt very much now is the time to talk. What I want to know is exactely what is going on here. I've already figured out this isn't a dream. So that only leves this as a reality."

She thought it over. She'd been in bed about to play her newest game. Pokemon Dark. She also had the light version as well, since she could never resist grabbing every pokemon game she could get her hands on. She currently had every game out so far.

But the point was none of the other games had ever produced a result like this one. The only thing she could guess was that somehow she'd been pulled into that game the moment she switched it on.

Often she had dreamed of going to other worlds, escaping the home she lothed so much. And her parents rediculas arguments.

"Bulba bulba...." the grass pokemon nuzzled against her leg.

Reina flinched at the contact, and frowned slightly. Was that pokemon..... invaiding her personal bubble? She had never been one for contact from anyone. Let alone a small animal of sorts with a plant bulb on it's back.

"Idiot, I said we don't have time to mess around." she snapped. It came out sounding a bit more harshly then she actually ment. But she had already decided. If this was real and she was to have a pokemon it was to be the best. Not some weak little cry baby.

Bulbasaur winced and looked a little hurt. "Bulba? Bulbasaur bulba...." He wasn't used to being spoken to so harshly, and it showed in his quivering voice, as his eyes shone with unshed tears.

"Return!" Reina pointed Bulbasaur's pokeball directly over him. "We'll have to work on that. Won't we?" she grinned, already deciding to take Bulbasaurs training as a personal challange.

"Bulba?" he prosted wekly as he was once more sucked inside.

Reina turned to the Professor. "I'm Reina by the way. Reina Moore." she refrained from offering a handshake. "Where is this anyway?" she gestured with her arms at the surrounding lands.

A small flock of Pidgey flew by overhead and into a forest, water sparkled on leaves and in little puddles. There even appeared to be a mountain far off in the distance. All in all it was quite a lovely sight.

drunk ¬_¬
December 19th, 2008, 12:12 AM
im guessing SU's are still open since it doesn't say otherwise...

Name: Gustavo “Tavo” Rebello

Age: 17

Gender: …… Male

Personality: Although most people see Tavo as the kind of guy who’ll never do anything with his life because he is just-not-good-enough, he is actually the kind of guy who’ll never do anything with his life because h is just-too-bored. He is amazingly sharp, and has a lot of experience with life, and basically being in the short end of the stick. Although he used to have an anger problem, he learned to suppress it in “juvi”, and is now much more calm and analytical. He is cold, to a mathematical level, and views people as numbers, and conditions rather than… people. Lastly, though he doesn’t look t,Tavo is most definitely a romantic.

History: Gustavo always had a sort-of anger management problem. This brought him many problems with his family, friends, and in school. The constant disapproval from his peers, teachers, and society in general, led him to try and get away from it all through alcohol. He started drinking as soon as he turned fourteen, and was caught twice with alcohol in school, leading to his expulsion, and short stint in “juvi”, at the age of sixteen. On New Year’s Eve, after turning seventeen, he was set free due to good conduct, and was escorted home. As soon as he was left alone though, he ran away from home, and on his way to the liquor shop, stole an expensive-looking cell phone from a girl’s purse. Much to his dismay though, as soon as he checked it, he noticed it was actually a Nintendo DS with Pokemon: Light in it. (We do get to choose which one we get right?)

Appearance: He has thick, black hair, which he keeps buzzed short, and has a short ‘piocha’ (don’t know the term in English, pretty much the facial hair is exclusively on the chin, but it’s really short and leveled). He has large dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, and thick lips. He is also pretty short, though he stopped caring about this for while now. Other notable features of him are two small scars on his face, one underneath his right eyebrow, and another under his left eye at the height of his cheekbone.His usual attire consists of a white o black V-neck, unfaded jeans, a thin white belt, and black Sambas. This, of course, is for hot to chilly temperatures. When it gets hot, he also has a black, thick jacket with a furry hoodie, black gloves, and a black beanie as well.

Rp sample:Taken from CTFx' Pokemon Wars: The Alpha (wow. it's been a while)

Slowly regaining consciousness, Rocke immediately felt at danger, and decided to analyze the situation as thoroughly as possible,

<Where am I? … I know for a fact I’m inside a vehicle, most likely a truck due to the metal bodywork underneath me being large enough to fit me lying on my side. Also, I can obviously feel this thing moving and bumping against the ground, which means we aren’t in a paved street anymore. Let’s see, I can’t move because both of my hands are tied at my back, and apparently they’re also tied to my ankles> He thought as he tried to unbend his swollen knees from the pressure. <I have a bag over me so that means they don’t want me to see where they’re taking me… if that wasn’t obvious enough already, and…>

All of a sudden the truck stopped making him roll to the other side of the truck bruising his knees and hitting his head “Damn!”

“Stop crying and get down here” at the same time he heard this voice he felt a strong hand grab hold of the rope that kept his arms and legs bound to his back, pulling him out of the truck and letting him fall to the ground

“GOD THAT HURT! … Why would you do that?!”

Without a reply, the man cut the rope and unbound his feet, leaving only his arms tied, “Walk” he said.

After walking about ten steps, he opened a door, and went into a corridor with a multitude of stairs going down then bending down to be at the same height level as Rocke, the man whispered into his ear: “I really don’t feel like carrying you… hope you don’t put this against me.”

“What? …” as Rocke was about to ask what was going on, he felt a huge hand touch his back before pushing him down the stairs. “Aaaaaahhhhh… Uff!” Rocke was able to keep his balance and run down the first staircase, but then hit a wall leaving him almost unconscious. Then he felt the same hand pull him from the shirt, and push him down another staircase in an opposite direction, “… Uff!” The same thing happened, except this time Rocke fell down upon hitting the wall, and rolled down a third staircase, which upon hitting the last stair gashed his right eyebrow, which started bleeding profusely.

As J (the man in charge of Rocke’s kidnapping) finished going down the third staircase, he sighed at the sight and said: “At least you made my job easier…” carrying him and taking him down the last staircase…

He then felt the man drop him in a room with marble floors, and take off the bag covering him to untie his arms. “Ha. THAT’S gonna leave a mark” Said J looking at the cut up eyebrow.

“…” <What in the world just…>

“Come on, don’t be like that.” He heard the voice of the man again, “We might even become friends after this” After saying that J started to leave…

“Wait…!” After taking a short glance at the man who kidnapped him, he said: “If I ever see you again, I’ll kill you”

“No. If you EVER see me again, you’ll thank me from the moment we met.”

“HEY YOU! Get up”, he heard someone yell from afar, after refusing to get up he felt another guy picking him up from the arm, and pushing him towards a line of other 16 and 17 year olds. Looking from side to side, he noticed they were not the only ones there, there were a lot more people besides them, <Some of them look like they’re 9 or 10! What’s going on?!> he thought. As the line started to walk forward, he noticed that the kids were given a pokeball from one of the henchmen “Here, here” is all he heard

“Here!”, a voice exclaimed while shoving a pokeball into Rocke’s chest. Then grabbing the pokeball, “What?!” as he said interrogated the action, he got pushed inside what looked like “A COLISEUM! … Where the hell am I?!

Another henchman then grabbed on to both him and another trainer. The other trainer was tall, blond with sky blue eyes, and shaggy hair. <Seriously?! … this guy looks like a total douche!> the second henchman then interrupted Rocke’s daydreaming by stating “This is a battle you guys DON’T want to lose, now fight until there is a winner!”

Looking up and seeing the other trainer with the same confused face as him, “Ummm… GO!”, as they both threw their respective pokeballs, out came a Bulbasaur, and a Snorunt

<Damn… already looking bad> thought Rocke when he noticed the type disadvantage, then facing up he saw the other guy gain newfound confidence, and started laughing at Rocke’s misfortune. Irritated, Rocke exclaimed: “Seriously, COULD YOU BE ANY MORE OF A DOUCHE!

Appalled by the exclamation, the other trainer started: “I’ll show you, wait until you see my true skills as a trainer!” While he was daydreaming and saying this, Rocke yelled out: “Hurry up Bulbasaur, Tackle that imp” Bulbasaur charged full on at Snorunt making a big impact. “Nice, a critical hit!”

Even MORE frustrated, the other trainer yelled out: “Come on Snorunt, attack!” Not knowing exactly what his trainer wanted though, the Snorunt used Leer.

<He has no clue of what he’s doing> “Quick Bulbasaur, use another Tackle!” Bulbasaur connected one more time. The other trainer exclaimed, "Now Snorunt, use an attack like Ice Punch or something!” Clearly frustrated at the incompetence of its trainer, the Snorunt glared at the guy. “Hurry up Bulbasaur, while it’s looking away connect once more with Tackle!”, “Bul…BA!” <This is too easy> thought Rocke.

The other trainer, on the verge of crying due to frustration started yelling out names of attacks that he knew of to see if the Snorunt would be able to connect with one, “Gah! TACKLE! BLIZZARD!, ICE BEAM!” Again Snorunt didn’t understand a thing.

“Come on, Bulbasaur! Let’s end this fast! Go with another Tackle!”, but as Bulbasaur charged for it’s third tackle… “POWDER SNOW!”

Snorunt, upon hearing a command he understood, used a powerful chilling gust that hit Bulbasaur head on. “Bul… ba… saaaur…” The Bulbasaur had obviously gotten hit hard, and might’ve not been able to take another hit.

Surprised, Rocke told his pokemon: “DAMN, that was a strong hit, guess we’re gonna have to rely on your Speed Bulbasaur, because as that one guy said, this is a battle we DON’T want to lose” Upon hearing the determined words of its trainer, Bulbasaur struggled back up ready to fight again “Bulba!”

“Too bad your type is weak against mine!” He heard the other trainer say “Snorunt use Powder Snow again!” But this time… <What?! … Bulbasaur evaded the attack!... Nice> Thought Rocke, and then: “NOW, TACKLE WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!!!”…


“ Snorunt is unable to battle, Rocke is declared the winner!”

Then looking up at the sits of the coliseum Rocke saw a dark figure sitting on what looked like a throne on a balcony, and next to him… Yes, it had to be, J whispering something to the other man’s ear!

Starter: I'll take:

... if you would be so kind

My Favorite Pokemon is: Sandshrew

Candy Christina
December 19th, 2008, 7:07 AM
Chapter One

“Wha-? W-where am I? Was I sucked into the DS or something? This looks exactly like the laboratory in the game…” Harper whispered to herself as she observed her surroundings. The area seemed harmless at first but then she overheard yelling in another room not too far from where she stood. It sounded like a battle was going on but she couldn’t interpret it for sure. She ran over to the room and noticed a few Team Dark grunts attempting to steal from Professor Angelus.

“What’s going on?” Harper nervously asked looking on as the grunts grabbed some of the items. She could see the professor standing helplessly as well as a few Pokeballs located nearby.

“I have an idea…” She said as she ran over and picked up a Pokeball. “Okay, let’s see if I can do this right… Pokeball, let’s go!”

The Pokeball burst open to reveal a blue penguin Pokemon known as Piplup. One of the grunts almost instantly made her way over to the two and sent out a Cleffa.

“Hah, try and beat this, you pathetic little suck up. You think you’ll be able to stop Team Dark? Don’t make me laugh. Your stupid penguin won’t do squat to my Cleffa.” The woman in a black uniform with a D labeled on it sinisterly remarked.

“That’s so rude! Piplup, show that grunt who’s the boss around here! Use Bubblebeam!” Harper commanded it.

“Piiiiip!” Piplup cried out as it released an array of bubbles from its tiny beak.

“Cleffa, attack with Magical Leaf!” The woman ordered abruptly.

“Cleff, Cleff!” Cleffa exclaimed as it jumped high into the air. It spun around to release a large amount of rainbow colored leaves that sliced through the bubbles and slam right into Piplup.

“Piplup, hang in there, please! Let’s try Peck!” Harper yelled to the spunky penguin Pokemon.

Piplup performed a backflip while it was still in the air and headed straight toward Cleffa as its beak shined bright white. It slammed head on into the pink puff ball and sent it right into one of the nearby walls of the lab.

“How dare you even lay a finger on my poor baby! Cleffa, you okay sweetheart? That’s it! No fooling around this time! Sweet Kiss-Shadow Ball combination! Now!” The Team Dark grunt shouted in frustration.

“Cleffaaaaa!” The Starshape Pokemon cried as it blew tons of kisses towards Piplup. It then jumped up to send down a Shadow Ball. Piplup was smacked with the Sweet Kisses, confusing it, and hit brutally with the Shadow Ball.

“Piplup! Please, use Bubblebeam!” Harper exclaimed in hopes that it would be able to withstand its injuries a little bit longer.

“Oh no you don’t, Cleffa, Magical Leaf!” The grunt shouted once again.

Cleffa jumped and spun around, releasing rainbow colored leaves towards Piplup. Piplup gracefully dodged the leaves and aimed Bubblebeam right at Cleffa. The bubbles raced towards the pink Pokemon and attacked it right in its weak spot. Cleffa fell to the floor immediately in an unconscious stupor.

“Such a weak Pokemon…ugh. Return! Argh..” The lady angrily remarked as she made a run for it out of the laboratory.

“Wow…that was nerve-wracking…Are you alright Piplup?” Harper asked as she looked down at the young blue penguin.

“LUUUUUP!” Piplup fell over and fainted as well.

“Hehehe…I guess I pushed it too hard….whoops.” Harper said sounding somewhat clueless.


OOC: Ugh, this post was horrible. Sorry, I haven’t roleplayed in a while because I’ve been busy with school so I’m a little rusty now. I also apologize for this being late. x_x

Gumshoe Satyr
December 19th, 2008, 11:37 AM
Ashley fell through space for what seemed like forever before landing on something hard with a thud. "Ouch...," she groaned. "Did I fall out of bed or something?" Opening her eyes, she saw the clear, blue sky above her and a large laboratory nearby that looked strangely familiar. She stood up and stared at the structure, trying to make since of what happened. "Hmmm.... The last thing I remember is going to my room to play that Pokemon Dark game, and then I felt like I was being pulled somewhere. Am I just having some crazy dream?"

Shaking her head in disbelief, she pinched herself on her arm. "Owww.... Feels pretty real to me, but how?" Her eyes widened in shock when she realized the truth. "That looks just like the laboratory from the game! There's no way! It's only a game, isn't it? This I've gotta check out!" She entered the laboratory only to be greeted with sheer chaos. People wearing long, black robes with a red 'D' on it were having Pokemon battles with some trainers everywhere she looked.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second! Pokemon? Trainers? Bad guys in black? I think I'm inside the game somehow. This is so awesome! Where do I sign up to join in? she wondered, feeling a wave of excitement rush through her. Feeling something roll up against her foot, Ashley looked down to see a pokeball. She picked it up and held it gently in her hands, staring at it in awe. "Wow, a real pokeball. Wonder what's inside...."

Footsteps sounded upstairs, and Ashley looked up to see one of the grunts walking down the steps, a Caterpie on his shoulder. "Hey!" he yelled, running toward her. "There's another of those snooping kids that are trying to ruin everything! Go get her, Caterpie!" The small caterpillar jumped off his shoulder, landing a few feet from Ashley.

"My first battle already! This is much funner than just playing it on my DS. Ok, come on out whoever you are." She threw the pokeball out in the air and watched as a red light jumped from it to the ground, revealing a blue, black, and gold Pokemon that somewhat resembled a lion cub. Yawning, it looked around the room, apparently confused about what was happening. "Hey, a Shinx! That's one of my all-time favorites." Interestingly enough, the Shinx had four blue paws, which Ashley knew meant something, but she had to rack her brain for several seconds before she could figure it out. "Oh, you're a girl Shinx."

"Shi?" the Shinx asked, giving her a funny look like she'd grown an extra head or something. Ashley got the feeling that she'd offended her somehow. Perhaps she would be upset as well if someone had to think before realizing that she was a girl.

Growing impatient, the grunt groaned, "Are we going to battle or what? Tackle it!" The Caterpie charged at Shinx, who dodged the smaller Pokemon easily.

"Good job, Shinx! Now you use Tackle, too!" Ashley's face fell when the Pokemon turned its nose up, refusing to follow her commands. She was still angry.....

Meanwhile, the grunt's eyes glinted with amusement. "Now's our chance! Try String Shot before they can pull it together! Silk shot from Caterpie's mouth, wrapping around Shinx's legs. "Great! Now swing it around!" With a grunt, the caterpillar grabbed hold of the end of the string and swung Shinx into the wall, injuring her but also knocking her loose. Shinx climbed back to her feet but looked less confident than before.

Crouching down to talk to Shinx, Ashley said,"I'm really sorry about making you mad, Shinx.... We need to work together if we're going to beat them. Can you forgive me and help me win this battle?" After thinking for a few moments, the Pokemon slowly nodded. "Great! Now let's show them that they can't use you for a yo-yo!"

"Shinx!" Shinx agreed, growling fiercely at Caterpie.

(Oops. Gotta go. I'll finish this battle when I get back)

December 20th, 2008, 11:00 AM
@Rii-Glad to saee you made your post longer!
@drunk - Aprooved just make sure to post in the role-play this time haha.
@Candy Christina- Oh no Piplup fainted Dx; and i's fine if it was terrible, beginning of role-play post are always kinda, weird.
@namore- You've obtained a shinx.
Angelus looked at the trainers who had beat off most of the grunts, and took out a pokeball herself. "Alright take care of the rest of these fools in my lab, this has gone on long enough." Angelus said, throwing the pokeball revealing a very eery looking pokemon. It was a dusknoir and didn't look to happy about Angelus being treated like crap.

"Dusknoir.." The voice of the pokemon echoed throughout the lab, the remaining grunts were very startled at the fact that Angelus having a very strong-looking pokemon.

"Get out of here all of you before Spooky kicks your ases, I said get out!" Angelus yelled and with this the grunts didn't wanna tangle with the very furious dusknoir, all of them ran out faster then the speed of light.Angelus looked at all the trainers and sighed. "I'm very sorry for all this, I didn't think what the elder said is true..." Angelus murmured but hen continued. "They caught me off guard and tied me up looking for something, Luckily they didn't find it. The elder told me to give these to you so a appreciation of thanks.." Angelus voice trailed off as she held several beautiful looking pendents up."They aren't adressed to a specific person so you can rake any one of them , but keep them safe." Angelus mumbled.Angelus then walked over to the table and handed each off them a pokedex and a poketch. (Sorry I forgot what the latest version is.)

"Take these, and go on a journey. Make many friends, and strive to be the best. That is the only way you can return to your world. You may keep the pokemon you battled with. They will be your starters, I expect great things from you, don't let me down." Angelus said and waited for the trainers response.

The pendents you can choose from
-Platinum Pendent
-Ruby Pendent-Taken by dragonqueen0210
-Topaz Pendent-Taken by wolfwhispers
-Sapphire Pendent- Reserved by Pikataro
-Emerald Pendent-Taken by Rii
-Opal Pendent-Taken by CyndaquilMorph
-Aquamarine Pendent-Taken by Drunk
-Diamond Pendent
-Pearl Pendent
(Will add more if I need to)
Chapter 2: Route 1, The beggining of a journey!

Congratulations you've made it as a trainer, Route 1 is the beginning of your epic journey to win the Acies League, this is your first stop, there aren't to many pokemon to catch here and no trainers to battle but, it's your first stop on your long treacherous journey

(trying this feature out to limit the cluttering of posts in one section , if anyone has a problem with it PM me or ask inn ooc thread kay thanks)

Max Post Availability: 3

Pokemon that you can find here:

Gender:Male 50% Female 50%
Nature: Random
Attacks:Tackle,Tail Whip

Gender:50%Male 50%Female

Name: Poocheyena
Gender: 50% Male 50% Female
Nature: Random
Attacks: Tackle

Gender: 50% male 50% Female
Attacks:Tackle, Growl

Sorry I made the battles end so early, I wanted to get this role-play started. Sorry >_<, Oh and ooc thread is up so if you need something from me and can't pm , don't post ooc here, go to the out of character thread kay thanks <3

December 20th, 2008, 5:34 PM
Vivi was amazed to see the dusknoir; it looked very scary in real life. After it was gone and Angela offered the pendants Vivi was amazed to see that she was actually giving them away. Vivi looked at them all but one of them seemed to stand out. Vivi took the opal pendant and stored it in a hidden pocket in his hat. Right now he was more happy then worried though; he had received a pokemon and still couldn’t believe it.

"Many thanks professor" Vivi said shacking her hand before leaving out the door. "Uhm...Come back for now Cyndaquil" Vivi called recalling his pokemon. "Okay what do I have, I have a pokedex, a poketch, the weird pendant, 150 poke and 5 pokeballs perfect to start a journey.

He waddled towards route one, the idea of travelling alone scared him and he hoped some others might join him. He looked around; route 1 seemed to be a pleasant unpopulated path with many trees and tall grass. Vivi pulled himself together and made his way for a small hill he saw not to far away. As he arrived he searched the surroundings for what pokemon there may be.

"Hmmm let’s see, I can see pidgey and zigzagoon but there may be more" Vivi mumbled in thought. "To bad there’s not any pokemon I like to train, it’s like that in every pokemon game". Vivi advanced threw a group of trees as a pidgey suddenly swooped down and looked at him in a challenging manner. "Ooooh cool my first wild pokemon battle" Vivi said grinning before getting out his pokeball. "Go go Cyndaquil" He called releasing his partner.

Cyndaquil appeared and lit his fire ready to start a battle. The pidgey started to attack first as it swooped down readying a tackle. "Dodge Cyndaquil" Vivi called and cyndaquil did so "Great work, wow this is cool, now use leer". Cyndaquil looked the pidgey straight in the eye in a threatening manner. The pidgey looked uncomfortable and took a step back. "Great now try tackle" Vivi ordered as Cyndaquil hit into the pidgey, the pidgey got thrown quite a distance loosing a large amount of energy and going K.O (dont want to make wild battles to long)

"Woo, experience points" Vivi smiled happily, he haddend felt so alive in ages. "Come back cyndaquil" He said recalling his friend and continuing on. He saw a tree and rested by it. He looked around and said "Looks like im halfway threw this route, time for a quick rest" He leaned against the tree and closed his eyes enjoying the peace.

December 20th, 2008, 7:05 PM
( Ohh, can I have the Emerald Pendant? )

Reina waited behind the others, and when she was given a pendent and a pokedex by the professor she quitely bowed her head in thanks before slipping the pendent around her neck.

It was a pretty color. The same stone for her birthday she thought suddenly. She then opened the pokedex to get a better look at it, almost dropping it when it spoke in a clear computer like voice.

"This is a pokedex for trainer Reina Moore. If lost or stolen I cannot be replaced. I am a high tech device for the purpose of recording pokemon information and providing information."

"Wow...." Reina looked impressed, then shrugged, and placed the pokedex in her bag. "I guess I'll be seeing you then Professor."

Reina took one last look at the Professor's pokemon and grinned. Now that was a powerhouse pokemon. She needed something like that, something big and powerful and could scare the crap out of anyone.

She walked along route one for a bit, before a lone Rattata lept out at her.

"Ratta!" the small mouse yelled in challange.

"Way too common." Reina sighed. "But I suppose Bulbasaur could use the experence. Bulbasaur appear!" she tossed the pokemon's pokeball into the air, and he appeared in a bright flash of light.

"Bulba!" he growled, more then ready for a good fight.

"Tackle it!" Reina yelled, and Bulbasaur charged forward straight at the Rattata, who dodged to the side, and hit Bulbasaur with a tackle of her own.

Bulbasaur winced lightly from the attack.

"Don't just stand there! Keep attacking it!" Reina snapped.

Bulbasaur winced, but ran forward bashing his head into the Rattata's. Rattata shook it's head slightly, and tried to tackle Bulbasaur again.

"Dodge.... then tackle again." Reina said calmly.

This time Bulbasaur's tackle knocked the Rattata several feet back. Rattata growled lightly as she struggled to stand. "Rat....rattata..." she fell over, as the rest of her energy seemed to leave her.

"Action time." Reina smirked as she pulled out an empty pokeball. "Go!" she tossed it at the Rattata who was pulled in with a flash of red light.

The ball shook back and forth as Reina waited to see if she had made the capture.

( Uhh, I also wanted to ask do we all start off with lv 5 attack or can we pick the attacks? Cause I noticed the person with Piplup ordering attacks no lv 5 Piplup has. )

Gumshoe Satyr
December 20th, 2008, 11:14 PM
(Time to finish my battle! :badsmile:)

"Don't be intimidated by that electric kitten, Caterpie! Tackle!" the grunt shouted, but he seemed a little shaken, as well as his Pokemon by Shinx's sudden change in attitude. Throwing itself forward, the caterpillar-like Pokemon attempted to ram Shinx.

"Dodge and Tackle it!" Ashley ordered, smiling proudly when the Pokemon obeyed. Shinx jumped to the side and slammed into Caterpie's side as it passed by, knocking it to the ground. Shaking its head, it stood back on its feet, injured but still able to fight.

Apparently unconcerned with the hit that his Pokemon had just taken, the grunt smiled smugly and yelled, "Ok, Caterpie. Use String Shot like before!" The little Pokemon opened its mouth and shot the sticky string straight toward Shinx. Shinx tried to dodge it, but caught him on the front leg. If something wasn't done soon, the silk would soon immobilize him.

"Try Leer," Ashely offered, frowning, not really sure of what to do. Acting quickly, Shinx glared at Caterpie in the eye, even adding a snarl for effect. Immediately, the caterpillar hesitated with his attack and eyed her nervously. "Now Tackle it while you have the chance!" Ashley shouted, her voice growing with excitement. Charging forward, Shinx rammed into Caterpie, causing it to fly backwards. Neither the grunt nor Ashley noticed that Shinx still had her front leg entangled in the silk and that Caterpie held the other end tightly in its jaws.

"Noooo.... My Caterpie!" the man groaned, watching his Pokemon's flight. The string stretched longer....and longer....and longer. Both his and Ashley's jaws dropped when Caterpie actually stopped in mid-air and started to fly back toward Shinx. Shinx tried desperately to find a way to avoid the collision, but with her literally tethered to Caterpie, it was nearly impossible.

"Uh... Knock it back with Tackle, Shinx" After giving her trainer a brief look of disbelief, Shinx dashed forward and slammed into Caterpie or rather they slammed into each other. Both Pokemon collapsed, but after struggling for a few breathless seconds, Shinx managed to climb back on her feet. Fainted, Caterpie didn't move.

Just then the Professor released a Dusknoir, and with a squeal of fear, the grunt returned his fallen Pokemon and ran out of the laboratory, continuing until he was gone.

Jumping up and down, Ashley shouted enthusiastically, "This is definitely better than playing the game on the DS! Great job, Shinx. You were awesome." She gently patted her on the head.

"Shinx...." she agreed in a tired voice. The battle had been rougher for her than Ashley first suspected. She returned Shinx to her pokeball to rest.

Noticing the other people lining up in front of Professor Angelus, she walked over to join them. "Hmm? What's going on?" She waited for her turn.

December 21st, 2008, 3:28 AM
Angel blinked suddenly as the dark grunt she was battling with ran away in the middle of their fight. A dusknoir hovered menacingly at the door, suggesting it was what had scared the grunts so much. "that was..." she was rendered speechless, even Sardonyx was quiet. Noticing that the other trainers were lining up to listen to the woman in the white lab coat, she followed them.

She held many different coloured pendants, each with a different stone. They were ours to choose from, apparently. "Take these, and go on a journey. Make many friends, and strive to be the best. That is the only way you can return to your world. You may keep the pokemon you battled with. They will be your starters, I expect great things from you, don't let me down." the woman said.

Angel watched as two of the trainers picked their pendants and began to set off on their own respective journeys. She walked up to the pendants, deciding on instincts, she picked a bright red pendant, the ruby pendant. She took the things the woman had given her, a pokedex, five pokeballs and the newest design of pokemon communicator. Angel bowed to the proffessor, accustomed to formalities.

She hung the pendant around her neck and held onto the pokeball containing Sardonyx. Strangely, the air was rather too serenely after just having experienced many men and pokemon trample through it earlier. She shrugged, after all, she didn't belong here, of course she'd think differently of it.

The tall grass clung fervently onto her clothes, dewdrops from unexpected rain from whenever dripping somewhere. The pendant swung around her neck, a continuous motion. Angel stopped in a small clearing and checked her poketch, it was only noon, she should have approximately have traveled at least half of the route by now. A low growl then suddenly interrupted her amusings and a poochyena popped out of the bushes. She smiled sincerely at it, I think I'll catch this little energy ball for my team.

December 21st, 2008, 11:12 AM
Jen stared at the new person suspiciously, her hand not leaving Houndour's head. "Professor Angelus, I presume?" Jen asked, remembering the name of the professor from the game.

"I am," she said with a sigh. "Those men..." she trailed off before shoving a pendant in Jen's hand, wary of the slight warning growl from Houndour. "Take it," she pleaded. "You must protect it and travel, for you must uncover your destiny about why you are here."

"Wha--?" Jen didn't get much more out of the professor before a pokedex and poketch were literally thrown at her. "Hey!" Jen called angrily, watching the woman disappear. She gave a flabbergasted look at Houndour. "What the hell," she said bluntly, looking at the Topaz Pendant. She sighed. "Well, not like I didn't see that coming," she mumbled. She jerked her head toward the exit. "Let's go," she said with a sigh, shoving her hands into her jacket pocket.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Route One, the road of beginning...ness," Jen said, staring at the sign before looking around at the grassy area. She noticed some bushes moving and nudged Houndour lightly with her foot. "We've already seen you battle, but I'm pretty sure we'll run into those freaks in the future, so lets have some battle practice."

"Ourd," Houndour barked in agreement before jumping in front of the bush and growling threateningly. After a moment, a brown pokemon jumped out.

"Zig," a Zigzagoon growled warningly, grinding the ground with its small claws. With a glare, it rushed at Houndour in a Tackle attck.

"As it comes, hit it with Ember," Jen said coolly, watching carefully.

"Dou." Houndour opened her mouth and unleashed a torrent of flames, hitting Zigzagoon head on. It screamed in pain and ended up tumbling head over heal as it's launched Tackle made it falter in the air, causing even more damage.

"Goon," Zigazagoon muttered with a glare and quickly launched for another Tackle, only this time adding a Growl at the same time. This combo attack startled Houndour enough to make it freeze and get a big bash in the face.

"Shake it off," Jen ordered, though she too winced at the head on attack. "Another Ember," she ordered, since that was all Houndour pretty much knew.

"Dour!" Houndour howled, blasting the hot embers at Zigazagoon. With a smirk, the brown pokemon dodged and Tackled Houndour again, this time in the side and causing her to yelp in pain.

Jen frowned at the pokemon and check her pokedex. After a moment, it stated that the Zigazagoon was male and at level four. Well, that explained it. With it being at a close enough level with Houndour, it was pretty much even.

"Another Ember!" she snapped with much vigor.

"Houndour!" Houndour gave an angry growl and ran at Zigzagoon, who was running around in attempt to dodge, ad blasted the fire attack. The Ember ran at the ground before it was finally levelled with Zigzagoon.

"Gagoon!" Zigzagoon howled in pain. It trembled horribly, eyes squeezed shut in pain before it finally collapsed, defeated.

Jen stared at the fallen pokemon in awe. Her real first battle, and although she had attacked and commanded as if it were natural, it was still an incredible feeling to know that she had actually battled and won.

"Hond," Houndour barked gently, staring at Jen.

She just smiled and pet the black dog with affection. "Good job, girl," she told Houndour, recieving a toothy grin in return.

December 21st, 2008, 12:55 PM
Vivi stretched and looked at the sun "Best time to continue" He thought getting up. "Boy i feel hungry and I bet cyndaquil does too.......oh crap what do pokemon eat?" Vivi thought cocking his head. "Well I guess cyndaquil eat fruit and berries but where do i find those?". Vivi paced back and foreword and decided to look around; maybe he could find a bush or something.

After a while of searching he finally found a bush with round blue berries "Aha" Vivi said picking 5 of them "If i remember right these are Oran berries, im sure cyndaquil will eat this" With these words he released cyndaquil and offered him a berry "Here take one, it will give ya a boost" Cyndaquil nodded in approval and happily munched away on 2 of them, Vivi himself tried one and found they tasted a bit like mango's. "Still have 2 that’s plenty, c’mon cyndaquil, ill leave you outside for a while, let’s get past route 1".

"Cynda cyndaquil" It replied happily and they both made there way threw more of route 1, they were about to reach the end as (as always) a pokemon challenged them right before the exit. This time it was a Rattata. "Rattata eh? this shouldn’t be to hard, c’mon Cyndaquil lets get on with it" Cyndaquil nodded in response and put on its fire, The Rattata stormed into action straight away with a speedy tackle attack that cyndaquil dodged easily "Great, it worked last time so try leer again" Vivi called. Cyndaquil again looked at the foe in a threatening way making it look pretty afraid, then it turned tails and ran away "NOOO come back experience points" Vivi called after the Rattata.

"Great what now" Vivi grumbled and said to cyndaquil "We'll find another battle before we go, levelling up is important". And so Vivi said down beside the path waiting for another pokemon to appear, as a zigzagoon finally appeared Vivi jumped at it and called out "I challenge you zigzagoon". In response the zigzagoon let out a yawn, it didn’t seem to be bothered. "Great, umm zigzagoon do you know any pokemon that wants to battle" The zigzagoon nodded lazily and gave a bark, then a whole crowd of zigzagoon came out of the woods a slightly bigger one in the lead.

"Is that your champ or something?" Vivi asked scared at the sheer amount of zigzagoon, the big zigzagoon nodded and got into a battle position "Oh damn it" Vivi said under his breath before saying "Uh...go Cyndaquil" Cyndaquil hopped into front bravely and also got ready. The Zigzagoon rushed at him at high speed and burst into cyndaquil before he even had a chance to dodge. "Uh-oh Try tackle Cyndaquil" Vivi called, Cyndaquil got up and also rammed the zigzagoon making him also loose quite a bit of energy.

This went on for about 10 minutes as they exchanged tackle attacks restlessly. Finally they both stood there panting. it was a tense scene as each one waited for the others attack, then suddenly the zigzagoon fell over...K.o. "YES you did it cyndaquil" Vivi jumped and petted his pokemon. The other zigzagoon looked at him angrily and started growling, they seemed to be sore losers.

"....This doesn’t look good" Vivi said eying the about 20 zigzagoon, He turned to cyndaquil and said bravely "Cyndaquil, are you ready to follow me wherever i go?" Cyndaquil nodded and looked ready for action "Ok then Cyndaquil........LETS GO" Vivi shouted at the end turning around and running towards the exit of route 1. Cyndaquil looked confused he had expected to fight but then too turned and ran after his trainer. Both of them ran as fast they could 20 Zigzagoon right at there tail growling and barking madly "Were nearly there, keep going" Vivi called as they finally got to the exit and collapsed behind it. "Great we made it threw route 1" Vivi panted getting up "I hope you levelled up pal anyway let’s continue"

December 21st, 2008, 1:32 PM
Name: Ray Batien

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Ray was always shuned by his friends for liking Pokemon games. None of his friends understood how fun they were, and he became a social outcast. When he went to buy the new game, even people in the store looked at him weirdly, thinking "Why would a fourteen year old boy be playing Pokemon?" He tries to be as nice as he can, and he is a great person to hang around with. He is always into helping others, and he is a horrible leader. He is also very nervous. He has a stutter in his voice when he is scared.

Ray was born into an average family. His father worked day and night, and his mother took care of him at home. He was an only child. When he was Four, his dad brought home a gameboy for him. He played the gameboy to its full extent, his favorite game being Pokemon Red of course. He soon grew to love all the different Pokemon games; Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Ruby, and the list goes on.

When Ray was 10 he was still in love with Pokemon games. Many of his friends had moved onto sports, and he was the only one still playing with his Gameboy. When his friends found out he was playing Pokemon, he became a social outcast. No one wanted to play with him, no one wanted to talk to him, and none of the girls would even look at him.

Recently he saved up enough money to buy Pokemon Light on the release date. He went back home and popped the cartirage into the DS Lite. I can safely say he had no idea what was about to happen.

Appearance: Ray is about 5'9''. He is skinny and looks quite weak. His skin is not pale white, but it's close too it. Even though he plays video games for more than half the day, he has perfect eyesight. He dresses with shirts of video game characters. He has dark black hair and always wears his lucky Scizor hat. He also keeps a good luck ribbon in his pocket. He had won the ribbon at a Pokemon battle contest for Pokemon Pearl.

Rp sample: (Taken from an RP I tried to write a year ago)
Trek looked up. He had been through so much and he was finally here. The Temple of Zerk. He placed his sword back on his sheath and slowly took a step forward on the long stairway ahead. Peices of his blue hair covered his face as he inched forward towards the Temple. The cuts on his arms and legs left blood drippings behind him as he stopped before the entrance.

The noise of someone elses footsteps filled the air as he turned around quickly. Braze! Braze quickly took out his sword and took a hard lunge at Trek. Trek sidestepped and pulled out his own sword. Braze took a step back and got into a fighting stance.

"What are you doing here!" exclaimed Trek.

"This temple is not meant for the likes of you" replied Braze in a calm voice.

The metals of the two swords were worn out in the epic battle between Trek and Braze. Both men were tired when Braze made on fatal flaw. Trek swung his sword with such might that both men had dropped their swords. Trek grabbed Braze by the collar of his bloody shirt and held him up to the edge of the 300 step staircase. The eyes of the two men met one last time before the scream of Braze filled the Temple surroundings. Trek picked up his sword and continued moving on toward the Temple.

My favorite pokemon is: Scizor

December 21st, 2008, 3:22 PM
@Rii- You've obtained 5 pokeballs, a poketch, a emerald pendent, a pokedex,; you've obtained a lvl 3 female,rattata; Bulbasaur grew to lvl 6!; And yeah that was a big mix-up everyone starts out with lvl five attacks unless it was an egg attack, and you must ask permission to get those. I don't want anyone using a lvl 3 rattat going ''HYPER BEAM oh I win'' just no o.O anyway yeah we tsart out with the lvled attacks.

@Namora- good post, finished with the battle now go pick a pendent, get your stuff and go start that journey. I bet your anxious to get some cool pokemon!

@dragonquen0210- You've obtained 5 pokeballs,a poketch, a pokedex, and a ruby pendent, good post now I can't wait to see how you deal with the poocheyena

@wolfwhispers- As always you've delivered a good post; You've obtained a topaz pendent, a poketch, 5 pokeballs, and a pokedex!; Houndour grew to lvl 6!

@CyndaquilMorph-Hah, your post was very funny I liked it, the way the zigzagoon was like 'your boring -.-', Anyway; Cyndaquil grew to lvl 6, next post you'll need to make it to the next town, I'm trying a post limit thing to keep everything in order. If it doesn't work then I'll try something else but with so many people its quite hard to manage ^_^

@FalseSwipe- I've read over it butI'm going to have to say declined; I've got alot of role-players already, and I'm now being fairy strict with sign-ups and thus yours does not meet a quality sign-up, Sorry.
Proffesser Angelus lookd as one by one the trainers left, she still held several pendents for the remaining trainers. She had a warm smile on her face, as she looked at the glittering pendents. "Thank you for helping me. Good Luck, may we meet again." Angelus said warmly placing the pendents on a nearby desk, because she had to get back to cleaning her lab. "Spooky we need to clean the mess they made." Angelus said and went into the back.

Proffesser Angelus scrambled to pick up the papers and stumbled across one that had research on the pendents. "Just what I was looking for..Now lets see what legend says about it.."

"On the day the spacial beings cross
there will be several trainers sent
from another world to qwuell the
calamitys they will cause. Arceus
will choose these special trainers
and send them to the pokemon
world, they will be given special
jewel pendents for.."

Angelus tried to read the rest of the paper but it was damaged, due to the raid the Dark team had done..
Alright there done <3, I'm off to feed a sheep.

December 21st, 2008, 3:35 PM
Alright, but just hypothetically, if you had less roleplayers, would mine be accepted?

December 22nd, 2008, 7:07 AM
(Um... Sorry, my 'net connection's been down. But can you reserve the Sapphire pendant for me, please? I'm at my library, so I don't think I can post 'til I'm at my dad's and have a definite amount of time to do so.)

drunk ¬_¬
December 22nd, 2008, 3:45 PM
Common Attraction

(Ooc: Sorry for the bad post, I just need to de-rust a bit. I'll post chapter 2 later on today, or tomorrow)

~What in the world just happened?~ thought a kid about 17 years old after falling about 8 ft to the ground while holding his head, eyes closed.

As he looked around, he noticed that he was no longer in the urban settings of New York, and was in fact in a much, much more rural area. As he got up, he heard loud noises coming from the inside of a building.

He instinctively got up and followed the noises. ~I need to figure out where the hell am I?~ he thought as he ran towards
the back of a large, white, dome-shaped building.

As soon as he reached the source of the ruckus though, he froze on his feet. “Why?” he murmured to himself. At that location he saw kids, most of them younger than himself battling against older dudes dressed in black robes.

Of course he had recognized the animal-like creatures… “Pokémon!? No!… it’s impossible!” He eyes were shaken, his mouth wide-opened. He had never owned anything that had anything to do with Pokémon, of course… they were NOT real after all, so why now?

Tavo was at this point sure that he had gotten drugged in one-way or another, but… no! This was too real.
He started to scan the battlefield, and try to figure out what was going on, but all of a sudden, a swallow-like Pokémon flew straight at him and hit him square in the chest knocking him down.

As he started to wake up, he was once again shaken-up, he was certain that the whole thing was a dream, but he was again in the same place as before. As he looked up, he noticed a young woman in a white lab coat. She was pretty attractive, but Tavo completely ignored this fact… at this point all he needed was answers.

“Hey excuse me!” he yelled out from a distance, with one hand raised up high, and the other holding his mid-section. His head still ached, and he was hurt from the bump with the little bird that hit him.

When Professor Angelus finally noticed him, she took out a bunch of expensive-looking pendants. “You are one of the kids that helped me handle the Team Dark grunts right?”

“Well, umm…” Tavo tried to explain his condition, but was unable to look away from the pendants she held out in front of him.

“Please take one” she said. “After all, to go on a journey is the only way to go back to your world.

~Bingo!~ That’s all Tavo needed to know. Immediately, he took the closest pendant to him (the aquamarine pendant), bowed down quickly in a thanking fashion, and ran away from the place as fast as he could, in the way out though, he saw a blue, turtle-like Pokémon sun-bathing on top of a rock with a pair of sunglasses.

After locking eyes for a second, Tavo continued to walk, and the Squirtle got up and followed him. Neither of the two could explain it, but there was a common attraction between them, and the Squirtle just followed his instincts, he knew this would be… interesting.

December 22nd, 2008, 4:32 PM
(OK, dividing this into two parts. One for when she receives the pendant, another for when she goes out and battles (and maybe catches) a Poochyena Pokemon.

... Yeah, already got it thought out XD)

Toukou Dai 1 Shou - Safaia Pendanto! Dono you ni Utsukushii!
Post Chapter 1 - The Sapphire Pendant! How Beautiful!

Mizu watched the professor (she had read about this professor in her manual; she was probably the only one who read those things) scare off the people with a Dusknoir. Mizu zoned out, thinking of how "Kin-kun" was probably the nicest of them, but when she snapped back into reality, the professor just said something about getting pendants and how anyone can take whichever pendants they want. Mizu reached out for the Aquamarine one, but someone had already grabbed it by the time she came close. Sighing, she took the next closest one, the Sapphire pendant, and hung it around her neck. She now had two necklaces on; the other had the Japanese symbols for "Peace". Ah, these two go well. Maybe I should put the tag on Bara... she thought. The professor then handed out a Pokedex to every trainer, including Mizu, and a Poketch to go with it. However, she seemed to hand out red ones to the girls and blue ones to the boys. When she got to Mizu, she began to give Mizu a red one, when Mizu shoved it away.

"Um, can I have a blue one instead please? I really don't like the color red..." Mizu said politely. Groaning, the professor gave her a blue Poketch, making Mizu smile brightly. She turned around and left the building, staring at the PokeBall containing Bara. It was then that the professor came out running after her. She gave Mizu five Poke Balls, which Mizu had forgotten all about. The professor seemed to give a sigh of annoyance, and walked back into the building.

(OK, just a few notes. I honestly did want the Sapphire pendant; Aquamarine matches Mizu's hair color and right eye color. But Sapphire matches her left eye color, and I prefer Sapphire over Aquamarine anyways. Secondly, Mizu receives the Platinum-styled Poketch (which is much cooler, IMO), and I have this rant about how the girl character HAS to receive the red Poketch while the boy gets the blue one in DPPt, so... Finally, you didn't say anything about PokeBalls, but since there are wild Pokemon, I assume the characters get them anyways? Well, off to chapter 2!)

Dai 2 Shou, Paato 1 - Pochiena Kougeki! Bara no Shin no Pawaa ga Akiraka Ni!
Pochiena Attacks! Bara's True Power, Revealed!

(OK, I'll edit this later. And if it's OK, can the Pochiena/Poochyena be shiny? I know it's kinda early, but... o3o If not, that's OK; I like regular Poochyena too XD)

December 22nd, 2008, 6:42 PM
(OOC: Whoops got alot to catch up to after my long weekend vacation btw its not so long but ill edit tomorrow because it didnt freakin post and i had to rewrite the whole freaking thing, and my head is hurting!)

The other trainers where gathering around the woman. Marc looked at his chikorita, who appeared glad that it won, but was also very timid, "Thanks Chikorita" Wait, is this a male or female pokemon? After a long search of the mark you normally find in the game; Marc tried a different method. What if he turned it around? Chikorita growled as Marc twisted him around. Before he could take a look the thing slapped him across the face with its head leaf.

"Whoa that actually hurt!" ..."Huh?" Marc had a strange sensation at the hit and suddenly he felt that that chikorita was male.

"Alright so what now?" Marc glanced at the other trainers who where gathering around the woman. "Come on Chikorita, lets find out whats going on.

He walked over to the woman, who threw a pokeball. "Whoa a dusknoir" Marc was impressed at its fierocity, but it seemed mad at the proffessor.

"What happened?" Marc could see she was a proffessor because she wore one of those jackets and has all that scientific pokemon stuff.

"Thank you, all of you" The proffessor seemed gratefull. "Someone told me you would come, and youre about to begin a yourney like never before!"

<Omg they actually do those boring intros in real life? How lame, He always skipped them on his DS>

"Alright so what do we have to do?" One of the trainers asked the proffessor.

"Well, first you get to keep the pokemon you picked up" The Proffessor grinned as everybody yelled their thanks and played with their pokemon. "You also get this pokedex" She addressed the little boxes she was giving to everyone. "Five pokeballs" Then she gave them the five Red-White balls, and then came the pokenav's. Marc mannaged to grab himself a black one with green, red, and white streaks.

"And finally..." She bent over and grabbed a couple of objects. "These pendants" She held a group of them in her hands.

"Whoa!" People started grabbing for them. Marc tried to get the ruby one- it was taken, as he moved his hand towards the sapphire, it was gone then the emerald .. no chance, there where only a couple left. Quickly he grabbed the diamond. To his surprise, the sunlight went in it and the diamond became different colours. First green, then red, then yellow. It kept changing as he moved it around.

"That'll do" Happily he put the diamond in his bag, the proffessor put the rest of the pendants on the table.

"That would be it, see ya guys" She ran away into the forest.

"Wait profe-" The proffessor was gone before Marc could finish his sentence. The other trainers soon went towards a route, following them Marc entered the dense forest.


Route 101:

Marc ran through the forest, chikorita on his shoulder, swiftly moving about in hopes of finding a pokemon.

"Zig.... Zigzagoon" Marc spun around. A zigzagoon, he quickly picked up his handbook and pokedex. He pointed his pokedex at it: Zigzagoon, The ZigZag Pokemon. This pokemon wanders restlessly through forests. It uses his spiky back to mark its territory on trees. It becomes interested in anything it see's and therefore moves in a zigzag pattern.

"Hmm a Zigzagoon, i remember those, they were useless except for -" Marc had an evil grin "Their pick up ability"

He threw his pokeball, and chikorita jumped out of the brigth red light. "Chikorita use tackle!" The little grass pokemon swiftly shot forward. The zigzagoon hadnt noticed it and was curiously looking at a leaf.

"Bang!" Chikorita tackled the zigzagoon who crashed against a tree. Quickly Marc grabbed his pokeballs. "Alright, great job" He threw the pokeball to the zigzagoon who apperently hit its head. The pokeball wobbled, and again. Marc wasn't worried the least bit, his chikorita could take this pokemon.

"Click" He heard his pokeball close and knew he had captured the zigzagoon. Marc grinned, this little scouter could make him rich.

"Go Zigzagoon!" The zigzagoon went out of the pokeball and looked around. "Alright little guy, lets call you scout" Marc picked up the zigzagoon who quickly jumped off. "Why dont you go look around while me and Chikorita train" The zigzagoon seemed glad he could do what he liked best; explore. "Just make sure you find us when youre done" Marc knew the zigzagoon was gonna pick up all kinds of things. "By the way" He yelled after the zigzagoon "Lets call you buttercup, alright?" Marc named him that because he found zigzagoon near the buttercup flowers.

He looked over at chikorita. "So what about you, should i call you lab?" Chikorita became angry and slapped him "I was just kidding, jeez...- Euh What about Jet? I always liked that name. "Chiko!" The pokemon didnt like that name either. "Then.. what about just Chiko?" Since Chikorita always said that. "Chiko! Chiko!" Chiko seemed alright with the name.

"Alright then, lets move out" Marc walked through the trees, looking for more pokemon to find.

drunk ¬_¬
December 22nd, 2008, 7:07 PM
Sweetie... I think the turtle's trying to talk to me!

As Tavo made his way towards Route 1, he noticed all of a sudden, that although he knew what these things were (Pokémon), he had no clue to whether how to use or catch them. At the realization, he turned around and looked at the blue, bipedal, squirrel-tailed turtle that had decided to follow him around.

The thing stopped at the same time s him and returned the favor of staring at the other intensely.

“Now what?” Tavo asked the thing hoping it might talk.

“Squirtle?” was the response that he got.

“That helps” Tavo sighed, now he was truly in a desperate situation. ~If the only way to go back to New York is to have a Pokémon Journey… then what am I supposed to do?~

“Squirtlesquirtle” he heard all of a sudden, and noticed the Squirtle holding a finger up as if instructing to wait one second. He chuckled a bit at the sight, then closed his eyes and sat down, but as soon as he opened his eyes up again, he noticed a dirt-trail from the speed at which the Squirtle had ran off towards Prof. Angelus’ lab.

“That’s soo unrealistic” he thought to himself as he laid back and closed his eyes to ponder at his situation.

“Ahh” he grunted as he felt the Pokémon jump on top of him with six Pokéballs, a red GameBoy-like electronic apparatus (Pokédex), and a wristwatch (Pokétch). Then Squirtle started to mimic a Pokémon trainer in hopes of having Tavo understand what he was trying to say, and started throwing Pokéballs to the ground in an overhand manner.

“Heh” Tavo chuckled, “so I’m supposed to throw these huh?” Then as he picked the Pokéball up, he noticed that squirtle ran a few feet back, put his chest out, and pointed at himself.

“Very well then… here we go!” Tavo exclaimed as he threw the Pokéball at Squirtle. All of a sudden, Squirtle disappeared into the Pokéball, and this started to wiggle back and forth until the button flashed a red light, and the ball settled. “What in the…”

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa007.png“Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon, Squirtle shoots water at prey while in the water, and can withdraw into its shell when in danger.”

“Whoa!” he was startled by the Pokédex’ sudden introduction, and accidentally dropped it to the ground. “I… think I’m starting to… figure this out” as he picked up the Pokédex, put on the Pokétch, and stuffed the Pokéballs into a messenger bag that he had suddenly gotten when he was materialized in the new world, he realized: “Wait... Squirtle!”, and then he ran towards the Pokéball to let the blue thing out. “Ima’ need you to help me out a bit more, iight’ dude”

“Squirtle!” replied Squirtle, as both of them set off towards Route 1.

And then Tavo finally yelled out with his fist help up high: "Let's r@p# this b##@tch!!!"

December 23rd, 2008, 3:12 PM
Sardonyx stood directly opposite the poochyena, teeth bared and ready for anything, except, well a tackle. "poochyena, bite pokemon, Dark type. At first sight, Poochyena takes a bite at anything that moves. It savagely threatens foes with bared fangs. It chases after fleeing targets tenaciously. It turns tail and runs, however, if the foe strikes back."

Angel nearly fell over as the pokedex began talking suddenly from the inside of her pocket. Both pokemon turned to look up at her, the poochyena out of curiosity and Sardonyx was wondering when she'd give him orders. "Sardonyx, use ember!" she commanded as he jumped up and began to counter attack. "Sarconyx is level 5, attacks-ember, tail whip and faint attack-" the rest of the pokedex's words were meaningless, how exactly does one vulpix know faint attack at level five? Deciding to give it a try, she called out to Sardonyx, "Sardonyx use faint attack!" the vulpix immediately disappeared from view. Angel blinked rapidly, "I didn't expect that to happen" she voiced her thoughts. She decided to check the poochyena's details on her pokedex as well, "Poochyena is level 4, attacks-tackle, howl and poison fang-" once again, she was entirely shocked at how low level this pokemon could be to have a move like that. "Sardonyx use ember again!" The vulpix breathed a flame directly at the poochyena but was stopped short as poochyena attacked him with poison fang. Angel winced, "ouch..." Sardonyx breathed another pelt of flames at the poochyena and she checked the Hp meter on her pokedex. "Okay, Sardonyx, you can stop attacking for now!" she shouted across.

She held up one of the pokeballs she had been given and inspected it, there weren't any instructions on how to use the thing so she randomly threw it at the poochyena. The poochyena was enveloped in a bright red light as it vanished into the pokeball, it twitched once, it twitched twice, a third time then click! Poochyena's info showed up on the pokedex's screen, "caught poochyena, would you like to nickname it?" She tried to think of a good name for the pokemon, Dusk should be ok, she punched the name in and put away the pokedex. "Come on Sardonyx, if we're going to make it out of this route, we'll have to travel fast"

drunk ¬_¬
December 23rd, 2008, 4:17 PM
Squirtle vs Poochyena, and the trainer who had no clue what to do!

With both his face and chest held up high, and giving long strides, the little Squirtle lead the way with his newfound trainer following close-by. But all of a sudden, a Poochyena appeared!

“What the…!” exclaimed a shocked Tavo, as he scrambled his hand into his pocket to find his Pokédex.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa261.png“Poochyena, the Bite Pokémon. At first sight, Poochyena takes a bite at anything that moves. This Pokémon chases after prey until the victim becomes exhausted. However, it may turn tail if the prey strikes back.”

~Wait. But what am I supposed to do?~ thought Tavo as the Poochyena charged directly at him. Frozen up, he closed his eyes, and brazed himself for the impact…

“Squirtle!” All of a sudden the Poochyena stopped and diverted its’ attention towards the tiny turtle Pokémon.

“Squirtlesquirtle!” the blue Pokémon continued to yell out at the Poochyena in order to get its’ attention… and all of a sudden ran at it smacking his tail near the Poochyena’s feet unleashing a fierce Tail Whip.

~Damn~ Tavo thought to himself.

“Squirt!” it continued.

“Pooch…” the dark Pokémon hissed as Tavo uncovered his eyes to witness the fight.

"Damn" he reapeted this time out loud.

“Squirtle!” yelled out the Squirtle again as he used another Tail Whip to drive the Poochyena further away, and: “Squirt!”
But this time, as Squirtle ran towards his opponent, the Poochyena jumped forward and connected with a powerful Tackle. “Pooch…” it continued to hiss, and then pounced for another Tackle.

"Damn, damn!" Tavo began to get more and more nervous as he watched on.

“Squirt…” Squirtle had obviously damaged, but some way or another, he managed to dodge the incoming attack, and hit Poochyena on its side with a third Tail Whip.

Poochyena was visibly irritated at this point, and as soon as it hit the ground, it pounced right back up connecting with a second Tackle, “Pooch pooch!” it barked as the damaged Squirtle tried to raise himself up to his feet.

~Damn this!~ thought a helpless Tavo, ~What am I supposed to do now? Squirtle was clearly winning this with all of his attacks… is that Poochyena too powerful?~...


Right as he was saying this, the Poochyena jumped at the Squirtle for the fourth time. “Pooch!” it howled. Tavo closed his eyes out of reflex, and all of a sudden… Crash!

Tavo opened his eyes up to find Squirtle standing tall over the Poochyena, and breathing heavily. What had happened, he didn’t know, all he knew is the Squirtle was alright, and a lot more powerful than what he had previously thought. “Good job” he told the Pokémon before it fainted in his arms and he put it back in his Pokéball.

~Now what?~ he thought as he looked over to his watch in hopes of figuring out the time, only to find his location in a digital map. “I’m guessing we should hurry up and head to the next city then” and he got up and started to run in the direction of the next town.

December 25th, 2008, 11:16 AM
"Come on," Jen ordered, not even glancing at the defeated Zigzagoon. "We need more training, especially if we are to face gyms and wannabe gangs."

"Dou," Houndour agreed, eyes shining with amusement.

"Start looking around," Jen told the dark type, already looking into a hole in the ground. She really hoped it was a Sandshrew or Cubone. Hopefully both.

A low growl met her ears from behind, and she immediately turned around to see Houndour facing down a smaller black dog. Both their hackles were raised and were salivating in preparation. Then, before she could even begin to give an order, Houndour attacked with a massive Ember, scorching the poor black puppy and causing it to give an agonizing screech. Grabbing her pokedex, she pointed it at the pokemon.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa261.pngPoochyena (male, level 4), the bite pokemon. This pokemon is of persistent nature, and it will chase its chosen prey until it is exhausted.

Jen closed her pokedex with a snap, just in time to see Poochyena Tackle Houndour hard in the gut, making it whimper and shiver. "Howl," she ordered. "Power up and frighten this dog."

Houndour's eyes glowed for a brief moment before unleashing an unearthly howl that made both watchers shiver. Jen grinned as she felt the shiver, loving the power her pokemon showed, though she did tighten her fists in her jacket pockets.

Poochyena took the chance to Tackle Houndour again, able to get over its fear faster than Jen had thought. "Dou!" Houndour yelped, whimpering.

"Ember!" Jen barked.

Houndour launched the fire attack at Poochyena, but the small dog jumped out of he way and lauched a Tackle.

"Dodge!" Jen ordered quickly. "It only has one attack, keep dodging!" Houndour barked in affirmation, and soon began the dance of attack and dodge. Houndour was doing a marvelous job, dodging the smaller pokemon, though since he smaller dark type was slower, it wasn't as hard as it should have been. However, since Jen knew harder pokemon would come at them in the future, she was not satisified.

"Faster, faster!" she barked, face glaring. "I want to see you firing those Embers as you run!"

"Dour," Houndour panted, throwing Jen an exasperated glance, though did as ordered. Houndour's mouth grew hot and glowed orange as it began to fire the small fire balls at poochyena.

Poochy!" Poochyena howled as the fire was blasted against its side. Poochyena trembled slightly before falling into a kneeling position. Glaring, the small dog gave a loud howl, startling the two. Jen idily wondered if it had grown a level and learned Howl. Her thoughts turned false as the bushes rustled violently; another Poochyena jumping out and growling angrily.

Jen switched open her pokedex and grimaced. Another level four pokemon, but this one was female. She eyed the two black and gray pokemon, thinking they were mates. With a snap, she thrust her closed pokedex into her jacket.

"Attack them both," she told her pokemon. Houndour threw her a tired look, tongue rolling out of her mouth. "Do it ," she ordered. "Launch an Ember attack to hit them both." She eyed the three dark types. "And I want this attack to be big."

Ears lowering in determination, Houndour let out a loud "Hound!" before releasing the hot flames at the two pokemon. The small embers had grown slightly in Houndour's desperation to make it stronger.

"Chy," the female Poochyena yelped in fright, seeing the fire attack heading toward the male. With a loud bark, she jumped in front of the male, taking the full brunt of the attack.

"Poochyen!" the male barked angrily, licking the female, urging her to get up. With an angry growl, the two launched a double Tackle attack. Houndour was hit in the side and the head.

It was then that all hell broke loose. Enraged howls and growls filled the air as the three forgot all pokemon moves and simply had a dog fight of snarls and teeth.

"Get control of yourself!" Jen called. "Ember! Ember!"

Throughout the angry bustle, Houndour somehow heard the order and powered up an Ember, just as she bit down on the male Poochyena's back. Even Jen winced as the burning fangs sunk into Poochyen'a skin and helped boost the power of the Ember. In a way it was almsot like Fire Fang.

With a depressed howl, the male fell to the ground in defeat, eyes closed with barely the slightlest whimper escaping it's unconcious form.

"Dou," Houndour sighed, shaking slightly as she tried to raise herself.

"Chen," the female Poochyena whimpered, looking from Houndour to the male Poochyena.

"Ember," Jen ordered quickly, feeling no pity. This was a battle, and she need her pokemon to gain experience.

Exhausted, Houndour launched a weak Ember. To Jen's surprise, the Poochyena took the hit, perhaps too exhausted or sad to fight back. She fell to the ground, right next to her fallen mate.

"Good job," jen said, voice softening for the first time as she walked over to her pokemon.

"Do... ur," Houndour coughed weakly, throwing a weary grin in Jen's direction before falling to the ground, already unconcious before she even touched the ground. She had fainted, though she had done marevelously.

Jen recalled her fallen pokemon and stared at the pokeball in her hand. "Good job," she whispered to the pokeball before walking toward the next town. Jen paused, however, to take a look at the two fallen pokemon. Sighing, she looked around and spotted a bush that had exactly two blue berries on it. They were oran berries. Grabbing the two, she stuck them into the Poochyena's mouth and walked off just as their eyes fluttered open.

Ignoring the confused whimpers, Jen sighed. She was such a softy.

December 25th, 2008, 3:44 PM
can I reserve Pikachu please

December 27th, 2008, 3:28 PM
ooc: Alright now that the Christmas season is over we are back in buisness!

@Pikataro- You've obtained A saphire pendent; A BLUE poketch; 5 pokeballs; pokedex; Squirtle grew to lvl 6
@Drunk- You've obtained a Aquamarine pendent; A poketch; 5 pokeballs; pokedex
@Draco Torpedo - You've obtained a diamond pendent; A poketch 5 pokeballs ; and a pokedex
@dragonqueen- You've caught a male poocheyena (lvl 3),
@wolfwhispers; Houndour grew to vl 6
@konekodemon- If you can manage to get a sign-up sheet in the ooc thread then fine I'll evaluate it, but I must let you know I'm much stricter on posting limits, and sign-up sheets.
As Angelus looked at the last remaining trainers leave she mumbled "This will be a hard journey for them.."
Route 1

"Ah such a nice day to be out!" A girls voice echoed throughout the route, she wore a long white robe and white formal shows, a small blue patch that bore a small "L" on it rested firmly on the center of the robe. Her long golden hair stretched down to her shoulders, she opened up her eyes which had blood red eyes. They scanned the area around her, she gave another yawn and leaned against the tree once more. "I can't believe boss made mego out on a such a day, just to look for some weirdo pendents. Lame." The girl managed to say allowed as a monferno came to her side.

"Monferno.." The fire ape mumbled handing her a blue oran berry.

"I was told to tail these weirdo trainers, lame. I'm always forced to do grunt work et I'm an admin, just cause I'm fourteen doesn't make much difference, I still want to be treated like an admin.Laaaaaaaaame." The girl moaned. "Well I'd better get going, I mean.. if I'm going to tail these trainers I'd better head to the next town."


CHAPTER 3: Uchuu Town

Congratulations you've made it to the first town, Uchuu town is filled with itneresting people and itneresting things, althought theres not much to do here, you can go ahead andr relax a bit, heal your pokemon, and buy suplies for your trip. However there is a man who needs help finding his grandaughter; If you help him him he'll give you a very beautiful orb, It has water inside it and a pink outer coating..It could be useful later on..

Places of interest.

Pokemon Center- Pretty Standard you can rest up and store pokemon here

PokeMart: Pretty Standard as well you can buy healing items, and pokeballs/greatballs here

Old mans House- Help him find his grandaughter and he'll give you a very beautiful orb.

If you aren't interested in anything here you can go onto Route 2 and one step closer to the gym leader in the next town..

December 27th, 2008, 3:31 PM
never mind about my sign up, I just joined another one, I'm in too many already

December 27th, 2008, 3:43 PM
(OOC: Sry, this is one of my short posts but its to finish the second chapter.)


That was the third pidgey they defeated. Chiko was already building up well. He's probably gained a few levels by now, and it was easy to train here.

What was the next town? He looked in his book. "Hmm Uchuu town huh? Might be interesting" Come on Chiko. Chikorita immediately jumped on his shoulder. Marc didnt like to put the little guy in his pokeball, and apperently chiko wanted to stay outside the pokeball too.

During their training Marc had made sure to keep the pokemon he fought healthy. He wanted to train, but he just had a soft spot for those pokemon. He picked up the fainted pidgey and grabbed an oran berry from his pocket.

"There you go" The pidgey woke up and Marc carefully put it back in its nest.

"Butter, where are you?" The zigzagoon ran towards him. Halfway he stopped to look at a leaf, and then he came back again.

"So whatcha find today?" Buttercup ruffled through his fur. Then he took out four oran berries, a half empty potion, and some other berries.

"Great job!"

"Zig, Zigzagoon!" The zigzagoon was proud of his findings and jumped on Marc's other shoulder.


Marc looked at his watch. Two o clock? Was pokemon time the same as the time in the real world? Marc wasnt homesick at all, he was glad he was in this world.

"Zig, Zigzagoon!" Butter jumped off his shoulder and ran through the trees.

What did he find now? Marc quickly scurried after him but stopped in his tracks. Butter was standing on a road, and the road led to a village.

"Alright! I hope there's a gym here!" Marc picked up his pokemon and walked into the village.

(OOC: Ill post the village part tomorrow, how long do we have before the next chapter?)

December 27th, 2008, 4:04 PM
OOC: Woot, and so Vivi,s journey continues

Vivi and Cyndaquil walked into the small town of Uchuu. They looked around carefully and Vivi tapped his foot thinking aloud "I best re-call Cyndaquil for now, he's probably tired, i hope this place has a pokemon centre". He then recalled cyndaquil and searched around town. He saw an about 45 year old woman and asked politely "Excuse me miss, is there a pokemon centre in this town?"

The Woman looked at him weirdly freaked out by his looks and said ".....Over there" pointing towards a big building.

"Many thanks" Vivi smiled grasping her hand shacking it before waddling towards the building. The woman looked at him waddling of and wondered why that child looked like that before continuing on. Vivi entered the automatic double doors to the pokemon centre and handed his pokeball to nurse Joy. "Excuse me miss, can you heal my pokemon for me please?"

Nurse Joy nodded kindly and took his pokeball and placed it in a machine, it looked like the machine scanned the pokeball and seconds later it binged and Nurse Joy handed Vivi back his pokeball "Thanks for waiting, we have restored you're pokemon to full health" she then bowed and said "We hope to see you again"

Vivi thanked her nicely and as soon as he was out the door he thought "Now when I think of it, why does nurse Joy always say *we hope to see you again* does she want our pokemon to get hurt so that we have to heal them or what?" Vivi thought about it for awile before continuing on to the building in Blue "Ah" Vivi said examining the building "Poke mart, best get myself some potions and stuff"

Vivi entered the building and went to the counter and asked "sorry kind sir, May I have 3 potions 3 antidotes and 2 paralyze heals...actually make those 4 antidotes"

The man nodded and put the requested item’s on the counter "That will be 2400 poke sonny" he said holding out his hand

*" Oh my, that’s quite a bit"* Vivi thought and handed him the money "Many thanks" he then said and went out again *"hmmmm what now?"* Vivi thought before remembering *" Ah yes, maybe I should check the houses, people might give me stuff"*

Vivi entered a few houses and not many people said interesting things but as he entered the house at the edge of town there was an old man in there who looked worried, He came up to Vivi and asked eagerly "Boy, can you give this old man a hand please, my daughter has been gone for 5 hours and I cant find her anywhere, please look for her, she might be around the outskirts of town, please look for her ok? Ill make it worth your while".

Vivi was a bit freaked out at first but then noticed how worried the old man really was "Sure thing good friend, i'll find her for you" Vivi said reassuringly before heading outside *" Ok, of to the outskirts I guess"* and with that thought he waddled of outside town.

December 27th, 2008, 6:34 PM
ooc: Alright now that the Christmas season is over we are back in buisness!

@Pikataro- You've obtained A saphire pendent; A BLUE poketch; 5 pokeballs; pokedex; Squirtle grew to lvl 6

You meant that for Drunk, didn't you? ><' And by the way, I got a name change. Pikataro is now Serene :3

I'll get another post up later. I've been so busy, sorry ><' And I don't think you answered my question if I could catch a shiny Poochyena. I don't care if I do or not; it's up to you.

December 29th, 2008, 10:21 AM
The village wasnt that big. Marc was dissapointed, he had come there in hopes of finding a gym, but there wasnt. First he went up to the pokemon center. A lot of new trainers were there, some of them were battling.

He walked over to nurse joy.

"Hi what can i do for you?" Marc was glad she didnt give the long speach like in the normal video game. She looked very tired, maybe from tending all those pokemon

"Euhm, can u heal my pokemon please?" He handed her the two pokemon which she took into the back room, towards a machine.

"They'll be ready for travel in about five minutes, why dont you go check out the pokemart meanwhile?"

He walked to the pokemart, to find it also stuffed up. This small village was doing good business.

"Hi what can i do for you?" The pokemart lady was lso pretty tired.

"Do you have something like a starters set?" Marc grabbed his wallet. It had his startng 3000$ plus the extra money the thug dropped after he beat him.

"Yes of course, that will be 3000$"

Great, there goes all my savings, oh well, Marc needed it.

"Sure" He handed her the money, and she gave him a big box in return.

The box contained five potions, two of every type of medicine (Antidote, Paralyse heal) and 2 pokeballs. Marc took his time put everything in the pockets of his backpack. He liked organizing stuff and he had every item where he wanted it to be.

He looked at his watch, it was evening at home. He didnt need to know the current time to know five minutes had passed. He ran back to the pokemon center. On his way to the desk he saw a clock. He could have adjusted his watch, but he didnt. He would buy a second one, because even tough he didnt show it. He missed home a little bit and his watch reminded him of it.

His pokeballs were on the counter.

"Hi are my pokemon ready?"

"Yes, youre pokemon are fully healed. We hope to see you again." Huh? Again? What is up with that? He gave her a questioning glance but she just smiled.

"Alright then ... bye" He walked out of the pokemon center.

"THUD!!!" Something crashed into him and Marc fell backwards.

"Ugg, Watch it!" He looked up to see an old man standing over him.

"Sorry about that, im in a hurry... wait... are you a trainer?"

"Uhh yeah"

The old man looked relieved. "Please can you help me find my grandaughter? I lost her in the forest"

"Sure" Marc had to go train anyway.

"Thank you so much!" And with that Marc walked away.

December 29th, 2008, 5:34 PM
Jen walked quickly toward the fast approaching town. She knew Houndour would be ok after a quick check up at a pokemon center, but that didn't make her worry any less.

On her way towards the large, red building, a panicky looking old man stopped her process. He was bouncing from foot to foot in anticipation, eagerly watching the crowd for someone or something.

"Excuse me," Jen drawled, watching the old man jump. "Do you need any help?"

To her shock, the old man just burst into tears. "You... you have to help me," he croaked. "My little grandaughter... she's all I have and she's gone!"

Jen sighed. So, it was a missing kid thing. "Why don't you go to the police? I'm sure that--"

"The police are too busy," he interrupted, gesturing to a building that looked oddly vacant. "Please," he begged. "Please, she went off through the forest and into a cave this morning."

"Through a forest and into a cave," Jen repeated bluntly, a bit unsure.

He nodded eagerly. "Yes, through the forest and into a cave!"

Jen stared at him. "Riiiiiight," she drawled.

"No, honestly!" he pleaded, near tears once more. "It's just off the side from the city. It's nothing more that a few distance of trees that separate the cave from the city. There are wild pokemon in there and I'm scared she might have gotten hurt!"

"Then why did yu even let her go?" Jen asked.

"She's usually such a safe girl that comes back on time, but this time I think she's gone way over her head when trying to explore."

Jen sighed. "Look, I don't know..."

"I'll give you something!" the old man said eagerly. "Please?"

"Deal," Jen said immediately, already shaking his hand. "But hang on a sec, I need to go heal my pokemon. Just... just wait here," she said unsurely, watching him twitch nervously.

With a sigh, she pushed him onto a local bench and made sure he stayed there. Hurrying into the pokemon center, she all but thrust her pokeball into the surprised nurse's hand, not even taking the time to explore the first real pokemon center she had ever entered. Waiting a few minutes for her pokemon to heal, Jen was glad her pokemon was simply exhausted instead of beat dead and hurt. That would have taken a full day to heal instead of the instant energy boost. Taking her pokemon back from the slightly wary nurse, Jen left without even a thank you.

"Ah, finally!" the old man called happily, already draggin her toward the assumed cave. "Hurry, we must find her. She's been missing for a while now."

"Exactly how long?" Jen asked with annoyance, pulling her arm free of the old man.

"A few hours," he answered back, picking up speed.

With an annoyed sigh, Jen followed, hoping that she would at least get a good pokemon out of it.

December 30th, 2008, 11:03 AM
"Finding a little girl, cant be too hard right? What if Chiko trains and Butter gets to be the explorer" Marc adressed both his pokemon who nodded. He was happy Butter didnt take offense when he told him to search and that Chikorita was gonna train like always. At least it was what a zigzagoon liked even more than battling, exploring.

"Thanks Butter" With that the little guy zoomed off.

"Now for training, where are those pokemon?" He and Chikorita sped through the forest in hopes of finding a pokemon.

"Poochy, Poochyena!" Suddenly there was a loud crash and chikorita flew past him and landed on the ground.

"What? What happened? Chiko, Are you alright?" He picked up Chikorita to find that it was on the edge of being knocked out.

"D*mn it, who did this!" He looked around but couldnt find anything. Grabbing one of the potions he quickly healed Chico ,but the pokemon was still dizzy.

"Poochy, Poochyena!" There it was again. Marc looked around but found nothing.

A little girls sniffles were heard behind a tree.. She was on her knees and crying hysterically. "Grandpa, where are you? Waaah!" A little girl cried out in tears. "I hate it here, grandpa..WAAAAH!" The girl cried out once more as several pidgey flew out of the tree.

"Are you ok, are you the little girl that old man was looking for?" The girl nodded, but her eyes were fixed on something behind him. He turned around and saw butter.

"Oh thats ok, its just my po-" Butter was growling. He looked up to find what made them so scared. Suddenly something massive jumped onto butter.

He used his pokedex.

Poochyena, the bite pokemon. At first sight this pokemon takes a bite at anything that moves. The pokemon chases after prey until it becomes exhausted. However it may turn tail if the pokemon fights back.

Marc groaned "A poochyena, are they supposed to be this big?"

"Oh well, Chiko use tackle!" Chikorita stood up and tried to use tackle but it was too weak.

"Uh, ok, butter? you use tackle." The zigzagoon immediately launched foward and hit the gigantic dog in its side. The Poochyena toppled over but was immediately upright again.

"Poochy!" It jumped on zigzagoon, pinning it down, and then bit it.

"Butter, try to zigzag, or anything to get out of its grip!" Butter made otterlike movements and eventually slipped out of the poochyena's claws.

"Great now tackle it again!" The poochyena's size helped out with this. It was so big that it was hard to dodge, and this time butter made full impact on its head.

The poochyena crashed on the ground, and wimpered away.

"Great job, Butter" The pokemon just nodded gladly when Marc pulled out his pokeball.

He had forgotten all about the girl. He looked around, and fortunately she was still standing there. "Come on, im gonna take you home."

Marc walked into the forest with the little girl running after him.

drunk ¬_¬
December 30th, 2008, 6:12 PM
(Ooc: Sorry for he bad post... don't really have much time :disappoin)

‘Welcome to Uchuu Town!...’

A sign read as a young guy ran past it amazingly fast.

<Damn… I didn’t even know I could run this fast!> Tavo thought as he held his Squirtle with his arms and glanced back to a swarm of Rattatas that chased him madly. <Why are there so many of them!?> he thought desperately as he noticed a clearing, and some buildings to where he ran out of the tall grass.

“Ahh”. He sighed. “That was TOO close” He and then noticed a small kid walking past him.

“Hey kid!” he yelled out, startling the little boy.

“Yes?” the kid whimpered at the sight of Tavo’s ragged clothes, his irritated eyes, and recent cuts in his arms.

Tavo then held out his Squirtle and asked with fixated eyes and a firm voice: “Now what?”

The kid was taken off-guard by the question and was only able to answer with a feeble: “Huh???”

“My Pokémon’s dead, what do I do with it now?!” He barked at the kid who dropped to the ground, grabbed hold of his head, and went to fetal position.

“The Pokémon Center! The Pokémon Center! Please… Don’t… hurt… me” he sniveled and begged on the dirt to the scary-looking teen.

“Where?” Tavo asked again. He was used to being avoided by the higher class in New York… but common!

<This is ridiculous> he thought.

“Red roof, RED ROOF!” the kid continued crying.

“Thank you” Tavo mumbled, and then threw a towel to the kid with the words: “Clean yourself up”. <You would’ve gotten killed where I’m from> he thought and then noticing his Squirtle moan, ran back towards the red-roofed Pokémon Center.

<That wasn’t tough> he thought as he entered the biggest building in the small town and found a lass clad in a white nurse attire, behind a counter. “Excuse me…” he said before being interrupted by her:

“Welcome to the Pokémon Center, where we treat your Pokémon to perfect health. Would you like to treat your Pokémon?” she finished.
(Ooc: that was all from memory ;))

“Umm, sure” Tavo replied, a bit startled by the nurse’s sudden outburst. Then handed over his Squirtle in his Pokéball, and saw her put it on a weird-looking machine besides her.

“You’re new, aren’t you?” she asked in a sweeter and more humane voice than before.

“Oh, yeah, umm… what do you mean new?” he asked perplexed by the nurse’s sudden change of heart.

“Oh, you know, new trainer” she said with a warm smile. Then grabbed the Pokéball and handed it over to Tavo. “I’m sorry if I startled you before, it’s… protocol” she said with a small giggle. “Do you need anything else, the Sun’s about to set… I’d recommend getting a room”.

“What?” Tavo asked as he looked out the window and noticed the darkening sky. “Oh, but, how much will it cost me?”

“Don’t worry about it” she said warmly again. “Trainer’s don’t need to pay. By the way, tomorrow morning you should think about going to the PokéMart, and buy some Potions. They’re always helpful, now have a nice night!” she finished off, and headed to the back of the counter into another room.

<I guess I could get used to this> he thought briefly before Squirtle called himself out of his Pokéball, and happily jumped and made a back-flip yelling out:

“Squirtllllllllle!!!” but was promptly called back into his Pokéball.

“Or not.” Tavo stated to himself and proceeded up the stairs of the Pokémon Center to his room.

December 30th, 2008, 8:19 PM
Ooc: I'm sorry I didn't describe the setting before, oh and about the old man quest, the little girl was playing hide and seek with some friends and didn't come back, she was playing in Route 1 before she dissappeared. So if you found her disreguard it. >.<' I'll post where she is in a moment.
@CyndaQuilMorph; You've obtained a quest, find the oldmans grandaughter!
@Draco_Torpedo; You've obtained a quest, find the oldmans grandaughter!
@Wolfwhispers;You've obtained a quest, find the oldmans grandaughter!
@Drunk; Your pokemon are all healed.
A little girls sniffles were heard behind a tree.. She was on her knees and crying hysterically. "Grandpa, where are you? Waaah!" A little girl cried out in tears. "I hate it here, grandpa..WAAAAH!" The girl cried out once more as several pidgey flew out of the tree.

The Team Light girl yawned in boredom, all she had done was TRAVEL for the last couple of days.. As she arrived at Uchuu town she took out her poketch and called someone. "Kay I'm in Uchuu town now, I'll look for the targets..They shouldn't have gotten to far.." The girl said.

"Hinata, we've received your data, it is very interesting how you've been able to breach the perimeter without causing attention to everyone."

"Yes well, they never expect someone such as myself..To be in Team light. Hinata over and out." The girl named Hinata hung up the phone and leaned against the pokemon center wall, pulling a hood over her head to cover up something and pulling down her shirt down even more.. Small canine fangs were shown as she smirked, she chuckled to herself minorly. "I've heard a man keeps a special orb around here..Could be something worth checking out..Monferno lets go. That orb may bring some itnerest to the boss." Hinata smirked and entered a house a hood still covering her identity. "Alright old man, I've heard something interesting is it true that you keep a special jewel here?!" Hinata yelled, the old man gasped.

"It's true but I'll never give it to the likes of you.." The old man retorted back, this angered Hinata.

"Look I don't have time for your heroics, give me the orb or you will regret it." Hinata smirked under her hood. She took out a pokeball.

"Never I'll never give it to the likes of you." The old man scowled.

"Fine have it your way, I'll take it by FORCE!" Hinata yelled as she threw down a pokeball which unleashed a ivysaur. "Tie him up while I look for the orb.." Hinata mumbled as she began looking for the orb throughout the house.

"You won't find it." The old man scowled as the Ivysaur titened it's grip on the old man.

"Don't underestimate me. Nor Team Light, I higvhly doubt you would want our secret weapon uponst you." Hinata smirked as she continued looking throughout the house.

If you haven't noticed, Hinata's going to be my character that i control, she's a fourteen year old girl, she's an Admin to team Light.

December 31st, 2008, 4:50 AM
OOC:im gonna try to do some interaction now....thats kinda the point of rp,s

Vivi continued to walk around searching the outskirts of town for the old mans daughter. Cyndaquil was out too helping the search. "My god, where is she? I mean this is almost impossible" Vivi sighed and walked on, Cyndaquil nodded in agreement but none of them looked like they where about to give up.

After another hour of searching they both gave up. Vivi sat down under a tree and asked Cyndaquil "Do you think we should ask the old man for more details?"

"Cynda Cyndaquil" Cyndaquil replied nodding again and got up ready to go

"Okey dokey" Vivi said also getting up again "Lets go back and ask" They both went back into town, as he went threw the small village he saw the woman he had seen earlier ran past him in panic and yelling something about a teenager attacking the old man. Vivi jumped in surprise and hurried over to the scene of crime. As he came closer he hid behind a building and peeked around to see the old man struggling to get free of the vines of an Ivysaur. "The girl must be inside his house" Vivi whispered to Cyndaquil "Heres our chance to free him" He bent down and whispered his plan into cyndaquil's ear which looked ready for action after understanding the plan.

Vivi and cyndaquil both split up Vivi hiding behind a bush near the old man and the Ivysaur while Cyndaquil slowly approached Ivysaur from behind. Vivi held his hand above the bush and signalled 3...2...1...and as it went to 0 Cyndaquil released a huge cloud of smoke out of his mouth covering the entire area. The Ivysaur was startled and looked around confused not being able to see anything Vivi then jumped out behind the bush and hurried to the old man while Cyndaquil rushed up in front of the Ivysaur and burned his vines with the fire on his back.

The Ivysaur howled releasing the grip on the old man and as soon as that happened Vivi grasped the old mans arms and quickly helped him up and all 3 of them hurried away before the smokescreen wore of.

(I hope this post is ok, im not to sure about me using Ivysaur, if it isn’t tell me ill edit it)

January 3rd, 2009, 12:22 PM
Jen never did bother learning the old man's name. Instead she followed him through the woods and to the entrance of the cave. "This is where my grandaughter was supposed to be playing hide and seek with her friends," he explained to Jen. "But they all came home except for her," he whispered brokenly.

Jen rolled her eyes. Whatever. "Come on," she orderd, walking in."

It didn't take long to here cries for help.

"That's my grandaughter!" old man shouted, running toward the voice, Jen following behind. "O... Oh!" he exclaimed in surprise, eyes wide with fright as he saw a monstrous Poochyena growling at her.

The little girl saw the old man and cried even more. "Help me, please!"

"Bu..." the old man mumbled.

"Out of the way," Jen all but snarled. "Go, Houndour!"

With a burst of light, Houndour appeared and howled. Focusing on its opponent, Houndour growled warningly at the smaller dog, remembering its previous battle with the Poochyena breed.

"Ember!" Jen called quickly.

Small fire balls hit the Poochyena in the side, causing it to cry in pain. Shaking its head, Poochyena charge for a Tackle attack. It managed to butt Houndour in the side before it could dodge. "Cy," it growled.

"Another Ember," Jen said.

"Hou!" Houndour unleashed the fire attack, but this time the Poochyena dodged. With an angry growl, it Tackled Houndour again, only this time in the head.

"Shake it off," Jen told her pokemon, ignoring the girl's frightful cries and the old man's mutters.

"Do," Houndour muttered, shaking her head, a furious expression on her face.

"Ember!" Jen called.

"Dour!" Houndour screamed, launching the attack.

"Chyen," Poochyena growled, attempting to dodge. It failed, however, and its whol body was attacked. "En," Poochyena whimpered, lifting its paw.

Jen noticed that it had been burned. With a grin, she said, "We've got it now! Ember!"

Poochyena tried to attack as well, but its hurt paw made it howl in pain and remain unmoving, thus allowing the fire attack to blast right in its side. "Chn," Poochyena whimpered, eyes going shut as it collapsed to the ground.

Hooouu!" Houndour howled in victory.

"Good job," Jen said, returning her pokemon to its pokeball and gazing at the grandfather being reunited with his granddaughter.

"Grandpa!" the girl exclaimed, tears falling down her face. "I'm so sorry! I wanted to go home, but this Poochyena just kept growling at me!"

"It's ok, my child," the old man said softly as he stroked her hair.

"There has to be a reason why this Pochyena was attacking so ferociously," Jen said, scrutinizing the fallen pokemon.

Her answer came to her with high pitched squeals. Three small Poochyena rushed out and began licking the bigger one, glaring heatedly at the three of them, though not brave enough to attack.

"So that's the reason," the old man said. "She must have been worried about her pups." His face brightened. "Well, I've got just the thing for that!"

Bending down, he took out a potion and sprayed the mother, wary of the pups. After a moment, the mother opened her eyes. Realzing where she was, she growled warningly and took her children away.

The old man chuckled before handing Jen a pecular circular object. It had water in it and a pink outer coating. "For helping me," he said with much gratitude, already leading his grandaughter out of the cave.

Jen admired the object before shrugging. It was nice, but didn't seem to be of value. All she really cared about was if her Houndour had gotten stronger. It was already level seven, so maybe this battle would help...

After all, she needed a strong pokemon to go up against any grunt she met in the future.

January 3rd, 2009, 12:46 PM
@wolfwhispers- Grats you brought the grandaughter home, and again i;m so sorry for the lack of description for Uchuu toiwns missions~ Anyway, guys there will be plenty more missions to gt rare objects (mainly one in each town) if Someone can guess what Uchuu means..I'll give then a cookie :D. Anyway. Houndour grew to lvl 8, You've obtained the strange orb!
@Vivi- Haha how cruel you are to ivysaur.
As Hinata dug through the drawers looking for the orb she swore to herself. "Damn it, it has to be on the old man..Damn it he tricked me!?" Hinata swore as she emerged from the back out the house Hinata ran to her Ivysaur who whining about the vinewhip. "Damn the old man couldn't do this who did this?!" Hinata swore as she noticed a big gaping hole in the wall. She returned her ivysaur and lowered her robe and hood, not wanting to give her true identity. She emerged from building and saw Vivi who was the one who had interfered with her notorious scheme. "I thought I had something to worry about.." Her voice was cold and cruel. "I thought I had a threat, but it turns our it's just a freak.. Heh." She looked at Vivi and smiled under her hood. "So your the trainer with the opal pendent..Then I'll take the orb and jewel..BY FORCE!" Hinata yelled as she through out a Gengar.

"Gengar!" Hinata thought she had the upper hand but when Jen came with the old mans daughter she knew she was outnumbered, and since now the cops of Uchuu town had noticed her.

"Freeze, Team Light Member!" An officer yelled showing his badge. Hinata merely laughed.

"Not this time cops!" She returned her Gengar and dissappeared into a smoke bomb she threw. And when it cleared..Hinata had dissappeared.

"Damn she got away.." The officer yelled. The many officers had retreated and everything grew still.

The oldman turned to Jen in happiness. "Thank you for finding my grandaughter, heres the jem I promised to you.. Theres a long history behind this orb, it's said to be a gem, made from Palkias gem on it's shoulder. Your holding history there young lady. Anyway, take good care of it..A team light member had already tried to steal it once..Lord knows how many other Team Lights or Team Darks will be after that." The old man said and taking his grandaughter inside the house.
"It seems Hinata got away, she couldn't obtain the Orb.. I guess.. I'll go after the next one, they won't expect a Team Dark member to show up." A young girl whispered, she bore a bright red D on her chest, and was in opposite attire from Hinata, she wore a black uinform and a large black hood to cover her identity.."Tobari..over and out."

[to be contined...]

Chapter 3: Route 2

Congratulations you've made it to route 2 on route 2 you may find the following things. This route continues lots of interesting things, it's a rather long route. It connectes to 'Kaze Town' if you make it through here you'll be at the first town with a gym so I'd advise you hurry, but uh-oh it looks like it won't be easy, there are a few dark grunts in this area looking for rare pokemon.


Common Pokemon:

Name: Ralts
Nature: Random
Gender: 65% female, 35% male
Lvl Ranger: 4-6

Name: Cleffa
Nature: Random
Gender: 85% female, 15% male
Lvl Ranger: 3-5

Name: Treecko
Gender:85% male,15 % female
Lvl Range: 5

Uncommon Pokemon.

Name: Spearow
Nature: 85%: Agressive Nature, 15% Random
Gender: 50% male, 50% female
Lvl Range: 2-6

Name: Combee
Nature: Random
Gender: 50% male, 50% female
Lvl Range: 4-6

Rare Pokemon:

Name: Skitty
Nature: 60% Playful Nature, 40% random
Gender: 70% Female, 30% Male
Lvl Ranger: 5-6


Name: Wurmple (Shiny)
Nature: Ramdom
Gender: Female
Lvl RangerL 2

*gasp* Thats right it's a shiny :O! Theres only one..so first come first serve ^.~


Name: Eevee
Gender: Female
Lvl: 7

Name: Teddiursa
Gender: Male
Lvl: 10

Battle her if you want, if you let her win I'll give you double exp for your pokemon ;). Note these two pokemon aren't her true team. She's a team dark admin, she's just not wearing any disguise that gives her away as being a part of Team Dark. (The picture is if you want to know what she looks like xD when she's not in uniform)
Trainer Kid: Joey

Name: Weedle
Gender: Male
Lvl: 4
Trainer Kid: Laura

Name: Pidgey
Lvl: 5
Trainer Girl: Mion

Name: Rattata
Gender: Male
Lvl: 4
Trainer Girl: Shion (Mions older twin)

Name: Sentret
Gender: Female
Lvl: 6

That should do it for chapter 3..If I missed anything then let me know ^_^;

January 5th, 2009, 8:01 AM
After the team Light member disappeared and Jen had received the jewel Vivi and Cyndaquil looked at each other. Cyndaquil looked at Vivi with a "What the hell did we get out of this" look and Vivi responded "Dont worry Cyndaquil we got" and he struck a pose and held it for a long time. Cyndaquil looked at the pose holding Vivi who was franticly trying to think of what he had received out of this. "......we....helped and old...man" He said getting quieter at the end and standing back in a normal position.

"Well we get going and find some more pokemon or else we'll have problems at the first gym" Vivi announced and went to Jen shaking her hand "Congrats on getting the gem" He said smiling before tuning around and heading for route 2. Before he started he sat under a tree and had a quick rest. "You know Cyndaquil, I really dislike travelling by myself...hopefully I can find someone I can go with" He said and added "And that woman who attacked the old man...she said something about my pendant, good thing they dont know it’s safely in my hidden hat pocket" he smiled and got up "Okey dokey, let’s get going".

And so Vivi travelled threw route 2, He battled 2 Ralts (to much work to explain EVERY battle) before he encountered a Treecko. Vivi jumped finally seeing a pokemon he actually would like in his team. "Go go Cyndaquil" He called with a tune as cyndaquil jumped foreword ready to attack, The Treecko looked calmly at Vivi and his pokemon and got up ready to battle. "Kay Cyndaquil, use your smokescreen" Vivi ordered and cyndaquil let free a large amount of smoke that covered the area, The Treecko looked startled at first but jumped up over the smoke located Cyndaquil and landed with a strong pound attack that caught him of guard.

"oh-oh" Vivi said amazed at the treecko's speed and said "Use leer Cyndaquil" Cyndaquil did as it was told and looked at the Treecko angrily, the Treecko retaliated with also using leer and both looked at each other for several minutes, suddenly the Treecko lunged foreword ready to pound but Vivi was ready for this "Cyndaquil turn around", Cyndaquil turned around and treecko’s pound landed right in Cyndaquil’s fire causing Treecko to run around with his tail on fire.

"Here me goes" Vivi called and got out a pokeball *"Ok here it goes, my first catch I have to make this good"* Vivi thought steeping foreword "go pokebaaaaaaaaahhhh" Vivi called tripping over a rock and making the pokeball fly across the sky, hit Treecko and finally, caught it.

Cyndaquil looked at his fallen trainer and thought *"That’s a very graceful start"* before going over and nudging him to get up.

Vivi got up and saw he had success "YES" I caught it" He called playing the FF9 Victory theme on his portable recorder which caused a nearby trainer to notice him.

"Hi i like taking walks" She said smiling a goofy smile.

"What?" Vivi asked before remembering random trainers had a hang to say the weirdest things ever. "Battle time right?"

The girl nodded and sent out a Rattata. "Great battle time, go Cyndaquil" Vivi said.

and so the battle will rage........in the next post

January 5th, 2009, 9:32 AM
After her pokemon capture Reina continued walking. She really didn't see too many pokemon and soon came upon a hill that seemed to over look a small town.

"Good I can head there first and decide my agenda next from there." Reina thought it over and slowly made her way down the hill being careful not to slip, though she somehow managed to anyway.

"Ow." she rubbed at her leg, and glanced around. "Good thing there was nobody to see that." she mumbled.

Reina suddenly glanced up as she caught sight of a small sign, she stood and walked over dusting herself off to read it.

"Uchuu Town. Hmm, sounds interesting I suppose." Reina smiled. She walked into the town which had a few people going here and there. "Dinky little place. I bet there's not even a gym here."

"Excuse me?" someone tapped the girl on her shoulder.

"What?!" she growled rather harshly, then softened her tone slightly at the sight of an old man. She sighed, having still not made it to the pokemon center yet. "What do you need?"

"Could I get you to come with me young lady?" He seemed to pleed.

"Why?" Reina looked suspicious, she had learned never to trust anyone, only herself. "I still have to heal my pokemon old man."

"Please..... It's my grand-daughter. She's lost and......"

"let me guess. You want me to help you find her right?" Reina smirked.

"I'm very sorry to trouble you and I know I'm probably being a bother." The old man rubbed at his weary eyes. "But could you help me?"

Reina groaned. "Your right you are a bother old man." Reina pulled out Bulbasaur's pokeball and glanced at it, before placing it back. "But whatever... What do I have to do?"

The old man's eyes seemed to light up. "You'll really help me?"

"Don't push it." Reina growled lightly. "I said I'd help, so let's go."

The old man simply nodded and led the young trainer past the pokemon center, and to his home.

January 5th, 2009, 2:39 PM
Jen trudged onward on the path with absolutely no destination in mind. Kicking a rock, she watched as it landed near a small pokemon and give a frightened look. Taking out her pokedex, Jen pointed it at the pokemon.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa173.pngCleffa, the moon pokemon. Its silouette is of a star and is believed to have come from the moon.

Jen closed the pokedex, not really eager to capture the timid looking pokemon. It was such a girly pokemon, even if they were hard to find in the game.

"Not going to capture it?" a voice asked. Jen turned, eyebrows raising as she did so. A girl with murky green eyes and long violet hair stared at her, a secretive smile gracing her lips.

"No," Jen said bluntly. "I don't like cutsie pokemon."

The smile widened slightly "My name is Tobari, and I think that's such a shame. Care to have a battle. Two on two?"

"I only have one," Jen said with a shrug.

Tobari laughed softly. It was the type of girl laugh that made Jen want to punch someone. "You've already been on a route but have not captured a pokemon?" She shrugged. "Well, you're pokemon should be strong. Two on one? Or are you scared?"

"I ain't scared of nothing!" Jen snarled, grabbing her pokeball. "Go, Houndour!"

Houndour howled as it materialized.

Tobari tilted her head to the side. "Go, Eevee."

With a burst of light, a brown fox appeared. "Eve," it called, shaking itself.

"Alright, Eevee, let's start this off with..."

"Use Ember!" Jen barked, interrupting Tobari.

With a vicious growl, Houndour launch the attack, hitting Eevee head on and causing to whimper in pain.

"Now none of that," Tobari said. "Tackle it."

"Ember," Jen said quickly.

Eevee charged, hitting the Ember head on but managed to keep back a wince and hit Houndour right in the head. "Do," Houndour spat, shaking her head.

"Houndour, use Ember!"

"Eevee, dodge," Tobari said firmly. "And Tackle," she said as if it were an afterthought.

Eevee jumped to the side, avoiding the fire attack and bashing agaisnt Houndour's side and making it skid backwards with a wince.

"Ember!" Jen ordered.

"My, is that all it knows?" Tobari asked innoccently, tilting her head to the side as she watched her pokemon collapse in a heap. Smile growing bigger, she recalled her pokemon. "Go, Teddiursa!" she called.

A small, brown bear appeared, looking up cutely at Jen. Jen scowled at the face. SHe much preferred the vicious Ursaring.

"Teddy," Tobari cooed, "use Lick."

Faster than Jen or Houndour expected, Teddiursa launched itself and enlarged its tongue, getting Houndour right in the face.

"Dou!" Houndour snarled, launching an Ember at the retreating pokemon.

"Teed!" Teddiursa wailed, getting hit.

"Teddy, use Scratch," Tobari ordered.

"Ember!" Jen said quickly.

"Ho," Houndour winced, looking frustrated as it attempted to move.

"Seems like your pokemon is paralyzed," Tobari said simply as her pokemon attacked the dark type. "Another Scratch," she called.


Houndour attacked, but Teddiursa dodged the attack and slammed its claws against Houndour's side, creating a loud yelp from the dark type.

"Scratch," Tobari said. Again Teddiursa Scratched Houndour brutally. "Seems like I'm going to win," she said to Jen.

"Not a chance," Jen spat. "Ember!"

"Dodge," Tobari said quickly.

"Ted," Teddiursa winced, unable to dodge the speedy attack.


Teddii!" Teddiursa snarled, chaging at Houndour once more.

"Dodge!" Jen siad despeartely.

"Dou," Houndour whined, trying to move, wincing as she did so from the paralyzation. "Dour!" she howled, getting hit again and going down.

"Seems like I did win," Tobari said simply.

"Houndour, get up!" Jen called, ignoring the other girls words. "Come on! I know you can do it! Ember!"

Houndour coughed weakly, eyes fierce as she tried to stand. Teeth bared, she gave a fierce bark. "Houndour!" the dark type snarled, managing to launch the fire attack before collapsing.

Tobari's eyes widened as her pokemon was hit, looking on the verge to collapsing. Luckily, the Houndour fainted, clearly meaning she had won. "Ted," Teddiursa said tiredly as she recalled the pokemon.

"I have won," Tobari said, cocking her head once again to the side.

"So it appears," Jen said sarcastically, kneeling by her pokemon's side.

"But you are much stronger than I thought," Tobari said, her smile becoming secretive once more. "You defeated my Eevee and almost defeated my Teddiursa, which is at a higher level by the way, with only one pokemon. You are strong."

Jen couldn't help but feel like a test subject as Tobari said that before walking away. Turning away, Jen grit her teeth, feeling a sorrow she hadn't expected for her first loss. It seemed so much more real now.

"Good job, girl," Jen said, recalling her pokemon and heading back to the city. She hadn't even really entered the route so she was close. Next time, Jen vowed, she would capture more pokemon...

January 7th, 2009, 10:01 PM
@Wolfwhispers- You lost the battle however, for letitng Tobari win you gain double experience ;o~ Houndour grew to lvl 9, houndour learned Bite!
@Rii- Your kind of late with that, wolfwhispers got the orb , haha
@CyndaquilMorph- Your battling Mion, you caught a lvl 6 male treecko!
Tobari smirked at Jens sarcastic attitude. She cocked her two the side, as her cat ears went into a submissive, yet angry stance. "Your gonig to get yourself into trouble with an attitude like that.

"But you are much stronger than I thought," Tobari said, her smile becoming secretive once more. "You defeated my Eevee and almost defeated my Teddiursa, which is at a higher level by the way, with only one pokemon. You are strong." Tobari smirked once more. "However, you will need to be much stronger, the only thing you are missing, is the heart to go on the journey. To me you seem uneager to do this, first learn if you truly want to do this, if not then scamper on home. This is no childs play. If you truly wish to defeat me then, get stronger, get more pokemon. Then challenge me again." Tobari told Jen coldly as she walekd off.

"Your Lucky I didn't bring out my real team, or you would have had something to worry about, foolish girl." Tobari muttered to herself. She went deeper into the route and looked at the grunts mining behind a tree.

"Mistress Tobari, we've only found few nuggets so far." The Team Grunt bowed to Tobari.

"Hmm, keep going. Work until you die if you must, master wanted us to bring back more the 6 nuggets. Work till you die I don't care." Tobari smirked, she walked away from the mining grunts, looked at her Poketch waiting for more trainers to come.
There update for you all :P

January 7th, 2009, 11:42 PM
Jen trudged through the route in frustration. She had been walking for a whole hour and seen nothing but Spearow that simply watched her warily. Sighing, Jen leaned against a tree, legs tired from the exercise. Looking up, Jen's eyes widened as she saw a pokemon lying on its back, looking quite lazy. Feeling Jen's gaze, it looked down at her.

"Treeko?" it questioned with a yawn, twig in its mouth somehow staying put.

"Hey, wanna battle?" Jen called up to it.

"Eeok," Treeko said negatively, shaking its head. Seeing Jen's depressed looked, it took pity on her and looked up into the trees before letting loose a bellowing call of, "Tree!"

Immediately another call answered back. "Tree!" Another Treeko came bounding through the trees with an expert speed and swiftness. Jumping into the air and landing with a flip, Treeko turned to the other one, a look of understanding on its face, before turning to Jen, beckong for her to start with a determined and smug grin. "Treo."

Jen pulled out her pokeball and threw it to the ground, right in front of the grass type. "Hound!" Houndour howled before parting her legs in preparation.

With a smirk, Treeko ran at Houndour on all fours before launching itself with its Pound attack. Houndour growled lightly before opening her mouth, latching onto the tough tail that had just been about to bash its head in.

"Treek!" Treeko said furiously, flailing mid air as Houndour held it up by its tail.

"Now use Ember," Jen ordered.

Treeko screamed in pain as the harsh fire attack burned and singed its tail. It was super effective, especially since Houndour hadn't even let go yet. Finally having enough, Houndour spat Treeko's tail out of her mouth.

"Treeko," Treeko growled angrily, patting its tail before glaring at Houndour furiously. With a loud bellow, Treeko launched itself at Houndour, punching it right it the face.

"Dour!" Houndour growled angrily.

"Eeko!" Treeko snarled back, rushing in for another for another Pound attack. Growling, Houndour launched another Ember. Smirking, Treeko dodged the incoming attack and punched Houndour once more in the head looking pleased.

Snarling in rage, Houndour snapped its jaws at Treeko, missing its tail but managing to latch onto its arm and shake it roughly for a moment with its Bite attack before throwing the grass type to the ground. "Tre," it growled, yellow eyes glaring.

"Use another Ember," Jen commanded.

Muzzle wide open, the hot ablls of fire rushed at the grass type. Treeko dove on all fours and jumped to the side, hitting a tree and dodging the attack, and using the momentum to launch itself in the air towards Houndour.

"Hit it with Ember before it gets too close," Jen said quickly.

Houndour gave a small bark as it launched the flame attack once more, hitting Treeko dead on as it had no way of dodging in the air. "Trek," it coughed as it fell to the ground. "Et," it growled, fighting to stand.

"Another Ember to finish it," Jen said coolly, watching as Houndour hit the fallen Treeko, respect growing for the grass type as it fought to dodge, despite its many burns and bruises.

"Treek," it scowled, holding up its upper body with its haking arms, yellow eyes shining with power and determination, though unable to get up.

Houndour prepared itself for another attack, but Jen shook her head. "That's enough," she said. "It's finished."

She took out a pokeball, pausing for a moment as she stared at the fallen pokemon that was still fighting. Pokemon, which had been nothing more than a game to her mere fays before, made everything too surreal, despite her mind trying to allow her to adapt. Her she was, trying to capture another living creature, a pokemon, a Treeko to be exact.

And it was in that moment she truly understood what it meant to be a trainer. It was to capture these beasts that had such fighting spirit, much like this Treeko, and train them to their full capacity if they were willing and determined.

A true smile lighting on Jen's normally dull and bored looking face, she threw the pokeball at the struggling pokemon, watching it get sucked into the pokeball and begin to shake, the lazy Treeko from before watching leisurely on its back from the tree branch above with a watchful eye...

January 8th, 2009, 6:52 AM
( Yea, but I never got the chance to try at all. So I'll at least help out even if I get nothing. lol )

Reina emerged from the old mans house a short time later, grumbling lightly to herself.

"He's got me running errands. What am I a messanger girl or something." Reina took off running around the city.

She glanced around a few places trying to spot the girl.

"How could he just lose her like that? What kind of grand-parent does that?" Reina sneered at the thought. "If someone lost me like that I'd stay lost."

There was a sniffling heard.

"Huh?" Reina looked around.

The sound was repeated.

"Got cha'." Reina grinned. She traced the sound to an older house. The place was on the verge of collapse. "Hey girl! You in here?"

"Yes." was the timid squeak. "I'm over here!"

Reina slowly made her way in wary of the creaking boards. At one point the floor almost collapsed beneath her feet.

She arrived at a small girl who was sniffling and bent down. "Are you ok kid?" she ruffled the girl's hair.

"I'm.....I'm ok." she sniffed one final time, before taking the hand Reina held out. "Can I go home now?"

"Sure thing." Reina smiled, despite the situation being overly annoying. "Let's get you back to your Grandpa's."


Reina winced and slowly led the girl out. Once she was back home her grandfather was overjoyed.

"How could I ever thank you." he shook Reina's hand.

"Just keep an eye on her from now on ok?" Reina sighed. "She could have been hurt."

"I promise I will."

Reina turned to leave, thought about it and handed the girl the pokeball containing Rattata.

"Here I think he'll be ok with you."

"Huh?" she asked, looking over the pokeball.

"I didn't really want a Rattata in the first place. I only caught him cause I could." Reina waved over her shoulder as she headed to the poke' center. "See ya."

The girl hugged the pokeball close. "Bye bye Reina."

Gumshoe Satyr
January 8th, 2009, 2:23 PM
(sorry for the wait)

When Ashley got to the front of the line, the professor hurriedly shoved five pokeballs, a pokedex, a poketch, and some kind of pendant into her arms before turning to the next person. After shoving the almost everything into the backpack that she had with her, Ashley held the pendant up in the air, fascinated by how the sunlight played on the smooth, milky surface of the pearl.

Holding the pendant up to her neck, she looked down at Shinx and asked, "So what do you think?" She waved her other hand under it like a model showing off a new accessory, but by the way that Shinx shook her head and walked away, it was clear that she wasn't at all amused. Laughing, Ashley shoved the pendant into her backpack like that rest of the stuff and followed. "Yeah, I didn't think that it was really my style either. So by what that prof. lady was saying, it sounds like all we've really gotta do is the same kinda stuff they always do in these games. This is going to be fun!"

They hadn't gone far done the route when a small, raccoon-like Pokemon ran across the path in front of them. "Hey, a Zigzagoon! You think you can win a fight against that, Shinx?" Glaring angrily at Ashley, Shinx stomped off in the direction that the Zigzagoon went. "I didn't mean it like that... Wait up!" Ashley shouted as she chased after her. "Boy, she's sensitive."

When she caught up, the electric Pokemon growled at her new opponent, causing it to turn around. "Hmm.... Let's see what we're up against," Ashley muttered, flipping open her pokedex.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/c/ce/Spr_3e_263.gif"Zigzagoon, The Zigzag Pokemon. It walks in zigzag fashion. It is good at finding items in the grass and even in the ground.

"Shinx!" Shinx yelled, openly challenging the other Pokemon. Circling each other, they each waited for the other to make the first move. "Tackle!" Ashley ordered. Shinx charged at her foe, but its strange zigzagging gait confused her, and she missed. Taking advantage of the situation, Zigzagoon tackled her from behind, throwing her to the ground.

"Come on.... You can do it. Use Leer and then Tackle it again!" As Shinx stood up and glared at the Zigzagoon, nervousness spread across its face, and it hesitated for a moment.... Just long enough for her to get the upper hand.... or paw in this case. She quickly rammed into it and sent it tumbling across the ground. Both human and Pokemon watched as it began to struggle back to its feet.

"Tackle it again," Shinx sent it rolling across the grass again, but this time it was unconscious. Turning back to Ashley, Shinx had a triumphant expression across her face. "Great job, Shinx! That was awesome!" Thinking for a moment, she crossed her arms and added, "Though it was just a low-level Zigzagoon, you know. We're going to have to do some heavy training if we're going to beat the tougher Pokemon." Obviously taking offense once again, Shinx glared at Ashley before stomping away.

"Hey, what'd I say? I didn't mean that you're not already strong, Shinx!" Shaking her head, Ashley muttered sullenly, "I thought we were getting past this.... It almost seems like she's determined not to like me..... One step forward and two steps back...."

Sighing heavily, she hurried after her Pokemon.

January 19th, 2009, 11:09 AM
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@Wolfwhispers- You've caught a male lvl 5 Treeko~
@Rii-You gave away Rattata.,bye bye rattata
@-Namora - Shink grew to lvl 6!
Enter Sachi, the shy wolf girl
A girl that was about seventeen was running donw route 2 chasing after a pidgeotto. "No no, please come back!" The girl yelled as her gold short hair swayed as she ran, two dog like ears sprouting from her head that twitched as she tried following the pidgeotto. By the time she had caught up the girl was panting heavily and was tried. "Chirpy, why do we have to go hrough this every time? I was just asking you to look for Hinata.. And you..Run off." The girl panted, the bird pokemon only shook it's tail feathers in spite as it pirched itself on a tree. The girls pale blue dress was now covered in mud, and she looked quite frustrated with the situation. The girl sighed and started refering to herself in 3rd person. "Sachi hates it when pidgeotto goes running off, Sachi is frustrated with Hinata, Sachi is just overly frustrated!" The girl now known as Sachi began ranting to herself quietly, not knowing that there was anyone standing behind her.
Name: Sachi

Age: 18

Gender: Female


History: Unknown

Personality: She is known to be shy and kind at times, but when frustrated she likes to talk to herself in 3rd person. She isn't very assertive and is known to cry very easily, not much else is known about her.
"Cmon Chirpy coem down from there! Sachi is getting md!" Sachi yelled angerly as she began limbing the tree to get her pidgeotto., however the pidgeotto wouldn't be caught so easily the pidgeotto then took flight and left in the opposite direction. "Ooo..Sachi's gonna catch you! You, You!" Sachi yelled and began running the opposite way but then bumped into one of the trainers. "Oof I'm sorry! I'm just trying to catch chirpy, you see I'm looking for my sister Hinata she went missing this morning and Sachi couldn't find her. " Sachi mumbled.

January 19th, 2009, 11:58 AM
Jen felt her heart stop just as the pokeball stopped shaking. She had done. She had done it! Picking up the pokeball with care, Jen allowed a true smile to light up her face.

"Weedil, Poison Sting!" a voice rang, interrupting her special moment.

"Trec," the Treeko from above that had watched her battle spat. With a sigh, it dodged the attack and looked toward a new boy with a Weedil. "Treeko," it murmered, shaking its head and running off.

"H... Hey!" the boy shouted, "come back here!" He stomped his feet on the ground in anger.

Jen stared at the boy coolly, wondering what kind of idiot this kid was. She smirked and shook her head.

"Hey, don't laugh at me!" the boy snarled at Jen. "Who do you think you are?"

"Someone who didn't scare off a pokemon," Jen stated, glowering over the boy. She was pleased to see him cower back a bit.

"Well, I'll show you! No one messes with me!"

"And just who are you?" Jen asked with a sigh.

"My name is Joey, and I'm going to beat you in a battle! Weedil, Posion Sting!"

Jen sighed, nodding toward Houndour. Houndour howled loudly, "Hound!" and jumped over the strike almost effortlessly.

Joey grit his teeth angrily. "Keep it up, Weedil! Use Poison Sting over and over!"

"Houndour, keep dodging," Jen ordered, stuffing her hands in her pocket. This battle wasn't worth much effort. The boy could barely think in his unneeded anger.

"Ahg! Weedil, hit it!" Joey snarled.

"Hound, hound," Houndour chuckled, continually dodging the attacks with relative ease.

"Kid, do you even realize what you're doing?" Jen asked. "You're going up against a stronger pokemon with a type disadvantage using the same attack over and over."

"Shut up!" Joey snarled. "I don't need some stranger telling me how to battle!"

Jen felt her eyebrow twitch in irritation. "Houndour Ember it, but go a little easy on it."

"Hound," Houndour grunted, throwing an angry glare Jen's direction. It obviously didn't want to be held back, but did as was told. "Dour," it said softly, letting lose a small jet of flame.

"Weeee!" Weedil screamed, rolling around as the fire overcame it.

"No, Weedil! Try to fight it!"

"Weedil," Weedil sobbed, finally coming to a stop as it collapsed.

"Weedil... no," the boy, Joey sobbed. He turned to Jen with a glare. "Now see what you did? I don't have a pokemon to help me catch a Treeko!"

Jen stalked up to the boy, watching him flinch back. Taking her hand out of her pocket, she slapped him good. "Be quiet," she snarled quietly. "You are the one who challeneged me. If you aren't man enough to take the brunt of your responsibilites, you aren't good enough to be a trainer."

Joey sobbed, holding his cheek as he quickly returned Weedil. Jen didn't know if the experience would help that much, but whatever happens happens.

"Now that's not very nice," a girl stated, coming up to them. "Really now, telling a little boy that he can't be a good trainer."

"And you are?" Jen drawled.

"My name is Mion," the girl said with a glare.

"And my name is Jen, now get out of here and take the kid with you. I don't like people coming up to me with demands and anger when they don't even know what's going on."

Mion scowled. "Well, if that's how you feel about it, then no! I won't leave, and I challenge you to a battle in honor of Joey!" she exclaimed nodding down at the sniffling boy.

Jen sighed as the girl sent out a Rattata, wondering if this day was going to get any worse. Oh well, at least she had captured a Treeko...