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~Rose-quartz Iatos
December 26th, 2008, 5:26 PM
Long ago, as it is known, the three golden goddeses descended to the then chaotic world of hyrule. They made it so that it could sustain life, and then they left, leaving behind the golden artifact of three parts,the tri-force, a sort of spiritual fuel exaust, which was enshrined in a sacred realm, and later entrusted within three bloodlines, awakening when it saw fit. But there is part of the story known to very few, a part that, if known by the world, could prove chatostrophic.

Not long after the divine blessing of the three spirits, something began to happen. The three peices of the tri-force radiated more and more energy of their own individual kinds the longer they were connected, radiating so much of their own energy that they pushed any and every surrounding form of energy, positive or negative, into the hollow center of the triforce This formed a force of chaotic energy, the anti-force, which began to warp and twist the land. The golden goddeses, seeing this, returned to primordial hyrule, entering the sacred realm.
There, after a long struggle, the three goddeses managed to subdue the chaotic anti-force, creating a small dimentional pocket and storing the force upon an alter at the top of a great obsidian tower within. And then they took the three pieces of the tri-force, scattering them into three bloodlines, individually.
As the interdimentional gate they had opened was at a place of high spiritual energy, and the gate could not be closed while able to feed off said energy, they planned to destroy the place where it was, wiping it of all spiritual energy, and therefore obliterating the gate, trapping the anti-force in the pocket once and for all.
However, Farore, goddes of courage, blind to the eventual consequences of the plan she had hatched, created a small mirror, the frame shaped like a scorpion clutching the glass. The reflective material of the glass was made of the bonded materials of the soon-to-be-lost spiritual energy at the gateway place, and that of the different spiritual essence of a place that had yet to form, but which she did form, thousands of years later.
This mirrors purpose was, when the reflective glass pieces were fitted properly within, to transfer one back in time, to before the gate had been destroyed. She had made this mirror in case anything catostrophic enough happened to need such a thing as the anti-force to rectify it, knowing that if a holder of the tri-force found it, they would be able to manipulate it without fear.
But courage is blind. Farore broke the glass of the mirror into several pieces, scattering them about primordial hyrule, where they would rest and wait, until the day, thousands of thousands of years later, when they would be found. She also hid instructions on how to find the pieces and use the mirror throughout the land, scattered in caves and lakes. Never did she know the irony of what would come...


Hyrule, during the empty chronological gap between Twilight princess and wind waker.

79 years after the events of twilight princess, to date. The kingdom of hyrule has lived in mostly peaceful times, but now something has begun. There have been sightings and rumors of a ferocious, bloodthirsty white-haired demon mage, roaming the land with a farmilliar wearing a cloak and mask. They are searching towns, raiding villages, scowering fields, all for a single, unknown purpose, as are the demonic creatures that are now prowling the land.
Now only one of the bearer lineages of the tri-force remains alive, the royal family of hyrule. After the legendary hero Link died protecting queen zelda, and Ganondorf has thankfully had the courtesy to remain dead for teh time being, the current princess zelda holds the tri-force of wisdom, and the whereabouts of the tri-force of courage and that of power is currently unknown.
You are whatever you make yourself, but your destiny is still the same. Somebody is after the mirror. Chosen heroes will be brought together, and some may join the dark foe. A great battle will be fought...the future of existence rests in your hands.


All normal site rules apply here, of course, along with the following:

1.) Only one character per person.
2.) No, your character may most certainly NOT hold either remaining tri-force piece, that will be worked into the plot later on.
3.) No godmodding, piggybacking, whatever you wnat to call it.
4.) You may NOT be part of the royal family, or ganondorf. Nor may you be the unknown villian or his accomplice. In short, your character must be 100% origonal and 100% YOURS.
5.) To show that you have read all of this, please put the phrase "Fullmetal Botonist" in your post.

A NOTE AND A REMINDER TO ALL RPERS: You needn't say wether you will be siding with the villian or not, you can wait until an opprotunity to do so, just wait until our characters have met. Also, remember that this will take place in the hyrule from twilight princess.

Okay, remember that this is the first arc of a three-part story, so I will end it at some point, after we have made progress to a point.

So, sign-ups are open, now go ahead and join! :)


~The cast~

Kaiser Redsash, played by ~Iatos_Haunted~.
Rael, played by Lo-chan.
Raven Emblem, played by raven_emblem.
Dara, played by Vanilla_kitsune.
William, played by Pikalover10.
Raizel, played by Got-a-plan-B

December 27th, 2008, 9:59 AM
"Fullmetal Botonist"

Name: Rael

Age: 17

Race: Human

Hometown: Kakariko Village

Gender: Male

Occupation: He works in a small shop and sells food.

Class: Melee

Weapons: A sword or a dagger. Which ever is alright for him to have.

Physical Appearance: Has straight, medium length silver hair that goes down to his shoulders. He has piercing hazel eyes. He is taller then average, and has a masculine chest. His skin is a perfect skin tone, for he is out quiet a lot.

http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a343/pokeham/Real-1.jpg clothing wise. I don't know how to explain it... Sorry ><

Personality: Rael is I guess what you would consider "perfect". He is very sweet and polite, even though he was never taught these things from his house life. He is loving, and never argues or disagrees unless necessary. And is very bright for not much education. He also is very brave and never seems to get frightened. But, he does have some flaws. Because of his past life, he has no idea how to love someone. Either as a friend or more. He doesn't get too emotional, and never speaks what is on his mind. He distants himself away from people quiet a lot, and prefers to be alone most of the time. He tries his best to stay away from people, since he is afraid of getting close to someone. He is afraid to be rejected and hurt by someone, which is why he is a loner.

History: Rael was born in a small house around spring time. His mother sadly passed away from labor pains, which caused his father to grief over his loss. Because of this, Rael never had the peaceful childhood everyone hopes and longs for. His father despised him, because he believes that it is Rael's fault for his wife's death. And since there is no mother around to do all the house work, Rael was stuck with that duty until his father had gotten very sick. His father became a little crazy, and tried many attempts to kill his own son. But, ended up killing himself when Rael was fifteen. Rael had no one to turn to after he lost his father. He had no friends because he was always locked up, and knew absolutely nothing about the outside world. He was afraid to leave, and remained in the house with his fathers corpse rotting inside the house. Soon, the food was gone and he had no money at all. The corpse was also becoming unbearable. So, he decided to try to leave the house after three weeks since his fathers death. When he left though, he regretted it. He got scared easily from the smallest things, like dogs or birds. And got lost right away, so he could not return to his home. Luckily though, he met up with someone who taught him how to survive right away. Rael learned from this quickly and went to Kakariko village to work as an assistant to an old man. He found a small house that is very close to the store to live in. The only problem is that his lives with a couple of playboys so he is stuck having to deal with the sound of girls every night. In order to keep his rent "low", he has to work as their house keeper everyday. He isn't too happy with his life now, but he's glad it's better then what it use to be.

RP Sample:

Rael rushed into the store and quickly as possible. He slept in a little too late this morning, so he was obviously late for his work. His boss was tapping his foot as he gave Rael a nasty glare. Rael sighed to himself as he realized that today was not going to be a good day. When his boss was angry, Rael had to work more like a dog.

The pay wasn't even that great, but Rael needed the money in order to pay for the daily things. Like food and the old place he had to consider home. Although, it was more like a second job then home. Even at this place that he had to call home, he had to work around constantly. He was stuck cleaning up everything which only got messy in the morning. Rael had to share a home with some playboys which they obviously aren't the best people to live with.

In order for his rent to be "low", he had to work around that house. Rael hated how his life had turned out, but there was nothing he could do to change it. Rael longed to actually travel around Hyrule. While Rael was thinking about his past life and his goals, his boss was becoming even more angry.

"Rael!" He shouts with his scratchy voice. "You need to get work right now. You are working the extra hours now."

Rael quickly snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the old man's voice. Whatever the old man said was considered law, as much as Rael hated to admit that. The thing was though, Rael couldn't work the extra hours today. He had to go back to that damn house to clean up after his roommates.

"But sir I can't work late to--" Rael was trying to speak, but his boss just ignored him. "Sir I can't work the extra hours."

"That's fine." His boss's tone sounded amused. "You can leave after your original shift, but then don't plan on coming in my shop again unless you're here to buy something. But with the money you earn, you won't even have a close amount to afford anything in my shop and you know how I hate people with no money coming into my shop expecting a discount."

"...Yes sir." Rael grumbled. "I'll work the extra hours."

Rael was stuck working. It doesn't matter what Rael says or does, his boss would never change his mind and another attempt at rebelling would result in no job. Rael cursed under his breath as he swept around the store. He needed the job more then a place to live, so Rael had to deal with his boss's orders.

Thanks! :'D

Vanilla Kitsune
December 27th, 2008, 10:02 AM
FullMetal Botanist

Name: Dara

Age: 16 years old

Species: Human (Not Hylian, Hyrulean)

Hometown: A small civilization outside of Ordon for the first 14 years of her life, then Castle Town until present.

Gender: Female

Occupation: Courtesan Kidding! She works at a local Milk bar.

Class: Melee

Weapons: Just an average sword whenever she obtains it.

Appearence: Dara stands about 5'0" tall, and believes she is rather short for her age. Although this may be quite true, she makes up for her loss in her looks. Her hair is a chocolate brown color, which slides just past the tip of her shoulder blade. Having ivory skin, but a tad darker than natural, she tends to go all season with a moderate tan. This gives her the impression of staying out in the sun for days on end, when really, she just has a knack for keeping her skin a little darker than her original complexion. Dara's body is void of any cut or bruise, as she likes to abstain from any activity that involves accidental pain.

Her attire is rather facile, but with a hint of elegance and youth about it. She chooses to wear a white bustier with many pink lace tied all around it. Once the bustier cuts off with a lacy trimming at her waist, her lower body is shielded by a pink mini skirt. The skirt only reaches to her lower thigh, she many of her peers find it a little too short. Dara doesn't think of her outfit as being "revealing"; she enjoys what she wears. To cover her legs, she has a pair of white stockings attached a semi-visible garter belt. (Only the stockings at what the stockings are connected to are visible.) At the top of her right thigh, she has a pink, white-laced garter for just an extra piece of appeal.

For a better mental picture, see this (http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c311/Kuitsuku/OlderDara02.png) image I drew or this (http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c311/Kuitsuku/Dararef.png). (Also by me)

Additude/nature: From her likes, one might deduct that she is very ditsy. This is true. Dara tends to miss certain key aspects of a conversation, for the fly right over her head. Her ditsy personality tends to lead more into her confusion than anything. She is rather upbeat and happy-go-lucky, giving an extra "push" to someone who is feeling a little down. Her happiness tends to cheer people up, but can become quite annoying after a while. This brings Dara's happiness a little lower. She hates being neglected and disowned. After her traumatic incidents as a child, she sometimes becomes depressed and unwanted. Feelings of sadness and despair bother her, so she tends to vent out her problems by taking peaceful walks or just ignoring them completely. Her atmosphere can draw someone to her, or repel them. Either way, Dara tries her hardest to befriend anyone and anything. She despises injustice and inequality, and does everything in her power to help someone in need.

History: Dara was born in the sleepy village outside of Ordon. The village was a lazy, peaceful type village with the same type of people. Her mother and father owned an Inn, to which Dara is technically the heir of. As a child, she dreamed of exploring the world, and trying to meet anyone she could. At around the age of 5, she was already chatting with all the villagers, and being some-what of a nuisance to everyone. Her parents, trying to be supportive yet enforce discipline, instructed her to not bother people at work. This was easier said than done, for Dara was quite the chatter box.

Once Dara reached the age of 10 years, her father fell ill of an odd sickness. Strange blisters appeared on his skin, with an open cut near his leg. The villages doctor tried everything he knew in the field of medicine to help him. All hope became thin. Her father was suffering from some strange attack, no one knew for sure what had done it. When people asked her father what had happened, he recalled no memory of the incident. Everyone tried their hardest to attempt to aid the Inn's original owner. All hope was lost though. Almost a month later, he passed away due to an odd poisoning. Dara and her mother grieved for their loss for a number of months. This gave Dara the inspiration to help more people.

For about 4 years, everything grew back to its original state in the village. Dara was 14 now, and still neglectful of her responsibility as the Inn's owner. As Summer began to approach, a strange wind filled the air. Almost simultaneously, the sky went dark. Rain began to fall with a new feeling. It was full of hate and anger. The villagers ignored this, but once the rain continued on for about a week, something seemed wrong. The forest outside the village was becoming more alive, with frequent attacks from strange monsters. People were dying by creatures they had never seen before. The villager elder's and council tried to fight back, but these gruesome beings would not be silenced. Everyone was falling dead.

Dara, being traumatized, fled the town later that week. She had no idea of her mother's whereabouts or existence. Her main goal was to survive to the best of her ability. So, she ran. She ran as far away from her home as possible, till she reached a familiar town. It was Castle Town, the town she had dreamed of visiting. This was no time for her to go shopping or talk with the residents. With the money she had stolen from the Inn, she bought a small hut outside of the town. There, she lives for 2 years, til winter. She worked at a local Milk Bar, serving the guests to the best of her abilities. It wasn't the dream job she had desired, but it was better than living in the streets in poverty. Once her 16th birthday had passed, she decided then and there that she was going to stop the evil that attacked her village. Her father, mother, and all those she loved depended on her to continue the village's legacy. However, as she reached the village, her heart sank. Almost nothing remained of where she once was. It was but a barren wasteland, full of nothing but old memories. Trying to suck up her tears, she made the lengthy journey back to her home. She had accomplished nothing in this act, only to not receive her pay for her absence and reawaken her sadness. Dara trudged all the way back into the inn and apologize for her neglectful behavior. Her manager tried to understand, but scolded her for her actions.

"Oh well. It could be worse, right?" Dara thought.

Other: Dara has a neglectful attitude towards work. She enjoys chatting with the guests instead of serving them. This helps her cope with her sadness. She wants to meet a Zora and a Goron once in her life.

RPG Sample: Dara, strolling the "isles" of the Milk bar, starred dreamily out the window. Nothing of interest was happening outside, or so she figured, so her eyes adverted from the outdoors. She still had those longing feelings of going outside, playing as she used to. Right now though, however, she was almost a grown woman. She needed to spend her time worrying about surviving and making a living. Of course, working at a Milk bar wasn't everyone's ideal job. Still, it paid and that's all Dara cared about. Her rent was due soon anyways, so she decided to work for a little extra pay today.

"All right. If I want some extra rupees, I'm gonna have to give it my best. This probably means having to bust a lot more tables and cater to everyone's needs. This is gonna be a long day."

Running her fingers through her chestnut brown hair, she began wiping away at one of the empty tables. Her face filled with grotesque thoughts as she noticed how filthy the last customer had eaten. It was probably the most disgusting plate she had ever seen. Holding her nose, she continued cleaning. The food was scrapped off into a bucket, to which she tossed out in the back. The hounds, which stayed in the back of the bar, came rushing towards Dara. There animal instincts took over and they devoured the remains. Dara sighed, and plodded back into the bar to finish her job.

"At least someone is enjoying this place.." She thought.

Picking up a rag, she began to wash off the actual bar. It wasn't too filthy, considering people typically did not eat up there. It was used mostly for talking, playing card games, or enjoying their milk. Dara was thankful for her manager's strict rules. Although she had to abide by them, it payed off after a while.

Soon, Dara had the bar looking sparkling clean. Not a single area was left uncleaned. Of course Dara had spent about 3 hours making sure everything looked all right. Crossing her fingers, she awaited her manager's assessment. It was all or nothing. The bonus money could come, or it couldn't.

"Well. You certainly tidied up the place." Her boss said, with his booming voice.

"Yessir, I did." replied Dara, humbly.

"Excellent. I'll throw in a few more rupees for today's pay. Keep up the good work. There may be more in for it if I keep saying promising work such as this. You're free to leave."

Taking her money, Dara rushed out of the bar. This was perfect! She could now buy the new garters she had seen on display shop on the side of the main street of Castle Town. By now, however it was closed. Dara did not fear, however. She planned on waking early the next morning to get her new sexy attire. It wasn't that Dara was promiscuous. In fact, she only wanted the garter for its lace. Plus, it was cute.

"That garter is mine!" She explained from the confounds of her home.

OCC: Is that all right now? =]

~Rose-quartz Iatos
December 27th, 2008, 6:06 PM
I'm sorry, I forgot, I need an RPG sample, please. Right now, you afre both PENDING.

December 27th, 2008, 9:17 PM
Fullmetal botonist
Name: Raven Emblem
Age: 17
Species: Human
Hometown: Kakariko Village
Gender: Male
Occupation: Chef in a bar in New kasuto town
Class: Melee
Additional lesser class: Magic
Weapons: regular short sword, and two handed great sword. http://johnlhart.com/images/swords3.jpg
Appearence: http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/fire-emblem-rnk/art-017.jpg
Attitude/nature: Raven is a easy going boy but gets really mad at things that are stupid. He is like 49% evil and 51% good, but he chooses to be good most of the time. If he has to kill to save a life he will. But he would rather fight an enemy than help a friend.
History: Raven had a good childhood until his mother died when he was 12. Then his life went down because his father then became a drunk and started beating Raven till he turned 15 and he beat his father down and took off to New Kasuto town and began his new life there. He slowly learned how to use a sword just incase his father ever came looking for him in revenge. Raven met a nice girl in New Kasuto town and has been seeing her ever since. Just a few weeks the announced there wedding in a few months.
Other: None
rpg style:Joseph was just wondering why those men were beating that guy up he didn't really want to get involved but he was a very kind and sympathetic guy. Now that he had opened his mouth he was sitting in this chair all tied up with a cloth in his mouth and his eyes stapled shut.... "my freaking eyes!" Joseph screamed, though no one could hear him. Then all of a sudden he heard this loud bang and next a sharp pain in his left leg following another scream to never be heard.
"Now your going to do exactly what i say, you are going to live only if you can keep yourself alive long enough to escape, but don't worry not many people survive so don't get your hopes up. Don't worry about your leg it should heal up in time for our little game, we have a couple of doctors and nurses that can fix that easily. Now im going to take this cloth out of your mouth and if you refuse this generous proposal you will die". The mysterious man then removed the cloth from joseph's mouth, "whats the game and rules?" he questioned in pain.
"You will learn in good time WE are going to have to get you in tip top shape first then you will actually have a chance at survival, SON". Then at that moment the man removed all the staples with lighting like speed. Though his vision was blurry at first he knew this man. "Why dad? Why would you do this to me?".

~Rose-quartz Iatos
December 30th, 2008, 5:42 PM
Lo-chan: Approved! :) And you can take both weapons, if you want.

Vanilla kitsune: Declined. Read the rules again, you're mostly fine, but you forgot something. When you find what it was, just edit it into the post, and we'll be good. :)

raven_emblem: accepted! :) Just remember taht you won't be able to use both swords at once, of course.

Okay, I'll do mine now, too.

Name: Kaiser Marvolo Redsash
Age: 17
Species: Human
Hometown: Kakariko village
Gender: Male
Occupation: Assistant librarian
Class: Melee
Additional lesser class: Magic
Weapons: Ebony-black broadsword w/ gold hilt, and a pendant w/ ruby gemstone inset in teh middle, which stores magical power.
Appearence: Stands at around 5' 11", slightly husky but well-built and fairly strong. Weighs in at around 140 lbs. Olive skin, fairly handsome features, wavy, dark mettalic-brown hair, serious, but yet joking and romantic chocolate-brown eyes, nice smile, long legs.
Wearsadark orange-brown tunic, tight black undershirt and pants underneath, black overcoat when needed, will later aquire a red headband.
Additude/nature: Somewhat quiet, andbit distant at times, but fun to be around once you get to know him. Knows how to have a good time, but also very trustworthy and trusting.
History: Born and raised in kakariko, Kai is well-known and trusted. Kai's mother died giving birth to his sister, when Kai was only 4 months old.(Yeah, odd story how that happened...) Ever since tehn, Kai and his sister Sara were brought up by their kind and loving father, who still lives in teh village now.
Kai has always had a huge interest in literature, and so now is a scholar, and works in Kakariko's library. He is always more tahn willing to go out of town, to collect any books from stores abroad.
Other: Fullmetal botonist
RPG sample:

Kai ran down a dark alleyway, his right hand clutching his left side, which was bleeding from the knife wound. As he turned the corner he saw Dreia waiting for him in the car. He ran as fast as he could, wincing and muttering colorful swear words from the pain. He opened the door and got in, muttering "I got it, just as palnned. Let's go." Dreia looked at the wound. "Kai, you're bleeding..." Kai whirled on her. "SCREW THE $*&%-ING BLOOD, NOW GO BEFORE WE BOTH GET KILLED!" He screamed. Dreia sighed, and ground the pedal to the floor.
Kai sighed in relief as tehy drove off, hearing the sound of the guards' angry screams and yells. He took the computer chip from his pocket, and grinned, despite the pain. "We did it, Dreia. As soon as we meet up with Wes and the others, we can finally expose these guys." Dreia was silent for a moment, and then pulled a gun from her pocket, aiming it right between Kai's eyes.
"Okay, mister smart guy," Said Dreia, "Hand it over. NOW." Kai growled. "You little..." He trailed off. "NOW." She said again. Kai smirked. "Okay, sure..." He held out his hand, the chip sitting in his palm. Dreia whisked it out of his hand while steering with her knees. She relaxed a bit, and that was when Kai grabbed the gun from her, rapped her over the head with it, and, kicking the drivers side door open, flung her out of the car. He moved into eth drivers side...
...Just as the car hit a tree. The engine was smashed, and a small fire started. The last thing Kai saw before blacking out was the smoking engine. His last thought...Now nobody will have the chip...It was still in sight, on the ground nearby. He pulled the trigger, firing a bullet into it, and then he knew no more. It would be ten minutes before anything would be found.
Meanwhile, Toby was working at hsi laptop furiously wshen Wes came over with teh tea. Toby sipped gratefully.
"Thanks, I needed this."
"No problem," Wes said. "Now listen, I think I found a lead..."
He pulled out a small scrap of paper, which looked ripped from a book. "I found this in one of my Dads old books. I think he put it in there in case we ever discovered what he and you and Kais motehr were working on."
Toby frowned, and took the paper. "Let's see..." He muttered. The page read as follows:

Alchemy in modern society

In modern day civilization, alchemy is rarely experimented with, which is, perhaps, for the better. However, technological alchemy is a reletivally new form of the subject. Such is, basically, a form of creating A.I, but on a wholly different level."

"The rest of teh page I left in the book." Wes explained. "But look at what my dad wrote..." He pointed at how the words "Technological alchemy" Were underlined and circled, a line from teh circle leading to an empty margin, where the words "Nexus corporation" Had been hastily scribbled. There was more, as well. The word "A.I." Was also circled and underlined, and also had a line leading to teh hastily scribbled words. Toby swore under his breath. "So it IS them...we have to get Kai out of there."

Vanilla Kitsune
December 30th, 2008, 6:57 PM
Lo-chan: Approved! :) And you can take both weapons, if you want.

Vanilla kitsune: Declined. Read the rules again, you're mostly fine, but you forgot something. When you find what it was, just edit it into the post, and we'll be good. :)

raven_emblem: accepted! :) Just remember taht you won't be able to use both swords at once, of course.

Edited. Sorry. I read the rules, but I guess I skipped over the "Put this ___" thing.

December 30th, 2008, 7:27 PM

Name: William (Will)
Age: 16
Species: Hylian
Hometown: lake Hylia
Gender: Male
Occupation: Will works for his father's old friend, Halt as a fishermen and bowyer for work.
Class: range weaponry
Additional lesser class: melee
Weapons: Will carries around a normal shortsword in a holster attaches to his belt on the left side, a small dagger in a case attached to his belt on the right side and a bigger (but still small) dagger on the other side. He also has straped on to his back a regular bow and a quiver which holds 20 arrows for now.(If I can't have all of these just the quiver, bow, and shortsword)
Appearence: http://www.rangersapprentice.com.au/images/inner-characters.jpg Will is in the very front, to the right of him is his master Halt and to the left of him is his best friend Horace and he has elf ears and so does halt.
Additude/nature: Will is very secretive. He only tells Halt about his personal life and he is sometimes known as The Ranger of Lake Hylia.
History: Will grew up in Lake Hylia. His parents were out in the lake in a boat when the boat started to somehow sink. They were taking a nap and then drowned leaving Will alone his whole life. Will lived on the streets near the lake and soon Halt found him, took him in as an apprentice bowyer and swordsman, teaching him all the crafts of using a bow and a sword.
Other: Will can scale up the side of walls silently and can walk anywhere silently. Also, his cloak he wears can make him virtually invisable when he wears it over himself
RPG sample: ummm...links aren't working for me anymore now(I edited this after this morning when I saw it) so my RP sample is underneath the Pokemon RP, on the 2nd page of it and is under Pokemon Adventurew: Follow the Darkness by KEv XY...Just look at any of my posts there:)

~Rose-quartz Iatos
December 31st, 2008, 2:24 PM
Vanilla kitsune: Accepted! :) Thanks, I figured you'd know what I meant.

Pikalover10: Declined. Just a small thing, same thing as vanilla, please read through all teh rules and find what you missed, then you'll be good. :)

January 1st, 2009, 12:18 PM
Vanilla kitsune: Accepted! :) Thanks, I figured you'd know what I meant.

Pikalover10: Declined. Just a small thing, same thing as vanilla, please read through all teh rules and find what you missed, then you'll be good. :)

Oops....I foregot to put that in there...I had read the rules but foregot it...anyway it is in there now:)

~Rose-quartz Iatos
January 2nd, 2009, 3:13 PM
Pikalover10: Approved! :) Also, link's human, Zoras are the blue fishy-pepole.

January 3rd, 2009, 3:40 PM
May I reserve a spot for this simply because it sounds very interesting? I will try to fight my painful schedule and get the sign up tomorrow.

January 3rd, 2009, 5:35 PM
oh oops...Dark_link12 told me he was a Hylain...Ill edit my SU with it...

~Rose-quartz Iatos
January 3rd, 2009, 5:57 PM
Sure, Plan-B. :)

And Link is Hylian, but Hylians are difefrent from zoras, Hylians are a kind of human.(like geruedos, Ganondorfs species) Hylian is to Hyrulean(the "default", more-human-faced kind) as Americans are to italians.

January 3rd, 2009, 6:17 PM
Ok....anyway when do you think the RP will start? If you need anybody playing villains I MIGHT be able to do that and Will.

~Rose-quartz Iatos
January 3rd, 2009, 7:19 PM
Thanks, but I doubt I'll need anybody. I'm going to leave some gaps in their story, which will problably lead to me doing some post-rpg fanficing. Thanks anyways, though. :)

Let's see, then...well, including plan B, we have six characters, so after his sign-up I'll wait a couple days, and just start it if we don't have a seventh by then.

January 4th, 2009, 7:14 PM
"Fullmetal Botonist" has nothing on Full Metal Alchemist
Anyway, here is my sign up. This isnt my greatest one, as I haven’t rp’ed in a looonnnngggg time If I have to changed anything for one reason or another, just say it.

Name: Raizel.

Age: 20

Race: Human

Hometown: Gerudo Desert

Occupation: Mercenary

Gender: Male

Class: Melee

Secondary Class: Ranged

Weapons: Raziel being a Bounty Hunter of sorts is armed to the teeth in weaponry, however most of it is standard equipment. A list has been created:

1) The Lion's Fang- A long, opulent claymore with a Lion Motif for decoration has become Raizel's primary weapon. The handle is golden and jeweled with lions containing sapphire eyes decorating the base of the handle and the hand-guard. The blade itself is composed of hard steel with ancient writing along the blade. It is clearly well conditioned, as the blade seems to shine with a silver aura. The origins of the sword are unknown and the history of how Raizel obtained the blade range from the murder of a King to a discovery in a dungeon.

2) Steel Knifes: Nothing more than various weapons Raziel keeps equipped if the time ever calls for them. No special properties at all.

Appearance: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/goldensun/images/thumb/9/9b/GSFelix.jpg/225px-GSFelix.jpg
This picture is used to grant a general idea of his appearance. The following paragraphs will delve into greater detail as well as make some modifications.

At first glance, Raizel may scream a kind-hearted individual due to his fair skin, his clean cut appearance, and long well-groomed shiny hair. However, a deeper analysis of his appearance will reveal a far different opinion. What is true about the previous statement is that Raizel is well groomed and clean with no impurities on his face, not even a speck of facial hair. Ignoring his painful injury, Raizel appears young and youthful with a face resembling a small child, a baby face if you will. His long brown hair reaches down to his back and is kept in mint condition in a ponytail that fails to do much, as his hair still remains in his face at all times hiding a long scar that stretches from cheek to cheek, across the bridge of his nose. His eyes are an ice cold blue that often stare people down into a freezing sweat. The expression on his face is equally cold and emotionless and seems permanently carved into place like that of a statue. Raizel’s body is tall and well-built as he stands at about 6”1 and weighs in a solid 220 pounds of raw muscle. The body that experienced his travels is beaten and scarred with numerous injuries both old and new due to countless battles however his heavy clothes hide that fact from the public. Raizel can be considered extremely attractive to female and gay men due to his qualities described above.

His clothing is torn, rough, and strong due to his experience as traveler of Hyrule and a mercenary. His over shirt is ebony black (not green) with blood red accents (not the orange/brown coloring). The thick shirt covers a gray undershirt (not brown) that also covers a chain mail that remains for the sole purpose of protection (not seen). His gauntlets are weathered black with steel plates reached from his hand all the way to his elbow (not in picture). His pants are a fading gray and mostly covered by his oversized black greaves with steel plates reaching from his foot to his shin (not in picture, replaces lower leg design). A red cloak usually reaches from his neck to his legs and is ripped to shreds from Raizel’s harsh travels, but the Lion brand in the center is kept in tact. The emblem is simple with a golden Lion Head with red eyes staring out into the world with a barbaric expression. Raizel’s main sword is kept on his black leather belt with a Lion buckle on his waist while his bow and quiver is kept in place by another black belt that runs across his torso. His various knives are scattered across his body in numerous spots, some hidden, some obvious including his belt, boots and gloves.

Raizel stands tall with excellent posture and proud in an attempt to intimidate others to do his bidding. He takes powerful, large, and loud steps to make others notice his appearance and shows no fear in walking through crowds (OOC: I mean, literally through.) His voice is deep and dark, with a hint of evil within in every word.

Additional piece of his appearance is that of a large bag kept across his back. This bag contains various survival tools as a well as musical instruments including a guitar and a violin.

Raizel in a nutshell is best described by this passage:
“A chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn’t strive to protect others’ freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but his behavior is not totally random. He is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it.

Chaotic neutral is the best alignment you can be because it represents true freedom from both society’s restrictions and a do-gooder’s zeal.”

Raizel considers himself a man grounded into reality and as a result is somewhat pessimistic, preferring to expect the worst, as that is what usually happens. Seeing life from that of a warrior, he has experienced death in person countless times and has become hardened as a result. He feels no fear and no remorse, coming off as cold and uncaring. Due to his lifestyle, he has learned to care for himself first and others second, if he even decides to care.

He is rarely a people person unless they can peak his interest effectively whether through riches, quests or a story. Raizel has tendency to scare people due to his horrifying stories, even if he did not mean it. He has been called charming at times and can be a lady killer without even talking, however upon opening his mouth he can be revolting due to his greedy, selfish nature along with dry, sarcastic wit and humor.

History: A part of Raizel’s history is unknown to himself, but not to the reading public. Rejoice as you a bonus! Originally born in the Lake Hylia region, his village was raided by bandits and burned to the ground. Feeling bad for the orphaned child and seeing the prospect of bringing a small child into their ranks, they adopted the boy and raised him to be the perfect bandit.

From that moment, he was called Raizel and for the next 15 years of his life, he grew up in the wastes of the Gerudo Desert, learning everything there was to know from a well-organized tribe of bandits. He learned to cook food, loot dungeons, craft tools, hunt animals, kill humans. If he wasn’t learning the basics of bandit survival, he was learning higher society culture from its leaders, receiving a basic education and musical skills. His 15-year tutor composed of real experience as well, as he fought and traveled along bandits day and night in the desert. Despite the valuable lessons learned, Raizel left the tribe when he reached the ripe age of 16 to live his own life not dictated by the bandit leaders.

From the beginning, Raizel found his calling: becoming a mercenary. He did not pick and choose his quests, but instead took whatever came his way permitting a reward was in place for success. The missions were far and wide in both location and in purpose. Some required killing some criminals or royal officials, while others needed their kittens found and returned to them. Traveling throughout Hyrule, Raizel completed countless missions and experienced the multiple sides of Hyrule and his people. He grew in physically and mentally, earning a hardened body and wisdom beyond his years.

While he received physical and personal rewards in the form of wealth and experience, he also earned renown. His renown is the definition of mixed messages. A list of nicknames has been compiled here:
Gerudo Desert: Raizel the Traitor.
Northern Regions including Zora’s Domain and Snowpeak: Raizel the Fearless
Eastern Regions including Kakariko and Death Mountain: Raizel the Merciless
Lake Hylia: Raizel the Warrior
Southern Regions including Ordon: Raizel the Noble
Castle Town: Raizel the Rebel

Other: Raizel is known to play his instruments in bars earning him the name as Raizel the Artist as well. Also despite his fame, Raizel is rarely sought out for autographs due to no one knowing his true nature.

RPG Sample:
(Includes an entry post into Castle Town)

Raizel stormed through the front gates with a strange body bag attached to a thick rope. The bag was being pulled through the streets and with every thundering stomp Raizel made, echoes of groans flew through the marble streets. Raizel ordered people to step aside without uttering a single word. The fact he was dragging a body was reason enough to halt their movement and allow him passage through the streets. After all, who wants to end up like the guy in the bag? His travels throughout the Castle Town ended at the guard tower where Raizel tossed the body to feet of the Captain. “There is your rogue, Captain Anderson. Now I want the bounty plus an additional 500 Rupees,” Raizel stated in a loud, demanding tone. To aid his point, he stared the senior captain in the eyes. Captain Anderson was an elderly man, possibly pushing 50. His beard was turning more and more gray every day and his hair receded every passing week.

Anderson paused for a brief moment before asking the question, “Now why sho…” Raizel stopped his statement with a quick step into the Captain’s face. Sweat ran down the red face of the old man who became overwhelmed with fear. Anderson began rewording his question in his mind, but Raizel placed his hand over his mouth.

“The Rogue was a more difficult catch the reward is worth. Now I have no problem releasing him back into your fair city and refusing to aid you in any way.” Anderson sighed before complying with Raizel’s terrible demands. The captain reached into his own bag and granted Raizel his reward with great regret and hesitation. Raizel on the other hand, smiled and bowed in a sign of thanks and respect. With debts paid, Anderson snatched the body off the ground and proceeded into the guard tower. Raizel, on the other hand, headed to the local bars in an attempt to enjoy his newfound payment.

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January 6th, 2009, 9:24 AM
Got-a-plan-B: Pending. Just two things before I can approve you.

One: It's fine for you to already have a couple weapons, but I'll need to ask you to hold off on either the claymore or the bow. You'll need to have one weapon that you will not have until we all meet in the RPG.(This will be explained in the RPG)

Two: No magic unless you use it as one of your classes, sorry.

So just let me know on which weapon you're going to wait to recieve, and wether you want to change a class or botch teh magic thing in your weapons, and tehn we'll be good. ;)

January 6th, 2009, 3:40 PM
Alright. Changes are made. I just edited the sign up.

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January 6th, 2009, 4:54 PM
Okay, you just got approved! :D Now we can start, huzzah!

Sign-ups are now closed.

Okay, I'll pass on starting, actually, somebody else can.

January 8th, 2009, 7:11 PM
Raizel is a man of few expensive tastes, if he even had any. He never owned a home, as he lived on the road or in the occasional inn. He never bothered to buy fine jewelry as the chain around his neck was fancy enough for him. He never chose to waste his money on his weapons as his claymore and assortment of knives got the job done. So what does Raizel do with his money? Nothing really. To break his life of rupee pinching, he scouted Castle Town for any place of interest where he could actually spend some cash and possibly relax for a moment. He had been traveling non-stop for several weeks doing mostly bounty work. For once Raizel was tired of tracking, hunting, catching, killing. You would think a castle of this size would actually have a halfway decent bar to waste time in,he thought to himself as he plowed his way through the crowds of Castle Town. Raizel randomly chose one and strolled into the bar, slamming the door on his way in and out.

"You had to slam the door, huh?" asked a clearly wasted villager. The man's eyes were bloodshot, his words were slurred to the point that he was spoke in tongues and his posture broken as tumbled over to the disturber of the peace. Raizel stared down the man as he stumbled over. "I have a *hic* a few things *hic* to say *hic*." The drunk eventually collapsed and Raizel experienced his first real sweat-drop. Removing the hood, from his cloak as he approached the bar, Raizel ordered a single drink. He gulped it within a few short minutes without really tasting what he had. If might of been milk or a weak alcohol, but it was a fine drink considering the small amount he had paid. Surveying his surroundings, there was no breakout moments or anything worth remembering past the encounter upon Raizel's entrance. Choosing to be rebellious, he pulled out his guitar from his bag

"Do you mind if I play some music? The place is somewhat dead and absent of...atmosphere." The barkeep shrugged and granted him permission, not expecting anyone to care what he was going to do. Raizel proceeded to tune his guitar briefly which caught the attention of those around him. Eventually a silence had befallen the room, something Raizel was not expecting. A few quick warm up strums, the pace quickened and his fingers blitzed across the guitar. The beat was fast and seemed almost foreign in its sound. However, the crowd began following the beat almost mystified by his ability to play. Raizel was deep in the music, but pleased by his fan-following. The song came to close after a few brief moments and an applause was granted for bravery and skill. Raizel did not bathe the glory but told the barkeep that the next round of drinks were on him and threw him a huge rupee. Raizel made his way through the crowd and sat an empty yet clean table, playing softly to himself.

OOC: For the song he played, here is an idea of how it sounded: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rfGbB0zqz8

I hope this gets everything started.

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January 10th, 2009, 11:50 AM
Dara left the Milk Bar with a bosom full of rupees. (Since her skirt did not have pockets, it was the only place for her to put them) She continued walking, eying a crowd that had gathered near a local bar. Shaking her head, she continued walking to her destination. Something was always going on in Castle Town. Whether it was a fight, and drunken fight, or someone selling the "next best thing", this town was nothing short of excitement. Dara learned to not care about what was going on. Half of the time, it was something stupid. Plus, Dara had a mission. She was going to buy her garter belt, if it was the last thing she was ever going to do.

"Here is the store.." Dara whispered, surveying the sign to make sure it was correct.

Castle Town Laces it read.

Although it was an unoriginal name, the store had grown quite a reputation for Lolita like outfits and the occasional wedding gown. Of course, no one could typically afford a wedding gown, so they kept those in stock for traveling royalty. Dara casually strolled inside, and began to rummage through the bins for her desired object. She knew exactly where it was, but finding it was going to be difficult. Her size was often hard to come by, since she was of such a skinny build around her waist.

"May I help you?" Asked the store's owner. She was an elderly woman, with a kind countenance. Dara found it a little odd an old woman owned such a youthful store, but she pushed that idea out of her head.

"Yes ma'am. I'm actually looking for this, in a size small." Dara held up a lacy white garter belt. The old woman eyed her suspiciously. She was at such a young age for buying such a mature accessory.

"Yes, we have only one in stock. I'll go get it for you, dear." Smiling, the old lady went into the back of the store.

Dara could hear her rummaging through various boxes and things, hopefully searching for what Dara wanted. Crossing her fingers, Dara prayed to the goddesses that this store had it in stock. This was the only store of its kind Dara knew about in Castle Town. If not, Dara would be unhappy and have to wait almost another season for the store to be in stock again.

"Here it is, my dear. I hope it suits you."

The elderly woman reached out her hand and produced a lacy garter belt exactly to Dara's tastes. Connected to the garters, was a pair of knee high, white stockings. Little pink bows were tied at the top, for extra appeal. Dara had to contain herself as she saw the item she was almost lusting over for months. Taking it out of her hand, she imagined her wearing it around the streets. It was perfect. Maybe then Dara could find a suitable husband. Compared to many of the girls, she was the only girl she knew without a husband.

"I'll take it, ma'am!" Dara exclaimed.

Reaching into her bosom, she produced 60 rupees. That was nearly half of her pay for the day, but Dara didn't mind. This store had always been pretty cheap on items such as lingerie and what not. Bowing thankfully, Dara left the store, wearing her new garter belt and stockings. Shyly, she paraded around the town, trying to find her home. Dara received a few whistles from middle aged men, and some boys, making her blush. Dara had failed to remember that her body wasn't what it was 6 years ago. She was a woman now.

"Guess I'll go in the square and see whats up."

Walking briskly, she reached the Square. There was still a crowd outside of a bar, and Dara was now curious to see what was going on. As polite as she could, she weaseled her way through the thick crowd. Dara managed to reach the front, and she noticed a young man, around her age but maybe a few years older, strumming a guitar. She listened with respect to such soothing music. Her thoughts were taken to her childhood, when she would listen to the older boys play their instruments. Smiling, she continued to daydream about that time.

"I need to pay this man for his work." Dara thought.

Gathering up about 20 rupees, she placed them on the table beside the young man. She got a good look at his features. His skin was a slight bit darker than her's, suggesting he wasn't around her. He wore thick attire, perfect for adventures, and it suited his complexion. There was something about this man though, that piqued her interest. So, she decided to stay and listen to him play.

OOC: I hope that was all right. Its a boring intro post, I know. XD

January 11th, 2009, 7:05 PM
OOC: Vanilla, your post was fine. Better than mine. After that, I don't know to keep up. My RP skills have greatly declined.

Learning an instrument takes years of effort, any musician will tell you that. Even those brought into the world with the musical skills of Gods need some practice. Raizel learned music the old-fashioned way, through years of practice and training. Upon being "captured" by the bandit tribes of Gerudo, Raizel became a hot commodity with various individuals wanting to train the boy to become their true successor. However, he had many masters who educated him in their ways of life. One of his teachers were the elders who taught him his cultural knowledge. From this he learned the art of music, his favorite pastime. His lessons stemmed the songs of the old Hyrule that have been apparently bequeathed to the elders from their fathers and their fathers before them. He learned many of the ancient songs due the experience of the ancient Gerudo Tribes. These old songs were mastered after many years of diligent practice and through these teachings, Raizel learned the deeper aspects of Old Hyrule, such as history, literature, myth, and religion.

Playing music was no difficult challenge for Raizel and performing for a crowd was, while out of the ordinary, not a painful ordeal. The bar became a nuthouse especially after the music raised everyone's dull spirits and the free drinks promoted great intoxication. Sitting at his table, Raizel strummed his guitar continuing to play the tune he performed earlier but at a lower volume hoping the attention would escape him and people would go about their business. His hopes, however, were placed in the wrong hands which was a common fate. Raizel was used to the worse case scenario, so hope became a lucid and false term to him. He had lost count of how many times he hoped for the best and the worst possible outcome became true instead.

Raizel dared to look up as the sound of footsteps crawled into his ear despite the drunken festival that was taking place. It was a woman, one of small stature, however her looks certainly seemed to make up for it. Unwounded and fair skinned, she had a purity about her appearance, something Raizel had lost when he was a small child and earned the scar that cut across his face. Her looks made her appear far younger than Raizel himself, but he had assumed though that her age was only a few years younger than he. An inside voice had informed him of that. Many men, drunk and in a daze, began whistling trying to draw her attention. They failed terribly as Raizel controlled her attention, possibly through his musical show. The woman had placed a small amount of rupees on the clean wood table. A form of pay perhaps? Raizel had a one track mind that already answered the question. Money=Work. Raizel nearly received gifts, only rewards. Hence, a mentality that one must complete a task or series of tasks to eventually earn a material possession of some kind had developed and solidified itself in the depths of Raizel's mind.

Raizel placed the table and glanced up to the woman with his cold eyes, moving his long hair out of his face so he could get a good look at her and she would be capable of getting a good look at him. A small cough was released and he slowly began to talk. "Is that a down payment for some job? Lose something that needs to be found? Or did an Ex-boyfriend insult your honor and you want revenge?" Raizel asked as kindly as he could, being careful not to sound to evil or frightening despite his chaotic self serving nature. He did not want to scare the woman, as he frequently did....well at least early on in his career as a mercenary. His charms have significantly improved as the experience of dealing with people as taught him many tricks and techniques on how to exactly deal with different types of people. The woman struck him as naive and young, possibly inexperienced. Her face screamed that from his eyes and realizing that he had assumed she was dealing with typical adolescent problems, hence his questions about his next quest. However, he would not know the reaction until she cleared her thoughts and answered the question.

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January 15th, 2009, 10:17 AM
OOC: Thanks for starting it off, guys, I wasn't in the mood at teh time. :) Also, sorry for my absence, my computer's been reacting weirdly to this site. It's fine now, though.

IC: Kai shelved the last of the books that had just come in. He put on his coat, turned around to leave, when he was stopped by the head librarian. "Kai, hold on a second. I need you to run an errand for me tomorrow, okay?" Kai nodded. "Sure, Mrs. Witherman, what's up?" The head librarian smiled tiredly at Kai. "How many times will I have to tell you to call me Sasha?" Kai grinned. "Sorry." Sasha shrugged.

"It doesn't matter. Anyways, I need you to go to castle town, and pick up a new copy of the 3rd and 4th volumes of the Hylian history set. The ones we had got wrecked." Kai nodded, slinging his bag over his shoulder. "Okay." He said, brushing a stray lock of hair out of his eyes. "I'll head out tommorow morning." Sasha smiled. "Thanks."

As Kai walked out of the library into the early evening, he looked up into the pale orange sky. He watched a few stray birds flying by. He walked down the road, eventually coming to the small house where he and his sister Sara lived. Sara woudln't be home for a while, so Kai left his bag on the bed in his bedroom, and walked back out, down to eldin spring.

There he stayed for a while, watching the water trickle along, lost in thought. And then it happened, in a single tiny portion of an instant.

light shone to him from the spring, and spoke through his mind with a divine voice. Be prepared, for soon it shall begin...you must meet those in castle town who bear the inner mark...go to lake hylia...and so it shall begin.

And then it was over. Kai shook his head, wondering what had come over him, and then walked back towards his house, down the road.

OOC: Everyone else will have a simmilar vision sometime soon, whenever they see fit. :)