View Full Version : pokemon advance generation eps

November 1st, 2003, 7:00 AM

I found a site that has pokemon advance generation eps it's subbed and the group is called excalibur. If you want to download the eps you should get bittorent ( the experimental version is much better than the other you can find the experimental version at http://bt.degreez.net/ )

The site is http://www.excalibur-fansubs.tk/ ( please keep the download window open a little longer cause people will then also receive the file. They will sub more ag eps if alot of people download eps so actually its also benefitial for yourself.

Here is another site http://www.mognet.net/anime/ it also uses bittorent. To save the torrent files to your computer right-click on the episode picture and then click on save target as, if your download gets aborted just click on the .torrent file you downloaded this way you can resume your downoads

If some of you dont understand how bittorent works add me to your msn (hotmail) list you can find the adress at my profile. You can pm me if you dont have msn (hotmail)

I also know some other sites that hosts other animes if you want those just pm me.

That's all and enjoy the eps