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December 31st, 2008, 4:48 PM
There is still one more Wild Card left if anyone wants it.

Orange Archipelago

Co-Owner: Pikalover10

Plot: There has been disasters all over the world lately. The Pokemon have been acting very weird. As in not normal. You as a beginning trainer starting out your journey in the Orange Islands must find out what is wrong with the world, why things have gone out of wrack. The weather has been changing a lot lately from, cold to warm to hot. The center of all of this is centered around Shamouti Island and the three islands of legend, Fire Island, Ice Island and Lightning Island. Five young beginning trainers are choosen to go on a journey, level up there Pokemon, collect the Four badges from the Orange Crew and conplete in the Orange League.

You are a beginning trainer who lives on Valencia Island. You just turned 10-12. You get your first Pokemon from Professor Ivy. You have three choices, which will you go with a Staryu, a Eevee or a Pikachu, which ever one you pick the choice is up to you. The other trainers are there when you get there. Professor Ivy tells you about all the problems centering around in the Orange Islands. Something has gone wrong with Shamouti Island and the islands of legends. A great danger that if something is not done it could awaken the great beast of the sea and flood the whole planet,"It is up to your select few to stop this madess before it is too late for anything to be done about it. I will give you one of three Pokemon here. You will then go to each Island challening the Orange Crew. Once you have all four badges you will challenge the champion Drake, for the title of Orange League Master, and earn your place in the Hall of Flame. Afterwards after you've had enough training you will go to Shamouti Island and from there visist each island: Fire, Ice and Lightning and collect the three orbs and bring them to the main Island then we will decide what shell be done next."

The trainers listened very closely. They all made there choices. Ivy then gave all of them a Pokedex and five PokeBalls. You then begin your Journey. You notice during your travels that the Pokemon you catch here in the Orange Islands look different then the ones found in Kanto. Where will your journey lead you. It's all up to you trainer. You decide.


1. No Spamming

2.Follow Forum's Rules

3.Good Spelling and Grammer

4.When catching a Pokemon end your Post with the PokeBall shaking, and depending on how good the post is I will decide if you catch it or not.

5.No bunnying without permission, but close to the end everyone will come together but only when I say so.

6.No catching legendary Pokemon but there will be battles with them close to the end of the RPG, but only when I say so.

7.Please stay active, if you go for more then 2 weeks without posting without a good reason you will be kicked out.

8.Yes you can find shinys in this but they will be very hard to catch.

9.You may have eggs but only I will decide when and if they hatch and what Pokemon they will be.

Sign Up:

Name: (Your Character's name first and last)
Age: (Your character's age, 10 to 12, but no older then 12 please)
Gender: (Is your character male or female.)
Appearance: (Talk about what your character looks like. It must be at least 1 paragraph. That's 5 sentences long)
Personality: (How does your character act, what they like dislike etc...)
History: (What was your character's past like? Did they always live in Valencia Island. Must be at least 1 paragraph like with the Appearance thing)
Starter Choice: (Which Pokemon would you like to start out with)
Your Starter's Gender: (Is your starter male or female)
Person Type: (What type of trainer or you? Are you a Coordinator/Trainer/ Breeder/ Stylest etc...)

RP Sample(Must be at least 8 paragraphs):


Pikachu: Taken by Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen
Level: 5
Ability: Static
Attacks: Thundershock, Growl, Charge
Nature: Random
Gender: (Please specify in SU under starter Pokemon choice)

Eevee: Taken by FlareonFan
Level: 5
Ability: Adapability
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack, Charm
Nature: Random
Gender: (Please Specify in SU under starter Pokemon choice.)

Staryu: Taken by Pikalover10
Level: 5
Ability: Natural Cure
Attacks: Tackle, Harden, Water Gun
Nature: Random
Gender: (Please Specify in SU under starter Pokemon choice.)

Wild Card 1: Taken by Rii
Wild Card 2:

I will only allow your Pokemon to know up to 10 attacks at most. That is it. After that it will have to forget some. Also I will not be in this RP. I am the GM(Grand Master) I will be playing NPCs like Professor Ivy and other characters and sometimes wild Pokemon. The Roleplay will start once we get the basic three in. I will accept up to 2 wild cards but the sign up must be very good to get a wild card. And it must be a Pokemon in its first stage. No, starting out with Pokemon from Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh please. Also no starting out with Shiny Pokemon.

Edit: I changed the rule a little bit about no starting out with Pokemon from Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. You may only start out with a Pokemon from a later on Region if it evolves into a Kanto Pokemon.

January 2nd, 2009, 2:37 AM
Wahay we're in. Konekodemon I need to talk to you about an idea for Route 1.

January 2nd, 2009, 6:42 AM
Name: Reina Moore

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: Reina has long blond hair swept back into a high ponytail. She has a pair of small fraimed glasses that are constantly falling down her nose. She has emerald green eyes. She wears a sleevless blue hooded jacket, with a long sleeved white shirt underneath. She wears a knee lenght blue jean skirt, and a pair of black tennis shoes.

Personality: She is deathly afraid of Thunderstorms, to the point she will curl up into a ball and shake. She loves icecream though and gets excited when she is able to buy a cone. She is quick to anger but calms down easily with a bit of flattery. She also makes friends fairly easily due to her cheerful nature. But she can also be a bit niave when it comes to traveling, figuring everything will work out.

History: Reina was born in the Hohen reagon and lived there until she was eight. She was very disapointed when she was told she'd be moving to Valencia Island in the Orange Islands. She had her heart set on choosing a Mudkip when she turned 10. Her parents were always busy with their pokemon daycare business, watching the pokemon of people who were busy at work and such. She was mostly left home alone with only the wild pokemon outside as company. And now that she is older her parents have finally dedided to let her travel around.

Starter Choice: Eevee or a wild card of Charmander

Your Starter's Gender: Male Charmander, female Eevee

Person Type: Cooridnator

rp sample: From a New Professor in Town

A golden opperunity


Rini was in a huff due in part to her earlier actions. Pidgey still led the way, but even he knew not to say much when his trainer was like this. She was still mumbling as she looked through her pokedex.

"I can't believe I forget Metapod evolved into Butterfree. I wanted a Butterfree, and I messed up."

"Butterfree is the evolved form of Metapod." her pokedex chirped in a happy voice, as if to conferm her own mistake.

"Yea, tell me something I don't know." Rini huffed, still pouting. "And here I thought I could be a breeder."

"The evolution line of Butterfree is as followes: Caterpie, the caterpiller pokemon, follewed by Metapod, the cacoon, then finally Butterfree, the butterfly."

"Well that's good to know." Rini took a closer look at Caterpie. "That's it. Pidgey before we leave we're gonna catch us a Caterpie!"

Pidgey chirped as if to say, "Finally."

Rini after searching, for a bit had still not found a Caterpie. Actually since the Metapod incident she hadn't seen anything.

She pulled Oddish's pokeball from her pocket. "I know your tired, but I really need your help." Rini released Oddish, who stood half-asleep before her.

"Oddish?" she yawned.

"Could you use Sweet Scent to attract a Caterpie?"

She nodded, and began loosing the Sweet Scent. The fragance drifted throughout the air, and in patituclar into a tree above the girl's head.

Something small landed in her hair, and held on tight.

"Ahhh! Get it off! What is this?!" Rini yelled running back and forth as the whatever clung to her head. "Pidgey, don't just laugh. Help me!"

Pidgey chirped and flew straight at his trainer knocking both her and the pokemon to the ground.

"Ow, my back." Rini rolled over to find herself looking into two large curious eyes, and a pair of antenia. "Caterpie?"

Something was wrong though. "Aren't you supposed to be green?" she asked, wondering if it was sick.

Caterpie smacked her with her tail and laughed evilly, well it sounded evil.

"That is so rude. Wher did you learn manners like that?" Rini stood and dusted herself off.

Caterpie showe her butt at the annoyed girl, and laughed.

"That's it! Pidgey get ready! Oddish return!"

Oddish was pulled back into her pokeball, already asleep again. Pidgey landed in front of her.

Caterpie shimmered and glared.

Rini and the ( unknown to her ) shiny Caterpie tried to stare the other down.

"I'm gonna capture you Caterpie. But you know that right?" Rini pointed,as if to emphasise this.

Caterpie shot some string in her face, causing the girl to sputter.

"Don't you dare laugh." Rini ripped the silk off and turned to glare at Pidgey. "Go tackle it!"

Caterpie dodged the attack, and Pidgey found himsef slamming headfirst into a tree, and getting his beak stuck in the bark. He pulled slightly, then braced his feet against the tree and pulled harder.

Caterpie wiggled her way up the tree, and onto a branch directly over Pidgey. She then loosened an apple from the upper branches, took a bite, and dropped it onto the bird's head.

Pidgey managed to twist around to glare up at Caterpie, who was acting like she was at the best party in the world.

"Don't just stand there Pidgey! Do...... something." Rini stomped her foot, in a childish-like manner.

Pidgey rolled his eyes at his trainer, and chirped in an annoyed way. It was like he was telling her if she didn't like it do something herself. Still he managed to pull a clawed foot behind him and swing it around, kicking some sand directly onto the branch Caterpie was.

The sand attack smacked Caterpie in the eyes and mouth, leaving the bug both sputtering to try and be rid of the sand in her mouth, and wiping her stinging eyes.

"Break free Pidgey!" Rini yelled. "Come on, pull!"

Pidgey finally managed to free himself, and flapped hard to get into the air once more. Finally he soared above the branch Caterpie was on.

"Tackle it now!" Rini yelled. "Hurry, before she can get away!"

Pidgey charged forward, knocking Caterpie from her place, and into a nearby bush.

Pidgey landed, and waited in front of the berry bush for Caterpie to emerge.

"Wait for it....." Rini cautioned.

Caterpie zipped from the bush, a tackle aimed at Pidgey's chest.

"Dodge it!" Rini yelled, almost not catching the movement in time.

Luckly Pidgey was more adpt at seeing the fast movements of prey, and dodged out of the way of first one tackle, then another that was aimed for his back.

By now Caterpie was getting a little winded, and it was showing in her hard breathing.

"Almost...." Rini whispered. "Tackle it Pidgey! Then carry it into the air!"

Pidgey dodged another tackle, this one slower then the others. He then flapped his wings and charged forward, as Caterpie did the same.

The met with a loud crash in the middle, and Caterpie was pushed back. Just enough for Pidgey to get his claws around her middle and lift her into the air.

Caterpie was visibly winded now, and was unable to struggle much, though she did try repeatdily to gnaw on Pidgey's legs to get him to release her.

"Take her up high and drop her!" Rini grinned, as Caterpie's eyes widened in shock.

Pidgey soared above the treeline and dropped Caterpie, who curled into a ball, and braced herself for the landing that wouldn't happen.

Rini wouldn't let it. "Go, pokeball!" she threw an empty ball at the still falling bug, and caught her mid-air.

Caterpie was sucked into the pokeball, and both fell to the ground.

January 2nd, 2009, 7:14 AM
We've both gone over your SU and we've decided youe in with Charmander.

January 2nd, 2009, 7:33 AM
Name: Grey Christopher Rose
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: Grey is fairly tall for his age, being somewhere around 5'5". He is 'shrimpy' you might say. He doesn't work out, and doesn't have much meat on his bones. He wears a formal watch, nothing fancy though. He usually wears contacts, but if you catch him on a bad day he will be wearing wire-rimmed glasses. He has a few freckles here and there across his face. He has a skinny nose, and has the first signs of acne appearing on his forehead. He has a normal sized chin, and thin lips. He is usually wearing gloves on his hands to cover up his bony fingers. His arms are skinny and most would be able to wrap their hand around his wrists. His legs are the same as his arms: skinny and bony. He has fairly big feet for his small size. A good word to describe his figure is 'lanky'. Grey wouldn't be caught dead in shorts. He always wears jeans, and is okay with short sleeved shirts. Underneath his shirt he always wears a white undershirt. Over his shirt he usually wears a gray hoodie (ironic, aye?). He has bleach-white sneakers; they look as if they have never been worn. Though you can't see his socks, he usually wears the socks that are hidden beneath the shoe. If Grey gets invited to a school party he would probably wear his normal: jeans, short sleeved shirt and undershirt and a gray hoodie. But if the party happens to be a 'Sunday Best' party then he would wear a black or navy blue sports jacket (or suit) accommodated by a usually blue or white button-down shirt with a tie (non-clip on). He would wear khaki or black pants, held up by a usually brown belt. His choice of shoes would be brown 'penny loafers'. On a chilly winter’s day, Grey would be seen in his usual dark blue jeans, but a long sleeved shirt and hoodie. Instead of sparkly white sneakers, Grey would wear brown boots. On cold days Grey would usually have his glasses on, so his contacts won’t dry out with the dry and cold wind. If it is especially cold, he would either have a hat on, or the hood of his hoodie.
Personality: Grey is calm whenever things around him are calm. He is a follower if whatever must get done doesn't affect his grades, etc., but whenever something comes up and it will affect his life he will take the lead of the project and complete it with his best efforts and intentions. His mood changes as the mood of those around him changes. If it is a rainy day, he will most likely be gloomy, but on a bright day he will be happy and calm. Whenever something sad, devastating, happy, or joyous happens, he usually won’t show much emotion. A good way to describe his personality is if the weather is good, he’s good, but if the weather is gloomy, he’s gloomy. Because of his small size he is usually picked on by kids his age and older. Usually the first time they pick on him is also the last. He has a darks side when someone threatens him or tries to hurt him. People learn that despite his laid back person, he can get mad fairly easily. Outwardly to everyone Grey is very calm and shy, but those who really get to know him will see that he can be very open and talkative, quite the opposite of his normal, laid back personality. Grey is loyal to everyone around him and when he is around strangers, he tends to try to be cool and mysteries to make a good impression, but he usually fails.
Name- Scarlett Rose
Age- 51 (at death)
Relation- Mother

Name - Thorn Rose
Age - 43 (at death)
Relation - Father

Name - Scarlett Rose
Age - (Died at birth; would be 12)
Relation - Sister

Name - Thorn Rose Jr.
Age - 22
Relation - Brother (Estranged)

Name - Mary Iona
Age - 63
Relation - Caretaker
Past: Twenty-two years to the day before Grey was born, his brother, Thorn Jr. was born. Twenty-two years later Grey and his twin sister Scarlett were born on a rainy, gloomy day; his parents were Scarlett and Thorn, both were great, wealthy Pokemon trainers. Sadly, Scarlett died at birth. Then to make his birth sadder, his dad died less than a week later. Now Scarlett was a single mom of to boys: the newborn Grey and Thorn Jr., age 10. Then, when Grey was eight and his brother was 18, their mother died. After the deaths of his parents Thorn became estranged from his only left family member, Grey. He left Grey in the care of Mary Iona, a boring, old caretaker. Luckily for Grey it was only two years before he left on his Pokemon journey. But when Grey finally turned ten, Iona wouldn't let him leave. After a one year wait, Grey was able to leave, but with no Pokemon. On a search to find his brother, he ended up in Valencia Island, where there was a Professor, who had a computer. He looked up his brothers name, Thorn Rey Rose Jr. he found out that his brother was the owner of the biggest money-making company and was better known now as Mr. Rose; Grey then knew that his brother would never let him live with him. He was a big shot now, not caring about his orphaned brother. That is when Grey knew that he finally needed to go on his own Pokemon journey.
Starter Choice: Wild Card Munchlax
Your Starter's Gender: Male
Person Type: Trainer/Breeder
RP Sample:

From my RP, Rawltz & Rawltz Co.

Grey watched as night slowly turned to day in the small town of Sangem, Sinnoh. He yearned badly for all of his musical instruments left at home: his piano, both of his saxophones (his alto and tenor), his violin, and harp. All he had been able to take was his small pennywhistle. He quietly blew a few tones into the small recorder-like instrument. Soon the shadows of the buildings around him grew larger and larger untill it was almost too dark for Grey to see. He got off of the step he was sitting on and once again went to look in the music store before it closed. Sparkling saxophones and dazzling flutes lined the neatly tiered shelves in their small cardboard boxes. He was in the woodwind isle, with the many single and double reed instruments. He continued walking and made it to the string isle. It was divided into two sections: plucked and bowed. He could see the large box which held a harp, and also the small box holding violins. Grey skipped over most of the percussion instruments, only stopping once to look at the piano with its beautiful white and black keys. He played a small tune before being yelled at by the store owner.

"Can't you read?" he asked angrily, "Anyways it is time to close!" the man pushed Grey out of the door. There was a Chatot sitting on the mans shoulder, and a Loudred at his side.

Grey was once again back in the cold darkness left by the sun. He finaly decided that it was time to go to the Pokecenter to find a place to sleep. He walked in to the red building and was greeted by an always cheerful Nurse Joy.

"Hello, how may I help you?" the nurse said.

"I just need a place to stay for a night or so,"

"Okay, please just sign in right here," she pushed a small clipboard onto the desk. He signed his name, Grey C. Rose, befor leaving for a room.

He soon found one and went inside. He looked at the clock which read 11:00. It was late, and he was tired. He quickly fell asleep. Soon he found himself on the floor with the sun shining into his eyes. He was wide awake soon, and immediately looked at the clock. Now it read 7:00. It was a quick night for Grey. He quickly made the bed, and started to leave when he saw a small white envelope. Writted on the envelope was , R&R/TT. Grey noticed no return adress, but opened it anyways. It was clearly for him, as it read:

Dear Grey Christopher Rose,
You have been invited to the lab of Professor Hann. She lives in Slateport City, Hoenn. She has recently moved from Johto, and has built a new laboratory in Slateport. But the laboratory isn’t normal. It is located underwater. You will need to report the Oceanic Museum located in East Slateport. There will be no need to pay admission. We will immediately take you to your first destination. You must be there at strictly 7:00 PM. We do not appreciate or tolerate latecomers. Once there, we will all leave for the Laboratory of Professor Hann. There you will receive your first Pokemon, which has been carefully chosen by Hann. Then, Hann and I will explain to you everything that is happening and why. Then, just as quickly as you came, you will leave. You are not to tell anyone about your visit to Professor Hann and you are not to tell anyone about this letter. Leave every one of you Pokemon behind. You will receive your Pokemon once you come to Slateport.


Grey was unable to read the name which was signed, which was unfortunate.

Slateport, aye?, Grey thought, That is in Hoenn if I do believe... I must leave soon. Grey quickly gathered his things which wan't much: a backpack and a letter. He signed out of the PokeCenter, and went outside. Before he left for Slateport he went back to the music shop for one last look. He walked up to the old man and held up his pennywhistle.

"Is there anything that I can trade this for?" Grey asked.

The man put on his glasses and held it up about an inch from his nose. "Hmm..." he said, "Chatot, Loudred. How much would you say this is worth?" The Pokemon looked at the instrument.

"Chat, chat chat, tot!" said the musical bird.

"Loud, d drid!" the Loudred said.

The man cleaned off the mouthpiece and played a tune. The Pokemon jupmed in happyness, clearly glad with the music the instrument produced. The man again said 'Hmm' and went into the back. He came back with an old, greatly-used alto saxophone.

"I can give you this," he said, gesturing to the saxophone, "and also eighty dollars."

Grey brightened up. He quickly traded, then asked how much the saxophone was worth.

"Umm, I'd say around one hundred dollars."

"Okay, thanks!" Grey said rushing out the door. He quickly opened the saxophone case. He put the reed in the mouthpiece, the mouthpiece on the neck, and finaly the neck on the body. He attached the neckstrap and played a small, happy tune. Then he quickly put it up and went off to find a way to Slateport City.

January 2nd, 2009, 7:47 AM
Sorry I'm going to have to decline your sign up, as I said before no starters from Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh unless they evolve into Kanto Pokemon, change your starter and maybe I'll think about it

January 2nd, 2009, 8:04 AM
Sorry I'm going to have to decline your sign up, as I said before no starters from Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh unless they evolve into Kanto Pokemon, change your starter and maybe I'll think about it

Sorry, I didn't notice that way at the bottom.


January 2nd, 2009, 8:16 AM
I take the challenge to see if I am accepted xD

Character's Name: Dolf

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Appearence: Dolf is very tall to be 12 (he measures 164 cms) and he is very thin. He wears ALWAYS a red t-shirt with the pattern of a black pokeball. His jeans are a strange greenish color for playing a lot in forests. His eyes are a dark brown color and his hair is a nice blue (don't mind the strange color, it is normal in Pokemon xD). He wears a pair of white sporting shoes and no socks at all. When the climate is a bit cold, he uses a blue jacket that matches a lot (though not completely) with his hair. He uses a black digital watch that has an integrated flashlight (may come handy later XP)

Personality: Dolf is a very energetic boy. As almost every boy his age, he is very hyperactive and optimist. He loved to play in the park with his friends when he was smaller, but now he plays with the same kids online videogames (as almost any child of his age). He befriends people very quickly for his confident way of speaking and trust in everything or everyone he knows. He also loves to play in forests with the pokemon that live there and likes to help pokemon in need, taking them to his house (stangely, with the permission of his mother) and nurses them until they are healthy to go. He hates bullies and tries to confront them when they are mucking someone. He also loves to eat ice-cream (like everybody of his age xD) and to see the sun before it turns dark with his dad.

Story: Dolf was always a good son and brother. He started to play with other kids before he turned 1, so he knows every kid in his town. He has lived in Valencia Island since he was born. His father works as a bussiness man, so he spends a lot at the office and little time with his family, but when he is with them he spends a lot of time equally with each member of the family. Dolf has a brother 3 years older than him that is completely the opposite of him: he is very sneaky and no one seems to find him when they are searching for him, he has very few friends, etc. His brother is named Matt, but he wasn't born on Valencia Island. Dolf works helping pokemon in need that he finds hurt and takes it to his house (with the permission of his parents, as said above) and nurses them to complete health. Dolf is friend of everyone and likes to help people and pokemon alike. Dolf's mother stays in house a lot cleaning, washing, and everything a house-keeper does. She loves her 2 sons alike and tries to have conversations with them very often. He always has tried to talk with his brother to help him, but Matt ALWAYS ignores him, though they spend a lot of time together playing videogames. Dolf always has been and always will be a model person. He doesn't have a favorite pokemon, but he likes steel and water types a lot (Empoleon's typing hahahaha)

Chosen pokemon: I would like a Timid Staryu or wild-card Male Skarmory or a Female Lapras (preferently the male skarmory).

Type of trainer: Cool Boy

RP Sample (sorry if not about pokemon):

Kile was trying to find the weak spot of his enemy. He sure was very tall and strong, but Kile was quicker at sword-wilding and slashing. So Kile tried to think..."He may be very powerfull, but there has to be a way to break his armor..." Kile started running at his opponent. He roled between the legs and cut the ropes that were holding his opponent's armor together. The tall guy seemed very surprised, but he slashed very quickly back at Kile. Kile defended very quickly and started moving away from the enemy.

The tall man started running to catch Kile, but he looked in all the room and he couldn't find him...He thought: "That boy has to be somewhere inside here, the room is closed and there is only one entrance...he should be near there!!" The bad man turned back to the door to find Kile trying to break the lock with a tiny work hammer. Kile turned back to see the man run to hit him with his sword, but Kile was faster and stroke the enemy on his chest. The man fell dead.

Kile started moving towards the exit, and finally broke the lock with his hammer. He started running to the outside of the maze, but a man his size tackled him from somewhere Kile couldn't see and made him fall. The man said: "Kile, I know you are trying to leave, but it is safer in here. Don't try anything, or I'll lock you again in the chambers. Kile tried to slash the guy in front of him with his sword, but the man just sidestepped and hit Kile in the head. Kile fell unconsiously to the ground...

When Kile opened his eyes a lot of time after that, he noticed was inside a cage again. He just thought "Man! What have I done to be trapped in here by those strange guys! I've got to find an exit!". Kile turned to all possible escape routes from the cage, but this one was very well made. Kile noticed that his sword and his hammer were gone, so he had no other tools to open the prison in which he was locked. At last, Kile fell asleep with a lot of thing in his head "How can I escape from here? Why tose guys have me locked in here? Who was the guy that tackled me after escaping the maze?"...


I hope this entry is good :)


January 2nd, 2009, 8:23 AM
I don't have time to wait to talk it over with my co-owner, so I'd just say this:

~|symphony♪: Your accepted with Munchlax

Empoleon!: Your in with Staryu

January 2nd, 2009, 8:23 AM
Your both Accepted Munchlax and Staryu respectivley.

EDIT: Haha both done it at the same time.

January 2nd, 2009, 8:29 AM
When does the RP begins?

January 2nd, 2009, 8:33 AM
it will start once we get people for Pikachu and Eevee

The Kricket
January 2nd, 2009, 8:40 AM
Could I reserve Eevee possible? I'll try to get an SU up later today.

January 2nd, 2009, 8:45 AM
@ The Kircket: Yeah why not.

Eevee Reserved for rest of 02/01/09.

The Kricket
January 2nd, 2009, 5:01 PM
here's my SU:

Name: Michael Stevens
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Appearance: Michael is short standing 4 feet 10 inches and thin as a rail. His face is to round, and his features to prominent to be considered handsome. His eyes are small and blue, weak from too much reading. His thick white hair is cut close to his scalp. His usual attire is a grey shirt, and a pair of sweatpants. In cold weather he puts on a weather beaten sweatshirt as his only concession to the cold. Although he has glasses, he doesn’t like to wear them, instead keeping them in a case in his pocket at almost all times.

Personality: Michael has a stubborn competitive streak. He is competitive in almost everything. He also “worships” accomplishment with an almost fanatical devotion. That is, he believes that he only goal worth having is being number one. Because of this, he expands little energy trying to make friends, and comes across as arrogant to most people. This is only partly true, while he does have supreme confidence in his own abilities; he is not boastful or proud, simply confident. Unfortunately his competitive nature leads to him sometimes taking unnecessary, and stupid, risks to prove himself better then his competitors.

History: Michael has lived on Valencia Island for his entire life. His only family was his father, who was rarely around, often travelling for his work, and his brother Eliot. His brother was one year older then him, and they competed all through their lives. Most of the time Eliot would win a state of affairs that infuriated Michael. But, these competitions ended last year when Michael set off to be a Pokémon trainer, leaving his brother behind. Apart from his brother Michael had no friends, although he knew everyone on the island. He saw them as nothing more then “competitors” and had only contempt for those who did not succeed (in his own warped criteria of the word) and respect for those who were successful. So, he lived a mostly solitary live, his only joy being, surprisingly, school. He enjoyed it by approaching it as a competition, one that he was able to do very well in. But, despite this, when he was given the opportunity to compete in the Orange league, he gladly accepted, hoping to finally be able to surpass his brother.

Starter Choice: Eevee
Starter’s gender: Male
Person type: Trainer/breeder

RP Sample:

The Last Challenge

Michael surveyed the rock cliff, looking for handholds on the smooth surface. He was planning his ascent, trying to find the quickest way to the top. Next to him his brother was fastening a rope to the system already in place. After he finished, his brother turned to him, looking kind of concerned.

“Are you sure you want to do this Mike? It’s a long climb, and you’re probably tired after the hike.” His brother asked him.

“No, I’m fine. Come on lets do this!” Michael replied, bursting with excitement. Quickly hooking himself into the rope system he prepared to climb. His brother got into place, and prepared to belay him.

Michael begun to climb with an agility that belayed his small frame. He swiftly scaled the first half of the cliff, skillfully using protrusions and crevices to gain leverage. But, after a good start, he found himself temporarily stymied by a rough, or rather smooth, patch. Seeing that Michael was in trouble, Eliot shouted out encouragement,

“Use your right had to grab the crevice just above you, and then leverage yourself up.” But Michael would accept no help, and in response snapped at his brother.

“I’ve got it don’t worry.” Sure enough soon Michael got past the trouble spot, and continued his swift ascent. After about ten minutes, he finally reached the top. Once there he looked around triumphantly for a few minutes before rappelling down. The moment his feet hit the ground, he asked his brother

“How long did it take me to climb it?”

“Only twelve minutes” his brother replied “almost as fast as me.” He added off hand. Upon hearing this, Michael was overcome by a sense of failure. Despondent, he did not say anything else and grabbing his backpack started walking home.

“Come on Mike, it’s no big deal, you can try again tomorrow” his brother said, trying to cheer him up. Michael did not respond, and the two of them trudged on, towards the setting sun.

January 2nd, 2009, 5:05 PM
Name: Bon Choco

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Appearance: Bon stands around 5ft tall, with spiky brown hair that he gels regularly every morning. His figure is still very much that of a child’s, while not being fat, he still retains a childhood cuteness. His typical attire consists if an oversized white shirt with long blue sleeves that nearly cover his hands and a large Poke Ball print on the left half of his shirt. His pants usually are an old pair of blue jeans with one of the legs that have been cut off at the knee. He also wears a lengthy red scarf that is rapped around his neck. He wears black bike gloves on his hands. He wears a black back pack slung over one shoulder with multiple pockets for whatever need be in them. If the need to be fancy arrives, *Contest, Dinner, Etc,* he wears a grey blazer with a white button down shirt underneath, dark blue pant, and a grey fedora with a Chatot feather in it. *Being the OI’s I’m assuming some swimming so here’s a swimmer description* If the chance to go swimming arises, Bon would put on green swim trunks with a Dragonite pattern down the side.

Personality: Bon is very easy going, and appreciates the little things. He has a great love for candies and food and his pack has a small pocket full of small Chocolates. Bon is relatively social, after getting the chance to take in his possible new friends, but can be overly critical when he first meets someone. He has a love for Poison and Fighting type Pokemon, but realizes that the later type is an oddity in the Archipelago, but he is still hopeful. Bon dreams of traveling to Sinnoh as soon as possible.

History: Bon was born on Cianwood Island, but moved to Valencia at the age of 5. However when he was in Cianwoood, he greatly hates thr fact that he’s been on Islands all his life, and greatly wishes to visit the mainland, especially Fuchsia, being home to the legendary Poison type master: Koga. He considers his life on Valencia boring, and greatly wishes to explore. He visited Saffron City once becquse his dad had a convention here, and that is the reason he finds his current life boring.

Starter Choice: I’d like Wildcard Zubat *Or Machop*, but if that’s not possible, how ‘bouts Pikachu?

Your Starter's Gender: Male

Person Type: Trainer *If forced will participate in contests…*

RP Sample

Joe waited outside the mansion his foot on the gas pedal, his boss had gone in a little over half an hour ago, and still hadn’t come back. Joe looked impatiently at his watch.


Antony walked out of the mansion’s dragging a body and shooting into the unseen hall. Joe grabbed the clutch and drove the car back across the mansion’s giant lawn to where Antony was escaping. Antony opened the back door and threw the body in before jumping into the seat. “Come on Joey, get a move on!” Joe slammed on the gas and drove across the lawn, through a bush, down the private driveway, and onto the interstate. Joe wiped his lip, looked back at Antony and smiled,

“So, how was it?” Antony shrugged,

“OK.” Joe smiled again,

“Time for Ned here to go for a drive.” Antony nodded,

“You got it Joe.” Antony pulled off onto a country road, and smiled one more time. This is my favorite part of the job. Joe drove the car into a woods and into a secret clearing. Antony opened the door, and pushed out the body. Joe stepped out of the car, while Antony grabbed a water bottle and dumped it's contents on Ned. After a few minutes of spluttering, Ned woke up,

"I swear I have the money, ... Please don't hurt me..." Ned whimpered and scooted back against a tree. Antony flashed a quick smile towards, Joe. Joe walked over to Ned and picked up his head,

"It's OK Neddy baby," Joe patted his cheek, "we know you have the money..." as Joe cooed, Antony walked into the car to pick something up.

"Y-y-you do?" Ned sighed in relief. Antony came back to were Ned and Joe were.

"Yes, yes we know..." Ned sighed again, "the problem is, you've already spent it..." Ned looked up at Joe with tears in his eye's,


Joe smiled one last time, "Yes." Antony pulled a handkerchief of a pistol and aimed it at the sniveling man's head,

"Bye bye Neddy.."


The body slumped over, blood gushing from the hole in his lifeless forehead...

January 2nd, 2009, 5:10 PM
can I reserve Pikachu if possible? If not then VM me and I will delete this post so its not in your way:)

January 2nd, 2009, 7:55 PM
Sorry my original post was screwy... It's fixed now...

January 2nd, 2009, 8:11 PM
This is going to sound pathetic, but could someone tell me how to make something a spoiler so I can post an RP Sample? I don't wan to bore the rest of you...

That should work... I think

January 3rd, 2009, 1:19 AM
Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen: sorry all wild cards are taken.

Pikalover10: Reserved until the end of torrmow.

The Kricket: Your accepted with Eevee.

January 3rd, 2009, 6:54 AM
Cool might aswell get Route 1 up soon.

@ Konekodemon: Have you submitted the OOC yet?

January 3rd, 2009, 6:58 AM
yes I have, I'm still waiting for Alter Ego to put it up, I submitted it yesterday

January 3rd, 2009, 7:02 AM
Cool okay and am I going to post Route 1 or you?

January 3rd, 2009, 7:06 AM
let's wait a little longer until the OOC's up, as I want to get everyone's trainer info up first

January 3rd, 2009, 7:08 AM
Oh okay then I suppose that sounds logical enough.

January 3rd, 2009, 8:26 AM
Required Posts:1-3

Ok the rp starts now. It starts with you going to get your first Pokemon, Pokedex and 5 PokeBalls.


Valencia Island:

Is located in the southwestern region of the Orange Archipelago.

The Lab:
It is home to Pokémon researcher Professor Ivy and her extensive lab. She notes the alternate coloration of certain Pokémon on the island, including Vileplume.

Professor Felina Ivy is a Pokémon Professor who resides on Valencia Island.

It has been assumed that Professor Ivy gives out Starter Pokémon to rookie trainers in the Orange Archipelago, as most of her colleagues do, but neither this, nor the Pokémon she gives out, have been confirmed.

Other Places:

Pokemon Center: A place to heal your Pokemon or just rest at.
Pokemon Mart: A place to buy things and gear up before starting out on your journey.
Trainer's School: A place to go to learn all about Pokemon before you go.

January 3rd, 2009, 8:34 AM
Good start but you should put how many posts you are allowed on Valencia Isle, between 1-3. Route 1 is next up.

January 3rd, 2009, 8:36 AM
from now on, keep all OOC coments on the OOC board please

January 3rd, 2009, 8:44 AM
I'm not a character i'm your co-owner and I'm helping you with the post.

January 3rd, 2009, 8:45 AM
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January 3rd, 2009, 8:49 AM
Haha I thought it was for me seeing it was straight after my post.

January 3rd, 2009, 8:51 AM
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January 3rd, 2009, 8:53 AM
Yeah and congrats on 600th post.

January 3rd, 2009, 8:55 AM
also I won't be putting Pinken Island on this as I've noted on the OOC thread

January 3rd, 2009, 8:59 AM
Oh is that because you can't get the Pink Pokemon on Trainer Cards or their spirtes?

January 3rd, 2009, 9:00 AM
no cause it's against the law to be on the island

January 3rd, 2009, 9:02 AM
Oh well are we putting in the kabuto island.

January 3rd, 2009, 9:03 AM
OOC: You should be putting this OOC stuff in the OOC thread or through PM/VM. It really clutters up the thread. XD

IC: coming soon

January 3rd, 2009, 9:03 AM
what island is that, i forgot

January 3rd, 2009, 9:06 AM
It's just an island with a cave full of kabuto and Kabutops it's north of the Second gym and are we putting in the Crystal Onix cave?

January 3rd, 2009, 9:29 AM
Can you please put a map of the Orange Isalnds? I'm not familiar with them...(in the OOC thread)

January 3rd, 2009, 9:55 AM
Ok then Pikachu or Eevee is fine... preferably Pikachu...

January 3rd, 2009, 4:03 PM
@GFA: Your currently pending please bulk it up abit especially the history as it's rather short.

January 3rd, 2009, 11:30 PM
Part 1: A Flame to Remember

Traveling from her home in Valencia Island to the Professor's lab had been a pain, one in which Reina hoped to forget as soon as possible. Sure the morning had started off normally enough, too bad it didn't last.

Her mother had made her favorite breakfast in preperation for the young girl's departure. Blueberry pancakes...... with pecans.

Reina had spent a long time in her bedroom going over different outfits before finally making up her mind on one. She pulled on a long sleeved white shirt, the sleeves were lacy near her hands, and choose a blue jean skirt. A pair of simple black tennis shoes were then pulled on, along with her favorite sleevless blue hooded jacket.

Reina then brushed out her blond hair, before grabbing a small sholder bag and rushing down to breakfast.

"Thanks mom. This looks great." Reina smiled as she pored herself a glass of milk.

"Have you decided what your going to do when you get a pokemon from Professor Ivy?" Her mom asked as she munched on a strawberry muffin.

"Yup." Reina winked, as she took a swig of milk and almost strangled herself on it. She coffed several times before she could respond. "I'm gonna be a cooridnator. I'll win lots of ribbons and be top."

"Don't get ahead of yourself. You still have to get a pokemon first remember?" her mom sighed. "Did you ever find out what starters the Professor is offering?"

Reina sputterd. "Of course....." she laughed nerviously.

"Meaning you forgot." her mother frowned. "How do you expect to become a top Cooridnator when you can't remember to find out what pokemon you can choose."

"Sorry...." Reina mumbled. "But I'll get a lot better. Promise. And I'm sure whatever pokemon I get will be really cute."

Around twenty minutes later found Reina happily riding her bike towards the Professor's lab. A few Pidgey flew by overhead, and she could hear waves splashing up on the beach not too far away.

Reina pulled her bike to the side of the path and stopped, bracing against the ground with one foot while she pulled up a map on her poke' gear.

A parting gift from her mother.

"Let's see..... Professor Ivy's lab should be...... just up that hill." she glanced up the steep hill. "Great." she muttered and prepared for the tiering ride up.

"Char...." a voice called weekly from the bushes at the side of the road.

"Huh?" Reina glanced over and saw what looked like a orange tail with a flame on the end poking out of the bush. "I wonder what that is."

Reina kicked the stand in place on her bike and cautiously made her way over. On the way she picked up a long leaf covered branch she found on the ground.

Deciding to play it cautious Reina stopped several feet from the bush, and poked at the tail with the branch.

The tail twitched.

Reina poked it again.

"Mander?" A small orange head appeared and peered at her, then growled lightly. There were bruises and cuts over what Reina could see of him.

"Got in the wrong end of a fight." Reina made this more of a statement then an actual question.

"Charmander." the small lizard sighed. He then pulled himself further out of the bush and Reina was finally able to get a good look at him.

"Oh, a Charmander." she smiled.

Charmander stood before her, breathing heavily. Suddenly he gasped and fell over.

Reina ran over and looked over his injuries. "This is bad..... really bad. I think a poison pokemon got you." she scopped the fire lizard into her arms, and raced up the hill totally forgetting her bike.

"Professor?" Reina gasped as she banged on the door. "Professor I really need your help. There's this Charmander and...."

The door was yanked open and Professor Ivy quickly took Charmander from Reina's arms. "It looks like he was poisoned. What happened?" she hurried into her lab, and Reina followed.

"I'm not sure." Reina watched as Professor Ivy tended to the Charmander, and eventually gave him an antidote. "I just found him like that on the side of the path. Will he be ok?"

"I've been hearing about a few pokemon groups fighting over territory. This Charmander probably got in the middle of it." Professor Ivy smiled and patted the Charmander. "He'll be fine in no time."

Reina breathed a sigh of relief.

"Have you decided what pokemon you'd like?" the Professor asked out of the blue.

"Not really." Reina admitted, her eyes slightly downcast.

"I'd like to ask a favor then." Professor Ivy turned to her, a serious expression on her face. "I know you probably wanted the Eevee, but would you mind taking Charmander here?"

"Huh?" Reina looked confussed at this. "Charmander?"

"I don't think the little guy is from around here. If he stays he'd probably just end up this way again." Professor Ivy explained, and Reina nodded.

Reina walked over to Charmander and scratched around his neck, making the little pokeon smile in his sleep. "Eevee would probably do better in Contests, but sure why not. He is cute and I might be able to make this work."

Professor Ivy smiled, and left to fetch the girl her pokedex and pokeballs.

January 4th, 2009, 12:44 AM
Professor Ivy came back with a Pokedex, and five PokeBalls and handed them to Reina,"The Pokedex is for gathering info on Pokemon. It's also your ID so don't loose it. The PokeBalls is for catching new Pokemon. Just throw the PokeBall at the Pokemon when it's weaken to catch it. Now if you'll exscue me I'm very busy," Professor Ivy said as she pushed Charmander, the five PokeBalls and Pokedex into the confused girl's arms and rushed her outside telling her to get going. She closed the door.

congratulations - Reina Recieved a Level 5 Charmander, a pokedex and 5 pokeballs

January 5th, 2009, 6:39 AM
Dolf's mom woke up very early. She remembered that this was the day her "little man" was going on a pokemon journey, just like his grandfather many years ago.

She put on a blue dress and went to Dolf's room to wake him up so he would be ready to go to Prof. Ivy's place.

As she entered, she found Dolf's bed neatly done, his computer on, and a note on the screen: "Mom, Dad, Matt; I woke up early because some pokemon made horrible cries all over the night, it wouldn't let me sleep, so I wnet to the forest to find it and help it. I'll be back at breakfast,

Dolf was taking the injured Rattata to his house, it was barely moving and had one leg broken. Arriving at his house, Dolf searched all over the house for his mom, but she was on the front garden, watering the flowers.
-"Mom! Mom!! MOM!!! Look at this pokemon, it can barely move!! Let's tryo to heal it right away!!"
-"Okay, bring me some clean bandages and a towel."

After dinner, the Rattata was already sleeping. Mom went to Dolf to talk:

-"Dolf, don't forget that you have to go to Prof. Ivy's lab today, so dress neatly"
-Yes Mom, I've already done it.

Dolf was just wearing the same pants and cap as always...

-"Okay Dolf, just try to not get the Prof.'s lav dirty"
-"You know I wouldn't be cappable of that"
-"Well...just take care, son"
-"Yes Mom, I will miss you a lot"

Dolf hugged his mother and went through the front door. At the same time, Matt was just going down the stairs:

-"Is he gone? Mom?"
-"Yes Matt"

Matt tried not to cry when remembering all the good things that Dolf had done to him, and he couldn't have the chance to say farewell...

Dolf was running exited the hill to Prof. Ivy's lab. He standed at the crystal doors and entered. Dolf quickly ran to say hello.

-"Hello Profesor! How are you?"
-"Fine Dolf! Nice to see you today!"
-Of course I was coming, Prof. Did you forget that I was gonna start my journey?"
-"Of course not, Dolf! Hahaha

Ivy turned to Dolf again and told him to choose a pokemon.

-"Which pokemon were you going to take, Dolf?"
-"How can you forget, Prof.! I was gonna take the Staryu, of course, hahaha!"
-"Oh, man, how could I forget? hahaha!"

Ivy went to a stand where she had the pokeballs for the kids, and took a pokeball from the center:

-"Take this, Dolf, inside here is the staryu that you wanted"
-"Thanks, Prof.!"

Dolf opened the pokeball by pressing the button on the front of it. A white lightning-like beam came out of it. In no time, a perfect Staryu was in front of Dolf:

-"Hi Staryu! My name is Dolf! I'm going to be your trainer!"
-"Staryu, Taryu, Star!"

Ivy said:-"It looks that the staryu likes you, Dolf! Your journey is going to be very fun!"

Staryu handed Dolf one of its spikes, as to be handing its hand to say hello. Dolf grabbed it and smiled.

Dolf said good-bye to Prof. Ivy after getting a pokedex and some pokeballs form her, and started running down the road.

January 5th, 2009, 7:01 AM
your not aloud to be bunnying without permission, can you change your post please

congratulations - Dolf Recieved a Level 5 Staryu, a pokedex and 5 pokeballs

January 5th, 2009, 7:02 AM
@ Empoleon!: Why are you putting hyphons evertime someone speak? Please don't do this.

January 5th, 2009, 7:35 PM
Added RP Sample and extended History

January 6th, 2009, 3:20 AM
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January 6th, 2009, 3:58 AM
Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen: your accepted with Pikachu. Happy Posting.

Empoleon!: This is your first warning please change your post, as I said your not aloud to be bunnying without permission. I will warn you two more times. I'll wait until tomorrow then if you still havn't changed it, I'll give you your second warning then a day after if it's still not changed you'll be banned from the rp.

January 6th, 2009, 9:07 AM
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Thank you

January 6th, 2009, 9:27 AM
That means mentioning other Roleplayers,in your Post, also your not supposed to be controling others characters either

January 6th, 2009, 11:58 AM
Bon woke up, today was the big day, the day that he was going to see Professor Ivy, and get his first Pokémon. Bon jumped out of bed and pulled on his usual shirt and pants. He then headed off to the bathroom were he gelled his hair. He then headed downstairs to eat a quick breakfast. “Bonjour, Bon!” Bon’s mother giggled at her little joke. Bon smiled back and quickly scarfed down a breakfast of Pancakes and syrup. “Bon, my précieux you must not be late.” Bon agreed and went back upstairs to get his pack. I hope they still have a Pikachu waiting for me… Bon arrived in his room and checked the contents of his bag, $200 Poke Dollars, A change of clothes, food, and some candy. Bon smiled zipped his pack and bounded downstairs and out the door, but not before saying goodbye to his father and his father’s Machoke: Stompy.

Bon traveled down the hill and across the small street that lead to the Professors Laboratory. When Bon arrived he was shocked, even thought the ‘lab’ was less than 10 minutes away, Bon had never looked at it seriously before. It was a great building and Bon was greatly taken in by the architecture.

Bon entered the building hoping to find who know’s what, but was quickly greeted by one the Professor aids, “Right this way…” Bon followed the young lady into the room, “The Professor will se you now.” The girl left and Bon turned to face the Professor

“Hi.” Bon blushed, he wasn’t used to being with someone so important.
“Hello, you must be Bon.” Bon nodded and summoned up the guts to ask a question,
“Is there still a Pikachu available?” professor Ivy smiled a voluptuous smile,
“Of course, silly.” Bon sighed, Staryu looked so ugly, and Eevee was so girly that Bon had decided weeks ago that Pikachu was the only good starter in the whole Orange Islands. I really wished I was born in Sinnoh…Bon sighed again and graciously accepted the yellow mouse’s Poke Ball from the Professor. I think I'll call you Jaune.

January 6th, 2009, 12:23 PM
"Don't forget your Pokedex and 5 PokeBalls. The Pokedex is for getting data on Pokemon you've seen or caught. The PokeBalls are for catching new Pokemon," Prof. Ivy told Bon. She then sent him on his way, on his journey.

congratulations - Don Recieved a Level 5 Pikachu, a pokedex and 5 pokeballs

Also could you try to use english words from now on, please.

People who have Posted so far:

Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen

People who Still Need to Post:

The Kricket

I am not putting up Route 1 until these two post up themselves getting there Pokemon, Pokedex and 5 PokeBalls

January 6th, 2009, 1:00 PM
OOC: Sorry about the French, his name is French... and so will his Pokemon's nicknames, other than that, I'll stop

January 6th, 2009, 1:18 PM
the names are ok, it's words lthat aren't names of Pokemon or people that I have problems with

January 6th, 2009, 1:18 PM
Also One more point GFA new paragraphs everytime there is a new speaker please.

January 6th, 2009, 1:43 PM
I did, unless you meant the Italicized thoughts...

January 6th, 2009, 1:49 PM
Bon woke up, today was the big day, the day that he was going to see Professor Ivy, and get his first Pokémon. Bon jumped out of bed and pulled on his usual shirt and pants. He then headed off to the bathroom were he gelled his hair. He then headed downstairs to eat a quick breakfast. “Bonjour, Bon!”

Where's the new paragraph there then and also there's more I can't be bothered to pick out.

January 6th, 2009, 1:58 PM
Oh, OK, I was confuse, yeah all right, *I thought you meant two characters talking to each other...*

January 6th, 2009, 2:32 PM
Chapter 2: Decisions

Reina glanced down at the sleeping Charmander in her arms and smiled softly. "I hope we'll become good friends...... Blaze."

She then tapped him with one of the six pokeballs the Professor had supplied her. Charmander was sucked inside and the ball clicked without so much as a wobble.

"Where to start?" Reina wondered aloud as she placed Charmander's pokeball in her bag. She walked slowly down the steps thinking over her next step, when a thought suddenly entered her mind making her almost trip down the few remaining steps. "My bike!"

Reina raced back to where she had left it leaning up against a tree, and glanced around furiously. "What kind of creap would just steal my bike like that?!"

She slumped down into the grass. "This is just great. How am I going to explain this to mom?" she sighed. "That bike was a special present to celebrate me becoming a Cordinator, and now it's gone."

Reina glanced at her bag still on her shoulder. "At least I thought to grab my bag before I dashed off. That's one good thing at least." She pulled a bottle of water from her bag and took a drink, then sighed.

Charmanders pokeball wiggled around in her bag and Reina reached in and pulled it out. "Want to come out for a bit?"

The ball wiggled a bit more.

"Ok let's try this...... Blaze stage front!" she tossed the ball into the air and Charmander appeared before her.

"Char." he turned his head to the side.

"Awww, look I'm really sorry and I probably should have asked you first but....." Reina clasped her hands before her and put on the best puppy eyes she could muster before dropping down in fron of Charmander. "I want to become a Top Coridnator. Wil you please help me..... please, please, please."

Charmander sighed and patted the top of her head. "Charmander char." he grinned.

"So you'll help me?"


"And you like the name?"

Charmander thought it over for a moment, then nodded slowly. "Charmander."


January 6th, 2009, 2:43 PM
Rii: You spelled Coordinator wrong, I know it's spelled this way cause I looked it up that's how pokemon.com spells it.

The Kricket
January 6th, 2009, 4:58 PM
Konekodemon hate to do this to you, but I am afraid due to time concerns I'm going to have to drop out, so sorry.

January 6th, 2009, 5:39 PM
Konekodemon- Like your one to point out spelling errors. You mispell more then I do, or would you like me to point out every error you make?

January 7th, 2009, 8:13 AM
@ GFA: You posts need to be a lot longer then that at LEAST TWO good paragraphs are needed.

January 7th, 2009, 1:09 PM
@ GFA: You posts need to be a lot longer then that at LEAST TWO good paragraphs are needed.

I knoiw, I did, but involved actually going to Route 1 so Konekodemon told me not to, so I could just delete it, and when the time comes, repost the finished one...

January 7th, 2009, 1:56 PM
Post edited. Bunning removed

January 7th, 2009, 2:12 PM
Ok, I can't wait for people to post anymore. I'll just go ahead and put up Route 1 and they can catch up later.

Route 1

Number of posts: 2-4

What you can: do on a Route: Normally catching Pokemon, or battling other trainers. A much better Post is required for catching an uncommonly seen Pokemon then a common Pokemon. End your post with the PokeBall shaking and I will decide if you catch it or not. But a very good Post is required to catch a Rarely Seen Pokemon.

Common Pokemon

Type: Normal/Flying
Level: 2-5
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack
Gender: Random
Nature: Random

Type: Normal
Level: 2-4
Ability: Run Away or Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Level 4)
Nature: Random
Gender: Random

Uncommon Pokemon

Type: Normal/Flying
Level: 2-5
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Leer (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Gender: Random

Type: Water
Level: 2-5
Ability: None
Attacks: Peck, Tail Whip, Water Sport(Level 5)
Nature: Random
Gender: Random

Rarely Seen Pokemon

Type: Water/Ice
Level: 2-5
Ability: Telepathy
Attacks: Water Gun, Growl, Sing(Level 5)
Nature: Random
Gender: Random

New Rule: If you run into a Water type it must be in the water when you run into it, unless it's a water type that can move around on land.

January 7th, 2009, 3:14 PM
"Char char charmander....." Blaze skipped in front of his trainer, humming a happy little tune.

Reina smiled as she watched her pokemon. She was glad he seemed happy. "Having fun Blaze?"

"Char!" he grinned back at her.

"Hey there's route 1!" Reina exclaimed happily and pointed ahead.

"Mander!" Blaze ran ahead.

"Don't get too far Blaze. Wait for me." Reina dashed after her partner, and onto the route.

They were very quickly attacked by a wild Rattata, who tackled Blaze before he could react.

"Mander?" Blaze fell onto his butt.

"Blaze I told you to wait." Reina stopped and kneeled down beside him. "Are you ok?"

"Char." Blaze nodded and pulled himself to his feet to face the Rattata. "Charmander!"

"Rattata!" the purple rat yelled back in challange.

January 7th, 2009, 3:24 PM
Rii: Your post is too short. Can you make it a little longer please? I don't want the rp to get locked up.

January 7th, 2009, 6:34 PM
Dolf was walking with Staryu out of its pokeball, talking to it:

-Staryu, would you like if I give you a nickname? I've been thinking...
-Star! Staryu!, said Dolf's pokemon as it gave spins like crazy.

Dolf kneeled to calm his pokemon down, when he noticed a siluette on the bushes...

-Staryu! That's a wild pokemon! Let's try capturing it!, Dolf said as a wild Pidgey flew out of the plants.

Staryu calmed down quickly and turned to face the Pidgey.

The Pidgey started by hurling sand to Staryu with his claws.

Dolf started giving orthers:

Staryu!! Use Tackle!!

Staryu jumped up to the Pidgey, but the tiny bird quickly rushed away from Dolf's pkmn.

Dolf took out his pokedex:

"Pidgey is a Flying Pokémon. Among all the Flying Pokémon it is the gentlest and easiest to capture. A perfect target for the beginning Pokémon trainer to test his Pokémon's skills. Pidgey's Gust power creates tornadoes. It also has a Sand Attack." (taken out from bulbapedia xD)

-What!? So this pokemon is going to annoy mine until it can fight back easily?!?!?! That's just so coward!! Staryu!! Try to hit him!

The Pidgey started tossing a lot of sand to Staryu as it tried to Tackle him.
Dolf watched as his Staryu just missed every attack it was making, and suddenly the Pidgey started fighting back. Flapping his wings very fast, he created a small whirlwind that he tossed to Staryu.

-I know how to fight back now!, Dolf said after coming up with an strategy.
-Staryu! Try spinning like a while ago!

Staryu, hurted by Pidgey's Gust, tried to move, but the tiny bird was also Tackling back so it couldn't move.

-Staryu! Try to move! Please!

Hearing its trainer cheering for it, Staryu somewhat stood up and started spinning to take the sand off. After the sand was all gone, Staryu Tackled Pidgey. The bird was so amazed that Staryu could hit him that he didn't move, as if he wanted Staryu to hit him. Dolf's pkmn blow was so hard that the Pidgey fell to the ground very hard.

-Well done, Staryu! Now I think I have to toss the pokeball...Go! Pokeball!!

Dolf tossed the pokeball at the tiny bird that was lying on the ground. Staryu and Dolf watched as the pokeball started tintling, and then...

January 7th, 2009, 7:13 PM
Bon thanked the Professor, and graciously excused himself from the lab and started off for Route 1. Bon pulled off Pikachu’s Poké ball from his waist and put a sticker with a bright yellow ‘J’ on the upper red half. Now I won’t get them mixed up… Bon pulled his arm back and through the shiny new ball out in front of him,

“Go Pikachu!” The yellow mouse Pokémon was released from its Poke Ball in a glow of red light.
“Pika, pika!” the Pokémon chirped. A chirping mouse, what next… Bon smiled, and then straightened his face.
“Hello Jaune.” Pikachu cocked its head and squeaked,
“Pika.” As if to say, ‘So that’s my name’. Bon smiled again, Now this is why I chose Pikachu. So excepting…
“We’re going to go catch another Pokemon!” At the comment Pikachu chirped in delight.
“Now all I got to do is find Route 1…”

Bon rushed to the islands lone Route, with Jaune tailing behind. It’s nice that he can be out of his ball for a while…Bon was hoping to make a versatile team… I hope I can catch a Water Type… What am I worrying about, I’m on a freaking island! Bon laughed to him self. When Bon reached Route 1, he quickly ignored the other beginning trainers going for Rattata and Pidgey, and headed straight for the water,

“OK, Jaune, here’s the plan!”
Jaune chirped in delight, “Pika, Pikachu!”
“OK Jaune, use Thundershock in the water!” Pikachu jumped into the air above the watery part of the Route,
“Pikachuuuuuuuu!” As Jaune yelled his name he let out high voltage bolts of electricity into the water. Jaune landed at Bon’s feet,
“Pikachu!” Bon grinned at Jaune’s prowess. I made a good choice… As the steam cleared from the boiling water, a small object surface, Probably a Goldeen...
“SCORE! OK, here’s my chance… Go Poke Ball!”

Bon through his arm back like a baseball player and through an empty Poke Ball at the incoherent object, Probably a Goldeen… The ball returned to Bon’s hand and shook back and forth. Back and forth…

January 7th, 2009, 7:20 PM
I was realy busy right then, besides most of my posts are pretty long unlike quite a few of yours which are very short.

Blaze dodged another tackle by the Rattata, then attacked with a scratch.

Rattata winced as the scratch hit her in the chest. She then shot forward in a quick attack and knocked over Blaze, sitting atop him she bared her fangs.

"Mander!" Blaze looked nervious.

"Try Ember!" Reina yelled, as she thought over Blaze's attacks.

Rattata tried to roll off but Blaze knocked her back with his tail and used Ember directly into the shocked pokemon's face.

Rattata fell over slightly burned with a puff of smoke.

Reina and Blaze watched to see if she would rise. When the Rattata didn't move Reina lept into the air with a loud "Whoop!"

"We did it Blaze!" Reina scoped the Charmander up in her arms and spun him around. "We've won our first battle!"

"Charmander char!" Blaze looked dizzy.

"Oops, sorry." Reina placed him back on the ground, where he stumbled around for a bit. "I wonder how we'll do in contests together."

Reina let her mind wonder off. In it she and an evolved Blaze were accepting a huge trophy, and having their pictures taken, while being adored by screaming fans.

Reina opened her eyes as she felt Blaze tugging her leg.

"Char charmander char char!"

The screaming had not stopped when she left her imagination.

"Huh?" Reina glanced around. "What was that?"

Together she and Blaze ran for the beach.

Upon arriving Reina gasped.

A small Lapris was fighting against a trainer.

He was using a Septile to attack the poor creature relentlesely.

Lapri cried out in pain.

"Hey leave her alone!" Reina slid down a sand dune and ran up to the trainer.

"Why should I?" the boy sneered at her. "This Lapris will be perfect in my party, and I can really use it for transport."

"But you're really hurting her. That's not the right way to do things." Reins grabbed his arm.

"Tch, shows what you know." he jerked his arm from her grasp. "Septile fight on!"

"Blaze hop on Septile's back and use Ember! Don't let up!"


"What?!" the boy cried in surprise, as Blaze zipped past him and onto Septile's back.

"Tile!" Septile cried as his eyes widened in both pain and shock. He twisted around trying to loosen the fire type, who kept burning his shoulders and neck.

"Septile return!" the boy turned on Reina. "Why you!" he threw a punch, which Reina easily dodged.

"Don't you know it's not nice to fight with girls!" Reina cried, kneeing him in the groin.

The boy fell over in pain, glared at Reina, then jumped to his feet and ran like the coward he was.

Reina walked over to the Lapris. "Easy there it's ok. I'm not going to hurt you." she tried to calm the pokemon down.

Lapris had began thrashing widly when she saw the trainer approach, figuring more pain was in store.

"You're hurt. Now If you'll just let me....." she pulled a pokeball from her waist.

Lapris smacked her with a fin, and sent the girl flying back.

"Char charmander!" Blaze ran to her side.

"I'm fine." Reina rubbed her split lip. "That was a little uncalled for dontcha think?"

Lapris bellowed at her, and made a come here motion with a fin.

"Fine we'll do things your way. Charmander go!"


January 8th, 2009, 12:14 AM
Empoleon!: congratulations - Dolf caught a Level 3 Pidgey

Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen: Sorry but....

The ball shook, before a bright light came out of it. The Goldeen came back out, and poked Bon on the head, as it landed back in the water, and swan away.

Rii: I can't wait to see how this battle goes. And it's spelled Lapras.

January 8th, 2009, 2:31 PM
OOC: My characters name is Bon, not Don...

Bon rubbed the spot on his head were the feisty Goldeen had used Peck on his head. I will catch that Goldeen. Bon smiled,

“OK Jaune, same tactic as last time!” Pikachu jumped back over the watery portion of the Route, “THUNDERSHOCK!!!” Pikachu growled,
“Pika-Chuuu!” Jaune let out even more high voltage bolts into the water and waited for the previous effect, after a minute or two, the steam dispersed and the body of the previous Goldeen came rushing back at Bon. Boy, he looks torked…The fish like Pokémon jumpedinto the air and at Jaune who had now landed at Bon’s feet,
“Sidestep it Jaune!” Jaune compiled nearly flawless, but the Pokemon’s Peck attack scraped his side.
“Pika!!” Jaune screeched at his first injury. That’s it you dirty rotten Goldeen. Look OUT!
“Jaune, use Charge!” Jaune, complied by hunching over on his hind legs, as he did so his cheeks began to crackle with electricity as he prepared to lose another Thundershock attack. However, Goldeen, helpless as it was, wasn’t going to take a direct attack, and leaped at Jaune, horn aglow with its Peck attack,
“Jaune, one last Thundershock!” Jaune stopped charging, and let loose his most powerful Thundershock yet, the stunning electric bolt ran through the air on an invisible current and made a direct hit at the ferocious Goldeen. The Goldfish Pokémon fell to the ground in a fried heap. And Bingo was his name, O’! Bon brought his arm back one more time, and sent the red and white sphere flying,
“Go, Poké Ball!”

Bon stared at the determined Water type, The Poké Ball flew through the air and tapped Goldeen on the side where it then fell to the ground, and shook violently shook back and forth before slowing down to a slow rocking…

Edit: Holy crap, 500th POST! WOOT! Half way to 1,000! *And on a side not, 4th page of the Orange Archipelago!*

January 8th, 2009, 2:48 PM
Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen: Ok, that's a little better. I'll let you slide this time, but from now on please try to make your posts a little longer.

congratulations - Bon caught a Level 2 Goldeen

January 9th, 2009, 9:07 AM
Definetley love the sound of the RPG, thanks for reserving Eevee. :D

Name: Sam Barrett.

Age: 13.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Sam is tall for his age, and looks like he has already grown up like an adult, even though he is only 13. He is around 5'11" in height, wich is very tall for the age of 13. As for his facial expressions, his head is circular, but somewhat square. His hair is his natural colour, brown, which he wants to keep forever since it matches his personality. It is also quite short, since haircuts are his thing. Not only his hair is brown, but so are his eyes, which are light shaded and bright. His clothes are red, unlike all his other stuff. His shirt is a dark crimison colour, which he likes to wear often since he considers the colour, just like himself, 'amazing'. His trousers go right down to his ankles, brushing his shoes as he walks. Unlike his shirt, his shoes and trousers are black. He also wears a bracelet, which is built up of red segaments and strung together with a long, white string.

Personality: Sam is just like any other teenager, who has a big ego about himself. He thinks that he is all that, and thinks about himself for most of the time, except of course for his good friends and family. Despite his veinness, he is also quite shy, he tries his best not to talk to any strangers, but his experience as a trainer will change this. In his regular teenage life, he is persuasive enough to get friends easily, since he has the cool factor. At school, he is also polite but tries to think how much fun he could be having. He is not active though, so his parents dcided to do something about that.

History: Sam lived on a small island,whichwas pretty much deserted as the whole region was filled with much more exciting places to be. His house was placed at the east side of the island, and his window faced the side of the first route, where he could always see Pokemon when he looked outside the window.
Sam was one day in his room at the summer holidays, so school was not on for him at that moment. In his spare time in the holidays, he didn't do much, he was lifeless. All he did was spend his time in his room, on his silver computer, taking pictures of himself and showing them to his friends. His parents thought that they could not do with such an inactive child, as they didn't want to raise him to be lazy. That was when they picked up a leaflet on their doormat, which was placed right on their step to the house. The leaflet had illustrated all about the Proffessor Ivy, looking for new Pokemon Trainers in the other side of the island...so this was their chance to do something that was active, and that Sam might actually like.

Starter Choice: Eevee, totally sure.

Your Starter's Gender: Male.

Person Type: Pokemon Trainer.

RP Sample

Sam's mum was stepping up the stairs, with his stepdad sitting down in the living room with a hot cup of coffee. Once Sam's Mum approached his room, she could hear him typing away on his computer. He was talking to one of his friends, who he was stuck right into a conversation. "Sam!" his mother had called him, when right next to his door, Sam didn't answer as he was still typing away. "Sam!" she called him again, hoping for an answer this time. He gave up, and sighed, "What is it, Mum?" he did not know what was about to come to him, as he was in the state of mind in which he did not feel like caring at all. His mum had opened the door, interrupting him, she was trying to get a view of what he was doing on the computer, "Sam, there is something I would like you to do. Please come outside." Sam shrugged in return, with a puzzled look on his face, wondering what could possibly be so important she would have to talk to him. Sam's mum closed the door, and got into eye contact with bored Sam, "Well?" he wanted to go back to his messanger, as he did not want to be disturbed. "I have got something you might want to see." she gave him the folded up leaflet she put in her skirt pocket, and handed it over to him. He folded it open, and read with his eyebrows raised, "Pokemon Training for you? Come to Proffessor Ivy's lab right on Valencia Island! Now awaiting any trainers who want to be great, powerful, strong, and of course, talented. Sean was very interestedabout everything on the list of what was available. "You're seriously going to let me?" Sam was definetley impressed, his eyebrows were havily raied with his shining white teeth showing and hand raised. His mum was very pleased as it did not take much persuading to get him to agree, "Yes. I am. Me and tim were thinking about it. I'm guessing you're very interested?" she was smiling with her lips spread wide, with Sam doing the same, "You bet! I'm gunna be so awesome. Yep, I can see it now. Me. A Pokemon Champion. Thanks so much, mum. I guess I better start going there now. I want to get start ASAP!" Sean kissed his mum on the face, and walked back into his room. He knew it would be a big shame to leave it all behing, with his family, but he definately wanted it.

He walked back over to his computer, which was still on with a chat window still wide open. The chat window was full of comments, asking where he was and how he had suddenly left, but Sam had replied to him, "I'm leaving now, I suddenly have to go on holiday. I'll see you in a while, bye!" Sam lied, as he wanted to keep his Pokemon Journey secretive. Once all the internet windows were closed, Sam then clicked on the Turn off Computer button and then watched all his programs go down. Sam would miss all his friends, even though he was sure to make some new ones on his journey. Then, he decided to pack all his stuff in his backpack as he would need some supplies. Of course, he would have to bring his mp3 player and mobile phone as he had to have fun in some way. He also grabbed a notebook, pen, and a bottle of lemonade. Once Sam had gathered everything he had needed, he took one last picture of his room with the intergrated camera on his phone, to leave some good memories of the house. On his phone was also his family picture, since he did not want to forget them either.

This was it, he was about to leave his house for a long time, not necessarily forever. Each step down his stairs, he got further away from his room, and all the other things that were upstairs, until he then reached the end of the stairs. His mum and stepdad then saw him at the door, "Sam. I will sure miss you." she was frowning, with his stepdad Tim also frowning, yet wishing him good luck. "Well, I don't want to slow you down, you better get going before you lose all of the good Pokemon." she had then closed her eyes, with Sam doing the same as his cold hands touched the door handle. "I guess I'll see you some time soon. I seriopusly will miss you guys, both of you." Sam was still frowning, with eyebrows low and eyelids also low. The door had opened, and Sam had stepped onto the green grass. Sam turned one last time back to his mum and stepdad, and they then waved him away, suddenly looking proud with the frown wiped off their faces. The door then shut, with Sam walking away, trying to find the lab.

The island was small, so it could not possibly so hard to find the lab. Sam's legs were still moving along until he could find the direction of the lab, which had then eventually shown up. It was a white building, which was very huge and industrial. It looked like a factory, just like any other scientifical building would. Once Sam had noticed it, he tried to find the patch which lead there, which was the path on the right which sound the best to him. Sam was walking down the sandstone patch, which had hasd fresh green grass and Ivy bushes grown around, considering it was a lab belonging to Prof. Ivy. Just then, the lab then started to get nearer and nearer, until it was then totally close. Sam could feel more excitement rushing through him, as he ran to get there. Eventually, he ended up at the door. The place is not as crowded as he thought it would be, which was much better as it meant that Sam would not have to wait to get his first Pokemon. Sam then touched the metal handle to the door, and turned it.

After he pulled it open, Proffessor Ivy was standing right next to a machine holding a Pokeball, which she was carrying a notebook and pencil, taking notes. There were several machines and scientists all doing their job, experimenting with all the mechanical things that Sam would not really understand was going on. Feeling curious, Sam had walked across the metal flooring of the lab, taking a look at all the other strange machines that were around him, until he eventually walked up to Ivy. "Hello! May I help you?" Ivy was a nice looking woman, who had a big smile on her face with her eyes bright. Sam was shy, so he did not know what to come out with as she was an important lady, "Hi. I'm Sam Barrett, I came from across the island and I wanted to know if here was the place I could claim a Pokemon, since I ant to start my journey now." Sam was smirking at her, with her then thinking to herself with her finger underneath her chin. "Hmm. Let me see which Pokemon is right for you..." Ivy was trying to think which Pokemon could possibly be right for a self-centered, cool looking teenager like Sam. Ivy the lifted her thinger, "I've got it. Just the Pokemon I think will be perfect for a boy like you! I just know you're going to like it, Sam!" she had her eyebrows raised and her ands clamped together. Sam was grinning with excitement, he could not feel any more self pride. Ivy walked over to one of the machines holding a PokeBall, which Ivy and then grabbed off the slot. "Now, get ready to see your new Pokemon." Ivy was about to push the small, white button in the middle of the PokeBall, while Sean's teeth were chuddering with over-excitement, now was the time. Ivy then pushed the white button, sending out a Pokemon. The Pokemon was small, and looked like a fox. It was brows, with big ears, black eyes, cream furred chest and a big cream coloured tail. "Sam,this is Eevee. I just know you'll definetely love your journey with him." Ivy introduced them to each other. Sam reacted with a big smile showing his white, gleaming teeth. Eevee smiled with its pink tongue showing, and then headed over to Sam, who then stroked it over its brown, furry head. "I love it. It's amazing. It's so me, I can tell! Thank you so so much Ivy!" Sam had never felt so grateful ever since he got a plazma TV from his family. Ivy returned with a pleasent look, and then got out a small, red machine. "Take this. It's a Pokedex. It will tell you all of Eevee's moves, and once you meet more Pokemon, they shall show up on the screen here." she handed it to him, with Sam looking very interested. "I will definetely do the best I can. I definetley won't let you down, Prof. I will be the best there is and has been." Sam was then stepping into his vein circle, as he was thinking about how superior he could be once he has caught a whole bunch of several Pokemon. "Well then. I wish you all the best, good look!" Proffessor Ivy shook his hand, with Sam shaking it back. Sam had visions of what could come in the bright future. Sam then headed out of the metal door, with Ivy on the reflection, waving him out. "Well then, I guess I have to find my first Route. After all, I am going to explore the region." Sam started to talk to himself, with Eevee still outside staring at him. Ivy then rushed back outside to tell him something important, "Sam! One last thing," she had her hand held on the side of the metallic door, with Sam turning back around, "Yes?" he looked back at her. "I forgot to give you these!" she approached him, and then reached into her lab coat, bringing out 5 small PokeBalls. "These are PokeBalls. They are used to catch any Pokemon in the wild. First, to catch a Pokemon you must search in the wild grass, and once you encounter one, weaken it. Once it is fully weak, launch a Pokeball out and hope for the best that that Pokemon gets captured." she instructed to him, with Sam nodding in return. "Also, do not retreat Eevee. It hates PokeBalls more that you think. Just keep it out and it will follow you, got it?" Sam nodded back yet again, with Ivy closing the metal door as she left Sam and Eevee to start their journey together...

January 9th, 2009, 9:13 AM
@ Flareonfan: Personally I saw no flaws but we'll have to see what Konekodemon says. One thing RP sample but seeing as we both know how you RP I'm sure they'll be no problems.

January 9th, 2009, 9:19 AM
FlareonFan: Even though, you didn't post a RolePlay Sample, I'll accept you as I've RolePlayed with you enough, to know that your a very good roleplayer. So accepted.

Nice edit, since you got Eevee on your rp sample, your first post can be on Route 1 if you'd like so I'll go ahead and post this:

congratulations - Sam Recieved a Level 5 Eevee, a pokedex and 5 pokeballs

January 9th, 2009, 1:36 PM
I thought Pika Lover was reserved for Eevee...

January 10th, 2009, 12:46 AM
he was but never put up his profile, his time ran out, also no more short comments on this page, use the OOC board, I don't want this rp closed down

January 10th, 2009, 5:35 AM
Sam and Eevee were strolling along the path of trees and flowers, trying to find where the first route is. The place was full of trees and flowers, it was pretty hard to find it. Eevee looked happy though, and so did Sam who were both happy to be together, but Sam was thinking that another Pokemon would be nice, as the more he had on his team, the more stronger and powerful he would be. It was midday, and not too bad weather, so no rain or anything got in his way, until he then found a path that he hadn't seen yet. Both of them had tried to see what was there, if the path was the right way to go next. "Do you think this is the right way Eevee?" Sam asked Eevee, who obviously couldn't talk but could sense whether it is the correct way to go. Eevee then tilted his head, and started sniffing up the path. Just then, Eevee stopped and turned back to Sean, and making noises, "Ee, ee, vee!" Sam thought that this wasd the language telling him that it was the way to go, besides, it was worth a try.

Alongside the path, the are was surrounded with large trees and blooming flowers, causing a nice environment. Coming up was more grass on the path, but this was not just regular green grass that you can walk past without sense, no. It was the large grass Proffessor Ivy was talking about, where Pokemon were available to catch there. Sam remembered that, and thought which Pokemon exactly would be in a place like this, "Now then, is it worth a go? After all, Eevee will protect me incase these Pokemon are rather tough." Sam was still not afraid though, and Eevee was sitting quietly with his big tail wagging next to its back legs. They kept on going, until they eventually reached the patch of large grass. There was no noises coming from it, but they could never be too safe. Sam was ready for it, it'd be fun to battle with Eevee for the first ever time. He got out his Pokedex to check out what moves Eevee learn at that level. The Pokedex spoke;

"Eevee. Level 5. Type - Normal. Ability - Adaptability. Nature - Naughty. Attacks - Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand."

Sam liked the thought that Pokemon gained levels with good experience, and with levels, come new exciting moves for him to use. Sam turned over to Eevee, who suddenly got back on its legs, turning its blac eyes to Sam. "What do you say, Eevee? Ready to go in?" he was brave, and didn't care what Pokemon were in there. Since they were on a small island, he thought that they would not be that bad. Eevee replied, "Ee!"
They then stepped into the grassy area, taking one step by another, sensing for wild Pokemon in the vicinity. Eevee was sniffing the grass, incase there were any suprises coming up. Both of them kept pushing the tall grass aside them, seeing if any wild Pokemon were there at all. Sam wasn't too impressed with how they hide from him, "Meh. Maybe they're scared of us or something." he told Eevee, who was still sniffing the patch of grass, but then got startled by a scent, a scent of a nearby Pokemon. "Huh? Eevee? Is there a..." Sam couldn't finish his sentence, because a bird squark interrupted him. It came from far away, but Eevee could sense that it was very near to him. Then came noises of wings flapping, Eevee and Sam turned around to try and find the direction of where it was coming from. The noises got closer and closer, until eventually, the small, cream and brown bird shown up...

January 10th, 2009, 6:35 AM
OOC: OK, I'll save it for the OOC thread... Dear sweet god, I hope Jaune or Cypra levels up...

Bon was exhausted from his first capture and fell to his knees behind the even more exhausted Jaune,
“Good work buddy… Return.” Bon held up the Poké Ball that belonged to Jaune. With a flash of red light, Jaune disappeared and returned to his Poké Ball. Bon picked up the Poké Ball that held his new Goldeen in it and put a sticker of a ‘G’ on it’s red half. He then walked over to the watery part of the route were he had caught the Goldfish Pokémon. He then held up the two ‘full’ Poké Balls and tossed them into the air,

“Go, Jaune! Go, Cypra!” With a flash of red light, Jaune the Pikachu and the newly caught Cypra the Goldeen were released into the watery part of the Route, with Jaune up to his waist in murky water. Cypra stared at Bon with malicious contempt…
“Don’t look at me like that…” Cypra turned around and acted huffy, while Jaune ran back on land to Bon’s feet. Boy is she a finicky one… Bon waded into the water to try to convince Cypra she was on the right side,
“You want to be a strong Pokémon, right Cypra?” Cypra bobbed nonchalantly in the water, “I can tell it by your expression,” Cypra turned to face her trainer a look of what might be defined as interest on her face. “Well together, we can make that dream come true!” Jaune ran up Bon’s back were he chimed in,
“Pika, Pika!” Bon smiled as a fishy grin covered Cypra’s face. I knew she’d pull through… Bon pulled out Cypra’s Poké Ball,
“Sorry Cypra, but a Water type like you can’t survive on dry land. Return!” Cypra returned to her Poké Ball, and this time, as a friend…

Bon walked away from the watery part of the Route to search out another beginning trainer, as he strayed nigh 10 feet from the path, another beginning trainer ran up to him,

“You. Me. Battle. Now.” Bon smiled,
“Chill kid, calm down relax.” The boy looked down and took a deep breath,
“OK, calm down Matteo… OK, I challenge you to a Pokémon Battle!” Bon smiled again,
“You got it kid. One thing we fight over there.” Bon jerked his thumb back towards the watery part of the Route.
Matteo nodded, “Fine.”

Bon and Matteo walked over to the watery section with Bon standing 10ft away from Matteo, he then looked up, and starred down his opponent,

“This your first Pokémon Battle?” Matteo nodded, “Me to, lets do this!” Bon pulled back his arm in to the familiar Pitcher like curve, “Go, Cypra!” Bon let the ball fly as fast as he could to the waters edge were the ball released a red light in to the water, befor it came bouncing back to his hand. Matteo smirked,
“Is that all you’ve got? A sissy Goldeen, I thought you’d be interesting… Go, Bellsprout!” Matteo through his Poké Ball and a Bellsprout emerged from the sphere,
“Bellsprout!” The Pokémon stood a rough foot high and looked like a living root with a head of a small yellow pitcher plant, and the hands of leaves.
“Bellsprout!” Matteo prepared to give his command,
“Bellsprout, Acid!” Bellsprout threw back its head and threw up purple acid into the water were Goldeen was swimming,
“Stupid! The water will nullify attack!” Matteo frowned as Goldeen swam in the water, unfazed. Bon smiled,
“Goldeen, Peck!” Goldeen lunged out of the water and charged the Grass type. As Goldeen flew, Matteo freaked,
“Uh-oh…” Goldeen landed the Peck attack smack dab between Bellsprout’s eyes. Bellsprout wobbled, and fell over at the critical hit. Matteo smirked,
“Not as weak as I thought you were.” Matteo paused, “Go, Staryu!” Matteo through his second Poké Ball, which landed where Bellsprout had fainted, and release. Suddenly the bright orange-brown starfish Pokémon Staryu appeared from the Poké Ball in a flash of red light. Bon knew he couldn’t win a Water Pokémon clash, so…,
“Return Cyrpra!” Cypra returned to her Poké Ball, “Go, Jaune!” Pikachu ran from Bon’s feet to meet the onwaiting Staryu,
“No fair!” Matteo called, “You still have your Goldeen!”
“I’m allowed to switch out!” Matteo frowned at his disadvantage,
“Staryu, BubbleBeam!” Staryu let out a stream of bubbles from the gemstone like protrusion in the center of its body,
“Jaune, use Thundershock on the bubbles,” Jaune stayed still and let out the familiar attack which quickly popped the majority of the bubbles, resulting in only a few light bruises,
“OK Jaune, now a direct attack!” Jaune gathered up some electricity in his cheeks while Staryu stood relatively helpless. Jaune ran towards Staryu before jumping into the air and releasing his mightiest Thundershock. As the bolts made contact, Staryu began to teeter and after the assault ended, it fell down in a slump. Bon jumped around on one foot, who’s the man! Who’s the man!”

January 10th, 2009, 6:51 AM
Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen:

congratulations - Cyrpra the Goldeen grew to level 3, and Jaune the Pikachu grew to level 6

January 10th, 2009, 7:34 AM
The Pokemon was small, and didn't look stron to Sam at all, but he thought it would be a good Pokemon to use as it looked like it would become better once trained. The Pokemon made Sam curious, it was a small bird, that had brown wings, cream feathers and a pink beak. Since he was curious, he thought the Pokedex would be a good tool to be used at this stage. He snatched it from his trouser pocket and canned the bird in front of him;
"Pidgey. The TinyBird Pokemon. It tries to avoid conflict as it is shy. When disturbed, Pidgey will attack ferociously."
"Ferocious, eh?" Sam looked at Pidgey, who was flapping to stay in the air, and had eyes narrowed, trying to intimidate Eevee who was not scared at all, and tried to look competetive as if they were both ready to start a fight. Sam was prepared for his first ever battle with Eevee, and his first battle ever at all. "Come on, Eevee! Let's battle!" Sam cheered Eevee on, and hoped that he would win for the first time ever on hsi first battle ever. "Ee!" Eevee replied, ready. "Wark!" Pidgey also replied, ready to start.

They got into battle position, with Eevee's eyes shortening, tail wagging and ready to pounce up to Pidgey, who was flapping its wings fast. Sam had to make his first move, trying to think which would be more appropriate to use. "Okay, let's try Tackle, Eevee!" Sam's first ever command to Eevee, who followed what he told him to do. Eevee started to run forwards, up to the flying Pidgey. Eevee then took a jolt into the air, knocking the little Pidgey down, but not knocked out, infact, far from it. Eevee then ran back up to Sam, and stood by him, ready to take any hit by Pidgey, who was back in the air. Pidgey was angered by the attack by Eevee, who was also tough, but Pidgey had other plans. Just like Eevee, Pidgey started to storm over, with wings flapping at storm speed. Pidgey was flying through the air, until eventually, it hit Eevee right in the fur. Eevee took this hit crucially, and tried not to lose concentraition, the battle was definetley getting heated up. "Just relax, Eevee. I know you've never done this before and neither have I, but I just know you can do it! Now, use Tail Whip!" Sam chose another move that he had never used nor seen before. Eevee turned to Pidgey and then jumped over, with its tail out. Pidgey was unaware of the suprise attack by Eevee, as it had lost all consentration after hitting Eevee with its head before. Eevee slapped Pidgey with its huge tail, which didn't really cause much damage, but somehow made Pidgey weaker, who was flapping more slower, as a sign of losing energy. "Go Eevee! You can do it!" Sean kept cheering on Eevee, in hope that Eevee would win this close battle, but Pidgey had other plans. Pidgey then started to flap back up, but not heading towards Eevee, instead, Pidgey started to open its mouth. Eevee wondered what it was doing, just as well as Sam, who thought it was about to be sick, but Pidgey was not sick. Instead, Pidgey gathered up a mouthful of brown sand in its mouth, and hurned it across the air, until it then reached Eevee. "Oh man! What was that? That as just a gross attack, man..." Sam was grossed out by the Sand Attack by Pidgey, which caused Eevee to be less accurate, and shook its head, trying to find Pidgey again after it got sand in it's black eyes. "It's over there, Eevee!" Sam pointed over to Pidgey, who was still ready for more. "Try and use Tackle again, Eevee!" Sam tried to get Eevee to follow, and hoped that Eevee would go in the correct direction. Eevee did eventually get the direction of Pidgey, and charged over at great speed. Unfortunatley, Pidgey was smarter thaqn it looked, and when Eevee had jumped up, trying to strike, Pidgey had took a side fly, causing the inaccurate Eevee to fall flat on its face. "This thing is annoying!" Sam was getting annoyed by the cunning attackes of Pidgey, who was still flying up above the ground. Eevee was also still ready for anything, while Pidgey was preparing its quick wings to srive it towards Eevee. When Pidgey was half way through the air, in the distance of Eevee, Eevee had started to turn around, so Pidgey was facing its tail. When Pidgey was close enough, Eevee had struck it with its big, cream tail, causing Pidgey to end the swift Tackle. "Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about!" Sam kept gloating, as the battle was going to his advantage. "Get ready Eevee, to use an awesome Tackle!" Sam persuaded his Eevee to get its hit right, and make it good. Eevee delivered just that, by doing the fast charging process again, with the Pidgey out of options as Eevee got closer and closer to it. Once Eevee took a high leap onto Pidgey, Pidgey was still up, but nearly down. "Nice one, Eevee. Your job is done now, now it's my turn!" Sam had now took his chance to get himself another Pokemon, "Go, PokeBall!" Sam reached for one of the small PokeBalls, hoping that what Ivy told him to do would work, and that Pidgey would be captured. Sam unleashed the small PokeBall through the air and over to Pidgey, who then gasped through its pink beak, before getting zapped right into the PokeBall. In that moment, the PokeBall started to shake, with Sam watching cllosely in hope that it would work. "Come on, come on!" Sam hoped that his first captured Pokemon would be a success, and not failure, the ball was still shaking...

January 10th, 2009, 7:35 AM
FlareonFan: Very good post.

congratulations - Sam caught a level 5 Pidgey

January 10th, 2009, 7:55 AM
"Blaze ember!"

Lapras retalated with a watergun, that sent the fire type scurying out of the way quickly.

"Darn, a fire type is weak against a water type." Reina chewed on her thumb as she tried to think of something.

"Char?" Blaze asked looking at her.

"That's it!" Reina suddenly snapped her fingers. "Blaze get back in there."


"It'll be fine. Trust me." Reina smiled, and hoped her plan would turn out the way she wanted.

Lapras fired off a quick sucession of waterguns that sent Blaze scurrying first one way, then the next as he held onto his tail to try and protect the flame.

"Roll and fire an ember straight at the watergun." Reina ordered.

"Char!" Blaze complied, and the two attacks met in the middle.

A thick veil of steam was created between the two as both attacks cancled the other out. You could barely see both pokemon, the steam was so thick.

Lapras looked around confused as she widly fired off a watergun in one direction then the other, trying to hit the fire type she could not see.

"Now's our chance Blaze. Get onto Lapras' back!" Reina yelled as she saw her chance.

"Mander!" Blaze lept straight through the steam, cutting through it like a knife through butter. He landed on Lapras back, and she reached her neck around and tried to hit him with another watergun.

"Alright perfect. She can't hit you at that angel." Reina cheered. "Now try a rapid scratch attack!"

Blaze lept up, rapdly attacking Lapras back and neck over and over, while Lapras cried out in frustration and pain, and tried a growl attack this time. Blaze covered his ears and sent an ember directly into her face.

Lapras cried out and slumped over slightly.

"Ok Blaze now's our chance. Over here!" Reina shouted, and Blaze ran quickly back to her side just as she pulled out an empty pokeball. "Pokeball go!"

The red and white sphere flew through the air and smacked into the side of Lapras' neck. She was quickly turned into energy and sucked inside.

The pokeball hit the sand and began to rapdly shake back and forth, as both Reina and Blaze watched, both tense and ready.

January 10th, 2009, 8:12 AM
Rii: Great post. Nice battle plan on Reina's part since Blaze is a fire type and very weak against water.

congratulations - Reina caught a level 2 Lapras

January 10th, 2009, 8:33 AM
Bon walked up to Matteo and stuck out his hand, “Hey, good battle.” Matteo snorted, turned around, and walked away. Jerk. Jaune was displeased to,
“Pika, Pika!” Bon and Jaune wandered along the route, looking for some time to kill. As they walked along, a Pidgey came towards them,
“OK Jaune, lets make this quick, Thundershock!” Jaune jumped into the air and released the familiar attack,
“Pika-Chuuu!” As the bolts struck the unaware Pidgey, and it quickly fell to the ground,
“I don’t think that’s what we’re looking for…” Bon left the fallen Pidgey while Jaune jumped onto his head.

I need a Flying type that could be of use to me… As Bon kept wandering the Route, he came across a flock of Spearow pecking at the corpse of a Rattata, Ewh disgusting! Bon thought to himself. As he continued to watch the bird like Pokémon peck away, he noticed a particularly aggressive Spearow. Bon pulled out his Pokédex and pointed it at the Spearow,

“Spearow fly by hurriedly flapping their tiny wings. They use their beak to locate prey in grassy areas.” Hmm…
After the birds were done feasting Bon emerged from his hiding place,
“You!” Bon pointed at the Spearow he had noticed earlier, “How about a battle?” The Spearow fluffed its self up and walked over to the equally brash trainer,
“Spear, Spearow!” Spearow jumped into the air and hovered 5 feet of the ground above the deceased Rattata. Nearly as soon as the Spearow took off it came rushing at the trainer,
“Go Cypra! Use your Peck attack!”
“Gol, Goldeen.” Cypra now released from her Poké Ball charged the Spearow, meeting the Tiny Bird Pokémon Peck, for Peck. After the clash ended, both Pokemon were injured, but neither of them was KOed. However, Bon was now at the disadvantage. Cypra is helpless on land, … this is now a battle of wits. As Cypra lay flailing on the ground Spearow turned in the air and came flying with another Peck attack,
“SPEAOW!!!” Bon issued his command,
“Cypra, roll over!” Cypra tuned over just in time, which caused the Spearows beak to be lodged in the ground. “OK Cypra, Tail Whip!” As Spearow struggled to dislodge its beak from the ground, Cypra flopped over and smacked the Pokémon with its tail fin. Spearow was now aggravated and struggled more and more, causing its beak to become stuck deeper in, “OK Cypra lets finish this! Peck!” Cypra flailed some more and used her tail to get into the air before diving into the Spearows side. “Go Poké Ball!” Bon threw a new Poké Ball at Spearow, hoping he had caught the ferocious bird, but not before returning Cypra to her Poké Ball. Boy, is that a ferocious one…

January 10th, 2009, 8:37 AM
I'm afraid not that battle post is not at all long enough.


The ball wiggled then with a flash of Red Spearow came out of the ball and flew away from Bon and into the distance.

January 10th, 2009, 9:08 AM
@ GFA: It wasn't the legnth of the post it was the legnth of the battle i.e. you only used two moves. And yes that was a useless post. And you were only meant to have Three posts tops on Route 1 then wait for Route 2 and you've had like 5 or 6 so it's One offical WARNING for you.

January 10th, 2009, 9:11 AM
Once the pokeball dinged Reina jumped into the air with a loud cry of happiness. "We did it Blaze. We made our first ever pokemon capture."

"Charmander?" Blaze glanced at the pokeball in her hands.

"Oh, you wanna see?" Reina held the ball out to Blaze who sniffed at it.

"Char char!" he cheered.

Reina cliped the pokeball to her waist. "Shall we continue on Blaze?"

"Char...." Blaze began, but was knocked over. "Mander....." he stood up slowly.

"Hey! Who did that?" Reina glanced around.

"Your capture of that Lapras was just a fluke." A boy around her age sneered, as his Pidgey flew back to land on his shoulder.

"You did this?" Reina pointed at her pokemon. "I don't even know you. Why did you attack me?"

"That Lapras should be with me, not some silly girl like you." the boy snarled. "And the name is Seth by the way."

"Well Seth, you should know I captured that Lapras fair and square so that makes her mine." Reina stuck out her tongue.

"By fair and square you mean already weakened by someone else?" Seth asked, and Reina winced.

"You saw that huh?" Reina asked meekly, and the boy nodded. "I am going to be a top Coridnator I'll have you know. And someone like me isn't weak, and neither is Blaze here."

"A..... A pokemon Coridnator?" Seth burst out laughing. "Coridnation is for prissy little girls who want to look cute and own cute pokemon. You can't become a great trainer doing something like that."

Reina stamped her foot and glared. "There's way more to it then that! There are battles and you have to time your moves exactely. It's way harder then just being a regular trainer. And the names Reina!"

"Well Reina. Why don't you show me." He held out a pokeball. "A three apiece match."

"I don't have three pokemon...." Reina held up Lapras' pokeball. "I only have Blaze and Lapras."

"Wow, you really are weak." Seth laughed louder, causing Reina's eyes to burn with fire.

"If I'm so weak, why don't you take me on with two pokemon? And I'll only use Blaze." Reina snarled.

"Fine. If you want to be beaten that badly." Seth tossed his pokeball into the air. "Go Neon!"

"Neon?" Reina asked.

"Nido nido!" a Nidoran male appeared.

January 10th, 2009, 9:11 AM
Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen: That post is too short, make it longer please.

January 10th, 2009, 9:24 AM
OOC: Ahh OK, I made my post longer... And hopefully plot furthering/relevant...

@ Bemertonboy: Oops, I thought you meant like a minimum of 3...


Bon pounded his fist into the ground, “Darn it.” Bon raised himself up and headed off towards the docks, “Stupid island…” Bon couldn’t stand the island, and hated it’s cramp like size. Jaune looked up at its trainer confused,
“Pika?” Bon looked at the Pokémon in disgust,
“Shut up you stupid rat! Return!” Bon held out Jaune’s Poké Ball and pressed the small button in the center. As he did so, a red light forcefully surrounded Jaune and brought him back to his Poké Ball.
“Uhhg, I hope I can get out of here fast…” And cheap. Somewhere in the back of his mind a feeling of guilt crept into his mind. D’oh I don’t want to apologize to Jaune, but I really should… I’ll do it later. And with that, Bon walked off towards the docks. As he wandered through the docks, he saw many a strong sailor heaving heavy objects on and off ships. Note to self: Don’t argue with one of them… However, as bon was making this key note to himself, he walked into a wall,
“Owh that hurt,” Bon looked up at the wall he had walked into, as it turned out, it was a sailor, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! Can you forgive me!?” The sailor turned to face Bon. The sailor opened his gargantuan mouth,
“You bump int’ me kid?” The sailor spoke with a snarl and a tobacco pipe jutted from his mouth. Bon gulped,
“Ummh uhh,” Bon stammered, “Yes…” The sailor smiled and gave Bon a giant pat on the back, which almost sent the boy reeling.
“Hey kid, takes gut t’ tell the truth. How’s about I take you on a ride on m’ boat?” Bon smiled. Telling the truth does pay off…, Bon smiled and excepted, the man took him over to his boat which he called ‘The Oceans Pearl’. “Now, … Were would ya’ likes t’ be going?”

January 10th, 2009, 12:27 PM
Dolf was battling a Rattata with his newly captured Pidgey, which he decided to give the nickname "Jet", for his very quick movements.

-"Jet!! Evade that Tackle and use Sand-attack!!"

The Rattata quickly charged Jet, but he just got out of the way and used a Sand-attack that hit the tiny mouse directly on its face.

-"Good shot, Jet!! Now finish him with a Gust attack!!"

Jet started flapping his wings very rapidly, and a small tornado formed in front of the bird's body. Jet launched the Gust, but the Rattata, somewhat, could evade it easily.

-"Almost a hit, arrgh! Jet! Throw another amount of sand to Rattata!"

Jet landed on the ground to take the sand up, but the opponent pkmn Tackled him out of nowhere. Jet bounced all over the ground untli he stopped smashed on a rock. Almost about to faint, Jet barely could stand up.

-"Jet! Come back!" Better take him out of the battle before he recieves any more damage or faints..."

-"Go! Staryu!

Dolf threw the pokeball in which Staryu was resting, and upon hitting the ground a red flash went out of the red-white sphere, revealing Dolf's most powerful pokemon.

-"Use WaterGun!

A somewhat huge volume of water was shot out of Staryu's top spike, hitting the Rattata directly on the tail. The Rattata was forced to spin because of Dolf's pokemon attack. When the mouse stopped spinning, Staryu was already charging at it, hitting him with a very quick Tackle.
The Rattata fell to the ground, and fainted.

-"Yes, team!! Our first battle won! I hope this is the start of a succesful chain of victories for our team. And after having dinner, Dolf fell asleep with his two pokemon on a bunch of fallen leaves under the night's starry sky...

January 10th, 2009, 1:19 PM
congratulations - Staryu grew to level 6.

Island 2: Dundoo Island

Route 2:

Your not allowed to meet any of the other Roleplayers here.

What you can do on a Route: Normally catching Pokemon or battling. If you want to make yourself a rival, now is a good time to battle him/her.

Common Pokemon

Type: Water
Level: 6-10
Ability: Swift Swin
Attacks: Splash, Tackle, Flail(Level 10)
Gender: Random
Nature: Random

Type: Water
Level: 6-8
Ability: Hyper Cutter/Shell Armor
Attacks: Mud Sport, Bubble, ViceGrip
Gender: Random
Nature: Random

Type: Bug/Grass
Level: 5-6
Ability: Spore
Attacks: Scratch, Stun Spore(Level 6), PoisonPowder(Level 6)
Gender: Random
Nature: Random

Uncommon Pokemon

Type: Normal/Flying
Level: 8-9
Ability: Awake and Alert
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Quick Attack
Gender: Random
Nature: Random

Type: Grass
Level: 7-9
Ability: Entangled Vines
Attacks: Ingrain, Constrict, Sleep Powder, Absorb(Level 8)
Gender: Random
Nature: Random

Rarely Seen Pokemon

Type: Psychic
Level: 4-6
Ability: Teleport
Attacks: Tackle, Teleport
Gender: Random
Nature: Random

Type: Fire
Level: 8-10
Ability: Flash Fire
Attacks: Ember, Tail Whip, Roar
Gender: Random
Nature: Random

bemertonboy: I decided to add in Vulpix as I wanted a fire type on this route.

A much better post is required to catch an uncommon Pokemon, then to catch a Common Pokemon, and a very good post is required to catch a Rarely Seen Pokemon. End your post with the PokeBall shaking and I will decide if you catch the Pokemon or not.

January 11th, 2009, 6:25 AM
After the shakes of the PokeBall had stopped, the round PokeBall had flashed red once, meaning that Sam had successfully caught his first Pokemon. "Yay! I caught my first Pokemon!" Sam was happy, and had a smile with his mouth showing. Sam had lifted up the occupied PokeBall and examined it. "So, this is my first capture, out of all the other ones I'm gunna catch. This is just the start!" Sam was happy for himself, and Eevee also, who was looking happy for him. "And I definetley couldn't have done it without you, Eevee. If it weren't for you, that Pidgey wouldn't be anywahere near here by now. Thanks a bunch!" Sam congratulated his Eevee, who rubbed his leg with its head fur. He was forgetting that he had to carry on, not knowing which direction was the right direction. "Now, where do we go next?" Sam got his Pokedex out, trying to search for a Town Map menu. He scanned through all the settings, trying to find a Town Map, but instead, he found a compass setting on it. It was stuck, and Sam was confused as how it was to work, "Ugh, this thing is useless. I might aswell just go in any-" before Sam had the chance to say it, the compass finally turned in a direction. It had pointed to N. "North it is, then."

Sam and Eevee had walked down the same path of Route 1, trying to find a place where the next route may be, all that was ahead of him were more trees and forest landscape. "This island is so long! It's bigger than it looks. I can't believe I live on this island!" Sam just wanted to know where the next step to his Pokemon Trainer was. When he had reached the forest of trees, there was something else in the distance. Unfortunatley, it was water, so Sam couldn't pass through on his own. "Tell me I'm not going that way!" Sam didn't like the water, and tried to avoid it as much as possible. When he passed all the trees, he then ended up at the river. At the river, there were some docks, where people were all queueing up to go on a boat ride to the next island. The Sailor had been allowing people onto the boat, which looked small, but compact, like a tour boat.

"Well then, I guess this is where I go next." Sam had no other option, so him and Eevee had walked over to the short line. In the line was one girl, bragging about her Cleffa. "Oh my gosh! I'm going to be SO good! I'm gunna be the best trainer abound with my Cleffa. No-one else can beat me!" she kept bragging in line, with nobody listening and Sam not even impressed one bit, he muttered to himself, "Pssh. Her? With a Pokemon like that she won't even be able to slice an apple. If anyone is gunna be good around here it's me." he did it quietly, but somehow she heard. As they got on the boat, they were both given seats next to each other. Sam tried not to get any eye contact with her, but she kept giving him evil looks. "What's your problem?" Sam couldn't take any more of her annoyance, and had to say something. "Excuse me? Did you just insult me?" she was being dramatic with him, and putting her hands on her hips. Sam was still careless, and tried to not listen to her at all. The boat had then started to move, with the sailor in the drivers seat.

They had left Valencia Island, with the girl next to him still nagging him about being a better trainer, "You're just jealous that you got a small little brown furball for a starter from Ivy and I got a cute little fairy!" the girl was driving him mad, until Sam and Eevee couldn't take no more of it, "Will you just shut up?! Eevee can beat that Cleffa of yours anyday of the week." Sam then started to get on her nerves, as they started arguing on the boat with people staring at them. "Well then, if you're going to challenge me. My name is Linda Jules. I started out today as a Pokemon Trainer and got my adorable Cleffa from Ivy. It's going to grow up to be great and amazing!" she introduced herself to him, with Sam also introducing himself to her, "Sam Barratt. I started today also, and got my Eevee who will be my prize and charm to each battle who will simply send other trainers home crying. You're next." Sam sounded rude to her, but they both were as bad as each other with the nagging. Before they knew it, they had ended up at the end of the line, and had reached Dundoo Island.

All of the people on the boat had started to get off, starting with the elders. Sam and Linda kept giving each other evil looks, just like Eevee and Cleffa were. Eevee started to growl at Cleffa, with Cleffa giving the most devastating look it can. Sam and Linda had then stepped off the boat, with Linda walking way to another part of the island, "I'll see you on the next island, where you'll be the one crying." Linda bragged yet again, with Sam lowering his eyebrows at her. The boat had then left, back for Valencia Island, Sam and Eevee watching it leave. On Dundoo Island was more trees, and more big grass where Pokemon encounters were totally possible. Sam and Eevee still had kicks after the last battle, "What do you say Eevee? Up for another?" Eevee nodded in return, "Eee! Ee, vee!" they both stepped into the large pile of grass, walking around tobgether trying to find a nice Pokemon to battle.

All of a sudden, they could smell burning, "That's...odd. Maybe it's one of the Pokemon." Eevee and Sam kept sniffing the grass, and walking around. The burning smell got stronger each time they moved around, and then they could hear running, with the burning scent rising, "That's a Pokemon, alright." Sam could smell the burning and hear the steps of the Pokemon getting louder. Just then, a red fox with six tails had came up into sight in the grass, with Sam and Eevee watching out. The fox had stopped in front of them, with Sam curious. He grabbed out his Pokedex to examine this Pokemon, and pointed it to the fox.
"Vulpix. The Fox Pokemon. As its six tails grow, more tails start to grow aswell. It also can control fireballs."
Sam was interested by this fire type Pokemon, but this time he just wanted to battle it rather than catch it, he didn't necessarily want all the Pokemon one after another. "Let's battle it, Eevee! Are you ready?" Sam got Eevee prepared for the battle, with Vulpix also sitting there with its six tails behind it.

January 11th, 2009, 11:22 AM
OOC: Dan it, this morning at church I came up with a rival that had an Eevee and now you have an Eevee... Also, I was going to go for a Vulpix.. Oh well,


“I uh, have no idea really…” Bon started to stutter,
“The name is Orlando by t’ way. If’n I were you, I’d sail out t’ Dundoo Island. ‘Aint too far away, and is n’ excellent place for beginners like yourself.” Bon shrugged, and followed the big man aboard the ship. Once on the ship Orlando went to pilot the boat while Bon waited outside on the Deck.

Halfway through the trip Bon remembered Jaune and the way he had treated him. Nows as good a time as any… Bon pulled Jaune’s Poké Ball from his waist and tossed it to his feet were Jaune materialized in a flash of red light. As soon as Jaune saw his trainer he quickly turned his back to his former friend, “Look. Jaune, I’m sorry. You’re not a rat, and you’re definitely not stupid.” Jaune still stood ignoring his trainer. Bon set his backpack down and reached into a small pocket,
“How about some chocolate?” Jaune turned around to face his trainer,
“Pika?” Bon started to smile,
“You don’t know what chocolate is do yah buddy?” Jaune waved his head back and forth. Bon took a Hershey’s Kiss like chocolate, unwrapped it, and gave it to Jaune, “Here try this.” Jaune bit into the sweet and chewed. As he chewed Jaune’s face lit up with excitement and a small burst of electricity burst from his cheeks, “We even now?” Bon inquired. Jaune nodded,
“Pika!” Bon stroked Jaune’s head and the two were friends once again. An hour later Orlando pulled his ship into the harbor,
“Make sure to visit a Pokémon Center if’n one of your Pokémon gets injured.” Bon reached into his pack and gave Orland $100 Poké Dollars,
“Why thank you.”

Orlando left the boy and headed off to his boat while Bon wandered off the dock and onto the beach were he squatted and released Cypra into the oceans waves, “Gol, Goldeen.” Cypra swam around in circles appreciating the freedom of the outside world while Jaune tried to make a sand castle. After 10 minutes a Magikarp swam by. It might be for Cypra to get some more experience…

“Cypra, Peck!” Cypra swam up to the Magikarp and stabbed her horn into the Pokémon’s side. Magikarp floundered around and used Tackle on Cypra,
“It’s OK Cypra, use another Peck!” Cypra rammed the poor Magikarp again and again, but not before the Magikarp got in a relatively decent tackle,
“OK Cypra, finish it with one last Peck!” Cypra charged again, but instead of hitting the side of the Pokémon, she rammed into it hed long. After the attack ended, Magikarp sunk beneath waves,
“Good job Cypra!” Bon hollered,
“Gol, Goldeen, Gol!” Cypra splashed around in the waves and repeated her name once more. Bon smiled,
“OK, lets see if we can’t find another opponent!” Cypra leapt for joy, as Jaune protected his sand castle from the waves she was making,
“OK Cypra, lets go for another one!” Cypra swam towards another Magikarp and unleashed a Peck attack,
“Hey, Cypra, wait till I tell you to attack!” Cypra turned around anwith a look that said ‘Sorry’,
“It’s OK, now lets finish this battle! OK Cypra, Peck!” Goldeen swam towards the harassed Magikarp and struck her horn at the creature’s side. Magikarp sttod still with a frown across its alien face, it soon started to flail around. Uh-oh, that looks like Flail…
“Gol, Goldeen!” Cypra came in and charged again, but after the attack ended the Magikarp flailed more violently then it had before. This doesn’t look good, it’s to strong to drag this out any longer… Jaune looked towards the battle, forgetting his sand castle,
“OK Cypra, we need to finish this now! Use your strongest Peck you have!”
“OK Cypra, this ones going to be tougher, give it another Peck!” “Gol-DEEN!” Cypra swam back away from the creature and prepared her attack. Her horn started to glow bright white, she quickly swam forward and rammed the Magikarp as hard as she could. The Magikarp then slowly swam away, before sinking beneath the waves…

January 11th, 2009, 11:28 AM
@ Flareonfan: Can't wait for that battle.

@ GFA: Wow tough luck :P you can still try to catch a Vulpix though.

'Cypra' grew to level 4

January 11th, 2009, 11:33 AM
Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen: That's ok but next time could you post yourself going to the island first.

congratulations - Cypra the Goldeen grew to level 7 and learnt Supersonic

January 11th, 2009, 11:41 AM
Are you sure Konekodemon because I've already rated his post. And I'm sure Goldeen was Lv 3 before that battle so I leveled it to Lv 4. I don't think it should go up to Lv 7

January 11th, 2009, 11:49 AM
bemertonboy: It was in 2 tough fights, grew by 2 levels for each fight. That's level 7.

January 11th, 2009, 11:53 AM
OOC: Wow your gracious... Thank you Konekodemon! I did post going to the Isalnd, Orlando took him there, and while on the boat, he made up with Jaune

January 11th, 2009, 11:58 AM
Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen: The way you posted, the first paragrade I didn't quite understand what was going on as you said things like t'

January 11th, 2009, 1:06 PM
"Alright Blaze attack it with scratch!" Reina yelled, deciding to get in the first move.

"Char!" Blaze lept forward, but Neon dodged.

"Neon, use tackle!" Seth yelled in return.

"Nido nido!" Neon slammed roughly into Blaze, who fell back and rolled over.

"Blaze, are you ok?" Reina asked.

"Char cha....mander....." Blaze somehow made it to his feet.

"That's right Blaze. Fight on, never say give up." Reina's eyes blazed.

"Char!" Blaze let lose with an ember that had Neon running for cover.

"Get him Blaze. Close range ember!"

Blaze quickly closed in on Neon.

"Neon, quick use growl!" Seth looked shocked.

"Up and over!" Reina called.

Blaze lept over Neon and wacked him with his tail, before he let loose with another ember.

Neon let out a small puff of smoke before he collapsed.

"Think your hot stuff huh? Neon return!" Seth pulled his fainted pokemon back into the pokeball. "Go for it Wing!"

The Pidgey flew straight at Blaze, who ducked just in time.

"Now use sand attack!" Seth called.

Blaze held his arms up to protect his face as he was berricaded by sand.

"Try growl!" Reina offered.

Blaze growled at Wing, who hesitated slightly.

"Now scratch!"

Blaze hopped up and down trying to reach the bird.

"Too bad Blaze can't fly." Seth mocked. "Looks like this match is mine. Wing tackle!"

"Wait!" Reina told Blaze as he got ready to dodge.


The Pidgey Wing flew low and straight at Blaze.

"Now jump!" Reina yelled, once Wing was almost upon Blaze.

"Char char!" Blaze landed on Wing, shoving him roughly into the dirt.


Blaze released an ember right atop of Wing. There was a huge puff of smoke and dirt.

"Wing?" Seth asked.

Once the smoke cleared Blaze was still standing, with one foot atop of wing and holding a pece sign.

"Yay Blaze!" Reina ran to her pokemon and scooped him up. "You did great!"

"Don't think this is over! Cause it isn't." Seth returned his pokemon.

"I wonder what his problem is." Reina shrugged. "Onward to Route 2!"


January 11th, 2009, 1:09 PM
OOC: Sorry, I was trying to make and accent, t' was supposed to be to... I'll keep away from that next time Orlando shows up, ... If he does. Rii, you realize Route 2 is on another island right?


“All right, nice one Cypra! Return!” Before Bon could pull out her Poké Ball, Cypra let out a whining screech. Huh? Bon pulled out the Pokédex.
“Supersonic is a non damaging attack that confuses the opponent.” Sweet! Bon put the Pokédex away and finally returned Cypra to her Poké Ball. Bon then looked around for a Pokémon that Jaune could battle. After a minute of looking around, he found a Krabby scuttling towards him from under the docks. Alright sweet a Krabby, this should be interesting!

“Jaune, forget the sand castle and attack Krabby with your Thundershock!” Jaune ran up to the unsuspecting Pokémon and released a charge of electricity from its cheeks,
‘Pika-Chu!” The poor Krabby started to foam from its mouth and entered a rage,
“Kookie, Kookie!” Krabby charged sideways at Pikachu while it opened its arms. “Kookie!” Krabby rammed into Jaune and used a powerful Vice Grip.
“Pika!” Jaune was in pain and Bon had to think of something. I know!
“Jaune, use you static ability!” Jaune cried in pain once more, but as he did so a jolt of electricity came out of his cheeks and paralyzed the Krabby. “OK Jaune, before he can move, Thundershock, but first, Charge!” Jaune started to build electricity in his cheek ouches, but the Krabby was slowly getting to its feet, “NOW!”
“Pika-CHUUU!” Jaune let out a high voltage Thundershock that hid the Krabby head on. YES! The Krabby fell down, but started to get back up. No!
“Jaune, give it another taste of Thundershock, quick!” June let out a small burst of electricity that flew towards the Krabby, but the Pokémon stuck out its arm and smashed the bolt in its claws, Uh-oh, I think I messed with the wrong Krabby. The Krabby got up and charged at Jaune once more, “Jaune, we know it’s strategy, sidestep it!” Jaune quickly out maneuvered the Krabby, but when the Krabby came to a halt the unexpected happened.
“Kookie!” The Krabby let out a small montage of bubbles out of its foamy mouth.
“OK Jaune, use your Thundershock to pop the Bubbles!”
“Pika!” Jaune let out a few weak bolts that quickly disarmed the Bubble attack.
“Now, lets go in for the kill!” Jaune dashed on all four towards the angry Krabby, “THUNDERSHOCK!” Jaune leaped into the air and let out a powerful Thundershock. Krabby fell down in the sand while the foam in its mouth made the surrounding sand a dark shade of brown.

“Boy was that a tough one… Jaune, return!” Bon tossed his Poké Ball at Jaune. I might want to follow Orlando’s advice and head to the Pokémon Center…

January 11th, 2009, 1:15 PM
Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen: Uh, I havn't posted up the Town that's on that island yet, just the route. Change your post please.

January 11th, 2009, 1:27 PM
Oh, OK, since you didnt do it with Valencia, I though you wouldn't... OK fixed.

January 11th, 2009, 4:06 PM
Both Eevee and Vulpix were both foxes, but they both had no relationship to each other. Each one of them had the same position, with them both sitting with their tails over their back legs. "Ready, Eevee?" Sam had encouraged Eevee, with a competetive facial expression. Eevee had its eyebrows lowered, "Ee." Eevee signalled Sam that he was ready for battle and to start. "Alright then. Start off with Tackle!" Sam commanded to Eevee, who reponded well. Eevee got up on all four of its legs, with Vulpix looking very calm and not one bit afraid. Eevee had charged up towards Vulpix, who was very quick to judge. Vulpix quickly got up, and slapped Eevee over the face with its six tails. "Ouch. Don't worry. Tail Whip can't totally get you down, try and use Tackle again!" Sam was still forced to make sure that Eevee would win this battle. Eevee was also reactant, and had got back up and ran over to Vulpix. After the last Tail Whip, Vulpix was distracted that its tails had been curled up. Eevee then struck Vulpix while it as turned over, trying to get its tails back in position. Both of them were both at the same level for now, but Vulpix had had a trick up its sleeve. Vulpix had started to openits mouth, ready to spit any thing out. "Watch out, Eevee!" Sam got Eevee's attention, who quickly turned back to Vulpix, who was charging up a small fireball within its glowing throat. Once Vulpix was done, the small, yet dangerous ball of fire had been released through the air at high speed. "Oh no, out of the way, Eevee!" Sam tried to get Eevee to avoid the Ember by Vulpix, but it was too late. Eevee had turned around to the jolting fireball, when the fireball had the smacked Eevee in the face before anything could be done. Eevee was not down at all, but the fireball had definetley hurt. "Oh man. This thing is good," Sam confessed, "But Eevee is just as good. Don't worry about that Vulpix, Eevee! Use Tackle, and try and get a quick Tail Whip in with it, too!" Sam had a plan on getting a great shot with Tackle, with a nice addition with Tail Whip to really weaken Vulpix. Eevee was ready, and had ran over to Vulpix with legs sprinting over the grass. Vulpix was sitting calmly, not suspecting such a tough move from Eevee, but it got a lot more than it thought. Eevee had leaped right on top of Vulpix, while spinning over to get its tail to slap Vulpix with the full body charge. Vulpix was greatly struck, and the attack had done enough, but Vulpix was not at all down, infact, it was just getting more and more powerful and enrged through each attack. Vulpix had once again started to open its little mouth, and breathing in oxygen to charge up another flame. Eevee was watching this time, and could suspect whenever Vulpix would shoot the fireball over. Vulpix was trying to trix Eevee, while waiting, charging the ball up further, until, Vulpix was tired of waiting, and let go. While the ball was still in the air, Sam had yet another plan. Eevee was watching the ball swerve towards him, with Sam adding a quick command, "Tail Whip the fireball back to Vulpix!" Sam didn't want to play a game of Volleyball, but wanted to eject the flame back over. Eevee had kept its concentration on the flame, until it got close enough to whip it back. Eevee had turned back quickly, with his tail slamming the fireball back to the direction of Vulpix. "Nice one!" Sam had complimented Eevee, who sat there yet again, watching Vulpix site there also. Vulpix didn't know that the fireball was about to hit it right back again, but it didn't care at all, infact, it looked as if it wanted the fireball to hit it. The fireball had gotten closer to Vulpix, until it then reached Vulpix's body. However, strangely, the ball did no damage at all. Infact, the fireball had started to make Vulpix glow. "Huh? What's going on?" Sam didn't know at all what was going on, him scratching his head. Vulpix had then charged up another fireball in its little mouth, with Sam still confused how the fireball reacted to Vulpix. The fireball in Vulpix's mouth had then started to go bigger, above normal size, which worried Sam. "Oh no! That one is gunna hurt, Eevee! Watch out!!" Sam wanted Eevee to move right away, which Eevee had opened its mouth as the fireball was ejected from Vulpix's mouth. "Move out the way when it gets close!" Sam tried to do anything smart, that wouldn't get Eevee hurt. Eevee was still concentrating on the freball, which was still making its way through the air. "Now!" Sam could see the ball was close enoiugh, and so could Eevee, who then jumped to the side. Fortunately, the Ember had missed. Unfortunately, the fireball had hit...a tree. The tree had started to set on fire, with Eevee and Sam panicked. "Oh no! What are we gunna do!" Sam did not know what to do, as if the fire would get him in trouble and he would get blamed for it if anyone knew. The tree had then stopped burning, but had started to copllapse. "Eevee! Move out of the way or else that tree'll get you!" Sam ordered Eevee to move or else the tree would slam it down. Eevee had responded, and jolted back over, as the tree had then fell down, not hitting anybody, except Vulpix who had just sat there not knowing a thing. Fortunatley, Vulpix had only got its tail trapped, and nothing else, this was a good time to get Eevee to suprise attack Vulpix, as it was very weak and nearly down. "Now, finish it off with a nice Tackle!" Eevee had got on all fours, and had ran swiftly over to the Vulpix, trying to get its trapped tails back from under the big tree. Vulpix had turned its head over to Eevee, and panicked, trying to run out of the tree, but just as Vulpix had forced the six tails out of the tree, it was too late. Eevee had took a body slam onto Vulpix and knocked it out completely.

"Alright! Way to go, Eevee!" Sam took advantage of the tree falling, even though it was a bad thing. Vulpix had only fainted luckily, and would get back to full health soon. Sam and Eevee still had to know what to do about the fallen tree that was right by them both. "What are we gunna do about this??" Sam needed to do something, before a forest ranger would come out. They both sat there, on the trunk of the tree, until eventually, there was some man with a moustache, and a red uniform and hat coming from another part of the island. "Oh no! We're busted!!" Sam tried to keep his voice down, to not give the guard any ideas. Unfortunatley, the guard had already noticed, and gave them a lecture.

January 12th, 2009, 12:08 AM
But it wasn't a guard at all but a Pokemon Ranger,"Go Rhydon! You do Flareon!" He called. Both his Rhydon and his Flareon came out.

"Move that tree out of the way!" He said. His Pokemon got to work. They moved the tree off the road. He saw the hurt Vulpix and took that to his avantage,"PokeBall go!"

The Vulpix was sucked up inside, and the ball shoke twice and then dined. He picked up the PokeBall, just as a truck came by. His Rhydon and Flareon picked up the tree and put it on the back of the truck.

The man walked over to Sam,"That's a fine Eevee you got there. It would make a great Flareon. Here," He said handing Sam a Fire Stone,"Why don't you evolve it?" He grinned. He returned Rhydon and Flareon, put Vulpix's PokeBall in his coat pocket and walked away.

(I thought this would be a better way for Sam to get the Fire Stone. Also I will be leveling up everyone's Pokemon later after I talk it over with my Co-Owner, if he ever comes online.)

January 12th, 2009, 3:15 PM
OOC: Yeah, sometime I need to be able to get a Thunder Stone. Not now... Since I want to heal Cypra and Jaune, how could I go about doing it w/o entering the city?

January 13th, 2009, 11:40 AM
I am going to have to ban my co-owner, he's not doing his job, so everyone who battled the last few posts, your pokemon went up by 2 levels. Therefore this rpg is on hold until I can find another co-owner, I won't be able to upload the next place, as I don't know the names of the different places in the Orange Islands.

January 13th, 2009, 12:09 PM
OOC: Dundoo Island wasn't in the Orange Islands...

January 13th, 2009, 4:18 PM
I noticed Rii's post didn't get graded so here it is: Good post Rii!

Blaze grew to lvl. 9!

January 13th, 2009, 7:02 PM
Hey PikaLover, Konekodemon already said everyone level up 2 levels in the OOC thread...

January 14th, 2009, 6:24 PM
Hey guys! I' sorry to say this, but i've got a lot to worry about this days, so I can't keep on with this RP, sorry...

Write that Dolf dissapeared in a mountain fall or something xD

Sorry, but I can't seem to keep with my life in order...

January 15th, 2009, 7:53 AM
Great now its only me Rii and Flareon Fan... Great

January 15th, 2009, 8:22 AM
if ~|symphony♪ doesn't post by tomorrow I'm going to have to stop the rp for awhile until I get more people to sign up

January 15th, 2009, 9:13 AM
"Where is route two?" Reina walked along route 1 until she came to a waterway, that led across to another island. "Oh yea, the routes are seperated by water." she laughed.

"Mander." Blaze sighed.

Reina glanced over at Dundoo Island. "That would be one heck of a swim. Hey, maybe there's a boat?"

Suddenly there was a flash of light as Lapras appered from her pokeball.

"What are you doing out?" Reina asked.

Insteed of answering Lapras scooted herself into the water and made a motion with her fin.

"Oh I get it." Reina climbed onto the pokemon's back. "Let's go Blaze."

"Char." Blaze looked nervous.

Reina groaned. "Blaze return." she placed his pokeball into her bag. "Nice and safe."

Lapras started off quickly and Reina wrapped her arms about her shell and held on tight.

"Not so fast." Reina yelped, and slowly opened her eyes when she felt Lapras slow slightly.

Lapras glanced back at her with an amused expression.

"Very funny." Reina mumbled. Then she sat up looking thoughtful. "Now that I think about it we haven't given you a name yet. Would you like one?"

Lapras thought it over for a few minutes, then nodded slightly.

"Let's see....What would be a good name for a cutie like you?"

Lapras looked abashed.

Reina suddenly snapped her fingers. "I got it! How about Lala?"

Lapras smiled and splashed water widly, splashing some on Reina in the process.

"I guess that means you like it." Reina grinned. "Onward to Dundoo Island then!"

A short time into the trip Lala was taking a small break and had her nose in the water, while Reina lounged on her back. She suddenly pulled her nose from the water with a small cry.

"Lala! What's wrong?" Reina gasped, turning to face her new friend.

A Krabby was clinging to the end of her nose, and didn't appear to want to let go anytime soon.

"It's a Krabby!" Reina pulled out her pokedex.


"Krabby the crab pokemon. Krabby uses it's pincers for both protection and as a tool to help it gather food. Beware it's vicegrip, it can be very powerful."

"Geez, now you tell me." Reina smacked her forhead.

Lala jerked her head this way and that trying to dilodge the Krabby who only squeezed tighter making her yelp in pain.

"Lala, use watergun!" Reina ordered.

Lala blasted the Krabby right on for a direct hit, then squealed when it still didn't let go, insteed the Krabby fired a bubble right into her face.

"This is getting us nowhere." Reina thought it over. "Lala growl!" she said at last.

Lala growled, a low rumble that built in her throat that burst forward.

Surprised the Krabby let go, and splashed into the water making angry hissing sounds.

"Finish it with another watergun!" Reina laughed.

Krabby was sent flying off into the distance by the force of Lala's water gun.

Lala turned back to Reina with tears budding in her eyes and a big red mark on her nose.

Reina kissed her pokemon on the nose and patted her on the head. "All better?" she asked.

Lala smiled and nodded her head up and down.

"Great. Full speed ahead Lala!" Reina suddenly gripped onto her back again. "Not so fast!"

January 15th, 2009, 10:38 AM
OOC: Nice post Rii. I didn't mean to be offensive to you and Flareon Fan...

January 15th, 2009, 2:21 PM
OOC-No biggie. I wasn't mad or anything. :P

January 15th, 2009, 4:43 PM
Rii: Good post! Ha! Lala sped actually towards the Krabby that hurt her...

Lala grew to level 4! Lala learned Mist in the process!

January 18th, 2009, 11:29 AM
Chapter 1:
Will sat on a bench in front of the lab. He had been sitting there for a few hours and had been told by Professor Ivy not to go inside until the rest of the trainers arrived. He was very anxious to start his journey on the Orange Islands and wanted to take place in the league there.

Finally a group of four trainers came walking down the path. Will shot out of the bench and rapped his knuckles on the door a few times. A lady wearing a lab coat and had purple hair opened the door Seeing the five trainers all together, she motioned them to follow her inside. The lab was awesome inside. Being related to his aunt, Will already had seen the lab a bunch of times.

He looked over and saw a Buterfree with orange wings perched on a branch and was eating. Will smiled, this had been his best friend out of all the Pokemon here. The Pokemon he hated the most though, was a Staryu who sat on the coast all day mostly.

Will whistled at the Butrrfree who flew down from the branch and perched on Will's head. Will smiled and continued to follow the other five trainers to a desk with a bunch of equipment on it. She handed them each 5 pokeballs and a Pokedex. Sitting on another table behind her was a Pikachu, a Charmander, a Munchlax, an Eevee, the evil Staryu, and a closed Pokeball.

Will stood there as the professor gave them all 5 Pokeballs, a Pokedex, and then a Pokeball to keep their starter in.

"Now I will tell you all from the start which Pokemon you will have." she said.

Will yawned silently as 4 of the trainers took their Pokemon. Will began to panic a little as the only two Pokemon left were Staryu and Eevee. Professor Ivy motioned for the other boy to take the Eevee and Will moaned. He was stuck with Staryu.

Will pressed the middle button on his Pokeball and the Staryu disappeared in a blinding white flash inside it. Professor Ivy began explaining to the other trainers what this journey was going to be like, but Will already left for his journey.


OOC: I'm going to go ahead and do my first post for chapter 2 if that's alright Konekodemon...

Chapter 2:

Will stomped down the side of the beach of Route 1. He hated the fact that he was stuck with Staryu. He guessed it was better then having no Pokemon at all, but the Staryu was down right evil, and the worst thing was that his aunt knew he hated the Staryu.

Buterfree flew off back to the lab knowing that Will was leaving the island. Will waved goodbye as a brown and tan bird flew out on to the route. Will saw it and took out his POkedex, even though he knew it was a Pidgey.

Pidgey, the tiny bird Pokemon.
Very docile. If attacked, it will often kick up sand to protect itself rather than fight back. A common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings at ground level to kick up blinding sand.

Will sighed and called out his Staryu. In a blinding white flash Staryu appeared and stared at the Pidgey with determination. Will went ahead and scanned Staryu.

Staryu, the starshape Pokemon.
An enigmatic Pokémon that can effortlessly regenerate any appendage it loses in battle. Staryu apparently communicates with the stars in the night sky by flashing the red core at the center of its body. bIf parts of its body are torn, this POKéMON simply regenerates the missing pieces and limbs.

"Staryu let's atleast try to get along I guess. Use Water Gun!" Will said.

Staryu noded agreement but Will knew they would get in to fights sooner or later. He pointed one of the edges of his body at the PIdgey and tons of water was sprayed at the bird. The bird flew back in to a tree and once the water stopped coming, it shook itself furiously.

It looked at Staryu obviously aggitated and dashed off at him. Pidgey slammed itself in to Staryu, sending Staryu flying in to the water.

"Thanks, Pidgey. Now Water gun!" Will said again.

Water came shooting at Pidgey, who didn't know where the water would come from. It sprayed the Pidgey and the Pidgey flailed back. The Pidgey shook itself off again and flew on to a tree branch, waiting for the Startyu to come out.

"Harden and then Tackle!" Will said.

In a few minutes Staryu came flying out of the water, and was twisting furiously, flying at the Pidgey. He slammed in to the Pidgey, knocking it on to the ground. The two Pokemon began to hit eachother violently even though Will was saying a word. Eventually Pidgey fell to the ground tired and was asping for breath.

"Water gun once more." Will said knowing this was over for the bird.

Stayu sprayed water at the bird who was sent flying in to the ocean. It landed in the water with a splash and Will realized that the bird would drown. He knew he needed a Pokemon who would be able to fly him around islands so he took a Pokeball off of his belt and tossed it at the bird. It was engulfed in red light and disappeared inside the red and white sphere. The ball was caught in a breeze and landed on the sand and began to wiggle back and forth...back and forth... until...

I will post up the next chapter in a seperate post in a minute for everyone else!!

Dundoo Town.
(3-5 posts I guess)

Description: A wonderful town located on Dundoo Island. Many people come here to vacation and this town attractes many coordinators.

This Town holds a:
Contest Hall.

Contest Hall rules and information:

In this contest you can enter 1 Pokemon only. The competition starts out with whoever wants to do it in one post they describe entering and then the first section of the contest(explained below). Then the battling begins and it is a post for each battle. There will be a total of 10 people who first enter it and only 5 will make it through to the battles. After that whoever makes it through the batle with the most points move on. Me and Koneko will be trying to meet to decide who moves and and who doesn't out of the first round...

Rules for contest hall!!:

1. Only one pokemon enterant per trainer.
2. Must be able to walk on land as this contest hall has no pool part of the arena.
3. First section of contest consists of the trainer doing a performance with their pokemon. (Like in the Hoenn anime where you do a bunch of moves that make it look spectacular). This will take much, much description for us to get a clear view of how it looks in your mind.

More rules will most likely be discovered later on when we have more contests...Have fun and there will be a prize for first, second, and third place contestants which will be revealed then!! Have fun!!:)

January 18th, 2009, 1:25 PM
Sam watched the Pokemon Ranger walk away, and off to the town of Dundoo. Sam stood there with his peculiar stone, which was red, shiny and hard, with a flame pattern on it. Eevee had also looked keen at it, thinking what a great Pokemon it would turn out to be once the Fire Stone is used. "Whoaa. So that's a Flareon, which Eevee evolves into. Sure looks cool." Sam looked over to Eevee, who smiled back at him. Eevee still looked like iot wanted to stay in its first from though, as it didn't want to be rushed so fast. Sam also thought the same, "Nah, I'll save it for later. I'm sure Eevee would love to stay as its smaller form for now." he placed his Fire Stone in his trouser pocket, and winked over to Eevee. "So, I guess we're off to the next town then." Sam and Eevee had got ready to start walking again, heading towards Dundoo Town.

Sam looked at the great scenary around him; there was a whole bunch of trees placed around with apples and pears growing. "Wow...this place sure does look fascinating." Sam didn't use those words regularly, but he was impressed at the life in the forest. Sam could then see Dundoo Town in his view, and stopped for a moment. There was a huge-looking arena, which looked pretty; sparkles and confetti were being shot from the place, and showered all; over the arena. "Say, Eevee, I wonder if that could be a battle going on down there. If we went, we'd surely own that place." Sam boasted, looking all impressed with himself. Eevee was still captivated by the decorations on the Arena, and thought what it would be like to actually go down there and check it all out. "Guess we better head on over then." Sam and Eevee continued to stroll down the path on the Island, approacing the gate to the Town. They were then down at the enterance before they knew it, and they could see all the buildings and people relaxing. Not to menchan, the Contest Hall, which had still looked as pretty as before, but was more classy looking once approached. "Hmm, maybe it'd be a good idea to look around everything else first, we don't want to rush now do we?" Sam had wanted to see what else the Town had to offer for him, as none of this was on Valencia. So, both Sam and Eevee entered the Town.

(Really OT: It's my birthday tomorrow :D)

January 18th, 2009, 7:29 PM
FlareonFan: Good post! Can't wait to see the rest. Oh and Happy Birthday!!:D:D

January 19th, 2009, 7:19 PM
Jaune went back up the embankment that went from the docks to the beach and entered the Islands town. After 15 minutes of wandering he found the Pokémon Center, it was a big red building with a Poké Ball on top and a neon green sign that red Pokémon Center in one of the windows. “I guess that would be the Pokémon Center…”

Bon stared at the Pokémon Center, it was the second time he had ever seen one, and he could barely remember the one from Cianwood. He stepped inside. The inside of the Pokemon Center was very nice, and was designed quite nicely. Bon approached the front desk, “Ummh, hi. Could you heal my Pokémon?” The Nurse Joy turned around,
“Why of course silly. That’s our job here at the Pokémon Center.” Nurse Joy stuck out her hand, and Bon took Jaune and Cypra’s Poké Balls from his belt and handed them to Nurse Joy, “They should be all done in a few minutes.”
“Thanks.” Bon walked over to a comfortable looking couch and eased in to the cushions. He blinked a few times, yawned, and closed his eyes…

“Wake up.” A voice said. Bon opened his eyes,
“Who? What? Where?” The voice giggled,
“It’s Nurse Joy, you’re at the Pokémon Center. I came to tell you your Pokémon are perfectly OK.” Bon smiled in relief
“Thank you Nurse Joy.” Bon followed the Nurse back to the front desk were she handed him Jaune and Cypra’s Poké Ball.
“Please, come again.” Bon nodded. As he left the Pokémon Center he pondered over what to do next. I should probably catch another Pokémon to make my team more diverse. Yah, that’s a good idea…

Bon wandered on to the grassy part of the route while the newly healed Jaune road atop his head of spikes. As they advanced through the route Bon came across a tall patch of grass were the grass was moving. I’ve never caught a land dwelling Pokémon before… Bon motioned for Jaune to get of his head.
“Pika.” Jaune jumped from atop the boys head and downed to his feet.
“OK Jaune, we need to do this carefully…”