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December 29th, 2008, 11:20 AM
Sign-Ups Are Closed!

So this is an rp I opened up a long time ago, but quit because my life got extremely hectic. Now that it has settled down, I think I'm going to give it another shot. It will have the same plot, but a few things are going to be twisted around.


Everything can change dramatically in a length of time; a person, a place, and especially, the world. Thousands of years have past since the beginning of Kanto, when it was widely popular for young girls and boys to set off on their own journey when they became of age. Everything there was peaceful and happy for almost everybody.

But everything can change so quickly...

There was the day that the whole Kanto region was shook forever, the starting day of the natural disasters. They terrorized the region in the form of tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, everything. Oceans slowly drained, towns shifted and were sometimes destroyed, and new landforms were created. Kanto was changed dramatically in this way, and this happened for many years.

Along with the disasters, Team Rocket found this the perfect oppurtunity to strike. They also began their terror on the world as well, building bases, stealing double the pokemon, and more. Some of ther greatest attacks were the attacks on Cinnibar Island, where they burned the whole city, including the gym and laboratory, to the ground. Then they moved on to Celadon where Team Rocket robbed almost everything from the Department Store and Prize Area for the Game Corner.

Everybody suffered until a few thousand years later when things began to settle back down. Towns were rebuilt, some in different locations. The world was incredibly different, but everyone coped with it and got together. Soon, new gyms were even built and the Pokemon League was started once more. Except for the new league, trainers will practically have to travel the world backwards because of the oceans draining around Cinnibar and the new ones forming around New Saffron City.

You are a new trainer in this whole new world, with the ultimate goal of being one of the first trainers to win the Pokemon League. Your reason why, I cannot decide for you. Many new pokemon live all over the large region. Gym leaders are brand new, but Team Rocket has managed to survive long enough to still stalk the world and cause trouble. With your beginner pokemon recieved by Professor Jacob, the new Professor in Kanto, you will set off into New Kanto. It will be up to you what pokemon you catch, what new moves you teach them, etc. There will be fun times along with the challenging ones. On the road, you will meet friends and your biggest rivals. Just be brave and experience this whole new region of Kanto!

1.) My biggest rule is have fun!! If you're not, that just simply tell me that you wish to drop out of the rp. It will not hurt my feelings, and will open up another slot for another person who may enjoy it more.
2.) No legendaries!! No legendary pokemon will be caught in the rp, but you may get the chance to battle one later.
3.) Be Active!! My new rule that I've set in my rp's is that you must be active at least once a week. If not, then you're kicked out. If you're too busy to make up a post, then tell me and we'll work it out. It can even be the simple message "School has kept me busy." This will show me that you didn't just slapped a sign-up sheet and then abandon the rp.
4.) Keep everything at a PG-13 level or lower. I don't mind romance and such, but keep it in the appropiate level. This also means no sexual scenes. I, along with many other people, are too young to read about this stuff. If you type something around this, not only will I kick you out, but report your post to a moderator. You have been warned.
5.) Do not god-mod or bunny another player. You may do for a brief period of time as long as the other player does not mind it.
6.) Follow the personality that you set for your character!! It doesn't make since to take the time to type out a happy, light personality for your character, but then make them made all the time. This is why you need to make a personality.

Sign-Up Sheet




Preferred Starter:

Eevee (Taken By DrAcO_ ToRpEdO)
Level: 5
Type: Normal
Gender: Female
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand

Plusle/Minun (only one will be picked)(Taken By Wolfwhispers)
Level: 5
Type: Electric
Gender: Male
Attacks: Growl, Thunder Wave

Budew (Taken By ShadowYashi)
Level: 5
Type: Grass/Poison
Gender: Female
Attacks: Absorb, Growth

Bagon (Taken By FrozenSnowman)
Level: 5
Type: Dragon
Gender: Male
Attacks: Rage, Bite

x2 Wild Cards (1 Taken By Pikalover10 & the other by The Kricket)

Game Play
When all the slots are taken, we will begin the rp.
Like most rps, I will not be participating in this rp. Instead, I will be the "Game Master", controlling many characters such as Proffesor Jacob, Team Rocket, Wild Pokemon, Gym Leaders, etc.
You will be in charge of your own character and your own pokemon. For your pokemon, you will be in charge of the moves they learn, if you want for them too evolve, etc. You cannot godmod other players' pokemon and actions (like mentioned in the rules). If trying to capture a wild pokemon, I will decide whether you have caught it or not, and what its level is depending on the quality of your post.
This rp will be in "Chapter Form." This means I will post a chapter with information of the area you are in, and what you're allowed to do. There will be no specific order to post in, but you must wait in between each of your posts to wait for me to grade your post. In this grading, I will tell you the level boosts your pokemon have gotten, the moves they are, or trying to, learn, the items you've gotten, etc.
Please refer to the RolePlay rules if you have any more questions, or Pm me.

Accepted Players
1.) DrAcO_ToRpEdO (Seth Adams)- Eevee
2.) Wolfwhispers (Bryan Went)- Minun
3.) ShadowYashi (Nina Chambers)- Budew
4.) Pikalover10 (Will)- Riolu
5.) The Kricket (Alexander Thompson)- Zangoose
6.) Old Lace (Tom Ato)- Mime Jr
7.) FrozenSnowman (Zachary "Zack" Joke)- Bagon

Progress in RP:
Pallet Town- ~Cleared
Route 1- ~Cleared
Cinnibar Island- In Progress
Route 2- In Progess
Seafoam Cave- In Progress

December 29th, 2008, 3:09 PM
Can i reserve eevee plz? ill post later

Snow Phoenix
December 29th, 2008, 3:50 PM
Can I reserve Bagon. I'll also post later.

December 29th, 2008, 4:29 PM
Sign-Up Sheet
Name: Will
Gender: Male
Age: 12

Appearance: Will is smaller in stature. He is shorter then most people his age standing at about 5 foot 3 and weighs about 95 lbs. His hair is ruffled due to the fact that Will never combs his hair. He wears a black T shirt and brown shorts/pants depending on how hot or how cold it is.

Will also carries around a green backpack which holds various items in side. One of these items is a cloak which is all sorts of greens(the color). He wears it sometimes and when sompletely still he is vertualy invisable. His eyes are a beady black and he wears a a silver leaf pendant on his cloak to keep it closed. He also wears a belt with 6 pokeball slots and a Pokedex case on his belt too. And he always has his cell phone in his pocket.

Personality: Will is in a word isolated. He is shuned out of evreything and doesn't know why. He thinks its because his father was a knight and died in a war when Will was only 2. Will is very secretive and is very sneaky. He usually listens in on conversations and nobody knows he is nearby. He can scale up the side of huge walls and cliffs without making a sound and when he walks he is silent. He has only once in his whole life ever had a friend. Horace was his name. Horace and Will where born at the same place, same day, and mysteriously the same exact time. They understood each other because Horace's father was killed in the exact same warr Will's father was.

History: Will was born and raised in Pallet Town, Kanto. He had 2 older brothers and one younger brother. His father died when Will was two, his brother Max and brother Halt were 6, and when Josh was 1. Josh died of a terrible disease when he was 4 and Will felt like it was his falt.

All his life he was tormented by his brothers and shuned out of everything. Then, that all changed when he met his soon to be best friend. He met Horace at an ice cream stand and they talked. They soon found out they were vertualy the exact same person just with a different name and appearence. 'Maybe it is just we were born same place, same year, and same time.' Will always said when they brought up the concept, but Horace had doubts.

A few years later and they both turned 10, and the two found out they were both ferturnal twins. Will was speechless. His mother had actually had triplets at the same time. She couldn't raise Horace and the other one so she kept Will and put the others in orphanges. The other one was takena nd moved to somewhere else in Kanto while Horace was still in Pallet. Now, Horace and Will are setting out on their journeys and Will plans on finding his other ferutrnal triplet.

Preferred Starter: Wild card please...

December 29th, 2008, 5:47 PM
Name: Bryan Went

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Black messy hair that has gray tips on the end of his locks. Nright blue eyes can gaze at someone quite coldly from under his black bangs. He is of natural height for a 16 year old, being 5' 6''. He wears a blue shirt that has a picture of a dragon on it looking ready to tear your heart out. Over that is a jean jacket. Blue jeans is what he commonly wears, and only when its cold does he change from jeans to dark blue pants and a heavy sweater.

Personality: Bryan is cold towards people and has no motive whatsoever to ever become friends. He will tolerate people, however, if they prove useful to him, he will keep them around a bit and use them. If not, he simply shrugs them away, uncaring if they think of him as rude. Bryan's view on pokemon is simply that they are battling beasts. He will do all his best to make them the strongest, though he will never abuse them. He is againsts all forms of abuse, but that doesn't mean he still doesn't see them as tools.

History: Bryan was rescued from his abusive father at age eight before being thrown into an orphange. The atmosphere wasn't unwelcoming, but it was certainly challenging. It was all for one and none for all. It was take what you can get and trust no one, and this is how Bryan got his cold personality. It simply isn't the matter of him not trusting the world because he was treated wrongly (which he was) but that isn't the reason. It is because no one ever gave him the chance or point of view what it means to care for others and sacrafice everything for yourself.

Preferred Starter: Bagon

December 29th, 2008, 6:12 PM
draco_torpedo/FrozenSnowman: They are reserved for you

To Pikalover10: What a wacky past! This will be interesting to read. Accepted

To Wolfwhispers: Good sign-up, but can you pick another pokemon? Bagon was already reserved. Pending

December 29th, 2008, 6:18 PM
Its been a while since I roleplayed. I have one question? Are there wild cards? If not can I take Budew?

December 29th, 2008, 6:29 PM
I will reserve a wild card for you, Lostt

December 29th, 2008, 6:42 PM
Things will be reserved? Really. So people don't have to take the time to quickly post a good SU like the others, all they have to do is "Can you please reserve so and so?" And then it takes days for them actually post anything?

If so, then if I can't get Bagon I would like a wild card. Again, if this is impossible because someone reserved it, I would like Minum, but I would like to add an attack. Growl and Thunderwave is useless in a battle.

December 29th, 2008, 7:56 PM
Things will be reserved? Really. So people don't have to take the time to quickly post a good SU like the others, all they have to do is "Can you please reserve so and so?" And then it takes days for them actually post anything?

If so, then if I can't get Bagon I would like a wild card. Again, if this is impossible because someone reserved it, I would like Minum, but I would like to add an attack. Growl and Thunderwave is useless in a battle.

Yes, I let people reserve pokemon. I always have and many other rp masters do the same thing. Places fill up quickly so I give the people who are maybe too busy to post a good-quality a chance to still be in the rp. Of course, if they don't post in a day, I will most likely rip their reservation away from them. Most people do not take "days" to post their sign-up anyway if you look around. In fact, I always reserve a pokemon first and immediately post my sign-up afterwards, just so I know for sure that someone will not take that certain pokemon while I'm making my sign-up.

I guess you're stuck with Minun. I put down a pokemon with no attack moves because I thought it would be interesting to read how a person could creatively battle like that, but I'll add in Thundershock if you want. Accepted

December 29th, 2008, 8:03 PM
Awesome! Can't wait until this starts!!

December 29th, 2008, 8:20 PM
Sorry, I gotta drop. I wish I could, but I am to busy.

December 29th, 2008, 9:25 PM
Sorry I seemed a bit snappish earlier. Bad connection problems made me have to do an SU over and over and it got a bit irritating and I ended up taking it out on a review I posted. Minun is fine, and I already have some good ideas about it. I'm thinking homicidal electric mouse...

Snow Phoenix
December 29th, 2008, 9:47 PM
I feel kind of bad about taking bagon from someone who wants it and can make a post quickly, so because I'm busy and have things to do i'd like to drop out and give the bagon to Wolfwhispers. Don't feel bad though New Years is coming up so I wouldn't have much time to make one any ways, you deserve it :).

December 29th, 2008, 9:55 PM
I feel kind of bad about taking bagon from someone who wants it and can make a post quickly, so because I'm busy and have things to do i'd like to drop out and give the bagon to Wolfwhispers. Don't feel bad though New Years is coming up so I wouldn't have much time to make one any ways, you deserve it :).

ACK! NO! NO! Haha, no. Nah, don't feel bad. That was from a bad mood of constantly having to repost because of a bad connection. Pinky swear. ^_^ Nah, Minun is cool with me, besides, I already have some awsome ideas! Homicidal Minun for sure! If you want to quite its up to you, but I really don't care all that much for Bagon. Cross my heart and hope to make a million dollars!

Snow Phoenix
December 29th, 2008, 9:57 PM
On second thought I'll try to come up with an SU tommorow :). I hope I didn't make you feel bad, it's just I don't want to make enemies or hurt anyones feelings and I do feel it is kind of fair if you can make a post before me you should get it.

I thank you for letting me have bagon.

December 29th, 2008, 10:15 PM
Make enemies? I'm honestly laughing my ass off right now. I never really thought about making 'enemies' on a site before. Well, I suppose I sort of get it. I felt really bad about making you feel bad, and everytime I look at your icon I'm like... "Aw crap... Must hug and apologize!" >_<

December 30th, 2008, 9:10 AM
Why do people have to hate eachother :( :p

Anyway SU:

Name: Seth Adams

Gender: Male

Age: 11


Seth is just your average teenager, with the size of 5"9, and a strong build. He tries to be wild with whatever he wears. He wears his school uniform with a loose tie, and alot of open buttons. When he doesnt wear his school uniform you can find him in his jeans, t-shirt, and a very thin black jacket. Of course his jacket is open and he always finds away to mess up the natural order of his clothes. For a party he once put a couple of red streaks through his long spikey hair. His hair is as black as it can be, so the red really stood out, and he kept it like that. He tan's easily and doesnt get sunburned. Therefore he has a bit darker shade of skin colour. If you ever walk by Seth you can look down and you'll always see the same Nike Airs. If they get too small he always buys new ones of the same type.


As said before, Seth is just another teenager. Like the other boys in his class he has a wild personality, gets in trouble, and tries new things. He always pays attention to people, and when they go to a party, he's always the one making the jokes. People have a general safe feeling around him, because he is caring and because of his size. If his friends get in trouble he'd always help them. If that may be copieng homework, or fighting a bully, it doesnt matter. Seth is always a bright student, except for in the afternoons.


Seth comes from a family of Five. He is always the man of the house because his father is always gone, and he has two younger win sisters. His dad owns a gym in the Johto region. When Seth was ten his Dad asked him to join the gym but Seth didnt want to. He had always wanted to explore the region. His dad was mad about it at first, and after two months of silence he finally called to say he was fine with it. Seth then cared for his mom and sisters until his mom told him to go to pokemon school where he learned how to be a trainer.

Preferred Starter: Eevee

The Kricket
December 30th, 2008, 10:34 AM
Since Lostt dropped out, can I have the other Wildcard? Here's my SU

Name: Alexander Thompson
Gender: Male
Age: 12

Appearance: Alexander is of average height, standing 5 feet exactly. He is slight of build and is not in the best of shape, weighing 100 lbs. He has blue eyes and black hair that he usually keeps short. Usually Alexander wears loose t-shirts of all colors and shorts, but in cold weather he dons pants and down jackets.

Personality: Alexander is a bit of a pessimist, his life so far has not been happy. He is extremely apathetic because nothing in his life has gone right, so he feels that he may be cursed. Because of this he doesn’t really care about events that happens, and always assumes that things are going to end up for the worst. Alexander is also not that friendly, and is a bit cold as he doesn’t want to get close to people. He has essentially given up on life and feels that he has nothing less to lose and is willing to take any risk, just to see what happens. He feels that he may as well see what the world has to offer, because who knows with his luck it may be gone tomorrow

History: Alexander was born in New Saffron City. His parents died in an accident when he was 5, and he moved to live with his grandparents in Johto. He lived there for many years, sort of happily. Although his grandparents meant well, they lacked the energy to look after a young child. So Alexander was left pretty much alone, until they died when Alex was 11. He was kept in child services for awhile, before they found he had an Aunt living back in Kanto. Before child services could get him to his Aunt’s house, he “left without leave” and started walking. After a few days of aimless wanderings, he came across Professor Jacob, and though he initially refused when offered a Pokémon, he eventually agreed, just to get the Professor off his back.

Preferred Starter: Zangoose

Snow Phoenix
December 30th, 2008, 1:39 PM
Here's my SU as well.

Name: Zachary “Zack” Joke

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: Zack is about five feet and four inches with black eyes. He has a scar that comes from the top of his right eye to the right of it. His hair is black, short, and with spikes. He prefers his clothes to be comfortable rather than fashionable and so he generally wears hoodies with jeans. He usual has hood over his head so no one can see his face and he is very skinny.

History: Zack was born as the fifth child in his family. His parents always thought of him as the fifth wheel and would rarely ever feed him or take care of him. He finally left at the age of thirteen; his parents didn’t even know he left. He was sent to an orphanage in Viridian City when the police found him one day walking around with his boney stomach sticking out. At the orphanage not a single person learned his name; it was there that he learned that he was not wanted. He left the same way he got there; by running away to Pallet Town. In Pallet Town he lived alone surviving on whatever he could find to eat each day and saving up enough money to begin his dream of becoming wanted. The first step to that goal is winning the Pokémon League. He has heard about a professor who can give him a Pokémon to complete his dream and fortunately he now has enough money to travel.

Personality: He is very lonely and cold. Even if someone tries becoming his friend he’ll most likely reject them because he doesn’t trust them, however, if he sees them useful he may allow them to travel along with him. He usually twists everyone’s words so that they convey hatred and disloyalty. He thinks that friendship is worthless and fake. Living without friends he is able to attack without mercy and allows him to reject sentimental feelings. He also studies when alone and not busy and it has made him a great tactician.

Preferred starter: Bagon

December 30th, 2008, 2:53 PM
To DrAcO_ToRpEdO: Wow, your name is going to be fun to type ^^ Good sign-up. Accepted

To The Kricket: Wow, the Johto region has been in many people's pasts. Accepted

To FrozenSnowman: Also a good sign-up. I do not know why, but I love to read about hateful people the most. Accepted

December 31st, 2008, 1:21 PM
Name: Nina Chambers
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Nina has shoulder length fiery red-orange hair with a nice portion of hair, that falls to her chin and covers her left eye, which is green and her right is blue, she stands 5'5 and has a peach skin tone. Her daily outfit consists of a blue and white stripped shirt, spangled blue jeans, flared out at the legs and they cover her tan wedge sandals, around her neck she wears a simple black choker, along with the two black wristbands.Sometimes she alternates between outfits and wears plain white top and over it is a light blue jacket with long sleeves that cover her hands, a denim miniskirt with over-the-knee blue socks and blue and white sneakers, the choker and wristbands remain on her neck and arms.

Personality: Nina is polite, soft spoken and quiet, she keeps to herself mostly, hardly ever talks and tries not to make herself known, she's the type of person to fade into the background, rather than be bright and loud and the life of the party, she has self-esteem issues and her moods are constanly shifting like a tide. It's not that she thinks she's better than others, its just... Nina has trouble expressing herself and her emotions, with words anyway. While physically Nina is strong, emotionally, she is weak, her resolves crumble easily and she falter's under pressure. As a past time Nina likes to take pictures and draw and sometimes when she can't express what she's feeling, she'll draw a picture.

History: Nina, is a native to Sinnoh and grew up in Eterna City, an orphan since birth, Nina was taken in by a nice old couple who's child was off traveling the Pokémon world and hardly ever contacted them in years, they raised her as their own but while she was growing up, they came across a problem, up until she was 7, she never spoke to them or smiled, her eyes were lifeless and she was only nodding yes or no to questions, they became worried and thought the girl was a mute or emotionless. It wasn't until a few days after her seventh birthday, she had been wandering through Eterna Forest, taking pictures of the forest life with her camera and sketch book, which she never goes anywhere without, later that day, when she came back hope and her mother asked how her day went, Nina replied with a soft; "it was fine" her parent's rejoiced when the girl finally spoke and slowly she began to open up to the couple, answering their questions with soft responses and smiles.

As Nina grew older, she began to open up more to people, speaking softly but clearly. However, when she goes through one of her moods, she disappears for a while to get herself situated and more often than not Nina could be found in the Forest, in a secluded area, resting amongst the Pokémon and sketching or taking pictures of them, she has a sketchbook filled with her drawings and a scrap book for her photos, if it's one thing her parents figured out, is that when Nina is alone or around Pokémon, she opens up alot more, laughing, giggling and playing with the creatures. It was a tough decision, but they've decided to send Nina off on an adventure, allow her to see sights she's never seen before, experiance new things and open up a bit more to the world, she was reluctant of the idea at first, but after a few persuasive argument from her folks, Nina's decided to go off, promising the two she'd write and call often and maybe make some friends and try to open up a bit more.

Preferred Starter: Budew

December 31st, 2008, 2:44 PM
(yes i know you're out of wild cards and Budew just got grabbed but can i please get in?)
Sign-Up Sheet
Name: Tom Ato
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Appearance: Tom has long straight dark brown hair that falls over his black eyes. He constantly pushes his hair out of his face so he can see but refuses to get a hair cut. He wears a gray ski hat with pom-poms falling down on the side. Tom wears a gray hoodie which a bunch of interconnecting squiggles all over it. When the hoodie is un-zipped he has a black shirt with a bright white X splashed across it. He wears loose fitting pants that are dark blue in color and are so long that he is constantly tripping over them in his brown hiking boots. He has tan skin with slightly turned up eyes.

Personality: Tom has a very carefree out look on life. His philosophy is whatever happens happens. His parents constantly say all Tom knows how to do is eat and sleep, which isn't true at all. Tom constantaly goes to protests against the Goverment as he believes people should be allowed to do what they want. However he only goes to peacefully protests as he believe in the whole "Love not War" policy. He does have a dream of being a Pokemon Champion as he thinks if he becomes the Champion he could use his influency to get more people to follow his views on life. However Tom will get into fights if he believes there is a worthy cause to it. He also trusts people under 25 more than people older as he thinks "they haven't been corrupted by the Man yet!".

History: Tom was born the Orre Region during the first Shadow Pokemon crisis. His parents afraid of Team Cipher, moved to the Johto Region for safety. Tom reading about the Shadow Pokemon crisis said the whole thing wouldn't have happend if Cipher wasn't under the crushing thumb of the Man. This little statement drove a wall between him and his parents as his parents believed he was sympathizing with Cipher when actually Tom knew what they did was wrong but couldn't understand why they did what they did. Deciding that Tom would feel better in a smaller city the Mato family moved to Pallet Town in the Kanto Region where Tom studied all that was wrong with the world and diduced that everything bad that had happend was because people couldn't express they're true feelings because the Man was holding everybody back.

Preferred Starter: Budew or Wild Card (even though both are taken)

December 31st, 2008, 2:53 PM
To ShadowYashi: Good sign-up, but I saw some places where periods should've been instead of comma's. Accepted

To Zimvee: Yes, you may have a wild card. Do not ask about this, anybody. It'll be interesting to read about somebody who's carefree on a journey. Accepted

*The First Chapter Will Be Up Soon*

And Here it is. My last chapter of the year :D

Chapter 1: Trouble in Pallet Town!
(1 Post)

Description: Pallet Town has dramatically changed from being a small village to a large city. It should be called Pallet City then, but many people prefer the old name. A beautiful city, Pallet is extremely populated with gorgeous scenary circling around the town including some trees and the ocean that sets up north of Pallet. Many trainers used to start their journey going north up to Viridian, but the formation of the ocean forces them to go south now. Professor Jacob, who is thought to be a descendant of the famous Professor Oak, lives in a large lab that sits flat in the middle of town.


You were in Pallet at just the right time. Just a short day earlier, the famous Professor Jacob sent you a letter asking for your help. He needed you to run an important errand. However you got there, you were at the lab at just the right time, along with the other six trainers that were asked for help.

Then, it suddenly happened. As all of you were standing in the lab, the glass shattered all around and men in black poured in. Being about twenty of them, they pour in and circle around you. Assistants of the lab come to your aid, but the numbers are just too much.

"We're here to take everything you got!" one of the goons shouted.

The professor looked pale and looked towards the group of you standing next to him. "Help me, please!" he shouts. "Pick up one of those pokeballs and fight them off!"

Some pokeballs are stacked on a nearby table. You pick rush over and pick one up randomly, facing the goon of your choice to face.


What you do: Help the Professor! After explaining your day before going the lab, explain your battle with the mysterious goon using the starter pokemon that you chose. End the post after defeating them.

Goon's Pokemon (Each one of Them Have the Same Pokemon)
Level- 5
Type- Dragon
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Sand-Attack

Snow Phoenix
December 31st, 2008, 8:11 PM
"It's time" Zack said as he picked up the knapsack he stole from a passing stranger.

He was in an abandoned ally between two deserted warehouses and had stayed there for the night. He had managed to steal and sell enough to make 3000 Poke. He was heading towards professor Jacob's laboratory in his usual way; head facing the ground and not passing a single glance.

"PROFESSOR JACOB'S LAB" he read and he thought "This must be the place. What a dork?". He was greeted by a man in a lab coat with an old blond color. "Why hello there, you must be one of the new trainers. May I see your invitation." the man said to him. An awkward minute passed before he pulled out the letter and handed it to the man. "Now if you could just join the others." the professor continued. Zack rolled his eyes as he passed the man; he knew it was the professor and already he knew he did not like the professor.

There were already four other people here in a small room with a drawer full of papers in the corner and a table with seven pokeballs. He waited until there were seven when the professor said " Okay all of you are here today to receive your first pokemon... ". After that one line he yawned and dozed off as the professor lectured about the importance of pokemon. "How boring" were his last thoughts before slipping into unconsciousness.

A loud noise broke his rest. He was surrounded by glass and an odd group of goons appeared.

"We're here to take everything you got!" one of the goons shouted.

The professor looked pale and looked towards the group of you standing next to him. "Help me, please!" he shouts. "Pick up one of those pokeballs and fight them off!"

"Still boring, but it's better than his lectures" he yawned and picked up a pokeball. He threw it on the floor like everyone else.

It was a Bagon. "Get out of my way kid and hand me your pokemon." one of goons who approached him had said. "Make me." he taunted the strange man. "Ooo, you're gonna regret that. Gible come on out and tackle his pokemon until it can barely breath." "Bagon use rage" he yawned again. The Gible slamed into the Bagon and Bagon retaliated with a weak attack that barely fazed the Gible.

"Hey kid, you think you're better than me. Fight back." the man furiously yelled at Zack. "Don't have to" he yawned back the goon. "Ooo, Gible tackle that pokemon and teach it a lesson on disrespecting others" the man yelled at the Gible. "Bagon Rage" he continued yawning. The Gible tackled the Bagon again and the Bagon returned the attack with a slightly stronger rage. "Gible, keep going at it" the man shouted. "You two Bagon. Just keep doing what you've been doing." he said still yawning. The Gible once again tackled the Bagon and the Bagon returned it with it's strongest rage so far. The Bagon was showing signs of weakening.

"See what happens when you take me lightly. Now finish that pip-squeek off with another tackle" the man shouted victoriously. "Fine then, Bagon do something different. Why don't you bite it." Zack said not yawning, but still apathetically.

The Gible came at the Bagon with its last charge, but the Bagon bite it before it could attack. The Gible was in serious pain and was wincing. "Oh, look it flinched. Finish it." Zack said with a little bit more energy. The bagon bit the Gible again and the Gible closed its eyes finally passing out. "You should have know that rage increases a pokemon's attack. I was taunting you. You moron." and with that said victory was his. "Today's been awfully boring hasn't it." he mumbled to himself.

The chaos began to die down and the goons were kicked out

"Those goons were team rocket... blab... blab... blab" the profesor explained, however, that was what he heard. Only a few select words stuck out such as the pokemon league, Fuchsia City and gym battles.

The professor handed him and all the other begining trainers five pokeballs and he left the Lab for good.

"Fuchsia City never thought I'd go there."

The Kricket
December 31st, 2008, 10:10 PM
Alexander Thompson sighed, looking at Professor Jacob’s letter, he saw no reason to assist him, but… The professor had helped him out in the past. So, against his better judgment, Alex started walking towards the lab.

He walked through the streets of Pallet City for a few minutes, slowly making his way to the lab. Eventually, he reached the large granite building, which he recognized as the Lab. When Alexander entered the lab he saw two others standing next to the professor, gazing intently at a table piled high with papers, and with seven pokeballs lying on it.

When he entered the room the professor moved towards him “Oh, good to see you Alex, we still have several people who are not here, so if you don’t mind waiting over there” the Professor nodded to indicate where he was pointing.
“If you insist” Tom replied sullenly, moving to stand at the table.

Time passed quickly, and soon five others joined them around the table. As soon as they were all assembled, Professor Jacob started talking. He blathered on about how they were all here to receive Pokémon, and the responsibility that carried, and other tedious subjects. Alex, like some of the other students he noted with satisfaction, was not exactly enthralled by the lecture, in fact he was bored out of his mind. One of the other’s had even fallen asleep Alex noticed offhand. Just as he thought he may have to join the sleeping boy, he heard the smash of broken glass and saw a mass of goons appear, jumping through the windows, pouring through the door. In a few seconds they had surrounded the group, and the Professor, scared by this turn of events, yelled “Help me, please. Pick up one of those pokeballs and fight them off!”

Damn it, Alex thought, I knew I should not have come, looks like my bad luck struck again. “Sorry Professor” he shouted as he grabbed a pokeball, “looks like my luck struck again”

The Professor answered, still shaken, but apparently relieved by what he took for an attempt at levity “How many times do I have to tell you, there is no such thing as luck!”

Ignoring the Professor Alex grabbed the pokeball and threw it to the ground. Out popped a Zangoose. As the Pokémon hit the ground, he saw one of the goons moving to oppose him. The goon sent out a Gible to oppose Zangoose.

Before the Gible could move Alex shouted “Zangoose quick attack” and faster then a striking serpent Zangoose smacked into the Gible sending it flying. It landed and countered by leaping at Zangoose attempting to tackle him. But, luck was not with the goon, and the Gible flew past him skidding into the floor.

“Zangoose Scratch him” Alex yelled as the Gible turned to face Zangoose. Zangoose’s claws hit the Gible, once more sending it flying.

The goon, frustrated by the way the battle was going, decided to change tactics. “Gible use sand-attack” The Gible kicked sand in Zangoose’s face, momentarily phasing it.

“Zangoose, again scratch him” Alex yelled encouragingly to Zangoose. The Pokémon sprung into action, but unfortunately could not see straight, so he crashed past Gible, just missing him.

The battle went on for almost another minute with Zangoose trying, and failing to hit the smaller Pokémon, but similarly Gible could do no significant damage to Zangoose. However, after numerous misses, finally one of Zangoose’s quick attacks hit, knocking the Gible clear across the room, into the opposite wall. It did not rise. The Goon, shocked by his loss, recalled his Pokémon, and turned to flee.

January 1st, 2009, 12:09 PM
Chapter 1: The Attack!

Will yawned loudly. He had just awoken to his brother, Horace jumping on top of his stomach. He opened his eyes and saw Horace sitting right on top of him. He sighed and shoved Horace off of himself and rolled out of bed.

"Come on, Will! Today's the day you get your first pokemon! My step mom already gave me my first Pokemon yesterday...It's an awesome Squirtle!" Horace said gleefully.

Will grunted as he walked over to his drawer. He opened the first drawer opened, grabbed his clothes, and thrusted it shut. He slipped on his normal, everyday attire. A black T-shirt and his roll up and unroll pants. He rolled them up to look just like normal, brown shorts. Then he grabbed his black belt, which was lying still on the floor, and put it on. He looked around his room and saw his green knapsack lying on his computer chair, which was sitting next to his bed. He jumped over Horace, who was playing with their real mom's Skitty, and landed right next to Horace. He reached over and grabbed his green knapsack then gently pushed Horace over with his foot.

Horace lept up to his feet and they both walked out of Will's room and down the stairs. Since they had opened Will's door and stepped outside of it, the air was filled with a sweet aroma in the air. Will recognized it imediately. It was his favorite breakfast ever and his mom only made it for him on special conditions. Blueberry pancakes with eggs and bacon. Horace recognized it imediately too. As soon as Horace found out who his real mother was he slept over at their house for a whole week, every other week.

Will slumped down in to one of the kitchen chairs and began devouring the food on his plate, which was sitting there beckoning him over.

"Tanfs, for te foed, moffer." Will said with his mouth stuffed with food.(yes it is ment to be spelt like that because it sounds like that)

"Yeah, mom." Horace said finishing his last bit of food.


Will and Horace finally finished eating their food and were on their way. Professor Jacob had sent Will a letter yesterday about an errand and he only lived about 5 minutes away from his lab. Horace and WIll split up so Horace could say good-bye to his step mom before he left.

Will arrived at the lab and noticed 6 other people standing at the front door. Will rushed over to the group and the door swung open. In front of them stood a taller man, or taller to Will anyway, and he wore a white lab coat and had brown spiky/messy hair. Then the man beckoned with his hands for the people to follow him in to the lab.

Inisde the lab was huge. It was white all ver but had a bunch of hi-tech equipement. The man had a huge smile spread across from one point of his face to the other. Will looked around him and saw the other kids were wondering what to do next.

Then, it happened. Glass from windows everywhere in the room shattered and 7 men dressed in black suits appeared. Unfortunetly, Will was standing right next to a window and a huge piece of the glass shattered and cut his right cheek from top of it to the bottom of it, and the man landed on top of him.

"Oops. I still need to work on my landing. And, why does this ground feel so lumpy underneath me?" the goon on top of Will muttered.

"We're here for everything you've got!" another goond yelled.

Professor Jacob flinched and looked pleadingly at all the trainers...except for Will.

"Help me please! Take one of those Pokeballs and fight them off!" Jacob pleaded.

All the trainers nodded and took a single Pokeball from off of a table. When all the other trainers had taken the Pokemon there was only one Pokeball left. The Pokeball for Will.

Will's back was starting to ache now. He started to move and the man tripped over Will, but then regained his balance right next to him. Will rose up and stretched his back and the man looked baffled.

"So I landed on you!?" The man shouted.

Suddenly the man grabbed Will's collar and then threw him in to the table which used to have 7 Pokeballs on it. Will landed on the table, breaking it in to two halves and laid there between the two broken pieces.

The man smirked and Will wondered why he always got the crazies. Then, a small tiny pokeball rolled right up next to his head and Will grabbed it. He rose to his feet, his back hurting immensily now and threw the pokeball in to the air.

In a blinding white flash a blue dog looking pokemon popped out, and Will knew exactly what it was. it was a Riolu.

"Go, Gible!" the man shouted throwing a Pokeball in to the air.

In a blinding white flash a little dragon looking pokemon appeared.

"Riolu use Quick Attack!" Will said comadingly.

"Gible use Tackle!" the man said.

Riolu looked at Will questioningly. Will groaned because appearently Riolu wouldn't listen to him either. The Gible was approaching quickly though. In a matter of seconds the Gible had tackled Riolu to the ground adn Gible was currently sitting on top of him.

Riolu looked at the Gible furiously now. Then, he kicked the Gible off of him and then punched his gut. The Gible flew back a few meters and Riolu dashed at him. The Gible landed on the ground with a thud and Riolu kicked him in to the air.

"Now dive down with Tackle!" the man yelled.

The Gible opened up his closed eyes and dove down in on Riolu. Riolu was standing underneath Gible and Gible landed on top of Riolu. Will took a slight step foreward as somehow dust was kicked up in to the air. The dust settled and Riolu was underneath Gible, but wasn't knocked out.

"Riolu use Endure!" Will said.

"Tackle!" the man said.

But, Riolu wouldn't listen to Will. He pushed the Gible off of himself and grabbed the Pokemon's arm. He then started to twist and turn, banging the Gible on the ground with every turn. Will couldn't bear this. His Riolu wouldn't listen to him and Riolu was hurting the Gible to much.

Riolu finally let the Gible go, sending it flying in to another battle. The Gible hit a battling Budew and then the Gible jumped to his feet and began charging Riolu. Riolu's back was turned to the oncoming Gible and suddenly Riolu was on the ground.

"Fine! Riolu use Quick Attack!" Will said.

Riolu finally listened to Will. He sprang up to his feet and kicked thew Gible in to a wall. The Gible slammed in to the wall and slowly slid down to the ground. It slid to a halt and then opend it's eyes. It was knocked out. The man gasped and returned his Gible and then sprang out of the room through the window he had come in.

Will sighed with relief as his Riolu sat on the ground next to him. Will sat on the ground withRiolu too as all the other trainer's finished their battle.

January 1st, 2009, 1:44 PM
Chapter 1: And so it began...
"Snzork..." The sound of snoring filled the wind swept beach. Gulls called over head and waves crashed lazily onto the shore. The miday sun beat down on the figure lying in the sand. "Snzork..." a snore escaped from the boys mouth. A Krabby scuttled across the boys stomach. "Kooky Kooky" the small red Pokemon said. With movement faster than the human eye could follow the Krabby's claw pinched the boy right on the nose. The boy's nose twitched.

"Wha...?" they boy said as he sat up. He sleepily looked at the River Crab Pokemon. He briefly wondered what it was doing on his nose. "Ooouuuch." the boy mumbled as he realized that it hurt having a Krabby hanging on his nose like that. With a swig of the boy's head the crab released its grip on the boy and sailed off into the ocean.

"Yawn...Well I guess its time to get movin anyway." the boy said. He lazily got up and brushed the sand of his jeans. He put his gray hoodie back on and slipped his hat over his head and slowly started making his way up the sand dunes.

While you may think this boy won't amount to much with an attitude like that, you will be sorrily dissapointed. For you see this boy is the hero of our story and this story has great plans for him. His name is Tom, Tom Ato, and Tom is about to become a Pokemon Trainer.

As Tom made his way towards the city and closer to the lab of Prof. Jacob, he began to feel excitment. "Today's the day I finally get to leave this stupid city and hit the open road!" he said to himself. A smile broke over himself and his pace quickened a tad.

The lab soon came into Tom's sight (though he could have seen it for quite some time if he would just cut his hair!). It was simple compared to the rest of the buildings of Pallet Town. The man certanly like to keep it close to the orginal design. It was one of the few places in town that
hadn't changed over the years.

Tom thought back to the letter he had recieved the day before. "Dear Mr. Mato." it had read. "I hear you wish to run off to the open road as you are feeling oppressed in this big city of ours. Well I have good news for you! I have a Pokemon and a Pokedex here for you! If you would come to my lab tommorow I could give you them and you could go on a Pokemon Journey insted of just leaving! Please think about it and if you decide to except please meet me at my lab tommorow at noon. Sincerly, Prof. Jacob."

Tom still didn't know why he was going but he did always want his own Pokemon so he decieded to show up anyway. As he entered the lab he saw the Proffesor standing in front of six other kids about Tom's own age. Maybe a little younger. Shrugging it off Tom went to go stand in the line of people.

Suddenly, before even Jacob had time to welcome Tom, the glass windows shattered and a bunch of men jumped in. They were all wearing black. Two of them grabbed Jacob. They surrounded Tom and the other kids along with one of Jacob's bags. "Quick!" Jacob cried. "Use the Poke Balls in the bag!"

With a look of confusion, Tom reached in the bag along with the other kids and pulled out a red and white ball. "Umm...Go?" Tom said as he threw the ball.

"Mime Mime Mime!" the Pokemon cried as it lept out of its Poke Ball. It was a small little thing with a pink body and what appeared to be a blue hat. The Pokemon was dancing about oblivous to the chaos around him.

"Dude..." Tom said respecting the little guys carefree attitude.

"Get that Mime Jr!" one of the men cried as he sent out a dragon like Pokemon.

"Your name's Mime Jr?" Tom asked it. Mime Jr nodded while it spun around like a ballernia. "Cool. Umm stop the men if ya want."

"Mime...............MIME!" Mime Jr cried as his eyes glowed purple. With a swing of his arms a giant wave of psychic energy threw the men and their dragon Pokemon out the windows.

"Wow. That was frekkin awsome!" Tom said. He patted the Mime Jr's head not realizing the adventures that awaited the two.

January 1st, 2009, 2:06 PM
(OOC: Sry its a very long first post

"Ring Ring"

Seth hit his drawer.

"Ring Ring"

"Wheres that alarm clock?" A tired seth sat up and grabbed his alarm clock.

"You gotta be down soon honey, or youre going to be late for your meeting with professor Jacob!" His mom yelled from down the stairs.

"Yeah hold on!" Seth recalled the letter he had recieved a couple of days ago. Prof. Jacob asked him to come to his lab to do an errand for him. Seth's mind was bobling. He once read about professor oak who used to give people their pokemon. Prof Jacob was a descendant so he must do the same thing. Which should he get, bulbasaur, charmander, or squirtle?

He grinned to himself and walked over to the shower.

After a nice refreshing shower he got dressed and went downstairs where his mom was waiting for him.

"Come on Seth, youre already 2 minutes late!" His mom scolded him, but held out a bag with sandwiches.

"Thanks mom" He grabbed the bag and ran outside. Their house was near the trainer school. After all, that was the reason why they moved to pallet city. He grabbed his bike and rode down the road.

He looked at his watch, he was late and didnt know where the lab was.

"Tsk, darn it!" He drove faster and sped into the heart of the city

"Excuse me sir, but do you know where professor Jacob's lab is?" Pallet city was one of the busiest cities in kanto. The man ignored him and walked into a building. People were too busy to mess around with kids.

Seth fel something tugging at his sleeve. He spun around and saw a little girl.

"What do you want?" He didnt say it in an offensive way but he was late.

"Proffeswor Jacob is twere" The little girl pointed to a building in the middle of the city.

"Oh.. thanks" Seth waved and sped off.

He looked at his watch, ten minutes had passed.

".. Too late" Or so it seemed. When he got to the door other trainers were waiting but some were still arriving.

"Uh hey?" Some of them waved back. Seth sat down and waited for the proffessor to come.

When all the other trainers came the proffessor finally opened the door.

"Hello there trainers" The professor led them into the gigantic lab. It was white and full with machines and drawers.

"Wow..." Seth wasnt used to all this technology.

"Now if you come over here-" The professor was showing the trainers around and telling them what was gonna happen.

"Uh proffessor?" One of the trainers asked.


"What if-" The boy was interuped by a huge shattering noise. Windows were exploding everywhere and figures dressed in black were jumping down.

"We're here to take everyting you got!" One of the goons shouted.

The professor looked pale and turned to us. "Help me please!" he shouted. "Pick up one of those pokeballs and fight them off!"

Seth turned around and found the table the proffessor was pointing at. Other trainers were already grabbing their pokemon.

Seth rushed forward and grabbed a nearby pokeball. "Go, uhh?" What pokemon was it? "Go pokemon!"

A sparkling little eevee came out.

"Wow an eevee!" The eevee nodded in response

Seth grinned. "Ey, you wanna go kick some goon butt?" The eevee jumped on his shoulder and they ran over to the others.

"Uh eevee.. eevee... i read about your species.. uh attacks..... Right!" Seth remembered one of their attacks.

"Great, Eevee use helping hand!" The eevee dashed off to other pokemon. Sometimes it helped others upright, other times it attacked a gible from behind.

Seth proudly watched his eevee take down pokemon

"Give me your pokeball kid!" Seth yelped and spun around. A goon was right behind him with a gible.

"Eevee come back!" The eevee ran back to him.

"Lets do this!"

The pokemon circled eachother waiting for an attack.

"Gible, tackle!" The goon shouted.

"Eevee, dodge and counter with a tackle!" The eevee carried out his actions perfectly.

The gible took full impact from the tackle and crashed into a table.

"Get up gible, and use sand attack!" The gible responded and started whipping sand in eevee's eyes.

"Eevee dodge!" It was too late, the sand was spread all around and eevee was blinded.

"Gible use tackle!" The gible shot towards the eevee.

"Crap.." Seth suddenly thought of an idea. He jumped forward and landed infront of the eevee. Gible couldnt stop and crashed into his legs. Seth toppled over, but that was ok.

"Now eevee use tackle!" The gible was taken aback from crashing into a human and didnt see eevee coming up to him.

"Gible dodge!" The goon was too late and his gible crashed into a computer screen.

"This is not over!" He yelled "Gible return!" With that the goon ran and jumped out the window.

"Awesome!" Seth jumped in the air and grabbed his eevee.

"Great job eevee! Now lets go help out the others."

January 1st, 2009, 3:39 PM
Bryan Went gave a soft sigh as he tredged over to the large pokemon lab that housed one of the best known pokemon professor's in the world. Today he was about to get his first pokemon, and he could only pray to Mew that he didn't get a wimpy or girly pokemon.

"Here it is," Byran breathed, glaring at a girl that looked at him strangely. Offended, the girl quickly went inside the lab, proving to Bryan that she was to become a new trainer like him. Following her lead, Bryan went in, quickly walking into the shadows and away from others. He really didn't want to deal with overexcited people who were already choosing travelling partners.

A loud cough interrupted the excited murmers, and everyone looked up to see Professor Jacon smile kindly at them and begin his speech. Bryan zoned him out, wishing desperately that he could just leave.

"...and that is why pokemon are our equals and why..."


As quickly as Professor Jacob started his speech, it ended as dark clad people rushed into the room, breaking things that got in their way and caused an uproar.

"Don't just stand there!" Professor Jacob screamed at the kids. "Quick, grab a pokeball and fight!"

There was a scramble for the pokeballs, but Bryan simply picked up a pokeball that roll to his foot. Scowling at a man that came at him, Bryan threw the pokeball to the ground. "Go!"

With a burst of white light, a small figure appeared, causing Bryan's scowl to worsen. "Minun," the blue creature said lowly, bending its ears back and glaring about.

Bryan scoffed, as did the man. "Hah! You think that little runt can stop me? Go!"

The man threw his own pokeball and, after a flash of bright light, revealed his own pokemon. "Gabite!" the tiny shark dragon called.

Bryan cursed under his breath. How the heck could he beat this thing?

"Gabite, use Sand Attack!" the man ordered

"Dodge or something!" Bryan demanded.

The Minun hissed angrily as it jumped high over the Sand Attack and landed right on Gabite face. "Min," it growled menacingly, tiny fangs bared. "Mun!" it howled like a crazy person, sparking with electricity. With an evil grin that Bryan could respect, it unleashed its electricity, shocking the Gabite.

"Gabbb..." it growled, shaking itself and disloding Minun from its head. It continued to spark occasionally, indicating that it was paralyzed. "Bite," it grumbed, trying to rush at Minun in a Tackle attack, its trainer urging it on.

"Dodge it again," Bryan said coldly.

"Min," Minun spat, tail twitching in agitation. Looking as if it would refuse at the last minute, Minun gave a sigh and easily jumped to the side.

"Quick, use Sand Attack!" the man shouted.

"Batit!" Gabite screamed, hurling sand into Minun's eyes.

"Mi!" Minun winced and desperately tried to shake the grains of sand out of its eyes. "Mn!" it screamed as Gabite managed to get a good Tackle in this time.

"Get up right now," Bryan ordered coldly. "Just because I got stuck with a weak pokemon like you doesn't mean I'm going to lose."

Minun growled savagely, black eyes glowing with anger. "Nin!" it screamed, rushing at a scared looking Gabite. It was obviously shocked by how feral it was. "Minun!" With a burst of speed, Minun managed to knock Gabite to the ground and stick its fist in the Gabite's mouth. It looked at the man innoccently. "Minun?" it purred.

The man paled. "H... hey! Kid, what do you think you're doing! That kind of shock could ki--"

"Do it," Byran interrupted, getting a small nod in return.

"Mim," Minun smirked.

Gabite's eyes, which had been wide with fright as it tried to kick and push Minun away, were now wide with pain. "Gaaaaabiiiiiiite!" it screamed, seizuring violently on the floor.

"G... Gabite!" the man gasped, fumbling with his ball. "Return!" The tortured pokemon was quickly returned. "You little brat, I'll make you pay," he snarled.

"I don't think so," Bryan snarled back, whipping out a switchblade. "I'm about to go on a pokemon journey. Did you really think I would go without any sort of protection?"

Not waiting for an answer, Bryan lunged, startling the man an dknocking them both over. Bryan managed to cut the guy on the arm, but not quite deep enough to do anything than recieve a light scream. The knife was quickly knocked away and Bryan was punched in the face.

"Damn kid," the man growled, shielding his face as Bryan pounded him and Minun laughed gleefully at their pain. "Get away!" he finally screamed, managing to kick Bryan away and run off.

Bryan groaned, his hands holding his manhood. "Jerk got me in the family jewels," he muttered, a smirk lighting up his face as he slowly revealed a pokeball in his left hand.

As he had been wrestling, he had noticed the man had a belt of pokeball. He tried to get the one with Gabite, but he wasn't sure if he got it. Heck, it could even empty.

Byran chuckled. "Revenge for me, at least," he muttered, grabbing his switchblade and looking at Minun.

Its black eyes looked back just as coldly, a large, almost statanic smile on its face. It's fangs were bared, and all it needed was blood covering them.
"Minun," it said lowly.

"I guess you're not that bad for a starter," Bryan said grudgingly as he returned Minun to its pokeball...

January 1st, 2009, 6:15 PM
To FrozenSnowman: No, you did fine for someone who posted first! Your character showed some personality and the battle was fairly good.
Bagon grew to level 7!

To The Kricket: Good battle. Luck can be a strange thing to think about at times...
Zangoose grew to level 7!

To Pikalover: lol, the goon fell on top on Will. How embarrasing.
Riolu grew to level 7!
Riolu learned Counter!

To Zimvee: Stop them if you want, lol. Great way to show your character's personality.
Mime Jr grew to level 7!

To DrAcO_ToRpEdO: The longer the better in my opinion. I like the way you used helping hand to help out some of the other pokemon.
Eevee grew to level 7!

To Wolfwhispers: The post was good with the battle, and I honestly like the idea of an evil Minun, but just don't go too overboard with the violence. It's really to keep this an appropiate rp for anybody to view, and I think you almost went too far. Good battle though, and good way to show your character's personality.
Minun grew to level 7!

~And here's the next chapter

Chapter One Pt 2: Professor Jacob's Lab
(1 Post)

The goons retreated after being completely outmatched by both the lab assistants and you. Relief filled Professor Jacob, and he instructed you to hang onto the pokemon you just used as he led you away from where the ruckus had just occurred. Away from the mess, the professor asks you to form in a straight line so he could see you while talking.

The professor explains as calmly as he could that the group you just encountered was Team Rocket, a group of criminals that managed to survive the dramatic region changes and even used them to their advantage. He explained that their goal was to use pokemon power to take over the world as their own.

Seeing a lot of potential in you, the professor tells you it is about time you go on a journey of your own. He explains the New Kanto League, and how you could win eight gym battles to have a chance to battle the Elite Four for the title as Champion. It is an extremely hard adventure, but it is filled with a lot of growing and excitement as well.

Telling you to hold on to the pokemon you used to battle, the professor walks down the line and drops five small poke balls into each trainer’s hand.

“Use these to capture pokemon out in the wild. Remember to weaken them first, though,” he informed the group. While each of the kids examined the tiny orbs, the professor rummaged around in his stuff, finally pulling out seven identical devices. It was small, each one being a different color, and had a screen on one side along with buttons below it.

“This is a new device that was only recently released,” the professor explained as he handed each new trainer one. ”It is called a PokeTech and it has many features including a map of the region, a built in phone, and a pokedex. It is a great device for any trainer to have.”

Some of the new trainers looked impressed with the device while the professor notice some of them just shrug and shove the thing in their pocket. Trying not to let the trainer’s reactions cause him to drift off, the professor spoke again.

“Now, if you want to be a good trainer, Fuchsia City is a good place to start. The first gym is there, but know that it is quite a journey there. Just be strong and good luck!”

The trainers all left with their new pokemon and new dreams with them. The journey had started.


What You Do: Explain the professor giving you your things and then maybe saying goodbye to your friends and family before leaving Pallet for a long time. After this, the real adventure and posts begin!

January 1st, 2009, 6:56 PM
Bryan sighed as he recalled the psyco pokemon. He was pleased that his pokemon wasn't as weak as it had seemed, but he still allowed bitter disappointment to grace his face. He was pretty sure he saw another kid with a Zangoose. What he could do with those claws...

"Alright, everyone get into a straight line!" Professor Jacob barked suddenly, looking a bit pale.

Bryan quickly shoved the stolen pokeball from the grunt into his pocket, looking as innoccent as possible as he got into line with the others as he stared off aganist the professor.

Professor Jacob fiddled with his tie for a moment before sighing and looking resolutely at the trainers. "Those people," he began quietly, "are members of the notorious gang Team Rocket." There were a few gasps from the crowd, getting a sad nod from the professor. "I understand," he said calmly. "But I tell you now, you will most likely meet them again on your journey, and even more dangers. Now tell me, which one of you wishes to not to become a pokemon trainer?"

Nobody moved.

Professor Jacob nodded. "Very well." He started to walk down the line, handing five pokeballs each to each of the kids. He stopped for a moment at Bryan and gave him a hard stare. Bryan tensed, prepared to be caught or told to go home, but was instead given the five pokeballs with suspicious stare. The man obviously didn't know what to make of him.

Bryan inwardly grinned as he strapped the empty pokeballs to his belt, right next to Minun's.

"Hold onto the pokemon you have battled with," Proffesor Jacob continued. "Through this battle, you have formed a bond that can never be broken."

Bryan had to fight the urge to scoff. He didn't care much for pokemon so long as they won a battle. And the little electric type was obviously crazy and blood thirsty, and would therefore only react to battles instead of bonds or brotherhood.

"Take these as well," Proffesor Jacob said, interrupting Bryan's musings. He handed out different colored PokeTech's. Bryan noted that he got a blue one, the same shade of his Minun. He openly scowled this time, though didn't say anything as he took the device. “Now, if you want to be a good trainer, Fuchsia City is a good place to start. The first gym is there, but know that it is quite a journey there. Just be strong and good luck!” the proffesor called.

Bryan walked off, plans already coming to mind.

The Kricket
January 1st, 2009, 7:48 PM
After the goons fled, Alex recalled the Zangoose. Then he turned to listen to the Professor, who no doubt would attempt to find some “rational” explanation for this intrusion. Sure enough, the Professor started blathering about “Team Rocket” and the danger they represented. He did note that the Professor said that they would meet them again, he would have to be prepared, not that it would matter he would probably be waste high in them before tomorrow dawned.

At the Professor’s urging he got into line, standing behind the other six trainers. Soon the Professor walked down the line, handing out pokeball’s and something he called a “Poketech”. Alex actually thought the Poketech looked useful, although he tended to distrust electronic items; they always broke down at the worst possible times. Oh well, he would just have to use it until it broke down.

Just as he shoved the items into his bag he heard the Professor say “Now, if you want to be a good trainer, Fuchsia City is a good place to start. The first gym is there, but know that it is quite a journey there. Just be strong and good luck!” At first he discounted this advice, and was going to tell the Professor so, but the old man looked at him with an encouraging smile. He knew that he would not be able to bow out without an argument, so he kept silent, and against his principles, smiled back at the Professor. Seemingly satisfied with this, the Professor turned to talk to one of the other trainers. So, Alex was able to get out the door without any further contact, and without any explicit promises made.

Unfortunately, later, as he walked the streets he realized that he had nothing better to do. So he might as well go check out Fuchsia City for a while. Thus encouraged he walked out of Pallet City, and unknowingly into the start of a new adventure.

January 1st, 2009, 7:56 PM
[Crap ._. Sorry about the late post!! I haven't been home all day.....]

“I hope I’m not too late” Nina murmured softly to herself as she glanced down at the letter in her hand briefly before gently pushed the door to Professor Jacob’s lab open. “Umm excuse me…” she called out, entering the lab and glancing around, her eyes catching a table filled with several Pokéballs and a few people along with the professor standing before the table.

“Um… hello, Professor Jacob?”

All eyes were on her and Nina felt nervous, but she pushed back the nervousness and looked at the Professor who eyed her expectantly “I’m… Nina and I’m here because of a letter you sent…me” she mumbled breaking eye contact with him and handing him the letter. The professor smiled at Nina and nodded, he looked about ready to open his mouth and say something else, but the sound of glass shattering and men in black pouring in interrupted that.

They circled the group of people including Nina herself, who watched them with wary eyes. What do these men want. She thought with a slight frown, a goon answered her mental question with a shout towards the professor "We're here to take everything you got!" The professor looked pale and looked towards the group standing next to him. "Help me, please!" he shouts. "Pick up one of those Pokéballs and fight them off!"

Nina nodded and rushed over to the table filled with the Pokéballs and picked one up, she turned towards one of the goons and tossed down the ball and the creature inside burst to life with a musical snap while the goon did the same. On Nina’s side, there was a small green bud Pokémon, she recognized it as Budew the bud Pokémon also a grass/poison type, a small bud looking Pokémon with two vines sprouting out the top of its head, they opened and closed frequently, so Nina spotted two blue and red spots inside its vines.

On the goons side, was a ferocious looking Gible the land shark Pokémon, a dragon/ground type, Gible a small, pudgy dragon with big a mouth filled with sharp teeth. It was dark blue, with a red underbelly that covers its abdomen to the bottoms its their jaw. Gible also has two horns that resembled a jet or plane engine, each with a light blue stripe in the middle. It has a light blue stripe on its back. It also had a cut on it’s dorsal fin… so it obviously was a male.

That’s just great. Nina couldn’t help but think sourly, before commanding Budew to attack “Okay Budew… Use Growth!” Budew nodded and hummed softly, its body began to glow white and Budew smiled widely when she finished pumping up “Tackle Gible!” Gible nodded and with a sneer he charged at Budew, ramming his finned head into the bud’s face. Budew cried out but shook it off as she skidded back and glared at Gible “Growth again!” Budew was glowing again “Tackle again!” Gible charged at Budew “Dodge it and then use Absorb!”

Budew jumped over Gible while her vines glowed green and energy began to lift from Gible, Absorb took a hefty amount of damage, mostly because Budew had used growth twice, but it did the trick, Gible was looking a bit weakened after that attack, it was panting heavily and glaring at Budew “Absorb once more!”

“Intercept with Sand-Attack and then use Tackle!” Budew was getting ready to absorb more energy, Gible kicked sand into the bud’s eyes, causing her to cry out and shake her head rapidly to get rid of the sand and when she finally managed to see clearly, she was knocked back off her feet from the rough tackle by Gible.

“Try Absorb again!”


Budew had bounced back up and got in position to use absorb again, and Gible charged quickly at her “Dodge it and then attack!” Budew narrowly missed the tackle as she danced out of the way and then responded with Absorb, her vines and Gible body glowing green, she then hummed and sapped the last of the dragon’s energy “Damn” the goon cursed as he watched his Pokémon fall to the ground with swirly eyes, before recalling it back in its ball and Budew cried out happily and snapped her vines a few times.

January 2nd, 2009, 10:12 AM
"Eevee, Eevee!" She looked like she enjoyed the battle.

"Ok eevee, use helping hand again!" Seth searched for the other trainers but it seemed everybody had just about finished their battles.

"Now all of you, could you form a straight line?" The professor got his act together and came in front of the trainers.\

"What was that all about?"

"Well," The professor answered " That was team rocket, A group of criminals who survived the drastic region changes, and used them to their advantage. Their ultimate goal is to take over the pokemon world"

Wow, taking over the pokemon world. Seth couldnt wait to tell the guys at school.

"Now as for you all. I think you guys deserve to keep those pokemon as your starters. Your pokemon journey is about to unfold. Of course you can challenge the new kanto league. Before you get there you have to challenge the eight kanto gyms. It is an extremely hard adventure, but it is filled with a lot of growing and excitement as well."

"The first gym is in fuchsia city. Its the best place for you guys to start, but before you leave here." The professor walked down the line and gave each trainer some items. Seth couldnt see what. He was all the way on the back of the line.

"And here you go, here you go.. and here you go" The proffessor finally reached Seth. He gave him 5 pokeballs, and some kind of machinery

"Here youre gonna need pokeballs for your journey, and this is a new device called a PokeTech. With it you can view a map, use it as a telephone, and as a pokedex.

Wow Seth could show it off to his friends.

"Now off you go, come to me if you have any questions" The professor started sorting out his stuff. Serveral trainers went over to him but Seth went outside.

"Come on Eevee, follow me" He made his way into the professor's garden and climbed a tall tree, with Eevee right behind him.

"Look at all this stuff" He told the eevee when she jumped on his lab, and started playing with the pokeballs.

He grabbed his PokeTech and started inspecting the options. He pressed a button on the side and the touch screen changed into a dial pad.

"Wow" He dialed his mom's number.

"Hey mom, could ya pack my backpack, ima be gone for a year or so" With that he hung up.

"Now.." Seth grinned, he dialed some more numbers

"Hey its seth, im just calling from my new PokeTech!" He made sure all his friends knew.

"And now-" He addressed Eevee "We go home"

They walked out of the garden towards his bike.

January 2nd, 2009, 10:17 AM
Nina and Budew watched the goons retreat and then she walked over to the Bud Pokémon “Budew! Bud Budew!” she clapped her vines happily and smiled up at Nina, who bent down and picked her up “Hey there girl. I’m Nina, nice to meet you Budew” Budew just looked at Nina, with that smile still on her face.


Nina had noticed the group was forming a line and not wanting to be stuck in the spotlight, she drew Budew a bit closer and shuffled her way into the line. The professor stood before them and began to calmly explain the brief encounter they just had.

“That was Team Rocket, they are a group of criminals that managed to survive the dramatic region changes and even used them to their advantage, and that their goal was to use Pokémon power to take over the world as their own.” After hearing that, Nina couldn’t help but wonder if this Team Rocket was anything like her own regions Team Galactic, everyone in Sinnoh has at least heard of TG, news spreads like wildfire, especially in her home town.

“Those battles were splendid everyone and I see a lot of potential in you” a small smile crept on Nina’s face at his statement “and I would like for you all to do something for me, I think its time for you all to begin your journeys as successful Trainers, New Kanto...” he then began to explain New Kanto, but Nina kinda blocked him out, allowing her mind to wander to random things, only catching bits of his explanation “The journey will be long and hard, but I have faith in you all and I hope, that you grow and learn something from this experience”

Jacob then walked down the line, handed each of the kids 5 Pokéballs “Use these to capture Pokémon out in the wild. Remember to weaken them first, though,” he informed the group before turning back to his desk and rummaging through it, it was a few minutes before he turned back towards the group and held out seven identical devices. It was small, each one being a different color, and had a screen on one side along with buttons below it.

“This is a new device that was only recently released,” the professor explained as he handed each of the trainers one. ”It is called a PokéTech and it has many features including a map of the region, a built in phone, and a Pokédex. It is a great device for any trainer to have.” Nina studied the orange PokéTech briefly before placing it in her pocket and softly thanking the professor.

Professor Jacob then addressed then group one last time “Now, if you want to be a good trainer, Fuchsia City is a good place to start. The first gym is there, but know that it is quite a journey there. Just be strong and good luck!” and with that the group left. Nina walked out of the lab with Budew in one hand and her PokéTech in the other “Budew!” the bud chirped looking at her.

“Oh. I’m sorry Budew, I was just thinking about calling my mom and dad… but then again, I spoke with them before I left, which was a few hours ago…I think I’ll call them when we get to Fuchsia City” she murmured glancing at Budew “Also, I was thinking about giving you a nickname… would that be alright?”


“Hmm…” Nina looked thoughtful “I might call you Rose, cause you’ll eventually evolve into a Roselia. Okay Budew, how does Rose sound?”

“Budew!” she gave a nod and Nina grinned “alright then, Rose it is. Now, let get going to Fuchsia City Rose!”

“Budew!” With her newly acquired Pokémon, Nina and Rose left Pallet behind and began their journey to Fuchsia City

January 2nd, 2009, 3:34 PM
Chapter Two: Hittin the Road!
"Whew! Thank you for saving me from those strange men!" Professor Jacob said to the group. "Itscool." Tom slurred. "Now about why your here..." Jacob muttered. "I see you've already met your future partners!" Tom glanced down at Mime Jr. "Mime!" he cried saluting Tom. "These Pokemon will be your best friend through out your Journey."

"Now take these gifts as they will be a great assist throught out your Journey." Jacob said. He passed out five Pokeballs each and a small different colored box. Tom's was a dark blue, like the ocean. "Thats called a PokeTech and it includes a Pokedex, map, and a Phone among other things." Jacob explained. "Now off you go young trainers into the great world of Pokemon!"

Tom went to his house first before he started on his journey. "Bob? Lisa?" he called out as he walked inside.

"Oh honey there you are!" Tom's mom cried out. "We were worried that you would leave without saying good-bye.

"What did I tell you about calling us by our first name's young man?" Tom's father walked into the room. A bull of a man, he stood at 6ft 2in tall and had a bushy mustashe.

"Did we say we liked it and wanted to keep doing it?" Tom said with a smirk.

"Listen you lazy upstart! I do not want to have to go to some morgue in some city because you mouthed off to some punk!"

"Wow Bob, are you actually showing concern for me?" Tom mocked.

"Get out of my house and don't come back until you've made something of yourself!" Bob roared as Tom walked out.

"Mime..." Mime Jr said with worry. "Don't worry little guy! I'm out of that house now so no need to worry! Today we hit the road!" Tom said with a smile as he and Mime Jr left Pallet Town.

January 2nd, 2009, 4:34 PM
Part 2:

Om my word. Thank you, all of you, for helping me back there. You were all amazing." The Professor praised them.

Will sighed and shrugged as the other trainers smiled and laughed. Riolu was standing at Will's feet with his arms crossed. Will knelt down and patted Riolu's head. Riolu's eyes shot open and looked up at him with a hint of anger in them.

"You were wonderful out there, Riolu." Will said with a smile.

"Ri." Riolu grunted and he shook his head away and closed his eyes.

"Now, all of you please, follow me." the Professor said.

He turned around and gestured with his right hand for them to follow him. All of the trainers followed him before Will. Will stood up, picking Riolu up with him, and headed for the door where everyone else was going.

The Professor stood in front of a large screen and smiled at each and every one of them. "Please stand in a line so I can see all of you." he said. Then, he began pushing and pulling kids in to a line. He appearently couldn't see Will, with Will's hood on and foregot to motion him in to the line.

Will shook his head and pulled his hood down and then the Professor saw him. He grabbed Will's cloak and pulled him between two girls. The girls looked at him and as he made eye contact with them both, they blushed. Will shook his head and looked at the Professor.

"Now I think it's time for all fo you to start on your journey." the Professor began.

Then he went in to something about New Kanto, but Will wasn't really listening. He was wondering if Horace heard the glass break and if so, then what did he do about it? Will saw a little mirror in the room. It was across the room from him and Will sighed with relief. He had already found out how bad it was if he was sitting next to the window when someone chose to break in through it.

"And with that. I would like to give you all these." the Professor said.

Will snapped back in to reality as the Professor dropped 5 small red and white little spheres in to his hands. Will smiled thankfully and looked at Riolu. Riolu was looking at one of the girl's pokemon. It was a little Eevee and Will couldn't help but to think Riolu was crushing on her.

"And these. Oh! And I would like you to keep the Pokemon you previously battled with." the Professor said.

He puleld out seven little devices they were all different colors and he dropped one in to each of their hands as well. The Professor dropped a pink device in to Will's hand and a sky blue one in to the Eevee owner's one. She looked at it disapointedly and noticed Will looking at his horrified.

"Um. Want to trade Poke'devices?" she asked quietly.

Will nodded thankfully and gave her the pink one as he received the blue one.

"Ok. These are PokeTech adn they work for a lot of things. Phones, Poke'dexs, a map, and much much more. Now, those men were from Team Rocket. An evil organization who has taken the dramatci change of Kanto and used it to their advantage. I want you to take your starting Pokemon, and your new PokeTech and defeat Rocket. Now, good luck." he Professor said with a smile.

After he finished everyone rushed out of the building and ran for the first route. Will looked around for Horace, but couldn't find him. Riolu wasn't helping much so he returned his new companion. In a red flash, Riolu was engulfed in red and disappeared in to the Pokeball.


A few minutes passed and Will still couldn't find Horace. If he couldn't find Horace anytime soon, Will knew they would be late. Will sighed and sat on a bench near the enterance to the next route and waited for Horace.

January 2nd, 2009, 8:21 PM
To Wolfwhispers: Poor Bryan. Minun is just too cute to be any real danger
To The Kricket: Good post. Be warned that Bryan really wants your pokemon. :)
To ShadowYashi: Good post and great way to show Nina's shyness in the beginning.
Budew grew to level 7!
To Old Lace: Wow, I think your character is glad to leave his parents.
To Pikalover10: I like the slight interaction between you and another character. I just think it would've been the Budew trainer that you traded with.
To DrAcO_ ToRpEdO: I get the impression that your character loves to be the little showoff in front of his friends

Chapter Two: Route 1
(2 Posts)

Description: A straightforward path that leads to Cinnabar village. At the very beginning, it splits into two paths: the Grassy Path and the Woody path. Different pokemon are found on each route, and the names explain the terrain completely. Which path are you going to go on?

History: It was once impossible for any new trainer to start on this route. Once covered in ocean, this route was usually one of the last places for any trainer to travel through. But over the years, land has come together and form land around this area of land.


Wild Pokemon

Grassy Path
Level: 2-5
Type: Normal
Gender: Random
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Tail-Whip (If level 5)
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Random
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Quick-Attack (If level 5)
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Type: Fighting
Gender: Random
Attacks: Focus, Leer, Low Kick, Scratch
Rarity: Uncommon


Woody Path
Level: 2-5
Type: Bug
Gender: Random
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting (If level 5)
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Random
Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack (If level 5)
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Type: Bug/Flying
Gender: Random
Attacks: Tackle
Rarity: Uncommon


Rules For a Route:
.You may battle trainers, just use the attacks you pokemon learn (refer to the ooc thread). The better, and more creative, your post is, the more experience your pokemon receives
.You may find items/tms, but you post must be VERY creative, but stay realistic with your findings
. On your travels, you will be able to capture wild pokemon listed on the information for the route. The more rare the pokemon is, the more creative and decent your post must be. While trying to capture a pokemon, after you mention throwing a pokeball at the pokemon, END YOUR POST THERE. I will decide whether you caught the pokemon and how strong it will be. This, once again, depends on the quaility of your post.

Since there are two posts for the chapter, this is what you do. Put down one post and wait for me to grade it before continuing onto the second one. Simple enough, right? If you have anymore questions, post them in the ooc thread or refer to the Roleplaying rules.

January 2nd, 2009, 9:26 PM
Bryan whistled something tuneless as he trudged doqn the path, the professor's speech already gone from his mind. He could barely remember what the man had said, too focused on what he could do in the future. As he wandered down the path, he pulled out the pokeball he had stolen from the grunt. With a smirk, he noticed it was a Great Ball, but noticed it was empty. Oh well.

"Well, what do we have here," Bryan muttered as he came across a split. Glancing from side to side, he finally sighed and dropped the pokeball holding Minun.

Immediately, the psyco pokemon hissed, black eyes glinting darkly. When it realized there was no opponent, it glared at Bryan questionly. "There are two paths," Bryan explained. "Which way do you think we should go?"

Minun looked at Bryan suspiciously before glancing between the two paths. "Mi," Minun said, pointing toward the Woody Path.

"Alright, Grassy Path is where we'll go," Bryan said resolutely marching on. Minun scoffed, though didn't look offended, already knowing Bryan would do that.

Within minutes, high grass covered their ankles, Minun almost invisible. If it weren't for Minun's large ears, Minun would have disapeared completely. Bryan just hoped his only pokemon didn't make a break for it.

"Start looking for a pokemon," Bryan ordered, pleased to see the blue ears bob up and down.

After a moment, his psyco companion hissed and unleashed a small electrical bolt off to the right, gaining a surprised squeak. An angry growl quickly followed as the pokemon jumped in front of Bryan.

"Zigzagoon," the small, brown pokemon growled, baring its teeth in agitation. Its tail poofed up, as if for show, but Minun was completely unimpressed. "Gooz!" Zigzagoon howled, charging toward Minun.

"Minun, dodge," Bryan barked.

Minun attempted to jump high over the normal type, but the high grass got in the way and held it back, thus making it easy for Zigzagoon to bash Minun right in the head.

"Nun," Minun grumbled, holding its nose. Removing its paw, Minun had a dark glint in its eye, looking as if it would kill is attacker. "Min!" Minun screamed, cheeks sparking dangerously.

"Thundershock!" Bryan said quickly, seeing an opportunity.

Zigzagoon ran to the side, the electricity just barely scraping its tail. "Zi," it growled lowly, dashing at Minun for another Tackle.

"Duck," Bryan shouted. Just barely missing, Minun duck low, now completely invisible. "Stay under the grass," Bryan commanded, not bothering to lower his voice. He already knew Zigzagoon could hear him if he whispered. Minun did as ordered and began to creep quietly among the tall grass, aiming to get a direct hit in.

"Goon," Zigzagoon grumbled, looking around carefully. Its black circled eyes were wide and attentive, its tail twitching occasionally.

While Zigzagoon couldn't see over the grass, Bryan could, and he could see that Minun was about half a foot away from Zigzagoon and was looking like it wanted to bite down on its neck and suck out its blood.

"NOW!" Bryan screamed, startling the Zigzagoon so bad that it jumped at least a foot in the air.

Muu!" Minun snarled, leaping at Zigzagoon in the air, whole body sparking with electricity. Minun hit the normal type quite bodily, slamming it to the ground. "Nun," Minun smirked, black eyes darker that usual. With an evil grin, electricity surged through Zigzagoon's body.

"Goon!" Zigzagoon screamed, writhing on the ground in pain. With a monstrous snarl, Zigzagoon whcked Minun away with its tail, causing the electric type to bounce several times on the ground. With a smirk, Zigzagoon rushed at Minun again.

"Get up!" Bryan commanded quickly. "It's coming at you! Use Growl!"

Snarling, Minun's eyes lit up, causing Zigzagoon to falter, fear in its eyes as it skidded across the ground. In the end, it simply leapt at Minun. Minun, with a smirk, quickly fell on its back. "Giz?" Zigzagoon gasped.

It was like slow motion. Zigzagoon was right over Minun, its stomach completely open, and Minun right below, evil smirk in place and body sparkling. And then the moment was over.

"Minu!" Minun shouted, focusing its electricity into its tiny legs. "Nu!" Minun kicked out, getting a loud squeal from Zigzagoon as it went flying through the air. "Min min min," Minun chuckled, watching Zigzagoon finally fall in a clump on the ground.

"Zi," Zigzagoon growled angrily, eyes full of rage as it tried to stand. It's body shook horribly before it finally collapsed, its teeth still bared in a snarl.

"Nu," Minun said, spitting to the side.

"Good work," Bryan said, taking out a pokeball. He stared at the pokemon, wondering if he should even bother with this pokemon. Zigzagoon were rather common, but this one had seemed like a good fighter. Making up up his mind, Bryan smirked.

And with that, he through the ball, watching it engulf the pokemon in red light...

January 2nd, 2009, 10:22 PM
Chapter Three: Which, What, Where, Who? I Do Choose You!
"Yawn...I think we should take a break." Tom said sleepily. "Mime Mime Mime!" Mime Jr exclaimed. Even though Mime Jr wasn't speaking English Tom understood him completly. "Yes I know we have to get to Cinnabar Village before nightfall, but c'mon! You gotta learn to relax Mimey!" Grumbling Mime Jr continued down the path, wondering how his new master could be so care free.

Soon the duo came to a fork in the road. "Wow!" cried Tom. "This fork would be great to eat spagetti with!"

Soon the two came to the spot where the road split in two. The Forest Path was on their left, while the Grassy Path was on their right. "Hmm...Which way do you think we should go Mime Jr?" Tom asked his partner. Mime Jr searched his brain for an answer. On one hand if they went to the Forest Path they would reach Cinnabar Village faster. On the other hand Mime Jr had this thing about closed spaces, which is why he prefered walking outside his Pokeball. If they took the Grassy Path however, it would take them longer to reach Cinnabar Village which could be bad for Mime Jr with a master like Tom. On the other hand they wouldn't have to deal with the closness of the trees in the Forest Path.

"Mime!" Mime Jr pointed down the right, indicating that he wanted to take the Grassy Path. "Good choice Mime Jr! I was just thinkin the same thing." Tom said as he began walking down the Grassy Path.

A little while later, as Tom was hacking his way through the tall tall grass, Mime Jr was resting on Tom's head when he looked up and saw a flock of bird Pokemon flying through the sky. They were making quite a racket. Mime Jr was puzzeled until he saw what lay in Tom's path. A small twig nest with three spotted eggs sitting inside. "MIME MIME!!" Mime Jr said in a panic. "Wha...?" Tom said confused before his foot colided with the nest.

"Starly!" Now even Tom could hear the cry of the bird Pokemon. However he wasn't even thinking of his own safety. "Mime Jr! Use Confusion to catch those eggs!" Tom ordered. A blue aura surrounded Mime Jr as he used Confusion to catch the eggs with his psychic power.

"Starly Starly Starly!" The Starly cried as they swooped down on Mime Jr and Tom. "What does my new Pokethingy have to say about these guys?" Tom wondered as he took out his PokeTech. Selecting the Pokedex Option Tom's PokeTech had this to say: "Starly, the Starling Pokemon. They form groups because they are weak on their own. Entire flocks engage in huge struggles."

"Is that true?" Tom hollered up to the flock. Do you have to take me on all at once to defeat me? C'mon! I saved your eggs! The least you could do is at least send your strongest fighter for a one-on-one match with me!" At those words a missle streaked from the flock. It landed on a rock in the field and faced Tom. It was bigger than the average Starly with a giant scar stretching from the right of its beak to the back of its head. "Star!" it said. "Heres the deal Starly boy. If I win me and Mime Jr leave in peace. If you win then you and your Starly friends can attacks us without mercy." Mime Jr's mouth dropped open at that. It wasn't HIS fault he almost broke the eggs.

"Allright go get him Mime Jr!" Tom ordered. "WHAT?!" Mime Jr cried. (In pokemon of course) "What, did you think I would beat up a Starly myself?" Tom said with a grin. Grumbling Mime Jr went to go face the Starling Pokemon.

"Mime Jr start off with Tickle!" Tom ordered. Mime Jr lept at Starly tickling the bird with nimble fingers.

"Star Star Starlyyyyy!" Starly laughed. It managed to break free of Mime Jr's tickle hold and knocked the Mime Pokemon to the ground with a Tackle. With surprising speed the Starly whipped around with another Tackle.

"Mime Jr, put up a Barrier!" Tom cried. Mime Jr put it up just in time as the Starly ran right smack dab into it. "Now use Copycat!" Mime Jr suddenly used Tackle, the last move used by Starly. "Finish it off with Confusion!"

"MIME!" Mime Jr cried as it threw a wave of psychic energy toward the worn out Starly.

"Star....ly..." Starly groaned before it passed out. Suddenly the flock of Starly flew away. The defeated Starly watched them go, knowing why they were leaving. Why would they need him now that he had lost.

"Well since your fam has left why don't you come with us?" Tom asked it. "Me and you, we're alot alike. In more ways then one..." he quietly. Starly cocked its head to the side as if it didn't know what to do. "Well better make up your mind quick!" Tom cried before the Pokeball engulfed Starly in a red light. The ball began to move, with Tom hoping that Starly would accept his offer and Mime Jr hoping Starly wouldn't.

Snow Phoenix
January 3rd, 2009, 11:25 AM
Zachary began walking towards Fuchsia City with his Bagon after leaving Jacob's laboratory. "Hmm, Cinnabar blew up and the oceans dried up. Look how much the world has changed. Like I care. All I want are those badges and to enter the league. Nothing else matters." Zack said to his Bagon.

Zack finally came to a fork in the road. "A fork in the road, eh. This one's too sunny. Will go down this one Bagon" Zack said pointing at the woody path.

The route was covered in dark green vegatation; a variety of ivys, vines, ferns, and trees. The path was narrow and enclosed like a dark cave. Both Bagon and Zack felt claustrophobic, but both were to stubborn to admit it.

A cry rang through the trees. A Pidgey was terrorizing a Wurmple. Zack pulled out his pokedex and pointed it at the two Pokemon.

It is docile and perfers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferciously strike back.

It loves to eat leaves. If disturbed by a STARLY, it will defend itself with its spiked rear.

"Some docile Pidgey. Bagon bite it" Zack said and the Bagon jumped from behind a bush and bit the Pidgey. The Pidgey winced and grimaced. The Pidgey was now after Bagon.

The Pidgey tackled the Bagon knocking him into the ground. Bagon was forced to the ground and the Pidgey began to attack without mercy.

"Bagon use rage" Zack commanded to the Bagon who was being repeatedly tackled by the Pidgey. The Bagon began to glow a red aura. When Bagons rage hit its peak he threw the Pidgey off of him and against a tree. The Pidgey was helpless.

"Now bite it with all your fury" Zack shouted with a hint of evil in his voice and an evil chilling laughter. The Bagon prepared its fangs and bit the bird pokemon seven times straight before the Pokemon collapsed, but the Pidgey still had some fight in it.

The Pidgey had faked his fainting and kicked sand into Bagon's eyes. The Bagon stumbled for a bit; this was the perfect time for the Pidgey to attack. The Pidgey tackled the torso of the Bagon and he fell. The Pidgey was on top again and tackling with all its might. "Bagon get up" Zack said as he got closer to the fight.

He had stepped on something; it was another Pidgey. "Huh? Something's not right" Zack thought looking at the Pidgey under his foot. The Pidgey that was tackling Bagon looked back and noticed that Zack had stepped on the fallen Pidgey. The Pidgey stopped tackling the Bagon and flew towards Zack and began tackling him with tears in its eyes. "Bagon this is your chance, bite it." Zack screamed. The Bagon bit the Pidgey once more and then finally it could make no move. Zack threw a pokeball at the Pidgey he had been battleing.

The Kricket
January 3rd, 2009, 3:07 PM
Alex was left the city, and after a few minutes arrived at a sign labeled: Route 1. Underneath this heading there were two arrows, one pointed left. one right. Similarly, the path was forked, one going right, one left. Not even bothering to read the sign, Alex started walking down the left path. Soon he was trudging through thick woods, barely able to see the sun. During that time, the only living being he saw was a Pidgey that appeared to be following him. Although the Pidgey was flying around his head for almost a half an hour Alex made no move to capture it. He couldn’t be bothered to do that, plus it’s not like he would succeed or anything.

Suddenly, as he stopped to rest, the Pidgey swooped down, and hurled itself like a cannon ball at the back of his head. It hit a split second later, sending Alex to the ground. Although it took a moment for him to realize what was going on, as soon as he did he reached into his bag and withdrew a pokeball. Then, he simultaneously threw the pokeball, releasing Zangoose, and stood, ready to do battle. But, before it started he turned to the Pidgey and started talking to it.

“Come on you idiotic bird! Couldn’t you just leave me alone? I wasn’t going to try to capture you!” Having vented his anger on the Pidgey, he turned to Zangoose

“Use Quick attack” Zangoose obeyed, and swiftly ran towards the Pidgey, before it could dodge she smacked into the bird. In response, the Pidgey grabbed some sand from the ground, and using its front two legs to throw the dirt into Zangoose’s eyes. This derailed Zangoose’s next attack and it hit a tree trunk, her claws sinking deep into the wood. Pidgey took advantage of this and tackled Zangoose, injuring her right arm.

But, a bit of sand was not enough to save Pidgey. After extricating herself from the tree, Zangoose’s next attack did not miss, and smashed into one of Pidgey’s wings. The bird was greatly hurt by that, and jumped into the air trying to fly away. But, with its injured wing it could not fly far and landed on a high tree branch, thinking itself safe. That was not the case.

“ZanGOOOOOOOOOOSEEE” cried Zangoose, and leaping, shredded the branch that Pidgey had landed on. Unprepared for this event, the bird fell to the ground, and struggled to get up. Waving Zangoose off, Alex grabbed a second pokeball from his backpack and threw it at the struggling bird.

January 3rd, 2009, 5:09 PM
(OOC: if its not good enough for a mankey ill just replace him with a starly, ok?"

Seth left his home with a newly stored backpack. His mom had packed it for him while he rode home.

"See ya mom!" He yelled and turned around to see his mom waving at him.

"Now, is it ok if i call you eve?" The eevee was ok with that "Alright Eve lets go!" The Eevee poked her head out of his backpack. She liked to sit there in the one empty pocket.

"So, uh where do we go?" He left pallet town and stopped at a fork in the road.

"Wait, dont say anything.." He stopped Eve from saying anything.

"Ive got an idea!" He ran towards the middle of the two paths.

"Hehe, always go forward?" He glanced backwards. There was Eve watching him like he was some kind of fool. Behind her were trainers splitting up into different parts. Some of them watched him in disgust, others thought it was pretty humorous.

"See, this is great!" He turned around to his eevee again. He looked at the little pokemon and the last thing he remembered was the fork in the road and soft fur of the eevee behind him.


"Uhh ... where in the world am i?" Seth woke up from being slapped by something

"Thud!" Something slapped him again.

"Ouch, Who did that!" He lifted his head and saw Eve spin her tail again in an attempt to wake him up.

"Wait.. No im awake, wait.. wait.. wait!" His voice echoed through the forest.

"Thud" He yelled and fell down again. Jeesh what was this pokemon stubborn.

Only now did he see the Eevee wasnt aiming for him, she was looking at something behind him. He turned around. All he saw was a sort of small cliff with trees, skidding marcs and a pit.

"Me and my good ideas... dang, fell down a freaking cliff" He muttered to himself.

Eve jumped in the air again and tackled his legs.

"Ouch whatcha do that for?" He shifted his legs and grabbed her pokeball.

Suddenly something twitched under his legg.

"Huh?" He yelled and jumped up. Under his legs he saw a mankey, he looked at his landing space. First of all, the area was grassy, very grassy. The pit seemed to be a nice soft area with brambles around it, perfect for a pokemon nest.

"Oooh, uhh right, sorry" The mankey jumped up and scratched his face.

"Mankey Mankey!" It got ready for another attack.

"Hey i said sorry!" He jumped up, pissed off.

First he grabbed his pokedex. He pointed it at the little monkey

http://www.pokemondb.co.uk/images/sprites/diamond-pearl/normal/mankey.pngMankey, the pig monkey pokemon. When Mankey starts shaking and its nasal breathing turns rough, it is a sure sign it is becoming angry. However because it goes into a towering rage instantly, it is impossible for anyone to flee its wrath.

"Ok, its a pig monkey, thats kinda obvious. Hmm instant rage, signs are shaking and rough breathing." He looked up from his pokedex.

"Phew at least it isnt in a rage, its just shaking and acting all tough with its heavy breathing."

"Mankey, Mankey!" That did it, the pokemon became enraged and started glowing for a couple of seconds. Then it stood rigid watching Seth carefully.

"Oh no, whats he doing, Eve, whats he doing?" Seth became nervous, he didnt trust this little pig, uhh monkey.

"Eve, Eevee!" She also became distressed.

"Oh right" He scrambled for his pokedex and opened it.

Focus Energy

"Ok focus energy, listen carefully Eve, after using this move the mankey has a great chance of dealing a critical hit" He looked at Eve. "Ya got that?"

The eevee nodded

"Great, now where is that pig, uhh monkey, i mean... Pig monkey" The stupid pokemon was confusing him. He took a step forward towards the mankey but he found it was gone.

"Where-" His sentence was cut off by a yell.

"Mankey!, Mankey!" The pokemon lashed out with its foot and kicked him in the legs.

Seth heard a sickening crunch as he slammed into the grassy ground.

"Crud, he probably used low kick!" The mankey jumped in for another hit.

"No!" Seth skidded backwards.

"Eevee, Sick him!" The eevee looked at him like he was crazy.

"Sorry, head something like that in a movie" Seth grinned. "Well, use tackle!"

The eevee intercepted the mankey and tackled it in the side.

"Mankey, Mankey!" The pokemon skidden and jumped up right.

"Now eevee use tail whip." The eevee spun around and moved its tail in a mocking way towards the mankey.

The mankey got even more outraged and Seth could have sworn it was turning red. He wasnt sure from his point of view, because he was still laying on the ground.

The mankey shot forward and kicked eevee who couldnt dodge in time.

"Eve, are you ok?" The pokemon flew backwards and crashed into a tree.

"Dang, fighting types are stronger against normal types." He stretched his arm towards eevee but he couldnt reach. He tried to stand up but his ankle was sprained from the low king.

"Freaking monkey!" Seth punched the mankey who apperently didnt think a human could fight.

It was hard to fight while lying down and the mankey soon overpowered him with kicks, but that didnt matter. His plan had worked.

"Mankey Mankey!" He was scratching seths arm.

"Oh now youre gonna get it little monkey.. err pig.. uh pig monkey" The thing still confused him.

The mankey didnt take notice and kept scratching.

"Hehe bad decision, and Seth relaxed." Before he knew it the monkey flew past him and crashed into the undergrowth. While he fought mankey, Eve had recovered, and she also had become outraged.

She jumped into the brambles and chased the mankey. Somtimes tackling it and then chasing it again. She continued until the mankey finally got knocked out from exhaustion.

"Told ya, stubborn pig monkey" Seth sat up and scurried after Eve on hands and Knees. He took mankey in his hands.

Eve protested and growled, but Seth picked up the mankey anyway. Slowly he crept towards its nest. It appeared to be a male, but there was no sign of a female companion anywhere.

"Couldnt find the right one eh?" He looked at the mankey, and how weak it looked. He made up his mind and grabbed a pokeball, he'd like it if the mankey would join him, but if it doesnt want to, he could stay there.

Eve growled again.

"Hey watch it Eve, i sat on it in the first place. Mankey if you dont wanna then dont get captured, i dont mind if you wanna stay" Where did the sweet talk come from? Seth guessed he felt pity for the pig.. monkey and wanted to help it.

"Here we go" He threw his pokeball and the mankey got engulfed in a bright red flash of light.

He watch the pokemon shake... once...twice....three times.... and then-

January 4th, 2009, 10:12 AM




“Dew! Budeeew!”

Nina’s jaw dropped as she watched Rose clap her vines happily and bounce around on the balls of her feet “Aww I can’t believe I lost” she groaned picking up her grinning Budew and heading down the Woody Path. Nina and Rose had come to a disagreement once they had reached that fork in the road Nina wanted to go down the Grassy Path and Budew wanted to go down the Woody Path since Nina didn’t have a coin to flip and Budew couldn’t really guess numbers, she decided they’d play Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Closed vines indicated Rock. Open indicated Scissor and one vine indicated Paper, in the end Nina chose Scissor and Rose chose Rock… she had lost to a Pokémon… on its first try. “Good job Rose” Nina congratulated her Budew, who chirped happily in reply “I didin’t think you’d beat my on your first try… your pretty smart aren’t ya” Rose nodded and Nina smiled.

They had been walking in silence for a good 10 minutes, when Budew suddenly became alert of their surroundings and stiffening in Nina’s arms. The duo were in a deeper and danker part of the forest, it was filled with trees and vines and all types of life growing in them “Buh Dew!” Rose held her vines up in a halting fashion and scanned the forest ahead of them with narrowed eyes.

“What’s wrong Rose”

Rose jumped out of Nina’s arms and bounded ahead, leaving her trainer standing in the middle of the woods blinking in confusion “H-Hey R-Rose! Rose! Get back here Rose!” Rose however ignored Nina and continued to bounce ahead “Where are you going Rose! What’s wrong!?”


After a few minutes of chasing after her Budew, Rose finally came to a stop, in the middle of a forest clearing “What’s the matter Rose… why’d you run off?” she looked at Rose, who glanced back and then pointed with her vines up in a tree, there sat a homely looking Wurmple, it was seated on a branch in a daze of some sort. Nina pulled out her PokéTech and scanned the Wurmple, the device sprung to life and informed the duo of the Pokémon; Wurmple, the Worm Pokémon, It loves to eat leaves. If it is attacked by a Starly, it will defend itself with its spiked rear. “Maybe we can catch it while its off guard” she whispered to Rose, who nodded a bit unsurely as she watched Nina pull out a Pokéball and toss it at the unsuspecting Wurmple.

Atleast… they thought it was unsuspecting.

Both Trainer and Pokémon were shocked to find the Wurmple had been alert and it glared at the offending Ball, batting it away with Tackle and following up with Poison Sting, the two jumped back to avoid the needles “Wurmmm” Wurmple hissed at Rose and Nina before scuttling down the tree and standing before them “Wurmple!” String shot was fired next and it hit Rose square in the eyes, causing her to be temporarily blinded “Dew Dew Dew!” Rose struggled to remove the goop from her eyes, shaking her head rapidly and Wurmple took this time to charge at her.

After she had finished clearing her eyes, Rose was caught off guard by the full body tackle and was sent flying back and hitting a tree. Nina winced when Rose got roughly slammed into the bark from the tackle, the force of the blow caused the tree to shake slightly and neither trainer nor Pokémon noticed the item that dropped from it “Use Growth Rose and then follow up with Absorb” Rose hummed as a white light encased its body, the effects of Growth, pumping her up and the pain from Tackle subsided, green flecks of energy floated away from Wurmple, taking a good chunk out of its health and Rose felt refreshed.

“Wurm ple” Wurmple wasn’t going to go down that easily, even though it was feeling a bit weakened by the attack “Wurmple!” Its mouth glowed and Wurmple fired a barrage of poison tipped needles at Rose, who had just barely leapt out of the way then needles grazed her and she winced upon feeling the poison beginning to work.

“Crud Rose! Try another Absorb attack!”

“Wurmple!” Wurmple charged at Rose, who faltered slightly from its poisoning, it tackled Rose back into the same tree from before and she cried out in pain, wincing as she struggled to stand “Rose! Get up, please!” Rose was panting, glaring at Wurmple as she stood “Try Absorb one more time!” narrowing her eyes slightly, Rose nodded and her vines glowed green, she greedily sapped all the energy she could from Wurmple, the offending Bug glared at Rose, though its strength gradually weakening, but unlike Rose, he had no ailment holding him back and charged at the Bud Pokémon once more with every ounce of its strength.

Only to be stopped when it was sucked into a Pokéball. Nina watched the ball with hopeful eyes as it wobbled back and forth.

January 5th, 2009, 1:57 PM
Wow, I'm sorry I haven't updated guys. I was extremely busy getting ready for school.

To Wolfwhispers: Good battle with Zigzagoon. I wonder how Bryan would act if he got a weak pokemon?
You caught a level 3 Male Zigzagoon!
To Old Lace: Sorry Mime Jr!
You caught a level 3 Male Starly!
To FrozenSnowman: I can't believe how careless Zack is! Anyway, the post would've been a tad bit short if those pictures weren't placed in there.
You caught a level 2 Female Pidgey!
To The Kricket: Same thing. The post was a little too short. But otherwise, the battle was very good.
You caught a level 2 Male Pidgey!
To DrAcO ToRpEdO: I love the long post. I even laughed at some points. Seth seems a little messed up.
You caught a level 4 Female Mankey!
To ShadowYashi: Okay, two things wrong here: 1.) If you want to capture a pokemon, you need to end the post after throwing a pokeball at it 2.) You cannot capture a pokemon and find a tm in the same post.
So my suggestion would be to put off your discovery of the tm in your next post and Wurmple will be yours. Give me your choice in a vm or a response in the ooc thread.
EDIT: Okay, Wurmple is yours
You caught a level 3 Female Wurmple!

January 5th, 2009, 9:25 PM
Bryan smirked as the pokeball finally stopped shaking and stopped with a ping, indicating that the feisty Zigzagoon had been caught. Picking the pokeball up, Bryan put it under his pokedex and scanned it.

"What. The. Hell!" Bryan snarled, gripping the pokeball tightly. Minun watched his trainer with a glare, ear twitching in agitation from the outburst. Bryan glared down at Minun. "THis freakin' Zigzagoon is level three. Three! This thing put up a much better fight than some level three weakling. It was at least a level five." Bryan glared at the sky.

Someone was obviously screwing with him and being unfair...

"Go!" Bryan snapped, throwing Zigzagoon's pokeball to the ground.

With a burst of light, Zigzagoon appeared. Shaking itself, Zigzagoon looked up at Bryan with a scowl. "Zig," it muttered, teeth bared.

"Shut it," Bryan growled. "I am not in the mood. You're at a weak level and I'm not even sure if you're worth it." Zigzagoon growled warningly. "Here's a damn potion," Bryan continued, spraying the pokemon. He looked around. "We're about to see if you're worth it, and that Mankey over there is perfect," he said, indicating to a Mankey that was rooting around the ground for items. "Now go!" Bryan snapped.

"Gan!" Zigzagoon snarled, angry at Bryan's tone and reaction. Nearly frothing at the mouth in frustration as it bashed Mankey in the head by complete suprise.

"Man key!" Mankey screamed, stomping on the ground in ager from the sudden attack. "Key kem," Mankey beckoned, preparing for a fight.

Zigzagoon was only too eager to battle as well, snarling as he did so. "Zang!" he snarled, charging again.

"Mank!" Mankey grunted slashing its arms towards Zigzagoon in a Scratch attack.

"Zig," Zigzagoon smirked, dodging the attack from the outraised arm and Tackled Mankey right in the gut. "Zig," Zigzagoon growled, ramming the fallen ape again while it was down. "Ziggg," Zigzagoon snapped as Mankey tried to struggle.

"Mank!" Mankey snarled, managing to pucnh Zigzagoon in the face and get free.

Ziggz," Zigzagoon growled, shaking his head and eyeing the Mankey a bit carefully this time.

"Ney!" Mankey screamed, charging at Zigzagoon.

Fur poofing up in preparation, Zigzagoon wait until the last, right before Mankey would hit him, and jumped, effectively dodging the attack and making sure Mankey ran right past him and right into a tree. Chuckling, Zigzagoon bashed right into Mankey's back, getting a high pitched squeal from the ape before it collapsed, face against the tree.

Smirking, Zigzagoon turned toward Bryan with an arrogant expression and sat down and idily licking a paw. "Zig."

Bryan shrugged. "Whatever. I suppose you were good enough... for now. Return."

January 6th, 2009, 2:56 PM
To Wolfwhispers: So you think I'm screwing with you and being unfair. That hurts my feelings :) Well, Zigzagoon isn't level 5 anymore!
Zigzagoon grew to level 6!
Zigzagon learned Tail Whip!

January 6th, 2009, 5:20 PM
Chapter 2: Why me?

It had been a few hours and there was still no sight of Horace...anywhere. Will was getting anoyyed. His twin, as he called him and Horace since he didn't know where their ther triplet was, was very late. Will flung his Pokedex open and rumaged around on it trying to figure out how to do certain techniques on it.

He figured out how to access the map, scan Pokemon, scan Pokemon for moves, and check his team's status. Will sighed and put the Pokedex away. It seemed like forever without Horace being there. Will had eventually let Riolu out and Riolu either sat on the bench next to Will, or he was running around the field behind him.

Finally, Will decided to leave without Horace. He knew eventually he would run in to Horace and it was Horace's fault for not meeting him here in the first place. Maybe Horace left already, or maybe Horace had gotten stuck somewhere. But, who cares?

Will called Riolu over, which was a challenge and returned his troublesome Pokemon. He then clipped Riolu's Pokeball on to his belt and proceeded down the route.


The route was absolutely beautiful. Split in to two different parts, this was the perfect place for a new trainer to start, or atleast that was what Will thought anyway. He remembered how his mom used to show him pictures of this route when it was covered in water.

Will drew in a deep breath of air and sloly let it out. He loved the woods. It didn't matter where he was at he would still enjoy the gracefulness of the woods. He looked to the right path which seemed to take him in to the woods, and then the left side which seemed to take him to plain like terrain with high grass.

Will yawned and started down the path to the right. In a few minutes he entered the wooded area and heard crickets chirping, owls hooting(or maybe it was Hoothoot), and a weird buzzing noise. Will stopped at the base of one tree and then started climbing up it. Many people reffered to him as 'The human mankey' or 'A human Aipom', but Will actually liked those nicknames even though they were supposed to be insulting him.

He stopped climbing when the buzzing noise started growing louder. It now went in to one of his ears and banged around in his head like a hammer was building something in there. Will shook his head which only started giving him a headache and then startewd climbing again. If there was a Pokemon in the tree, he might be able to catch it depending on what it was.

He eventually made it to the second highest branch and decided to stop there. He looked up and saw a medium sized ladybug looking Pokemon. He pulled his Pokedex out and scanned it.

Ledyba, the ladybug Pokemon.
When the weather turns cold, lots of Ledyba gather from everywhere to cluster and keep each other warm.

Then, the branch right in front of him began to snap. THe Ledyba yelped in terror as the branch beneath it began to break. Will gritted his teeth and looked down. He realized that a drop from such a height would surely spell out death for the Pokemon, or atleast major injuries.

Will reached for Riolu's Pokeball and called Riolu out. In a blinding white flash Riolu materalized in front of the Ledyba.

"Riolu! Grab the LEdyba and take it down to the ground without hurting it ok?" Will said to Riolu.

Riolu grunted and nodded then grabbed the Ledyba. He then began jumping down from one branch to the other to the next. Eventually he landed on the ground and then, the branch snapped. Will dodged it and it began to plummet to earth right on top of Riolu. Will didn't notice this however, and the branch landed on Riolu's head.

"Riiiiiii!" Riolu yelped.

The Ledyba giggled in humor, but Riolu didn't think this was funny. Riolu looked at the Ledyba a little angry and held up a fist to it.

"Ri." he warned.

"Ledy." Ledyba replied.

Will sighed mornfully knowing something was about to go down. He then began jumping down from branch to branch. A few times the branches holding his weight for a few seconds almost snapped. He finally landed on the ground with a thud and then stood up straight to calm them down.

"Riolu stop that." Will said kneeling down beside Riolu.

Riolu looked at him and then Ledyba. He then grunted and swiveled his head away from the Ledyba. Will looked at the LEdyba and nodded appolageticaly, but appearently this wasn't good enough for the ladybug.

"Ledyyyyyyyyy!" it shouted.

Then, a few seconds later a tan and brown Pokemon flew out of a tree top. It landed on the ground right next to Ledyba with anger burning in its eyes. Appearently, these Pokemon were friends.

The bird then hovered in to the air and dove at Riolu. The bird collided in to Riolu's back, sending him flying foreward. Riolu hit the base of a tree and then got up and looked at the Pokemon angrily.

"Riolu. Calm down. we can't win this battle. It's two against one." Will tried to reason with Riolu.

Then, the Ledyba tackle Will's back sending him flying to the ground. Will rolled over on to his back and looekd at the two Pokemon.

"Fine then! Riolu use Quick Attack!" Will shouted angrily.

Riolu then sprang from his feet and dashed off. IN a few seconds Riolu was behind the unexpecting bird, which Will figured was a Pidgey, and slammed his fist in to its back. Then Riolu kicked his right foot and slammed it in to Ledyba's chest. Ledyba flipped backwards a little dazed and wobbled its head back and forth, then it got up.

Will shook his head and mummbled to himself: "Why me?"


I will continue the battle in my next post:):)

January 6th, 2009, 6:35 PM
Chapter Four: Starly VS Spearow!
"Snzork..." a loud snore escaped from Tom's mouth as he lay sleeping in the middle of the path of the Grassy Path. "Mime..." Mime Jr grumbled. Here he was worried about getting to Cinnabar and his master was sleeping in the middle of the road! "Star..." Starly said with a look of amusment on his face. "Mime Mime Mime Mime?!" (Do you think this is funny?!) Mime Jr shouted.

"Yawn...whats all they yelling about...?" Tom said sleepily. "MIME MIME MIME!!!" Mime Jr screeched, frustrated that Tom was still half asleep.

"Hey kid, you need to learn to control your Pokemon better." a voice said. Tom and Mime Jr ended their quirle as they looked at the newcomer. He had a blue baseball hat on with a white shirt and yellow pants. He looked a few years younger than Tom. "I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle!" the kid cried.

"Umm ok?" Tom replied. "My name's Tom."

"My name's Kyle! Go Nidoran!" Kyle cried as he threw out a pink Pokemon with a horn and large ears.

"Whoa...whats that rabbit thing?" Tom said as he took out his PokeTech. "Nidoran♂, the Poison Pin Pokemon. It scans its surroundings by raising its ears out of the grass. Its toxic horn is for protection."

"Nidoran! Use Poison Sting!" Kyle cried. Nidoran charged at Mime Jr with its horn pointed right at him.

"Use Barrier I guess...?" Tom said still half-asleep. Mime Jr put up and invisible wall which Nidoran ran smack dab into. "Since Nidoran is a Poison Type Confusion will do some serious damage, so lets use Confusion Mime Jr!" Tom cried gettting into the battle. Using Confusion Mime Jr hit Nidoran with a giant wave of wind.

"Nido Nido!" Nidoran cried before it hit the ground. "Return!" Kyle said as he returned the Poison Pin Pokemon. "That was just a test, to see how strong you really are! Here come's my strongest Pokemon yet! Go Spearow!" Kyle roared as he sent out a scraggly bird.

"Spearow, the Tiny Bird Pokemon. It flies by hurriedly flapping its tiny wings. It uses its beak to locate prey in grassy areas." The PokeTech said.

"Spear!" The bird cried. "Well lets fight bird with bird!" Tom cried excited. "Go Starly!" "Starly!" the Starling Pokemon cried excited at its first battle.

"Starly use...!" Tom began but all of a sudden he fell over, flat on his face!

"Mime!" "Dude!" Mime Jr and Kyle (respecfully) called out in surprise.

"Snorze..." Tom muttered. Mime Jr's eye twitched. HE WAS JUST SLEEPING?!?! "MIMEMIMEMIMEMIMEMIME!!!" Mime Jr screeched in Tom's ear. Tom's eye twitched. "ROAR! WHO DARES TO DISTURBE MY SLEEP?!" Tom roared. Mime Jr shocked, though thinking fast, pointed at Kyle's Spearow. "YOU LITTLE TWERP! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO AWAKEN ME FROM MY SLUMBER?!" Tom yelled.

"Spear?" Spearow said confused. "FOR THAT YOU DIE! STARLY USE A SUPER-TACKLE!" Tom ordered. With surprising speed Starly hit Spearow with a full on Tackle. “AGAIN!” Tom roared. Starly kept hitting the Spearow until it was knocked out. “LET THAT BE A LESSON.” Tom muttered as he walked off in a really ticked off mood.

January 8th, 2009, 2:42 PM
To Pikalover10: Good start. Can't wait to read the rest!
Riolu grew to level 9!
To Old Lace: Tom is......wow. Great job using his unique personality.
Mime Jr grew to level 9!
Starly grew to level 5!
Mime Jr is trying to learn Meditate, but it already knows four moves. Delete a move for Meditate? (I know you know the drill, but move changes happen in the ooc thread for everyone)
Starly learned Quick Attack!

The Kricket
January 8th, 2009, 6:33 PM
After catching the Pidgey Alex continued on his journey. For almost another hour he walked. Finally, as the sun reached its zenith and started descending he grew tired. His feet dragged, and sweat dripped down his face. Realizing that continueing in his present state, he would not get far, he resolved to stop and take a rest. After finding a good place to rest, he sat down and taking off his pack. But, unfortunately fate would not let him rest, for he heard a low hissing from the tree above him

“wwwwwwwwwurmppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeee.” And looking up he saw an odd sight. A small pink and white bug-like Pokémon was looking down on him. It glared for a few more seconds, before growling a low pitched “wurrrrrrrrrmp”. After this voicing of its dissatisfaction, the Wurmple let fly a single poisionous barb. The barb flew towards Alex. Realizing the danger, almost to late, he rolled out of the way, and the barb buried itself in his bag. Seeing that its initial barb had missed, the Pokémon let loose a barrage of them. They flew towards Alex, but this time he grabbed his bag, and using it as a shield blocked the barbs. Realizing that its poison sting was not enough to hurt him, the Wurmple descended from the tree, preparing to take Alex on from close in.

As the Pokémon approached Alex cursed his bad luck. Why does something have to attack me everytime I stop? He wondered crossly. But unfortunately his predicament let him no time to ponder the metaphysical state of the world. He grabbed a pokeball from his bag, making sure to avoid the barbs protruding from it, and threw it to the ground. Out of the ball came a bedraggled Pidgey, only partially healed from his rest. The bird came out, and looking rather confused, nonetheless obeyed Alex when he yelled
“Tackle that Wurmple!

Pidgey obeyed, and speedily launched himself towards the bug. But, unfortunately he was still weak, and the attack had minimal effect on the Wurmple. In return, the Wurmple smashed into the Pidgey, sending him flying across the clearing. He lay still for a moment, but then got up, ready to fight. But, Alex realized, a direct fight would be terribly uneven, and the Pidgey would quickly lose, so he would have to change his strategy. Just as the Wurmple unleashed a salvo of poison barbs at him, Alex shouted “Pidgey go land on that branch” pointing to a branch high up in a tree.

A bit unsteadily at first, but then faster, the Pidgey started flying. Luckily it was able to avoid the poison barbs by taking off, so they thudded into the ground behind him. After he had gained almost a hundred feet of altitude, and was high in the tree branches, he alighted on the aforementioned branch. Disturbed that its opponent had fled, and forgetting its previous beef with Alex, the Wurmple started climbing to finish the battle.

When the Wurmple was almost half way up Alex cried “Okay Pidgey tackle him now!!”. Obediently the bird jumped off its branch, and smashed into the climbing Pokémon. Although this attack would not normally be enough then to make the Wurmple flinch, it was on unsteady ground. So when the bird Pokémon hit it, it was knocked off of the tree, and fell to the ground. At first it did not look like it could rise, but after a few moments it got shakily to its feet, although it took it even longer to regain its balance.

The Wurmple seemed unwilling to climb the tree again. Instead it stood below the tree, and fired a bombardment of Poison stings up at the bird. But, by the time they reached that high they were slow, and the bird was easily able to dodge them. But, this left them at an impasse, the Bird unable to come down to engage and the bug unable to climb the tree to hurt the bird. But, after a few minutes Alex thought up a solution to this problem “Pidgey, drop those pinecones on him!”

Alex had noticed that the tree had many large pinecones suspended from the branches. While these individually would not hurt the Wurmple, several of them could seriously injure it. It took Pidgey a few seconds to follow that line of thought, but when he did he worked fast. In seconds dozens of pinecones were falling from the tree. The Wurmple was caught knapping by this, and was unable to dodge the first wave. So the pinecones thudded into its head, knocking it to the ground. It did not rise.

The battle done, Alex picked up his pack, preparing to continue on his journey. Although he was tired he couldn’t imagine stopping again, after all it didn’t look like his Pokémon could take another battle. So although he was weighed down by his pack, he kept on walking as fast as possible, hoping to make it out of the forest before nightfall.

January 10th, 2009, 8:44 AM
To The Kricket: Good job using your surroundings to help you battle!
Pidgey grew to Level 6!
Pidgey learned Sand-Attack!

January 10th, 2009, 10:43 AM

Name: Shaydus Snagem
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Appearence: Tall, dark and shady, Shay has a mysterious look about him. People often stereotype him as trouble. He wears a silver and teal suit with thin, grey trousers tucked into his shiny blue boots. He often walks with a slight shuffle, probably due to the obseen weight of his golden belt buckle. He also wears a long-ish dusty grey cape and a sinister hat similar to a Honchkrow's. He also has striking hair, a dark, spiky indigo colour, which hangs in his steely grey eyes.

Personality: Being a former member of the nefarious Team Snagem, Shay never fully vanquished his old ways and sometimes his dark side rages out. A skilled and tactful battler, Shay never gives up a fight and tends to seek out tough, enduring Pokemon for his 'ultimate team.' He may seem harsh or unfriendly at times, but it's nothing personal, he just want's to get on with whatever challenge he has crossed paths with, and anybody standing in his way will probably be ignored or found irratating. He really is a kind, however cocky charecter though, but very rarely admits defeat. He know's the difference between good and evil, and is on the side of good no matter what. Whether this is to take vengence on his true family, or whether he's truly a good person, nobody knows.

History: Shay has tried to put his true family to the back of his mind. Many years ago he lived in the Orre Region, and was a part of the sinister Cipher organization.
At 12, he was the youngest and most feared Admin in the whole of Cipher. After he was told of Cipher's evil plot to create Shadow Pokemon, he ditched Team Snagem and teamed up with a young girl named Jessica who had ran away from her old home near an Outskirt Stand.
The two of them travelled to Secret Labs and Bases around Orre and jumped at any chance to foil Cipher's plans. But soon after they had demolished a nearby Cipher base, they heard that a boy and his partner had been named local heros after destroying countless Team Snagem attempts at promoting their Snag Machine. When they realised Orre was in safe hands, the two decided to go their seperate ways. Shay left his old Pokemon with his trusted friend Jessica, who remained in Orre, but kept his old and favoured pal Houndoor, which he got from his father. After leaving the heroes to watch over Orre, he decided that he would begin his own journey, travelling, meeting new friends, and most importantly, raising a new and improved team of Ultimate Pokemon and bringing out their strengths and personalities. When Shay arrived in the wreckage of what used to be Kanto, he knew he was needed. He watched the region being rebuilt, intruiged at how well everyone had coped, and finally started his mission to banish evil from the once again beautiful land after hearing about Team Rocket.

Preferred Started: Budew, or anything else! =D

January 10th, 2009, 10:58 AM
To PikaWhox: I'm sorry, but sign-ups are closed. That's my fault for not editing the first post :(

Here's the Next Chapter For Those Who Have Finished With Route 1. Have Fun!

Chapter 3: Cinnibar Village
(2 Posts)

Description: A small and lonely village that lives in a state of urgency. Dust clouds are always formed over the village, making it dark and red. The ground is nothing more than ashes and dirt as if the great attack just happened a day ago. A few houses scatter the village as small huts without any sort of technology in sight. Even the pokemon center is no more than a poorly built wooden building. Though the village is poor and suffering, the villagers are quite kind and will give you advice on anything you please.

History: One of the greatest fire trainers lived on the island of Cinnibar long ago- Blaine. Along with the Pokemon Lab and Mansion, the island was one of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit. Then everything began to change.....One day, Team Rocket raided the village and attacked everything in sight. The whole village, including Blaine, fought back, but everything was burned to the ground; and worse, Blaine perished in his own gym set on fire. Cinnibar was set in a huge state of confusion after the attack and was even more after the land changes took affect. The land mass grew larger, messing up the whole village. Their only hope now is to make it through life and prosper. They did manage to build a statue of Blaine in his honor, though.


Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A building you will be visiting often. Not only does the staff heal your pokemon, but you also get free lodging and meals. What a deal!
PokeMart: Stock up on all supplies before heading back out on your adventure. This PokeMart holds: Pokeballs, Potions, Antidotes, Awakening, Paralyze Heal
Gym Ruins: A creepy place that is made with the remains of Blaine's old gym along with new material. After walking in for the first time, you may think it's just a plain building, but secret tunnels can be discovered with a little searching. It is a great place to explore, but reports have been coming in that a group of kids have gotten lost in the tunnels. It may be up to you to find one of the trainers. It will be hard, but hard work comes with great awards ;)

Things to do in a town:
.Go to the Pokemon Center to rest
.Buy items at a PokeMart
.There will be absolutely no battling or capturing pokemon in towns or cities unless of special occasions, including gym battles. In this chapter, you have the task of rescuing a young trainer lost in the ruins if you wish. You are allowed to use your pokemon's abilities to find your way through the tunnels, but not for direct battling.

January 10th, 2009, 5:51 PM
She sucked in a breath when the ball suddenly began to shake harder after a few minutes, but then released it when the ball dinged and stopped shaking, indicating it was caught “Thank goodness” she murmured in relief, going over to her newly captured Wurmple and then going over to pick up Rose.

“You okay Rose?”

“Budew” she shook her head weakly with a reassuring nod and Nina frowned “Don’t worry Rose, I’ll get you an Antidote or a Pecha Berry, we’re bound to find some in these woods” she murmured, more as an assurance to herself than her Pokémon, glancing around the area once more, Nina caught a flash of something from the corner of her eye, she looked over to beside the tree where Rose had been tackled into and looked beside the base, it was a small light green disk, on the top of the disk it read TM 53: Energy Ball.

“Well… its not a cure, but it could be useful later on” she thought with a slight sigh before pocketing the item, then Nina trekked on through the Woody Path, hoping to come across an Antidote or some Berries to heal her Pokémon. “Buuh Deww” Rose groaned weakly in her arms “Oh hang in there Rose… I think we’re getting close to a Berry bush”


Rose gave another weak groan and Nina hugged her tightly while she glanced around the area “Hmm there! There’s a bushel full of Oran and Pecha Berries” she happily pointed towards the grove of trees littered with said berries “Hmm this must be where the Pokémon in this forest come to get their food from” she thought walking up to a tree and plucking a Pecha Berry from it “Here you go Rose, eat this” Nina guided the berry to her poisoned Budew’s mouth and Rose chewed the fruit slowly, before swallowing it and suddenly feeling refreshed.

“Buuh Dew! Budew Dew Bud”

“You feel better now Rose?” Rose nodded and grinned up at Nina “Good, now.. here’s a few Oran berries, they’ll replenish your health” she explained, placing Rose on the ground and pulling out a Pokéball “Wurmple C’mon out!” there was a musical snap and her recently caught Wurmple appeared, after fully materializing Wurmple blinked "Wurm? Wurmple?" realizing that she was not in her tree and with Nina and Rose, Wurmple glared at the two, but they weren't really paying attention, as Rose was munching on Oran berries to replenish her health and Nina had shoved a couple berries in Wurmple's line of vision, blocking out the glare.


"Eat up Wurmple, don't want ya to be fatigued incase we run into a tough enemy out here" Wurmple blinked up at Nina's grinning face "Wurm?" Nina pulled her hand back slightly with a confused expression "Your not hungry or something?" she asked the Wurmple before her eyes widened a fraction "O-Or... are you mad cause I took you from your home" she asked soflty, Wurmple didn't know why, but she didn't want to see Nina cry, so she shook her head and climbed up Nina's hand and plucked the Oran berry from it, eating it with small bites.

Her previous grin came back full force and Nina looked at Rose, who had just finished up the last of her berries and picked her up once she was finished "Alright, I think we're ready to go" Nina murmured and Rose nodded from her spot in Nina's arms and Wurmple did the same from her shoulder "Now how uhh do we get out of here" she asked her Pokémon while glancing around with a completely lost expression.

Wurmple and Rose sweatdropped and sighed simultaneously.

January 10th, 2009, 6:28 PM
Bryan entered the gloomy town that was known as Cinnabar Island, which had once been a beautiful and festive island with no land bridge thing, but was now a dreary island with billowing clouds overhead that seemed to give the atmosphere a red look. Shoving his hands into his pockets, Bryan ignored the chipper islanders that didn't seem to be annoyed with their situation. Instead, Bryan simply walked into the pokemon center to have Minun and Zigzagoon healed.

"Thank you, and have a good day," Nurse Joy said happily, handing Bryan's pokeballs over.

"Whatever," Bryan muttered under his breath. "Anything of interest on this island?" he questioned. "Gyms, tournaments, pokemon?"

Nurse Joy seemed to ponder it over, which seemed odd since she had lived here all her life. Maybe Cinnabar wasn't so glorious. "Well, we do have some old ruins in the jungle, but they are hard to get to and there can be some dangerous devices and pokemon inside. It used to Blaine's, the old fire gym leader's, science lab." Nurse Joy shivered. "There's no telling what sort of experiments that man has done."

Bryan had heard enough. Grabbing his pokeballs, he left the center and made a bee line for the jungle, which unfortuanently was on the other side of the island. With much walking and cursing at the cheerful people, Bryan finally made it to the deep jungle.

Ducking under some heavy vines and walking over logs for another hour, Bryan was a sweaty mess by the time he had reached the large ruins. It was a large, white building that had vines growing all over and man cracked windows that Bryan could barely squeeze through. The opening had been completely blocked off by rubble.

"Finally, Bryan murmered, narrowing his eyes from the darkness. Dropping his pokeballs, Minun and Zigzagoon appeared with a burst of light that momentarily blinded him. "Minun, use your electrcity to make this place have light."

Even though it was dark, Bryan could still see Minun glare at him. "Min," it spat, body sparking violently before letting out a large blast of light.

"Much better," Bryan said, shielding his eyes for a moment before turning to Zigzagoon. "You, go find whatever is of value here and come find me when you do."

Zigzagoon eyed him balefully before glancing at Minun. The electric type sneered at him. "Zig," Zigzagoon muttered, tail swishing in agitation before bounding off.

Bryan nodded as the normal type disappeared. "Alright, come on. Help me find something of interest here."

Minun glanced at Bryan, blue tail sparking for a moment before running up ahead, sniffing the ground in interest with a low, vicious growl that sounded quite wrong on this sort of pokemon. "Minu," Minun barked after half an hour, pointing at a book case and pushing at it.

Bryan pushed as well, grinning as it moved to reveal a hole. Ah, a hidden passage way. He paused as he heard whimpers, though they sounded far away. "Minun, lead the way," he ordered. "Let's find whose down there."

Minun gave him a look that clearly said he would rather be doing something else. Huffing, Minun led on, though rather slow just to piss Bryan off. That stopped as soon as he recieved a sharp jab in the butt with Bryan's shoe. "Min," Minun hissed, fangs bared.

It wasn't long before Bryan found a little boy that appeared to be no more than ten years old. His face was covered in tears and snot as he held an equally scared Budew to his chest. He looked up at Bryan's approach.

"O... oh! A trainer! Please help me," he begged. "My name is Justin... and I... I got lost while trying to train Budew," he sobbed, clutching the depressed grass type.

"Budew," Budew wept, clearly depressed at failing its trainer.

Bryan sighed. "Pathetic," he said bluntly, scowling at the boy. "Stop that snivelling. You're a boy, aren't you? Not some little girl. Stop crying and come on, and be on the look out for anything valuable for me. You owe me for this."

The boy gave a few sniffles. "So... sorry," he muttered. "But I don't think you'll find anything. People have searched everywhere for items."

"Zig!" a bark came from beside them, causing Justin to jump and Minun to hiss. "Gizoon," Zigzagoon said proudly, strutting up to Justin with a few items sparkling in its coat and shaking itself to release them.

Bryan picked a circular disk and whistled, wondering if this was what he thought it was. He turned to the other items to see what they were...

January 10th, 2009, 8:00 PM
OOC: sorry I haven't posted the end for Route 1 yet...I've been having writer's block for this one, but here it is:

Chapter 2(part 2):

The Pidgey then bent its head down and started flying towards Riolu. Riolu spread his arms out in case he needed to grab the bird. The Pidey then began to twirl around in circles and then slammed its body in to Riolu's. Riolu fell on to his back, but quickly sprang to his feet as the Pidgey recovered is balance and turned around for another hit.

"Riolu use Counter!" Will said quickly.

Riolu turned around quickly and stuck his paws out in front of him. He then began to charge something up and a few seconds later, right before the Pidgey hit him, a purple shield popped up and the Pidgey hit it, bouncing back all the force of the attack it had laid back to hit Riolu with. Then, Riolu fell to the ground as the Ledyba tackled him to the ground and stood on him.

He struggled to get up and the Pidgey began to launch constant attacks on Riolu. Eventually, Riolu became tired. Will looked around for any chance to get the Ledyba off of Riolu. Then, he saw a medium sized rock. He rushed over to the rock and picked it up. He then aimed for the Ledyba's head and then chucked it at the ladybug. The rock slammed in to its head, sending it sprawling on the ground.

Riolu spragn to his feet as the Pidgey hit the ground where Riolu was, attempting to hit him again.

"Now Quick Attack on Ledyba!" Will said.

Riolu then darted towards Ledyba. The Pidgey dove at Riolu, attempting to stop him form hurting Ledyba, but it was to no avail. Riolu darted past the aimed spot just in time and slammed his palm in to the Ledyba. Ledyba flipped over and panted heavily. Will was a little confused, he had only thrown a rock at it and Riolu had hit it. That was it, but it was already tired.

He shrugged and watched as Riolu did a back flip and landed on his feet, after dodging the Pidgey(dodged by doing the back flip). Riolu then smirked as the Pidgey slammed in to Ledyba and they were both sprawling on the ground in confusion.

"Riolu use Quick Attack again!" Will said.

Riolu then darted closer to them and kciked them both. They both went flying in to the air, but in seperate directions. Ledyba was sent flying in to the base of a tree and Pidgey was sent flying in to the air, but recovered in midair and dove at Riolu. Unexpectantly, Pidgey slammed in to Riolu, sending him sprawling on the ground.

Then, the Ledyba appeared next to the Pidgey and they began dashing at Riolu.

"Counter!" Will shouted.

Quickly, Riolu sprung to his feet and in seconds a purple shield formed in front of him. The Ledyba and Pidgey slammed in to it and flew backwards. The Pidgey recovered in midair and dove at Riolu. Riolu jumped out of the way and landed, skidding across the ground. He then fell to one knee exhausted. Will looked at the Ledyba, who was lying on the forest floor, knocked out. He sighed with relief knowing that at least one Pokemon was down.

"Quick Attack!" Will shouted.

Riolu slowly rose to his feet and then slammed back to his knee. He looked pained and then, Max remembered something someone had told him. Counter came at a price, the Pokemon using it was hit with recoil. Will slammed his palm in to his head for being so stupid.

Whay hadn't I remembered that? he asked himself.

The Pidgey then slammed in to Riolu, sending him flying in to the base of a tree. Riolu hit the tree and slowly slid to the ground. Riolu slowly opened his eyes and then began to rise to his feet.

"Fine then." Will muttered to himself. "Riolu use Endue first and then Quick Attack!"

Riolu nodded as he stuck his right paw on the tree for a brace. Then he began to glow a bright orange and thenw ent back to his natural color. The Pidgey then darted at Riolu and Riolu did the same, but as he ran, it obviously pained him to do so. The two Pokemon slammed in to eachother, kicking up a mountain of dust in to the air, enoguh atleast to where Will couldn't see the outcome.

The dust began to settle and Riolu was sitting against a tree with one eye open as the Pidgey was lying on the forest floor knocked out. Will sighed with relief and rushed over to Riolu. Riolu was in obvious pain, but Will couldn't help but smile. Riolu looked up at him and smiled too.

"We won buddy." Will said.

Riolu nodded and then, he fainted. Will picked up his tired little Pokemon and stood up. HE then began walking towards the first town he would meet on his journey, cradling his little Pokemon in his arms.


January 11th, 2009, 9:50 AM
To ShadowYashi: Good way showing the aftermath of a battle with a poison pokemon!
You found one TM 53!
You found 3 Oran Berries!
You Found 3 Pecha Berries!
To Wolfwhispers: Good use of Zigzagoon's ability!
You found a TM ??? (You may tell me what you plan on it to be or if you want me to choose)
To Pikalover10: Good battle! I like the double team against you.
Riolu grew to level 11!
Riolu is trying to learn Force Palm, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Force Palm?

The Kricket
January 12th, 2009, 6:35 PM
It was nearing nightfall when Alex arrived in Cinnibar Village. He was so happy to have finally reached his goal, where he could stop without being accosted by wild Pokémon, that at first he did not believe his eyes. Only after he staggered to the closest building, and felt the cool wood beneath his hand, did he believe that he had finally reached civilization.

But, looking around, it didn’t look as if he had truly reached civilization, more of a half way point between the wild and the civilized. The “town” was nothing more then a ramshackle collection of houses. The whole town also seemed almost dusty, that is dust clung to everything, and whenever there was a breeze ash blew through the air. And the houses, those that there were, looked run down, almost as if they hadn’t been repaired in years. But, when he first set foot in the village, Alex was in no shape to notice any of this. He was fatigued, almost collapsing with each step. His only thought was to find a place to rest. Fortunately, his wanderings through town quickly brought him to the Pokémon Center. Knowing that he would be able get a good meal, and some rest there, he quickly opened the door, preparing to go in.

When he entered the Pokémon center he saw a young trainer, one he recognized from the lab, talking to Nurse Joy. He arrived just in time to catch the tail end of their conversation, Nurse Joy said “Well, we do have some old ruins in the jungle, but they are hard to get to and there can be some dangerous devices and pokemon inside. It used to Blaine's, the old fire gym leader's, science lab. There's no telling what sort of experiments that man has done." The boy reacted to this somewhat placidly, and left. He did not appear to notice Alex, who he walked past without a comment. Alex then walked towards the counter, and gave his pokeball’s to Nurse Joy. She quickly healed the Pokémon, and seeing his weariness, quickly led him to the backroom. There she showed him the bed, and said

“You look tired, why don’t you get some sleep and we can get you something to eat in the morning?” Entranced by the possibility of sleeping in a real bed, Alex could only nod. Smiling, Nurse Joy left him alone, going back to man her station. Alex took off his backpack, and

It was only as he got into bed, ready to slip into unconsciousness that he remembered something vital: he was still, technically a fugitive. Although he doubted that child services would come to look for him in this small town, there was still a small chance. So, reenergized by the threat of Child Services taking him away, he grabbed his bag, and crept out of the backroom. When he returned to the, now darkened, front room he found Nurse Joy talking to a tall man. Hoping to avoid their attention, he dove behind a chair and listened as they conversed. The man was talking, saying

“Look Nurse Joy, I’m sorry to disturb you, but I just wanted to tell you that we are still missing the kids. They were apparently playing in the old ruins when they disappeared. We had no idea what happened to them,-“although the man, presumably, kept on talking Alex heard no more, because he stealthily slipped out of the door of the Pokémon Center at that moment. Outside he was greeted by the cool night air, which blew invisible ash into his face, giving him another needed adrenaline boost.

After stumbling around for a few minutes, Alex finally, after climbing a small hill, found a sort of burned down building, which looked both stable enough and abandoned enough to sleep in. So, without a second thought Alex, using his backpack as a pillow, lay down to sleep.

He slept a deep undisturbed sleep, only waking hours later when the sun was high in the sky. It was only then, looking around that he realized that these must be the ruins that had been discussed earlier. Well, they certainly looked like ruins; a small collection of walls, broken down, leaning precariously, and loose stones. Like the rest of the village, the buildings looked as if they had seen better days.

Not wanting to be seen in such a place, the man had mentioned search parties after all. Alex hastily walked through the ruins heading for the town beyond, a bit too hastily. As he was walking, Alex felt the ground give out beneath his feet. He barely had time to react. In a desperate gamble he grabbed ineffectually at the ground as he fell through. Although he was initially able to check his fall, it proved but a temporary measure. He tried his best but the ground proved too slippery, and he slowly lost ground. After a few seconds he lost his grip completely and plummeted into the darkness.

January 13th, 2009, 4:55 PM
((OOC: *whines sarcastically:* Awww. No more museum and getting to steal a fossil? That was fun...))

Chapter 3:

Will looked around the town he had just walked in to. Everything looked poorly built or it was burnt down to cinders.Will remmebered his mom saying something about this place. One of his mom's friends had grown up here and had died by being choked to death in smoke in a fire.

Will sighed and continued to look around. He noticed all the people looked very joyful and Will couldn't help but wonder why. Riolu was standing at Will's feet, his arms crossed and was searching the area too.

The town had dust clouds formed overhead and everything was dark and red. Will noticed a small little cabin with a red roof and next to it was a little cabin with a blue roof. He knew the red roofed cabin was the Pokemon Center so he scopped Riolu up and then ran towards it.

When he walked in he saw a little wooden table and a chair with a lady sitting in it. There were a few coches in the lounge for visitors to sit in but there was no computer. The lady wore a nurse's outfit and had pink hair. She sat at the desk with a bunch of paper sitting in front of her.

She looked up as Will walked up and smiled at him. "How may I help you?" she asked.

"Oh. I was wondering if you could give my Riolu a check up, and if I could get a room for the night." Will asked.

"Sure. Let me take Riolu and here is your key for the night." she said handing him a key.

He nodded and gave her RIolu, and then took the key in his hand. He shoved it in his pocket and ran upstairs in to his rented room.

Inside there was a bed, a desk, and a lamp. That was it. It was very cramped and small. He dropepd his bag and shoved it under the bed and then he heard a loud CRASH! He jumped and then ran out of his room, locked it, and then ran down stairs.

He came in to the lounge and found a pink Pokemon wearing a nurse's hat slammed in to the wall and the nurse trying to help it. Riolu then came slowly walking out of the back room and he looked very serious. Will took out his Pokedex and scanned the pink Pokemon.

Chansey, the Egg Pokemon. It is said to deliver happiness. Being compassionate, it shares its eggs with injured people.

Will then suddenly realized what had happened as the nurse shot him a stern look. Riolu had used Force Palm on the Chansey when it had come near him to help him.

"Control that Pokemon of yours!" the nurse shouted at him.

Riolu then advanced closer on the nurse and her Pokemon, preparing another Force Palm. Right as Riolu was going to hit the Pokemon, Will dashed and placed himself between Riolu and the Chansey, taking the full force of the hit.

Riolu then shot a full blow of force in to his body. It was as if he were in an electric chair being punished, and flew back in to the CHansey. He fell to the ground and lyed there, moaning.

Will finally stood up, holding his stomach where Riolu had hit him, and grabbed Riolu's Pokeball. He returned the disobediant Pokemon and looked at the nurse with a sorry expression on his face.

"I'm sorry ma'am. I just got him earlier today and he has been a little of a pain. He doesn't really listen to me and I think we just need to train so he can get to know me better and so I can teach him how to be obediant." Will apologized.

"I'll say. Well, he looks perfectly fine to me. Also, there have been reports coming in about a group of boys about your age who got lost in the secret tunnels in the burnt gym. Maybe you and Riolu could bond in there while searching for the boys." the nurse sugested.

Will nodded and then left without another word. He would try anything to become friends with Riolu.


January 13th, 2009, 5:21 PM
OOC: Hope this makes up for my absence, I’ve been busy with school work, btw for the tm in this one, I don’t know what tm’s are available up to this point, so can u maybe give me a list or you can decide what it is :P

The ball stopped moving and Seth gratefully grabbed it and hooked it onto his belt.

“and.. that’s that.” It was getting dark already and he saw Eve washing herself.

“Lets go Eve!” The Eevee appearently didn’t like her looks because she didn’t stop washing. Seth walked past her into the surrounding bush. He waited there for a while so Eve could come, but she didn’t.

“Would ya stop being so stubborn?” Eve looked up and ran after him.

“There, now lets go to the mankey’s nest” He scurried through the bushes until he found its nesting place. The mankey had done a good job. Even from close up it was hard to distinguish the normal plants and undergrowth from the nest. He was just wondering what would happen if a group of tauros, or a group of heavy pokemon would run trough this forest when there was a bright red flash.

“Mankey! Mankey!” The pokemon appeared in her nest and quickly scurried around fixing things.

“Huh how’d you get out?” She didn’t respond but instead started digging.

“Listen I was just about to let you out and do your stuff but its ok to respond” The mankey still started scurrying through her stuff.

“Uhh somehow I feel like naming you hazel, is that ok?” He didn’t know why, it just seemed like a cool name.

“Uhh?” The mankey was obsessed with whatever it was doing.

<Feeling a bit ignored here>

“Mankey Mankey!” Finally it responded

“Ok, Hazel it is.” The mankey pulled out some of her stuff.

“You got whatcha needed?” It nodded and revealed some shiny stuff.

Seth looked over the items in front of him. There was a comb, a tin can, some pearls, berries, a disc, and some other miscellaneous items… wait… a disc? He had heard about discs you give to your pokemon containing some kind of data. Then if you work together you can train to teach your pokemon a new technique? He knew it was something like that.

“Erm Eve, get over here” He yelled off in the distance

Eve came out just finishing some berries.

“Here” He put the cd on top of her head….
“Nothing? Ok. Erm.. maybe you really have to read it?” He grabbed the disc and looked closer at it. Nothing there.

“Uhh here take a bite” He handed it to Eve

“What?” he asked guiltily. The Eevee was giving him another one of her glances.

“Eve Eevee!” She slapped him across the face.

“Ok! Ok!” he yelled rubbing his cheek.

“Ya ready Hazel?” The mankey nodded and Seth grabbed her remaining stuff.

“Lets keep this safe” He put it in one of the pouches of his belt and shifted the mankey’s pokeball slot closer to it.

“Ok, all ready? Lets go” He walked through the undergrowth.

They had been walking for about two minutes when he heard his first pokemon.

“Crack” He looked for the source of the sound but found nothing.

“Crack” He took another step. “Crack” Again

He looked down at his foot and realized it was just some branches breaking and his right foot was on a pink spiky ball.

“Uhh uh?” The spikes were stuck in his sole.

He shook his foot vigorously and the spiky ball flew off and crashed into a tree.

“Dang” He lifted his foot and saw a few spikes went through the bottom of his shoe. There was a small trail of blood coming out of one of the holes.

“Ouch, why does this always happen to me?” He looked at his two pokemon who seemed to be laughing.

“What now?” When he stepped he gently pushed onto something else. Another spiky ball.

“again?” He shook that one off with easy and it crashed after the first one.

“Can we go now?” His pokemon couldn’t stop laughing.

“Wurmple! Wurmple!” He spun around but saw nothing.

“Oh well” He turned around but he could see something moving in the corner of his eyes.

“Wait.. you have got to be kidding me!” One of the spiky balls was opening up.

“What the heck?” Little legs spurted out and the second ball followed soon afterwards.

“Uhuh what are they?” He took out his poketech and flashed it

[/URL][URL="http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.pokemondb.co.uk/images/artwork/wurmple.png&imgrefurl=http://www.pokemondb.co.uk/pokedex/wurmple&usg=__p3-HvGoWD8qOOZDMxXEpUTVn13U=&h=230&w=230&sz=44&hl=nl&start=1&um=1&tbnid=C14E32PeaW8EMM:&tbnh=108&tbnw=108&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dwurmple%26um%3D1%26hl%3Dnl%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-US%26rlz%3D1I7GGLD_en%26sa%3DN"] (http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.pokemondb.co.uk/images/artwork/wurmple.png&imgrefurl=http://www.pokemondb.co.uk/pokedex/wurmple&usg=__p3-HvGoWD8qOOZDMxXEpUTVn13U=&h=230&w=230&sz=44&hl=nl&start=1&um=1&tbnid=C14E32PeaW8EMM:&tbnh=108&tbnw=108&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dwurmple%26um%3D1%26hl%3Dnl%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-US%26rlz%3D1I7GGLD_en%26sa%3DN)http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:tE2I2e1CxkIWlM:http://www.pokemondb.co.uk/images/sprites/diamond-pearl/normal/wurmple.png (http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.pokemondb.co.uk/images/sprites/diamond-pearl/normal/wurmple.png&imgrefurl=http://www.pokemondb.co.uk/gallery&usg=__P6jIEtsmNLjbYqVORdUaIVBlQx4=&h=80&w=80&sz=1&hl=nl&start=1&um=1&tbnid=tE2I2e1CxkIWlM:&tbnh=74&tbnw=74&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dwurmple%2Bsprite%26um%3D1%26hl%3Dnl%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-US%26rlz%3D1I7GGLD_en)Wurmple, the worm pokemon. Its spiked bac-

"Yeah, Yeah you dont have to tell me" He closed his poketech before it could finish.

"Ok hazel.. go get him!" Mankey got serious and jumped infront of the wurmple and charged.

Suddenly something held her down.

"Hazel try and scratch your way out of what ever it is!" Mankey was being covered in white goo coming out of the nearby bushes. Seth remembered the second spiked ball and wasnt suprised when the second wurmple came out.

"Err Eve, you use helping hand!" Eve jumped next to hazel and they both scratched and nibbled at the goo.

"Wurmple Wurmple!" The first wurple was now turning towards Eve.

"Eve, dodge!" Eve dodged and continued working until there was a gap big enough for hazel.

"Ok hazel, sick em!"

<Yes it worked!>

Seth didnt know wether hazel just wanted revenge or was actually listening to him but she was fighting alright.

"Yeah do a low punch. Scratch it! and Eve, you tackle the other one!" The four pokemon clashed and debrees flew everywhere.

"Mankey Mankey!" Hazel was outraged.

"Mankey Mankey!" Seth couldnt even see what happened but a knocked out wurmple flew past him and bounced into the undergrowth.

"Hehe, now Eve you-" Seth didnt need to finish the sentence because Eve already sent the other wurmple scurrieng towards its mate.

"Great, you guys ok?" After checking all his pokemon they moved on.

After a while they reached a weird looking area full with dust and red glares.

"What is that smell?" Seth pinched his nose as he walked into cinnebar city.

January 13th, 2009, 5:26 PM
OOC: Sorry, not my best work but I'm in a rush. If it's not good enough I'll fix it later.

Bryan smirked as he noticed the words 'Water Pulse' on top of the disk. Glancing at the other items, he noticed that Zigzagoon had brought him one poke ball and shiny coin that offered no value. Putting the items away, he stood up.

"Alright, Zigzagoon," Bryan said. "Show me where you found these.

"Wa... wait!" the boy, Justin said quickly. "You can't just leave me here!"

"Come if you want," Bryan said with a shrug, watching in amusement as Minun hissed at Justin, causing him to jump.

"Aren't Minun supposed to be friendly pokemon?" Justin asked, catching up to Bryan. Minun growled in response. "I mean," Justin continued nervously, "Minun are supposed to be cute and happy pokemon. Minun are also supposed to be with Plusle."

"Min," Minun said deeply, chuckling darkly as it rubbed its paws together and showing its fangs in a menacing smile.

Justin and Bryan stared at the deranged pokemon. Bryan was pretty sure that Minun had killed its Plusle partner. "Oook," Bryan drawled, turning a corner as Zigzagoon pointed to aother book case. Knowing the drill, Bryan pushed, grunting as he did so. "This thing isn't moving," he growled.

"Zig," Zigzagoon said smugly, upturning a book and stepping back. The bookcase moved on its own, showing a new pathway.

Justin gasped. "I've been on this island my whole life and have never seen this way before."

"You've been here before but got lost?" Bryan asked, disgust showing on his face as he stared at the boy.

Justin blushed. "A Magmar chased me and Budew," he mumbled. "We got scared."

"Whatever," Bryan said, walking down the stairs. His eyes widened in surprise as they came across a, incredible arena. The air had suddenly gotten incredibly hot, and there was good reason for it. Around the stage was lava at the bottom. "This must have been a gym as well as science lab," he muttered. His eyes followed a trail and noticed the exit. "We need to cross the arena to get to the exit."

Just shook his head, Budew copying the gesture. "No way! What if we fall in?"

"Gues you're on your own," Bryan said, walking across.

Justin looked at the older boy fearfully, jumping a bit as Minun let loose a spark at the boy. With one last snarl, the tiny pokemon ran ahead of Bryan. Gulping, Justin ran across as well, Budew shaking the whole way.

"We made it!" Justin cried happily, coming out of the ruins. He blinked in surprise as he realized he was ontop of the volcanoe. The town could be seen a few miles away. It would take at least two hours to get back to town. "Well, thanks!" Justin said hurriedly, "but I'm off!"

Bryan shrugged, knowing he would most likely catch up to the boy later. Taking a step forward, Bryan blinked as he saw the light reflect off a strange rock. Picking it up, he frowned as he noticed it was an orange color that seemed clear with a single dot inside of it. Huh, it looked like a dried piece of amber.

"Bet I could seel this," Bryan murmered, pocketing it. He turned to his pokemon. "I'm over this place. Let's go."

"Zig," Zigzagoon growled, eyeing Bryan carefully before bounding off.

Minun just scowled in response, taking his time to go down the trail.

January 14th, 2009, 3:30 PM
*Sorry for my absence yesterday. I was on a trip with my band and didn't get back till 11:30*

To The Kricket: Wow, he actually fell into one of the tunnels. Good plot set up. Can't wait to read the next part.
To Pikalover10: Wow, Riolu has some serious problems. Let's see how he acts in the ruins!
To DrAcO_ToRpEdO: Yeah, same thing as ShadowYashi. You can't have a battle and find a tm in the same post. You do not have to edit your post. Just tell me what you want, the battle exp or the tm.
To Wolfwhispers: Good job helping the boy out! There will be a musuem in the next town where you can include (not restore) the amber (plus you will get something for helping out the boy once we move on to the next chapter)
You found one Pokeball!
You found Old Amber!

EDIT: Okay, here's your battle experience, DrAcO_ToRpEdO:
Mankey grew to level 7!
Eevee grew to level 9!
Eevee learned Sand-Attack!

January 16th, 2009, 3:42 PM
Chapter 5: The Ruined City
"He he he..." a voice cackled. "Well who do we have here?" The owner of the voice was a young boy wearing a tatered brown hoodie that flapped in the breeze. The voice was looking down from the top of a hill overlooking the path that Tom and Mime Jr were on. "This one.....has an air of destiny around him." The voice said thoughtfully. "Might do us some good to meet eh?" The voice said to the Chimchar and Geodude next to him. They both nodded in agreement and all three slid down the hill slowly following Tom.
"Mime Mime Mime...." Mime Jr said tiredly but happily. They had finally made it to Cinnibar Village. Mime Jr looked around sadly however. The "village" was little more than a few clustered shacks. Even the Pokemon Center wasn't in good condition as Tom and his Pokemon wandered in.

"Doctor you are needed in the emegency ward!" a voice said over the intercom.

Tom was amazed at how busy the place was. A man who looked like a doctor was running toward the emergency ward while everyone else was headed some place else. "Hello, and welcome to our Pokemon Center!" said a woman who looked like she was trying to look tired but doing a poor job.

"Hi is this the place where I can get my Pokemon healed?" Tom said uncertainly.

"Of course!....Though it depends on how badly they need healed." The nurse said after a few moments.

"Oh my Pokemon just need to a rest." Tom said motioning to Starly, who was perched on Tom's shoulder, and Mime Jr who was holding onto Tom's leg.

"Oh that makes things easier then!" The nurse said. She took Starly's and Mime Jr's Pokeballs after Tom had returned them.

"Nurse Joy!" a young interned cried as he ran up. "We're out of Joyweed!" he said fearfully. "Oh dear...." Joy said with a frown.

"Um whats Joyweed?" Tom asked confused.

"Joyweed is a weed found in the abanded that heals pretty much any minor wound and dulls the pain on any major wound. If we're out of it then all the Pokemon with very bad wounds are in constant pain." the intern said. "Well....what if I go get it?" Tom said. "Iv got time on my hands and you guys look kind of......busy." Tom said with smirk.

"Would you really do that for us? Oh thank you!" Joy cried. She gave him a huge hug and when she let go Tom had a weird smile on his face. "You can find the gym on the other side of the village. "Ok Doc!" Tom said wiping the smile of his face and running out the door.

Soon Tom arrived at an abanded building with rusting words that said G........M. "Must be the Gym." Tom said with a hint of sarcasm. As he wandered into the building a shadow fell over the door.

"So hes going in there...." The voice said as his brown hoodie flutered in the wind. The voice's shadow sooned merged with the building's as it entered.

"Bat bat bat!" Zubat screeched overhead while Tom wondered in the inky blackeness.

"Man I always do things for cute girls..." Tom mused. Suddenly the ground gave away at Tom's face. Tom looked down when he realised he was standing in the air. "Well would you look at that?" Tom said. His eyes then widened when he realized what walking on air ment. "Crap....." was Tom's finally words before he pummelted into the black below.

January 16th, 2009, 6:16 PM
To Old Lace: What a good twist in plot. The Pokemon Center is counting on you!

January 17th, 2009, 10:06 AM
Chapter 6: Escape the abanded gym!
"Is he dead?"

"I don't think so. I thought I heard snoring a while ago."

"That was snoring? I thought that was trucks shifting down the highway."

"Dude you know we haven't had trucks here for like 10 years."

"Yeah I know, but thats what it sounded like."

"How's he doin?"

"He hasn't woken up yet sir."

"Well keep me posted. I'm going to look for some more Joyweed."


"Joyweed? Why does that seem so familier?" Tom thought as he listened in on this conversation. "Joyweed....Joyweed...." "Bwa!" Tom shouted as he snapped back to concensious.

"Ah!" shouted about three kids.

"Ok no more "Special" Brownies." Tom muttered.

"Um you didn't have these "Special" Brownies, whatever they are, sir. You fell from the ceiling above sir." one of the kids said. The speaker was a young girl of about 12.

"Oh thats right....I was looking for some Joyweed and wasn't watching where I was going." Tom said with a chuckle. "Is there anyway to get out of here?"

"If there was do you think we'd still be here?" A punk of a boy said. "We had some guy helping us out earlier but he took off."

"He's coming back!" the girl said. "He said he was just looking for some Joyweed."

"Joyweed!" Tom exclaimed. "I need some of that!"

"Well then its your lucky day." a voice said. A boy of about Tom's own age walked in. He was wearing a tattered brown hoodie with a pair of dusty blue jeans on. He had a mess of brown hair and had two Pokeballs at his waist. In his hands were a bundle of bright pink weeds. "I just so happen to have enough Joyweed to share. Name's Bobby."

"Tom. Can you really share some with me?"

"Sure can. That takes care of one problem. Now onto the problem of getting out of here....Do you have any Pokemon?"

"Not on me. There back at the Pokemon Center...." Tom said sheepily.

"Well its a good thing I brought mine with me." said Bobby as he released his Pokemon. An orange monkey with a flame on its butt appeared in a red light along with a rock type Pokemon that floated in the air. "This is Chimchar and this is Geodude." Bobby said.

Bobby walked over to a wall and examined it. He rubbed his hands over it, then called Geodude over. "Geodude, use Rock Smash!" Bobby commanded.

"Geo.....dude!" The rock Pokemon cried as it smashed open the wall.

"Good job." Bobby said with a smile. As the rag tag group walked through the hole they relized they were still trapped. As Tom saw the kids downcast faces he said "Don't worry, we'll get out soon."

A few Rock Smashes later the group made their way out into the bright light of day. "We made it!" the kids shouted.

"Here." Bobby said as he gave Tom the Joyweed. "Can you also take the kids back to the village? They've been missing for a while."

"Sure, but what about you? What are you going to do?" Tom asked.

"I'll be out at the next route doin some explorin. Maybe I'll see you there."

"Yeah maybe you will." Tom said with a grin.

Soon Tom was back at the Pokemon Center with the kids and the Joyweed. "Oh thank you!" Joy exclaimed as she hugged Tom once again and, once again, Tom had the goofy smile on his face. "And you even brought the kids back! Thank You! Here take this for your troubles." Joy said as he handed Tom a purple disk. It said TM 30 on it.

"Wow thanks!" Tom said.

"Please its hardly enough. Oh and here are your Pokemon fully healed. Have a safe journey!" Joy cried as Tom with a smile and a new TM walked out of Cinnibar Village.

January 17th, 2009, 10:50 AM
To Old Lace: Congrats for finding the joyweed!
You received a TM 30!

To Everyone: I want to put up the next chapter maybe tomorrow, so everyone hurry and try to get caught up. I will be shortly sending a PM to those who have completed the mission so they can pick their prize.

The Kricket
January 17th, 2009, 11:16 AM
When Alex hit the ground, he was knocked unconscious. He woke a few seconds later, his body crying out in agony. Slowly he rose, his body aching all over. Realizing that his backpack had fallen off, he crawled around looking, or rather feeling, for it. After a few seconds of blind groping, he found a large lump. Unfortunately, as he felt it some more, he realized that this lump could not possible be his backpack, after all few backpacks had faces. No, the lump appeared to be a small child, he couldn’t possible be more then seven or eight years old. Although momentarily stumped as to what to do with this child, Alex eventually decided to only wake him after having gotten a better hold of the situation. In order to do this he left the child alone, and went back to looking for his backpack. A few seconds later he felt another lump, and thankfully this time it was a backpack.

Grabbing his backpack, Alex rummaged around until he found a flashlight. Switching it on, he shone the beam upon the sleeping child. The kid was even smaller then he had first thought. Indeed, he was wearing dirty clothes, and one of his limbs seemed to be wrapped up in a crude sling. Realizing that something must be wrong with the kids arm, Alex bent down to look. Unfortunately, he was met by a punch to the face. The kid however, was not exactly strong, and so the punch startled Alex more then it hurt him. He was temporarily reeled back, ready to defend himself. The kid got up, and lurched forward, as if preparing to attack Alex, unfortunately he tripped over a rock and, falling let out a scream. But even prostrate on the ground he seemed determined to hurt Alex, yelling at him.

“Stay away from me! I know what types of people haunt the ruins!” Alex smiled wryly, although he did note what the kid said filing it away for later. Although he took it with a grain of salt, clearly the kid was frightened out of his mind and reacting with violence. Well he thought that may work with other people, but not me, he had no time to accommodate the whims of some kid.

“Oh for the love of God kid, grow up, I am not a scoundrel, just someone like you who got trapped in the ruins.” Alex said tiredly. The kid’s only response was to say,
“My name is John, not kid you imbecile” he seemed to be frothing with rage. Alex just turned his back on him, and walked away. The kid, surprised yelled after him

“Where are you going?” To which Alex replied

“This way, you can come if you want.” The kid, although still somewhat wary of him, saw the logic in this, got up and attempted to follow Alex, but unfortunately, he was unable to balance with his broken arm, so Alex allowed him to lean on him for balance.

Alex and the kid walked for almost fifteen minutes. During that time, not only did, luckily, they see no one and nothing, but the tunnel was just one long corridor. But, after 15 minutes, they came to a fork in the tunnel. Not wanting to split up, Alex wondered which fork to go down, until he remembered his recently captured Pokémon. Grabbing the Pokeball from his bag, he released the bird.

“Pidgey, go down the left tunnel, see where it leads” Alex told the bird. He then sat down, waiting for the bird to return. After a minute it did, its feathers singed, and looking bedraggled. Nonetheless, it indicated that, yes that was the right way, but be careful. So, Alex, dragging the kid along, started walking down the tunnel. Soon enough he saw why the bird was singed. For, soon the rock bottom of the tunnel became unbearable hot. Alex was forced to retreat, not wanting his shoes to be burned off. Just then, he was interrupted by the kid, who took advantage of the set back to berate Alex, saying

“Nice job, you imbecile!” Alex did not reply to this, instead attempting to find a way out of their predicament. After a moment he came up with a plan. Grabbing both of his Pokeball’s he released Pidgey and Zangoose. Once they appeared, he gave them their orders,

“Pidgey, fly Zangoose up so he is next to the roof. Zangoose, make a hole then, thread a rope through it, and continue until you reach the end of the tunnel.” The two Pokemon replied with chirps of “ZZAANN!” and “PPIDDGG!” and quickly go to work.

Luckily, they did not have to traverse the boiling rock for long, so soon the two Pokémon were done. But, even that minor exertion took a lot out of them. Alex then grabbed the rope, and just as he was about to swing the kid yelled “what are you crazy? This is not going to work!” Alex merely smiled and swung. He quickly was able to swing from rope to rope, soon reaching the exit. The kid, although reluctant, followed, but unfortunately then disaster struck. One of the ropes snapped, and the kid plummeted towards the floor. Cursing his bad luck, which once again appeared infectious, Alex lunged forward, two steps onto the boiling rock, and ignoring the pain, grabbed the kid, running on to save ground once more. After that it was a straight shot to the exit.

The kid appeared chastised now that they had managed to get out. He opened his mouth, probably to apologize, but Alex held up a hand to stop him,

“Look kid, the people of this town are trying to find you, why don’t you go to the Pokémon center to stop them from worrying?” the kid saw the logic in this preposition, and without a second glance ran towards the Pokémon center. Alex watched as the kid ran to the Pokémon center, and smiled. Grabbing his bag, he turned away, he was once again well rested, and it seemed time to leave this town. After all, if he stayed questions might be asked, and that would be bad. So he turned, looking one last time at the town, before trudging off into the dusty morning.

January 17th, 2009, 6:04 PM
The ruins were dark and it was cold inside. Will had found the ruined gym and had ventured in to it. He saw many charred pieces of furniture and an old battlefield. Riolu was walking next to Will and was thinking this was nothing.

Suddenly, as Will took a step one of the floor panels sunk to the ground and a hidden staircase opened in front of them. Will gulped and checked his knapsack for something. He pulled out a flashlight, turned it on and ventured down the stairs.

It was pitch black in the hidden place and it was hard to see. The small light source generated from the flashlight was barely enough to see down the hall. Then, Will stopped moving as they came to a three way intersection. He wanted to find the trainers and to help them get to safety, but there was no use in going around in the dark and most likely getting lost. He knelt down beside Riolu.

"Hey. You can sense the aura in other people and pokemon right? Would you please do that and direct me to one of the lost trainers?" Will kindly asked.

The little blue dog pokemon looked up and shrugged. He closed his eyes and the little things that hund from his head began to float in the air. He then turned to the right with his eyes closed and Will followed.

Riolu was amazingly talented at this aura sensing thing. Will stopped moving as he stepped on another tile and it sunk underneath him. Then, a loud noise came from behind them and a huge boulder came rolling their way.

"Wah!" Will cried.

He shook Riolu who opened his eyes and turned tail to run. Will quickly followed him. They turned left, right, and all sorts of directions, not losing the boulder with any turns. Then, Will slowed down to a halt and Riolu slid to a halt also.

"Riolu use Force Palm on the boulder." Will said reasurringly.

Riolu was obviously scared, but he nodded and stood between Will and the oncoming boulder. He stuck his right paw out and then the boulder touched it and blew in to tiny bits. Will held his arms in front of his head for protection and once the sound of pieces flying everywhere stopped, he lowered them and smiled at RIolu. Riolu faced Will and smiled then went back to guiding him.

Appearently every turn they had made was luckily the right way because they where almost to the kid, Will could tell. Will sniffed the air as it smelled curiously like cheeseburgers.

They made a right turn and came to a big room and Will saw a kid sitting on the ground eating a cheeseburger with a lit lantern next to him. He was eating with his right arm and his left arm was twisted in all sorts of directions. Will flinched and dashed over to the boy.

"Are you all right?" Will asked kneeling beside him.

The boy looked at him and swallowed the last bite out of his cheeseburger.

"Yeah! I'm just great!" the boy said sarcasticaly.

Will sighed and began to rumage through his knapsack. He found a role of bandages he must have packed and instantly began wrapping it around the kid's arm. The kid grunted as Will pulled tightly on it to keep it from coming off and stood up.

The kid sighed and stood up too and Riolu motioned for them to follow him. The two boys followed and Will noticed the boy had a large slit in his cheek which seemed to be a scar now.

"How'd you get that?" he asked.

"What the scar? Accident a few years ago." the kid replied.

Will noticed that the kid didn't want to talk about it and brushed the thought away. The kid tripped and almost fell over as another tile sunk underneath him. Will instinctevly shielded his head with his arms and as nothing happened he looked around the place. Riolu and the boy were still next to him, and just when he thought everything was fine a huge Arcanine dropped form the roof behind them. Will whined and Riolu, the boy, and him began dashing around every turn they could. Riolu was still leading them as his eyes were still closed and they soon lost the arcanine.

Will stopped around a corner and tried to catch his breath. In a few minutes he stood up straight and began to follow Riolu again. With every step him and the other kid took precation as to not step on another loose tile.

They finally came to the exit of the tunnels and the other boy sighed gratefully.

"Thanks!" he said.

Will looked at him and shrugged. "No problem."

"Oh. Here. I found this at the volcano a few miles from here when I was exploring around it." the boy said.

He held out a yellow stone with a tinge of orange in the middle.

"It's Amber. Take it as a gift of saving me." the boy said gratefully.

Will nodded and took the amber. "Thanks." he said.

The boy nodded and ran off, dropping a piece of paper behind him on accident. Will noticed this and grabbed the piece of paper. It read:

Marcus, be home by nine tonight. You have a big day tomorrow, what with starting your first journey,


Will smiled as he realized the boy was about his age and started his journey tomorrow.

"Marcus. Ok. Well, be ready Marcus. Because I'm coming for you and I'll beat you in the Kanto League." Will said.

With that, Will placed the piece of amber in a small pocket on his knapsack and exited the gym itself.


I know it isn't my best work but...I think its ok, because I had major writer's block on this part of it:/

January 17th, 2009, 6:46 PM
To The Kricket: Nice use of your pokemon!
To Pikalover10: Good post. It was good if you did have writer's block ^^
You received an Old Amber!

To Everyone: Alrighty, four people are finished and one is almost finished so we are moving on. Catch up if you aren't finished with Cinnibar Villlage yet.

Chapter 4: Route 2
(1-2 Post)

Description: A rugged and rocky path. The view of the mountains is clear here along with the signs of Seafoam Cave straight ahead on the path. The path is harsh to travel on, but it is short and some rare mountain pokemon can be found.

History: Once a sea route, Route 2 began to take shape along with the rest of the world. Great mountains formed around the area, making a straight path for trainers to travel on while journeying.


Wild Pokemon
Level- 3-6
Type- Flying/Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Peck, Growl, Leer
Rarity- Common

Level- 3-6
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Scratch, Foresight, Defense Curl
Rarity- Common

Level- 3-5
Type- Ground
Gender- Random
Attacks- Scratch, Defense Curl
Rarity- Uncommon

Level- 2-5
Type- Fighting
Gender- Random
Attacks- Low Kick, Leer
Rarity- Rare

*I have made this chapter 1-2 posts in case you wanted to make one post about the discovery of your prize. You will get more information about the prizes when you complete Cinnibar Village.*

January 17th, 2009, 9:38 PM
Bryan sighed as the young boy, Justin, repeatedly thanked him over and over. Minun was currently brooding by his feet, wishing for the boy to shuddup. Zigzagoon was busy sniffing at a loaf og bread on the counter of the boys' house. With a critical eye, it waited until no one was watching him and ate it in one gulp.

"Look, it's alright and whatever, but I need to get going," Bryan said irritably.

Justin grinned. "I understand, what with you being a trainer and all, but I have a gift for you! Or rather, it was my grandfather... But even still, I would like you to have this." The boy produced an egg in a jar, making Bryan blink in surprise. "Maybe it'll hatch into a cheerful pokemon!" JUstin explained.

Bryan thought it best not to say he would kill the pokemon if it hatched into a Cleffa or Igglybuff... Just for good measure, he glared at the sky, just to make sure that whatever higher power out there understood...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Bryan read the sign with narrowed eyes, relieved that he was leaving the horrid island. The rocky trail was known as Route Two, and visibly showed the mountain area of the Seafoam Islands. And apparently there should be some good pokemon about.

"Zigzagoon," he said, looking down at the little pokemon that had taken upon itself to care for the egg. It was currently carrying the egg in a sack Justin had made for the normal type. "Go find a pokemon and drag its butt here for a fight."

Zigzagoon glared but nonetheless dropped the bag carefully and barked at Minun to look after it. "Min," Minun growled, looking reaproachfully at his partner. Zigzagoon growled back. With a disdainful sniff, Minun folded its arms and leaned against the egg sack, looking bored.

"Zig," Zigzagoon said, running into the rocky area. It wasn't long before there was a high pitched scream as a sandy yellow pokemon with a sclaed body was flung into the air. It did a small flip in the air and landed on all fours. Bryan brought out his pokedex.
http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa027.pngSandshrew the ground type pokemon. To protect itself from attackers, it curls into a ball.

"Useless information," Bryan muttered, closing his pokedex. "Zigzagoon, use Tackle!"

"Zig!" Zigzagoon snarled, bounding toward the pokemon. Lowering its head, it picked up speed.

"Sand," Sandshrew growled, quickly curling into a ball that was known as Defense Curl. It took on a hardened sheen.

"Zoig!" Zigzagoon growled, bashing right into it. The ball of Sandshrew was launched into the air and right against a rock.

Sandshrew quickly unrolled itself, looking a bit dizzy but otherwise unbattered. "Shre!" is snarled, running at Zigzagoon with revenge on its mind. "Shrewd!" It leapt high into the air, using the force and height to dive with a fierce speed, claws unsheathed.

"Dodge it!" Bryan barked.

"Zig!" Zigzagoon barked, dodging with a leap. With an angry growl, it prepared to attack.

"Now use Tackle," Bryan ordered.

Lowering its head, Zigzagoon lunged. "Shrew!" Sandshrew snarled, jumping away. Hissing, it began to jump from rock to rock, using its speed and movement to confuse Zigzagoon.

"Watch it carefully," Bryan said. "And when you find an opening, Tackle it."

Zigzagoon threw a glare towards Bryan before turning back to the jumping Sandshrew. With a watchful eye, it lunged, head lowered in preparation. "Shrew!" Sandshrew called, jumping over the normal type. "Sand sand!" it shrieked, clawing furiously at Zigzagoon's side.

"Zg!" Zigzagoon called out in paint, pushing away quickly. "Goon," he growled, glaring at the ground type.

"Sand!" Sandshrew snarled, lunging at Zigzagoon for another Scratch attack.

"Dodge!" Bryan barked.

"Gizoon!" Zigzagoon barked, jumping toward the side. With a vicious snarl at the angered pokemon, it lunged, knocking Sandshrew right in the head.

"Good," Bryan said, nodding approvingly. "Now use another Tackle."

As Zigzagoon lunged, head lowered, Sandshrew lunged as well, claws glowing slightly as lashed out, Scratching furiously at Zigzagoon's head. The normal type winced, gritting its teeth but fought back, lashing out with its hurt head toward Sandshrew.

"Shrew," Sandshrew grunted, quivering for a moment before falling to teh ground. "Shrew," it growled, fighting to get up. After a moment of fighting its shaking feet it got back up.

"Tackle!" Bryan called, just as the ground type regained its balance.

"Zig!" Zigzagoon snarled, bashing right into Sandshrew's head.

"Shreeeew!" Sandshrew shrieked, flying through the air and landing with a few bounces. "Saa... sand," it grunted, falling onto its back.

"Zg," Zigzagoon spat, smirking a bit.

"Good, now its my turn," Bryan stated, throwing a pokeball towards the fallen pokemon. It hit the Sandshrew on the tail, sucking the pokemon inside with a burst of red light. And that's when it began to shake...

January 18th, 2009, 10:32 AM
“Wait… so let me get this straight… you got lost walking down a straight path?” a young boy asked Nina, who shook her head rapidly and blushed out of embarrassment “N-No! I… I thought I heard something and I…” the orange haired girl trailed off sighing softly and began retelling her tale about how she wound up getting lost in the decrepit Gym tunnels.

"I'm so glad we found our way out of that forest" Nina murmured softly to Wurmple and Rose, who was still riding on her shoulders, with a small smile on her face, her two Pokémon however, gave her passive stares as they glanced at each other, wondering how their trainer had managed to get them lost a total of 3 times before they finally made it out of the Woody Path.

“Hey! There’s a Pokémon Center over there… I can heal you two properly now” Nina exclaimed as she made her way quickly over to the wooden building. Upon entering, Nina spotted Nurse Joy and Chansey behind the counter “Welcome to Cinnibar’s Pokémon Center, how may I help you” she chimed with a soft smile Nina walked up to the front desk and placed Wurmple and Rose on the table, pulling out each Pokémon’s respective Pokéballs and recalling them back.

“I’m Nina and I need to get Rose and Wurmple healed…” she murmured “Rose got poisoned on our way here through the Woody Path, but I managed to get rid of the poisoning using a Pecha Berry, but nothing says refreshed like a good rest at the Pokémon Center… right” she explained softly, which Nurse Joy smiled and nodded taking both her Pokémon and handing them to Chansey, who disappeared behind the back.

“Nina, if I may have a word with you” Nina looked up at Nurse Joy who smiled down at the girl “I suggest you go to the PokéMart while your Pokémon are healing and stock up on a few Antidotes and Potions, that way if you run into trouble like before, you’ll be prepared” she suggested and Nina nodded “Yes ma’am, I’ll be back real soon” she exclaimed dashing out the Center to head towards the Mart.

“Can I get some Potion’s and a few Antidote’s sir” she asked the young man behind the Mart’s counter smiled at her and handed Nina the items she needed, the girl gave a quick thanks and darted right back out the PokéMart, overhearing an interesting conversation along the way back to pick up her Pokémon.

“Did you hear about those poor kids that got lost in the Gym ruins” one woman gossiped to her friend

“Yeah, I heard about that… their parent’s must be extremely worried, I’m glad my little Renee is safe and sound at home, I’d hate to find out my kid had disappeared a few days ago and didn’t return home” After hearing that Nina quickly ran back to the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy smiled at her and handed her Rose and Wurmple’s Pokéballs, as she called out her Bud Pokémon “Did you get the Potions and Antidotes” Nina nodded with a thoughtful frown and Nurse Joy’s smile slowly faded “What’s wrong Nina?”

“Its just… I heard some woman gossiping around the town, about some kids being trapped in the Gym ruins” she murmured glancing at Nurse Joy, who smiled sadly “Its true, there have been a group of kids that have gotten lost, we’ve sent out search parties, but so far they haven’t found any of the kids”

Nina had a thought.

“What if…. What if I go and find em” she suggested

“I don’t know Nina, I doubt you’d be able to find all those kids” Nurse Joy said “And your nothing but a kid yourself” Nina held Rose tightly in her hands “With all due respect ma’am, I’m not a kid any more, I’m a Pokémon Trainer now… and I want to help…. So where are the Gym Ruins?” Nurse Joy just shook her head and smiled and pointed Nina in the direction of the Gym.


“You mean the kids are in there” Nina squeaked looking at the decrepit Gym Ruins Rose nodded and nudged Nina’s ankle, telling her to get a move on “B-But…. Look at it! This place looks ready to collapse” she replied pointing at the rickety looking building “Dew Bud!” Rose fixed Nina with a stern glare and pointed at the building “Bud!” Nina sighed sadly and began trudging into the building “Fine, I’m going” neither Budew nor her reluctant trainer noticed the pair of eyes that followed their every move.

“You get the feeling we’re being watched?” Nina had asked Rose once they had entered the Ruin’s Rose nodded to herself looking around the hallway they were currently walking down, nothing looked suspicious… just worn and old “It’s like really creepy…” Nina mumbled and out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw a flash of white, but only for a second “Wha.. What was that” she gasped, turning her head towards the object, but only saw the old, burnt walls of the gym “Well, that was… Oh my good lord it winked at me!”

“Dew?” Rose had been walking slightly ahead of her freaked out trainer “The wall Rose, the wall winked!” she exclaimed pointing at the offending object Rose just shook her head and walked up to the wall, tapping it lightly, and nothing happened… or so they thought, both had shrugged it off and turned back around to finish searching “Haunt Haunter Hehehe” a moment later, a long pink tongue appeared and licked Rose, who froze and shivered, turning to face whatever it was that licked her, both trainer and Pokémon screeched like the girls they were and made a mad dash down the hall, not even sparing a glance back at the snickering Haunter that watched them flee.

“And then after that…. I think we fell down some stairs or something… or I pressed some secret switch on a wall, wither way I wound up tumbling into you” Nina explained, finishing her story and glancing at the young brown haired boy who looked up at her with a passive expression, the Meowth in his arms mimicking his trainer “So your saying a Haunter chased you down here”


“I don’t believe you, I think your lying.”

“What? W-Why?” she asked the kid, somewhat appalled that he didn’t believe her story.

“Because even though this Gym is old, we’ve never had any Ghost Pokémon on this Island” he murmured giving her a hard stare and all Nina could do was gape.

[So Sorry for the late post. Had a bad case of writers block -.- next parts should be out soon too]

January 18th, 2009, 4:03 PM
To Wolfwhispers: Good battle.
You received an Egg!
You caught a level 4 Female Sandshrew!
To ShadowYashi: That's okay. Nice post.
You received 2 Potions!
You received 2 Antidotes!

January 18th, 2009, 4:36 PM
“B-but I’m telling the t-truth! I really did see a Haunter, it even licked Rose!” she mumbled more to herself than Rick, Rick was the boy she was currently helping lead to safety… well more like Rick was leading her to safety, the gym was really freaking her out and the fact that she still felt those eyes on her, which she assumed was Haunter, but the Ghost had yet to make an appearance.

“Maybe… maybe I did just imagine it” she murmured to herself, thinking back on what Rick said, he assumed that she just made up the whole getting chased by ghosts thing, it saddened her somewhat that he didn’t believe her “Budew. Dew Dew!” Rose had been walking beside Nina and had sensed her mood change, she tapped the girls leg lightly and motioned for her to ignore Rick’s harsh words, besides that kid knew nothing.

Nina smiled softly and picked up her Budew “Thanks Rose” she muttered softly, hugging the Bud Pokémon, who hugged her back “are you two done yet” Rick asked and Meowth ‘nya’d’ as well, both were annoyed by this girl and her Budew, Rick just wanted to get out of these stupid ruins and go home, have a nice shower and meal and get to bed and Meowth just wanted a nice meal and his bed.

Nina pulled away from Rose and sighed softly before she continued to follow after Rick, while Rose glared daggers in the back of his head, this kid was extremely rude, and to her trainer! Nina was one of the nicest people she’s known, the girl didn’t deserve such treatment, especially from some kid who was younger than her “Dew Budew!” Rose chirped from Nina’s arms smiling reassuringly at her and Nina smiled back “leave it to Rose to make me feel better” she mused.

“So which way do we go?”

Nina blinked out of her musings and looked at the fork in the tunnel “Uhh…” she studied both paths, they looked the same, but something in her gut told her that one of those paths just had danger written all over it “I’m not sure…. You’ve been down here longer than me, why don’t you decide” she grumbled at the boy, who scowled at her “Just because I got lost, doesn’t mean I took the time to explore the tunnels” he stated and Nina sighed, running a hand through her hair, how were they going to get out of this one.

Go left.

Nina gasped when she felt a tiny prick at the back of her mind telling her to head left, she didn’t really trust the foreign feeling in her head, but when she glanced down the left tunnel and saw the darkness wink at her, Nina had a feeling she knew what was behind it that feeling the strange Haunter was helping her, but why? Shaking her head, Nina smiled in silent thanks at the grinning specter before turning towards a grumbling Rick “C’mon, I know the way out” Rick snorted from his spot, but followed Nina as she headed down the left tunnel.

“I thought you said you knew the way out”

Rick hissed as he glared at Nina who flinched slightly from his glare “You lead us straight to a dead end!” he declared pointing at the solid rock wall “B-but the Haunter--” Rick cut her off with an annoyed huff, Meowth no longer in his arms, they had sent their Pokémon to scout around for another way out and the two haven’t come back yet “There is no Haunter, because there are no ghosts on this island! What part of that don’t you seem to get!” Nina’s eyes widened at the boy, before they lowered, she sniffed lightly and looked away from the angry child.

“Y-You’re right” she mumbled softly, swallowing the lump in her throat “T-There is no Haunter, I was just… maybe it was a trick of the light and I was just seeing things” Rick just snorted and rolled his eyes and glanced back down the path Rose and Meowth took “Grr, where the heck are they” he grumbled, only to be answered seconds later.



Rose and Meowth had finally returned and the latter was holding something between its teeth, Rose on the other hand rushed over to Nina and leapt into her arms, smiling up at the girl, who had hidden her sadness behind a false smile. Rick took the item and glanced it over, before his eyes widened in realization “Its an Escape Rope! We can finally get out of here” he exclaimed “But were did you guys find it? I didn’t see any escape ropes lying around on the ground when we first walked down the path” Meowth just gave a cry that indicated they just found it and at the back of her mind, Nina felt another prick.

It was that Haunter again, she assumed it was the Ghost that had given Meowth the rope, but why? “Okay, I’ve set the Escape Rope up, stand in the middle of the circle” Nina blinked in confusion, never having used an Escape Rope before, Rick had unraveled the rope and layed it on the ground so it could shape into a giant circle, but the two ends were apart “Hurry up and get in the circle, I’d like to get out of here some time today!” he snapped.

Nina’s lips formed into a thin line as she kept quiet and shook her head before stepping into the circle, with Rose in her arms, with Meowth by his side, Rick then took the too ends and placed them together so they could meet and within seconds and a bright flash later the two and their Pokémon were standing outside the front of the Gym “Finally, I can go home!” Rick exclaimed as Meowth nodded in agreement.

“Your welcome” Nina mumbled looking away from the rejoicing boy, who then turned to her with an apologetic smile “Yeah, thanks… I’m sorry… about before I mean, I was just irritated, after being stuck underground for so long… even the smallest stuff tends to get to you” he explained “Thanks again Nina, I would’ve never made it out of there if it were for you” Nina smiled softly and nodded “No problem” she mumbled glancing back at the gym and wonder if that Haunter was around or why it was helping her.

Said Haunter was a however had already made its way back to its trainer, a boy about the age of 17 was resting near the outskirts of town, waiting for his partner to get back “You always gotta play the hero to any cute girl you see, don't you Haunter” the boy asked his Pokémon, who nodded and looked sheepish the boy just shook his head and sighed “Eh whatever, as long as you didn’t cause any trouble, then I guess I can let it go. Now C’mon Haunter, we’ve got to get going, you’ve had your fun” Haunter pouted childishly and stuck his tongue out at his retreating trainer, the Ghost had wanted to hang around the village just a little while longer “You keep it up and I won’t give you anymore Berries” Haunter looked appalled before he ran after his trainer.

January 18th, 2009, 4:38 PM
Chapter 7: The long awaited (about 15 min long) battle!
"Ah!" Tom said as he and Mime Jr left the ash filled village that was Cinnibar. He filled his lungs with fresh air, clearing them of the soot and grime that had gathered there. "Lets get started shall we?" Tom said to his partner. However Mime Jr was looking down the road aways where a siloate of a person was standing. Tom and Mime Jr raced towards it.

"Hey Tom!" the siloate shouted. Tom then realized that it was Bobby, the boy he had met in the gym. "I think I want to cash in on that battle we promised each other!"

"But....we just left each other like 15 minutes ago?" Tom said confused.

"Yeah well I'm an impatient guy. Lets go Chimchar!" Bobby cried as he threw out the flaming monkey. "Chim!" Chimchar said as it burst out of its ball. "Thata boy Chimchar! Getting pumped for battle!"

Tom took out his PokeTech to get a read on Chimchar. "Chimchar, the Chimp Pokemon. It agilely scales sheer cliffs to live atop craggy mountains. Its fire is put out when it sleeps." it said.

"Ok then...Go Starly!" Tom cried as he sent out the Starling Pokemon. "Starly!" he cried happy to be out of the confines of the ball. "Starly use Quick Attack!" Tom ordered.

Faster then the human eye could follow Starly made a bee line for Chimchar. "Chimchar dodge and use Ember!" Bobby suddenly cried. Like a gymnest, Chimchar cartwheeled away then turned around and spat out a bunch of small flames. Starly was knocked off cource sending him into a tumble.

"Starly brace through it and use Quick Attack!" Tom said. "Star!" Starly obayed and instantly corrected itself. Faster then before, Starly managed to hit its mark.

"Gotcha. Chimchar use Fury Swipes!" Bobby smirked. "Chimchimchim...." Chimchar as it raked Starly repeatedly with its sharp claws. Starly was defenceless.

"Starly use Quick Attack to get away!" Tom cried. Starly managed to get away but just barely. Tom could see he was just hanging on. "Ok Starly use Quick Attack!" Tom ordered. Starly looked scared at the thought but obayed and sped towards Chimchar.

"Heh too easy!" Bobby bragged. "Chimchar use Ember!" "Starly dodge!" Chimchar spat out the small flames again but Starly used his speed to dodge them all. "Get ready to use Fury Swipes Chimchar." Bobby muttered. Starly sped on. Just as Chimchar was about to swing down its claws Tom yelled "Starly Tackle!" Starly deaccelerated which caused Chimchar to swing too early and Starly hit it dead on using the speed it had gained from Quick Attack.

"Chimchar return! Go Geodude!" Bobby said as he sent out the rock. Once again Tom took out his PokeTech.

"Geodude, the Rock Pokemon. Many live on mountain trails and remain half buried while keeping an eye on climbers." the mechanical voice said.

"Allright Starly return!" Tom said giving the bird a much needed rest. "Go Mime Jr!" "Mime Mime Mime!" Mime Jr said as he entered the fray. "Mime Jr use Confusion!"

Mime Jr unleashed the wave of psychic energy towards the Rock Pokemon. "Geodude use Rock Slide on the ground!" Bobby ordered. Geodude obayed and a wall of rocks blocked the assault. Mime Jr looked around for Geodude. However the Pokemon was behind him and hit Mime Jr around the head with a Mega Punch.

"Mime Jr use Meditate!" Tom said. Mime Jr sat down in a monk postion focusing its psychic power.

"Geodude stop them with Rollout!" Bobby cried. Geodude sped towards Mime Jr like a huge boulder.

"Mime Jr now use Confusion!" Tom said suddenly. Mime Jr moved like a Water Bender using the water whip (just for you Avatar Fans ;)) and threw a huge psychic wave, bigger than the last knocking Geodude away into dreamland.

"Damn. Looks like you win." Bobby said with a smile.

"I guess so!" Tom said with an equally big smile.

"If thats the case why dont you take this?" Bobby said taking something out of his pack. He handed Tom an Egg.

"Is it a Pokemon Egg?" Tom asked unsure. It looked like one but it was a different color than usual.

"Yep. I think you would make a better trainer for it then me." Bobby said. "See ya around some time." he said as he walked off.

"Yeah I guess so." Tom said walking the other way, wondering what had just happened.
"Sir its me." Bobby said a few miles away.

"Of course its you, you're the only one with this number!" a voice said out of Bobby's PokeTech.

"Oh yeah sorry Grandpa." Bobby said sheepishly.

"I told you don't call me that!" The voice said after a fit of coughing. "Now this.....Tom Ato. Could he be of help?"

"I'm not sure yet. He certainly is powerful but I don't know where is loyites lie."

"Make sure you find out soon. This war is iminite!"

"Yes sir." Bobby said as he cut the link. He look towards the direction Tom had went. "I'm sure we'll meet again very soon Mr. Ato."

January 19th, 2009, 8:42 AM
To ShadowYashi: Great use of the escape rope. The side effect of the Haunter was great as well!
To Old Lace: Wow, cliffhanger! What will happen next?
Starly grew to level 8!
Mime Jr. grew to level 12!
Mime Jr is trying to learn Encore, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Encore?
You received an Egg!

January 19th, 2009, 9:26 PM
“Can you see the outline of Seafoam Cave from here Wurmple?”

“Wurmple!” the small bug shook her head no from her perch atop Nina’s head, Nina was standing on a boulder, that was located on the path, they were trying to figure out how long and how far it would be to get to their destination, for the trio were only at the outskirts of Route 2, having just left Cinnabar Village, sighing Nina slightly shifted the messenger bag that rested against her hip, not wanting to damage the contents inside the bag.

It was a gift, from Nurse Joy… after Rick had been sent home, Nina took a short rest at the Pokémon Center she, Rose and Wurmple ate their fill before leaving the Center and the had only got to the exit of the Village, before Nurse Joy had called out to her and thrust the bag into her hand, she said an old woman had left it here a few weeks ago and told Joy to give it to a Trainer that would take good care of it for her and Joy thought, Nina would be a good choice, so she gave the egg to her.

“I wonder what’s inside it” Nina murmured taking the egg from its carrier and holding it in her arms, having given up trying to spot the Cave from her current position, she sat down cross legged on the rock she was previously standing on, Wurmple was still on her head and Rose was sitting on Nina’s left knee “How long do you think it’ll take to hatch” she asked her two Pokémon, before placing an ear lightly against the shell and then moments later, she put it back in it carrier bag “Alright you two, let’s get moving, or we’ll never make it to the cave” she announced standing, Wurmple still on her head and Rose in her arms.

“Hmm the path seems to be getting narrower and more Pokémon are beginning to appear” she murmured to Rose and Wurmple as they continued to walk down the path, Nina had noticed a few Sentret and Sandshrew peek out from either burrows from the ground or on some cliff sides from the mountains that were strung along the path, watching the trainer “Hmm I wonder if I should catch one… Sentret’s evolve into Furret’s and their kinda cool” Nina thought reaching along her belt for a Pokéball but as she opened her mouth to issue a command to Rose, a fearful cry from Wurmple startled her and she was thoroughly confused when the bug quickly scurried down her head and onto her shoulder.

Glancing up, Nina’s eyes widened and she ducked quickly, just narrowly missing the sharp talons aimed at her head where Wurmple once was, there was a loud squawk and the sound of wings fluttering met her ears. Turning around, Nina, Wurmple and Rose met the hungry gaze of a wild Spearow, it hovered dangerously above the trio, eyeing Wurmple who gulped, Nina pulled out her PokéTech, which scanned the bird and sprang to life.

Spearow, the Tiny Bird Pokémon. “Unlike Pidgey, Spearow has a terrible attitude. It is very wild and will sometimes attack other Pokémon and humans."

“I see” Nina mumbled, placing Rose on the ground “Alright Rose, your up” Rose nodded and was about to leap into battle, but Wurmple cried out, glancing on her shoulder, Wurmple glared at the Spearow that tried looked ready to eat her “Ple! Wurmple!” Nina blinked and watched as Wurmple crawled down her shoulder and onto the ground, a few feet away from the hovering bird “You wanna fight it Wurmple?” Wurmple nodded and readied herself “Ple! Ple!”

“Okay then, start off with String Shot!” Wurmple nodded and fired a shot of sticky goop at Spearow, who dodged the attack by leaning towards the side, it then dived at Wurmple, who didn’t have enough time to dodge and rammed her with its beak, the bug flew back a few paces, rolling on the dirt path “Wurmple! You okay?” Wurmple nodded and slowly raised itself from the ground, Spearow had landed on the ground a few inches away from Wurmple and ran at it on its tiny legs, about to peck the bug once more.

“String Shot!”

While it was up close, Wurmple spat a string of goo at the bird, catching it right between the eyes, the tiny bird cried out and bought its wings up to its face at remove the goop “Now Tackle it!” Wurmple nodded and threw her body at the bird, who was blinded by the String Shot. Once it finally got free, Spearow leered at Wurmple, who froze at the sheer anger she felt and Spearow took this moment of weakness to peck at it again “Try another string shot!” Spearow however, was a clever little bird and took to the skies, right before it got caught in the sticky web.

“Crud, you can’t tackle it while in the air… so use String shot!”

Wurmple nodded and fired another string of web at the bird, who dodged once again by veering right, it crowed haughtily from the skies, knowing the bug had no chance of reaching it in its domain, but Nina refused to give in “Okay Wurmple, just keep using String Shot until it gets tired or something, then once it sets foot on the ground… tackle it hard!” Wurmple nodded and kept on firing its string.

This had been going on for about several minutes now, Wurmple would fire String Shot and Spearow would just dodge and then some times the bird would dodge, then dive bomb the bug with peck and poor abused Wurmple would just keep getting up, refusing to stay down, but then as Wurmple kept on firing string, she noticed Spearow was beginning to get sluggish and slower, its wings must be getting tired after all that constant flapping and dodging, the bird knowing that as soon as it landed, that it would meet its demise, due to a well placed tackle.

Spearow was stubborn and it refused to lose, especially to something low on its food chain, but they’ve been at this shoot dodge shoot thing for almost ten minutes now and its wings were beginning to ache and fatigue began to settle in, but he wasn’t the only one that was getting tired and was hurt, that bug had it just as bad and perhaps even worse, this last attack should finish it, Spearow would make sure of it giving one final crow, Spearow dived at Wurmple, it’s sharp beak in position to take the worm out.

Its was either perfect timing or pure luck, because when Spearow swooped low and was about to ram its beak into Wurmple’s abused torso, at the last second, Nina called out to the bug and it dodged, quickly moving to the side as the Spearow flew past it and crashed to the ground, tumbling in a panting heap… the bird was tired and wanted to rest its wings a bit before rearing up and attacking again and Nina took this as the perfect time to toss her Pokéball, as she watched the ball engulf the bird and wobble back and fourth, she hoped Spearow wouldn’t break out and attack them again before glancing at Wurmple, who looked exhausted.

January 20th, 2009, 6:56 PM
To ShadowYashi: Why did the stupid Spearow have to distract you! Now you have time to get back at it!
You caught a level 5 Male Spearow!

To Everyone: Old Lace brought my attention to something about your egg pokemon. You MAY choose the moves it knows as long as they aren't ridiculous attacks that any baby would know. You may think of your list and give it to me in the ooc thread if you want.

January 22nd, 2009, 11:21 PM
The pokeball stopped shaking and ended with a 'ping', signifying that the capture was succesful. Bryan smirked as he picked up the pokeball, checking its stats.

"Zig," Zigzagoon sighed, trotting over and taking the egg back from a scowling Minun. Just for good measure, Zigzagoon growled as Minun gave an irritated spark.

"Not bad," Bryan murmered, heading jerking up as he saw a boy coming toward him, eyeing the area carefully. "Hey!" Bryan barked, startling the boy. "Wanna battle?"

Smirking, the boy nodded. "Sure, I've been looking for a challenge. Rules?"

"Two verse two," Bryan said.

"Sounds good," the boy said. "I'm Erin by the way. You?"

"Bryan," Bryan answered, throwing Sandshrew's pokeball to the ground.

"Sand," Sandshrew said lowly, shaking itself and looking around in confusion. Realization sunk in as it stared at Bryan. "Shrew," it said, nodding as Bryan handed her a potion to heal herself. Once done, she jumped in front of Erin.

Erin eyed the ground type before sending out his pokemon, foregoing the usual "Go!" Bryan brought out his pokedex as the green bird appeared.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/177natu.pngNatu, the psychic bird pokemon. When it moves, it does so with a skip.

"This is such a useless machine," Bryan grunted, looking at the pokemon. "Sandshrew, Scratch!" he ordered.

"Sand!" Sandshrew barked, running quickly toward the green bird. "Shrew!" Sandshrew cried, swiping at the fluttering pokemon and sending it reeling.

"Peck!" Erin ordered directly, face firm in a scowl as he saw his pokemon get hurt.

"Dodge with that speed I saw earlier," Bryan demanded.

Sandshrew nodded happily, only too eager to show off its skills. It ran and dodged expertly as Natu tried to Peck at it, flingings its arms and legs out of the way. "Sand sand!" Sandshrew cried out excitedly, chuckling as it jumped back a ways and away from the sharp beak. "Sand," Sandshrew sang.

"Enough playing around," Bryan ordered harshly. "Scratch attack."

"Sand!" Sandshrew said, charging at Natu.

"Peck again!" Erin ordered.

"Naa!" Natu screeched, stubby wings flying as quick as possible towars Sandshrew. "Nat!" Natu cawed, Pecking right at Sandshrew's head.

"Shrew!" Sandshrew gasped in surprise, trying to blocking by swinging her arms around wildly. Luckily, she got a good Scratch in just as Natu tried to get back.

Erin scowled as he saw the damage being done to his small bird. "Night Shade," he sneered.

Natu sang a trill note, eyes glowing gray as a sickly substance covered Sandshrew.

"Sand," Sandshrew murmered weakly, beginning to pant as the pain sunk in.

"Don't give in!" Bryan snapped. "Scratch!"

Grimacing, Sandshrew glared and ran at full speed, giving a battle cry. "Shreeww!" she cried, jumping at the retreating pokemon and Scratching it as hard as she could right on the head and basically throwing it to the ground.

Natu landed harshly, body shivering as its nerves and resolve gave out. "Naat."

"Natu, return," Erin said, recalling his pokemon. "Go, Staryu!" Bryan hurriedly brought out his pokedex.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/rssprites/120staryu.pngStaryu, the star pokemon. If a limb is torn off, it can be regrown.

"Water Gun!" Erin commanded quickly. Instantly, a gush of water slammed right into Sandshrew, knocking her out.

"Saan..." Sandshrew muttered, eyes closing.

"Return," Bryan muttered, recalling the ground type. "Your up, Minun."

Erin let out a chuckle. "No offense, but are you sure you wouldn't rather have that fierce Zigzagoon fight instead? Even with a type advantage, Minun aren't all that..."

"Minun!" Minun roared, charging like a demon, body sparking with vicious electrcity as it bashed right into Staryu, causing it to call out in pain.

"...strong," Erin finished, completely dumbfounded as the normally cute pokemon had a look of pure evil and began to punch and bite at the star, each limb coated in electrcity.

"Get away!" Erin called out desperately.

"No good," Bryan said, watching the star jump away. "This devil's shocks are too strong.

"Min," Minun growled lowly, hunching over and giving a bloodthirsty grin, an electrical spark flicking from its ear from time to time.

Erin stared at the small pokemon a bt unsure, glancing at Bryan occasionally, eyes demanding to know what could have caused such a normally sweet pokemon to be so... satanic.

"Rapid Spin!" Erin barked out, no longer able to hold it in any longer.

"Sa!" Staryu called, spinning faster than an airplain wheel. It charged, bashing right into Minun's gut, sending the small electric type sprawling.

"Min," Minun spat, sending a Thundershock attack.

"Dodge with another Rapid Spin!" Erin commanded.

"Charge while surrounding your body with electricity," Bryan demanded.

As Staryu spun towards Minun, the tiny pokemon charged, scowl gracing its face as its body was covered in electrcity. Scowl turning into a smirk, Minun jumped and met Staryu midair.

"Starr!" Staryu cried shrilly, electrcity surroundings its body as it began to spin out of control and off to a distance, a fair bit away from Minun. "Yu," Staryu whimpered, sliding across the ground, body jerking with the occasional spark or two.

"Min," Minun smirked, nodding to itself as it stood straight and folded its arms.

"Staryu?" Erin questioned, moving over to his pokemon. After a moment, he sighed, recalling his pokemon. "You win," he said grudingly. He looked at Minin for a moment. "There's something wrong with that pokemon," he stated.

"I know," Bryan said with a shrug, not denying it. Minun in fact seemed proud of the statement and gave a cold smirk towards Erin.

"Zigg," Zigzagoon sighed off to the side, rolling his eyes, waiting to move on.

"Right..." Erin wavered. With a shrug, he turned away and began to walk off, not bothering to wave goodbye.

Bryan sighed softly, jerking his head at the others to follow. "Come on, I'm tired of this route."

Minun grudgingly followed behind while Zigzagoon carefully picked up the bag with the egg in it, walking with a slight limp from its prevous battle.

The Kricket
January 23rd, 2009, 6:19 PM
Not long after Alex left the village, he realized that he had barely eaten since the day before. While at first this did not seem like such a dream, after awhile his stomach rumbled nonstop with the pangs of hunger. Hoping to alleviate these pains, Alex looked for a spot to stop, hopefully not one where a wild Pokémon could attack him. After looking for awhile, he found the perfect spot; a grassy knoll raised above the rest of the forest. From this spot he would be able to see any wild Pokémon before they attacked him, and plus, it was comfortable. So, he made a beeline for the knoll, arriving after a second of tiptoeing through some tall grass.

Once on the knoll, he took off his backpack, and sat down for a well disserved rest. Rummaging around, he was eventually able to find some food, and grabbed a loaf of bread. He started eating, greedily taking chunks out of it. This continued for some time, until he had eaten all of the bread. Just as he was about to but it away, he was knocked over.

It took him a second to realize what was happening. So, when he finally looked up, he saw a small brown Pokémon running off, his bag comically stuck over its head. Wondering why he hadn’t seen it, he started running after it. Luckily, it couldn’t navigate that well with a bag on its head, and he succeeded in catching up in under a minute. Once he pulled level with it, he grabbed it, attempting to wrestle it to the ground. Unfortunately, the Pokémon proved stronger then him. In the end, his struggles did little but dislodge the bag a bit from the Pokémon’s head. This enabled the Pokémon to see, and it made a running jump towards the bottom of the knoll. Once their, it started digging, sand flying up, nearly blinding Alex. In moments it was gone, and most of his bag with it.

Alex sighed, his luck had struck again. The only boon in this whole situation was that when the bag had been knocked from the Pokémon’s head, out had fallen both of his pokeball’s. Sighing, he picked them up. Speaking, mostly to himself, he started berating them,

“Well some help you turned out to be!” although his Pokémon did not answer him, he knew what they were thinking: don’t blame us, it’s your fault. Realizing the truth of the(admittedly imaginary) statement, he gave up assigning blame, and gathering the few things the Pokémon had left him, continued his walk through the forest. Slowly he walked into the forest, not quite sure what to do. He had no bag, but he had lived like this before, and was not afraid of his lack of supplies. So only slightly dispirited he continued his walk. He had been walking, this time keeping an eye on the ground as well as his surroundings for about ten minutes, when he came to a small cliff. Pausing to examine it, he was once more caught in an odd set of circumstances. Seeming of their own volition, his legs flew forward, knocked by some unseen force. Unfortunately he had no time to react, and was thrown over the edge, into the burbling brook that lay below it.

It took him a moment to gain his bearings as he sunk into the water. After a moment, he was able to stop his fall and surface. Once on the surface he beat a hasty path towards the edge. Once there he dragged himself out of the water, ready for anything that awaited him. But as his right foot exited the stream, he kicked something up from the brook’s floor. Looking down, he saw that he had brought a small egg to the surface.

He saw that it was a Pokémon egg, which seemed bizarre. He couldn’t think what a Pokémon Egg was doing at the bottom of the river. Picking up the egg, he felt its smooth surface. He looked at the egg, warily, after all with his luck it was liable to explode in his face. Gingerly he picked it up, and examined it. It appeared to be a perfectly normal Pokémon egg, but he was still a bit wary of it. Only as he examined the egg did he hear an odd scuffing noise. Looking around himself, he saw nothing. Realizing that he would have to get back up the cliff, he looked around, trying to find a place to climb up. After some looking, he saw a tree that grew a bit to close to the cliff. Walking up to it, he grabbed on, and begun hauling himself up. It took him a bit less then a minute to reach the top of the cliff. Nearly collapsing from exhaustion, he once more heard a scuffing noise.

He slowly turned, and saw a Pokémon that looked similar to the one that had stolen his bag earlier. In fact, he noticed with a second glance, it was the same Pokémon, he could see his bag, clutched between its two front paws. Angry, and glad to have someone to blame, he grabbed a pokeball, and threw it to the ground. Out of it, ready for action came Zangoose.

January 24th, 2009, 8:30 AM
To Wolfwhispers: Decent Post. Minun is pure evil, that's for sure.
Sandshrew grew to level 7!
Minun grew to level 10!
Sandshrew learned Sand-Attack!
Minun learned Quick Attack!
Minun is trying to learn Helping Hand, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Helping Hand?
To The Kricket: Good post. Let's see how this turns out.
You found an Egg!

January 24th, 2009, 8:39 PM
Will steadied his breath to make it quieter. Marcus had just left Cinnibar with his beginning Pokemon for his journey. He had appearently battled with the Pokemon before and had accidentally left it behind when he went in to the labyrinth like thing. Will was secretly following him, wanting to battle him but was studying him first.

Will accidentally stepped on and snapped a twig. He quickly hid behind a tree trunk as Marcus spun around curiously. Will stopped breathing and Marcus shrugged. Then, he began to follow Marcus again.

Marcus had appearently started out with a Bulbusar, which Will thought to be odd as Marcus had been raised in a village chock full of fire type Pokemon. But, Will shrugged the idea figuring somebody didn't have to act like everybody else in his village.

Marcus then stopped moving as he spotted a little tan pokemon with a long tail. Will took out his Pokedex and pressed the mute button, and then scanned both Bulbusaru, and the new Pokemon.

Sentret, the Scout Pokemon. It has a very nervous nature. It stands up high on its tail so it can scan wide areas.

The Pokedex read across the screen as Will held it pointed at the new Pokemon. Then, he pointed it at Bulbusaur.

Bulbusaur, the seed Pokemon. For some time after its birth, it grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back.

The Pokedex read across the screen. Will nodded and slipped the Pokedex back in to its case and then stepped out of his hidding place.

"Hey Marcus." he said.

MArcus jumped slightly and the Sentret quickly scurried away. Marcus spun around with a look of aggravation. Then, he turned his look to normal.

"What do you want...uh, I didn't catch your name earlier?" Marcus asked.

"Name's Will. And, I was wondering if you want to have a battle?" Will asked.

Marcus shuddered as Riolu came quietly walking out of a bush behind Will.

"That's ok. I uh, actually don't really want to battle Riolu. I mean, he is awesome, he's just...uncontrolled. I saw what you did to the inside of the Pokemon Center last night." Marcus said nervously.

"Don't worry. If things get to out of hand I'll return him, k?" Will asked.

Marcus looked down at his feet, pondering his answer. He then finally looked up at Will and sighed.

"Fine. Let's do it...say in thirty minutes, this exact spot. I want to bring in some last minute training. Ok?" Marcus finally decided.

"Deal!" Will said quickly.

Marcus nodded and spun around, dashing away. Will smiled and then noticed Riolu looking at something behind a rock. Will walked over there, wondering what Riolu was looking at. He then saw a white egg with a few green dots on it. Will was amazed. He saw an abandoned egg.

Will looked around nervously, and slung his bag over his shoulder and sat it on the ground. Then he rumaged through his knapsack, pushing things around, and gently placed the egg inside of the bag. He then put the bag over his shoulder and wondered what he could do for thirty minutes. He then sat down at the base of a tree, wondering what to do.


I'll do the next post with the battle:)

January 24th, 2009, 11:49 PM
The light ding from the Pokéball reassured Nina, as she sighed in relief and picked up her newly caught Spearow, she then glanced over at her panting Wurmple and recalled it back as well “Return Wurmple, you did a great job” Nina then clipped both balls back to her belt and motioned to Rose to follow her as the continued to walk down the path towards Seafoam’s Cave.

“Dew. Budew”

Nina looked at Rose, who looked slightly tired… they had been walking for quite a while “You getting tired Rose, you wanna rest for a bit?” Rose nodded and sat where she stood, before Nina did the same, plopping to the ground right where she stood and placing the egg of slightly to the side “I should let Wurmple and Spearow out as well right?” Rose nodded and Nina pulled the two balls from her belt and both snapped open with musical chimes as the worm and the bird appeared before them. "Wurmple!" Wurmple scurried her way over to Nina and crawled up her trainer's shoulder "Are you okay Wurmple?" Wurmple nodded and Nina looked thoughtful, before rummaging through her pack and pulling out an Oran Berry "Here, eat this... It'll help regain some of your health" Wurmple nodded happily and plucked the berry from Nina's fingers, she then turned to Spearow, who was glaring at the trio.

"Here you go Spearow." Nina took out the other Oran Berry she had and held it infront of the bird, who growled and snapped his beak at her fingers, causing Nina to pull her hand back cautiously "Spear! Spearow!" he flapped his wings and snarled at her, wanting her to stay away. Spearow were a stubborn species and this one was prideful and its ego had been injured harshly, not only did it loose to its prey, but he had been captured... and not even by a strong trainer, but some... some novice female trainer! "Alright, I won't force you... but I would like it if you ate the berry Spearow... I don't want you to be injured or fatigued in any way" she murmured staring at the bird who glared at her.

Spearow just huffed and looked away when she placed the Oran Berry a few feet away from him "Please Spearow" Nina asked, but Spearow continued to ignore her and her attempts to make amends. "Dew! Budew!" Rose made a gesture to Nina with her vines that looked to say ignore him and she bounded over to her trainer with a smile on her face "Dew Budew" Nina returned the smile with one of her own and went to check up on her egg, only to find the bag it was being carried in empty "Umm guys.... what happened to the egg?" Rose and Wurmple looked at Nina with wide eyes, while Spearow looked uninterested.

"I had just sat it right beside me for a few seconds... it couldn't have walked up and got away right?" she asked herself, glancing around for the egg "We've gotta find it guys, c'mon" with that said Nina stood up with Wurmple on her shoulder and Rose in her arms, she glanced down at Spearow "Spearow, come on now is not the time... we need to find the egg and if you had a birds eye view from up high, we could find it faster" Spearow stared back up at her with an expressionless face and it clearly had no intention on helping her and she huffed out of annoyance before pulling out his Pokéball "Fine then, Return Spearow!" the Tiny Bird didn't even flinch when it was sucked back in it's ball and Nina placed it back on her belt "I guess... Spearow really doesn't like me" she mumbled softly.

"Wumple! Ple! Ple!"

"Dew! Dew! Budew!"

Her other two companions chirped from their respective places and Nina glanced at them with a soft smile "Well... even if he doesn't like me... I still have you two" Wurmple and Rose nodded happily in agreement but Nina still felt a bit saddened by this predicament, it wouldn't do good if her Pokémon refused to listen to her and she still had to find her egg, before someone else did or if something happened to it. Sighing softly Nina continued to glance around for her egg, when she spotted it a good few feet up ahead being carried by a wild Sentret "Wurmple! Rose! That Sentret... in its arms! Its the Egg!" Sure enough the Sentret had the egg clutched in its arms and was running away from the group, apparently having spotted them and picked up speed.

"Wait Sentret! That's my Egg! I need that!" Nina's shouts seemed to be futile because the Sentret was not slowing down at all.

"Haunter! Haunt Haunt"

"I told you Haunter, be patient, he'll be back with some food soon just wait a little while longer" glancing at his other Pokémon he then turned towards his Pidgey... a bit anxious himself "Can you see him Pidgey?" the bird, who was hovering a good few feet in the sky nodded and used his wings to point "Pidgey!" sure enough bounding over towards them was his recently captured Sentret and he was holding... an Egg.

"Sentret! Tret! Tret!"

"Sentret.... where'd you find this egg?" Zack asked taking the egg from the scout. Sentret opened its mouth and was about to reply but it had been tackled out of the way by a wild Wurmple Zack blinked at the strangeness of it all... why was there a Wurmple in the middle of a mountain filled area? "String Shot Wurmple!" a feminine voice shouted out and Zack only managed to catch a flash of blue and orange before he noticed a girl standing over his now tied up Sentret "I'm sorry to do this Sentret, but you took my egg and I need it back" she told Sentret.

"Its that girl" Zack thought glancing over to his Haunter, who's eyes lit up in recognition and he floated silently over to Nina, a wide mischievous grin on his ghoulish face "Haunter don't you da--" It was too late right before the words had left his mouth the damage had already been done Haunter had licked Nina on the side of her face... for her attention was all on his Sentret and she had been caught off guard by the long pink tongue that had licked her. She froze and shuddered before glancing slowly at whatever had licked her "Hau-Haunter!" she gasped and Rose had cried out too "what... what are you doing here? Do you have a trainer?" Haunter nodded with his permanent grin etched on his face and pointed at Zack, who was standing off to the side watching all this confusion, Pidgey was on his shoulder watching it too Nina glanced him over once before her eyes caught sight of her stolen egg and anger erupted on her face "My Egg! Give it back you thief!"

"So Sentret was the one who took your egg"

Nina nodded and Zack gave her an apologetic glance and ran a hand through his messy black locks, her egg was now back in its carrier, which was resting snugly against her hip "I'm sorry Nina, I didn't think he'd take an Egg when I asked for food" Zack was probably a good 2 inches taller than Nina, his eyes were brown and his hair was short and had messy spikes, wearing a thin long sleeved shirt under a short sleeved black jacket and some faded blue jeans and sneakers "So that's your Haunter?" she asked softly glancing at the spectre that was hanging with Rose, Wurmple and Sentret "Yeah... I've had that floating ball of trouble since he was just a Gastly" Nina smiled softly and looked at the Pidgey resting on Zack's shoulder, he absentmindedly stroked the bird with his index finger and it cooed happily... her smile then turned into a thoughtful frown "I wish Spearow were like that"

"What's the frown for?" Zack's voice broke her from her thought's and she blushed "I... was just thinking about my Spearow" she mumbled "I just caught it, after it attacked us... its a bit stubborn and won't listen to me... I don't know what to do"

"How about a battle?"

"How is a battle supposed to help me gain Spearow's trust?"

"Not sure... but I've been itching to battle someone for a while now" Zack shrugged and pulled out another Pokéball as he told Pidgey to get in the middle of the field "Lets have a double battle"

Nina gaped at his answer but pulled out Spearow's Pokéball as well "Rose, come over here and Spearow come out!" Rose made her way over to the battle field and Spearow popped out of his Pokéball, looking to Nina for an explanation "Your battling Zack's Pokémon with Rose as your partner" Spearow scowled at Rose but turned back to the battle that was about to begin "Sherry Start off with ThunderWave on Spearow and Pidgey Use Tackle!" Zack tossed down a Pokéball and it began to take shape into a small, round, blue fish-like Pokémon with a pair of tiny white fins and two small blue feet it has two antennae that are positioned on its rear like two tails, there is a yellow teardrop-shaped orb at the end of each and its eyes had pupils shaped like plus signs. She pulled out her PokéTech and scanned the Pokémon.


Chinchou. The Angler Pokémon. When it senses danger, it discharges positive and negative electricity from its two antennae. It lives in depths beyond sunlight's reach.

Sherry was the first to react, its two antennae sparked and it fired a blue charge of negative energy at Spearow "Dodge it Spearow!" Spearow flew into the air, avoiding the beam but was caught off guard when Pidgey tackled it "Use Absorb Rose!" Rose nodded and began to sap energy from Chinchou "Peck Spearow!" Spearow ignored her orders however and Leered at Pidgey who halted in the air then Spearow dived at Pidgey and rammed it with its beak "Supersonic on Spearow Sherry!"

"Get out of the way Spearow!"

Too engrossed with pecking the daylight's out of Pidgey and intent on ignoring its trainer's call, Spearow was hit dead on with the rings from Supersonic, causing instant confusion "Spearow snap out of it and use Peck! Rose, use Absorb again on Chinchou!"

"Dodge Sherry and use Bubble and Pidgey use Tackle"

Chinchou bounced out of the way of Rose's Absorb and opened its mouth, firing off bubbles at Rose, who winced upon contact, though it didn't do too much damage, Spearow on the other had began attacking itself and was tackled to the ground by Pidgey "Spearow! You okay?" Spearow stood up panting heavily, a tinge of purple rose on its beak "He's still confused..." she murmured "Try and snap out of it, use Peck and Rose use Growth!" Rose began to glow and she was strengthened "Gust Pidgey and Icy Wind Sherry!" Sherry opened its mouth and fired off a chilling wind and Pidgey soon followed after with Gust, causing both Spearow and Rose to be blown back forcefully by the cold wind and Gust.

"Are you two okay?" Rose hopped back up to her feet nodding and Spearow did the same, its ailment gone, but he was getting weaker by the second "See Spearow... if you would've ate the Oran Berry, you wouldn't be hurting as much and as weak as you are now" Spearow huffed and looked away from Nina "Are you ready to listen now?" Spearow gave her a look that said just this one time "Alright then Peck on Chinchou and Rose use Absorb" with that said Spearow took to the skies and charged at Chinchou "Thunder Wave on Spearow Sherry and Tackle Budew Pidgey!"

"Both of you dodge!"

Spearow veered to the right sharply and managed to dodge the attack, pecking Chinchou right between the eyes and when Pidgey dove low Rose managed to jump over the bird, but at the last second he pulled up and caught her in mid-air and she was sent soaring "Rose!" the bud landed harshly on the ground with a loud thud seconds afterwards "Are you okay Rose?" she nodded and began to stand, shaking off the tackle "Okay, now use try using Absorb again on Chinchou and Peck again Spearow"

"Gust and Icy Wind then follow up with Tackle and Bubble"

Sherry and Pidgey nodded and combined their moves like once before, but this time Gust had been let out as a tornado and the Icy Wind wrapped around the vortex, resulting in a shimmering tornado of wind, aimed straight for Rose and Spearow "Dodge it you guys!" Both Rose and Spearow leapt in different directions to avoid the giant Icy Tornado, just like Zack had hoped and expected Chinchou and Pidgey then attacked as soon as the two were within sight, Sherry fired off Bubbles at Spearow and Pidgey tackled Rose once more "Shake it off guys and Rose use Absorb on Chinchou and Peck on Pidgey" Rose nodded and concentrated on sapping energy from Chinchou and Spearow began pecking at Pidgey "Tackle Pidgey and Icy Wind Sherry!" the two bird Pokemon were now in some sort of flightly dance.... hovering around one another and striking their opponent, Pidgey would tackle whenever Spearow would pause during its pecking and vice versa.

Rose and Sherry were different, since she was unable to attack her opponent physically, she would bounce out of the way out the Icy Wind attacks and gradually sap health from Chinchou, making her stronger and Sherry weaker, it kept going on like this for a while before Sherry eventually collapsed from having all its health sapped "Return Sherry" Zack murmured recalling the Angler Pokémon "Spearow use Leer and then follow up with tackle" Spearow nodded and glared at Pidgey, who paused briefly, which was all the time needed to ram it with its beak again "Now finish it with Absorb Rose!" Rose nodded and sapped Pidgey' remaining health, causing the bird to flutter weakly to the ground, where it collapsed and Zack recalled Pidgey.

"Congratulations, you won"

"Ple! Ple!"

"Haunt! Haunter!"

"Traitor... your supposed to console me" Zack grumbled giving his Haunter a half hearted glare as she spectre floated happily around Nina and her Pokémon. Nina giggled at Haunter's antics before she walked up to Zack and held out her hand "Thank you for the battle and for finding... or should I say stealing my egg?" Zack smiled lightly and laughed "No problem... we should battle again sometime" Nina gave a slight nod "Y-Yeah, we should" recalling Spearow and Wurmple, Nina then picked up Rose, getting ready to head back on trail to Seafoam Cave

"I ahh should probably get going, we've slacked off long enough..." she mumbled trailing off and glancing at Zack with a slight pink tint on her cheeks "m-maybe we'll see each other again"

Zack nodded and Haunter looked eager "Maybe"

"Alright then... umm goodbye Zack, it was nice meeting you... you too Haunter, take Care!" she waved back at the two before getting back on the path headed towards Seafoam Cave, hoping she's make it to the first gym soon.

January 25th, 2009, 7:53 AM
To Pikalover10: Hope Riolu behaves!
You found an Egg!
To ShadowYashi: Nothing like a pokemon battle to gain some trust.
Wurmple grew to level 5! (for the little involvement)
Rose grew to level 10!
Spearow grew to level 8!
Wurmple learned Poison Sting!
Rose learned Stun Spore!

January 26th, 2009, 6:35 AM
Will stood there in the clearing on a tree stump, waiting for Marcus. It had been thirty-five minutes since they went off to last minute train, and Marcus was nowhere to be seen. Will decided to sit down, rather then stand up and took the egg out of his bag. It was warm, but it wasn't moving at all.

"Riolu. When do you think this thing will hatch?" Will asked.

Riolu turned to face him from the rock he was currently hitting and shrugged. "Ri."

"Yeah. Hopefully sometime soon." Will said with a smile.

Then, the bushs in front of him began to shake and Will looked up. Finally, out came Marcus, followed by his little Bulbusaur. He had a wide grin on his face as he held two Pokeballs, one in each hand.

"I finally caught that Sentret you scared off." he said.

Will smiled and put the egg gently back in the bag, and then stood up. Riolu scratched his head and then walked in between Will and Marcus, and right in front of Bulbusaur. Marcus looked at Will's bag curiously.

"Riolu use Quick Attack!" Will said.

"What? Oh! Bulbusaur use Leech Seed!" Marcus said.

Riolu dashed off towards Bulbusaur, as if he were a cannonball just shot from a cannon. He dashed and kicked Bulbusaur's head with great force. Bulbusaur didn't move from the attack, because he was doing his own attack. He shot a little seed out at Riolu from the bulbu on his seed, and then he flew back a few feet.

Riolu looked at the seed that was sticking to his stomach wondering how it was sticking there. Suddenly, the seed burst open and a bunch of vines surronded him. It had been a trap. The vines glew a brilliant shade of red and sapped Riolu's HP from him.

"Riii." Riolu groaned not expecting the attack.

"Riolu use Force Palm!" Will said.

"Use Vine Whip!" Marcus replied nervously.

Riolu shook his head and dashed at Bulbusaur again, his palm ready for impact. He appeared right in front of Bulbusaur and slammed his palm in to its bulb. As soon as his palm touched Bulbusaur, it blew up and shot both Pokemon back.

Riolu softly landed on his feet and Will couldn't see what had happened to Bulbusaur, from a cloud of smoke that had formed. Suddenly, a vine came shooting at Riolu. It slammed in to Riolu's face and then wrapped itself around his body. The smoke cleared and Bulbusaur was the controller of the vine.

He then slammed Riolu in to the ground over and over, until the vines around Riolu glowed red again and sapped his health. Bulbusaur dropped Riolu, but RIolu landed on his feet. Then, Riolu took out his barely ever used claw and scratched away at the vines, trying to break free. Finally, he broke through the vines and threw them away.

"Now use Quick Attack and then Force Palm!" Will said excitedly.

"Tackle!" Marcus nervously replied.

Riolu and Bulbusaur both charged at eachother, but Riolu was much faster then Bulbusaur. He slammed his paw in to BUlbusaur's head and sent Bulbusaur flying backwards. Bulbusaur slammed in to a tree and Riolu dashed at him again. Then, Riolu slammed his fist in to Bulbusaur's stomach and continued to punch and kick the plant.

"Riolu stop that right now!" Will commanded.

"Rio!" Riolu stubbornly answered.

The battle was getting out of hand. Will took out his Pokeball and pointed it at Riolu.

"Return!" he said.

Then Pokeball shot a red beam out towards Riolu, but Riolu dodged it and the beam ht Marcus.

"Waaah!" Marcus yelled.

"Sorry, Marcus!" Will apologized.

Will walked foreward towards Riolu and picked the little Pokemon up by the scruff of his neck. Riolu looked at him angrily and stuck his paw right on Will's chest. Then, Will was sent flying backwards and in to a tree trunk.

Will groaned, not from agony but from being fed up with Riolu's attitude. He pointed the Pokeball at Riolu and then pressed the button. The red beam was shot out and it engulfed Riolu this time.

Riolu disappeared and Will put the Pokeball back on his belt and he rushed over to Bulbusaur.

"Hey I'm sorry about Riolu. Here, you can have these Oran Berries we found on the route earlier today." Will said.

He dug through his bag and then tok out four blue berries and sat them on the ground in front of Bulbusaur. Bulbusaur quickly ate them and then appearently felt much better. Will and Marcus said goodbye to eachother and Will went on his way for the next city or town.

January 26th, 2009, 2:09 PM
Seth finally neared the village.

"Lets see, hmm" He reached for his poketech and looked at the map. [Cinnebar Village] It said.

"Wait... cinnebar, Eve you get to fight!" Eve looked up in response while Seth recalled a boring history lesson while he was back in pokemon school.

"And so, the cinnebar gym was formed on cinnebar island, which specialized in fire types..." He fell asleep halfway through the lesson but he remembered enough that there was a gym here.

He grabbed his surprised pokemon and out of excitement ran over to the pokemon center. After quickly healing his pokemon, and watching a distressed chansey running around with pokeballs he exited the pokemon center.

"And now, for items" He found his way to the Pokemon mart where he entered. Just after he entered the clock hit six, and the lady behind the counter walked away and someone else took his place. He was just about to grab some potions when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Hey... Seth, isnt it?" He spun around and saw a girl, maybe 15 standing behind the counter. He remembered seeing her, where was that? O right, she went to his school, but a grade higher.

Quickly he gathered together his 'cool' and waked over to her.

"So what brings you here," she asked

"Erm, im a pokemon trainer now, how bout you?"

"Pokemon mart, just to get some allowance, there is my wurmple right over there" She pointed to some shelfes where a wurmple was gliding through. <Spiky little monsters> Seth thought, but he didnt stay it.

"Alright, can you patch me up with some items?" He needed something to begin with.

"Yeah sure, here is a beginners set, just $3000" She handed him a box containing various items. After carefully putting everything away he walked outside. He was ready for the gym battle.

Cinnebar was such a small village, it was easy to find the gym. It looked deserted and broken down. Maybe it changed to a ghost pokemon gym. That would be terrible since Seth's pokemon cant hit ghosts.

He walked inside through all the rubble. Maybe he should have paid more attention in history...

"Help! Help!" It came from somewheres down.

"Wow, Eve, Hazel, come out!" His pokemon burst into action and they sped downstairs.

(Darklink i guess its up to you to decide how much money i lost buying a starter set and which items i could gain)

January 26th, 2009, 2:14 PM
Chapter 8: Kidnapped by the Machop Tribe!
As Tom and Mime Jr walked along Route 2, Tom was polishing the egg he had recieved from Bobby. "What do you thinks gonna hatch from the egg Mime Jr?" Tom asked his partner. Mime Jr shrugged. He didn't care as long as the Pokemon from the egg knew that he was in charge! Neither noticed the shadows moving along the grass, slowly following them...

One of the shadows threw a thin but strong line of string across the path. Its color belended in perfectly with the dirt. Tom and Mime Jr walked along, completly oblivous to the danger. One of the assalients made a signal with his hands to the other one across the way. As Tom and Mime Jr walked right in front of them both pulled the string tripping Tom and Mime Jr. "Chop!" one of them cried as it kicked both Tom and Mime Jr in the head knocking them out.

When Tom came to he found himself tied to a stake. He struggled for a while but the rope was too tight. He looked around and saw Mime Jr tied to a smaller stake. "Psst Mime Jr!" Tom whispered. Mime Jr was out cold though, so Tom looked around. Nobody was there but it seemed to be a small camp. A few crude tents were strown about, along with a huge fire pit in the middle.

"Chop Chop Chop....!" The sound of a marching tune came to Tom's ears. In walked a bunch of gray human like Pokemon. Wriggling his hands Tom reached into his pocket and took out the Pokedex. He flipped it open and it said, "Machop, the Superpower Pokemon. It hefts a Graveler repeatedly to strengthen its entire body. It uses every type of martial arts."

"Oh boy..." Tom muttered. What had he gottan himself into this time? It was at this time Mime Jr decieded to wake up. "Mime...?" Mime Jr said groggily.

"Chop!" One of the Machop cried, ordering them to be quiet. It then went back to making the fire even bigger. The biggest Machop then brought over a very crude frying pan. Tom looked on questionly. It then went went into one of the tents and brought out something wrapped in a cloth. It walked over to the fire and unwrapped the object. Tom cried out in shock when the object turned out to be the egg.

The Machop then placed the egg in the frying pan and put the pan over the fire. "NO!" Tom cried. "Mime Jr use Confusion!" Mime Jr tried but he was still too groggy to summon a massive Psychic attack. The egg proceded to get warmer and redder. A tear was shed from Tom, sad who would never get to meet this Pokemon who hadn't been brought into the world yet.

Suddenly one could see something moving in the egg. It looked like it was struggling. "I'm sorry little guy..." Tom muttered. "CRACK!!" The egg split open with a yellow plug like Pokemon make a chopping motion with its arm. Tom's Pokedex sprung to life saying, "Elekid, the Electric Pokemon. It generates electricity by whirling its arms. However, it can't store the energy it makes."

"Elekid?" the newborn said, testing out its vocal cords. "Wow..." Tom said, a little tearful now that his egg had hatched. The Machop however wern't as excited.

"Machop!" the biggest one said pointing at Elekid. They rushed Elekid hoping to knock him out. "Elekid!" Elekid cried Karate Chopping the Machop out of the way. The biggest Machop then came up to Elekid preparing the Low Kick the newborn. However Elekid used a Quick Attack to run out of the way.

"Ele.....kid!" the Electric Pokemon cried as it concentrated on its hand. Suddenly it burst into flames! "Thats Fire Punch!" Tom cried. The Machop was equally as surprised which allowed Elekid to knock it out rather easily.

Elekid then cut Tom's and Mime Jr's ropes, freeing them. "Wow your quite the strong one arn't ya?" Tom said. Elekid then burst out crying! "Whaa! What did I do?" Tom exclaimed. "Ele...Ele....Ele..." Elekid cried pointing to its mouth. It was hungry. Tom then gave it some berries which were down in a gulp. Elekid then proceded to fall asleep. "Oh boy..." Tom muttered as he put the Elekid in a Pokeball. "What have I gotton myself into this time?"

January 26th, 2009, 3:41 PM
To Pikalover10: Bad Riolu! I guess the won battle still counts though, no matter how bad he was.
Riolu grew to level 14!
To DrAcO_ToRpEdO: I don't really keep up with money. Just the things you buy can't be out of hand or anything. This'll do:
You Received Two of Everything! (Save me some time and space of typing)
To Old Lace: Wow, hatched at the right time! Your Elekid can actually be shiny if you want to -- unless you don't like the shiny colors :P (There really isn't much of a difference anyway)
Elekid Hatched From the Egg!
Elekid grew to level 7!
Elekid is trying to learn Thundershock, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Thundershock?

To Everyone: Time for the next chapter! Last destination before Fuchsia City!

Chapter 5: Seafoam Cave
(3 Posts)

Description: A gloomy and dark cave covered in ice and rocks. Many wonderful ice pokemon inhabit the cave, along with some dangerous cave ones, so be warned. Along the center of the cave lies some dangerous water currents that are said to have carried away careless trainers to pass by along with some pokemon who have lived in the cave even. With this added with the ice, Seafoam is a dangerous obstacle for any beginner trainer and it is easy to get hurt in the cave. Be brave and push on.

History: Not much has changed about the cave from how it was many years ago. Some new pokemon inhabit the cave along with the old. Articuno once lived deep in this cave as well, but one day it disappeared and never came back. Nobody currently knows where it is, or what happened to it even.


Wild Pokemon
Level- 3-7
Type- Poison/Flying
Gender- Random
Attacks- Leech Life, Supersonic
Rarity- Common

Level- 3-7
Type- Rock/Ground
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-6
Type- Ice/Water
Gender- Random
Attacks- Defense Curl, Powder Snow, Growl, Water Gun
Rarity- Uncommon

Level- 2-5
Type- Water
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Withdraw
Rarity- Rare

Level- 2-5
Type- Water
Gender- Random
Attacks- Headbutt, Growl (If level 5)
Rarity- Rare

Level- 2-5
Type- Ice
Gender- Random
Attacks- Powder Snow, Leer, Double Team
Rarity- Very Rare

*Special Note*
Areas with three posts or more is a great place for a short storyline that involve a location in the cave, a person, or even one of the rare pokemon in the cave. You can find a lot of miniature stories in Old Lace’s rps like his old kanto rp that he used to run if you want some examples. I, myself, am a huge fan of short story lines and you will find me writing those out a lot. This is just purely a suggestion, but remember that you will not just find scattered trainers running around the cave. This chapter is a great opportunity for you to be creative.

The Kricket
January 26th, 2009, 4:42 PM
OOC(this is the last post for Chapter 4)

“Zangoose, use Quick attack!” Alex cried to kick off the battle. The Pokémon blurred and disappeared for a moment before reappearing right in front of the Sandshrew. It smashed into it, sending it flying, towards a nearby tree. The Sandshrew was able to minimize the damage by folding into a ball, and hitting the tree with its hard shell.

Unfolding like a flower it struck at Zangoose, slashing with its claws. Zangoose leaned back slightly, and the claws missed him, instead burying themselves deep into the earth. Zangoose, quick to take advantage of his foes weakness swung his arm into the smaller pokemon’s head, once more knocking it flying. This time, the tree that it hit was small, and the curled Sandshrew actually broke through the tree, and disappeared from sight on the other side of it. Eager to finish the fight, Zangoose ran forward, claws at the ready. But, as he leapt over the tree, the Sandshrew appeared, coming from directly below him. It smashed into the larger Pokémon, not even bothering to use its claws. This hit hurt Zangoose, sending him flying back into the clearing. But, it was to strong to be knocked down for long, it quickly got up, its paws trembling with anger. Similarily, the Sandshrew hopped over the stump,

Zangoose viciously slashed down, but once again, he only hit the hard shell of the Sandshrew. Once again it countered by slashing with its claw’s, and this time Zangoose did not dodge, the claws caught him on his right shoulder, although it did not damage the Pokemon, it did have enough power to send it flying. The Sandshrew tumbled through the air, helpless.

With a mighty roar, Zangoose swung his claws up, with all of his strength, until they hit the Sandshrew’s soft underbelly. This blow proved to much for the smaller Pokémon, and it was knocked high into the sky. It soon fell to earth, landing with a mighty crash. So mighty was this blow, that the Pokémon could barely rise, instead staggering about on all fours.

“Zangoose return” Alex ordered, while throwing another pokeball at the staggered Sandshrew.

January 26th, 2009, 4:43 PM
Seth heard the cry again. "Help, Help!" He looked for the nearest way down. There wasnt, so how did that person get there. He took a few steps and stumbled upon a hole.

"Ah, there we go" He jumped down and was surprised when he landed in some tunnels.

"Uhh where are we?" He scanned his surroundings- well what you call surroundings, it was an underground tunnel leading into forks.

"Well erm we better mark this spot, mankey use scratch on the walls." His makey scratched the walls.

"Great now we know where to go!" He ran towards the nearest tunnel, and kept running.

After a couple of turns and alot of different passages Seth stopped. This was getting out of hand, why run into a tunnel while he could just ask someone else to do it? He turned around and walked back the way he came.

After a while he reached a fork, where he stopped.

"Ehh" his pokemon were looking at him.

"Erm.. left?" He walked left with his pokemon following him. Soon there was another fork. "... Right?" He kept walking. Whoever it was who needed help stopped yelling.

"Well this is just great" he said 10 minutes later. It felt like he was in a complete different tunnel. Suddenly he heard a shoot behind him.

"HELP!" something crashed into him, and Seth groaned as he grabbed his attacker.

"Oh, help please, i got lost" It was a younger school boy. "My name is Jack, by the way"

"Well, ya shouldnt get lost in these parts, thats just plain stupid, and the name is Seth" The boy looked glad that he had come.

"So what is the way out?" Jack asked

"Erm, well.." Seth didnt know

"Yeah.. right, plain stupid..." The boy answered annoyed.

"Well forget that, lets get moving" They walked along the dark cold tunnels.

"Man do you believe this is all under one gym?" He asked the kid.

"Well, its near a volcanoe.." The boy answered

"So youre a local eh? Why are you down here?" Seth was wondering where the boy came from.

"Well.." The boy had an awkward look "Me and some friends..." Seth knew what he was going to say, he'd been there, except for him it was a sewer while playing hide and seek. The boy continued. "We checked out the gym when a tunnel collapsed and i sank in.

"Thats a bummer"

For a while they continued to walk on, until Seth heard water dropping nearby.

"Well" He turned to Jack "Thats gotta mean something"

"Yeah.." The kid brightened up only to trip a few paces later. It was dark so seth couldnt bother laughing at him. He went over to Jack who was holding his leg. Seth saw what he had tripped on. One of those stagmites or whatever they were called. There was a stream of blood coming out.

"Oops let me help you with that" He opened his backpack and looked through he assortment of items.

"Hey!" Jack said suddenly, and he grabbed a rope.

"Huh, wuzzat?" Seth said while looking for something to cover the boys leg.

"I think its an escape rope, we've used it once in school" Right! an escape rope, Seth felt stupid for not remembering those, he did a whole class about them.

"Right, uhh here we go" He grabbed the kid and made a circle with the rope.

"Now wha-" He was interupted by a sudden flash, and then they were standing outside. Jack who was eager to return home quickly said his thanks, and ran off somewhere.

"Well that was a complete waste of time... Pretty cool tough" Seth walked over to a sign.

Cinnebar Village --> Route 2

He looked at his pokemon who were still on his shoulders."Great, were right on track"

January 26th, 2009, 5:13 PM
(OOC: Elekid is actually Shiny lol Its shiny form is yellow and normal form is like Orange which is weird cause the reverse is true for Electabuzz)
Chapter 9: Into Seafoam Cave!
Tom was feeling pretty happy. His egg had hatched, it was a cool Pokemon, and he and Mime Jr were almost to the next city. The only thing that was bothering him was the huge cave entrence. "Well Mime Jr its time to face facts. We can't go around it, can't go over it, can't go under it, we might as well go through it." Tom said. Mime Jr nodded. It was time he stood up to his fear of closed spaces and Seafoam cave was as good as any. With a look of confidence in their eyes Tom and Mime Jr entered the cave.

Soon however the duo encountered a problem. It was pitch black in the cave! Tom nearly cracked his head open three times by slipping on the ice before they had even gotton three hundred feet in the cave. "Ok this isn't working..." Tom muttered. He took a fairly small stick out of his pack and then took out Elekid's Pokeball. Releasing the Electric Pokemon Tom began to talk in a baby sounding voice. "Elekid, could you please light the stick on fire with your Fire Punch?"

"Ele!" Elekid said with a smile. Igniting his fist he touched the stick sending it a blaze. "Ele Ele Ele!" Elekid cried clapping his hands together. Suddenly Elekid saw a fly on the wall. "Ele....kid!" he cried as Karate Chopped it. Suddenly a rumble was heard followed by the ground shaking.

"Cave in!" Tom cried. He grabbed Elekid in his arms and returned Mime Jr to his Pokeball. He ran hoping to escape the cave in. Uphead the celing was beginning to collapes. Tom jumped and slid on his belly covering Elekid with his arms. Eventually the dust cleared and Tom and Elekid looked up. They were safe, but they certainly getting out the way they came in! Tom looked at his Elekid. "Even though he's just a baby, he has that montrous strength!" Tom thought. Suddenly Elekid began to cry, scared out of his mind. "Its allright. Its allright." Tom said soothingly.

"Shellder!" A voice cried out. Elekid and Tom both looked around and saw a shell like Pokemon with its tongue sticking out jumping out of the water. Tom took out his Pokedex to get a read on the Pokemon. "Shellder, the Bilalve Pokemon. It swims backward by opening and closing its two shells. Its large tongue is always kept hanging out." the Dex said.

"Ok Elekid, you stand back and watch while Starly here teaches you how to catch a Pokemon." Tom said as he released his Eye in the Sky. "Starly, use Quick Attack on the Shellder!" Tom cried. Starly became a blur as it struck Shellder with astounding speed. Elekid getting bored noticed a Snorunt wandering by and decieded to follow it.

"Ok Starly Tackle!" Tom ordered. Starly struck the Shellder almost knocking it out. "Now go Pokeball!" Tom cried throwing the ball. Shellder was sucked in. However after two shakes it freed itself and jumped back into the water. "Darn. Well Elekid thats the just....Elekid?" Tom looked around but Elekid was nowhere to be found. "ELEKID!"
(OOC: Sorry if that seemed rushed at the end but im bein told to get off the computer...)

January 26th, 2009, 6:36 PM
Chapter 5(part 1) Seafoam Cave:

It was freezing inside the dark, cold cave. Will had arrived at the Seafoam Cave, it was the last stop before Fuscia City. He wondered how tough the first gym leader would be. Riolu was walking at his feet, as stuborn as ever, and the egg inside Will's bag had begun to twitch slightly ever half hour.

Will looked around for something to do and thats when he spotted a blue and palish seal wobbling around the icey path. Will took out his POkedex and scanned the little seal.

Spheal, the Clap Pokemon. It rolls across ice floes to reach shore because its body is poorly shaped for swimming.

Will placed the Pokedex back in to its case and pointed towards the Spheal. Riolu blinked a few times after seeing Will's arm and then spotted the seal. He nodded and bent his knees down a few centimeters.

"Riolu use Quick Attack!" Will suddenly called out.

The blue dog standing on two legs dashed towards the flailing seal. The seal finally got on to its legs and saw Riolu coming at it. The seal took in a deep breath of freezing air and then shot out a bunch of snowballs.

The snowballs hit Riolu, sending him flying back a few feet and then he recovered on to his feet. Will took a slight step foreward and then slipped on the slippery ice. He fell on to his back, causing the ungrateful Riolu to laugh.

"Riolu shut up and use Force Palm!" Will angrily shouted.

Riolu shook his head and stopped laughing. Then he dashed off towards Spheal, his palm ready to strike. Then he appeared right in front of the Spheal and lightly touched the seal's stomach. The seal flew back upon impact and rolled all over the place.

The seal finally regained its feet positioning again and shot a huge puddle of water at Riolu. Riolu at the last second tried to dodge it, but he was hit and fell to the ground. Riolu blinked a few times and then stood up, looking at the seal angrily. Will snapped his fingers and Riolu turned to look at him. Will shook his head knowing what Riolu was going to do, and Riolu nodded unwantingly.

"Riolu use Quick Attack!" Will shouted.

Riolu dashed away and kicked the seal's body with his right foot. The seal rolled back and Riolu broke off a piece of ice and chucked it at the seal. The ice shattered upon impact and the seal cried out in pain.

Suddenly, the seal got on to its feet and shot a bunch of snowballs at him again, and then sot a puddle of water at him again. The snowballs hit, and the puddle of water froze and then hit Riolu and shattered. Riolu cried out in pain himself and fell to the ground on his back.

Then, another Spheal rolled out on to the icy field and looked at the SPheal worriedly. Then, Will realized the Spheal he had been battling must be this Spheal's friend. Riolu stood up and stared at the Spheal, without any emotion.

"Riolu use Force Palm!" Will said.

Riolu dashed in between the two Spheal's and slammed his palm in to the already hurt one. The Spheal flew back a few feet and then landed on his feet. Then, both of them charged up and shot their snowballs of never ending fury at him. They both hit at the same time, and Riolu was badly hurt.

Will ran up to the Spheal who had just suddenly joined in and grabed it. The Spheal recklessly tried to get away, but no avail and Riolu kicked the other Spheal again. Then, the Spheal in Will's arm turned its head around and shot the freezing cold water at him. Will cried out as the cold water hit him and he dropped the Spheal.

"Riolu use Quick Attack, and hurry!" Will said.

Riolu dashed and continuedly punched and kicked the seal, sending it roll away in agony. Will coughed a few times and grabbed a Pokeball off of his belt. He pressed the button in the middle, causing it to become bigger and then chucked it at the injured seal.

"Go, Pokeball!" he cried as he threw the Pokeball.

A red light flashed and engulfed the seal, and then the seal disappeared in to the Pokeball. The Pokeball landed on the icy floor and continued to rock back and forth for waht seemed like forever until...


January 26th, 2009, 10:27 PM
"Are you still dragging your feet?" Bryan asked, looking back with a scowl at Zigzagoon. The normal type growled back, eyeing him hatefully as he continued to carry the egg sack and walk with a limp. Minun was walking with a light limp as well be otherwise said nothing.

"Zig," Zigzagoon said lowly, tilting his head as they came to the end of the Route. In front of them, where the area suddenly seemed so much colder, was a small entrance to a cave with a few ice shards surrounding it. Right next to it was a small cabin with a few loitering trainers.

Bryan came up to the cabin, eyeing a sign that said 'Rest Stop'. Opening the door, he encountered warm air and an elderly man attending to a few trainers. He looked up as Bryan came in. "Here to have your pokemon healed?"

"Yes," Bryan said, returning Minun to his pokeball. Zigzagoon snarled and backed off, still taking care of the egg.

"Nevermind with that one. Just hop on up here," the man said to Zigzagoon, pulling out a bowl of healing food. "Not as good as the healing machine but it'll do," he said, taking Bryan's pokeballs. "Ready to enter the Seafoam Caves?"

Bryan nodded coolly.

"Not one for talk, eh? Well, then I won't be bothering you anymore. Here are your pokeballs and Zigzagoon. You might want to keep that egg of yours locked securely in the small tank. If it get's too cold, the pokemon could possibly die."

"I'll keep that in mind," Bryan said, handing the sack back to a healthier Zigzagoon. Walking out, he could see that many of the trainer's were getting tents up. The sky was darkening, and they most likely didn't want to endure the colder cave. Bryan scowled as he put on a warm jacket and dug his hands into the pocket. He headed toward the opening without a backwards glance and entered.

To his surprise, the cave seemed to be lit by the ice crystals. Whatever light that was around simply shot from icicle to icicle. Walking around interestedly, he nearly stumbled backwards as a blur of white shot past him. Hissing, Bryan turned to the source.

"See! Seel!" a large, white pokemon with a small horn clapped delightedly.

"Sno! Sno!" a small pokemon with a triangle body laughed, imitating the Seel. It was a Snorunt.

"Hey, get back here!" a voice shouted angrily.

The two pokemon laughed as a boy with blond hair and light brown eyes came up. He was panting for breath, a hard glare on his face. He gave a low snarl at Bryan. "Don't even think about it!" he snapped at Bryan. "I saw these two first!"

Bryan scowled back. "Watch it," he said coldly. "I just happen to be interested in this Seel here, so its you who should watch it."

The boy glared. "I don't think so! Go, Sentret!"

"Go, Sandshrew!" Bryan barked. "Sandshrew, Scratch!"

"San!" Sandshrew growled, running toward the pokemon and Scratching it furiously on the stomach just as it appeared.

The boy grit his teeth in anger. "Sentret, Fury Swipes!"

Eager for some payback, the angry long tailed pokemon ran after the fiesty Sandshrew. "Sen! Sen! Sent!" Sentret tried, furiously swiping away as Sandshrew twisted and curved.

"Stop fooling around and use Scratch!" Bryan ordered.

"Sentret, you use Scratch too!"



The two pokemon cried out their battle cries, jumping in the air and hitting each other directly in the face with their sharp claws, gaining red marks on the both of them.

"Scratch," Bryan ordered to his panting pokemon.

"Sand," Sandshrew gulped, ear twitching as it heard the two ice type pokemon laughing.

The boy grit his teeth and turned to the two. "Don't think I won't be after you! Sentret, forget this... Sentret!" he cried out as Sandshrew finally unleashed its attack, sending it flying. Glaring at the smirking Bryan, he finally screamed, "Sentret! Slam!"

Tail tensing with powered muscle, Sentret ran at full speed at Sandshrew, a fierce look on its face. "Seen... tret!" it cried, swinging its tail as Sandshrew tried to dodge. The tail slammed down on Sandshrew's head, bringing it to the ground.

Bryan scowled at his fallen pokemon, eyeing the Sentret standing above it. "Scratch!" he barked.

Sandshrew's eyes, which had been closed from the pain, snapped them open and jumped at the surprised pokemon, grinning as it slashed hard enough to send Sentret tumbling back.

"Seent!" Sentret cried.

"Sentret!" the boy called. "You ok?"

"See! See! Seel!" the Seel laughed as Snorunt jumped up and down in excitement from the display.

The boy growled. "Sentret, forget this! After those two!"

"Sandshrew, forget this idiot and go after the Seel!" Bryan ordered.

The two ice types just laughed and ran off, completely ignoring the battle poses from the two other pokemon, causing the two trainer's to gap.

"Tch, I'll get you," the boy growled under his breath, eyes averting to his hurt pokemon. His Sentret was sitting on the ground panting, holding its stomach with a wince. "Sentret, return," he said sourly. Throwing a glare at Bryan, he did a double take as he saw the cold boy already running off toward the two pokemon, his Sandshrew following. "He... hey! Wait up!" he called.

"Not a chance!" Bryan snarled back, running at the retreating pokemon with Sandshrew at his heals.

Far behind, Zigzagoon sighed, rolling his eyes at being forgotten. Sniffing, Zigzagoon glanced at the egg in the bag, hoping it would be ok.

January 27th, 2009, 7:46 AM
To The Kricket: It was a little short, so your pokemon won't be very high-leveled.
You caught a level 3 Female Sandshrew!
To DrAcO_ToRpEdO: Great job getting the boy out!
To Old Lace: Oh, lol I guess I wasn't paying attention to the shinies. Anyway, Elekid is only a baby. You can't let him out of your sight like that!
Starly grew to level 10! (For the small battle)
Starly learned Wing Attack!
To Pikalover10: Good Battle!
You caught a level 5 Male Spheal!
To Wolfwhispers: Poor Zigzagoon :) Can't wait to see how this chase turns out.
Sandshrew grew to level 10!
Sandshrew learned Poison Sting!

January 27th, 2009, 6:46 PM
Seth watched Jack running through the village, and enter a house. He was just about to turn ways when Jack came back holding something wrapped in a cloth.

"Here please take this, my parents own a hatchery and we have many eggs, this is for saving me, well you were kinda dumb, but still..." He handed Seth the bundle.

"Yeah way to thank me..." Seth murmered.

"What was that?" Jack asked

"Err, nothing, just if you know so much more, why didnt you save yourself?" Seth waas getting annoyed with Jack.

"Well, lets forget about that" He turned and walked back to the house.

"Phew, he changes moods real quick... first being all wimpy in the cave, and now acting all cool..." Seth unwrapped the bundle and was surprised to find an egg. It was red with yellow flames on the bottom part. "Cool!" He grabbed the egg.

"PSSSS" He dropped the egg immediately. The thing burned his fingers.

"Crap, why did it do that?" He gently touched his hand and then grabbed some water.

"Hey, what are ya thinking, i give you an egg, and you drop it?" He recognized that voice, and very soon Jack came running at him.

"Give that egg back!" He put out his hand.

"Uhh i guess, sorry about that, ill just go on training.." He handed Jack the egg but Jack didnt accept it.

"What are you saying? Training, you think your pokemon are way more important than mine?" He yelled.

"Uhh no i didnt i was just saying" What was up with this kid, he missed the good old times.. ten minutes ago, when he was screaming for help.

"Heh, a pokemon battle it is!" The boy threw two pokeballs.

"Wait a .. Oh well, get ready!" This was it, his well second battle outside of training, if you count the battle agains the team rocket grunt.

"Go, Growl, Go Vul!" Two fire pokemon materialized after a big red flash.

"Wow, fire types!" He took out his poketech and pointed it at the pokemon.
http://www.pokemondb.co.uk/images/sprites/diamond-pearl/normal/growlithe.pngGrowlithe, A pokemon with loyal nature. It will remain motionless unless its given an order by its trainer.
http://www.myzaraza.net/forum/images/smiles/VulpixNormalSprite.gif Vulpix, it controlls balls of fire. As it grows its six tails split to make more tails.

"Wow thats a nice team ya got there" Seth really liked those pokemon.

Vulpix replied by grooming herself and Growlithe sat down, waiting for an order.

"As for my pokemon!" He threw the two pokeballs, and Hazel, and Eve came out. "Were ready to fight"

"They better be... Both of you use the the fire combo we talked about!" The pokemon sprung into action and took up positions.

"You brat, how is that supposed to help me?" He yelled at Jack.

"It isnt... Commence!" growl charged at Eve.

"Eve Dodge!" Eve was just about to jump out of the way but she didnt have to. The growlithe jumped over her and ran for Hazel. Eve stopped and looked around in suprise. She had given up too soon because suddenly she was engulfed in flames by Vul's embers.

"Eve, you ok? Hazel get ready for a counter attack!" While eve recovered Hazel stood ready for Growl who was nearing. Suddenly Growl jumped, twisted and blew embers at Eve.

"Eve use sand attack! Hazel low kick!" Eve threw send all over growlithe and it stopped breathing fire. Soon it was slamed to the ground by Hazel's kick.

"Great job now wa-" He didnt finish his sentence because Vul was already in hot pursuit of Hazel.

"Eve, Helping Hand!" Eve chased them, and nipped at Vul's legs. This was enough to make the vulpix trip and slide through the dirt.

"Hazel use scratch!" Hazel jumped in but Flare together with Growl ran back to its trainer.

"Are you guys ok?" Apperently they were both worn out, but they still nodded. "Great, then use ultimate pit of doom!"

"Ultimate pit of whatta?" What was the kid talking about. Soon he found out. Growl and Vul both charged up a massive ember as their last resort.

"Well if theyre working together, guys make a helping Ultimate Dodge Hand!" First his pokemon didnt know what he was talking about, but the hint was obvious. They got ready to jump and Eve was helping Hazel, prepare, while Hazel got ready to grab Eve midair.

"GrowPix!" It sounded like one weird name as both pokemon unleashed their attack and yelled their name like all pokemon do.

"Hehe, do it!" Eve nudged Hazel up in the air, and soon followed afterwards. Hazel grabbed Eve midair, and threw her at the two pokemon, who were completely worn out by their attack. Seth felt the fire near him and he took a couple of steps back but it missed him. Eve soon overpowered both of them and Jack acknowledged his defeat.

Seth was just about to walk over to him when Hazel cried out.

"What is it?" Hazel pointed at something behind him. Seth looked around and looked at the spot Hazel was pointed at.

"Oh thats just the result of their attack, it might look dangerous, that huge ball of flames but its ok, it just sitting there on that pokemon egg..." He walked on but yelped as he ran back.

The egg was in the middle of the fire.

"Uhh what do we do!" The fire was way too hot for anything but a water pokemon to come touch it.

"Jack get over here!" Jack came running as fast as he could.

"Oh no! The pokemon gone!" He was completely distressed. "And it was close to hatching when i gave it to you, oh no!"

Seth wasnt listening to what he was saying, but watched the egg intently. It had a small crack which was growing.. and growing.. The egg split in half! Suddenly he heard a pokemon cry.

"Mag, Magby!" Something jumped on him and scorched his face. He tried to look but all he could see was A little *golden* pokemon clinging onto his hair.

(Decided to go with shiny after all xD may give Seth quite a scare when the little gold magby evolves)

January 28th, 2009, 6:30 AM
Will was getting colder and colder. The Pokeball had clicked which was awesome, knowing he had caught his first Pokemon and had an egg on the way. HE wrapped his hands around his arms, while RIolu just kept walking next to him and Spheal kept on rolling.

Will shrugged guessing he shouldn't expect Spheal to be shivering, I mean he was most likely born and rasied here in the ice. Will had wrapped the extra blankets he kept in his bag around the egg to keep it warm while he walked, and hoped that it would be enough.

Then, bam!

Will was sent flying foreward from and explosion, and so where Riolu and Spheal. Will landed on the ice and kept slidding until he shoved the heel of his shoe in to the ice, spraying the ice in to his face.

He blinked a few times once he stopped and stood up, looking around for Riolu and Spheal. Riolu was the first for Will to see. He jumped high in to the air and landed on his feet, and then he spotted Spheal who rolled out from wherever he was.

The kicked up dust, smoke, and ice finally settled and it revealed two men wearing weird suits. One wore blue boots, a blue hat, a blue sweatshirt, a pair of blue sweat pants, blue goggles, and blue gloves. The other one wore the exact same thing except his clothes were red, and both of them wore a huge 'E' on their sweatshirt.

"You! Give us your Pokemon!" the blue dude said.

"In your dreams!" Will replied.

"Kid! Give us your Pokemon or else. We're Team Elements and we want all the rare Pokemon in this pathetic region!" the red one said.

"I don't have any rare Pokemon!" Will lied. He knew very well that Riolu was a rare Pokemon, he didn't know if Spheal was or not. But, the grunts couldn't see Riolu and Spheal behind two giant ice rocks.

Suddenly, a bright light shined through the cracks in his backpack, and Will thought he heard a cracking sound. Suddenly there was a muffled noise. Will knelt down, facing the grunts on accident, and unraveled the blankets in his bag. Then, he found it. His egg had hatched! He took out his Pokedex and scanned his little Pokemon.

Igglybuff, the baloon Pokemon. It has a soft and bouncy body. Once it starts bouncing, it becomes impossible to stop.

Will put the Pokedex away and smiled at the little pink Pokemon.

"Well hi there Igglybuff. You seem to be of different color of the other Igglybuffs I've seen." Will said.

Igglybuff stood on the ice cave floor and then she began to bounce.

"Iggly!" it said happily.

Will smiled and then realized a Pokemon of different color was extremely rare. He looked up at the two grunts who both smiled at him, and Will wished he had been smarter and had concealed Igglybuff more carefully, for now the two grunts knew he had a rare Pokemon.. Will stood up with Igglybuff in his arms. He motioned for Riolu and Spheal to come out and they both ran/rolled to Will's side.

"You can't have them." Will said again.

"Fine. Then we'll battle. Me and my friend here, against two of your Pokemon." the red one said.

"Fine, but you and your friend are going to wish you hadn't said that." Will said.


((OOC: Igglybuff is actually shiny, because she has a lighter color then the normal one:P))

January 28th, 2009, 9:52 AM
"Its so big" Nina murmured in awe as she entered Seafoam's Cave, crystals shone brightly on the cave walls, glistening as light hit them at a certain angle. Rose on the other hand shook her head... being a Pokemon of her type, she wasn't really much of a fan of cold places "Budew" she mumbled and Nina laughed "ehehehe I guess Icy caves aren't your thing, huh Rose?" the bud nodded and Nina shrugged "Well, everyone has something they don't like I suppose" she glanced around the cold cave "I wonder how long it'll take us to get out of here...." Rose shook her head unsure "Well, I hope it won't be long..." Rose gave Nina a look that said 'are you serious, something bad is bound to happen to us along the way' Nina couldn't help but give a nervous laugh "You right... somehow, we always manage to find some type of trouble... or we'll get side tracked or something" she mumbled sighing and Rose nodded solemnly in agreement.

They had been walking through the cave for quite a few minutes and they didn't stop until Nina felt a nudge on her hip... her egg was wiggling wildly and Nina took it from its container and held it up closely to her face as they continued walking "Hey Rose, I think its about to ha--uwah!" that 'uwah' was from Nina, who tripped over a 'rock' that was protruding out of the ground, she wound up falling flat on her face and accidentally dropped the egg, which rolled out of her grasp "No, My egg!" Nina was about to stand back up but a grayish brown looking thing blocked her view "what?"


The rock growled angrily and glared at Nina and Rose "I'm so sorry Geodude, I wasn't really paying attention" Geodude wasn't taking any excuses and he growled loudly... which she assumed was some sort of call, because instantly a group of the rock types appeared and surrounded her and Rose on all sides there was a total of 5 Geodude surrounding them "Oh.. dear, this isn't good" Nina mumbled and Rose nodded before her eyes narrowed and her body tense, she was ready fo the battle she knew was about to come "Alright... hit em all with Stun Spore" Rose nodded and pointed her vines skyward, a large glob of Orange glittery dust shot out from her vines and scattered around them and the floating rocks tensed up.

"C'mon Rose, lets go!" while the Geodude's were frozen for a few moments, Nina quickly dash towards her egg and picked it up, it was still shaking, but it seemed to be shaking more wildly than before "H-Hey Rose, I think my egg's about to hatch" Nina and Rose stopped running, they had gotten a good few feet away from the Geodude and as soon as the words left her mouth her Egg cracked and glowed briefly before it disappeared, leaving nothing but a small human shaped baby Pokémon to mold in her hand "Smoochum!" Nina gasped and quickly pulled out her PokéTech and scanned her newly hatched Smoochum.

Smoochum, the Kiss Pokémon; It tests everything by touching with its lips, which remember what it likes and dislikes.

Nina stared at the baby girl in her arms, which stared back, She had a large head with blonde hair, pink colored skin, large green eyes and a pair of large pink lips, her chest was lightly colored, along with her arms and feet, while her abdomen, which reminded Nina of pants, were colored pink. It was a shiny Smoochum. "Smooch!" she cried staring up cutely at Nina with her large green eyes and the trainer was suddenly struck with inspiration "I'm gonna call you Jade... cause your eyes, how's that sound" Jade tilted her head to the side before flailing her arms about cutely and nodding, liking the sound of that name "Dew! Budew!" Rose bounced up and down from her spot beside Nina, happy that the egg hatched but was beginning to worry because the group of Geodude came back with not only a vengeance, but some more friends.. what was once a group of 5 had become a group of 8, she pointed at the group of Rock types charging at them "Crud.. Rose, use Absorb!"

Rose nodded and stood protectively in front of Nina and Jade, she then began to sap energy from one of the Geodude's on the far right end and it fell back, Rose did this a few times, managing to take out at least two more before the remaining 5 had gotten closer and with a team effort they shot off several rounds of mud shot, hitting Rose harshly and causing her to skid back near Nina's feet "Darn... you can't take all of them with just Absorb Rose and we've already paralyzed em" Nina ignored the mud that managed to splatter on her and Jade, but Jade on the other hand blinked upon feeling herself being coated in mud and when she managed to catch a glance at her reflection in one of the crystals of the cave.....

Lets just say her reaction wasn't pretty.

Jade's unblemished face, now had dirty brown mud encrusted on it, she blinked again before her eyes flashed and she wiggled out of Nina's arms and stormed over to the group of Geodude that were readying themselves for another attack "Jade!" Nina gasped as she and Rose watched the baby stand in front of them "Get back over here" she cried, but the Kiss Pokémon ignored her mama and scowled at the Geodude "Smoochum Smooch!" she had tapped the Geodude in the middle and the rock looked perplexed as he stared down at the baby "Smoochum! Smooch Smooch!" she snapped pointing at her mud covered face, the Geodude just glanced at Jade briefly and laughed before turning back to Rose and Nina, who were watching on the sidelines, hoping those Rock's wouldn't harm her Pokémon.

Jade watched as the Geodude's ignored her and their cheeks puffed up again, they were going to use Mud Shot once more and Jade's eyes flashed dangerously....
as soon as the lead Geodude opened its mouth about to spit mud at Nina and Rose, it froze for a few moments, before its eyes rolled up in the back of its head and it fell to the ground in a dead faint. The remaining Geodude stopped gauging their attacks and looked at their fallen leader and were shocked to see standing behind his fallen form was a very angry and seething Smoochum, her left arm was encased in white and extended at an angle that made it look like she just punched him, and punched him she did.

"Ice Punch!?" Nina cried out of shock from her spot on the sidelines

"Smoochum" her eyes were glowing as she stared down the remaining Geodude, who cringed slightly and glance briefly at their fallen comrade and leader before looking back to Jade... there was no way they'd back down and cower from some baby, but that was one scary looking baby. The remaining Geodude shared a glance and looked back at Nina and Rose, who stood a ways off looking worriedly between the two, they could always attack the girl and the other one, there would be no way that baby would be able to Ice Punch them all, they shared one more look of agreement before they gathered Mud in their mouths and shot the dirt at Nina and Rose.

If only they had managed to make it that far any way....

They had only managed to gather the mud in their mouths and that's when Jade attacked, understanding that those rude evil rocks were about to hurt her mama, she quickly formed a blue ball and opened her mouth and shot a powerful stream of water at the group, instantly weakened, they fell in a clump around one another and Jade took this time to rush towards them with her fist cocked back and Ice Punched the group, sending all 5 flying back to where they came "Smoochum!" she grunted glaring at the spot where they stood, before she turned back and skipped over to her mama and Rose, who stood there with wide eyes.

"J-Jade... did you just...." Nina trailed off, finding it hard to believe that a newly hatched baby Pokémon just took down 5 Geodude all on her own "Smoochum Smooch!" she cried sniffling, she was only trying to protect her Mama "No! Jade don't cry! I didn't mean it like that... I'm just surprised is all" with that said, she picked up her crying Smoochum and hugged her tightly "Please don't cry" Jade sniffed and wiped her tears away and hugged Nina tightly before nodding "Smoochum..." Nina sighed softly before smiling "Good, now Jade... I know you were trying to help, but please don't do that again, I'd hate to see you get hurt trying to fend off a scary group like that for me alright" Jade nodded a bit reluctantly but agreed none the less "Good, now lets go!"

After that little escapade, Nina, with Jade and Rose by her side, had been walking for a good 5 minutes, before stopping and gaping at their next obstacle they'd have to face “C’mon Rose… Jade we’ll be fine, I promise nothing will happen” Nina told her skeptic Budew and Smoochum, who shared a look and glanced briefly at Nina before looking at the thin Icy Bridge that looked ready to crack at any given moment and the deep dark, seemingly endless dark chasm below it “Smoochum/Budew?” Nina nodded, having a feeling that meant 'are you sure' “I'm sure, the bridge is completely safe… see” with that said, Nina stood on the thin looking Ice bridge, near the middle and began jumping up and down on it for a few moments, with Rose and Jade crying out for her to get back on their side where its safe.

She stopped bouncing abruptly and began to walk back towards them “alright, I’m coming...” she had managed to make it back to their side safely and Jade and Rose sighed in relief "C'mon you two... we won't be able to leave if we can't cross the bridge" Jade and Rose looked at the bridge, before looking back at Nina... there was no way they would be stepping anywhere near that bridge and Nina sighed when she saw the look of defiance in their eyes "How about I carry you two then" she offered and they both shared another glance before mulling it over and nodding slightly "Alright then" she bent down and picked the two up and held them both tightly in her arms while she crossed the bridge.

While crossing the bridge, everything had gone smoothly... until she managed to step on the place where she had jumped, they was a loud snap, and then a crack soon followed after it. Nina, Rose and Jade's eyes went wide as the watched the bridge crumble from both sides and then suddenly Nina realized she was falling... everything felt light and airy... and she couldn't breath, the last thing she heard before blacking out was the scared cries of Rose and Jade.

The water was cold and the current was harsh, Nina could hear nothing but the roaring waters her mind barely comprehending the fact that her body was being tossed around so freely like a sack, everything just hurt and she felt her head throb as they banged against a few rocks... she knew she would feel that when she got out of here... that is if she got out of here. Nina gasped as she was jerked violently in the water, she also managed to swallow quite alot of the cold current, she only had a moment to take in a quick breath before the current dragged her deeply under water and her little breath ran out fast when her back knocked against one of the rocks, Nina felt all the air leave her and water rushed into her lungs she briefly wondered if she were going to make it out alive. Nina's eyes caught a flash of blue and white before her eyes closed and she allowed darkness to take over once more.

January 31st, 2009, 11:18 AM
Bryan chased after the two fleeing pokemon with a snarl, Sandshrew following loyally behind, right at his feet. "Stop them with Poison Sting," he ordered.

"Sand!" Sandshrew barked out, jumping into the air and twirling into a ball and unleashing the poison spikes. "Shrew! Shrew!"

The darts slammed against the two pokemon's backs, causing them to falter and turn around in anger.

"Oh no you don't!" the boy snarled. "Go, Shinx! Use Spark!" he commanded.

With a burst of white light, a small, blue lion cub appeared. With a low growl, it charged, hitting the Snorunt with the electrical attack.

"Snoo!" Snorunt called out in pain, getting shoved backwards.

"See!" Seel called out worriedly for his friend, licking the cone pokemon.

With a grunt, Snorunt got up, and the two of them faced off against Bryan and the kid.

"Who the heck are you, anyway?" Bryan demanded.

"Matt. You?" the kid snarled.

"Bryan," Bryan snarled back. "Sandshrew, Scratch!"

"Shinx, Spark!"

With a battle cry, the four pokemon charged at each other.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

With a sigh, Zigzagoon casually walked along the icy path, sure that he would catch up with his trainer at the end of the tunnel. A low growl, however, alerted him to a new challenger.

"Who's there?" a blue, circular pokemon demanded. It had small tusks and waddled over to Zigzagoon. It was a Spheal.

"Just passing through," Zigzagoon grunted, a light sneer picking up on his snout.

"Not this way! This my path!"

Snarling, Zigzagoon dropped the bag and rammed into Spheal with his Tackle attack. "Listen here, brat, I'm getting out of this cave one way or another, and no one is getting in my way."

Glaring, Spheal opened his mouth and unleashed a torrent of ice. A Powder Snow attack, and it bashed against Zigzagoon's flank. "Darn," Zigzagoon grunted. Howling in anger, Zigzagoon charged, bashing his head against Spheal's body. "Take this!" he roared.

Spheal whimpered before letting lose another Powder Snow. "No, you take this!"

With a guttural growl, Zigzagoon jumped over the attack and, using the ice to his advantage, sent himelf sliding with extreme speed and knocking right into Spheal once more. "You're too slow," he taunted, dodging another Powder Snow.

Spheal growled as he redirected the attack, trying to hit the speeding pokemon that was sliding around skillfully. "Stay still, darn you," he growled.

"Not a chance!" Picking up speed again, Zigzagoon bashed once more into Spheal's body, but this time right in the snout.

Spheal gave a loud cry, whimpering as he shook his head. Glaring, he limped back, jumping into a small stream to get away. "Jerk," Zigzagoon could hear in the distance.

Rolling his eyes, Zigzagoon moved over to the bag, but a bright light from the bag made him pause. After a moment, the bag jumped around, startling him enough to land on his butt.

"'ello?" a voice called from the bag.

Zigzagoon opened the bag, and out popped a small, purple and pink dotted pokemon. It blinked up at him. "Hello! Hello!" he barked happily, jumping at Zigzagoon and nuzzling into his side.

Sighing, Zigzagoon nuzzled back. "So you're the kid," he muttered, picking the tiny pup up by his teeth and putting him on hs back.

"Where we goin'!?" the puppy asked excitedly, pretty much bouncing up and down on Zigzagoon's back.

"Out of here, it's too cold," Zigzagoon answered, already walking down the trail where he could hear a battle going on. Most likely it was Bryan.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Darn it! Hit it!" Bryan roared at his panting Sandshrew. The battle had gone on for a while now. His Sandshrew was winning against the Seel, but the water type was using the ice to its advantage and ramming repeatedly into Sandshrew.

Matt was having a similar problem with Snorunt. His Shinx wasn't faring well on the ice. However, the two ice pokemon were extremely tired from the constant attacks, and were near the end of their breaking point.

"Poison Sting!" Bryan demanded.

"Shrew! Shrew!" Sandshrew barked, spinning quickly and sending out the poison barbs.

"Seeel!" Seel wailed, trying to jump away. However, because it wasn't a very agile pokemon on land, it was hard for it to dodge, and thus got hit directly with the poison attack. "Se," Seel panted, poisoned and out of breath. As it closed its eyes, drifting into the unconcious world, it fell into a stream where it was swept away.

"No, Shinx!" Matt wailed pitifully as his pokemon used Spark on Snorunt. The cone pokemon lost conciousness as well as it fell into the stream, where it began to drift away as well.

Bryan glared at the retreating pokemon before sighing. "Well, at least you won," he said to Sandshrew.

"Shrew!" Sandshrew barked happily, wagging her tail.

"Zig," a new voice grunted, causing Bryan to turn.

"There you are," he scolded. "Where the hell have you been? And what the heck is that?"

"Goz," Zigzagoon grunted, glaring at Bryan before allowing the baby pokemon to drop from his back where it began to sniff Bryan and Sandshrew curiously, barking happily.

Bryan brought out his pokedex and scanned the pokemon.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpspritesshiny/209snubbull.pngSnubbull, the bite pokemon. Small pokemon run in fear of its Scary Face, but it is considered cute by women.

Bryan sneered at the entry, but looked over the pokemon. It was a shiny, and was considered rare. Not to mention that ots evolved pokemon was a real power house.

"So, you came out of the egg, huh?" Bryan questioned.

"Zgi," Zigzagoon nodded.

"Snuu!" Snubbull said happily running around in circles.

Bryan sighed and jerked his head toward the exit in the distance. "Let's get out of here. This was such a waste of time."

"Wai... wait!" Matt cried angrily. "Aren't you going to help me capture those pokemon?"

"No," Bryan said coldly.

"Goon," Zigzagoon sighed, leading the pokemon behind Bryan, and toward the exit.

The Kricket
February 1st, 2009, 9:52 AM
After his encounter with the irritable Sandshrew, Alex continued down Route 2. Soon, he arrived at what was his map told him was the next step on his journey: The Seafoam cave. As he approached the cave, he slowed, mentally making a checklist of everything that he might need in a cave; rope, a flashlight, although after his adventure in the magma caves the battery was running down, food and water. As he turned, to make sure he had all of these, he felt a sort of rumbling in his backpack. Surprised, and hoping that the Pokémon egg wasn’t blowing up, he opened the bag. Sure enough, it was the Pokémon egg, but it didn’t seem to be blowing up, rather it seemed to be shedding its outer coat.

Alex could easily guess what was happening: the egg was hatching. Looking around, and realizing that he was terribly exposed, he quickly picked up his pack and scampered off of the road. Hiding behind a row of bushes, he spread his jacket out, and put the egg on it. Little by little the egg cracked, until finally it burst apart. From its ruins a small golden pokemon emerged. Scanning it with pokedex, he realized that it was a Pichu; a small mouse-like Pokémon. A bit bothered to have to take care of a baby Pokemon, but seeing nothing else to he decided to continue on his journey.

Rummaging through his bag, he pulled out a blanket. Quickly he wrapped the pokemon in it, he didn’t want to try putting it in a pokeball only a few minutes after its birth. Donning his own jacket, and bracing himself for the cold, he prepared to enter the Seafoam Cave. It was, as a he expected rather cold, and his coat did little to help him against the encroaching cold. Once inside, he started walking as fast as possible, hoping to make it out as soon as he could. Unfortunately that was not to be. He had only walked some two hundred paces, when his progress was arrested by a shout, “Stop!” turning to look, Alex saw that the speaker was a man, presumable a trainer now walking towards him, through the cave.

The Trainer was short and wide, extremely wide. Although, Alex could see that most of this bulk was made up of coats. The boy appeared to be wearing multiple, maybe five or six, coats and seemed to be having trouble moving in them. But, although his movement was slow, he still seemed insanely calm, as he continued yelling at Alex “Good Sir, are you perhaps, a trainer of Pokemon?”

Not quite sure how to respond, Alex slowly nodded. Enthused, the boy “then I challenge you to… A BATTLE!” Alex couldn’t quite understand the boys reasoning, and continued walking past him, to tired and cold to reply. The boy at first seem enraged by his lack of response, then somewhat nonplused as if he had never considered this possibility. Then, as if he had realized something, he grabbed a Pokeball, and threw it at the ground in front of Alex,

“Go Geodude!” he shouted, continuing “I will not let you pass until you battle me.”

Alex shrugged, “Okay kid, I surrender, you win.”

“Yes, okay Geodude use- what? You can’t just surrender, you have to put up a fight first.” The kid yelled, once again incredulous.

“Why, what if I recognize your innate superiority and clear awesomeness, and realize that I cannot hope to contend with you?” The boy seemed, while not satisfied, at least glad that someone realize how cool he was. And while he was patting himself on the back, Alex slipped past the Geodude, running down the Corridor. Soon, he heard an angry voice yelling after him, but he did not pause, and if anything ran faster through the dark cave.

February 3rd, 2009, 12:02 PM
*Sorry for the wait everyone. I've mentioned it in the ooc thread, but I lost power and internet, so I couldn't connect. My laptop still won't work, but as soon as that's fixed, I'll be on regularly again.

To DrAcO_ToRpEdO: Welcome, Magby! I don't mind the idea of you switching from shiny to non-shiny.
Magby hatched from the egg!
Eve grew to level 11!
Hazel grew to level 9!
Hazel is trying to learn Fury Swipes, but she already knows four moves. Forget a move for Fury Swipes?
To Pikalover10: Can't wait to see what happens!
Igglybuff hatched from the egg!
To ShadowYashi: Wow, what a pokemon Jade is! What will happen next?
Smoochum hatched from the egg!
Rose grew to level 13!
Jade grew to level 8!
Rose is trying to learn Mega Drain, but she already knows four moves. Forget a move for Mega Drain?
Jade is trying to learn Sweet Kiss, but she already knows four moves. Forget a move for Sweet Kiss?
To Wolfwhispers: Hey, I had an idea like that :P Good sudden change in direction. I wasn't expecting for you to just abandon the wild pokemon.
Snubbull hatched from the egg!
Sandshrew grew to level 12!
Zigzagoon grew to level 7!
To The Kricket: I guess technically it WAS a battle. The guy just asked for a battle, not for Alex to beat him.
Pichu hatched from the egg!

February 5th, 2009, 10:24 AM
Jade gazed worriedly at Nina’s stiff unmoving body, she glanced over to Rose, the appointed leader of the group, who was quietly talking with Spearow and Wurmple… Rose had released them from their Pokéballs upon hitting land, thanks to a kind Spheal and Seel that were swimming in the harsh currents and when they noticed the drowning Nina and flailing Rose and Jade, the two helped the unconscious girl and her Pokémon to land… that had been a good 20 minutes ago and Nina still hadn’t moved, but she was breathing evenly and shivering which is why Seel and Spheal were currently smothering her, save her face, with their bodies to keep the girl warm.

“Will she be okay?”

Rose looked towards Jade and gave her a soft smile that reassured the Kiss Pokémon slightly “She’ll be fine, she just needs to warm up” across from her Spearow snorted “Don’t lie to the kid like that” he said before giving Jade a blank look “Face it kid, truth is Nina might d—yeowch!” Spearow glanced at his wing and then at Wurmple, who had stung him with her stinger “Don’t tell her that! She’s just a kid.”

Spearow snorted and rubbed his wing “Hey… That’s how I learned… my parent’s never sugar coated anything, they told it to me straight” he murmured and Wurmple snorted “Tch. No wonder your such a grump” Spearow growled and began trading insults with Wurmple, the two were glaring at each other and spitting out curses and Jade was getting more scared by the second and Rose noticed.

“Your scaring her! Stop it” the Budew hissed walking towards Jade and wrapped a vine around her to calm the sniffling child “Ignore Spearow, he’s nothing but a bully” Jade nodded and began wiping away her tears “B-But, is it true… will mama not make it?” Rose shook her head “Nina’s stronger than that, just have some faith” Rose told the baby with a false smile “I hope…”

When Nina finally came to, the first thing she registered was pain. It felt like she had been tossed down a cliff and then hit by a bus “God… it hurts so much” she groaned softly and slowly she cracked open her eyes “R-Rose… Ja-Jade…” she cried out softly, her vision blurring as she tried to focus on her current surroundings “Budew!”

Upon hearing Rose’s voice, Nina sat up quickly… well, attempted to sit up quickly but that just cause more pain to rack her body firstly and two… she felt weighed down and blinked after finally realizing there was a Seel and Spheal draped across her stomach and legs “What in the…” her thoughts were cut off when she felt something collide with the side of her face “Smooooochum!” It was Jade, she ran up to Nina and hugged her face tightly, happy to see the girl was alive “I-I’m happy to see you too Jade” Nina winced and the Jade backed off at the sound of her wincing, while Rose said something to the Seel and Spheal and they quickly climbed off her.

Slowly Nina began to sit up… pain jolting her body every now and then. She glanced up, staring at the darkness above and then she glanced off to the side and noticed the current of rushing water “I still can’t believe we survived that” she mumbled and the Seel and Spheal from before cried out and slapped their heavy paws together in a form of clapping “Seel/Spheal!” a small smile graced her features “We’re you the one’s who rescued me? I saw a flash of white and blue before blacking out… was that your doing?” both water types nodded and Nina gave thanks.

“Ple Ple! Wurmple!” Wurmple had crawled up onto Nina’s shoulder and nuzzled her cheek, happy to see her trainer alive and well “You and Spearow were worried about me too?” Wurmple nodded and Nina glanced at Spearow, who just turned away from Nina “Spearow Spear” she laughed softly “Thanks so much guys. I could’ve died today, or froze from the cold... that was some quick thinking, having Seel and Spheal warm me up” Rose nodded, indicating it was all her planning and Nina scooped the bud up in her arms and hugged her tightly “Thanks Rose, I owe you.”


Rose smiled and Nina nodded, before shakily beginning to stand, her knees knocked heavily and she almost fell a couple of times if it weren’t for Seel, who was by her side and helping her stand “Alright guys… we need to get out of here” she mumbled, flexing her legs a few times to get the blood pumping through them “Seel… Spheal, can you two help us find a way out… we fell a ways down, so we need to get back up there some how” Seel and Spheal nodded and they both hopped back in the water, since living in the caves for so long, they’ve adapted and are able to swim the currents.

“Thanks so much! Return Spearow and Wurmple!” Nina recalled her other two Pokémon as Jade and Rose fell instep beside her as they followed Spheal and Seel, who were swimming the current while they walked along the ice “We must’ve fell a long way down” she murmured to Jade and Rose, who nodded in agreement.

They had been walking for 10 minutes now and everything on the path seemed the same, that is until then noticed a set of steps leading upwards Seel and Spheal pointed towards the stairs from their spots in the water “Seel, Seel” Nina blinked before nodding in understanding “These stairs lead to the exit?” Seel arfed and nodded with a big smile “Thanks Seel and Spheal! Take care you two!” with her good byes said, Nina quickly ascended the stairs towards the light she saw shinning at the exit, when they made it to the top, Nina grinned widely and exclaimed “Finally… we made it out of the— cave?”

The pause was because the light shinning through the door wasn’t an exit, but an entrance, into an Icy cavern… they saw nothing but white, snow and crystals and a few tunnel entrances “This isn’t the exit” she said “It looks like a extra room!” Rose looked dejected, but Jade seemed to love it, her eyes widened and glistened in awe before she dashed through the snowy area “Smoochum!”

“Wait! Jade! Where are you going?” Jade ignored her and began to play in the snow and Nina blinked in realization “Ohh Jade’s an Ice Type… this place is like heaven for her” Rose on the other hand snorted, not too keen on the idea of playing in the snow “Its only cause your weak against Ice moves” Nina laughed and Rose pouted before they both glanced at the carefree Jade, who was rolling around in the snow and was having a great time.

“Sno Sno Sno Snooooooo”

Rose and Nina’s attention snapped towards a Snorunt, that came dashing blindly past the duo and running smack dab into an oblivious Jade… who in turn glared at the offending Pokémon “Smoochum Smooch!” Snorunt shook his head and stared at Jade hard before blushing and apologizing “Snoo Snorunt Sno!” it exclaimed and Jade stared at it curiously “Smoochum Smoo” the Snorunt grinned at Jade and laughed but it then froze when a loud shriek filled the area “Snorunt! Sno Snoooo” it suddenly looked scared and then ran off into one of the tunnels. Nina and Rose were soon about to follow after, but as soon as the Snorunt and Jade disappeared, a group of Zubat came fluttering into the cave… looking for said Snorunt. They instead turned their vicious glares towards Nina and Rose and began to chase after them “Not again!” Nina cried as they ran into the tunnel Snorunt and Jade ran through.

February 5th, 2009, 5:28 PM
Will gritted his teeth as the two grunts each grabbed one of their red and white spheres. Riolu and Spheal were standing in front of him, followed by Igglybuff sitting in his arms, shivering. Will didn't know if Igglybuff was shivering from fright or from just hatching and being freezing. Suddenly, the two grunts threw their Pokeballs in to the air and out popped two weird Pokemon. Will took out his Pokedex and scanned them.

Charmander: The fire lizard Pokemon.
Entry: The fire on the tip of its tail is a measure of its life. If healthy, its tail burns intensely.

Squirtle: The tiny turtle Pokemon.
Entry: It shelters itself in its shell, then strikes back with spouts of water at every opportunity.

Will took in a deep breath, looking for the right oppurtunity for his Pokemon to attack, then he had an idea.

"Riolu! Come back and Igglybuff, you go out there." Will said crouching down and letting Igglybuff waddle out on to the icy path.

Riolu reluctantly obeyed and stood next to Will while Igglybuff slowly waddled on to the ice next to Spheal.

"Squirtle use Bubble!" the blue grunt said.

"Charmander use Ember!" the red grunt said.

"Igglybuff use Faint attack on Squirtle! Spheal, Water Gun on CHarmander!" Will replied.

Squirtle shot a lot of bubbles flying at Igglybuff. Igglybuff darted towards it, but slipped and instead slid down the ice towards Squirtle, she slid right underneath the water gun and slammed herself in to the Squirtle.

Spheal took the entire blow from ember, which didn't seem to do a thing. Spheal shook it right off and spat a puddle worth of water at Charmander, which was super effective.

Igglybuff slid back towards Spheal, looking excited as it found an easy way to get around. Spheal rolled back to the center, with Igglybuff following it.

"Squirtle use Tackle!"

"Charmander Scratch!"

"Powder Snow Spheal! Igglybuff, hide behind Spheal and then once Powder Snow is finished use Faint Attack!" Will replied.

Spheal stood his ground as Igglybuff hid behind him and Squirtle and Charmander came bellowing towards him. With each step, ice flew in to the air, whihc would make SPheal's attack hurt even more.

Then, the two were almost within in hitting reach of SPheal, as he shot out billions of snowballs at them. Charmander flew back and then cowered, afraid of the ice, as the snowballs pelted Squirtle, and then froze him solid.

Spheal lept in to the air, and Igglybuff slid underneath him and slammed in to Charmander. Charmander rolled away as a muffled noise was heard from somewhere.

"Aqua! Pyra! Return back to base! You two are a failure and I will not risk losing that jeep you brought along with you!" Will realized it was coming from the blue grunts walkie-talkie.

"YEs sir..." the two replied simotaneously, annoyed from the sound of it.

The two returned their Poekmon and jumped in to their car, and sped away, leaving Will deeply confused. Will turned around and headed for the exit. He saw many Pokemon as he walked along the path.

A few minutes later and Will found the exit of the cave, and the enterance to Fuschia City.

Sorry...I know its not one of my best pieces of writing, but they'll be better I promise.

February 7th, 2009, 12:12 AM
Bryan sighed softly as he finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, a single Zubat was in the way. It was flapping around angrily, giving out a screech as a challenge.

"Minun," Bryan said with irritation, "Thundershock."

"Miiin!" Minun snarled, runnning at the Zubat, body crackling with electricity. "Nuun!"

"Zuuub!" Zubat screeched, body convulsing midair and fighting to stay airborn. "Bat," Zubat said at last, charging at Minun, mouth wide and fangs poised at the ready, determined to have its revenge.

"Dodge," Bryan hissed.

"Nin," Minun said lowly, rolling out of the way just as Zubat snapped at some open air.

"Another Thundershock."

"Miiin!" Minun roared, launching the attack.

"Zuba!" the Zubat said mockingly, doing a spinning dive to avoid it. "Baaat," Zubat droned, opening its mouth and letting out a Supersonic.

"Dodge," Bryan snapped.

"Min!" Minun hissed, ears bent back in anger as he jumped onto an ice rock, leering down at the Zubat with a dark look in its eye.

"Snuub!" Snubbull laughed suddenly, startling Bryan, Minun and Zubat. "Bull!" Snubbull barked, mouth opening wide to reveal ice covered teeth as it jumped at Zubat, playfully biting it, though in face causing it some damage.

"Zuuub!" Zubat screeched in pain, knocking Snubbull away.

"Snu bull?" Snubbull asked, teary eyed.

Bryan sighed. "Minun, Quick Attack."

"Minu!" Minun snarled, charging at the bat in a blur.

"Bat!" Zubat called, just barely missing the attack, Minun sliding away from the bat on the ice. "Zuu!" Zubat screeched, flying at Snubbull, mouth wide open for a Leech Attack, unaware of Snubbull's hand movements.

"Zigza!" Zigzagoon snarled, fur bristling as it starting running to defend the tiny pup pokemon.

"Miin!" Minun hissed, hair on end as it charged again, determined to hit the bat.

"Zuuu!" Zubat screech with vengeance.

Bryan just stood there, watching the battle.

"Snub! Snub! Snub!" Snubbull laughed, finally letting his waving hands come to a stop, eyes widening as they began to glow. "Snuu!" Snubbull barked in shock, its whole body surrounding itself in pain.

"Quick, run into the Zubat!" Bryan snapped.

"Bubel!" Snubbull cried, charging blindly at the shocked bat, flames still surrounding it, though not causing it any pain. It was just scaring the poor pup.

"Baaat!" Zubat cried in fear as Zigzagoon and Minun stopped their attacks, now only watching as the Snubbull landed on the bat, burning it terribly with its Flame Wheel attack. "Zuuu," Zubat said at last as the flames went away and Snubbull eagerly got off, leaving the unconcious pokemon alone.

"Buble snu," Snubbull sighed, curling into Zigzagoon.

"Zig," Zigzagoon said approvingly, licking the pups ears.

"An Ice Fang attack and a Metronome," Bryan murmered, not at all phased by the display. "Seems you might be worth something."

Zigzagoon growled warningly.

Bryan's lips thinned but said nothing as he turned away. His gaze feel upon the fallen Zubat. "Minun, finish it."

"Min min min," Minun chuckled lowly, back becoming hunched as it watched in pleasure as the unconcious pokemon awoke to the fierce shocks of its Thundershock, going into a seizure mode until it was knocked out once more from the pain, its body giving the occasional twitch every now and then.

"Alright, we're done here," Bryan stated. "Here's the exit, now let's get out of here."

HIs pokemon nodded, and they all exited through the cave opening, and at their new destination.