View Full Version : Looking for a lv. 25-30 fire type...

His Name Is L
December 31st, 2008, 4:59 PM
Hey, all. Unfortunately, as early as I am in the game (can't get National Dex yet, and even then, I don't have any of my old Pokemon games anymore) I cannot get a decent fire Pokemon since I didn't select Chimchar in the beginning. The only fire type I can get in the game is Ponyta/Rapidash, and they're horrible. (Seriously... they could have put a better selection of Fire Pokemon in D/P...)

I really don't have much to offer in return... since I don't want to trade off any of my main team (which only has 5) the best I could probably trade is a Girafarig. So, I guess I'm essentially asking if any of you have a lv. 25-30 (little lower or higher is okay) Fire Pokemon you'd be willing to give me.

Monferno... Cyndaquil... Magmar... Charmander... Houndoor... anything at least decent. The reason I ask for one lv. 25-30 is because that's the current level of my other Pokemon, and I want to play the game the right way. I don't want a really high level where I am right now.

Anyone willing to help me out?