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December 26th, 2008, 3:05 PM
Just kidding, everyone. 2008 is gonna end [we'll miss you 2008]. Only 3 more days [4 more days in America] and it will be new year, 2009.

So what is your good memories in this year? For example, the releasing of Pokemon Platinum, it was such a good game except the language is in Japanese.

Well my good memories in this year is when my friend gave me a parrot and I named it Latias, when I registered PC, the cosplay party at my school and the alumni party in my high school.

December 26th, 2008, 5:19 PM
Well what sticks out for me on this year is:

Winning the finals in a singing contest in my school (So in Marsh I'll be competing against every school on Iceland)
My one year anniversary with my boyfriend, first time I have been in a relationship that long.
My Cousins baby.
My best friends pregnancy, my aunts pregnancy, and the other 5 pregnancy's (God keep it in your pants why wont you),
My little cousin getting in a car accident breaking his leg (Still broken).

There are so many things that I'm not gonna count them all up now:D.

December 26th, 2008, 5:25 PM
Oh you were kidding? You scared me for a moment..

It would have to be me coming back to PC in September, because of that I've got back into graphics & photography and also made new friends. ^^

Visible Light
December 26th, 2008, 5:26 PM
I will remember the visit to my home country, also I'm happy for all the friends I made at school.

December 26th, 2008, 5:41 PM
There have been many good memories in 2008. I'll miss it. Especially when Bush got that shoe thrown at him. Oh, and we'll never forget when Obama called Florida "Ohio"! XD

December 26th, 2008, 5:57 PM
One is graduating from 1st year to 2nd year nursing. Another is that I received an ultra rare cactus from my auntie! And when I received my very first DS lite and played Pearl.

December 27th, 2008, 2:09 AM
No good memories. Looking forward to have a better year next year that's for sure. :/

December 27th, 2008, 3:21 AM
Bad Memories:

I know I lost my Grandma over 10 years ago now, but I don't remember ever having such a close bond with her. This year...January 31st, I lost my Nanna. It crushed me inside, so I hope this 2009 brings no death in the family, or death of friends.

- Mother enjoying herself in London two times
- All of us going away to London last weekend
- Losing weight (Nearly two stone, but I really need to pick myself up again come new year. At least I have my Wii Fit to keep me on a steady path when I do not go out.)

I guess that's the more important positives of this year I guess.

December 27th, 2008, 4:23 AM
Best memories:

All the parties through out summer
Gaming conventions (especially DreamHack)

Bad memories:

My cat breaking his leg
My niece running away from home and being put in juvie
YZMA DYING DX (Eartha Kitt)

Fangking Omega
December 27th, 2008, 7:59 AM
Been a great year! I've achieved a lot and lots has changed, and I'm going to brag.

The good:
- Sister's wedding
- Turning 18, buying my first legal drink!
- All A grades in my A levels, getting into Exeter university to do drama
- 120 out of 120 in the practical theatre studies exam
- Landing the male lead in my first ever musical
- First gig with our prog rock band!
- Mum's half-century birthday party and making a surprise appearance (I wasn't expected back from uni ;))
- Raising over £2500 for the Teenage Cancer Trust with a live comedy sketch show co-written and performed at school. RIP Alex
- Millennium Magic at Cardiff, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats beating bitter rivals Castleford by 50 points! Amazing day out. (Rugby league)
- Portugal

The bad:
- ...

December 27th, 2008, 8:44 AM
Nothing really bad happened for me this year, it was pretty uneventful. As for the good, wait until Monday, I'll have my driver's permit! :D

Cynic Kaka
December 27th, 2008, 8:48 AM

Getting a Xbox 360
Getting a Camera
Getting an Ipod
That's about it.

Dog died.
Parents fighting
Best friend moving
Sister moved away.
Broken Wii
Forst Fire near my house, all the trees are gone.
and a helluva lot more

Nothing really bad happened for me this year, it was pretty uneventful. As for the good, wait until Monday, I'll have my driver's permit! :D

That might be pretty bad for anyone who crosses your path on the road.

December 28th, 2008, 10:59 AM
I say good riddance 2008!

Anyway, as far as good and bad experiences:

- Graduated from high school.
- Got myself a better car (though still not great.. and it came with a car payment.. which is bad.. but oh well)
- Got my iPod.
- Got a desk of my own (which I've wanted for a very long time.)
- My Nintendo DS. ^.^
- I've gotten a little closer to my sister. :]

- Did very poorly in school, and became inelligable for the last band concert (but smuggled my way into the choir concert since I was technically 'signed out' of school, and no longer a 'student' haha!).
- Was in a controlling and "emotionally abusive" relationship for about 9 months.
- Dropped my first semester in college due to said relationship (but have since reapplied).
- Also lost my (first ever) job of two years, due to said relationship (he was fired too).
- My grandpa died.
- My best friend's grandma died.
- My first dog had to be put down (cancer).
- Moved out of my parent's house with a few friends, had some bad experiences in the apartment, moved back home, have lost 2/3 of those friends.

There's probably more.. but 2008 hasn't been a good year for me. The only good things that have happened are mostly materialistic things..
Otherwise as for experiences I had this year, a lot of them were negative. : /

December 28th, 2008, 11:29 AM
Good Memories of 2008:
-The times I've spend with Brandon, my boyfriend.
-Tenchi's first birthday (my hermit crab :p I've had him for a year)
-Good times with Emily and Lauren (my best friends)
-Adopted two of my parakeets; Zephyr and Stardust.
-Varsity Football Cheering (for the third time)
-Beginning of my senior year!

What I'm looking forward to for 2009:
-More amazing time with Brandon.
-More awesometacular time with Em, and La.
-More acceptance letters! Keep them coming! :D (this is acceptance letters to college)
-Graduation.. it's bittersweet.
-Moving out!
-Roadtrip this summer!


December 28th, 2008, 5:28 PM
Just kidding, everyone. 2008 is gonna end [we'll miss you 2008]. Only 3 more days [4 more days in America] and it will be new year, 2009.

So what is your good memories in this year? For example, the releasing of Pokemon Platinum, it was such a good game except the language is in Japanese.

Well my good memories in this year is when my friend gave me a parrot and I named it Latias, when I registered PC, the cosplay party at my school and the alumni party in my high school.

Not the end of the world, but the great awakening that's coming in 2012-2013!
I'm not doing anything quite special at all. I plan on relaxing with friends and doing my usual.

December 28th, 2008, 5:36 PM
Good Memories;

- Saw my favourite band live (I'm seriously never going to forget that night)
- The release of the album 'Deadache" (also by my favourite band x3)
- Getting a new Walkman because the last one got murdered in a pool
- The person I hate the most broke her arm (>D)
- Meeting some awesome new people <:


- Sprained my wrist
- Got locked into a room with a Rottweiler for about 4 hours (I couldn't sleep for 3 days bacause of that event)
- My aunt died on Christmas eve

I can't think of more atm.

December 28th, 2008, 6:16 PM
Some of this is very cheesy.

But my best memory of the year 2008 would have to be meeting my pair. We became friends within his first post here at PC, and we've grown closer ever since. He's become my best friend, and some of you know how far it's gotten. I don't think I could ever find a better friend than him, even though he's a few states away.

Other things would include registering here, being modded on two different forums, and making other great friends(Asty, Jax, Rekhyt, I'm talking to you).

So yeah. My cheesy year of 2008.

December 29th, 2008, 6:54 AM
Unfortunately, 2008 has been one of the worst years I had to go through. I hope the next year will make me happy!

December 29th, 2008, 7:20 AM
The best thing to happen to me this year is getting to know the ever-so-lovely Camisado (http://www.pokecommunity.com/member.php?u=75120).

December 30th, 2008, 12:17 AM
Starting my three-year IT apprenticeship as a salaried Level 2 technician and meeting a lot of awesome people at work! =D

And yeah, what Erebus said xD I am lovely.

December 30th, 2008, 2:24 PM
[css-div="border: dashed 1px;cursor:crosshair;"] 2008

J U S T | L I V I N G | M Y | L I F E
leave the past in the past; gonna find the future

Although this all was significant at the time, it has no importance now, so therefore, the people mentioned in this are only mentioned because they seemed important then, most of this doesn’t reflect how I feel or think about people at this due time. This year began off with me wanting to do so much, but yet, the greatest things that occurred were minor things, so therefore, thanks to everyone I’ve talked to this year, etc.

Though to save you all from ctrl+fing and finding nothing, I shall provide a list of people you can ctrl+F because I’m nice, though I bet nobody will read this unless they’re mentioned...

People to CTRL+F
In order

▪ Kenji
▪ Zet
▪ Went
▪ mewthree
▪ Abby
▪ munna
▪ Jess
▪ Malyka
▪ Ryan
▪ Marksman
▪ Tater Tot
▪ Rene
▪ Nick
▪ Emily
▪ Klippy
▪ Clara
▪ Gym
▪ Spyware
▪ Ray
▪ Jake
▪ Blazichu
▪ Emily
▪ Skilly
▪ Hiidoran
▪ Ryouki
▪ Adware
▪ Chibi
▪ Will
▪ Idk

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
This month seemed prosperous, however most of this month did not relate to PC. The initial highlight involving January was the “Pachirisu people” and the “Bellossom people”… a simple thing involving themes that I decided to make into a war for the fun of it. After that, Kenji said something about a lion killing all of my friends and wanting my dog, there was no logic behind that, but it made me lol. On the 6th day in, there were 6 Bellossom fans, and 6 Pachirisu fans, which is shocking, considering there is an entire Internet of fans of both Pokemon, but of course, we so didn’t realise that at the time. On the 8th, PC had a hacker (g00ns), which had a Mudkip on the front of the index and people were annoyed they couldn’t access PC. Zet also was willing to defy orders, like he’d normally do. TPOT (this guy that appeared on BF aaaaages ago last year) was in a group conversation. We were shocked and were trying to think of suspects at PC. Also that day, I swapped my accounts, so therefore, I use my first account instead of my other one which I used in 2007. On the 12th, I “quit” PC, which turns out to only be for a month, and even now I’m not sure of the reason why. This ends everything related to PC in January, except, I discovered that Tali left PC, and that PC’s AA’s became green… as I got told in BF’s cbox. Oh what a month.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
Bleeding Love was basically the only song I liked back then, as In Pieces, Happy Ending and Here I am began to die down, and Bleeding Love reflected the month, in my opinion… I dunno how, but it did.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
2008, IRL, seemed to be great initially, but looking back on it, it was nothing like life is now. The month began off with some neighbours visiting and celebrating the New Year with us. Sometime early, a friend slept over. On D/P, there was something called “Diamond Dust” on the 12th, on every game in the world. The following day, at about 4:50 PM, I beat the Elite Four, which seemed to be a highlight then; it was also my Pop’s birthday. The next day Neighbours came back on, which made me really happy since I love the show. Kenji also created calendar entries for BF, and then Zet thought Kenji was gay, I don’t remember that, but I wrote it, so meh. Also that day, Golduck reached level 100, which was an achievement, and Tali posted in the cbox. During this month, we also had many frogs out. In the cbox, I was talking about walking around naked to make money. HOPPING FROGGY KISSES and FLUFFY KITTEN HUGS made their first appearances at BF, due to Kenji being up late. This ends all aspects of January, the month that started a year of greatness.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
With only 29 days, and the fact that I was supposedly not going to return to PC, a lot happened… oh who am I kidding? Let’s go from the 18th… because of TCTI and access to a certain person’s account only for that occasion, who is now an smod, I returned to PC. I lasted over a month, which I’m glad I could do but yeah, not gonna try that again, PC’s too addictive.. Now back to the story, Macy lazured things, especially school, which kept her fanclub active, as I felt she was the only person I could connect with at PC at that time. On the 21st, I became HOPPING FROGGY KISSES, which… proved how crazy I was. Macy became PKMN Trainer SHIRANUI and kept fainting. I also decided to use CSS again, since last year, I used it unsuccessfully. This was all for PC that related to me in February, kinda boring, no?

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
My favourite song that I’m able to remember in February was Tattoo, although, Bleeding Love was still popular and I continued to listen to it all the time.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
IRL didn’t seem to be too exciting during this month, yet things still occurred. BF got a caring forum, which was about animals. The 4th was my first day of year 11, a year which surprisingly went by faster than I had expected. I was scared of the teacher who would later become funny, too. A romance competition was also made… but this was at PI, and failed. My IRL associates were all nice, and I figured this would be a year of many great things IRL. In media, a certain person said that morning was the symbolism of sunshine. At BF, Went said that he wanted roses from guys. On the following day, the scary teacher said to a student “are you a breast or bum person?” which we all found weird. I also supposedly took my friends biscuit even though she offered. A man at bowling also threw a stick at a car, accidentally, which we found hilarious at the time. Our school had a strike, as did most other schools, so I had the day off. And, that is the month that was February.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
March was eventful, but it seemed kind of boring. The month began off with hangman in TCTI. Also, Macy and I developed Quad-Triple-y², which seemed to have no meaning, except for relating to being crazy. The member hurt and heal got created, which basically got spammed in, and then a day later, finally locked. Macy also used CSS during this month, which excited me. On the 8th and onwards, I began to have weird dreams of PC. Chi died in the hurt and heal, this annoyed Went. On the 9th, I got a great screenshot, and there were spammers that day too. This led Zet to thinking that all threads can be made italic. PC had to use a backup site, resulting with five days of posts to be lost. On the 17th, Went revealed he didn’t want to mod other trivia but the following month… anyway… On the 23rd, PC got another lot of spammers, these ones seemed to be funnier, and stupider. On the following day, mewthree was flirting with Abby, and I had a theory of TCTI. On the 25th, TCTI reached 20000, which I achieved, though for some reason I dedicated the post to Went. Also, Kenji and I spammed some person’s forum that wanted to get 20000… and that’s all I’m gonna say about that. Anyway! munna looked at my avatar and said that it’s giving him an option to be kissed by gy, or grab a scythe and leave the earth. He also stole wrong number wrath, too. On the last day of March, I finally finished the final of The Police-y Staff, which I’m glad I finished. That is all for the PC aspect of that month.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
March didn’t have a specific favourite song that I’m able to remember. Ready to fly, however, was one I decided upon liking.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
This month IRL began off with a win from the Crows, who beat the Hawks (the team that would eventually win this year’s grand final). Also on the first day, the first short term prediction occurred, as I predicted someone would type a word two seconds later. The next day, I thought about missing Neighbours at an exact time, and the next day I did. On the 5th, I went on an excursion to the zoo, in which I thought a tire was an elephant. Also, I got 39/40 on an accounting test, my best result this year. My friends also thought that aluminium was vitamin A… on the 8th, Crows lost the NAB grand final to the Saints. On the 20th, there was a spider about to land on Pop’s head, such a scary moment. Also that day, the old tree down the back was cut down, after we had so many memories with it. The 23rd was Easter, on this day, my mother decided to call us, and I took my chance to somewhat insult her (since she gave me away as a kid to Nan and Pop because she was into boys and stuff). This was basically all the highlights for March.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
April fools began off with a PC April fools joke, which ended up making everyone a mod. The members were staff, staff were members, and supporters were administrators. I created another account just for that day (ayepreel-fyewls). munna and I both didn’t like the joke, but he probably liked it and was just hiding that. On the 2nd, whenever someone posted in a section that added to post count, their staff badge disappeared. After nearly a month of an inactive moderator, other trivia finally got Went. On the 7th/8th, PC changed, got visitor messaging, and more. On the 10th, Jess said “idiot” and Malyka realised that Jess was automatically talking about munna. On the 13th, I discovered something about Malyka, which was shocking at the time. In TCTI, Went made a poll on when to close TCTI. On the 23rd, munna called Jess jam. I got a great screenshot on the 25th, which was of the “locked out” symbol. Which was basically members that couldn’t access PC yet. On the 26th, Bridget posted “I’m a sexy parrot” in TCTI. Also on that day, Malyka became one of my main friends, along with Jess. Also on that day, “Lactose Australia” came into being. On the 27th, Jess finally paired with munna, and we celebrated, and bgt created Came. On the 28th I signed up as Devil. On the 29th, Malyka paired with Zet. And that wraps up April as far as PC goes.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
During April, the main song that I’m able to remember liking is Whatever it takes and Bleeding love.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
April had many exciting things happen IRL, it all begins off with April fools. My form teacher lied to us and said we’d stay at school for an extra week this year. Also, my friend seemed to be getting shorter. On the 5th, we celebrated Nan’s birthday, and went in a limo to a restaurant. On the 7th, I got Student of the Term for history, accounting and career and enterprise, which was quite unexpected. On the 9th, I went on a media camp. There were two spiders in my dorm and only my friend and I in there. Since it was only a one day camp, we left on the 10th. The 11th was the last day of school, and not much occurred. On the 29th, I turned 16 and the first song I heard was Bleeding love, but happened to be the first day back to school. And on the last day of the month, my friend said I could be the next –insert IRL person name here- (person that is smart). And this ends April, now onto a month of equal excitement.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
A brand new month leads to new things… on the 2nd, I unpaired with Kenji and in TCTI, Went and I got paired. (Also, none of the pairings from April/May that related to Jess, Malyka and I lasted) On the 3rd, Malyka, Jess and I saw how Went looks. On the 4th, Macy, Malyka and I posted about IE and Firefox. On the 8th, Malyka’s graphics got stolen again. On the 9th, Jess and munna broke up, this seemed to be a sad thing. On the 11th, Malyka became Satan. Also that day, Jess kept on saying Kenji is hot. On the 14th, Satan paired with TCTI (the day before it got closed). Then someone asked “why are we all crying” and munna replied with “because I don’t have my onion”. On the 15th, TCTI got closed about 6AM by Went and Scythe made the new thread. We all don’t like the new TCTI so we used my FC as a replacement. On the 20th, we were discussing Blazibloo, and elephants with tits… as munna put it. On the 22nd, the whole world was shocked because Went admitted to not loving Malyka. On the 24th, munna believed that Went would live with him. The 25th was one of the funniest days ever, Abby said she was bi and had a crush on me and that was all for May.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
There were no songs I liked a lot, however, on the 19th I heard Unforgettable on Neighbours, it was instantly popular and became one of my favourites.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
This month began off with someone swearing at their boyfriend on the phone in class, and the guy won the biggest loser. Germaneze talk! On the 9th, I was coming first in the school footy tipping. I failed the history test, however, so I was depressed. There was a special AFL match on the 10th, Dream team vs Victorians, Mcleod was the captain, and I support the Crows D: On the 12th, one of my friends kept on writing “bebtors” on their work. On the 19th, the Neighbours Unforgettable episode <3 and that was all the highlights for May IRL.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
On the 4th… munna posted… you don’t wanna know… on the 6th, Jess wanted me to be her secret public lover, on the 7th… DCC animal fun and also, ChingChang shipping. On the 9th, Fable was making her love for Went public. I was trying to be nice on the 10th. On the 11th, Ralyka and munica references. On the 12th, munna and I were coming up with TCTI thread titles such as “TCTI – munna’s play thing”, then I kinda blackmailed munna, and then as a result he said he’d leave PC and deleted his TCTI and Other Trivia posts then left. Went then hated him. On the 13th, Went began changing TCTI’s title, the first one being post-a-number-DCC. On the 17th, TCTI was one year old, and they decided to name it Amanda. On the 20th, munna returned to PC and some random person posted “Aizuke x Daniel French” which was weird. On the 22nd, it was Ryan’s orange-posting day in TCTI. On the 23rd, I got a username change. On the 26th, I found an old thread from years ago and Marksman posted in it. On the 30th, Ryan, someone and I got 40000 due to some technical issues in TCTI. And that ends the PC aspect of June.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
Leave out all the rest (I think it was called?) was the only song I really liked.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
This month began with Malyka saying “my hair is went”, which was completely hilarious. On the 3rd, I began my exams with human biology, on the next day English followed by history and accounting the following day. On the 11th, I had my last exam, media. On the 12th, Pop burnt the toast. On the 16th, it was the final of Desperate Housewives. On the 18th, I was the only one that wanted to be co-president… at that time… on the 24th, my teacher finally realised how crazy I could be as I did an oral presentation on a German drug dealer in the 1930’s. And basically, this was all IRL for June.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
July was one hell of an exciting month. It began on the 5th, when I created the touch typing thread. On the 6th, Tater Tot said that he couldn’t believe that we’re having a pretend right. Then munna said screw you I want a pretend left. Also, on this day the term “seedage” began. On the 8th Abby decided to get a kid, which is funny. On the 9th. On the 14th, there was a thread made on speaking filopino, which the others tried to ask Macy about because they wanted to insult the thread creator. On the 16th, T/D began, I dared Zet to create an OVP thread on… yeah. Many other truths were involved in this. On the 17th I got dared to not post in TCTI for a week and have a picture of a man in my signature. I dared Klippy to have a big bird profile picture and for Malyka to post “how do I say no to a dare?” On the 18th, Jess dared Nick to make a theme about me. And look to IRL to see Malyka’s dare… on the 19th, the boy/girl counting thread was created which I thought was sexist… on the 21st, Ryan didn’t do his dare right. On the 23rd, we got Malyka’s IRL friend to help stop the boy/girl counting thread. On the 26th, because of some posts being confusing, Malyka thought Went said that I was a signature. On the 28th, everyone was becoming apart of the storm thing, which I didn’t.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
There were many songs that occurred in July. First, on the first Sunday of the month, I heard Forever, which I instantly liked. I also heard I kissed a girl and Viva la vida (which I hated). But overall, Forever made a big impact from then on.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
This month IRL had a lot of MSN and other exciting occurances… on the first day I stayed home from school. On the 2nd, I discovered that my friend didn’t know she was Aboriginal all her life. And a girl who I talked to sometimes cheated on an accounting test because a boy did… also on this day, Marco died on Neighbours. On the 3rd, I got student of the term for career and enterprise… again. The 4th was the last day of school. On the 5th, the Crows were the sixth team on the ladder. On the 8th, we saw an ambulance, fire engine, police car and a mini fire. Rene doesn’t want Asian eyes also. On the 10th, I got a weiro, which we named Sindy/Cindi (stupid name, Pop came up with it, I wanted her to be named Chloe because of Neighbours). On the 11th, I joined the Neighbours forum. On the 12th, I had an exciting dream. On the 13th, two people were teaching Rene about crackers. Which he thinks was smooth… Kenji created BF blog and we met Nick’s friend, Emily, who has been in our convos since. On the 14th, Rene… marri—yeah you don’t want to know. Also a person joined Toasted TV. Emily also joined PC. On the 17th Bakugan returned to TV. And dared Jess to create a Klippy forum. On the 18th, Malyka threw up after watching something because of a dare… on the 19th, Klippy pretended to be a French moderator that didn’t know any English. On the 20th, I had the best dream ever of the sky. On the 22nd, I went back to school, and Malyka said that Spyware is hawt by accident. I also came up with Bi Nacu. On the 29th, second best dream ever, of the clouds. On the 30th, I added Simmone. And this ends July, the best month of this year.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
This month was kinda boring, it started off on the 4th, when munna found out I had a crush on him and he said it’s unfortunate. On the 7th, I got over munna. On the 15th, Went unpaired with me and I paired with Malyka and Jess. On the 22nd, Clara and I created the PCan dictionary. On the 25th… Malyka and I posted something bad… two days later we got infracted for it. On the 28th, blogs came in for supporters, people with over 5000 posts and staff. On the 29th, discovered that Went has a crush on Malyka. On the 31st, Gym paired with Spyware and Ray said in a blog post that Jake and I should get married because we post in blogs.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
Still liking Forever, but this month Closer came in.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
This month began off with my friend and I calling each other weird names (axy and piic lol). On the 4th, the radio station had a new segment, LOL. On the 8th, Beijing Olympics began. And a guy at school said he wants to own an equestrian with a camel. On the 15th, Rachel and Angus broke up on Neighbours and Pop read my diary… which… sucked so much. On the 16th, Blazichu and I said something that upset Nick and Emily. On the 18th and 19th, I was learning names of birds in other languages, and I still think specht sounds awesome. Also on the 19th, a girl at school picked me as her first player for a sport, which was weird considering people usually pick me last. On the 21st, I had an excursion to my favourite TV station, which was awesome and I wrote the story about that day. On the 22nd, students were feeding fish food to another student. Also, a lady called (because I entered an ANZAC competition) and she told me that I was through to the top 24 in the competition. (This means one of the top 24 best essays in the state out of 500)… Ask me if you wanna see the essay. Anyway on the 25th I added Skilly to MSN. On the 29th, people decided to egg the library. On the 30th in AFL, a player got 100 goals during the first quarter of a game (at 1:37). And that’s all for August, the second worst month of the year.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
On the 2nd, Malyka said she’d play with Ray but meant plan. Also on that day I left Jess and Malyka, and paired with mewthree. And Skilly made a three word post. Between that day and the 3rd, Jess paired with Kenji. On the 5th I made a thread about how not to be a mod. On the 13th, getting called a timezone began. On the 20th, Hallucination/Hallucation because of Hiidoran stuff began. On the 21st, Ryouki said he wasn’t sugar, and Skilly wanted to stay on my friends list. On the 26th Went paired with Malyka. And basically, that was all for PC, as this month was centred on IRL.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
Forever was still my favourite, but I liked Fall for You, as well as We Share the Same Space on Neighbours.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
September was mainly IRL stuff, which made me happy. On the 2nd, my friends and I were getting along. On the 6th, it was the election for a new premier for my state. On the following day, it was Father’s day, which I don’t even remember. On the 9th, there was a talent show for this week for the school. On the 10th, it was supposedly the end of the world because of the LHC machine doing things. On the 11th, there were people dancing at school for the talent show week. On the 12th, I decided that I needed to try something different, and stand out from the crowd. I sang Unforgettable, and more people clapped at the end than at the start. This was one of the best days of the year for that sole reason. On the 14th, the Liberals won the election at 11:30 AM, while Forever was on the radio. On the 15th, Friends came back on TV. On the 17th, we were preparing for the ANZAC competition the entire day, so us three students only had history. On the 19th, I discovered my favourite character was leaving Neighbours next year. On the 20th, I had a weird dream. On the 23rd, the Brownlow Medal occurred (AFL). On the 25th, Zet got BF the premium cbox until Christmas day. On the 26th, I had a bowling excursion and I beat the other people, which I would obviously do. The 27th was the grand final when the Hawks beat Geelong and won, which surprised most of Australia. On the 29th, Rachel and Ty kissed on Neighbours. And that ends September~

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
October was a great month in many ways… Overnight on the 2nd SA’s were spamming the DCC. Adware was also supposed to say something in the DCC, but he couldn’t follow instructions. The 4th, however, was one exciting day, because Chibi was posting with someone else, which we’re not going to talk about, but Chibi denied the person being her, although proof says otherwise. ANYWAY! Adware created an account called chibiNICAhead which… was weird. Then that night, (after I revealed the proof) Chibi announced that post counts would be taken away in past and present DCCs. I got 11000 and stopped posting. On the 7th, I dared Zet to create a blog on ponies and for Macy and Adware to reply about unicorns. On the 9th, Tali PMed me! She said she might just stay at BF. On the 14th, Zet (I think) made a blog on the biggest thing you’ve seen. On the 15th, I woke up and I was a supporter. On the 16th, my username became Forever, to suit the best song ever. On the 17th, Zet made Malyka a supporter and she became Closer, to suit a less good song. On the 18th, I made a thread on dragon eggs and that turned into Trapinch discussion, so then we decided to bring the Trapinch back. On the 22nd, Malyka posted in pacto. On the 25th, I unpaired with mewthree, and paired with Nick. On the 27th, I made Malyka make a thread on smoking, and Skilly to make one on kissing. On the 31st, Skilly got modded in other trivia.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
On the second, I heard Gotta be Somebody, which became my second favourite after Forever. On the 14th, I first heard Rehab.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
The best month this year begins off with having a strange dream which made me like a song. On the 2nd, I saw a teacher up the shops. In the group conversation I said “gotta be somebody” then Nick said “gotta be Nick”. On the 3rd Kenji changed BF’s title. Katie also added us on MSN. On the 4th, Telethon began on TV. On the 5th, on MSN we played the OMG game. Then later, Emily made Blazichu leave the conversation, which was one of the funniest things ever. Then later Nick said that everything I say comes from the heart, which made me laugh. In the 6th, Malyka said that noodles own her. On the 8th, we all changed out MSN names to the font we used. Then later Went said about all PC members being black. On the 9th, Malyka and I created a story. On the 13th, there was AFL on Neighbours. On the 14th, Nick said he’d make me a supporter but I didn’t believe it. Also, Macy was Tali and said her friends were asking who Tali was. On the 17th, it was presentation time for the ANZAC competition and I thought I did really good. On the 18th, my aunty told me that next month I’m going to the Chris Brown/Rihanna concert. On the 22nd, Jess and I were talking about fish, and then Zet said that Nick is gay for him because he PMed him. It made me lol. Also, Zet posted in pacto. On the 25th, Emily changed BF forum things. On the 26th, Jess was making awesome typos, she said “I wana be fat” when she meant fast. On the 29th, somehow I made Nick pregnant and I felt sick that night. On the 30th, I had an excursion to film for media, and I was fighting with a magpie. And this ends the second best month this year, which finishes close to July.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
November was a sad and boring month… but… on the 2nd, TCTI was closed and I got 600000, and Jess remade the new TCTI. On the 3rd, I changed my theme to Declan on Neighbours cheating, and Nick commented on it. On the 8th, Malyka got 1337 and I got 11337. On the 9th, Skilly changed TCTI’s title about TCTI forever bringing you closer is unforgettable. On the 15th, I’d been at PC for three years and I got 100 blog entries. On the 22nd, TCTI’s title was changed yet again and Malyka made Jess a supporter.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
Still liking Forever and Gotta be Somebody, on the 8th, I heard Superhuman, which I liked and on the 25th, I heard Insomnia. Also this month I heard Live your Life and Circus, two other songs I liked.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
On the 4th, the Melbourne cup occurred. On the 5th, Obama got president of the US (in my timezone, whatever). Also in an assignment, I got 9/10. On the 7th, my friends made me a promise… On the 10th, I missed out on the ANZAC competition, not getting into the 10. On the 11th, I went to the Chris Brown/Rihanna concert, it was really good, and the best night ever. On the 13th, there was the interview for the Co-President, which I think I did good at. On the 14th, the frogs finally came back, since they disappeared at the start of the year. On the 17th, I did the speech for the Co-President and Out of the Blue began on TV. On the 18th and 19th, I discovered that I missed out on getting Co-President because only two friends voted for me. On the 21st, I had an accounting exam. On the 22nd, Macy was the caption on the supportership, which is illogical. The 23rd was dares day, which was one of the only good things in November… on the 24th, more people joined the ship. And I had my English exam, on the 25th, I had the media one, and on the 26th I had the human bio exam. On the 27th my IRL friend said that the Great Depression was a social group. Malyka also typo’d chores for “‘kay doing my womanly whores”. On the 29th, we went to look at Christmas lights and a friend was over. This ends the month that… should have never been, excluding the concert. Worst month ever!

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:26px;height:21px;”]PC[/css-div]
The month began off with not much related to PC. On the 5th, in TCTI, Malyka got 66666. On the 6th, Will returned to PC. On the 7th, there was a hilarious thread on paper + rock in r/p/s. We also suggested for supporters profile pictures sizes to be increased and on the following day, the size got increased. On the 11th, we were discussing adults and I changed my theme to an old man. Also, twice this month Forever came on when I said it would. On the 15th, Nick unpaired with me. On the 16th, I made the OT DCC which got Other Trivia arguing, with the TCTIers hating it. On the 17th, Macy and I paired. Emblems also came in and I got three. On the 18th, TCTI was restickied. On the 19th, Adware paired with Will. Ryouki was also jealous of Macy and I. On the 21st, I made a blog entry on the fight and the following day, well, it made everything better. Also on the 22nd I got two rep bars. On the 24th, I was posting with TwilightBlade in the girl/boy counting thread, she voluntarily joined BF. (See IRL for December) On the 26th Skilly changed TCTI’s title to “Happy new TCTI, cahos!”. Then on the 28th, I got three rep bars. On the 29th TCTI’s title was changed to “Gary was Here, TCTI is a Loser”.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:60px;height:21px;”]MUSIC[/css-div]
During this month I heard Someday Soon, which represents this month. Oh and still loving my other favourite songs.

[css-div=“text-decoration: none;border-bottom: 1px dashed;width:145px;height:21px;”]BF + MSN + IRL[/css-div]
On the first day, the month began off great, because the moon had a smilie face. Also, I had one great dream. On the 2nd, someone else joined the supporter ship. On the 3rd, Adware came up with theories about Britney, such as her being a tape worm in an elephant and an animal. And also on this day, Carmella left Neighbours forever. On the fourth, Adware wanted to kill himself. On the 5th, Will said that people could do towers, and everyone disagreed. On the 6th, we had a BBQ. Also, twice this month Forever came on when I said it would. On the 12th, Neighbours finished and we were all sad (Simmone, Jess and me) and Will’s bread leans to the side. On the 14th, bowling ended forever (as none of us are returning next year). On the 16th, Cousins returned to the AFL and became a Richmond player and something interesting happened in MSN. I said the f word and Malyka said “I did that this morning” :3. On the 18th, BF changed URL to IF. On the 21st, Tali returned to BF. Emily etc got into a fight with Malyka etc. On BF, I asked her what I should call her and she said “idk” so therefore she is now idk. The 25th was Christmas and I got the presents I wanted. On the 26th, the Internet seemed to be dead, but earlier at BF, idk got upset that she wasn’t my best friend after two days which Jess also found funny. On the 27th, we were confused about the identity of a certain person of whom we’re still not sure of. On the 28t, Skilly called me the rule police. On the 29th, I said that I lick my finger because it’s hard. XD; Also that day Hiidoran said that he dropped a spoon and we saw it as something else, then Zet said about putting it on his face then soon after “dinner” and we lol’d. And that’s all, ‘cept today, doubt much will happen, bye December~

For Lazy People
Read this as basically a summary of the summary.

January 3 – Heard Bleeding Love
January 12 – Left PC
February 18 – Returned to PC
March 25 – Spammed a forum
April 29 – Became 16
May 2 – Paired with Went
May 15 – New TCTI
June 17 – TCTI is 1
July 6 – Heard Forever
July 10 – Got a bird
July 13 – Cracker action
July 16 – Dares
July 20 – Best dream ever
August 15 – Got paired with Malyka and Jess
August 21 – Excursion to channel 10
September 2 – Paired with mewthree
September 12 – Sang in front of the school
September 14 – New government for our state
October 2 – Heard gotta be somebody
October 4 – Post counts in the DCC thing
October 15 – Became a supporter
October 17 – Speech for the ANZAC competition
October 25 – Paired with Nick
November 4 – Melbourne Cup
November 10 – Missed out on the ANZAC competition
November 11 – Concert
November 14 – Co-president interview
November 18 – Out of the Blue came on, Co-president speech
November 19 – Missed out on getting Co-president
December 7 – Threw up
December 12 – Neighbours final
December 16 – Cousins returned to the AFL
December 17 – Paired with Macy

Favourites in Order
▪ July
▪ October
▪ May
▪ September
▪ December
▪ April
▪ June
▪ January
▪ March
▪ February
▪ August
▪ November

Favourite Songs

▪ Forever
▪ Gotta Be Somebody
▪ Circus/ Live Your Life/Someday Soon
▪ Bleeding Love
▪ Unforgettable

Hated Songs

▪ Sex on Fire
▪ Electric Feel
▪ Use Somebody
▪ Viva La Vida
▪ One Step at a Time


▪ "'kay going to do my womanly whores." - Malyka
▪ "I wana be fat" - Jess
▪ "Cahos" - Skilly
▪ "I'm a sexy parrot" - bgt

▪ www.pcandictionary.blogspot.com
▪ www.thepolice-ystaff.blogspot.com

When reflecting back on this year, five songs represent specific days of the year. The reasons are unknown, however, for some it may be the day I heard them, or others it might be the day something was said.

Forever – July 15
Gotta Be Somebody – October 2
Circus – December 2
Live Your Life – November 19
Someday Soon – December 21

Because this post basically… well… takes up the entire character limit with screenshots, I’ve moved the screenshots to two alternate locations.

General (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=4236157&postcount=11671) | VIP forum (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=4233212&postcount=2994)

And this is 2008. Overall, I’d rate it to be the best year since 2006; I met new friends (such as Malyka and Jess) and kept some of the old ones from last year (such as Ryouki and Macy). There have been many IRL highlights (such as singing in front of the school, the Chris Brown/Rihanna concert and the ANZAC competition). Then there is TV, Donna joined Neighbours, Out of the Blue started, and there was a tornado/cyclone/hurricane on Desperate Housewives. This year marked the end of Australian Big Brother, the failure of Taken Out and the reoccurance of Friends. This year I heard some of the best songs ever, mainly Forever, which, in my opinion, represents 2008. Also… this year, at the start, I expected something very different, but I ended on something much better, the friendships, and experiences… although I may have made many mistakes this year, I’ve learnt from my past and through that, I hope to make 2009 an even better year than 2008. :3

Goodbye 2008, the best year <3

If this wasn't TL;DR to you... and you read through, I'm amazed.[/css-div]

Netto Azure
December 30th, 2008, 6:23 PM
Heh...with the economy as it is Erica...I guess that's not a stretch. =P
Hmm...2008 has been quite the Historic Year...With the advent of President-Elect Obama, who has quite the buffet of problems to tackle...I just wish him the best. (Newspapers are also listing the "Moments of 2008" XD)
The highlight of 2008 for me? Joining PokeCommunity ^_^

Joey the Cockroach
January 1st, 2009, 10:22 AM
hmm... good and bad memories in 2008? more bad than good, i'm afraid.

The Good:
Being able to drink.
A really amazing Christmas.
Benidorm and Madrid.

The Bad:
Lost my job, now jobless.
Been in a coma for 6 weeks due to hypercapnia.
Neighbour's dog died.
Lost 4 of my friends due to reasons unknown.
Computer broke; had to buy a new one.
Economical Crisis.

I will add to this list if I can remember the rest.