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Gokey Shuckle
March 17th, 2009, 7:40 PM
NOTE: This poem may not be suitable for all readers as it deals with sexual orientation. Skip it now if you can't handle such a topic. I wrote all on my own, and I am thinking about delivering it in my speech class what do you think?

Coming Out and Going In

For those who don't know, I am bisexual by the way
It means I am both straight and gay

When people think of love, they think of a man and a woman.
When I think of love, I think of a man OR a woman.

When I came out, I was more than ecstatic
Even though my parents' reaction was erratic

I was in the closet far too long, far too late
I was admittedly pretending I was straight

Nobody knew, a secret unrevealed
I thought my fate was eternally sealed

The ridicule would linger for hours I hear
Which was ultimately my greatest fear

Pretending to be something else was a solution quick
I really did think I was being expertly slick

My brain was crying, and my heart wanted to shout
Everything inside me wanted the revelation to come out.

But I worried and thought, what will I become?
The trusted friend, or the epitome of dumb?

The day finally came when I was really glee
When all is said and done, I was finally free

I felt my confidence start to rise
Which to me, was a total surprise.

I originally intended to feel sad and crappy
But all I feel is uplifted and happy.

It feels as if I lifted a huge weight off my shoulder
I was glad to have pushed that final boulder.

Now I am entering a world, which to me is unknown
And I am glad to hear, that I am not alone.

A ride for my life, but where will I go?
Hopefully it's nothing more than a charming tableau.

Love or loss, what ever that comes my way,
I am prepared, no matter what the price to pay.

I'd rather be proud of what I am
Rather than continue and untruthful sham.

Don't worry, I don't like my men straight like and arrow
I like my men with a mind un-narrow.

I don't like my women platinum blonde and fake
I like my women to be any color, model, and make.

Bisexuality has gotten a bad rap
Mostly due to some verbal mishap

Even though the mean names lead to sorrow,
I always remember, there is always a tomorrow

Many call bisexuality nothing but mutiny
I think of it as equal opportunity

If you are in hiding, for fun or for your health
Don't be afraid to come out. Just be yourself.

March 22nd, 2009, 6:57 PM
Well, sexual things doesn't bother me so I'm glad to be the first one comment your work, which I found:

1- Technically speaking: great! I just can't write with rhyme, its just impossible to me, and you did it so good!! Your topic is original and serious, sometimes controversial, but you managed to write without limits but also without offenses to anyone (or that's what I sensed XD)

2-Personally speaking: real and sad/happy/etc. but not sounding over reacted... (I'd like to say more but my vocabulary is coming to a final limit XD)
It tells straight what you feel/felt in a real way. I even found myself represented with it although I'm straight XD

Well, you did a great job, I really liked it.