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December 21st, 2008, 10:07 PM
The PokéBoard:

For the Protection of Johto


Welcome to the Johto Region! It's a great place for trainers. If you need any help, you can ask Prof. Elm. If Prof. Elm is out of contact, you can tune your PokéGear to Prof. Oak's Radio Show. Oh, I know what you're thinking...what does any of this have to do with you? Well, things aren't as tranquil behind the scenes:
A company known as "Technology Revolutionized" has started a logging venture in the Ilex Forest. Time "glitches" have become more frequent in the surrounding area. In Goldenrod City, exotic Pokémon are being shipped to the Game Corner, but strangely, none have appeared as prizes. In the north, a factory has sprung up at the Lake of Rage, built by the same company. This has caused Grimer to run amuck around the lake. Pokémon native to the area are being pushed down into Mahogany Town, wreaking havoc on its citizens. At the same time, the Ice Path is melting at an alarming rate. Nobody knows the cause, but scientists from all over the globe have flown in to analyze the problem. Blackthorn City has become isolated, because the police have closed the Ice Path, fearing the worst. In the West, things are looking just as bleak. Whirlpools and waterspouts are appearing with severe weather in greater numbers. Boat travel to Cianwood City has become all but impossible as captains have become fearful of the storms.
But what does any of this have to do with you?


You are from another [part of the] region. You've been helping the Prof. of that region and are on good terms with them. He/She lets you play with the Pokémon, and even though you don't have a Pokémon of your own, you understand the mechanics of battling and competing in contests. Anyway, one day, your Prof. hands you a letter. It's addressed to you, from Prof. Oak. It reads:
Dear [Your Name],

Congratulations! You've been deemed applicable for the PokéBoard by our staff. Prof. [Your Region's Prof.] has recommended you for having extensive knowledge in the field of Pokémon treatment and care, and for having the dedication and determination necessary for being a Pokémon Trainer/Coordinator. Enclosed is a ticket for a to Olivine [Marina/Station/Airport/etc.]. We expect to see you within the next week, or your spot on the PokéBoard will be revoked. Once again, congratulations and have a safe trip!

Samuel E. Oaken

Prof. Oak


It's three strikes, then you're out!

Follow all Global PokéCommunity Rules
I realize words are only bad because we say they are...but this is Pokémon. Keep it PG-Rated.
No Legendaries in Teams
Be Grammatically Correct
No Godmodding*
No Clichéd Characters!!
Post All Sign-Ups in the OOC-Thread**

Policy on Absences:

If you are absent for three days (unless otherwise notified), we'll skip you in the rotation, and you can catch-up when you get back.
If you are absent for a week (unless otherwise notified), we'll temporarily take you out of the RP, and you can jump back in when you get back.
If you are absent for more then two weeks (unless otherwise notified), we'll make something up in the story, and you're out of the RP.

*I define godmodding at blatant taking control of someone else's character(s), or forcing someone into a situation where their character doesn't have any choices when responding.
**If the OOC-Thread isn't posted, just be patient. You can reserve aspects (i.e. region, Starter Pokémon, etc.) here until the OOC-Thread opens. Just don't post your app. unless otherwise noted.
***Type "I like green eggs and ham." under your application to verify you've read the rules!

{Application Information}
NOTE: I realize my application is short, but I'm having writer's block and intend to update it later!


Name: Kawaii, Inc.
Timezone:* -5 GMT


Name: Cliff Fairfax
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nickname: N/A
Career: Coordinator
Region:** Johto (Elm)
General Appearance: Cliff has very English features. He's tall, about 6' 1". He's not very big for his age, but he isn't skinny, weighing in at 145 lbs. He wears a khaki colored shirt and dark brown pants. They're both a little ratty but they're durable and light. As implied by his last name, his hair is dirty blond and medium length, which complements his pale skin well. He doesn't do anything special to it and lets it take shape via the wind. While it's not a bad look, it's just not very professional. But who said Cliff was professional?

General Personality: Cliff has a very up-beat personality. While this might annoy some people, in most cases, he can raise the mood of any situation fairly easily. Cliff has never been the serious type, either. It's not that he can't be serious; it's just that he finds it easier to handle life in a fun, happy way. Now, this is not to say Cliff can't get angry. Don't underestimate his temper, because if you set him off, you'll find that he can be a very challenging opponent. Needless to say, tenacious is an understatement when it comes to Cliff.

Likes: Cool Breezes, Up-Beat Music, Pokémon, Traveling
Dislikes: Electric Pokémon, Pessimistic People
Strengths: Charisma, Tenacity, Knowledge of Pokémon
Fears: Abandonment, Nighttime
Aspirations: Cliff hopes to travel the world as a celebrity Pokémon Coordinator.


Mother- Elizabeth Fairfax (44 yo.)
Father- Reginald Fairfax (46 yo.)
Sister- Adelaide Fairfax (18 yo.)
Past Events: Before receiving his letter, Cliff spend most of his days taking care of Pokémon for Prof. Elm. He started cataloging and helping in the lab about two years ago. While Elm had plenty of paid employees, Cliff seemed to have an inborn ability to nurture Pokémon. Not only that, but Cliff's tenacious nature helped him accomplish more work and acquire more knowledge in a shorter amount of time then any of Elm's paid aides. His family is happy that Cliff is helping Prof. Elm, seeing as his sister has been a relatively successful Pokémon Trainer, and they wish him the same success.
Prologue (RP Sample):***
Cliff awoke to the sun gleaming through his window. When reality finally hit him, he sprung from bed with a fright and yelled, "I'm late!" He dressed quickly, then sprinted out the door. He realized his mother had yelled something to him, but couldn't make out the words over the rustle of his father's newspaper. "Sorry, Mom! Can't talk; late for work!"

Cliff was less frantic once the lab came into view. He saw the Prof. clumsily entering carrying a cup of coffee and a stack of upwards of fifty papers. "Prof. Elm!" he yelled, "Waiittt!" Unfortunately, Elm was caught off guard by the ruckus and spilt his coffee down his hand. "Ahhh, hot! Too hot!" he yelled, dropping his papers. Cliff rolled his eyes at the Prof. then gave a big, synthetic smile as he helped relocate the fallen papers. "Here--let me help you, Prof." he said as he bent down towards an envelope. While it wasn't his usual behavior to snoop, his eyes couldn't help but wonder as he read the name on the letter. His name was written in the center, along with Prof. Elm's lab as the address. "What's this?" Sebastian asked curiously. The edges of Prof. Elm's lips started to lift from ear-to-ear.

"I dunno," the Prof. said cheesily. He continued, "Maybe you should open it to find out..." He read it out loud:Dear Master Fairfax,

Congratulations! You've been deemed applicable for the PokéBoard by our staff. Prof. Elm has recommended you for having extensive knowledge in the field of Pokémon treatment and care, and for having the dedication and determination necessary for being a Pokémon Trainer/Coordinator. Enclosed is a ticket for a boat to Olivine Marina. We expect to see you within the next week, or your spot on the PokéBoard will be revoked. Once again, congratulations and have a safe trip!

Samuel E. Oaken

Prof. Oak
Cliff threw the other papers as he flung himself into the air. He read it over again, just to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "This is just awesome! This is great! Can you believe this? It's just amazing!" he ranted. In an instant, Prof. Elm jumped to Cliff's side and joined in the jubilant occasion.

"So...are you gonna join?!" Elm asked, as if he didn't already know the answer!

"Well, let me think...OF COURSE!" Cliff screamed. He reached into the envelope and pulled out the boat ticket. "Oh, great! They sent tickets for the New Bark Marina!"

Prof. Elm stood proudly. "And for this special occasion, I'm letting you off work! Aren't you so lucky?" the Prof. said sarcastically.

"Can I use your phone to call my parents?" Cliff asked. He already knew the answer they'd give him. They were more then pleased when his sister left on her journey; they'd be grateful for him to have the chance to follow in her footsteps. Not only that, but the letter made it seem like he'd be given the opportunity to participate in some one-of-a-kind organization. "Uh-hu...yeah. I know! Can you believe it!? I'm in shock too! Okay, okay...I already knew that. Yeah, I'll send for my things later. It sounds like they already have everything ready for me. I love you to, ma. Love ya; bye!" He hung up the phone.

"Well, I'm off! Wish me luck!" Cliff called to the Prof. as he burst out the door. Prof. Elm waved him goodbye, then, off he went as he started on the journey of a lifetime...


Starter: Farley the Male, Naughty Farfetch'd
Wish-List:**** Hoppip, Mantine
Trainer Card:*****
In PC: N/A

*Necessary for developing a less-conflicting rotation schedule
**You can choose from the Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orange Islands, or Kanto regions (meaning four people will be accepted...for now). NOTE: If you choose Kanto, Gary is the Professor.
***Your RP Sample should be about how your character received their letter.
****You can have up to two Pokémon reserved at the beginning. Once you have caught them, you must verify with me before adding any others to your Wish-List.
*****Trainer Cards must be saved to Flickr, PhotoBucket, etc. or else the links will break. You can make one here (http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/tcm2/)!

{Member Info}

Members: Kawaii, Inc. and Farley the Farfetch'd
drunk ¬_¬ and Sony the Sandshrew
FalseSwipe and Blaze the Growlithe
Mr. Person and Mask the Cubone


Kawaii, Inc.


Name: drunk ¬_¬
Timezone: PST (GMT -8 hrs)


Name: Nelson Martinez Surge
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nickname: Cuco
Career: Trainer
Region: Kanto

General Appearance: Cuco is very short for his age group (standing at 5’6”), and did have a hard time coming to terms with his “condition”. Therefore, he always put in amazing effort at working his body out to become ripped, and slim, unlike other people who are only interested in the strength of their Pokémon.

He has thick, black hair, which he keeps buzzed short, and is mostly hairless on his face and upper body. He has large dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, thick lips.

His usual attire consists of a white o black V-neck, unfaded jeans, a thin white belt, and black Sambas. This, of course, is for hot to chilly temperatures. When it gets hot, he also has a black, thick jacket with fur, and a hoodie, black gloves, and a black beanie as well.

General Personality: Cuco is very quiet for the most part, and enjoys solitude and the company of Pokémon. He is in fact very cool-headed and quiet, which is the main reason why Prof. Gary Oak seems to enjoy his company, and allows him to help out at the lab.

He is in fact so calm, that it might surprise most people to know that he was expelled from Viridian City’s Trainer Academy, due to bad behaviour. He used to be in fact, a very sentimental person. Though he used to be mostly cheery, he would also get sad, ecstatic, or angry easily. And it wasn’t until he met Prof. Oak Jr. that he learned that it was his feelings that allowed other people to get the better of him, and take advantage of him.

Likes: Sushi, swimming, diving, climbing, techno music, and most Pokémon
Dislikes: “Yo mama” jokes, country music, cold weather and Probopass
Strengths: Calmness, cleverness, physical speed, strength and agility, and luck
Fears: “I plead to the Fifth” ;)
Aspirations: To open a gym in his new hometown of Pallet Town. To be stronger than both his uncle, and Gary Oak ever were.


Father – Nelson Martinez (41 yo)
Mother – Roxanne Surge de Martinez (38 yo)
Brother – Diego Martinez Surge (15 yo)
Sister – Ana Martinez Surge (11 yo)
Uncle – Lt. Surge (age unknown) (hope this won't pose a problem seeing that the RP will take place in Johto)
Past Events: Memo comes from a wealthy family from Vermilion City. His father is a main organizer, and provider to the Indigo League, as well as: CO-OWNER of the Indigo Plateau! His mom is a normal housewife enjoying the ride, and his uncle is the Gym Leader of Vermilion City.

They moved to Viridian City when Cuco was old enough to enter the Trainer Academy. He was promptly expelled due to bad behavior though, and his father had to pull some strings in order to have him get a proper instruction under the tutelage of Prof. Gary Oak.
Prologue (RP Sample):
It was an early morning today, just as every other day since he moved to Pallet Town. He lived in a small shed near Pallet Town’s Lab, and worked low wages with Prof. Gary Oak in order to finish his instruction into Pokémon and get the chance to become a Pokémon trainer. The clock finally ticked 7:30 am when Prof. Gary finally walked in to the lab.

“Good morning professor” Cuco said as he put away a duster, and ran to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. “Here you go, espresso with a teaspoon of cream, and two cubes of sugar”.

“Thank you” Gary replied and proceeded to turn on his computer, while taking a sip of coffee. “Did you archive the new information we received from Lance regarding the Lake of Rage?”

“Yes, would you like me to go fetch it?” Cuco said as he prepared another cup of coffee for himself and put on a lab coat. But he didn’t receive an answer. As he took a sip of coffee he suddenly heard the Professor’s voice directed at him.

“How long have you been working here Martinez?”

“About three years professor, why the sudden question?” he replied as he brought the documents to the professor.

“I think you could do something more helpful to me right now than archiving documents and cleaning the lab”…

“What do you mean Proff…” he stopped his train of thought as his gaze directed itself towards the computer monitor and saw an email from Prof. Samuel Oak:
Dear Mr. Martinez,

Congratulations! You've been deemed applicable for the PokéBoard by our staff. Prof. Gary Oak has recommended you for having extensive knowledge in the field of Pokémon treatment and care, and for having the dedication and determination necessary for being a Pokémon Trainer/Coordinator. Enclosed is a ticket for a plane trip to Olivine City's International Airport, that departs from Viridian City. We expect to see you within the next week, or your spot on the PokéBoard will be revoked. Once again, congratulations and have a safe trip!

Samuel E. Oaken

Prof. Oak
“So… what do you think?” he heard Gary say after reading the mail.

“Well, since you say I can be more helpful this way.” All of a sudden, a grin made itself visible on Cuco’s face. Finally, this was his lucky break.


Starter: Sony, Male, Impish, and Sandshrew
Wish-List: Nidoran (M), Cyndaquil
Trainer Card:
In PC: N/A

Name: FalseSwipe
Timezone:* Central American time


Name: Ray Lanter
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Nickname: None
Career: Trainer/Referee
Region: Hoenn (Birch)
[B]General Appearance: Ray is small for his age. He is about 5'7 and he has small figure. His skin a light brown, and his hair is a very messy black style. He has small bags under his eyes that are noticeable. He also carries many different wristbands around, a different color for a different mood. His clothes always are dark in color. He wears a hat that lets his hair stick out on the sides. He keeps all his pokeballs on his belt.

General Personality: Ray makes every situation jump a level. He makes everything seem a lot bigger than it really is. He loves to be the center of the spotlight, and he will do anything to have people notice him. He also makes things a lot more complicated then they seem. Overall he is a nice guy, but if you get on his bad side you he turns into a total jerk.

Likes: Books, Pokemon, New People
Dislikes: Cocky People
Strengths: Leadership, Courage
Fears: Negleticfull Friends, Fainting pokemon.
Aspirations: Ray hopes be a Pokemon referee one day.


Mother- Martha Lanter (39 yo.)
Father- Harry Lanter (44 yo.)
Past Events: Ray was always into Pokemon. He would go to Birchs lab and help clean them and take care of them. The one thing that got him into Pokemon was finding a hurt Pokemon behind his house. He took care of it and gave it to Prof. Birch. Birch thanked him and asked if he would like to help around the lab. When he recieved this letter he was over-excited, this is what he had been waiting for.
Prologue (RP Sample):***
Ray stumbled out of bed and wobbled to the sink. He brushed his teeth quickly and found all of his clothes in his messy room. He rushed downstairs and picked up a quick meal of breakfast before heading off to the lab to work with the Pokemon again. It was a volunteer job, but it was the best job ever to Ray.

Ray walked into lab to smell the fresh smell of Pokemon. He walked over to the cleaning center and began to clean a Sandshrew. As he lay the Sandshrew in a tub of water, Prof. Birch approached him. "Ray, how are you this morning?" Ray looked up at the Professor, who was grinning a wide smile he grinned every day. Today it was just a little bigger.

"I'm fine Professor, what's up?" He asked staring into Prof. Birchs eyes. Prof. Birch handed him the letter and Ray looked puzzled.

"Who should I deliver this to?" Ray asked. He was never used to getting any mail, but he always gave other people their mail since Prof. Birch was working.

"It's for you" Prof. Birch said, still grinning. Ray's eyes lit up as he tore the envelope open. He quickly jumbled the paper upside down and backwards until he could read it.
Dear Master Lanter,

Congratulations! You've been deemed applicable for the PokéBoard by our staff. Prof. Birch has recommended you for having extensive knowledge in the field of Pokémon treatment and care, and for having the dedication and determination necessary for being a Pokémon Trainer/Coordinator. Enclosed is a ticket for a boat to Olivine Marina. We expect to see you within the next week, or your spot on the PokéBoard will be revoked. Once again, congratulations and have a safe trip!

Samuel E. Oaken

Prof. Oak
Ray looked shocked. "Professor..." He calmly said "Pinch me because I think I'm dreaming!" Prof. Birch let out a soft chuckle. Ray held the ticked to Olivine tightly in his hand and kissed it. He folded it and put it safley in his pocket.

Prof. Birch smiled, "I've already told your parents, so you don't need to worry about that. The boat from Vermillion to Olivine leaves early tommorow, so you better go home and pack."

Ray looked up at the Professor, "What about work Professor? I mean will you guys be fine without me?"

"Don't worry Ray. Have a good time. They could use someone like you over there in Johto. Say hi to Prof. Elm from me if you see him." Birch gave Ray a strong handshake.

"Goodbye professor!" Ray yelled as he was out the door. He ran as fast as he could to his house for his bags. "No time to waste," He said as he ran off.


Starter: Blaze, the adamant male Growlithe
Wish-List:**** Lapras, Scyther
Trainer Card:*****
In PC: N/A

Name: Mr. Person
Timezone: West Coast, USA


Name: Neaken S. Regne
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Nickname: Nea
Career: Trainer
Region: Sinnoh (I refuse to believe that the Orange Islands are real >_< )

General Appearance: Nea is quite tall, and dwarfs some of the shorter individuals that are the same age as her. This isn't necessarily a good thing, and caused lots of name calling in her past. Her long brown hair falls down below her neck, and is not ornamented by any accessories. She dresses in a loose fitting white hoody and dull brown pants. A little on the heavy side, Nea's pants are not exactly as loose fitting as her hoodie is. The white shoes she wears are nothing spectacular, and are tattered and worn. Never the less, she refuses to replace them for unknown reasons.

General Personality: Nea prefers to be left alone, and is only active when she is with a small group of friends that she knows well. Sometimes she can be lazy, but usually has nothing to do in the first place. Shyness plagues her, and Nea is not thrilled when she has to meet someone. She still treats people kindly, but mostly just to be polite. Never showing her emotions on the outside, it is often a guessing game as to what she is actually thinking. However, once she gets comfortable with the people around her, she can be very lively, until she embarasses herself and reverts back to her guarded personality. Anger rarely gets a hold of her, but she is not past holding a grudge.

Likes: Being with friends, drawing, and spending time with Mask (her cubone).
Dislikes: People who are smarter than her, unusual foods, people who do things just because they are "in", trying new things, and fast paced/dangerous situations (one of the main things she does in battles is stall).
Strengths: Even tempered, careful, knowledgable, and protective of herself.
Fears: Being the center of attention, fire types (especially ones with external flames), and meeting new people.
Aspirations: To learn as much as possible about pokemon and important locations in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.


Mikayla (mother, 37)
Scott (father, 36)
Past Events: The last thing Nea thought she would spend her free time doing was working, but that was how things turned out in the end. Living in Sandgem all her life, Neaken has always had the ability to connect with pokemon. Professor Rowan saw her potential as a helpful aid for working with hostile or hard to handel pokemon and subsequently hired her. She did not want to except the offer, but her parents knew that it was a great priviledge to work with the distinguished man. Although usually acting unwillingly, she is still great at her job and is trusted by Professor Rowan.
Prologue (RP Sample):
Nea looked at the churning, deep blue waves as she laid on the soft beach sand south of Sandgem. It was a nice day for the citizens of the nearby town, and Nea was making the best of it. The only thing that bugged her was that the nice weather had brought along with it others who wished to enjoy the sun. Their shouts unnerved Nea, and she hoped that no one would notice her as she gazed on at the sea. A far ways to the left, Nea spotted some small kids playing with their pokemon. She could tell that the pokemon would rather be relaxing like she was, but the kids were oblivious to this. It was this ability to sense pokemon's feelings that had caused Nea to be offered a job as an assisstant of Professor Rowan. Before Nea's thoughts could wander any farther she remembered that she was late for work that day. She wasn't woried, and took her time as she strolled across the sandy beach back to her house. The small dwelling was located on the eastern most edge of the town, and was separated from the rest of the local's houses. It suited Neaken just fine. After getting in to clothes more suited to working with the pokemon of the lab, she proceeded to the green roofed building.

The inside of the lab was very professional looking. It was hard to believe that one of the many doors on the sides of the main room led to were Professor Rowan lived. No one seemed to have noticed that Nea was late. Or, at least, that's what she thought until she spotted the professor looking at her with his stern gaze. His moustache gave a shiver, and Nea knew he was about to tell her off.

"Nea, Nea, Nea..." he began. "You really are talented at what you do. I know you're not concerned about this tardiness, but I had hoped that you would have gotten your act together before you had to leave," the white clad professor finished. Nea almost shouted out in surprise at these words. Was she going to be fired. Being free to do what she wanted, like sleeping in, would be great, but she still felt badly about this. What would her parents say? Normally, no one would be able to decipher what Neaken was thinking, but Professor Rowan could tell what she was thinking. "Don't worry, I'm not letting you go," he said reashuringly. "Like I said, you are very good at your job. What I meant when I said you were leaving was this," at these words Professor Rowan handed Nea a neatly sealed envelope. Neaken reached out to take the letter from him.Dear Neaken,

Congratulations! You've been deemed applicable for the PokéBoard by our staff. Prof. Rowan has recommended you for having extensive knowledge in the field of Pokémon treatment and care, and for having the dedication and determination necessary for being a Pokémon Trainer. Enclosed is a ticket for a boat to Olivine Marina. We expect to see you within the next week, or your spot on the PokéBoard will be revoked. Once again, congratulations and have a safe trip!

Samuel E. Oaken

Prof. Oak
"Oh. Oh, wow," Nea said in astonishment. This was an amazing new prospect. Nea immediatly recognized this as an excellent opportunity to learn more about the many locations of Johto. She was already flooded with excitement, yet stayed perfectly still. Only one thing bothered her. "Professor, the letter said that you recognized dedication and determination in me. Now, I'm not one to complain about this chance to learn more about a far away region, but I'm not sure I posses those exact qualities," Nea said in questioning tone.

"Your truthfulness suprises me, Nea. However, I do see your point. That is why you must promise me to try to improve in those areas. You really would benefit that group mentioned in the letter. Your closeness to pokemon's feelings seems to distance you from the rest of the world, as well as people," Nea forced herself to keep her mouth shut as Rowan said this, even though she disagreed. "Don't try to tell me this is not true," the professor said with a light hearted gleam in his eye. "On with what I was saying, promise me you will work harder and I'll continue to let it slide." Hugging her slightly rounded middle, Nea agreed to Professor Rowan's terms.

"Alright, I'll try to focus more on my work." Rowan gave a proud nod and showed her to the door, telling her that one of his aides had left the boat tickets at her house. Everything seemed to have happened so quickly, and Nea's head buzzed with thoughts. Her stomache felt sick at the thought of being on a boat with so many people, but tryed to ignore it and continued on to her house to pack. She had a big day ahead of her.


Starter: Mask, Female, Lonely, Cubone
Wish-List: Hoppip, Mareep
Trainer Card: I hope it's all right if I make it later...
In PC: None as of now.