View Full Version : Washdown Deck [Modified]

March 14th, 2009, 8:36 PM
Pokemon (23)
4x Skitty lv.20 (Platinum)
1x Delcatty lv. 53 (Platinum)
1x Kyogre lv. 47 (Legends Awakened)
1x Blastoise lv. 60 (Platinum)
3x Wartortle lv. 25 (Platinum)
4x Squirtle lv. 16 (Platinum)
1x Empoleon lv. 47 (Platinum)
4x Piplup lv. 12 (Platinum)
3x Prinplup lv. 25 (Platinum)
1x Palkia lv. 72 (Platinum)

Trainers (21)
4x Poke Ball
1x Bubble Coat
4x Potion
3x Plus Power
1x Memory Berry
4x Switch
4x Energy Search

Energy (16)
16x Water Energy

The strategy centers around Drizzling with Kyogre early on to stock up my Pokemon, and, ideally, using Blastoise and Delcatty in tandem.

Also, I was thinking, once I get the chance, of adding:
+4 Roseanne's Research
+2 Kyogre lv. 47 (Legends Awakened)

...and removing:
-2 Poke Ball
-2 Energy Search
-1 Skitty
-1 Potion

Ratings? Suggestions? Ideas?