View Full Version : Not Until Now

March 28th, 2009, 7:30 PM
Hello world
It's me again
I'm just wonderin' if we're still friends
I might not see the bigger picture
If truth be told
Then I ain't no real hero
All along I have been number zero

It's just that I don't get along with the crowd
The general public
Whenever they grow loud
Whenever they're too proud
To notice the hints of the danger
Until it's too late
They're all blasted with His laser
Not until now...

Not until now!
Everyone's shutting their mouths
Not until now!
All the real heroes have been unsung.
Just wait for a cry of destress
It's where those men and women are known best...

Not until now!
The media feeds on controversy
Not until now!
Families are illegitimately
It only takes one year for one damned thing to screw up
And that's when everything just blew up

All your dreams, you life, your husband or your wife
They're all gone and are you .......

....... goin' to stand .....
....... or just fall and die .....