View Full Version : Chikorita Drawing

December 26th, 2008, 8:57 AM
I got a scanner for Christmas, so I thought I'd start to make drawings and post them for the forum. I started off by drawing a Chikorita.


What do you all think?

:t136: Flareon :t136:

December 26th, 2008, 9:00 AM
nice job on the chickorita, love the detail! keep up the good work! :)

Kite Katsumi
December 26th, 2008, 10:14 AM
That's pretty good! ^^ I love the colors, they're very vibrant.

December 26th, 2008, 11:27 AM
The anatomy looks very nice. I think you did a spectacular job on Chikorita's form!
However, a better way to shade with a colored pencil would be to use the pencil of the base form (in this case would be green) and color from light to dark, pressing harder on the pencil to create a shading effect. It would look cleaner this way.
None the less, over all I think it's a great fanart piece and I for one think you should keep posting. ^.^

December 26th, 2008, 1:13 PM
Thank you everybody! :D
I'll take all that advice in for my next drawing, I think I'll draw Growlithe, even though it's pretty hard. o_o