View Full Version : Kabutops Deck

February 8th, 2009, 9:03 PM
hey guys, was wondering if u could review/make changes to my kabutops based deck. thanks.

fighting energy x 23
Bill x 2
Professor Elm x 2
Bebe's Search x 2
Potion x 4
Pokemon Breeder Fields x 1
Pokemon Breeder x 1
Stark mountain x 1
Geodude x 3
Base set Graveler x 2
D/P Secret Wonders Golem x 2
Mysterious Fossil x 3
Neo Deiscovery Kabuto x 3
D/P Majestic Dawn Kabutops x 3
D/P Legends Awakened Groudon x 1
D/P Legends Awakened Gligar (lv.19) x2
D/P Legends Awakened Gliscor x 1
D/P Legends Awakened Gliscor lv.X x 1
D/P Legends Awakaned Hitmonlee x 2
D/P Great Encounters Relicanth x 1

Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

February 16th, 2009, 9:41 AM
Looks good! Maybe a little mono-type, but it does have a good evolution line in the Geodude-Graveller-Golem... Perhaps add in one more Mysterious Fossil? I always find it useful to have one extra in the deck, just in case?