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December 20th, 2008, 1:44 AM
Ok, I have been attacked on this site, just for my opinions and ideas. People want me to listen to them but when I try to get someone to listen to me I'm attacked and given a Reputation, for being Stuborn or not listenig. I am listening to others, but if they want me to listen to them, they must listen to me as well, and not attack me for it. And please don't attack me on this thread either. I will listen to what you think about this. But only if you'll listen to my side of the story as well. I have that right as a member on this site to be listened to you know.

No posting mean comments or saying I'm being stuborn.

December 20th, 2008, 1:58 AM
Well if its all shut up noob or yeah whatever stop with your nonsense i understand how you would feel to be attacked but if its constructive criticism thendont complain. I mean they are merely stating there opinion about your opinions and why. Which one of the 2 do you get attacked with?

December 20th, 2008, 2:07 AM
if other users are attacking you personally or 'flaming' you, you should report it to the mod of that forum.. or to an upper staff member.

We want ALL members to enjoy their time here and we (the staff) will do what we can to ensure that.

Also, don't take being rude or to the point when someone replies as an attack (if that is what it is) or, as stated above, if its poorly worded constructive criticism, just take it for what it is: an opinion-based criticism.

December 20th, 2008, 2:17 AM
I tried reporting it to mods and they wouldn't listen, they took, there side, but I still feel like I'm being attacked here, and I'm not having a good time on the forums

December 20th, 2008, 2:21 AM
Well if they are on the sides of the others then your reporting just very badly worded constructive criticism. take it as that.

December 20th, 2008, 2:24 AM
can you at least try to understand my side of the story, and not take sides here please, it's not that I'm not listening, I just want someone to listen to my side of the story as well

December 20th, 2008, 2:35 AM
Im listening! And im not taking sides.And now i get this thread. Its useless. He was posting constructive criticism about your game and he was right. It needs improvment in a lot of areas.

December 20th, 2008, 2:41 AM
he was trying to make me change a storyline that I liked, and saying I don't have a story when I do

December 20th, 2008, 2:43 AM
I'm making this post on the basis that you're talking about this thread (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=163127).

You posted your personal opinion, which is perfectly okay. However, the only direction that topic was ever going to take was other users contesting your opinion. I pointed out the holes in your theory (alternate colour Pokémon not existing in Generation I, and alternate colour having no positive effect on stats whatsoever - indeed, alternate colour Pokémon were statistically weaker due to how the colour was calculated), and several other people compared both screenshots from the anime and sprites from the games, all of which showed that the official alternate colour sprite was a lot darker in colour than Ash's Pikachu. You then took the perfectly valid discussion that was occurring in that thread to be personal attacks on your belief, for some reason. No one was attacking you, no one was threatening you. We simply provided empirical evidence (i.e. evidence pertaining from experience, in that we showed you why your theory was faulted), and you took that to be some sort of totalitarian attack on your beliefs. No one was forcing you to change your belief that Ash's Pikachu is alternately coloured, but you seemed to take offence from people stating their own opinions - the very thing that you did in the first post.

True, some users were very rude to you, so if it means anything I'll apologise on their behalf, but those members who were perfectly civil were most certainly not attacking you. You perhaps need to be a little more accepting and open-minded, as opposed to stubbornly sticking to your beliefs and then backing them up with a half-baked idea derived from Christianity.

EDIT: Ah, I see you're talking about a different thread. I'll take a look at the one which your issue stems from.

December 20th, 2008, 2:44 AM
YOU ARE BEING STUBBORN. Period. He was stating his opinion not telling you to change. As i stated this thread is useless.

December 20th, 2008, 2:48 AM
now I'm being attacked here. I've already reported how I'm being treated to the owner, of Pokecommunity, and I won't be coming back to look at this thread anymore

December 20th, 2008, 2:51 AM
Ok good kthnxbai. Seriously your to uptight for a forum like this. Tghe whole of pc is too opinion based for an uptight person like you. And i read the thread erebus posted and well eyah. PC isnt made for you. Thats a basic sum up of it really. You cant take opinions thus making you think we are attacking.

December 20th, 2008, 2:53 AM
Konekodemon, is it the post by Mence Master in this thread (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=107166) that you have a problem with? Because he really is speaking the truth - your plot is so similar to that of the first episodes of the anime it's not funny. You have your male character filling the role of Ash (and on top of that, he has a Pikachu - an alternately coloured one, which ties in with your belief that Ash's Pikachu is alternately coloured), and a female character who fills the role of Misty, even down to her bike being burnt to a crisp. Then, the two characters run to Viridian to help their Pokémon, both passed out from exhaustion (hmm, where have we seen that before?), whereupon Team Rocket attack the Pokémon Centre. All you've done is described the plot of the first two episodes, with Misty replaced by another trainer. As I said before, you could try being a bit more open-minded, perhaps nicely asking Mence Master (or whoever it is you have a problem with) to explain their comments, remaining civil at all times.

December 20th, 2008, 3:42 AM
If it is that thread, the thread is in my section, so you should bring it to my attention. You said that you reported it to the mods, but I've heard nothing.

But you should always talk to a staff member of the section the thread in question is if you feel that you're not being treated fairly. The staff wants to make sure that everyone enjoys their time on PC, and is willing to step in to end arguments or deal with problems.

If you are having a problem in PFF&P or Other Writing, bring it to my attention no matter what. I will admit to not checking the most recent posts in your thread there, due to an extreme increase in work hours at my job, but if there is a problem, I want to hear about it. So even if you think it's a small problem, you should still talk to me about it.

Same with any other section. Talk to the mods.

Right now, though, after looking at that post by Mence Master, he is correct, albeit a little blunt. Your fanfic does follow the plot of the anime rather closely, as Erebus explained. Mence Master (and, subsequently, Erebus) left you what is called "constructive criticism". Listening to their advice will help you improve your fanfiction writing skills and help you become a better writer. They are helping you turn your fanfic from a story that just follows the anime into an original story. If you listen to them, then your story will improve. I should know. I learned the same lesson.

Still, I reiterate: Talk to the mods of the section first.

...Oops. *wipes up*

Rogue planet
December 20th, 2008, 3:53 AM
Erebus has really hit the nail on the head here.
This is a forum with many members and you need to be prepared to accept that some people will disagree with you. Mence Master did not attack you at all, it was a perfectly valid point; and now you are throwing around accusations that nobody is listening to you. Chill out and learn how to take criticism, you will never improve your fanfics if you don't listen to criticism.

Forci Stikane
December 20th, 2008, 7:35 AM
It appears to me...that you are less wanting people to be fair than you are wanting people to constantly agree with you. ...Look, there will always be other sides to an opinion, just as there will always be people willing to fight for their opinion against others. This is a fact of life, not only on PC but everywhere. You need to realize that not everybody will agree on everything.

And no, I am not trying to attack you here. I am simply trying to help you to understand.

December 20th, 2008, 7:47 AM
Looks like post #8 is directed at me...wow.
If you want me to bow down to your lack-of-a-story you posted yesterday, or whenever, it won't happen. I tried to be nice about it. I even gave you a few compliments for originality that you don't deserve anymore. Sorry, but I have every right to say that something like 'everyone said you were a bad coordinator and then you become the next top coordinator' is not a story. It's a cliche that doesn't even make up a story. It's not interesting. It's not engaging. Your character evidently had no personality into him/her; if you post in the story forum, you're bound to run into me, and I'm bound to expect some thought into what you've posted, not a three-second let's hack Emerald like the newest guy who tried to delete himself.
I even spent the time kindly writing a PM to you attempting to explain my position, and evidently that got nowhere. And, quite frankly, telling me to 'go away' in your topic is not proper netiquette.

December 20th, 2008, 7:49 AM
Look, I will be very nice right now about respect.

The world goes on facts, not opinions.

I see your thread about Ash's Pikachu being shiny was an opinion, however, due to realization of being wrong, you kept up in your opinion, which was wrong because "The World goes on facts"

I do not think you are being attacked, first of all, I think you are being criticized, which is very different from flaming.

If they are telling you that you are being stubborn, annoying, or badly behaved, they are trying to correct you because something you did somewhere, was wrong.

You are only being attacked when it gets to the point were they swear at you or type in caps. For the time being, I can't believe you are being flamed or trolled because I've seen members complain of their criticism before. However, they are just being corrected, by experience, I had to learn the hard way both are two different worlds. You'll understand, there was no reason for you to be attacked.

December 20th, 2008, 8:15 AM
If you're upset about the story, I mean seriously, my post was more offensive than that of Mence Master's. But he is right, as everyone has stated. In the fan fiction section, we like to see more than the normal thing in an OT fic. We don't want to see another Ash running around.

As for the other thread, it's pretty obvious that Ash's Pikachu is not shiny. I don't really see much of an attack, I just see people trying to implement the comparisons into your head.

Being attacked in general, it's the internet. It's going to happen. You're going to have the people that agree with you, and the people that just find you rather annoying. You'll just have to deal with it.

December 22nd, 2008, 3:33 PM
The world is full of people who may not agree with others. Why would you let something on a forum get you that upset? People stay stuff, we have to take it calmly.

December 24th, 2008, 10:39 PM
Geez... I made a really stupid mistake kinda along these lines a month ago. I got really defensive over something really stupid and felt like I was being flamed when in reality it was all a big miscommunication and I put a whole bunch of defensive guards and dug my heels in because I believed I was being treated unfairly. I had a friend pretty much slap me silly and explain that I needed to look at it from a different point of view that wasn't of the "OMG I'M BEING ATTACKED THEY'RE ALL SO MEAN DDDD:<" and when I did that, I felt like a complete and total moron because it was exactly the opposite of what I thought it was. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you should try and look at the situation from a different perspective. What you may read as an attack may be someone's way of trying to help. Not everyone is a tact-master, I know I'm not, and people can be really blunt and it caAll sorts of factors can fall into such posts and you can read it really really wrong and again, feel like a total jerk/idiot when people correct you. X3; Try not to get defensive as quickly, it tends to escalate things.

Something else that'll I share with you is to "go up the chain, not across". You're here venting to other ordinary members about being attacked on a thread as opposed to going and venting/speaking to a moderator [who's higher up on the glorious pc food chain than you] and asking for assistance/advice. It may seem less intimidating but there's a problem with this that's more apparent that you might think. If you go across, you can cause more problems than if you just go up the chain of command. Going across is just going to make you frustrated because we're ordinary members like you, we don't have any magical powers to really do anything. If you go up the chain, your chances of getting what you want go up. It's not guarenteed but it'll at least go farther than this will. The mods may seem scary but trust me, they care about this place and they really do mean it when they say they want to make everyone's stay welcoming.

Hopefully some of this mumbo-jumbo helped. I'm not perfect but this is something I can tell you from experience is hard to learn. It's not easy to admit wrong or look at someone else's opinion but it helps. <3

December 24th, 2008, 11:00 PM
If you start a thread, and you express your opinion, expect to get other people who will try and counter your opinion. They're not 'bad', 'mean', or just plain 'jackasses', but rather regular people.

You CAN say "__ is my opinion, and no one can change it", but you CAN'T expect people to not take offense to that when they're trying to show facts to why your opinion is wrong. If everything was run on opinions, the world would be a mess. Facts hold everything together.

December 25th, 2008, 1:53 PM
Everything has pretty much been said, so I can say is this-
(if you do come back, and look at this thread again..)

Try to go back and read some of the posts as contructive criticism, and use that to help yourself improve on the story. Instead of just looking at a lot of the posts as people disagreeing, or attacking you, when that wasn't what they were trying to do. Granted, I can't speak for all them, but a lot of times when you have an idea that you really like, and people are telling you how to 'improve' it, it can seem a bit harsh. Still, all they're doing is trying to give you pointers.