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September 27th, 2004, 3:41 PM
There's been alot of controversy b/w misty and may, and now they r rivals and hate eachother. its about time they settle the score... POKEMON STYLE! the only thing is, well May only has 2 pokemon, so misty agreed to only use 2 of her own pokemon as well. the other 4 pokemon are being borrowed by her fans (you). Misty decided to use her famous, and ever so gorgeous Corsola! as well as her Starmie. May Happened to fully evolve her torchic b4 the showdown, and now is using Bueatifly and Blazekin. You chose either 1 pokemon for misty or may, and u decide the moves it uses to battle the opponent. This is a new kind of rp where any1 can join, and battle any1. I will be controlling misty's corsola, starmie, and May's Blazekin, and Beautifly. So I will be battling some1 here either as misty or may. Remember no PPing, or being unfair. This is a battle to settle the score, a battle to show who is boss, and a battle for ash's heart. Yes ASH! He willl be watching and cheering for both. As may flaps her hair showing her smile, and misty blows a 1000 kisses, ash can only decide the fate of his love life through this battle. For once the battle is over, who knows what will happen. The battle ending isnt the end of this rp, as the fans themselves take back their pokemon and continue following may or misty. This is a televised battle and I will be narrating the story and plot. once 2 people join the battle we will start...
Here is what u need
Side: Misty/May:
Your 1-6 pokemon:
which 1 pokemon of the 1s above ^ are you letting misty/may borrow:
REMinder: you dont use your character until the battle is over, but you use your pokemon that may/misty borrows for the battle... Remember choose wisley...

Plot: May walks up first, slams ehr Pokeball to the floor and beatifly pops out, misty walks up and throws her pokeball at beatifly and almsot hit it, but hits may instead. Corsola pops out and lauhs at may. May immediately orders a silver wind, corsola spike cannons... they both make their mark... are they both out, or will they have to use their fans pokemon? once 2 ppl join the fate of them and ash will be answered...

Electric Hero
September 27th, 2004, 4:01 PM

Name: Max
Side: May
Pokemons:1st. Scyther , 2nd. Bulbasur, 3rd. Mightyena , 4th. Swellow , 5th. Swampert , 6th. Pikachu

it is ok like this?

September 27th, 2004, 7:31 PM
ya that is fine, also i just need you to decide which pokemon (1) you are gonna let may borrow... and dont worry, u CAN be max from the show, and ANY1 else can be a real pokemon character if they wish. =) jsut 1 more person!

Electric Hero
September 27th, 2004, 7:39 PM
there says 1st. Scyther, you know?

September 30th, 2004, 3:21 PM
k your set. ANY1 CAN join this club, until there is a total of 8 memebers (not including myself)