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March 11th, 2009, 11:20 PM
hi friends

this is a fun challenge to test the spirit of Pokemon battling in a forum.hence the name Pokemon f-battle(forum battle)

so the aim of this game is to reach a destination (no you dont have to play the real video games to participate in this challenge)by posting your actions as replies to this thread.read the guidelines to understand more.


1.firstly players need to register themselves you send your request to play in this challenge in this format
"Player 1(your name here)
Pokemon using(from the advanced generation,just for the sake of it,as there
is no use of the Pokemon name here ) -
i would like to take part in this challenge.Add me"

2.then after 8 players are registered we start the game

3.you're main intention will be to reach the 100 moves destination by posting this action as replies
"player 1(your name here) uses move 1(there are two types of moves in this game move1 and move 2)."
thus after you post this action you will move by 10 steps towards the destination(move1 means-10 steps,move2 means-5 steps)

4.you also have the ability to post actions of attacks like this
"player 1 (your name here) uses atk1(again two types of attacks are there in this game atk1,atk 2)on player 2(the player on whom who you want to perform the attack)."

as you will have a preset HP of 100 so you need to attack on other players in order to defeat them and reach the 100 move destination faster than him/her

after you do the attack the player HP's get affected for eg.-after player 1 uses atk 1 on player 2 so HP's become like this
player 1 HP-100(max HP is 100
player 2 HP-80(atk1 does 20 damage and atk 1 does 10 damage)

5.you also have the ability to use a super potion that revives 20 HP (only once in the entire game)so for eg:
"player 2 uses super potion".
then the HP's become
player 1 -100
player 2 -100(80+20 due to super potion)

6.you therefore need to move and attack to reach the 100 move destination first to win this challenge and being a fan made challenge i only have a fan made banner to give out to the winner.


1.move 1-move by 10 steps

2.move 2+atk 2 combo-move by 5 steps and plus attack on any player and do damage of 10 HP(you always have to use this combo if you want to use either of move 2 or atk 2)

3.atk1-do damage of 20 HP on any player

4.Super Potion-revive 20 HP


a.2 consecutive move 1 are not allowed ie
"player 1 uses move1".(player 1 moves by 10 steps)
next post
"player 1 uses move1 "(player 1 moves by 10 steps again)
"player 1 uses move1 " (player 1 moves by 10 steps)
next post
"player 1 uses atk1 on player 2".(player 1 then attacks on player 2 and doesnt
move by 10 steps)

b.2 consecutive atk 1 are not allowed on the same person ie-
"player 1 uses atk 1 on player 1".
next post
"player 1 uses atk 1 on player 2".

c.but you can use max 2 consecutive atk 1 only if you use them on two different persons
"player 1 uses atk1 on player2".
next post
"player 1 uses atk 1 on player 2".

d.the move 2+atk 2 combo can be used for maximum two times(either on same player or on two different players)
but if the move2 +atk 2 combo is used after an atk 1 in your previous post you can not use it again

e.I would need 2 moderators(not pokecommunity staff but only some regular user who can see to it if the rules are being followed or not and PM me if the rules are broken by someone.post the request for moderator for this challenge like this-
"player1 would like to be the moderator for this challenge"

f.inactivity for 2 days would lead to banning of player from this challenge.

g.if HP's of all players become zero before even anyone reaches the 100 move destination then i will give 30 HP to all players to continue the game forward

SO NOW TO THE GAME(i update the lists, HP's,moves everyday so plz dont be impatient)

PLAYERS (listed according to who is leading currently)

name - moves - HP left - Sp left

*sp=super potion


previous winners
no one as this is the first version of the game here at pokecommunity

coming soon

an example of the game -

"player 1 uses move1 "(player 1 moves by 10 steps)
"player 1 uses atk 1 on player 2"(player 1 attacks player 2 by 20)
"player 2 uses atk 1 on player 1"(player 2 attacks player 1 by 20)
"player 2 uses atk 1 on player 3"(player 2 attacks player 3 by 20)
"player 1 uses atk 1 on player 2"(player 1 attacks player 1 by 20)
"player 1 uses atk 2 on player 3"(player 1 attacks player 3 by 20)
"player 1 uses move2+atk 2 on player 2"(player 1 moves by 5 steps and attacks player2 by 5)
"player 3 uses move 1"(player 3 moves by 10 steps)
"player 3 uses atk 1 on player 1".(player 3 attacks player 1 by 20)
"player 1 uses super potion"(player 1 revives his/her HP by 20)

after all this the player data will be
name -moves - HP - sp left
player1 -15 - 80 -0

player2 -0 -50 -1

player3 -10 -80 -1

plz take this challenge as fun activity and post your names to sign up for this challenge quickly

hey guys plz take interest in this game it will surely be a lot of fun, i promise

March 13th, 2009, 12:01 PM
Maybe you're looking for this forum (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=18)...

March 14th, 2009, 2:45 AM
Maybe you're looking for this forum (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=18)...

no man this is surely not a role play but this is like another challenge(like monotype ,power house challenge)
i dont know man why people are not interested in this one (i guess the rules are bit tough to understand )plz try this challenge .It is surely interesting (read through the rules once please )i promise
hey wichu if u are interested plz sign up for this one