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February 9th, 2009, 4:50 PM
I've written this in class based on one thing, bullies, and what they can do. It even proves the nicest person, can be death at heart.
Copper, Steel, Iron.
Aluminum, Tin, Bronze.

I walk through the school's halls,
Running past the concrete walls.
I turn into the restroom,
With hate, blood, and lust written on the stalls.

I can't bear it anymore.
While my footsteps on the floor,
Are creaking and cracking,
I hear someone push open the door.

Sprinting into the hallway he goes.
Running as fast as olympic pros.
I wonder why he's running,
But then my body chills to ultimate lows.

Standing in the doorway is my friend.
Now I wish i'd run round the bend.
Like a tiger, he's ready to strike.
For my life, I will fend.

He was the nicest kid throughout the land.
Through the door I can hear the band.
Wonder, how I wonder what drug took him,
He is standing there, with a gun in his hand.

I finally hear two muted screams.
As the lead shells fly in the straightest streams.
I know what will come next.
He has crushed my dreams.

As I lie, dying on the floor,
I remember, the times we were on tour.
I can't believe it,
All this blood and gore.

Through all of this, my mind brings,
It seems it is growing wings.
My final words in this life, to you, are this:
The Lead Stings.