View Full Version : If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

July 15th, 2009, 5:22 PM
The age old question of 'If you could start your life all over again, what would you differently?'.

It's granted that the older members on PC might have some more to offer for this question but it couldn't hurt to hear from younger members too :)
I know we have some 107 year olds here! ;)

July 15th, 2009, 5:24 PM
I would never have gotten hooked on Forums, and would have become a life-long sociopath at birth.

July 15th, 2009, 5:30 PM

I'm the only 107 year old, the other one is banned ;_;

Well, I guess I would change how I behaved in Elementary school. Les weirdness, more playfulness.

Mr. X
July 15th, 2009, 5:59 PM
The question is... Do we get to keep our memories of our previous life?

If we start our lives at the begining again, and can't remember what the did before we restarted our life, then we will just do the same **** as before.

But anyway instead of starting life over again how about starting out life again, but getting to pick what age you start out at?

Anyway i have a multitude of things i would change but the thing that would be top on my list would have to be eat better so i don't turn out to be... large again.

And perhaps attempt to stop my friend from commiting sucide. Would defiently try to stop him in any way i can. Or just tell his friend that someone close to him will die tommarow... Just depends on what i can do.

July 15th, 2009, 6:06 PM
I definitely wouldn't have became as addicted as I was to this in middle school, sorry to say.

Also, I look back on some of the posts I have made before in the past, some years ago and some just a few days ago, and I think to myself "man, I wish I never posted that" or "man, I wish I worded that post differently"

July 15th, 2009, 7:01 PM
I would change a lot of things. But I don't feel comfortable posting them here.

July 15th, 2009, 7:02 PM
As mistake-ridden as my past is, I wouldn't start over and change it for the world. Those mistakes were vital steps toward who I've become so far. Same with non-mistakes (for lack of better term).

Not to mention I'd be going through the same 20 years of life all over instead of just moving forward. No thanks. It's annoying enough to start video games over from the beginning, let alone life itself. :/

July 15th, 2009, 7:14 PM
Tell my parents to back the hell off from 6, lose all the kilos or never put them on and that's pretty much it.

Sweet Smoochum
July 15th, 2009, 7:23 PM
Do I honestly want to live through Elementary school, Middle school, and high school again? I don't think so. Even if I did change some things, the kids in my school still wouldn't have been nicer. The kids I went to school with were mean and the teachers weren't that nice either. I'm finally out of school, so why would I want to go back? College is better. It feels like kindergarten except the people are nicer, not immature, and we have some more work, but it's better. Also, there are less hours of school, and you can choose your classes and what time of day you want to go. I don't want to go through puberty again either, or have to do the same school work. I wouldn't want to start all over again. Anyone else could if they wanted, but I choose not to.

July 15th, 2009, 7:43 PM
I would fix some really dumb mistakes, but I wouldn't change anything major. I wouldn't dress differently, or act differently that I have/do now. I think my life has been fine. Not perfect, but good enough for me.

July 15th, 2009, 9:48 PM
I'd really just be more decisive and/or motivated at the things I do. Also, I'd get out more. The McDonald's ads just don't help like they used to. XD

July 15th, 2009, 10:29 PM
On the internet; never use Comic Sans MS.
In real life; learn to care more often.

Pretty simple.

July 15th, 2009, 10:58 PM
I would... be less quiet IRL and less dramatical online. Reverse roles probably. I don't really have any regrets from living the life I have, so the changes wouldn't be that major.

July 15th, 2009, 10:59 PM
Absolutely nothing. If I changed what I did, I wouldn't be me.

Misheard Whisper
July 15th, 2009, 11:09 PM
I would not befriend a certain person. Yes, Bidoof*, I'm looking at you. And I would try and avoid Pachirisu's* existence in any way I could. I would also join PC a lot earlier. Like, a lot earlier. I'd already be site admin.

*Names in this post have been exchanged for Pokemon of similar personality in order to a) preserve the privacy of said parties, and b) poke fun at them.

July 16th, 2009, 8:02 AM
Yeah, I got myself beaten up, chased home, and teased every day in Infants and Primary school, but that formed who I am now, and I like how I am now I guess.

Maybe some people I hang out with. I gave them a chance, I hated them, I gave them another because I was forced too, I still hate them. No matter how many times I tell her I don't like her, she doesn't go away.

Hm. I doubt I'd change much though. I like the things I've done, the people I've met, if I change something, I might not have met them.

Well, there is something I would love to change. Two actually, my age for one, I wish I was a little older. The other is a secret.

July 16th, 2009, 9:11 AM
I'd listen in math class all of middle school so that I wouldn't have to cheat on all the math tests anymore.

.little monster
July 18th, 2009, 12:18 PM
I would make it so I will not longer be shy..

July 18th, 2009, 12:54 PM
Not be so shy, say things differently to certain people. Definitely be more cheerful (I seem miserable almost 24/7)

July 18th, 2009, 1:12 PM
I'd try harder not to lose my friends over stupid arguments. ._.; And to trust the right people.

July 18th, 2009, 1:31 PM
I don't wish to live my life a second time O.o

But if I did, I wish for one thing, that I'd work my premonition much harder.

Oh, The Places You'll Go.
July 18th, 2009, 1:39 PM
I would love to be born as a magicarp.

its love! <3
but I don't really think I would do anything differently. We are given the time we need to do/be whatever we want.

July 18th, 2009, 2:27 PM
Absolutely nothing whatsoever. I'm completely happy with my life at this moment in time. ♥

July 18th, 2009, 7:37 PM
I would go back to where i was younger and changed to where i didnt kick that window and broke it...im STILL paying for it XD

July 18th, 2009, 9:10 PM
Very little. There are a friends I wouldn't have alienated, but for the most part, I'm happy with my decisions.

Captain Fabio
July 19th, 2009, 1:56 AM
I wouldn't change much.
I like how my life is now.

Though, I would change where I was one night in 2006

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
July 20th, 2009, 6:49 AM
I would go back and change the way I talk to people


Hyper Chibi Absol
August 8th, 2009, 9:11 PM
I'd try and actually tell my teachers that I was being bullied in grade school. I've turned into such a shy and quiet person, I hardly have any friends in real life... I guess... Just change the fact that I'm so shy.

Bianca Paragon
August 8th, 2009, 10:24 PM
It's a tricky question to pose; because we've all got our regrets and those moments in the past where we might not be so proud of. But speaking strictly for me? I think I'd be afraid to change any part of my past because it's these experiences - the good and the bad - that have molded me and shaped me into the young lady I am today. Sure; I can think of plenty of individual instances in my life that I'd love to just scrub out (my suicide attempt; waiting so long to come out; the heart-wrenching end to my relationship most recent) but then..who would I be? I wouldn't be me. If I came out earlier in life; would I have been convinced I was "too young to know what I wanted" and talked out of being myself; causing me to come out even *later*? If I hadn't attempted suicide would I have had the courage to step above and beyond my depression and forge ahead to find myself? If I hadn't had the relationship with Abby; if it hadn't ended in a way that all-but-destroyed me; would I have sought help for my mental illnesses? I can't just pose the question of "what would I change" without being first able to accept that I'd be changing the very core of who I am.

And what are we without ourselves? Don't take this as me saying I'm absolutely happy with every choice I've made ~ I'm not. I've made so many bad decisions and choices and taken the wrong side and been in the wrong, but regardless of all this I believe that we form character through hardship and trial. How do we appreciate the highs when we have them; without lows to contrast to?

So I suppose if there's a short answer to be had? Mine is "I would change nothing".

Blue Nocturne
August 9th, 2009, 2:04 AM
i would stop being such an anti-social **** and wouldn't have noticed the karate club in my local leisure centre. One of the biggest mistakes of my life. However, it has led to one of my biggest joys, Horse Riding, but even thats been pretty bad recently. I'd say 7+ years of misery outweighs 3+ years of slighly more happiness. Not to mention it shattering my confidence, self-esteem and carefree attitude.

I probably wouldn't have befriended a certain person in high school. I'd rather not go into that.

Wings Don't Cry
August 9th, 2009, 2:09 AM
I think I would have prevented myself from ever asking my mum for a PS2 that'[s where my life started going wrong, I should have a gotten a GameCube.

August 9th, 2009, 2:17 AM
Social life I would try to change completely. It's awful, it's hard for me to socialize in the school yard. I wish I could of changed that long ago :(

August 9th, 2009, 8:38 AM
I would try harder in high school.
and possible read more.

August 9th, 2009, 8:43 AM
hmm. nothing. everyone makes mistakes, it's how we grow and mature.

August 9th, 2009, 4:27 PM
I don't know. That's such a big question. I really feel like I would love to go back in time and do things so differently but at the same time...the decisions I made have gotten me to the point I am at today and I wouldn't trade that point for anything.

So that's real hard to answer. On one hand I wish I did plenty of things differently...but I'd still want the same out come...if that makes sense?

I don't think I would/could do anything different.

August 10th, 2009, 5:26 PM
Well, I think I would have retaken that stupid rhythm section of the band test back in 6th grade that determined if you could play percussion (which is what I really wanted to do). Some jerk distracted me and I got one question wrong on the entire test (and in the only section that mattered, that one), and thus couldn't play percussion. Ended up staying in the Orchestra and becoming a good violinist (though I stopped playing after high school), but I always wondered how things would have worked out had I become a percussionist.

Bah, I don't like talking about the past. You can't really change what's already transpired, can you? Another reason I'm afraid of growing old; I'm not sure I want to lounge around all day, thinking back on my life. I'd rather be pressing forward. And honestly, I don't have all that many regrets, anyway. Maybe that just means I haven't taken enough risks to begin with, I'm not sure.

August 10th, 2009, 8:16 PM
I wouldnt change a damn thing.. I mean sure I've messed up pretty bad here and there but hey all the mistakes I've made taught me alot.. I've even done things that other people feel I should regret but I dont simply cuz I've learned more doing what I did my way instead of doing things the way people felt I should have done them..

So with that being said, I'm happy being the person giving the advice instead of being the person asking for it 24/7..

August 12th, 2009, 2:56 AM
Nothing, if I didn't go through all the pain, misery, joy & blissful moments, I wouldn't be myself, and boy do I like being myself.

August 12th, 2009, 7:26 AM
Procrastinate less? ...nah, would never happen. :(

I'm gonna toss another "I wouldn't change anything". Though I'm sure I would accidentally which would suck. I'd rather not have to relive anything. I must admit it'd be kinda cool to be a genius kid for years until I hit where I am in education now and suddenly became stupid. XD; But... yeah, I may not be fine with everything in my life right now but if it weren't for all the ups and downs over the last 20 years, I wouldn't be who I am today and I love who I am today so there's nothing to go change. ♥

Besides, this was so already done in Being Erica. I'd just be copying.

August 12th, 2009, 12:02 PM
I would've never dissed all my friends when I was in school because I thought I could be popular. i really hurt them, and did some horrible things, and everything I thought would happen didn't.

Mew Ichigo
August 12th, 2009, 12:04 PM
I would have more of a social life.

August 14th, 2009, 8:25 AM
I have one question for myself ;
why didn't I like Green Day 4 years ago??!!! I have made up for that....er....

August 14th, 2009, 8:39 AM
I would be waay more of a TOMBOY than I really was. And then I wouldn't have to feel like forcing myself out of Pokémon/Video games/'Nerdiness' when i'm OLDER...and still be able to like cute things A LOT in the end, too. :/

Better yet...I would wanna be born a boy. Boys become 'boyish' soo much more easly than girls, anyways...'toughness' is more in their nature....

Just...ANYTHING but what I am NOW. *mown's*

PS: I'm tired...I might go take a nap.....

Crimson Stardust
August 14th, 2009, 8:48 AM
i would study hard and pass in all my exams..xD

August 14th, 2009, 8:50 AM
Maybe I woulda also made sure I DID like Pokémon more during 1999...soo, maybe I can lower my chances of still being here today :/ IMO, Pokémon is holding me back...*sigh*

I think

August 14th, 2009, 7:27 PM
I would be watching Pepper Ann and Doug like mad, cavorting around in skorts, and packing my awesome Lisa Frank lunchbox with Pogs. I guess I wouldn't be doing anything different, except really appreciating and indulging in those times. There's nothing like being a 90's kid.

August 14th, 2009, 7:31 PM
I'd choose to change a lot of things.

Fix a lot of mistakes I made when I was little, and not acting Noobish when I first got into forums, that kind of stuff.

But I bet that's what everybody would like to change if they could start life over.

August 15th, 2009, 2:27 AM
well.. if i would have ben friend with kelsey after i started it over i prolly wouldnt have fought with her and never talked to her again and knowin i really care bout her i should have fixed things but she passed away b4 i could i regret it every day honestly this is the most since ive made since i havent slept and people really shouldnt hold grudges i kno in my heart i should have apologised for being the way i was but i didnt and i apologise to her every night but that will never change the pain i caused her before she passed away :( i loved her she was the kewlest person you would have ever met even though i did get hit in the family jewels alot by her mostly accidents(i think)

I'm sorry for being stupid KELSEY NOELLE PERRY

August 17th, 2009, 1:56 PM
I wouldn't change a thing...everything I've done has in some way ended up positively...I think. Yeah, I"m only 14, but...

August 17th, 2009, 3:08 PM
Nothing, my life is as I want it, I don't need any changes.

August 19th, 2009, 7:42 AM
I wouldn't have wasted my time with the 'friends' I made in school.

Seriously, although I disliked a lot of my life prior to my 17th birthday, I wouldn't change anything due to the whole 'slightest change effect who you become' thing. And I feel I've pretty much perfected myself :)