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Trainer X
September 18th, 2004, 6:08 PM
Okay folks here's the general idea! This is the remains of the Indigo plateau and the pokemon league, the story takes place in the Ruby/Sapphire time period, in other words, any pokemon (real pokemon people) is allowed. Now, here in the remains of what was once the most important building in the pokemon world, endless battles of ruthless trainers go on. Anyone with a team of pokemon strong enough, who can make it through Victory Road, will find fields of ruin, perfect for a great pokemon battle. Remember, don't powerplay!

He sat in wait for a challenge. Cloaked in a tatterd old robe, he stared at the fields of destruction. It was beautiful to him. He stared out and scanned the wreckage. Every now and then he would see two trainers begining to fight, and sometimes he would see the end of the fight.

He had found this place, and he had sent out invitaitions to powerful trainers, telling them how to get here. Some of them had made it. He watched them battle.

Then he spotted one of them, climbing the stairs to where he now sat, the very spot where the flame of Moltres once burned brightly. The trainer walked towards him.

"You have come to fight me?" He called out to the approaching Trainer.


"Excellent. It has been a long time since my last battle!"

"I hope you're not rusty X."

"Ha! What does it matter, I shall win none the less."

"I wouldn't be so sure if I where you X. It's been a long time since our last battle, and I know I have improved, but have you?"

"I do not recognize you, when did I battle you?"

"This place was still new, don't you remember Trainer X?"

"No. It cannot be.."

"Yes. Now draw your pokeballs X. This time, I'm not going to lose!

well. I don't want to wear two hats so to speak. I've cleverly made it so that the mystery trainer can be anyone. So please, feel free to be that character.