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September 17th, 2004, 11:02 PM
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Aries Woman & Sagittarius Man

This is tied with Leo as the number-one best match for Aries. Sagittarius can truly be your soulmate. You are both adventurous types with a creative, open attitude to life. On matters of the heart and mind, an Aries and a Sagittarius will be completely in tune. You will satisfy his need for an exciting partner who can be spontaneous about things. He will satisfy your need to laugh (Sagittarians have great senses of humor) and to have interesting, challenging conversations (they are also very intelligent). One warning: Sagittarian boys are known for their complete and utter honesty- they dont usually bother to consider other peoples feelings when speaking. That can sometimes be a little rough (like when he tells you what he really thinks of your new haircut). But if you can put up with that one flaw, a Sagittarius can be your soulmate. (Source: Jellybean's Astro-Soulmate Guide )

It's all about fun when you and Mr. Sadge are together, and everyone knows it. So popular are you as a pair, that you might want to consider opening an extra e-mail account for all the party invites that you'll receive. The only downside to this pairing as that you both may spend a little too much time with your head in the clouds when it might be smart to hook up when hitting the books or participating in family events. ( Source: FUNgirl - Astrology )
Theoretical Speed In Gears At Redline
6th 198 mph
5th 187 mph
4th 169 mph
3rd 149 mph
2nd 126 mph
1st 102 mph

Claims of more than 180 horsepower with ram-air don't seem far-fetched in my mind. In the first couple of sessions, I was using my hands and arms to hang on under acceleration. My arms would pump up and hands would go numb. I quickly learned to grip the tank with my legs, which took care of that issue. Also, if the rider position is not forward over the gas tank in the first three gears, perhaps four, the front wheel will soon be airborne.

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September 17th, 2004, 11:03 PM
Its hard to really grasp the size of stars when theyre just a speck in the night sky twinkling away. So, its easiest to set comparisons to our sun and the earth. First off, the sun is 330,000 times the mass of the earth. To set other comparisons: a red giant is 30 times the size of our sun. A super giant is 10 times the size of a red giant. Our sun is 100 times size of a white dwarf, which is 500 times the size of a neutron star. The neutron star is about 5 times the size of a black hole.

The neutron star is very fascinating. Here is some basic information on this little type of star. A neutron star is the collapsed core, remnants of a star that has had a supernova explosion. It has a mass the same as the sun, but is super dense and packs that mass into an area smaller than the five boroughs of New York City. The thick crust made up of iron is about 1 km deep and has an interior of just liquid neutrons. The amount of neutron star material in a dot the size of a pinhead weighs twice as much as the worlds biggest supertanker. One last little tidbit of information is that the gravity is so strong that in order for a rocket to escape from the surface it would have to take off at half the speed of light. These are all pretty amazing things for a star that could fit in San Francisco Bay.

September 18th, 2004, 5:31 AM
I think I'm short...everyone else seems to be taller.

OH! my friend (name witheld) fell asleep on the couch once and his mom told him to go into his bed so he whent into the kitchen got the creamer gave it to her and whent back 2 sllep on the couch.

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September 18th, 2004, 9:43 AM
i have to pee really bad and i just drank coffee