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March 23rd, 2009, 10:07 AM
Hay guys i just wanted to say i creating a Metagross fanclub if you like Metagross then join the club im looking for as many members as possible

Leader Me(Birdy)
Co-Leader Pleace Name Here
Membrs None

Join up if you like Metagross all welcome

Topic Questions- answer as many as possible
Do you like shiny or normal form Metagross better?
What games do you have Metagross on and what moves does it have?
Is Metagross your fav Pseudo-legendary pokemon? If not who is your fav Pseudo-legendary?
What is your fav move that Metagross can learn?
Metagross or Salamence who would win in a battle and why?
If you can think of any more Topic Questions fill free to submit some and i will post them on this page