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May 20th, 2009, 2:47 AM
onlinepkmnmmos.blogspot.(om (I deeply apologize for the link trouble, im off to make those 15 posts as you read this)
I have made a blog containing an up-to-date list of pokemon MMO links. I check the links daily (Aswell as the site news)

Things you can do to help:

Reviews: We need people to review these MMOs for quality, graphics, service, gameplay, story etc 1-10, help is greatly appreciated.

Links: It would be great if you posted links to MMOs i don't have on the site (or even browser games), that way, the list will include every possible thing.
Art: We need banners etc for the site to make it look nice, any art is greatly appreciated (even if its not that good!)
Please, check the blog out, its quite nice :)