View Full Version : Who hosts PC?

September 8th, 2004, 1:50 PM
I would like to know,it good host.I would like to use it. :classic:

September 8th, 2004, 1:56 PM
innerchambers.com or ppnhost.com
im not sure... XD

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 8th, 2004, 2:01 PM
Steve actually volunteers to host us. It's on those servers I believe, but still, we get things like Steve giving us bandwidth when we run out (early).

September 8th, 2004, 2:04 PM
i think he said that he hosts it on innerchambers

September 8th, 2004, 2:06 PM
Lol,I'm gonna check innerchambers later.

September 8th, 2004, 2:15 PM
innerChambers = PPNHosting

Same thing.

*moves to Q&F where this belongs*

September 8th, 2004, 3:05 PM
i really wouldnt know. wait- innerchambers and ppn host are different things!! no- no they arent. innerchambers is just the forums. i think

September 8th, 2004, 4:55 PM
I thought PC was hosted by V-bulliten...

September 8th, 2004, 4:57 PM
I thought PC was hosted by V-bulliten...
That's the forum host. ;)

September 8th, 2004, 5:00 PM
I think they're on the same server or something... anyway, this is definitely on iC, I've checked several times along the way of getting onto PC from school XD

September 8th, 2004, 6:15 PM
PPNHosting and innerChamers merged. As we intergrate PPNhosting into the innerChambers family; things must be retired to make room for new things.

September 9th, 2004, 8:37 PM
Anyway, isn't this topic exhausted already? It needs a lock, doesn't it?

September 10th, 2004, 11:48 AM
Or we could've just let it die... ~_~