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January 17th, 2009, 3:18 PM
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PG: 13


Alot has changed in the past 20 years. Valleys and fields have ben flooded, land has risen up and changed the ocean to land and the land to ocean. Many people used to not be able to go from Littleroot Town straight to Dewford Town, but everything has changed.

Many trainers are still going on grand adventures and Pokemon have been forced to migrate to deifferent parts of the region. This gave Professor Birch a great reason to have many new trainers going on journeys. So he knew where he could breed different types of Pokemon easier, and where he could find the Pokemon.

Some places have suffered because of the change in the environment. Dewford is now flooded and there is no longer a Granite Cave. But some places have used the change to their advantage. There was never a Sulfer Cave located near Pacifidlodge Town, but now there is.

Team Magma and Team Aqua have also used this change to their advantage. The two teams are still going strong and are still going after Groudon, who has mysteriously disappeared, just like Kyogre. Many say the two beasts were confused in the change and now Groudon is stranded in an underwater cave, while Kyogre is stuck on land somewhere.

The two evil teams still seek to destroy the other team and have been both wondering wether or not to form an alliance and destroy the new team which has entered Hoenn. Team Cloud.

Team Cloud has been seeking to capture Rayquaza and have actually been formed for a long time, they just have never made an appearence, until now.

Your role in this adventure is to become a trainer and defeat the two evil teams, while gathering data for Professor Birch. It is up to you on what happens. Good luck to you all...


No bunnying.
No flamming.
No goddmodding.
I will nto let you catch legendaries.
This RP will be in chapter format and have a limit and minimum on how many posts you must have in every chapter.
Have fun.
Obey all rules.
Somewhere in your SU please put a Pokemon smilie. Like so: :chu::furretlock::t025: any of them on the smilie list works!!:) this just proves to me that you read the rules:)
Sign Up:

Name: What is your name?
Age: How old are you?
Gender: Male or female?
Personality: Atleast a paragraph this is how your character acts.

Appearence: atleast a paragraph. This is how your character looks.

History: Atleast 2 paraagraphs, this is your character's past.

RP Sample: Atleast 3 paragraphs. This helps me decide who to accept and who will not be suited for this RP.

Starter Pokemon: Which of the Pokemon below do you want as a starter? If it is chosen do not choose it!!
also include what nature your Pokemon is, and what gender please:)

Starter Pokemon:
I will only accept one person per type of Pokemon. So here are the choices:

Normal Types:
Zigzagoon, Slakoth, Aipom, Sentret, Rattata, Whismur, Skitty, Bidoof, Zangoose, Igglybuff.

Fire Types:
Torchic, Vulpix, Magby, Slugma, Ponyta, Torkoal, Growlithe, Houndour, Numel, Charmander.

Water Types: Fiver is in with Mudkip!
Mudkip, Horsea, Tentacool, Marill, Surskit, Clampearl, Shellos(W or E), Feebas, Goldeen, Poliwag.

Electric Types: King900000 in in with Pichu!
Pichu, Magnemite, Elekid, Voltorb, Mareep, Electric, Minun, Plusle.

Grass Types: sasuneuchiha is in with Turtwig!
Treeko, Oddish, Bellsprout, Executte, Hoppip, Sunkern, Shroomish, Seedot, Budew, Cherubi.

Ice Types:
Seel, Sneasel, Swinub, Corsola, Delibird, Spheal, Snorunt.

Fighting Types:
Mankey, Machop, Cubone, Phanpy, Makuhita, Meditite.

Poisen Types: dboring is in with Nidoran(M)!
Ekans, Nidoran(M or F), Venonat, Grimer, Koffing, Gligar, Gulpin, Skorupi, Stunky, Croagunk.

Ground Types:
Diglett, Sandshrew, Trapinch, baltoy, Bonsly, Hipopatos, Rhyhorn.

Flying Types:
Pidgey, Spearow, Doduo, Farfetch'd, Hoothoot, Tailow, swablu, Starly.

Psychic Types:
Drowzee, Slowpoke, Psyduck, Natu, Ralts, Spoink, Abra.

Bug Types:
Caterpie, Weedle, Pinsir, Heracross, Weedle, Spinarak, Ledyba, Nincada, Volbeat, Illumise.

Rock Types:
Geodude, Onix, Cranidos.

Ghost Types: Wolfwhispers is in with Sabeleye
Duskull, Misdreveus, Gastly, Saleye, Shuppet, Drifloon, Spiritomb.

Dragon Types:
Dratini, Bagon, Gible.

Dark Types:
Murkrow, Poocheyana, absol.

Steel Types:
Aron, Mawile, Beldum, Skarmory, Shieldon, Bronzor.

Accepted People:
Wolfwhispers- Sabeleye
sasuneuchiha: Turtwig
King900000: Pichu
dboring: M Nidoran

January 19th, 2009, 6:01 AM
Character Name: Silver
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birth Date: June 25, 1996

Apperance: Silver is intimidating. It's the first thing that everybody sees first in him. It's a strange thing to think when first looking at. Being fairly average height, Silver is quite scrawny and skinny. He wears quite fairly professional clothes, a black and dark maroon jacket with matching pants and black boots. Everybody would think that he is just some proffesional rich kid until they look at his face. Everytime Silver walks past someone, his serious golden eyes pierce into their very soul. Never smiling and his eyes almost a lifeless gold, people change their thoughts on what kind of person he is. Long red hair covers half of his face and goes down to his shoulders. Silver constantly flips it out of his face with his hand to look a little more intimidating.

Personality: Silver is a very cold person to try to interact with. He is very cold and mean and puts power where love and support should be. People he meets discovers this side of him almost immediately, so he almost always ignored or challenged to some sort of fight. He hungers for power and will destroy any obstacle in his way, even if it means his comrades to get it. His main skill is being a thief and that is how he obtains most of his items and possesions is by stealing them from trainers, professors, or his foes. Even with this personality, he has one major hate. He hates evil and wants to put a stop to it on his own to prove himself.

History: Silver has had a difficult life, making him end up with a difficult personality. When he was only an infant, his parents abandoned him and he had to live in an orphanage home where he had to struggle with bullies and kids picking on him about his hair or trying to steal his stuff.
About one year later, though, Silver was adopted by a beautiful lady who he thought he would have the perfect life with being her son. That was until he met the man she lived with. He tried to act polite and friendly in front of his wife, but behind her back, he tormented his new stepson. Then one day, Silver got more tragic news. He was stuck living with only his stepfather. His mother had suddenly gotten ill and died not long after. To Silver it was worse than living in the orphanage. His stepfather continued to torment him by hitting him out of nowhere or talking bad about him all the time. Soon, Silver gained the ability to fight his stepfather back until one day, he stormed out of the house with no intention of ever going back.
Yes, going away was probably the right thing, but Siilver knew one thing. His "father" was going to think of him as a loser anywhere he went. He needed to prove himself somehow. So, after stealing some money from both his stepfather and a few other places, he jumped on a boat and headed towards Hoenn to start a new life.

One thing still bugs Silver though. Who were his real parents? He still wonders everyday and wishes he could find out one day to give them both a piece of his mind.

Starter: Beldum (no gender)

RP Sample: (From Old Lace's old rp)
Larvitar! The guy had his hands on Gold’s pokemon. He had also called it Pupitar. Was that really Mystery’s name? Gold didn’t care at the moment and only wished that he wasn’t tied so he strangle that guy and take back what was rightfully his. But he played cool. The longer this guy didn’t know that he was the trainer of Pupitar, the more surprised he would be when Gold snagged him back…somehow.

“The catch was the hardest yet, but I managed to do it. The kid I went against was powerful, but I took him out easily with my Venasaur’s hyper beam. I don’t think I’ll be hearing from him anymore.”

Gold heard the words and shook with anger. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This was the man that took him out in the middle of the route with the cold attack. Gold couldn’t control himself anymore.

“You were the one that attacked me in cold-blood! Give me back my pokemon, now!” Gold shouted in rage.

The man laughed high and coldly. The laugh just made Gold realize how scared he really was and turned him into a little frightened kid once more. His rage had pushed him over the limit but it had dimmed just enough to make him afraid. “Well, well, what a treat we have here. I caught the Pupitar trainer! This capture keeps getting better every second!”

Gold didn’t say anything. There wasn’t much more to say since he was tied to a chair. His mouth would only get him into more trouble than he already was. The only thing that was going to say him was his actions…if he could do any.

“Your specialness is going to get you the special treatment. Now-“

The door along the wall that Gold was leaned up against slammed open and a trainer bolted in with some pokemon pouring in the doors. He was wearing the uniform that Gold was wearing and had a gray mustache visible on his aging face.

“Zaron!” Gold shouted.

“Found you!” Zaron shouted at Gold. He quickly pointed in the air to order a Charmeleon standing next to him. “Slice through those ropes!” he ordered. The Charmeleon leaped forward and sliced through the ropes with its sharp claws causing them to just fall off Gold in little shavings. Gold quickly stood up and stumbled as he faced the mystery leader.

“You’ve pushed it over the edge now,” he growled. He pulled out a pokeball and held it up. “You will soon see the reason why you shouldn’t be on their side.” He threw the pokeball and a large pokemon appeared in front of him; Venusaur.

Oh, no, Gold thought. He reached around his belt and didn’t find any of his pokeballs. He had only just remembered that all his pokemon were gone with him having no idea where they could be.

“Gold!” Zaron shouted. Gold looked over to the side and had to react quickly as a pokeball was being beamed at him. He caught the ball and brought it over to the side to where he stretched out his whole right arm with the pokeball clutched in his hand.

“What pokemon is this?!” Gold shouted as he held the pokeball.

“It’s one of your pokemon! Just throw the ball so we can get out of here!” Zaron shouted.

Gold quickly nodded and looked at the Venusaur and its hooded trainer. He gulped, thinking about the last time this pokemon had attacked him. It wasn’t normal, mostly thanking the leader of the Collector’s for that. His Ivysaur was the complete opposite of this thing, and so were the rest of his pokemon. He had to show that now.

“Go, whoever!” Gold shouted. He threw the pokeball and a pokemon came out of the flashing red lights. From behind, Gold saw the bushy red and tan fur and the pokemon’s soft face and bushy tail. It was Flareon.

“This thing is a joke,” growled the leader behind his hood. “It is time I annihilate you once and for all and take back all the pokemon that are rightfully mine. Venasaur, use Hyper Beam!!”

The cold streak of fear hit Gold as he heard the words leave the man’s mouth. He felt completely frozen for a second before he realized that he had to do something before this attack destroyed him for good.

“Gold, move!!” Zaron shouted. Gold didn’t look at him, but instead took Zaron’s words and leapt to the side in a huge dive. Flareon leaped out of the way as well and rolled over a little. The golden beam shot across the room and went completely through the wall as if it was paper. Gold was on the ground at the side, covering his head and hoping the attack would end.

“Ha ha ha, just goes to show what you really are, a coward,” the man laughed.

Gold slammed his fist on the ground out of frustration and stood up. “Cheap moves don’t get you anywhere. Flareon, use quick attack on Venasaur!!”

Flareon sprinted forward and worked hard to collide into Venusaur as hard as she could, but as the fire pokemon made contact, she bounced off as if she were made of rubber and Venusaur stood as if nothing had ever happened.

“Those moves cannot hurt my pokemon! Venusaur, use Hyper Beam again!!” shouted the man in a proud, raging voice. Once again, fear hit Gold, a fear that he never felt before. It was a fear of wondering whether he was going to make it out okay, or lie crumpled in the room like he did last time, maybe worse this time.

Gold leapt out of the way again as the attack hit. It once again blew another hole in the wall and Gold just sat their, trying not to look at the attack as it passed by. He felt like what the man said, a coward, but how could he possibly face that attack?

Still on the ground, Gold pointed his finger in the air. “Flareon, use tackle attack again, just make it double the power this time!!” Gold sounded intense. He needed to make it out of this alive.

Flareon ran forward and slammed into Venusaur again, only to get bounced back once more. Gold cursed his luck and wondered how he was going to make it out as he pounded his fist on the ground.

“Now I have you,” the man mumbled under his breath. “Venasaur, use one more hyper beam and aim it straight for the boy.”

Gold watched in paralyzed fear as he watched Venusaur slowly prepare for the attack right before his eyes. It steadied itself and then boom, the attack came. Gold couldn’t move at all partly from the fear and partly because he was on the ground and didn’t have enough time to move. He knew this was it and prepared to get hit. He snapped his eyes shut, with the anticipation killing him.

But the attack never hit. Instead of Gold hearing the attack hit him, he heard a new noise like something was hitting up against it, like a different power source deflecting the hyper beam.

“Gold!” Gold heard Zaron shout.

Gold opened his eyes, turned around, and looked to see a furious blast of red and orange flames that was hitting up against the golden yellow attack. Flareon was right in front of Gold, standing strong on all fours and keeping up the attack as best as she could. She had leaped in front of Gold and was protecting him with an attack she had never used before.

“Keep going, Flareon!” Gold shouted.

“Don’t let this pest beat you!! Destroy them now!” the man shouted. Venusaur slammed one of its feet hard on the ground. Gold suddenly felt extremely uneasy about what Venusaur was going to do next and could only think, Please……come through this, Flareon.

Flareon pushed back her own body like a spring and suddenly punched herself forward, increasing her fire power. The fire blasted and went right through Venusaur and even the man. It was so powerful that it blasted both of them right out of the building, through a giant hole that the fire had made. Flareon collapsed on the ground, exhausted.

Gold ran past Flareon, patting her for a split second before running to the giant hole on the wall. The sides were charred and looked like it was going to fall apart any second.

Did he…, Gold thought. He looked down to where the man had fallen. Gold saw only what he needed to see. The man’s Venusaur was gone and replaced by a giant bird that the man was flying away on. He had survived the fall… But why had he run away from the battle? Gold didn’t really care at the moment why he had taken off because all that meant was that he had survived as well. He let out a breath of relief.


January 19th, 2009, 6:13 AM
May I please reserve Feebas? An even BIGGER challenge(just kidding)

January 19th, 2009, 6:16 AM
Can I reserve Vulpix please?

January 19th, 2009, 7:00 AM
Name: May Hikaru

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Personality: May is one of those tough tom boy type of people. May is very stuborn with a bad temper. She would rather make friends with Pokemon then with people. May doesn't get along very good with others, either. She has that tough girl additude. She is always getting into fights as well. May is kinda mean, but under all that meaness is a kind girl. May, may seem mean but once you get to know her, you find out that she's not as bad as you thought she was. May kinda enjoys being a tomboy. She loves, playing fighting type video games a lot as well. Her favorite video games are those Mortal Combat games.

Appearence: http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/60/Pokemon_Trainer_May_Emerald.png
Is it ok to use a picture instead. I know what your thinking but this isn't an IC character. She is not May from the show. I am baseing her on the May from the video games, not the show or the manga.


May was born in Hoenn. She grew up without any friends. May figured she didn't need them anyway. Friends are always just a weast of time, is what she thought. Maybe always went down to Professor Birch's lab, and played with the Pokemon. The Pokemon are her only friends. May's never liked other humans, expect for her parents and the Professor. They are the only other humans that May gets along with.

May never played with the other kids. Only Pokemon. She was always getting into fights as well, even when she started the fight. Sometimes she'd steal toys from the other kids, in Littleroot Town, then she beat them up. May would even beat up on kids that are smaller then her. That's what she loved the most. For years May enjoyed being a bully, then when she was 12, her mother and father had, had enough of her and decided to send her on a Pokemon training journey in the hopes that, that would strighten her out.

May didn't want to go on this journey. She was happy, just the way she is. But of course she had no choice in the matter, so the next day, May was sent over to Professor Birches lab, and got her first Pokemon which was a Mudkip. She got a Pokedex and 5 PokeBalls and then started out on this journey that she didn't even want to take. Will this journey change May? Only time will tell.

RP Sample(From the RP 'A New Professor In Town'):

Later on her and Sean went to the gym. There Kairi found Togepi,"Togepi!" Kairi cried. Togepi ran to Kairi. She picked her up and hugged her. Pikachu was happy as well. Lt. Sturge came out,"So, that's your Togepi huh. Are you here to challenge this gym?" He asked her.

"No. I'm not. Sora is though. I'm just a Coordinator," Kairi replied.

He noticed her Pikachu,"Glad your not then. Your little Pikachu there wouldn't stand a chance against my Raichu here," Sturge laughed.

Raichu walked up and laughed at Pikachu,"It's a Raichu!" Kairi said pulling out her Pokedex and pointing it at Raichu,"Raichu, a mouse Pokemon of the electric type. Raichu is the evolved form of Pikachu. It can shock with over 1000 volts rendering a Dragonite unconious." Said the Pokedex.

Sturge started making fun of Pikachu talking about it being a toy,"Pikachu's not a toy!" Kairi screamed,"That's it! Were challenging you and your Raichu! And were going to win! Right Pikachu!"

"Pika!" Pikachu said showing a few sparks flying from his cheecks.

"Oh well! Guess you'll learn that playing with the big boys can be a shocking EXP," said Lt. Sturge as he led Kairi and Sean to the battle arena,"Sean. We'll have our fight next, after I wip up this girl and her little Pikachu toy."

"I already told you! Pikachu's not a toy! By the way how soon did you evolve Raichu anyway?" Kairi asked.

"Not that it's any of your business but I evolved it as soon as I got it," he told,"See electric Pokemon are only useful once they learn all there electric attacks."

"You'll be sorry you evolved Raichu so quicky then," Kairi told him.

"Why?" Lt. Stuge asked.

"You'll see," Kairi said as the battle begin,"Go Pikachu!"

"Pika!" Pikachu said.

"Go Raichu!" Sturge repiled.

"Rai!" Raichu said, as he came up and hit Pikachu with his tail.

"Raichu! Body Slam!" Lt. Sturge called.

"Raichu!" Raichu slamed onto Pikachu.

"Now! Show them a Thundershock!" He told it.

"I don't think so. Now I'll show you why you shouldn't have evolved Raichu so quicky! Pikachu use Quick Attack to get out of the way!" Kairi order.

"Chu!" Pikachu said jumping out of the way as Raichu's attack missed.

"Raichu! Use your Body Slam!" Lt. Stuge said, panicking.

Raichu tried but kept on missing as Pikachu kept on jumping out of the way.

"See, Raichu's only useful after it learns all it's speed attacks as a Pikachu!" Kairi said pointing making fun of Lt. Sturge and Raichu.

Sturge got mad,"I'll show you! Raichu Thunder attack!"

"Oh no! Pikachu look out!" Kairi screamed.

It was too late, Raichu released Thunder. The hold field was covered in smoke,"It's over. Your little toy is history," Lt. Sturge said, sure he had won.

But when the smoke cleared there was Pikachu unharmed. It had grabbed onto Raichu cause it to use Thunder on itself, making it look pretty weak right about now.

"Raichu! Shake that Pikachu off you!" Lt. Sturge called.

Raichu tried but was too tried to even move much.

"Pikachu! Swift!" Kairi called. Pikachu released Swift into Raichu's body.

"Rai!" Raichu screamed in pain.

"Now! Thundershock it!" Kairi called.

Pikachu released Raichu then sent Thundershock though his tail and hit Raichu with it as he said,"Pikachu!"

It was over, Raichu was knocked out,"Now it's over!" Kairi said.

Pikachu jumped back down saying,"Chu!"

Lt. Sturge was shocked. He called Raichu back inside his ball, and walked over to Kairi to hand her a Thunder Badge,"No thanks Lt. Sturge. I'm a Coordinator not a Trainer. I don't need a badge," Kairi told him.

"Well, good luck on the rest of your journey then Kairi. I'm sorry I called your Pikachu a toy. It's very strong. It will make a find Raichu one day," he told her as he shook her hand,"Here why don't you evolve it?" He handed her a Thunder Stone.

"Thanks. I'll use it later, after Pikachu's had more training first," Kairi said as she took the Thunder Stone.

"That's right. You don't want to evolve it too quicky like what I did with mine. Choose the right time, carefully," Lt. Surge told her, and turning to Sean he said,"Oh by the way Sean. Sorry my Raichu's to weaken right now. Could we wait until tomorrow to have our gym battle?"

Starter Pokemon: Mudkip
As she is just starting out it is at level 5, and her Mudkip's female.

January 19th, 2009, 7:35 AM
Name: May

Starter Pokemon: Mudkip
As she is just starting out it is at level 5, and her Mudkip's female.

I'm not sure if we're allowed to reserve but if we can, I think I reserved water.....I'm not sure though....

January 19th, 2009, 7:39 AM
you asked for Feebas, I asked for Mudkip......Oh! Only one person per type, guess I'll have to just wait and see what Pika says, but I'd really like a water type, as Mudkip's the only Pokemon up there that, really suits my oc, unless Pika lets me do a wild card, then I could keep the Mudkip, maybe

January 19th, 2009, 8:03 AM
Dark_Link12: Good SU! Accepted!!

King900000: Ok! You are Reserved with Feebas!

AndrewTemari101: Yep! You are Reserved with Vulpix!

Konekodemon: Pending! You need to add just like a sentence or two more to your personality, and no. I'm sorry but you have to choose another Pokemon. King asked to reserve Feebas and only one person per type. I have a bunch of people who are able to come in and I just don't think I could have all those people and a wild card...So I'm sorry but you'll have to choose another pokemon. :/

Plenty of slots are still open!! When we have 5 people who are accepted the RP will start!!

January 19th, 2009, 8:54 AM
I want Pichu instead, K did a great job with her SU she deserves the Water spot. I just spent an hour making my SU and thebn it got deleted so I'm going to re type it this after noon. You rock Konekodemon!

The Kricket
January 19th, 2009, 9:17 AM
Could I reserve Gible? Thanks.

January 19th, 2009, 9:45 AM
there, I editted my personality, and added few more sentences, now can I be in the rp, since King decided to go for Pichu instead

January 19th, 2009, 9:49 AM
Name: Trent Wilson

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Trent will do anything to get into a competition and win (aside from cheating). He will train his body until he can no longer last. The same went toward pokemon battling in the poke' accademy. He often trained the pokemon far too hard, almost to the point of physical exhaustion. More often than not he lost because of that and had the pokemon taken away, much to their relief. Because of this he can be easily angered if he finds a partner who is unwilling to take themselves to the limit.

Appearence: Trent has bright blue hair that seems to run in the family, much to his embarrassment. Thanksfully, he's seen people with far weirder looks. He usually wears simple blue jeans, a gray shirt and a jacket. When it gets cold, he'll trade for a sweater. When invited to formal occassions, he'll try to look nice, but will try to stay away from such things since he absolutely loathes snooty people.

History: Trent grew up in a simple home in the land of Hoenn. He didn't live in a known city, just one of those little towns you pass on your way and forget about. He has a mom and dad, neither of which are interested in pokemon. Despite living in a small town, they have a huge amount of contacts throughout the region with contacts that makes them a fairly wealthy family. Despite this, Trent never felt any pull towards money or business, and simply wishes to travel the region and, like all the rest, become the best.

It started with his family's guard dog, Arcanine, that gave him his love of pokemon. A thief had broke into their home one night when they were away and thus that's how they got Arcanine. Trent fell in love with the massive dog, much to his parents' grief. They wish he would take over their contacts and get control over businesses, much like them. They only allow him to go on this journey because they are sure he will get over it after a while and come back to them. Trent hopes to prove them wrong.

Starter: Sableye (Male, Naughty)

“Turtwig, use razor leaf!” Ash Ketchum’s excited voice yelled, eyes dancing wildly with excitement. His face was lit up with a large grin as he battled in the middle of a large meadow with his two friends, Brock and Dawn, backing him up.

“Turt!” the grass type yelled with enthusiasm, releasing a barricade of sharp leaves from its head.

“Fur fur!” the opposing pokemon, a Furret, snarled.

“Dodge it!” its trainer, a young boy who looked only thirteen, yelled. “Good job,” the boy congratulated as the speedy pokemon easily dodged the leaves.

“Wow, that’s one fast pokemon,” Ash said sincerely. His large grin became a feral grin. “But we can still beat it. Turtwig, tackle!”

The grass type ran at Furret, eyes blazing almost as fiercely as its trainer.

“Use quick attack!” the boy quickly ordered. “Beat it with your speed.”
Ash’s eyes narrowed. “Defense curl,” he ordered smoothly.

With a grin, Turtwig quickly sucked itself into its small shell, still managing to fly through the air. The Furret managed to hit it dead on, but with the hard shell protecting Turtwig, there was no damage. As Furret bounced lightly off, Turtwig exposed itself, still extremely close to the pokemon.

“There!” Ash shouted. “Bite it now!”

“Turtwig,” Turtwig growled, clamping down on Furrets neck as tight as it could.

Furret screamed in pain as it ran around in circles trying to buck the pokemon off. Its trainer was shouting at it to knock Turtwig off without much effect.

“Keep holding on,” Ash urged, slightly muscled arms tense as he focused on the battle.

Turtwig did manage to hold on for a while, but one particularly hard fling sent it flying in the air. Furret’s trainer roared in approval, ignoring how weak and battered his pokemon now appeared.

“Razor leaf,” Ash said calmly, watching Turtwig right itself up in the air and unleash a barrage of sharp leaves.

“Swift!” the boy commanded.



The barrage of leaves and stars collided with an explosion, sending the two pokemon flying. Turtwig managed to land perfectly, not in the least bit damaged, while Furret landed roughly with a few bounces. It weakly tried to get to its feet.

“Finish it with tackle!” Ash shouted, already seeing victory.

“Turtwig!” the grass type yelled gleefully, knocking its opponent head on, Turtwig landed gracefully, body tense as it watched for any movement from the Furret. There was none.

“The winner is Ash!” Brock exclaimed, pointing a finger Ash’s way.

“Yea!” Ash cheered, running at Turtwig, arms spread.

“Turwig!” The small pokemon ran at Ash and jumped into his arms, earning a round of laughter from the teen as Ash swung him around cheerfully.

“You were amazing, Turtwig,” Ash congragulated.

“Wig,” Turtwig mumbled, a pleased blush on its face.
Ash turned to the boy and shook his hand. “You were good,” he said with a grin. “Your Furret has amazing skills. Have you had it long?”

“You’re a great battler as well,” the boy said, shaking Ash’s hand. “I haven’t had Furret that long, and I can already tell we have a lot more work.”

“Well, its speed is already good, why don’t you focus more on its defense before working on its power? If you use its speed and defense as a combo, you could always tire out an opposing pokemon before making the final low.”

The boys face brightened. “That sounds perfect. Thanks!”

Ash laughed. “No problem. I guess I’ll be seeing you.”

The boy nodded and waved. “See you.”

:chu: :)

January 19th, 2009, 10:02 AM
Name: Mike Stand :chu:
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Mike is generally a nice guy though he tends to overreact to the little things. Most people see him as that weird loud guy but when you look closer you see he is a very cotemplative young man. He is able to see things beyond the obvious and look at the subtle. Mike is able to see both sides of an argument even if he has his own opinon. That said Mike does have faults. He is known to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and automaticly make assuptions about people based on a first appearence. He can be distant when he wants to be making people think he is a cold person.

Appearence: Mike has dark black hair that is spiked in everyway shape and form. He wears a dark purple t-shirt with a red and black striped long sleeved shirt underneath. He has black pants with a silver chain attached to them along with red shoes.

History: Mike's family has mostly lived in the Kanto Region where they saw the rise and fall of the former Kanto League Chapion, Bobby Baker. Mike has always looked up to Bobby as a hero of heros being that Bobby is from Pallet Town just like Mike. However Bobby soon fell from the grace of power when the trainer Andrew Wray defeated Bobby and took the title of Champion.

Soon Mike's family moved to the Johto Region where Mike's mother fell deathly ill and soon passed on. This crushed Mike to the point where he ran away from his grief and his home. He soon fell into a fast current river where he nearly drowned. Afterwards his father was offered a job at the Hoenn Lab of Prof Birch to study Pokemon. It has only been 6 months since the move so Mike is still adjusting to the move.

RP Sample: (This is from rii-chii's Rainbow Dreams RP)
Chapter 2:Natsuko VS Bobby!
"Skitty use Tackle!" Natsuko cried.

"Sunkern use Ingrain!" Bobby ordered. The Seed Pokemon quickly grew roots into the ground absorbing energy in the process.

"Meow!" (OOC: what does a Skitty sound like?) cried Skitty. She threw the entire weight of her body against Sunkern sending the grass pokemon flying....And then Sunkern came flying back and knocked Skitty the other way!

"Awsome! My plan worked!" Bobby cried. What happend was that since Sunkern had used Ingrain, the roots had forced Sunkern to stay in one place. Sunkern extended the roots as far as she allowed and when she was as far as she could go she came swinging back much like a sling shot.

"Grr...that was a dirty trick!" Natsuko whined.

"That wasn't a trick that was just strategy!" Bobby smirked.

"I'll show you strategy! Skitty use Grass Knot!" Natsuko commanded. The kitten Pokemon put her tail to the ground and summoned root like things around Sunkern cutting the Ingrain. "Hows that!" the young Gym Leader gloated.

"Not bad, not bad." Bobby said. "But can you handle Mega Drain?" As if on cue Sunkern began draining the life out of Skitty.

"Stop that!" Natsuko cried, but it was too late. Sunkern had drained all the life out of Skitty.

"Skitty is unable to battle! Round One goes to Sunkern!" the referee anounced.

"Allright! Good job Sunkern!" Bobby said hapilly. "You deserve a break. Return!

"Sun Sun!" the Seed Pokemon said as she returned to her Pokeball.

"See how you'll handle this one! Go Budew!" Natsuko cried sending out her second pokemon. Bobby pulled his Pokedex to get a read on this grass Pokemon.

"Budew, the Bud Pokemon. Over the winter, it closes its bud and endures the cold. In spring, the bud opens and releases pollen."

"Hmm this will be tricky but lets go Squirtle!" Bobby yelled as he sent his partner into battle. "Squirtle use Bubble!"

"Haha do you honestly expect that pitifull water attack can hurt us? Budew use Stun Spore to pop all those bubbles!" Budew unleashed a flury of thick spores which popped Squirtle's attack away.

"Now use Grass Knot to keep that turtle in place!" Natsuko commanded.

"Squirtle!" the Tiny Turtle Pokemon cried as he became frozen in place by the grass roots.

"Now Budew use Absorb!"

"Budeeeeeew!" the Bud Pokemon cried as she began to suck all the energy from Squirtle.

"Squirtle! Use Withdraw!" Bobby yelled! Squirtle went into his shell releasing himself from the Grass Knot torcher. "Now use turn around and use Bubble!"

A bunch of bubble's came flying out of Squirtle's shell propelling himself foward with speed. "Quick stop them Budew! Stun Spore!" Natsuko cried.

"Dodge it Squirtle!" Squirtle moved out of the way of the onlaught of spore's and continued its charged down the field. "Now use Tackle!" Bobby ordered.

Squirtle popped out of his shell and knocked Budew to the ground. "Now use Tail Whip!" Squirtle slammed its tail in a whipping fashing knocking Budew out.

"Grr lets see how you'll handle Roselia!" Natsuko cried sending out a Pokemon that looked like a flower.

"Roselia, the Thorn Pokemon. ROSELIA raised on clean drinking water are known to grow vividly colored flowers." Bobby's Pokedex said.

"Hmm that one looks tough..." Bobby muttered. "Squirtle Return! Go Beedrill!" Bobby called back the Tiny Turtle Pokemon and sent out the Poison Bee Pokemon.

"Bzz Bzz!" Beedrill cried as it came out of its Pokeball. It was pumped for battle as it had only recently evolved into its final form.

"Looks like we're both at a disadvantage here." Natsuko said. "You still won't win though! Roselia use Poison Sting!"

"Roselia!" the Thorn Pokemon cried as it began to shoot purple thorns at Beedrill.

"Beedrill use Harden!" Bobby cried. Beedrill's body became as hard as stone and the Poison Sting harmlessly bounced off.

"Arg! Roselia use Mega Drain!" Natsuko cried frustrated.

"Beedrill dodge it and counter with Fury Attack!"

"Bzz Bzz!" Beedrill cried as he charged in and began to stab furiously at Roselia.

"Rose! Rose!" Roselia cried out in pain.

"Now Beedrill finish it off with Poison Sting!" Bobby ordered. Beedrill's right stinger glowed purple and with an upper cut stung Roselia.

"Roselia is unable to Battle! The match goes to the Challenger Bobby Baker!" the ref announced.

"Allright! My first Badge!" Bobby cried happily.

"Sniff...theres no way i'm giving you this badge!" Natsuko cried as she ran out of the gym.

"Hey!" Bobby cried as he ran after her.

Starter Pokemon: Murkrow, Female, Adament

January 19th, 2009, 10:51 AM
Name: Shaun Kin

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Birth Date: December 29th, 1993

Personality: Shaun is a really nice person once you get to know him. His angry eyes of hatred might decieve but his heart is pure. When in battles, his adrenaline pumps up and he gets serious. After you become this stubborn boy's friend, you see the hatred and anger leave his eyes and what you he leaves behind is kindness and caring. He wishes to stop evil because of an important reason.

History: Shaun's life has always been a misfortune and he wonders why. When Shaun was born, his parents divorced and lived his life half and half with each parent. One day when Shaun was with his father, these two villians jumped him and his dad as they were going home. They immedatly knocked Shaun out. When he awoke, he saw his father lying there on the hard, rough sidewalk and checked his pulse... there was nothing. He saw no blood but saw strangulation marks on his dad's neck. Shaun was in panic, he took his dad's cell phone and called 911 then his mother. He started to cry and screamed and screamed up to the sky, asking why his father had died. The next morning, the police came with an ambulance as did his mother. Shaun was still awake. The nurses and doctors covered the father's body with a white cloak but Shaun wouldn't let go. His mother pulled him off and drove him to her house. Shaun was in the back seat and pressed his faced against the back window to try and find the ambulance but no luck. 5 years later, when Shaun was 13, his mother caught a very serious disease that didn't have a cure. The doctor said she only had 3 days to live. 3 days later, he went to go check on her. He saw that she wasn't moving. He checked her pulse... there was nothing. He felt his heart drop the same way it had felt before and called 911 again. After they took her away, the nurses and doctors remembered Shaun and took him to an orphanage.

The bullies had beaten him up every day. 2 years later, they let him out of the orphanage and let him live by his own rules because he was legaly able to live by himself. He went to his mom's house (which is now his house) and saw how much it had changed. 4 months later, it was his birthday and the same day Professor Birch had said it was the day he was giving out Pokemon. His alarm went off at the right time but he couldn't find his clothes. After he found them, he ran to Professor Birch's lab. He told Shaun that he only had a Vulpix left and said he could keep for free because it was his birthday. He seeked revenge on the villians.

http://tbn3.google.com/images?q=tbn:p3hT3AejYlqQXM:http://animereviewed.info/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/anime-bleach-wallpaper-13.jpg (http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://animereviewed.info/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/anime-bleach-wallpaper-13.jpg&imgrefurl=http://bleachfinder.blogspot.com/2007_05_01_archive.html&usg=__0VZx4N5aAdvPPPqu8PVDN1qC4CU=&h=960&w=1280&sz=209&hl=en&start=4&sig2=Q-RR3dSleagkzhK31ExnJA&um=1&tbnid=p3hT3AejYlqQXM:&tbnh=113&tbnw=150&ei=Osh0Sb3EB9G9kAWckOD3Cg&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dbleach%2Bwallpaper%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DX)
Without sword, hair color different (which is dirty blonde), and different color eyes (which is blue).


Starter: Vulpix

Nature: Brave

Gender: Female

January 19th, 2009, 12:09 PM

King: K...Picu is reserved for you.

Konekodemon: Ok! You're in with Mudkip!!

Wolfwhispers: You're in with Sabeleye!!

Old Lace: Pending! Just read the rules...You'll see what you missed:)

AndrewTemari101:(whew that's gonna be a mouthful with rating your posts!) You're in with VUlpix!

Everyone: Chapter 1 should be up sometime today!

January 19th, 2009, 12:26 PM
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January 19th, 2009, 1:52 PM
Can I reserve ralts please? <3 I'll have my sign-up soon.

January 19th, 2009, 2:15 PM
Old Lace: Ha! It hapens to everyone its fine. Accepted with Murkrow!!

GhostPrincess: Ok! Ralts is reserved for you:)

Ok for everyone who is accepted here is chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Littleroot Town:
(1 post)

Description: A wonderful, little town with many cheerful and happy residents. Many people love to come here with the view of the new ocean to the north.

History: A little town who remained the same after the big environmental change. It is still the main place for people to begin their journeys on.

What you do: You explain waking up and doing your normal day on your way to the lab. You get there and someone(not Professor Birch) hands you your Pokemon, Pokedex, and Pokeballs.

He explains how to work the Pokedex and POkeballs and then he mutters something to himself about his father. Someone asks what was wrong and he explains that his father is Professor Birch. He also tells you that midnight, last night, somebody broke in and kidnapped Professor Birch. Then you have decided that you will go on your journey, and you will also save Professor Birch.

What to do in a town/city:
No battling/capturing Pokemon except on rare occasions like maybe I will have a battle thing or a gym or a contest.(only those if I have them in the chapter though!!)
No meeting other RPers.
Buy items from the local Pokemart or maybe just find them.
If there is a Pokemon Center heal there and maybe even get a room and stay for the night.

Have fun!!

January 19th, 2009, 2:56 PM
Name: Jazmine Torzela

Personality: Jazmine is a "forward-moving" person. She enjoys trying new things and exploring new places. She HATES cheating and will punish those who DO cheat. She is very afraid of heights and on the downside, Jazmine can be a little (Or a lot) impatient. She is caring to those she is close with, but when it comes to evil-doers, Jazmine will put her foot down. Jazmine is a encouragig friend. She isn't very strong, but she can run fast.She enjoys watching battles, as well as being in them, but her main goal is becoming the top coordinator.

Appearance: Jazmine has dark brown hair that goes down to about her shoulders. Her head is a circle shape and she has deep blue eyes. Her lips are a pink-red color and her skin is a tanned color. She stands 5'5 and weighs 108 pounds. She wears a pink and brown hoodie and dark blue jeans that cover her black and white, worn-out, tennis shoes. She has a black and white backpack with a single gold and silver pokeball on it that she wears EVERYWHERE.

History: When Jazmine was young, she lived in the Kanto region, a great place for her parents, Jamie and Jeff, because they were researchers. One day, about a week before Jazmine was to leave on her journey, her parents had to leave on a research trip, promising they'd be back in a week so that Jazmine could start her journey.

Jazmine was sent to live with her grandparents in Hoenn, for a week. After a week, Jazmine's parents didn't return. Jazmine waited for another month and her parents still never returned. Jazmine waited and and waited, but her parents never came. Each day, her grandma told her to keep her head up and her parents would be back. Now, three and a half years later, Jazmine is about to take the journey of her life, befriending Pokemon and exploring new places. But somewhere in the world, darkness awaits......

I'll have the rest up in a little bit, gotta go!

January 19th, 2009, 3:17 PM
King900000: Ok... Have it up soon though.


The Kricket: Oops...I foregot to reply to your post. Sure, you are reserved with Gible:)

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Argh, I feel like I must join. It looks cool. Can I reserve Swinub?

January 19th, 2009, 4:56 PM
Frozensnowman: Yep! You are reserved with Swinub...

January 19th, 2009, 5:20 PM
Name: Konata Ishiyami:furretlock:

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Konata has a trouble maker personality, most of the time she is playing pranks on people, or pondering on the most random things, like how do some people eat food or why does a person dress that way. Konata's personality can varry from time to time, although most of the time she is very playful and a trouble maker, when she is in a foul mood all hell can freeze over, thankfully most of the time she isn't like that. She often refers to herself in third person, and thinks if she was a witch she would always make storms up for fun. She also has a very superb imagination, she can take the most tense of situation and turn it into a a humorous situation within her own thoughts. Despite these lovely quirks in her personality, she has been known to be cold cruel and manipulative to get her way, they say when she took an IQ test that she had a genius IQ, thus she is able to calculate plans in the blink of an eye and most of the time they are related to pranks, however sometimes the plans are desgned to help a pokemon, she would never help another person, that is another quirk of her personality, she would never help another human, for some odd reason she doesn't trust her own kind, it is unknown why she does this, not evn she knows. However, quirks or no quirks, Konata is a overl cheerful troublemaker.

From her golden hair to her amber red eyes, Konata gives off the sweat girl vibe. Which she uses to her advantage to pull pranks on people, she overall however isn't very worried with her looks. She keeps her golden hair down, and never wheres make-up, having a strong fondness for the color red she wheres a red shirt that has a black pokeball on it, the sleeves are dark grey with small black stripes. The shirt extends down almost nearly covering her black shorts. She wheres a brown belt that carries her backpack and pokeballs. hey have two pieces of string extending down that end with two cotten like puffballs. She wheres black kneesocks, and then red boots that are slightly shorter then the kneesocks, the red boots are folded down at the top and have a redline running down the middle extending to the base of her boots.

History: Konata had a very reguler childhood, there was no trauma, life altering event in her life. Konata's father was an avid snake fan who often kept many varieties of snakes, to her mothers dismay who hated snakes and wnated nothing to do with them. Konata merely smiled at each argument that they had over such a trivial matter. Konata was sent to a private school when she was five and quickly showed signs of genius when she was able to skip the 5th grade and go straight to 6th grade. Konata was very content with her life and never had any displeasure, despite the fact that she was fostering a hatred for humans deep inside of her, why she had this she had no idea, and when she told her parents they merely sighed and told her she was an adopted child. The police raided a lab and found here there when she was a year old and placed her in adoption for obvious reasons, no one knew who Konata was, although with her cute dispoition she was almsot immiedietly adopted, and given the name Konata. Konata merely smiled at her parents, she wasn't mad for keeping the truth frm her I mean they were only trying to protect her. However, he hatred for humans continued to grow she hid it by playing pranks on people, buy the age of seven she was known as the 'master of traps' since she knew how to place traps and no one ever knew where she was. By the time of eight she was known as a class clown and was getting into trouble and had already been suspended several times, by the age of nine she was expelled because she racked up to many suspensions, her parents disappointed her uprooted her too Littleroot town for a fresh start, thu the 'trap master' started a new school which she did excpetionally well on her tests but she wasn't motivated to do the work, so once again she was up to her old tricks and was expelled. Then she was homeschooled, but her parents noticed she took no interest in the academics, so at age 15 after several years of homeschooling sent her to Proffesser Birchs lab to get her first pokemon, she looked at the numerous pokemon but the one that caught interest the most was a ralts who was playing tricks on other pokemon. She instantly took a liking to that Ralts, and took it as her first pokemon


Rp Sample(Taken from my authored role-play Goddess of Happiness):
Konan sat in solititude her foul mood was one to be reckoned with at this point, she could feel her very insides squirming about talking to anyone, anything that would break the peace she needed, and of course no one was willing her to give her peace, because just as her foul mood was starting to drain away, she heard a gunshot, and thus Konans foul mood stayed with her. Several anger marks on herforehead, and her fangs ready to bare at anyone at any moment. Her closed eyes were twitching, peace was returned and Konan was back into her calm serene environment.

"Hey, do you have an extra ticket I can borrow before they kick me off?" Andrew mumbled, he was obviously bleeding from the gunshot wound that was given to him, Konan merely sighed, and gave him her ticket.

"I swere to Arceus, if they try and kick me off, then I will *censored* through them *censored* overboard." She mumbled giving Andrew her ticket, as she handed him the ticket, the crowd that was following Andrew came and yelled "GET HIM!". This tore it for Konan. She stepped up and the crowd stopped. She merely gave a saracastic smile.

"Stop protecting him, he snuck aboard!" One of the crowd members yelled, Konans sarcastic smile remained as she walked torward the members who had just dissed Andrew.

"Back off, before I throught you overboard, got anything else to say?" Konan cynical smile and glare was enough to freeze over hell, as she grabbed the man by his shirt color and proceded to drag him and hold him over the deck. "Now I suggest all of you BACK off, before you would liek to see this man swimming with the Sharpedo's." Konan continued to hold the man over the railing, everyone stood silent, with looks of utter horror on their faces, it was truly a comedic sight to behold at this point.

"Alright we'll back off, just don't through that man overboard.." The leader of the riot mumbled, but Konan merely smirked and let go, everyone gas[ed in horror.

"Oops." Konan cynically smiled as she returned to her sunbathing seat, now the crowds fury was directed at her now.

"You can't just throw him overboard, thats death for sure!" The man yelled, Konans glare remained unchanged.

"I really don't care about that *censored*s life, neither do I care about yours, now I suggest you leave before YOU GET THROWN OVERBOARD!" Konan yelled as the crowd only glared at her and charged at her trying to instigate a fight, Konan did not show any fear. With swiftness she made quick work of the whoel crowd and pushed them into the pool. "Now back off *censored*s, and next time you bother me your in for a trip to sharpedo reaf got it?" The crowd now soaking wet left as hurridly as they had came.

"One #*%[email protected]#&* day of peace. Just one &*#&$* day!" Konan yelled as she sat back down on the chair and shooed Andrew. "Keep the ticket I highly doubt they'll bother me about it." She then decided she was hungry and proceded torwards the dining hall, and grabbing some gourmet food sat by herself in the corner. She noticed Atton was there as well, but didn't look at him, the last thing she wanted to do was snap at herr friend, so she continued to eat her food, remiscing about the events of last night.

"Is someone a little angry today?" Lunar Rosa mocked her.

"I'm not in the freakin mood today back off." Konan told Rosa, this surprised Rosa to a great degree.

"Chillax shouldn't you be relaxing?" Rosa told her shocked at how playful Konan had just chastized her.Konan realized this, it was a vacation yet she wanted no part in the calm mood, her stomach was in knots since the day begain.

"Atton there you are!" Iris smiled as she ran into the dining hall and Konan prayed Iris woud not notice her, but nope she noticed Konanand Konan swore to herself angerly. "Oh, Konan your on the ship?" Iris vocie seemed a bit dissappointed. Konan sighed.

"Yes of coruse I'm on the ship, thank you for pointing out the obvious." Konan sarcastically said to Iris.

"Oooh..Owned." Rosa mumbled and she was laughing her ass off looking at the sight

"Shut up Rosa." Konan told her.

"Hey don't talk back to me, I have to be here." Rosa mumbled.

"Atton, Konan is being mean to me.." Iris whined clinging to Atton, Konan merely sighed.

"Who said I was nice, maybe I'm outrageously cruel and me being nice is a facade. I'm leaving I don't want to here your overly-annoying voice anymore." Konan sarcasticalyl retorted as she left the dining hel land headed back to the deck

January 19th, 2009, 5:31 PM
: :chu::furretlock::t025: Heres the second half!

RP Sample: Jazmine's eyes flicked open as she awoke. "Another boring day" , she muttered as she scurried around getting ready. "Boring,boring,boring......." She ran down the stairs and opened the fridge,taking out an apple. She closed the fridge and sat at the table. Her Grandmother walked into the room, her hair tied in a bun revealing every wrinkle in her face."Good morning Grandma Mariah" , Jazmine said.

"Whats wrong sweetie?" , her Grandma asked,taking a seat.

"Oh, nothing. Today I'm going out into the forest to observe the Pokemon" , Jazmine said, throwing away the core.

"Okay, honey. Remember to keep your head up."

"Oh, grandmother." , Jazmine thought as she walked out the door. She trudged down the small dirt path winding through the forest. When she reached a clearing, she sat down on the cold ground. Nearby, a small bush rattled." That's strange" , Jazmine whispered as she walked towards the bush. Laying in it was a small, baby Pichu. "Hmmmmmmmm. Well, whats your name?" , Jazmine asked, picking the small Pokemon up.

"PICHU!!!!!" , the Pichu screamed pointing towards the sky.

"Whats the matter?" , Jazmine asked but then she saw. A wild Tailow was flying at them."Ahhhhh! Pichu, show me what you got!"

"PIIIIICHUUUUUUUU!!!!" , the Pichu shouted as it launched a powerful Thundershock at the Tailow. The Tailow shook it off and flew back down towards the two enemys.

'Pichu!" , Jazmine shouted as the pokemon jumped up from her hands.

"Pi? Chu?" the Pokemon tilted his head and a puppy-dog face.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Your just SOOO cute!" Jazmine exclaimed. The Tailow thought so too. It stopped what it was doing and sat on the ground, all eyes on Pichu.

"PICHUUUUUUUU!!" , Pichu screamed as it fired another Thundershock at the Tailow, this time sending the Tailow off into the trees.

"Great job Pichu!" , Jazmine said as she scooped Pichu up.

"Pichu?" , the Pichu asked.

" What? What do you want?" , Jazmine asked. The Pichu snuggled into a ball in Jazmines arms. "Okay" , Jazmine said, finally realizing. "You can come with me home. I'll name you Pyu."

Wanted Pokemon: Pichu; Female; Naive

Hope you like it! P.S. I'm editing my First part of the SU. I was at my friends house when I typed it so I rushed.

Zeta Sukuna
January 19th, 2009, 5:35 PM
Is it okay if you can reserve Sneasel for me?

January 19th, 2009, 5:45 PM
"Aaaaahhhhh!!!!" Shaun yawned.
After about 20 minutes, Shaun had his clothes on and left his house. He sprinted to Professor Birch's lab, excited about what Birch would tell him. Immedatly, after he reached his destination he exclaimed,
"Yes, come in!" said a friendly, non-Professor Birch voice. Shaun came in only to see a 15 year old standing in front of him. "Can I help you?"
"Yes, do you know where Professor Birch is?" Shaun asked nicely.
"Yessss and noooo." the 15 year old boy said.
"What do you mean?" Shaun asked curiously.
"I mean..." said the boy then paused,"...I know someone broke in and kidnapped him at midnight last night but I don't where he is..."
"What!!!!" Shaun yelled angrily. The boy bursted into tears and said,
"He's my father!!!!!" Then, his sorrow turned into anger, "Whoever did this... I'm gonna kill 'em!!!!!"
"OK, just calm down" Shaun said in a relaxed voice, "What is your name?"
"My name is Rex." Rex replied calming down.
"Okay... I'm Shaun Kin." Shaun said.
"Ok, I'm fine now." Rex said calmly.
"Goo-" Shaun almost said but was interrupted.
"So your Shaun Kin. The guy my father had been talking about." Rex said, "He said if he couldn't be here, he wanted me to give you these and this Pokemon." Rex handed Shaun a Pokedex, 5 Pokeballs, and Vulpix. "My dad said you could have it for free becuase it was your birthday and it seemed that Vulpix has fallen to like you already." Rex said. Vulpix was brusing off on Shaun's leg. " Also, do you know how to work that Pokedex?"
"No" Shaun addmited, embarassed.
"It's OK," Rex said, "A lot of new trainers don't know how to work the Pokedex. Anyway, here's how it works and it's really simple. Simply, when your battling a Pokemon that you haven't already faced, hold your Pokedex up and point it at the Pokemon before the battle. The Pokedex will say aloud what information it has about that Pokemon. Try it out on your new Vulpix."
"OK" Shaun said, pointing the Pokedex at Vulpix. The Pokedex said aloud what information it had about Vulpix.
"And now Vulpix is registered in your Pokedex!" Rex said.
"Wow!" Shaun exclaimed, " That was easy!" Shaun thanked Rex and left. "Don't worry Rex, I'll find the people who kidnapped Professor Birch and show them who's boss... I promise!!!" Shaun exclaimed with a smurk on his face and left. Rex smiled and walked to a seat in the lab. Shaun ran to the market, looking at the merchandice. "Man! I wish I could buy this!" Shaun whinned. Vulpix went back to Shaun's leg and rubbed off against it. "Ohhhh! I forgot you were here!" Shaun exclaimed, "I'll call you...ummmm... Flare. Flare! Do you like that name?"
"Vulpix!" Flare said happily, glad that Shaun had bonded with her. He went to go check his pockets for money and found a note it had this written on it,
Dear Shaun Kin,
I hope this comes in handy!!
Professor Birch and Rex
Shaun opened up the small note and saw $5,000. Shaun remained speechless. Finally, the silence had broken with a shout of joy and a happy jump. Shaun bought 5 Potions and 1 Great Ball.
"That will be $1,500 please." said the cashier. Shaun handed her the money and left. He was going to run to his house but saw a sign on the Pokemon Center that said,
Shaun ran inside the Pokemon Center and said to Nurse Joy, " Can I have a room please?"
"Sure!" said Nurse Joy, "Aaawww!!! Look at your Vulpix, it's so cute!!" Flare liked the comment and gave Nurse Joy a warm smile. Shaun went to his room. "Hhhhmmm!!! Let's see..." Shaun said looking at the door numbers, "215, 216, 217, 218. Here it is!" Shaun said. Shaun changed into his PJs and quickly fell asleep. Flare jumped up onto the bed and fell asleep too. "Good night Flare..."

January 20th, 2009, 12:23 AM
It was a bright sunny day that morning in Littleroot Town. But not everyone was up yet. There was one girl, May who was still sleeping. Unlike all the other childen, going to get there first Pokemon, she didn't care to.

But May's parents thought differently. May's mother knocked on her door,"May dear, time to get up and go get your first Pokemon and begin your journey,"I don't want to. Go away!" May groaned thought the door.

"You leave me no choice then," her mother said, as she came in and went up to May. She pulled the mattress up, making her daughter fall onto the floor,"Come on, up and atta May. Your going to be late."

"Fine!" May said as she yawned. She was mad. She didn't even want to go on this stupid journey anyway. Her parents were making her go, in the hopes that it would change her attitude on life. May went down to eat breakfast. She had some waffets for breakfast.

Since she didn't want to go her mother was packing her bag for her, with everything she'd need on her Pokemon journey. After breakfast, May went up to her room, to take a shower, she grabbed the clothes she'd change into and went into the bathroom and started showering.

"Hurry up May," Her mother told her.

"I'm, hurrying! I'm hurrying! Gee mom. I didn't even want to go on this dumb trip anyway!" May demanded.

"Well, your going weather you want to or not. Me and your father can't put up with this stuborn attitude of yours any longer," her mother said,"Anyway. Your bag's all packed when your ready to go, ok."

May sighed, as her mother left her room, and went back downstairs. Once May was finished with her shower she got out, got dressed, brushed her hair and brow dried it. She put it up in two hanging low ponytails. She then grabbed her scraf and tied it around her head, and got her grolls and put them on.

She brushed her teeth, then went and got her bag, a small little pouch thing, and packed up her toothpaste and tooth brush, and her hair brush. She figured if she's going on this journey she might as well make the best of it. She put in her PokeBlock Case and grabbed a very small Poffin Jar and put them in as well.

She then scraped her bag around her weist, got on her shoes and went downstairs. Once downstairs her parents gave her a ton of Poke, to live off on, for at least a year. Of course she'd be earning more Poke from trainers she'd meet along the way. May had decided she'd enter in gym battles and Contests, as since she loved Pokemon so much, she decided since she's going to be on this journey anyway, to make them look beautiful.

May then groaned as she left the house. She then went over to Professor Birches lab. May knocked on the door. But instead of Professor Birch answering it, there was a young boy around May's age who answered it. It was a boy with white spiky hair and a bandana around his head,"Hi can I help you?" He asked.

"Yea. Where's Professor Birch? I'm here to get my first Pokemon," May explained.

"I'm afaird he's not here at the moment. But I can get it for you. Come on in...uh...I didn't get your name," he said.

"It's May. May Hikaru," May told him as she came inside the lab.

"I'm Brendon. Brendon Birch," Brendon said as he closed the door behind May.

"Are you related to the Prof., in some way?" May asked him.

"He's my father," Brendon explained.

Brendon led her to the Pokemon. He showed her each of them. May thought that Treecko and Torchic were way too cute for her. But then she saw Mudkip, and decided that, that one wasn't all that bad looking, so she took her. Brendon handed May her Pokedex and 5 Pokeballs.

"While your out on your journey, can you look for my father? He's been missing for days. I'm beginning to worry about him," Brendon asked her.

"No way! Look for him, yourself! I'm only going on this training journey cause my parents are making me go," May screamed at Brendon.

"But....but..." Brendon started, when May punched him in the face.

"It's not my reponseibity. It's yours. So, if you want to find him, then I sujest you start looking," May said as she put the Pokedex, Pokeballs, and Mudkip's ball in her bag. She then left, leaving a confused Brendon sitting on the floor rubbing, his sore cheeck.

Once outside and far away from the lab, May decided to let Mudkip out and interduce herself,"Hi Mudkip. My name's May. I'm your new partner," she said as she grinned at the Mudkip,"I can tell were going to be good friends right?"

The Mudkip grinned back at May,"Mud, mud kip." It jumped into May's arms hugging her. May started laughing,"Ok. Let's start this training journey Mudkip," she said. She returned Mudkip to her PokeBall then started out onto Route 1.

January 20th, 2009, 6:16 AM
GhostPrincess: Good SU!! You're in with Ralts!

King: Good SU! You're in with Pichu!

Zeta Marx...: I can't reserve Sneasel for you seeing as how someone already reserved Swinub. They'll only be reserved until the end of tomorrow, so you can reserve another type of Pokemon or you can wait and see if they don't sign up until tomorrow.

AndrewTemari101: Good post other then a few parts. First off I would have let you know if there was Pokemon Center and a Pokemart in the town by putting it under what is in this town section...I'll let it slide, but you will have to be careful about that...Also I wonder...where did you come up with the nickname Flare for your Vulpix?
Shaun received a Vulpix, 5 Pokeballs, a Pokedex, 1 Great Ball, and 2 Potions.

Konekodemon: Well poor Brendon! Anyway, I hope May has a change in heart later on, or else she'll miss out on some stuff. Anyway, good post!
May received a Mudkip, 5 Pokeballs, and a Pokedex!!

January 20th, 2009, 9:38 AM
Trent swallowed nervously, his hand just mere inches away from the door. This morning, he had done the standard breakfast with parents, gotten tidy and had bid them goodbye, but today was a very different day. Today was the day he became a trainer! It was something he dreamed about for most of his life.

Gulping once more, Trent finally knocked. After a moment or two, a boy about his age opened the door. Looking Trent up and down, he finally said, "New trainer?"

Trent nodded eagerly. "Yep! I'm Trent. Is Professor Birch here?"

The boy's shoulder's seemed to slump. "...no. But I'll be helping you... Just follow me, please."

With a wide grin, Trent followed this new kid into the lab, eager eyes looking at all of the pokemon technology.

"So what's your name?" Trent asked, hoping to pass the time as the boy wandered around for his supplies.

"Brendan," the boy answered. "Brendan Birch."

"Are you?" Trent asked eagerly. "It must be cool to have a pokemon professor as a father.

Brendan's shoulder's slumped even more. "Y... yea," he said a bit shakily.

"Hey now, what's wrong?" Trent asked softly, not knowing if he had pushed a wrong button.

Brendan began to shake and instantly turned towards Trent. "It... It's my father!" he finally shouted. "He's gone!"

Trent blanched. "What?" he asked shakily, thinking of abductions or kidnapping.

Brendan nodded. "Yea, my old man was kidnapped last night... I don't know why, and I can't go looking for him myself since I have to hold down the lab."

It was like a light bulb went off. "Hey, I know! I'll help you find him!" Trent said, hoping to help the young boy.

"What, don't be a fool!" Brendan hissed. "The people who kidnapped my father, a well known pokemon professor, would most likely have no problem silencing an unknown pokemon trainer!" Brendan glared, making Trent shuffle awkwardly.

"Sorry," he said at last. "I was only trying to..."

"I know," Brendan interrupted. "I'm sorry, it's my fault. I'm just so snappish today."

"I understand."

"Still, I don't want you looking for trouble."

"And you will?" Trent countered.

"Someday when I have time," Brendan said with a srug. "Don't forget, I've been a trainer for a much longer time than you."

"Have you?" Trent asked, interested.

Brendan sighed, giving a small smile. "You don't see me in TV, do you?"

"I don't watch much pokemon on TV," Trent said with a shrugg. "THough now that I think about it, I think I remember something about you winning a Battle Tower and a few things... Battle Frontier and all that."

"Yep, that's me," Brendan said with a chuckle. "And now its your turn," he said, handing over a few pokeballs and a pokedex. "And here's your pokemon," he said at last.

Trent stared at the pokeball in awe, excitement raging from within. He looked up at Brendan. "I promise, that if I hear anything..."

"You will go to the police," Brendan said with a parental scowl, daring Trent to argue back.

Trent sighed. "Arlight, then. I'll call the police."

Brendan nodded, quiet for a moment. He turned away. "You may leave now."

Trent nodded, already leaving to allow Brendan to cry in peace.

January 20th, 2009, 9:44 AM
oh my! is it spelled Brendan or Brendon, now I'm confused

Dark Blaziken_500
January 20th, 2009, 1:28 PM
may i reserve a ground pokemon trapinch.

January 20th, 2009, 1:35 PM
When I was going to be in another RP, I used FLAREon and used the nickname FLARE but i messed up so i quit that RP so that's where i got it from and after i posted what Shaun did and already nicknamed Vulpix, I went around looking at RPs and saw a RP that you are in and saw that you had a Vulpix named Flare so if I accidently took your Pokemon and nickname, I apologize!

January 20th, 2009, 1:48 PM
Chapter 1: A Midnight Caper


"Wha! Oh!" , Jazmine said as she aewoke, turning off her alarm clock. She jumped out of bed and checked the calendar. "AAHHHHH!!" ,she shouted realizing. "Its the day! Today! The day I!"

Jazmine scurried around, getting ready.She ran down the stairs and sat at the table.

"Good morning, dear. You're awfly rushed today. Eat."

"Okay, Grandma. Its today! I leave today!"

"Yes, I marked it in my mental calendar" , Jazmine's grandma said with a smile.

Jazmine scarfed down the toast in front of her and said, with a mouthful, "Mi schoooo esited!"

"I see" , Jazmine's grandma said, understanding. "Promise me you'll stay safe"

"I will Grandma. I'll miss you too.Where's Pyu?"

"Out in the flower garden"

"Okay Grandma, I love you!" , Jazmine said, kissing her grandma on the cheek.

" Bye, honey. I love you" , Jazmine's grandma said with tears.

"Are you okay, Grandma!"

"Yeah, you just.......remind me of someone. Bye."

"Bye Grandma! Stay safe!" , Jazmine said, walking out the door. "Come on Pyu! We start today!"


"I know, I'm excited too." They walked through the grass, toward the path. " What do you think the Professor will be like?"

"Pichu, chu. Pichu! Pi, pi, chu-chu!"

"Yeah, maybe!"

Finally, they reached the lab, a tall building with a green dome-like roof. Jazmine knocked on the door.

"Hello!" , a young boy, abbout Jazmine's age answered.

"Yo-yo-your not the Professor, are you?" , Jazmine stuttered.

"No, no I'm his son, Brendan. Thats quite the Pichu you got there!"

" Hes....so.....dreammmmy" ,Jazmine thought, not taking in the words.

"Come in!"

"Oh! Okay!" , Jazmine said, coming to sense. " Where is the Professor?"

" Sadly, he's been kidnapped. Please help me! He's.......gone" , Brendan said, through tears.

"Don't cry! I'll help you! Come on! He has to be close! I'll search for him on my journey!"

"Would you?"

"Sure I would!"

"Okay, thanks! Here, take these!" , Brendan said, pulling out five pokeballs and a yellow, mechanical device. " This is a Pokedex. It's a high tech Pokemon computer. It records your data on Pokemon."

"Thanks! Well, I gotta get going if I'm going to find your father!"

" Yeah! Thanks, Jazmine! You go! Bye!"

"Bye!" , Jazmine said, half wanting to stay with this beautiful boy.

She walked out of the building, with Pichu close by.

"Pi- chu-pi-pi-pi-chu!"

"Stop that!" , Jazmine said. " You have to admit, he is cute.

The two, person and Pokemon, burst out laughing. Their journey hjad begun.

January 20th, 2009, 1:50 PM
can i reserve snorunt?

Snow Phoenix
January 20th, 2009, 1:58 PM
Aah I feel sorry that I took the Ice pokemon spot and now people want it. I'm sorry, but I'm a big Ice pokemon fan.

Here's part of my SU. I'll add a history in a bit. I feel it would be good to let you know I was typing an SU instead of waiting until I was finished.

Name: Jack Heart:furretlock:

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Personality: Jack is sincere and honest. He just wants to make friends, but is constantly made fun of because of sensitivity. He is incredibly insecure and when bullied will run away and cry. His tendency to cry makes him a source of pity and also is what makes him able to comfort sad people. Behind the tears Jack is actually very smart, however, few people know. Jack also has trouble making friends because of how shy he is. His movements are hesitant and slow. He rarely asks for help from people and has trouble speaking with salesclerks.

Appearance: He is about four feet and eight inches and has sparkling blue eyes. His hair is black straight and short; the back of his hair comes down to about where his eyes would be if they were in the back of his head and the front just barely touches his forehead. He generally wears short sleeved shirts and pants. He also carries a backpack around.

History: When Jack was born his grandfather died and his single parent mother abandoned him at his grandmother's house in the outskirts of Rustburo City. She was rich old woman suffering from depression and she name Jack after her late husband Jackson. She protected him with her life and would never let any harm come to Jack. She kept Jack completely secluded from any other human beings.

When she died he was pushed into the real world and placed into an orphanage in Rustboro where he attended the Trainer's School. In the orphanage and at school he was always bullied and because he had not been exposed to this bullying he became repressed and more emotional. One day a gang of children chased him out of town by throwing pebbles at him. Nobody stopped the children and he was chased until he fell into a lake. The children showed no remorse and went back home without even trying to rescue him. He would have drowned if a passing fisherman who was also a sailor hadn't fished him out. His hero temporailly adopted him and they travelled to the sailors hometown of Littleroot where he tutored Jack. The sailor discovered that profesor Brendan was giving away pokemon and told Jack to leave because he could recieve one and travel like he was ment to be, on his own with his pokemon entering the Hoenn League.

Perfered starter: Swinub

RP Sample:

“Hey kid wait. You forgot to the pay toll” a large muscular man said to a child around the age of seven. The child begged the man to let him through, but he would not budge. This man had recently begun tolling the entrance to Cherrygrove City.

Kris had observed him for thirteen hours from the top of a ledge. The man had not moved an inch. Kris was tired of waiting and this was his chance.

“Cyndaquil cover the area with smoke” Kris shouted as he slid down the ledge.

The Cyndaquil exploded with smoke and nothing was visible. He ran straight ahead, but an arm caught him before he made it to the other side. The large man swung Kris out from behind him and out onto the open field.

“Where do ya think you’re going” the man barked at Kris and he released a Poliwag from a pokeball on his belt.

Kris examined his surroundings. He was in the middle of a field of short grass and few a trees. The man was opposite him and guarding any possible entrance to Cherrygrove. Next to the man was a coil of wire and a few large metal rods for repairing the telephone poles and behind him was the previous boy escaping into Cherrygrove.

“The boy escaped and not I, eh.” Kris sighed. “Cyndaquil’s a fire type and Poliwag’s a water type” he thought while scanning anything he might’ve missed.

“Poliwag squirt it with yer water gun” the man shouted interrupting Kris’s thought.

The Poliwag hopped through the grass and hid in a taller piece of the grass. The Poliwag then spew its water towards Cyndaquil from its hiding place.

“Quick Cyndaquil use smokescreen!” Kris shouted loudly in response to the incoming water.
Smoke spouted from the Cyndaquil’s back and the Poliwag’s water pierced it. The Cyndaquil had jumped into the air was now airborne.

“That’s it Poliwag. Hit it now” the man commanded.

“Cyndar spin!” Kris responded.

The Poliwag shot a blast of water towards the mid-air Cyndaquil. The Cyndaquil spun and dived towards the ground avoiding the water.

“Now Poliwag, do it again” the man commanded again.

“Jump, Cyndar!” Kris shouted frantically and knowing that his Cyndaquil had no time to stop moving.

The Poliwag shot another stream of water towards the landing Cyndaquil and afterwards rustled through the leaves. The Cyndaquil barely missed the water by jumping from the ground and he was headed for a tree.

“Poliwag jump and drown it.” The man said with confidence.
The Poliwag jumped up in front the tree the Cyndaquil was about to hit and spew its water.

“Smokescreen” Kris shouted.

A barrier of smoke formed around the approaching Cyndaquil and the water gun passed through. The Cyndaquil landed in front of the tree without being hit by the water gun.

The man chuckled a bit and then with a deep dark voice shouted “Slam it!”

The Poliwag still airborne fell down hard on the Cyndaquil with its tail and then brushed it away with its tail. The Cyndaquil landed near the man and let out a faint whimper.

“Poliwag dance” the man said sinisterly.

The Poliwag began to dance and the clouds grew darker and there were more. The rain fell on Cyndaquil’s back like shards of glass.

“What do I do? It’s raining and I’m out of options.”Kris thought scanning the field again and noticing the wire attached to a large metal rod.

“Cyndaquil wrap the Poliwag with the wire.” Kris exclaimed.

“Poliwag I don’t what they’re doing, but blast it with yer water before they get the chance” the man shouted.

The Cyndaquil was energized by the energy of Kris and Cyndar put the wire in his mouth. The Cyndaquil charged towards the Poliwag while it was charging a powerful shot of the water. The water hit Cyndaquil directly, but the task had already been completed. Poliwag was wrapped in the wire attached to the metal rod and Cyndaquil was barely conscious and helpless to another attack.

“You lose!” the man shouted at Kris. “Poliwag finish it once and for all!” the man continued with a menacing laughter.

“You’re wrong… because Poliwag has just become attached to a lightning rod!

“What!” the man exclaimed.

“Rain is followed by lightning and metal conducts electricity. That wire is attached to those large poles and like I said you haven’t won because Poliwag’s going to be struck by lightning.” Kris said confidently.

“Poliwag, shake lose!” the man shouted.

“Too late” Kris said faintly as the lightning struck the pole and electrocuted the wet Poliwag.

The Poliwag lay on the ground fainted. Kris returned his Cyndaquil and walked past the man into Cherrygrove City without saying anything else.

January 20th, 2009, 2:18 PM
awell, can i reserve a zangoose then?

January 20th, 2009, 3:29 PM
"Pidgeey~Piddgey~Pi- Slam." The alarm clock was cooing to wake someone up when a hand reached out and through it against the wall, a loud groan was emerging from the mess of tangled up covers.

"Nggh..." A muffled voice came out of the tangled covers as a body sat up, eyes only half open the young teenager looked at the calender, and thus her eyes snapped open in happiness. The girl hopped out of her bed and quickly dressed herself, ready for a new day. Brushing her hair, brushing her teeth and nearly tripping over the now broken alarm clock. "Gah! I'm going to be la-" The girl unable to finish her sentence tripped and was now face flat on the floor.

"Konata, hurry up or you'll be late!" A feminine voice came from another room. The girl now known as Konata only groand slightly, as she picked herself up from the flor her nose now red from falling on the floor. Putting her shoes on she hurried out into the kitchen where the warm smell of pancakes filled the room, and tickled Konata's sense of smell, immiedietly she heard her stomach growl at her, and she could see her motuh watering seeing a big stack of pancakes waiting for her on the table. "Mmm! Pancakes my favorite!" Konata yelled sitting down to the table and started wolfing down the pancakes, almost nearly choking herself in the process.

"Careful dear, don't choke yourself on your first day being a trainer." Her mother chuckled, Konata glared back her face red with embarassment.

"Shut up!" Konata flailed her arms in anger as she continued to eat her pancakes, this time at a much slower pace.

"You must be excited to start your journey, huh? You;d never make it as a Proffeser with no interest in schooling in what so ever, you would just be a dim light in a room filled with nuclear powered light bulbs." Her mother said playfully teasing her, Konata glared once more.

"Grr..Grr you..you!" Konata's face red with anger got up and proceeded to throw syrup at her mother. Bullseye, her mother was now drenched in syrup, this time it was Konata's turn to laugh merrily, and her mother turn to glare.

"Oh, my oh my." A male voice said, as two strong arms picked Konata up. "You know better then to harass your mother Konata, silly goose." Her father smiled as Konata flailed to escape, as her mother was cleaning her face and hair up.

"You'd better get going, don't wanna be late." Her father laughed putting her down and ruffling her hair. Konans cheeks puffed out in anger as she sat down to eat her pancakes.

"I won't be seeing you for awhile so let me enjoy moms pancakes one last time?" Konata mumbled then continued to say "Gee, the way I said that..They'd think I'm dying" Konata muttered as her two parents laughed. "Oh that reminds me!" Konata had a sligh grin on her face, and snapped her finger. Sure enough, a bag of flour came down and covered the kitchen in flour, including her parents. Konata knew exactly where the traps blind spot was so she was still perfectly clean.

As the two were about to lecture her, Konata zoomed out the door leaving her two parents to clean the floury mess up.
"Do, Do, Do, Do" Konata sung merrily as she walked through littleroot town, and finally coming uponst a lab, upon entering, it was quite obvious that a few other trainers had been here already. Seeing as how some of the pokebalsl were already gone, Konan gave several loud 'hmm's' as a research proffeser came up behind her.

"So, have you decided what pokemon you want?" The lab assistant said, Konan brouwsed through the pokemon, and noticed a Ralts who was playing a trick on the other pokemon, instant love. "I want the ralts!" Konata smiled picking up the tiny pokemon and cuddling it, surprsed teh Raltslet out a loud squeak.

"Raaaalts!" The tiny pokemon squeaked as the small pokemon flailed about.

"It's soooo cute!" Konata hugged the pokemon, as the assistant laughed merrily and gave her a pokeball, a pokedex and some pokeballs.

"Take these, use them wisely, we expect great things from our trainers." Taking the pokeballs and placing them on her belt, she smiled and assured the lab assistant that she would do her very best, running out still holding a ralts who had gotten used to her by this point, she ran to the first route and to start her journey.
[to be continued...]

January 20th, 2009, 3:46 PM
Wolfwhispers: Good Post! Brendon is kind of...ummm...How do I say this? Like a Parent!!
Trent received 5 Pokeballs, a Pokedex, and his starting Pokemon!!

Konekodemon: You can spell it either way.:)

AndrewTemari101: Nah I was just kdding with you:P

King: Good post! although I wonder how Jazmine can translate what Pichu is saying?
Jazmine received a Pokedex, 5 Pokeballs, and Pyu the Pichu!

FrozenSnowman: Ok! It looks good so far:)

PokemonMichael: Ok...Zangoose is reserved for you:):)

GhostPrincess: Good post!
Konata received 5 Pokeballs, a Pokedex, and Ralts!

January 20th, 2009, 3:57 PM
King: Good post! although I wonder how Jazmine can translate what Pichu is saying?
Jazmine received a Pokedex, 5 Pokeballs, and Pyu the Pichu!

They have a tight bond:)

January 20th, 2009, 4:47 PM
Can I reserve turtwig? I'll post my profile tomorrow.

January 20th, 2009, 5:42 PM
sasuneuchiha: Yep! You are reserved with Turtwig:):)

January 21st, 2009, 8:24 AM
:dragoniteName: Beo
Age: !8
Gender: Male

Personality: When you first meet him you would find he is not much of a talker, he is the kind of person who likes to do things on his own, and really can't stand other people for to long. If you do manage to get a word or two out of him it wont be much. He can be rude and mean to other people, just trying to look out for himself is all he really cares about. Although he wont show much compassion towards people Beo loves pokemon and if you watch him long enough you can see that he really does have feelings, he just doesnt show them and keeps them hiddne.

Appearence: You really wouldn't expect Beo to act the way he does, with his looks. Beo is aroun 5'9 and has a real altheltic build since he usually likes to train with his pokemon. Looking at his face you would see the eyes of someone who for some reason is emotionless towards everyone, and the only time he shows expression is when he smirks other then that you would just see an emotionless face when he is around other people. His hair is a medium blonde color that stays spiked up most of the time. He wears a long sleeve dark blue shirt with an unknown symbol on it, and jeans that have a few holes. He also carries around a backpack for all of his clothing and other essential needs.

History: There can be many reasons why Beo is the way he is, an emotionless train wreck. It could be the lack of nuture as a kid, or never getting close to anyone, but the main reason had to be the lose of his family at a young age. When Beo was 10 years old he lost his family and whole town from an unknown occurence. Beo lived off on a small island off the coast of the shinnoh region. One day well Beo went down to the ocean to look for seashells he heard a huge explosion and saw flames shoot up from the ground. By the time Beo got there everything was bruned to the ground... everyone.. and everything. He quickly ran towards his house to see if maybe his father had lived or some of his pokemon but nothing was visible. He fell to the ground tears rolling down from his eyes, then as he lifted his head he looked up into the sky where he saw what looked like a man flying on what appeared to be a charizard he wasnt sure though and he decided to leave the island and live on his own, as he got up to start walking away he noticed a pokeball laying on the ground he let the pokemon out and it was his fathers wartortle. Beo grabbed the wartortle tightly and kept on crying.

A few years later Beo had made his way to Johto with Wartotle by his side, he still had his emotions at this point, and was about 14 years old. As Beo was walking down a path through the forest he heard a young boy scream and looked over to see that the boy was being chased by a giant alligator type pokemon, the pokemon was blue and had very sharp teeth but Beo did not know the johto pokemon very well and could not identify it. But he decided to help the little boy, "wartortle Watergun now" Beo orderd as wartortle shoot a blast of water towards the feraligator slowing it down a bit. The boy ran behing Beo's leg and hid there. The feraligator charged at Wartortle and lowered its skull getting ready to use skull bash.. "Wartortle dodge" Beo shouted.. Wartortle dodged the attack and the feraligator kept charging and hit a huge tree, knocking it unconcsious but the tree also started to fall right for Beo and the boy.. Wartortle quickly pushed them out of the way but the tree had landed on him.. Beo sat there for a minute as the kid tried to thank him, Beo pushed the kid away and started digging under the tree till he found wartortle,... who didnt make it. You could see the anger and fear and sadness in his eyes but he didnt express them that night he buried wartortle and said his goodbyes to the last remaning part of his family and old life, As he looked to the sky you could see all the anger, fear, sadness every emotion just left his face permenantly.

RP Sample: I will do this in a bit im at work right now..

Starter Pokemon: Nidoran Male

January 21st, 2009, 2:12 PM
Ok! Posting mode!!!

Name: Sam Sarube :)

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: Sam is quite talkative normally. He talks to basically anyone, but that's only when he's not home. When he's there, he's very quiet and acts as mature as possible. This is because his parents are very strict about his growing up. Sam found a way around this, though, by playing as far from the house as possible and keeping fairly quiet in school. Sam instantly likes mostly everyone he meets (except his enemies). This is because he has speant a lot of time with his pokemon in his childhood. They helped him become very open to others. This is because he loves how all pokemon are differnent, even if they are the same type. He figures, people are this way too. Sam is quite polite everywhere, just quiet at home.

Appearence: Sam loves bright colors and black. His everyday outfit consists of a red jacket, a blue hat, blue jeans and a black backpack. Sam also wears his red running shoes. Apart from that, Sam is 5'6 and has dark brown hair with light brown eyes. Everyday, Sam wears a sky blue t shirt, that when seen from inside says "Sky". Sam loves the sky and when he goes to sleep, he wears only sky blue pajamas. A part from that, Sam has a regular teenager's build, not too fat, not too skinny.

History: Sam has always like pokemon, be even more so after the incident. Living in Sandgem Town, Sam always like to adventure. Once, he went to the route near by, where he was attacked by a Mightyena (what the heck was that doing there?) and couldnt' move. He was scared he wouldn't make it back. Yet, the pokemon there helped him. They gave him some Oran Berries to eat so he would be alright. Ever since, Sam has loved Pokemon.

To further knowledge about pokemon, Sam became Prof. Rowan's errend boy. He once went to Oreburgh, where he had a Shieldon guide him to Roark, who had a package for Prof. Rowan containing a DNA sample. However, while Sam and Shieldon were going through the cave, they were attacked by an Onix Gang. They almost died from attacks when Roark saved him. This attack convinced Sam's parents to move to Hoenn, which is why Sam now lives in Littleroot Town.

RP Sample: As a note, the Drew is not from the anime, but based on my friend.

Sam sat on the dock, waiting for Drew to arrive on the boat, he threw his pokeball to release his first pokemon, Duskull. "Skull?" Duskull floated around saying. He wasn't used to this place as he had just become Sam's pokemon. Drew was coming from Kanto to adventure in Johto with Sam. Duskull was a pokemon from Sam's father. His father was an important pokemon researcher. "Hi, I'm Sam. I'm your new partner. We're going to be adventuring together for a while, so we should get to know eachother." Sam said. "Skull!" Duskull said happily. As they sat there, the boat slowly arrived.

"Sam!" Drew said. "Drew!" Sam said. As Sam and Drew ran towards eachother, some other familiar people got off the boat. "Grant! Casey! Andrew!" Sam said. Grant, Casey and Andrew were other good friends of Sam, who attended pokeschool with Drew. They met when the class came to see Sam's father, a researcher. Ever since, they've been friends. They were now coming to Johto to adventure. "So, Sam. You wanna battle?" Drew asked. "Sure!" Sam replied.

Within minutes, Sam and Drew were in the middle of a great battle. Drew's larvitar versus Sam's Duskull. "Go! Bite attack, Larvitar!" Drew said. Duskull took a hard hit. "Okay! Time to use our special attack! Pain Split, Duskull!" Sam commanded. Larvitar took a dangerous hit and Duskull recovered a bit of health. "Okay! Use bite again!" Drew commanded. "Go! Dissapear!" Sam said, remembering the special talent of the ghost type pokemon. Duskull disspeared and Larvitar's attack missed. "Now! Finish it with your Nightshade attack!" Sam said. As Duskull used it's move, Larvitar was defeated. "Aww! No! Oh well. Good match!" Drew said. "You too! Now, should we get going?" Sam asked. "Sure! Let's go!" Drew said.

As they walked out, two men dressed in black walked out from the boat. "You sure that's them, Wade?" the first asked. "Positive, Bob." Wade replied. "Okay then, their pokemon look strong, so let's steal them." Bob said. "Agreed, for the sake of Team Rocket" Wade said. And with that, they ran after the 5 trainers.

Perferred Starter: Turtwig!!! Nature Lonely Male.

January 21st, 2009, 2:24 PM
Name: Michael
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Personality: Michael is very easy to get angry and this makes him hard to be close friends with. He has a few close friends, and a whole lot of followers who like him.
once he believes in fighting for a cause he will give it his all until he wins. he has a bit of a dark side and his eyes have a tendency to flicker to red from his brown. He likes to be independent and not rely on people who he doesn't trust with all of his heart. He is very caring towards his Pokemon and would never let them get too hurt.

Appearance: Michael is tall for his age standing at 5'9. He has brown hair with a few streaks of blond. He wears a red cap over his messy brown hair. He wears a blue shirt with a black jacket over it. On his legs he wears green camouflage pants and white sneakers. His backpack is red and has three pockets. His eyes are deep brown with a merry twinkle to them and when he smiles, his eyes smile too. He has white ( no offence meant) skin with a tan from the Littleroot town summer. He has long fingers and large hands with a huge scar on his left hand from when he met Zangoose.

History: 'Michael, you were adopted.'
This is what he was told as soon as he knew what that meant. The orphanage found him in the early hours of the morning in Oldale town on May the 22nd 1994 as a 1 year old crying on the doorstep. When he was at the orphanage he was bullied everyday by his tormentor Draco. He was taken from the orphanage at age 5 by the Maples a family of three at the time with a girl called May but he still wasn't happy with the answers he got from his adoptive parents regarding his biological parents.

At 10 years old he moved to Littleroot Town with the Maples because they thought that might calm him down, with the quiet atmosphere and not the endless car horns and burglarys. At 14 he was given a rare Zangoose from outside Meteor Falls by his sister May to encourage him to enjoy the outdoors ratheer than stay home all day reading and playing on his PS Heavy or his FunStation Solid

Starter Pokemon: Zangoose ( Zango)
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly

January 21st, 2009, 2:36 PM
Name: Michael
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Personality: Michael is a careful person, who doesnt like to rush into things without thinking them through first. He looks after his friends and people and pokemon who need help. He likes to win, but not at all costs. He has a lot of willpower and once he starts something, he'll finish it.

Appearance: Michael is tall for his age standing at 5'9. He has brown hair with a few streaks of blond. He wears a red cap over his messy brown hair. He wears a blue shirt with a black jacket over it. On his legs he wears green camouflage pants and white sneakers. His backpack is red and has three pockets.

History: Born into a family of 5 in Goldenrod City, he was the youngest out of 4 children and was often ignored as his older brothers excelled in there areas of work and sport. When he was just 8, he was forced to work as a fire tender, running to peoples houses to fix up there fires and put them out each night.

At the age of 10, he ran away from his family, tired of all the arguing and his constantly being ignored. He ran to Ilex Forest and saw Celebi who teleported him too Littleroot Town where he was adopted by the Maples.

Starter Pokemon: Zangoose ( Zango)
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly

Er...........don't you have to post a RP sample?

January 21st, 2009, 2:47 PM
first time.
i have to start somewhere though...

January 21st, 2009, 3:03 PM
Name: Patrick Hitgamo

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Patrick is a person that is nice to be around. He is kind and gentlemen like but that doesn’t come with some flaws. He is a bit clumsy and at times can be to easily walked on. He is too nice and go out on a limb for others even though he hardly knows them. He has this thing where he wants people to like him so he does things for them. His parents tell him time after time that this will end up hurt for being so kind. He promised his mom that he would try to change but it will take a while for him to come around.

Patrick is a dark skinned young man about 6 ft tall and he has an average physique. He has nice black hair that naturally spike up and stays that way with hair running down the side of his face and stopping by the bottom of is ears. He has light blue eyes that seem to look like the once beautiful skies that hovered above. Patrick usually wears a purple collared shirt short sleeved shirt with a pair of black slacks and dress shoes. He carries around a black backpack that has a purple cloud design on the front of it that covers the front pouch of the bag. When it gets cold he throws on a nice this black coat that has purple stripes running down the sleeves. It comes with a black hood that has 3 purple stripes on top of it..

Patrick has lived in a pretty stable home for most of his life. He wasn’t the richest family but they had a pretty nice income coming from the business that his dad had going on. His dad had a small shop in Slateport City that sold many exotic berries and herbs. Most of the time Patrick spent time working in the shop and help kept it looking spiffy. The shop was doing great until the island that his dad got all of his produce from went under water during the change of the weather and environment. His dad would take Patrick out to sea to look for the island plenty of times and even tried looking around the area for other islands that might have some plants or herbs that they could use to salvage their business. Most of the islands just ended up having a bunch of fossils of pokemon that use to live under the water. After the company went down his dad was going from job to job trying to get any money he could. Patrick went around doing jobs like mowing lawns to make money.
One day out mowing lawns Patrick overheard some kids talking about who their favorite pokemon trainers were and how they look up to them as heroes. Patrick figured that he could try to become a great pokemon trainer to help his family get there business back on its feet. He dashed off home to tell his parents his plan. Patrick’s mom was glad to see that he was trying to do something to help get the family business up and running again but his dad didn’t want Patrick wasting his time trying to fix the impossible. Patrick told his dad how it could help him out in the long run. His dad decided to give Patrick a chance at helping the family out and letting him live his childhood instead of always working. With his parents wish Patrick was ready to set out for his adventure.

RP Sample:

Feeling confident about his battle Marcus got up and walked over to where the pokenav said the gym was. Arriving he heard the sounds of battle and quickly walked in. Entering the gym he saw a kid that had on a short sleeved shirt and he had just seen Skitty go up and tackle Geodude to the wall and faint it. Wow looks like the gym leader must be testing the trainer he said making his way to the stands.

“Go Nosepass.” A lady in a blue one piece skirt that seemed more like a mini dress and she on long pink socks that looked like a pair of think stocking. She had her hair tied and two buns.

“Go Seedot.” The trainer he seen once he entered the gym called out. Both opponent and the gym leader called their attacks at the same time and Seedot began to glow as it was incased in four pillars of rocks. Seedot knocked them down and the he heard the trainer tell it to do bide. The nose pass continued to incase it in pillars of rock and the seedot seemed to take a lot of damage. Finally reaching a point where it was glowing intensly Marcus watched as the seedot broke out and charged at the nosepass.

“Nosepass counter it with tackle.” the gym leader called out as her nosepass charged the small oncoming pokemon.

“Oh no I cant watch.” a girl in the stand said as she turned and covered he fox like pokemon’s eyes.” They both collided and then the small pokemon flew out from the collision and passed out. The challenger then kissed his pokeball and then called out skitty for a second round. Skitty was breathing hard but was still willing to battle on.
Marcus believed he knew to outcome of the battle and began leaving the gym releasing his pokmon out of their poke balls and wanted to try to get them to get pumped. Marcus left for the pokemon center for a few hours until he knew he could go back and fight the gym leader. Walking back in the gym he noticed that the gym leader was talking to the battle ref.

“Excuse me I am Marcus Druid and I was wondering if I could battle you?” Marcus said nervously

“Sure young man.” the gym leader said. “I am Roxanne” She said introducing herself. Marcus and Roxanne took their places on each side of the battle field.

“Lets go geodude!” Roxanne said releasing he pokemon that looked like a big rock that had arms.

“Token show time!” Marcus said releasing his purple bunny looking pokemon.

“Nidoran versus Geodude let the battle commence!” The ref said throwing two flags in the air to show that start of the battle.

“Geodude lets get things started with a tackle attack.” Geodude charged at Token quickly hoping. To end the battle quickly.

“Token use supersonic!” Marcus cried on attepmt to stop the on coming attack. Token made a high pitched noise that produced a sound wave. The attack hit geodude and he went one his course running into the wall constantly.

“Now why it is confused use a double kick attack.” Token jumped at the dazed pokemon and kick its head into the wall twice. Geodude was embedded into the wall preventing it from falling to the ground.

“Geodude this is the third battle that we have lost today.” Roxanne said returning her pokemon. Roxanne’s attitude totally changed after returning Geodue.

"Go Nosepass.” The huge rock pokemon stood still staring at Token as if it committed a crime.

“Go use Block.” Roxanne shouted as Nosepass shot out a red cross hitting Token and sticking him to the wall. The nidoran struggled to get free from the move but wasn’t able to.

“Token return!” Marcus said aiming the poke ball at the captured pokemon. Token did go back to the ball and all you could hear was Roxanne laughing.

“When a pokemon does block the one it is used on cant be returned.” she said throwing her hands into the air.

“Now use rock throw.” Nosepass stomped on the ground smashing the floor to make suitable rocks to throw. The pokemon began throw the rocks one after the other at the defenseless pokemon.

Starter Pokemon: Cranidos Male Jolly

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January 21st, 2009, 4:14 PM
FrozanSnowman: Pending! Just add one more paragraph to the history and your in:)

dboring: Pending! Read the ruleas and you'll find what you missed:) I'll reserve male nidoran for you though:)

sasuneuchiha: Pending! Read the rules and you'll find what you missed:)

Pokemon Michael: Ok...Personality, Appearence, and History are all waaaaay to short. Add to those and put up a RP Sample...Just make it up.

King: Please don't mini-mod:)

Kynn: Add some to the history and read the rules...you'll find out what you missed in there:) Also, Poisen is already reserved for someone so please choose another type of Pokemon:)

January 21st, 2009, 4:20 PM
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Also, turns out that I'm not......well, you know.

January 21st, 2009, 4:28 PM
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January 21st, 2009, 4:32 PM
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This RP is great, can't wait for Route 1!
Or.......whatever IS next;)

January 21st, 2009, 5:37 PM
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January 21st, 2009, 7:42 PM
sasuneuchiha: *slaps forehead* I can't believe I missed that...Sorry for worrying ya and yes! You are in with Turtwig!!

January 21st, 2009, 8:26 PM
Alright Pika its edited =)

January 21st, 2009, 10:45 PM
I edited my post to fit the requirement.

January 22nd, 2009, 6:26 AM
dboring: Accepted! You're in with Nidoran!

Kynn: Much better! I also didn't care if it was a smilie like this::) or like this::chu: either way worked. You're in with Cranidos!

Everyone: If you haven't finished chapter one please do so soon because here is Chapter 2:

Route 1:
2-3 posts
Description: A grassy route filled with many Pokemon who are best for beginning traners to test their skills on.

History: Man beginning trainers starting in Littleroot don't have enough money to ride the boats there. Instead they must take the long way around, but this way has many beginning Pokemon to become your partners too!

Wild Pokemon:
Nature: Random
Ability: Run Away/Quick Feet
Gender: Random
Moves: Tackle, Howl(if lvl. 5)
Rating: Common
Nature: Random
Ability: Pickup/Gluttony
Gender: Random
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip(if lvl. 5)
Rating: Common
Nature: Random
Ability: Swarm/Early Bird
Gender: Random
Moves: Tackle
Rating: Uncommon
Nature: Random
Ability: Chlorophyll
Gender: Random
Moves: Vine Whip
Rating: Rare

What to do on a Route/Cave:
Battle Trainers/wild Pokemon.
Try to Catch a Wild Pokemon.
Find items and TMs(nothing extremely rare though!)

Also, when trying to catch a Pokemon on the rating Common is easiest, UNcommon is a little harder, Rare is harder, and Super Rare is extremely hard! End your post after throwing the POkeball and I'll tell you if you caught it or not. Also, this will be graded on how descriptive your post is! Same goes for when finding an item!

Also! No finding eggs yet!

Have fun:):)

January 22nd, 2009, 8:06 AM
Trent smiled softly as he walked alon Route 1, eagerly looking for pokemon. The route was teeming with life, but unfortuanently that life decided to run away at the first sign of danger or the scent of humans. Fortuanently, there was human life as well.

"Hey, wanna battle?" a boy about his age asked. He had black hair with a backwards blue cap, blue jeans and a yellow shirt. "My name's James, by the way."

"And I'm Trent," Trent answered. "Sure, I'd love to battle." It would be interesting to see what pokemon he got.

"Go, Bellsprout!" the boy called, throwing his pokeball.

With a burst of light, a yellow bulbed headed plant thing appeared. "Bel!" it cried in excitement, twirling its leaf arms.

"Alright, go!" Trent shouted, throwing his own pokeball.

When the white light disappeared, a purple, slightly hunched over pokemon appeared. It had two horns per side and had eyes that seemed to made from crystal. It turned to Trent in curiosity, looking him up and down. It suddenly grinned ar him eerily, showing off many sharp and pointed teeth. "Sableye," it called softly, almost hauntingly.

James gulped as he looked at Trent's pokemon. "Bit creepy, isn't he?"

Trent scowled at the boy. "That's my pokemon we're talking about," he sneered, even if it was a bit true. The fact of the matter was no one made fun of his pokemon. "Sableye, try a Scratch attack!" he ordered.

"Vine Whip!" the boy said hurriedly.

"Sab," Sableye chuckled, moving with a speed that both shocked and surprised Trent. In swiftly and lithly ran through the vines that Bellsprout launched at it, seemingly turning into a black and purple shadow as it came upon the plant type."Leye!" it cried, slashing viciously with sharp claws at the plant type.

"Bell!" Bellsprout cried as the sharp claws raked against its sensitive bulb head. It scooted back, giving the ghost/dark type a glare.

"Growth!" James ordered. "Let's power you up," he said in triumph.

Trent gave pause, but only for a moment as he tried to remember Sableye's moves. "Foresight," he ordered.

The purple pokemon chuckled darkly, crystal eyes glowing as they surveyed the nervous grass type. Licking its lips with an extremely long tongue, Sableye grinned up at Trent.

"Vine Whip!" James all but sqweaked, more than a bit creeped out.

Bellsprout was only too happy to shoot its vine at it its opponent. "Sab," Sableye chuckled, simply moving its head to the side and allowing the vine to pass.

James's jaw dropped. "But how?"

"Foresight allows the pokemon to easily see where and how a pokemon will attack and evade," Trent explained. "Now Scratch!" he commanded.

"Sabel," Sableye called, jumping toward the freaked out Bellsprout.

"Dodge!" James called.

"Spur," Bellsprout called, using its twig body to deftly avoid the furious swip. Sableye frowned at it missed.

"Keep up with those Scratch attacks!" Trent called.

"Vine Whip!" James ordered.

"Spur!" Bellsprout shouted, striking Sableye right in the head with its whip.

"Sab," Sableye muttered, rubbing its head. Shaking itself, it turned to smile creepily at the wide eyed grass type. "Leye!" it shouted suddenly, startling them all as it once again brought its sharp claws down on Bellsprout's head.

"Bell!" Bellsprout cried, tumbling back. Everyone could clearly see the marks covering Bellsprout's sensitive head. James bit his lip in concern.

"Scratch!" Trent ordered again.

"H... hey!" James called out. "I wasn't ready!"

"Leye!" Sableye called, slashing viciously as the grass type with eagerness.

"Bellsp!" Bellsprout gasped, falling to the ground.

"You need to always be ready in a battle," Trent said, a bit annoyed. "What do you think we do, take turns?"

James gapped for a moment before snarling, "Vine Whip!"

"Finish it with Scratch!" Trent ordered.

"Sprout!" Bellsprout said, launching its whip. It smiled as it got its opponent right in the gut.

Sableye simply stared at the whip at his stomach before turning to the grass type with a smirk. Bellsprout didn't even have a chance to react as Sableye grabbed the vine and dragged it over. "Bell!" it cried out in surprise as it literally flew towards the scary pokemon.

Sableye laughed at its opponent's shocked face before Scratching furiously at it as it soared past, once more getting it in the head. That was really the only area to land a hit. "Sabe," Sableye said proudly, standing over the fallen pokemon.

"Bellsprout!" James called in concern for his pokemon, running to its side. After a moment, he sighed in defeat. "He's out," he said at last.

Trent allowed a large grin to appear. He had won his first battle! "Ba," Sableye said happily, chuckling under its breath with a hunched form.

James grimaced as his eyes passed the pokemon before looking at Trent. "That was a good battle," he said a little quietly, with a hint of anger. He had lost, afterall. "See ya."

"See ya," Trent called back, coming up to his pokemon.

Sableye simpply lifted a bit of its skin above its eye that Trent took to be its eyebrow. "Sab?" it said, smirking a little.

"I guess we're partners," Trent said with a grin, watching the pokemon chuckle under its breath. "You are one creepy little pokemon." This only caused the deranged pokemon to chuckle even louder. Shaking his head but allowing his smile to stay, Trent recalled his pokemon and continued to walk down Route 1 in search of more opponents.

January 22nd, 2009, 8:16 AM
Chapter 1
Beo's eyes slowly start to crack open, he threw his arms in the air stretching and yawning at the same time. Beo hadn't slept much lately and it was beginning to dawn on him that maybe he should try to get some money and stop sleeping on the ground. Things haven't been great for Beo though he looked to the sky and thought about the loss of his parents eight years ago and then wartortle not to long ago. No Emotion on his face this time though, he had a new goal, and that was to become a pokemon master. He didnt know why but he just thought it was what he was meant to do. Thats why he was on his way to meet with Proffesor Birch now to get a new pokemon and start his journey again. He quickly grabbed his bag and headed towards the lab.

Beo knocked on the door of the lab only to see a boy younger then himself answer the door.

"Hello how can I help you?" the boy asked.

"I'm Beo I came to get a pokemon from Proffesor Birch" Beo said.

"Ah yes well currently my father isn't here but I can give you your pokemon, won't you come in?" He said as he let Beo in.

Without saying a word Beo just stepped in and stood there looking around. The boy ran back behind a desk and came back holding a pokeball and a odd device.

"My names Brendan by the way and this is your pokemon, and this device is called a pokedex" Brendan said with a smile on his face.

"Aright" Beo said with no sign of thanks or emotion on his face. Beo started to walk for the door as he slipped the pokeball onto his belt, and the pokedex into the bag.

"Wait Beo! I have a quick favor to ask of you" He exclaimed.

Beo didn't care he just kept walking for the door, he didnt care about anyone else's problems but his own.

"Please I just want you to look for my father while your out on your journey, he has been missing for a few days now" Brendan exclaimed.

Beo stopped in his tracks, maybe it was the fact he lost his father and felt a little for the kid.

"Fine" Beo said without even turning around he then continued to walk out the door and down the path to the next town.

Brendan watched as Beo just left but he had a feeling he meant well.

January 22nd, 2009, 11:10 AM
"Let's go Flare!!" Shaun said. Flare agreed and followed Shaun. They made their way to Route 1 until a Trainer caught Shaun's eye.

"Hey! Wanna battle?!" said the young boy eargerly. "And by the way, the name's Joe."

"Sure! I'll battle you! " Shaun said nicely. "My name's Shaun."

"Ok! Let's go!" shouted Joe, throwing out his Pokeball. "Go Ledyba!!"

"Alright, go Flare!!!" Shaun said as Flare jumped onto the battling area. Before the battle, Shaun took out his Pokedex and pointed it at Ledyba.

"Ledyba, use Tackle!!" yelled Joe. Ledyba's Tackle hit Flare.

"Flare! Are you OK?!" asked Shaun.

"Vulpix!!!" Flare said, getting up.

"OK, Vulpix use Tackle!!" Shaun exclaimed as Flare tackled Ledyba.

"Oh no!! Ledyba!!" Joe said.

"Now use Tackle again!!" Shaun said.

"Vuuuullllll-" Flare said. After her Tackle had hit, she finished. "-pix!!!!!" Ledyba had been beat.

"Nice match!!" Joe said nicely. " Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go bring Ledyba to the Pokemon Center."

"Thanks!!! Bye!!!" Shaun said looking at Joe as he left. "Good job Flare!! Hop on!!" Shaun said leaning down so Flare could hop on.

"Vulpix!!" Flare said happily hopping on Shaun. Shaun walked and walked, wondering what challenges he was going to face...

Snow Phoenix
January 22nd, 2009, 12:52 PM
Pikalover I edited my history. It's longer and a little bit different and more in depth.

January 22nd, 2009, 6:43 PM
Chapter 2 Gettin' Ziggy With It (Part 1)

Jazmine walked further up the sandy path, and the grassy terrain started to grow around her. Soon, she was in a foresty area. "Well, Pyu, here starts our journey! Maybe we'll find some new Pokemon friends for you!" , Jazmine said, excited for a change in her boring life.

"Pich! Piichu!"

"Look, Pyu, up ahead, there's smoke! Let's go!"

The two quickly ran up to the scene, and found a young boy, standing next to a smoking, red Pokemon. Jazmine's PokeDex beeped and said, "Magby, the live coal Pokemon. As long as it's breathing yellow flames, Magby is healthy-- even though its body temperature can reach one thousand degrees Fahrenheit."

"Wow! A Magby! Hey, what's your name?" , Jazmine asked the young boy.

"Oh! I'm Peter. You?"

"I'm Jazmine! Nice to meet you! So, thats a pretty cool Pokemon you've got there. Er.....is it okay?"

"Yeah, its been doing it a lot lately.Its fine! Your Pokemon's pretty awesome too! I've been dying to ask someone, do you want to battle?"

"I was hoping you'd ask! Bring it!"

"Your on! Come on Magby, start out with a Smokescreen!" A bunch of smoke emitted from the Magby's round snout.

"Careful Pyu, stay low and use Thundershock!" Pyu released a wave of electricity, clearing the smoke and sending Magby flying back a few feet.

"Magby, No! Use, Ember." A flame flared out of Magby's snout, and knocked Pyu down.

" Pyu,are you okay!?"

'Pi- Pichuuuuuu!", Pyu shouted, angrily getting up.

"Now we're pumpin' Pyu! Use, Charm!" Pyu face turned into puppy dog form, and Jazmine instintaly remembered the day they met.

"Okay Magby! Hit with your smog attack!" Magby ignored Peter, as it stared into Pyu's cute face.

"Now we got'em! One last, Thundershock!!"

"PICHUUUUUUUU!!!" , Pyu screamed as its final, most powerful shock hit Magby, sending it flying. It was unconcious.

"Nice work, Pyu! Thats how we do it!, Jazmine said as the two slapped hands.

"You guys did excellent!" , Peter said while scooping up his Pokemon.

"Thanks, you guys too!"

"Well, see ya' around, Jazmine! Bye!"

"Bye, Peter!" , Jazmine called as she saw Peter walk away into the trees. "I almost forgot, Pyu! I have to look you up in the Pokedex!" Jazmine pulled out her pokedex and pressed a few buttons, doing exactly what Brendan had told her to do.

"Pichu, the tiny mouse Pokemon. It can only store small amounts of electricity in its cheeks, but it does play with others by touching tails and displaying power. Ouch!"

"Well, come on Pyu, lets go!" The two walked further into the forest of Route 1, when suddenly, Pyu stopped. " What is it girl?" , Jazmine asked.

"Pi-chu" , Pyu replied, pointing to a nearby bush. The bush shook violently, and twigs were flying every which way. Something was in it.

January 22nd, 2009, 7:59 PM
Wolfwhispers: Gah! I don't think I would want to battle Sabeleye, mostly because its kind of creeping me out. Anyway good post!

Sabeleye grew to lvl. 7!

dboring: Man...Beo is kind of arrogant. Anyway good post!

Beo received, a Pokedex, 5 Pokeballs, and his starting Pokemon!

AndrewTemari101: OK...2 things. One, Flare isn't supposed to know Ember...that is a lvl. 7 or 8 move and Flare is only lvl. 5. 2: You may only battle/capture in a diferent post. You can't have a battle and then capture a Pokemon...So edit your psot without the capture of battle and more detail and then I'll give you your advances and all.

FrozenSnowman: (I thought I accepted you already) anyway you're accepted!

King: ha! That's what you meant by the title. Anyway one thing. Thunder Wave is a lvl. 10 move...Pyu is only lvl. 5. Edit your post with more description and without that move and I'll tell you how many lvls. you gained.

January 22nd, 2009, 8:44 PM
Chapter 2: Time to begin! My first pokemon!

Konata stroleld onto the first route with many idea's in her head, about how she would make this journey the most epic experience she ever had. The ralts merely sighed as it sat on her head eagerly waiting for the first sight that would perk the small psychic pokemos interest. Strolling upon the route she heard a small growl.

"Grr.." The small voice growled as it hopped out from a small tree, this perked Ralt interest as it hopped off Konata's head and landed on the ground.

"Ralts!" The tiny pokemon growled at the poocheyena eagerly.

"Snao I just remebers Ralts learns attacks at Lvl 6, snap!" Konata swore under he breath as she stepped, taking a spare pokeball from her belt. "Well it's worth a try." Konata mumbled as her brain began calculating a plan. The ralts stood it's ground as the poocheyena leaned into to tackle.

"Ralts run to the tree! I have a plan!" Konata yelled, the ralts looked at Konata quizzically but followed it's trainers order. Running to the tree a poocheyena hot on it's tail Ralts stopped in front of the tree, poocheyena in fool charge. "JUMP!" Konata ordered and with this Ralts jumped up, leaving the poocheyena slam into the tree. It's nose now sore from hitting a stone tree it growled angerly as Ralts lnded behind Poocheyena like a acrobat. "Now I'll try this! Go Pokeball!" Konata ordered, but as she went to throw the pokeball, she noticed the poocheyena had snuck up on her and hopped onto her back and began biting her bag.

"Damn it get off!" Konata yelled as she struggled to get the poocheyena off her back. Ah, but Konata was the trap master, she snapped her fingers and the Poocheyea swallowed a mouth of pepper gas, the ralts sweatdropped. Only Konata would think of using pepper gas as a trap. The ralts also being into pranks and traps, despite the simpleness of this plan. The poocheyena fell off and ran around in circles coughing, getitng a mouthful of pepper gas wasn't the best thing to be felt. The poocheyena whined as Ralts used growled, and Konata through the pokeball.

The pokeball shook with anticipation, this could be Konata's first catch, a poocheyena. The excitement was making Konata's heart race in excitement, her body shook with excitement and a playful smile on her face, her ralts nodded as well as the two looked in aticipation, waiting for the well known 'click' that symboled you have catched the pokemon..

January 22nd, 2009, 9:43 PM
Trent shuffled along as he crept through various thick bushes. The route he was on was covered, thus making it a bit hard to get to the necx city or capture pokemon. Sighing, Trent finally released his pokemon.

With a burst of white light, Sableye appeared. "Sab," Sableye grinned white teeth shining. It looked around and, when it found no opponent, turned to Trent.

He gulped unconciously as the eerie and unblinking eyes looked at him. "Er, Sableye, I was wondering if you could get us out of here?" He gestured to the knee deep bushes he was in. Sableye was up to his neck.

Sableye tilted his head, slowly opening its mouth and letting his long tongue lick its right horn in thought. Trent thought it was pretty cool. "Sable," Sableye said gesturing for Trent to follow.

Trent followed the small pokemon out. "Er, so how are you?" he asked.

"Sab," Sableye said with a shrug, starting to slash away at the grass to get to a clear area.

Trent felt that the conversation was over by the way Sableye continued to walk in silence. Perhaps it was because the dark/ghost pokemon knew that he couldn't understand him. Trent really hoped that he could make a closer bond with his pokemon.

"Sabe!" Sableye cried out in surprise, startling Trent badly enough to make him trip.

"What the..." Trent trailed off, gaining his footing. He looked up just in time to see a Zigzagoon charge at Sableye with a Tackle attack. "Dodge!" he called.

Sableye didn't pay heed, and instead stayed still, much to Trent's horror. Then, to his shock, Zigzagoon simply went right through Sableye, causing the hunched pokemon to laugh loudly in mirth.

"Zig," Zigzagoon questioned, wincing at it bashed right into a tree. "Goon," it growled, shaking its head. Growling angrily, it charged again, repeatedly going through Sableye.

Trent laughed at the sight. "Sableye, try a Scratch attack," he ordered.

Sableye once again didn't obey. Instead, he tilted his head and walked over to the tree, the Zigzagoon repeatedly going through its body. "Sab," he finally growled in irritation, Scratching Zigzagoon right over the eyes.

"Goon!" Zigzagoon roared, whimpering as it shut an eye in pain. Giving the odd pokemon a look, it scampered off, obviously thinking it wasn't worth it to attack a pokemon that it couldn't hurt.

"Sab..." Sableye muttered, sniffing at the tree Zigzagoon hit. It had caused a chunk to fall off, and if Trent looked closely, he could see something shiny in it if he glanced at a certain angle when the sun hit it. "Sabe!" Sableye cried with vigor, licking its pointed teeth eagerly as it began to slash at the tree, cutting off bark and ignoring the bark cutting at his fingers.

Trent kneeled, picking up a sharp rock as he did so. Together, the two began to hack away at the tree. By the time they had cut about a quarter of the tree away, a shiny, amber colored rock fell to the ground. Sableye picked it up in excitement, making it shine in the sunlight.

"Sab, sab, sab," he chuckled, watching it glitter.

"Cool," Trent breathed, eyeing the strange see-through stone. In the very center he could see a single dot, almost as if a bug or some sort of thin got stuck inside of it. Maybe a bug had been caught in some amber and died inside of it while the tree grew over it.

"Sabley," Sableye said, giving Trent the amber with a toothy grin.

Trent grinned back. "Thanks, buddy," he said, putting it securely inside his backpack.

Sableye gave that eerie chuckle once more, but Trent suddenly didn't find it all that creepy. In fact, he saw it as a stepping stone toward a good friendship with his pokemon.

"Come on," he said eagerly, gesturing for Sableye to follow. "If we hurry, we can find that Zigzagoon and challenge it to a proper battle.

Sableye simply laughed, crystal eyes shining in the sunlight.

OOC: If a problem does arise with the item, then it can change, but I assure you I plan to make a story out of it by having it be stolen, found... ect. And perhaps, if you allow, when we finally get to the rock gym place with all the scientists, they can discover if it has any hidden properties...

January 23rd, 2009, 4:55 AM
I edited the post, but I thought that Pyu was level 10. Sorry!

January 23rd, 2009, 7:27 AM
Chapter 2 Route 1

After just receiving his pokemon from Brendan, Beo thought maybe he'd stop for a bit and get to know his new partner. Reaching to his belt and grabbed Nidorans poke ball of and released it out.

"Hey there little guy i'm Beo" Beo said with a smile on his face. Since the first day Beo's father introuduce him to pokemon he has always cared for them and loved them.

"nid-o-nid-o ran" the little horned pokemon said it looked a little afraid of Beo.

Beo reached into his bag and pulled out what was a piece of bread and handed some to his pokemon.

"There ya go little guy eat up, we've got a long journey ahead of us" He exclaimed.

Nidoran happily took the bread and started chewing away at it. Beo laughed abit, but at the same time it hurt him inside knowing that Nidoran wasn't the same as Wartortle.

He looked back down to his pokemon "Ok I think i'm gonna call you spike, hows that sound?" Beo asked him.

"Nidooo" Nidoran shouted as he shook his head up and down.

"Alright then spike lets start towards route 1.. return" Beo said as he returned spike to it's pokeball.

It took Beo about ten minutes from where he was at to reach Route 1 but when he got there he was ready to start moving forward. As Beo took his first few steps into the tall grass he was reminded of the days when it was just him and Wartortle running through the forest training and just finding ways to live. But then he snapped back to reality, he was done thinking about everything in his past this was the present and he had to focus on that, no emotions not now not ever. About a half hour into the route Beo sat down and opened up a can of soda he had bought earlier in the week with the little money he had. Sitting there he took a couple long sips and then sighed with refreshment. As he sat there he felt something land on his head and he quickly darted up waving at his head trying to shake whatever it was off. It eventually flew off and pulled out his pokedex.

"Ledyba the Ladybug pokemon" the pokedex said.

"Hmph" Beo smirked as he reached for Spikes pokeball and called him out.

"Spikes lets do this, use peck" Beo said.

Spikes darted towards the ledyba who was close to the ground but at the last moment flew into the air and spikes hit head first into a tree.

"Ahh comeon spikes be quicker, again hit it with peck" Beo shouted only this time ledyba landed once again on Beo's head and spikes smashed into Beo's face as Ledyba flew into the air again.

Getting off the ground holding his face Ledyba flew back onto of his head, and that gave Beo an idea.

"Spikes quickly run up that tree and into the leaves" Beo shouted as Spikes quickly ran up the tree and hid withing the branches and leaves.

The ledyba meanwhile was just lying on Beo's head having a good old time smiling, and thats what Beo wanted he knew the ledyba didn't watch Spikes go into the tree and was about to make a bold move. Beo slowly walked over to the tree and sat down leaning his back against the tree, the ledyba was slowly getting relaxed and falling asleep.

Beo waited a couple minutes before a grin grew on his face. " Spikes now peck!" Beo shouted as Spikes jumped out of the tree full speed hitting the ledyba directly and causing Beo a headache at the same time.

"Hmph good job" Beo said as he watched the ledyba lay there, he reached into his bag and grabbed a spare pokeball and chucked it at the annoyining Ledyba.

Beo stood there waiting to see if the Pokeball would stop and if Beo had actually caught his first ever pokemon.

(I used the move set from platinum for nidoran because I didn't know if you had move sets already made.)

January 23rd, 2009, 1:01 PM
sasuneuchiha: *slaps forehead* I can't believe I missed that...Sorry for worrying ya and yes! You are in with Turtwig!!

lolz. it's ok. I thought I had made you mad. hope you didn't mind my PMing that. It was good for me since it was a good practice for me. lolz. thanx!!!

January 23rd, 2009, 4:51 PM
He was holding something in his hand. A trophy? Yes, it was a large, golden cup larger than even his body. He looked into the crowd and sneered with joy.

Suddenly, something snapped onto Silver’s head—hard. He awoke with a great start, shouting with pain and surprise as he looked onto the attacker. It was a Poochyena, growling and snarling as if it were all-that. Silver took his fist and punched the creature.

“Beat it!” he shouted angrily. The poochyena whimpered out of pain and ran back into the woods.

Growling and mumbling under his breath, Silver stood up to clean his space before moving on. It was quite poor what it had to offer. A pile of greens sat where his feet were with a poor, ripped up blanket on top. Small cans scattered the area as nothing more than a pile of trash. It was food that Silver stole the night before. But it wasn’t enough…

It wasn’t a huge tragedy. Silver was used to hunger. He had lived hungry ever since he ran away from his so called “dad” a few years back. Honestly, he loved starving better than being trapped with him in his pig sty he called a house. It was enough that he took advantage over Silver with his muscular arms, but he added in verbal abuse as well. Silver couldn’t take that crap any more from that man. Every time he thought about that guy, he wondered who his real parents could possibly be. Silver knew the chances of finding them ever was slim to none. This was his life now.

Next thing on Silver’s agenda: get something for dinner tonight. All he ever thought about was food and more food, but it was completely necessary for him to survive. He began to mumble some new plans under his breath, trying to hatch the perfect plan to get a stomach full’s worth for once. After great frustration, he decided to just browse the depressing little town a bit before making his move.

How could a place be so tiny? It was pathetic to even consider this a “town.” Silver didn’t concern himself with looks. Buildings meant food, which was everything that mattered. He browsed around, not satisfied with the looks of the building. His plans would have to be perfect as always. He only got one shot at dinner, and if he screwed that up, that would mean he would have to flee the town with an empty stomach and have to wait till possibly days until he reached the next town.

Life of a loner…

Dust and dirt suddenly flew in the air as Silver shoved his shoe into the soft earth to bring him to a sudden stop. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked to his right a little. In front of him was a lab. It was huge! Silver couldn’t believe a large fancy lab like this was in the middle of a depressing layout of tiny homes. He slyly smiled as he walked towards the front doors of the building. This was his ticket to daily happiness.

With the doors sliding behind him, Silver walked into the high-tech building. He looked around and saw some guys and ladies here and there all wearing similar white lab jackets and fiddling with something. It was the geek squad all together as a family. Silver couldn’t believe people like this existed.

“Ah, finally, you’re here!” exclaimed a voice. Silver jumped as an assistant suddenly leaped into his face. He looked exactly the same as the other people in his eyes, just a tad bit more professional. His jacket was buttoned up, and his brown hair was completed brushed and neat. There wasn’t a single hair on his face. Silver looked at him and saw that he was almost perfect looking……but also like a geek like everyone else.

“Why are you late?” the guy almost demanded.

To steal food from your lab? Sorry, buddy, Silver thought sarcastically. He decided to just play along a little. “Sorry, for being late. Are you the head professor?”

The man fiddled with his fingers and looked down at the ground in shame. “…No. I’m his son. The professor was kidnapped just yesterday night by a group called the. You’ve probably heard of them.

Nope. Silver scratched his head. “Sorry to hear the professor isn’t here. So, what am I doing here?”

The man suddenly shook his head violently and gave it a little pop. “Right, right, dad wouldn’t want me slacking like this…”

He suddenly rushed off into the lab, leaving Silver where he was near the door. Silver scratched his long hair again and let out as puff of air out of frustration from waiting for somebody. Maybe he was getting the food for him? That would make the journey a lot easier if this guy was so intelligent he could read minds.

To Silver’s dismay, it wasn’t food that the man brought back. Instead, he gave him various things including a large red and white pokeball along with a metal red box. Silver recognized this as a pokedex, something he had seen various people use on his journeys. This guy was just handing him one?

“Now, here is your starter pokemon, a Beldum,” the guy explained. He then pointed at the pokedex. “And this-“

“Yeah, yeah, I know what it is,” Silver interjected. He shoved the objects quickly in his pocket, and the man responded by shoving five miniature pokeballs in his now open hand.

“Use these to capture wild pokemon,” the man explained.

So this guy wants me to go on a journey? Silver thought. He saw the golden cup in his hands again. Money pouring on him…. Pokemon following his orders. It all suddenly became all too good to be true. Silver smiled grimly with joy.

“Well, thanks for your help, professor! See ya soon!” Silver shouted as he rushed out the door.

“Please, try to find my father!” the young man shouted after him.

Whatever, Silver thought. All he could see at the moment was money, fame…. And all the food he could eat.

January 24th, 2009, 7:39 AM
Sam awoke to the normal stuff. Brown, wood ceiling, nightstand, and bookshelf. This morning, however was different in many, many ways. "Sam! Breakfast time. Hurry up!" His mother yelled from downstairs. "I'm coming, Mom!" Sam replied, quickly dressing. Today was one day he could not afford to be late. After wolfing down a breakfast, Sam ran out the door, saying his good byes as he grabbed his bag. "I'll miss you, Sam!" his brother said as he ran. "I'll miss you too, Jack!" Sam replied, feeling sorry for his brother. His parents had failed to make Sam a perfect researcher as they'd planned, so now Jack was their target. I'll have to send him a lot of emails, Sam thought, knowing that would keep Jack's dream to be a trainer alive. There was not anymore time to think about that, though. Sam ran into Littleroot Town, straight for the lab.

"Hi!" a boy said, coming out of the lab. Sam guessed that the boy was about 3 years older than he was. Sam was probably right, as he'd seen this boy before. "Good morning, it's Brendan, right?" Sam asked. "Yep. Who're you?" he asked. "I'm Sam. Nice to meet you. So...where's Prof. Birch?" Sam asked. "Actually, he's out right now. So I'm standing in." Brendan said, almost sadly. "Okay. So, I'm here for my first pokemon." Sam said. "Of course you are," Brendan said, "Everyone is, today. Please, come inside. That's where it is." "Cool. Let's go." Sam said.

After they walked inside, Sam was amazed. The lab was a lot bigger on the inside. Sam liked it here. "Well, here are your choices," Brendan said, produceing 3 pokeballs.
In the first ball was a chimchar, Sam knew this from Pokeschool. The second ball held a piplup. Finally, Sam opened the 3rd ball to find a Turtwig. "Twig!" Said the Turtwig. "I'll take this one," Sam said, taking turtwig's pokeball. "Great...let's go!" Brendan said, pulling out another pokeball. "What do you mean?" Sam asked, very confused. "We're going to battle, to test your pokemon trainer skills. It's a basic excercise for when you get your pokemon" Brendan said. "Well, okay." Sam said, throwing out turtwig.

Within minutes, Sam was losing the battle. Brendan's Squirtle knew ice beam. "Go! Razor Leaf, Turtwig!" Sam said. Turtwig shot some leaves in Squirtle's direction, leaving no room to dodge. Squirtle was hit head on with a powerful attack, even stronger due to Overgrow. "Go! Ice Beam!" Brendan said. "Dodge it!!!" Sam said. Turtwig just barely dodged it as he jumped. "Now Razor Leaf!" Sam said again.
This time, he hit really hard. "No! Squirtle! Get up! Water Gun!" Brendan said. "No! Use Razor Leaf!" Sam said. The two attacks hit simeltaneously. Double knockout. "Good match." Brendan said. "Thanks! You too!" Sam said. "Take this!" Brendan said. He handed Sam a package. "Now go!" Brendan said.

Walking away, Sam opened the package. Inside was a pokedex, a potion, and 5 pokeballs. Knowing turtwig would need rest, he headed for the nearest pokecenter for the night.

January 24th, 2009, 9:07 PM
GhostPrincess: Not your best work, but...

Konata caught a lvl. 2, male Poocheyana!

Wolfwhispers: nah...the item is fine.

Trent found an Old Amber! Sableye grew to lvl. 8! Sableye learned Night Shade!

King: It is ok! It happens to everyone atleast once. Anyway...

Pyu grew to lvl. 7! Pyu learned Tail Whip!

dboring: yeah...I'm going to make an OOC thread tomorrow hopefully. Anyway:

Beo caught a lvl. 2 female Ledyba!

Dark_link12: Ha! Silver only wanted food but got Pokemon instead!

Silver received a Beldum, a Pokedex, and 5 Pokeballs!

sasuneuchiha: Good post!

Sam received a Turtwig, a potion, a Pokedex, and 5 pokeballs!

Everyone: I plan on making an OOC thread tomorrow:)

January 25th, 2009, 10:51 AM
Chapter 1: The Meeting of Partners!
Fluffy white clouds rolled lazily across the bright blue sky. They cast shadows on the figure lying on the grassy hill. "***** *****..." The wind was playing with the chain hanging off the boy's pants. The boy's eyes flickered back in forth, deep in thought.

"Crunch crunch..." The sound of people running on gravel snapped the boy backed to reality. He sat up and watched as a gaggle of kids about his own age run towards the local lab. "Thats right...." He muttered. "I'm supposed to start my Pokemon Journey today." With that thought the boy got up, brushed the dirt off his clothes, and proceded down the hill.

Soon he was standing in front of the lab. He peeked through the window and saw all the kids standing in front of a man wearing a lab coat. The man saw the boy looking through the window and beconed him in. "Well hello there!" the man said with a smile. "Can I help you with something?"

"Um I'm supposed to start my Pokemon Journey today." the boy said uncertainly.

"Ah! You must be Mike! Well c'mon in." The man said as he turned around and began rumminging around the desk. "As I was just telling the other kids, Im temporaily in charge as Prof. Birch is..........away at the moment. Anyway here are your Pokeballs and PokeDex Mike. The other children have allready got theirs and their Partners." the man said motioning to the space where the kids once were. "Where did they go....?"

"They went out the door dude." Mike said with chuckle.

"Oh....well this is akward." the man said embarressed. "Um well we kinda ran out of Partner Pokemon." the man said his face getting redder.

"Oh! Well....." Mike said his face downcast.

"Don't worry though! I have a spare Pokemon if you want it." the man said taking out a Pokeball.

"Sure!" Mike cried. He took the ball from the man's hands and released the Pokemon inside. Out popped a crow like Pokemon with what looked like a witches hat on its head. "Murkrow!" It said.

Mike took out his brand new Pokedex to find out what it was. "Murkrow, the Darkness Pokemon. It is believed that seeing this Pokémon at night will bring about ominous occurrences"

"Well you definitly have a fantastic rep dont ya?" Mike said sarcastilly. The Murkrow in question jumped on his head and gave him a sharp rap with its beak.

"Yeah she is a pretty proud Pokemon so I wouldn't give her a hard time." The man said.

"Duley noted..." Mike muttered as he wandered out of the Lab and onto his journey.

(OOC: FINALLY! After like three tries its finally up! Not my best by far but hopefully it will suffice.)

January 25th, 2009, 4:27 PM
Old Lace: I have to agree. Its not your best but its still good!

Mike received a Murkrow, 5 Pokeballs, and a Pokedex!!

January 25th, 2009, 4:40 PM
Chapter 2 part 2

Beo watched as the pokeball stopped bouncing back and forth.

"Hmph it's about time, that ledyba was getting annoying.

Beo walked over and picked up ledyba's pokeball, and tossed it into his bag. Next he turned to Nidoran.

"Good job boy, now return and get some rest" Beo said as he recalled Nidoran to its pokeball and also tossed it into his bag.

"Ahhh it's time I start getting a move on to get to the next town" Beo thought to himself as he started off again.

As Beo kept on moving through the tall grass he swore he could not see an end to it, until eventually he stumbled upon a open field, where a young girl was lying in the grass looking at the sky. Beo decided not to startle the girl, so he wouldn't get into a conversation and he slowly tried to creep around her.

He though he had made it, then he felt a tap on his back.

"excuse me" the girl said standing there tossing a pokeball up and down in the air.

Beo slowly turned around, and then looked down to the girl who looked to be about 13 years old, with pig tails.

"Yes?" Beo asked barley making eye contact with the girl.

"Um Battle me please you seem like a tough trainer and I want to see if i'm any good yet." the girl said with a cute little smile on her face.

Beo just ignored the smile. "Shouldn't you be playing with dolls or something?" Beo ignorantly said to the girl, as he waved her off then started walking away.

"Hey you can't turn down a battle!, Nidoran go use peck on him!" she yelled angrily.

Hearing this Beo quickly turned around and grabbed his nidorans pokeball from his bag.

"Nidoran peck also" Beo shouted as he threw it out.

The two nidoran's collided and flew back. The girls nidoran was a female, while Beo's was a male which the two color differences would indicate.

"oh you have a cute little Nidoran to!" the girl said.

"Nidoran run in close and hit it with a peck!" Beo ordered.

Nidoran moved in close and jumped into the air then hit the female nidoran directly knocking it down.

"ahh nidoran get up girl, dont let this mean boy beat us!" she said as nidoran got up slowly to it's feet.

"NOW PECK IT BACK" she ordered.

"Ahh Nidoran dodge it." Beo shouted back.

The female nidoran dove for Beo's but was to slow and he dodged it swiftly to the right.

"Now finish it with another peck" Beo ordered.

Nidoran drove in swiftly and hit the already damaged Nidoran directly this time knocking it almost out for good. It didnt quit though and it slowly got up.

"HMPH Nidoran will you finish this already peck once more!" Beo said.

Nidoran went to hit the defenseless female nidoran, but the little girl jumped in front of the attack.

"NOo please stop don't hurt her anymore!" the girl shouted.

"Ah stupid girl, Nidoran stop!" Beo shouted quickly as Nidoran slowed down to a hault.

The girl picked up her nidoran and tears started rolling down her eyes.

"I'm sorry Nidoran, I shouldn't have made you battle" the girl said to her pokemon.

Beo couldn't stand the sight of her anymore and returned nidoran to its pokeball and started walking away.

"Oh no i'm out of potions" the girl shouted.

Beo heard this and stopped opened his bag and tossed a potion to the girl.

"That was my last one that i bought, you should feel grateful." Beo said as he started walking away again.

"A smile came upon the young girls face, I'm Hope by the way" she shouted to Beo.

Stopping for a second "Beo" was all he said as he stuck his hand up and waved still walking.

Hope stood there and new deep down inside she had made a new friend, maybe even a rival, and she vowed to herself to get stronger and beat Beo one day.

About a half hour later Beo had just come upon the exit of route 1.

January 25th, 2009, 5:05 PM
The next morning, Sam woke up just after Turtwig. Turtwig was eating breakfast while poking around Sam's bag. Sam knew he was looking for a treat. Sam had bought some so he could give Turtwig a treat for being great. Still, his mind was not as clear as it should be. He had been thinking a lot the night before. He had always dreamed about being a great trainer. Still, recently, he had been wondering (recentlly being the night before) whether that was his designated path. He was thinking about becoming a coordinator.

A few minutes later, after a good breakfast, Sam left the Poke Center. As he walked, he saw Route One. According to his map, that was the way out of town. Sam really liked the idea of finally leaving Littleroot. With Turtwig by his side, he finally could. He and Turtwig walked out at the route. After a while of walking around, he saw something. Getting closer, he saw it as a pokemon. "Maybe I should check my pokedex!" Sam said, pulling out his pokedex and popped it open. When he pointed it at the pokemon, it said, "Poochyena. This pokemon is normally fairly calm, until it is angered. At that point, it can become quite violent." the pokedex said. "Well that was quite helpful," Sam said sarcastically. All it had said was don't make it mad. Sam knew that. Okay...Turtwig! Let's battle it!" Sam said, ready for his second ever battle. His match against Brendan had made him feel empty, not winning and all. He wanted to know how it felt.

After a couple minutes of battle, nothing had happened. Turtwig and Poochyena had stared eachother down and taunted eachother to no avail. "Okay! Let's do this! Tackle!" Sam said. Turtwig charged, but he wasn't as fast as the Poochyena. Poochyena hit him with a powerful Tackle attack on the side as he dodged. "Shoot!" Sam said. Poochyena got in a couple more attacks and Turtwig couldn't do anything. It was really fast. "Okay then. Switch tactics! Use Withdraw!" Sam said, remembering Turtwig's other attacks. Only Tackle and Withdraw limited how Sam could fight, but Sam was quite creative. The now Shielding itsself Turtwig took almost no damage as Poochyena used tackle a couple more times. Now that Poochyena had tired itsself a bit, Sam figured it was time to strike. "Use tackle!" Sam commanded. Turtwig charged, hit Poochyena as it recovered from tackling. Direct hit on Turtwig's part. Poochyena went flying. As it flew quickly, Sam had an idea. He remembered 2 things: How fast Turtwig was and some attacks he had learned about in the Pokeschool he went to, specifically, Body Slam. "Go! Charge!" Sam said. Turtwig quickly charged at the Poochyena. Poochyena, knowing it could get in a strike, charged as well, though it was not crouching, like Turtwig was. He knew what Sam was planning. "Now jump!" Sam said. Turtwig went straight up. Poochyena, moving quickly, could not stop in time. Since Turtwig had gone straight up. "Now! Withdraw!" Sam said. With the lower air resistance, Turtwig went straight down. With 3 seconds of falling, and at that time (Sam quickly did the math), Turtwig was moving at 29.4 m/s when he hit. Sam thought he heard a crack when he hit, and quickly realized that was the soil. A huge hole was where Turtwig had landed, and at the bottem, Poochyena, with Turtwig on top of it.

Instantly feeling horrible for what he did, Sam pulled Poochyena out of the hole and onto his own sleeping bag. Grinding up the berries into a fine, powdery substance. Putting it over Poochyena's wounds and using a potion on everything else, he fed it one Oran berry so it would be completly rejuvinated. A few minutes later, Poochyena woke up. "Okay, Poochyena. You feeling better?" Sam asked, excitedly and a bit worried. "Pooch!" it said. Very relieved, Sam picked up and put his sleeping bag back. He was getting ready to leave, Poochyena walked in front of him and sat. "What's up? You sure you're alright?" Sam asked, a bit worried again. "Yena. Poochyena!" it said. Sam was now curious. What was it saying. "Yen-na!" Poochyena yelled, a bit louder now. The message was obviously not getting through. Poochyena, much to Sam's surprise, went digging in Sam's bag. He eventually pulled out a Poke Ball. "What are you doing with that...no! You want me to...catch you?!" Sam asked. "Yena!" Poochyena said, poking the ball with its snout. "Okay. Hold still..." Sam said. He tossed the ball. One. Two. And now, he just waited for the small click that signaled the catch. As he stood there, waiting, he nearly started hyperventilating. Turtwig came up next to him and handed him a berry. Sam ate it to calm down, and waited...

January 25th, 2009, 5:06 PM
Chapter 2: Gettin' Ziggy With It con.
The bush shook violently, and twigs flew every which way. Something was in it.

"Okay Pyu, prepare yourself. Its coming!", Jazmine said, her eyes fixed on the bush.


"Here it is!", Jazmine said as a small, fury striped creature jumped out of the bush." But, what is it?"

The Pokedex immediatley answered her question. "Zigzagoon, the Tynyracoon Pokemon. Zigzagoon gets its name from the way it runs, in zig zagged lines. It is great at finding items on the ground, or even in it."

"Wow, a Zigzagoon!" Jazmine said, in excitment.

"Hey, get back here!", Jazmine heard a familiar voice call. She turned towards the voice, and saw Peter.

"What are you doing here?", Jazmine asked.

"I was about to battle this wild Zigzagoon.", Peter replied, between gasps for breath.

"Well, me too! Lets both battle it, then we'll decide who really gets it."

"Thats not a bad idea. Lets come on out, Maggie!"

"Okay, Pyu! Lets hit it!"

Together, the two, pumped up, shouted, " Use, Thundershock/Ember!"

The blow struck the Zigzagoon, and it flew back, but caught itself. It came back, running zigzaggedley, and striked Pyu.

"Don't let it to that to Pyu, use Smog while it's close!" Gas blew around Zigzagoon, but it quickly got out of the smog. It fought back, and hit with a Tackle and Tail Whip combo.

"Pyu, Charm!", Jazmine yelled. This Zigzagoon was tough. Pyu put on her puppy face, once more.

"Okay Maggie, Ember!" The stream of fire, hit with a blazing flash, and the Zigzagoon lay, unconcious.

'That's the way we do it!", Jazmine said excitedley, slapping hands with Peter. "So, here goes!"
The two both threw pokeballs at the same time. One hit, while the other bounced off the ground, and flew back, landing in between the two's feet. The other, with Zigzagoon inside, shook once, twice, and.........

OOC: Sorry its a little short, my third Route 1 post will be a lot better!0

January 25th, 2009, 5:22 PM
dboring: Nidoran grew to lvl. 7! Nidoran learned Focus Energy!

sasuneuchiha: no...It's 29.4 m/s squared!
Sam caught a lvl. 3 male, curious Poocheyana!

King: It is ok.

Jazmine caught a lvl. 2 female, adament Zigzagoon!!

January 25th, 2009, 5:24 PM
Er......I just wanted to add that its not mine....yet!

January 25th, 2009, 6:13 PM
Click. Sam's heart skipped a few beats. He had just caught his first pokemon. Instantly, Sam grabbed the pokeball and released his Poochyena. "Pooch!" Poochyena cried happily. He was Sam's newest partner. Sam was in the middle of celebrating his capture when all of the sudden, "Hey! Kid! I saw that catch...a little weak, but I'll give ya a shot. Let's see how you can do!" a boy said, walking out from behind a bush. "What're you talking about? I'm a new trainer. Who're you? I'm Sam." Sam said, rather curious. "I'm Drew. Nice to meet ya. Now about that battle. Since I know you have 2, we'll fight 2 on 2. That work for ya?" Drew asked. "Eh. Sure. I'm tottaly in. I need a chance to train!" Sam said. "Alright! Let's do it!" Drew said.

"Go! Poochyena and Turtwig" Sam said, having his two pokemon walk into the battle zone. "Okay. Go! Tyrogue! Surskit!" Drew said, throwing out his 2 pokemon. Sam could tell they were strong, but he was determined to win. "Okay! Poochyena! Charge! Use Tackle! Turtwig, run in front and use your withdraw to provide cover!" Sam commanded. Turtwig ran a bit faster and shielded his teammate. "Tyrogue! Use Tackle, too! Surskit! Bubble!" Drew said. Sam wasn't expecting the long range attack along with tackle, but Turtwig stood up very well. Poochyena dealt good damage to Tyrogue and had time to attack again. "Okay! Now hit Surskit! Turtwig! You go for Tyrogue! Tackle! Both of you!" Sam said, certain of his pokemons' abilities. Surskit took a powerful hit, but Tyrogue was a fair bit luckier. He hit Turtwig with a quick fakeout, and Surskit immidietly responded to the attack with bubble. The pokemon didn't even take a command. This wasn't good. They could fight independently. What could he do...then it hit him. The tree, the positions and his pokemons' speed. It all worked.

"Okay! Turtwig! Use Withdraw! Poochyena! Jump off Turtwig onto that branch!" Sam said, planning something. "What could he be doing? Tackle! Bubble! Beat the Turtwig down!" Drew said angerly. "Okay! Poochyena! Jump and use tackle! FULL SPEED! Turtwig! Provide backup and hit them with tack immediatly after. (The reason they can hit both both times is because the pokemon moved closer to hit Turtwig harder). Poochyena hit really hard and made them flinch almost, while Turtwig hit them just as hard on the ground. They flew into the tree and were instantly KO'd. "No! Tyrogue! Surskit!" Drew said. "Yes! We did it!" Sam said, now that he had finally won his first real battle. It felt so good. Now he should thank his opponent.

"Drew! Thanks for the battle! I hope we can meet again!" Sam said. "Oh, don't worry about that. Thanks to that little defeat, you are now my rival! I will NOT forget this. But good match, seriously. I hadn't lost until now. Your style showed me there's always more than one way to use a move. Here! Take these for winning," Drew said, handing Sam some berries. "Thanks! Well, see ya!" Sam said. "Yeah. See you next time," Drew said, walking up the path. It was getting dark now, so Sam decided to set up camp. Grabbing some leaves to make a bed for his pokemon, he laid them out. Next, a fire. Lighting a match, he tossed it into a pit he had made. Laying out his sleeping bag, he pulled out some ingrediants. Rice and a bit of curry. Within minutes, he had some warm curry rice. Chowing down while his pokemon at some slightly warmed pokefood, he thought over that day. His first capture, his first victory, he knew he had made the right choice in becoming a trainer. And he didn't have to decide about being a trainer or coordinator yet. That could wait. Slipping into his sleeping bag, Sam instantly fell asleep. In his dreams, he relived the days events...

January 26th, 2009, 4:16 PM
ooc: sorry not very good at post the beggining of role-plays I'll get better as I go along ^0^ and I was rushed with that post *curse my mom* And it's very hard to catch a pokemon with ralts at the beggining seeing as it only knows growl xD!

Chapter 3: My first catch, enter Mion and Shion my two rivals!Part 1

Click. "We did it ralts, we did it!" Konata yelled happily running to picking up the pokeball, the ralts gave a trumphent smile of victory and raised it's left arm as to say 'You did good, for well, you.' Konata held the pokeball in her hand, her reflection shone back from the red top of the pokeball, the reflection showed nothing but her face, which shone as bright as the morning song. "Oh, I needa train, I soo needa train! We'll become the best there ever was!" Konata resolved, as a voice emerged from the bushes.

"Not if WE beat you first." The femine voice called out to her, Konata looked behind her, and two girl stood behind her, they appeared to be identical twins, however, one of the girls wore a white shirt and a mini-skirt. The girls also had different hairstyles, but it was clear they could cosplay as each other if they wanted too. "I'm Shion Sonozoki, younger of the infamous Sonazaki twins!" The white-shirted girl spoke, as she swayed her long green hair that clearly went down past her hips, and also wore a single yellow-ribbon in her hair. The second of the girls however, seemed more tomboyish in nature.

"I'm Mion Sonozaki, eldest of the Sonozaki twins, and next in line to inherit the Sonozaki fortune!" The second yelled. She kept her long green hair in a ponytail, and wore black pants, and a dark yellow shortsleeved shirt, her pants were held up by a black belt, and her phany pack was strapped around it, lay gently on her back. Konata was very confused at this point.

"So your Shion...?" Konata mumbled as she pointed at Mion. Shion and Mion were angered by this.

"NO! I'm MION! SHE' SHION!" Mion yelled, Konata was very confused at this point. Shion sighed and walked up to Konata.

"Sorry about my sister, she doesn't like being called the youngest, anyway. Would you like to battle? We saw your superb performance at catching that Poocheyena and we would like to see if you could be our rival!" Shion smiled happily as she grabbed a pokeball on her belt.

"U-Uh okay!" Konata was speecheless she had no idea of what to say, she had no reason to hate these two, but she was very confused, at who was Mion and who was Shion.

"Alright Sis looks like we gotta battle to win, spotlight Eevee!" Shion yelled throwing her pokeball, which unleashed a tiny brown fox, it looked ready to play and was excitedly playinmg with a stray stone.

"It's your turn EEVEE!" Mion called, as anothe eevee was released this one looknig more serious in nature and ready to battle.

"A double-battle huh? Well then I guess it's time to unleash my pokemon! Ralts and Poocheyena, take your stances!" Konata yelled as her Ralts entered the fray, along with her newly captured Poocheyena.

"I guess we will start! Eevee use helping hand!" Shion yelled, her Eevee wagged it's tail and a mysterious light engulfed Mions eevee, Mions eevee looked stronger, of coursde Konata had studied many support moves, including helping hand, so as such she began to calculate a pla, with ralts only knowing growl it would be tough till her Ralts learned a new attack.

"Heh, I guess I'll start with a pokedex entry then!" Konata smiled and she retrieved her pokedex from her bag.

"http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa133.pngEevee the Evolution Pokemon. A rare pokemon that adapts to harsh enviorments by taking on difference evolutionary forms."

"Two Eevee's, ones probably a supporting eevee with the first attack.." Konata mumbled as she analzyzed the situation carefully. "Alright, so lets DO THIS!" Ralts start off with growl, poocheyena follow this up with tackle!"

"Tackle!" The two girls yelled, and with that the battle was on..

January 27th, 2009, 12:03 PM
“Come on out. I need to see who you are.”

Silver spoke the words as his finger lightly pressed the silver button on the red and white orb. A burst of red light poured out the ball onto the ground in front of him. It formed into the shape of a pokemon and then disappeared.

Silver looked at the pokemon after the light disappeared. It was quite small and looked mysterious as it floated midair. It spoke no words—just floated. Its body looked as if it were made of a pure, unbreakable metal of turquoise color. Silver immediately came up with an opinion on his new companion. He wasn’t impressed. Silver pulled out his pokedex to examine the pokemon a little more.

“So, you’re a Beldum,” Silver mumbled. He suddenly paused. “AND YOU ONLY KNOW TAKE DOWN?!”

The pokemon showed no emotion whatsoever as it continued to float.

“Stupid- useless- wasted my dinner- trash-“ Silver angrily spat and mumbled under his breath. Beldum continued to……float.

Silver paced back and forth on the dirt path of Route 1. He occasionally kicked it furiously making dust fly into the air. After about a minute, he turned to face Beldum who was looking straight at the ground.

“Alright, we can work this out. You will show me now that you aren’t a useless piece of trash,” Silver spat. He heard the bushes rustle and out came a Bellsprout. Perfect.

“Beldum, use Take Down as hard as you can!!” Silver shouted. Beldum zoomed forward like a plane coming in for a landing as it got closer and closer to Bellsprout. Then….BOOM! The Bellsprout was on the ground unconscious.

Silver grinned with satisfaction on his pokemon’s power. Maybe this thing wasn’t weak after all. A pokemon that took down an opponent with one attack was worth the effort.

“Beldum, you and I are going to be great friends. I can already tell.”

(Sorry, this post really stinks. I have an absolute writer’s block. The next part will be much longer and better)

January 27th, 2009, 2:30 PM
Chapter 2: Gettin' Ziggy With It con.(again)
"Yes!", the two shhouted at the same time. "We caught, a Zigzagoon!"

"Wait a minute", Jazmine said, confused. "We have a little problem"

"I think you're right", Peter agreed. "Who gets it?"

"Well, I think we should battle for it, one on one!", Jazmine stated.

"You're on!", Peter replied, a smile starting on his face.

"Pyu, lets go, start with a Tail whip!" Pyu wagged its tail, and Maggie stopped to admire the cute fashion.

"Maggie, snap out of it and hit with a Smokescreen!" Smoke spread around the field and obscured the vision of the two rivals.

"Pyu, stay low and clear the smoke with a Thundershock!" The blast of thunder ran through the smoke, and cleared it away in two.

"Maggie, Ember!" The two simple words sprung to life, as a ray of fire blasted Pyu up into the air, and landed with a thump.

"Don't let that happen, Pyu, get up.....Pyu?" The small Pokemon slowly rose. It turned around to face the Maggie, and the Magby immediatley stopped, as the small tail of Pyu shook."It's..so...cute!"
Pyu had combined Charm and Tail Whip, thrusting Maggie into a state of shock.

"Maggie, snap out of it!", Peter pleaded, but Maggie wouldn't budge.

"Okay Pyu, show 'em what your made of, full-force, THUNDERSHOCK!" The result was incredible, as the blast of electricity sent Maggie back, knocking it out as it hit atree. "Nice, Pyu!", Jazmine shouted, overjoyed.

"That was impressive", Peter said handing Jazmine the pokeball that contained the Zigzagoon.

"You guys did great, too!", Jazmine said with a smile. Peter flashed a smile back and walked away, with a wave.

"Bye!", Jazmine called as her friend disappeared into the trees. "Now to you", she glanced at the pokeball. "I'll name you Liz" With that, Jazmine placed the pokeball in her pocket, and scooped up Pyu. They walked further down the path, and finally, they reached a sign stating, "Next town, up ahead" Jazmine smiled at the news, and saiod, "Well Pyu, we did it, we made it this far"

"Pichu!", Pyu replied.

"Let's move on!", and the two friends walked further down the path, and further down their journey.

January 29th, 2009, 6:23 AM
All: Sorry I haven't updated the posts yet! I've been busy and all so yeah here are the updates:

sasuneuchiha: Ok post...but for future battling posts try to add some more detail ok?
Turtwig grew to lvl. 7!
Poocheyana grew to lvl. 5
Poocheyana learned Howl!
Sam received 2 Oran Berries, 1 Pecha Berry, and 1 Cheri Berry!

GhostPrincess: Good starting post! Can't wait to read the rest:).

Dark_Link12: It's fine...I guess you'll get a little exp for beating the Bellsprout...
Beldum grew to lvl. 6!

King: Good post!
Pyu grew to lvl. 7!
Jazmine received a lvl. 3 Female Zigzagoon nicknamed Liz!!

January 29th, 2009, 1:28 PM
The sun shined brightly as Sam woke up. He recalled yesterday's events and felt a little giddy, even now. As he looked around, he spotted his 2 pokemon, Turtwig and Poochyena, laying in the sun. "Aw....they look so cute right now," Sam said happily. Turtwig was his starter and had gotten much stronger yesterday, and Poochyena had just been caught and was already stronger and had learned a new move. Sam was so proud of his pokemon. "Guys! Wake up! I need your help!" Sam said rather loudly. Immediatly, his pokemon were up and ready. "I need you to go and look for some berries so I can season breakfast," Sam said, striking a fire. They were actually gonna have cooked berries, but this was, in Sam's opinion, the best way to get them to find the biggest berries they could find. He was also going to add a little bit of ground pokefood to his pokemon's breakfast, so that they got nutrients.

After a few minutes, his pokemon came back carrying some huge berries. Sam immediatly started grilling them. His pokemon sat there, curious as to what Sam was doing. "I'm just cooking the berries to add a bit of warmth. While they cook, do you guys wanna practice a bit?" Sam asked. His pokemon eccstatically replied with what seemed to be a yes. Soon, Turtwig was dodging Poochyena's powerful tackle attack. Poochyena was quick, but Turtwig was a lot smarter. He knew how to dodge. Poochyena, however, had no problem with this attack pattern, as he knew eventually, Turtwig would get it. He had just landed about 3 strikes quickly as Turtwig quickly got up and hit him with a powerful attack of his own. Poochyena was stunned as Turtwig got in a second, more powerful blow. Sam was proud. his pokemon were getting so powerful and smart. "Oh! Breakfast is ready, guys! Let's eat!" Sam said, putting some cooked berries on a plate and the rest in 2 bowls, along with some pokefood.

After a great breakfast, Sam briefed his pokemon on the day's plans. They were going to finish up this route and reach Oldale Town before nightfall. They hadn't been going long when Sam noticed something. Upon closer inspection, Sam discovered it was a fishing pole. "Hm...wonder why this is here...?" Sam asked, curiously. When his pokemon shrugged, Sam put it in his backpack and kept going. He knew he'd have to return it, so he decided to keep an eye out for trainers. Soon after, though, Sam saw an even greater sight. A huge lake! "Whoa! Let's go check it out!" Sam said, running as his pokemon followed. As they got there, Sam noticed someone freaking out as he stomped around the lake. As Sam got closer, they kid said, "Hey you! Have you seen a fishing rod?" "Um...actually, is this it?" Sam asked, pulling out the rod he had found. "You thief! Let's teach this guy a lesson! Go! Gyrados!" the kid yelled. "Shoot. Doesn't look like we'll escape this one easily. Okay! Go! Both of you!" Sam said, having his own pokemon move in.

This wasn't good. Gyrados was perfectly safe in the water, since Sam had no ranged attacks. Unfortunatly, Sam wasn't sure of gyrados's attacks. He knew it probably knew thrash and bite, since it looked newly evolved. "Okay! Use thrash!" the boy said, confirming Sam's thoughts. Much to Sam's dismay, the Gyrados quickly flew out of the water and started thrashing about on the land. Luckily, his pokemon had dodged right in time. "Okay! Get a little ways away from it and use Withdraw and Howl!" Sam said, comanding his pokemon to use their useful support moves. "Grr! Don't mock me! Use thrash again!" the boy said. The Gyrados was obviously angry and attacked even quicker than before. Sam pokemon took a direct hit, underestimating it's power. "Hm...he doesn't use anything else, so that's definatly his only pokemon. He also uses only thrash, so that's probably it's only move. Okay! Tackle! Both of you! Turtwig, you go right and Poochyena, go left!" Sam commanded skillfully. His pokemon moved in perfect sinc, dodging out of it's range only to tackle it simeltaneously from each side. The Gyrados roared in pain. Sam knew it was getting tired. "Use thrash!" the kid yelled. Gyrados, however, hurt itself. "Idiot! It's confused. Finish it off! Tackle it one more time! This time, tackle it at the face!" Sam said. His pokemon, however, did something strange. As Turtwig ran up, he used tackle while Poochyena sat back and howled. Then, while Gyrados was stunned, Turtwig used withdraw while Poochyena jumped off it's back and his Gyrados square in the face. His pokemon were in perfect sync the whole time, too. Sam was impressed how far they'd come in so little time.

"Noooo! Gyrados!" The boy said, sad for his pokemon being knocked out. "Will you just listen to me? I said you could have your rod!" Sam said, handing the kid the rod. "Oh! I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to attack you. I really am sorry!" the kid said, crying now. "Its really okay. I probably would have done the same thing. I'm Sam, who're you?" Sam asked, putting out his hand. Taking Sam's hand, the kid said, "I'm Andy. Nice to meet you. You're really good, Sam! I couldn't believe how you battled!" "Thanks! You too, but how did you get a Gyrados?" Sam asked. "Oh! That's easy. The rod you just returned to me is called a Good Rod. It can catch gyradoses easily. It's only level 10, which is why it only knows thrash. I'm hoping to train it so that it can eventually learn Hyper Beam, though," Andy explained. "Cool! Sounds great! Maybe when you do, we can battle again!" Sam said. "Yeah! Oh! For returning my new Good Rod, you can have this!" Andy said, handing Sam a fishing rod. "Okay, but what is it?" Sam asked. "It's an Old Rod. It used to only catch magikarp, but recently, people have been catching other pokemon with one, too!" Andy said. "Cool! Thanks!" Sam said, "Well, I have to get going. See ya!" Sam said, leaving.

After another hour of walking, Sam had finally reached his destination. On top of the hill he was on, he saw oldale town. Beckoning for his pokemon to keep going, they raced towards Oldale town and his next adventure!

(OOC: I hope me getting an Old Rod is alright. If not, I'll fix it next chapter, which reminds me, when will it be up?)

January 29th, 2009, 1:41 PM
All: Sorry I haven't updated the posts yet! I've been busy

King: Good post!
Pyu grew to lvl. 7!
Jazmine received a lvl. 3 Female Zigzagoon nicknamed Liz!!

Er.....so Pyu didn't grow any levels? Its okay if not, I was just wondering if it was a mistake:)

January 29th, 2009, 2:08 PM
Hey King! Since we're both in oldale town, when the next chapter is posted, do you wanna battle if we're allowed to?

January 29th, 2009, 2:14 PM
Sure, PM me and we can think lof a good match. Also, it might not be Oldale......

January 31st, 2009, 7:53 PM
sasuneuchiha: Good post!It is alright...Just don't do that a lot...I have plas for future key items. I wondered though...why did you do two on one?
Poocheyana grew to lvl. 5!
Poocheyana learned Howl!
Turtwig grew to lvl. 9!
Turtwig learned Absorb!

king: Oops! I thought Pyu was still lvl. 5! Anyway Pyu grows to lvl. 9!

king and sasuneuchiha: King is right we will not be in Odale Town. As the plot says time has changed and so has the environment. You have all gone south also...Anyway the next chapter is up right now and it is not a town...it is another route...

Everyone: Chapter 3 is up! We also now have an OOC section. Hurry and catch up fro those of you who have not finished the previous chapters yet!! Also I have decided to do special things...I will be doing a chapter drawing every chapter, and whoever I draw out of it will get a special prize in that chapter...Everyone will get it atleast once. For example: Dark_Link got it for chapter 3, when chapter four goes up her name will be kept out of the drawing hat, and so forth until everyone gets a special prize once and then once everyone has, then it will start over again and keep going. If you have any questions please PM or VM me them:)

Chapter 3: Route 2
(4-5 posts)
Birch Mission: Read below info.
Description: Ragged and different. Temperatures are very strange. This time of year it is snowing and the oddest thing is...It's summer!!

History: Used to be a sea route only obtainable by Mr. Briney's boat or by surfing on a Pokemon, it is now a land route.

Birch has just contacted you and let you know that there is a special mission he wants you to do...Two mysterious and evil Pokemon have entered the route and hurt innocent and harmless Pokemon and passing by trainers. He wants you to stop them.

Birch Mission:
Level: 10
Type: Electric
Gender: Female
Ability: Plus
Attacks: Sing, Helping Hand, Thunderwave, Quick Attack
Nature: Rash

Level: 11
Type: Electric
Gender: Male
Ability: Minus
Attacks: Thunderwave, Quick Attack, Charge Beam, Helping Hand
Nature: Bold

Minun is obviously the one that hits and Plusle stays back and deals status damage. Any questions about this PM or VM me them!!:):)

Wild Pokemon:
Species: Wurmple
Level: 5-7
Type: Bug
Gender: Random
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, Stringshot, Poisen Sting
Nature: Random
Rare: Common

February 1st, 2009, 10:13 AM
I hope I can still sign up! Please and thank you nwn;

Name: Yvonne Harper
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Yvonne Harper is known for her very care-free and happy-go-lucky attitude. She often doesn't get stressed by a troubling situation and follows the "we live and forget" rule. Yvonne is extremely optimistic and often looks at the bright side when issues are initiated. It's very rare to see the girl depressed since she always has a bright mind. However, just because the girl tends to forgive easily, she's quite stubborn and would try her best to get through an obstacle. However, she's very naïve and tends to forget things a bit too easily. Yvonne's quite gullible and tends to fall for things a bit too easily. She also tends to be a bit clumsy, one would often find the girl on the ground since she falls down - a bit more compared to ordinary people. Over all, Yvonne Harper's a optimistic girl but is very unaware of her surroundings.
Yvonne has shoulder length pink hair. She has bangs that cover a bit over her eyebrows. Often, she wears messy piggy tails and most of her hair often cascades back down to it's original spot. Her skin is fair, not too light yet not too tanned. Her eyes are cerulean blue which contrasts to her pink hair. She's actually quite short for her age and stands around 5". The girl wears gray faded skinny jeans with a white t-shirt. On top of the t-shirt is layered with a flowery apparel which is layered. She wears red flats which is raised a bit with tiny heels. She often brings a pink teddy-bear messenger bag which contains essential items to her Pokemon journey. Over all, her appearance is cute but messy.
Yvonne was born to a family who cared for one and another a lot. Unfortunately, Yvonne did not make it to experience how her father was like. Basically, her father was a pokemon trainer as well, in fact a well known one. He left to continue his pokemon journey when Yvonne was only 1 years old. Unfortunately, since then Yvonne had never encountered her father, unable to figure out his unknown disappearance.

Even with her father gone, her mother and elder brother cared for her dearly. Her elder brother was a Pokemon breeder and was a very "tough-loving" brother, as much as Yvonne hated her brother for teasing her a lot, she still cared for him as a sibling would. Meanwhile, her mother bonded strongly with Yvonne. This could be the reason to why Yvonne is very optimistic, this is because her mother had always implanted bright and positive thoughts into the girl's head. Finally after she became 15 years old, Yvonne was able to persuade her protective brother that she was old enough to take care of herself. With that, she started on her pokemon journey.
RP Sample: [taken from an rp forum I'm on]
The hoof beats were emitted as the ponyta trotted her way through the route that was adjacent to Oldale. On the ponyta's back sat a girl who looked about 15 years old. Her chocolate hair was swept to her side as her bangs cascaded down just right above her eyes. Like many owners who owned a ponyta, she was able to not get burnt from the flame that ran through the pokemon's back as she sat peacefully.

Today will be Rain's first day to catch a pokemon. She was in search of a pokemon, since one pokemon is simply not enough for starting a journey. The girl then got off of her ponyta and looked around. Seeing no signs of pokemon upon the wild grasslands, she heaved a sigh, "Calida, I don't think I'm going to find any pokemon here. I don't even know why am I considering to be a trainer at the first place."

Rain looked down as she gazed upon the empty pokeball that she held. Calida simply nudged her with encouragement and snorted softly. The breeder looked at her pokemon with a smile and stroked the fire-pokemon's neck sweetly. "Thanks." She whispered

Then Rain sat down under a large tree as Calida joined her. The pair's eyes were both wide open, hoping to find at least a pokemon or maybe a friend to bond with.
Starter Pokemon: Swablu (Female) - Naïve


February 1st, 2009, 2:03 PM
Aitania: Sure! As long as there are Pokemon open everyone is welcome to join! You're accepted! Get me your TC whenever you can and post it on the OOC Thread!

February 1st, 2009, 9:50 PM
Trent gapped as he surveyed Route 2. He had known it was getting chillier, but this was just ridiculous! It was the middle of summer and it was snowing!

"Wuurrm," a pokemon said weakly, causing Trent to ignore the snow covered route. He saw a hurt Wurmple crawling away.

In the distance, he could hear laughter, which was soon overdone by a loud scream. Another Wurmple came crawling out of some bushes. Looking at the pokemon, completely horrified, Trent ran through the route and into the bushes to find the source of the problem.



It was two pokemon, that looked eerily alike except for the colors, and they were gaining up on a Wurmple, laughing as it cried out in pain.

"Cut it out!" Trent yelled, causing the two pokemon to jump in shock before grinning feral smiles at Trent.

"Min!" Minun barked, sending out eletricity at Trent.

Trent yelped, diving out of the way. He grit his teeth, glaring at the two laughing pokemon. "Oh yea? Take this! Go, Sableye!"

With a burst of white light, the hunched pokemon appeared, crystal eyes seemingly sparkling from the reflected light from the snow. "Sab?" it questioned, picking up some snow curiously before stuffing it in its mouth.

"Uh, Sableye," Trent said uncomfortably. "We have a slight problem..."

"Plus!" Plusle roared, charging at Sableye in a blur with its Quick Attack. "Plu... sle?" Plusle finished, going right through Sableye. It looked at the purple pokemon apprehensively.

"Sableye," Sableye said eerily, grabbing Plusle quickly with its clawed hands, much faster than Trent thought possible. "Sab," Sableye growled, crystal eyes glowing gray for a moment, signifying it was using Night Shade on Plusle.

"Plu," Plusle groaned, getting weaker.

"Miiin!" Minun screamed, firing a beam of silver light at Sableye. The purple pokemon simply jumped out of the way, slamming Plusle hard against a tree before jumping back a bit.

During the display, Trent had brought out his pokedex to verify the pokemon and move. It had been a Charge Beam. Putting the pokedex away, he turned to the pokemon.

"We need to stop them," he said seriously.

"Sableye," Sableye said, tilting his head at Minun, hitting the small pokemon with a Night Shade.

"Min," Minun growled lowly, shaking its head to clear it. It growled angrily, Plusle copying it. At the same time, they both fired electricity, a Thunder Wave attack.

"Dodge!" Trent barked out.

"Sabe!" Sableye laughed, doing a flip, much to Trent's surprise. This little pokemon was surprising him at every moment. "Sabe! Sabe!" Sableye laughed, charging at the two pokemon with its claws extended.

"Scratch!" Trent ordered at the last moment, despite the face Sableye was already charging.

"Min!" Minun snarled, sending another Charge Beam at Sableye.

Off to the side, Plusle was clapping its hands energetically, cheering for its friend with a Helping Hand attack. The helping move proved to be true, because as Sableye tried to get out of the way, the attack still hit.

"Sab," Sableye grunted, holding his head in slight pain. It looked at Plusle, face creepily blank, before its face seemed to split with its many sharp teeth in the form of a deranged smile. "Saaabeee!" it screamed, startling everyone badly enough for them to jump a foot in the air.

"Pss!" PLusle cried out in pain and shock as Sableye grabbed it by the throat, squeezing it tightly. "Suu!" Plusle cried out in help.

"Sableye!" Trent barked out, not liking the fact his pokemon was nearly killing the Plusle.

"Miiin!" MInun roared with fury, opening its mouth and unleashing another bright beam, this one much bigger than the previous ones. This Charge Beam was obviously more powerful with its hate driven need.

Sableye chuckled under its breath, turning around and putting Plusle right in front of it, allowing the electric type to take the attack. "Pluuuu!" Plusle screamed in pain.

Minun stopped its attack, horrified that it had hurt its friend. "Min..."

"Sableye, just finish off the Plusle with Night Shade!" Trent yelled our hurriedly, not wanting the pokemon to suffer from any unneeded pain.

Sableye nodded and turned to the pokemon in its claws. Eyes glowing, they surveyed the tremmbling Plusle as it tried to mumble under its breath, a Sing attack, and a last effort, but was unsuccessful thanks to the hand around its throat.

"Saaab," Sableye sang mockingly, dropping the defeated pokemon to the ground in triumph. It turned to look at Minun, its sharp tooth smile gone, leaving its face completely blank looking before it tilted its head, looking like a curious child.

"Minnnn," Minun hissed, ears bent back in anger as it glared at Sableye, eyes promising revenge.

Trent chewed his bottom lip. Although he hadn't liked the way Sableye had battled, he still knew that these pokemon were hurting the others and needed to be stopped. And so, with a deep breath, he ordered the next attack...

February 2nd, 2009, 2:25 AM
Chapter 1 : I'm Leavin'

"Time to wake up!" The Chatot alarm clock sung, "Time to wake up!"

However, today Yvonne wasn't at her cozy bed this morning. The pink-haired girl was already dressed up and was downstairs at the kitchen. A very delightful aroma lingered around the kitchen as Yvonne cooked a slice of her pancakes. She flipped repeatedly as she observed the skin of the pancake carefully, trying her best to not burn the food. She continued to flip the pancake with the pan as it flapped in a rhythm. After around 30 minutes, she was done with 2 plates of pancakes and was now preparing her portion.

By the time Yvonne finished making her breakfast, her brother, Caden had waken up and was already walking down stairs. However, as clumsy Yvonne was, she left the stove on - the fire to be more specific - on. Before the clueless girl knew, the towel that was left close to the stove started catching on fire. Yvonne squealed with surprise as Caden, her hero, came in with his Wartortle.

Caden yelled, "Wartortle! Water gun!!"

In response to the boy's command, the Wartortle eliminated the fire with it's cool water and was returned back into the pokeball that Caden took out after the small incident.

Caden looked towards Yvonne with a frown, "Why are you still here? Don't you remember you got to see Professor Birch to get on your Pokemon journey?" The boy sighed, "I knew I should've dissuaded mom to not let you go on a Pokemon journey! Look, you even killed our new stove!!"

Yvonne frowned and stubbornly slapped her brother's shoulders in a playful manner, "Oh stop it, your just jealous. Wait.. What? Professor Birch?" Yvonne paused as she took a moment to think about what was going on, "… Oh no!! I have to go see him! Mom told him that I would be meeting him like now!"

Yvonne grumbled to herself as she hurried and grabbed a slice of pancake with her bare hands and stuffed it in her mouth. Meanwhile, she hastily took out the apron she was wearing and ran up the stairs to grab her teddy bear messenger bag. After a few seconds, Yvonne raced out of the house to Professor Birch's Lab and knocked the door. She was out of breath by then, running wasn't really a good thing to do in the morning - at least for her. Not long after, a boy who was around her age opened the door, and had a surprised face.

He brushed his white hair before asking, "Um hi, is there anything I can do for you?" He then smiled, "I'm Brandon, Professor Birch's son."

Yvonne's mouth literally dropped as she gawked at the boy before her. He - Professor Birch's son - was quite popular among her friends, many people admired him for his great achievements as a Pokemon trainer. Yvonne easily brushed it off before fixing her piggy tails, her eyes never leaving Brandon.

Yvonne grinned, "Hi! I'm Yvonne Harper and I'm here for my pokemon!" She then started chattering, "I was hoping I could get a cute Pichu!"

"Pichu's taken." Brandon stated, "See, you kinda came late so I don't know if there's lots of pokemon available for you now. Maybe you can have a -"

The girl interrupted, "Wait, how can Pichu be gone!? Am I that late!? How about a Vulpix? Tell me theres a Vulpix!"

Once again Brandon spurned the girl, "I'm sorry, but Vulpix isn't available either. I think you should just listen to me, why not get a Swablu?"

A wide grin spread across her lips upon hearing Swablu. It was the flying Pokemon which evolved into a beautiful Altaria, of course she wouldn't mind! Anything but bugs would get her excited.

Yvonne brightly accepted, "Okay! Swablu!"

Brandon handed her the pokeball which contained the Swablu and a couple of basic stuffs like 5 spare pokeballs and a Pokedex.

Brandon explained, "Now, this is a pokeball which you probably know what it is since it's pretty much self-explanatory." Brandon then pointed at the Pokedex, "This is a Pokedex, this technology will guide you through your Pokemon journey such as containing your trainer card and a Pokemon Encyclopedia which will store information of the Pokemon you caught. Got it?"

Yvonne happily accepted the items and nodded, "Yes! I'll take good care of my Swablu!"

Birch's son then added, "By the way, if you were wondering why I'm here, it's because my father has been kidnap. Now since your supposed to be his client and hopefully potential Pokemon master, please try and find Professor Birch!" Brandon's eyes had a desperate look by then, "I don't know where he is and I'm getting worried. I can't go to find him because I must watch over his lab, I'll be very grateful if you could try to rescue him!"

Her grin widen as Yvonne attentively listened before guaranteeing, "Don't worry, Brandon, I'll try my best to find him! I have to run now! Thank you so much!!"

With that Yvonne released her Swablu from the pokeball and smiled as she headed towards the wild lands. The Swablu hopped behind the pink-haired lass before squawking adorably.

Yvonne giggled, "Why hello Ms. Swablu. I think Swablu sounds like a horrible name for a pretty girl like you, so I'll name you Eavan. How do you like that?"

Swablu, now dubbed Eavan, nodded happily before skipping behind Yvonne. She flapped her wings joyfully as it chanted, "Blu! Bluu!"

Yvonne laughed afterwards before walking on, she then said contently, "Eavan? I have a feeling we'll become great partners!"

"Bluu!" The Swablu responded in harmony.

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February 2nd, 2009, 3:00 PM
Sam was walking angerly. Someone had put out a fake sign. To make matters worse, they were running out of food. They had to hurry up and get to a town. He knew one was nearby, just not exactly where. "Please oh great god Pokemon of all! HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE!" Sam yelled. Almost immediatly, something happened. He heard some movement in the bushes. It wasn't a town, but maybe the great pokemon god had sent him food. As he waited, however, 2 pokemon popped out instead. Knowing that this wasn't a meal, Sam got angry. Pulling out his pokedex, it said, "Plusle, the plus pokemon," and to the other, "Minun, the minus pokemon." Suddenly, Sam remembered something Brendan had said. "And there're pokemon thieves. Not people, pokemon that steal cause they're hungry. There're a plusle and a minun on route 2, so be careful!" "So you're the plusle and minun he mentioned, huh?" Sam asked. As he sat there, he pulled out his pokeballs. "Go! Poochyena! Turtwig!" Sam said. His two pokemon flew into the arena. "Plu...plulusle! Pluluse!" the plusle sang. Sam knew what was going to happen. His pokemon fell asleep. A sing attack. Great. The minun, however, was charging up energy. This wasn't good. It shot a beam of electricity. This, Sam knew, was Charge Beam. His pokemon both went down from the single sweeping shot. As it turned to face Sam, he returned his pokemon and ran.

A few hundred yards later, Sam sent out his pokemon again. They couldn't move. He couldn't lose them. Not now! He quickly began reminding himself about everything he could think of. First, he should get some flowers. Those would help stop any conditions he needed to stop thanks to aromatherapy. Next, he needed oran berries. The two he was given by Drew would work. He crushed those items into a pulp as soon as he had both. He then proceeded to put this pulp on his pokemon's wounds. Next, he sprayed them both with potion. Finally, he went and searched for berries after returning his pokemon. As he stumbled around searching, he found something. It was a weird little disc. Hm...he'd have to keep it. He figured the plusle and minun had hidden it there because it was shiny. Pulling a few berries off trees, Sam put them in a berry pouch of his backpack. As he walked back towards his camp, he bumped into a girl. "Oh! I'm sorry! Are you okay?" Sam asked.

February 2nd, 2009, 3:31 PM
Chapter 3: Double Trouble!/ VS Plusle and Minun

As the two walked further down the path, they noticed the trees were starting to look black, almost as if a fire had occured. "Hmmm, Pyu, look!", Jazmine said, pointing at a tree nearby.

"Pi-Pichu!", Pyu said, also bewildered.

"Let's get a better look", Jazmine said, as they walked toward the tree. "Weird" Suddenly, she heard a thumping noise. Jazmine turned to look, and was hit, with a blurred force. Jazmine fell, along with the being, and Pyu.

"Oh! I'm so sorry, are you okay!", Jazmine heard a boy's voice ask.

" Yeah, I'm fine", Jazmine replied, getting up.

"I'm so sorry, my Pokemon got hurt and I was looking for some berries. Sorry!", the boy frantically said.

" No problem, I fall all the time!", Jazmine said. "I'm Jazmine, I got my first Pokemon in Birch's lab, Pyu!"

"Cool! Me too, that's a cool Pokemon! I'm Sam", Sam replied.

"It's weird, huh. The way the Professor was stolen, right before our journey's. What Pokemon did you get?", Jazmine asked.

"Oh, me? Well, Turtwig, let's come on out!" Sam grabbed a Pokeball, and a small, turtle like Pokemon came out.

"Hey, it's so cute!", Jazmine stated, staring at the Turtwig.

"Thanks!", Sam replied, happy at the compliment.

"Let's go pitch a tent, I'll cook!", Jazmine smiled.

"That sounds great! I'm in!", Sam replied, smiling back.

The two walked down the path, coming to a wide clearing in the trees. "Here we are!", Jazmine said, taking off her bag. She bent down, and un-zipped it, pulling out a small, portable tent and some pots and pans.

"I'll pitch the tent, you cook!", Sam said, grabbing the tent. The two worked together, as the Pokemon played in the opening. Pyu kicked a small pebble around, while Turtwig tried to catch it. They went on with their playing, until Jazmine called, "Dinner!"

In a flurry of sand, pebbles, and Pokemon, everyone ran to the picnic blanket. Though no one saw, a small pebble flew up, and landed, right in Pyu's stew.

February 2nd, 2009, 4:09 PM
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Yvonne received a Swablue, a Pokedex, and 5 Pokeballs!!

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Sam received a TM!! TM 30(Shadow Ball)!!

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February 2nd, 2009, 5:40 PM
"Sableye, Scratch!" Trent ordered.

"Blyyy!" Sableye cackled, charging at the enraged Minun, claws raised and glinting oddly in the sunlight.

"Min," Minun growled, opening its mouth and blasting out the silver blast, Charge Beam.

"Dodge it!" Trent said hurriedly.

"Sab," Sableye called out in understanding, diving and doing a roll right underneath the beam. "Lyey!" Sableye called out, slashing Minun right in the face.

"Miiiin!" Munun cried, getting thrown backwards. "Nun," it growled, eyes straying sadly over to its fallen partner, Plusle.

"Attack again with Scratch!" Trent ordered.

"Sab!" Sableye hissed, able to use Minun's distraction to Scratch it once more, but this time only on the ear as Minun tried to jump back.

"Min," Minun growled, sending a bolt of electricity.

"Dodge it!" Trent barked, not wanting his pokemon to become paralyzed.

Yawning, Sableye simply picked up a rather large rock and threw it at the incoming electrical attack. The rock took the attack, much to Trent's shock. The attack circled the rock before fading away, only giving an occasional spark for a few moments before that too faded away.

"Saab leye," Sableye chuckled lowly, becoming more hunched and tilting his head at Minun.

"Minnn," Minun blanched, drawing back a bit in fear. It glanced at its friend, and then behind it toward the bushes. It was obviously thinking of running.

Trent sighed. "Just finish it with Night Shade so we can go."

Minun all but agreed with Jason's decision, wanting them to leave it alone in peace. "Min," Minun said lowly, looking down.

"You do realize that I'm not just doing this for you," Trent said coldly. "It's to stop you from hurting all the pokemon that live around here, understand?"

Minun nodded, understanding evident in its eyes before it screamed out in pain, the ghostly attack hurting its mind before it slumped over its partner in a dead faint, too exhausted from this battle and the one where it had fought against Sableye with Plusle.

"Saaa," Sableye yawned, mouth wide open. The way it opened its mouth it looked like someone had taken a jagged rock and sliced the bottom half of its face open. "Ley," Sableye said in boredom, licking its horn once more with its large tongue.

Trent sighed as he bundled his jacet closer to his chilled arms, gazing at the unconcious Minun and Plusle. "Let's get out of here," he said, not even hearing Sableye's crunching footsteps on the snow.

It was almost as if the odd pokemon didn't even exist as it walked along side of him.

February 2nd, 2009, 5:50 PM
Chapter 3: Double Trouble/ VS Plusle and Minun

"Time to eat", Jazmine called once more, and everyone took their places.

"Yum!", Sam said, in a polite way. "This is delicious!"

Suddenly, Pyu stopped. "What is it girl?", Jazmine asked, looking at Pyu with concern.

"Pi....Chu", Pyu groaned. Then, it stopped, smiled, and took another bite.

"That was odd", Sam said, thinking.

"It sure was", Jazmine agreed. They continued eating, when Jazmine said, "I almost forgot about the other Pokemon!"

"You're right! Come out, Poochyena!", Sam called, releasing his tough-looking Poochyena.

"Woah, cool!", Jazmine stated, staring at the Poochyena. "Let's go, Liz!"

"That's awesome, a Zigzagoon!", Sam replied. The two Pokemon sniffed each other. Then, suddenly, they ran off, and started playing tug-o-war with a nearby stick.

"Awwww, look at them!", Jazmine said.

"A good match, aren't they!", Sam replied. Suddenly, smoke rose from above them. The two turned quickly, to see a tree caught on fire. "Oh no!", Sam and Jazmine shouted, as they called their Pokemon into their Pokeballs.

"Let's go!", Jazmine shouted. They ran towards the tree, and stopped in shock. In front of them, stood two tiny Pokemon.

"Not you again!", Sam groaned, at the sight of the two mischevious Pokemon.

"Come on, we can get 'em, together!", Jazmine said, confidently.

"Okay, let's go, Turtwig! Come on, Poochyena!"

"Us too, Pyu, Liz, come on out!"

All four Pokemon stood, out of their balls, ready for battle. The two Pokemon in front slapped hands. "Oh, a Helping Hand attack", Sam said, amazed.

"Er....it didn't do anything", Jazmine said, confused.

"Helping Hand, raises the attack of both Pokemon, for now", Sam said with a chuckle.

"Oh, in that case, Pyu, use Charm, Liz, Growl!" Both Pokemon followed the orders, and captured the attention of the two Pokemon.

"Now, Turtwig, use Absorb! Poochyena, hit with a Tackle!" The Pokemon hit, Tackle sending Plusle flying, Absorb stopping Minun, while it's life got sucked out.

"Okay Pyu, Thundershock! Liz, Tackle!"

"Poochyena, Tackle with Liz!" The two Tackles penetrated Plusle, hurting it even more. Meanwhile, Turtwig was fending with a Absorb, against a Charge Beam from Minun.

As Plusle moved in, it produced a Sing attack. "Liz, Poochyena, dodge so it hits Minun!", Jazmine called.

The effect was immediate, as the Sing hit Minun, Absorb hit with it. Plusle looked at what it had done- and fled!

"Nows my chance!", Sam said, digging up a Pokeball from his bag. "Go Pokeball!"

"Come on, do it, do it...", Jazmine supported.

The ball shook once, twice, and.........

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February 2nd, 2009, 5:58 PM
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Snow Phoenix
February 2nd, 2009, 6:34 PM
"Grandfather?" an innocent boy cried out to the shadows.

"A told you not to call me that" a man said while slugging him. "My names Miso and I'm not your grandfather. It's time for you to go. There's a whole world for you to explore." Miso continued with a smirk in the corner of his mouth. He opened his arms and squeezed the boy for what seemed like it would be the last time.

The boy exited the dark house and glided towards the laboratory. "Hello? My na..na..name is Ja..Ja..Jack." the boy stuttered into an equally dark room as the one he left from.

"Ah, you must be the sailor's boy. Here come on in." The professor said while ushering him in.

"Um... did he really say that?" Jack said while slowly creeping forward.

"Yeah, why not! You are his son aren't ya?" The professor replied.

"Well..." Jack started as he told the professor a brief summary of his life so far.

"Oh, well... I'm sorry kiddo! Why don't you take one of these pokemon!" The professor said in a cheery voice atempting to stop Jack from going any further into grief.

"Um... okay." Jack said hesitantly.

Jack followed the professor to a room that contained several pokemon on a table.

"Here's the pokemon Vulpix!" the professor said to him.

"Um...hi?" Jack said while atempting to bring his hand to the Vulpix's forehead.

"Vul?" the Vulpix questioned as it shot a fireball at the incoming object.

"Aah!" Jack said stumbling back a bit. He had bumped into something.

"Pichhhh chuuu" a noise came from behind him. Jack had be shocked by a Pichu. "Waah" Jack cried while running towards the way he came, but once again he had bumped into something!

"Turrrrrt" a Turtwig said while slicing his clothes to ribbons.

"I'm out of here" Jack said with large tears coming from his eyes.

"Wait, but there's one more pokemon I wanted to show you!" the professor shouted while looking back at an empty space where there should have been a pokemon.

Jack was alone outside the Lab and he was crying buckets of tears.

"That was horrible! I'll always be a failure! There'll never be a place for me!" Jack mumbled in his tears.

Something, however, stopped him. It was a warm kind of pat. It comforted him and the tears stopped flowing.

"Thank you, Grandpa?" Jack said while staring at an odd hairball of some sort with Jack's snack of a dried mushroom in its mouth. "Wow, grandpa! You sure have changed! My how much hairier you've become..." Jack said while being interupted by something falling from the sky.

It was some sort of electronic device. "Swinub the Pig Pokemon. It loves eating mushrooms that grow under dead grass. It also finds hot springs while foraging." the device barked in a monotone voice.

"So you were just using me because you wanted my food. Hmph... and just what is this thing anyways?" Jack questioned while looking at the device.

As if by magic a circular object fell down on his head. Attached to it was a note. The sky had anwsered him for the note read "This device is a pokedex it contains information on several pokemon all around!".

"What?" Jack questioned. The sky anwsered him again a ball fell directly on his head again. Jack held the ball in front of him and the Swinub was sucked in. "Huh... is this a...".

Plink another ball hit him, and then another, and then another, and finally one more all of them left bumps scattered across his head. Jack now had five of the balls, six including the one that had sucked the Swinub in. The last of the balls had another note attached to it.

The note read "Congratulations new trainer you have just received your first pokemon and those balls are called pokeballs! They will help you capture more pokemon! Sincerely, Brandon."

"Some cheap magician." Jack said while scratching the bumps on his head. "Whose Brandon?" Jack wondered, after all he never caught the professor's name...

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February 3rd, 2009, 6:07 AM
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Sabeleye grew to lvl. 12!
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Jack received a Swinub, 5 Pokeballs, and a Pokedex!!

February 3rd, 2009, 1:00 PM
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February 3rd, 2009, 1:44 PM
Coming off Route 1 Beo found himself approaching route 2. He decided it would be best to stop for awhile and make some food for him and his pokemon. He quickly grabbed some stones, and some branches and created a small fire on the ground. Beo then pulled a pot from his bag, along with two pouches of what looked to be rice. Then he grabbed his pokeball's from his bag and let them out.

"Ok Nidoran and Ledyba stick close to me while I make your food, ok" Beo said smiling to them.

They both nodded back as they started playing, Nidoran was jumpin around trying to catch ledyba who was flying above him. Beo looked to the sky and wondered for a minute how long it would be till they reached the next town.

"Beep...Beep" Beo's phone rang and he quickly looked to see a number he did not recognize, he pikced it up though.

"Hello?" Beo said.

"Ahh Beo I wasn't sure if you'd pick up, this is Brendan" the boy said.

"Ok" Beo said ignorantly.

"Um ya well anyway I wanted to tell you that Two mysterious and evil Pokemon have entered the route and hurt innocent and harmless Pokemon and passing by trainers." he said.

"And thats my problem how?" he asked rudely.

"Oh well it's really not but I just I um thought you could just keep an eye out" He said.

"Whatever, peace" Beo said to him hanging up. He then looked over to his pokemon.

"Ok guys foods up" he said smiling once again.

A half hour later the three of them were sitting on the ground holding there stomachs as they seemes to be full.

"Nido-----nido-- ran, ledyaaaaa----baaa" the two said happily.

Alright we should get heading onto route 2 he said as he was about to return the two of them.

"Wait a minute right there" someone said from behind him.

Beo turned to see a young trainer standing behind him holding two pokeballs in his hands. He looked at the kid with a annoyed look.

"not again, listen kid I can't help you" Beo said.

"What are you talking about, I want to double battle you" the boy said angrily at Beos comment.

He thought for a minute... "Hmmm I guess I could beat up on you real quick" he said to him as he signaled for ledyba and Nidoran to go out on the field.

"Go ratty, and Tata" the boy hollered as he threw his pokeballs out and two ratata's came out of them.

"Ratty, use tackle, Tata blind them with sand attack" the boy shouted.

Nidoran and Ledyba tried to dodge Rattys tackle but they were blinded by Tata's sand attack. Ratty hit both of them directly.

"Ahh, that kid has some good startegy for double battles" Beo thought to himself, he then looked at Nidoran who was getting angry and came up with an idea.

The young trainer shouted for his two pokemon to repeat the same move, and Beo grinned.

"Now Nidoran use Focus energy" Beo shouted just then Tata started spraying sand at them.

"Ledyba jump in front Nidoran, and use your wings to push back the sand" Beo shouted as Ledyba moved in front of Nidoran and started flapping her wings making the sand converge around them.

The young trainer did not notice that inside the sand Nidoran and Ledyba were not being hit by the sand, and he still had Ratty come in for a tackle attack. As Ratty neared closer, Beo waited pateintly till he was finally close enough.

"Now ledyba fly up into the air, and Nidoran jump out from behind him and hit Ratty with you Peck attack" Beo ordered. Nidoran hit the surprised Ratty directly and was knocked out. When the sand attack ended the young trainer looked in astonishment as he was now down to one pokemon while Beo still had both.

"Hmph not much of a fight anymore is it, Nidoran, ledyba use peck and tackle on Tata NOW" Beo shouted as the two pokemon flew in quickly.

"Tata dodge them" the boy shouted anxiously, but it was no use, one pokemon versus two didn't help it's odds and the ratata was hit directly by both attacks knocking it out.

"Great battle guys return" Beo said as he returned his pokemon and started walking away from the boy onto route 2.

"Whats your name" the boy asked.

Beo stopped but did not turn around "Beo" he said then started walking again.

"Beo, my names Landon" Landon shouted not sure if Beo heard him..

Landon stood there a bit angry that Beo did not even wish him good luck, now this made him want to get better and beat Beo one day, it seems Beo has now made another rival.

February 3rd, 2009, 2:05 PM
may i please reseve absol i will add my info tomorrow

February 3rd, 2009, 2:07 PM
Sam and Jazmine were eating dinner. It had been a long day and Sam wanted nothing more than to relax. Suddenly, Pyu took a bite of its stew and stopped. Sensing something was wrong, he said, "What's wrong, Pyu?" Sam asked. Suddenly, Pyu started eating again as though nothing had happened. "Weird, huh?" Sam asked. Jazmine agreed, continuing to eat her stew. Sam had to give her credit, she could seriously cook! This was some of the best food he'd ever had, short of the dishes he had made back home, with so many spices and different types of food. Anyway, they were really enjoying the meal. When they were done eating, they agreed to practice some battles. With Poochyena, out, now, though, Sam wanted to check something. He had found the TM, Shadow Ball earlier and wanted to teach it to Poochyena. "Poochyena! Come over here!" Sam called. Poochyena came over. "Okay. I want to test something. Let me put this on you...whoa!" Sam jumped back. It had clicked into place and was pulling energy towards it. Poochyena moved, suddenly and the disc broke. Putting the halves in his bag, Sam said, "Use Shadow Ball!" Poochyena charged up a black orb near his mouth. Suddenly, he shot it at a tree. "Whoa! Great attack!" Jazmine said. "Thanks!" Sam replied. As poochyena and Jazmine's Liz (a zigzagoon) played with a stick, Sam sat there watching. "Awww...they're so cute!" Jazmine said. "Yeah. They really are." Sam agreed. Suddenly, the forest burst into flames!

"What was that?" Jazmine asked. "If I had to guess..." Sam said, watching 2 pokemon come into view. Now he could see them. It was Plusle and Minun again. Suddenly, Sam was a bit angry at them for hurting his pokemon before. They were ready. "Go! Pyu! Liz!" Jazmine said, beating Sam to the throw. "Go! Turtwig! Poochyena!" Sam said, sending out his 2 pokemon. As the four pokemon came to face the two, the tension was building. Sam wasn't planning to lose again. Suddenly, the plusle slapped hands with the minun. "What are they doing?" Jazmine asked. "They're using helping hand. It's a move that boosts the power of another pokemon's attack. It's a handy support move, but not very useful in a regular 1 on 1 match. It's only handy in 2 on 2. Still, here, along with their abilities, could easily KO my team and yours. It explains how they beat me so fast last time..." Sam explained. "What was that you mumbled?" Jazmine asked. "Oh...nothing. Let's just fight 'em." Sam said. Jazmine silently agreed. They were quickly ready. "Charm, Pyu. Growl, Liz!" Jazmine commanded. Her pokemon had taken over the Plusle and Minun's attentions. "Now's my chance! Absorb and Shadow Ball!" Sam commanded. Turtwig absorbed some life from Minun while Plusle took a nice little Shadow Ball attack.

The battle was going well. They had caught the pokemon off guard. They weren't ready for their attack at all. They were ready, now, though and ready to go! Plusle was using Thunder Wave to protect itsself while Minun was using Charge beam. "Thundershock and Tackle!" Jazmine commanded. "Poochyena! Help Liz out with your tackle! Turtwig, use your absorb to hold back Charge Beam!" Sam said. Liz and Poochyena hit plusle hard, breaking its Thunder Wave defense. Meanwhile, Charge Beam was slowly breaking Turtwig's absorb when it kicked him. Turtwig's Overgrow ability. Suddenly, Turtwig was pushing the attack back. "Wow! Overgrow sure is powerful!" Sam said, as Turtwig pushed the attack back a fair ways more. Suddenly, Plusle used sing. This wasn't good. "Dodge it!" Jazmine said. Sam said the same. All four of their pokemon jumped. In the air, Turtwig got the force he needed. Slaming the force of Minun's Charge Beam along with Turtwig's own Absorb, Turtwig absorbed a lot of energy along with dealing a lot of damage to Minun. Suddenly, Plusle's poorly aimed sing attack hit Minun, putting it to sleep. Plulse fled out of its pure shame. Wait...if I let it go, it'll just cause more trouble. I can't let that happend, Sam thought. "Now's my chance!" Sam said. He threw a pokeball at the sleeping form of Minun. It hit, sucking the very weakened pokemon in. Sam could tell Jazmine also wanted Sam to catch it. One shake...then two, and now Sam had to wait, to see if the click would come. This capture would be deciding the pokemon's fate, along with that of potentially many trainers.

February 4th, 2009, 6:20 AM
cooldude345: Ok first off...don't repost something...I must have missed your post on accident(the original one) and I just noticed it this morning and would have answered. Yes you may, but from now on please do not spam the thread.

dboring: For some reason your post isn't showing the whole thing on my comp...when I get back from school I'll check it again and see if it does...If it doesn't, I'm sorry to say but you might have to post it again...

star88: Yes, Absol is reserved for you:)

sasuneuchiha: umm. I guess it was good enough to capture Minun. I'll have to deduct two levels off of him though, but he'll keep the same moves though:)
You captured a level 8, shiny, male Minun!

Pyu grew to lvl. 11!
Pyu learned ThunderWave!
Liz grew to lvl. 6!
Liz learned Tail Whip!

February 4th, 2009, 8:56 AM
Chapter 3: Route 2 – A Double Shock, Please! (Mudkip vs. Plusle and Minun)

Coming onto route two, Zach had got to the road before him as he remembered the special mission that Birch had told him about. An evil Plusle and a Minun were hurting harmless pokémon as well as pokémon trainers that were passing by in this area. But what could a boy and the water type pokémon do against what had the potential to be two rather strong electric type pokémon, at least in Mudkip’s case since not much was known about what kind of attacks they had. If he were to sustain any hits from electric attacks it would be very bad.

But Zach wasn’t about to let that stop them, after all Mudkip was hardy in nature and also was with a trainer, although new as he had the speed and moves, to almost never fail.
In short Mudkip had learned to be quick and smart while in battle, like his trainer who also had valued teamwork and friendship as their way of getting through anything that crossed their path, unlike some who had cared little for their pokémon and wasting no time in raising their levels to own a team of powerhouse pokémon.

"Ah Plusle and Minun, I've found you." Zach said from a distance as he moved forward after spotting the two electric pokémon that Birch told him about that were causing problems in this area. Now it was as good a time as any to stop these pokémon as they were harassing a poor Wurmple that was trying to climb a tree to safety.

Focusing on Minun in order to get to the Plusle behind, Zach said his first attack command of the day. "Mudkip use Tackle on Minun!, and once we have momentarily dealt with the Minun, run back and use mud slap on the other pokémon behind the Minun we knocked down.”

"Minun nun"! the minus pokémon cried, who noticed the Mudkip just off to the side which alerted the Plusle that someone was obviously trying to stop them, both taking their focus off the now hurt Wurmple.

"Mudkip mud!" the Mud Fish Pokémon replied as he made a direct hit with a Tackle attack, giving enough time to land a Mud Slap on Plusle before Minun had the chance to stand up and help out his sister to stop the unknown trainer’s starter Pokémon, gearing up for a Helping Hand which had been followed up with Sing from the opposing Plusle.

"Mudkip, no don’t listen!" Zach cried out, but it was too late for Mudkip to react to his trainer's command as Plusle's Sing move had already taken effect, sending Mudkip straight into a deep sleep.

Running over to try waking his poor pokémon up, Zach wished he had something to use on Mudkip to bring him out of his slumber. Zach stayed kneeling at Mudkip's side, looking and feeling both completely stunned that Sing alone brought Mudkip down for the moment. Minun ran off into the distance, leaving Plusle alone in the now muddy grass while Zach watched Minun continue on through the trees until he had disappeared from view.

But Mudkip was still out - Was there a pokémon centre nearby that could be some help or an awakening item that might have been dropped or something? Zach asked himself as he hopelessly started a search in the grass nearest to him.

February 4th, 2009, 6:46 PM
(http://s5.tinypic.com/2dipsba.jpg)http://i39.tinypic.com/16s1ed.jpg (http://s5.tinypic.com/16s1ed.jpg)Character Name: Yenic
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Birth Date: May 23, 1995
Appearance: Yenic is very mysterious looking. He wears a dark blue shirt with a red zipper jacket with two white lines on the neck. And He wears long, black jeans with white lines on the bottom. He has long, shaggy hair that tends to go in his plain, mysterious face and pale, blue eyes. He flicks the hair out of his face occasionally. He wears small, olden time like glasses. Most of the time, he is seen wearing a strange-looking pendant; a small jagged fang, believed to be the fang of the Shiny Mightyena that he aims to add to his “Yena” collection ( a collection of rare and and powerful Poochyena and Mightyena, his two favourite Pokemon). Yenic always keeps Poke-Balls at hand. Yenic has a habit of tapping his right foot when impatient.
Personality: Yenic is a very odd person. He has a British accent. At times he is a sweet, caring Pokemon Trainer. But when he battles alongside his Poochyena, his personality gets fierce. He trains Poochyena to use it’s utmost power, and teaches it rare moves like Shadow Ball. His Poochyena means everything to him. He gets easily offended when others consider it “weak” or “useless”. But most of the time, Yenic is very easy to talk to and do stuff with. His favourite thing to do is train in the wild. That way, he has a chance to encounter the infamous Shiny Mightyena he met when he was a small child just outside of Littleroot Town.

History: Yenic lived in Littleroot town ever since he was a child. His father was an Aide for Professor Birch and his Mom worked at the Berry Shop near Rustboro City. Even though neither of his parents had any Pokemon, Yenic had a burning desire of one day being a Pokemon Trainer. What he loved to do was to play with the Poochyena near Rustboro; feeding them, grooming them, etc. The Poochyena trusted him so much, they never dared to attack him.
Then one day, just as Yenic went for his daily visit, he encountered a new Pokemon. A Pokemon he had never seen. It was a Shiny Mightyena. It fled at the spot but left Yenic something far greater. A dream. A dream to one day catch it and train it to be the best.
Even when he was older, he kept visiting the Poochyena, never seeing the Shiny Mightyena again.
Now that he is 13, he is ready to start his Pokemon journey and train a perticular Poochyena, one that lived with him and been by his side ever since he could remember. Even though it doesn’t live in a Poke Ball, Poochyena treated Yenic as a trus Trainer and was excited about starting the journey too. Now together, he hopes to gather more Pokemon, beat the Elite Four and hopefully, encounter the elusive Shiny Mightyena again.
Starter Pokemon: http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/9e/MDP343.png (http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/9e/MDP343.png)[URL="http://archives.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:MDP261.png"]
Baltoy, Genderless, Docile Nature

RP Example (Off the top of my head since this is my FIRST ever RPG):
“Poochyena, Stop!” Yenic laughed, running after his furry friend.

Poochyena was running all over the nice, calm Route 101 meadow, barking happily. It ws a game Yenic and Poochyena loved to play. Most of the time though, Poochyena won. He was always more agile than his Trainer.

“Alright Poochyena, I give up!” Yenic laughed, falling into the swaying grass beneath him. Poochyena ran over and jumped on him, lickily his face happily. Yenic rubbed Poochyena back, smiling. Then he looked into the golwing sun above him.

“ Tomorrow, the adventure starts.” He whispered. He closed his eyes, remembering that day, that time, that Pokemon…

It was eight years now. Eight long but quick years ago. He had just went to visit the Poochyena of Route 101 like ha always did, bringing them plates of ripe Oran Berries and Fresh Water from Lavridge Town. He loved seeing the poochyena’s faces at the sight of the wonderous lunch. But that day, as he neared the small clearing where they ususally met, a huge, yellow canine-like Pokemon, jumped in front of him, sparkles flying from his fur. The plates dropped from his hands in awe. It wasn’t any ordinary Pokemon . It was a Shiny Mightyena. Then, as soon as it came, it ran up the slope, towards Oldale Town. Yenic stood there as if frozen. He had just seen a Shiny Pokemon, the first one he had ever seen.

Yenic reopened his eyes, staring into Poochyena’s cute but curious look. He gave a low bark and Yenic rubbed him gently on the head.

“Yes, I was thinking of him again. You believe I saw it, don’t you?” he asked, smiling.
Poochyena licked his face. That meant yes enough to Yenic. But his parents weren’t so believable.

“It’s O.K son. It was the sun in your eyes, nothing more.” His father chuckled, siting in his armchair like he always did after a long day in the Lab of Professor Birch.

“He’s right hon. Mightyena don’t live in Route 101. It’s just not possible. Even a shiny one.” His mother added, stirring her famous Cinnabar Hot Chili.

”We’ll prove them wrong, won’t we?” Yenic asked Poochyena.
Poochyena gave another lick. Another yes.Yenic stood up, looking up into the clear, blue sky.

“We will accomplish our destiny!” he smiled.


February 5th, 2009, 10:44 AM
so as i said i would. sorry about the delay the internet was been dodgy and i couldn't get on pc yesterday.
character name: midnight
character age : 14
gender: female
character description: midnight has long black hair with a natural blood red streak. her eyes are shockingly blue . she is always pale no matter how sunny the weather is. she wares a dark purple dress and often has a black cloak around her shoulders. she also wares black boots. she has a scar down her right wrist from an accident to do with a mirror. there is a talisman from another world that always hangs around her neck as a good luck charm. since her decision to come to hoen and become a pokemon trainer a handful of pokeballs hang from around her waist. she never seems to have a bag but everything she wants when she wants it often seems to appear.

character personality: midnight is a very dark seeming person. she tends to prefer her own company or that of pokemon than people. if confounted with a person she is more likely to run away unless they paticually annoy her. when her mind is set on some thing she will stop at nothing to get it. pokemon do not scare her but her people skills are really bad. she rarely goes in cities preferring to stay out in the wild alone. though she may seem cold hearted deep down she is just lonely and wants a friend.

history: midnights history is very tangled. when she was very little her parents abandoned her to a group of hungry mightyena. she was saved by an absol and it's child and has since then love all dark pokemon. the two absols made sure she was found by some one. that someone happened to be sabrina. sabrina could sense midnights power over the elements of pokemon and sought to train her but her midnights power got out of control she was kicked out of sabrina's school for sabrina saw her as a threat. midnight was banned form having psychic pokemon for sabrina worried that they may help release more of midnights power which could end up causing problems. midnights power has since stayed at the same level as sabrina's. midnight can to hoen to get away from sabrina's ever watching eyes and came across a wounded absol. she brought the absol to professor birch in the hope that i could be healed and that she may finally get a pokemon to be her friend.
midnight got the scar on her hand because a group of boys in the town where midnight was training midnight thought i would be funny to tease her because she could have no pokemon at that time. annoyed at this midnight challenged to boy to battle of her using the powers she had gain against their pokemon. one of the boy mockingly sent out his misdreavous for he thought midnight like sabrina would be weak against ghost pokemon. midnight rebounded the shadowball and sent one of her own behind the misdreavous resulting in it flying and smashing the mirror behind her. shards of the mirror flew every where one causing a deep cut on midnight's wrist. sabrina came at that moment and was furious when she found out what had happened. she healed the midreavous and whipped the boys minds before teleporting them to a pokemon centre. she made midnight promise never to battle trainers pokemon for sport. feeling guilty at been so cross sabrina offered to heal the wound that the mirror had caused. midnight refused but didn't tell sabrina why. unknown to any one but her a shard of the gem that misdreavous wares to amplify it's power had become lodged deeply in the wound. midnight thinks the shard is the reason she can understand pokemon and her powers seem stronger
pokemon: absol, female, timid nature
writing example:
a few hours later and Star is been taught how to catch pokemon properly by Birch when Star notices a distressed pokemons call. Suddenly a kyogre comes shooting out of the bushes into the clearing that Star is in. Birch whips around in complete shock and is even more stunned when Star tells Caty to surround the Kyogre by a wall of water. As he steps to stop her he finds him self cut of from all three Star, Caty and the kyogre by a ring of water.

“ go Caty! Lets hydropump her into the wall.” Star commanded leaving the kyogre stunned at the power of the move.

No normal baby Mudkip is this powerful. I will test it with sheercold. Oh on that was a mistake, it is shooting hydropump again, I will end up in an ice wall this time. That girl. She is familiar. Star. That is what the man shouts. I can see her eyes. Silver! That is the mark of a true pokemon master. I know with her I will be safe. A pokeball! She is going to try and catch me. Then I will put up no fight. Silver eyed Star you win.

Unseen to anyone but Star, the kyogre nodded its head slightly in acceptance of it's new friend and master. She understood what she had to do, this was why she was here, why she had that bracelet even if she didn't know it yet.

February 5th, 2009, 12:13 PM
Sorry to say Star88 but I chose a Dark Pokemon first, and since pika's rule is only one type per starter, you can't get Absol. Sorry!

February 5th, 2009, 12:14 PM
actually i asked him to reserve it for me if you read the earlier posts on this page.

February 5th, 2009, 12:22 PM
NOOOO! I hope I can still use Poochyena! Pika please!!!!

February 5th, 2009, 2:24 PM
Chapter 3: Double Trouble/ vs. Totodile!

Ding! The noise that was made every time a Pokemon was captured rang in Jazmine's ears, a sound she loved. "Congrats!", she said, excitedly.

"Thanks! I caught a Minun!", Sam said, pushing out the words. He had done it again, and he rembered the time he had caught Poochyena. The two called back their Pokemon, and sprayed them with juice from the last Oran berries. Pyu climbed back up on Jazmine's shoulder, a worried expression on her face.

"What is it, Pyu?", Jazmine asked, worried also.

"Pi-Piu!" Pyu pointed a tree nearby.

As the two turned to look, they realized what was wrong. The tree had caught on fire, and was now in a flurry of blazing orange.

"Oh no!", the two shouted, as they watched the fire start to spread.

"None of our Pokemon know water type moves, and Sand-Attack wouldn't do the trick", Sam said, deep in thought.

"He's...so....smart!", Jazmine thought. "We're going to need some help", she said.

"Yeah, but I doubt there's any water types here...."

"I saw a lake near by, it's where I got the water! Maybe we can get some help from the Pokemon there!", Jazmine said, in a hurry.

"That's not a bad idea........But.......the smoke is blocking the way", Sam replied.

"Right, that won't do", Jazmine said, dazed.

Then, suddenly, they heard a shout from across the smoke. "Jazmine! Is that you!", it cried.

"Peter!", Jazmine called back, in relief.

"I found this Pokemon, he wants to help!", Peter replied. Then, Jazmine heard another noise, and soon, the fire was dying, and water could be seen.

"Awesome!", Jazmine and Sam cried, as the fire cleared completely, and a small crocodile-like Pokemon could be seen.

"Peter, it's you!", Jazmine called, running to greet him. "Come back to the campsite with us"

The trio walked back to the camp, and sat down on the blanket to finish their dinner.

"Come back out, guys!" Sam called.

"You too, Liz!"

"Let's go, Maggie!"

The Pokemon were released, and proceeded to eat their dinner, too.

"To-To?", Jazmine heard a small voice ask. The trio turned around, and saw the small crocodile Pokemon again.

"Here, have some food, you deserve it!", Jazmine said, grabbing him and placing him down in front of a bowl full of Poffins.

"Totodile!", the Pokemon yelled, and quickly gobbled the food down. After the group finished eating, they squeezed into the tent, and layed down on their sleeping bags.

"It's been a long day", Jazmine said, drifting to sleep.


The group awoke, and jumped out of bed. They quickly ate breakfest, and un-pitched the tent. "Well, let's be on our way!", Sam said, once everything was cleaned.

They walked to the path, and continued down it, the sand crunching underneath them. "Wait", Jazmine said, turning around. She saw the Pokemon, the one that had put the fire out.

"To!", it shouted, excitedly.

"Jazmine", Sam said, thinking. "It wants to go with you!"

"Really, is that true?", Jazmine asked the Pokemon.

"To-To!", it replied, nodding.

"Okay!", Jazmine said, pulling a Pokeball from her bag. "Here goes!"

She dropped the Pokeball on the ground, and the Pokeball consumed the Pokemon. It shook once, twice, and.......

OOC: Hope this is alright!

February 5th, 2009, 2:33 PM
Okay, If I can`t have Poochyena (which I`Ll catch at Route 101), I`ll take a Baltoy, if that`s okay?

February 5th, 2009, 5:34 PM
ok! Everyone who has done an actual story post I'll edit this with the updates but I gotta go in a min. so I'm going to update SUs...

Poocheyana: No you may not have Poocheyana. But, with Baltoy your accepted! Just edit your TC with Baltoy and Poocheyana because your going to be starting on Route 2.

Star88: Pending! Just add one mor eparagraph to history, and your fine:)

dboring: Good post!
Nidoran grew to lvl. 8!
Nidoran learned Focus Energy!
Ledyba grew to lvl. 6!
Ledyba learned Supersonic!

fiver: Go to sleep Mudkip!
Zach found and received 1 Chesto Berry!

king: it was a little short, but I like how you caught it out of friendship...next time add more description:)
Jazmine caught a level 7 male Totodile!(I can't remember did I tell you it was a shiny too or no?)

February 6th, 2009, 7:40 AM
After coming off his intense double battle against Landon, Beo found himself in the midst of route 2. Knowing he still had awhile left to go he started to sprint a little bit, hoping to get some exercise while getting to the next town faster. He then decided this would be good for his pokemon to get a workout in to, and he let them out of there pokeballs.

"Ok guys listen up were going to have a little workout by running for awhile ok, so just try to keep up" Beo said to his pokemon with a smile. The two pokemon looked at him, and before Beo noticed they took off without him, they thought he wanted to race. Beo laughed then took off after them, he quickly caught up to Ledyba who was just not meant to be a runner, which is most likely why she has wings, he then caught up to Nidoran who was moving at top speed.

As the race continued Beo was unaware of his surrondings and all of a sudden he tripped over a stick and fell right into a huge bush. As Beo looked around in the bush he noticed a ton of sleeping worm looking pokemon, he reached for his pokedex and opened it up.

"Wurmple the worm pokemon, it will defend itself with the spikes on it's rear, they also love to spit white silk at there enemys" the pokedex said.

"Oh boy, maybe I should get out of here very quitely" he said as he put the pokedex back in his bag and tried to manauver out of the bush. As he almost was out he saw Ledyba come flying in and when she saw Beo she started to shout happily.

"Led-led-led-yba" she shouted.

"NO ledyba quite!" Beo screamed as he noticed the wurmples started waking up he quickly dashed out of the tree but as he had just made it out he was spun in the white silk, and he fell to the ground. There were about ten wurmples and they all had very angry expressions on there face. At this point Beo's whole body was spun up except from hit chin up.

"Not good not good" he shouted as the wurmples started to crawl on his spun up body. They all had there pointy rears cocked back and ready to strike down on him. But Nidoran and leyba hit them each off with Peck and tackle.

"Nice going guys now get---" Beo tried to say the rest but his mouth was now covered in silk. It looks like it was up to his pokemon alone this time.

The wurmples started shooting silk at Nidoran and Ledyba but the two of them dodge it gracefully. Nidoran sped up and hit one of them directly knocking it out with a peck. Ledyba took another one out with a tackle. There were now eight of them left, and they seemed to be tiring out quickly. As Nidoran went in to hit another one with peck, but was tied up with a string shot from the side before he could hit it. It was now only up to Ledyba who had basically caused this mess in the first place.

"Oh god, come on Ledyba you can do it" Beo thought to himself but deep down inside knew this may be the end.

At that moment ledyba was hit with a string shot and was falling to the ground. But before she hit, she let out a loud screech and the eight remaining wurmples started attack each other till the were all wrapped up in there own silk. Beo looked on in astonishment of what just happend. He realized Ledyba had used supersonic, which confused the wurmples.

As Beo was let free from the sticky silk he looked down to see one of the wild wurmples knocked out, and decided it may come in handy for some things, he threw a pokeball at it and watched wondering if it would be caught.

February 6th, 2009, 1:13 PM
You told me it was, but I don't want it to be. If thats okay;)

February 6th, 2009, 2:01 PM
king: ok!:):)

dboring: ok post...
You caght a level 3 male Wurmple!!

star88: better! Accepted! Please notify me if there is one other Pokemon you wanted to catch from Route 1 because you will be starting on Route 2:)

February 6th, 2009, 3:16 PM
Sorry for replying late, Pikalover! I was busy with school!

Chapter 2 : Just Live Your Life [Route 1]
"Bluu! Bluu!" Cried an excited Swablu as it perched on a certain pink-haired girl's head, "Bluu!!"

Yvonne was running with her two legs as her hands grasped Eavan who sat on her head. The two felt the wonderful breeze hit them as they mutually enjoyed the feeling. The lass continued running as she laughed along Eavan's cries of joy. The two looked as if they knew each other since they were just born! The Swablu continued to flap it's white wings and laughed. Yvonne too join the laughter as she continued running with the bird.

Suddenly a grumpy Ledyba flew out of the trees and growled, "Ledyba!!" It certainly did not look happy with the constant noise ruining the peaceful environment. The bug pokemon immediately headed towards the Swablu on Yvonne's head and tackled it with it's head.

Eavan squealed as the ladybug-like pokemon came dashing towards them. The bird was too slow and too surprised by the sudden appearance that she was immediately hit by the Ledyba. Eavan dropped from Yvonne's grip by the blow but then immediately levitated back up as she started flying up high.

Yvonne was also shocked by the Ledyba. When Eavan was hit, the girl couldn't help but run towards the fallen one, however the Swablu regained it's energy and started flying up high beautifully. Yvonne was amazed by the way Eavan was determined then looked at the Ledyba with a grin, this was going to be a quick battle since Swablu had it's flying-type advantages! With that, Yvonne commanded, "Eavan! Use Peck!"

"Swabluu!!", Eavan cried out like how an eagle would and swooped down towards the Ledyba. It's cotton-like wings straightened as it glided down. The beak of the Swablu began to glow as it looked like it grew bigger, then the Swablu poked it's sharp beak on the Ledyba's head as it used Peck.

The Ledyba was only level 4 and had taken a large amount of damage from the bird. It exclaimed, "Ledyba!" As it tried to defend itself with it's hands when the Swablu pecked it. The pokemon started feeling very low-spirited and weak as it's HP had reached low from the super-effective attack. However it did not give up and tried to encounter the bird with Tackle again.

The girl grinned widely at the sight of Eavan's spectacular tactics and was amazed by how beautifully the bird presented it. Maybe Yvonne should consider entering Eavan into contests! However, now was not the time to think about the future as the Ledyba once again tried to Tackle her pokemon. Yvonne reacted quickly, "Dodge it then use your speed to give it a good Peck!"

Eavan's swift speed and ability to fly was able to avoid the Tackle from hitting her as she flapped her wings rapidly. She listened to her master's commands as she started swooning down towards the Ledyba again with quick agility. Once again her beak glowed brightly as the bird prepared a end to the battle. She used Peck again on the Ledyba then flew back up again to get ready to dodge the Ledyba's attack incase it fought back.

The Ledyba took the blow harshly. As predicted the flying move had certainly had countered the weak bug pokemon. Consequently, the Ledyba felt it's whole entire body weaken as it slowly collasped onto the ground. It's eyes formed spins as a symbol that the Swablu had defeated it. It fainted.

"Yes!", Yvonne cheered as she jumped up high. She threw her hands up as she ran towards Eavan with bliss. This was great! Her first battle with a wild pokemon had definitely gave her encouragement to her future journey. She captured Eavan into her hands and gave her an affectionate hug, whispering softly, "You were perfect, Eavan!"

The Swablu giggled as Yvonne praised it. Oh Eavan was so happy she was able to please her master. She immediately took likings to her new owner and snuggled her owner in return. She then looked towards the trail of grasses and thought, it was going to be a while until they reached the next town.

February 6th, 2009, 5:35 PM
"O.K, it's time." Yenic said, rubbing Poochyena's head. That night, Yenic decided rather than just accepting Poochyena as a Pokemon of his, he would battle it with his first Pokemon from Prof. Birch's. He and Poochyena both decided on this. Yenic wanted to know that he caught Poochyena fair and square and not by just friendship.

" Are you ready bud?" Yenic asked.

Poochyena barked a competitive yes.

"Alright, let's go to the lab." he announced, flinging open a door. Poochyena was first to run out. He sniffed tha air curiously. Poochyena barked to Yenic. A low, nervous bark. Something was wrong at route 101, yenic could just tell by the way Poochyena looked at the route. Then something happened that ensured Yenic's fear. A loud cry. It was Prof. Birch! yenic quickly looked at Poochyena.

"Let's check it out". Yenic said. Poochyena had already started towards the noise. The twosome ran through bushes, trees and tall grass until they reached a huge rock where Prof. Birch was cornered by the biggest Zigzagoon Yenic had ever seen.

" Y-Y-you! Your yenic, Tom's boy, right?" the professor cried. Yenic nodded. Prof. birch quickly glanced over at a huge brown bag laying near Poochyena who was sniffing the contents.

"Your Pokemon is in their. It just came today from Oldale Town. I was just about to bring it to you when this Zigzagoon attacked. Use it to repel it!" he cried.

poochyena brought the bag over with no trouble at all, dropping it at Yenic's feet.

"Thanks pal!" Yenic nodded, picking up the bag. He opened it and searched for the Poke Ball.

"It's not in here!' Yenic cried.

"Check the front pouch!" the professor cried.

Yenic openend it up and found a small red and white ball.

"Got it!" Yenic cried, looking at it with glee. "Now, to activate it. Go, Poke-Ball!" Yenic yelled throwing it towards the zigzagoon. It bounced sereval times before it opened and let out a silver light. A small form was taking place. Then, within seconds, appeared a small, toy-like Ground_Type Pokemon.

"A Baltoy! Perfect!" Yenic yelled. "I know just the move to use! Baltoy! Use Psybeam!"

Baltoys small, red line-like eyes sparkled a weird purple and shot out a strong purple beam. It hit Zigzagoon right on the spot. it was a definate critical hit! Zigzagoon quickly scurried off. The professor walked towards Yanic as he sent Baltoy back into his Poke Ball.

"That was fantastic battling, Yenic! Here, these are for you." Prof. Birch said as he reached into his bag, pulling out five other small poke balls and a smaal device known as a Pokedex and handing them to him.

"Thanks!'" Yenic smiled, then looking at Poochyena.

"Ready to battle?" Yenic asked.

"Poochyena gave a loud bark, not taking a moment to consider.

"Alright then, Baltoy, come on out!" Yenic yelled.

Once again, Baltoy reappeared, ready to battle.

" Baltoy, Psybeam!" Yenic yelled.

Once again, Baltoy sent a strong beam hurtling towards Poochyena. But even though it hit, Poochyena took no damage.

"Oh yeah!" Yenic said. "Psychic moves don't affect Dark Types like Poochyena.

Before Yenic could call another attack, Poochyena jumped on Baltoy, sinking its teeth on the needle on its head. Baltoy flung Poochyena off but took major damage.

"O.K Baltoy, use Mud-Slap!" Yenic yelled.

Baltoy lowered itself into a muddy puddle and started spining wildly, sending mud all over Poocyhena. Poochyena was blinded by the earth!Yenic held up one of empty balls.

"Now, my friend, Poke Ball, let's go!" Yenic yelled, throwing the ball at Poochyena. The ball absorbed the dog in a sparkling, red light and sucked it in. The ball shook once, twice, even thrice! But it still shook. Everyone waited patiently and finally, after a few minutes the ball stopped. A Male, Brave Poochyena was caught!

Yenic picked up the Poke Ball and opened it, letting Poochyena out.

"Don't worry, for the rest of the run, you're staying out here with me." Yenic smiled. Poochyena gave him a small lick. The adventure had begun.

February 6th, 2009, 6:35 PM
Aitania: Good post!
Swablu grew to lvl. 8!
Swablu learned Astonish!

+Poocheyana+: is this a flashback you were telling me about or no? If not then you have to edit your post with the pokeball wriggling so that I can tell you if you caught it or not and what level and gender it is.

February 7th, 2009, 12:08 PM
That is NOT a flashback. This is where I get my starter Pokemon and start my Journey.

February 9th, 2009, 11:26 AM
Where's Pikalover 10? I really want to post Chapter 2!

February 9th, 2009, 5:32 PM
OOC: Sorry for the lack of update. Hadn't realized you needed at least 4 posts for this chapter!

Feet crunched on the snow as Trent made his way through the route, pulling his jacket even closer to his body. He was shivering slightly, but the exercise was giving him enough warmth to not be uncomfortable.

"Sab..." Sableye said suddenly, stopping in his tracks and tilting his head.

Trent stopped walking. "What is it, Sableye?" he asked, looking around to make sure there was no danger.

"Ly," Sableye said, pointing up at a tree branch.

Up on the tree branch, snoozing away, was a Wurmple. "Wur..." it sighed, curling into a ball completely oblivious.

"Leeeyye!" Sableye screamed suddenly, causing Trent to jump about a mile high and Wurmple to to almost fall out of the tree. "Ley!" Sableye called, running at a shell shocked worm, claws glinting slightly in the sun. "Sa!" Sableye cried at last, striking the Wurmple with a harsh Scratch attack, pounding it down from the tree branch.

"Wurr!" Wurmple cried as it fell from the tree, unable to land from the pain and shock.

"Sa," Sableye said, landing perfectly, arms raised a bit in balance. Lowering them, it tilted its head at Wurmple, mouth shut and making its face rather plain looking.

"Ple wu!" Wurmple said angrily, stinger on its tail waving about in agitation. "Wur!" Opening its small mouth, Wurmple released a white string at Sableye, getting the purple pokemon enwrapped in its String Shot.

"Sab..." Sableye said slowly, bringing up some of the String Shot in its hand and eating it.

"Ah! Gross!" Trent cried. "Sableye, get free and attack!"

"Leye," Sableye said with a shrug and began hacking away at the sticky substance.

"Wurrp!" Wurmple cried, already charging at Sableye, its head lowered so that its horn was pointed at it for a Poison Sting.

"Blye," Sableye said with a sigh, as if bored with its life as it turned to Wurmple.

"Use Astonish!" Trent ordered.

Body glowing purple, Sableye waited until Wurmple was right in front of it before bringing down his head, bashing Wurmple's with his own head. "Ley ley" Sableye chuckled.

"Wru," Wurmple said softly, flinching from the contact and somewhat out of it. That Sableye had a hard head!

"Sab sab sab," Sableye chuckled, grabbing random rock and popping it into its mouth and swallowing it.

"This isn't time for a snack, Sableye," Trent said strictly. "Use Scratch!"

"Ly." Sableye raised his claws a bit too slowly for Trent's liking, especially when Wurmple used that slowness to quickly shoot out for a Tackle.

"Wur?!" Wurmple cried out in shock, going right through the pokemon.

"And what would have happened if that had actually hit?" Trent demanded to his pokemon.

Sableye just shrugged in response and brought down his claws on the small pokemon, sending it reeling. "Lyy," Sableye said, hunching even more as it peered down at the fallen pokemon.

"Wu..." Wurmple said lowly, body shaking to get up. "Wur!" Wurmple cried, launching itself once more Sableye again, but this time with its stinger.

"Sab," Sableye winced, drawing back as Wurmple stung it on the chest. Sableye hissed warningly, sharp teeth becoming visible on its dark face in a cold sneer.

"Sableye, strike back with Scratch!" Trent called.

"Sab!" Sableye snarled, bringing down his claws on a retreating Wurmple, showing no mercy as it dug its claws deep into the bug types back.

"Wurr!" Wurmple cried out, vision already beginning to fade.

"Alright, now finish it!" Trent ordered, grinning largely.

"Lye," Sableye grunted in acceptance, eyes glowing gray as it stared intently at Wurmple, the little bug shivering in pain.

"Wurr... mple," Wurmple said at last as the Night Shade zapped its strength away, along with its will. It lay on the ground, completely unconcious.

"Sly," Sableye said, nodding his head in acceptance and already beginning his treck back down the trail.

"Already walking?" Trent said, catching up. "Are you sure you don't want to rest for a moment?"

Sableye looked up at Trent for a moment, unblinking, as always. "Sa," Sableye said with a shrug, continuing his walk with a huge yawn. It looks like he had dislocated his jaw, the way it was so jagged and wide.

"Alright," Trent said with a little amusement, stuffing his hands in his pockets and following his slightly insane pokemon.

February 10th, 2009, 8:05 AM
midnight looked fondly over to her companion and smiled to herself. it had been a long day but she was glad to be with her friend once again. she could tell absol felt the same about her. midnight turned her attention to the dyeing embers of the fire and remembered the days earlier events.

every thing had gone to plan. midnight would psychic the pidgeot to go back the the wild where she had found it. she reminded her self this yet again. she felt really guilty about making it think that it had take her to hoen. but if she hadn't sabrina would have caught her at oak's and she would be in deep trouble now. lucky she had found it in the wild near oak's lab. she turned her thoughts back to why she was coming to hoen. if any one knew where her parents were it would be that absol. to find the absol she would have to become a trainer and that was why she was headed for birch's lab.

a pokemon's distressed cry cut though her thoughts. she looked down and saw an absol cornered by a pack of mightyena. she didn't stop to think why they were there or the consequences of her shadowballing them with what was left of her energy, she just did it. she leapt off of the pidgeot's back causing it immediate panic and causing it to flee deep into the woods. she would have to find it later but for now getting the wounded absol was most important. ever since one had saved her she had a soft spot for them. birch's lab was just though the trees ahead she could easily carry the absol there. midnight bent down and picked it up before walking into birch's lab.

a few hours later and the absol was fine. while birch was finding her a pokedex and pokeball for when he got the next batch of starter pokemon midnight used the time to talk to the absol she had saved. the absol claimed to ow midnight a debt and they were trying to work out what it could do. birch interrupted their convocation " here is your pokedex and starter pokeballs but you will have to wait here for a while untill i can get you a starter pokemon. anyway it is time absol went back to the wild."

the absol looked at midnight and knew instantly what it wanted to do. it owed it's life to this girl the least it could do was become her companion. it was already kicked out of it's clan along with it's recently dead mother so it wasn't as if it had anything better to do.
the absol steped forward and looked midnight in the eye. she got the hint strait away.

"you sure absol?" midnight asked the pokemon as birch turned his back to find a map to see the best place to release absol. upon seeing the absol nod midnight turned to birch. "professor birch, the absol says it wants to be my starter pokemon in return for me helping it."
birch looked at the two confused but seeing the pokemon nod it's head and rub it's self against midnight he got the hint. "very well but just to let you know it is very unusual for this kind of thing to happen. just you two be careful but that is all i can say, what choice you two have made will keep you together for a long time. most wild pokemon take a lot longer to trust their trainers but then again not many trainers signal handedly scare off a pack of mighyenas. good luck then." and with that birch helped midnight register her starter pokemon and sent them on their way.
as the two walked down root 1 side by side the both told each other about their past. midnight looked into absol's amber eyes and gasped in amazement. " it was your mum that saved me all of those years ago." they both had just realized who the other was. the two old friends once separated were no reunited in a similar fashion.
they reached the next root with new purpose in their lives. they were going to show those mightyena not to mess with them again.

midnight woke from her memories to find absol watching her carefully. " next time we see those mightyena we are going to be ready for them and show them who is boss right." midnight asked. absol nodded her agreement.
they were going to get stronger and get all of those badges to do her mother proud, sol could just feel it. the wind ruffled her fur as she looked up at the stars. for a second one looked just like her mother's face watching over them. sol curled up next to midnight, her friend and partner, and started to drift to sleep. tomorrow would be a big day for them, tomorrow the hope to get even closer to the first gym. but untill then training they were going to have to cope with. she needed her strength for that.
with thoughts of their training tomorrow in their minds both midnight and sol drifted off to sleep in the last light of the fire next to them.

February 10th, 2009, 1:25 PM
@ Pikalover10:

Could I possibly reserve Aipom... or if not Phanphy

February 10th, 2009, 1:32 PM
"Hm...nice catch there!" Sam said, as the pokeball that Jazmine had tossed at the Totodile had clicked. She had just caught a pokemon. "So...now that you have 3 and I have 3...that means we can battle. So...you want to?" Sam asked. "Sure...but are you sure you want to battle?" Jazmine asked. "Yes. I'm certain of it. Its going to be very important that we battle now, so we know the limits of our new pokemon. Anyway, Go! Minun!" Sam said, throwing out his newest pokemon. "Oh right! You caught it!" Jazmine said. "Well, throw out yours! We can't battle if only I throw out a pokemon!" Sam joked. "Right...right. Go! Totodile!" Jazmine said, throwing out a pokemon of her own. "Hm...not a great choice on your part. Totodiles are weak to electric attacks. Like this! Charge Beam!" Sam commanded. Minun released a beam of silvery energy at his opponent. The beam drew closer and closer. This might be a direct hit...it might be a close miss. Either way, it sould easily cause a lot of damage. The excess energy would go straight into Minun's special attack, too, which would cause it to raise. That would allow him to cause even more damage next turn. Still...the Totodile shouldn't last that long. The Charge Beam should finish it in one move.

OOC: Sorry for it being short. I want king to have a chance to retaliate.

February 10th, 2009, 3:13 PM
Name: Jon (Pronounced: Yon)
Birth date: February 17th, 1995
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Personality: Jon is a funny, loud type of guy. He will sometimes be mean about others, or to others, to seem funny. He's not that mean on the inside, actually nice, but sometimes he hides it. He knows when to get involved or not, and when you're in a very dangerous situation, he won't help you, he'll just stare down and walk away for his own safety. He is not at all greedy, and only takes what he needs to get by. He would actually be a great friend if someone looked deeper inside to him. He can be very hurtful at times. If someone tried to fight him, he would fight back even better. He is a hard worker and a great trainer.

Appearence: Jon has dark brown hair. In the front it comes down to his eyes, and in the back it comes down to the end of his neck connecting to the shoulder. The sides almost fully cover his ears. His eyes are a dark, deep brown, like you could just stare into them and see nothing. He has pretty normal facial features. He doesn't have abs, but his upper arms are strong, and his legs are very strong. He usually wears T-shirts, but will switch to sweaters in weather under 50 degrees Farenheit. He has a polished wood circle with a hole in the middle (Will be explained in histrory) that is his necklace. He also carries around a large canvas backpack were he keeps things like clothes, cooking utensils, and food in.

History: Jon grew up on Cinnabar Island in the Kanto Region. He had a great family who was middle-class and whose father was the referee of pokemon battle for Blaine the Gym Leader there. Unforunetly, the family needed money when the volcano erupted there, because they had to rebuild their whole life. It would either be Jon or his 1-year younger sister to go there, because his father and mother needed to help rebuild the town. Jon volunteered. He got his Gible from Blaine, whose gym burned down. He was aware of the family's problems and he helped out by doing this. Jon thanked him, then 2 days later said goodbye to his family and moved to the Hoenn Region. He got his good luck charm, the wooden circle from the wood of the last of the few trees left on the island when the volcano erupted.

RP Sample: (I have not been on this site for a long time...But I'm an avid roleplayer. I will make my sample from The New World of Pokemon. I'm posting the plot.)
It took place in SnowPoint city. The city was very busy, preparing for a huge blizzard. Gym Leader Candice welcomed it, a chance to train her strong ice pokemon. She was outside, training her Sneasel by having him use slash on a tree nearby the gym. Then it started raining what appeared to be red crystals...But Candice recognized these as shards. She remembered them a few months back when the sky turned purple and strange noises were coming from Mt. Coronet. The shards were perfectly harmless, and vanished when they touched human's and pokemon's skin, and when they hit water or snow. When it happened before, she asked other people what they were, but they didn't see anything. Some people even thought she was crazy. She asked Sneasel if he saw it, and he shook his head. Sneasel now looked at her with fear on his face, and Candice yelled "Return!" and put him back in his pokeball. She ran to the PokeCenter and asked Nurse Joy if she saw them. Nurse Joy looked out the window. "I don't see them Candice...Maybe you should lye down?" asked Nurse Joy. Candice ran outside without saying anything, hearing Nurse Joy in the distance yelling her name. That day, Candice and many others who saw the shards vanished. Search teams searched and searched for them, but they were never found and the search was called off after a month. But Candice and the people vanished all because they had something special in common: They could recognize the effects that Giratina put on the world when it came in to our dimension. They were all put into a world exactly like theirs, except there were no buildings, except wierd stone structures that would heal your pokemon if you put them up to them. These stone structures were like big blocks, and were put everywere were the pokemon centers were. There was no life, except for pokemon native to the strange world, and the trainers and pokemon put into it. They all need to figure out how to get out.

Starter Pokemon: Gible, calm nature, male.

February 13th, 2009, 2:59 PM
Sorry guys...I've been really busy and all with my life...

+Poocheyana+: oh...well you were supposed to start on Route 2...so delete that post and post a Route 2 one or you will be kicked! I am going to post chapter 3 up soon and if you don't start and finish route 2 quickly you will be left behind! Also, don't spam the thread!!(I'm reporting you for that too since I don't want this to get a warning)

Wolfwhispers: It's fine...I wanted this route to be a logn one right before the town...:):) Sabeleye still as creepy as ever I see....
Sabeleye grew to lvl. 14!

star88: Good post!!

bemertonboy: Yep! Aipom is reserved for you until the end of Monday!

sasune:...you know what? Charge beam isn't all that powerful...it only has 50 attack points. where as Hyper beam has 120....anyway its ok...i guess(i mean the post is)

98monkey1: good SU! You're in with Gible!!

February 13th, 2009, 4:16 PM
Chapter 3 part 3!

Beo walked around with the feeling of uneasiness about him. He started thinking about his past again, and feelings started to swirl about inside of him. All of a sudden he feel to his knees and let out a small tear. It was the first time since wartortle had died that he actually felt something. Beo had no idea why he felt like this, it really had never happened to him before, and then he felt a pat on his back shoulder.

"Excuse me are you ok" a high pitched voice said from behind him. Beo wiped his eyes and turned around to see a girl who looked to be about the same age as himself standing there. "I've been watching you ever since that battle against that Landon kid, your a pretty good trainer... Although it was hilarous to watch those wurmple spin you up, hehe" she said for a second then looked back at Beo.

"So do you need something"? Beo asked her wondering who she was, and why she had been following him.

Scratching the back of her head "Well actually I have figured you were going to the town up ahead and thats where I am heading, so I figured we could go together" she said with a bright smile on her face.

"Hmph sorry but I travel alone" he said trying to act cool, but deep down he actually found the girl pretty attractive.

"Oh come on now, it's no fun traveling alone and we can work together if something comes up" she said still smiling at Beo.

"Ugh fine, but if you get in my way, i'll be forced to part ways" he said to her, showing a tiny smile.

"Great i'm Krysten, and you are?" she asked him.

"Beo" he said. The two then headed off towards the next town. Beo was still unsure of what to think about this girl but he figured he wouldn't worry about it now. It was actually kind of nice having someone with him for once.

When they got close to the entrance of the next town, they were jumped by two guys in black outfits and they took off running back onto Route 2. Beo looked to notice they had taken all of his pokeballs off of his belt, except for Nidorans. He started to sprint after them, but Krysten appeared next to him riding on a Arcanine and she grabbed Beo's arm and pulled him on with her.

Beo was in awe of the young girls pokemon, and was glad that they had met up, or else he may not have been able to catch up to the two men. As the turned a corner Arcanine spotted the two men hiding behind a spot in the trees, and jumped at them, the two men moved swiftly away. Beo then jumped off and grabbed his two pokeballs they had dropped.

"Hmph you really didn't think just becuase you caught up to us we'd let you just take your pokemon back like that right"? the one mad shouted at Beo as both of them threw out a pokeball and out popped two Dustox's.

"Ya well you'll have to beat us first to get our pokemon, I despise people who steal pokemon for there own benefit, you don't get the joys of raising your own pokemon." Beo shouted as he called out Nidoran, who stood side by side with Krystens Arcanine.

"Dustox, use confusion on Arcanine" the one man shouted.

"Dustox, use confusion on Nidoran" the other shouted.

"Nidoran dodge it, then hit it with a peck" Beo shouted back.

"Arcanine dodge and use thunder fang" Krysten shouted.

Arcanine swiftly dodged the Dustox's rays of confusion and bit down into the Dustox with it's sharp fangs, which inflicted thunder damaged, knocking out the dustox.

Nidoran moved swiftly in between the other dustox's rays of confusion and then bounced off of a tree and flew in hitting the dustox directly, forcing it to fall to the ground, it slowly got back up.

Krysten was about to have Arcanine finish it off, but Beo stopped her.

"Let me do this one" he said to her with a smile. She nodded back and told arcanine to stand down.

"UGH Dustox use gust!" the man shouted as his dustox started flapping it's wings causing high gusts of winds to fly at Nidoran.

"Nidoran plant your feet in the ground and use focus energy" Beo stated.

Nidoran stuck it's feet deep into the ground as the wind started to fly past, not moving him an inch. It was working and Nidoran was charging up it's energy.

"Nidoran!!!!" it shouted so Beo knew it was ready.

"Now Peck!" he ordered.

Nidoran unplanted his feet and flew back with the wind, it stuck it's feet against a tree and pushed off straight for the dustox, once again hitting it directly knocking it out.

"Great job Nidoran" Beo said as he ran over to pick up his pokemon, and praise it. Krysten watched on as she knew his love for his pokemon and determination assured her he was the right choice, for what she had planned, for him.

"Heh fine you win, so what will see you two later" the two man shouted as the attempted to ran away.

"Not so fast, go Wurmple, Wrap them two up!" Beo laughed as Wurmple started spraying the silk at the two men tying them up, and hanging them from a tree.

"Now when we get to the town will tell the police where they can find you" Beo said as he recalled Wurmple, and Nidoran.

Beo and Krysten then headed off back towards the town.

February 13th, 2009, 11:21 PM
I resign from new Hoenn. i found a new RPG1 Thanks for your time!

February 14th, 2009, 4:48 AM
[[Hey, I think I'm going to drop out in this RP. I have become a RP Mod on this other forum and it's been taking a lot of my time! I'm sorry! I really had a fun first time rping-in-PC!]]

February 14th, 2009, 5:22 AM
"Shoot...it hit, but its still standing. Overestimated minun. It was Plusle's Helping and and their abilities that did it...shoot. This isn't gonna be easy. That Totodile has great moves..." Sam said. "Use Rage!" Jazmine commanded. Her Totodile attacked Minun, but there was something different. Sam quickly realized what it was. "Minun! Quick Attack!" Sam commanded. Minun charged, hitting the Totodile. Sam knew that if he didn't defeat Totodile fast after this, it would destroy his Minun. Rage boosted attack, and at Totodile's level, it would know mostly physical attacks. "Scratch!" Jazmine commanded. Totodile took a swipe at Minun, hitting it squarly between the ears. "Hm...calm down. Think. How do we use the enviroment to our advantage..." Sam whispered to himself. "Minun. Dodge for a while with quick attack. I need to think how to get this to work." Sam said. Minun obeyed. He dashed left and right dodging attacks. Okay...the ground is flat, the trees are charred...I could use that...but it wouldn't be easy. No...the flat ground...easy to run on...and the air...its feels wet. Lots of humidity...that's it! Sam thought. He had an idea, but it would have to work PERFECTLY if he wanted to win. "Okay, run in circles!" Sam told Minun, who quickly started running.

"I havn't seen this style, but won't fall for it! Jump, then use rage!" Jazmine commanded. Little did she know what Sam was actually planning. "Now! Charge Beam!" Sam said. Minun shot the silver beam at its opponent, hitting it squarely. Then, the beam continued to fly, hitting a charred tree. "How did it do that?" Jazmine asked. "Easy. In case you can't tell, it just started to rain...and water conducts electric attacks like charge beam!" Sam said. Minun knew Sam's plan, and shot a charge beam again. Sam had hoped it would get the message. "No! Totodile! Please get up! Don't go down just like that, use your Scratch attack!" Jazmine commanded. "Minun! Quick Attack!" Sam commanded. The two pokemon charged at eachother, hitting eachother, then backing off and charging again. "This isn't good...they're both weakened...they can't take much more...Minun! Use Charge Beam and run through it!" Sam commanded. Minun did so, coating itsself in the electricity. "Now! Hit it!" Sam said. Minun charged and hit Totodile squarly, dealing fair damage. "No! Totodile!" Jazmine exclaimed. Her newest pokemon had taken huge damage. Sam wondered what would happen. Would it get up? Would it stay down? What would happen? All he knew was that this was a great battle.

February 16th, 2009, 12:10 AM
It was there, at the edge of the route, where Trent could see the town, that he was nearly hit a bolt of electricity from out of no where.

"Woah!" Trent cried out, diving out of the way. He stood quickly, feet crunching in the snow. "Who's there!? Come out!" he barked through the thick trees and bushes.

The bushes russled and a small, blue eared pokemon. "Min..." the Minun hissed, revenge burning its eyes.

"You again?" Trent said in disbelief. "Didn't you learn anything?"

"Mi mi minu minun!" the Minun spat, cheeks sparking as it glared at Sableye.

"Plu plusl lusl!" its parnter cried, coming out of the bushes at that moment. It looked beat up, and was pleading with Minun not to fight.

"Min!" Minun spat, brushing off Plusle. "Minun!" it snarled, opening its mouth and launching a Charge Beam at Sableye.

"Sableye, dodge!" Trent barked at his pokemon.

Sableye, who had been quiet the whole time and had watched the interaction with a bored look, licked his lips and jumped out of the way of the silvery eam. "Sab!"

"Sableye, Astonish!" Trent ordered.

"Sa," Sableye nodded, running at Minun, its body glowing a misty purple.

"Plusl!" Plusle cried out to his partner.

Minun ignored Plusle and charged at Sableye, thoughts of beating the ghost/dark type into the ground, just like it had done to him. "Miii!" Body crackling with electricty, Minun met head to head with Sableye.

"Leye!" Sableye cried, purplish body hurting Minun but getting paralyzed in return. Sableye hunched over, a spark popping up here and there.

"Mi," Minun winced, body scrunched up in pain as it also couldn't move from the flinch.

"Plu plusl luls!" Plusle cried worriedly to his partner, clapping his hands half heartedly in a small Helping Hand.

"Min!" Minun cried, jumping back a bit, no longer affected.

"Sab," Sableye hissed, raising his head, eyes glowing a dark gray color.

"Nun," Minun moaned, staggering back as it clutched its head from the Night Shade attack.

"Give it up," Trent said in annoyance. "We've already beaten you earlier, and that was because you were hurting innoccent pokemon. Now all you want is petty revenge. Even your partner can see whatever you do is useless."

Minun tossed a glare at an abashed looking Plusle. "Min!" Minun snarled, mouth wide open as it launched the silver colored Charge Beam.

Trent shook his head. "Sableye, dodge."

Sableye chuckled under his breath and flipped back, feet landing in the snow without a sound. "Sa leye," Sableye said mockingly before wincing as the paralyzation took over.

"Min!" Minun seized that chance and fired another Charge Beam, hitting Sableye in the chest.

"Ley!" Sableye spat, teeth chomping down in anger. Claws raised, the purple pokemon brought them down hard on Minun, cutting deeply into the hurt pokemon.

"Miii!" Minun cried, skidding back across the snow. "Mi... nun," it said weakly, body struggling to get up.

"Night Shade!" Trent barked. "Finish it."

"Sablye," Sableye said, tilting his head at the pokemon, his eyes turning gray as it tore at the electric type's mind.

"Plul!" Plusle cried, running over to the fallen pokemon and shaking it. "Plu! Plu!" Plusle called out worriedly.

"Look, Plus..."

Trent trailed off in shock as, out of nowhere, a yellow and black ultra ball hit the knocked out Minun, sucking it into the ball in a beam of red light. The ball shook quickly and ended with a 'ping', signifying an easy capture.

"Plus!" Plusle cried out in shock as another ultra ball came out of nowhere and hit it in the stomach. It too was sucked up in a beam of red light and was successfully captured.

"Who's there!?" Trent barked out.

"Easy there," came a smooth voice, causing both Trent and Sableye to turn. Out from behind some bushes came a man with light bronze hair and cool brown eyes. He was bundled in a snow jacket and had some type of device strapped to his arm.

"Who are you?" Trent demanded, wary of this man that came out of nowhere and captured the pokemon he had just been battling.

"Andrew Walker, at your service," he replied with a cokcy grin. "Ranger Andrew to you."

"Ranger?" Trent repeated unsurely.

Andrew nodded. "A Ranger is a bit like a pokemon trainer, only we don't capture pokemon unless absolutely neccessary. We are supposed to help bring peace to the wilderness if there have been problems. I was called about a disturbance about two pokemon, a Minun and Plusle, causing some problems. It looks like the problem has already been delt with by you, and thanks to you I could capture them."

"What are you going to do with them?" Tren asked.

"Release them, but only in a safe area where they can't cause any harm, and also in an area that hasn't been dealing with its strange oddities." Andrew gestured to the snow. "I know its obvious, but I feel its my duty to warn you, as a Ranger, that something important is going on with the planet or some unseen force. Whatever it is, its messing with the ecosystem." Andrew gave him a hard look before he scooped up the pokeballs. "Be safe. it's hard to know what's going on with the world right now."

Trent nodded. "You too," he said softly, watching the Ranger disappear. He turned to Sableye, who was hunched over with the occasional spark coming off. "Sableye, return," he said, knowing his pokemon deserved a good rest. Turning to the visible town, he started walking.

February 23rd, 2009, 5:55 PM
Everyone: First off sorry I haven't posted in a while...I've been real busy:)

dboring: Good post!
Nidoran grew to lvl. 10!
Nidoran learned double kick!

Poocheyana+Aitania: K...see ya later:)

sasuneuchiha: good post! can't wait to see the rest. Well here is some exp for now...you'll get more later maybe depending on the outcome and if king posts soon(if she doesn't in the next 2 or 3 days she'll be kicked but her character can still hang out with sam and you can describe her catching Pokemon and all if ya want to)

wolfwhispers: Great post!
Sabeleye grew to lvl. 19!
Uh oh...Sabeleye is trying to learn fury swipes, but Sableye already knows 4 moves! Get rid of a move to make room for Fury Swipes?
Uh oh(again)...Sableye is trying to learn Fake out, but he already knows 4 move! Get rid of 1 to make room for Fake out?

Everyone: next chapter will be up once 3 people have finished it. For inactivity GhostPrincess and FrozanSnowmen have all been kicked!:( now there are many slots open for SU's for anybody who wants one!!:):)

I have decided that from now on for a while:

February 27th, 2009, 4:59 AM
SORRY! My computers were down, as you know by now, and I didn't kn ow I had to post some of the bttle, so.....Here!

Chapter...uhhh....what chapter?

"Totodile!", Jazmine yelled as the Pokemon was blasted by the beam of light. "Come on Totodile!" It was as if the Totodile had super-human powers, because as the steam cleared, a small figure could be seen, very much standing. And unless Totodile's die standing up, Jazmine was sure Totodile had endured the attack.

Suddenly, "To--TO--DILE!", and with that, Totodile ran towards Minun.

"Okay, now, TACKLE, and WATER GUN!" As the water embraced the small Pokemon, Minun stood ready.

"Minun, hit with another, Charge Beam!", Sam said, very much pleased with this outcome. As the Charge Beam hit Totodile, it jumped up in the air, and showered Minun with a pumped up WAter Gun, it's last mark before falling to the ground, fainted.

GAW! My moom's gonna kill me if I don't get off now. I'll finish tonight!

March 4th, 2009, 7:27 PM
king: ok...finish it soon:)

Chapter 4: Pacifidlodge Town
(8 posts)
Description: Pacificlodge hasn't changed much...I mean other then it being risen off the ocean in to a new land risen spot. A perfect place for lodging for a while, it has weird weather year round...exaplining why it is still snowing in summer.

History: A wonderful town where everyone knows each other. It is very smal, but recently a huge scyscraper has been built there...and everyone thinks that it is a new hideout for Team Magma....

Town stuff:
Pokemart- Potion, Pokeballs, Paralyze Heal, Full heal, awakeneing, Pecha beries, and Protein.
New Magma hideout
Battle Stadium

Post 1: Arive to town and explain the Pokecenter, renting a room, maybe going to the Pokemart, and learn all you can about the Magma Hideout.

Post 2: Go to the battle stadium and battle other RPers(That I will randomly place you with! And you will first have to do it over PMs and then PM it to me to mke sure it is ok! Both of you so I know that both of you are ok with it) and gain experience!

3-8: Go to Magma hideout and beat Magma sindicates!

Magma hideout people!:
NOTE: You may not go to the Pokecenter during this part!

Grunts: There is one Grunt outside the building that you by yourself will have to beat, and then one on the first floor when you walk inside.

Grunt Pokemon:
Lvl. 10
Moveset: Hammer Arm, Tackle, Rock Polish, Harden

Lvl. 11
Moveset: Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond, Confusion, Disable

Lvl. 11
Moveset: Fire Fang, Smog, Ember, Howl

NOTE: Each Grunt has 2 Pokemon of any of the choices above! You may choose which of the above Pokemon they have...but only 2!

Magma Co-Administrators!: Harder then the grunts to defeat! There is one on the second floor and one on the third floor!

Lvl. 15
Moveset: Mega Punch, Ember, Smokescreen, Smog

Lvl. 15
Moveset: Fire Punch, Quick Attack, Thundershock, Leer

Lvl. 15
Moveset: Pursuit, Razor Wind, Quick Attack, Bug Buzz

NOTE: same as the grunts with Pokemon wise:)

Team Magma Administators!: Difficult to deafeat. One on fourth floor and one on top floor(fifth floor).

Lvl. 17
Moveset: Ember, Tackle, Bite, Quick Attack

Lvl. 17
Moveset: Bite, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Confuse Ray

NOTE: Each of the admins. only have one pokemon! One of each for these guys...so first ahs Umbreon(or Flareon) and the next has the other one:)

Sorry guys...this is a long chapter, but it is very exciting after!! I have an interesting twist in the plot:D

March 4th, 2009, 8:09 PM
Trent stretched his arms as far as they could go and arched his back as far as that could go and made sure his legs cracked in the process. It really felt good to reach the first town, especially with the amount of process he had made. Although he had not captured a single pokemon, Sableye had grown to an incredible level. Looking around at the small town of Pacificlodge, he noticed a small amount of houses, and one extremely one large tower. He paid no mind to that and immediately headed towards the red and white building that was the pokemon center.

"Hello, and welcome to the pokemon center!" a cheerful voice called to him. The voice came from a pink haired nurse with a cheery smile that didn't look fake at all. "Would you like your pokemon to be healed?"

"Yes please," Trent said, pulling out his pokeball. "Is there food around, like a vending machine or something?"

Nurse Joy let off a soft laugh. "Well, we do have that, but we also have a food court. Just show them your identification and you may eat for free. Would you care to stay for the night as well?"

Trent nodded eagerly and grabbed hold of the key dangling from the pinked haired woman's hands and moved through the doors. The sweet smell of food nearly made him salivate. Luckily, he had a bit more self control than that and quickly walked along the lines of the food court. It was his nose that led him to a large slice of peperoni pizza, some onion rings and and soda. Hastily flashing his pokedex, and Trent sat on the nearest table and gulfed his food down.

The whole time he ignored the way some of the other trainer's looked at him. They all appeared clean and well fed, but he had just came out from the wild and was starving. A good two hours later of sitting around lazily watching a television set that hosted a pokemon battle, Trent finally left the food court and grabbed his pokeball from Nurse Joy.

"Come on out, buddy," Trent said with a grin.

With a flash of bright white light, the jewel eyed pokemon appeared. "Saa!" Sableye said happily, raising his arms and moving his body in a way that looked like he was about to do a rain dance.

"How are you feeling?" Trent asked, kneeling down so he could pet Sableye's head.

"Lyy ele," Sableye said with a slight cackle that still sent a shiver down Trent's spine. The little pokemon took a few swipes at the air, showing that it could take on anything.

"Glad you feel that way," Trent said, smiling widely and feeling extremely pleased with his pokemon. Standing up, he looked around. He took in the site of the large tower, but then he also noticed a large battle stadium. "That looks interesting," he said, pointing towards the building. "But I think we should stock up on a few suppiles first."

Silently, Sableye tilted his head in that eerie way that Trent had figured mean that he was curious. "Ley?"

"Just come," Trent said, gesturing for the pokemon to follow. As silent as a ghost, the purple pokemon followed Trent into a blue and white building. Inside was a mass of pokemon items. The walls and isles were filled with devices that were usually housed in the pokemon's lab. "Here's what we need," Trent said, taking three potions. "Don't need too much, as we were already given some before we left the professors, but there's that battle arena..."

"Sa," Sableye said in understanding as Trent got rung up.

"Have a good day!" the helper called as Trent walked out the store. Giving a backwards wave, Trent exited the store and started to walk towards the battle stadium.

March 5th, 2009, 5:59 AM
wolfwhispers: Good post! Also the person in the battle stadium you will be battling will be none other then sasuneuchiha! Once he is finished with his first post go ahead and PM the beginnnig of the battle or something:)

Trent received 3 Potion!

March 5th, 2009, 3:14 PM
Sam and Jazmine were just deciding to cut the battle short...after Andy had interuppted.


They had been battling...when all of a sudden, a Gyrados came and squished Totodile. Turning, Sam saw it. He knew who it belonged to. With Minun, this was no trouble at all. Therefore, Sam quickly dispatched it with Minun's charge beam. This, however, was not the last Gyrados. Andy had...5...and a Skarmory! Sam quickly returned Minun to send out his second pokemon, Turtwig. "Use Thrash!" Andy said. Sam quickly picked out the levels...they were only level 7 and his best was 12. His Skarmory, however, was level 13! Sam quickly dispatched the second and third Gyradoses with Absorb, as Turtwig was still injured from the fight with Minun and Plusle. As a result, Overgrow kicked in. This allowed him to defeat the two. Sam knew it was don, however, when it took him several more hits to defeat the second one. Sam returned Turtwig to send out his Poochyena. Poochyena used Howl to prepare, then charged at the Gyrados. Tackle and Shadow Ball flew everywhere, kicking up sand. When it cleared, Sam had defeated that Gyrados. Afterwards, another was sent out. This one was quicker, and hit Poochyena a few times. Sam realized, however, that it confused itself with Thrash, and thus, couldn't touch Poochyena anymore. Shadow Ball dispatched it.

Finally, Andy sent out his best pokemon, Skarmory. Skarmory knew Stealth Rock, which prevented Sam from switching out his pokemon. Next, it used Whirlwind to attempt to knock Minun into the rocks. "Quick Attack to get under it, then Charge Beam!" was Sam's command. Minun shocked Skarmory. It fell, and Minun hit it with another Charge Beam. After a few similar attacks, Skarmory fainted, and Sam had won another battle with Andy. Realizing he had lost, Andy gave Sam something. A TM of Water Pulse. He said he had a few more. He kept them for Gyradoses, but then learned that it wasn't good for them, and so they should keep it. He handed one to Jazmine too, for interuppting their match. He quickly took his leave on a Gyrados. This was rather odd...and they knew a town was coming, so they kept moving. As they left, he heard Andy yell, "Sorry for that attack! I wanted to make sure you keep on your toes, as something huge is happening!"


Sam and Jazmine arrived in Pacifidlog. This was a fair town...huge iron tower, though. Sam wanted to find out more. He and Jazmine decided to seperate and look for some information on it. They said that if they went in the tower they'd work together, though. They figured that it was a huge tower full of other trainers. Sam went to check into the Pokecenter for them while Jazmine just went in town. Checking in, Sam asked Nurse Joy, "So...what's up with that tower?" "Hm...no one knows for sure, but we think that it is the home of Team Magma. Feel free to ask around, though..." She said. Picking up a newspaper from the town, Sam read about its creation. It happened a few months ago and that it was constructed for no known reason. The paper had been keeping tabs on it for a while, though. Sam went to the Pokemart, as he knew that he'd be in that tower some time soon. Inside, he asked about information. The clerk said, "I'll tell ya, but only if you buy something." "Okay...gah...stupid...cheap clerk..."Sam mutttered under his breath. He picked up 3 protiens. Paying for them, the clerk said, "Okay...as you probably know, rumor has it that its Team Magma's place. They've got some strong pokemon in there...but you oughta be careful...no one who's been in there has ever come out...also...there's only 1 way in...the main door. Good luck with it, though..." the clerk said, shooing Sam. "Oh! And to keep ya quiet...here's 3 more proteins...don't tell no one I told ya anything...NOW SHOO VARMET!" he said. Looking to the ground...Sam saw a bag on the ground. Opening it up, Sam didn't see just Proteins...he saw Rare Candies. Stupid clerk, Sam thought, picking them up.

He walked to an arena he had seen when they entered town. Walking in, he Saw a boy standing there. "Well! Someone's late! GET MOVING!" He said, pushing Sam into a room with someone standing in it.

March 5th, 2009, 3:17 PM
sasune: Good post! Sam received 6 proteins, and 2 rare candies!


Minun grew to lvl. 11!
Turtwig grew to lvl. 13!
Turtwig learned Razor Leaf!
Poocheyana grew to lvl. 10!
Poocheyana learned Sadn Attack!

Sam also received TM 17(Protect)!


I have decided to enter this journey too, and will be starting in Pacifidlodge Town with most likely 2 maybe three Pokemon and will distribute their levels evenly! Here is my SU:

Name: Maximillion
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Personality: Having grown up around Pokemon, Max has always loved to be around Pokemon and deeply cares for them. He is very determined and will do anything to achieve hsi goal, protect his friends, or to protect his Pokemon. Most people don't think Max of an odd person, other then the fact that he is very mischevious and funny.

Appearence: Max has short blonde spiky/messy hair. His hair is formed naturally and he is about average height and weight. Standing at about 6 feet and weighing about 99 lbs. He wears a blue T-shirt, a pair of light blue basketball shorts, and a blue football jersey with a number '15' on the back. He wears a backpack that has a strap that he keeps around his right shoulder and down his left side.

This backpack's straps have Pokeball compartments where he keeps his Pokeballs. He also wears an orange hat and blue and orange fingerless gloves. He also wears a necklace with an Eevee figurine at the bottom.

History: To be revealed later on!!

Eevee (Multi)
Lvl. 13
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whipe, Sand attack, and Helping Hand
How Obtained: Give to by Birch's son

Lvl: 12
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Headbutt
How Obtained: Captured on Route 1

Items: 3 Pokeballs, Pokedex, 2 potions, TM 14(Blizzard), 2 Oran berries, 1 Rare Candy, 1 Pecha Berry

March 5th, 2009, 6:37 PM
OOC: Did I get a TM, too?

Chapter 4: Heated Battle at Magma Tower!

Jazmine's eyes flicked open, and it took her a minute to realize where she was. "Last night..... I walked in.....got a room....583.....the center....OH!" Jazmine jumped out of bed, noticing something had flown up in the air when she had rose. " WAH!", Jazmine yelled.

"PICHHUUU!!!", Pyu yelled, as she landed on the bed with a thump.

"I'm sorry Pyu, I must of missed...you...on..me", Jazmine stated, feeling dumb. She glanced over at the bed next to her. "EEK!", she shrieked. "A MONSTER!"


"Oh...it's just you, Totodile....sorry" Totodile jumped out of bed, along with Liz. Totodile then yawned, opening its wide mouth, and reflecting all of its shiny teeth. "Those are some mighty glompers you got there!", Jazmine exclaimed. "Hmm....I'll name you Gator!"

"To..TODO!", Totodile shouted in excitment.

"Now let's get going!" The four quickly got ready, changing, showering, and brusing their teeth, swarming the cozy room, with its luminating orange walls. Finally, they were all ready, and Jazmine and her Pokemon exited the room, and climbed down the slanting metal stairs, to the lobby. There was a cafe, directly in front of her, a dozen tables, and three times as many chairs. To her left, was the nurse's counter, and a few products, mostly brushes, and outer-appearance items. In the middle of the lobby was a T. V., two long couches, a few love-seats, and a wide coffee table.

"Come on, guys!" The group walked up to the nurse's counter, and Jazmine viewed some of the products. Bows, barettes, ribbons, sweaters, and other items. "This is cute!", Jazmine said, looking at an orange bow, with zig-zagging stripes.

"Zig-Zag!", Liz agreed. Gator was trying on a pair of aqua-blue sunglasses, and Pyu was longingly looking up at a yellow button up vest. Jazmine grabbed the sunglasses, vest, and the bow, and placed them on the counter.

"I'd like to purchase these", she told the nurse. The nurse immediately scanned the items, Jazmine payed, and, with a bag at her side, Jazmine left the Centre.

March 6th, 2009, 6:13 AM
King: No you don't get a TM... and Jazmine received one vest, one bow, and one pair of sunglasses!!

Also, you'll be battlign Max(me) in the battling arena:D

Now for my first post:

Chapter 3(P.I): Magma Hideout

Max smiled as they reached the enterance to Pacifidlodge Town. Ziggy was happily running in circles around Max, while Multi was sitting on Max's head. Max remembered perfectly why he had named his Pokemon. Ziggy, was named because she was always running around excitedly, and Multi was named because he could evolve in to so many different things.

Max stepped in to town and imedietly noticed a huge tower with 5 floors. Max looked around a little more and noticed a battling arena, a Pokemon Center, and a Pokemart. Max looked down at Ziggy and then back up at Multi and noticed that they were both a little tired from battling against the Minun and Plusle...that had been hard.

Max decided he would, and started heading over towards the Pokemon Center. He stepped inside and smiled at the nurse with pink hair and handed her his Pokemon. "Please heal them." Max said.

The nurse nodded and stepped in to the back room. Max looked around and noticed that there was a food court, so he walked over there, starving. He imedietly went to the back of the line and in no time made it up to the front. He showed the chef his Pokemon license and grabbed a tray, putting a hamburger, tator tots, a candy bar, and a soda on it.

He sat down at a table across from a boy and a young girl talking to each other. He managed to find out that the boy's name was Sam and that the girl's was Jazmine from their conversation. Max praticaly inhaled his food, eating it quickly and then running back to the main room.

Right after he entered the room, the nurse came out with Ziggy and Multi. "There you go. All better." the nurse said handing him his Pokemon.

"Thank you...Could I possibly get a room key too?" Max asked. The nurse nodded and tossed him a key with a room number from behind the counter. Max thanked her and walked out of the Pokemon Center, and headed over to the mart. He looked around and grabbed 2 potions, a Paralyze heal, a full heal, and an awakening. He paid for the stuff after the clerk scanned it and left.

Before he left, he noticed a newspaper with the huge tower's picture on it. He sleathily grabbed one and left without paying for it. He walked over to the battle arena and sat on the bench in front of it and began reading the newspaper.

Apparently the tower had only been up for a few weeks, and many believe it is one of the many homes of Team Magma! Max sighed and rolled the newspaper up, and slipped it in to his bag...he hated Team Magma...

Max received 2 potions, 1 Paralyze Heal, 1 Full Heal, and 1 Awakening!

March 7th, 2009, 1:41 PM
Sam walked into the room. Speaking to the boy across the room, he said, "Oh...hello. I'll assume you're my opponent? Can you wait just a moment? I have to do something..." Sam said, throwing out 2 pokeballs. Inside them were Turtwig and Poochyena. He tossed each a rare candy. Returning Poochyena, he kept Turtwig out...and fed him all 6 of his new proteins. "Well...ready?" Sam asked.

"Yea!" Trent said with excitement. "By the way, I'm Trent!"

"And I'm Sam!" Sam called back just as eagerly as Trent released his pokemon. Out from the pokeball came a slightly hunched purple pokemon crystal eyes. It opened its jagged mouth and released an extremely long tongue that sort of just twirled around in the air. Against his will, Sam felt a little wary. "Turtwig, use Razor Leaf!" he shouted, hoping to end this battle early.

Both Trent and Sableye gave an eerie smirk. "Use Fury Swipes to destroy the leaves."

"Sa sa sa," Sableye chuckled as he raised his claws into the air to knock away each leaf with ease. When the last leaf came, Sableye tilted ducked his head and gave a wide yawn. "Laa..."

"H... how!?" Sam demanded.

Sam eyed the Turtwig before glancing at his own pokemon. "My pokemon is obviously at a much higher level than yours, and has much experience with fast moving attacks... Sableye, Night Shade." Nodding at the command, Sableye's eyes glowed a dull gray and Turtwig began to stagger back in pain, shaking its head of an invisible attack.

"Turtwig...there's only one way to deal with this kind of pokemon. He's a few levels higher than us at the very least. So...run in a circle around him!" Sam said. "What's he thinking? Use Fake Out!" Was the reply Sam got. Sabeleye jumped at Turtwig, but Sam figured this. "Turtwig, close your eyes and shoot as many Razor Leaf attacks as you can!" Turtwig closed his eyes and let all heck loose. Razor Leaf flew everywhere, hitting Sam, Trent and Sabeleye. The only one who completely avoided this was Turtwig, who was using the attack. "So! You still so sure that Sabeleye has an easy win just because of level? Well...that attack still did some damage...Turtwig, while its recovering, use your Absorb!" Sam said. Sabeleye evaded the most of the attack, but Turtwig still hit it partly, drawing some energy for himself. "This is my best pokemon. Victory against me isn't easy." Sam said, almost smirking.

Trent gritted his teeth as he finally lowered his arm that had shielded his face from the attack. "Your Turtwig may be your strongest," he said coldly, watching as Sableye flipped back to gain som distance, "but you obviously have no control over it." Sam went rigid, his face red with angerand, before he could say anything, Trent interrupted him. "Your Turtwig had no control over its own attack and you, as the trainer, are held responsible." With a sigh, Trent shook his head. "Sableye, Fury Swipes, and make this one count!"

"Turtwig, Razor Leaf!" Sam said angrily, determined to prove that he control.

"Turtwi!" Turtwig cried, just as angry as its trainer. Head jerking forward, Turtwig unleashed the barrage of Razor Leaf's.

"Saa!" Sableye said eagerly, almost becoming a purple blur and as it ran forward, doding each sharp leaf as it did so, and rammed Turtwig back. "Sa sa sa," Sableye chuckled, using this opportunity to get the land turtle on its back and release its attack. "Seeey!"

As soon as that first set of claws pounded into its stomach, Turtwig let out a loud wail, unembarrassed by its outburst. The pain tore not only at his body, but at his mind. "No, Turtwig!" Sam cried. "Get up! You can do it! Razor Leaf!"

"Tur...twig," Turtwig said slowly, trying to raise its battered body. It managed to only raise its head and glare at the unemotional looking pokemon.

"Sa," Sableye said, tilting its head at Turtwig, almost as if to get a better view of the pokemon. "Sa..." Sableye lifted its clawed foot and kicked it hard in the head, making it skid away across the ground.

"No... Turtwig..." Sam moaned, trying to urge his pokemon up. He turned to glare at Trent. "That was a low blow! It wasn't even an attack."

Trent shrugged. "A battle is pretty much doing whatever you can to make the opponent faint. So what if Sableye kicked Turtwig away? It's just another way of knocking out your pokemon."

Sam's mouth moved up and down, almost as if it were trying to form words without his permission. When he couldn't think of anything to say, he turned his sorrowful eyes at his limp pokemon.

Suddenly, he found the words he was looking for. "Grr! You think you're strong...your Sabeleye...its brutal. Its also your only pokemon. I see no other balls on you belt. Therefore...I see no reason why this battle should end yet. You say Turtwig has no control...you're wrong. He's creeped out. He's freaking out...your Sabeleye did something to him...I'm sure of it. Anyway...no mercy now. Go! Poochyena!" Sam said, throwing out a second pokeball. Poochyena came out. "Use Sand Attack!" Sam yelled. The sand flew at Sableye...who seemed to be stuck for a second. It wasn't blinded, but it was stalled. That was Sam's goal. "Shadow Ball!" Sam said. He could see Trent's confusion to this attack. The blob flew and hit Sableye. It flew backwards, also looking confused by this attack. Sam knew it was no good, but he had to try. "Tackle it!" he said. Poochyena knew Sam was planning something. He charged. "Wow...I thought you were smart there, keeping your distance. Boy was I wrong. You're going in AND using a move with no effect? Heh...you're screwed, dude." Trent said. He didn't see the plan. Poochyena was now inside Sableye. Sam's plan was going into action. "Fire a Shadow Ball to knock it out from the inside out!" Sam said. Poochyena shot a Shadow Ball, then ran out. Sableye made a jolt...then started growling...

"I'm impressed," Trent admitted as his pokemon growled in anger, looking the most exhausted he had ever seen. "Sableye, stun it with Night Shade!"

"Saa," Sableye hissed, baring his glistening fangs and watching with profound interest as Poochyena yelped loudly and shook its head, trying to rid itself of the mental attack.

Sam formed a fist, feeling anger pump through his veins. His Poochyena, just like Turtwig, was losing. But how? he had more attacks... more pokemon... They must be cheating, and there was only one way to fix this. He had to defeat the eerie duo. "Poochyena, Tackle!" he roared.

"Poochy!" Poochyena barked happily, eager to use the attack, knowing that it would do sufficient damage to the taller dark type.

"Let it come," Trent said, folding his arms and watching carefully. Thinking the two had given up, Sam urged his pokemon with loud words of encouragment, hoping this would be the last attack he needed. Just as Poochyena entered Sableye's body, he uttered his next command.


"Astonish!" Trent barked loudly, interrupting Sam's command with his own.

"Sa! Sa!" Sableye laughed as Poochyena's head entered into its body. Just as it entered, its whole body was engulfed in purple flames, as was Poochyena who yowled loudly. The flames licked at the insides of its ears and mouth, doing much more damage than it normally did, and Poochyena was flung out looking horribly scalded and panicked.

"Finish it with Fury Swipes!" Trent roared, pointing at the whimpering pokemon.

"Sably!" Sableye snarled, prepared to finish the dark puppy. Raising its claws, they came down on the twitching pokemon.

"No, Poochyena!" Sam yelled as his pokemon screamed in anguish. The inside Astonish attack had been powerful... "Come on, Shadow Ball!"

"Poo," Poochyena began to gather a small amount of energy, only to be flung back by a loud yelp as a sharp claw dug under his snout and sent him flying, easily dispelling the Shadow Ball. "Chy..." Poochyena finished with a sigh as its tongue rolled out of its mouth and it lay on its side, panting horribly. It wasn't knocked out, but it was heavily damage.

"Sableye, return," Trent said, recalling his pokemon with a beam of red light.

"What!?" Sam yelped. "But... I have more pokemon! I can still fight."

"Not when my opponent believe's my pokemon is treating or because he's using cheap moves. The only reason your Turtwig couldn't control its power was because you have yet to work with it," Trent said coldly. "And you, as the trainer, are held responsible for helping your pokemon overlook insignificant fears.

Sam's mouth moved wordlessly before he closed it with an audible snap. As Trent walked out of the battle stadium, he bowed his head. "I... think I understand you..."

But remembering something else, Sam said one more thing. "But remember this! I have some advice for you as well. You should try not to be so cold. Just because I couldn't beat you doesn't mean that I can't tell several things. One, Sableye's your only pokemon, which isn't bad for now. Something with no weaknesses is pretty good at this point. Realize, however, that you'll soon be fighting people who have evolved pokemon, which are much stronger than anything on my team. Two, your style...its heartless. I don't know if its Sableye who makes me feel this way or not...but I do believe that its YOU who does. Finally...I challenge you. Not now, but when I get stronger, along with my pokemon. I will master Razor Leaf and any moves that come after it, and then I will defeat you with them!" Sam yelled, leaving the room.

March 7th, 2009, 2:12 PM
Battle Arena time!

Sam walked into the room. Speaking to the boy across the room, he said, "Oh...hello. I'll assume you're my opponent? Can you wait just a moment? I have to do something..." Sam said, throwing out 2 pokeballs. Inside them were Turtwig and Poochyena. He tossed each a rare candy. Returning Poochyena, he kept Turtwig out...and fed him all 6 of his new proteins. "Well...ready?" Sam asked.

"Yea!" Trent said with excitement. "By the way, I'm Trent!"

"And I'm Sam!" Sam called back just as eagerly as Trent released his pokemon. Out from the pokeball came a slightly hunched purple pokemon crystal eyes. It opened its jagged mouth and released an extremely long tongue that sort of just twirled around in the air. Against his will, Sam felt a little wary. "Turtwig, use Razor Leaf!" he shouted, hoping to end this battle early.

Both Trent and Sableye gave an eerie smirk. "Use Fury Swipes to destroy the leaves."

"Sa sa sa," Sableye chuckled as he raised his claws into the air to knock away each leaf with ease. When the last leaf came, Sableye tilted ducked his head and gave a wide yawn. "Laa..."

"H... how!?" Sam demanded.

Sam eyed the Turtwig before glancing at his own pokemon. "My pokemon is obviously at a much higher level than yours, and has much experience with fast moving attacks... Sableye, Night Shade." Nodding at the command, Sableye's eyes glowed a dull gray and Turtwig began to stagger back in pain, shaking its head of an invisible attack.

"Turtwig...there's only one way to deal with this kind of pokemon. He's a few levels higher than us at the very least. So...run in a circle around him!" Sam said. "What's he thinking? Use Fake Out!" Was the reply Sam got. Sabeleye jumped at Turtwig, but Sam figured this. "Turtwig, close your eyes and shoot as many Razor Leaf attacks as you can!" Turtwig closed his eyes and let all heck loose. Razor Leaf flew everywhere, hitting Sam, Trent and Sabeleye. The only one who completely avoided this was Turtwig, who was using the attack. "So! You still so sure that Sabeleye has an easy win just because of level? Well...that attack still did some damage...Turtwig, while its recovering, use your Absorb!" Sam said. Sabeleye evaded the most of the attack, but Turtwig still hit it partly, drawing some energy for himself. "This is my best pokemon. Victory against me isn't easy." Sam said, almost smirking.

Trent gritted his teeth as he finally lowered his arm that had shielded his face from the attack. "Your Turtwig may be your strongest," he said coldly, watching as Sableye flipped back to gain som distance, "but you obviously have no control over it." Sam went rigid, his face red with angerand, before he could say anything, Trent interrupted him. "Your Turtwig had no control over its own attack and you, as the trainer, are held responsible." With a sigh, Trent shook his head. "Sableye, Fury Swipes, and make this one count!"

"Turtwig, Razor Leaf!" Sam said angrily, determined to prove that he control.

"Turtwi!" Turtwig cried, just as angry as its trainer. Head jerking forward, Turtwig unleashed the barrage of Razor Leaf's.

"Saa!" Sableye said eagerly, almost becoming a purple blur and as it ran forward, doding each sharp leaf as it did so, and rammed Turtwig back. "Sa sa sa," Sableye chuckled, using this opportunity to get the land turtle on its back and release its attack. "Seeey!"

As soon as that first set of claws pounded into its stomach, Turtwig let out a loud wail, unembarrassed by its outburst. The pain tore not only at his body, but at his mind. "No, Turtwig!" Sam cried. "Get up! You can do it! Razor Leaf!"

"Tur...twig," Turtwig said slowly, trying to raise its battered body. It managed to only raise its head and glare at the unemotional looking pokemon.

"Sa," Sableye said, tilting its head at Turtwig, almost as if to get a better view of the pokemon. "Sa..." Sableye lifted its clawed foot and kicked it hard in the head, making it skid away across the ground.

"No... Turtwig..." Sam moaned, trying to urge his pokemon up. He turned to glare at Trent. "That was a low blow! It wasn't even an attack."

Trent shrugged. "A battle is pretty much doing whatever you can to make the opponent faint. So what if Sableye kicked Turtwig away? It's just another way of knocking out your pokemon."

Sam's mouth moved up and down, almost as if it were trying to form words without his permission. When he couldn't think of anything to say, he turned his sorrowful eyes at his limp pokemon.

Suddenly, he found the words he was looking for. "Grr! You think you're strong...your Sabeleye...its brutal. Its also your only pokemon. I see no other balls on you belt. Therefore...I see no reason why this battle should end yet. You say Turtwig has no control...you're wrong. He's creeped out. He's freaking out...your Sabeleye did something to him...I'm sure of it. Anyway...no mercy now. Go! Poochyena!" Sam said, throwing out a second pokeball. Poochyena came out. "Use Sand Attack!" Sam yelled. The sand flew at Sableye...who seemed to be stuck for a second. It wasn't blinded, but it was stalled. That was Sam's goal. "Shadow Ball!" Sam said. He could see Trent's confusion to this attack. The blob flew and hit Sableye. It flew backwards, also looking confused by this attack. Sam knew it was no good, but he had to try. "Tackle it!" he said. Poochyena knew Sam was planning something. He charged. "Wow...I thought you were smart there, keeping your distance. Boy was I wrong. You're going in AND using a move with no effect? Heh...you're screwed, dude." Trent said. He didn't see the plan. Poochyena was now inside Sableye. Sam's plan was going into action. "Fire a Shadow Ball to knock it out from the inside out!" Sam said. Poochyena shot a Shadow Ball, then ran out. Sableye made a jolt...then started growling...

"I'm impressed," Trent admitted as his pokemon growled in anger, looking the most exhausted he had ever seen. "Sableye, stun it with Night Shade!"

"Saa," Sableye hissed, baring his glistening fangs and watching with profound interest as Poochyena yelped loudly and shook its head, trying to rid itself of the mental attack.

Sam formed a fist, feeling anger pump through his veins. His Poochyena, just like Turtwig, was losing. But how? he had more attacks... more pokemon... They must be cheating, and there was only one way to fix this. He had to defeat the eerie duo. "Poochyena, Tackle!" he roared.

"Poochy!" Poochyena barked happily, eager to use the attack, knowing that it would do sufficient damage to the taller dark type.

"Let it come," Trent said, folding his arms and watching carefully. Thinking the two had given up, Sam urged his pokemon with loud words of encouragment, hoping this would be the last attack he needed. Just as Poochyena entered Sableye's body, he uttered his next command.


"Astonish!" Trent barked loudly, interrupting Sam's command with his own.

"Sa! Sa!" Sableye laughed as Poochyena's head entered into its body. Just as it entered, its whole body was engulfed in purple flames, as was Poochyena who yowled loudly. The flames licked at the insides of its ears and mouth, doing much more damage than it normally did, and Poochyena was flung out looking horribly scalded and panicked.

"Finish it with Fury Swipes!" Trent roared, pointing at the whimpering pokemon.

"Sably!" Sableye snarled, prepared to finish the dark puppy. Raising its claws, they came down on the twitching pokemon.

"No, Poochyena!" Sam yelled as his pokemon screamed in anguish. The inside Astonish attack had been powerful... "Come on, Shadow Ball!"

"Poo," Poochyena began to gather a small amount of energy, only to be flung back by a loud yelp as a sharp claw dug under his snout and sent him flying, easily dispelling the Shadow Ball. "Chy..." Poochyena finished with a sigh as its tongue rolled out of its mouth and it lay on its side, panting horribly. It wasn't knocked out, but it was heavily damage.

"Sableye, return," Trent said, recalling his pokemon with a beam of red light.

"What!?" Sam yelped. "But... I have more pokemon! I can still fight."

"Not when my opponent believe's my pokemon is treating or because he's using cheap moves. The only reason your Turtwig couldn't control its power was because you have yet to work with it," Trent said coldly. "And you, as the trainer, are held responsible for helping your pokemon overlook insignificant fears.

Sam's mouth moved wordlessly before he closed it with an audible snap. As Trent walked out of the battle stadium, he bowed his head. "I... think I understand you..."

But remembering something else, Sam said one more thing. "But remember this! I have some advice for you as well. You should try not to be so cold. Just because I couldn't beat you doesn't mean that I can't tell several things. One, Sableye's your only pokemon, which isn't bad for now. Something with no weaknesses is pretty good at this point. Realize, however, that you'll soon be fighting people who have evolved pokemon, which are much stronger than anything on my team. Two, your style...its heartless. I don't know if its Sableye who makes me feel this way or not...but I do believe that its YOU who does. Finally...I challenge you. Not now, but when I get stronger, along with my pokemon. I will master Razor Leaf and any moves that come after it, and then I will defeat you with them!" Sam yelled, leaving the room.

March 7th, 2009, 8:20 PM
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You both did great battles! And King and I are getting ready to work on ours!!

March 7th, 2009, 10:01 PM
After the battle with Sam, Trent had made sure to heal Sableye at the pokemon center before walking around town. It was pure coincidence that he came across two characters talking in hushed tone outside of the large skyscraper.

"In no time..."


"Control over this town..." The two chuckled as they said the last sentence before looking over at Trent whi was staring at them in confusion. "Darn it, he heard us!" one of the man snarled. He turned to the other man. "Go, alert our leader, I'll deal with this boy. "Go, Geodude!"

"Woah, woah! I didn't even hear anything!" Trent yelped, holding up his arms in a submissive gesture.

"Don't lie to me! Jay of Team Magma isn't fooled by you!"

Trent narrowed his eyes. So the rumor about Team Magma being here... it was true. Whatever was going on, he needed to find out. "Go, Sableye!" he shouted, sending out the creepy little pokemon.

"Saa..." Sableye said with a wide yawn as he sent out his long tongue to moved about in the air.

Jay wrinkled his nose in distaste as he saw the pokemon. "Geodude, let's end this with one attack since its a dark type. Hammer Arm!"

"Geo!" Geodude grunted as it hopped over to Sableye, who was simply watching curiously, and thrust its thick arm at Sableye's stomach, only to blanch as its arm went right through it. "O!"

"What!?" Jay snarled, tilting his head in different ways as if to figure out what was going on.

Trent grinned cockily. "Not only is Sableye a dark type, its also a ghost type! Sableye, Night Shade!"

"Sa sa," Sableye chuckled, amused at the obliviouness of these two new beings. Tilting his head, Sableye's eyes glowed a brief gray.

"Duud," Geodude groaned, staggering backwards as it clutched its head in agony.

"Jay grit his teeth in annoyance, realizing he had no possible moves to attack with. "Rock Polish," he snapped. "Try and tire it out with your new speed."

Trent lent out a bark of laughter as Geodude began to rub its body, making it sparkle a bit. "You do realize Geodude is one of the slowest pokemon in the world, right? It's no match for Sableye! Night Shade!"

"Saaa," Sableye said in boredom, obviously bored that not much was happening. Once more Geodude staggered back in pain and rolled onto its back.

"Return," Jay said grudgingly. "Go, Ralts!" What appeared next was a small pokemon that had a white body, red horns on its head and green veil that covered its eyes. "Ralts, Shadow Sneak!"

"Raal," Ralts said softly as its body was enshrouded into the black shadow where it disappeared into the ground, seeking more shadow to make its way to attack Sableye.

"Sableye, watch out and be carefuly," Trent warned, looking all around in hopes of finding the small psychic type.

"Sabl," Sableye said with a few snaps of its mouth as it tapped its chin. If it had pupils, they would having been staring at one particular spot. "Sa," Sableye said as it began to walts over near Jay. To their surprise, Sableye simply reached its hand into a dark spot on the ground and pulled out a struggling Ralts.

"Ral! Ral!" Ralts spat, trying desperately to get Sableye to release its head.

"Sab," Sableye said with a grunt as it engulfed Ralts with its Astonish attack before slamming the pokemon to the ground.

"Ra--Ralts!" Jay shouted to his pokemon, completely shocked by how this pokemon performed. "Ralts, use Destiny Bond!"

"Don't let it happen!" Trent shouted. "Night Shade!"

"Saaa," Sableye hissed as it attack Ralts's mind.

"Tal," Ralts grunted, staggering back. Being a psychic type, mind attack hurt the worst, but at least it managed to send out its attack.

"Sab," Sableye said curiously as a white mist surrounded his body. "Ly..."

"Sableye, another Night Shade!" Trent said, a but unsure as to whether or not he really should attack.

"Ralts, let it hit," Jay said with a smirk.

Feeling somewhat betrayed, Ralts allowed the attack to invade her mind, but not before throwing a glare at her trainer before letting out a loud screech as she fell to the ground. "Raaa!"

"Saa..." Sableye said with a wince, beginning to feel the affect of Destiny bond.

"Sableye!" Trent shouted as his pokemon began to stagger about. Ralts simply watched on, mind barely concious, though she could hear her trainer bark at her to finally faint. Sableye snarled angrily and slashed at the white mist, disrupting the Destiny Bond. With a loud, ghostly wail, Sableye struck at the Team Magma member.

"Wh... what are you doing!?" Jay yelped as Sableye slashed at his head. As soon as the man slammed against the har concrete, he was knocked out cold, a small bit of blood trailing from his head. He would live, but have a nasty headache when he woke up.

"Sableye?" Trent asked with caution. He had never seen his pokemon act like this before.

"Say," Sableye said a bit stiffly. It picked up a surprise Ralts and hopped away with an incredible speed and gently put her down near some bushes that led to the wild. With a few hushed words, Ralts bowed her head in thanks and crawled off. Sableye raised a single hand that neither waved or motioned. It simply stood in the air for a moment before Sableye walked back to Trent with a hunched form.

Trent smiled down at his pokemon. Even if little guy was a bit odd and generally creeped out everyone, it had a good heart. "Come on buddy, we need to stop these guys."

Sableye looked up at Trent, his crystal eyes staring deep into Trent's and nodded. "Sableye!"

March 8th, 2009, 11:03 AM
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March 8th, 2009, 8:14 PM
"So, you did follow," the man who had been outside said as soon as Trent entered the large sky scraper. He sneered. "Looks like its up to me to crush you. Go, Houndour!"

"Yea, yea," Trent said irritably. Did all supposed bad guys have to make a speech about how they would crush a threat? He watched as the man threw two pokeballs, his irritation quickly dwindling as two Houndour appeared. "Hey! I don't have two pokemon!" he snapped.

The grunt simply laughed. "What, do you think we play fair? Houndour, Ember!"

Before Trent could do a thing, the two dark pokemon gave a loud howl and fired the hot fire balls from both side. "Sa!" Sableye hissed, completely startled before, almost unconciously, he melted into the shadows in the floor. "Sableye," Trent called out worriedly, eyes on the exact spot where Sableye disappeared.

"Bly," came Sableye's creepy voice as it appeared in front of Trent by oozing its shadowy self out of the ground. When it reformed, it raised its arms warily, looking the most tense Trent had ever seen.

He breathed out a sigh of relief as his pokemon appeared unharmed. "Alright, looks like we have no choice, but attack with Night Shade!" he ordered quickly.

"Saa," Sableye said lowly, eyes glowing a brief gray.

The grunt gave a bark of laughter as one of his Houndour gave a loud whine. "Attacking one at a time isn't good enough! Fire Fang!"

The one Houndour that wasn't mentally attacked gave a loud howl before charging at Sableye and clamping down with fangs with fire flowing from the tips on Sableye's side. "Hoouu!"

Sableye let out a loud wail that sounding so hauntingly depressing that Trent couldn't hold back a shiver. "Saaaa!"

"Sableye! Fury Swipes!" Trent shouted with a deep desperatness as he saw his pokemon get hurt. It was such a horrifying sight, seeing your pokemon get beat up on.

"Sab! Sab!" Sableye snarled just as desperately as Trent as it slashed furiously with its sharp claws at Houndour's face.

""Douou!" Houndour yelped as it quickly released Sableye and closed its eyes, nearly getting screatched in the eye. Jumoing away, it landed next to its partner who let out a dangerous growl at Sableye.

Sableye breathed in deeply, its crystal eyes piercing the two, but as they were both dark types and known to have their own eerieness, the deep stare did nothing. It was almost as if Dark type pokemon simply respected each other or was just to used to it to be affect.

"Both of you, Fire Fang!" the grunt snapped, irritated by the brief break.

"Shadow Sneak!" Trent said quickly. As Sableye melted into the ground, he let out a sigh of relief, thankful that the attack was so fast, only to get his breath caught in his throat as the two Houndour sniffed at the floor and fired a quick Ember attack.

"Blyey!" Sableye screamed as it shot out of the shadowy ground and slid across the floor, looking worn out. "Lyy," he hissed, eyes glowing gray as it attacked a Houndour's mind in a desperate attempt to at least get one.

"Dou!" the other one snarled as it gently butted its friend with care. It turned to the fallen Sableye and growled in anger, fire licking at its fangs as it walked towards its fallen prey.

"Sableye!" Trent shouted in worry. His pokemon was lying on its stomach, but was desperately trying to get up.

"Sably," Sableye said as it let out a deep breath. It sounded gratful that Trent was worried about him, but also agitated that it was knocked down so quickly. It lifted a bit of its lip to show off the right sife of its sharp teeth as Houndour approached, its eyes glowing gray as it tore at Houndour's mind.

"Yes, that's it!" Trent shouted with encouragment. Keep up that Night Shade!"

"Don't give in, Houndour," the grunt spat. "Fire Fang."

"Hou," Houndour said with a grunt as it winced. Finding support as its friend stood next to it, the two slowly lowered their heads, about to clamp down...

"Scyy!" shouted an enraged voice.

All pokemon and humans jumped at the voice, save Sableye. It simply turned its head towards the new voice and tilted its head curiously to the side. If Trent would have been watching his pokemon, he would have been surprised to see Sableye lift a claw that neither waved or moved. Almost as if he were simply greeting a new arrival.

The grunt frowned at the pokemon, a sneer gracing his face as he took in the burns on the pokemon. "I know you, you're one of the higher ups pokemon that constantly tries to escape!" He let out a laugh, taking pleasure in the way the pokemon panted as the burns tore at its strength. "And it looks as if you've already been punished! Perhaps the major just doesn't want you anymore since he isn't around?"

"Shut up!" Trent snapped at the man. No one had the right to make fun of a weakened pokemon, especially one that looked as if its pride had been taken away. He couldn't help but stare in awe at the large pokemon. While it may look defeated, it still had a glare on its face, showing it still had some fight in it.

It was a Scyther, but it looked slightly darker than normal Scyther's, but that wasn't about to deter Trent. "Hey, Scyther!" he shouted at the stumbling pokemon as it fell from the stairs from the upper level as it tried to run away. "Are you willing ro fight with me? You can get revenge."

The grunt glared at him. "Houndour, Ember!" he shouted.

"Houu!" the two howled, muzzles wide open as they fired away.

"Sa!" Sableye called as he jumped out of the way.

"Scy!" Scyther spat as the Ember pounded against its chest. Falling to its knees, it gave a quick nod to Trent. Understanding, Trent quickly threw a pokeball, where it hit the Scyther. There was no fight, just an immediate 'ping', signifying an immediate capture. Sableye dove out of the way as more Ember's were shot at him. Grabbing the lone pokeball in the midst of battle, Sableye quickly threw the ball at Trent, who caught it, before lunging at Houndour and using Fury Swipes at its side.

The other Houndour snarled angrily and shot a quick Smog attack, hoping to drive Sableye away from its friend. "Sa sa sa," Sableye cackled as it quickly flipped away as the Smog made its way toward him. It missed, obviously, but surrounded the Houndour.

"Hoo!" Houndour barked angrily, shaking as the poisonous attack filled its lungs. Its friend gave a low whine, sorry that it attacked its own friend.

"Pay attention, you mutts!" the grunt snapped at his pokemon. "Fire Fang!"

"Detect to get away," Trent said a grin, the first one he's had this whole time. As Sableye easily dodged all of the attacks, he looked at the pokeball in his hand. "Thanks for this, now go!" With a burst of white light, the dark colored Scyther appeared. It was breathing heavily, and leaned on a single scyth. "Come on, I need you to help out Sableye! The two Houndour are almost down," Trent pleaded.

Taking a deep breath, Scyther gave a nod. Its wings began to pumo slowly, and two whirlwings on its sides appeared. "Scy..."

"Attack them both! Ember!" the grunt snarled, eyes narrowed with anger as it took in the sight of Scyther, an ex-Magma pokemon, working with the enemy.

"Houo!" Houndour howled, one going after Sableye and and the other going after Scyther, their fangs glistening with fire.

"Sab!" Sableye snarled as it jumped over the Houndour and ran towards Scyther, its long tongue hanging out as it panted. "Byl!" ot said happily as it jumped ontop of Scyther's head where it gazed upside down into the pokemon's eyes. "Ly," it said with confirmation.

"I don't know what you're doing, but do it now!" Trent snapped at his pokemon as the tired Houndour snarled and barked as they ran at the two.

Scyther gave a low nod and turned to glare at the two. "Scyyy!" it roared, releasing the two whirlwinds at its side. With the sound of rushing wind surrounding their ears, the two blasts of air slammed into the two Houndour at the same time, tearing at their skin. The Razor Wind attack did an excellent job, sucessfully sending the two pokemon flying back and crashing into a wall where they lay motionless.

"No, Houndour!" the grunt yelled as he glared at the two fallen pokemon. When they made no move to get up, he returned them with shaking shoulders. Wit a hateful snarl, he fled the room and the building, but not before giving a secretive grin at Scyther that clearly said it would pay.

Trent let out a sigh of relief as he walked over to the two pokemon. Sableye was still piggy back riding Scyther, seemingly content to remain there. "Thank you," he said gratfully as he rummaged around his pack. He pulled out two potions. "Here, these should help," he said, grateful he had purchased them.

The two pokemon sighed in thanks as their wounds healed, but Scyther still seemed a bit weak on his feet. Tentatively, Trent rubbed a bit at Scyther's body, away from its burns. "Who hurt you?"

With an angry glance at the stairs, Scyther turned away but still pointed toward the second story. "Sy."

"Sabl," Sableye said as it patted Scyther's head.

Trent nodded in agreement. "Sableye's right, we'll help you, if you're willing to stay... at least until we can stop Team Magma..."

Scyther stared critically at Trent for a full minute before nodded slowly. "Cy."

Trent nodded in thanks, feeling slightly weary. He only had one more potion... "Let's go," he said resolutey as he marched up the stairs."

March 9th, 2009, 6:15 AM
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March 14th, 2009, 10:13 PM
As soon as Trent made it to the next level, the Scyther at his side tensed up, its bug face quickly forming a look of hatred. Looking to see what upset the large pokemon, Trent turned around, only to wish he hadn't. There was a man there, holding a whip over an Electabuzz. It had whip marks that covered its back, arms and legs. It laid on the floor, panting for breath. The man looked up as soon as he saw them.

"Ah, there you are," he said with a dark scowl. His eyes glanced over to Trent. "With the enemy, I see."

Trent sent the man a murderous look. "Leave that pokemon alone!" he snapped, only to tense as the man raised the whip once more.

"What's the matter, little boy?" he teased. "Don't have the guts to fight back?'

Trent scowled, but while he did nothing but glare, Sableye and Scyther attack. Claws and scythes flying, the two charged. "Cy!" Scyther cried as it took a swipe at the man, only to let out a loud buzz in pain as the man whipped it.

"Lys!" Sableye hissed as it finally jumped away from Scyther's shoulders. It grabbed the Electabuzz and dragged it back a ways to get it safely away.

"Good job, guys," Trent said as he helped Sableye get the electri pokemon to its feet.

"Don't think about it, boy!" the man snarled. "Electabuzz, to my side!"

The large electric pokemon snapped to attention and pushd Sableye and Trent away, being sure to give them a good shock in the process. Wincing, Trent glared at the man. "Who the heck are you anyways?" he growled.

"Tamer Shirk," the man said sourly as he tossed a new pokeball, releasing a new pokemon. Trent noticed that Scyther quickly jumped to his side as this pokemon appeared. It was a Magmar, a fire type. Standing tall, though just as weary as Electabuzz, the fire type glared down at them.
http://www.pokeox.com/pokemon/platinum/125.png http://www.pokeox.com/pokemon/platinum/126.png
"Syther scy sy er," Scyther said to the pokemon angrily as it clacked its scythes together, giving them pleading looks. Both Magmar and Electabuzz gave each other weary looks before snapping at attention as Shirk whipped his whip against the ground. Giving loud battle cries the two attacked.

"Sableye, use Shadow Sneak!" Trent barked out quickly, eyes wide at the speed the two were going, even though they were so hurt. "Scyther, Bugg Buzz!"

"Saa," Sableye said lowly as its body literally melted into the ground and disappearing into the shadows.

"Scyy," Scyther said, looking worn out and irritated at the fact that he had to battle against friends like this. Bringing up his scythes, Scyther focused, and before they knew it, little green bugs appeared, all buzzing angrily as they pounded against Electabuz.

"Eleet!" Electabuzz cried as it waved its thick arms around, its fists covered in fire as it used its Fire Punch to try and destroy the created bugs.

"Mamg," Magmar grunted as it avoided the attack. Taking a deep breath, but looking guilty, Magmar fired away tiny fire balls.

"Csy scy!" Scyther cried out as each fire ball pounded against its chest and bringing it to its knees.

Sableye, taking that chance to strike, let out a loud hiss of anger, its face expressing its denomic looking anger. "Saa!" Sableye cried as it slashed Magmar with dark shadows on its claws.

"Maa," Magmar groaned as it cluctched its arm, only to let a puff of angry smoke from its beak for rearing back and slamming its fist into Sableye's stomach, sending the smaller pokemon flying through the air with its Mega Punch.

"Saaaay," Sableye breathed as it looked about as it soared through the air. Scyther, seeing its new partner soar towards him, shook his head before easily catching the pokemon. "Sab," Sableye thanked as it licked Scyther with its long tongue, earning a disgusted glance from the mantis.

"Both of you, aim to kill this time," Shirk said as he inspected his nails in a bore fashion. When his pokemon faltered, he whipped the leather whip in the air, creating a horrible snapping sound that caused everyone, save Sableye, to flinch. "Did I stutter?" he asked dangerously.

Once more, Electabuzz and Magmar glanced at each other, their bodies shaking as they looked at their friend. Scyther looked back sternly, its large fangs seemingly more pronounced as it readied itself. Bodies now beginning to sweat, the two let out anguished cries.

"What is this?" Shirk hissed, whip slamming into both pokemon's backs.

"Stop it!" Trent roared. "Magmar! Electabuzz!" he called desperately to the two. "You two are much more stronger than any human! You don't have to take this!"

The two looked up momentarily.

"Scyther!" Scyther roared as its wings began to beat quickly as it soared at its ex-trainer, scythes raised and revenge on its mind.

"Come at me then!" Shirk roared as he pulled out a long knife that let out the occasional spark, clearly showing that it had electricity going through it.

"Maag!" Magmar roared as Electabuzz snarled, "Elaa!" Electricity and fire balls soaring at Scyther, the giant mantis had no choise but to swerve its body away and crash into the ground, looking horribly defeated as it weakly looked up.

Both Trent and Sableye rushed to the green pokemon's side and looked up, just as Shirk stabbed Electabuzz in the shoulder, earning a loud scream before the two pokemon slammed into the crazy Tamer. The force sent all three flying through the glass window. Trent swore his heart stopped, and the yell he issued... he didn't hear it.

As soon as the three bodies were out of sight (and it took too long as they seemed to have floated in the air for a moment), Scyther stood up to look out the window, its scythes dragging on the floor. Trent made to follow, but Sableye just clutched Trent's clothing. The purple pokemon didn't even look at its trainer, preferring to keep its gaze on the sagging bug type, but Trent understood. He didn't think he could handle the sight either, but then again, they were only on the third or fourth floor, right? So maybe...

"Scy," Scyther said, interrupting Trent's thoughts. The bug pokemon walked over to the two. With a sigh, and a couple of blinks, Scyther tapped the pokeball on Trent's belt, which automatically returned it.

"Sa bly," Sableye said with an unneeded happy smile as it waved at the miniature Scyther before looking up at Trent. "Bly," Sableye said, tugging on Trent's shirt to hurry him along.

Glancing back at the broken window, Trent swallowed before following, suddenly finding his resolve strengthening and weakening at the same time.

March 15th, 2009, 9:36 AM
wolfwhispers: Dude if that happened in front of me with the whips and all I would just kill that trainer! Good post though:D
Sableye grew to lvl. 28!
Scyther grew to lvl. 19!

April 5th, 2009, 4:18 AM
Chapter 3: Route 2 – A Berry Chesto Day (Part 3)

Having the good fortune to receive a Chesto Berry, Zach smiled and immediately attempted to feed the berry to his Pokemon which wasn't easy because of the super hard skin of the fruit and also that Mudkip was unable to open up his mouth to even taste it.

But then it occured to him. "If Mudkip can't eat the berry then perhaps it would do some good if it was held by Mudkip". Zach said to himself as he placed the berry near to where Mudkip slept.

"Come on this has to work!" Zach continued on, looking up at the tops of the trees and then back down to the ground where his best friend lay. Moments later the first stirrings of the awakening effect began.

Focusing back onto the Plusle, Zachary threw a pokeball at the target Pokemon, and as it was fainted the ball made easy work of the capture producing the all so familiar ping which signified that at least one of the Pokemon that Birch stated in the mission was finally his, or at least it allowed Zach to send Plusle to Birch at the earliest opportunity.

After which Zach turned around to see that the Chesto Berry had now taken full effect, with Mudkip now running over to his trainer and friend, leaping into his arms. "It's great to see that you're alright now." Zach said to Mudkip happily.

"Mudkip!" the Mud Fish Pokemon cried out, who felt the exact same way as his trainer did.

Chapter Four - Pacifidlog Town

Because they had wasted alot of time with the business with the Plusle and Mudkip's unfortunate sleeping, Zachary thought if it would be possible to find someone who had a boat who also was willing to take them to Pacifidlog or as far as possible since the town was now on the land it would help them a great deal. But if not a boat perhaps some other means of transport to get them to Pacifidlog Town.

I will write this post later and I'm sorry about being away for a while. Also I think it's best to finish with Chapter three short of the post count and to get a start on four so I'm not behind the other players.