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December 22nd, 2008, 2:54 PM
im trading my shiny lvl 6 UT tentacool (lax) and lvl 28 UT torkoal (calm) for each one of the following...

EVed Togetic (the one with serene grace)
Eved Relincanth

Shiny pikachu
Shiny swablu
Shiny togepi
Shiny tailow
Shiny feebas or milotic


If u have any other Evs or Shinies that ur willing to offer, plz post them and ill decide if i want it or not. Also, please post the natures and if there are UT. If u noe wat the IVs are then also post that too... xD I dont want any hacked pokemons. If it is Eved then can u also post wat u eved it on? Also, post the level.

So post:
Ev(if its eved)
If its UTed or not
Ivs (if u know)

If you want the Ut shiny torkoal and Ut shiny tentacool, plz private message me to make it easier to communicate
if u have aim, my screen name is AlanHjkim, so u can IM me.