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September 22nd, 2004, 1:09 PM
She flew through the forest, as though dancing on air
Bypassing all, without even a care.
Creatures stirred as she flew through their dreams,
Dancing and prancing, as though it would seem.

Her coat was whiter than sea-bottom pearls
Her thick, silver mane was engulfed in curls.
She made maidens cry, and grown men weep,
Any who saw her, never could sleep.

Some who have seen her, see only a mare
Others looks upon her with relative care.
She throws back her head and whinnies with pride,
She speeds past the onlookers with one long stride.

They say the Unicorn is extremely rare
Which, is why some see only a mare.
But I have seen her, I was there,
When she galloped past, without even a care.

Well, this is my second poem on these forums. Suggestions, comments, and critisizms are welcome. I hope you enjoy this one. ^^


September 22nd, 2004, 1:20 PM
it's great kelsey, you are impressive! i give it 10/10!

September 22nd, 2004, 1:35 PM
You really like it Matt? YAYNESS! Thanks! ^^


September 22nd, 2004, 1:51 PM
it's enchanting, i was glued to my screen! it really is great.

September 23rd, 2004, 1:26 PM
I love it pika!I've always loved unicorns and this only deepens my love of them!10/10!