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February 4th, 2009, 9:54 PM
Hi, I have pokemon Emerald, I restared after a monotype challenge, and I have a Idea of what my party should be.
This covers all my elemtal bases, Grass, Fire, Water, and Electric
So far I have
Grovyle Lvl:25 (Climber)
Overgrow - Male
Brave - Magical Seed
-Quick Attack
-Bullet Seed
Wingull Lvl:20 (Wingman)
Keen Eye - Male
-Wing Attack
-Water Gun
Aron Lvl:20 (Armor)
Rock Head - Male
-Metal Claw
Electrike Lvl:12(Leveling up for next gym battle) (Bolt)
Static - Male
-Thunder Wave
I am currently in training to tackle Wattson.
I have caught every pokemon up to Mauville City
I just want your thoughts on my final party, to see if I can better it before I get too deep into the game.
I plan to tackle the rest of the Gyms, and the Elite 4, as well as the Battle Frontier with this party.
Your feedback.....

February 5th, 2009, 10:57 AM
Since I don't know what your pokemon's moves will look like by the time they're fully evolved, I can only comment on the pokemon themselves.

Sceptile is a good pokemon. He can learn a variety of moves, and while his Sp. Atk is higher than his attack, he can still use some physical moves and do a lot of damage.

As much as I wish pelipper was good, he's just crap. Other than his defense, his other stats are fairly useless - and when you're leveling through the game, you will most likely use pokemon with mostly offensive moves, so pokemon like pelipper are not good choices. I recommend Gardevoir as a replacement - she can learn many different moves and has high Sp. Atk. Other options are: Metagross, Salamence, Kingdra, and many others.

I personally like Walrein. It can learn many different moves, and while it is sort of slow, it makes up for it with having all of its other stats quite high or above average.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand Aggron. I found aron and lairon very unpleasant to level, and even when they finally evolved completely, I was very unimpressed with aggron. It has two double weaknesses which I dislike on any pokemon, and make him quite vulnerable. He's still a good pokemon, but I'd recommend switching him.

Manectric and Camerupt are not my favourite pokemon, but I think that they're decent and good for plowing through the game. Also, word of advice - don't teach any of your main pokemon HM's that aren't decent ones like surf, waterfall or strength. That's what HM slaves are for. XD

I hope my feedback helped, and have fun playing pokemon! :)

February 5th, 2009, 12:09 PM
word of advice - don't teach any of your main pokemon HM's that aren't decent ones like surf, waterfall or strength. That's what HM slaves are for. XD

I agree with Lila. It's really a bad idea to teach you're Pokemon HM moves. There are some HM's that are strong, but others just use up space that could be used for other, more helpful moves. I reccomend usinf an HM slave to teach HM's to. I would reccomend Tropius and Wailmer because the two together can learn all the HM moves. But since you're only up to the third gym a Zigzagoon would do, but could be replaced later.

Other than that I can't really find anything else wrong with your team.

February 5th, 2009, 7:23 PM
your team is pretty good and there is little to no flaw in the assembly of moves so far but might i consider adding in a flying fire type like charizard (if you can), because aron is good when it evolves to its third evolution but honestly if you get hit with any ground types,water,or grass types he's pretty much done for depending on defenses. But if u have a charizard or similar type then the best anyone can defeat you with is a really strong water type or electric which isn't to common in emerald excluding the final gym and mayber elite 4:) u may not think its a big deal but my strategy is to always have pokemon in my party that can beat each other that way everything is balanced out good luck

February 6th, 2009, 1:55 AM
Having Pkmn of different elemnts gives u more choice of advantage. Ur pkmn will b save at lvl 30 and if possible train till lvl 45. i recommend u let ur pkmn learn these moves:

grovyle: leaf blade, mega drain, brick break, reflect(some moves u hav to teach it)

wingull: ice beam,(it helps me wen facing drake the elite four.teach it ice beam) surf, wing attack, supersonic

aron: metal claw, headbutt, mud-slap, iron defense

electrike: thunder wave, spark, odor sleuth, bite

numel: magnitude, amnesia, earthquake, flamethrower