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December 17th, 2008, 2:01 PM
What I want: Basically any poke I don't have, I'd love a(n) event poke But I doubt I have anything worth one

Items: Seeing how I have no impresive Pokemon I will list the items first I have Maybe someone out there would Be willing to trade a pokemon for a(n) item.
Note: If you want an item please tell me which of my pokemon you want too If you don't care you can just say that too.

SilverPowder x 1
Poisonous Barb x1
Red Shard x1
Mind Plate x1
Odd Incense x1
Big Mushroom x1
Sticky Barb x1
Big Root x1
Smoke Ball x1
Mystic Water x1
Dawn Stone x2
Dread plate x2
Magnet x1
Light clay x1
Soft sand x1
Spell Tag x1
Nugget x3
Everstone x2
Grip claw x2
Thunderstone x4
Black Sludge x1
Cleanse Tag x1
Razor Fang x1
Shed shell x1
Lagging Tail x1
Life orb x1
Iron Ball x2
Moon Stone x1
Hard stone x2
Blue Shard x2
Helix Fossil x1
Green Shard x2
Heart Scale x4
Heat Rock x1
Zap Plate x1
Yellow Shard x1
Rare Candy x3

#5 Roar x1
#6 Toxic x1
#7 Hail x1
#9 Bullet seed x1
#10 Hidden Power x1
#11 Sunny Day x1
#12 Taunt x1
#21 Frustration x1
#23 Iron Tail x1
#27 Return x1
#28 Dig x1
#29 Psychic x1
#31 Brick Break x1
#32 Double Team x1
#36 Sludge Bomb x1
#37 Sandstorm x1
#38 Fire Blast x1
#39 Rock Tomb x1
#40 Aerial Ace x1
#41 Torment x1
#42 Facade x1
#47 Steel Wing x1
#48 Skull Swap x1
#49 Snatch x1
#50 OverHeat x1
#51 Roost x1
#53 Energy Ball x1
#55 Brine x1
#57 Charge Beam x1
#59 Dragon Pluse x1
#60 Drain Punch x1
#62 Silver Wind x1
#63 Embargo x1
#65 Shadow Claw x1
#69 Rock Polish x1
#70 Flash x1
#72 Avalanche x1
#77 Psych Up x1
#78 Captivate x1
#79 Dark Pulse x1
#81 X-scissor x1
#82 Sleep Talk x1
#85 Dream Eater x1
#86 Grass Knot x1
#88 Pluck x1
#90 Substitute x1
#91 FlasH Cannon x1
#92 Trick Room x1

Pokemon That I will trade: This Is basicly all I have minus A few like My starting pokemon I either Caught theese Myself or got them over the gts Note I have No shineys or events :(
Roserade Lvl 18
Tentacruel LVL 42
Kricketune lvl 10
Golem Lvl 30
Noctowl lvl 26
Vespiquen Lvl 21
Gyarados Lvl 20
Alakazam lvl 23
Rampardos lvl 30
Steelix Lvl 33
Honchkrow lvl 10
Crobat lvl 27
Dustox lvl 12
Onix lvl 32
Bronzor Lvl 15
Azaumarill lvl 24
Banette lvl 51
Pichu Lvl 16
Magikarp lvl 6
Wurmple Lvl 15
Bronzong Lvl 40
Cleffa Lvl 14
Buneary lvl 10
Meditite lvl 17
Gastly Lvl 24
Cherubi Lvl 5
Psyduck lvl 9
ComBee lvl 14
Mime Jr lvl 18
Raticate lvl 50
carnivine lvl 24
Quagsire lvl 23
Skorupi lvl 22
HootHoot lvl 22
Sneasel lvl 34
Budew lvl 4
Bastidoon lvl 30
Wingull lvl 20
Wooper lvl 18
Unown (D I think) Lvl 19
Unown (Its either a p or a r) lvl 22
Barboach lvl 17
Chansey Lvl 3
Croagunk lvl 22
Ponyta lvl 14
Cleffa lvl 12
Pachirisu lvl 11
Lucario lvl 37
Beutifly lvl 12
Snover lvl 32
Misdreavus lvl 21
Buizel lvl 9
Clefariry lvl 36
Chingling lvl 24
Mantyke lvl 31
Stunky lvl 15
Spearow lvl 20
Golduck lvl 53
Aerodactyl lvl 20
Armaldo lvl 40
Magcaro lvl 56
Omanyte lvl 20
Drifloon lvl 22
seel lvl 44
Munchlax lvl 1
and Finally a lvl 1 spiritomb

Zero Avenged
December 17th, 2008, 2:07 PM
Hey um I can supply you with some shinys to help get your thread boosted!

December 17th, 2008, 2:11 PM
all righty would you like any thing from me :D

December 17th, 2008, 5:15 PM
i can help you out with pokemon and items as well we could like become a combined thread trading items and pokemon as i have a few good items and pokemon :)