View Full Version : Tribute to one of the best Moderators ever.

October 1st, 2004, 5:59 PM
I didn't know Frostweaver that well,but from what i could tell he was a good guy.He was one of the best mods ever.He made sure that everything was how it was supposed to be.Every day i got on he was already on,and every day i got off he was still on,and im on alot.So i would like to say that he will be missed as a moderator,now he's the best member XD.

October 1st, 2004, 6:05 PM
You make it sound like he's dead and no coming to PC anymore. Erm...is he?

October 1st, 2004, 6:06 PM
Hes taking a break.so he gave up his job cause he knew he wouldn't be on alot.

October 1st, 2004, 6:07 PM
if this is an inappropriate thread then please by all means delete it.

October 1st, 2004, 6:07 PM
Well I've been out of the loop. Am I the only one who didn't know this?

October 1st, 2004, 6:11 PM
er don't double post plz instead use the edit button.

Careful With That Axe, Pichu!
October 1st, 2004, 6:16 PM
Well...i dunno if this thread is somehow need to be closed, but i take the chance to say the same...frozty is a very good moddy.

October 1st, 2004, 6:22 PM
You will be missed Frosty. =/

*doesn't close*

October 1st, 2004, 6:27 PM
that's sweet jkaizer frosty when i began on pc he waz on a lot and waz very nice he will be missed *cries*

October 1st, 2004, 6:57 PM
Mmm I shouldn't have expected this at least not until tomorrow, October 2nd... ._.

I will truly miss Frosty, his modding here has been thoroughly appreciated. He has gone through the show with us, contributing until the final plot twist of the drama came into play. I liked talking to him, I enjoyed reading his excellent reviews, and well... He was just his awesome guy. I know, the show is yet to be finished.

The curtain is temporarily drawn, as we wait for conclusions.


October 1st, 2004, 8:05 PM
You will be missed Frosty. =/

*doesn't close*
I just realised this today *gets shocked*
His guides on the forums he used to mod are very commendable, hopefully he can still be around sometimes. Will miss him too. Good luck with RL frosty.
Edit: I got the summaries of Volume 8 ready. Give me a reply at the thread in Manga Forums if you want to see more.

October 3rd, 2004, 11:40 AM
This is a shame.You would think there would be more respect for someone who gave you all the information he knew.

October 3rd, 2004, 1:05 PM
I've pretty much said all I wanted to say in my sig, but since we now have a thread for this (which happens to be located in the wrong forum *cough*)... Frostweaver, I will truly miss your presence here at PC. I wish you the best of luck with whatever choices you make in life.

~ Peace. :)

October 3rd, 2004, 1:57 PM
My oppinion is the..., well... opposite of everyone else's. I didn't even notice he was gone. I'll get kicked off for telling why my oppinion is the opposite.

October 3rd, 2004, 2:06 PM
Then why post. :rolls eyes:

October 5th, 2004, 4:16 AM
frosty left modship?
that was quite random
anyways i never did knew frosty that well
(cause i'm always at the other card section)
but what i did know was that he can beat simon cowell any day XD
no i'm kidding
good luck in the future

October 5th, 2004, 4:00 PM
It wasn't random, actually, Blasty... it was a considered decision, and I'm sure it must have been hard to make. We *will* miss him. Who will do all the special birthday celebrations now he's gone?

October 5th, 2004, 4:12 PM
On a serious level, he was a great mod. I'm trying to write another fanfic remembering the tips he gave me.

Oh, and my little brother did that other post. I wasn't even on that night. It was all him.