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I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 21st, 2008, 2:06 PM

There is ONE spot open, for the wildcard! If you want to sign up, then submit an SU with two pokemon - your starter and one pokemon you could have caught by now. This way, you can start RPing and Pewter City.

This is my first role-play so tell me if you think you see any way it could be made better. I thought that it might be interesting to do something a bit more than ‘Trainer oversleeps, gets awesome Pokémon, owns everyone he finds and wins the league’ because, ya know, that’s a bit dull.


This is a journey

So, you’re asking, what is the plot of this completely different RP? Well, it’s pretty much: ‘Trainer oversleeps, gets awesome Pokémon, owns everyone he finds and wins the league’ Confused? Well, if you’ve hung around the RP section for more than a few seconds, you’ll probably have noticed that there are a lot of RPs that are nothing more than this. So, the purpose of this RP is, quite simply, to make fun of them. That’s right – it’s a parody! This RP will basically be a journey, starting from the town of Pallet (Professor Oak’s lab, to be precise) and ending at the Indigo Plateau (if the RP lasts that far XD). Along the way, there will be eight gyms to destroy and several appearances by the ever-useless Team Rocket, including the trio of Jesse, James, and Meowth! Team Rocket (for those who don’t know) are simply a very large criminal organization who want to rule the world, for some unknown reason (that will never be known). Don’t worry about them though – as they’re only a world-wide criminal organization, they prefer to battle with Zubat rather than lead pipes or anything similar.


Legendaries are completely allowed, all the time.
Try not to bunny/godmod. This is one thing I don’t want to parody, at least without permission.
Stay active. Same as above. Let me know if you have to leave, permanently or temporarily.
Shiny pokemon can be caught pretty much whenever you want.
I’d rather you don’t parody the grammar or spelling, because that can actually make your posts less fun to read.
I'm Gamemaster, not a roleplayer.
To confirm you’ve read the rules, link to this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parody) on your characters name.
Sign Up Sheet

Name: You can just put ‘Gary-Stu’ if you really want, but please try to be original.
Gender: (insert obligatory joke here)
Age: 10 – 16 Standard ages
Appearance: Is your character perfectly formed, with beautiful curves and luscious curly hair? Or are they hideous, with a scarred face? To be honest, they’re probably not somewhere in between. 1 paragraph minimum.
Personality: Perfect in every way or psychotic sociopath? 1 paragraph minimum.
History: Go on, tell us about how your character ran away from home and wasn’t emotionally scarred, but actually strengthened by the experience. 1 paragraph minimum.
Starter Choice: See below.



http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/30/Spr_4d_133.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_133.png)
Level – 5
Type – Normal
Ability – Run Away
Moves – Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand
Nature – Specify in SU
Gender – Specify in SU


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/f9/Spr_4d_147.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_147.png)
Level – 5
Type – Normal
Ability – Shed Skin
Moves – Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave
Nature – Specify in SU
Gender – Specify in SU


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/33/Spr_4d_447.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_447.png)
Level – 5
Type – Normal
Ability – Inner Focus
Moves – Quick Attack, Foresight, Endure
Nature – Specify in SU
Gender – Specify in SU

And ONE wildcard.

4 Starters = Maximum of 4 Role-players.

Elite Champion
December 22nd, 2008, 4:31 AM
NAME-bob marshmallow junior(goes by the name junior)
APPEARENCE-junior was very small for his age.When he was younger he had fallen out of his dads fishing boat and been hit by a school of goldeen who were not very happy and of course the biggest one had jabbed his horn in to the side of his leg leaving him with a life long scar and a limp.When at school he had always gotten straight A's but when a new kid arrived and tried to bullie him because of his ginger hair,limp and straight A's.........well lets say juniors karate came in usefull.The bullies parents soon transferred him to Norway.So to sum up a smart,small(very small) ginger limping boy from sinnoh.
PERSONALITY-junior was shy but fierce.He never showed his fiersness in any way unless he fellt he was in danger(a bit like a pokemon).He knew karate wich came in handy.Junior never liked to answer questions even thoe he knew all the answers but when it came to pokemon he never qwite knew he just never could ever pick up learning about pokemon so thats the reason he would like to set about a journey.

HIstory-Ever since his boat accident Junior has always wanted to set out on a journey.He never could learn pokemon so for that reason he wanted to know every everything about pokemon.He lives with his dad.his mom died at child birth and for that reason he was an only child.He never asked his dad about his mom because whenever he did his dad was reduced to tears.he lived in a small apartmen on cinnibar island this was because his dads Magikarp pets shop was in the middle of cinnibar islansd.
Starter-dratini pleas but if not could i have a wildcard swinub thanks

I think this is the bit you copy-

· Legendaries are completely allowed, all the time.
· Try not to bunny/godmod. This is one thing I don’t want to parody, at least without permission.
· Stay active. Same as above. Let me know if you have to leave, permanently or temporarily.
· Shiny pokemon can be caught pretty much whenever you want.
· I’d rather you don’t parody the grammar or spelling, because that can actually make your posts less fun to read.
· I'm Gamemaster, not a roleplayer.
· To confirm you’ve read the rules, link to this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parody) on your characters name.

link to this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parody) on your characters name.

Is this the right bit cause im scottish and i dont really understand.

December 22nd, 2008, 4:50 AM
Sign Up Sheet

Name: Yuki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parody)(...Its Japanese)
Gender: Yuki is Male (and has a Japanese sounding name)
Age: 16
Appearance: Yuki has a full head of perfectly styled blonde hair, this is strange for somebody Japanese but of course Yuki isn’t actually Japanese. When he was born, his parents instantly saw how great he would be and gave him an appropriate name for his greatness. You see Yuki means ‘the great one’ in Japanese... but I digress. Now, of course Yuki looks great in anything, but for his adventure he settled on wearing a pair of ocean blue jeans with a jet black t-shirt, which was underneath a very stylish blue jacket. On top of this, he chose a hat with a corporate logo that perfectly shows off his individuality.
Personality: Yuki has had the perfect upbringing, and been given everything he has ever wanted by his wealthy parents. He is a talented sportsman and is top of his class in everything. He is friends with everyone, of course they joke that Yuki is ‘arrogant’ and ‘conceited’... but they love him really. The main reason they love Yuki so much is that, despite all of his skills and his dashing good looks, he retains a strong sense of modesty. He doesn’t rub it in his class mates faces that he is so far superior to them, and of course his class mates are eternally gratefully that he spares them this humiliation.
History: Yuki is considered (by himself)as a stand out citizen. It goes without saying that Yuki feels obliged to help those less fortunate than himself. This has led to Yuki donating large amounts of his parent’s money to charity. I fact when he was just ten years old he managed to stop a Team Rocket plan to steal some of Professor Oak’s pokémon. How did he do this you ask? Well if you don’t know that all ready the there’s really no hope for you...
Starter Choice: I believe that a naive female Eevee would be the perfect partner for Yuki.

December 22nd, 2008, 5:16 AM
Is this one of those rp's where you can level pokemon up and catch pokemon and keep leveling them if so awsome

Name: Sergio Santos

Gender: male

Age: 13

Appearance: Sergio is a boy with black curly hair he has brown eyes and has a brown skin coulour he is chubby and if he could be even nerdier he would wear glasses which he doesn't he wears a green shirt a pair of jeans and some super new running shoes.

Personality: He is shy amongst boys but if he is around girls he has smooth lips and gets them to date him if he knows people for a longer time he will be himself and laugh and tells jokes all the time. He is still scared in the dark and can only be forced in a cave by saying that there will be a cake if he goes through the cave :p

History: Sergio's parents divorced when he was just 1 year old they were always fighting with each other but his father left Sergio a pokeball with a pokemon inside just in case and he promised his dad to open the pokeball only when he went out on his pokemon adventure and to become pokemon master!!! His dad never told him what was in the pokeball and Sergio did not want to open his pokeball. When Sergio turned 12 he finished pokemon school and was allowed to go on his pokemon journey but his over caring mother did not let him go now that he is 13 he finally is allowed to go on his journey and see what pokemon is inside the pokeball.

Starter Choice: dratini if not riolu


Legendaries are completely allowed, all the time.
Try not to bunny/godmod. This is one thing I don’t want to parody, at least without permission.
Stay active. Same as above. Let me know if you have to leave, permanently or temporarily.
Shiny pokemon can be caught pretty much whenever you want.
I’d rather you don’t parody the grammar or spelling, because that can actually make your posts less fun to read.
I'm Gamemaster, not a roleplayer.
To confirm you’ve read the rules, link to this on your characters name.

I don't know how to link it but I will wrap it so you'll see that I have read it


December 22nd, 2008, 6:55 AM
( Here we go )

Name: Harry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parody)

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Appearance: Harry is an average height for his age standing at 5ft 2in. He has medium short jet black hair. He often wears either a White, Grey or even a Black jacket, his Three favourite colours. He is always seen wearing either Black or Navy Blue tracksuit bottoms. He also loves comfy ring neck shirts of any colour. He likes to wear shoes or trainers that are around a half size or a size too big so they are comfy for him, all the shoes and trainers he has are random colours. For his formal wear he likes to wear his baggy jeans with a smart slick jet black belt that was passed on to him when his Father sadly dissapeared whilst living in Saffron City. On the top half of his body he wears a bright white smart three button shirt with a smart suitish like jacket on top that is also jet black.

Personality: Harry is a very energetic child who is always enteraining his friends and family with his charm, good humour and wit. He is always seemingly getting in trouble whether on his own or with his friends. He is very smart and when he gets into tight spots, which is very often, he uses he superior brain power to get out of them. In the past Six years when he has been living with his Grandparents he hasn't quite had the awe inspiring upbringing most children have. So he has a tendency to go a bit mental.

History: Harry was born in Saffron City but moved to Pallet town at the age of ten. He's always hoped of going back to Saffron and defeating his close friend Sabrina. In the three years he's spent at Pallet Town he's seen many Trainers leave on their journey's and that's just made him more stubborn to complete his goal. When he was just 3 his mother died giving birth to his younger sister. So for four years his Father had been supporting and looking after him and his sibling. But just a few days after he turned Seven his father sadly disappeared. He hasn't yet given up hope at finding him dead or alive.

Starter Choice: Can I have a wildcard Gligar please. A male would be nice. Don't really mind what nature so I suppose it's your choice.

December 22nd, 2008, 7:06 AM
Sounds like the show so, are IC characters aloud, if they are we really don't need a bio for a IC do we

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 22nd, 2008, 7:48 AM
Elite Champion - Pending. Read the rules carefully for the 'password'

Slls81 - Accepted. This is a brilliant signup! A naive female Eevee is all yours!

Serginho - Pending 'Password' please! and yes, this is sort of one of those RPs. The purpose is more to mock those RPs. ;)

Bemerton Boy - Pending Just a tiny bit more detail please.

Everyone has until the end of Wednesday to update signups.

Konekodemon, do you mean an original canon character (Ash, Brock, etc.)? If so, I'm afraid I'd rather you didn't simply sign up as one of those, though you're perfectly free to make your own character who is completely different from one of them (nudge nudge, wink wink). However, we have 4 SUs so far so I'm afraid that unless someone drops out, this RP is full.

December 22nd, 2008, 8:21 AM
There we go i have updated my SU with your requirements met ( hopefully ).

December 22nd, 2008, 9:26 AM
edited it ;) thank you if you accept me

Elite Champion
December 22nd, 2008, 10:16 AM

i think this is the right one but if not....

this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parody)-maybe this (i did read the rules but never put the cursor on this.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 22nd, 2008, 11:37 AM
Okay, Bemertonboy, Elite Champion and Serginho are all Accepted! Hooray! ON THE CONDITION (specifically to Elite Champion and Serginho) that you are careful with spelling and grammar. There are plenty of programs on the net for checking.

The roleplay should hopefully start soon, and I think that's all I have to say. See you soon ;)

Sorry, one small thing I forgot to mention in the rules. This will be PG-13 so only minor violence/swearing etc. and please, only when actually necessary

Elite Champion
December 22nd, 2008, 11:43 AM
sorry but cause im scottish we kinda spell stuff different over here.But it was a good sign up though?

Twilight Wolf
December 22nd, 2008, 12:11 PM
May I have a reserve? To celebrate my reviving here, I need to join an RP or I'll go mad.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 22nd, 2008, 12:17 PM
@Elite Champion - Yeah, it was good. Junior is small… XD who would’ve thought it?

@PokemonknowitallVanessa - sorry, all the spots are gone :S I'll let you know if anyone drops out, though.

Chapter 1

So this is a fairly simple chapter, most likely one post but two if absolutely necessary. You just describe waking up, eating bacon for breakfast and going to get an incredibly rare Pokémon for free from Professor Oak. Well, why not? You are perfect, after all. After receiving your first Pokémon and maybe conversing a little with Prof. Oak about how you’re going to win the league (because he’s never heard that before…), your character can make his way to the start of route one and there your post ends. Hurrah – you’ve started your journey!

The OOC thread will be up soon, so questions and comments can go there.

Elite Champion
December 22nd, 2008, 12:50 PM
Junior woke up feeling really tired....well that was until he remembered what day it was SUNDAY The weekend and the day he went to Prof Oaks to get himself a perfect starting journey pokemon....EEVEE.The miute junior remembered about his grand day he sprung up out of bed and bolted down the stairs through to the kitchen.
"Morning sprout" his dad said in an exciting voice while passing him a plate full of sq sausage (square sausage).Junior scoffed it all down and drank the rest of his IRN-BRU.For his small size Junior had always been able to eat a bunch of food and not get fat.His dad came over to the table with a crummbled piece of paper in his hand saying MANNERS AND POLITNESS."Right sone lets go over the rules"but before his dad could could start junior ripped the paper in 2 and flung it away."For the 1000 time i know what to do he picked up his bag and walked over to the door."Son be carefull today don't let eevee out of your sight and watch yourselve your the only one i've got left.Junior gave his dad one last goodbye and left the house with his bag over his shoulder.His journey had just begun

December 22nd, 2008, 1:05 PM
Chapter 1

" Oh, Harry look at this you've overslept ". Harry's Granmother shouted up the stairs.

" WHAT. B-but i'm supposed to be getting my first Pokemon from Professor Oak at Nine O'clock, what time is it now ? "

" Um, your not going to like it but it's sort of half past ".

" Huh half past Eight ".

" No it's er half past Nine ".

" Oh for God's sake I better get ready quickly and hope he's still got some Pokemon left for me ".

Harry then preceeded in getting ready. He quickly chucked on his regular comfy casual clothes and his favourite trainers. He ran down the stairs and was about to go out the door when his Grandfather said to him.

" Your not going out until you get some food down your throat ".

" Oh ok Pa ". Harry then shoveled down a piece of toast, and with a mouthful he said " Happy Now ". But it sounded alot more like " Haopy New ".

" Yeah okay kid be on your way ".

Harry then ran out the door with just a few pleasentries said. In the Five minute run rom his House to Professor Oak's lab, he couldn't help wondering to himself what Pokemon he would receive and all the adventures he would have with him or her.

Harry the burst into the labaratory. Oak was by the door so he noticed Harry immediatly.

" Who are you ". He asked.

" I'm Harry I live across the street from here, anyway i'm here to collect my first Pokemon ".

" Oh but your late all three I was offering have been taken. But come outside with me to my Pokemon garden, and i'll catch anyone of your choice, for you. I have four rare Pokemon there they are Eevee, Dratini, Riolu and Gligar ".

" Oh, thanks i'll think i'll take that one ". Harry told him pointing at the Flyscorpion Pokemon Gligar.

" Alright then, that's Gligar the Flyscorpion Pokemon it's from the Johto region you know, and it's evolution has recently been discovered in the Sinnoh region ". Oak then let out a Pokeball and with a shake or Two, then a dinging sound Gligar was caught. " Here you go one Gligar, Five Pokeballs and a brand new Pokedex.

" Gee, thanks Professor Oak you do know i'm going to be the new Pokemon Champion ".

" Yeah sure haven't heard that one before ".

" Anyways bye ".

" Yeah bye, hope your dream comes true ".

Then Harry walked out the Lab with his head held high. He made his way towards Route 1.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 22nd, 2008, 1:16 PM
Good posts from both of you! Elite champion - spelling and grammar!

Harry received a level 5 Gligar

Elite Champion
December 22nd, 2008, 1:31 PM
Junior took the boat to the lab.On the way he seen a couple of tentacruels realeasing a black smokey liquid into the water.He liked looking at pokemon
playing around.Well thats what he thought the tentacruels were doing until one of them wrapped the other up and pulled it to the sea floor.After his little miss hap with the tentacruls he managed to pull his selve together and go over to the lab.The lab was a large shiny building with antenna's and satelites sticking out of the roof.he pulled his trousers up and walked over to the door.BOOOOOF! Junior hit the ground with a thump.At first he thought he hadnt tied his shoe but that was until he got up and noticied a large boy sniggering at him.It's the little gin AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Jnior flipped him over before he could finish his sentence.He turned around and entered the lab.

He looked around and seen a pokeball sitting on a marble table.He walked over and touched the pokeball."Can i help you" junior turned around to see an old man in a long white cloke standind staring at the other side of the room."Em im here to em get a em pokemon...sir" "eevee he squeezed in at the end."Ah eevee a very populoar pokemon among you young one's but im sorry to say it was already taken a couple of minutes ago".NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!! Junior thought angrily in his head.how could this happen.Junior looked over at the pokeball"Whats that then"he grunted in a very dissapionted way."Dratini is my only pokemon left" "He is very strong and very rare".Junior walked over to the pokeball and picked it up"this will do" he walked over to the door." wait said Prof. Oak junior turned around to see him holding a pokedex and 5 pokeballs.Junior grabbed the pokeball and walked out of the lab feeling angry and upset.

I know my paragraphs look smaal but there long lines and also ill not be active that much around christmas time

thanks bud

December 22nd, 2008, 2:12 PM
Can you get Route 1 up please don't mean to be pushy.



Can my Gligar have Poison Sting, Sand-Attack and Metal Claw ( Egg Move ) as it's moves.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 22nd, 2008, 3:04 PM
Nice post. wow, Junior's greedy. "Oh no, I only got a really strong and rare dragon type? how unfair!" Your spelling/grammar looks a bit better, just remember to start a new line when someone new starts talking.

Junior got a level 5 Dratini

@bemertonboy - all updates will be done when at least three out of our four roleplayers have completed each part, to make sure no-one gets left behind. And I'm afraid there's no egg moves, as they can make life really complicated. Just have fun showing how Harry is perfect in everyway and completely undefeatable ;)

December 22nd, 2008, 3:30 PM
Ah oh well I guess i'm just gunna kill everyone with Poison Sting.
Soon people will be saying who's Ash Ketchum :D

December 23rd, 2008, 12:15 AM
Chapter 1

Sergio’s mother entered the room quietly with a pan in each hand just so he wouldn’t wake up and then she smashed the pans against each other.
“Mom what are you doing that for”, Sergio tried to yell over the noise off the pans.
“Just get dressed you’ll remember somehow”, his mother replied.

So Sergio got dressed he put on his green shirt, a pair of jeans, put some styling gel in his hair to make it curly and he dashed downstairs.
He saw his breakfast bacon and eggs on table and next to that there was a pokeball, the pokeball his father gave him.

“Do you finally remember what day it is and what you are supposed to do now”, his mother asked.
Before she even completed her sentence Sergio ran through the door mumbling something and running to oak’s laboratory.

“Hello youngster you are?”, professor oak asked. “My name i….is……Se….rg….i….o..o..o..o”, Sergio stuttered. “So your name is Sergio and you are here for your pokemon and equipment right?”, Oak asked. “A…actually I o…only need my e..e.equipment I already have a pokemon but I don’t know what pokemon.”, Sergio replied still stuttering. “Calm down Sergio I won’t bite from now on we will be friends you and I you’ll collect data about pokemon and I will be able to research them so don’t be nervous.”, Oak said, he was tying to calm Sergio down.

Oak went away for a minute and came back with a bag with a few potions and antidotes and pokeballs and he had a pokedex in his hand.

“Here is your equipment these potions are for if you pokemon are hurt the antidotes are for curing poison and the pokeball’s are to catch the pokemon and the pokedex will tell you information about all the pokemon you’ll see”, Oak explained. Sergio grabbed all the things in professor oak’s hand and left.

This will be the start of a new pokemon journey with new friends and pokemons

Stay tuned.

December 23rd, 2008, 1:30 AM
A bright light creaked in through the blinds of the window. Yuki yawned and stretched out his arms. He looked over to his alarm clock. It was already 10:50! Yuki rolled slowly out of bed, grabbing his clothes. He slowly changed into his clothes, which consisted of a pair of ocean blue jeans with a jet black t-shirt, which was underneath a very stylish blue jacket. Yuki looked in the mirror, and thought something was missing that would complete the look... He didn’t have a hat on! Yuki selected an appropriate corporate branded baseball cap from his selection, and the look was complete. He ran down stairs, to get breakfast. He entered the kitchen and saw his mom at the table, and that breakfast was already prepared. He sat down and got ready to dig into his plate of...

“Pancakes?” Yuki asked, looking at the food as if it insulted him in some way.

“Is something wrong honey?” asked his mother looking up.

“Why are there pancakes on my plate?” Yuki asked accusingly, “I am destined to become a pokémon master. How can I achieve that if I don’t have bacon for breakfast?”

“Bacon? How would that make any difference?” asked his mother, obviously confused.

“Well because... because... it just does! Everyone knows that! So make me some now!” yelled Yuki.

“Okay Yuki, calm down,” said his mother, getting the frying pan out of the cupboard, “But you’re late already. Won’t all the pokémon be gone by the time the bacon’s ready? I thought you had to be there for 11, and it’s already quarter past!”

“Please mother I have a plan.” Said Yuki confidently, “Anyway I may as well not go if I don’t get my bacon!”

While his mother was preparing his bacon, Yuki just sat there muttering to himself about ‘his family holding him back’ and ‘a true pokémon master must overcome all obstacles’. A few minutes later his mother came over with his bacon. There were precisely three rashers of bacon, served alongside some other unimportant breakfast items, which Yuki wolfed down quickly. Once he had eaten his breakfast, he decided it was about time he graced Professor Oak’s lab with his presence.

As he walked to Professor Oak’s lab, he looked around the town he had grown up in. Obviously, it was a gloriously sunny day and the temperature was perfect. The weather was always like this on the day trainers received their first pokémon, it was tradition. As Yuki looked around, he realised this was the last time he would be in Pallet Town until he returned as the pokémon league champion. Buoyed by this thought he quickened his pace.

Upon reaching the lab, Yuki headed straight inside. He didn’t bother with knocking, after all he was destined to become the next pokémon master! Upon entering, he was surprised to see the aides packing some of the display equipment away. He saw Professor Oak towards the back of the lab, obviously busy with work, and decided to walk over and introduce himself.

“Professor Oak,” Yuki said loudly, causing the Professor to turn around, “My name is Yuki and I’m going to be the next pokémon master.”

“If you want to be a pokémon master, why didn’t you come and collect a pokémon an hour ago like all the other trainers?” asked Oak confused.

“That’s why I’m here,” Yuki stated, then for effect he repeated himself, “I am going to be the next pokémon master, and I am here to collect my first pokémon.”

“Erm, you’re too late. The three pokémon I was offering are all taken.” said Professor Oak.

“Taken?” asked Yuki looking shocked, “But I am going to be...”

“Yeah you said, but the other trainers got here an hour ago, like I asked them to.” Said Oak, cutting Yuki off, “They all received a pokémon, and all the pokémon I was offering today are now gone.”

“But what about the powerhouse you’re holding in reserve Professor?” Yuki asked, looking highly confused as to why the Professor hadn’t given him a pokémon yet. “Everyone know’s that Professors always hold a powerhouse in reserve. What is it? An Eevee? A shiny? I don’t suppose you have any legendaries dotting about do you?”

“What are you talking about? Why would I hold any pokémon in reserve, let alone a ‘powerhouse’ as you put it,” said Oak angrily, “That would reward someone who was too lazy to be here on time, and punish the children who made the effort to get here when I asked them to! It makes no sense!”

“How dare you question my flawless logic!” yelled Yuki angrily. Then, slowly, a truth dawned on him, “So you really have no pokémon left at all?”

“No, I gave them all to the children who were on time,” said Oak shortly.

“Then what the hell am I supposed to do?” asked Yuki.

Obviously not concerned by Yuki's predicament, Oak turned away and got back to work. Yuki was completely crestfallen, but that didn’t stop him sneakily stealing a pokédex and a few pokéballs on his way out. Once out of the lab he sat down on a bench and tried to make sense of what was happening. The world had gone mad... and he knew why. It was those damn pancakes! If his mother had made him bacon like any normal mother he would be on his way already with his shiny Pikachu...

All of a sudden his trail of thought was lost when a worried looking man ran past.

“I’m screwed, oh my god I’m screwed,” the man kept repeating.

As the man was obviously in some kind of trouble, Yuki naturally felt obliged to go and help him. The man was dressed very strangely; he was dressed in all black and had a big R on the front of his top.

“Excuse me Sir,” called Yuki, “Can I help you in any way.”

“Ah!” cried the man, “Look kid you never saw me okay? Tell you what I’ll give you one of these pokémon if you keep your mouth shut.”

“How very generous of you!” said Yuki happily. The man chucked a pokéball at Yuki, before sprinting off in the other direction. ‘What a nice man’ thought Yuki. Just then another man ran around the corner looking very angry.

“Hey Kid, you seen anyone suspicious running around?” the man called to Yuki.

“Sorry I can’t say I have,” replied Yuki. After all, the only person Yuki had seen was the nice man who had given him his pokémon, and he wasn’t suspicious at all...

(OOC - sorry its a bit long... I found this far too fun to write...)

December 23rd, 2008, 8:12 AM
So... What moves does my Gligar have Poison Sting, Sand-Attack and ???

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 23rd, 2008, 12:47 PM
Serginho - "Stay Tuned!" lol - you make it sound like a terrible anime show...except, that's a compliment...isn't it? my brain hurts...

Slls81 - Lol, rofl, lmao and any other acronym that I can't remeber. Is Yuki's last name 'Stu' by any chance? XD

Bemertonboy - Just those two for now - gligar doesn't learn its third move (harden) until level nine.

Yuki received a Level 5 Eevee

Sergio reveiced a level 5 Riolu

@everyone - the OOC thread has been approved and is now sitting nice and empty in the Roleplay Lounge. All comments and questions to go in there from now on, to avoid cluttering up the main thread.

Route 1
1-2 posts

What to do…
In a route, you can do three main things – catch Pokémon, find items or battle trainers. Of course, you can do almost anything else as well – y’know, free will and all that.

A note on catching Pokémon
You end the post when the Pokémon is sucked into the ball and its rocking from side to side. I’ll then judge your post based on the quality of the battle and the rarity of the Pokémon, and say whether or not you caught the Pokémon depending on that. If you do catch it, its level depends on post quality and rarity too.

These are the Pokémon that can be found and hence caught on this route. Standard Route 1, standard basic Pokémon.


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/f3/Spr_4d_016.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_016.png)
Level – 2 - 7
Moves – Tackle, Sand-Attack (level 5 and up)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Common


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/5/50/Spr_4d_019_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_019_m.png)
Level – 2 - 6
Moves – Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Level 4 and up)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Common

And for fun, one less standard Pokémon:


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/dd/Spr_4d_399_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_399_m.png)
Level – 2 – 5
Moves – Tackle, Growl (level 5)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Rare

I’ll do this in most areas where Pokémon are available to catch – there will be the normal Kanto Pokémon and one, maybe two from Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh.

December 23rd, 2008, 1:54 PM
Happy that he had taken his first step to becoming a pokémon master, by receiving his first pokémon, Yuki made his way merrily to Route One. Upon reaching the route, Yuki thought he should introduce himself to his new pokémon.

“Pokéball Go!” yelled Yuki throwing the red and white ball. The ball opened and released a bright light, which formed into a shape.

“Eev,” said the pokémon happily.

“Hello,” said Yuki pompously, “My name is Yuki and I will be your new trainer. You and me are going to win the pokémon league!”

This seemed to make the small fox pokémon nervous. She backed away from Yuki slightly. Of course Yuki didn’t notice this and continued with his speech, explaining to Eevee how he would catch ‘em all. He then made his way up Route One, with Eevee following slowly behind. After a short time Yuki turned around and saw Eevee lagging behind, and assuming she was tired returned Eevee to her pokéball. He continued travelling down Route One, and had an uneventful day until he saw a group of Rattata to the left of the path. The entire group was ganging up on a smaller Rattata. Seeing an opportunity, Yuki jumped into action.

“Go, Eevee!” he called, tossing Eevee’s pokéball into the middle of the Rattata. Eevee came out of her pokéball and walked over to the group of Rattata. After a brief exchange of cries, she began to look scared and ran behind her trainers leg.

Yuki looked down at his Eevee and asked, “What are you doing? Get in there.” Eevee just shut her eyes and shook her head vigorously. Yuki sighed exasperated and returned Eevee to her pokéball; he would have to do this himself. All of a sudden he screamed at the top of his voice, causing all of the Rattata to flee. The Rattata they had been picking on was left alone, lying injured on the ground. Yuki confidently walked over to the pokémon.

“Hello there Rattata,” Yuki began with a smile, “My name is Yuki and I want you to become my new pokémon.”

Yuki leant down to pick up Rattata. At first the Rattata looked confused, before it began hissing at Yuki. Yuki stood back up looking highly unimpressed.

“I just saved you from those other Rattata!” he said indignantly, “So come along with me on my journey.”

He bent down again to pick up Rattata and received a sharp nip to the fingers.

“Ow!” cried Yuki, “You ungrateful little wench!”

The Rattata merely hissed at Yuki before taking off, leaving Yuki standing alone looking highly confused. Why had Rattata not wanted to come with him? He had helped it out... which automatically means Rattata should have become attached to Yuki and begged him to take it along. The world just wasn’t making any sense today...

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December 23rd, 2008, 2:12 PM
slls81 - I'm afraid you're going to have to leave the roleplay. If you keep this up, everyone is going to start calling me weird when I laugh constantly at my laptop. lol, jk, but seriously, good post!

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December 23rd, 2008, 2:21 PM
Junior was walking along the path,kicking a dusty old can of IRN-BRU

"stupid Prof. Oak"he grunted

he looked down at the pokeball in his hand


A NORMAL looking pidgey stood hovering above the grass.....Well he thought it was a normal looking pidgey until he seen its wings.



he wasnt letting this get away.

GO DRA em GO DRE eehh what was the name of his pokemon agian

OH drasini.He shouted at the top of his lungs....GO DRASINI

A snakey kinda pokemon appeared in front of him

Had his owner just called him Drasini

"quick use eh USE um.....USE A MOVE"

Dratini new what to do.She jumped up in the air and started wrapping rope like silk around the pidgey.But the pidgey simply smacked its wings of the rope and it shattered in 2 wich sent pidgey flying back.Fainting.

You useless piece of cr**.

"It aint over yet pidgey.

He pulled a pokeball from his waist and flung it at pidgey sucking him in.

But then a bright lite shon and the pidgey broke free.

Just because its shiny does that make it stronger he wondered in puzzlement.

Your not getting away pidgey.

He pulled out another poke ball and launched it at pidgey.

it rocked from side to side once before blasting open.

Damm you pidgey.

The pidgey flapped its wings in an anoying way as if to say " come and get me loser hahahah"

O.K third time lucky.

He picked up a pokeball and launched it at pidgey.

But the pidgey simply smacked it away with its wing

RRR!! Junior growled siezing another pokeball and flinging it at pidgey

This time pidgey tucked it under its wing and flew up over the trees

Junior waited for a couple of minutes until the pidge returned.The pidgey dropped the pokeball from at least 100 feat high.It was smashed to smithereens.

"Right my last pokeball" He grabbed it from his belt and gave it one last swing sucking the pidgey.

It rocked once then twice then.....

poped open.

The pidgey started rolling around laughing then it flew up high not returning.

Junior was starting to think there was no such thing as begginers luck.

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December 23rd, 2008, 2:52 PM
Elite Champion - lol, good post. "GO, um...er...DRASINI!" I loled at that. One small thing - if you're typing someone's thoughts, its standard to type them in Italics as it makes them easier to distinguish.

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December 23rd, 2008, 3:11 PM

After healing up dratini (he got a beamer when he said Drasisni to nurse joy)

he decided to try out dratini in the grass.

This time he wouldny get mad at it.

He was walking along the route whan he seen a funny pokemon looking up at him.

"lets see what this is then"

he pulled out his pokedex and scanned it. "bidoof huh, and your a normal type.this should be fun.

Go Rose(after seeing it was a girl he had decided to call it rose).

Rose popped out of her pokeball.

She quikly started wrapping the bidoof up.She didnt want to let her master down this time.

"thats good keep it up"said Jr

The bidoof started wriggling around trying to break free.

Now shock it with that move you zapped nurse joy with earlier.

While the bidoof was wriggling around rose started firing small bolts at her foe.

the bidoof finaly broke free and started growling in rose 's ear rose quickly dodged the next howl that the bidoof released.

"now, flash your light them zap um"

rose jumped up and flashed at bidoof then zaped him just like her master had told her to do.

The bidoof rolled around groaning and then with one last zap fainted.

"yeh we done it rose or should i say you done it".

Jr was starting to have second thoughts about his pokemon.

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December 23rd, 2008, 3:18 PM
Elite Champion - congratulations, you defeated an ugly, unwanted beaver. you must be so proud. XD

Rose grew to level 6

December 23rd, 2008, 3:19 PM
Route 1(Maybe)

As Harry was about to move into Route 1 he remembered he had forgotten to do something at home. Harry not wanting to waste time on his journey to become a Pokemon master, so he made his way home, by running.

When Harry entered his home he was greeted by a sweet suprise. His best friend Johnny was there.

" Er hi Johnny what are you doing here, I thought you were on holiday in the Orange Islands ".

" I was but I got back yesterday. I came here to brag about this rare Pokemon Professor Ivy gave me when I was over there ". " But when I got here your Grandparents started explaining to me that you'd left on a journey. Fancy that you leaving without telling me ".

" What Professor Ivy gave you a rare Pokemon what was it ".

" I'm not telling you. You have to find out in a battle One on One. Me versus you ".

" Alright then my first battle. Outside now "!

The Two boy's and Harry's Grandparents made their way outside.

" Okay then Harry I'll get this One started. I choose you. Let's go Aipom "

" Aipom huh. Let's see what Dex say's ". Aipom. The long tail Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Ambipom. It lives atop giant trees. It wraps it's tail around a branch so it doesn't fall while it sleeps. " Go Gligar, it's our first battle together so let's make it memorable. Gligar go to ground and use Sand-Attack aim for it's eyes ".

" Aipom hit it away with tail whip then get ready for a Scratch Attack ". Aipom then used it's incredible speed to create a run-up. " Now jump ".
It then jumped up into the air and scythed Gligar down. Gligar hit the ground hard, he stayed motionless.

" Gligar hang in there buddy. Keep going, please ". Gligar slowly but surely tried to get up. But it's wings were damaged it would be hard for it to fly. " Gligar let loose Poison Sting keep firing till you get it full on ". Quite small flourescent white needles came flying out the mouth of Gligar flying at some speed towards Aipom.

" Aipom bounce on your tail to avoid it ". Aipom somehow managed to avoid all of the poison needles.

" Gligar adjust to Aipom's pace, so keep firing at it. When it tries to dodge the needles fly closer so it's has less time to dodge ". " Now go again Poison Sting ".

" Aipom dodge it ". But when Aipom tried to dodge Gligar had time to fly closer.

" Gligar you should be close enough by now use Poison Sting to finish it off ". Gligar then let off it's Poison Sting attack. But this time it caught Aipom full on. Aipom fell on the floor with Black circles in it's eyes it had fainted. Harry had won his first battle.

" Wow Harry your Gligar's strong. I got to go now I'll smell ya later ". With that goodbye Johnny jolted from sight.

" Yes I won my first battle. Oh I remember why I came back now. Grandpa can I borrow some money say $3000 just to buy more Pokeballs and some potions ".

" Yeah sure, don't worry about paying me back seeing you this happy is my payment.

" Thanks Grandpa see you soon ". Harry then left his home and made his way towards Route 1 for the second time.

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December 23rd, 2008, 3:34 PM
Bemertonboy- nice battle post, are Aipom really that rare? XD

Gligar grew to level 7

December 23rd, 2008, 3:43 PM
OOC: @ Alipeewee: No but neithers Gligar XD

Route 1(Finally)

As Harry started making his way towards Route 1 he stopped and released Gligar.

" Hi mate that was a great battle againest Johnny and Aipom back there, I'm really proud of you ".

" Gli Gli Gar ".

" Come on Gligar let's get on with our adventure ". With that cue Harry and Gligar started making their way through Route 1. Suddenly something jumped out the bushes. It was a Blueish toad like Pokemon. " Wow I wonder what Pokemon that is ". Croagunk. The Pre-Evolved form of Toxicroak. The Toxic-Mouth Pokemon. It's cheeks hold posion sacs. It tries to catch foes off guard so it can sneek up on them and jab them with it's toxic fingers. " Alright then let's catch this guy go Gligar ".

" Woah woah woah, what are you doing that's my Croagunk ". Announced a strange man wearing a spaceman like custome with a big G in the middle of it . " You can't catch my darling but you can battle it ".

" Come on then One on One. Let's beat this guy I choose you Gligar ".

" Fine then so be it. Croagunk let's destroy this guy. I tell you what if you beat my Croagunk I'll give you this ". Said the strange man taking a mysterious looking Pokemon egg out of his bag.

" Alright then that eggs mine ". " Gligar use Poison sting ".

" Croagunk Disappear by using astonish ". Croagunk disappeared from view, with all the Poison needles missing.

" Okay this might be difficult. Gligar fire Sand-Attack in all directions to uncover the Croagunk ". Sand was sprayed in all dirctions and some landed on Croagunk and unveiled him. " Good work Gligar now let's finish this off use Poison sting straight into the stomach ". As soon as the Posion attacks connected it send Croagunk flying into a tree knocking it out in the process.

" Oh alright then seeing you beat me you can have this egg. One clue for you it contains a rather rare Pokemon. I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon ". said the strange man disappearing from sight.

Harry quickly examined the egg then put it into his bag before once again making his way towards Viridian City.

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December 23rd, 2008, 3:44 PM
yeh, but you chose it, remember XD
in future, please don't make a post in this thread unless you're actually playing the roleplay, however.

December 23rd, 2008, 3:49 PM
Yeah sorry about that I just wanted to check with you first.

And I'm not sure what it is yet I haven't decided I'll tell you when I'm sure about it.

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December 23rd, 2008, 3:59 PM
Okay, Elite Champion, I'd like you to delete that post. The Route 1 bit says "1-2 posts", which means that you make one or two posts in route one. If Junior is at a Pokemon centre, however, he must be in a city, but Viridian city is not up yet. Please, just be patient and wait until other people have made their route 1 posts.

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December 23rd, 2008, 4:01 PM
sorry big time some fool posted saying the next route was up ill get them dont worry

and ill delete it

December 23rd, 2008, 5:00 PM
@Elite Champion: a bit of advice you don't need to put a new paragraph in every time you start a new sentence. You only need one when someone new talks. Hope this helps.

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December 23rd, 2008, 5:02 PM
Bemertonboy - Nice battle. Hmmm...a 'G'? I think someone has a little plot planned already!

Gligar grew to level 8

December 23rd, 2008, 5:37 PM
Route 1 (Finished ?)

Harry and his beloved Gligar were about halfway through Route 1 Harry stopped on a nearby bench, and undone the zipper on his backpack he took is mysterious egg out and examined it very closely.

" Hey Gligar, I hope this egg hatches into a really strong Pokemon. What do you think about it ".

" Gli Gli Gli Gar Gli ".

" Yeah I don't understand but I assume your happy about the matter. Now let's get on with out journey. To become Pokemon Masters ".

Harry then carefully replaced his egg back into his bag and re-zipped it not wanting to damage the egg he made sure he wrapped it in his spare jacket.

" Bi Bi Dof "

" Woah Gligar what was that noise. Whatever it is when you see it get ready to use Posion Sting when you see it. Shoot on sight ".

" Bi Bi " The noise was getting louder now. Then suddenly a brown ferret like Pokemon jumped out the bushes. It was ready for a battle.

" Cool what's this Pokemon ". Bidoof. The Plump Mouse Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Bibarel. It constantly gnaws on logs and rocks to whittle down it's front teeth. It nests alongside water. " Hmm, that's funny the Bibarel in the Pokedex is a lot more Brownish then this one, must be a gender difference well let's put it in it's place, knocked out on the floor "!

" Bi Bi Doof ".

" Fine let's do this, go Gligar. It looks like a slow Pokemon fire Posion Sting straight at it ".

" Bi Do Doof ". It said in effort as it avoided the attack.

" It's a bit faster then I expected, Gligar sort that out use Sand-Attack ". The move was in vain though as Bidoof shrugged it off with a Growl attack. " Damn, come on Gligar fly up high then round in circles to confuse it ".

" Bi Bi ". Bidoof started moving around in all sorts of directions in confusion.

" Good, it's confused now Gligar start descending by spinning round and firing Posion Sting full pelt. If it connects follow it up with Sand-Attack ".
Bidoof was still moving around funnily, it soon snapped out of it and looked up, but it was too late a swarm of Posion needles connected with it sending it flying back into the bushes.

" Gligar return, you did well buddy you deserve some rest ". With a flash of red Gligar was returned to it's Pokeball. Harry started on his journey towards Viridian City once more, over the horizon Harry could see Viridian City. Harry ran the rest of the way there, he stood near the entrance gawping at the fantastic view.

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December 23rd, 2008, 6:09 PM
Bemertonboy - lol I should have seen this coming. There's some Bidoof on a route, so everyone takes it upon themselves to beat them up. Oh, please tell me that Harry was stupd enough to walk away from a shiny Biddof without catching it. And I suppose I'll let you have this second/third route one post seeing as the first one that actually said ROute one happened completely in Pallet Town.

Gligar grew to level 10 and learned Harden

December 23rd, 2008, 6:41 PM
OOC: Shhh I never said that the Shiny Bidoof was completely out of the equation.

Route 1 ( Finished ! )

As Harry saw the amazing view of Viridian City he released his partner Gligar, he wanted him to see the wonders of the world and how beautiful it could be.

Gligar heard some rustling in the bushes so jolted round to have a look. Harry followed suit.

" What is it Gligar ".

" Gli Gli Gar ".

Suddenly the hiding being jumped out of the bush it was the same Bidoof as earlier the one with the gone off colour.

" Oh not you again, what more do you want I've defeated you. I really do not want to capture you I mean your a Bidoof, everyone knows Bidoof's are weak and useless I don't need people laughing at me ".

" Biii Bi Dooooof ".

" Woah, calm down lovey it's only a commercial. Alright I'll give you one more battle and I'll capture you if your good enough okay ".

" Bi Bi ". Said the Bidoof in agreement.

Just as the battle between Gligar and Bidoof was about too begin something or someone came flying out the sky, and fell with a bump.

It announced " Jessie I know your angry but there's no need to throw me off the balloon ". The man was dressed in White with a big Red R in the middle of his upper clothing. " Oh a kid, To announce all evil oh wait that's not going to work with just me. Prepare to fight. Go Carnivine ".

Carnivine. The Bug - Catcher Pokemon. Hanging from branches using it's tentacles, It looks like a plant. It awaits prey, mouth wide open. " Wow that was so unexpected don't worry I'll protect you Bidoof, get behind me. Now I choose you Gligar ".

" Gli Gli ".

" Carnivine grab Gligar using Vine Whip ". Carnivine let out vines from it's waist they were heading towards Gligar fast.

" Gligar use your new move to fend it off, Harden go ". Gligar turned into a silvery glossened version of itself. The vines were no effect they just bounced off Gligar's Hardened body. " Now Gligar use Sand-Attack straight into it's face.

" Carnivine use bite and eat the sand ". As the sand approached carnivine it's mouth opened wide and it consumed the sand then fell to the ground wincing in pain.

" Ha, didn't I that sand had a few Posion needles in it. Now Gligar while it's defences are down finish it off with Posion Sting full strength ". As it connected with the Carnivine it blew up with the Pokemon and it's trainer flying through the sky.

" Aaaaaaahhhhh Team Rocket's blasting off again ". Then was a twinkle in the sky and the man and beast were long gone.

" Well Bidoof it's time for our battle ".

" Bi Bi ". It said shaking it's head.

" What you want to join the team without a battle "?

" Bi Doof ". It nodded it's head in excitement.

" Oh, okay I hope this works, go pokeball ". And with a red light Bidoof was engulfed into the Pokeball the ball started shaking it shook once twice...

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December 23rd, 2008, 7:23 PM
Ok, Bemertonboy, I have already given you three Route one posts when there were meant to be two, so a fourth is kinda pushing it a bit. I like the inclusion of TR, but unfortunately I'm afraid that you are not getting this shiny bidoof...yet...there's nothing to say that it won't pop up sometime in the future....

December 24th, 2008, 1:23 AM
OOC: I'll just make it quick.

Viridian City ?

And the ball shook for the Third time, ding Bidoof was captured.

" What I didn't actually want to catch you, I don't won't to be a laughing stock. I know I have an idea ". Harry picked Bidoof's Pokeball off the floor and said. " I choose you Bidoof ".

" Bi Bi Doof ".

" Alright Bidoof this is your Pokeball ". Harry then stood on the ball and it smashed into smitherines. " Bye Bidoof". Harry said moving slowly away from the Bidoof.

" Bi Bi ". It said with tears in it's eyes.

" Bye, don't bother following me ". Harry and gligar then made their way out of Route 1 finally they were on the outskirts of Viridian City. " Hey Gligar First thing I do here is heal you up ".

" Gli Gli Gar ". It panted as it said this obviously exhausted.

" Come on then ". Harry and Gligar then entered the Pokemon Center.

December 24th, 2008, 1:26 AM
After about half an hour of walking along trying to work out why the Rattata didn’t want to leave it’s herd to travel along with a future pokémon master, Yuki decided the Rattata was a ‘special’ case and couldn’t be helped. Yuki’s thoughts then turned to Eevee. If he was going to win the pokémon league this year, Eevee would have to level up a bit. Luckily, just as Yuki had this thought a wild Bidoof jumped out in front of him.

“Cool,” exclaimed Yuki happily, “You will be perfect for training. Go Eevee.”

Eevee erupted from her pokéball and gave a soft cry of “Eev.”

“You know what to do!” said Yuki confidently.

Unfortunately Eevee had never battled before, so she had no idea what to do. She ran over to the wild Bidoof, and Yuki smiled confidently. The smile disappeared as quickly as it came however, as Eevee began playing with the Bidoof. Unfortunately after hearing Yuki’s remarks, Bidoof was in no mood to play and tackled Eevee to the ground. Looking extremely put out, Eevee got to her feet.

“Well... tackle it back!” said Yuki impatiently. Eevee looked nervous, but launched into a tackle attack which knocked the Bidoof off of it’s feet.

“Good, now Tail whip,” called Yuki. Eevee wagged its tail in Bidoof’s face, the fluffy tail not only lowering the Bidoof’s defence but also sending the Bidoof into a sneezing fit.

“Great!” said Yuki, “Now finish it with a super powered tackle attack!” Despite the fact that Eevee had been trying her hardest for the entire battle, her trainer simply uttering the words “Super powered tackle” gave her a whole new sense of power! She charged forward into a tackle attack that sent the Bidoof flying backwards. When it landed it had fainted and Eevee had won.

“Great Job Eevee!” said yuki, not at all surprised that he had won his first battle so easily. He decided to leave the Bidoof, I mean how many pokémon masters have ever had a Bidoof in their team? No, Yuki was well above catching a Bidoof. Happy with this knowledge, Yuki continued on his way to Viridian City.

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December 24th, 2008, 5:44 AM
bemertonboy - yay, everyone's ditching their Bidoof!

slls81 - I really like what you're doing with this. Yuki just summarises Mary-Sueness

Eevee grew to level 7

Everyone - 3 people have now completed Route 1 so Viridian will be up soon.

December 24th, 2008, 5:53 AM
Yay! I sure hope I don't run into Bidoof again.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 24th, 2008, 6:03 AM
Oh, a small note first. I should have mentioned this before, but I will, for the most part, be controlling when Team Rocket appears. If a random grunt appears to try and steal your Pokémon, that’s fine, but for major appearances and for Jessie, James and Meowth, I’ll be telling you where and when you can find them. Don’t worry, they’ll be making regular appearances, though they will be mostly optional.

Viridian City
1-3 posts

What to do…

In a city you cannot battle wild Pokémon and can only battle trainers in certain places, such as gyms. For each city, I’ll briefly list what there is to do.

Interesting places to see:

A suspicious shop – As you enter Viridian, you notices a shop that seems to be full of Pokémon, being run by a man with blue hair and a woman with long red hair. They have a Meowth, but there’s nothing special about it…wait, did it just speak? (this is OPTIONAL)

If you do battle them, these will be their teams:


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d3/Spr_4d_023.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_023.png)
Level: 2
Moves: Wrap, Leer


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/33/Spr_4d_109.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_109.png)
Level: 2
Moves: Poison Gas, Tackle

Viridian City Gym – the gym leader doesn’t seem to be here. I bet you didn’t expect that…

Pokémon Centre – Heal your Pokémon for free with Nurse Joy! You can also stay overnight here for free.

Pokémon Mart – Buy potions, Pokeballs, antidotes, paralyz heal, burn heal, ice heal and awakening here.

December 24th, 2008, 7:20 AM
Rival meeting. already!!!

Sergio was standing in front of the board saying: Route 1 journey is about to begin.
Sergio took a deep breath and made his first step into the route.
He walked a bit into the route and then started seeing some pokemon a pidgey, a ratata even a strange colored bidoof.

“Hold it right there you you’re my new rival from now on I’ll fight whenever I see you.”, A strange voice said.
Sergio turned around and saw a boy with blond hair, blue eyes and dressed like a homeless person.

“Well o..ooo.ookay if you want tooooo fight we…we.wweee will fight”, Sergio replied stuttering as always it was a habit he always talked like that when he talked to a stranger.

Both of them threw a pokeball in the air.
A little blue-ish fighting pokemon came out of Sergio’s pokeball and a purple monkey came out of the boy’s pokeball.

Riolu the aura pokemon it’s attacks are quick attack, foresight and endurance.
Aipom the monkey pokemon It uses its tail to pluck fruits that are out of reach. Its tail is more adapt than its real hands.

“Okay riolu use your quick attack on that monkey”, Sergio said the adrenaline had taken over his shy-ness and made him not shy any more.
It was a hit perfectly aipom was flying in the air.
“aipom land on your tail and use scratch”, the boy ordered.
“dodge”, Sergio said but it was already too late “Use your foresight and then quick attack again”
The attacks worked now one of the attack of aipom will be intercepted and used against him aipom was almost knocked out just one final blow.

“Aipom blind him use your sand attack”, the boy commanded.
All the sand got in the eye of the riolu he could not see anything this was aipom’s chance he scratched riolu without mercy.
“what is aura how is aura going to help me riolu is taking to much damage”, Sergio was meditating thinking about a way to attack aipom. “I know!!! Riolu use quick attack while circling enough and when the wind has blown the sand from your eyes attack aipom full power.”

This plan was good really good (too good) so good that the aipom fainted it was over.
“Come back aipom that was a nice battle” ,the boy told his aipom.
“Come back riolu”, Sergio said proudly

“That was a nice battle my first defeat but it made me learn some things and by the way my name is Jeffrey don’t forget it because I am your rival from now on”, Jeffrey told Sergio and he left running.

Sergio looked at his pokeball which contained riolu “looks like we already made friends right riolu and that was awesome hope this is not our last battle in this route”

To be continued

December 24th, 2008, 8:00 AM
OOC: @ Alipeewee: How shall we end in Viridian. On our way to Route 2.
@ Serginho: What my rival's Pokemon is Aipom. And why have you put that there is a shiny Bidoof in Route 1 exactly like in mine.

Viridian City

" Hey Gligar, look there's the Pokemon Center let's go get you healed up ".

" Gli Gli ". Said Gligar excitidly in agreement.

" Return Gligar ". A Red light was released from a Pokeball and Gligar returned into his Pokeball. Harry then entered the Pokemon Center. Harry was in shock at how big the inside was it looked much smaller on the outside.

" Hello, how may I help you ". Said a young woman behind the desk, she was wearing a Nurse uniform, and next to her what appeared to be her Pokemon partner, a Chansey.

" Wow a Chansey ". Harry replied more interested in the Pokemon then the Nurse. Chansey. The egg Pokemon. The Evolved form of Happiny and Pre-Evolved form of Blissey. It lay's several eggs a day and won't share them with those with evil in their hearts. " Woops sorry what were you talking about ". He said snapping back into the real world ".

" Ah, kids these days never paying attention. I was saying whether there was anything I could help you with. By the way I'm Nurse Joy of Viridian City ".

" Oh, my name's Harry and I'm from Pallet Town and I'm going to be a Pokemon master ".

" Okay, that's nice I haven't heard that One in a while. Now please answer my question or get out can I help you with anything ".

" Calm down lovie. Anyways can I reserve a room for tonight ".

" Yeah sure. Come back later and ask for Room 109 reservation name, calm down lovie ".

" Thanks also can you heal my Gligar for me ". Harry said handing over a Pokeball containing his Gligar. Can you also take a look at my Pokemon egg ".

" Alright then go take a seat in the waiting room, it will take Five minutes to heal your Gligar and I'm sorry but I have no authority on Pokemon eggs. Your better off asking Professor Elm of the Johto Region, he's the real authority about Pokemon Evolution/Eggs ".

Harry then preceeded to wait for Nurse Joy to move into the waiting room. After about Ten or so minutes Nurse Joy entered the waiting room and handed Harry his Pokeball containing Gligar then walked off. Harry followed suit but he walked all the way out of the Pokemon Center and out into the depths of Viridian City.

Harry noticed a strange building with a large sign saying: Pokemon Shop. For all your Pokemon needs. It looked suspicious Harry decided as a Pokemon Trainer it was his duty to protect the World, so he decided to go check it out. He then entered the strange shop and saw alot of caged up Pokemon some rare some not. Two strange people in weird un-natural outfits and a very Meowth like looking child were running the shop.

" Hello there young one how may we help you ". Said the Woman.

" Wait ". The man suddenly noticed something about the young boy. " Jessie this is the child who wiped out my Twin Brother and his Carnivine at Route 1 ".

" We better wipe him out let me do the honours. Ekans get out here and take care of this twerp ". She said throwing a Pokeball which eventually release a snake like Pokemon.

" Let's do this, go Gligar ".

" Gli Gli Gar ".

Ekans. The snake Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Ekans. It sneaks through grass without making a sound and strikes unsuspecting prey from behind.

" Ekans he looks weak destroy him with get close and use wrap ".

" Gligar dodge it by flying up high ". Ekans gained speed and approached Gligar trying to reach out for it, but Gligar flew up high out of reach. " Right now fire Posion Sting straight at it ". The attack connected but was not effective. " Hmm we'll have to try something different ".

" Now Ekans get underneath him and use Leer to put him off guard ".

" Deflect it off by using Harden ". Ekans let a Yellowish light out of it's eyes straight at Gligar, but it was shrugged off by harden. " Gligar keep using and Harden and fall on top of Ekans ". Gligar in it's hard shell fell on top of the weak Ekans immediatly knocking it out ".

" Return Ekans, James this twerps tough you better finish this off ".

" Okay Jessie, here goes I choose you Koffing ".

Koffing. The Posion Gas Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Weezing. Lighter-than-air gases keep it's body afloft. The gases not only smell, they are also explosive.

" Koffing hmm, looks like we need another tactic Gligar ". Harry looked up at the beam above Koffing. " Come on Gligar before Koffing has time to move fly up high and fire Posion Sting full pelt at the beam until it falls ". After about Five seconds the beam fell on top of the Koffing, the man, the woman and the child? Causing an explosion to erupt with the trio smashing through the roof he, all could see and hear was:

" Team Rocket's blasting off again, Meowth that's right ". And then there was a flash of light they could be seen no more.

" Return Gligar, come on mate lets go back to the Pokemon Center and rest up ". Harry and Gligar returned to the Pokemon Center and said to Nurse Joy. " I have a reservation Room 109 name calm down lovie.

" Here you go lovie ". she said with a wink and handed Harry the key. He then pressed the button on the elevator and made his way up to the Tenth floor. Harry walked down the corridor and entered room a door that was labeled 9. Harry chucked all his stuff on the floor and settled down on the bed, he fell asleep almost immediatly.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 24th, 2008, 8:20 AM
Serginho - nice post, watch out for your grammr and spelling though. use a word processor to check if you're not confident.

Riolu grew to level 7 and learned Counter

OOC: @ Alipeewee: How shall we end in Viridian. On our way to Route 2.".

yeah, just end each area looking towards the next place

" Jessie this is the child who wiped out my Twin Brother and his Carnivine at Route 1 ".

lol, nice save

Gligar grew to level 13 and learned Knock Off

December 24th, 2008, 8:33 AM
Yeah I thought it was quite good.

And knock-off hey I've got big plans for that. ;)

December 24th, 2008, 9:47 AM
@bemertonboy i'm sorry but i did not read your post thenext time my rival have depositted the aipom and i promise i wont catch the bidoof

Commander pidgey

Sergio kept on walking toward the end of the route, his feet had started to ache.
(ooc= Riolu will stay out of his pokeball because he likes to protect Sergio and doesn’t want to leave him by himself). “Riolu what do you think shall we rest a little bit”, Sergio asked his companion.
He nodded and they both sat down underneath a tree.

A few hours later they woke up it was really dark and Sergio stood up. “Riolu did you hear that”, Sergio talked to the still sleeping pokemon. Sergio repeated his question this time he yelled at his pokemon.

This was not good the pokemon in the route all woke up except the ratata but they are night pokemon.
Before he noticed a whole swarm of pidgey had come to Sergio and Riolu. They all attacked Riolu.
“Stop it”, Sergio yelled trying to stop them but then the leader off the group stopped his group and challenged Riolu to a battle.

“Riolu use quick attack”, Sergio commanded his pokemon the attack was critical.
The pidgey used sand attack but then Riolu dodged and did a move completely new to him and almost whipped the pidgey out (ooc it is not necessary for pidgey to be level 5 if I catch it)

Riolu learned a new move counter this was what the pokedex said

The pidgey quickly flew behind Riolu and attacked with a tackle attack he repeated this several times and quickly so that Riolu couldn’t fight back.
“Riolu use endurance”, Sergio ordered this way he was sure that Riolu would not faint. “Now wait until the pidgey is tired than counter with your quick attack”
This was a good command and almost fainted the pidgey

“Go pokeball”, Sergio yelled while throwing a pokeball to the almost fainted leader of the group all the other pidgey flew away terrified and it was still dark which gave an exciting feeling about the pokeball shaking from left to right.

Will pidgey stay free or will it go with Sergio stay tuned

Elite Champion
December 24th, 2008, 9:52 AM



December 24th, 2008, 11:07 AM
OOC: @ Serginho: Thanks shows why you should read the other RP'ers post it might give you idea's and might warn you off doing something that they've already done. Thanks anyway I hope you read mine now I'll sure be reading yours.

The Return Of ???

" Gli Gli Gar Gar ". Gligar shouted trying to wake Harry up someone or something had broken in during the night.

" Whhaaaaaattt ". Harry yawned. He then noticed a small hole in the door it had been gnawed at by a Pokemon say about the size of a ferret. As soon as he saw this Harry snapped out of his trance. His First thought was to check his egg to make sure it was okay. He checked through his bag everything was there and the egg was in top condition.

" Hmmm, Gligar me and you are going to search this room together. You see anything and I mean anything suspicious fire on sight, use posion sting ".

" Gli Gli ". It said in agreement.

" Hey Gligar, how about after this kerfuffle and when we get out of this City we go and catch you a new Pokemon friend ".

" Gli Gli Gar ". Gligar then jolted around it had heard a noise.

" What is it Gligar ".

" Gli Gli ". He said nodding in the direction of the wardrobe.

" That's funny, there's bite marks on the handle. Anyway Gligar on the count of Three I will open the door and you will fire Posion Sting full pelt no matter what's in there okay ".

" Gli Gli Gar ".

" Okay then One, Two and Three ". Gligar then let out Posioned Needles in One dirction, straight, at the wardrobe. A very faint cry of:

" Bi Bi ". Could be heard Gligar had caught the same " Sick " Bidoof from before straight in the face it was lying on the floor barely conscious.

" Oh for God's sake, you again I didn't want to catch you before, so what makes you think you can waltz in here thrash my room and think I'll take you along with me ? Well your wrong ".

" Bi Bi Doof ". It said angrily and flew at Gligar with a strong Tackle attack. Knocking Gligar out cold.

" You ". Harry said pointing at Bidoof. Harry then ran and kicked Bidoof sending it flying out the window. Harry thought it best to grab his things and leave before Nurse Joy charged him for the damages.

So, Harry grabbed his things returned Gligar and made his way downstairs ".

" Hello cutie, hope you had a good night's sleep ".

" Yeah thanks. Night was good no problems can you just heal my Gligar, and I'll be off ". " Wow I'm starting to think Nurse Joy has the hots for me, I better stay away from here ".

" Yeah okay, thanks it'll take about Five minutes please wait in the waiting room ". She said whilst taking Gligar's Pokeball from the hand of Harry.

" Yeah yeah I know the drill you say Five minutes and it takes like Fifteen, then you annoy me somehow and I storm out of here , then next time I talk to you you pretend it never happened ".

" Oh okay I just try to be friendly ". She replyed with tears in her eyes.

Harry then preceeded into the waiting room. This time it took just Five minutes, and Nurse Joy handed him the Pokeball without saying anything to him. Harry then walked out of the Pokemon Center and released Gligar from his ball.

" Gli Gar ".

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 24th, 2008, 11:33 AM
Ok, can I say now - if you are not making an actual Roleplay post, please post in the OOC thread, NOT this thread. anyway, to rating the one actual proper post :|

Serginho - Ok, I got a couple of tips for you:

-first, check spelling and grammar, with a word processor or online program. If you can't et either of these, just ask someone else to read it over for you. Proof-reading can eliminate most of your mistakes.

-second, add as much detail as possible. Rather than just saying that Pidgey challenged Riolu, say what it did,something along the lines of: "Pidgey stepped forwards and beckoned with its wing, with a ruthless glint in its eye." It makes your posts a lot more enjoyable to read ;)

-finally, try not to make OOC comments in the middle of the post, as it really disrupts the flow. Make them at the end if necessary, or tell me about them through what you say in character.

But, your general ideas are good, and you've got great potential :D So....

Riolu grew to level 9

Bemertonboy - wow, you're being mean to Nurse Joy. How low can you get?

December 24th, 2008, 12:03 PM
After heading to the pokémon center and having Eevee healed by nurse Joy, Yuki decided to explore Viridian. Naturally, he headed straight to the Gym which was... closed.

“Damn,” said Yuki, “What kind of Gym is closed? I totally didn’t see that coming!”

He quickly got over his disappointment however, and looked around the City some more. He headed into a nearby shop that advertised fulfilling ‘all your pokémon needs’. Walking inside Yuki saw two people standing at the desk with a Meowth. Without Yuki even introducing himself, they burst into a sort of motto.

“Prepare for trouble,”
“Make it double,”
“To protect the world from devastation,”
“To unite all peoples within our nation,”
“To denounce the evils of truth and love,”
“To extend our reach to the stars above,”
“Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light,”
“Surrender now or prepare to fight,”
“Meowth thats right!”

“Did that Meowth just talk?” asked Yuki.

“And what of it?” asked the Meowth.

“Look kid scram!” said the blue haired man.

“Well I don’t want to impose,” said Yuki politely, turning to leave. He walked out of the shop and made his way to the pokémart. As he came from a wealthy he had plenty of money that his parents had ‘given’ him before he had set out on his journey. He decided to buy a few extra pokéballs and a couple of potions to help him on his journey. Deciding Viridian City was a really boring place, he headed out of town towards Route 2.

December 24th, 2008, 12:44 PM
Who Else Is Returning ?

" Hi Gligar I missed you for that brief period. I'm sure we'll be seeing that weird Bidoof again soon and next time I'll make sure he won't bother us again. It's so embarassing having a weak looking Pokemon followig you about ". Crack crick crack. " What was that noise ". He looking at Gligar.

" Gli Gar ". It said pointing it's wing in the direction of Harry's backpack. Harry opened his bag his egg had a crack in it. His egg was very close to hatching.

" Oh my goodness Gligar my egg is close to hatching I wonder what Pokemon it will be ". I hope it's quite a rare Pokemon, thank God for that Spaceman I wonder if I'll ever see him again.

" Hey Harry, long time no see ". Harry turned around to see a nice suprise it was, Johnny.

" Johnny ". Harry exclaimed. " I haven't seen you since the First day of our Pokemon journey's and our memorable battle ".

" Yeah good times how about another One ".

" What, a journey I'm still on One ".

" No not another journey another battle One on One ".

" Alright Johnny bring it ".

" Harry you're going down this time. I choose you Aipom ".

" Come take him down Gligar ".

" Aipom, you start this One off, jump up high then come flying down and hit Gligar on the wings by using Tail-Whip ".

" Gligar counter with your new move use Knock-off ". As Aipom came flying with speed at Gligar, Gligar's tail turned into a shining white colour a fang shaped item flew off of it, the move also sent Aipom onto the back foot.

" Hey Harry this is a Razor Fang ". He said while chucking the item at Harry. " You'll need it to evolve your Gligar ".

" Gee thanks Johnny, but it doesn't mean I'll go easy on you ".

" Harry, I wouldn't want it any other way, Aipom jump up and use Scratch".

" Gligar let's treat him the same as Ekans use Harden then land on him ". The Harden attack send Aipom flying down to the floor almost knocked out, then it Hardened again and fell on top of Aipom knocking it out completely.

" Aipom return. Harry your stronger than I thought. We better not keep talking because Aipom's really hurt ". " Bye Harry".

" Bye. You stay out Gligar that was a great job, I think we'll hold off evolving you until you really need it . Come on let's make our way to Route 2 ". Harry and Gligar made their way out of Viridian City and walked down an alleyway there they saw a sign, it read : Route 2, on the way to Viridian Forest.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 24th, 2008, 1:10 PM
Damn, i forgot to say - Serginho, Pidgey is yours :D

Segio caught a level 3 Male Pidgey (Adamant Nature)

Bemertonboy - what, a Gary-Stu got given a valuable item for no reason :O I wouldn't have seen that coming ;)

Gligar grew to level 14

Slls81 - lol at Yuki. He can't even recognise a failing team of criminal when they're dancing in front of him.

December 24th, 2008, 1:38 PM
Wow I really need to catch some Pokemon. Are you going to put some cool Pokemon in on Route 2 and Viridian Forest: I've got some suggestions you don't need to use them.

Route 2 :


Viridian Forest :



I think putting one of th Grass starters in would be cool.

Elite Champion
December 26th, 2008, 3:18 PM
When JR reached viridian he felt cold and tired.

"Lets go to the pokemon center rose we'll heal you up ang get a bed". Ever since the bidoof battle rose had been allowed to walk around outside of her pokemon.

Once his pokemon was healed he decided to take a quick look around the city.

As he wondered off into the top part of the city he seen a pokemon gym.he summoned up his courage and walked over.

"not so fast" said a voice from behind him.

Feeling puzzled Jr looked around.

"And just do you think you are"

but the girl gave a cold smile and pulled out a pokemon.


A small elephant like pokemon jumped out from the pokeball.

"Go Rose"

"dra dra" Rose cried and started charging a zap.

"Phanpy use rollout" a large stone started speeding towards Rose.

"Rose zap it" rose released a thunder way stopping the stone.

"Rose charge a zap then put the wrap around it.

Rose jumped up and flung itself so hard at phanpy that he was badly injured.

Luckily thoe he knocked out phanpy

"phanpy return"

The girl gave jr a cold smile before saying "there aint no gym leader" and walked away slyly.

Jr ran to the pokemon center,healed up then went to bed.

December 26th, 2008, 3:50 PM
Yay 3 out of 4 RPer's done Viridian City. I smell Route 2 soon.

@ Elite Champion: You do know the move you call " Zap " is actually Thunder Wave, and it doesn't hurt Pokemon let alone knock out a Phanphy which it is ineffective againest.

EDIT: Woop !! 50th post.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 27th, 2008, 4:01 AM
Okay, Bemertonboy, I have said this before: Do not post in this thread unless you are actually posting a part of your roleplay

Oh and, actually, two people have finished Viridian - you and Slls81. Elite Champion is in Viridian and Serginho is just about to enter it.


Elite Champion - bemertonboy was in fact correct regarding your battle. Also, You're not really meant to battle randomly in cities - only in certain areas (Gyms or where you find TR) - so no experience, I'm afraid. Other than that, good post.

December 27th, 2008, 9:39 AM
Enter viridian city.

Left, right, left, right ping.

“Yeah I caught myself a pidgey, Go Sergio go Sergio you’re the best you’re the best go Sergio go Sergio”, Sergio celebrated dancing all dances he could even, Riolu was dancing.
“No time for celebrating let’s go to do pokemon center quickly they are all hurt”, Sergio said talking to himself.

Sergio and Riolu ran quickly to viridian city they ignored every pokemon they saw and then they finally got in a city. “Wow this is my first time in a city it is awesome it is beautiful it is …… let’s go to the pokemon center quickly”, Sergio almost blacked out he was so nervous when he finally got to the pokemon center he was sweating. “Nu…nu…rrr..se what is your name can you heal my pokemon please they are almost fainted”, Sergio asked . “Sure and my name is Joy you can rent a room if you had like it’s free”, Joy said.

“Thank you very much’, Sergio said enthusiastic and he ran to bed quickly and slept as a rock.

OOC: I made this one short but if there are still grammar mistakes blame it on an old version of word ++ what level is my pidgey in

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 27th, 2008, 9:55 AM
Serginho - Yeah, the spelling is all correct now and there are only a few grammar mistakes - much better. Overall, good post. I edited the original post with your pidgey's level and its also in the OOC thread.

December 27th, 2008, 10:49 AM
Pokemon double battle!!!

Sergio woke up at 8 am in the morning. “Yawn, that was a well night sleep and yesterday was the best day ever obtaining aura (nickname riolu) and wings (nickname pidgey)”, Sergio was talking to himself as always, while doing this he was getting dressed. He was looking at his belly. “It is getting smaller finally, in a year I will no longer be the fat-boy but the handsome small boy”

He ran downstairs to Nurse Joy. “Can I have my pokemon back please”, Sergio asked as polite as possible he was getting a crush on her with her curly pink hair. “Sure here you go”, Nurse Joy said while handing over the two pokeball. “Go aura”, Sergio said while a red light shaped aura.

“Aura what do you think about us going to that shop we saw yesterday”, Sergio asked his companion. Aura nodded and smiled.

In a fraction of a second they were in the shop. “Hello, Hello!!!!!”, Sergio yelled.

Prepare for trouble
And make it double

“is the tax 50% in here if that is so I will leave right now”, Sergio said astonished about the tax.

“No we are a really bad organisation called team rocket and we are going to steal your pokemon”, A man with blue hair said.

“Yeah we are stealing your pokemon”, a meowth said. “Did that meowth just talk and no you are not stealing my pokemon if I have something to say about it.

“Yeah I talked and I’m doing it again”, the meowth replied. “Don’t act dumb young men I, Jessie see that you are here to disturb our plans so Go ekans”, The rocket grunt apparently named Jessie told Sergio with a griesly glow in her eyes.

“Yeah go koffing”, The rocket grunt with blue hair said. “Two against one is not fair so I will make it fair go wings”, Sergio said he was rather confident totally against his shy nature.
“Koffing tackle attack on that pidgey”, the team rocket grunt with blue hair said.
“Ekans wrap that riolu”, the team rocket grunt named Jessie said

“Quick attack aura on the ekans and wings dodge and use your tackle on the koffing”, Sergio said focused. The attacks Sergio commanded was hit Riolu made the weak ekans faint but pidgey who dodged and attacked koffing did not faint him.

“Arg Jessie your ekans this is not good koffing poison gas on pidgey”, The grunt with blue hair said. Sergio’s wings was poisoned. “Quick attack aura faint him”, Sergio ordered his pokemon. The foe koffing fainted.

Team rocket’s blasting off again.

“Well aura that was strange let’s head back to the pokemon center wings is poisoned’, Sergio told aura while withdrawing his wings.

to be continued

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 27th, 2008, 11:36 AM
Serginho - nice post. Less grammar errors, but you should still proof-read as some of the english is a little awkward

Aura grew to level 11 and learned Forcepalm

Wings grew to level 5 and learned Sand Attack

Elite Champion
December 28th, 2008, 11:51 AM
I know im not suppost to pst but that was TR sorry for not saying that.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 28th, 2008, 2:30 PM
EDIT: okay, Elite Champion has dropped out, so there is room for one more Roleplayer, if anybody would like to take Dratini!

December 29th, 2008, 2:52 PM
So if EliteChampion has dropped out that leaves Three players and Two out of Three of us have done Viridian so how about Route 2.


I'm sorry I posted in here it's just I don't want to double post in the OOC thread.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 29th, 2008, 3:18 PM
Route 2 (part i)
1-2 posts

This is a short route almost completely devoid of trainers, leading from Viridian City to Viridian Forest. It’s mainly home to useless and weak Pokémon.

What to do…
In a route, you can do three main things – catch Pokémon, find items or battle trainers. Of course, you can do almost anything else as well – y’know, free will and all that.

A note on catching Pokémon
You end the post when the Pokémon is sucked into the ball and its rocking from side to side. I’ll then judge your post based on the quality of the battle and the rarity of the Pokémon, and say whether or not you caught the Pokémon depending on that. If you do catch it, its level depends on post quality and rarity too.

These are the Pokémon that can be found and hence caught on this route. Standard Route 2, standard basic Pokémon.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/f3/Spr_4d_016.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_016.png)
Level – 3 - 7
Moves – Tackle, Sand-Attack (level 5 and up)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/5/50/Spr_4d_019_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_019_m.png)
Level – 3 - 6
Moves – Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Level 4 and up)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity – Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/93/Spr_4d_010.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_010.png)
(http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_010.png)Level – 4 - 5
Moves – Tackle, String Shot
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Uncommon


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/1/12/Spr_4d_013.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_013.png)
Level – 4 - 5
Moves – Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Uncommon

And for fun, one less standard Pokémon:

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/4/47/Spr_4d_167.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_167.png)
Level – 2 – 5
Moves – Poison Sting, String Shot, Scary Face (level 5)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Rare

I’ll do this in most areas where Pokémon are available to catch – there will be the normal Kanto Pokémon and one, maybe two from Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh.


Rarity relates to how could your post must be in order to catch it, in a similar way to how shinys require better battle posts.

December 29th, 2008, 3:47 PM
Upon reaching Route Two Yuki decided to let his Eevee run around for a little while, she would like that. Unfortunately after about thirty seconds of Eevee being let out, Yuki became distracted. When he looked back to where Eevee had been she was gone. On such a small Route Yuki didn’t worry too much, he would find her... after all how could he become a pokémon master if he had no pokémon?

After a short time searching Yuki found Eevee. Eevee was out in a clearing curiously watching a Caterpie crawl by and what it did. The caterpie stopped at a mushroom and started munching on it as Eevee lay in the grass observing. Yuki was completely confused as to why his pokémon was watching the Caterpie rather than battling it. All of a sudden, the Caterpie stopped eating and started frantically looking around, like it was nervous about something. Eevee was confused by the Caterpie’s sudden behavior. Then all of a sudden, the Caterpie used string shot on a nearby tree to hoist itself onto one of the trees branches. Eevee was now upset and completely confused, she looked back at her trainer for an explanation. Yuki could only shrug his shoulders, as he had no idea why the Caterpie was so jumpy. Then from behind him, Yuki heard a loud buzzing noise.

“Oh no a swarm of Beedrill!” yelled Yuki, even though this was highly unlikely as he had not reached Viridian Forest. In his state of panic, Yuki returned Eevee to her pokéball before diving head first into a nearby bush. From his hiding place he saw the cause of the commotion, a young girl and her Beedrill walked casually past the bush he was hiding in on their way to Viridian Forest. After the girl and her Beedrill had left, the Caterpie made its way back down the tree. Seeing an opportunity Yuki jumped out from his hiding place.

“Go Eevee!” he yelled unnecessarily loudly. Eevee erupted out of her pokéball and looked at the Caterpie confused.

“That’s the Caterpie that ran away from you earlier!” Yuki told Eevee, even though Caterpie had only been hiding because it sensed a Beedrill nearby, “It’s time for revenge!”

The Caterpie looked at Yuki confused, and because Caterpie was looking at Yuki it didn’t see Eevee charging towards it. Eevee’s tackle hit dead on and sent Caterpie flying back into the tree it had just crawled out of. Caterpie struggled back to its feet, until...

“Again!” Yuki cried. Once again Eevee rammed into Caterpie and slammed it into the tree trunk. Once again Caterpie struggled back to its feet, but this time launched into a tackle attack of its own. Eevee nimbly moved aside to dodge it however, and then retaliated with a tackle attack of her own. Once again, Caterpie was sent flying into the exact same tree.

Seeing his chance Yuki threw a pokéball at Caterpie, accompanied by the obligatory “Pokeball Go!” of course. The pokéball hit Caterpie and sucked the small bug inside. The ball then began rocking gently...

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 29th, 2008, 4:02 PM
You said the obligatory "Pokeball go!" so you get the obligatory "ding!"

Yuki caught a level 5 Male Docile Caterpie

December 29th, 2008, 4:23 PM
Route Two.

" Hey read that Gligar we're on Route Two, that means we're close to Viridian Forest once we're through there it's hello Pewter City and the Boulderbadge ". Harry said excitidly.

" Gli Gli Gar ". Replied Gligar.

" Come on Gligar lets get to Viridian Forest ". Harry and his Gligar preceeded to make their way towards Viridian Forest Harry noted in his mind that alot of the trees were shaking. " Gligar I'm getting scared, how about we run ".

" Gli Gli gar ". Harry returned Gligar to his Pokeball then started running towards the vast forest. Just then a Green worm like Pokemon fell out of a tree on top of Harry hair.

" Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ". Harry screamed as he was trying to shake the worm off his head, Once the worm came off his head he scanned it with his Pokedex.

The worm Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Metapod. It releases a stench from it's Red antenna to repel enemies. It grows by molting repedetly.

" Cool, it's a Caterpie, let's catch this guy. I choose you Gligar ".

" Gli Gli ". It said as it came flying out it's Pokeball.

" Cat Cat Er Pie ".

" Come on Gligar fly up then dive and spin whilst using Posion Sting ". Gligar then flew up into the sky then dived letting out Posion needles whilst spinning, but Caterpie countered by firing String Shot at the needles. " Alright she's tougher then she looks Fly down then use Sand-Attack ". Gligar flew down then scraped it's feet sending sand into the face of the Caterpie. Caterpie then started walking around in weird directions.

" Alright Gligar while it's guard is down Harden then fall on top of her ". Gligar hardened it's body then started to fall on to the dazed Caterpie. But Caterpie reacted quick enough to move out of Gligar's way meaning Gligar took damage when it hit the ground. Gligar layed still on the floor. " Come on Gligar get up buddy ". Gligar then got up but flinched whilst doing so. " Alright I think he's weak enough for this to work, Gligar glide down low then use Knock-Off ".

Gligar used it's wings to go low then glide into the path of the Caterpie, it's tail then went a funny shade of bright white and as it connected with Caterpie and send it to the floor with the only signs of live remaining were the little Black squiggles in it's eyes. " Alright he's out for the count, alright let's capture her go Pokeball! The ball flew towards the Caterpie and with a flash of Red Caterpie was engulfed into the ball and it started shaking....

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 29th, 2008, 4:26 PM
Huzzah for Caterpie. Everybody always seems to love them...why no love for weedle? ;-;

Harry caught a level 5 female lonely Caterpie

December 29th, 2008, 11:38 PM
Ooc: I’m Dutch I forgot to tell you so that’s why my English is awkward++++ I'm planning to catch weedle so that I get an o so dangerous beedrill

Out of viridian city. Into a battle

“Nurse Joy nurse joy hurry heal my wings please he is poisoned”, Sergio said worried about wings. “Sure, but it will take a while you should go and take a seat on the bench”, Nurse joy said. “okay thank you and can you heal aura to thank you”, Sergio told nurse Joy.

While going toward the bench he saw a familiar face it was Jeffrey. “Yo Jeffrey how are you doing, caught any new pokemon”, Sergio said excited. “Yeah I’m doing fine and I have two new pokemon and I released aipom I now have a tediursa and a hoothoot.”, Jeffrey informed Sergio. “Wow a tediursa and a hoothoot aren’t they from johto”, Sergio asked. “Let’s say that I know someone”, Jeffrey said mysteriously.

“I wanted to ask you Jeffrey when our next fight is since we are rivals now and you know”, Sergio said anxious. “As soon as possible we are rivals and I have to show you my new pokemon so let’s say at route 2 today meet me there as soon as you get your pokemon”, Jeffrey said arranging the battle and Jeffrey left heading to route 2.

“Sergio your pokemon are in good health here you go”, Joy said. “Thank you very much Nurse Joy see you later”, Sergio said and he ran out of the pokemon center onward route 2 upon seeing route 2 he stopped and took a few deep breathes.

To be continued.

December 30th, 2008, 5:04 AM
Viridian Forest ?

The ball shook Once it shook twice it shook for the Third and final time and ding it was caught.

" Yeah, I caught a Caterpie ".

" Gli Gar Gli ".

" Come on Gligar let's make our way to Viridan Forest ". Harry and Gligar were walking slowly towards what they thought was Viridian Forest. " Hey, look Gligar it's the entrance to Viridian Forest ". There was a sign on a nearby tree saying. Viridian Forest. The home of bug Pokemon and bugcatchers. WARNING don't enter without Antidotes. " Haha, Gligar a warning that's not going to stop us is it ".

" Gligar ". He said in agreement.

" Stop right there ". Said a young looking kid in dungarees.

" Who are you ".

" My name's Bugsy and I'm a Gym Leader from the region of Johto, I command Bug type Pokemon and I'm here to show you why you should obey signs like that ". Bugsy said whilst taking a Pokeball from his pocket.

" Alright then little kid I chose you Caterpie ". Said Harry throwing her Pokeball towards the battlefield, Caterpie then emerged it' Pokeball ".

" Pi Pi ".

" Haha what a weak Pokemon I eat Caterpie's for breakfast ". Harry then burst into tears holding his side he was laughing so much.

" Haha you eat bugs for breakfast your a right weirdo ".

Bugsy was starting to get annoyed. " I'll pulverize you Two on Two I choose you Weedle ".

The Hairy Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Kakuna. It eats it's weight in leaves everyday. It fends off attackers with the needle on it's head.

" Alright Caterpie let's go fire string shot ". Caterpie let a silky substance out of it's rear in the direction of Weedle.

" Weedle straight back at it use String Shot ". Weedle did the same as Caterpie the two silky substances met in the middle and turned into a big silk ball.

" Caterpie we can win this One ram the ball using Tackle ". Caterpie jumped and hit the ball quite hard sending it straight into Weedle knocking it out in the process ".

" No, Weedle. Oh well you won't take this guy out I choose you Scyther ". Out came a mantis like Pokemon.

The Mantis Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Scizor. It is nearly impossible to parry it's attacking scythes. It's movements are like a ninja's.

" Hmm this might be a problem if he's as fight as a ninja we might be in trouble, alright let' slow him down Caterpie use String shot ". The same silky substance was flying towards Scyther at a high speed ".

" Alright how easy Scyther use Fury Cutter to cut through it then use Vacuum Wave ". As the string flew towards Scyther he dispatched it with ease he hardened his cutters then sliced through the string. Then Scyther flew up high and fluttered his wings making a wave of wind, it then fired at Caterpie flipping her over.

" Hang in there Caterpie you can do this ". Caterpie got up but winced in the process ".

" Scyther let's finish this use Aerial Ace ". Scyther flew towards caterpie at quite a pace and hit it with it's cutter's. Caterpie remained on the floor motionless and knocked out.

" You've defeated Caterpie but you haven't faced my strongest Pokemon yet, I choose you Gligar ". Gligar flew from Harry's side on to the battlefield Scyther followed suit by flying up high. " He's quite weak now Gligar it won't take you long ".

" Scyther fly at him fast and use Aerial Ace ". Scyther was flying fast to fast too dodge there was only One way out of it.

" Gligar use Harden ". Gligar hardened and Scyther smashed into Gligar, Gligar was too strong Scyther fell from a height he was falling to the ground. " Gligar finish this fly after him and smash him into the tree by using Knock-Off ". Gligar swooped down at pace then smashed Scyther into the tree koncking him out ".

" No, not Scyther ".

" Yes now can I pass into the forest ".

" Yes you may ".

Harry sprayed a Potion into Caterpie Pokeball then walked into the forest.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 30th, 2008, 6:40 AM
Serginho - Nice post, just insert a few commas to make your writing flow more easily. But, who is this mysterious 'someone' that Jeffery knows?

Bemertonboy - Nice battle, but I'm afraid you don't get a hive badge :P

Caterpie grew to level 7 and can now evolve to Metapod

Gligar grew to level 16 and learned Quick Attack

December 30th, 2008, 8:06 AM
to weedle or not to weedle.

Sergio and aura where walking in route 2 searching for Jeffrey he searched for over an hour, but there was no sight of Jeffrey. Then he looked around at all the pokemon he saw a lot of new pokemon and he saw a very cute weedle. “Aura don’t you like that pokemon isn’t it beautifull we should battle it. Aura did not want to battle because he knows how dangerous their parents are. Aura grabbed the pokedex out of the bag.

Beedrill the bee pokemon they are considered on of the most dangerous pokemon when they are in a swarm and if you touch their children the weedle they will not show mercy.

“Wow that is scary but now you have motivated me even more if I catch a weedle it will somehow change into a beedrill so I will have a dangerous pokemon and Jeffrey will not stand a chance”, Sergio told aura. “Hahahaha than show me how you catch a pokemon.”, Jeffrey said all of a sudden. “If you catch the weedle I will give you the chance to train him and we will battle in the viridian forest but if you do not catch the weedle we will battle now but we will battle a 2 versus 3 battle which you are definitely going to lose.”

“If that is so then it is time for a battle weedle”, Sergio said looking at weedle. The weedle was staring at Sergio preparing for attack. “Go wings use your tackle”, Sergio told wings you could see the fury in his eyes. The attack was dodged unfortunately and the weedle countered with poison sting. “Dodge”, Sergio said but pang pang pang the poison stings hit wings and wings became poisoned and he was not looking good. “Wings come here take this and use your wings to create a sandstorm with the sand underneath the weedle and than strike when he is blind”, Sergio said while giving his pidgey an antidote.

This attack plan was wonderful but the sandstorm became to powerful it knocked out both weedle and pidgey and it still did not stop. “O no the pokemon come back wings go pokeball catch that weedle”, Sergio said. “How are we going to stop this sandstorm”
“Go spearow use your gust attack and stop that storm”, Jeffrey said without really doing something special. The sandstorm stopped and everybody started to focus on the pokeball that was going from left to right from left to right.

To be continued.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 30th, 2008, 8:10 AM
Serginho - grammar's looking a bit shaky there but I reckon its just good enough, so:

Sergio caught a level 4 Female Hasty Weedle

December 30th, 2008, 10:26 AM
Double battle testing weedle.

The pokeball kept going from left to right from left to right and ping.
“Okay lucky you the battle will be moved to viridian forest the end of viridian forest to be exact “, Jeffrey told Sergio and walked away.

“I caught a weedle aha aha who’s the best it’s Sergio aha aha say what in the but aha aha”, Sergio started celebrating. “Now to be serious it is time to test weedle and train wings to ,but first let’s think for a good nickname for weedle, what do you think about poison-o or bugle or wee-wee or bug-head or yes bug-head the best nickname ever bug-head.”

“Come on out bug-head”, Sergio said while throwing the ball in the air the red beam created a silhouette, the silhouette of weedle. “well bug-head let’s see what you are made of and go wings, let’s learn some new moves”. All of the sudden two ratata’s appeared their eyes were red and there was coming things out of his nose like bulls when they were angry anyways something made them extremely angry and they were about to attack them to calm down

They commenced to charge at both bug-head and wings. “Wings use your tackle and bug-head poison sting”, Sergio said, both attacks were successful but the ratata were still going berserk on Sergio’s pokemon.

“Take cover bug-head, wings try to create the sandstorm again”, Sergio commanded, wings clapped his wings hard and there it was again the sandstorm both pokemon got knocked out and the pokemon went away calmed down.

“good job wings and you too bug-head now let’s head to viridian forest”, Sergio said

To be continued.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 30th, 2008, 10:41 AM
Serginho - erm, that was an alright post, but please try to work on your grammar because I had to read a few bits of that several times. Very original nick-name though :P

Bughead grew to level 5
Wings grew to level 6

January 1st, 2009, 5:15 AM
Sorry about posting this in here but, whens Vridian Forest up then ?

( I can't post in OOC or it would be a D-P )

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 1st, 2009, 7:08 AM
Viridian forest is going to be up soon, most likely by 20:00 (CMT) at the latest

January 1st, 2009, 7:10 AM
Cool I can't wait I'll hopefully have a Butterfree by the end.

January 1st, 2009, 11:02 AM
Yuki walked over to his pokéball, and then with an annoying twirl said: “Yes, I caught a Caterpie!” Then for added effect he made a peace sign, even though there was absolutely nobody in the surrounding area. Deciding to say hello to his new pokémon, Yuki released Caterpie from his pokéball.

“Hi Caterpie, my name is Yuki and I’m going to be your new trainer!” said Yuki smiling, “I tell you Caterpie, you were lucky to be caught by a great trainer like me! I am going to be the world’s greatest pokémon master, and with my help you’ll be the best pokémon you can be!”


(Cut to epic battle sequence in which Caterpie is fighting a Weedle)

“Go Caterpie show him your String Shot attack!” called Yuki, releasing Caterpie from his pokéball. Caterpie fired a line of silk string at Weedle, but the small bug shredded it with its horn.

“Don’t worry Caterpie, try your Tackle attack!” said Yuki encouragingly. Caterpie charged forward and knocked Weedle backwards towards it’s trainer.

“Again,” said Yuki happily. Once again Caterpie charged towards Weedle, however this time he wasn’t so successful. Weedle received a nod from its trainer and dropped its horn, causing Caterpie to collide with its horn.

“No, Caterpie are you okay?” asked Yuki. Caterpie struggled back to it’s feet. “okay use String Shot to immobilise Weedle, then follow up with tackle!”

Caterpie shot a line of silk at Weedle and wrapped the bug up, preventing Weedle from moving. Seizing the opportunity, Caterpie then charged in for another Tackle attack, which knocked the Weedle out. Weedle was returned by its trainer.

“Good battle Yuki,” said Weedle’s trainer, “I’m Blue by the way, i hope we get to battle again sometime.” He then turned to walk away.

Something about this boy greatly troubled Yuki. It was not that the boy knew Yuki’s name without him introducing himself, no... it was something else. Something about Blue told Yuki he was trouble, and destined to be Yuki’s sworn enemy for all of time. If only Yuki could think of a title to befit such a person... then Yuki had a brainwave.

“Blue you are now my Rival!” yelled Yuki after Blue.

“Err, okay whatever,” said Blue turning to face Yuki, “I’ll see you around.”

Yuki watched Blue go safe in the knowledge that whatever Blue had planned, Yuki would be able to stop him.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 1st, 2009, 11:27 AM
Slls81 - lol, I wasn't expecting Blue to randomly apear. But then Mary-sues do regularly run into canon characters for no reason :P

Caterpie grew to level 7 and can now evolve to Metapod

Viridian Forest
2 - 4 posts

Viridian forest is a dense wood, filled with Bug Pokémon and Bug Catcher Trainers. The path through it is very long, but there’s no other way, so press forward!

What to do…
In a route, you can do three main things – catch Pokémon, find items or battle trainers. Of course, you can do almost anything else as well – y’know, free will and all that.

A note on catching Pokémon
You end the post when the Pokémon is sucked into the ball and its rocking from side to side. I’ll then judge your post based on the quality of the battle and the rarity of the Pokémon, and say whether or not you caught the Pokémon depending on that. If you do catch it, its level depends on post quality and rarity too.

These are the Pokémon that can be found and hence caught on this route. Standard Viridian Forest, standard basic Pokémon.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/93/Spr_4d_010.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_010.png)
Level – 4 - 5
Moves – Tackle, String Shot
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Common


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/1/12/Spr_4d_013.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_013.png)
Level – 4 - 5
Moves – Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Common


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/2/22/Spr_4d_025_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_025_m.png)
Level – 4 - 7
Moves – Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip (level 5 and up)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Uncommon

And for fun, one less standard Pokémon:

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/fd/Spr_4d_265.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_265.png)
Level – 3 – 5
Moves – Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting (level 5)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Rare

I’ll do this in most areas where Pokémon are available to catch – there will be the normal Kanto Pokémon and one, maybe two from Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh.


Rarity relates to how could your post must be in order to catch it, in a similar way to how shinys require better battle posts.

January 1st, 2009, 5:01 PM
The Start Of The Forest

Harry looked up at his Gligar and thought to himself " Gligar you are the best thing that has ever happened to me I winning the Pewter City gym just for you ". Harry then called Caterpie out of it's ball.

" Caterpie I choose you ".

" Pi Pi ". Said Caterpie as it came out of it's ball. Then Caterpie started changing to a bright White Colour, it was evolving.

" Caterpie your evolving "! Caterpie then took the form of a hard shelled crescent Moon shaped bug.

" Meta Meta Pod ". Said his newly evolved Metapod.

" Alright let's scan you with Dexter ".

The Cocoon Pokemon. The Evolved form of Caterpie and Pre-Evolved form of Butterfree. A steel hard shell protects it's tender body. It quitely endures the hardships while awaiting evolution.

" Come on Metapod let's get training, I choose both of you Metapod and Gligar ". Gligar glided towards Metapod who made no attempt to move. " Gligar start off Sand-Attack ". Gligar flew towards the floor to attempt to scuff sand up into the eyes of Caterpie, by was struck down by lightning.

" Gli Gli ". It said in pain.

" Return Gligar. Metapod what was that, be on the look out buddy ".

" Pika Chu ". Said Pikachu that was emerging from the bushes.

The mouse Pokemon. The Evolved form of Pichu and Pre-Evolution of Raichu. It lives in forests with others. It stores Electricity in it's cheeks. If it looses crackling power from the electric pouches on it's cheeks, it is being wary.

" Wow Pikachu that's rare ".

" Meta Pod ".

" What you want battle Pikachu, I was going to choose Gligar but okay let's go Metapod ".

" Pika Chuuuu ". It said whilst releasing a Thundershock.

" Metapod block it with Harden ". Metapod hardened up to deflect the Electric attack away from her with it's hard body. Pikachu then approached Metapod it started to use Tail Whip.

" Come on Metapod block it with Harden, then when it's off guard use String Shot up into the air ". Pikachu attempted to use Tail Whip but only hurt itself in the process because it crashed into the hard shell of Metapod. Metapod then created a ball of string in the middle of the battlefield.

" Meta Pod ". It said with a nod in the direction of Harry.

" Yup that's right Metapod tackle the string ball". Metapod used the floor as a spring and used Tackle to get off the floor and leaped into the ball sending it crashing into the direction of Pikacu.

" Pi Pi ". It desperatly said trying to stay up. With a thud Pikachu hit the floor it had fainted.

" Brilliant Metapod, alright let's go Pokeball ". A Pokeball flew in the direction of Pikachu it became engulfed into the ball it shook Once, Twice and.....

January 2nd, 2009, 1:07 AM
Bug trainer battle. bug-head’s break through

Finally Sergio entered the viridian forest, he looked at all the different and rare pokemon. He walked even further into the forest seeing many bug catchers and some boys with caps.

“Wow Aura we finally made it”, Sergio said looking at his aura who always walks next to him. Aura nodded. “would you like to have a battle it has been a while”, Sergio asked his aura. Aura nodded again.

“Cool”, Sergio said and he walked even further into the forest and then he saw a bug catcher with 3 pokemon: a weedle, a kakuna and a beedrill.
“aura are you thinking what I’m thinking”, Sergio asked his aura. Aura nodded. “Okay so it is time for lunch”.
Sergio grabbed a pick nick cloth and some bread and some pokefood and called out wings and bug-head. “It’s time to eat I’m starving so I would say start eating”, Sergio said while looking at all his pokemon everyone had his own bowl with food.

“Hey you”, someone called for Sergio it was the bug catcher. “yeah you let’s have a battle I saw you looking but now you are eating which means you are too chicken to fight.”
“It means that I can’t fight on an empty stomach and my pokemon also can’t but now that you are challenging me and I have eaten my bread let’s fight”, Sergio said acting smart.

“okay let’s rumble then go weedle”, the bug catcher said. “by the way I’m Tony”
“okay go wings use your sand-attack” Sergio said. “My name is Sergio nice to meet you”
“O no that is not good weedle try to sense the other pokemon and then attack with poison sting”, Tony said because his weedle became blind of the sand attack.
The attack missed due to that wings dodged it quickly.
“Use your tackle”, Sergio commanded he had fire in his eyes. This attack was dodged by the small weedle and countered with poison sting which this time hit wings but not poisoned him. “Okay wings it is time for the finishing blow use your tackle full power until it faints”, Sergio said this attack fainted the weedle.

“come back weedle, go kakuna”, Tony said. Sergio was going to call out bug-head when.

Kakuna While awaiting evolution, it hides from predators under leaves and in nooks of branches.

“okay go bug-head use your poison sting”, Sergio commanded. “Harden”, Tony said calm.
The attack did not damage kakuna at all. “Keep using poison sting and get through his defence”, Sergio said. “Keep using harden don’t get him get through your defence “, Tony said. This kept going for 2 minutes it took up many time no one was getting hurt but they were getting tired. “Okay use your string shot and throw him up and then use your poison sting full power”, Sergio commanded. Badoom the kakuna fell from the sky and slammed to the ground and thus fainted.

“come back kakuna go beedrill”, Tony said

Beedrill Its best attack involves flying around at high speed, striking with poison needles, then flying off.

“Come back bug-head you did the best you could aura it’s your turn start off with quick attack and then use the new attack you showed me previously you know force palm.”, Sergio said.
The quick attack was the best attack you could use against a beedrill but the force palm was a bit too many and was intercepted by a fury attack “Do not stop beedrill we have got this one”, Tony said. “You wish, aura endurance and use counter, now all the attack you used against me you will get back twice as hard so hard that your beedrill will faint”, Sergio said still with that fire in his eyes.
The battle was over weedle, kakuna and beedrill had lost.
“O no my bee”, Tony said. “Good match”, Sergio said he put his hand up and waited for Tony to shake it. “Yes it was a good match actually it was the first time I lost so it is a little hard”, Tony said while shaking Sergio’s hand.

After this Sergio gave all his pokemon a potion and moved even deeper into the forest.

Stay tuned.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 2nd, 2009, 5:53 AM
Bemertonboy - hmm, just enough, so:

Harry caught a level 5 Female Docile Pikachu

Caterpie evolved into Metapod

Serginho - decent battle post, just put in a little more description and try reading you post aloud to spot where you need commas.

Wings grew to level 8

Bughead grew to level 7 and can now evolve to Kakuna

Aura grew to level 13

January 2nd, 2009, 1:46 PM
Caterpie, Metapod and Butterfree ? ( Pt 1 )

The ball then shock for a Third and final time Harry had caught a Pikachu.

" Yes I've caught a Pikachu, that was great work Metapod here's a Potion as a reward ". Said Harry he started off holding a Pokeball in his hand and finished it off by spraying his Metapod with a Potion.

" Hey you Harry ". Harry turned around when he recognized this voice.

" Hi Johnny I've got Three Pokemon now how many have you got ".

" I've got Three aswell so that means we can have a Three on Three battle ".

" Oh Johnny you're always thinking about battling but I can't reject another trainer, so it's on. Gligar you start this One off ". Gligar flew from Harry's side and landed in front of Johnny tensing it's tail, showing off his muscles.

" Gli Gli Gar ".

" Wow Harry you've really trained Gligar up haven't you, but he won't be enough to defeat Aipom I choose you ". Johnny threw Aipom's Pokeball up into the air and the familiar monkey Pokemon emerged from it's Pokeball.

" Ai Aia Pom ".

" Wow Johnny Aipom is looking really impressive but Gligar's undefeated so far and that's not about to change ".

" Alright he's off guard, Gligar use Quick Attack ". Gligar used it's pace to try to hit Aipom.

" Aipom don't let him any closer use Swift ". Aipom let stars come flying from his tail they connceted with Gligar thumping him to the floor, Gligar began to make his way back up. " Harry you need to use that Razor Fang because Gligar's too weak One more move from Aipom and he's finished ".

" Gligar don't listen to him your strong enough to beat him without evolving now get out ". Gligar winced in pain as he was trying to get up. Harry thought to himself " Maybe Johnny's right maybe Gligar's not strong enough without evolving, but do I really want a Gliscor ".

" Aipom we can finish this use...

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 2nd, 2009, 2:54 PM
bemertonboy - ooh, Gligar's getting beat up. Can he beat Aipom? btw, you don't need to put a full stop after every bit of speech ;)

January 2nd, 2009, 3:03 PM
Yeah thanks for the advice it's just a force of habit.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 2nd, 2009, 3:15 PM
ANNOUNCEMENT: Elite Champion has PM'ed me to ask to rejoin and is now back as our fourth member. So, just to re-iterate, Dratini is no longer available.

Elite Champion
January 2nd, 2009, 4:05 PM
(im back)

Rose woke up and went to the toilet while jr got the stuff together

"Rose are you nearly ready"

rose came out of the toilet with toilet paper stuck to her foot.

"haha" Jr said pointing and laughing.

Rose did not find this amusing and ripped the paper off,licked it and stuck it on Jr's face.

Jr laughed and walked out the room.


After a while walking around the city jr went over to route 2.

"lets get you trained up then for the forest ai"

A rustleing noise came from a bush and an angry looking pidgey came out from behind it.

"Dratini go" but dratini stayed hidden behind it master.

"scary" it mumbled

"no its not its just one realy dumb bird" "one may call it a dodo"

At the mention of this sentence the pidgey took off and stole Jr's hat

"give it back birdbrain. He thought "have i just used the worst ever of diss.

"rose tackle it"

but rose stood still shaking at the look of pidgey.

Jr thought for a minute.......I KNOW,he pulled out a can of IRN-BRU and opened it.

"Take a sip of this" he shoved the whole drink down dratini's throte making him really angry.

Then rose turned to Jr

BBBBBZZZZ.Rose just zapped Jr making him very sore, infact so sore he went,


Now that his trainer had learned his lesson, Rose zapped the pidgey and paralyzed him.

After a few tackles the pidgey was knocked out.

"so at least you won" Jr returned rose and walked over to the forest entrance


January 3rd, 2009, 2:37 AM
After watching Blue leave, Yuki decided standing around was getting boring so he moved into Viridian Forest. The forest was made up of a dense collection of trees, which let in very little light meaning that the forest was dimly lit. Despite this handicap, after only a few minutes Yuki stumbled across a boy and his Squirtle. The boy looked extremely lost, but rather than offer help Yuki immediately challenged him to a pokémon battle.

“Hey you,” he called, “Me and you are going to battle!”

"Really? Well, it could be good practice for Bubbles...alright, let's do it!!" said the boy, “My names Taylor by the way.”

Yuki turned to Eevee and pointed to the battlefield. "Show ‘em whatcha got, Eevee!!"

Eevee walked onto the battle field to face ‘Bubbles’. Yuki only realised now that Taylor’s Squirtle looked really quite strong, that didn’t matter though Yuki knew he would win through no matter what.

"Alright, Eevee, tackle it!" Yuki shouted. Eevee charged at Bubbles and slammed into the turtle pokémon sending it flying backwards.

"Bubbles, use Bubble!!" Taylor shouted. Bubbles hopped back to its feet at shot a number of bubbles at Eevee.

"Dodge it Eevee!!" said Yuki, “Then use another Tackle!”

Eevee ran towards Bubbles, dodging the bubbles and launched herself at Bubbles. Once again she slammed into Bubbles and sent it flying backwards.

“No,” called Taylor, “Bubbles try your Tackle attack!” This time it was Bubbles who charged at Eevee and sent her flying off of her feet. Bubbles was ordered by Taylor to tackle Eevee again. Bubbles set off to Tackle Eevee again when Yuki called...

“Jump Eevee!” called Yuki, “Then Tackle Bubbles!”

Just as Bubbles was about to slam into Eevee she leaped up, causing Bubbles to fly underneath her. Bubbles skidded to a stop and looked around madly trying to locate Eevee. Unfortunately for Bubbles before he could do so Eevee slammed into the back of him. This sent Bubbles flying into a nearly tree. This knocked Bubbles out and meant Yuki had won the battle. Taylor returned his Squirtle and walked off huffily.

“Way to go Eevee you were great!” said Yuki happily. He then moved purposefully onwards into Viridian Forest.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 3rd, 2009, 4:27 AM
Elite Champion - Wait, dratini have feet? o.O make sure you use a program of some kind to check your spelling/grammar, even just Microsoft Word.

Rose grew to level 8

Slls81 - lol - "it's a random trainer who looks lost...let's destroy him! "

Eevee grew to level 9 and learned Sand Attack

January 3rd, 2009, 9:26 AM
Meeting up with….

Sergio kept walking forward. “look aura, a pikachu”, Sergio said while looking at the pikachu. All aura did was yawn. “Yes I’m tired too, let’s built our camp here and let’s sleep”, Sergio suggested. He built up the tent and fell asleep inside, but before he even could have a dream someone woke him up.

“Idiot wake up hey stupid”, The voice said. “You, you….. how are you long time no see”, Sergio said. “Yes I’m good little nephew sorry if I woke you up but I just wanted to tell you that a pokemon master will not sleep in the forest without the blanket he gave his uncle.”, Sergio’s uncle said. “Besides I have my weak pokemon with me so let’s test you maybe a one on one battle.”.

“Okay Jay bring it on, go Bug-head use your poison sting on whatever the pokemon is”, Sergio said. “If that is it I will send out my eevee”, Sergio’s uncle who apparently is named Jay said. The fault Jay did was that he did not give eevee a command, but still eevee dodged in a beautiful way almost like a pirouette. “Haha Sergio have you forgotten that I have fought the elite 4 even though I lost to every single one of them I still managed to get there so do not underestimate me, use your tackle”, Jay said. “Just because you said that, I am going to beat you.”, Sergio said. “Use poison sting again”.

Bug-head’s attack missed but eevee’s attack was hit and Bug-head flew in the air, but landed on his feet and then started glowing and changed shape into a cocoon. “Yeah bug-head you evolved into a kakuna and you can now use harden, so do”, Sergio said. “Eevee quick use yawn”, Jay said quickly. Bug-head fell asleep and was wide open for attacks. “tackle, as many as possible to faint him”, jay said. That was the end of the battle. “I…I…I lost”, Sergio said and he fell on his knee and started crying. “come on I know that a first loss is always heavy, but this will probably cheer you up”, Jay said grinning, he had an round shaped something wrapped with an old blanket. “It is an egg of a dragon pokemon tyranitar and I want you to have it”. “Well okay, thank you very much, but I have a favour to ask, do you want to go to my mother’s house and say that I’m doing alright and later come and meet up with me just call me on my poketch okay”, Sergio asked Sergio.

“Okay will do and please call me whenever you need me I will fly to you literally”, Jay said and he called out a pidgeot and flew away.

“Thank you”, Sergio cried and he walked toward the exit with his egg perfectly visible inside his bag, so he could get to the first gym and his 3 on 3 battle against Jeffrey and his pokemon.

To be continued

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 3rd, 2009, 9:53 AM
serginho - okay, if you want to have something like getting an egg or being given a pokemon, you must check with me first. I'll let you keep it this time. Also, please just press enter when someone new is speaking, cause your second paragraph was quite confusing to read.

Sergio obtained a Larvitar Egg

January 3rd, 2009, 3:39 PM
Caterpie, Metapod And Butterfree? (Pt 2)

" Aipom we can finish this use... ". Johnny couldn't finish his sentence as something funny was happening to Aipom. " Aipom what's happening to you ". Aipom was changing shape it grew another tail it's face was streching and he was growing much bigger, when the dust settled he had evolved. " Aipom are you okay ".

" Ambi Pom ". His Aipom was now an Ambipom.

" Wow Johnny Aipom's evolved let's see what Dexter says about this ". Harry took his Pokedex from his bag and scanned the newly evolved Ambipom.

The long tail Pokemon. It's the Evolved form of Aipom. To eat, it deftly shucks nuts with it's Two tails. Since Evolution it rarely uses it's arms. They work and live in large colonies. They make rings with their tails, apparently in friendship.

" Harry I read a book on what moves Aipom learns once it evolves, and seeing how weak Gligar is at the moment he's going down. Alright Ambipom finish this use Double-Hit ".

" Not quite Johnny whilst Ambipom was evolving I sprayed all my Pokemon with a couple of Potions so it's back on, Gligar use Harden ". Gligar Hardened just in time as Ambipom tried to hit Gligar with both tails but because of Gligar's hardened form Ambipom fell to the floor.

" Ambipom get up ".

" Gligar before he get's up let's use Knock-Off ". Gligar's tail turned White and he flew in towards Ambipom.

" Ambipom dodge it ". But Ambipom was still struggling to get up and couldn't avoid the attack from Gligar, Gligar caught him full on and sent Ambipom flying into it's trainer's arms unable to battle.

" Alright Gligar we sure showed him now return, you really need this rest ". Said Harry holding out Gligar's Pokeball returning him in the process.

" You return too Ambipom good try, right thats One-Nil to you so far I'll even it up with the next battle I choose you...

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 3rd, 2009, 4:15 PM
Bemertonboy - woot, Gligar's kicking ass!

Gligar grew to level 17

January 4th, 2009, 3:11 AM
(OOC: @ bemertonboy I am not copying you with parts but I still have two post so I’ll make it a lengthy battle.)

First Major rival battle. Pt.1

Sergio kept walking even further and when he finally started to see the end of the forest he….. “Sergio where do you think you are going, I now have 4 pokemon including three from johto”, A voice said. “Jeffrey, I know you are here somewhere so just come out wherever you are”, Sergio said. Jeffrey appeared with a mareep walking on his right side.

“okay let’s do this I have been wating for you for quite a long time so let’s rumble”, Jeffrey said. “Okay go kakuna wait I mean Bug-head use your harden”, Sergio said. “Use your thunder shock mareep full power.”, Jeffrey said.

A huge explosion emerged from the place where bug-head was standing, when all the dust disappeared she was still up with just a few scratches. “Use string shot to lift mareep and throw him up into the sky and then when he is wide open for attacks use our poison sting”, Sergio said. Another explosion emerged, but this time you could see mareep flying down from the explosion and slam on the ground, he was fainted.

“Good job bug-head, you will stay in for a while to see how far you will get.”, Sergio smiled at bug-head and gave her a potion. “Go hoothoot start with your hypnosis and make her sleep”, Jeffrey said he was definitely not happy.

Bug-head fell asleep. “Sergio there is one plus on having a hatched pokemon it will know egg moves like this one, hoothoot use your wing attack”, Jeffrey told Sergio. Sergio was trying to understand the story when, bang the attack hit bug-head and it fainted…..

Sergio was paralyzed of his loss …..

“Sergio snap out off it, Sergio don’t be such a p#@# come on just call out your next pokemon”, Jeffrey said.
“I..I…I.. can’t believe it, now it is my turn to win I’m not losing, Go wings prepare for the best battle you have ever had, use your sand attack”, Sergio said.
“Quick hoothoot use your…..

To be continued

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 4th, 2009, 5:51 AM
Sergio - nice post, just add a little more description

Bughead grew to level 8

January 4th, 2009, 7:56 AM
‘Wow, I wonder why I haven’t seen any Bug type pokémon in this forest yet?’ thought Yuki, ‘I’ve been in here ages...’

Maybe i should explain...
While he was in Viridian City, Yuki had been told by Nurse Joy to be careful as many different types of wild bug pokémon lived in Viridian Forest. Now being the Gary-Stu trainer that he was Yuki had not been worried by this information, rather he had resolved to capture each and every type of bug pokémon he came across. Anyhow I digress...

Just as the thought crossed Yuki’s mind, he saw something small and red crawl through some lily’s by the edge of a small pond out of the corner of his eye. Wheeling around he pulled out his pokédex and scanned the bug...
Wurmple, the worm pokémon.It sticks to tree branches and eats leaves. The thread it spits from its mouth, which becomes gooey when it touches air, slows the movement of its foes.

“Meh, I guess I can’t be too picky,” said Yuki, resolving to catch the Wurmple, even if it did look kind of weak to him. “I’ll use Caterpie!”

Caterpie was from his pokéball, and immediately slammed into by Wurmple’s tackle attack. Caterpie was sent flying backwards. When Caterpie regained his feet, Yuki ordered a String Shot attack. Instead of aiming at Wurmple, Caterpie shot the String Shot straight up. The string shot steamed down the sides of Caterpie, and the little bug began to glow.

“What have you done to my Caterpie?!” yelled Yuki at the Wurmple. Turning back to Caterpie, he noticed he had changed shape dramatically.

“What the?” he turned to Wurmple, “You’re going down. Caterpie... or whatever you are tackle it!”

The new pokémon rammed into Wurmple, despite the handicap of lacking any limbs, and sent the bug flying backwards. Yuki smiled as he watched the Wurmple fly through the air... but the smile disappeared as Wurmple fell straight into the pond. Yuki just stood there as he watched Wurmple flail around in the a water. The Wurmple would drown if nobody helped it so Yuki... bravely returned both of his pokémon and sprinted away from the pond.

January 4th, 2009, 10:30 AM
First Major rival battle. Pt.2
“Quick hoothoot use your…..”, Jeffrey said whilst getting interrupted. “sand attack”, Sergio commanded. Wings attacked with his sand attack but it was dodged by the rather fast hoothoot. “Now use hypnosis”, Jeffrey ordered. “Try to dodge it use the secret attack”, Sergio said and he winked at wings. The attack was dodged and then wings started to flap his wings as fast as he could and toward the sand it created a sandstorm and trapped hoothoot inside.

“try to focus and turn one with the storm, when you have done that control it and go toward the pidgey”, Jeffrey said , astonishly enough this idiotic plan worked and the both started to use tackle inside a furious battle started, Sergio and Jeffrey even had to cover their eyes because of the immenseness of the storm. When the storm started to fade away both pokemon were seen on the ground knocked out by the storm

“Come back you did well, go aura let’s show them our true power force palm on the pokemon”, Sergio said . “Tediursa go, use your fury swipes on his riolu”, Jeffrey said quickly. Tediursa intercepted the attack of aura and then countered with his fury swipes and did not stop its eyes were starting to change colour and he started to attack with attacks it didn’t even know.

Tediursa started doing a faint attack on riolu and a slash. “What is wrong with you tediursa you don’t know these attacks what is going wrong with you”, Jeffrey said he was worried about the tediursa and withdrew it. “I’m sorry Sergio but I won’t fight with tediursa going berserk like this so next time we see battle riolu versus tediursa, I’m really sorry”

“Okay I totally agree with what you are doing, the health of pokemon comes first”, Sergio said.

Stay tuned

Elite Champion
January 4th, 2009, 11:39 AM
"keep up" Jr said to dratini.

"PIKA"......"what was that Jr said.

"CHU CHU".......this wasnt the sound of a train it was indeed a siamees pikachu.

Should i battle this.......Oh what the heck lets go!

"Rose i choose you" Rose came running (or slithering for that matter apiliwee) out from behind Jr.

"Now use wrap" Rose jumped up and started wrapping the siamees pikachu.

But the left pikachu unleashed a thunder shock on dratini. This made rose really angry so she started tackling the pikachu's into submission....but then one of the pikachu's fainted and the other one looked badly injured.

"Pokeball go" the pokeball hit the other pikachu causing her to faint.

Jr picked rose up and ran until she was far away from the pikachu's and nearing the exit.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 4th, 2009, 2:31 PM
Slls81 - lol, yuki's like a wannabe mary-sue.

Metapod grew to level 8

Serginho - woah, what's happening with teddiursa? something strange no doubt...

Aura grew to level 15 and learned Feint

Elite Champion - lol, a siamese pikachu? that's gotta be a first...

Rose grew to level 9

January 5th, 2009, 5:59 AM
Caterpie, Metapod And Butterfree? (Pt 3)

" I choose you Munchlax ". Johnny threw a Pokeball up into the air and with a Red flash a Pokemon that looked like a mini version of Snorlax emerged. It had a creamy stomach, chin and feet but all the rest of it was Blue.

" Wow that looks like a rare Pokemon ".

" You better beleive it Harry now get ready to lose ".

" No your the loser First I've got to scan that Pokemon ".

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb446.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfsb/dpmfsb446.png
Normal Form Shiny Form

The big eater Pokemon. It's the pre-evolved form of Snorlax. It wolfs down it's weight in food everyday. It swallows it whole with almost no chewing. It hides food under it's long body hair. However, it forgets the hidden food.

" Johnny in my Pokedex it says that your Munchlax is the shiny form ".

" That's right Johnny and being shiny makes it even stronger so it can destroy anything you throw at it ".

" You sure about that, because it's time for you to meet my newest Pokemon, I choose you Pikachu ". Harry threw Pikachu' Pokeball into the air and out came the Yellow Mouse Pokemon.

" Pika Pika ". She ran back towards Harry and clasped his leg in love.

" Pikachu get off of me you need to battle now we'll cuddle later ". Pikachu jumped off of Harry's leg and infront of Munchlax ready to fight.

" Pika Pika Chuuuu ". She said with electricity jostling from her cheeks.

" Alright Munchlax she looks weak, let's use Munchlax use Metronome ". Munchlax's finger started to waggle then flames started to emerge in Munchlax's throat. " Perfect Munchlax use Flamethrower ".

" Not so fast, Pikachu use Thundershock ". The charged electricity moved towards Munchlax.

" Humph, is that all you got, Munchlax let Flamethrower loose ". As the Thundershock moved towards Munchlax, he used Flamethrower to blast the shock away, the flames went threw the thunder and moved in on Pikachu.

" No Pikachu dodge it ". But there was nowhere to go and the flames sent Pikachu backwards and flailing on the floor.

" Alright Munchlax she's tougher than she looks, we can do this use your egg move, Zen Headbutt before she get's up ". Munchlax's head turned a faint Purple colour and he jumped towards Pikachu ready for the kill.

" Pikachu I have an idea use Tail Whip to bounce on your tail then flip over Munchlax ". Munchlax jumped towards Pikachu attempting to use Zen Headbutt, Pikachu then hit it's tail againest the floor and jumped over Munchlax, resulting in Munchlax hitting it's head againest a nearby tree.

" That was great Pikachu, keep it up ".

" Munchlax are you okay ".

" Munch Munch Lax ". He said and getting up in the process.

" Alright Munchlax Harry has good stratagies but we've got the power to do this. Use Munchlax Stockpile then Swallow ". Munchlax grew bigger with the Stockpile then a lump was made in his throat, in the end Munchlax swallowed it and looked revitalised. " Good Munchlax you have full power now, finish this with Body Slam ". Munchlax jumped up in the air over the top of Pikachu then he fell on top of Pikachu.

" Great work Munchlax ".

" No Pikachu are you okay ". Munchlax moved away from Pikachu but she had been knocked out.

" Return Munchlax you were great, Harry that makes it One-All next One's the winner ".

" Okay then return Pikachu ". Harry pulled out the Pokeball and with a Red flash Pikachu was back.

" Harry I'm afraid you're going to lose I choose you Butterfree ". Out of the Pokeball came a graceful looking Pokemon.

" Wow Dexter what is that Pokemon ".

The Butterfly Pokemon. It's the Evolved form of Metapod. It loves the honey of flowers and can locate flower patches that have even the tiniest bit of Pollen.

" It's my Butterfree Harry and it's brilliant for my contests ".

" Haha you do contests your a girl, but anyway what a Pokemon I better evolve my Metapod so I can get One of them ".

" What do you mean I'm a girl, boy's can do contests ".

" Yeah they sure can. I choose you Metapod ". Harry grabbed a Pokeball and out came his Metapod.

" Haha what a rubbish Pokemon your Metapod is never going to defeat my brilliant Butterfree, especially when it knows a really rare move taught by a man I met who called himself the move tutor ".

" I'll show you Metapod is brilliant she was also the First Pokemon I ever caught so she's really strong ".

" Oh well I don't care she's going down, right Butterfree use Psybeam ". Butterfree's eyes turned a weird colour it was ready to beam down Metapod.

" Metapod use String Shot to take him down ". String came out of Metapod's mouth and wrapped up Butterfree before he could do anything. " Brilliant Metapod now use Tackle ". Metapod jumped towards the wrapped up Butterfree and used Tackle. Butterfree winced in pain.

" Butterfree get out of this by using the move that man taught you, use Twister ". Butterfree started flapping it's wings rapidly and the string cut freeing Butterfree in the process the it wipped up a wind and it moved towards Metapod.

" Metapod get out of this by using Harden ". Metapod hardened up and the Twister passed by Metapod without harming her.

" Butterfree use Gust ".

" Harden again then use String Shot into a ball then Tackle it straight into Butterfree ". Metapod hardened up when the Gust attack moved towards her, she then used String Shot into a ball and Tackled it, the ball flew into Butterfree knocking him out ".

" Return Butterfree, great job Harry you win Two-One but next time I'll beat you ". Said Johnny and he ran off towards the exit of the forest.

" Return Metapod great job ". Harry returned Metapod into her Pokeball then walked towards the forest exit, in a short while he emerged from the Forest and he saw Pewter City in the distance.

( OOC: I stopped this as I didn't want to post a short story. Also can my Pikachu also have Exp. even though it lost but it put up a good fight ).

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 5th, 2009, 6:22 AM
Bemertonboy - there's nothing wrong with a long post. It's a shame, I was going to give Pikcahu exp, but then you had to go and ask for it :( But on the plus side:

Metapod grew to level 10 and can now evolve to Butterfree

January 12th, 2009, 12:06 PM
Seeing as Slls81 has dropped out does that mean Route 2 pt 2 will be up soon.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 12th, 2009, 1:26 PM
Route 2 (part ii)

1-2 posts

This is a short route almost completely devoid of trainers, leading from Viridian Forest to Pewter City, home of your first badge! It’s mainly home to useless and weak Pokémon.

What to do…
In a route, you can do three main things – catch Pokémon, find items or battle trainers. Of course, you can do almost anything else as well – y’know, free will and all that.

A note on catching Pokémon
You end the post when the Pokémon is sucked into the ball and its rocking from side to side. I’ll then judge your post based on the quality of the battle and the rarity of the Pokémon, and say whether or not you caught the Pokémon depending on that. If you do catch it, its level depends on post quality and rarity too.

These are the Pokémon that can be found and hence caught on this route. Standard Route 2, standard basic Pokémon.


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/f3/Spr_4d_016.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_016.png)
Level – 4 - 7
Moves – Tackle, Sand-Attack (level 5 and up)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Common


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/5/50/Spr_4d_019_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_019_m.png)
Level – 4 - 6
Moves – Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Level 4 and up)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity – Common

And for fun, TWO less standard Pokémon:

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/c/cb/Spr_4d_191.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_191.png)
Level – 4 – 5
Moves – Absorb, Growth, Mega Drain (level 5)
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Rare

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/a/a1/Spr_4d_236.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_236.png)
Level – 4 – 5
Moves – Tackle, Helping Hand, Fake Out, Foresight
Nature – Random
Gender – Random
Rarity - Rare

I’ll do this in most areas where Pokémon are available to catch – there will be the normal Kanto Pokémon and one, maybe two from Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh.


Rarity relates to how could your post must be in order to catch it, in a similar way to how shinys require better battle posts.

January 15th, 2009, 12:09 PM
yea! save Eevee for me will ya

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 15th, 2009, 1:24 PM
Konekodemon - you're reserved until 3:00PM on Saturday.

January 15th, 2009, 1:57 PM
is that what time it would be in my time Eastern Standred Time or your time

January 15th, 2009, 3:18 PM
Here goes!

Name: Pepper "Pep" Salt


Gender: Male

Personality:Pepper is a really peppy person.(As you can imagine)
He is always ready to try something new( or "adventourous") but on the bad side he can be a real hot-head. He is a overall nice person, and can be a good leader at times.
He is always in the mmidst of the action and enjoys helping others but only those he trusts.

Appearance: Pepper has dark, black hair thats is slicked back. His eyes are a gray-ish color. Pepper has a short, but skinny figure. He wears blue jeans, a pink undershirt, and a brown,collar-up,sweater.
Pepper isn't very strong but he is very fast. He can climb well.

History: Pepper was born as half of a set of twins( the other being Piper "Pip" Salt) His family is originally from the Hoenn region but moved to the Kanto region. The moved so that Pep's mother and father could research new Pokemon.
While playing with the researched pokemon one day he let them out of the house. He went to retrieve them but instead,got trampled. He go lost in the forest looking for them and got attacked by a Machop. At the last minute, a researched shiny
Pidgey swooped down and kicked some Machop-Butt. Pepper returned home safely but half the Pokemon (including Pidgey) got away.

Wanted Pokemon: Eevee, Female

January 16th, 2009, 2:32 AM
alipeewee: Never mind I got it up. But my power may still go out any minute and be out for awhile, as it's still 7 degree, so I might not be able to post for awhile until my power comes back on.

Name: Kairi Hill

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Appearance: Kairi is of avange height at 5'' 2''. Not too tall or too short. She weights 100 pounds. She has very long brown hair, going stright down her back. She wears a sleetless blue shirt, a red short skirt red and white shoes, and very long blue socks that go up to her ankles. She is very pale white shinned, and has light green eyes.

Personality: She is very nice and trusting. Kind to her Pokemon. But she does conplain a lot. Kairi really hates walking a lot. She likes to ride her bike instead. When Kairi loses her temper though, she's like a huricane, so watch out. But she is very fateful to her friends and Pokemon. Kairi loves anything that's cute or beautiful.

History: Kairi was born, and raised in johto, at New Bark Town, but later on moved to Pallet Town, as New Bark Town was way too noisy for her and her mother. She loved going outside and picking flowers. She has a very beatiful flower garden that her mother sometimes helps her with. She plants all kinds of flowers there, but her favorite kinds of flowers are sun flowers.

Her and her mother sometimes sell the flowers at the flower store in Viridan City. One day Kairi was watching TV, and heard about all children starting out as Pokemon trainers or coordinators, and getting there first pokemon from Professor Oak. "Wow! That's what I always wanted to do, become a master coordinator just like my mom. Maybe I'll even master water Pokemon." Kairi said getting excited. Water Pokemon are her favorite types of Pokemon. But the next day Kairi had woke up late. When she had got to the lab, all the starters were already taken.

Kairi was very depressed that day. Now how would she ever become a coordinator now.

Then about 2 years later when she was 12, she got another chance, but woke up late so the only Pokemon the Professor had left was Eevee. She took the Eevee and begin her journey.

Starter Choice: Eevee
Gender: Female
Nature: Hardy

Even though, you really have to be in Sinnoh at that rocky icy cave place couldn't you find some other way for me to get Glaceon, cause it's my favorite evolved Eevee. Maybe you could have someone from Sinnoh selling pieces broken off of the rock in Kanto. What do you think, cause I'd really like to evolve it into Glaceon please.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 16th, 2009, 10:16 AM
Yay, new blood, fresh for the taking...wait, scratch that.

Koekodemon - you are Accepted, just. Glaceon could be tricky, but, y'know, Mary-Sue's always get their way.

King900000 - You are currently Pending. I'm afraid that Konekodemon has technically taken the last spot, but I'll be willing to let you in if you can give me a top-notch SU. What you have is good, just beef it up a bit.

Notice to all - This might seem a little odd, but I just have to make sure of something. Everyone does uderstand the meaning of the words "parody" and mary-Sue", right? If not...you might want to do a little research, so that you can realise the point of this RP.

January 16th, 2009, 10:22 AM
I'm afraid that I am going to cancel my SU for various reasons. Have fun RPing,alipeewee, stay in touch;)

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 16th, 2009, 12:47 PM
ok, thank's for letting me know.

January 17th, 2009, 12:44 AM
Kairi woke up that morning all excited. Today she would be getting her first Pokemon, and starting out on her trainer/coordinator journey. She planned on going for both Ribbons and badges. Her mother had been a champion coordinator and Kairi wanted to follow in her footsteps. But Kairi also wanted to complete in the Pokemon League and become a Water Pokemon Master.

Kairi just loved water Pokemon. She thought that water Pokemon are so beautiful. She wanted to travel the whole world collecting all the different type of water Pokemon. Heck, maybe she'd even catch all the legendary water Pokemon. There was one Pokemon though that she hoped she'd run into more then anything. It was a Pokemon, that she had saw back then when she first moved to Kanto.

It was a ice blue looking cat type Pokemon with a long tine blue tail, that could fly around. When she had told Prof. Oak he just laughed as he said,"You must have been seeing things Kairi. There's no way you could of saw a Mew. Much less a Shiny Mew."

But Kairi didn't listen to him. She knew what she had saw,'Mew I hope I run into you on this journey.' Kairi thought as she got up and went to take her shower. Kairi is 12 years old. She's a little bit older for starting her journey then what she should be, but that was because two years ago Kairi had failed to get a Pokemon from Professor Oak.

Kairi thought about that as she showered. She remembered she had woken up late that morning. When she had gotten down to the lab to get her first Pokemon, Prof. Oak had just sighed as he told her that there were no more Pokemon left.

Kairi had been very depressed that day. Anyway, it had took two years but Professor Oak had finually got in some new Pokemon. This time Kairi would make sure she'd get a Pokemon this time. After all she had woken up early this time,"And hey! I should get one. After all I'm a mary sue right." She decided,"And mary sues always get there way."

Kairi finished with her shower and got out and got dressed, and finished getting ready. She went to get piggy bank and got out all the money she had been saving since she was 8 years old. "Ok, this should be enough to last me," she said as she counted her money. She put her money in her wallet and put the wallet into her bag. She then got her PokeGear and Poketch and packed them up as well.

She then packed her clothes and anything else she thought she'd need on her journey. She then grabbed her bag after zipping everything up inside it and headed downstairs for breakfast. She had bacon and eggs for breakfast. She told her mother that she was leaving now to start on her journey.

"Ok, bye sweety, and good luck," her mother said waving.

Kairi then put her bag over her shoulder, as she walked out the door and left, heading for Prof. Oak's lab,"I am still a little late this year though. I hope he still has some Pokemon left."

Kairi walked though his door,"Hey! Professor Oak!" She called,"Do you still have that Pikachu like I asked for a few years ago?"

Professor Oak came out and sighed,"I'm so sorry Kairi but I only have Eevee left."

"Damn!" Kairi conplained,"Oh what the hey...I'll just take it anyway, cause I'm a main character." She reached out and took Eevee. Then she took 5 PokeBalls and a Pokedex before Professor Oak could even offer them to her.

"Ok, I'm leaving now," She told him.

"Bye..." Professor Oak didn't get to finish what he was saying, as Kairi was already out the door. That girl sure was in a hurry to start her journey. Kairi then headed out to Route 1 to begin her training journey,"Ok, this is it," she said as she walked out onto Route 1.

January 17th, 2009, 1:20 AM
Route 2 Again?(Pt1)

Harry looked towards the distance, every time he looked down he just had to glance up at his beautiful surroundings. " Wow, who would of thought it, a gym in a amazing place like that ". Harry was in danger if he ran into a trainer or a Pokemon on the way to Pewter City. All he had in his pocket was a fainted Pikachu, a badly injured Gligar and his very reliable Metapod. Harry rubbed his thumb against Metapod's Pokeball, wondering when Metapod would finally evolve.

“ Alright Metapod let's get some training in, go Metapod and go Gligar ". Harry pulled the Two Pokeballs out of his pocket, and his two strongest Pokemon emerged. But something strange was happening to Metapod she was turning a bright White colour, then she grew bigger with additions such as wings and a longer body. When she settled out from the light emerged a beautiful Butterfree.

" Wow way to go Butterfree, I bet you'll be really strong ".

" Free Free Butter Free ". Said his newly evolved Pokemon. She flew over towards Harry and he immediately started to stroke her in joy. Harry glanced up and realized that his beloved Gligar was still out of his Pokeball.

" Woah, Gligar what do you think of your new friend ".

" Gli Gli Gar ". Gligar flew over towards Butterfree in glee.

" Free Free Butter Free ". Butterfree and Gligar were chirping at each other, they were obviously happy.

" Alright guys, I know your happy but let's get some training in, Gligar use ". The remaining of Harry's speech was interrupted, by a blond kid wearing a stripped shirt.

" Humph, your Pokemon look weak, I challenge you to a Two on Two battle, just to show you how to battle ".

" Alright, I'm Harry and I dream of becoming a Pokemon master ".

" Haha, how can you be the master when I'm going to be the master, I'm from the Sinnoh region, my names Jun and your going down ". Jun pulled Two Pokeballs from his pocket.

" Jun, your the One who's going down I choose you Gligar ".

" Haha what a weakling, let's go Gible ". With a flash of Red out emerged a stubby little dragon.

" Gib Gib Le ". The little dragon was obviously a tough little fighter.

The land Shark Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Gabite. It nests in small, horizontal holes in cave walls. It pounces to catch prey that stray too close. It once lived in the tropics. To avoid the cold, it lives in caves warmed by geothermal heat.

" Gligar it's going to take us some amount of skill to do this, but I know you have it so let's do it ".

" No matter what you do you cannot defeat the great Jun, Gible use Flamethrower ". A massive line of fire flew out of Gible's mouth and moved rapidly towards Gligar.

" Gligar you know what to do, use Harden ". As the fire moved towards Gligar he showed no panic and hardened up deflecting the fire in the process.

" Oh, Gible he's stronger than he looks ".

" Gligar we can do it, use Quick Attack ". Gligar dashed towards Gible at an unavoidable pace.

" Gible dodge it ". Gible tried to move but to no avail, the sheer pace of Gligar's Quick Attack caught him full on and moved Gible onto the back foot.

" Yes, keep this up Gligar use Knock-Off ". Gligar's tail glowed and he jolted towards Gible, reading to attack.

" Gible this will be easy for you, use Sandstorm to put him off ". Gible spun around to whip up a storm of sand, seemingly unavoidable.

" Gligar just try to go through it ". Gligar moved around trying to find Gible, but Gible was still un-seeable.

" Gible you can see him, so use Dragon Rage ". A flamey sort of substance flew out of Gible's mouth and towards the oblivious Gligar. Gligar couldn't dodge it, so the Dragon Rage hit Gligar sending him onto the floor.

" Gligar are you okay "? Gligar slowly got back to it's senses, Gligar flew up into the air ready for battle.

" Gli Gli Gar ". Gligar nodded back at Harry, confirming that he was ready to win this.

" That's good news Gligar, and we know how you can win this use Quick Attack and twist then when you get near use Poison Sting, that should be enough to win this ". Gligar flew towards Gible leaving a white trail in it's wake, Gligar began to spin, then as he got ever closer to the Gible he began to release poison needles.

" Gible try to dodge it ". Gible tried to dodge it but to no avail the move caught him full on and send him flying, forcing him into a state of Unconsciousness.

" Yes great job Gligar ".

" Gligar Gli ". Gligar winked at Harry obviously happy with his victory.

" Return Gible, good job Harry ". With a flash of Red Gligar was back in his Pokeball.

" Jun you weren't too bad yourself, come back Gligar ". Gligar flew back to Harry, to offer support for his next Pokemon.

" Harry my next Pokemon will give you no mercy, I choose you Prinplup ". With a flash of Red a penguin like Pokemon emerged from it's Pokeball.

The Penguin Pokemon. The Evolved form of Piplup and Pre-Evolved form of Empoleon. It lives alone, away from others. Apparently, every one of them believes it is the most important. Its wings deliver wicked blows that snap even the thickest of trees. It searches for prey in icy seas.

" Alright Butterfree I choose you ". Butterfree flew to Harry's side ready for battle.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 17th, 2009, 6:47 AM
Bemertonboy - Lol at canon characters. Their only role in a Mary-sue universe is to lose.

Metapod evolved to Butterfree and learned Confusion

Gligar grew to level 19

Konekodemon - Nice first post. "I'll take it anyway, cause I'm a main character..." LOL

Kairi received a level 5 Hardy Female Eevee

January 18th, 2009, 5:57 AM
Kairi walked out onto Route 1, and let out her Eevee. This was the first time they had met,"Hi Eevee. My name is Kairi. I'm your new trainer," Kairi said interducing herself to the Eevee.

"Vee," Eevee said happily, extending it's paw. Kairi shoke it's paw.

"Ok, Eevee see if you can help me find some Pokemon, ok," Kairi said. Eevee started sniffing the ground. Just then a wild Bidoof jumped out.

"Bidoof! Bidoof!" It said challenging Kairi to a match.

"Ok! Since I'm the main character here, I'm not even going to fight you first. I'm just going to start off throwing a PokeBall! Go!" Kairi screamed out throwing the ball. The Bidoof was sucked up inside. The ball shoke 2 times before a bright light came out. The Bidoof reappeared in front of Kairi,"****!" She said shaking her fist at the Bidoof.

"Ok, guess we'll do this the hard way then, since it seems you won't come with me peacefully," she grabbed Eevee and threw her at the Bidoof saying,"Eevee! I choose you!"

"Vee!" Eevee screamed as she was threw, threw the air, and hit her head on top of Bidoof's, who wasn't very happy about this,"Bid! Bid!" It said in anger.

"Before I catch you, let's see what gender you are," she said,"Eevee go and check will ya?"

"Eeee?" Eevee asked confused thinking,'You gotta be kidding me.' But she didn't want to disobay orders so she went over and looked under the Bidoof's body. She then flipped it over, reviewing that it's a male.

Now the Bidoof was mad. He tackled Eevee, sending her back up against her trainer,"Get up Eevee! Fight! Fight!" Kairi told her,"Tackle attack! Kairi ordered.

"Eeee veeee!" Eevee screamed out getting up and running at Bidoof. He jumped out of the way and Eevee missed.

"Eevee Tail Whip attack now!" Kairi said shaking her fist, in anger. Eevee ran at Bidoof and they both jumped into the air. While in the air Eevee hit him with Tail Whip lowing his defense.

Kairi threw another PokeBall. Bidoof knocked it away, and when the ball returned to Kairi it hit her in the face,"You know, this doesn't even hurt at all!" Kairi said, dancing around saying,"Go Eevee! Go Eevee! Use Tail Whip again and again! Oh yea!"

Eevee Tail Whipped Bidoof again, as they landed onto the ground. Both Pokemon kept on running at each other, Eevee using Tail Whip and Bidoof using Tackle attack.

Pretty soon, Eevee was knocked out, and Kairi just picked her up and shoke her,"Come on Eevee! This is no time for a nap! Wake up!" She said shaking her.

Eevee woke up,"Vee?" She said, confused.

"About time! Now get in there and finish this fight like your supposed to," Kairi threw Eevee out into battle once again, making her hit heads with Bidoof again.

"Now Tackle attack!" Kairi called. Eevee ran at Bidoof using tackle. Bidoof used tackle back. Kairi was still standing on the sidelines cheering her Eevee on.

Both Pokemon traded Tackle attack back and fort. Both were getting very tired right about now. But the fight was still a long ways from being over.

Bidoof then used Growl and lowed Eevee's attack by 1,"Hey! That's not fair!" Kairi screamed stamming her foot on the ground. She kicked a tree, and then started hopping around in pain. The Bidoof started laughing. So did her Eevee,"Hey! That's not funny!" She demanded.

"Vee!" Eevee said,'Yea it is.' The Bidoof even agreed with her.

"Aww, come on we have a battle to finish here. This is no time for that sort of thing!" Kairi said. She sit down on the ground and started rubbing her sore foot.

"Eevee Tackle attack right now!" Kairi screamed. Eevee tackled Bidoof, but missed. Bidoof ran up the tree. "Eevee after it!" Kairi called.

Eevee ran after Bidoof up the tree,"Now knock Bidoof out of that tree!" Kairi ordered. Kairi couldn't see what was going on up there but she heard a lot of screams of,"Veeee!!!" And there was another scream of,"Bidoof!!!"

About five minutes later both Eevee and Bidoof jumped out of the tree and started trading Tackle attacks back and fort in the air. Kairi picked up a rock and threw it at Bidoof,"Bid!" The Bidoof screamed in pain. Both Eevee and Bidoof then landed onto the ground. They were both panting very hard. The battle had been going on for 30 minutes so far. Still anyone could still win. Would the winner be, Bidoof or Eevee?

"It's going to be Eevee! Eevee!" Kairi screamed at the arthors of Pokemon.

"Ok. It's going to be Eevee then," the authors sighed.

"Thank you," Kairi said.

"You welcome. Now back to the show," said the arthors.

Eevee and Bidoof were both trading Tackle attacks back and fort. It seemed that the battle would be over any minute now,"You can do it Eevee!" Kairi screamed. Eevee nodded,"Veee!" As she ran at Bidoof with high speeds and knocked him out onto the ground. This time Bidoof fainted. He wasn't going to be getting back up anytime soon for awhile now. Eevee was very weaken as well. She also fainted to the ground.

"Eevee.....oh well. I'll think about you later, but first....Go PokeBall!" She said throwing another PokeBall at the Bidoof. She hoped that it would be caught this time. She watched as Bidoof was sucked up inside the PokeBall in a flash of red light,"Pretty red light," Kairi said, stars in her eyes as the Bidoof was sucked inside. The PokeBall started shaking,"Come on stay in there this time! Come on! Go! Go! Go!" Kairi started cheering as the PokeBall with Bidoof in it was shaking.

(Ok I tried very hard to make this battle as long and entertaining as possible. If I don't catch it this try would you be ok, with me editting my post and trying again.)

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 18th, 2009, 7:22 AM
Konekodemon - Lol, there's no need to redo, that was a great post.

Kairi caught a level 5 Male Docile Bidoof

January 18th, 2009, 8:14 PM
Tyre Watson took a deep breath, taking in the effect of how is beautiful and manly muscles seemed to pop out of his tight shirt, despite the fact he really didn't have any muscle at all and his shirt was quite a bit baggy. He grinned and winked at a bunch of giggling girls as he passed, who were obviously gossiping about how hot he was, and all but kicked the door open that led to Professor Oak's laboratory.

"Hello, Tyre Watson, at your service," he greeted eagerly before frowning. No one was around. "Hello?" he called. There was a moment of silence. "Hello!" he shouted.

"In the name of Mew, WHAT!?" an agitated voice called back. An irritated Professor Oak came out of the back room. He frowned. "Aren't you Tyre Watson?"

"Yes I am," Tyre stated quite loudly, throwing out his chest once more.

"You do know you're late, don't you?"

"Was I not supposed to be here at 1:00?"

"No," Oak stated bluntly. "You were supposed to be here at 9:00 in the morning." Glaring, Oak threw a few pokeballs and a brand new pokedex at Tyre that was obviously much better than everyone else's because it glowed with such a redness.

With the skills of a Persian, Tyre caught the items and elegantly put them away. His eyes sparkled with triumph.

"Whatever," Oak muttered, handing Tyre a new pokeball. "For some reason or another, we always give out..."

"Holy begeezus!" Tyre exclaimed, releasing his pokemon.

"... a rare pokemon," Oak finished dully.

"Dra!" a long, blue snake said with the voice of a mystical phoenix.

"Hey there, Dratini," Tyre said softly, leaning down and petting his majestic dragon. "You and I are gonna go and kick some begeezus!" he whispered frantically.

"Dra," Dratini said a bit awkwardly, looking at Oak for guidance.

"Come!" Tyre shouted, pointed toward the exit. "We shall go and become the greatest Pokemon Master ever! For I know that we can do, because really, who would dare stand in our way?"

"Tini," Dratini said helpfully, pointing out the window to a bunch of other beginning trainers that also wished to become Pokemon Masters.

"Yes, no one!" Tyre began to scream, picking up Dratini, despite the fact it was over five feet long, a fact people forget for some reason...

"Tini!" Dratini called out to Oak for help, but the old man just waved and wished them luck. "Drat!" Dratini snarled angrily, planning revenge on the old man for leaving him with this psycho trainer...

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January 20th, 2009, 8:59 AM
Wolfwhispers - great fist post. it knocked the beegeezus outta me ;)

Tyre received a level 5 Dratini

(could you let me know in the OOC what gender/personality you want it to be?)

January 20th, 2009, 9:17 AM
Johto champion??

Sergio left the forest and looked around, he saw a sign it said ‘route 2’

“finally, some sunlight but we are still at route 2”, Sergio said whilst looking at his riolu.

“lu, lu, lu”, Riolu said he was looking at his trainer and was smiling.

They were creating a bond together. They decided to kick back and relax.

“Ahem, ahem excuse me trainer, are you in for a battle”, A trainer with a red and white sweater, a yellow blue cap and yellow jeans said.

“sure I am, but first let me introduce myself, My name is Sergio a new Pokémon trainer”, Sergio introduced.

“Okay nice to meet you then, my name is gold, I’m from Johto, and I have competed in the Johto league, but don’t worry I came here with Pokémon that were breed.”, Gold explained.

“cool let’s get going then, come on out bug-head”, Sergio said.

“Well, then it is time to use mantyke”, Gold said.

“okay bug-head poison sting”, Sergio commanded.

“try to dodge it mantyke”, gold told his Pokémon.

The white looking spikes went toward mantyke, but he managed to dodge them.

“Supersonic , mantyke”, Gold said after seeing dodge the spikes.

A hideous sound was produced by the mantyke, both gold and Sergio protected their ears, but bug-head though became confused.

“O no what is wrong with you bug-head”, Sergio asked his Pokémon seeing his Pokémon was moving from left to right, turning around and doing a lot of crazy things. “Snap out of it bug-head, use your string shot and throw him up to the air.”

Rather than doing what Sergio commanded she put her head up and used her string-shot causing the attack to come back down and constrict her into the string-shot.

“Haha let’s finish it with bubble”, Gold laughed.

“Bug-head, please snap out of it, please”, Sergio pleaded.

His pleading did not change the result of the attack, the bubbles headed to bug-head hitting him and also breaking the strings. The water also caused the confusion to stop.

“Bug-head, are you okay now”, Sergio asked, bug-head nodded. “Okay use string shot to throw him up”

Mantyke was thrown into the air. “use your poison sting”, Sergio said immediately after seeing mantyke in the air. All of them hit the mantyke and also caused it to be poisoned.

“mantyke use your tackle”, Gold said.

Mantyke flew at high speed toward bug-head, but just when he was about to hit bug-head the poison became him too much and he fell on the ground knocked out.

“Wha….what just happened…….did I just lose”, Gold asked astonished.

“Yes, you lost ,but it was a good battle though”, Sergio tried cheering gold up.

“I…I…can’t believe it”, Gold said and he ran away.

Sergio was watching how gold ran away toward pewter city, he thought about going after him, but he knew how it felt to lose so he decided to leave him alone. Riolu was astonished, he did not know that losing a battle would be such a big deal for a trainer.

“Riolu, you have to promise me something, if I lose a battle and act like that please slap me”, Sergio said and he sat down again on his picnic spot.

January 20th, 2009, 9:22 AM
"Gonna be a pokemon master. Gonna show my skills! Dunna duna!" Tyre sang off key, much to Dratini's annoyance. The poor snake had been hanging around Tyre's neck for the past thirty minutes like a stuffed scarf.

"Dra..." Dratini sighed.

"Holy egeezus!" Tyre gasped, mouth open as he gazed upon a strange sight. A Pidgey! Now that was a cause for celebration, because apparently beginning trainers never see Pidgey that often. Acting swiftly, Tyre snapped open his pokedex.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/016pidgey.pngPidgey, the docile pokemon. It prefers to avoid conflict, but if attacked it will fight back just as ferociously.

Tyre looked up from the pokedex picture to the Pidgey in front of him. Freakin' begeezus! It was yellow!

"Crap, its diseased!" Tyre shouted in fear, throwing Dratini forward. "Quick, defeat it! Hyper Beam!"

"Dra..." Dratini sighed irritably, throwing Tyre a glare.

"Pidgey?" Pidgey cooed with confusion.

"Kill it!" Tyre shouted.

"Tini," Dratini said in exasperation, finally sending a beam of lightning at it.

"Gey!" Pidgey gasped, suddenly finding it hard to move, as if it had been paralyzed.

"Tini!" Dratini cried to the world, wishing it hadn't been given a stupid trainer. In anger, it began to slowly Wrap the life out of the Pidgey.

"Huh, maybe I should take out my amazing pokedex and check out its moves," Tyre said aloud, despite the fact thinking would have made him appear less crazy. "Hmm... yes, a Thunder Wave... so that's why it's stuck."

Pidge!" Pidgey screamed in anger, finally getting away with a Gust attack. With a huff, it pounded its wings, creating another tornado.

"Dra!" Dratini blanched, shutting its eyes. With a glare, its eyes began to glow white, startling the Pidgey and lowering its defenses. "Dra," Dratini smirked, lunging like a ninja snake towards the Pidgey and once again squeezing out its life energy.

"Gey!" Pidgey cawed, flapping pathetically around.

"Now what are its other attacks?" Tyre mused, not even paying attention to the battle. "Leer? WHat kind of attack is that? ...lowers down defense... What the heck! How! ...stares at a foe... This thing is broken!"

"Drat!" Dratini snarled, dodging from Pidgey's angry Tackle attack. Slithering as quick as possible, it continued to dodge Pidgey's increased attack with much vigor, sneering as the Pidgey finally lost control and ran straight into a rock.

"Gip!" Pidgey cried out, wobbling dangerously as it attempted to get up.

"Tini," Dratini smirked, lunging once more.

"Gid," Pidgey said in defeat, trying to get away but paralyzation struck again. "Pid..."

"Drat." Dratini began to sqeeze tightly.

"Ah, now what is this?" Tyre wondered to himself. "Wrap... Finally, a decent move! Alright, Dratini, use Wrap!" he ordered. "...Dratini?"

He finally found Dratini a good distance away, squeezing Pidgey to death. After a moment, it released the unconcious pokemon and slithered up to Tyre with a sigh. "Dra."

"Beegezus you are good!" Tyre roared like a lion. "All it took was one simple attack with my guidance and you won!"

Dratini rolled his eyes.

"Now come," Tyre gestured. "It is best if we leave this diseased, off colored pokemon."

With a sigh, Dratini followed.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 20th, 2009, 1:05 PM
Serginho -decent post, just add a bit more description.

Bughead grew to level 9

Wolfwhispers - lol, brilliant post - "Kill it!"

Dratini grew to level 8

January 20th, 2009, 5:10 PM
Tyre whistled loudly, which was really like blowing air with a horrid sound. He had celebrated his victory over the diseased Pidgey with a Snicker's bar, which had of course shared with Dratini, though he was pretty sure the little dragon type had spit it out, the little tyke.

Tyre stopped in his tracks as a brown pokemon popped out of some grass. "What the heck is that?" he questioned, pulling out his pokedex.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/399bidoof-f.pngBidoof; this normal type has nerves of steel and is more agile than it appears.

"Doesn't sound that amazing," Trye stated, getting a rolled eye from Dratini. "Alright, Dratini!" he bellowed. "Let's start out with Thunder Wave!"

"Dra!" Dratini shouted with much vigor, thinking this was a turning point in Tyre's life and training abilities. Sending out the blast of electricity, it covered the shocked Bidoof.

"Bid!" Bidoof shouted in surprise. "Bido," it growled, showing its large teeth at Dratini. With a snarl, it charged with its Tackle attack.

Dratini prepared itself, waiting for Tyre's command. He didn't have to wait long. "Hyper Beam!"

Song of a... "Dratini!" Dratini spat, getting knocked back. "Dra!" Dratini growled, snarling at Tyre.

"Dratini, Hyper Beam!"

Dratini shook its head, clearly saying it didn't know that move. Spitting to the side, Dratini decided to take control. "Tini!" it snarled, launching itself and Wrapping around Bidoof, crushing it.

"Bidoo!" Bidoof cried.

Tyre ran a hand through his perfect hair in frustration, wondering why his order's weren't working. "Well, if you won't Hyper Beam it, Wrap!"

Dratini shot a glare toward's Tyre. He was already Wrapping! Tightening his coils around Bidoof, Dratini was sure this would do some more damage.

"Bidd!" Bidoof barked, chomping down on Dratini.

"Tini!" Dratini sqeaked in surprise, looening its coils. "Tra!" Dratini coughed, getting Tackled in the face.

"Biddo," Biddof smirked, before wincing as the paralyzation took effect.

"Now's our chance!" Tyre said in excitement. "Use Wrap!"

Feeling a bit wierded out by Tyre's excitement and boldness, Dratini slithered toward Bidoof, though not as fast as he should have. In the end, Bidoof managed to dodge.

"Bido," Bidoof smirked, speeding towards Dratini for a Tackle attack.

"You can take it!" Tyre shouted.

"Drat," Dratini spat, pretty much saying screw you and ducking. "Tini," Dratini said, pleased as Bidoof went soaring over it. "Tini!" Dratini launched itself once more, strangling Bidoof.

"Bidoo..." Bidoof said weakly, trying to fight back against the Wrap and the Paralyzation.

"Hey! What are you doing!?" a voice shouted.

"Say what?" Tyre asked, mouth open in shock as a little boy ran up to them, fury open on his face.

"Dra.." Dratini said a bit unsurely, letting the unconicous Bidoof go.

The boy blanched. "You knocked out my Bidoof!" he snarled, tears springing to his eyes as he quickly picked up his pokemon. "What did we ever do to you?" he sniffled.

Tyre shifted uncomfortably. "Well, at least it isn't dead," he said, trying to make the boy feel better.

"Dra," Dratini sighed in defeat.

The boy gapped. "Why would you say such a thing!?"


"Is that what you want?!"

"What? No! Of course not!"

"Liar!" the boy shouted. "Well, you know what? I'll never let you! See, I'm already running away!" And he truly ran away, leaving tear drops to stain the ground.

"Holy begeezus that kid is crazy," Tyre muttered.

Dratini started to consider if suicide was the easier way out...

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 21st, 2009, 10:28 AM
Wolfwhispers - Bwahaha, I love Dratini's character already.

Dratini grew to Level 10

January 21st, 2009, 11:27 AM
Dratini couldn't help but give a sigh of relief as Nurse Joy healed him. He and his trainer had finally reached the next city, Veridian, and his trainer had actually done the smart thing by taking him immediately to the pokemon center, though Dratini was pretty sure is trainer was benefiting from the free food.

Sure enough, Tyre came waltzing in, just finishing off a hot dog. "Hey there, Dratini! You all ready?"

No. "Tini," Dratini said with a sigh, slithering over to Tyre.

"Have a good day," Nurse Joy said, bidding them goodbye with a wave.

"Hey, you know, I saw the strangest thing earlier," Tyre commented.

You found your brain? "Tini?"

"I saw a talking Meowth!" Tyre exclaimed. It was near this shop... This one actually!" he said in excitement, pointing to the shop they were in front of. "Come on, let's go in."

As if he could say no... Dratini slithered in, suddenly feeling a bit nervous. The whole place was full of pokemon... but they were caged. Dratini glared at Tyre. Of course he would try and get rid of him... Damn him... Just because he didn't know Hyper Beam.

"What is this?" Tyre demanded, startling a red haired woman and blue haired man. Their Meowth jumped, looking just as startled.

"Hey, what gives?" the Meowth demanded. "Quick, deal with him!" he commanded to the humans. "Before he can tell anyone he found out about our plans to kidnap these pokemon!"

"You're kidnapping these pokemon?" Tyre questioned stupidly.

"Don't try to play stupid with us, twerp," the red hair woman said.

"We know you know our plans!" the blue haired man said. "We know that you know we are Jesse and James of Team Rocket! Now go, Koffing!"

"Go, Dratini!" Tyre shouted. "Let's show these crooks a thing or two about kicking them in the beegezus!"

Dratini rolled his eyes, but nevertheless slithered forward. Glaring, Dratini shot a Thunder Wave, paralyzing the Koffing.

"Kof..." Koffing said, wincing as it couldn't move.

"Good job! Now use Wrap!"

"Tini!" Dratini called, wrapping tightly around the ball of poison.

"Koffing, use Tackle!" James demanded.

"Fing," Koffing said, batting uselessly against Dratini's coils. With a loud cough, it got free, startling Dratini long enough to Tackle it back.

"Don't give up! Wrap!" Tyre exclaimed, throwing a pose and looking heroic. After all, he was stopping these thieves.

"Koffing, Tackle!" James commanded.

"Fig!" Koffing coughed, Tackling Dratini backwards.

Shaking from the sudden impact, Dratini shook itself before launching at the Koffing, this time squeezing as much life out of it as possible.

"Fiiiing!" Koffing roared, ball like body being squeezed so tightly all of its smoke came out of it, making it look like a deflated balloon. "Fing..." it said in defeat.

"No, Koffing!" James cried, returning his prized pokemon.

"Good job, Dratini," Tyre congragulated.

"Don't get overconfident," Jesse sneered. "Go, Ekans!"

With a burst of light, a purple snake appeared, hissing angrily. "Ekans."

"Thunder Wave!" Tyre commanded.

"Dra!" Dratini sent out the lightning, surrouding the snake.

"Knns," Ekans hissed before smirking. To everyone's awe, it shed its skin, healing its status.

"That won't work," Tyre muttered. "Try again!"

Dratini scoffed as he glared down at the snake. At once, the two launched themselves at one another, immediately Wrapping around the other. It became a battle of strength and rage, each one glaring into the other's eyes as they rolled around.

"Dratini, Wrap!" Tyre cried.

"Tini!" Dratini exclaimed in agitation. What did that idiot think he was doing!? "Dra!" Dratini exclaimed, adding more pressure.

"Knss," Ekans hissed, adding more pressure as well.

It went on for a few moments, Jesse and Tyre giving stupid commands every now and then until Dratini got an idea.

"Tin!" Dratini spat, spitting right in Ekans' eye.

"Eka!" Ekans exclaimed, losing its grip.

With a mighty heave, Dratini wrapped its tail around Ekans and sent it flying, right into Jesse where they collapsed into a pile. "Tini," Dratini stated victoriously.

"Alright! We won!" Tyre exclaimed, patting Dratini on the head.

"Tini," Dratini muttered, shrugging Tyre's hand off.

"Da twerp beat us!" the Moewth exclaimed. "Run before he gets the cops!"

"Right!" Jesse and James exclaimed, running out the store.

"That's right!" Tyre bellowed as Dratini released all of the pokemon from their cages. "Run!"

"Tini," Dratini said with a sigh before spotting something on the ground. It looked like some type of CD. Picking it up, Dratini easily put it into Tyre's backpack. The idiot wouldn't know but at least he could use it for later. Maybe it was one of those move thingies.

"That's right, run!" Tyre continued, oblivious to teh stampeding pokemon and Dratini's rolled eyes...

OOC: If this can be a TM, you may choose, or if you allow me to, I promise to make it appropriate and not something ridiculious like Hyper Beam. :)

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 21st, 2009, 1:12 PM
Wolfwhispers - hmmm, I suppose you can have a TM, that was a great post.

Dratini grew to level 13

Tyre obtained TM03 Water Pulse

January 21st, 2009, 1:30 PM
"You know, Dratini, you battled amazingly," Tyre said as they walked along Route 2.

"Dra..." Dratini said hesitently, wondering why Tyre was starting to sound a bit smart.

"And because of this, I know you can take on the world!" Tyre continued, causing Dratini to sigh. "What?" Tyre asked, seeing Dratini's reaction. "You do like battling, don't you?"

Dratini paused for a moment. "Tini," he agreed.

"Good," Tyre said, grinning. "Cause here's our chance to battle again!" He pointed at a purple rat that was busy rolling around in some dirt. "Go!" he shouted, startling both Dratini and the Rattata. "Use Thunder Wave!"

"Tini!" Dratini snarled, fireing the electrical beam at Rattata.

"Rata!" Rattata screamed, trying to jump over the beam. Unfortuanently, as Dratini belonged to Tyre and Tyre was amazing, it hit straight on. "Ta," Rattata snarled, charging for a Quick Attack.

"Tin!" Dratini spat, shaking off the attack. It's long size really helped with such things.

"Use Wrap!" Tyre commanded with a loud voice, almost as if Dratini couldn't hear.

"Tini," Dratini said softly, rearing. There was a moment of stillness... and then Rattata winced from the paralyzation, and that's when Dratini struck.

"Ra!" Rattata screamed in surprise as te long snake curled around it. "Ta," it gasped, unable to breath.

"Tini," Dratini snarled quietly, almost crushing Rattata's bones.

"Tata!" Rattata roared, managing to wriggle free.

"Tch, get it!" Tyre commanded.

"Tatat!" Rattata growled, barreling right into Dratini once more for another Quick Attack.

"Dodge!" Tyre commanded.

"Tin," Dratini nodded, trying to dive to the right. "Tini!" Dratini gasped as Rattata got it right in the lower gut. "Draaa," Dratini said sinisterly, Leering down at the quivering Rattata. "Tini!" Dratini roared, picking up the rat with its tail and flinging it right into a tree.

"Raaaa!" Rattata screamed as it flew through the air, and right into a tree with a crunch. "Raa," Rattata huffed, knocked out.

Tyre winced. "Did you really have to do that much damage to it?"

Dratini glared, curling around its lower area.

"...oh," Tyre said with realization. "It hit you in the beegezus, didn't it?"

Dratini didn't answer.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 22nd, 2009, 6:16 AM
Wolfwhispers - you...make...dratini...MAD! XD

Dratini grew to level 15 and learned Dragon Rage. It also learned Twister at level 11 but I forgot to say that :P

January 22nd, 2009, 8:46 AM
Dratini brooded a bit as he and his trainer walked through the dense Verdian Forest. They hadn't even been there for more than half an hour and already three Kakuna had dropped from their trees to try and crush him to death. Thankfully they just bounced off his head and lay limply on the ground. Tyre had most likely not noticed since he continued to walk with much vigor. The strange part was that he was trying to get smart by using the pokedex to understand his moves and strength... and search for more pokemon.

"Look!" Tyre called out suddenly, pointing to a boy with a large net that was slinking about near a bunch of mating Caterpie. "What in the name of beegezus are you doing!?" Tyre cried. "Leave those lovers alone!"

The Caterpie jumped about a mile high. WIth a glare and a few String Shots towards tht eboy, they moved on. The boy sputtered angrily. "Who dares interrupt the great Bug Catcher Dorris!"


The boy fumed. "Don't make fun of my name!"

"...why not?"

"Gahg! That's it! Go, Pinsir!"

"What the heck is this?" Tyre muttered, bringing out his pokedex.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/emsprites/127pinsir.pngPinsir, the bug pokemon. It grips prey with its pinsirs until they are torn in half. What it can't tear, it tosses fair.

"Alright, go, Dratini!" Tyre called, pointing at the massive bug.

Dratini, whom had been wide eyed during the little pokedex speech, whipped around to glare at Tyre. "Draa!" he spat.

Tyre blinked. "Come on, you can do it," he encouraged. "I mean, you're much too skinny to get caught by those horns and you're way too fast to even get thrown."

Well, he did have a point. Knowing he would regret it, Dratini slithered out.

"Your little snake is no match for my awso..."

"Thunder Wave!" Tyre shouted quickly. Eagerly, Dratini shot the electrical jolt at the massive bug, making it wince.

"Hey!" Dorris shouted. "You can't attack while I"m tal..."

"Twister!" Tyre shouted, once again interrupting the odd bug catcher.

"Draa!" Dratini called, twirling its tail quickling and creating a tornado of air, rocks, twigs and draconic power.

"Pni!" Pinsir cried out as thew harsh tornado tore at its body. Glaring at its trainer, it jumped at the Dratini on its own, apparently thinking it was smarter than the trainer, which it was, Dratini thought. "Pin!" Pinsir cried out, charging at Dratini and picking up the startled dragon in its Vicerip.

"Draa!" Dratini yelped, glaring at Tyre. It was obviously his fault that he told him he would betoo skinny to catch. "Tin," Dratini gasped as the pressure became much worse.

"Wrap!" Tyre called out pleadingly.

"Yes, squeeze the worm!" Dorris called.

"Tin," Dratini cried out in irritation, using its tail to wrap around Pinsir's body.

Soon it bacame a battle of wits as they both attempted to squeeze the life out of one another. It went on for a few minutes, the two of them not giving up, but that's when it happened. Pinsir winced from its Paralyzation, and Dratini took that chance to jet out of Pinsir's grip.

"Tini" Dratini spat.

"Twister!" Tyre called, shaking a fist.

"Tini!" Dratini roared, twisting its tail in a fast circle, unleashing the powerful tornado.

"Pnin!" Pinsir cried out, being pushed back as the harsh attack tore at its body.

"Another!" Tyre shouted.

Dratini unleashed the attack once more, just as Dorris shouted, "Vice Grip and Bind!"

"Pin," Pinsir snarled at his trainer, slapping a hand to his head as the tornado ripped at his body. Shooting a speculative look at Dratini, it smirked and fell on its back just as the attack ended.

"No!" Dorris yelled.

"Yes!" Tyre yelled. "We won!" he said excitedly to Dratini. Dratini eyed his trainer for a moment before turning to watch the 'fallen' Pinsir.

"I guess you win," Dorris said grudgingly. "Pinsir, ret... hey!"

"Pin!" Pinsir smirked, jumping up just before the red beam could hit it. With a fierce battle cry, it tore its way into the woods, running away from its shocked trainer.

"Ho... hold on a minute!" Dorris stuttered, running after his pokemon. "Waaait!" he shouted, voice getting farther and farther away.

Dratini and Tyre stared for a moment. "Does that mean we still win?" Tyre asked at last.

Dratini began to wonder if he should do that too...

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 22nd, 2009, 9:33 AM
Wolfwhispers - lol, are there no smart trainers in this world?

Dratini grew to level 17

January 22nd, 2009, 11:21 AM
"Dratini, you see that pokemon over there?" Tyre whispered, crouching down and pointing to a yellow mouse that was eating a few berries a fair distance away. Dratini nodded."Good, now use Thunder Wave!" Tyre shouted, completely screwing up their surprise attack.

The Pikachu jumped about a foot in the air and quickly swerved out of the way. It's flat tail twitched, making Tyre see that it was a boy. "Pikaa," it growled angrily. "Pika!" it shouted running at Dratini and firing up it Thundershock.

"Twister!" Tyre commanded.

"Draa," Dratini growled, sending the vicious tornado Pikachu's way. The Thunder Shock hit the tornado and began to generate the tornado with not only rocks, twigs and draconic power, but electrcity.

"Chu," Pikachu said a bit hesitently, watching the tornado in horror. "Chuka!" Pikachu shouted, trying to run away. The tornado was too fast for it, and sucked the electric mouse in and began to shred and electrify it all at once. "Chuuu!" Pikachu screamed in pain.

"Good," Tyre exclaimed, grinning down at his pokemon. "Now try another Twister!"

"Draa!" Dratini growled, twirling its tail and sending the vicious attack once more.

"Chu," Pikachu growled, flattening its ears. With a glare, it jumped out of the way, running at full speed. "Pika!" it shouted, powering up another electrical attack.

"Dodge!" Tyre commanded, trying to be helpful.

Dratini tried to swerve to the left, using its snake like body to surprise the mouse, but the Pikachu was much smarter and faster than Dratini thought and managed to Thundershock him. "Tini!" Dratini gasped as the attack washed over him.

"Chu," Pikachu spat, jumping away a fair distance. "Pika!" it called, trying a long distance Thundershock.

"Dodge," Tyre ordered again.

As the attack was a distance away, Dratini was able to swerve his body away. "Tini," Dratini smirked, slither quickly all around the Pikachu.

"That's right, confuse it!" Tyre exclaimed happily.

"Tini," Dratini growled, slithering almost as fast as a pokemon using Agility.

Pikachu watched carefully before a confused look overcame it. "Chu!" it shouted, sending a Thundershock. The electric attack missed, instead hitting a rock that did absolutely nothing. "Chu! Chu! Chu!" Pikachu shouted, sending a bolt of lightning with each "Chu".

"Keep it up!" Tyre commanded, watching as Dratini literally flew over an electrical bolt as it sprang into the air, much to his astonishment. "Use Twister!" he commanded again.

"Tini!" Dratini spat, jumping midair and twirling its tail, just as Pikachu shot another Thundershock.

"Pi," Pikachu growled, eyes widening as it fell for the same thing twice. The vicious tornado once again had electricity swirling around, but this time it seemed much powerful, almost as if Dratini had been trying harder. Much to his disgust and fear, he was dragged into the tornado, and the attack began to beat and shred and electrify his skin. "Chaaa!" Pikachu screamed, body stiffening as he took the attack.

When the attack was over, Pikachu growled lowly, sending one final Thundershock before it fell to the ground. "Dt," Dratini winced, taking the attack by surprise.

"Finish it with another Twister!" Tyre commanded, victory beginning to light his eyes.

"Tini!" Dratini roared, sending the attack.

Pikachu looked up, determination glowing in its eyes. "Chuu!" he shouted, jumping out of the way just in time. "Pikkaa," he growled lowly, running around in order to confuse Dratini this time. Unfortuanently, as he was weak, he wasn't fast enough and Dratini could keep up. "Chu!" he shouted at last, sending another Thundershock.

Dratini swerved away, though still got a little shock. Wincing, Dratini didn't even see Pikachu run right at him until Pikachu's tail slapped him right in the face with its Tail Whip attack. "Tini," Dratini gasped, backign away and accidently exposing its weak side.

"Watch out!" Tyre shouted, just as Pikachu shot another Thundershock. "Dratini, are you ok?" he asked as Dratini shivered from the attack.

"Tini," Dratini nodded, glaring at the shaking pokemon as it began to lose its footing. It was done for.

"Then finish it with Twister!" Tyre commanded.

Taking a deep breath, Dratini span his tail quickly, sending the vicious tornado, sending it straight at Pikachu.

"Pik," Pikachu sighed, too tired to dodge. With a grim smile, he took the attack, knowing he had done a good job battling. Fighting back a scream as the tornado tore at his body, Pikachu fell to the ground, defeated.

Tyre sighed as the Pikachu finally fell. "Good job," he said a bit grimly, getting a raised scale from Dratini. Where was the idiot? Tyre brought out a pokeball, his face serious. He was about to capture his first pokemon, and he knew that although that was his job as a pokemon trainer, it was still a huge responsibilty. He had never really thought much about it until now, when he was faced off against the pokemon he was going to catch. And with that, he shouted, "Go!"

The pokeball sucked the Pikachu up in a color of red light, and then it began to shake...

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 22nd, 2009, 12:33 PM
Wolfwhispers - great post. Thanks for catching up so quickly too ;)

Tyre caught a level 6 Male Hasty Pikachu

January 23rd, 2009, 10:37 AM
"Woohoo!" Tyre shouted happily, picking up the pokeball and dancing around excitedly. He had just capture his very first pokemon! "I just caught my first pokemon!" he yelled.

Dratini curled into a ball, watching the scene. Honestly, with the way Tyre was acting, he didn't do anything but sit there.

"Alright, come on out!" Tyre shouted, releasing Pikachu.

With a burst of light, Pikachu appeared. It shook itself, eyeing Tyre questionly. "Pikac?"

Tyre kneeled down. "Hello there, Pikachu. My name is Tyre." He offered his hand for PIkachu to smell. "I know this may seem forward, but I'm your new trainer and, well, I'm hoping we can be good friends."

"Pi," Pikachu said approvingly, nodding before grabbing a few berries from the bush it had been eating at before. He ate them happily, tossing a few to Dratini. The dragon type swallowed them in one go, noticing that his health seemed to be coming back.

"Alright, a trainer!" a girl squeeled. She had blond hair, shorts (who the heck where's shorts in a dense forest!?), and a white shirt. "My name is Emily, but you can call me Em!" she laughed, making the group stare at her. "Let's battle! Three verse three!"

"Er, I only have two," Tyre said.

The girl faltered. "Two on two, then! Go, Beedril!" Trent brought out his pokedex as the pokemon appeared.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/015beedrill.pngBeedrill, the bee pokemon. Its best attack involves flying around at a high speed, striking its foe, and flying off.

"We can handle this," Tyre said confidently. "Go, Dratini!"

Finishing off a few more of those berries, Dratini slithered forward. "Tini!"

"Thunder Wave!" Tyre commanded.

""Fury Attack!" Em ordered.

Beedrill flew right thrrough the Thunder Wave, ignoring its effects and jabbing Dratini repeatedly with its large stingers.

"Tini!" Dratini winced in anger. "Tin!" he shouted, sending a vicious Twister towards Beedril.

"Beedrill, Fury Attack!" Em commanded again.

"Bee!" Beedrill called, trying to fly towards Dratini, but the harsh tornado sucked it in and sent it spinning, body being torn and bruised. "Dril," Beedrill winced.

"Good, now strike it again while its hurt!" Tyre commanded happily.

Rearing, Dratini launched itself, Wrapping tightly around Beedril. Dratini managed to Wrap around its large stingers and wings, making them fall to the ground. "Be," Beedrill gasped as it landed painfully on its side.

"Tini," Dratini spat, tightening itself even more.

"Fight it off!" Em shouted shrilly.

"Beee!" Beedrill shouted, trying to push Dratini off. Unfortuanently, with its tiny arms and large stingers, it didn't have the strenght to push the large snake off. It had just evolved, and didn't have the strength or the knowledge to use its body wisely. "Bee," Beedrill gasped, giving out at last.

"No, Beedrill!" Em recalled her pokemon. "See how you like this! Go, Pidegeotto!" Bryan brought his pokedex once more.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/017pidgeotto.pngPidgeotto, the flying type. It flies over a large territory in search of prey.

"A flying type, huh. Alright, come back Dratini," Tyre ordered, having Dratini slither over to his side. "You're up, Pikachu!"

"Pika!" Pikachu snarled boldly, jumping in front of the electric type.


"Dodge and use Gust!" Em ordered.

"Pide!" Flapping its wings quickly, Pidgeotto created a large tornado, which pounded against Pikachu.

"Chu..." Pikachu grunted, sending out a vicious Thundershock.

"Geooo!" Pidgeotto screamed, nearly falling to the ground.

"Looks like your flying type can't handle that much!" Tyre taunted before cokcing his head questioningly. "Hey, wait. That pokemon doesn't seem to be at a high enough level. Why is it a Pidgeotto?"

Em shrugged. "I dunno. For whatever reason, you can capture Pidgeotto in here, despite being no stronger that a Pidgey..."

"Thundershock!" Tyre screamed, getting tired of her explanation.

"Geoo!" Pidgeotto screamed, getting hurt even more.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Em screamed.

"Thundershock!" Tyre commanded, having the time of his life.

"Chuu!" Pikachu screamed, shocking Pidgeotto once more.

"Ip," the bird said weakly. Miraculiously, it managed to send one last Gust attack, sending Pikachu flying into a tree and sliding down weakly. "Peo," Pidgeotto sighed, falling to the ground. Giving one last glare at its trainer for not paying attention to the battle, it finally fell into the unoncious world.

"Chuu," Pikachu said, weakly, having hurt itself in the process of getting flung into a tree.

"Good job, Pikachu," Tyre said softly, returning the pokemon to his pokeball. "You deserve a good rest."

Dratini stared wide eyed, wondering if his trainer had taken some pills while he hadn't been looking, because he was actually starting to act like a trainer! Was he about to turn over a new leaf?

"Well, see ya," Tyre said, ignoring the girls glare and mutter's of, "Cheater..." Tyre walked out of the forest with a glint in his eye, completely unscathed and undirty, despite being in a dense forest, and walked toward the next town with Dratini far behind, because the dragon type was still eating berries.

Idiot. "Drat," Dratini said with a sigh, eating some more berries. Guess he didn't exactly turn over a new leaf...

OOC: I'm just about caught up, so if you were holding back the next chapter because you wanted me to catch up or because of laziness, you can post it whenever. :)

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 23rd, 2009, 1:04 PM
Bryan brought his pokedex once more.

Wolfwhispers - who's Bryan? :P

Dratini grew to Level 19

Pikachu grew to Level 8

Pewter City

2-4 posts

What to do…

In a city you cannot battle wild Pokémon and can only battle trainers in certain places, such as gyms. For each city, I’ll briefly list what there is to do.

Interesting places to see:

Pewter City Gym – The gym leader of Pewter is Brock, who uses the Rock type. He rewards victorious trainers with the Boulder Badge, and with the Rock Tomb TM, for some reason.

Brock’s Team:

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/b7/Spr_4p_074.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_074.png)
Level: 15
Moves: Defense Curl, Tackle, Rock Throw, Mud Sport

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/a/ad/Spr_4p_095.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_095.png)
Level: 15
Moves: Rage, Bind, Tackle, Screech

Pokémon Centre – Heal your Pokémon for free with Nurse Joy! You can also stay overnight here for free.

Pokémon Mart – Buy Potions, Pokeballs, Antidotes, Paralyz Heal, Burn Heal, Ice Heal and Awakening here.

Pewter City Museum – Gaze at the wonders of outer space, for a very (un)reasonable price. The curator is muttering something about ‘Old Amber’ which has to be taken to Cinnabar Island…maybe you could help him? NOTE: only 1 roleplayer can get this, so it will be a simple first come first served basis. However, its got to be a good post to get the Old Amber.

January 23rd, 2009, 9:14 PM
"Look at that," Tyre whispered to Dratini, pointing at a brownish gold Rattata, mind instantly going to the gold Pidgey. "The disease is spreading! Go, Pikachu! Thundershock!"

"Ra?" Rattata asked qith confusion before getting a vicious jolt of electricity. "Raaa!" it screamed, Shaking its head, it glared at Pikachu.

"Good, now use another one!" Tyre commanded. "Wipe out the disease!"

Chuckling, Pikachu charged up, letting off a "Chuu!" and releasing it, shocking the rat pokemon.

"Raaa!" Rattata screamed. Glaring, it charged, teeth bared in anger. "Rata!" Rattata slammed into Pikachu's gut, knocking out its breath.

"Pi," Pikachu gasped.

"Come on, Thundershock!" Tyre commanded of the breathless Pikachu.

Casting an irritated glance towards his trainer, Pikachu let off another Thundershock, zapping the running rat.

"Tat," Rattata gasped, stopping from its Tackle charge. Growling, it restarted.


"Chuk!" Pikachu laughed, flipping over the Rattata expertly, almost as if he had done flips over attacking pokemon his whole life.

"Now Thundershock!" Tyre commanded, beginning to see victory.

Grinning, Pikachu unleashed its attack. "Chuuu!" The lightning hit its mark, forcing the diseased colored pokemon to fall to the ground.

Tyre grinned. "Alright! Now finish it with... What the!?"

Out of no where, a blue colored pokeball came flying and hit the Rattata. It was a Great Ball, and had no problem capturing the diseased rat.

"Hey!" Tyre shouted.

"Ha! It's mine!" a boy that could be no more than eight years old. He had brown hair and a dirty face; enough said. "It's mine!" he shouted again, laughing manically as he ran away with the great ball.

"But its diseased!" Tyre shouted, hoping he could warn the boy in time.

Dratini just sighed and shook his head.

Pikachu simply scratched his head, wondering if he would still gain experience. He had defeated it, after all...

January 25th, 2009, 3:26 AM
@ ILAYM: I'm sorry but I'm going to have to drop out as time has just not been on my good side, sorry BB.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 25th, 2009, 4:13 AM
Wolfwhispers - nice subtle hint there :P

Pikachu grew to level 10 and learned Thunder Wave

Bemertonboy - okay, thanks for letting me know. I'll see you round the forums ;)

January 25th, 2009, 4:57 AM
Ma I reserve that wildcard please?

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 27th, 2009, 12:31 AM
yup, You're reserved until Midnight tomorrow (PC time)

January 27th, 2009, 7:03 AM
Can I get that spot? I'll be my usual character, Grey. I'd like for him to be a mysterious character that just came in from another region that bumps into the other adventurers.

Pokemon Starter: Mareep

Name: Grey Christopher Rose (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parody)
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Appearance: Grey is fairly tall for his age, being somewhere around 5'5". He is 'shrimpy' you might say. He doesn't work out, and doesn't have much meat on his bones. He wears a formal watch, nothing fancy though. He usually wears contacts, but if you catch him on a bad day he will be wearing wire-rimmed glasses. He has a few freckles here and there across his face. He has a skinny nose, and has the first signs of acne appearing on his forehead. He has a normal sized chin, and thin lips. He is usually wearing gloves on his hands to cover up his bony fingers. His arms are skinny and most would be able to wrap their hand around his wrists. His legs are the same as his arms: skinny and bony. He has fairly big feet for his small size. A good word to describe his figure is 'lanky'. Grey wouldn't be caught dead in shorts. He always wears jeans, and is okay with short sleeved shirts. Underneath his shirt he always wears a white undershirt. Over his shirt he usually wears a gray hoodie (ironic, aye?). He has bleach-white sneakers; they look as if they have never been worn. Though you can't see his socks, he usually wears the socks that are hidden beneath the shoe. If Grey gets invited to a school party he would probably wear his normal: jeans, short sleeved shirt and undershirt and a gray hoodie. But if the party happens to be a 'Sunday Best' party then he would wear a black or navy blue sports jacket (or suit) accommodated by a usually blue or white button-down shirt with a tie (non-clip on). He would wear khaki or black pants, held up by a usually brown belt. His choice of shoes would be brown 'penny loafers'. On a chilly winter’s day, Grey would be seen in his usual dark blue jeans, but a long sleeved shirt and hoodie. Instead of sparkly white sneakers, Grey would wear brown boots. On cold days Grey would usually have his glasses on, so his contacts won’t dry out with the dry and cold wind. If it is especially cold, he would either have a hat on, or the hood of his hoodie.
Personality: Grey is calm whenever things around him are calm. He is a follower if whatever must get done doesn't affect his grades, etc., but whenever something comes up and it will affect his life he will take the lead of the project and complete it with his best efforts and intentions. His mood changes as the mood of those around him changes. If it is a rainy day, he will most likely be gloomy, but on a bright day he will be happy and calm. Whenever something sad, devastating, happy, or joyous happens, he usually won’t show much emotion. A good way to describe his personality is if the weather is good, he’s good, but if the weather is gloomy, he’s gloomy. Because of his small size he is usually picked on by kids his age and older. Usually the first time they pick on him is also the last. He has a darks side when someone threatens him or tries to hurt him. People learn that despite his laid back person, he can get mad fairly easily. Outwardly to everyone Grey is very calm and shy, but those who really get to know him will see that he can be very open and talkative, quite the opposite of his normal, laid back personality. Grey is loyal to everyone around him and when he is around strangers, he tends to try to be cool and mysteries to make a good impression, but he usually fails.
History: Family:
Name- Scarlett Rose
Age- 51 (at death)
Relation- Mother

Name - Thorn Rose
Age - 43 (at death)
Relation - Father

Name - Scarlett Rose
Age - (Died at birth; would be 12)
Relation - Sister

Name - Thorn Rose Jr.
Age - 22
Relation - Brother (Estranged)

Name - Mary Iona
Age - 63
Relation - Caretaker
Past: Twenty-two years to the day before Grey was born, his brother, Thorn Jr. was born. Twenty-two years later Grey and his twin sister Scarlett were born on a rainy, gloomy day; his parents were Scarlett and Thorn, both were great, wealthy Pokemon trainers. Sadly, Scarlett died at birth. Then to make his birth sadder, his dad died less than a week later. Now Scarlett was a single mom of to boys: the newborn Grey and Thorn Jr., age 10. Then, when Grey was eight and his brother was 18, their mother died. After the deaths of his parents Thorn became estranged from his only left family member, Grey. He left Grey in the care of Mary Iona, a boring, old caretaker. Luckily for Grey it was only two years before he left on his Pokemon journey. But when Grey finally turned ten, Iona wouldn't let him leave. After a one year wait, Grey was able to leave, but with no Pokemon. On a search to find his brother, he ended up in New Bark Town, where there was a Professor, who had a computer. He looked up his brothers name, Thorn Rey Rose Jr. he found out that his brother was the owner of the biggest money-making company and was better known now as Mr. Rose; Grey then knew that his brother would never let him live with him. He was a big shot now, not caring about his orphaned brother. That is when Grey knew that he finally needed to go on his own Pokemon journey. But to start, Grey travelled to a region unknown to him; Kanto.
Starter Choice: Snorunt, Female Please.

I've never started an RP in the middle of it, so bear with me. And yes, just one Pokemon so it can be fairly good-leveled.

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January 27th, 2009, 8:08 AM
King9000 - It looks...decent, but beef it up a bit. PM me when you'e finished it.

Symphony - (no, I'm not going to even try and figure out how to really write that) King9000 technically took the last spot, but that SU was just about amazing enough to get you in with a Female Snorunt at level...how does level 15 sound? Btw, could you post in the OOC thread what nature you want it to be? so - Accepted!

January 27th, 2009, 2:38 PM
I'm dropping my SU, for I've got a lot going on lately.

January 27th, 2009, 6:23 PM
"Pikachu, Thunderhock that Pidgey!" Tyre shouted out of nowhere, startling his two pokemon. They had been walking peacefully toward the visible city, and then all of a sudden, he just shouts out an order.

"Chu," Pikachu said a little hesitently, eyeing the bird digging at the ground. He glanced at Dratini, but the blue dragon simply rolled his eyes. "Pika... chu!" Pikachu shouted, electrocuting the shocked Pidgey.

"Piid!" Pidgey screamed in pain, body twitching from the aftershocks. "Gye!" it screamed, flying at Pikachu with Vengence in its eyes.

"Thundershock again!" Tyre barked out.

"Chhu!" The electrcity shot out at Pidgey, hitting it point blank, and causing it to fall to the ground.

"Piid," it grunted angrily. Piide!" it screamed flying straight at Pikachu again.

"Didn't we just go through this?" Tyre asked to Dratini.

Dratini simply sighed, eyes watching in boredom as Pikachu once again shot the Pidgey out of the sky, only to get up again and charge. It seemed like there were stupid pokemon as well as humans. What a sad, sad world.

"Finish it with Thundershock!" Tyre shouted with joy.

"Pikachuuu!" Pikachu screamed shocking the Pidgey.

"Piiied!" Pidgey screamed, falling to the ground with an audible crunch. "Geyyy," it crowed pitifully, dragging itself into the bushes.

"Chu," Pikachu sighed, glancing up at Tyre, an ear twitching.

"You must be wondering why I had you battle right before we entered the city, aren't you?" Tyre guessed.

No. "Chu."

"Ahh, you are! Well, you see, Pikachu," Tyre said, crouching down to Pikachu's level. "You only know awsome attacks like Thundershock and Growl, but those won't do much good against the gym leader since he has rock type pokemon. And you're only one level away from learning a move that's actually effective against rock type pokemon."

Pikachu and Dratini stared wide eyed at the now humming Tyre who was marching towards the town. Was... was Tyre actually using his brain!?

Holy freakin' begeezus.

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January 28th, 2009, 12:11 AM
King9000- okay, thanks for letting me know

Wolfwhispers - great post, but I think you got your levels mixed up :P Pikachu learns Quick attack at level 11 in Gen III but at level 13 in GenIV. I'm going by the most recent movesets, as they'll probably be the most accurate, or whatever. On the plus side, Type advantages don't really mean squat when youre a sue. :D

Pikachu grew to level 12

January 28th, 2009, 3:31 PM
The old tattered bus was near to its next destination: Pewter City, Kanto. On the old, rusty piece of junk was one person and one person only: Grey Christopher Rose. The few people that were on the bus had left in bigger, better cities spread across Johto and Kanto. The old, worn-out driver managed a loud belch at what Grey thought to be a very high decibel count. Well, loud enough to wake the sleeping Grey.

"Were almost there," the bus driver said with a tired and cracked voice.

Grey then moved his head around and noticed the painful crick in his neck. Trying to pop it, Grey shifted his head from one side to the other. With no luck, Grey kept his head straight up to stay awake. He noticed all of the Pokemon on the route they were on. There were Nidorans, both male and female, and tons of bug Pokemon including Caterpie and Weedle. Grey saw a sign on the side of the road that was covered in graffiti. With Grey’s dyslexia the sign would have been hard to read, but the sprayed-on paint didn’t help either.

Though, based on the bus’ next stop, Grey figured the sign must have said something along the lines of ‘Pewter City, Straight Ahead.’

"Okay," the old bus driver said as Grey walked up the empty rows to the door. The bus driver was holding out a hand, so Grey reached into his back pocket and pulled out a wad of money and stuck it into the guys’ drooling mouth.

Quickly, Grey ran off the bus so he didn’t have to hear the old man cursing. Grey quickly ran into the PokeCenter so the man wouldn’t run him over.

"Can I help you?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Uhh, yeah." Grey said, "Do you have any open rooms?"

"We sure do. Would you like to rent one?"

"Uhh, sure." Grey said. Then, reaching into his back pocket he said, "How much?"

"Free, for trainers," The nurse said.

"Oh, good!" Grey said, relieved. "Which room?"

"Just go down that hall. First door on the left." The nurse said, pointing to a hall.

"Good," Grey mumbled to himself while walking down the hall and entering the first door on the left.

Once in the room, Grey went into the bathroom, clogged the bathtub and started running hot water. One the tub was fairly full Grey said, "Come on out Aes!" He reached for his only PokeBall and released the Pokemon inside. The Pokemon landed in Grey’s open hand and Grey then put the Pokemon into the bath water.

"Horse! Horse – eeee!" the Pokemon squealed, diving into the water then jumping back up.

"Good girl," Grey said, petting the Pokemon’s scaly back. Then Grey splashed it and out of instinct the Pokemon shot a foggy form of black smoke from its’ muzzle, fogging up all of the water.

"Oh don’t do that!" Grey said. "Okay, get out,"

The Pokemon obediently got out of the tub and into Grey’s hands. Then Grey clogged the sink and filled it with water to put the Pokemon in.
Once Aes was splashing around in the sink, Grey took off his clothes and took a long, hot shower.

January 29th, 2009, 12:48 PM
As any young beginning trainer, Tyre was greatly interested in the new city he had just entered. Looking around in awe, Tyre couldn't help but notice all of the strange rock carvings. He knew that Pewter City, city of the rocks, was, well, a rocky place, but thus was just ridiculious!

"Hello, and welcome to the pokemon center," a nurse with pink haired asked. It was another Nurse Joy. "May I heal your pokemon?"

"Yea, what else would I be here for?" Tyre asked, handing over his pokeballs.

"Oh, perhaps you wished to eat at our free buffet, or perhaps stay in a room for free, or you simply wished me to watch over your pokemon as you went to visit museum," Nurse Jy listed.

Tyre blinked. "There's a museum of stuff?" he asked.

"Of course," Nurse Joy laughed. "Now here are your pokeballs..."

"That was fast," Tyre muttered.

"...and have a good day," Nurse Joy finished, acting as if Tyre hadn't interrupted her.

"...right," Tyre drawled, running out of the pokemon center. He really didn't want to stay in there any longer.

Looking around, he could see in the distance a rather large white building with the word 'Museum' on it. As it was a rather small town, all the houses could be seen. Walking toward the building, Tyre was a bit confused as to why there were so few people about. Shrugging it off, Tyre entered.

"Welcome," a voice said to his right. Turning, Tyre noticed it was a woman who was wearing some type of uniform. "To enter, you must please pay the fee."


The woman smiled. "Just hand over your pokedex and it will act as a credit card." Nodding, Tyre handed it over, not even thinking of the possibilities that this woman could use his pokedex information and steal all of his money... "All done," she announced happily, handing the pokedex back. "Have a good day!"

Nodding, Tyre toured the museum, looking in wonder at all of the space machines. He even came across a case that held some type of 'Moon Stone'. Getting tired of the first floor, Tyre centured up to the second, eyes widening as he took in the giant bones of the lost prehistoric pokemon. The first one was a Kabutops, and boy did that look strong!

Coming to the end, was the largest of all: Aerodactyl. The bones were behind a case, much to his disappointmen. He wanted to touch it, dammit!

"I just... wish I could..." came a mumble.

Blinking, Tyre looked behind the large set of bones toward a depressed looking scientist. He was looking at something shiny in his hands. His eyes kept glancing at the Aerodactyl bones with longing. When his eyes landed on Tyre, they widened.

"Are... are you a pokemon trainer?" he asked.

Puffing out his chest, Tyre nodded with a large smile. "You bet I am! The name is Tyre, and I'm going to be a pokemon master someday!"

The scientist blinked in shock before mumbling to himself. "Can... I trust a kid? Well, what am I going to do with it?"

"What?" Tyre asked, coming closer to hear the mad man's muttering.

"Er, nothing!" the scientist barked out, laughing nervously. "Listen, er, Tyre," he said a little hesitently. "Have you heard of the laboratory on Cinnabar Island that is said to bring back fossils to life?"

Tyre closed his eyes in thought. "Don't they hae something like that in Sinnoh?"

"Uh, yes," the scientist gritted out. "But we have one in Kanto, and I was wondering if you..."

"You want me to bring something back to life?" Tyre asked excitedly. "I'll do it!"

"You will!?" the scientist asked with just as much excitement.

"Of course I will! What kind of idiot wouldn't want to do that?"

"Good, then take this Old Amber, and take it to Cinnabar Island and find the laboratory. Just show them this, and they'll know what to do."

"Great! I'll get started on it as soon as I get my first badge!"

"Yes! ...Er, wait. First badge?"

"Yep! I just started off," Tyre exclaimed proudly.

"...oh." The scientist began to wonder if he should start thinking logically from now on. Honestly, asking the first trainer that came his way for this kind of help...

January 30th, 2009, 2:05 AM
Heya guys,

@ ILAYM: I was wondering as the wildcard is still open, if I could possibly rejoin.

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January 30th, 2009, 4:25 AM
Symphony - nice first post...but didn't Grey have a Snorunt?

Wolfwhispers - lol, that's plenty good enough.

Tyre received the Old Amber

that means it is taken, just to re-iterate, so please don't try and get it as well, anyone else :P

Bemerton Boy - I'm afraid all the spots are full :(