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December 17th, 2008, 9:55 AM
This is my first attempt at making an RP,so any improvements or criticism are appreciated, hopefully it'll be good though :cer_boogie:

The Plot

The "Ace Trainer" Pokemon Trainer Academy in Viridian City is word renowned for being the best Trainer School in the world, having taught the likes Lance, Cynthia, Steven and Professor Oak himself. It accepts students from all over the world, and the only requirement to get in is an entrance exam.The School has been sent a Letter from Professosr Elm of New Bark Town in Johto, and it has been given to the newest graduees of the school:

Dear Sir/Madam

I have recently started work on a new Pokedex for Johto, and I would be honoured to have any students from your prestigious school to aid me in such a momentous task. They will be supplied with a Pokemon and supplies for their journey, along with the lastest model of Pokedex. Also, The students could help me with another matter if they wish, concerning two rival gangs that have recently become active in the region.
Your Faithfully
Professor Elm.

Recently, there has been reports from Johto of two suspicious sounding teams, Team Inferno and Team Psycho, who have been recruiting new trainers towards their causes (More information about them will come out as the RP progresses). One of the reasons that Professor Elm has asked for your help is so you can find out what these teams are up to, with the help of pokemon that will be given upon arrival. When you get to New Bark Town You will be supplied with a new Pokemon, a Johto Pokedex, a PokeGear and 10 Pokeballs from the Professor.


- No bunnying (maybe with permission)
- Keep it PG13 and follow the forum rules.
- No legendaries
- Have fun! (otherwise, why even sign up?)


-Gender: Male
-Personality: Random

-Gender: Female
-Personality: Random

-Gender: Female
-Personality: Random
Metal Claw

-Gender: Male
-Personality: Random

There might be a wildcard if the signup is great.

Sign Ups - Closed

Name: Should be obvious.

Age: Between 12 and 16 (If below 14 give some explanation as to why you graduated early please).

Gender: Obvious (I hope).

Persosnality: At least a good paragraph.

Appearance: Same as above, a detailed paragraph. Include what you normally wear.

History: Two paragraphs at least.

Pokemon: State which one you'd like.

I'm gonna start it when all of the pokemon are full, and I'm gonna play RP master, so giving scenarios and saying whether or not you catch pokemon etc.

December 17th, 2008, 11:41 AM
Name: James Anderson

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: James usually comes across as a calm person, who doesn’t like to talk much. He appears very anti-social and spends a lot of time reading, which has caused him to have no friends and become very lonely. However, on the rare occasion that you get to know him, you’ll discover that you didn’t know him truly at all. He is truly wild, and loves nothing more then breaking rules, which tends to get others into trouble, as they’re the ones caught doing it. He can also be very sneaky, as he once ran a ‘black market’ type of thing in the academy, until he was nearly caught. Despite all these things he really is an intelligent person, and does fairly well at places such as the Academy. This knowledge has allowed him to develop a close bond with Pokemon, whom he tends to get along with a lot better than people.

Appearance: James has lightly tanned skin, which causes his light blue eyes to stand out behind the shimmering of his glasses. He has light brown hair that contains bright blonde streaks. His smile, due to the fact that he doesn’t smile often, is very crooked and doesn’t look believable. Also, he has a samll scar down the back of his left leg, because he once cut it open on glass when he was younger. He can usually be found wearing a white t-shirt, that has a red Pokeball on it, navy blue three-quarters that have a red stripe down one side and white trainers. Whenever the weather turns cold, he puts on a jacket, and then just deals with it.

History: James comes from an average working class family. His father works far out at sea, and his mother in a small café. He has an older brother, who went to the academy before him but got kicked out because of bad behaviour. James originally failed his entrance exam, but as they saw some potential in him allowed him another attempt at it which he passed.

During his first year at the academy James started his ‘Black Market’, selling stuff that that the academy believed damaging to the young peoples mind. However because of the fact that another pupil was almost expelled because of it, he stopped and his quiet personality took over. This didn’t stop him from breaking the rules every now and then.

After a while the academy brought in a special guest to speak to all students, it was a girl who had recently won the Pokemon League shortly after graduating from the academy. He saw the bond between her and her Pokemon, and ever since has pushed himself harder to become just like her, and share a special biond with the first Pokemon he ever gets.

Pokemon: Chikorita, Please.

December 17th, 2008, 11:55 AM
Name: Tyler Weston

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Tyler is eager for anything, and loves trying new things. Unfortuanently, his large curiousity can get him into loads of trouble and get him into places he shouldn't be. Sadness and grief aren't things Tyler likes to experience, so when something traumatic happens, he hides it behind a smile. This isn't always the best solution, because then Tyler keeps his rage and grief bottled up, and more often than not does it explode and the worst of times.

With friends, Tyler can be extremely shy, even if his outgoing personality can attract others. It's a curse, knowing that he is surrounded by people and yet believing he is alone. That is why he wishes to become a pokemon trainer and create unbreakable bonds with his pokemon. He wishes for nothing more than a best friend and to finally put his outgoing personality to good use.

Appearance: Tyler has brown hair that's kind of long. It normally goes down to his shoulder blades, but he always makes sure it is tied up into a ponytail. His brown eyes can usually be seen peaking out from under his bangs. His skin is tan from all the times going outside, and his feet are covered in scars from cutting them up while exploring without wearing shoes. Tyler wears blue jeans, a red shirt and a black backpack on a regular basis.

When it get's cold, Tyler switches to a long sleeved black shirt and a blue jacket to keep warm. His shoes stay the same, which are always converse shoes. Dirt is usually seen covering his arms and face since he likes to explore so often, though he isn't against cleanliness.

History: Tyler's mom used to work as an assistant for a pokemon professor. It wasn't until she nearly lost her life to an enraged Nidoking did she retire, though that inccident never destroyed her love for pokemon. Tyler's father is a stern man, though he is not above having fun. Unfortuanently, this can get confusing for Tyler. His dad is all about rules and when to do or not do something, so Tyler is unsure of the times he can play. However, this doesn't stop him from sneaking out and exploring, though this can get him grounded. It just makes him try to sneak away even better next time

The first time Tyler saw a pokemon battle was when he was five years old. His parents had taken him to see the Johto League finals as a gift for the beginning of summer vacation. Tyler had watched in awe as a female trainer commanded her Dwegone spectacularly and a male trainer fought with a bold Scizor. He longed to gain that kind of connection with another being and has longed to become a trainer ever since.

Pokemon: Cyndaquil. (If not, then Totodile, cause I saw a reserve, but wasn't sure.)

December 17th, 2008, 12:51 PM
Name: Marc Black

Age: 15

Gender: Male ♂

Personality: Marc is a very good person, to be put in a small sum of words. He is a guy that is happy most of the time, always smiling carelessly and anxiously waiting for the time to make a joke. He has a high regard for respect, honesty, loyalty, chivalry and trustworthiness. Marc always puts other ahead of him and is willing to take a bullet for anyone he feels close too. He’ll give his life for a cause and give the cause for a life. Marc, being ecstatic most of the time, usually tries to get every other single person around him happy as well. He is an excellent listener, compensating the fact that he may be shy around new people and isn’t very good with words. He loves to meet new people, anyway. When he gains confidence, though; he’ll try to be everyone’s best friend. He also always tries to be a hero, matter that can get rather annoying at times. He loves art, being rather skilled at playing most common music instruments and being an amazing painter and photographer. He loves to explore, but is rather naïve to the fact that he mostly enjoys going into unknown and dangerous places where his life is at stake. Of course, he has a dark side too. Even though he tries to be happy; he usually hides his real emotions. He is a person that is slow to anger, but when someone pushes too many buttons, Marc’ll go berserk and won’t stop until some bodies hit the floor. He usually is the one to break fights, but when involved in one, he goes for the deathmatch. Marc masters most fighting techniques that involve immobilization and grapples, and he is anything but afraid to use them. On a softer side of him, Marc is a very sensitive person; so it would be much easier to take him down mentally than physically. When in angst, Marc is the most cold, logistic and calculative person ever, burning everyone to prove himself superior and make others feel down. Overall, he’s a nice fellow that’s not one to be messed around for the sake of everyone around.

Appearance: Marc, for being 15, has a rather imposing figure. He stands at around 5’8 and 6’0, but not exactly 5‘9. He has thick bones, and to make it up; he exercises a lot on a regular basis. His muscles aren’t completely pumped, for he’d rather be agile than strong; yet, they are quite noticeable. His abdominals, deltoids, biceps and triceps, and trapezoids are really cut, and they look like they’re tensed even when in a relaxed mood. While some may not imagine, Marc is quite strong, being able to pick really heavy objects. Not with ease, but he can do it. His limbs are relatively long and his skin isn’t tan, but it isn’t all that pale either. Most of the time, he will be heavily blushed for a medical condition known as Rosacea, the eternally pink cheek curse. A few times, like when there is a strong sunlight or he has been running for too long, his forehead and chin will share the rubious color. His nose, mouth and eyes are relatively small; yet not tiny. He has pale hazel eyes that are slightly rounded. His nose is perky and his ears are very, very slightly pointed on the top. He has thin, rosy lips and really clean and straight teeth. Marc hates dirtiness, and though he usually gets dirty from travelling around; he loves taking baths and brushing teeth. It’s like an obsession. Marc’s hair is short and naturally curly, though he usually styles it up in spikes. It has a light brown color which turns even lighter as sun hits. For attire, Marc loves to keep it simple. On a day with average temperature, Marc will be seen wearing a pair of blue or black denim pants, a leather belt, a brown or black T-Shirt with no design or some funny phrase or cool picture, something like combat boots or running sneakers and a leather jacket. On added notes, Marc always carries three things, a small hi-tech camera; since, as stated already; he loves photography. A lighter, since he has some kind of pyromania. He gets an inexplicable pleasure from just flicking lighter on an off, and he is usually seen doing stunts with fire. Most of his lighters also include a small flashlight or other useless artifact. Finally, he always carries a deck of cards; for he doesn’t enjoy anything more than a good game of poker.

History: Marc always lived a normal life. Nothing out of common, nothing extraordinary. His parents loved him, so they punished him or rewarded him when deserved, both of these actions usually reaching a not so sane extent. His father had his own company that created new Pokémon artifacts and his mother worked in some place for the government. He never fully understood what they did. Besides from their jobs, both were also avid Pokémon trainers, though they usually never battled. Instead, they just raised and bred Pokémon for the fun of it. Because of that, Marc does not have much experience from battles; he just relies on his link with is Pokémon.

All of life, he lived in Celadon city, in a small house next to the giant Pokémon Mansion. When his sister was born, for some reason he decided he would dedicate to be a Pokémon trainer, for not only would he move around Pokémon, but he’d get to meet new places. He moved to Viridian city, where, with money sent from his parents, rented a small house. When he was there, he studied at the Trainer Academy there, hoping to learn everything there was to learn about Pokémon. He plans on staying there until something big happens or there simply isn’t anything else to be known about Pokémon. The first one is about to happen.

Pokémon: Mareep, I guess. If not, then Tododile would be fine. Or, if possible, could there be a chance to start with Ponyta, Pikachu, or Slowpoke? That’d be really awesome =D. If not, Mareep’s fine. (:

(( It's been ages since I played a Johto game; so please forgive any inconvenience that comes up because of my fault due to my ignorance. I'll edit, gladly.))

The Instant Classic
December 17th, 2008, 1:03 PM
Name: Dran star

Gender: male

Age: 12

Personality: Dran is a loner he prefers being alone then with others but when he is with pokemon he could have all the company in the world!
Its not easy for him to make freinds with new faces and has a serious problem with over reacting!
But despite his loner attitude his fellow comrades at the academy find him amazedly cool.
Its becouse of his farther totally spoiling Dran that he's ended up the loner that he is and can often get depressed becouse of this.

Appearance: Dran is about 4ft 10 and can normally be seen wearing his custom designed jackets and has short black hair.
While travailing Dran would wear his custom made black track suit with matching jacket.
For going to parties or other fancie dues he would wear a black tie and his 5000 poke dollar suit yep 100% spoilt.
For other things like shopping or visiting freinds Dran would probbely just slip on a T-shirt with a pair of jeans expensive one's though.

History: Dran originally lived in sinnoh he is in fact the son of Mr Backolot the rich man who lives in the sinnoh mansion!
Since he was the rich man's son Dran was spoilt rotten whatever he wanted he got and becouse of his father's connections Dran was able to design his own clothes for traveling trainers this is how he got his custom clothes to.
Because of his loner attitude Dran never paid any attention to pokemon and their trainers until one day.......
It was the end of school and Dran was making his way home but then he heard some type of cry and looked over to see a Pichu being attacked by a houndoom.
Dran quickly ran over to chase the Houndoom off but it had already done its damage the Pichu was injured and Dran rushed it to the nearest pokemon center he got there just in time.
While there nurse joy asked if Dran was the Pichu's trainer so he explained what happened and that he wasn't a pokemon trainer at all.
After that Joy gived Dran a leaflet advertising the trainer academy Dran then decided to make good use of his father's money and soon got in to the academy.....and now where here.

Pokemon: can i have a wild card gligar? if not then totadile

December 17th, 2008, 1:42 PM
Charky-101 - Accepted! You get a Chikorita!

Wolfwhispers - Accepted! You get a Cyndaquil!

Diegoyayi - Accepted! (Have any of the ones you said, your sign up was awesome :D)

The master123 - Denied (Fix all of the spelling & punctuation and make it longer then maybe)

Right, when I get another good sign up, we can start!

December 17th, 2008, 1:51 PM
((Thank you very much, Cloud =D. I'll start with a female Ponyta, if that is fine by you. I'll put its history and all on my first post. Since it isn't a Johto starter, do I have to say I got it from Prof. Elm for some reason or brought it from Kanto? It's fine by me in either case))

December 17th, 2008, 1:57 PM
Um, do you want the Ponyta in an egg like the other starters or not, if you have it in an egg then dw, but yeah, if you bring it from Kanto then put a history. Also, it can have one egg move if you want, but not a really powerful one, like the ones that the regular starters have

December 17th, 2008, 2:01 PM
((Hm... I think I'll bring it from Kanto; then. You know, 'cause, for the sake of being realistic; a Ponyta egg wouldn't be all that easy to carry. =D. I think I'll put Hypnosis or Double Kick. But yes, thanks; I'll start when told. What should our First Post be composed of? Characters receiving the letter? Arriving to Johto?))

December 17th, 2008, 2:04 PM
I know you'll say no, but I still need to ask, may Cyndaquil's egg move be changed? Because honestly, how often does a wild pokemon hold an item before giving it to its opponent? And I feel I wouldn't be able to fight temptation and steal a Lucky Egg from one of the Chansey's from the pokemon center.

...Hmm... Now that's giving me ideas. Haha, but no, really, I was just wondering if it could be changed. Chikorita can put pokemon to sleep and Totodile bashes people with metalic claws and Cyndaquil becomes a thief? ...Haha, I can't believe this, but as I'm writing it, I actually want to keep it. Ok, ok, so if you do change it, can Cyndaquil know Double Kick or Crush Claw, but they are attacks it MUST work on and gain experience for it to become compatible with? If not, its cool.

Also, I have another question. In the anime, Ash taught Pikachu how to use Iron Tail without a TM. If we show how a specific type of training is being done over a course of time, can a move be learned that way?

The Instant Classic
December 17th, 2008, 2:05 PM
Alright ive swished it around a bit.

December 17th, 2008, 2:33 PM
ooc: Hm mareep totodile, or a wild card..i think I'll go wiith mareep (points to a locked pinglang region)

Name: Angel Amus



History: Angel was born into a rather poor family , barely having enough to eat most days, they were always fairy underweight, despite these often major drawbacks Angel found some time to manage to go to school, but she always had a rough time of it. Being held back by her drug abusive father and her much suicidal mother , she always had to make sure that her parents never did anything to hurt each other or themselves for that matter. Angel missed many days of school until one day. The one day she had went to school she came home early to check on her parents she saw a terrible scene unfold, her father murdering her mother. Unfortunetly during this whole mess she had gasp and once he had finished mutatlating her mothers bloody body her father dragged her into the bloody room and stabbed her multiple times till he thought she was dead, not dead entirely Angel managed to be able to play dead till she smelt smoke and gasoline in the house, summoning the last of her strength she managed to climb to the roof of her home (since the fire had spread to the entire house at this point, and to save herself. She jumped off the roof escaping the fire. She woke up three days later in a hospital and was questioned by police about what had happenes, and Anel to the best of her abilities tried to describe what had happened, the cops hearing her story felt sympathetic torwards her and once she was fully healed they placed her in a foster home. When she had started attending school again many of the people she had meat were graduating and since she had missed so much school she had to work twice as hard to try and keep up. She was fourteen at the time. 2 years later through much rouble and toil she was able to graduate with a C average.Thus, brininging us to the present day where she wants to become a trainer and try and proove herself.

Personality: Despite her past Angel is actually quite friendly and outgoing, she shows no emotional or mental scars from her past it's as if she's never experiaced any type of trauma in her life at all. Angel is good at intervening fights, a good leader, and mostly just downright friendly. No one would every guess that she's had such a terrible expierience, jumping in to stop fights, giving advice, and being accepting of people no matter how bad they've been. Angel has a few major flaws in her character though, she crys much to easily when something bad happens, she also has a habit of lieing her way out of things. These flaws make it quite difficult to deal with Angel in stressful situations, and to get along with overall. She may be friendly but one minor mistake in wording and she could start crying and being a very cunning lier doesn't help her make friends at all.Another weird flaw in her personality is that she has a habit of well being downright weird, from making imaginationary character or dressing she can be downright creepy.

Appearance: Standing only about 5" Angel is relatively short for her age and has shoulder-length blonde hair and has a scar that runs down her left eye and cheek. Her eyes are a ocean-blue color, and she has pale skin to go along with these features. Clothing-wise she where's a strange rainbow, yes thats right RAINBOW dress. Along with a snow white hat with a pink ribbon around it. The shoes are a pair of white boots which are already stained with dirt and what not. Accessory wise she has a charm necklace with the charm ' Never give up and never give in!' on it.

ooc:( sorry not good with appearance stuffs >.<)

Starter: Mareep please <3

Rp Example: (Its not required I know that but here you go) (to make up for that bad appearance Dx)

As Konan began to shake a little bit the image continued to play in her mind, she had her head down as a school of feebas and milotic swam past the boat.“Really?” Atton said as he slightly cocked his head to a side, turning around and leaning on the railing. Before he could relax, though; a booming voice was heard all throughout the ship. “Passengers, this is the captain talking. I’m glad to announce that we’ll be docking in Cinnabar Island very soon. When we’re there, you will have enough time to prepare for the Festival of Flames. Remember the event starts at 7:00 PM. Prepare for arrival.” The captains voice echoed throughout the luxury cruise liner. Atton still stunned at the fact that she had a minor flashback.

“What was that memory about?” He asked intrigued as the two started walking back to the main area of the ship. Konan’s reactions to her memory had gotten Atton really interested, so he ignored the fact that now that the captain had announced they would soon reach the island, it would be easier for Iris to find them. Konan looked at him, her cat ears twitched a little bit. "It was a little girl, on a boat with a women it looked to be her mother...But then the women whispered "sorry" and suffocated the young little girl till she was unconscious and then dragged her off a boat and onto cinnabar island, they both had neko ears and a tail. It was really stranged." Konans voice got early quiet and then she continued. "I believe one of those nekos..was me." Which one I was I couldn't make out, they bodies were silhouettes, nothing more." Konan looked up at the clear blue sky that had several wingull and pelliper flying about. "I think Cinnabar island will give me some answers, to who I was..." Konans voice was merely a tone above a whisper, the sea breeze began to blow and her hair swayed with the sea breeze as Cinnabar island came into sight. The whole town was covered in flame decorations, and fire. Konans jaw dropped., but it soon turned into a smile. "Well it looks like we are here. Let the festival of flames begin!" Konan yelled fist raised in the air, then an annoying voice..made both Atton and Konan freeze.

"Atton-kun we're going to the festival of flames together~" Iris smiled as she appeared out of no where and glomped him nearly throwing off deck, she had a happy childish smile on her face. "Why did you leave me/ Your so mean!" Iris whined. Konans ears went down.

"I bet he didn't wanan listen to your pathetic whining." Konan retorted, the two had lightning glares at each other and looked like they were about to murder each other in a few moments.

"At least I have a date. Your spending the festival all alone." This realization hit Konan like a ton of bricks, but in mere pride she hissed and turned away. Iris had a triumphent smirk on her face as if she had won a war but know the teasing didn't stop there. It went further. "You'll never get a date cause your to tom boyish! You'll spend your life alone, damn neko!" Iris yelled at her and began throwing a rash of insults at her.

"Shut up.. before I kick your ass." Konans voice was cold as if she was choking back some obvious frustration, but Iris had to push it.

"You'll end up alone!" This last comment Iris threw at her tore it, Konan lunged at the chikorita girl and throwing her off Atton and down onto the floor, her claws at her throat.

"I said shut up." Konan yelled as she sliced Irises face with her cat claws causing her right cheek to bleed , and Iris yelped in pain and Konan retorted one last comment. "Next time it will be your throat." Konan hissed getting off her leaving Iris to hold her cheek crying like a frightened child. Konan obviously VERY pissed off began to walk away from the scene as Iris was holding her cheek in pain and leavign a stunned Atton but as she was walking away silent tears fell down her face, Irses comments had left a mark on Konan.

The ship was soon at the dock and everyone was getting off it, Konan who had been seperated from Atton during the fight she had with Iris, although Konan didn't particulerly care at all, iris had to push in on her insecurities and at the moment she was assuming Atton was very weirded out by her. It was true she would spend the festival alone, but that didn't mean she couldn't have fun right? She stepped off the boat, she was looking down in a sad attempt to hide her hurt, and shame, but it was failing miserably. She carried her things with "Tweety" on her shoulder trying to consule her. Konan had been considering the facts that had been said to her, and it was true. No one would probably want Konan, a girl with no memory, and a girl who didn't even act like a girl, Iris had thrown some very hurtful words at Konan this time she had found a way to ruin the entire day, but that didn't mean the evening couldn't be fun right?

The day slowly passed, Konan was left depressed with her insecurities nd was sitting on the beach watching Krabby scuttle along the beach, starly trying to attack them playfully. The gntle sea breeze was peaceful. She had no reason to stay upset, but the words kept ringing in Konans ears. The silent tears had come back into her face once more and they fell on to the dry sand. "I guess, this time... I'm alone. No matter how hard I try, no one will understand my position, not even Atton. There's nothing that I can do though, maybe if I could get my memory back, maybe it could be, well I could be wanted..." Konan sobbed silently,but before she knew it she could see the setting sun and the darkened sky which led her in a hurry to get ready for the festival, she hurried into the nearest pokemon center asnd rushed into a room she had rented in a hurry. She quickly got on the yukata she had bought. She took a hair and rearranged into a festive style, but Konan didn't find it comfterble so she just left it down. She ended up putting some glitter on her cheeks, but that was it. She didn't like the idea of the whole make-up thing. "I guess....thats it..." Konan stepped out in her beautiful yukata and looked at Iris, who was in a fancy yukata that was pink and had blue flowers amoungst the mix, she was wearing a variety assortment of make-up which she actually looked good in. She smirked at Konan and mouthed the words. "You'll be alone" Konan turned away as she walked away, and had bumped into Atton, she gave a smiled and said.

"Have fun with Iris." Konan bowed and walked out of the pokemon center and sat down on an outside table waiting for the festival to start as she watched atton once again being dragged around forcefully by Iris who had gotten overly excited about the festival.

"I should help him..." Konan mumbled hopping off the table and walking off to the err "couple" (Atton most likely wanting to knaw his arm off at this point.)" Hey, why don't we spend the festival o flames together for a while, then you too can leave during the couples dance, I don't mind." Konan smiled in her best attempt to stop Atton from becoming a rag doll.

"Atton..I dunno what do you think?" Iris mumbled in a dissapointed tone, her cheek still scratched from the fight on the boat.

trainer Card:http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp152/MistressMew/Angel.png(my best attempt at her anyway)

December 17th, 2008, 2:55 PM
GhostPrincess - Accepted! You get a Mareep! (Incidentally one of my favourie Pokemon xD)

The master123 - Accepted! You get a Totadile!

Yay! Good signups from everyone!!

Wolfwhispers, you can have either one, if you wrote it well enough, you could probably raid a Pokemon Centre like that :P Seriously though, change it if you'd like

I'll post the first chapter up tomorrow, theres still a wildcard if somone wants it, but it has to be an epic signup ^^

December 17th, 2008, 9:54 PM
I hope this sign-up is epic enough for you, if not, oh well!
Name: Lady Kuiin Malirec
Age: 14
Gender: Female(that's a definite answer!)

History: Kuiin was born into an ancient family that was bound to protect a certain charm necklace that apparently contained something powerful enough to destroy their entire lineage. The necklace would only effect their family though. Currently, her grandmother holds the jewelled disastor and soon, she would inherit it once her grandmother reached 90 in a year and a half.

The Malirec family is strict in their discipline and Kuiin spent her childhood studying the heritage of the main house. Due to this, she has spent most of her time reading in the humongous library of the mansion. Kuiin has few relatives, only two pairs of twin cousins, both younger than her and know nothing of what she does. She went to the ace trainer pokemon school in viridian to try and keep her mind of her duty and not stress too much as recommended from Proffessor Elm in Hoenn at the time.

Later on, just before she graduated, her mother sent news of the fact that her grandmother had fallen ill and was apparently going to die soon, but they did not know the exact time. Kuiin panicked and looked for any excuse she could use to refuse her impending duty. Then, the letter sent to her by proffessor Elm arrived and her mother let her off, saying that though she evaded it this time, she could not evade it forever. Depressed yet relieved, she moved to New bark town.

Personality: Straightforward and blunt yet sometimes speaking in riddles, Kuiin isn't as spoilt as others think. Coming from a big family of riches, her peers thought of her as a show-off, tantrum throwing type of person. She's sarcastic and talks-back to those who oppose her but will listen if anyone has an idea that seems interesting.

Kuiin thinks fast in any situation and is loyal to her friends. She doesn't easily get angry and has a definite answer to any question asked of her. Her best subjects in school were literature and the care of pokemon. Being slightly anti-social, you'd need to be very patient to bend her will even a fraction.

She is tall for her age at approxiately 1.76cm and has an athletic build. She's an albino, meaning that her eyes are naturally red and her hair is naturally white. Kuiin wears a long split-tailed musk coat and a long sleeve white dress shirt on the inside with the words, "Azure nature" surrounded by a purplish swirl. Musk coloured tight 3/4 shorts with split edges and maroon flat heeled boots. She wears a maroon scarf with dotted edges when cold.

Starter: can I get a wildcard for Vulpix?

December 18th, 2008, 3:42 AM
dragonqueen0210 - Accepted! You get a Vulpix! Would you like it as an egg at the lab, for brought with you from the school?

Chapter One!

You arrive in New Bark Town, home of Professor Elm. In his cluttered lab there is a Camerupt sitting with 5 Pokemon Eggs, that will hatch when you arrive there. Since it is the first chapter, it doesn't have to be long, just arriving, getting your pokemon and equipment, then setting off.

Once everyone has posted, we can move on to the next part!

December 18th, 2008, 1:34 PM
“Look at that, Veil. We are here. We are finally here. Johto.”

It was early morning. The sun had come out just a few hours ago. Bright rays started to hit the surface of Johto, making people with cups of coffee in their hands come out to get a newspaper and forcing grass-typed Pokémon to sneak out of their lair to bathe themselves in the heat and wash out the dew. Just another normal day for the people in New Bark Town; but the commence of a whole new adventure to a select group of teenagers.

To the east, through Route 27, a giant passenger boat with the inscription of ‘S.S. Whirlpool’ was getting ready to dock. On the bow of the ship, two silhouettes were seen. A male punching his fist up in a sign of victory and a Ponyta neighing happily trying to imitate her trainer. “This is going to be so awesome! I can’t believe we were selected to come to Johto. Only on my dreams I saw myself here… I hope it is as cool as it is shown in movies.” The boy spoke happily as he rubbed his hands together, both in significance of eagerness… And because the chilly weather of the morning was going tough on his limbs. He turned to the Ponyta and asked, “Aren’t you excited?”

The equine Pokémon let out a large, heavy huff of air, one that immediately turned to a ball of fog when it came out, and then nodded excitedly. The boy put his hand on the Ponyta’s back, running it through her heated and suave skin to warm himself up. This Pokémon had been his only partner since a long time ago. He had caught her on his way to Viridian from Celadon; where he saw her hurt. Therefore, it was an easy capture. After treating the Pokémon on a Pokémon Center and taking fervent care of her, this strong, yet delicate and beautiful Pokémon and then male had been best friends. It was only obvious that he had brought her with him on the Johto quest. “Good.” The boy spoke as he smiled warmly at his Ponyta. Let’s check the backpack to make sure nothing is missing.”

The male, who was carrying a medium-sized, sand colored leather backpack, sat down on the floor with his legs crossed and retrieved the bag. He opened it carefully and started to check the items within it. “Ok, here we go;” he started as he pulled out the items one by one. “clothes, check.” On a new adventure on another region, it was obvious he was going to need more than the things he was wearing. No one knew where he was going to have to get into, so yeah. It wasn’t a lot, though; for he knew that if he got to need more, he could buy some or request an item transfer from his home through a PC. “Uh… God, whatever, I don’t care. We’re here!” Only one item had been checked, and even though the boy was one that did things in an orderly and calm fashion, the rush of adrenaline and pump he felt when the ship started to decrease speed didn’t allow him to continue. Other things inside the bag included the invitation from Elm, a single-leaf razor blade, a small flashlight, a couple of batteries, chocolate bars, a bottle of water, a lighter, a deck of cards, his camera, and a few couple of things used for simple magic tricks. Only his close friends knew this, but the guy was a rather skilled magician, though he could only do simple tricks like guessing cards and all. He could also sometimes make things ‘appear’ out of nowhere, like a flower or a candy to help him break the ice and make new friends.

He put the things inside again and stood up, placing his hands on his pockets and keeping his feet tight together so he wouldn’t jig and dance in joy; for it would result rather ridiculous and humiliating. Not being able to hold himself still, the boy took his camera out of the backpack and took a snapshot of the extremely picturesque morning, using shades and colours to make it easily noticeable that he found himself in a cold morning with bright sunlight. The whole essence of New Bark was embed in the picture.

The male put the camera in his pocket, and then the expected happened. The ship entered the docks… And stopped moving. “Yes!” The boy yelled happily as he jumped and threw a strong right hook to the air, revealing his utter excitement. The captain started to talk through the loudspeakers on the ship, but he paid no attention. His Ponyta and him just ran to the boarding strip of the ship, and as soon as the metal staircase was placed, he jumped down; being the first one of the whole vessel to do so. Not paying attention to the rest of the ones coming down, he ran towards New Bark’s mainland. A small signpost greeted him.

"Where winds of a new beginning blow."

“A new beginning? Hell yeah. Behold, for Marc’s adventure now begins~”

Marc and Veil continued to walk through New Bark, eagerly searching for Professor Elm’s lab to get a clue of what to do first. It didn’t take him long to find the structure, for it was the biggest one on the small town.

“I wonder why the first town of every region is always so small. Starting in a metropolis would be nice, for a change.” Marc murmured randomly to himself as he made his way to the glass doors of the laboratory, which were still closed. He eagerly knocked on them before Professor Elm himself came by and opened then from the inside; a cup of dark coffee in his hand.

“Yes?” The elder asked said as he cocked his head to a side slightly.

“Good day, Professor Elm!” Marc exclaimed blissfully as Veil stood next to him. “My name is Marc. Marc Black. I come from the Ace Trainer Pokémon Academy, in Viridian. I received and invitation to come… So here I am!” He finished as he pulled out the invitation from his backpack. Elm smiled as he invited him to come inside.

“Ah, I see. Good to have you here then, Mr. Black. I’m Professor Elm, as you already know. I have invited you and other trainers to help me conduct a research on the Pokémon of the region, goal that will be reached with the aid of these two tools.” Elm said as he continued to walk, quickly reaching an area with a number of Pokémon eggs in warmed chambers and many laboratory tools. Elm grabbed a PokeDex and a PokeGear and handed them over to Marc, who quickly put the wristwatch-like object on his left arm and the PokeDex on his pocket. “These are–…”

“Yes, I know. PokeGear and PokeDex, we studied them.” Marc said, abruptly interrupting; though that wasn’t his intention. The exultation on the elated teen made Elm laugh. “Hah. Ok, then, you make my job easier. I see, you have a Pokémon with you. You won’t need one of mine, then.”

“Not at all.” Marc said as he petted Veil’s mane of fire, the heat apparently not affecting him at all. “Veil’s been with me for quite a while now. We’ll handle any situation.”

“Excellent!” Elm said. “Yet, one Pokémon probably won’t be enough. Here, take this PokeBalls. When you run out of them…”

“I can buy more on a PokeMart, got it.”

Elm laughed once again before offering Marc a seat and sitting down himself. “if the trainers I summoned share equal knowledge, this will get to be easier than I thought. Now, before you leave, I need to have a word with the other trainers invited. They should be here soon…”

~Hurry, guys. I want to leave already.~ Marc thought to himself as he stared anxiously at the lab entrance, expecting others to come in. He was unsure if they would have to work as a team and travel together or have each one follow their own way; but one thing was known. This was the beginning of a whole new epic journey~.

((Hope it's good enough.))

December 18th, 2008, 2:40 PM
James was sitting in his cabin, anxiously waiting for the ‘S.S Whirlpool’ to dock in the Johto Region. He remembered leaving the academy the teachers were upset seeing as he was a top pupil. On the other hand, he remembered the other students cheering, as now they wouldn’t get into trouble for something he’d done. He laughed to himself, and then thought,

‘What a bunch of losers! I made life at the academy fun, and they cheer now that I’m gone. I can’t believe I got chosen. Me, of all people.’ He laid back on his bed, wondering when this stupid ship was going to arrive. He felt the ship gradually stop. Finally. He headed out of his cabin and looked across the deck. No-one was there and so he felt like he needed to break a rule.

‘Rule Number 24: No Running on Deck’ he remembered being told, ‘Consider yourself broken.’ He ran across the side of the deck, until he came across a huge group of people waiting to get of.

“Move it! Get out the way! Coming through!” he shouted as he ploughed his way through the crowd and into New Bark Town. Now all he needed to do was head to Prof Elm’s lab. But where was it?

He began looking all over town, but still couldn’t find it. He ‘politely’ asked people for directions, but they ignored him and walked away. He stopped and knew it was hopeless. He turned around and saw a giant sign saying ‘Prof Elm’s Labà’ he followed the sign, until he came across the research facility.

He knocked on the door and a man opened it. “Hi I’m James,” he told him, “and I’m here to see Prof Elm. Could you show me to him, please?”

“Err… I am Prof Elm. And nice to meet you James, are you from the Ace Trainer Pokemon Academy?” replied the man.

“Aren’t you a little young to be a Proffessor. Anyways yes I am.”

“Ok, come on in.” James entered and saw that the place was a mess. Research equipment and books laid scattered everywhere. ‘How can he work in such a dump?’

“Here’s your Pokedex, PokeGear and Pokeballs for your journey. Do you know how to use them?”

“Of course, do you think they don’t teach us these things or something?”

“Anyways, as you can see, over there by my desk are some Pokemon eggs, you may choose one to begin your journey with.”

James looked at where Elm was pointing and saw some Pokemon eggs next to an unfamiliar Pokemon. He held up the Pokedex and it beeped.

“Camerupt. The Eruption Pokemon and the evolved form of Numel. If angered, the humps on the back of this Pokemon erupt in a shower of molten lava, which can cause serious damage.”

“Go on pick an egg.” Said Elm.

James grabbed the first egg he could, before quickly getting away from the Pokemon. He felt the egg wobble and almost dropped it as it began to crack. He was wondering what it was going to be when suddenly a Chikorita popped out. It looked at James, before cuddling up to him. Surprisingly he liked the Pokemon on sight, and knew they were going to get along fine. He moved towards the exit, before being stopped by Elm.

“Sorry but you have to wait for the others. When everyone’s here I need to talk to you all. Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll be here soon.”

Josh sighed and found a seat under all the mess, and began to stroke his Chikorita affectionately.

December 18th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Tyler Weston gave a heavy sigh as he stood outside of the grand looking laboratory that made up most of New Bark Town. He eyed the building eagerly, though he still stayed outside. His thoughts kept making him wait, making him review what had happened. It hadn't been so long ago that he had been at a prestigious pokemon school, one that had even taught the great Professor Oak, before he had recieved his letter from Professor Elm.

The man clearly wanted help with this new pokedex of his, as well as dealing with the two new rival gangs of Johto: Team Inferno and Team Psycho. What could he possibly do to help? He didn't have the best grades, nor did he really care for other peoples problems. So what could it be?

Tyler grinned and shrugged off his thoughts. Oh well, what could he do about it?

"Hello?" Tyler called, finally opening the door and walking in. It didn't take that long before he found a large den holding a Camerupt. By its side were several eggs, and they were all shaking. It looked as if they would hatch any moment.

"Ah, Tyler Weston," a cheery voice said, causing Tyler to jump. He turned around and saw a hearty looking fellow holding a few papers. He noticed that it had his picture on it. "I've been waiting for you," Elm continued. "You understand what I am asking of you, yes?"

"Find pokemon, capture them, test your new pokedex and take care of any gang members I see," Tyler listed, his voice sarcastic.

Professor Elm gave a small cough. "Well, it's a bit more than that, but I know you'll understand once you finally start your journey." He nodded toward the shaking egss. "Go on, lad, pick one. It should hatch as soon as you pick it up."

Glancing at the stern looking Camerupt, Tyler bravely kneeled down by the eggs and grabbed an orange colored one with several red dots. He gasped as it shook even harder before it glowed a bright, white light. As soon as it stopped glowing, Tyler held a baby Cyndaquil.

"Quil..." Cyndaquil tried out hesitently, looking around. It saw Tyler and gave several happy barks, it's back igniting on fire in excitement.

"Woah!" Tyler had almost dropped Cyndaquil when it lit up its back. Carefully putting Cyndaquil on the floor, Tyler gazed into Cyndaquil's face. He grinned. "Look's like we're partners," he said, lightly petting his pokemon.

"Cynd!" Cyndaquil agreed happily, back relighting itself in preparation of a battle.

Professor Elm gave a small laugh, his face both happy and excited. "It looks like you have one fiesty little pokemon there, Tyler." Tyler just grinned at the comment. Professor Elm cleared his throat and handed him a small bag. "Here are all your devices, pokedex and pokeballs... the works, though I suggest you don't rely on only these ten pokeballs. I expect many pokemon from you."

Tyler gave a mock salute as he put everything into his backpack. "You can count on me, Professor," he said eagerly. He turned to Cyndaquil. "Let's go, Cyndaquil. I'll make a fighter out of you yet."

"Quicl," Cyndaquil nodded, walking by Tyler's side as they left the Laboratory and out into the world.

December 18th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Angel slowly woke up in the back of of a pickup truck that she had stowed away on with her mareep. The owner of the car had no idea that she was there, thus Angel was able to stow away amoungst the ruble of the truck, as she heard the loud creak which meant the car had stopped. "Ah , riding here all the way from Ecruteak took a long time.." Angels voice trailed off as she hopped of the truck and snuck away from the unsespecting car owner, the mareep following closely behind, soon Angel knew she was out of the truck drivers sight she quickly found a sign.

"Newbark town, a place of new beginnings." the sign stated, Angel smiled at it happily. "Just what we need Mareep!" Angel giggled in happiness, there was much truth behind her statement. "But, why would tey choose me, my grades were'nt.. all that great.." Angel pondered with her Mareep.

"Mareeeeeep!" The little sheep pokemon baa'd to try and reassure in her upcoming events.

"Your right. Lets rock Johto!" Angel yelled thrusting her fist upwards in happiness. The two began running to the lab merrily. The small cooing of pidgey filled the area, Angel wanted to make lots of new friends , and have lots of fun on this journey. "Who knows , maybe we'll even meet some cute guys!" Angel joked around wholeheartedly, truthfully after the incident with her father Angel had little trust in any man. As soon they had reached the lab, Angel was overwhelmed with nervousness. The Mareep sighed and hopped up opening the door for her, which caused people to stare in amazement.

"Mareep." The mareep scoffed at her and walked into the lab. Angel looked at her mareep for a few minutes and saw its playful glare.

"Oh I heard that you..you..you!" Angel yelled running in and tackling the small sheep pokemon. "Mareep your so silly!" The two were now laughing on the laughs floor and then aa man in a white coat appeared before the two who were still laying on the floor laughing.

"You must be Angel, ah so here you are a pokedex and a pokegear." Elm said sweatdropping as the minute he had grabbed it Angel had taken it from him an examined it in awe.

"Oh my gosh it's..it's..it's..So AWESOME!" Angel yelled and Mareep was hopping up and down to see it anxiously. Angels pupils had literally turned to stars at the point, she was very happy to receive this. She had noticed three other trainers standing around but really gave them no though, she was to busy admiring the simple peace of technology.

[to be continued..]

December 19th, 2008, 12:59 AM
Kuiin looked solemnly out the window and stood up as the train ground to a screeching halt, blowing steam as the doors opened for the passengers to pile out. Holding tightly onto her bag, she wedged out of the train and walked straight into the bright sun rays of goldenrod city. "well, all I need to do now is walk half way across the region to get to new bark, oh this day is going to be slightly stupid" Kuiin muttered to herself, ducking under a banister.

The taxi stopped unexpectedly near her feet, almost knocking her over. She glared at the driver, giving him goosebumps. She got in and pulled the door shut. "new bark town" she stated, staring into the driver's mirror. The taxi started abruptly and off they went, in the stifling heat and boiling weather. She patted the pokeball in her bag's side pocket and wondered whether she should release her new vulpix or not. Thinking it would freak the driver out more, she decided not to and simply went back to staring out the window as the scenery rushed past.

As she stepped out of the car, the first thing that hit Kuiin was the peace and silence. Being raised in an environment full of people arguing over land, the bustling noises of the city and constant moving from place to place had made her forget what it was like to live in one simple small town. She paid the taxi driver, "keep the change" she released vulpix and watched it bound off immediately in one direction and stop to wait for her.

Kuiin followed the vulpix-nicknamed Sardonyx-around before slowly, watching it get used to his surroundings and finally bound back to her. A huge sign was pointing to the left as Kuiin picked up sardonyx and read the words there. '<--- This way to proffessor Elm's lab' Proffessor Elm, the person who had sent her the letter, she had remembered long ago, her aunt mentioning soemthing about him being a successful pokemon scientist and the sort. Following the arrow, she strode steadily along the path, noticing small telltale signs that someone had been here before her earlier, showing that prof. Elm hadn't just invited her.

Kuiin knocked on the door, after hearing no answer, she opened it silently, hitting head first into a man wearing a white lab coat. She cocked her head, "Prof. Elm? or his assistant?" she asked. The Man chuckled, "I'm prof. Elm, come in, I believe you're one of the students from the pokemon Academy in Viridian?" She nodded, Sardonyx yipped from his place in her arms. Prof. Elm handed her a pokedex, some pokeballs and a pokegear, "you'll need that for your journey" he explained, tending to a pokemon in the corner by some eggs as he explained. He stood up, noticing she was looking at the pokemon he had been tending to, "something the matter?" Kuiin turned her eyes on him, "I thought there were no Camerupts in johto, where did this specimen come from?" she asked suspiciously. Prof. Elm smiled and put a finger to his lips, "anyway, I need you to stay for a while as when the others come, I need to speak to the entire group" he continued, Kuiin nodded and sat down in the nearest chair, letting go of Sardonyx as he hurried away to explore the room.

The Instant Classic
December 19th, 2008, 8:49 AM
" Ladies and gentlemen we have just docked into New Bark town the town of new beginnings welcome to Johto " the Capitan roared.
The people riding on the ship quickly rushed out off the ship into New Bark town and one of these people is a boy called Dran Star.
The boy put his hand in his pocket and pulled out what looked like a map "right so im 5 minutes away form the lab" he spoke.
Dran walks through the town examining his new surroundings "your finally doing it Dran your starting your adventure" he said to himself.
It wasn't long till he made it to the lab and with out a word of warning Dran smashed his way through the doors.

" Your late " came a voice.
Dran looked around and discovered that the voice came from a young man.
" Im professor Elm " he said " so you must be Dran Backolot " he also said.
" I prefer Dran Star if you dont mind " Dran replied.
It was then when Dran noticed the other academy graduates they where all older then him which made him feel a bit embarrassed then when Dran turned around an egg was put into his hands.
" This is your egg " Elm said.
For a moment Dran just stood there blankly " what you mean this one is mine tha...thank you so much " Dran cheered as he did a dance with his egg but then......

The egg was hatching it wobbled around for a moment and then crack it broke and out came a Totadile.
" Totadile " the newly born pokemon said while doing a dance.
Dran falls to his knees " its perfect " he said."
" Its a she " Elm told Dran while giving him his gear,pokedex and pokeballs.
Dran went and gived his first pokemon a great big hug and this is the start of there adventure.........