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January 12th, 2009, 8:00 PM
Okay, this is gonna be a mix-up for the usual ORP forum. Rather than having an RP with a purpose or anything of the sort; a plot, a storyline that is more than four-paragraphs, or even a beginning as far as i'm concerned, but is actually nothing more than somewhere people can come and just hang out in a care-free environment. Now this dosn't mean there aren't rules, but we'll get to that later.

Years into the future (around 2013) a briliant (and wealthy) man had the idea to combine human and animal DNA to create a new species. Not every animal however, was accepted, only animals that could qualify as 'pets' to the human populace. Why pets? Easy. Pets were, in essence, full-time, free, personal therapists. You could tell them anything, your deepest secrets, your biggest fears, and they wouldn't tell a soul. And the only thing they asked for in return was food, shelter, and affection. And so, using a large portion of his vast fortune, he started up a program:


PETs was short for "Personal Emotional Therapists" because, lets face it, wasn't that what a pet was? PETs were genetically engineered humans with animal DNA from different types of animals that were considered pets. from the smallest ant, to the largest dog, if you could keep it as a pet within the United States(and Puerto Rico), there was a PET for it.

The best thing was, PETs, being pets, wanted nothing more than those three core values held by their animal donors: Food, Shelter, and Affection. After creating these PETs, he bought up a large factory-sized builing, and made it, quite litterally, into a home. The 'home' was where he kept all the PETs, untill they were adopted by a person who needed emotional support, even temporarily. This is where you come in. you are a PET, you will be able to spend most of your time in "The Home", but are allowed to leave for short amounts of time in order to associate yourselves with the outside world to avoid culture shock when you are adopted by someone, unfortunatly you have to be brought out by one of the staff in "The House". You can also be a member of "The Family", which are the staff.

"The Family" have more freedom than PETs, as they dont need permission to leave "The House, but they dont recieve paychecks. They are 'paid' in the fact that they also live in "The House" and are fed there as well. They usually love only a certain part of the home's populous, but are not spiteful of any particular types of pet... hopefully. Buisness is good and it pays the houses budget quite well. How long you stay as a member of the family is up to you, where as your time in the home as a PET is up to those who may want to adopt you. And, there's no rule against a member of the family adopting a PET, even though they already live with them anyways.

PET Species:

These are the types of PET you may be. Please note that while no towo PETs may come out exactly the same, there are some differences, but in essence all PETs are human in appeareance with features characteristic of animals, such as a lack of hair and a flickering tounge for snakes, or a twitcy nose and large ears for a mouse. Fur/scales are are completely optional, but most are usually haireless aside from atop their heads.

everyday - (there can be as many of these as there want to be within reason)

Rodent (mouse/rat/etc)
Bird (parrot/chicken/etc)
Boa Constrictor
Fish (no tropical or dangous fish such as lionfish and pihrana)

Exotic - Only TWO of each, one male-one female for obvious reasons... this dosn't mean they have to like eachother though. All big cats will be de-clawed bi-weekly.

Wolf (reserved O+)
Tiger (Taken O+)
Bobcat (Taken O+)
Puma/Mountain Lion (reserved O+)
Crocodile (Caiman's count.)
Aligator (Reserved O->)
Scorpion (No stingers, but you can have claws instaid of hands)
Tarantula (poison glands have been removed during genetic splicing, so no toxins)
Fighting Fish (for obvious reasons)
Hawks/Falcons (Reserved O->)

The World.

"The House" is located just ouside the bustling metropolis of North Falsington and the rural suberbs of South Falsington, in the small shopping district of Falsington City. While you, as a PET, or you as a member of "The Family" will only explore a few of these streets while staying in "The House." The house is a good-sized five-story factory with almost every possible means of entertainment and exersize. Running wheels, climbing posts, long open rooms for frisbee and the like, sun-rooms, all that good stuff. The floors are divided up as such, with an elevator not far from the entrance to the building to go to the desired floor. The Owner of the building lives on the Exclusive sixth floor as to not seem to favor any time of animal and remain neutral on the matter. This is also the floor which contains the main offices that deal with funds, budget, and the adopting of animals. If a PET ever sees this floor, their either leaving or coming back to find a new family. Each floor has living quarters for the Family members that look over those animals.

Floor 1: Felines - Big cats to housecats are all you'll find on this floor. they are the number-1 adopted animal at the house and their floor is full of climby things

Florr 2: Canines. Wolves and dogs of all breeds can be found here, they're the second-most requested animal due to their loyalty and protectiveness of their owners.

Floor 3: Birds birds birds. All of the feathered pets are on this floor, from farm-yard chickens for the country yucks, to elegant looking parrots that are less-than trustworthy on keeping things quiet, but more than make up with it for their devotion twords their owner's happyness.

Floor 4: Rodents and Fish. This floor is actually divided in half. one side is for the mice, rats, rabbits, and such that have all their climby, hidey-holes and running wheels, while the other is for the water-natured members of the house where they're free to swim as much as they want, while still able to come up to land for some sun-bathing, as most like to do.

Floor 5: A desert with rivers and a small jungle-like expance by appearance, this floor is for the reptiles, and desert creatures such as the scorpions and tarantulas. a few other animals actually come here often for the fact that it makes a great place to play on the beach.

There is rumored to be a basement floor filled with a colony of ant PETs that all come as a set, ruled by one queen ant PET. Noone is sure however because only someone with a mansion would want that many PETs in the first place.


These are the supporting cast who never change througout the RP

Name: Mr. Corneilius Harold Eisenbachen XXIV
Age: 72
A grizzled old man with greying hair, he has often been told he looks like Stan Lee without glasses. He walks with a cane, and can usually be found in a buisness suit paired with fuzzy Pink slippers. It is believed he is colorblind. He is the owner of The House and loves all the animals within it dearly. While he can be strict at times to a disobedient pet, he must agree, PETs will be pets.

H.O.M.E. - Home Operation and Monitoring Entity
Age: 5 (appears to sound in mid 20's and has virtual persona that fits such)
Set perminantly to "Female"
The house's main computer system, HOME (mom by most of bolth the family and PETs) mostly stays out of the occupants buisness unless they are doing something destructive to her, such as clawing the walls, gnawing through doors, or piddling on the carpet because the bathrooms are occupied. It is believed her voice and virtual appearance were modeled after the owner's late wife, as she appears to be a woman in her mid 20's with long raven hair and green eyes. Thats all anyone ever sees anyways.

Age: 35
Specie: Alaskan Huskie
Rowland is Mr. E's personal PET and while still young, he's the oldest PET in the house and is the reigning athority in the canine's alpha-centric monarchy, but still respected by all the other pets, even the cats. His personality reflects that of his master, showing just how close they are. He is muscular and atleast a good seven-feet tall, with a long, flowing mane of grey-white hair. There are two doggish ears sticking out of the top of his head, one of which has a bite-mark adorning it, and he has the usual one-blue-one-green eye pattern. A dog's tail sticks out from his tailbone.

The Rules:

1: No GMing, piggybacking, or bunnying. noone likes it. NPCs will be done by me, and they will only intervene when called for.

2: No killing/eating/or poisoning Family members or other PETs Even attempting one of those will instantly slate you to be Put Down.

3: PLEASE use proper grammar to the best of your ability. i'm not saying you've gotta be a J.K. Rowling or J.R.R.Tolkein, but please, more than one paragraph (four sentences!) and no chatspeak, WHAT-SO-EVER. (Teh and the like I can overlook as that's just a typo and I make it all the time)

4: the best rule ever - if you cannot continue to RP, don't bother saying you cant (although it's polite to do so) and just make a 1-2 paragraph closing post where someone comes and adopts you. If you wish to re-join the RP in the future, your spot is still open and just say that you helped them to where they didn't need you. Family members that wish to leave, say they're going off to collage for a bit or something. They come back suddenly? Meh, they couldn't stand not having their PETs around.

5: obey all PC rules.

6: you may have a total of two signups. Whether you chose to have one exotic/one everyday, two everyda, two exotic, or even one family member/one PET, is up to you.

7: keep it PG-13. you CAN have a romantic relationship, but no going into detail. Cuddling and such are allowed, but please, nobody try to get into 'the deed' or you'll be slated for Spaying/Neutering, and nobody wants that. 2 warnings and a last shot at avoiding the cone.

8: there is no reservation needed for everyday pets, but once the exotics are gone, they are GONE. don't bug me. (also, no cross breeds like ligers or something, honestly)

9: -rule 5- you may alsouse this rule to create new characters, BUT. I am putting a limit of one month on any one character being in "The House" with you pulling the strings. After the month is up, feel free to have pets get adopted and family members heading off to collage or whatever they do. This means, that when the month is over again, you can even send these pets off and bring back the old ones. One Month is defined by the calander outside of the RP. We start this on the seventh, the calander ends on the seventh of the next month.

10: I will add more rules as neccesary, if I remember some, or if something happens that makes me add a new rule. I am the RP starter and that is all there is to it. My word is law here.

The Signup:

Name: (this is your chosen name, it will be forgotten once you are adtopted, so if/when you come back you'll have to ask around for the old one.)
Serial Number: (not truely important, this is the number in which you are first adressed when little, and is how you will be recognised upon re-entering "The House" after being adopted)
Age: (as stated ealier, Rowland is the oldest PET, so noone over 35, but noone under 13)
Gender: (go check if you need to)
Species: (only ones from the list, if I have forgotten a type of pet you can ask and i'll think about whether or not it can be one, or if it's exotic. Never assume.)
Personality: (you don't have to write much for this one, hell, just be yourself. Just remember to follow the core three needs of a PET, Food, Shelter, and Affection.)
Appearance: (remember, human with animal attributes and maybe fur. we dont want any sphinxes walking around. Also, put on some damn clothes!)
Hobbies: (what do you like to do? go for walks? run on a wheel? Chase other pets for fun?)

Family Member:
Name: (Hie Susan! oh, oh... your a boy?)
Age: (you must be atleast 16 to work/live in "The House", but you cant be any older than 30)
Gender: (Still need to check?)
Personality: (not bound by the core 3, you're more free to express yourself here. are you a caring owner, or a violent animal trainer?)
Appearance: (whoa! youve got something growing on your face! oh.... wait... that's your nose? fer-eaky...)
Living Floor: (which floor you live on in "The Home" ?)
Favourite PET species: (ties in with home floor)

alright kiddies! have fun!

I reserve the female tiger for myself.

January 12th, 2009, 8:31 PM
this looks immensely interesting...
could I reserve a female puma, please?

Man of Faith
January 12th, 2009, 8:54 PM
Reserving a spot. Can we make an exotic and an everyday PET? ._.

Anyway reserving (possibly?) the female bobcat AND/OR maybe a ferret...

And I'm confused. The PETs look human, right?

Dark Blaziken_500
January 12th, 2009, 9:35 PM
hey can i reserve a female wolf plz :)

January 13th, 2009, 2:20 AM
I'm in ^_^ Save me a spot will you =D x

January 13th, 2009, 3:22 AM
wholy crap! I'm not even done and i'm getting reservations??? nice! =3 and here are the following reservations:

Wolf (O+)

and |:Hiro:|, you may have a total of two PETs, also, yes, they look human with animalistic features, think catgirls. Cute girls with cat ears, tails, and eyes. sure, some might even have short fur, but most are hairless aside from their heads.

Captain Blue
January 13th, 2009, 5:40 AM
I'd like to reserve a Family member and one female cat. I'll probably post a signup today or tomorrow.

January 13th, 2009, 7:27 AM
So, are PETs human sized or animal sized? XD

January 13th, 2009, 1:29 PM
yes, PETs are human sized, but their height depends on their species. a housecat would obviously be shorter than a Tigress.

here are my signups:

Name: Haru
Serial Number: 11313
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Housecat

Personality: Haru is lazy like most housecats, and like them he gets sudden bursts of energy to do fun things like chasing objects and lights all over the place. A bit scatterbrained he would rather just cuddle someone than try to communicate with them, then again, that is kind of what he's there for. Quite naive, he loves living in The House and would only give up this life for another nice, warm home, prefferably with kids. He, like almost all other cats, hates water with a passion.

Appearance: Haru stands about 5' and weighs about 100 lbs. His hair is jet black with silver ends, as are the two cat-ears jutting from the top of his head. His eyes are gold and the pupils are slits. While he dosn't have much facial hair, he dose have a small goatee that never seems to get bigger, even though he never shaves. Haru can usually be found wearing a black outfit with silver designs over its back and down the legs of the pants. He always goes barefoot in The House, even when on a different floor for whatever reason. His tail is jet black with a silver tip.

Hobbies: Haru loves sleeping and relaxing atop any of the many ten-foot-high climing toys about the first floor, and even in some of the artificial trees for the big cats. when not sleeping he's usually chasing something or looking around pointlessly, trying to take everything in. yeah, he counts that as a hobby.

and my reserved...

Name: Ash
Serial Number: 11423
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Tigress

Personality: Ash is as playfull as a kitten, despite her size and strength. She likes to 'hunt' the other cats for fun and pounce on them suddenly purely for amusement. She never hurts them, merely tackles them to the ground, pinning them, and then just lays there. She's not always 'there' though, and often dazes off. While she dosn't like casing lights and hanging things, she absolutely loves climbing on things, even once trying to climb on the celing like a gecko PET once. She absolutely adores anyone and anyone that's smaller than her, no matter how dangerous they may be or whether they like her or not.

Appearance: Ash, as her name emplies, actually has a darker color to her fur, it being more of an orange-grey than orange like most bengal tigers. She stands a lofty 6' and has calming blue eyes. Her hair hangs down to her shoulderblades and gets dark near the edges, turning black at the ends. The ears sticking out of her hair are rounded slightly and have stripes along them, as do her arms, legs, and her body (not that you'll ever see that ;P perverts xD ) Her face actually has tribal-looking tiger birthmarks, a stripe on each cheek, along with dots between the bridge of her nose and her thin orange-grey eyebrows. She can usually be found in a tattered baggy T-shirt that thankfully covers her well-developed and khakis with many pockets that fit snugly on her very athletic legs. As with most ofther pets, she chooses to go barefoot on account that her hands and feet are actually very large. A striped tail sways behind her rythmicly as she walks.

Hobbies: Ash absolutely LOVES 'stalking' the other feline pets and family members. She will sneak up on them from behind things without them knowing, and then pounce before rolling; laughing all the way, before pinning them down and laying on them comfortably (for herself, not always for the other PET or person) Aside from that she loves climbing things and looking up at the sky-patterned celing. Yeah, she's got it good here.


I hope that clears things up for the lot of you. have fun!

Captain Blue
January 13th, 2009, 1:31 PM
One more question. Can PETs speak? It's probably a dumb question, but I just want to be sure.

January 13th, 2009, 1:51 PM
P.E.T 1

Name: Cody
Serial Number: 11474
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Orange Parrot

Personality: Cody is rather mischievous in nature and loves nothing more than fluttering about and causing one of the ‘family’ annoyance, though his fun is always spoilt by the fact that the ‘family’ members never get as ticked off as he hopes. Though he does come across as quite a hand full, he will settle down and listen if he is offered a treat of some kind or the promise of getting his chest stroked. He is hardly ever without his twin sister, Connie as they have developed an unbreakable bond to the point where they talk together or at least finish each others sentences. The pair do great on each others nerves now and again, but after an hour apart they always seek each there out and make up by performing some sort of prank on they’re fellow house mates.
Of the two, Cody is the most immature and mischievous. He find it hard to settle down without some sort of bribe and is also the grumpiest. Constantly trying to impress his twin and others around him but is also overly protective and close to his twin sister.

Appearance: Cody is a mix between a human and Green Parrot. He stands at around 5’7 in height and has naturally tanned skin to match with his exotic looks. His hair is of an orange colour with specks of green running through it. It is cut short but styled so that it spikes out in all manor of directions, successfully covering one emerald green eye. Under both eyes lay black tribal markings with run off towards his ears much like that of the Parrot he is made to resemble. A pair of large tropical wings sprout from his back, coloured in shades of green orange and yellow to resemble that of his hair and eyes.
As for clothing, Cody likes to keep it simple. Being a tropical bird, he wears nothing on his upper half, leaving to view his smooth chest and tanned complexion. His lower half is covered by nothing more than a green flower print, yellow sarong with orange trimming. His feet are normally left bare, but when travelling around a pair of brown sandals are welcomed greatly. Around his neck is a large gold necklace, decorated with orange feathers and green beads. His wrists are decorated with multiple leather bracelets and a lone shell anklet is wrapped loosely around his left ankle.

Hobbies: Cody loves to mess with others, constantly causing them some sort of annoyance. Other than that he likes to fly around and play with Connie.

P.E.T 2

Name: Connie
Serial Number: 11475
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Red Parrot

Personality: Connie is much like her twin brother: Mischievous and likes nothing more than causing annoyance to her fellow house mates. There are slight differences between the two though: One being the fact that Connie is the more mature of the twins and is a little more laid back, some time preferring to simply sat perched somewhere and overlook her surroundings. She’s also the easiest to get along with and the more sociable. Whereas Cody looks at Connie as his only companion in life, Connie is a little more willing to make friends, but much prefers the company of her brother to anyone else. She does however look up to her brother and expect him to protect her whenever anything goes wrong, no matter how much she believes that she can look after herself.

Appearance: Standing at the same height as her brother (5’7) she resembles him almost exactly in features if it weren’t for the different colouring she possesses. Her blood red hair (specked with blue) is cut to shoulder length, layered so that the front is longer than the back meaning that the overly large bangs slump forward to cover one of her Sapphire blue eyes. Similar tribal markings are present underneath the large orbs, though take on a different pattern to those of her brother. Her skin is the same shade as Cody’s and holds a similar build, yet the evidence that she is in fact female lays with the developed bosom. Large red wings, specked with yellow and blue sprout from her back and match perfectly with her afore mentioned characteristics. Like her brother this tropical teen is not one for much clothing and the little clothing she wears is as tropical as you can get. A blue bikini top covers her upper body as is held by nothing more than a few strings, leaving to full view her midriff and smooth abs. Her lower half is then covered by a yellow flower print, red sarong with blue trimming. Around her neck is an almost identical necklace to that her brother wears, only instead of orange feathers to decorate it, there are yellow and she also prefers her feet bare, but has identical sandals to her brother just in case. Her wrists are decorated with leather bracelets and a shell bracelet is wraps loosely around her right ankle.

Hobbies: Much like Cody, she loves nothing more than causing mischief and playing with her brother, but unlike Cody prefers to sit and think instead of flying about.

Man of Faith
January 13th, 2009, 3:00 PM
Name: Inara
Serial Number: 11171
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Species: Bobcat
Personality: Semi-hyper, but can be extremly lazy. Inara loves attention, but occasionaly feels the need to be alone to collect her thoughts. When around others, she is always looking to play a game. She loves to mess around with the smaller residence and loves to ride the elevator. She has a strong mind and is extremely talkative.
Appearance: She is about 5'6" and weighs 120 pounds. She has long, flowing yellow-brown hair. Her back and stomach areas are slightly hairy. She has black, polished claws on her paw-like feet. Her slightly fuzzy ears protrude through her hair and her eyes are a hazel-like color. She has dark brown to black spots on the furry parts of her body. Her skin is a dark tan. She loves to wear bright colors, especially pink. She frequently wears skirts and dresses, rarely dressing in a casual manner. She occasionally gets someone to braid his hair. She goes to the fifth floor to sunbath, wearing a pink bikini. She is somewhat... More developed than the average PET.
Hobbies: She likes to sit in the sun, preferring brightly lit areas. She regularly rolls around on the ground and lies on her back. Inara loves to play with the other PETs.

I can do the ferret, right?

Name: Xander
Serial Number: 13324
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Ferret
Personality: Xander loves the sand, and is usually on the fifth floor. He is quite energetic, loving to mess with the other PETs. He likes to hang around the cats and dogs when he has nothing else to do. He had a brother, but she was adopted a few years earlier, making him try harder in the hopes that someone will adopt him someday. He frequently followed the cats and tried to imitate. After many years of this, he has slowly gotten over it and now just follows them out of habit. He loves to pull pranks on some of the more exotic cats, especially the tigers.
Appearance: Xander is about 5'5'' and weighs 90 pounds. He has a full head of white hair. He has a lot of leg hair and has started to grow a beard. He had a foot long tale which is usually concealed, but it still wags a lot. His eyes are an emerald green and are very calming, odd for someone so hyper. His hands are paw-like, but still have opposable thumbs. His skin is somewhat pale. He loves to wear plain shirts, in an assortment of colors, like red, green, and blue. He only wears shorts, saying pants don't let his tail move enough. When he goes up to the fifth floor, he wears a pair of camo swimming shorts, though rarely swims. His nose and ears are ferret-like. He has dark brown stripes of fur on his back.
Hobbies: He loves to visit the fifth floor and play in the sand, usually burying himself. He is fond of following around the big cats and nibbling on random things.

January 13th, 2009, 4:46 PM
SF and |:Hiro:| are Accepted

And yes, you can be a ferret. I had completely forgotten about them and added them to the list.

Also, yes, pets can talk bolth human and their native animal tounges, allowing members of the same species to have secret conversations without a family member intervening, like when prepairing for one of their birthdays or something of the like.

Man of Faith
January 14th, 2009, 9:32 PM
So this is just like a place to hang out 'n' stuff? No plots? :>

Captain Blue
January 15th, 2009, 5:18 AM
Name: Sara
Serial Number: 45309
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Cat
Personality: Sara is a bit of a tomboy, liking to play rough with the other cats, all in good fun, of course. She tends to want to get her way, because she will often cry a torrent of tears if she doesn't. Sara is easily distracted by things such as food, yarn ball, or even just another cat. She really likes a certain member of The Family, and is very clingy with him, both figuratively and literally. Whenever he walks into floor 1's cat section's doors, he is met with Sara pouncing on him. She might even be in love...or she may just be toying with him. Hard to tell, given the way she shows her affection.
Appearance: Sara wears a pink ribbon in the shape of cat ears, and has no fur other than her brown cat's tail. She has long brown hair which becomes pinkish near the end of each hair. Her eyes are a simple green color. She has a pink vest covering a what is practically no more than a yellow bra with a pink frill at the bottom. Her bust is noticeable, but not downright eye-catchers. On her hands are a pair of red gloves with pink hearts on the back of each. She also wears a yellow miniskirt with a pink frill once again located at the bottom. Lastly, she wears white socks that go up to her ankles and pink shoes. (If you'd like a picture to more or less figure it out... http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h285/Captainblue49/sara.jpg )
Hobbies: Sara enjoys performing fighting moves on the scratching posts, going out to a river or pond to stare at the fish, and most of all being with her favorite member of The Family.

Family Member
Name: Cube
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: Cube is a very nice, patient man. However, with a certain cat, his patience is tested constantly. He's fine with the work he does, as he gets the satisfaction of a job well done each day...and the relief of being away with that certain cat after each day. He harbors little, if any, romantic emotions towards her. Cube has stated, behind closed doors, that he believes Sara is no more than an annoyance who wants to pester him constantly just to gain attention.
Appearance: Cube has violet hair, with longer ears than a normal person, forming a tip at the top of each ear. His skin tone is brown, and his eyes are a dark blue. He wears a black longsleeve shirt with a red insignia of unknown origin. Below that are a pair of dark black dress pants, and a pair of dress shoes with the same color as the pants. (again, if you want a pic... http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h285/Captainblue49/Cube-1.jpg )
Living floor: Floor 1. He enjoys the overall warmth of the place.
Favorite P.E.T. species: Cats. He likes cats very much, though one specific cat gets on his nerves every so often.

I reused a character for the Family member, but the thing is that when I use him and Sara elsewhere, that's their relationship, so I figured I'd bring it here as well.

January 15th, 2009, 1:15 PM
@ |:Hiro:| - There is about as much plot in this RP as there is in a chicken pot pie.

@ CB - I'm sorry to say that I cant accept you yet, your signup still isn't as descriptive as it could be, especially around the family-member's signup.. hmmm... I wonder what's missing....

EDITZZ: @ CB - Accepted

January 15th, 2009, 1:51 PM
I'd like to reserve a spot for a Crocodile. Male please.

Question: How smart are P.E.T.'s tipicly.Like does it depend on the animal you are part. I don't think this was awensered already.

Also just wondering, but can my guy have a tail. Not a full fledged tail. like it's thier, just not all their. know what I mean?

Foget the tail.

Captain Blue
January 15th, 2009, 1:54 PM
I'll try editing some things when I get home. We'll both soon see if I can make this work.

January 15th, 2009, 3:13 PM
It's been a while since I RPed with you SilverTail. I hope I'm still in my game. You sure have lots of reservers. :P

Name: Raven (despite him being a falcon ahaha)
Serial Number: 04093
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Exotic: Peregrine Falcon (Not too sure if they can be kept as pets in America, but I'll check...)
Personality: Raven likes to hangout by himself because he has always been a loner and partly the fact that he is never an initiator of conversations but rather an intensive listener. He does like to observe others with his sharp eyes and gather information. His falcon eyes can scan the entire room, if his sight is unobstructed, and register a lot of information. Being one of the older PETS, Raven understands more things about people's feelings and has been to numerous homes within his life span (mainly Falconeers' homes since they are the only ones capable of legally owning a Falcon). His age and special requirements has caused him to degrade in popularity with most but Raven endured that fact. Lately, the new worker Shion seems to be coming to chat with him more frequently than he wanted, but somehow, it's making him quite happy on the inside, being able to chat with someone even though he doesn't say much with his somewhat anti-social personality.
Appearance: Raven stands at a height of 6 feet and 1/2 inches, and has an unusual towering presence. His eyes are composed of a pupil encircled by a dark yellow ring and light brown iris'. His hair retains the dark gray color of his head feathers and it is not fully slicked back and spiky with a few strands of his bangs sticking forward. His skin is a lighter brown coloring similar to his chest feathers and his hands have curved, elongated nails similar to the claws of his falcon form. Protruding from his back are the great sickle-shaped wings of his making him seem even larger than he already is, and from his tailbone are long-pointed, slate-gray tailfeathers barred with black. His facial expressions seems slightly younger than his age of 29 which makes him seem like one of the newer PETS at first glance (possibly why Shion talked to him hehehe). His body structure is masculine and though most of his body is of human qualities only his wings, tail, and claws are most apparent of his falcon form. His wings have a great wing span of 7 feet and 6 inches when fully spread open. Raven's attire is strickly perfect fitting and not too loose clothing as to unhinder his agile movements. His upper body is worn with a custom made(by Shion xD), black sleeveless T-shirt where the backside location of his wings are cut, and he wears a pair of dark brown cargo pants. His feet are outfitted in a simple pair white of socks and white and black running shoes.
Hobbies: Observation habits causes him to stand or sit in a distant corner of a room and observe all that goes around him.
Other: Since Peregrine Falcons can only be owned by those with a state license claiming their proof of qualification of owning the MAJESTIC creature :cer_laugh:, only Falconeers (tamers) who have passed the test can LEGALLY own one hence the fact Raven has only been in Falconeers' homes and not regular households.

(Aren't you happy you have a family member to help out? xD)

Family Member:
Name: Shion Valeford
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Shion is very energetic and caring when it comes to animals but she is somewhat clumsy. She enjoys the company of any animal, be it the bugs that scare girls and little boys (gehehe I'm evil.) or the largest lion alive, she would care for them as her own. Some say she has exceptional bravery. Shion's financial abilities are terrible though so she leaves the fund managing to the other members and Mr. CHI (her nickname for Mr. Eisenbachen; it was CHE[the first letters of his name] at first but she thought it sounded funny and changed it.) Shion visits the bird floor more often than the rest since she is fond of birds, and her work in the house revolves around feeding and a cleaner of sorts unless authorized by someone else. She is somewhat close to Raven and has begun talking with the older PET because she finds him interesting. A fact unknowning to almost everyone is Shion is secretly emotional and she hides it very well even when she gets an occasional scold from HOME for fumbling things (AND over things) onto the walls and floor.
Appearance: Shion is a small lady standing at about 4 feet and 6 inches tall. Her emerald green hair is braided into two ponytails with yellow ribbons and she always seems to wear a white cloth cap over her head. Her dark green eyes are slightly enlargened by the oval pair of glasses she has on but when she puts on her contacts, they seem to gleam more. Shion has multiple outfits she wear within the house, but her most prominent attire used for work is a blue long-sleeved sweater with a thin, white undershirt, and blue overalls. Her more casual attire is her dark blue, one-piece, knee-length dress over a long-sleeved tan sweater. She has a decent and slim body as well as an ample bust size, and her small yet muscular legs, from previous track footwork, really helps her run around the house quickly. Her shoes are brown with two button straps and a pair of white socks up to her ankles. Around her left arm is a band which says in kanji, Feeder and Cleaner(dunno if those words exist but yeah). :cer_wink:
Living Floor: Floor 3, the flowing wind within the room gives her a soothing calmness
Favourite PET species: birds
Other:Shion is a newer worker within the household so she doesn't know too much on details.... at the moment. She also holds legal permits in owning any and all exotic bird animals whenever she feels like owning one. (I had to add this so she can have some idea of owning an exotic bird of some sort if she wanted. Heh!)

If I need anything else (or improvements) do VM me. I'll be off then.

January 15th, 2009, 7:28 PM
@ Calandor - Reserved. And the average PET has the mentality of a human, but is usually diluted by the animal isntincts corsing through their bodies and minds. (like the dog PETs know going on the rug is bad, but sometimes they just cant help it , same for cat PETs and ripping up curtains... this is why there are no curtains on the first floor. HOME got tired of it.)

Also, yes, tails seem to be very in, along with teeth, claws, feathers, pointed ears, animalistic eyes, whiskers, paws, and playful personalities on the domestic PETs.

@ CB - alright, I do hope you dont have to leave for some unforseeable reason we all know will eventually tag almost every person who RPs here.

@ the ramen-child - well, if not a falcon i'm actually sure you could be a hawk, as I believe you can actually have a pet hawk in some states where there's wide open areas, but they'd be exotic and you'd take up one spot xD aside from that little it of questionable content, you are fully Accepted

once Calandor and the Cap' are done, I'll officially start the RP and open up the OOC/discussion thread.

Once the RP has started, please post ALL signups in the OOC thread!
Thank you.

January 15th, 2009, 8:02 PM
Let me read the whole thing and I'll so be in this lil' bro. It sounded awesome to begin with. XD count me in !


Man of Faith
January 15th, 2009, 8:24 PM
Hey... At any point, if we get tired of a character, can we have them adopted and create a new one?

January 15th, 2009, 9:08 PM
I think the idea is to have a character that you won't get tired of... But I guess your question is reasonable....? (Heck I might even get bored of Raven... lol)

January 16th, 2009, 3:35 AM
@ JBC - cant wait to have ya sis. =3

@ |:Hiro:| - I'm sure that's perfectly reasonable, but you can only have two characters at a time, so choose wisely.

-=Rule Added=-

January 16th, 2009, 7:28 AM
If I need to add anything, tell me. I’ll finish the Family member later.
never mind. I'll stick with just the P.E.T.

Name: Kyon
Serial Number: 29464
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Nile Crocodile (hope that's ok)
He may seem lazy, but he’s really not. It’s just the croc instincts that tell him to lye in wait. He is a very hard worker, when it suits him. He is also very territorial. When he is sun bathing in the desert portion of the 5th floor, he has a special rock he likes to lay on, and he doesn't like any one else laying on it. He also usually likes to swim alone, but doesn't usually enforce it. The one time he does love being around people is when he is listening to any stories that the Family members are willing to tell him. Which isn't often. Other than that, he is pretty antisocial.
He has an odd greenish tint to his skin. I mean like dark river green. He doesn’t have scales, though you might think he does at first glance. When he opens his mouth, you’ll notice his teeth are all pointy and razor sharp. He also has jaws strong enough to chomp through a 4X4, in one bite. Also, he’s a lot bigger then most other P.E.T.s. As in he taller, and more muscular. He also has croc claws on his hands. And because he is always swimming, the only thing he wears is a pair of swimming trunks, and a red t-shirt. He also has the dark eyes of a croc.
Hobbies: Lounging in the sun, eating, and swimming.

Captain Blue
January 16th, 2009, 7:56 AM
...I tried to edit it and make it better...but I just can't get it to work. Something in me isn't clicking... something is very wrong. Usually I'm better than this...

January 16th, 2009, 1:40 PM
@ Cal - Accepted

@ CB - hints: Should I treat you like a dad or a younger sister?

Captain Blue
January 16th, 2009, 2:39 PM
There we go...I think that's fixed it.

January 17th, 2009, 7:01 PM
P.E.T. 1

Name: Trever
Serial Number: 07289
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: White Peacock
((yes... I said Peacock!))
Personality: Proud, Proud, Proud. Though kind, Trever loves to look at himself, forever thinking that he is beautiful. He struts he crows, he spreads his tail, there exists no creature more beautiful then Trever. He also speaks of himself in the third person. O.e
Appearance: Trever (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/My-Entery-62073860) Feathers all White, hair brown and spikey, the band on his head is a blue and gold color. His shirt is a light blue with the golden eye, with a gold and dark blue pattern on the cuffs. His pants are also light blue with the dark blue and gold pattern on the lower cuffs. His feet are of a deep tan, his talons are almost white but not quite due to the fact that they are not as clean as he would like, his skin is well tanned, his eyes are a deep green. ((I know in the pic he has on a boot, just ignore it.))
Hobbies: Flirting with the ladies, and making lots of babies!
((hey that kinda rhymed XD))

P.E.T. 2

Name: Alucard
Serial Number: 00666
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Personality: A viciuse frame, hides not only a lazy, but a friendly personality. Alucard loves people and he wants nothing more then to lay on the couch next to you and have you carress him. But if you are not around, he will smiply take over the intire couch and not allow anyone else to get on. He loves Cats and often tries to make his way to the feline area longing to play with the kitties.
Appearance: Alucard (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a373/JBCBlank/So_Many_Sweet_Dreams_by_pu_sama.jpg), big, 6'6" tall, he towers over most of the pets, although his soft smile and kind brown eyes show just how tame he truly is. His long black hair is softer then the finest silk and it contrasts with his tan skin so well that it seems as though he were made from the very wood of the building itself.
Hobbies: Playing chase the Ball/stick/bone/etc. and playing any game with a kitty.
((I just had to use him lil bro XD. It's ma' Puppy Alucard!))

Family Member:

Name: JBCBlank
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind as none seem to comprehend, She is not afraid to give her heart to anyone or any animal. She cares for all animals and loves to wander threw the house getting to know new animals and play with the animals she already knows. Her heart is for all dispite a past that torments her violently. Cursed with a slight second personailty she can become just as cruel and Lust driven as any man and will take on the name Alandros when this mood takes it's toll.
Appearance: JBCBlank (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Moondus-and-Me-108513320) ((bow to me XD, btw... I'm the girl not the guy XD.))
Living Floor: Prefures to Stay with her personal Favorate on the 1st Floor. ((Guess who that is lil bro.))
Favourite PET species: Cats


January 18th, 2009, 9:18 PM
@ JBC- LOL! Gotta say sis, you sure know how to persuade someone. I'll Accept 'Card and yourself, but i'm afraid Trever is Denied on the grounds that you can only have a total of two characters at a time. Yes, I know how well you can handle more, but rules are rules and if I let them slide for you the others would see it as unfair. Also, i'm not exactly sure you can keep a peacock as a pet in the US. sorry =\

January 19th, 2009, 12:11 PM
I think you can... if you're rich enough. I know that you can find them in pet stores here in TJ. but... hey, we also keep humans as pets. XD

Sorry Trever.. you have to go.

Trever: *snuggles against me then flies away*


January 20th, 2009, 3:24 AM
@JBC - sorry trever.

@ CB - again, father or sister? I did give two hints last time. fix that up and you'll be Accepted. I'll make the OOC thread and start the RP some time this week then. If I dont I hereby grant all RP members to bomb the blogosphere on this one and just assault my visitor messages and PMs every day after saturday untill I get the hint, but not before saturday please?! thank you.

Captain Blue
January 20th, 2009, 5:45 AM
D'oh! Why was I so stupid to forget that detail....It's fixed.

February 3rd, 2009, 1:26 PM
OOC: alright. I know that like, two weeks ago, I said i'd start this, well guess what, I finally am! woo-hoo!

The next time you can create a new character now is March 3rd.

Also note I'll be using a few made-up words in Haru's text from time to time, as he likes to do that.


Mr. Eisenbachen stepped into the elevator, heading down from his sixth-floor apartment, slash office. Smiling wearily in his age as he reached the first floor. He stepped out of the box as the doors farmiliar 'ding' was heard, and headed for the front doors. At his side, teathered loosely to the elderly man's hand by a leather chord was an imposing figure amongst the 'house' in which they lived. Nearly six-feet tall with piercing eyes, the wolfish man was watching calmly over his master, the ears sticking out of his hair.

"Master... where do you wish to go today?" asked the psuedo-human, looking down at the hunched elderly man before him. In return he recieved a chuckle and a hearty smile over the elderly man's shoulder. Arching his thick brows in confusion, the wolf-man continued to silently question his master, finally receving and answer as they stood in the door of the still sleeping home.

"Oh.. no where and every where at once my boy... need to keep my old bones strong, don't I?" With a final chuckle he exited the building, closely followed by the teathered being.

"As you wish, my master."

IC: Haru's ears perked as he saw the figure walk out the door from his perch atop one of the many climbing structures around the first room. Seeing the master of the house leave clawed at his feline curiosity, as the elderly man rarely left, with Rowland or not. But it usually meant something big was about to happen. But, that was a worry for another day.

Now that he was up, the felinic human decided it was time to have a good run around the place, who knows, maybe someone else was awake at this time of day? Peeking around this floor of the 'house' he saw not a person, but he knew they'd get up soon, especially since Mr. E. left for who knew how long. A grin slowly slid over his face as that thought crossed his troublesome mind.



The AI sighed, watching from the cameras as the master of the house left. Now she was in charge of all these misfits. While she did love each and every one of them to bits, it usually caused trouble when she was left in charge, as most of the time they just passed off what she said since she couldn't really 'do' anything to them. It really sucked having no apendages...

"Why must he always leave without warning?"


Well, there you go people! feel free to romp!

February 7th, 2009, 10:36 AM
Damien's body tensed, and he slowly opened one eye. He felt the slight movements through the huge climbing structure. He had a good view of the felines' floor from his perch. He was quite happy to share with other felines, but they usually tried to avoid him. He noticed that there were no other PETs on the structure with him. He was sure...
He focussed on a shape on the ground. Haru.
Damien didn't know the other feline very well, but he suspected that he was up to something that H.O.M.E. wouldn't approve of. It wasn't really like him to be up before everyone else.
To see what was going on, Damien crept to a lower part of the 'play frame' and waited patiently, poised like a true hunter, for Haru to take one.. more.. step...

Damien sprung through the air lithely, hinting to Haru as he went.
"Where are you going?"
He landed quietly and neatly on his prey's back, hands on his shoulders, though he would have preferred to have them around his neck, and his teeth at his throat.
Damien shook his head to get rid of the tempting thoughts.

Man of Faith
February 7th, 2009, 11:45 AM
Xander stepped out of his room. He yawned as he made his way down to the first floor. He had promised a certain lady he would wake her up that morning.

By the time he reached the first floor, he was wide awake, and jogged into Inara's room.

"UP!" he said. "Come on! Up!"

He pushed her onto the floor and rolled her out into the main area. She was always such a heavy sleeper...

February 8th, 2009, 4:04 PM
Haru's ear twitched, warning him to the approaching danger.

Warining or not, however, it meant nothing if he wasn't fast enough to preceive it and act accordingly, which he wasn't.

"BWAAAH!" Cried out the startled feline, hissing wildly and thrashing slightly below his assailant before he realised who it was. Breathing a sigh of releif, he thumped his forhead against the floor slightly.

"Geeze... dont DO that Damien! Seriously... If my heart wasn't already beating fast, it'd have exploded by now...." Groaning, he tried unsucessfully to shrug off the larger feline. "Uhh... can you get off? Please? Mr. E. and Ro' left just a few minutes ago, and I was waiting for someone else to wake up..." He glanced side to side slightly "You know, so we could throw a party or something while he was away... maybe..."

The smaller felinic boy's courage and enthusiasm was slowly draining under the larger one's weight. Oh... where was a Family member when ya' needed 'em?

February 8th, 2009, 7:04 PM
Raven once again woke up in a sweat. He started having very odd dreams lately of that new worker.

'What was her name again? Oh right.... Shion, I think...'

Unknown to Raven was a dark figure approaching him as he was sitting in his sleeping spot near the far side corner of the entrance door of Floor 3. Raven was still drowsy since the morning was quite early so his level of alertness is significantly low added to the fact his eyesight is blurry and his body temperature was higher than normal. The figure still closed in on him carrying a weird rounded object and that made Raven flinch. Now the figure had reached him and as it came within his personal space, Raven jumped at the figure and pinned it to the ground.

"Ahhh.... R-Raven?" a small voice had came from the mysterious figure he pinned down. "Can y-you let me go?" The voice sounded familiar to him and as his vision started to sharpen, he saw that it was a girl. It was then clear to him that he had just pinned down... THAT girl... Shion.

OOC: Urm... It's not finished yet but I'll add more. :X

February 18th, 2009, 12:41 PM
"Well, I'm sure a party wouldn't be unwelcome..." Damien stepped onto the floor, relieving Haru of his weight. Damien's tail swung around his legs in a steady rhythm.
He made sure to keep his breathing steady at the disturbing thought of all the party-loving P.E.T.s in one room.
"You know what? I think you might be better off yowling up someone else's tree. I'm not a party kind of cat," Damien eventually growled, turning his face away.
He frowned slightly as he watched Inara being rolled out of her room by a ferret P.E.T.
"See you later..." he added to Haru, and jogged away to see what Xander was up to.