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February 1st, 2009, 12:42 AM
If you're like me, and love Final Fantasy, but can't stop playing untill you've done EVERYTHING, then I am sure you have come across FF3 and noticed you cannot access many of the limited number of side quests in the game without engaging in Mognet. This forum is designed to help those having trouble finding friends to message, and those who are stuck trying to complete the quests.

To those of you who didn't know, Mognet is a new messaging feature that was added to the Final Fantasy III remake. You have to send at least 7 messages in order to access three MAJOR sidequests.

-Onion Knight Job Quest
-Legendary Blacksmith/Ultimate Weapons Quest
-Iron Giant Quest

Here is a breakdown on how to use Mognet and what to do to acess each quest:

-To access Mognet, speak with a moogle, you can find one in every town, and aboard "The Invincible"

-In order to message someone, you and the other person must 1st exchange friend codes (just like when trading/battling in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum :D ) . Record the other person's code via the Address Book.

-After recording each other's codes in the Address Book you must both acess the Wi-Fi connection through Moghouse, or Send Mail (it is unclear whether you must both do it at the same time or not)

-After it recognizes that both of you have recorded each other, their codes will no longer be grayed out, and should be replaced with their names. You should now be able to message this person whenever (with at least an hour inbetween each session)

*Note: Final Fantasy III gamecards from different regions CANNOT connect, so don't even try. For example: a US user cannot link up with someone in the UK.

Now, after you get all that sorted out and can message one another you can get started on completeing the quests

-Send at least seven messages to that person (not all the messages have to be to the same person)

-Now you must begin messaging all of the NPC characters (FFIII Denizens) Send 4 messages to ALL of them, except Takka. Send 5 messages to Takka. Read all of their replies which will give you an inkling as t what you must do. Remember that you CANNOT access these without first sending and reading the letters.

Onion Knight
-Topapa will say something about the villiages children being in danger in one of his letters. Go speak to him in Ur and then head to the Alter Cave (where you started the game). Defeat the bombs and save the children (YAY!) You will recieve a shard that gives you access to the coveted Onion Knight job!

Legendary Blacksmith
-Sara's message should say something about her breaking her pendant. Go see her in Sasune and she will give you the broken pendent asking you to find a way to fix it (cause Ingus is a pushover :P ) Cid's letter will say something about a monster in his basement that has scared Mrs. Cid. Go see him in Canaan and defeat the monster, which drops the Orchalicum. Takka's letter will mention a "Legendary Blacksmith" that is said to be able to forge anything (or something like that) but they dissappeared long ago. Well, it turns out she's in Saronia. YES, it IS a SHE! You can find her in Northwest Saronia hiding(?) in the far east inbetween the houses (I think, I need to verify this) You can't miss her, she's blue. Anyway, give her the Orchalicum and she'll forge it into one of the ultimate weapons. After this point, she will venture off on a journey. She will appear randomly in 5 different loacations... but I don't remember three of them, so I'll just tell you 2. She appears in the Well in Ur, and the Chocobo Stable in Gyshal. If you go to either of these locations and she is not there,, leave the TOWN, not just the room, and return, and eventuallu she'll be there. You must return with one of you characters in a lv 99 job. She will then give you the ultimate weapon for that particular job and that job's card. After that she'll move to a new location, but that doesn't mean she won't come back to this one. You can only do this once for each job.

Iron Giant
-Most Final Fantasies have a secret boss that is INSANELY hard to defeat... FFIII doesn't dissappoint. Alus' and the 4 Old Men's letter will mention something about a meteor landing in the ocean and a great monster and something about a hero and all that jazz. Well, this meteor landed in the water to the east of the floating continent, anout halfway between it and the mainland. Take the Nautilus to this spot and DIVE! You will see a patch of coral that you should drive into. Once inside, you will be in a cave. It's an extreemely short dungeon consisting of a bridge and an altar. Running around on the bridge will result in random encounters with the Red, Yelow, and Green Dragon enemies. they are tough, but rewarding in exp, and they are prone to dropping the Onion Equipment. When you feel prepared, approach the altar and the battle will commence with the Iron Giant. (Do not PM me asking me for strategies, but do feel free to post on this thread asking others) After defeating him you get... NOTHING. Yeah, bummer. But you can always say, "Hey, I beat a fairly challenging boss today, what have YOU done?" You can practice even more because you can fight him repeatedly.

And that, my friends, is how it's done. Feel free to message me, or post asking specific questions, or let me know if I'm wrong about something.

If you need a message buddy, my code is:


February 1st, 2009, 4:12 AM
This forum is designed to help those having trouble finding friends to message, and those who are stuck trying to complete the quests.

What? XD

Anyway, I didn't know it had three sidequests.

I tried so many times trying to defeat the cloud of darkness that I could've done the game over again. Until I figured out what those portals lead to....


That In my opinion is enough of the game for me, But I don't have it anymore D: so no 7 messages for me.