View Full Version : Another Side , Another Story ( Pokemon Leaf Green Mix )

October 2nd, 2004, 4:02 AM
OK basically this RP is based around the events in Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green ( the latter of which I now own ^.^ ). It's your basic " Trainers on the road to Pokemon League " RP but there is gonna be a twist at the end that I'm gonna throw in :D

The rules are simple : Longish Post , No Spam , No Legendary Pokemon on your team.

All you need to do now is fill this out :


Physical Description

Notiable Features ( what makes you stand out from the rest )


Starter Pokemon


Here's mine :

Name : Riku Kore
Age : 10

Physical Description : 5'1" , trim torso , Dusty Blonde hair and Emerald Green Eyes. Wears baggy Navy Blue trousers , a sleeveless white top and short-sleeved green jacket. Also wears a white bandana & chain with his Grandpas Momento on.

Notiable Features ( what makes you stand out from the rest ) : His Bandana

D.O.B : March 18th
P.O.B : Pallet Town

Starter Pokemon : Squirtle ( Nicknamed Squirt )

Bio : Like every kid Riku dreams of becoming the best trainer out there but he has alot to live up to. All his life he's heard stories of the Legendary Trainer Ash but no one knows what became of him.

Now Riku has the chance to start his Journey , little does he know that echos of Ash's Past will follow in his shadow.