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March 31st, 2009, 11:07 PM
did you notice...that in fire red and leaf green, you cannot get newer generation pokemon until you get the national pdex? in other words the 'geniuses' at gamefreak completely undone fixes and balances they put in, in the 2nd gen games. that is, they introduced dark and steel types. from what i heard dark and steel were introduced to pokemon as a way to counter psychic types, which were overpowered in red and blue version. the psychic pkmn weaknesses are bug and ghost types. bug types are too useless in general, too many weaknesses, just like the grass type. ghost types are good but you get them very late in the game (Lavender town) and by that time the rest of your team should be much higher leveled than the gastly, taht you actually have to stop and train it just so it can catch up to the team (very annoying for me). the only way to get steel types is magnemite, also which you can only get later in the game as you need SURF. for dark types in kanto, you can only get the dark moves like 'bite', but no real dark type pokemon. thats like completely messing up the house they had just finished cleaning up, by remaking a game as well as cloning the exact same flaws from the original...
so what i'm saying is, what in the world was gamefreak thinking? they could at least given us the gold/silver/crystal games pokemon as part of the kanto pokedex.

another thing i hated was the fact that you need HM Flash to clear rock tunnel (without going insane), and yet the move deleter is in Fuschia. a HM slave might work if it wasn't for the fact that one pokemon would be losing precious exp for the next gym battle, i personally think Flash is about as useful as Magikarp's 'Splash', they should have put the move deleter live in Lavender town and maybe move the name rater to Celadon. and in S/R/Emerald, the move deleter is also found VERY late into the game.

and that brings me to my next point. why do they only give us 4 moves for pokemon? do pokemon have brains that small that their memory can only remember 4 moves at a time? that just stupid when you only have room for 6 pokemon in your party, and those 6 have to, as best as possible, cover 15 (should have been 17) pokemon types strengths and weaknesses. and THAT is frustrating. useless HMs like FLASH and Rocksmash and DIVE and WATERFALL, wouldn't TOO bad if my pokemon had room to learn 6 moves. surely by today's technology the video game hardware should be advanced enough to let each pokemon remember 6 moves. and if they introduce any more pokemon types but STILL limit the party to 6 pokemon and each pokemon 4 moves, i'm going to give up completely on pokemon (i been playing since red/blue version), sit back and watch the pokemon business self destruct.

April 1st, 2009, 1:19 AM
I disagree, Flash isn't a useless move

HM's can't all be good or you'd get overpowered moves too early on, I managed to beat Red version when I was 6, I had HMs on my entire main team, it wasn't even difficult as far as I remember

The four moves on a pokemon thing isn't due to technology >.< It makes the game more interesting if you have to work around the movesets, six moves'd break the game...

April 1st, 2009, 1:23 AM
Actually before i got into competative play, I had an espeon with flash in Silver version

Me and my friend had idk around level 80~ dudes from constant play and Flash was always helpful due to espeons general weakness and poor movepool for the time.

April 1st, 2009, 3:45 PM
I agree with everything but the four move thing.

Everyone knows that if Pokemon had more than four moves, the game wouldn't be as hard. Part of the challenge is contructing a totally wicked moveset without losing your mind. ;]

April 1st, 2009, 5:48 PM
i can't say that i agree with any of the points you made...

dark type moves aren't as useful against psychics as they could be in this generations with dark moves all being special and psychic types usually having higher special defenses.

gastly can be caught after clearing the rockets out of the casino, so that means before the 4th badge.

personally, i never bother getting flash, but in any case, you could always switch out your fire, electric, or rock type for an HM slave as those wouldn't gain much experience in there anyway.

the games are pretty easy already, so i don't see any reason for more than six on a team and four moves per pokemon.

(sorry to disagree with you, fellow todoroki...)