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December 19th, 2008, 1:25 AM
It has been 100 years since the rescue team spoken of only in legends had its last truly legendary mission. The team who's name has been lost over time, the team that had been involved with a legend. The one team that did what no other could ever be capable of. They saved the world. As Xatu had predicted, things started to get better. Disasters calmed down. Pokemon were acting more peaceful. Everyone thought that they could get on with their lives. They were wrong.
Dead wrong.

After the first five years, things went downhill. First, the natural disasters started to reappear. Pokemon changed. Somehow, they were becoming... different. All intelligence was sapped from their minds. They gave way, losing sentience. Then, slowly, those pokemon got stronger. Their now primitive minds gave way to instinct. They became bestial creatures, always on the hunt. Soon, even Tiny Woods was too dangerous. Dungeon after dungeon after dungeon ended up being closed off to the public.

No-one was safe, though. Somehow, the pokemon managed to transfer their wild state of being into others through physical attacks, like a Werewolf. However, they don't often let their prey live long enough to.

What is your role in all of this? It is simple. All you have to do is survive.

Basic Pokecommunity rules apply.
No bunnying, powerplaying, godmodding, whatever you like to call it.
Unlike most Rps, I will allow you to sign up as a legendary. However, there can only be 4 legendaries, apart from me. And, you can't be Arceus or Mew. Due
to reasons I cannot disclose, Deoxys and Palkia are unavailable.
Be active! No point in letting the Rp die, is there?
Be literate. I find it very hard to understand some posts.
It is possible to play as a pokemon who has become “wild”. In fact, I'm hoping for about half of the Rpers to be “wild”.
At least four lines per post.
No chatspeak.
You have to put the password “Ghost in the machine” in your signup to prove you have read these rules.

Sign up sheet
Yes, I know they are boring, but they are needed for the RP to work.
Name: (kinda obvious)
Species: (kinda useless if you're a legendary)
Age: (also obvious but not required if you're a legendary)
Wild or not: (simple yes or no question)

Personality: (at least a paragraph)
Appearance: (kinda optional, since most pokemon look the same anyway)

History: (at bare minimum, two paragraphs)


Rp sample: I need this one. No sample, no roleplay. Haven't roleplayed before? Type one up.

List of members:
Me as Rayquaza .
Mira as Jirachi.
Rii as Kagaa the Raichu.
Namora as Blade the Absol.
Falseswipe as Weavile the Weavile.
Dragonqueen0210 as Kyuubi the Ninetales.

My Signup

Name: Rayquaza
Age: Quite old(lol)
Wild or not: Wild.

Personality: Before succumbing to the wilderness, he was always serious with others around. He was dedicated to his duty of defending the skies, and protecting the balance of nature. When alone however, he had a proper personality. He worried often, and disliked cowards. He worried so much about the world below his tower that at one point he sent a team down to pokemon square.
Appearance: He's the one and only Rayquaza, so really, there's no need for me to do this bit.

History: Rayquaza's history is a bit sketchy, even to himself. In any case, it was all pretty much the same until about one century ago. (insert dramatic music here) It was at that point that a rescue team came to the top of sky tower. He was greatly mortified about this, as his main duty was to prevent pokemon of the land appearing in his domain of the sky. After a ferocious battle, the two pokemon begged to him to destroy a meteor heading for the world. He accepted, having no idea of the consequences.

He was the one filled with guilt when, five years after these events, pokemon started to attack others again. He ordered a team of 3 pokemon to decend to pokemon square, for the sake of finding out what happened to them. When, after about another 5 years, the team still didn't come back, he began to worry
a fair bit more. Things took a turn for the worse, and in turn, so did his personality.

Other: I'm not showing how he received “the wilderness” until my first post, as he receives it at the beginning of the actual Rp.

Rp sample:When they had gotten to the guild, Maverick had just decided to follow the Pikachu who had done all the leading. He had nothing else to do. They ended up, for some reason or other, in front of Chatot. "Hey Chatot! Where's the Shinx at?" Asked the Pikachu. The Chatot turned to face the group "What- Oh, the injured Shinx!" replied the small bird "Yes Yes, Chansey took it down this hall, second door on the right, you can't miss it." Chatot said, pointing a wing down the rightmost corridor. "Wait a minute Chatot..." The Pikachu pondered, tilting his head to one side "That's...THAT'S MY ROOM!" he exclaimed at the Chatot. "Well" replied the Chatot "You were the one who found him. So it seemed only fit that we put him in your room." Maverick chuckled. Then, the Pikachu turned around and gave him a look. He started paying attention again, but he hoped something else strange would happen. "What about the clinic? Ever think about putting him there?!" "Clinic's full!" The Chatot chimed as his tail swung back and forth, much like a metronome. "But...But..." the Pikachu stammered "Arg! Never mind then. Comon guys, lets go check on that Shinx." He led the way, and Maverick immediately decided that, due to a chatterbox Swellow he met a long time ago, there would be at least some questioning. The Pikachu suddenly said, "I guess I'll just have to kick Chatot out of his room later."

“He’s awake,” Said someone. Maverick whirled around, and saw that pretty much everyone who had done the rescue had been behind him all along. “So I am,” The Shinx stated with a weak smile. With surprising speed, a Chansey (presumably the one who took the Shinx out of their hands) zipped over to the doorway, an aura of malice almost visible. “Patients need to rest,” she stated, her voice as threatening as thunder.

“It’s okay, Miss,” the Shinx interjected. “Hi there, I’m Lucius Orli. Are you the ones who rescued me?” The Cubone said, "Yah, we were... Well, it was mainly these guys. I just showed up to help carry you. How did you end up like this, anyway?" Maverick suddenly said, “I think I know; but first I have to ask a few questions.” He paused, waiting for a response. He found none, so he decided to continue. “Right then, is it true that a few pokemon in this room are not what most people would call normal? For example, I’m pretty sure that you, fine sir,” He gestured at the Raichu. “Are the only pokemon in existence here who wears sunglasses. And we’ve all probably heard tales of a wandering Shinx. Lucius, unless I’ve missed my mark, is that Shinx. And, he is probably the only person who will fully understand this phrase: 'pokemon league.'”

Oh, and, ghost in the machine.

December 20th, 2008, 6:35 AM
Name: Trika
Species: Sceptile
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Wild or not: Nope

Personality: Trika is always happy-go-lucky, but at first, he seems very mysterious and ignorant to others feelings. Ghost in the machine, Trika tries to hide his identity. He doesn't seem very sensitive of others and doesn't want to make Friends but that's only because he knows that he will get them into danger. He'll seem mysterious and cocky when you first meet him and will often run from you.

As a Friend, he is completely different. Caring and loyal, he will go out of his way to help others, may that be Friend or Foe. He is very compassionate about all living creatures and hates death so he will find another way of punishment. He is very funny and still a bit cocky, but that is only his determination as he never, ever gives up!

Appearance: Trika seems of normal appearence at first. His skin is the same leaf green, if a little darker. His eyes burn yellow but seem much older than the rest of him. He has the same yellow orbs on his back, but he has a brown bag around his shoulder full of many mysterious Items...

History: Trika grew up in a small Village called Tyruma. One day, the Village was destoryed by an evil Team and Trika discovered something amazing; he was an Alien. He was an Ultimo and found many others just like him. He held many strange and unique powers; Super Intelligence; The abillity to live for ever in a strange and complex manner; Access to strange worlds and the Abillity to apply his knowledge about practically everything to the real world swiftly.

He built many gadgets and Weapons, one of which was to Travel in Time and Space. He treked through all of existence, meeting new Friends, watching them leave, witnessing the destruction of Empires and the dawn of them. He loved traveling, but he had an enemy that seemed to follow him everywhere: Darkly. Darkly is an evil flygon that originally destroyed his home town. They have been nemesises ever since...

Other: If you don't like the fact that Trika is a Sceptile, I can change that. And, if you haven't noticed, I like Doctor who ^^

Rp sample: The large, gloomy exspanse of Wood swayed in the wind that was slowly picking up. Leaves danced in the gusts and the clouds began to swirl and darken. The Sun was blotted out slightly behind the thick cotton and the sound of Pokemon was drownded out by a low growling noise. Somewhere deep in the Forest, something strange was happening...
Something unnatrual.
Suddenly, a flash of yellow lightining seemed to spark from the ground, not the sky. This fork was followed by another, then another which clapped with a thundering sound that echoed through the Woods. The wind picked up, shifting trees and the sky became darker. With a big flash and deafening bang, a bright ball appeared, suspended in mid-air close to the ground. It grew bigger, shooting out bolts of lightning and sending out rays of mysterious lights. The ball expanded even more, making a strange wuring sound. As the wuring got louder and louder, reaching its maximum pitch and volume, the ball dissapeared in a flash of light, along with the clouds and the wind, leaving a Sceptiel in its wake.

"Arggggh!" Wreched the Sceptile as he placed his hand on his back and bent behind him. He moaned slightly, then tippled to the side releasing a loud cracking noise that settled the shooting pain up his back. "Travel by nuemonic capsule! Now that's a killer."

December 20th, 2008, 7:20 AM
Name: this is unknown on account of her age

Species: Jirachi

Age: ???

Gender: Female

Wild or not: no...?

Personality: She is very cautious and ever since the natural disaster have returned, she is actually rather jumpy. She always tries to appear happy, but she constantly senses danger lurking around the corner... She tends to be very reserved around others, but when you get to know her she is tons of fun to be with. Friends have always been a rarity with her, so she treasures them like no other.

Though she prefers not to battle, if someone she cares about is in trouble she will fight with everything she's got to defend them.

Appearance: She looks like Jirachi wearing gloves... because she is a Jirachi wearing gloves! The only thing that has changed about her is that the notes attached to her head are slowly turning darker in color. Perhaps from exhaustion or perhaps from the Wild setting in...

History: In the last week of the time of peace, Jirachi was awakened. She granted wishes of all who came to her for the entire week, but just when she was about to go back to sleep, she was attacked. A Wild Pokemon attacked her before she could return to her crystaline shell and bit her hand. Jirachi managed to escape, but found that she could no longer return to her crystaline shell, which was shattered in the attack, and she wasn't able to create a new one with an injured hand. Jirachi now can't go into her 1000 year sleep and can only sleep as much as any normal Pokemon. As a result, she is always tired. Also, she is now able to act more on instinct and has become more aware of her surroundings.
Ever since, Jirachi sometimes finds herself having strange animalistic impulses. She now frequently loses her temper and goes into a distructive blind rage. Jirachi has found, however, that being with Pokemon who aren't Wild helps her control that. When she was told what was really happening to the Pokemon, Jirachi began wondering if that was what had caused her change. She hoped that she was immune and that her transformation was because she couldn't return to sleep, but she takes care not to do anything to another Pokemon that could turn them Wild if she was truly changing. She never tells anyone that she was attacked, but she fears that they might find out soon enough...

Other: ummm... Ghost in the machine? If you don't like my character, I can make a new one ;)

RP sample:
From Kansas's Pokemorph Liberation Force: Kanto
Ember's tails slammed directly into the Haunter-morph's chest with a sickening thud. Ember jumped back and twirled around to whack him across the head with all nine of her tails.

"Take that you disgusting bloated purple freak!" Ember hissed.

The Haunter-morph shook his body loose, seemingly having taken little damage, and stared at her with a curious expression. Ember growled and jumped forward again, scraping her claws from the top of his scalp down his cheek before jumping a safe distance away. He looked up at her with a dark smile as purple gas steadily tricked out of the slashes in his skin.

He doesn't bleed, Ember watched with horror as the gas continued to drip out of the cuts.

But look, Pyra said. The human part of this morph is weak and the Haunter is unstable. The human body is the only thing holding it together.

So if tear his body apart, Ember realized with a smile. The Ghost part of him will fall apart, too.

Ember's smile faded as the Haunter-morph's claw descended down on her. She lunged to the side, but the razor-sharp claws clipped her arm, instantly drawing blood. Ember looked at her arm in shock. She hadn't seen the morph come at her.

"It will be an honor to kill you," the Haunter's deep echoing voice announced. He continued to smile and look her over in amusement.

His hands began to glow deep purple and he came at her again.

Poison! Pyra warned, but Ember was already struggling to dodge the deadly claws.

Ember spun to the side and tried to knock him over with her tails again, but she missed and jumped back before she could be struck. Sweat dripped down the back of her neck. She couldn't allow herself to be poisoned now. She would be out of commission for the rest of the battle and most likely wouldn't live through it. Or worse. One of the team members would stop battling to try and protect her. Though she didn't see that happening, thank goodness.

The Haunter-morph's smile grew, spreading across his purple-tinged face like a tear in fabric. He lashed out at her with increased intensity and speed, forcing her to retreat backwards. Ember felt her Ninetails instinct slowly take over and she mimicked his smile with one of her own. She felt her body's speed grow and she began to dodge in a fluid natural movement, feeling the steady beat of the morph's attacks become increasingly easy to predict. Suddenly the Haunter-morph's fist slammed her in the side, throwing her several yards before she rolled to a halt on the pavement.

Pyra swore, utterly shocking Ember. Pyra had never once before swore. Shadow Punch, Pyra growled. It hits without fail. We're lucky he didn't poison us as well.

Yeah, Ember pushed herself up with a groan. Because we're just so lucky.

"I'm glad you came to me," the Haunter-morph said in his hollow voice as he took his time walking over. "It saved me the trouble of hunting you down and making you pay for abandoning the Gyms."

"Hmm, so you were a part of the group that tried to hunt me down?" Ember taunted. She rolled her eyes and added sarcastically. "You did a great job of it, by the way."

"I oversaw the searches for you," he said coldly. "But I had better things to do than chase after a second-rate traitor."

"Yeah, because being a flunky is a much better gig," Ember said sarcastically.

His expression grew even darker and he lunged at her again, his claws glowing with poison once more. Ember stood her ground as she felt fire flare up inside of her and held it, feeling it build. When the Haunter-morph was about to scratch her, Ember released the attack in a single fiery blast. He was blown backwards and he spun through the air before landing near the building from which they had emerged.

Ember swiftly walked over to him and grabbed his head, pricking his face with her claws. His purple spikes had been reduced to ash while his hands were dissipating and more Ghost smoke than ever was draining from his form, leaving his human body thin and limp. He was struggling to remain conscious, his ordinarily narrow eyes wide with fear.

Enough, Pyra hissed. Let us kill him quickly.

Pyra slowly took over Ember's body and drew on all the dark thoughts she had gathered over 150 years. Pyra had never allowed Ember to direct the attack herself because it would drive her insane. Ember didn't complain. Pyra lifted Ember's hand and placed it onto the forehead of the morph, releasing the dark power directly into him. He groaned, squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to fight off the attack, but then he went limp. Ember released him and he fell to the pavement. Dead.

Let's go and help the others, Pyra said, urging Ember to move forward, but Ember's eyes were glued to the morph.

The Ghost smoke was slowly drifting back into his body, which expanded at an alarming rate. Ember stumbled backwards and saw with horror that he was filling back up. A smile once again cracked across his grotesque face.

It's Explosion! Ember realized.


Ember turned and dropped to all fours, running faster than she could ever remember before. Ember heard the Haunter-morph Explode behind her and was immediately struck by a force so powerful that it lifted her off her feet and pushed her forward. Then debris struck her, slicing her skin as it rammed into her body. Ember curled up into a ball as she was tossed like a rag-doll for what seemed a lifetime as she was struck repeatedly with projectiles. She finally landed on the ground, bleeding from an unknown number of wounds. Her breath wheezed as it struggled to enter her lungs under the beam that crushing her chest.

Just so lucky.

December 20th, 2008, 8:39 AM
Name: Kagaa
Species: Raichu
Age: ??? ( In human or pokemon years? )
Gender: Female
Wild or not: No

Personality: She has been sad and distant recently, but in the past she was tipically hyper and chipper. She is also a bit on the naive side. Sometimes she doesn't pick up on things right away and will end up the butt of someone else's joke. She is also prone to getting angry, but only when someone pushes her too far will she really explode. Underneath it all she really does have a nice heart and sweet disposition.
Appearance: Typical Raichu only she has a long scar across her hip, and is immune to the toxic

History: Kagaa once lived happily with her mate a Luxray named Sparx and their three kits. Two Pichu and one Shinx. They had been together for two years when disaster struck in the form of most of the pokemon in the forest she lived going wild. Together she and Sparx protected their family and kept them safe from the wild ones.

Every so often they would change their home. Sometimes they would find an abandoned cave to spend a few days in, other times Kagaa and Sparx would have to dig out a small shelter under a bush, and very rarely they would all spend the night in a tree.

Even though life was rough they remained chipper and hopeful for a future which would be better then what they faced now. Kagaa knew it just had to end one day, and the pokemon would come back to their senses.

Then one night while her mate Sparx was out hunting for food the small cave they were sheltering in was ambushed by a monster.

A Tyranitar. One who apparently was vey wild and very angry.

Kagaa fought hard to protect her kits but quickly grew exhasuted. Despite that she kept using ThunderBolt after ThunderBolt.

Just when she was at the point of collapse Sparx appeared on the scene, and she watched through hazed eyes as he fought bravely to defend them, finally being taken out by a hyper beam.

The Tyranitar turned to her to finish her off, then suddenly collapsed. The wounds he had sustained while battling both she and her mate finally catching up to his long gone senses.

Kagaa blacked out from a slash taken to her hip and blood lose. When she awoke, bothe the Tyranitar and her husband were gone, along with their kits.

She set out alone hoping to find clues to what happened that night.

Other: I hope this is alright and Kagaa doesn't seem to over the top. The immune thing was the only thing I could think of as to why she was not infected.

Rp sample: “Alright, the rules are simple. One on one, 227 will only speak to the school issued pokemon, understand trainer Luccelli?”

“Yeah” Michael said.

“This battle will be fun!” Louis exclaimed. “Happy! Happy! Happy!” Clap-clap-clap!

“Happy Louis?” I asked.


“Angel, you’re up” Michael said. I walked in front of him, waiting for my challenge.

“Abra, battle time” 227 said like an automaton. From the engraved ball, a sleeping psychic pokemon emerged. It wore a band around its arm, also with the school logo. The two trainers we would battle would use the same pokemon, both only using Hidden Power.

“Alright Angel, lets make it quick, shadow ball” Abra, keeping in line with its evolved forms, has no noticeable defense or special defense. Its defense was in fact so low, it has one of the lowest defenses of any pokemon. Even a fighting type can defeat it in one hit.

I opened my mouth, and fired the ball of black energy, only to see Abra vanish. Teleport is the only move it can learn naturally and it’s a giant pain in the ass. Figuring he would be behind me, I jumped around, right as spheres as of glowing white slammed into me. It hurt, but not only did it hurt, it surged through my body.

“You’re hidden power is fighting type?!” I screamed, as I fell on my back, “Of course it is!”

“Okay, no big deal. Angel tackle and flip around” I jumped up, and ran at Abra. As soon as it teleported, I jumped around. “Now shadow ball” I fired, as Abra re-appeared and used Hidden Power again. Since it was fighting type, it vanished as the shadow ball hit it, and the ball slammed into Abra full force.

Abra fell flat on its back, twitched once, and passed out. Lame, oh so horribly lame.

“Trainer Luccelli wins” The suit man said. “227 exit, trainer 418 enter” As 227 left, 418 entered. This one was a girl in a skirted version of the same outfit. It’s going to take these people years to establish an identity.

“Alright, Angel you’re out, Rush, you’re up”

“Yay Rush is up!” Luis cried, clapping again.

“He’s scarring me a little” Rush said, as he took his place. The suit man went through the rules again, and 418 let out another Abra. “Let’s have fun with this, right?” The Abra began to snore.

“Rush, water gun” Rush fired a stream of water, but the Abra vanished. Since this battle wasn’t for any reason other then a TM, it wasn’t difficult to win. Rush just jumped, fired a second water gun, and knocked out Abra as he re-appeared. “It was nothing. Wasn’t it fun Rush?”

“Kip!” Suddenly, Michael’s pokedex began to beep rapidly, as Rush began to glow.

“He’s evolving!” Enfer cried.

“Oh ****” Several things ran through my mind at once, I only had seconds, how do I stop this. As Michael pulled out his pokedex, the answer hit me.

“What’re you going to be Rush” Michael said, excited. I fired a shadow ball, right at Michael’s hand, causing him to drop his pokedex. The moment it his the ground, I pressed the little green button, next to the identify button, marked with a B.

I had learned in school, this button fired some kind of radiation, that actually stopped pokemon from evolving. Which was exactly what happened, as Rush started to get smaller and stop glowing.

“ANGEL!” Michael screamed, “What did you do!”

“Rush didn’t evolve” Louis moaned, “I-I’m soooo soooo saaaaaaaaaadddddd” He broke down crying.

Sorry I didn't notice that last bit. lol Ghost in the machine....... kinda weird but ok.

December 20th, 2008, 9:26 AM
Hey reserve me a Spot! I wanna be a Mew if possible...If not then Darkrai and if not then Manaphy.:)

Gumshoe Satyr
December 20th, 2008, 10:45 AM
Name: Blade

Species: Absol
Age: 23 (human years)

Gender: Male

Wild or not: Wild

Personality: Up until he became wild, Blade upheld his duty of warning others of disaster, which mostly had to do with the Pokemon that succumbed to the wilderness, though he remained cynical and distrusting of others. He'd known little kindness in others, especially in these terrifying times, and that's just the way that it affected him. Despite this, he couldn't stand to see others hurt and would do anything to help them, suggesting a hidden kindness. He wasn't really shy, but he preferred to keep to himself. Now everything's different.....

Appearance: A typical Absol except that he has various scars on his paws and back from more than one unfortunate encounter with Pokemon, who blamed him for the current disaster.

History: Blade has lived a pretty typical life for an Absol. He tries time and time again to warn others of impending disasters, but he's either attacked on sight or others run away from him. Other Pokemon used to be much more understanding of the Absols' ability, but fear and hysteria has set in over the long century, and Absols have, unfortunately, become one of the scapegoats. Despite their growing bad reputation, Absols have continued detecting and warning of disaster, mostly relating to large wild Pokemon attacks nowadays.

One day Blade sensed that a small forest village was going to be wiped out by a wild Pokemon. Barely able to arrive in time to warn them, he succeeded in emptying the Pokemon village, but just as he was about to leave himself, he found a small, baby Pokemon, an Igglyduff, who'd gotten separated from her parents in the panic.

With no time to get her to safety, Blade stood his ground against the horde of infected. He managed to keep them off of Igglyduff until a Wigglytuff came back for her and even managed to escape himself, but he was bitten and scratched in several places, so it wasn't long until he joined the ranks of the wild Pokemon.

Rp sample:

Stretching and yawning, Iris stood up and wandered off into the forest. "That guild seems to be an interesting place, but I guess it's 'bout time for me to leave." Suddenly, a chill crept up her spine, and she started trembling slightly as the fur on her back stood straight up. "S-someone's in trouble. I can feel it, " she started mumbling to herself in a tone full of concern. "There's fear... a lot of fear... and pain too, but I don't think it's life-threatening. Where is it coming from?"

Iris concentrated as hard as she could, but sighed in frustration when she failed to find the source. That was the glitch in her "gift", or nuisance as she sometimes liked to call it. Although she could often sense feelings of fear, pain, and anxiety from others nearby quite clearly, she sometimes had trouble with pinpointing the direction it was coming from, especially if it was on the move like this one seemed to be.

"Wait! I've got it. It's that way!" she shouted triumphantly as she ran forward through the forest. Only a few minutes later she came upon a small Eevee, limping on one of its front legs.

"Is this the way to Guild Master Wigglytuff's guild?" Eevee asked as he spotted Iris. He cocked his head a bit in curiosity as he noticed her unusual coat.

"Uh... Whosawhata Wigglytuff's guild?" Remembering the pink building from before she pointed with her paw and added, "Oh, it's that way. What happened? Why are you going to the guild?"

The Eevee's tail and ears drooped as he answered sadly, "I was playing with my friend, a Skitty, when a bunch of Pokemon attacked her. I tried to stop them, but....." He looked down at his injured paw.

"It's ok, kid. You go to the guild and get that treated." Walking past the Eevee, she went in the direction he'd come from.

"B-but what're you going to do, Vulpix?" he inquired nervously.

"I'm going to help Skitty, of course! By the way, the name's Iris. See ya, kid, and good luck!" Using Quick Attack, she took off in a flash, heading deep into the forest.

"W-wait, Vul-, I mean, Iris!" he shouted, but she was already gone. "I don't think she can handle it all by herself.... Hope she doesn't get hurt...." With a sigh, he continued limping toward the guild.

ghost in the machine

Zeta Sukuna
December 20th, 2008, 11:24 AM
Name: Rei
Species: Raichu
Age: (Physically): 18, (Chronologically): ???
Gender: Male
Wild or not: No

Personality: Rei is an optimist (Believe it or not) who is loyal to Darkly. He is usually not caring, but likes to look on the brighter side. He also takes great pride in the fact that he has only lost thrice in his life, but to be fair, he was still young, with the exception of the last one. Oh, and he hates Palkia, and Houndooms, as they lead up to him being frozen

Appearance: Rei is 2'7" tall excluding his ears, his cheeck dots are orange, blending in with his fur. His feet are a shade of blue, and his fur isn't really as neat as can be. His tail is really long, and has a black line on the left side of the tip. But the scary part is his eyes. They look like a normal Raichu's eyes, but if you stare into them, you will feel all of Rei's anger and rage. But although he looks like he's a bum, he keeps an ancient feeling about him as well. His ears are shorter then most Raichus, but that's to be expected when he's an x years out of his element. He also has a small burnmark on his left paw.

History: Rei was born in a fairly cold environment under the chief and chieftess of a rather large tribe of pokemon who followed under Dialga. He grew up and was fairly strong for his age, and when he evolved, he was a powerful warrior for a child, the actual warriors would have defeated him. About four years after evolving into a Pikachu, Rei's parents died, and he had to lead the tribe, but before he could really lead them to victory, an attack from Palkia worshippers spelled disaster for the Dialga worshipper tribe. Rei ended up getting frozen in ice as death was 'too good for him', but the electricity in Rei's body kept him alive, in stasis, until the ice that was holding him melted, an unknown amount of time later... but he wandered the world, confused about everything... eventually going mad.

Other: Immune to the toxic, due to being from a different time, but can get poisoned or sick a lot easier.

Rp sample: From GhostPrincess' RP: Goddess of Happiness

Andrew turned to the forest... feeling something terrible was in there. "Wha? What's going on in there?" So with that, Andrew flew into the forest, confused on what was going on to make him feel such fear. "I can actually feel the power... a primal power... but what is it?" Suddenly Andrew fell down a hole.


Andrew hit the ground, after a minute long fall, before getting up. "What is this?" Asked Andrew to himself as he looked around. he saw a light switch, and flipped it. "Whoa..." The room was full of technology that Andrew had no idea on how to use. weapons, computers, and something covered up in a big sheet. "This place is amazing... it looks like a bunch of scientists decided to make stuff out of boredom."

"What are you doing in here?" Asked an older man as he walked up to Andrew, scowling at Andrew. "How did you find this place?!" Andrew was at a loss of words as the old man waited for a response... deciding that none would come... the old man decided to speak up. "You shouldn't be here... the things here are supposed to remain a secret... only the Pokemon League are supposed to know about this place."

"WHAT? Why?" Asked Andrew, shocked that only so few people were to even know about this. "Why the only the pokemon league?" The old man shook his head before saying.

"You do not need to know." Said the old man as he started to take Andrew towards the exit, in which he would wipe Andrew's mind, but suddenly, a gust of wind blew in, blowing off the cover on the big thing, revealing the machine... a giant robot with giant arms and legs... it stood at about twenty feet tall, with two wings on the back. The head had a dome over it, as that was where the driver would control it. The left arm of the robot had sharper spikes then the right arm, and on the left breast plate... the name was on it.

Model 1446921; Beast's Machine V 11.0.

"What is that... that thing?" Asked Andrew. "Beast's Machine? What is that thing? It looks like... like a... super weapon." Andrew turned to the old man, wanting an explanation, and he wanted it now. The old man glared at Andrew, just waiting for an invitation to battle. "What is it?"

"Heh, that is the Beast's Machine... an advancement over the Devil's Machine we built fifteen years ago. It is supposed to be the greatest weapon ever built... but we're not really sure, as the scientists in Hoenn and Sinnoh are smart... but this thing is powerful anyway." Said the old man as he reached to the back of his neck. He grabbed something like a zipper, and pulled up... revealing the true face of the 'old man'.

"Marcus!" Yelled Andrew, surprised... but he noticed something was off... there was a weird-looking headband on his forehead. "Why are you wearing a headband? You didn't have it before." Marcus touched the headband, a little confused about it himself.

"What? What is this?" Asked Marcus as he tried to pull it off... "What's going on here? Where am I?" Marcus grabbed scissors and tried to cut the headband off, but the scissors broke. "What kind of headband is this?"

"Heh, naughty, naughty Marcus... you were not supposed to take off the mask." Said a woman as she walked out of the shadows. "After all... the slave band works only under the mask." The woman snickered as she zapped Marcus with a electronic spear. "Hahahah, cry out in pain! Attract the cat creature here to us!"

"What? Do you mean Konan?" Asked Andrew as he got ready to fight. "I won't let you near the second closest person to a friend I have." The woman started laughing, irritating Andrew a lot. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing... just that you will be better to attract the Aethereon creature. Hah, anyway... My name is Corosa... Team Enel Admin, one of three." Said the woman now known as Corosa. "And you will be the bait to attract the endless amount of power to power the Beast's Machine."

"Aethereon? What is that?" Asked Andrew confused, but he shook his head and turned towards Corosa... ready to fight. "Oh, well... it doesn't matter now... I can tell that what you want to do with that thing isn't good." Andrew stared at the spear. "Hmm... that technology is dangerous... I have to be careful, as if I'm hit with that... I'm done for."

"You like my spear? It's one of a kind... made by our scientists here... and we will soon have these with every grunt and officer! Now, we need you to attract the attention of the Aethereon creature, so we can power the Beast's Machine... so we are going to amplify every scream you make. That goes for you too Marcus." Said Corosa as she got ready to fight. "En guarde!"

EDIT: Ghost in the machine

December 20th, 2008, 4:08 PM
Wow, I really didn't expect so many replies...
Toxic_Moonlight: Accepted. Oh, by the way, I like doctor who as well. check out the avatar.
Mira: You are pending. I need one more paragraph of history, ok?
Rii: You are reserved for four days. Read the rules very carefully... In other words, the password is required, too.
Pikalover10: Yeah, reserved for four days. Mew isn't really acceptable, but Darkrai definitely is.
Namora: Yikes! that is one decent signup! Accepted strait away! Oh, have you noticed that every Rp I'm in, you join sooner or later?
Rubii Naruto:Pending. Just needs the password. Gee, could someone count how many times I've said that before?

Gumshoe Satyr
December 20th, 2008, 4:19 PM
Hey, what can I say? We obviously both have similar tastes. I'm just having a hard time lately finding time to type up an SU, so you end up joining before I do. I was able to join this one so fast because I immediately got a good idea for it. Anyway, it sounds awesome and I can't wait to start! ;)

December 20th, 2008, 4:23 PM
Yep, we just need to wait for all the reserved to finish their signups, then we can start.
Oh, and by the way Namora, if you didn't join I was gonna PM you with an invitation, to keep the tradition running.
Edit: Good. Rubii Naruto, you are accepted. Just one more finished signup and we can start. Just to let you know, I'll still let people sign up after we start roleplaying.

December 20th, 2008, 4:27 PM
Ooops, sorry. I'll add to that right now :)

December 20th, 2008, 4:41 PM
Just to let you know, this a reused character.

Name: Weavile
Age: 14
Species: Weavile
Gender: Male
Wild Or Not: Wild

Weavile was raised under the art of combat. As a Sneasel he was raised to use his extrodernary speed to his advantage in battle. He had a normal appearance for a Weavile, but his speed was much greater than normal.

Weavile has never made any friends. He stood out among other Weaviles as the last one anyone wanted to talk to. When people try to become friends with him, he turns the other cheek. He tries to be alone most of the time.

As one of the more wild pokemon, Weavile led many attacks on innocent villages. He led many other wild pokemon to burn parts of the forest around towns. He has become one of the major wild pokemon leaders. His speed allows him to scout areas without being caught, thus making him a great leader during attacks as well.

Weavile was born in an Icy Cave. He was raised to be a fighter, head on. Soon the others realised that he wasn't so strong, but his speed was amazing for his species. Unlike the other pokemon, he did not want to be wild. He was trained this way. He did not want to harm anyone or anything, but it was in his blood.
One of his more amazing feats came from a mission gone wrong. Led by a Scizor, a large group of wild pokemon were supposed to raid a small village and take all their supplies. Someone had informed the village and the village residents were ready to fight back. Weavile used its speed to gather any supplies he could and the wild Pokemon made a retreat. It was not a victory, but they had gotten what they had come for. Later, Weavile snuck into the Village at night and cut all the water pipes for the village, knowing very well that the village lacked water.

Other: Gold gem on forehead glows when in trouble. Faster than normal Wevile, but also weaker.

RP SAMPLE: (Taken from an RP I tried to write a year ago)
Trek looked up. He had been through so much and he was finally here. The Temple of Zerk. He placed his sword back on his sheath and slowly took a step forward on the long stairway ahead. Peices of his blue hair covered his face as he inched forward towards the Temple. The cuts on his arms and legs left blood drippings behind him as he stopped before the entrance.

The noise of someone elses footsteps filled the air as he turned around quickly. Braze! Braze quickly took out his sword and took a hard lunge at Trek. Trek sidestepped and pulled out his own sword. Braze took a step back and got into a fighting stance.

"What are you doing here!" exclaimed Trek.

"This temple is not meant for the likes of you" replied Braze in a calm voice.

The metals of the two swords were worn out in the epic battle between Trek and Braze. Both men were tired when Braze made on fatal flaw. Trek swung his sword with such might that both men had dropped their swords. Trek grabbed Braze by the collar of his bloody shirt and held him up to the edge of the 300 step staircase. The eyes of the two men met one last time before the scream of Braze filled the Temple surroundings. Trek picked up his sword and continued moving on toward the Temple.

December 20th, 2008, 5:10 PM
FalseSwipe: How ironic. I just happen to be a member of the same Rp that you reused the Signup from. Pending. Your character's history doesn't exactly relate to the fact that he's wild. If you're doing the same as me, not saying how it happens until the Rp begins,please say so. Plus, I spotted a bit of confusion between 'its' and 'it's'.
Mira: you are accepted.
We are open as soon as I get up my first post up. I kinda need to demonstrate what happens to an infected pokemon.
Oh yeah, Ive decided to allow very minimalistic bunnying, partly because I have a few plans about Namora, of which I'm about to pm...

December 20th, 2008, 5:15 PM
Could you explain that to me a bit more? How does it not relate to him being wild? Oh and sorry about the its' and it's thing. I was in sort of a rush.

December 20th, 2008, 5:29 PM
Could you explain that to me a bit more? How does it not relate to him being wild? Oh and sorry about the its' and it's thing. I was in sort of a rush.
Umm... just read the first post a bit more, then you'll see that by 'wild' I mean wild as in a 'primal' version of wild. Sorta like Primal Dialga in PMD2.

December 20th, 2008, 5:57 PM
Umm... just read the first post a bit more, then you'll see that by 'wild' I mean wild as in a 'primal' version of wild. Sorta like Primal Dialga in PMD2.
So your saying something like, they get less smart but more uncontained/powerfull? If that is what your saying I understand it.

December 20th, 2008, 10:55 PM
Yeah, that's it. Expect the RPing to start soon. You'll get a good example in my starting post.

December 20th, 2008, 11:08 PM
Do I have to edit my post, or am I just in?

December 20th, 2008, 11:11 PM
Do I have to edit my post, or am I just in?I'd prefer you edit your post, just in case other people see it and become equally confused as I was.

December 20th, 2008, 11:53 PM
Alright edited my post. Not my best work since its almost 2am.

December 21st, 2008, 12:14 AM
Alright edited my post. Not my best work since its almost 2am.
Meh. It's ok. Rather strange though. Lucky over here it's only 7:14.

December 21st, 2008, 12:30 AM
Meh. It's ok. Rather strange though. Lucky over here it's only 7:14.
Nice. Are gonna start RPing today?

December 21st, 2008, 4:39 PM
Nice. Are gonna start RPing today?
I would, but I'm at a friend's house and what I've written up so far is inaccessible at the moment.

December 21st, 2008, 4:46 PM
Okay, then I suppose we all have no choice but to wait do we?
*twiddles her thumbs*

December 21st, 2008, 7:31 PM
I hope we start soon. :) I'm looking forward to this.

December 22nd, 2008, 12:58 AM
well, since it says that sign-ups aren't closed yet, can I join?

Name: Kyuubi

Species: Ninetales

Age: unknown but pretty old, as ninetales are supposed to be able to live for a 1000 thousand years.

Gender: Female

Wild or not: No

Personality: Sincere to all but rather hostile sometimes, Kyuubi may be quick to anger if you disrupt her unexpectedly. She is agile and strong but likes to rely on her mind instead of her strength to get her out of problems. Strong-will, dedication and determination seems to be some of her better traits and she would do anything for a close friend or family member. Having been a traveler since a young age, Kyuubi is sort-of anti-social and doesn't like being with a group though she gets along with others very well.

Appearance: Like a shiny ninetales, except with blue tipped paws, ears and the fluffy bit of fur on it's head.

History: Having grown up and around rescue teams of all sorts and giving ideas and suggestions to many of these rescue teams, Kyuubi had an extraordinary knowledge of attack and defense strategies. Her parents, a ninetales and shiny houndoom, were also in a rescue team, going out frequently and leaving her at home to operate the letters and messages sent backwards and forwards. She longed for the compensation and freedom to be allowed to go on a rescue mission with a rescue team and help other pokemon. Acting her best to make sure her parents let her go on a mission, she pariently did as they said, staying at home and being sensible, but then disaster struck. A report came to her home with file saying that her parents had both died during a mission when they had come across a 'Wild' pokemon. Confused to what this meant, Kyuubi set out to find out exactly what was happening.

At the time, wild pokemon had just began to appear in the dungeons, haunting every crevice and crack, hiding behind every shadow. She watched as the dungeons that were once always accessible to the public be boarded up and closed. Kyuubi continued her journey though, surviving the most harshest problems as the wild pokemon condition continued instead of fading away as they thought it would. Survival of the Utmost was the number 1 tactic as numbers of wild pokemon rose and fell constantly, Kyuubi began to wonder constantly what will become of the world.

Other: Ghost in the machine? where?

Rp sample:
~ This is from Ghost Princess's Pokemon: Acies region
Angel blinked suddenly as the dark grunt she was battling with ran away in the middle of their fight. A dusknoir hovered menacingly at the door, suggesting it was what had scared the grunts so much. "that was..." she was rendered speechless, even Sardonyx was quiet. Noticing that the other trainers were lining up to listen to the woman in the white lab coat, she followed them.

She held many different coloured pendants, each with a different stone. They were ours to choose from, apparently. "Take these, and go on a journey. Make many friends, and strive to be the best. That is the only way you can return to your world. You may keep the pokemon you battled with. They will be your starters, I expect great things from you, don't let me down." the woman said.

Angel watched as two of the trainers picked their pendants and began to set off on their own respective journeys. She walked up to the pendants, deciding on instincts, she picked a bright red pendant, the ruby pendant. She took the things the woman had given her, a pokedex, five pokeballs and the newest design of pokemon communicator. Angel bowed to the proffessor, accustomed to formalities.

She hung the pendant around her neck and held onto the pokeball containing Sardonyx. Strangely, the air was rather too serenely after just having experienced many men and pokemon trample through it earlier. She shrugged, after all, she didn't belong here, of course she'd think differently of it.

The tall grass clung fervently onto her clothes, dewdrops from unexpected rain from whenever dripping somewhere. The pendant swung around her neck, a continuous motion. Angel stopped in a small clearing and checked her poketch, it was only noon, she should have approximately have traveled at least half of the route by now. A low growl then suddenly interrupted her amusings and a poochyena popped out of the bushes. She smiled sincerely at it, I think I'll catch this little energy ball for my team.

December 22nd, 2008, 1:00 AM
cool, rp wish I could join but I'm already in too many already

December 22nd, 2008, 2:46 AM
OOC: (yeah, you heard/read me correctly, OOC!!!)
Dragonqueen0210: Hehe... an... interesting sign up... I like the way you put the password in. Accepted.
Konekodemon:Your post is kinda spam... I don't want this thread to be closed the moment we start roleplaying.
And we are operational! Ahem.
Allonsy! (Toxic_moonlight will probably understand why I said that)
Oh, and I removed that weird comment I placed above the plot in post #1.

Rayquaza was curled up on the peak of sky pillar, considering the thoughts that had occurred to him. The whole wilderness thing can’t have been existent since the dawn of time and just waited to attack pokemon. It just can’t. Something tells me that this was… staged somehow. That meteor was the key! Just then, something else that he had thought of came to mind. Wait a minute… if this infection was to find its way to Dialga and Palkia… He cut off this line of thought, shuddering.

It was at this moment that Rayquaza noticed someone was behind him. He turned around, and discovered that it was a Flygon. “Yes? What is it?” He said, crossing his arms.
The Flygon stammered in reply, “I-it’s not good news, sir. Tons of wild pokemon are climbing up the tower, and fast. They’re at about the 8th floor after the Kangashkan statue.”
Rayquaza immediately responded, “And the survival count is…?”
The Flygon shuddered. “Zero. We’re the only ones left…
Wait a minute!” He shouted. “That’s only one floor below us!”
There was a sudden explosion. “Now it’s not even that.” Came the grim reply.

It was total havoc. In mere seconds, a swarm of wild pokemon flooded the top floor of the Sky tower. However, most of them were surprisingly weak. They were kamikaze, in every sense of the word. Their main purpose was apparently to get into the heat of the battle and cause as much damage as possible before getting wiped out. But their purpose was useful. It sufficiently weakened at least the Flygon, who collapsed after about a whole minute of fighting. The loss of an ally seemed to push Rayquaza to the limit, and he unleashed a Hyper Beam, hoping to wipe out as many as he could. He only succeeded in wiping out the weaklings that had, as a group, taken out the Flygon. This proved a fatal mistake, as while he was recovering from the power of the blast they struck him down. He cryed out in pain, the cry slowly becoming less and less like a cry and more like an animalistic roar. Scratches and bite marks covered his long, serpentine body.

He was too late.

December 22nd, 2008, 5:47 AM
(OOC: is this post okay or was I supposed to start out differently? and is it okay I took some... liberties with the town?)

Jirachi slowly made her way down the path to town. She reached up to wipe the sweat from her forehead with her right hand, but stopped and examined the injuries done to it. Somehow the Pokemon attacking her had broken through her Protect and sunk its teeth into her hand before Doom Desire could take it down. There was something incredibly wrong with that Pokemon, not just because it attacked her, but the sheer animalistic ferocity of its attack. Jirachi had never seen anything like it. Almost every single week she had been awake before had been in a time of peace...

Jirachi silently walked through the streets. The decorations that had been so proudly hung in jubilation the day prior were now damp and broken. Was this what it always looked like the day after she returned to her sleep? Jirachi kneeled down and picked a mask up off the street and turned it over to find that it was a likeness of her. A child must have left it there after the celebrations were over. She slipped it in her bag and pulled her black cloak over her head, hoping it would shade her face.

A small restaurant sat on the corner and appeared to be open. Jirachi entered and sat at the table nearest the heater. She wanted to take off her wet cloak, but she'd rather not explain why she wasn't asleep. Several Pokemon crowded around a table, apparently in deep discussion, but otherwise the building had no other customers. A young-looking Vilpix refilled the drinks at the other table and then approached Jirachi.

"What would you like?" she asked, looking Jirachi over with sincere curiosity.

"I'll just have a cup of tea," Jirachi said, hoping that she still had a couple Poke in her bag.

"I don't think I've see you 'round here before," the Vulpix said, pouring tan bitter-smelling liquid into the mug on the table.

"I just came for the festivities," Jirachi muttered, picking up the warm mug and holding it between her hands.

"Well those are done now," she laughed. "Unless you want to wait another 1000 years for it to happen again, I suggest you go back home."

"You're telling me," Jirachi sighed, before blinking in surprise and adding, "why would I want to leave? I mean... so soon?"

"Well," the Vulpix glanced around as if afraid someone was listening. "Something strange has been going on with some of the Pokemon here."

Something strange...

"What do you mean?" Jirachi asked.

"It seems like some of them have gone, well, wild."

"Wild?" Jirachi remembered the attack.

"Yeah," the Vulpix took the seat opposite of her. "They've been attacking people. Rescue teams went down into the dungeons to see what was going on, but many of them didn't come back. Some people think that you can become one of them just by getting scratched."

Jirachi's eyes widened and she looked down at her right hand. The bite throbbed painfully as if to say yes, you've been infected.

Without a word, put down her mug and stood up, some of the coffee sloshing out of the cup. She reached into her bag with her left hand and placed a handful of Poke on the table before turning and going out the door.

She walked down the street in a daze. Was it possible that the Pokemon wasn't wild? Could she be immune? What did it feel like to become wild?

Jirachi lifted up her hand and stared at it in the glowing moonlight. The mark hadn't gone away when she tried to heal it. Maybe it was true. Maybe she was turning wild.

Beam Me Up, Furry Bandit!
December 22nd, 2008, 6:53 AM
Name: Mothrii (Mothra)
Species: Mothim
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Wild or not: Wild

Personality: Very Shy, not really social and scared, he is brainy and wise but gets fooled quite easily. Dislikes Trainers.

Appearance:Bit Shiny, has a dark scar on his right wing.

History: Born in Eterna Forest, grew up in Petalburg Woods but was kidnapped by some Poliwhirl to Lake verity in the sinnoh region. He did eventually escape but got hurt along the way (the scar).

Mothrii now is on a journey back to Peltaburg Woods, trying to look for his home and pick up some new friends along the way too but still is frightened that they will hurt him like the Poliwhirl did.

December 22nd, 2008, 8:37 AM
She steered away from villages and towns as much as possible. Ever since the incident that tore away her mate she had been living alone..... training alone.

Kagaa had become something of a wonderer. She serched many different places for the Tyranitar, before finally deciding to take some time off from her serch to train.

If she expected to take on the monster that took out her mate, and kits. She'd have to train and build up her skills. She had long since assumed their death. There were no bodies, but there also wasn't any sign of her mate and she had watched him die.

Currently she was attacking a straw dummy of her own design. It wasn't pretty..... That is her design, not her attacks.

The straw dummy was supposed to resemble Tyranitar, but looked more like a stuffed green Psyduck, with two fat logs for legs, and skinny long branches with the leaves still clinging to them for arms.

And if that wasn't enough, Kagaa had even added a face. Two Oran berries for eyes, and a long bent stick and a few jagged rocks for a mouth.

She ran up to the stuffed green monster, who in her immagination was Tyranitar about to unleash a violent attack and slid by on her side, before turning quickly and smacking it with her tail.

"Not enough huh? You want more?" she growled. "I'll show you what happens to those who threaten my peaceful family life."

She lept back and performed a few dodges, before collecting her energy and performing a large Thunderbolt.

The attack hit the dummy in the head, and spred downward throughout it's whole stuffed body sending straw flying everywhere. The head of the dummy flew up into the air and crashed to the ground.

An Oran berry rolled to Kagaa's foot, still smoking. She picked it up and took a big bite, savoring the taste of rosted Oran. "Not a bad workout for today." she grinned, then polished off the rest.

December 22nd, 2008, 12:14 PM
"Kill or be Killed" Weavile told himself. That was they way he was taught to live. That was the way he had lived his whole life. He didn't want to be this way, but that is just the way it is. When he last heard he was offered to go up to Sky Pillar, but he refused. He needed some time to think.

"Why do we behave like this?" Weavile said in a calm voice with no one around. He seemed to be in some sort of deserted cave. He clenched his fist and yelled as loud as he could "WHY?" He slashed the wall of the cave, leaving a huge mark on the side of the entrance.

Many people had been hurt or killled. Many people had lost their homes and their close families. And for what? Because we're wild? Who made us like this? Pokemon weren't ment to be born this way. It's not supposed to be like this. Maybe there are some people out there who can stop it....

He walked slowly out of the cave. The cave was located on a small hill in the middle of almost nowhere. The first thing he had to do was to make sure how the Sky Pillar attempt went. Maybe he wanted it to fail, maybe he didn't want to be wild. "Kill or be killed" He told himself again, as he walked off from the cave entrance.

OOC: I just realized we only have two wild....how is that going to work?

December 23rd, 2008, 2:08 AM
Kyuubi watched from her perch on the back of a Skarmory she had bribed to fly up the sky pillar to the top. They landed with a thud, "you stay here, or I won't give you your poke, got it?" The Skarmory nodded, being one of the few non-wild pokemon left living in the wilderness that only occasionally went into town. Earlier, a huge hyper beam had ripped through the clouds as she was deciphering the weather that was forecoming. It had come from the Sky tower, and she had seen the army of wild pokemon all stomping up the building, one main motive shining in their eyes. Total Destruction.

The summit was a complete mess, dead or dying bodies lay everywhere, pokemon breathing shallowly but lashing weakly out at her as she passed. The huge Rayquaza lay at the end, having passed out after fighting, a couple of wild pokemon, two stunkys and a purugly were shuffling around. They turned around as she neared, eyes of thirst piercing hers. The purugly growled low and deep before unleashing an inhanced slash, she jumped up, landing back a few steps and pelted the purugly with a flamethrower. Utter pain erupted in her right flank as she realised one of the stunkys had poisoned her. "stupid wild pokemon, for idiots they sure have good teamwork" she winced and launched another flamethrower at the stunky, successfully forcing it off the ledge. The other stunky came at her, flanking her injured right as the purugly took her left. "grrrar!" the stunky's night slash took her by surprise as she was slammed into a very solid cloud, also causing her iron tail attack to stab the purugly's neck, killing it instantly. Kyuubi winced as the poison from earlier sapped her energy more, if she wanted to survive this small incident, she'd need to add quickly. Unleashing an overheat to distract the stunky, she ran over to the rayquaza, checking the pokemon all over. The bites and scratches may had infected it but she wouldn't be able to know as it was out cold.

Kyuubi used iron tail on the stunky once again and sent it over the edge and sighed, the mess of wild pokemon was continuing, but she had better get out of here before the Rayquaza woke up and turned out to be a wild pokemon after all. The skarmory was still waiting for her by the time she returned, nervous and shaking, "come on, I need you to take me to the pokemon square as soon as possible" she demanded. The skarmory eyed her up and down, "yo-ou aren't a-a wi-wi-wild poke-ke-mon ri-ight?" he stuttered. She stared at him blankly, "I will be if you don't get me down to pokemon square now!" She raised a well sharpened and lengthy claw, the skarmory gulped as she climbed onto it's back. They then took off, Kyuubi glanced back to see if the rayquaza had woken back saw nothing, she hoped sincerely that whenever it woke up, she hadn't left anything behind to show she had been there.

After near half an hours worth of flying, the skarmory landed at pokemon square and Kyuubi gave him the pokes she owed. "good day doing business with you" She bowed her head and left the skarmory to his mementos. She walked through the streets slowly, many pokemon turned to stare at her wound as she passed them, the long gash by her flank was pretty distinctive. She arrived at her destination, a healing house owned by a Blissey, whom was a close friend of her parents. "ENKAREY!!!" she shouted, the blissey came bundling out of the many items around the room, smiling as it realised who was at the door. "hello Kyuubi! how may I help you this time?" Enkarey asked sweetly. She showed Enkarey her wound, "do you know how to cure wild pokemon injuries?" Enkarey examined her flank, "I think I would know, it will make you immune to it but there is only 10% chance of it working" she explained. Kyuubi closed her eyes to ponder the chance, should she simply lose herself to the wilderness or should she take the chance? Making her final decision, Kyuubi spoke, "I think I'll take those odds, Enkarey"

December 23rd, 2008, 3:10 AM
Name: Mothrii (Mothra)
Species: Mothim
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Wild or not: Wild

Personality: Very Shy, not really social and scared, he is brainy and wise but gets fooled quite easily. Dislikes Trainers.

Appearance:Bit Shiny, has a dark scar on his right wing.

History: Born in Eterna Forest, grew up in Petalburg Woods but was kidnapped by some Poliwhirl to Lake verity in the sinnoh region. He did eventually escape but got hurt along the way (the scar).

Mothrii now is on a journey back to Peltaburg Woods, trying to look for his home and pick up some new friends along the way too but still is frightened that they will hurt him like the Poliwhirl did.

I'm sorry, but you are denied. main thing is that, well, this Rp takes place in a completely different universe. To understand what I mean, you should probably look up the pokemon mystery dungeon games. For one thing in this universe is that humans never existed, except in folklore (in much the same respect as we, in our world, think of pokemon. A theory I once heard is that most fiction is from teeny little cracks in the universe, seeping in from parallel worlds, where such things exist) And, in my eyes, a paragraph is 4-5 lines of solid text.

Mira: No, just take out the coffee and that's fine. Because how exactly do you think they'd get a hold of coffee beans? for all we know, they might have never existed! And, look what progress we made during the 20th century. Quite an interesting post, as I might add.

To all: I'm gonna make an OOC thread, but make sure to wait for it to be approved before you search for it. I'll announce here when it's approved.

December 24th, 2008, 1:08 PM
(OOC: I wasn't sure what else to do... If you don't like it, Dragonqueen, I'll change it.)

Jirachi continued walking through the Pokemon square, not sure where she should go. What would the Pokemon do when they found out she had been attacked? Would they throw her out? Jirachi folded her arms over her chest and continued on when an idea popped into her head. Injuries could be healed, and she remembered that there was always a healing house nearby.

The flicker of hope that had flared up inside of her quickly died when she realized that she hadn't the slightest idea where it would be. She looked around and saw a Bulbasaur walking through the square. She ran over and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Do you by any chance know where a healing house is?" Jirachi asked, keeping her face carefully shadowed.

"Over there," he said, looking her over suspiciously as he pointed in the direction of a small neat-looking home.

"Thank you," Jirachi turned and ran off toward the house.

Jirachi lifted up her uninjured hand and knocked on the door. No answer. She raised up her hand to knock again when the door opened and standing in the doorway was an annoyed looking Blissey.

"Whatever it is it can wait," the Blissey said before Jirachi could even speak.

"But-" Jirachi was cut off by the door beginning to close.

"I'm very busy. Come back tomorrow and we'll talk," the Blissey said sharply, trying to shove the door closed.

"Wait!" Jirachi shouted. She pulled off her hood and lifted up her injured hand. "I was attacked by a wild Pokemon. My encasement was shattered and I cannot return to sleep."

"Good Gardevoir," the Blissey said incredulously. "Come in. I already have a patient who was injured by a wild Pokemon as well, but soon I'll see what I can do for you."

December 24th, 2008, 1:43 PM
Weavile walked for hours. The mountain was large, and it stood above a small village. The village had not been attacked by wild Pokemon yet, but many of the residents had been injured by one. Weavile found a place to rest on a cliff overlooking the town. He saw many stores and houses with windows shut and doors looked. People were becoming aware of the wild Pokemon more and more every day.

He looked up and saw the very top of the Sky Pillar. Even from the position he was at, he could tell that the wild pokemon were successfull in causing damages to the Sky Pillar. As he started to walk down the mountain again, something caught his eye in the village.

"I was attacked by a wild Pokemon. My encasement was shattered and I cannot return to sleep." Someone had said.
It was a small house. A Jirachi was standing at the door talking to a Blissey. Weavile watched their conversation before speeding down the mountain towards the village. If the wild Pokemon were to succeed, they had to destroy all healing houses like that one.

I have to inform the others about this. And with that thought, Weavile continued running to inform the other wild pokemon.

December 24th, 2008, 1:45 PM
(OOC: A Jirachi? Is Jirachi the only one or is there more than one? *confused* >.<)

December 24th, 2008, 1:47 PM
(OOC: A Jirachi? Is Jirachi the only one or is there more than one? *confused* >.<)
OOC: I have no idea. Someone used a gameshark to clone maybe :P

December 24th, 2008, 1:56 PM
OOC: I have no idea. Someone used a gameshark to clone maybe :P

OOC: Umm... I'm just going to say that she's the only one O.O

December 24th, 2008, 2:05 PM
OOC: Umm... I'm just going to say that she's the only one O.O
OOC: No way! It was gamesharked, I tell ya! Gamesharked! Quick! get the gamer's police! (Just look up "gameshark" on wikipedia if you don't understand.;))
To avoid too much off topic discussion, free constructive criticism for all!(or... maybe just falseswipe...)
Falseswipe: Don't worry about destroying the healing house. I have a plan to make it a whole big accident that the healing house is destroyed, but not just by Rayquaza. He's gonna have a little help...

December 24th, 2008, 2:09 PM
umm... but seriously... (Yes, I did have to look it up :P)
is she the only one or not?

~Rose-quartz Iatos
December 24th, 2008, 2:55 PM
Is it too late to join? If not...

Name: Io
Species: Scizor
Age: 3(in scizor years, of course)
Gender: Male, last I checked :P
Wild or not: Yes

Personality: Cunning, sharp, very quick to act. Freindly mainly only to those he knows well, and usually takes some time to warm up to pepole. A bit cold to others at times, but very passionate about what he does, and very open-minded. Very strong-willed, and will never back down until the bitter end. Never lets his own pride get in the way.
Appearance: Well...he's a scizor...

History: Grew up in treasure town with his father, and went exploring with him at a very young age. During this exploration, his father was killed, and so Io was taken in by the pepole of *insert name of town from original MD games here*.
After this, he lived among the other children in the town, and grew up with his best freind, a Heracross named Toby. They were often found at the wishcash pond, avidly and raptly listening to the elders tales of the great team of old. The two of them idolized these two nameless figures.
When the primalization of pokemon's minds began, Toby was one of the first to go. Io struggled to hold on to himself as long as he could, but eventually succumbed. Now, he and Toby are companions once more, in their stupified, primal state.

Other: Ghost in the machine

Rp sample:

Iatos touched down in le-kadd. The huts of the village were all up in the trees, or sculpted from rocks. A team of onu-kaddian smiths had brought an extra supply of swords, sheilds, armor, ext. Iatos looked ariound. There were many OoMN pepole here, mostly those who looked quick and stealthy enough to move around the forest with ease. Iatos called out loud "All warriors of le-kadd, and all order of mata nui in le-kadd, to me!" When all had gathered, he continued. "Okay, for those of you from the order, my name is Iatos. I will serve as your head general. Now, I-" He was interrupted by one of brutakas species, clad in ebony and silver armor, near the front, who said "Hold on a minute. We take our orders from genral Uhat!" He pushed a pitch-black toa wearing a battle-scarred black hau forward. Iatos sighed. "As I am sure your general has explained to you, You will take orders from him, but he will be serving under me. Is that correct, general?" General Uhat nodded. "Indeed." Iatos smiled. "Very well, general Uhat, I hope you have selected at least three capitains?" Uhat nodded again. "Yes, yes I have." Iatos nodded. "Good. Now, down to buisness..."

December 25th, 2008, 12:23 AM
OOC: Actually, you are the only one, Mira. he was merely replaying what you did in your post. At least, that's my opinion.

Kyuubi drifted in and out of consciousness, thoughts flashed through her head, dreams beyond possible. She was in that certain void between unconsciousness and conscious that was only reachable by those with sickness or to be attained by years of practise. It gave her time to think and reveal in what she had done and what was needed to be done. In her half-state, she could still hear what was going on around her. The door creaked open slightly, "whatever it is, it can wait" she heard enkarey say, obviously annoyed. "I'm busy right now, come back tomorrow" Kyuubi sighed inside her head, whenever Enkarey was focusing intently on something, she tended to be unaware of anything else and if she was interrupted, you better not be there. Footsteps interrupted her msuings and hushed voices came within the room.

"This is my patient, poor thing got her entire flank scratched and torn up" Enkarey often spoke as she worked and this was no exception, Kyuubi could feel wetness cover her as Enkarey began pouring medicine onto the injured area and bound it up. She winced, the numbing potion, she had been given had not helped much. The presense of a nearby pokemon was felt, strange, this type of pokemon she hadn't seen before, possibly a pokemon that had been awakened by a wild one. "well, show me what you have, dear, I need to know what happened..." there was a bit of shuffling and she knew no more...

December 25th, 2008, 8:59 AM
(OOC: so the treatment is just applying (painful) medicines? Or is there something more?)

The Blissey lead her into a small room where a motionless Ninetails lay. Her leg was torn open at some points to the bone and Jirachi looked down at her own hand. This is so small. Could it even make me wild?

"This is my patient, poor thing got her entire flank scratched and torn up," the Blissey said, picking up a pot of liquid and pouring it onto the wound.

"Well, show me what you have, dear. I need to know what happened," the Blissey put down the pot and began wiping its hands on a rag.

"While I was returning to my crystal sleeping chamber," Jirachi extended her hand toward the Blissey and pulled up her sleeve. "I was attacked by a Pokemon. It was a... actually, I don't know what it was. It moved to fast. Somehow it broke through my Protect and bit my hand. When I tried to retreat to my sleeping chamber, it released an attack that shattered it. I managed to escape, but when I tried to heal it myself, all it did was stop the bleeding."

The Blissey carefully took her hand and looked over the bite marks running over her palm. They looked red and inflamed in the dim light of the room and the skin around it was hot to the touch. Jirachi flinched when the Blissey ran a finger over one of the fang marks.

"How long ago did this happen?" she asked without looking up.

"It was still light..." Jirachi thought about it for a moment. "About four hours ago."

The Blissey clicked her tongue and went over to her table to pick up several objects. She took a bitter-smelling ointment and rubbed it painfully into every place where skin was broken and placed a bandage over it.

"This will help to extract any impurities from the bite marks, including what makes Pokemon wild," she explained. She handed a small bottle and packet of bandages to Jirachi. "Change it daily until they close up. We'll just have to wait and see whether the wild sets in or not."

Jirachi looked down at the bottle and packet in her hand and blinked blankly. She had never been injured before in any week she had been awake that she could remember and didn't know how to take care of a wound.

"I suppose since you have no place to go you will just have to stay here for the night," the Blissey said. "Do you have any questions?"

"Just one," Jirachi flexed her injured hand slightly and looked it over. "Do you have any gloves?"

Gumshoe Satyr
December 25th, 2008, 7:03 PM
(OOC: Ok, here I go finally. Not sure how active I'm going to be this week because my grandparents are over.)

One floor.... Two floors.... Five...... Ten.... Twenty....... Twenty-five..... The tower of clouds seemed endless, but the horde of wild Pokemon pushed on, slowly making their way to the summit. The defending Pokemon were growing more powerful now, but there was no fear in the mass.

As Blade walked past the Kangakhan, he paused to rest. Panting heavily, he watched the others continue the long climb until his thirst for blood became too strong for him to resist any longer. With a growl, he stood up and followed the crowd, pushing some of the smaller Pokemon out of his way. They retaliated with snarls of their own, but even with their loss of intelligence they weren't quite primitive enough to attack one of their own, especially since he was probably more powerful than all four or five of them combined.

Ahead, the Absol heard desperate cries of, "Oh no! They're here!" and "Run! It's wild Pokemon", but he relentlessly pursued any survivors, feeling no sympathy or remorse.

As he menacingly cornered a Tropius, she begged, "P-please don't hurt me!" and tried to fly away, but he merely snarled at her and aimed a Slash for her neck. When she stopped moving, he moved on. Finally, he reached a large door that had several Rattata gnawing on it. Beyond the door, he could smell..... power. A Pokemon with such power that it took his breath away, but instead of shrinking away in fear as many normal Pokemon might, he started tearing at the door with his claws. With several well-placed Razor Winds, the door exploded into thousands of splinters, and the mob of wild Pokemon eagerly flooded the room. To Blade's left, he could see a Flygon already being swept away by a wave of Pokemon, but to his right, a huge serpentine Pokemon was keeping them at bay, for the most part.

In an apparent fit of rage, the dragon released a powerful Hyper Beam, wiping out the attackers of the Flygon, and a wounded Mightyena landed on Blade, knocking him to the ground but not out of the fight. With a grunt, he rolled the other Pokemon off of him, and dazedly climbed back to his feet, the urge to join the fight stronger than his injuries. Fiercely growling, he dashed toward the dragon Pokemon, leaping to Bite at its neck, but at the last second it twisted around, and his jaws ended up closing around one of its shoulders.

In pain, the wounded Pokemon cried out and began thrashing around as more and more wild Pokemon swarmed on it. Blade gripped with his claws to avoid being thrown off, but with one last violent jerk, he was thrown through the air, slamming against the wall. As he drifted out of consciousness, he hazily saw the serpentine Pokemon collapse in a heap......

(Hope that the behavior of the wild Pokemon was pretty accurate.)

December 25th, 2008, 7:18 PM
A loud scream came from the Sky Pillar. Rayquaza was down. Weavile continued speeding toward the Sky Pillar to see what had happened. The wild pokemon were growing more restless, and their thirst for fighting and killing was getting stronger. Weavile could feel it inside of himself aswell. He clenched his fists tight as he stood ontop of the tallest mountain in the Reigon. This was the only path up to the Sky Pillar.

Floor by floor, Weavile cut through everything in its way, wild or not. The place was filled with wild and normal Pokemon, their scattered bodies littering the floor. Many of the wild pokemon had been sent on a suicide mission, and they did not even know it. A small Togepi was wandering through the halls of the 6th floor, and it crossed the path of Weavile. Weavile slowly picked up the Togepi and held it over the edge of the tower. "TREEEE!(Im sorry that's what it sounds like)" The Togepi screamed, before dissapearing from sight.

Apon reaching the top floor, he saw many wiped out pokemon, including Rayquaza. Weavile slowly walked up to the body, making sure nothing was still alive as he walked cautiously. He noticed some white fur under a Mighteyana, so he pushed the injured pokemon off and found Blade laying there. "Is that.....BLADE!" Weavile yelled. Blade was valuable to the wild pokemon, and Weavile could not risk losing him.

"BLADE!" He called once more. His wild senses were kicking in, and they told him to leave Blade behind. Weavile dug his claws deep into the soft cloud-like ground and disobeyed his senses. He kicked Blade in the gut softly, calling for the last time "Blade!"

Snow Phoenix
December 25th, 2008, 7:21 PM
Your still accepting sign ups right? If you are can you give me some time to make one. Can I be a wild Abomasnow? Never mind can I be a snover? I saw the part about basic pokemon.

December 26th, 2008, 2:34 AM
High up on top of the Sky Tower, one pokemon managed to awaken after the brutal fight just minutes before.
And when he did, he was amazed. Somehow, he hadn’t become wild! However, his personality had still taken a turn for the worse.
“I’m not wild yet.” He muttered to himself. Then came his second astounding discovery-“I can’t fly anymore!”

He decided he’d have to get to the base of sky tower under his own steam. He started on his way down, Dragon Clawing anybody who got in his way. He made good progress, and managed to get down to the entrance. This wasn’t actually easy, as in his weakened state he was about as powerful as a normal pokemon.

However, this wasn’t his biggest problem. After he got down to the bottom floor of the tower, he started to think about how he’d get down. Then came the shock-the tower started to collapse!
There was nothing he could do about it, as the Sky Tower started somehow speeding towards the ground…

The next thing he knew, he had woken up in a small town. He soon found a sign that said ‘Pokemon Square’. Underneath it said, ‘One of the last villages surviving the wild pokemon attacks’. Rayquaza had noticed all the other survivors from the crash and the bodies of the less fortunate, the first of which (Survivors, I mean) was an Absol.

He made his way towards a place that said, ‘healing house’ on the door. Suddenly, he absolutely obliterated the roof of the building, smashing it away with his tail. Then, he hovered over the top of the building, having somehow regained his ability of flight, and let out a terrifying roar…

OOC: I was intending the “terrifying roar” to sound like Rayquaza’s non mystery dungeon cry.
From now on, the rule about being a basic pokemon only has been abolished, because it’s too late now to go back and change all those sign ups. Also, you can now sign up for a non-wild pokemon again!

~Iatos_Haunted~: You are pending. All you need to do is extend the personality, check your spelling, read the rules, and split the history into two paragraphs.

FrozenSnowman: You are reserved for four days. Oh, and you can be an Abomasnow. The basic pokemon rule has been abolished.

Snow Phoenix
December 28th, 2008, 7:59 PM
Okay here's my SU, I'll edit it a little later if you need me to add stuff. I had stuff to do after Christmas, but here's what I have for now.

Name: My character is nameless except for his nicknames which are The Killer Snowman (by innocent non-wilds), The Frozen Snowman (by wilds), Hound (by people who have seen him on all fours)

Species: Abomasnow

Age: 16 (human years)

Gender: Male

Personality: He is fierce and cold around all pokemon, however, he has a soft side for people who have happy families or those who also have lost families on becoming a wild.

Appearance: He has slightly longer legs and arms which enable him to run on all fours, his hands are bigger and white like large snowballs, Bloodshot eyes, and Spikes on his back. Other than that he's an ordinary Abomasnow.

History: He lived as ordinary snover with a mother and two brothers before he became a wild. A Weavile came and killed all of his famly,but his mother an Abomasnow saved him by protecting him with her body. He was still infected with the wilderness and evolved on full infection. He now lives in the mountains near by poke-communities and pillages towns, leading to the legends that parents tell their children so they won't play too long in the snow.

December 30th, 2008, 2:05 AM
FrozenSnowman: Pending. Extend the History and Personality sections. That is all I have to say.

I am appointing Namora as a co-runner of this Rp, because I'm sure no-one wants this thread to fall and die away. However, She can only gain access to this when I allow her to. This shall happen now, as I am going on a holiday soon.

Mira: My last IC post was a cue for you and everyone else you were near.

December 30th, 2008, 8:06 PM
(OOC: was that their healing house? O.O *sigh*...)

Jirachi flexed her hands inside her new found gloves. They weren't too stiff and they didn't rub uncomfortably against her gash, but she wondered if it would hinder any of her moves.

She lifted her uninjured hand and directed it toward a pot. Her hand began to glow as did the container and it was lifted easily off of the shelf. Jirachi smiled and was about to put it back in place when the sound of the door banging open resounded through the healing house. Jirachi's concentration snapped and the jar fell to the ground and shattered, spilling its contents over the floor.

"That's just great," Jirachi muttered.

She walked out of the room back into the main room, where she found a Bulbasaur lay panting on the ground. The Blissey was already by his side, questioning him as to what was going on.

"Sky tower," he gasped. "It's falling! We have to... make sure everyone's safe."

"Help me move her out of here," the Blissey motioned toward the unconscious Ninetails.

Jirachi nodded and used her move once again to gently lift the Ninetails out the door while the Blissey began gathering up numerous objects and stuffing them into a bag. Jirachi followed the hovering Ninetails, taking care that nothing broke her concentration so that she didn't end up like that unfortunate pot. The Blissey appeared next to her along with the Bulbasaur and they all began moving away at a faster pace.

Suddenly there was an impact behind them so intense that the ground vibrated violently. Jirachi panicked and lowered the Ninetails to the ground. She sent out a Reflect with all the power she could muster and felt the incredible force collide with it. Black swept over her and she fainted.

(OOC: sorry this isn't good... at all. I just had to get this post in, sorry.)

Gumshoe Satyr
December 30th, 2008, 10:07 PM
(Hmm.... co-runner, huh? Sounds ok to me)

Blade groaned as he felt something jab him in the stomach. Carefully rolling over onto his stomach, he slowly cracked his eyes open to see a Weavile standing next to him. He dizzily rose to his feet, snarling at him, but stopped, recognizing him as a wild Pokemon.

Suddenly, a chill raced down Blade's spine, and he had a brief vision of the Sky Tower shaking violently before collapsing into rubble. His wild instincts retreated just long enough for him to shout, "We need to get out of here!" before they took over again powering him down through the tower's levels. As he got farther down, he felt to floor start to quiver, and he used Quick Attack to pick up the pace.

At the bottom level, he took a desperate leap out into space and blacked out. When Blade awoke, he could see bodies and other survivors around him. They appeared to be in a small town, and he growled fiercely as he felt his instincts fully take him over again, driving him to seek out victims. Hearing an explosion, he raced toward the sound to see the dragon-like Pokemon obliterated a building, but this time it smelled different. It was becoming wild.

Nearby, he spotted a Ninetails lying on the ground, and another Pokemon he didn't recognize. He paid little attention to the Ninetails, focusing entirely on the small, white Pokemon with a something resembling a star on its head. He slowly crept up behind it, his paws making little noise. With a menacing growl, he leapt at it, his claws glowing with Night Slash.

December 31st, 2008, 6:01 AM
(OOC: crap, now I can't be lazy...)

Jirachi's eyes snapped open. Her ears picked up a sound... a growl. A small rustling was next followed by a presence tearing through the air toward her. A wild presence.


Jirachi leapt up and directed the attack into the chest of what turned out to be an Absol. He looked shocked for a moment before the desperate attack knocked him backwards. He soon recovered.

Dark type? Well I suppose I won't be able to use a psychic move. No matter.

"Doom Desire!" Jirachi yelled as a devastating force began to form in the air.

Jirachi jumped back and edged in front of the Ninetails. She attempted to cast up a Protect, but it wavered.

"I don't have time for this," Jirachi hissed and ripped off her gloves, one of them taking the bandage off with it. She cast up the wall of protection successfully and waited for the Absol to make his move.

December 31st, 2008, 3:34 PM
(OOC: ah, sure is good to take a vacation, now I'm back again!)

The pain stung in her right flank, that was certain but the sounds of a fight drew Kyuubi back to consciousness. Her immediate thought was to check her surroundings and herself. In front of her, a Jirachi was fighting an absol, keeping a sturdy protective wall in front of her. Kyuubi noticed the dark scar running down her hand and she hissed, remembering her own wound. It had been sealing up, leaving only a scar, but something was threatening to burst within herself, seeking, seeking, destroying.

She got up slowly, testing out her joints one by one to make sure they worked properly, "legs checked, neck checked, tails checked, head on and ready to go" she mumbled enthusiatically, ready to help out the wish pokemon and repay what she owed. Kyuubi jumped over the protection wall, "flamethrower!" she shot a stream of flames at the absol, putting in an irontail once it was knocked off it's feet. She nodded to Jirachi, "Kyuubi is my name, nice to meet you"

(OOC: short yes, but after all, it's hard to post long chapters when one doesn't know what the other is thinking)

December 31st, 2008, 5:27 PM
Dragonqueen0120: Yeah, it is good. In fact, today's the last day before I go on one myself.

Namora: Hmmm... Co-runner doesn't have that much of a ring to it. Maybe co-moderator... Or rather Co-co-co-moderator, if we're counting Alter Ego and Allelujah Haptism.

To all: How exactly is it possible for anyone to miss a serpent as big as a house destroying something? Anyway, I have a plan for a sequel to this Rp.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 31st, 2008, 7:10 PM
(Crud, I'm getting my tail kicked. lol Hey, at least give me some chance to dodge. No one likes being used as a punching bag.)

Blade felt himself knocked back as a Swift hit him in the chest, but he shock it off as it didn't injure him. The star Pokemon quickly put up Protection, which wavered at first before becoming completely solid. Glaring at his prey on the other side of the wall, he prepared to charge it, but a Ninetales leapt over the wall and released a Flamethrower at him. As he tried to dodge the fire, it caught him on his left front leg, knocking him off his feet. He barely rolled out of the way fast enough to dodge an Iron Tail, which crashed into the ground near his head, and jumped back to his feet.

Wincing, he realized that his trembling front leg was burned. It wasn't a bad burn, but it would slow him down a little, a serious thing in a fight like this. With his wild senses in full force, he wasn't about to back down though. He could smell other wild Pokemon slowly approaching, drawn to the sounds of fighting, but it mattered little to him. The only thing that mattered was ending the lives of the prey that stood before him.

His scythe glowed as he prepared his next attack. Sending a barrage of Razor Winds and the Ninetales, Blade's scythe glowed white again, but this time it was Feint. He charged straight toward the Protect and its creator. The wall shattered upon contact, and he pushed through.

December 31st, 2008, 7:55 PM
Jirachi grinned at the Ninetails.

"Hi, I'm... well, I don't suppose I have a name, actually," Jirachi frowned.

Suddenly she felt a great pressure press against her protect. She tried to push it off, but her barrier quickly shattered. Jirachi let out a cry and jumped to the side to avoid the Absol's scythe. Sunlight suddenly speckled the air around her and concentrated into a ball, quickly growing in size. Jirachi grinned and released the power in an incredible beam of light, ramming into the Absol head-on and knocking it backwards. Jirachi leapt back beside the Ninetails and gave her a wink.

"Let's see how wild this mutt is now."

December 31st, 2008, 8:17 PM
(OOC: lol, punching bag. feint? now I have to look something up in bulbapedia...)

Kyuubi dashed the other way from Jirachi as the absol unleashed a barrage of razor winds, dodging each of them with precision, she landed behind the absol as it attacked Jirachi and crashed her protective wall. 'hope that jirachi knows a few healing moves' A stray razor wind returned skyward and slammed into the ground at her feet, creating a minor shockwave as she recovered her balance.

Kyuubi sniffed the air, the scent of more wild pokemon were enclosing on them. The fighting must've lured them in. Launching an Ominous wind over the area and enveloping it in a slight purple haze, she sought out jirachi. Sniffing the air again and coming upon the absol, she released another flamethrower in hopes of surprising it, after being thrown into the air by Jirachi's attack. Jirachi sent a wink at her, she smiled faintly back and dodged the falling absol.

(OOC: this kinda annoys me but sometimes I just wish people knew the spelling of Ninetales, not 'tails', it's 'tales'. you don't have to use my correction but I'm sort of picky about these sort of things)

December 31st, 2008, 8:51 PM
Ahem. I have a few important things to say. First,

Toxic Moonlight: We are on the third page and you haven't posted. You are hereby forcibly removed from this Rp.
Pikalover10: Your reservation has definitely run out.
Second, Still no-one has noticed Rayquaza...

December 31st, 2008, 8:58 PM
dragonqueen: *dies* I never knew which was which ^.^'

Goulerbot: sorry, Jirachi and Kyuubi are kind of preoccupied... plus they were unconscious when he actually obliterated the healing house. They'll notice...

January 1st, 2009, 5:14 PM
It had been a long and tiring day of training in wich she beat the pulp of of her stuffed monster. Now it was only a scattered pile of broken branches and straw.

Kagaa climbed up into a tall tree where she had made something of a small nest earlier. She used the extra straw she hadn't needed for her training dummy.

She sat in the middle of the nest foe the longest time, staring up at the stars, and wondering how long before she was able to get her revenge.

She peared over the side of the nest as she heard a rustle from the bushes below. She wasn't afraid of hights in the slghtest, as she often escaped most of the wild ones by climbing where they couldn't reach.

She glared down at two Rattata fighting over the carcass of a dead Goldeen. Obviously wild they were. There was no doubt in her mind of this. "Disgusting vermon." she hissed, as she glanced back at her own scar, a sad expression on her face.

"Why wasn't I...." she started, then shook her head. Thinking about it did her no good, and it helped in no way with her goals.

Kagaa yawned once more before she curled around herself, placing her long tail over her brow. "Goodnight moon...." she wispered, staring up at the glowing orb, before drifting away to where she and her mate and kits ran free.

The plesentness of dreams. The only place she found happiness now.

Gumshoe Satyr
January 2nd, 2009, 9:49 PM
(My character saw Rayquaza, but all he cares about is killing as many as he can, so it doesn't really matter to him.)

The other Pokemon frantically jumped out of the way of Blade's attack. He stopped and started coughing as the wind blew, and the air suddenly turned purple. Caught off guard, he was hit by a beam of light at him, knocking him into the air. The Ninetales released another Flamethrower at him, and he barely managed to dodge it with Detect.

Unable to stop his fall, he crashed into the ground, almost landing on the Ninetales. Groaning a little, he tried to stand again but didn't have the energy. Between storming the Sky Tower and fighting this Pokemon tag team, he didn't have much energy left.... Just enough for one more attack. As he turned his eyes on the Ninetales, his eyes began to glow with power. When the glow disappeared, his head fell to the ground, and he became still for several seconds, his breathing slightly labored. He tried to struggle to his feet again, but his legs wouldn't cooperate. His wild instincts screamed in his ears for him to rise and continue his rampage, killing all that he came across, but he didn't have the strength.

Collapsing again, he heard a sound he'd been waiting for. The leaves in the trees all around them began to rustle and tremble, first almost inaudibly and then more and more violent with every passing moment. The attack was finally coming.....

January 3rd, 2009, 6:25 AM
Jirachi smile. Never once, not once had she ever fought before. She didn't even know she could do half those things, yet it all had come so naturally to her. Jirachi's smile faded as she sensed more wild presences approaching. They were most likely drawn to the sounds of fighting and were hoping for easy prey. She looked down at the Absol, which was now only partially conscious, and suddenly felt deeply sorry for it. Jirachi turned to the Ninetales.

"Let's go!" she hissed, quickly running away and motioning for her to follow.

After a few moments of running, Jirachi remembered something. She could fly. Jirachi gave herself a good slap on the head and slowly lifted herself off the ground. She found a tree and slowly drifted upwards, hiding in the branches as she peered out through her perch. She let out an audible gasp at the sight below. Rayquaza stood on the obliterated ruins of the healing house they had been in not long before. Rayquaza had most obviously become wild.

January 4th, 2009, 9:26 PM
Kyuubi watched Jirachi as she ran off into the forest and fly up into a tree, obiviously having seen something of interest. She padded over to the absol, who was partly unconscious. His eyes had stopped glowing like they had earlier but she sensed that there was more to come later. Wild pokemon were running rampant across these lands and she suspected that a pokemon had destroyed the ehaling house, therefore the reason why she had been removed. "Kyuubi!" came a call across the clearing. She looked up, Enkarey was running awkwardly towards her, panting. "the wild pokemon are coming! and Rayquaza has destroyed my house!" She was obviously devastated at the loss, Kyuubi reasoned with herself. The absol by her feet was slowly trying to struggle back on his feet but not quite having enough strength to rise.

The leaves were rustling very loudly as her hearing pinpointed exactly where it was coming from. She stood up to leave as the absol twitched dejectedly, looking down, she felt slightly sorry for it. "Enkarey, let's go, there are more wild pokemon coming, and heal this absol enough before we go" she decided, turning round to find an area which was safe to leave from. Enkarey climbed onto her back carefully and held on tight as she bounded across to the tree where Jirachi was staring at something. She ran up the tree as fast as possible to escape the pokemon that were now scratching along the bottom of the tree. Soon, the smarter, less wild pokemon would try to find ways to climb up and then, they would have no where to go. She landed next to Jirachi and followed her gaze, Rayquaza was standing in the middle of the town, roaring his rule over the area...

~Rose-quartz Iatos
January 6th, 2009, 12:02 PM
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January 6th, 2009, 3:37 PM
Iatos_Haunted: Hmm... Well, I'm really just keeping an eye on things until Goulerbot gets back, but it looks pretty good to me. He'll get the final word, of course, though. I do suggest that you make your personality at least four lines just to make sure that it's long enough because that's pretty much what he considers a paragraph.

Edit: Hehe, I guess I've got to post since there's only two other people posting right now.

IC: Hearing a roar, Blade looked up to see Rayquaza sitting on the ruined building before turning his gaze back on the prey, who were now taking refuge in a tree. The first of the wild Pokemon were arriving now by threes or fours each, but it consisted so far of only common small-frys like pidgey, rattata, poochyena, zigzagoon, etc. They were no real threat alone, but then again they were hardly ever alone, and this case was no different. Who knew what other Pokemon could be nearby though?

Relying on sight more than sense of smell, the pidgeys and Spearow at first divebombed toward Blade to attack, pulling up quickly when they realized their mistake. Blade snapped a little at the ones that pulled up too slowly for his liking, hastening their retreat.

While the birds circled the tree that the normal Pokemon were in, the other wild Pokemon circled it on the ground with their bright eyes staring up at it hungrily. Every few seconds a group would divebomb at the prey or jump at the tree, but there always many still circling, waiting. Their numbers grew larger and larger.

Blade had almost calmed down at this point, but as he watched this scene, he felt the Wild call out his name again and again, and he ached so badly to comply. Kill..... Rip...... Tear..... Destroy..... In frustration, he scratched at the ground with his claws, but it seemed that he wouldn't be able to continue the hunt.

January 8th, 2009, 11:53 PM
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Gumshoe Satyr
January 9th, 2009, 3:20 PM
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January 11th, 2009, 10:42 AM
OOC-well then, i suppose I'll carry this on I guess.

Kyuubi gripped the branch with her claws, shooting attacks at the pokemon below. They weren't very dangerous, considering the lot were a bunch of unevolved parasites, but she was more inclined to think deeply about the oncoming giant feraligatr that was currently heading their way. Breathing a powerful ominous wind below the tree, she signaled to Enkarey and jirachi, "come on, we have to climb if we're going to escape that feraligatr's hydro pump" she warned. The blast hit the tree as soon as they dipped into the above branches. Here, she couldn't fight off any pokemon, as it was too far up and any fire type attacks would be fatal.

She attacked the pokemon that were heading towards the tree with a hyper beam, and while she recharged, also gearing up for a solar beam. She launched the solar beam at the feraligatr, knocking it to the ground while half unconscious. Attack from the air seemed to often be critical hits if you had good accuracy.

January 11th, 2009, 10:57 AM
Jirachi nodded and released another Doom Desire into the air, waiting until enough energy had been gathered to be released onto the wild Pokemon below. The wild Pokemon kept coming. They soon swarmed around the tree, despite the Ninetale's assaults on them, and began attempting to climb up or knock it down, intent on catching their prey. Jirachi released another Swift to little avail. They had to get out of here if they planned on living through the night.

"Come on!" Jirachi held out her hands to the Ninetales and Blissey. Jirachi winced when the Ninetales took hold of her injured hand.

With a grunt, Jirachi pushed off the branch and floated into the air, casting a Light Screen behind them followed by a Protect to ensure that they wouldn't be hit. She felt the Doom Desire build up energy, but it still wasn't enough. She felt the Ninetales holding in an attack and allowed some of her strength to flow into her.

"Helping Hand," she muttered faintly, her limbs shaking with effort from keeping all three of them in the air while holding several defenses.

January 11th, 2009, 11:30 AM
"helping hand" muttered Jirachi. Kyuubi could hear the pain in her voice, "drop your defenses, we'll have no use of it as soon as we blast off" she said, launching a solar beam at the ground, squashing many a wild pokemon in the process. The blast hit the earth with a resounding smash-THIS was her original plan-the force of the blast carrying them off into the sky and creating lift for jirachi. She held on to jirachi and Enkarey with her tails as tightly as possible, feeling Jirachi wince beneath her fur. They were going to have a very, very hard landing, as she noticed mountains looming towards them. Also, it seemed that a Honchkrow was flying towards them. Oh dear.

January 11th, 2009, 11:44 AM
They were propelled up, allowing Jirachi to increase her speed. A Honchkrow was speeding towards them, searing bloodlust filling its eyes. Jirachi continued on, watching as the mountains quickly grew closer. They were now flying over the snow that lined the rocky outcroppings. Jirachi dared a glance back and saw that the Honchkrow was gaining, its body glowing as it began charging up moves.

I hope this works, Jirachi prayed.

She abruptly dove down straight for the snow and soon found that they were falling too fast for her to help them land properly. Jirachi frantically pulled up with all her might and used Protect, hoping that it wouldn't fail. They hit the snow hard and rolled apart. Jirachi, ignoring the pain, stood up and faced the Honchkrow. It flew toward them, a triumphant grin on its face. Jirachi allowed it to come closer and just before it impaled her with its beak, she harnessed the energy stored up around her and released it into a thread-thin strip of sunlight aimed directly through its head. Before the Honchkrow could even attempt to dodge, the stream of light hit its mark, piercing its skull and killing it instantly.

Jirachi smiled as the corpse fell into the snow before falling to her knees and curling up into a ball. She was so tired...

January 11th, 2009, 2:00 PM
Kyuubi kicked away the snow that was building up around her face. Enkarey was a bit further away, scrambling to get up, "Kyuubi! are you alright?" she shook her head to rid of the snow and stood up, padding over to Jirachi, whom was now curled up in a ball and apparently fast asleep.
She sighed, "what a time to rest" she mumbled.

Enkarey smiled, "at least we aren't in any mortal danger at this point" Kyuubi gritted her teeth and gave a low growl in frustration. In these mountains, survival was estimated to be very, very low.

She picked up jirachi with a tail and placed her on her back, "A little sleep will do her good" Enkarey had said. They had to get away from their landing area before any more wild pokemon came. The dead honchkrow was also a sight that would tell a lot of details. currently, things weren't looking very good for Jirachi, her left was glowing a dark shade of indigo and she murmured in her sleep. Kyuubi herself also felt something in a corner of her subconscious mind, a voice, whining, arguing.

They passed a sign after maybe an hour or two of walking through snow. "Mt Freeze 5 km up ahead, Sky blue plains 3km west, The lost and hallowed towers 1km east" Enkarey read out. "we'll go east to the towers, the sun is going to set soon. I'll bet the wild pokemon round here are partly nocturnal, like that Honchkrow" Enkarey nodded along with her choice.

January 12th, 2009, 11:39 AM
Kagaa snapped awake quickly as she felt herself almost thrown from the tree she had been sheltering in. "Wh...What?" she asked sleepily.

Glancing down she spotted a Rhyhorn repeatdly charging her tree over and over. Does he even know I'm up here? she thought to herself.

Fight or flee? Those were her only two options, had been her only two options since this mess started awhile back.

Kagaa glanced up at the moon as she felt her tree shuddder again. "Can't a girl even get any sleep around here for Chu's sake?"

She suddenly felt angry. She had somehow managed to finally fall asleep after hours of tossing and turning, and this idiot here had to butt in and ruin her beauty sleep.

Pushing herself back onto her haunches Kagaa lept from the tree and onto the Ryhorns back.

Suffice to say the wild Rhyhorn was none too pleased with this new development.

So what did he do?

He charged blindly in a straight direction with Kagaa clinging on for dear life.

"Idiot! Stop running!" Kagaa screeched as he tore through a large thorny bush like it was nothing and kept going.

"Guess we do this the hard way then." Kagaa sighed. Sparks began building in her cheek pouches. "Thunderbolt!"

The attack barely fazed Rhyhorn, insteed it seemed to spur him on faster.

"Bad wild Rhyhorn! Stop!" Kagaa closed her eyes. "I feel kinda sick."

Kagaa peeked through slitted eyes, then opened them wide.

There was a village directly ahead.

Rhyhorn was going to smash right through it, and there was little she could do to stop him.

"Oh crud!"

January 12th, 2009, 3:54 PM
Jirachi smelled the fierce scent of fear and blood. Power coursed through her body, possessing her and overwhelming heightened senses with its sharp intensity. Hunger blazed in every fiber of her being. Calling her to hunt and feast. Calling her to become wild. She trembled as her very mind was covered with the veil of a being not her own, suppressing her thoughts and slowly spreading through her body. She saw herself flying high above a town, releasing a beam of blood-red sunlight onto the Pokemon below. Pokemon who had been celebrating her presence only the day before. Pokemon she had granted wishes for. Pokemon she loved.

No, she thought, fighting the cruel being forming inside her. No!

A hissing sound resounded in her ears and she felt the wild inside her rage through her body, pounding through her blood and releasing waves of merciless pain. She cried out and began falling, having lost all powers of flight. The last thing she saw was a green form streaking through the sky, roaring as it was overcome by the wild. Rayquaza.


Jirachi awoke on the Ninetale's back, still rather shaken by her dream. She pushed herself up, aware that the snow was still falling from the sky and it was darker than before, though not by much. Jirachi shook her buzzing head. Somehow she had used Rest without intending to do so. Was that the only way she could sleep?

She turned her head and saw that the Blissey was walking along as well. But what had become of the Bulbasaur? Jirachi pictured being surrounded by wild Pokemon, fighting for your life even though you knew you would be overtaken. Even thought they would end up killing and devouring you...

"Where are we going?" Jirachi asked, breaking from her own disturbing thoughts.

January 12th, 2009, 8:01 PM
Rayquaza’s now primitive mind was confused. There was so much going on, and so little time for him to understand it. First there was a fight between three pokemon, and then the swarms of other possibly wild pokemon arrived. Now they were swarming two of the three from before, with a Blissey now joining them. For a moment he considered chasing them, but he instead decided to head towards a foresty area…


Celebi emerged from her portal. This is the one way that this crisis could be stopped, she thought. On the way through, she had explained the situation to her passengers, who were well known in their respective time periods. They emerged near a sign, which said, ‘Mount Freeze 5km ahead, Sky blue plains 3km west, The Lost and Hallowed Towers 1km east’. One of the three figures abruptly said, “Look. There. Tracks! Heading… East. Towards the Towers. Lets follow them.” Celebi declared, “I will head back to Purity Forest. It is less dangerous there.” And with that she was gone. One of the other three shrugged. They continued on their way.

Pretty soon, they came across three pokemon- A Blissey, a Ninetales, and one other, who was evidently concerned about its identity. The team of three walked towards them, all the way having a discussion. “Lucas, I think you should be the leader for now. From what you’ve told me, the future may be like your home world.” Lucas, the Mudkip, nodded. “But what about him, Blaze?” He said, pointing to the most experienced rescue team member. “We don’t even know him! We don’t know wether Celebi got him from a time when he was the best!” Their conversation ended, as they ended up behind the other trio, who were visibly surprised at their appearance. Then Lucas began, “Team Legends at you service. I’m Lucas, the Torchic is Blaze, and this,” he said, motioning towards the third member, “Is Lucario.”

OOC: Yes, this is the team often spoken about in legends. Plus, for those who need to know, they are currently a Platinum rank team, and Lucario is the one mentioned by Alakazam in PMD1 after you beat Sky Tower. Plus, pretty soon all RPers will gain the ability to either form a rescue team, or sign up for a separate team of characters as well. Not right now, though. XD I’m to lazy to post the new signup form at the moment.

January 12th, 2009, 8:22 PM
Jirachi heard the sound of crunching snow behind them and spun around, the beginnings of a Swift fading when she saw that a trio of Pokemon was standing behind them. They didn't appear wild...

Then the Mudkip began, “Team Legends at you service. I’m Lucas, the Torchic is Blaze, and this,” he said, motioning towards the third member, “Is Lucario.”

"Team?" Jirachi asked. She had heard talk of teams in the Pokemon Square, but only in this week she had been awake. Rescue Teams. But rescue from what? The wild Pokemon?

Jirachi floated off of the Ninetales back, landing softly in the snow. She just now realized how small she was. She was even shorter than the Mudkip. She pulled the hood off of her head, scratching behind one of the stray notes that was still attached to her head. She eyed the Pokemon curiously.

"I'm Jirachi," she said, unable to keep back a yawn. The scratch on her hand tingled and Jirachi realized that it was uncovered. She had lost her gloves fighting the Absol.

"So," Jirachi pinned her hand to her side, hoping they didn't see the scratch. "What, er- are you doing here, specifically?"

January 12th, 2009, 10:25 PM
Kyuubi shifted in the snow, as Jirachi jumping off her back had induced the start of a stream of pains running down her leg. A Mudkip, Torchic and Lucario was introducing themselves to them and Enkarey seemed to be evidently shocked by one of their team members. "impossible, is that really THE lucario?" she whispered to Kyuubi, she turned her head, "Whether it is or not, Enakrey, you ought to know I don't care" she replied.

"What, er-are you doing here, specifically?" Jirachi asked, Kyuubi watched as she casually pressed her injured hand to her back, as to hide it. She let jirachi do the talking, as much as she liked the company a tinsy bit, it would be better to get to a safe place before talking, especially if the group were going to be telling a long tale, like most travellers.

She watched the snow covered whiteness of the mountain tops, certain there was something spying on them. A flash of olive green caught the corner of her eye and she turned round to look for it only to be greeted with blankness as far as the eye could see, well normal eyes, but Kyuubi didn't have normal eyes. Though she didn't see what the flash of green was, she did certainly see that the sun was setting and the wind was blowing a lot harder than normal.

A shadow floated over the mountain top, something had finally come, and it didn't look happy to meet them.

January 14th, 2009, 7:16 PM
Rayquaza had given up on resisting. He had decided to go after a group of three pokemon. He didn’t particularly know why, but they were… familiar. They gave a strange sensation in the back of his mind. Then sounds… voices? They echoed through his mind. Take charge of your destiny! They weren’t even enough to faze him, and after a moment of paused conclusion he furthered himself onwards, stealthily, silently. Waiting for the right moment to strike… he heard a few voices… he slowly advanced and let out a colossal roar…
Lucas waited for a little while, waiting for his intro to sink in. Then, the hooded pokemon asked, "Team?" Lucas decided to reply, but before he could, the pokemon floated off of the Ninetales, and removed her hood.

“I’m Jirachi.” she said, and she yawned. “So, what, er- are you doing here, specifically?” Lucas didn’t know what to say about this. He had heard of Jirachi, who only appeared in myths, and was only supposed to emerge from its sleep once in a thousand years. However, before he could mentally theorise why this was happening, the Blissey spoke. "Impossible, is that really THE Lucario?" He heard the Ninetales mutter something, but didn’t really care too much at the moment.

Then he turned towards Jirachi, about to answer her question, when Blaze interrupted. “I think there was… something… Lucas! Something has been chasing us!” Team Legends whirled around, to see a slightly familiar, hulking serpent, who roared ferociously. Blaze exclaimed what was on all their minds- “What’s going on! Lucas! That’s Rayquaza, isn’t it? What’s gotten into him!? He’s gone crazy! Oh, and to answer your earlier question, We don’t exactly know why we’re here. Lucas will explain it, if we make it away from Rayquaza.” Lucas nodded, and began to take his temporary role of team leader. “Come on, team!” He exclaimed, “Let’s show him what rescue team Legends is capable of!” He readied a Hydro Pump, and prepared for battle…

January 15th, 2009, 11:18 AM
“I think there was… something… Lucas! Something has been chasing us!” The trio of Pokemon spun around to face the enormous green lizard that was now staring down at them.

“What’s going on! Lucas! That’s Rayquaza, isn’t it? What’s gotten into him!? He’s gone crazy!" the Torchic cried. "Oh, and to answer your earlier question, We don’t exactly know why we’re here. Lucas will explain it, if we make it away from Rayquaza.”

Jirachi's mouth fell open and she took a stunned step back. Rayquaza's body was covered with slashes and scars the would easily have been fatal for any other Pokemon. He's gone wild, she realized with a gasp.

The Mudkip nodded. “Come on, team!” He exclaimed, “Let’s show him what rescue team Legends is capable of!”

The team took their places, readying their attacks. Jirachi snapped back to attention, jumping into the air and releasing a Swift with a swish of her arms, knowing that it wouldn't do much, but she had to help somehow. Jirachi calmed her mind and began concentrating on a Psychic. She looked down and saw the Mudkip preparing for an attack. Jirachi knew that she would be more help if she worked with them...

Jirachi released her telekinetic energy toward the Rayquaza and quickly flew down and landed beside the Mudkip. The energy she had stored up was only powerful enough for a Confusion, but at least it was something. Jirachi placed her hand on the Mudkip's arm.

"Let me help you," she said softly, allowing her power to flow into his own.

January 15th, 2009, 12:19 PM
Kyuubi shot a flamethrower at Rayquaza, as the Rescue team began to attack. Jirachi was helping the rescue teams with her telekeinetic powers yet Rayquaza was still not fazed. If the battle continued like this, more wild pokemon would come and they would be over run like the time with the absol.

As she geared up for a solarbeam, she instructed Enkarey to use helping hand on one of the pokemon in general. "it should help with the attack power" she whispered. Enkarey jumped down to help them.

In the critical condition of Rayquaza, he should only be slightly aware that he is attacking someone, netherless acting wild. She also knew that though he was attacking them, most liekly rayquaza was also having an internal fight within himself, the best thing to do at this point would be to either run, defeat rayquaza, or die. The options were too unlikely.

Kyuubi blew an ominous wind at Rayquaza and as he was blinded, blasted another flamethrower, 'this can't go on for too long' she thought, 'or I'll run out of energy' Perhaps a whole lot of snow would help with the situation...

February 6th, 2009, 12:31 AM
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I have an announcement to make! I have posted the OOC thread, and I just have to wait for it to be accepted.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 6th, 2009, 7:12 PM
I suppose you need help keeping this alive?


Name: Naranja

Species: Blaziken

Age: 11 (Unless this is level)

Gender: Male

Wild or not: Wild

Naranja is very... Resourceful. That is usually the only "Compliment" other pokemon can think of for him. He usually doesnt think before striking, but he can pack a punch when he does. Whenever somebody speaks of his history, he will strike. He admires Rayquaza's strength and trains as hard as he can to obtain that much power. He will do anything to protect pokemon that are followers of Rayquaza. He will attack anybody who threatens or says anything bad about Rayquaza, even though he knows Rayquaza can take care of it himself.

http://images.wikia.com/scratchpad/images/6/62/PCAWIKI-Doom-Faran.jpg Naranja in Anceint Form
http://th187.photobucket.com/albums/x136/huskysoul101/th_CoolestPicEVER.jpg Naranja with Jade when he wasnt Wild
http://fc63.deviantart.com/fs10/f/2006/327/6/4/Blaziken__Use_Flamethrower_by_LordDonovan.jpg Naranja using Flamethrower in Relic Form

Naranja has no memory of anything before age seven. Naranja went through a lot at age seven. He learned a lot as a Torchic, and fell in love with a beautiful female Ralts named Jade. The two grew uo together, and trained like no other. They would team up against other pokemon and either win together, or lose together. They did almost everything together until they were seperated, and they still did a lot together. Theyre love grew stronger and stronger as they grew, and they stayed together for a while. They trained until they finally evolved.

At age nine they both evolved, so jade was now a Kirlia and Naranja was now a Combusken. They still loved eachother strongly, but were seperated by the psychic and fire pokemon boundry lines. In other words, they werent allowed on the other pokemon types territories. They discovered an underground cave where they could meet and train while they were unexpected to even be around. They tried theyre best to swap the plans. Both of the teams ended up winning, even though Naranja and Jade didnt fight.

At age ten they both evolved again. Jade was now a beautiful Gardevoir and Naranja was a Blaziken. They both could be together now. When a Wild Rattata tried to attack Jade, Naranja jumped in the way and got bitten instead. He told Jade to run before it took effect. Jade ran and the bite took effect. Naranja knew afterwards that they couldnt be together anymore. Naranja turned eleven, and still thinks of Jade every time he sees a Gardevoir. He chases his dreams now of finding and training with Rayquaza so he can find Jade once more.

Other: Ghost inside the machine...

Rp sample:
(From Healing Destruction.)

Diamond nodded and walked through the tunnel. He started to feel dizzy. He tried to walk by the cave wall. Suddenly, there was a crash. Scar had passed out. Right in the middle of the tunnel floor.

[In Scar's Dream]

"Where am I? Its so beautiful..." Scar said. He was now in a beautiful place with flowers and large fields. There were trees and everything you could think of there. "You are in Mesopotamia." said a strange, but familiar voice. Suddenly Scar remembered the voice. "Jalal!" Scar yelled, and ran up to the houndoom. "Its you!" Scar said happily. "Not so fast Scar... I am only here to teach you the fifth skill." Jalal said. He was sitting and staring at a cricket. "This skill takes the calmness of the skill Skill-Hunting, yet the breaths of Moving-Circles. You must be calm scar. I am here to teach you Slow-Time." Jalal said. Scar nodded and sat down. "Show me Jalal. Show me how to use Slow-Time." Scar said. Jalal nodded. "Remember, the breaths of Moving-Circles and the calmness of Skill-Hunting. You must breathe first... except fast like you normally would. Now, quickly, in-two-three-four, out-two-three-four. Ok, now concentrate on that cricket. Looks good doesnt it? Now, to use slow time. Concentrate on the cricket, Scar. Concentrate." Jalal explained. Scar did just as Jalal said, and suddenly time started to move slowly. The cricket tried to jump, but couldnt make it fast enough to avoid being caught by the sentret nearby. "That is Slow-Time Scar... use it wisely..." Jalal said.

[End Scar's Dream]

Scar was still passed out on the floor of the cave. It would definately need to hurt if anyone was going to wake him up.


Yay. =P