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January 22nd, 2009, 2:21 PM
It is said that Ten thousand years ago there existed creatures, creatures of vast intelligence, creatures who side by side with pokemon developed some of the greatest technologies that have ever graced this earth, these creatures were known as.... humans. There is nothing left of these mysterious beings and all we have to remember them by is the ruins that cover the landscapes of the world, most notably of which are giant crystal-like structures protruding from the crusts of the earth. Recently these "Element Towers" as they have started to be called have been reacting oddly and the pokemon around them have begun to go mad. It is now believed that the towers are the reason for the humans extinction and are now starting to wipe the remaining life from the planet.

You are a member of a rescue team in the longest existing rescue team guild. And as such it is your job to not only make sure that not only are all the pokemon in the world safe but that the whole world is safe. You will be assigned missions ranging from the most simplest of deliveries to the most grueling of battles all leading you up to your final mission; destroying these crystals and finding the cause to their destructive and malign behavior.

- No bunnying
-No godmodding (or 1 hit KO's)
- No legendaries
- Put this in your post- Elric is king
- Shinies need very good sign-ups
- Have fun ( Dont rag on eachother)

Sign ups
For Rescue Teams
( You are required to sign up a team of 2-4 members no single character sign ups)
Team Name- ( Obvious)
Leader-( Who really leads *Your Main Character*)
Collective Behavior-( How does your team act as a whole?)
History- ( Nothing major just how they got together)

For Leader of Team
(Needs Some more than other members)
Name- (Once agian duh)
Age- (Not to old, Under 40 please)
Gender- ( Ehhh....)
Species- ( No Legendaries)
Level- ( Nothing over 60 please will go up as rp progresses)
Appearance- ( Anything special about their looks? pics permitted)
History- ( Past and why are they leader)
Personality- ( Who are they?)
Moves- (6 and some made up if you like)

Other Members
Name- (Mhm)
Age- ( Nothing to old, preferably under 40)
Gender- (Yup)
Species- (No legendaries)
Level- (50 or Lower will go up as rp progresses)
Appearance- ( Looks and differences pics permitted)
History- ( Why are they in a rescue team doesnt need to much detail)
Personality-( Guess.....)
Moves- ( Still only Six and made up ones and combos are fine too)

EXAMPLE ( My sign up)
Team Name- Team Legend
Leader- King
Collective behavior- Will do whatever it takes to protect those in need
History- A guild brought together by King on his many adventures. They are currently retired and only work on a mission when its extremely inportant.

Name- King
Age- 164
Gender- Male
Species- Slowking
Level- 91
Appearance- A very elderly and slightly wrinkled Slowking. He stands very tall at about 7 feet and always has his clamped shut. His face always has a wide goofy looking smile on it. Most peculiar of all is the cane he leans on that is adorned with all the trinkets he has collected on his journeys.
History- King was raised as every slowpoke is, a lazy lifestyle that was slow and boring. But the day King was given the kings rock his whole life changed and he decided to leave on a journey across the world. On one of his many travels King came across a small town being terrorized by a group of miscreant pokemon. Alone he stood against them and with great effort not only defeated them but he scared them away from the town forever. From that day forward King would do whatever it takes to protect the weak and defend those who could not defend themselves.
On his journeys he met several others who were willing to protect those who needed protecting. First he met Queen who was then followed by Ace and then finally Jack. After many many years King realized there were too many people who needed help for just 4 people to assist, so he started the first pokemon guild of all time and to this very day leads it.
Personality- An elderly who can sometimes seem quite senile. Besides his seniority King is a very jolly pokemon and will crack a joke every once and a while. He treats every member of the guild like a grandchild and will give them advice whenever asked. He is very forgiving and will also give anyone a second chance at redemption.
-Rest (He's old...)
-Sleep Talk
- Flamethrower
- Ice Beam

Name- Queen
Species- Togekiss
Age- 120
Gender- Female
Level- 88
Appearance- Although she may be old she still looks extremely youthful and young. Her white body is covered in red and blue triangles that are quite beautiful to look at when Queen flies at high speeds.
History- Queen spent the first years of her life looking for a land where there was no strife and where she could live a happy life but no matter where she went there was always hate and anger and sadness. One day while Queen was flying through and open wood she discovered a lone Slowking fighting off a group of houndour who were trying to burn down the forest. Without even thinking she joined in and helped him defeat the fire pokemon. From that day forward she always followed Slowking and treated him like a brother.
Personality- A loving pokemon who treats many of the pokemon in the guild much like her own grand children. The minute there is sadness or sadness in the guild Queen is there to make everything better. She hates hearing of misfortune and sadnes so she feels it is her own personal mission to make sure that there is none in the world.
-Air Slash
-Aura Sphere
-Rainbow Beam (Tri attack+Shadow Ball+Aura Sphere)
-Shadow Ball

Name- Ace
Species- Rhyperior
Age- 108
Gender- Male
Level- 85
Appearance- Unlike the average Rhyperior Ace is golden. His face although is in a seemingly permanant scowl is only this way because of the scars on his face. He wears around his neck a Hard stone on a string that is black and slightly cracked.
History- When Ace was only a Rhyhorn he fell into the wrong crowd. He and the gang he belong to would destoy the foundation of buildings for fun. Everywhere he went Ace left destruction and fear.One day Ace was challanged by another Rhydon (before he evolved) to a battle over leadership of the gang. Ace accepted and although he won his guild still turned on him and left him scarred and starving to death in the middle of a desert. Ace first met King and Queen in the desert where together they saved him and brought him to an oasis. From that day forward Ace pledged his undying loyalty to them both and followed them helping them wherever they went. In the guild he is the one who gives out missions.
Personality- Although he is quite rough around the egdes Ace is a real softy deep down. He speaks in military fasion to the rescue teams and treats them all like maggots. Is loyal to Queen and King still to this very very day. A very rash person.
-Rock Wrecker
-Earth Quake
-Horn Attack
- Sand Flash (Sandstorm+ Jacks Teleport)

Name- Jack
Species- Gallade
Age- 65
Level- 74
Gender- Male
Appearance- Jack is a green and white humanoid creature whos arms extend like blades and are sharper. on his chest he has a golden fin like appendage.
History- Jack was raised by King, Queen, and Ace. They found his egg alone deep in a forest. The first person he ever saw was King who was holding his egg when he finally hatched so he bonded to King. As a ralts Gallade took in everything he saw and because all he ever saw was his family doing good deeds his sense in justice was very deep. Jack was the first person to actually imply the idea of a guild for rescue teams to king. Jack follows and protects king like a father and because of being raised by him trusts in his judgement about everything.
Personality- Jack behaves like a knight of the middle ages and would without a second thought lie his life down for any other member of the guild in order to save theres. Does whatever king tells him too and will usually be seen standing beside him.
- Teleport
-Psycho Cut
-Double Team
-Swords Dance
-Fire Punch

And by the way this is my first RP so if i need to add anything just tell me, oh and feel free to ask any questions.... I will make and OOC thread when the signups are filled

January 25th, 2009, 10:32 AM
Hmm well that's extremely fractured but as far as i see it looks relatively good so for now I guess your PENDING but please try to fix it

January 27th, 2009, 2:04 PM
Team Name: Team Advanced

Leader: Pein
Collective Behaviour:

The group opperates well, Pein leads them with the assistance of Kairi. They are friendly and tactful to other Pokémon. Sparky can be a little less tactful than the others but is still a prime member of Team Advanced.


The team was formed two months ago. Pein formed it with his childhood friend Kairi, they both opperate it equally but Pein is considered to be the leader. The team was formed to stop the natural disasters occouring and they only joined the guild recently.

They haven't completed many jobs and are still novices in the guild. They met their third member, Sparky when they rescued him from the fridgid northen mountains. They're always training since they want to evolve, this training has not been successful as of yet.

The team recently rescued a Pokémon named Rika, she gladly joined their rescue team but she isn't very brave. They are currently training in the guild in an attempt to get stronger.

Member One:

Name: Pein
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Riolu

Pein is a regular-looking Rilou, he has an average build and cannot use Aura to the fullest of of his ability.

Level: 20
Moveset: Forcepalm, Blazekick, Thunderpunch, Poison Jab, Bulk Up
Personality & Strategy:

He will use Bulk Up to rise his attack and defensive power and then he will strike fast, trying to confuse the opponent with his sheer speed. He is a kind, friendly and optimistic Pokémon.


Pein grew up with Kairi and they decided to make a rescue team together. Pein has a secret crush on Kairi, but he won't admit it. He is quite kind to others and usually runs straight into danger, he doesn't care what dangers come his way because he knows he'll be safe with Kairi around.

Member Two:

Name: Kairi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Ralts

Kairi is an average-looking female Ralts. She wears a small gold pendant.

Level: 19
Moveset: Confusion, Energyball, Icepunch, Firepunch, Calm Mind.
Personality & Strategy:

She will use Calm Mind to boost her special attack power and then she will pummel the opponent with a large variety of elementally-alligned moves. She is a friendly, yet quiet Pokémon.


Kairi is Peins childhood friend, they decided to create the rescue team together. They decided to make a rescue team after hearing about all of the natural disasters occouring everwhere.

Member Three:

Name: Sparky
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Pichu

Sparky is a Pichu with a weak build. He is unable to use electrical attacks and his electrical-sacs are very small.

Level: 18
Moveset: Volt Tackle, Thundershock, Charm, Thunder Wave, Sweet Kiss
Personality & Strategy:

Sparky is quite untactful and will state his honest view on things. He is also quite weak so he will usually stand back in the group and Thunderwave the opponents and leave the rest to Pein and co. He is quite an Impish member of the group, but he doesn't cause much trouble.


Sparky was alone in the frigid mountains, he had wondered up there to look for a treasure that was rumoured to be there. His friends were worried about him so they seeked help from the guild, Team Advanced rescued him and he joined them since he had no other way of repaying them.

Member Four:

Name: Rika
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Species: Teddiursa

Rika is quite weak, shes the underdog of the group and she is still young and in-experianced. She is a shiny Teddiursa, with bright green fur. She was taught how to use elemental punches from other members of the group.

Level: 12
Moveset: Fake Tears, Firepunch, Icepunch, Thunderpunch, Scratch
Personality & Strategy:

She is quite weak, yet she is Impish when it comes to fighting. She will trick her opponent by crying and then pummel them with a variety of elemental punches. She is quite an Impish Pokémon like Sparky and the two usually train together.


She joined the team after being rescued, she was brought up in the wild by her mother, Ursaring. At the age of 10 she was left to fend for herself and she got attacked by a flock of Spearow and she was rescued by Team Advanced. With nowhere to go, she joined their rescue team.

Note: Elric is king!?

Bahah, this team is young. The members are aged 11-16 and they are quite inexperienced. I did this so you don't have all extremely experienced teams. :P

January 27th, 2009, 7:48 PM
Team Name-


Collective Behavior-
Mostly with fiery and competitive attitudes, Team Blaze generally have short tempers and don't like being pushed around. Especially the leader can often be arrogant to those who aren't on the team, but are confident and accept high-ranking jobs. They enjoy apprehending criminals, since it offers valuable experience, which lets them become stronger. They are confident and don't like losing. Contrary to how they appear, Team Blaze believes that teamwork, strategy and determination triumph over brute strength, although they can be rash sometimes.

Team Blaze originally was just an idea among a small group of Fire-types as they were children. But with confidence, their dream became real, and they joined as a team with a basic but cool name. This was one of the most major things of their life, since it made them believe in making your dreams happen, not waiting for them.

1: Haneko


16, the youngest of the team




Unlike it was in her past, her "hair" is longer than usual, making her look like a male Blaziken, and her legs are especially strong.

As a Torchic, she lived near many other Fire-types on a rocky bluff. Her closest friends were a Cyndaquil and a Chimchar, named Taika and Onko respectively. She played with them almost every day, since they didn't seem to mind her childish attitude. Haneko's father was an Empoleon, who lived in the sea just below but often came up to the top of the bluff to visit. Because of this, Haneko has never been particularly afraid of water, but she rather dislikes places where she could be hit by rocks. When she was a Torchic, her wings and crest were abnormally short, but in return, her legs were strong, allowing her to run fast. Taika and Onko, however, accepted her differences. It was when Haneko was about ten that they conjured up the idea of a rescue team. Haneko was the one who started it, and they even pretended to be a rescue team sometimes, running around the land and pleading to explore in a childish way. The three shared many traits but accepted differences, growing close and eventually forming Team Blaze. Both Taika and Onko voted on Haneko to be leader, since she was the one who started the dream in the first place. At the moment that they started, Haneko was a Combusken but close to becoming Blaziken. Likewise, Taika was a Quilava and Onko a Monferno. After only a few weeks of rescue team work, they evolved, one by one. First, Onko became Infernape after approximately twenty-four days of being a rescue team. Taika evolved into Quilava after twenty-seven days, and finally, Haneko after thirty-one.

Though the lowest-leveled of the team, Haneko enjoys her work. She thinks before she acts and always considers ways enemies could get around or see through her strategies. She tries not to be too bossy towards her friends, especially because of the fact that she has a rather large crush on Taika. Her short temper can be a huge weakness, causing her to be extremely hasty and to hardly think at all. Her friends try to support her, but it's very easy for Haneko to become blind with rage. When she's not angry, she's generally friendly and has an optimistic attitude. The Blaziken is sensitive and easily put down, not easily brought back up afterwards, but at the same time easily encouraged if she's not already discouraged already. She has a strong faith in her teammates, and believes that they are strong. She tries hard to encourage them never to give up and to fight on, even if she's knocked down. Friendship gives her a desire to protect her friends at any cost, and she hates losing.

Fire Punch, Blaze Kick, Peck, Double Kick, Sand-Attack, ThunderPunch (If tutor moves are okay, if not I'll go with Focus Energy)

2: Taika


16, about a month older than Haneko




A rather slim build and long fangs, but other than that, normal.

He was born about twenty-nine days before Haneko, on the day humans used to call “February 14th.” Of course, the Pokémon had no idea of this, since it had nothing to do with Pokémon traditions. At first, since his mother died just after he was born, he was lonely when he lived with only his father, a Luxray. But he was elated when he watched Haneko hatch. He doesn’t remember many of the details but definitely remembers that same feeling. A leap of his heart showed his happiness and hope that this would be a friend for life.
His wonder was proven true just after a week or two, when Haneko was old enough to move around. At about that time, he had met Onko, but was still unsure about the friendship due to Onko’s flaw: her lack of Special Attack. But Haneko told him to accept everyone’s differences, just as he had for her, so he agreed and allowed the Chimchar to play with them. He went right along with the idea of Team Blaze, and supported Haneko through all of it.

Over time, as he evolved, his bond with his friends tightened, but he really has no idea of Haneko’s crush on him.

Rather hasty, he usually doesn’t think much before acting, but is often stopped by Haneko, whose friendship has supported Taika a lot. Just like her, he’s easily let down and rather pessimistic, but is easily encouraged again, especially by Haneko. However, he is adamant and once he makes up his mind, there’s no changing it; even Haneko respects his opinions, and this is one of the major reasons. Taika will do anything for his friends, and his second-worst fear is letting them down. As for his absolute worst fear? If they were to suddenly leave his life. Often, he is tormented by these morose thoughts, and tries to push them away, but still, they make him rather timid. He relies on his friends and always sticks close to them. Although he has a mighty appearance, in general, he’s not really that kind inside. He’s patient and doesn’t mind waiting, but is rather clumsy and usually makes mistakes or misses with attacks. With a rather short temper (but not as short as Haneko’s), he gets frustrated easily and doesn’t really like it when that happens. Although his temper isn’t quite as fierce as Haneko’s, once he gets angry, it’s easy for it to build up, and he can rampage if he gets too angry.

Lava Plume, SmokeScreen, Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, Swift, Defense Curl

3: Onko






Her flame is slightly larger than usual, decreasing Special Attack, but her hands and feet are large, increasing Attack.

She was born far before Taika, who was born before Haneko, making her the oldest in the team. Like Taika, she was usually alone in her childhood and didn’t have many friends. She relied on her mother for amusement, since her father left before she was born. Since her mother died when she was nine, she doesn’t have much memory of her, and so lived with Haneko after she lost her mother. Haneko didn’t seem to mind, and it helped their friendship even more. It was easy for Haneko to accept Onko, due to the fact that she had to be accepted herself, and so their bond was especially tight.

Quick-thinking and strategic, Onko is an intelligent Pokémon. She doesn’t get bored easily, but can be childish sometimes. In general, she has a silly, lighthearted attitude, but is distracted easily, and so it’s hard for her to keep her mind on the task at hand. She is timid-natured and would shy away from almost everything if her teammates weren’t there to support her. She seems braver than she really is due to the never-ending hunger to protect those who are close, but when it’s not such a situation, she tends to be shy but enthusiastic. Onko tries not to offend anybody, since she wants to stay on everybody’s good side. She hates it when others get angry and is good at thinking at sharp retorts. Like the rest of her team, she has a short temper; however, she is slightly calmer than either Taika or Haneko, so she’s usually the one to step up and tell them to relax. Mostly, her outlook on life is good, but she is sometimes very unconfident about herself and believes in her teammates much more than she does herself. Combined with her shyness, it can make Onko seem rather weak. Oddly, she seems to handle tense situations better than calm ones.

Close Combat, Punishment, Flame Wheel, Mach Punch, Fury Swipes, Feint

Elric is king

January 28th, 2009, 1:35 PM
Hopefully there is still space for new members.

Team Name- Team Fight (lame name, I know)
Leader- Xaki
Collective Behavior- Sort of like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS9_AsCRfBU). You know, doing all these dorky poses before a battle.
History- The main reason they got togather was because they each had some kind of deformaty.

For Leader of Team
Name- Xaki
Age- 21
Gender- Male
Species- Infernape
Level- 60
Xaki looks anything but normal. Where a normal infrenape has white fur, his is black. The brown fur on an Infrenape is white on him, and his head flame is light blue mixed with dark blue. Other than that he looks pretty normal (yeah right).
He was born as an Infrenape with the exact same coloration. Because of this he was often made fun of by others of his age.
( Who are they?)
Moves- Close Combat, Flame Wheel, Feint, Bulk Up, Flamethrower, Shadow Claw

Other Members
Name- Ryu-Shi
Age- 32
Gender- Male
Species- Medicham
Level- 50
Everywhere there is pink on a normal Medicham, he is covered in black.
( Why are they in a rescue team doesnt need to much detail)
( Guess.....)
Moves- Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Detect, Force Palm, Psychic

Other Members
Name- Sitan
Age- 36
Gender- Male
Species- Gallade
Level- 44
He is come pleatly blue all over. Excpt for his eyes, which are normal.
( Why are they in a rescue team doesnt need to much detail)
( Guess.....)
Moves- Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt, Focus Blast

Other Members
Name- Bahn
Age- 33
Gender- Male
Species- Heracross
Level- 44
He is the only normal looking one of the group. Untill you see his hand claws. They are twice their normal size. He is still able to use them efectively though.
( Why are they in a rescue team doesnt need to much detail)
( Guess.....)
Moves- Counter, Close Combat, Horn Attack, Toxic, Earthquake, Dig

Elric is king

January 28th, 2009, 1:52 PM
Alright Sorry I haven't been on in a while but i was sick okay here we go....

IcePyro- I'd prefer you sign up at least two members for a team and umm.... timewarp seems just a tad bit overpowered. SOOOO PENDING

Kozoi- Perfect you are ACCEPTED

Pumpkinziggy- Good SU you are ACCEPTED

Callandor- Well hopefully you plan on finishing that SU

EVERYONE- There are 4 more team positions open not including IcePyro.

January 28th, 2009, 2:18 PM
Team Name: Team Solar
Leader: Frost

Collective Behavior: Team Solar is a mostly rescue team. Once in a while, they'll attack an enemy who's strayed away from their group. They don't like to physically fight as much as they would enjoy to outwit an opponent to maim them. Team Solar uses an ambush strategy instead of running headlong into battle. They run pretty smoothly and have overcome many missions in their two years of operation.

History: Team Solar came together as an accident of sorts. The three members fell into a pit and worked together to get out. Right after, they worked together to save a Beldum in trouble. Thus, Team Solar became an official rescue team.

Name- Frost
Age- 16
Gender- Male
Species- Lucario
Level- 39

Appearance- Frost is a very small Lucario for his age. He stands at 3'3 and weighs 86.3 lbs. He has a teardrop scar right under his right eye, and a slash mark running through his left eye. He has medium sized muscles and can run faster than nearly any other Lucario. He even outraced a Gengar once.

History- Frost was born in (what do you know?) frigid cold mountains. He never knew his father due to an incident with a pack of Nidokings and Nidoqueens. When he was 3, he moved to a peaceful town where barely anything happened. He was struck by a lightning bolt one day when he was 6, and for some reason, he seemed to grab hold of a sort of super power. He could hear conversations at normal talking volume for miles. He also grabbed a sixth sense of what the enemies were going to do next. He was 14 when he started to wonder what was happening at the towers. He decided to go and find out for himself, when he met a rescue team who would help him. He joined this rescue team because his mother had been killed by wild pokemon terrorizing people just for fun. He had nothing left.

Personality- Frost is a quiet natured Lucario, who only talks if he is asked to, or is in danger. He is a loner of sorts, and when others are asleep, he will sneak out and be alone. He likes to make weapons from objects he finds on the ground (i.e. a sword from a piece of Steelix shell). Frost is a mental being, who likes to use brains not braun. Most pokemon like to battle. Frost is different. If he finds himself in a pinch, he'll just use some clever remark to get them out of the jam.

~Focus Punch
~Aura Sphere
~Jet Slash (Frost teleports in front of the opponents and goes into a fury of puches, kicks, and slashes)
~Gladiator (Where he uses weapons he creates to give him a massive boost of power to demolish his opponents. Only works in a single battle)

Name: Pyre
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Combusken
Level: 35

Appearance: Pyre looks like a normal Combusken, except he has a black belly instead of a normally yellow one. Pyre has a red slash scorch mark running horizontally across his lower chest.

History: Pyre was born in a really boring town where the only thing exciting was a Swellow migration. His life got exciting when he was kidnapped and taken to a temple for six years. He escaped at age 12, and lived a life of refuge until he fell into a pit and agreed to join Team Solar. He is the only physical member of the group, meaning he has a lot of importance in the group.

Personality: Pyre is a bashful natured Combusken. He loves to fight whenever the opportunity presents itself. He is usually stopped by Frost, who tells him to relax. Pyre has never enjoyed holding his tongue, and has an above average IQ, giving him great ideas, but his big mouth usually gives his ideas to the enemies.

~Fire Punch
~Thunder Punch
~Ice Punch
~Stone Edge
~Blast Tremor (Pyre shoots molten rocks at the opponent, leaving a burn, and affecting the entire field with the power of earthquake for three turns)

Name: Scorpio
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Alakazam
Level: 21

Appearance: Scorpio looks like a normal Alakazam, with no interesting features.

History: Scorpio was a normal Alakazam until he learned the power of telekinesis. He then couldn't keep himself from harming stuff. At age 9, he burned his village to the ground. The next day, he put himself into self imposed exile. He honed his skills and fell into a pit one day, ultimately leading to Team Solar's birth.

Personality: Scorpio is a relaxed Alakazam. He likes to stay quiet and in the background. Scorpio hates to fight and will do anything to put himself away from the brawl.

~Focus Blast
~Dark Pulse
~Future (Scorpio purposely misses the foe this turn to do triple the damage of Scorpio's strongest attack next turn)


January 28th, 2009, 2:38 PM
Hey, is there still room for me to sign up?

January 28th, 2009, 5:02 PM
Well IcePyro Good Su sorry for being so picky before..... But, you are ACCEPTED

And to Mira yes there are three open positions so feel free to sign up a rescue team.

January 28th, 2009, 7:49 PM
Okay then, here it goes.

Team Name- Team Elemental
Leader- Fay (Espeon)
Collective Behavior- The diversity in strengths allows for the team to make up for any one member's weaknesses. While the assortment of personality constantly causes conflict to rise amongst the Pokemon, the calm collectiveness of their leader holds them together and allows them to grow stronger as a team. Their variety in tactics also makes the way they attack and battle unpredictable and all the more hazardous.
History- Each member showed immense talent in their battling and tactics and each of them began searching for a Rescue Team to join for various reasons. They met Fay, who told them that they could join the Rescue Team she was putting together. They didn't realize who their Teammates would be and would never have joined if they had known about the others, but Fay managed to convince them to stay.

Team Leader
Name- Fay
Age- 20
Gender- female
Species- Espeon
Level- 49
Appearance- There is nothing particularly unique about Fay. She's of average size and weight, but her coat is a shade lighter with her paws slightly darker. The only thing odd about Fay is that the stone on her forehead is a bright silver that glows like aurora borealis.
History- Fay grew up as the only pup of an Umbreon and Leafeon, who made up their own rescue team along with a few of their friends. They trained Fay and she quickly grew stronger and went with her parents on several missions. When she was 10, she evolved into an Espeon and helped her parents further with their work. Her strength quickly grew as did her passion for rescuing Pokemon. But one day her parents went off on a mission with their team and refused to let Fay come along, saying that it was too dangerous. When the team didn't return, Fay understood what had happened, though that only increased her drive to start her own rescue team, which she promptly set out to do.
Personality- Fay has a serious nature. She knows what she wants to do and will set out to accomplish it no matter what the cost. Her mind is constantly calculating everyone's movements and expressions and knows how to read other Pokemon. She does, however, have a softer side. She takes everyone else's problems upon herself and will do whatever it takes to help any Pokemon in need. No matter how well she shields her emotions, Fay really does care about the well-being of others.
Future Sight
Iron Tail
Psychic Tail (the tail hardens and contains strong psychic energy and occasionally causes confusion but can only be used after Iron Tail and a psychic attack has been used)
Intrude (this attack usually causes slight damage with a weak psychic blast and allows the user to predict the next move of the target and rarely allows the user to control the target for a short period of time and can only be used after having used a psychic attack)

Team Members:

Name: Ember
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Arcanine
Level: 45
Appearance: Ember looks like every other Arcanine except that she is slightly longer legs and a broader, stronger chest.
History: Ember grew up as an average Growlithe, but she was always impatient. She trained hard and was constantly working harder to get stronger and ventured all over in search of a Fire Stone so she could evolve. Fay heard of her and told her that she would find her a Fire Stone if she would join her rescue team and Ember, wanting both a Fire Stone and the opportunity to grow stronger, eagerly accepted. Together they located a Fire Stone and Ember evolved. Little did she know of the next member to join their rescue team...
Personality: Ember is strong-willed. She will do whatever it takes to reach her goal and grow stronger and is somewhat hard-headed and oblivious to the consequences of her actions. She is often rash and does and says things without thinking but in nonetheless very intelligent and level-headed. Though she doesn't mix well with anyone who has as strong a personality as her.
Heat Wave
Flare Blitz
Crackle Fang (combines Crunch, Fire Fang and Thunder Fang, though a fire move and Crunch has to already have been used)

Name: Brent
Age: 17
Gender: male
Species: Blastoise
Level: 46
Appearance: Brent looks like any other Blastoise.
History: Brent was raised as an average Squirtle, but even more laid back than usual. He never really had much of a taste for battling until he turned 12 and unexpectedly evolved into a Wartortle. Since then Brent has trained like crazy until arriving at the moveset he has now and becoming a Blastoise. He joined Fay's team unaware that there was a Fire Pokemon on their as well until the two met in an unfortunate confliction of personality and type.
Personality: Brent is hard-headed. He does what he wants how he wants to do it and doesn't take well to being ordered around. He is quick to label someone as weak and doesn't really believe in the cause of their rescue team as much as most rescue team members do. He is rather selfish and will put himself before others. Elric is king. (thought I forgot, hmm?)
Flash Cannon
Skull Bash
Aqua Tail
Rain Dance
Flood (can hit multiple opponents with a devastating amount of water, but Rain Dance has to have been used prior to this move)