View Full Version : Pokemon EX Elements- Birds Rage Theme Deck

April 15th, 2009, 12:31 PM
I decided to try and make some decks so could you please tell me how to improve this first one.


1x Moltres
2x Charmander
1x Charmeleon
2x Ponyta
1x Magmar
1x Articuno
2x Krabby
1x Kingler
1x Lapras
2x Piplup
1x Zapdos
2x Delta Species Totodile
1x Delta Species Croconaw
2x Delta Species Larvitar

Energy Cards(30):
10x Fire Energy
10x Water Energy
10x Electric Energy

Trainer Cards(10):
2x Potion
1x Professor Elm's Training Method
2x TV Reporter
2x Energy Search
2x Super Potion
1x Switch

Please tell me what you think and I'll have the next Deck up soon

Nitrous Oxide
April 16th, 2009, 11:05 AM
Why do people post without telling which set the cards are from? Is that a fossil Krabby, a FRLG Krabby, a DP Krabby? We can't read your minds people.

April 17th, 2009, 8:49 AM
I have to agree with Nitrous Oxide. . We'll need to know what sets they're from before we can give a full evaluation. Without knowing this, we won't know what moves it has. However, once you tell us what sets they're from, I'd be glad to give you a full evaluation.

April 17th, 2009, 11:38 AM
Regardless of what set they are from, I cant honestly say I like it 2 much:s Im not trying to be blunt, but it seems like it is spread to thin. They're alot of pokemon in your deck that look like they could be knocked out pretty easy, especially if your opponent has a stage 2 tree.

Pros: 1. It looks like its a fast deck; you might be able to get stuff going alot faster than your opponent.

2. I also like that you lean toward having more energy in this deck.

3. Legendery birds rule... Nuff said.

Cons: 1. There are three types of pokemon in your deck. Some people pull that off nicely, but given the pokemon you've listed, I dont think it work that well.

2. You dont have a large tree of pokemon. (EX charmander-charmeleon-charizard). Thats fine and dandy, but even your stage 1 pokemon dont appear to be that strong. I dont know that for sure given the limited amount of info you provided, but I think my guess is probably accurate.

3. Your basic cards such as pinplup and larvitar are kinda pointless. Your opponent will build up and wipe them out pretty easily.

Summary: I would suggest higher quantities of individual pokemon. For example taking piplup and larvitar out, and adding another crabby and kingler. Also, seeing as how your deck is pretty vulnerable to attack, I would add trainers such as energy removal and gust of wind. All in all it looks like a fun deck, and I like the legendary birds; but it wouldent last long in terms of competitive play.

Hope I didnt come off as a gigantic jerk, just work on it a little and im sure you'll have a great deck:) Just my 2 cents anyways.