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May 4th, 2009, 3:36 PM
Well, yeah, I made my first ever deck, but I don't think it's all that good. . I'm more of an observer and an advice giver. XD I also need help with which Trainer Cards would be best for my team. It's a Fire/Electric deck (though I was gunna go for a Fire/Fighting deck, at the last minute I changed it). Any advice would be appreciated.

Torchic (73/109)
Combusken (27/109)
Blaziken (3/109)
Electrike (64/100)
Manectric (40/100)
Monferno (56/130)
Eevee (62/100)
Jolteon (23/100)

Rainbow Energy x2
Colorless Energy x2 (one gives 3 energies)
Lightning Energy x6
Fire Energy x4

Trainer Cards
None as of yet.

This isn't something I'm doing for competitive battling. I just made this for fun and to see if I could actually do it. XD

May 4th, 2009, 4:04 PM
If it;s just for fun you may want to play unlimited and mix in some older sets. I haven't played since around the time the D/P format took over, but I do remember Field Worker being a really useful trainer card.

May 4th, 2009, 4:20 PM
I'm not sure if I have Field Worker, I'll need to check it. As for mixing them, if I ever DO decide to play competitively, I'd like to have practice without mixing them.

May 5th, 2009, 8:07 AM
Ah. What I used to do when I played competitively was make my legit deck and record the contents on MSword then save it, then I'd edit it to be unlimited, that way I could always switch my deck back for tournaments.

Rare Candys are also useful, and i know those are still in circulation.

Just noticed your lack of energies, you might want to do something about that, having roughly 18 energies is a safe bet.

Lightning Storm
May 5th, 2009, 9:11 AM
Colorless energy? Do you mean Boost Energy? It only lasts for 1 turn.

Anyway, what's monferno doing in there? Without any chimchar, its going to be a little hard to play (IMPOSSIBLE). I'd remove it.

Whats the main strategy of the deck? And what sets are your cards from?

-2 colorless energy
+2 Rainbow Energy

I really need to know the strategy before I can really tell you the amounts of the cards that you need, but this is pretty standard:
3-2-3 Blazekin
3-3 Manectric
3-3 Jolteon
2-2 Claydol Great Encounters (Best in format searching pokemon. Most decks run 2-2, its pretty much standard)

Thats 24 pokemon, and 14 energy. That leaves 22 spaces for trainers.

4 Bebe's
4 Roseanne's
3 Night Maintenance
1 Luxury Ball
3 Rare Candy
3 Broken Time-Space
4 Plus Power

Again, this is all pretty standard advice. Once I know which cards you mean and your strategy, I can help more.

May 5th, 2009, 5:00 PM
Anyway, what's monferno doing in there? Without any chimchar, its going to be a little hard to play (IMPOSSIBLE). I'd remove it.
Oops, I forgot to list my Chimchar. Yeah, I got that in there. (Chimchar (57/100)).

Whats the main strategy of the deck? And what sets are your cards from?
Dunno yet. I don't have a strategy, it was more of a 'let's see if I can actually put a deck together, get opinions on it, and then try my hardest to think of a strategy whilst constructing a new deck'. As for the sets, the (57/100) tells all. They're all from the DP expansions.

Lightning Storm
May 6th, 2009, 2:57 AM
You really need to tell us what expansions they're from anyway. The only Blaziken that has 3/109 is NOT from the DP expansions. Does it have the poke-power "Fire starter"? If so, than you have a EX Ruby & Sapphire Blaziken, which is no longer legal in the modified format. Its fine if you want to play an unlimited deck, but you won't be able to play it in tournaments.

May 6th, 2009, 3:18 AM
If you can figure out which expansion it's from by the numbers, then there's no need to write out the actual expansion.

As for Blaziken, I'll need to check it. I have others, so it wouldn't matter if I had to switch them out.

Besides, I'm not looking to play in tournaments as the only way this is possible is if I could go out-of-state.

May 27th, 2009, 1:28 PM
For your Unlimited version, run Bill, Oracle, Misty's Wrath, Prof. Oak, and Computer Search.