View Full Version : Kenny's beginners thread

April 18th, 2009, 1:28 PM
Yea I have recently gotten some egg move pokemon that I would like to trade around with. I am looking for in return other egg move pokemon different natured dittos, or harder to get items or pokemon, more unrealisticly right now the ev'd pokemon (ha ha in my dreams),

All pokemon recieved in trades I might put on my thread unless asked not to

can breed natures if asked but it will take a little bit of time but i will pm you when its ready

am willing to trade 2-1 type of deal.

Please dont be critical and try to be fair as i will do the same.

Now on to the pokemon themselves

I have

Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump Bagon's
curse, wish eevee's
ice punch sneasle's
pain split, koffings and duskulls
destiny bond ralts
drill peck skarmory's
couple smeargles,
a bunch of gibles mostly jolly ones (these are free!)
also i will trade mystery egg for mystery egg for fun
just remember be fair

No takers, ah well first 5 get one free